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America's Car-Mart Inc

1501 SE Walton Blvd # 213
Bentonville, AR
Tilman J Falgout Iii
(479) 273-7556
(479) 273-7556
Annual Sales Est
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Margaret Bradley - 14 d 22 h ago


I am totally and thoroughly disgusted about the way I was treated and ripped totally off by Car Mart. The person in charge was one of the most rude, nasty and arrogant people that I have ever meant. Everything that could go wrong with a car went wrong with the car that I got from them two weeks after I got it. I never got a return call from the person who I asked to give me a call back from their corporate iffice. I was promised repairs on the vehicle which never happened. The car got so bad that it was over heating everytime that I drove it. I finally told them to come pick the car up and it took them a month to come get it. The rewrote the original contract that I had and didn't obey what the cintract said. I've never seen such a company with such an irresponsible way of handling business. It was a very tacky way to handle a customer and it was ridiculous how terrible I was treated when I attempted to ressolve the issues that I had with this vehicle. I don't know how one could sleep at night knowing how you ripped somebody off the way they ripped me off. But I will tell get back exactly what you give out. Believe me.

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Margaret Bradley - 28 d 5 h ago


I want to commend a customer service representative in your corporate office named Sam. Sam is the epitome of good grace. Definitely an asset to your company. He is very patient, thorough and concerned about the people who have called for his help. Though I haven't received a call back yet to resolve my issue, I know that it wasn't because Sam didn't give the information to the correct party. I hope Sam stays with your company. It would be a terrible loss if he didn't. This has been an on going issue with me and one of your dealerships that has never been settled.

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Anonymous - 49 d ago


I recently visit CarMart you know I've heard some pretty good things about this dealership. but I had a terrible experience there the sales manager is very rude and disrespectful and the staff is very childish. I saw his vehicle I was very interesting but in order for me to ever purchase a car from CarMart and getting the need to bring back the old general manager Larry Morton and Marlene Jackson. Because I think this dealership will not thrive or work at its best while they are under new management

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Ashley pierce - 49 d ago


I recently visit Americas car mart, I am a repeated customer I purchased two cars from there now within two years the new general sales manager Shayla Burns is very rude and disrespectful and I will not purchase here again once I'm through paying off this vehicle. We liked it better when the old general sales manager Larry Morton was there rather than this one.

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William - 50 d 8 h ago


We bought a 2007 HHR from Car-Mart in milledgeville Georgia has had electrical issues since we have purchased car has been to several mechanics even the Chevrolet dealership two different times diagnostic codes read back airbags defective seat belt locks defective throttle several sensors modulars all electrical I do not wish anyone to purchase a car from Car-Mart you will get stuck by them they do not do anything they say even when it is in their own paperwork we have returned car bought a great brand new Nissan right across the street do not do any business with this company

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Flagged for review. 
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Brenda thompson - 56 d 24 s ago


And the car is going back

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Brenda - 56 d ago


I got a 2010 malibu from car mart on Scottsville rd in bowling green ky on February the 4th 2019 payed 500.00 down which took me broke and the messed up my papers and when I went back in they told telling I had to pay 47.00 more money or they was coming to get it had to sell my tv to get the money and on February the 19th 2019 was out driving coming back home the car wouldn't go over 20 miles per hour it was shaking like a washing machine call car mart no help omg iam low income woman I will be telling everyone not to get anything from them they only have LEMONS

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Jennifer - 59 d 8 h ago


I bought a car from car mart on Jan 2019 from the camden,ark lot i love the truck and all but it has a major problem and they dont care it has a misfire but they said they did a tune up and it needs an alignment bad and it has no traction the screen says the stabilitrak needs fixn everytime i hit a bump in rpad the whole truck slides to one side and oh boy dont let it rain man im all over the road im scared ima slide off the road into a ditch and be hurt or killed they knew what was wrong with the truck when i bought it just didnt mention it something gone have to be done i have a 2012 chevy equinox

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Anonymous - 212 d 19 h ago

I have a problem with the sales rep named Estacio Fletcher with the Carmart in Camden, Arkansas. He calls and calls and calls, even after we've made payment arrangements. Then, we he sees me riding, he'll follow me all over town. It has became a real big problem now. I'm in the process of pressing harassment charges against him, because he keeps coming to my job and bothering my fiance' and children. It's gotten WAY out of hand.

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Anonymous - 79 d 46 m ago

Same here :(

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Anonymous - 123 d 24 h ago


I have a car with carmart. It does not matter if you are current or behind on payment. They will knock on your door and blow up your phone. Trying to get another vehicle so I will not have to deal with them.

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Anonymous - 79 d ago


They also follow you through town waving and flashing their headlights or try to stop you from leaving. No they weren't taking my car they just wanted to talk to me. I'm 5 months pregnant and your gonna follow me around town for 217 dollars this company is a joke

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Kayla Richhart - 79 d ago


Oh dont get a car from them. You fall behind on payment and harass you by following while your working. I am a delivery driver and they followed me while I was on the clock. I told her I was working and she still continued to follow me to the next restaurant. No they were not repossessing my car. There was only person in the car. How can you sit here and use the GPS tracker to follow customers and harass them over one payment while they are currently working...

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Mike - 81 d 9 h ago


The staff at the Car-Mart on West Sunshine st in Springfield, MO are not professional, friendly, or even willing to make their repeat customers happy at all. I have purchased two vehicles from the two Springfield locations and have had issues with both! The Sunshine lot takes the cake though! Very unprofessional and not willing to work with their clients at all. I would NEVER EVER recommend anyone to purchase or even waste their time at this car lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Karma - 84 d 19 h ago


Carmart in Springfield MO has been the worst experience ever the computer went out on my car after having for 3 months and they take it to the of their shops and goes to a junk yard and pulls a computer out of a car there I want out from under them now!!! Jacob at the North Springfield location is a fat piece of shit I hope karma comes to him soon!!!

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Anonymous - 86 d 16 h ago


Worse and last experience i will ever have with car mart we paid off 2 cars with car mart 2 combine in repairs while driving them came too over 4 grand in repairs while driving them tia in broken arrow very rude. We got a car threw a good source low miles newer without having to get in worked on stay away from this place.

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Jimmy Cambridge - 89 d 16 h ago

Heidi Williams car mart GM of mcAlester Oklahoma. In the back. Room with my sister and cousin. Smoking. Dope math weed drinking renting company cat every weekend. I asked her how do you have such a good job doing drugs like that say she keep fake pass they need do a hair test before some one gets hurt front her or one of the crazy. People she rent cars to hurt someone cat mart please drug test her hair she got fake pass

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Quaniqua - 96 d 13 h ago


I got my very first oil change today which is less that 30 days of me having the car. I found out that car mart sold me a car with a stripped rusted oil pan.i went into the dealership to speak with the assistant manager about repairs. He basically told me it's not their problem and that they are going to sue me and garnish my wages 25% if they get the car back and resell at a cheaper price. WORST DECISION IVE EVER MADE

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Jerry Petefish - 112 d 10 h ago


I have a car recently purchased from the West Memphis Car Mart. Great sales service. Trouble is now its in for warranty repair. I cant get the same answer twice no matter how many times I call. It was going to be ready Thursday the week before Christmas. Friday I went to the lot but nobody could even find the car. After calling all the mechanic shops searching, I left not knowing where the car was. I made 2 car payments. I called Monday. I was told I would receive a return call...I did not. Yesterday an assistant manager told me the car had been left in the lot because the key was lost. It will be looked at today. I am stranded without a car because of the indifferent attitudes of your employees. They never have a real answer, and I purchased a car for $10,000.00 that nobody can find. My payment history is perfect...usually I make 2 payments at a time.

Norman Mcgee is the contact assigned to my car repair. Very cordial. absolutely ineffective

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Never again - 141 d 20 h ago


Car-mart by far is one of the most horrible places to purchase a vehicle.It is designed to bait people in with terrible or no credit, with little or no down payment and then overcharge them with monthly payments that most reputable car lots wouldn't dare charge for a brand new car. Too it's the only car lot that I know that you don't have to be behind on your car payment more than three days and they have you park the car. Or keep refinancing the loan if you do get behind so you can pay them way more money than the car is actually worth. I guarantee it's some dirty dealings and pencil whipping of figures going on in this place. No doubt, probably why they change managers and employees so often. Then, have the cockiness and audacity to say find your own ride home, mind you I live in a different town. If I had better credit this place would never get my business. When you know better, you do better. Definitely a rip-off lot(Sapulpa, Oklahoma).

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Jennifer - 147 d 6 h ago


They need people skills to learn how to treat people tone and body language says alot to someone and if u start out being that way u will be done the same way try being nice when u talk to people and not just one time try being nice everytime u talk to someone thanks

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WILLIAM HOLLY - 149 d ago

Worst Car Lot I have ever dealt with. Paid off in full them they still added money illegally. Getting an attorney to file charges.

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Anonymous- - 156 d 7 h ago


carmart in Winchester ky is crazy! Everytime we go there are 2-3 kids running wild!

Thought it might be out of school day but each time after still wild kids. This is not good for your business. All employees running around scattered and not focused on customers!

Cars are not safe...or what we bought wasnt.

Looking at other comments carmart has lot of room for emprovement.

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