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America's Car-Mart Inc

1501 SE Walton Blvd # 213
Bentonville, AR
Tilman J Falgout Iii
(479) 273-7556
(479) 273-7556
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Richard - 72 d 11 h ago


The absolute worst car lot ever! They givetwo shits about their customers. They only care about the money. What a legal scam ! How can you work for carmart and and be able to sleep at night.! I am mainly talking about the Troy Store lot with manager Micheal Storey. Second lemon i have purchased from them.

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Anonymous: - 71 d 18 h ago


Mr. Richard yes it's a SCAM ASS COMANY!! that IS NOT legal at all!!! This company's wicked way's of deception has been uncovered nation wide. They thought they were dealing with a desparate person with bad credit and a low paying job (many of there victims) however they have had several undercover people that have investigated them and will be giving back many customer's much money. Just keep all of your proof of purchase's and payments. You will be contacted SOON!!!!

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Jennifer Hajek - 48 d 13 h ago

Please contact me too

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Anonymous - 44 d 11 h ago

Please contact me (hidden)

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hopeless - 36 d 15 h ago

when need contacted

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Mrs.Harris - 2 d 9 h ago


please contact me worst company I ever had to deal with.

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Anonymous - 2 d 14 h ago


Car mm art of fay. Mike miller is absolutely great with people and helping anyway possible. Just letting you know he is doing a great job.

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Neli Martinez - 23 d 14 h ago


Can someone give me a contact number to the complaint department? I am a very unsatisfied customer at the Carmart in Oklahoma.

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Anonymous - 22 d 6 h ago

so far I've only found a phone number for the headquarters in Arkansas. you can google it and it will pop up at the top. I have had a horrible experience in OK as well.

...cost me $1,000 for a car I had problems with the day after purchase. they didn't have it fixed when they said they would and also cost me my job because I had to miss work because they had my car for 4 days.

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Brit - 9 d 9 h ago


Have you gotten in contact with someone yet, similar thing happened to me too? Except I had my car for 5 days and they had it in the shop for 3 weeks and my sales tax is due tomorrow and they want me to pay interest in order for me to even get my car back.

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Brit - 9 d 9 h ago


But I forgot to tell you I had 2 cars from them within 2 weeks. So this is my second vehicle with them.

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Anonymous - 17 d 15 h ago

I hear that.

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Jamie Middleton - 12 d 4 h ago


I wanted to comment about carmart my wife an I have been doing business for many years with carmart we found carmart by needing a car asap they really helped us out on are first car I thank we have bought around 14 cars from carmart most from neosho lot one from Carthage an one from rogers all others from neosho we never had a repo cause if something happened they always worked with us never left us worried they worked with us every single time when I lost my job an when my wife had surgery couple of times we are now buying another car this week from neosho lot An this car needed to be special it is for my daughters graduation present it had to b early cause daughter got hit in her current car an was totaled an not her fault which insurance paid her car off but this new car had to be nice well let me tell you Steve chew personally took care of this cituation he went out of his way to make us happy customers again this is why I keep coming back over and over again an I'm not an easy person to deal with but Steve knows me over the years i won't buy a vehicle from any other company cause the way carmart treats me an my family so when we sign the paperwork on this next purchase I no Steve an his crew stand behind us I'm a truck driver an gone a lot I haven't seen Steve in a long while An walked in his lot Saturday he New me greeted me we talked about my daughters car an what I could afford An of course he helped an had a car my daughter liked an never tried to sell me something I can't afford so I would like to thank Steve chew an carmart for everything I you probably already no but we are customers of carmart tell we can't drive anymore so thank you all very much sincerely Jamie an Christina Middleton from neosho Missouri

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Perdue - 17 d 12 h ago

I need a contact number for corporate CEO Tillman J. Fallout iii. I have a complaint about carmart in arkadelphia, Arkansas' customer service.

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Harry Shay - 17 d 15 h ago


I bought a truck from your North Tulsa ok la lot in November then it stated acting up 2 weeks later so I contacted the service Dept and was told to bring it in which I did and was told to leave it for 3 weeks and I didn't have another driver so the service manager said he would schedule it to be fixed but never did. Then it got worse and I had to park it. Finally talked to the Assistant manager of the lot last week cause I quit making my payment cause why pay for something I can't drive. He tells me if I make a payment Saturday they will pick my truck up and get it fixed well again it hasn't happened. I keep calling them and keep getting the run around. Its starting to get very old. This is the 3 vehicle I have gotten and would just like to drive my truck or please put me in another one. The. Stillwater lot which is closer had one that ran

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William Ferderer/ Debbie Tutsock - 27 d 6 h ago


Your people are sorry... My wife got hurt at work on Jan.25. She had made arrangements after missing two payments on our vehicle to bring it up to date . We have had an electrical problem that the people in Meridian would not get taken care of. I get home tonight and sit down to dinner and there's a flatbed in our yard ... Driver said that he was told to pick up our vehicle. I won't get paid till the first... Now I have no way to get there or to town to get our vehicle..... Thanks for nothing... Your people in Meridian are a sad excuse for customer satisfaction . This will be posted on social media as soon as I calm down. Thanks from a very Unhappy Customer!

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Happy Consumer - 28 d 11 h ago


Car Mart of Harrison, AR used to have a bad rap. But they have been nothing but good to me. Have always treated me with respect and dignity no matter what. They have gone above and beyond their duties to see to it that we remain customers and in a vehicle. They treat us so good that we will definitely be returning there for business. I won't work with another car mart either. The one in Harrison is the one I am used to, and those people there are wonderful to us. We hit a rough patch this past year, a really rough one, but they were so wonderful to us. They have really out done themselves. If you are looking for a new car, Car Mart of Harrison is the place to go. If you are a good customer, always making your best effort and speaking to them with respect and dignity, they will do the same for you. Especially Kat. She is amazing. Jessicia, Danielle, and JJ are really great too, but Kat is just wonderful. I have a friend who lives in Berryville who says Berryville Car Mart is fantastic as well. Just wanted to put that out there.

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Anonymous - 52 d 14 h ago


Dear Sir,

We purchased a vehicle from the Batesville facility, one week ago. We've been unable to drive it because it won't start. We honored our side of commitment to pay, even though it only ran three days. The staff have been argumentative, unprofessional and have even hung up on us. All we ask is to please fix the problem. Our son passed in August, he is buried at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery after 10 years of military service and 3 deployments. I cannot even go to visit my son. Our confusion is the blatant disregard to help resolve this issue. Can someone please have a little respect and return a phone call at least. I thank you for your time.

Nelson Boren


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Jennifer Hajek - 48 d 14 h ago


I have had the same exact problem with our kirksville Mo location my car ran for 24 hours I tried to get them to do something in the first 24 hours and they did nothing and was very argumentative with me as well I have continued to pay on time I fixed my car on my own and still get nothing but rude service reps at thus location I do not think these people know what customer service is .. I think something needs done with this perticular company

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Made fun of. - 30 d 5 h ago


I also went to the batesville lot because they say $99 down. A few years ago i had a car i returned because my son was going to be born with a lot of conditions and was told, he wouldn't survive. I go to the batesville lot and explain my reason for returning the car they refused to honnor the 99$ down wanted 900$ down and even laughed when i explained my side of things. They have signs every where saying they, are honest respectful and compassionate bull shit im calling 7 on your side

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Fed up - 30 d 12 h ago


Sending another car back to car mart! Three cars so far in five months ! All of em so far something wrong

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Nicole - 35 d 13 h ago


Well Im sorry for all of the negative reviews, Im acutally on my second purchase from carmart and knock on wood still have not had a problem with them or my vehicle. I like them I went into my purchase with an open mind because I know the stories that other people are saying about them being a bad company, keep in mind everyones story is different. I am just saying that with my personal experience I would buy another car from carmart. No I am not an employee, have never been one, and dont plan of being one.

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Walking - 38 d 15 h ago


If there is a lawsuit please contact me also.

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Rachell - 39 d 12 h ago


Why am I getting the run around and getting hung up on

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Mary and billy carr - 42 d 6 h ago


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