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America's Car-Mart Inc

1501 SE Walton Blvd # 213
Bentonville, AR
Tilman J Falgout Iii
(479) 273-7556
(479) 273-7556
Annual Sales Est
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Brittany - 20 d 7 h ago

They call me call me call me then I tell them I'm gonna be 2 days late bc of how check was and they said I had to come to office to do paper work. So off I go and when I get there they try taking my keys if I don't pay 100$ I explain I have to work get kids to school I just need 2 days left me stranded they are heartless acting like this is money coming out there pocket I not trying get away with not paying just needed to days was tricked that it was ok drove then they took it

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Anonymous - 33 d 5 h ago

Car Mart is a awful company I will never deal with them again I have had had the worsst experience EVER in buying a car over the last two years I didn't even have my car 2 months and had to have a engine put in which I had to pay fo

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Anonymous - 40 d 4 h ago


I will never come back to car mart again. They take your vehicle because they want to call while you're work and can't answer the phone, I'm sorry I don't sit behind a desk all day and I have to do actual physical work to make my money and can't be on my phone 24/7 but they don't care all they want is money and they sell halfway broken down pieces of shit

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Constance Jiles & Monica Jiles - 54 d ago


I don't know what is going on with Carmarts locations as I'm a business owner an I'd never treat my customers the way a local store in Dalton, Ga is doing. Blows my mind to sale a car knowing it's not safe to be on the road an it's pretty bad when a worker tells a signal mother just that an says oh we will fix it an then yells at her when it's broke down an says oh we don't have rentals but you can go get a rental an we will Reimburse you once you bring us what you've paid... then say no we can't do that. If number treat my customer like this location has done. My daughter has called the main office twice in Ark., an all she gets told is she has to wait for someone to call her back. If y'all care about y'all's reviews I'd call your customers back in a timely manner. This is not what I expected from this location when we've sent a lot of people to this store an within the last two years it's changed so many people now they have a lot of clowns running it.

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Anonymous - 58 d 5 h ago

I want to talk to the owner please call me (hidden). Terry Murphy

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Denice Geisler - 68 d 5 m ago


Worst experience ever they've had my truck three months to fix it and still no answer on when I can get my truck I just want my down payment back so I can go somewhere else

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Randol Ridley - 86 d 4 h ago


This is the worst car lot my air been out since I got my truck they said they was gone fix never did then I got behind in my truck note and they came and took it and I be damn if they didn't go through my truck and took what they wanted before I came and got my stuff I wouldn't recommend them to no one

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Mimi4672 - 114 d 25 m ago

This will be my second car from car Mart I've had it there weeks called and explained to him that my air went out , she said she will get back to me in a few days, never heard from her. I called back a week later she already moved to another location.

She left behind a mess, now I've had three compressors put in it and got it back Wednesday and still not working. The assistant manager is awesome now they are waiting on the new GM before they can decide if they are gonna trade me for something else. I don't think I'm gonna make any more payments

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Discusted customer - 116 d ago


Everyone should know about the serious melmisscontent bussiness practices of carmart. They repossed a car which is understandable. However is doing so they stranded a 72 year old disabled cardiovascular woman and her 3 grand daughters 30 miles from home refused to relinquish her medications and identity information in her purse back to her. They refuse to work with customers and accept payment arrangements. They refused to help her get back to her home safely. They have zero disregard for human life or the wellbeing of children. Corprate is unwilling to respond to such heinous act performed by the employees of their bussiness and care none for their customers needs . People should be aware that doing bussiness with them. The only cares they have is in their profits not their customer. They will make sure that anybody that does not meet their sick and heinous policies set forth by the individual lots are completely disregarded and set to the sidewalk

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Elizabeth Wise - 129 d 8 h ago


Run from these people!!!!! I just bought a 2006 Malibu Maxx less than 30 days ago and the transmission is already out. How do you expect people to pay a down payment then a first payment then eighty dollars to pay the deductible to get it fixed. Plus when you call the CSRs are never in! just conctacted corpate to terminate my lease and they can keep the car

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Richard Caudle - 117 d 5 h ago


Same here except mine is motor and transmission. Really thinking of getting my lawyer involved he would like this case. Won't return my phone calls,can't answer my questions somebody is always not there for the day or sometimes a week.

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Jillin - 141 d 24 h ago


Well was buying a vechile two years ago had to turn it over to them because lost my JOB and the payments where more then my rent! I payed for a 2003 three times of what I would pay on the street for one and now I got to go to court after TWO YEARS of them telling me I didn't owe anything or don't worry about it they are SUEING me. Do NOT buy from them!!!

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Lisa Gordon - 146 d 4 h ago


We have had our truck for about 4 months now and not a problem til now. We have never been late on payments not including we pay double payments just so we don't get behind. The truck needed a front wheel baring done it's going on 2 weeks now and still no truck. We bought our truck at the Columbia TN office and when we spoke with Scott about it and he just wants to give a run around and he tells my husband to shut the hell up because he is speaking. No I'm done you will not speak to him that way so I sent headquarters a e-mail to find out can be done.

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Laura - 146 d 6 h ago


I wish I would have seen all these negative reviews before I bought a car from here. I'm in the same position as many others that have commented here. RUN. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE.

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Hurt Customer - 151 d ago


There was a system glitch that made it look like I didn't pay one of my car payments. Received calls from multiple agents treating me like I don't pay my bills. Explained I pay all my car payments on time and this is my third car I've bought. I had to call off work 3 times running in circles to get bank statements proving I paid. When I showed my bank statement which they asked for they said I still owe. How when I have proof I paid and the rudest person on the CarMart lot Tulsa location on 11th said oh well Ms Peters you have no choice but to pay this. I told her there's no way on the earth I'm paying a second time for money I never got back. I asked for her manager and she walk out yelling I'm trying to help you ma'am you ain't pay your bill. I've been talked to and treated with so much disrespect it's amazing. It's been emotionally and mentally draining trying to prove I paid but people say oh well pay again. So finally I gave the manager copies of my bank statement. He also said that doesn't prove anything I could have stopped payment later. Whatttttt? That was very insulting so I called Billmatrix on speaker they confirmed my payment, says it's still showing on their end and no request for reversal or dispute was requested and gave the manager the confirmation number. He still didn't believe he turned around and said with an attitude SO NO REVERSES SHOW FOR THAT PAYMENT AT ALL NOT LATER LIKE ON THE 4TH OR 5TH. She said again no sir that payment posted without issue. I started crying because these people talked to me and treated me so bad. This is my third car I've bought from this lot. It's not right now I was treated.

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Anonymous - 152 d ago

Car Mart sucks we bought a car it was a peace of shit had to have it taken to shop three time took it back to car Mart and left my work tools in car and we r not behind on payments but want let me get my tools

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Young family - 177 d 8 h ago


We have bought 2 cars through the Henderson, KY. Office and both were issues! The first one they sold us without a title and had to drive around for almost a month with expired plates bc they couldn't get a title, finally had to go in and pick out another car. We didn't have it 2 weeks and started having mechanical problems out of it, they "fixed" it twice before finally the motor blowed! They did get a new motor out in but no before all of this had cost my husband a job and finally our place to live. They are RUDE and unprofessional and want to say me the customer is a "bitch" because I loose my cool on them?!?! I couldn't imagine why?! Will NEVER buy from them again and I tell everyone I cannot to! Buyer beware! You will get screwed!

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Duane - 182 d 6 h ago


Got a car from them. Made my payments ahead or on time. Things got a little tight for about 2 months tried to explain the situation I was late with my payments. Even when I paid up to date still harassed. I gave the car back. Its not worth being treated this way. Telling me "I need to see your bank account " is not going to happen. Bully tactics will get you nowhere. Very rude people and very rude business period. I thought I could trust Car mart people. But I was wrong.

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Charly - 183 d ago


Carmart in Tuscaloosa Alabama on skyland Blvd is pathetic very poor customer service and they give you the run-around.. They never have card on the lot that are ready it's always something

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Oklahoma - 187 d 3 h ago


Car mart sucks they have had my vehicle for 8 months because of the motor and thier not trying to help out wat so ever when it was under warranty

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Michael Webb - 188 d 13 h ago


I bought a 2013 chevy cruze from a lot in Claremore OK. Barely had it 2 months and the transmission went out. Good thing I had tow package with insurance cause they wasn't offering any help. Cost me $75.00 for wrecker service. Once I got it there it took 3 weeks for them to replace transmission. Picked it up and check engine light come on so I turned around and went back. The manager of the office said " take it to AutoZone and have them scan it cause are code reader wasn't as good. So I did and the code was a po1682 ecm module. Which controls everything. The next day the car wouldn't start so again paid. $75 for another tow to my house. Called them and they said it was on me. So bad a mechanic look and he said it was because of the GPS they put in at the same time of the transmission but wasn't properly installed and some wires grounded out and almost burning up the car. It has literally been in their possession longer then I have got to drive it and now the whole Emissions control is fryed. All I want is Nother car or my money back

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Marcos - 187 d 3 h ago


They have had my car for 8 months

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Texas - 197 d 23 h ago

In the beginning car mart was great. They always helped me when something came up and was willing to work with me. The transmission went out in my car and they helped me to finance getting it fixed and all worked out great. A new store manager has since came in. The transmission has gone out in my car once again and I don't feel like it is my place to replace it again. If nothing else put me in another a vehicle. I have always been a good paying customer making sure my notes are paid on time. Now I get told that it is my problem and my place to fix it and i'm pretty much on my own but I still need to continue to pay the notes. I don't think so.

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My review of american car mart in greer is. They are liars and they dont even help you the same day you go in you have to keep trying to get a hold of the general managet anoldo and he wont even return call i think this lot only helps the people they want too.i wouldnt recommend the place to any experience was a night mare they told me one price but ended up to be triple the price.they suck. - 205 d ago


They are liars. They tell you one price and then its triple arnoldo the dm is also a liar he only helps people he wants to help this company needs to replace this whole crew.they only help there buddys.

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Margaret Bradley - 246 d 18 h ago


I am totally and thoroughly disgusted about the way I was treated and ripped totally off by Car Mart. The person in charge was one of the most rude, nasty and arrogant people that I have ever meant. Everything that could go wrong with a car went wrong with the car that I got from them two weeks after I got it. I never got a return call from the person who I asked to give me a call back from their corporate iffice. I was promised repairs on the vehicle which never happened. The car got so bad that it was over heating everytime that I drove it. I finally told them to come pick the car up and it took them a month to come get it. The rewrote the original contract that I had and didn't obey what the cintract said. I've never seen such a company with such an irresponsible way of handling business. It was a very tacky way to handle a customer and it was ridiculous how terrible I was treated when I attempted to ressolve the issues that I had with this vehicle. I don't know how one could sleep at night knowing how you ripped somebody off the way they ripped me off. But I will tell get back exactly what you give out. Believe me.

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Tee - 227 d 5 h ago

I agree with you I was also ripped off by car mart they are some shady ppl they are putting my family at risk with all of the problems with my car even faulty breaks I gave to get it inspected before I can get it legal because after I got the car I had only 8 day before the inspection paper expired so I know when I get it inspected it will fail and they expect me to pay to get it fixed to where it shouldnof never passed in the first place but the ppl who passed it for them pass everything for car mart car mart just gives them hush money to pass their cars. how can the owner of this company sleep at night knowing how shady his business is putting people's lives at risk oh but I bet he would not put his family at risk well dont do ot to other ppl then!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 227 d 5 h ago


They suck and are horrible people all of car marts need to be shut down.

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