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America's Car-Mart Inc

1501 SE Walton Blvd # 213
Bentonville, AR
Tilman J Falgout Iii
(479) 273-7556
(479) 273-7556
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Lisa Smith - 9 h 35 m ago


Very racial man they car Mgr. Wess in Woodstock Carmarts. I'm very offended. He has no regard for a women!

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Lisa Smith - 9 h 38 m ago


I recently purchased a car at America s Carmarts in Woodstock. Wess the mgr told me that it's my problem I bought a car that links like a siv when rains. Oil pan links, transmission links. Tie rods busted. Very scary to drive! I asked to be put in a better car. He said no way! Just how it is! Well I tell ya. I watched him put a Black lady in a different car. Cause it linked. So why couldn't he do that for a white women. He knew I was right. Ran me out of office. Very unprofessional there!! He LL help three Black people before he even speaks to me. Every time I need to speak to him. Cause he s the mgr. I went got a printout for what's wrong with car. Wess insisted that I was lying to him. Tie rods is nothing to place with! The car is a Death Trap!! Stear clear from Carmarts junk yards!!

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Anonymous - 1 d ago


I have had this car for about a year and it's been in the shop twice now they said they fix the problem and it's still doing the same thing I have talked to the general manger I have called the corporate office and still nothing the general manger was not happy with us and drove my car at 85 mph with my husband in the car will never buy from car mart again

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David Bennett - 3 d 22 m ago

I have a very important Customer company on the store in corith ms. U have been nearly dead in the hospital And while I was because I chouldnt call them the have taken my truck and wants to charge me 404. And my payment is 228. I'm on a fixed income and have help them get this truck BACK after 3 mounts of looking for it but that doesn't matter to them the manager was just very rude didn't care and tells me that they will have to charge me on the side to fix things that should have been fixed already before now. I am very unhappy at this moment

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Sorely disappointed, your slogan is a lie! - 20 d 7 h ago


It is a shame, when a business can see the anguish and frustration from their customers and don't have the decency to have a number for the customer to reach out. Basically you are telling all of America, if your'e stupid enough to sign your name on a binding contract, to buy from us,we will sell you a car we never even inspected and take your money to line our pockets, but please DON'T expect any good intentions, respect, appreciation for keeping us in business or any type of hospitality what so ever. They take the money, your'e bound by contract, and they sit back and laugh. They should be shut down for being so money hungry and selling people "pretty on the outside, but raggedy under the hood cars." It looks like it's becoming a trademark for them, to the point they have so many complaints they can't even give out their number. SAD

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irriated - 7 d 4 h ago

(hidden)4 is the number

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Marissa - 10 d 9 h ago


I have only had my vehicle from car Mart for TWO WEEKS. The power steering pump went out the very first day I got it. And now today not even two weeks later the car won't start . You seriously need to work out your issues here, or take this piece of crap back. Can't even get them to pay for a damn rental to take my 15 year old cousin home to Missouri. Never again will I do business with you

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Syed Ahmed - 14 d ago


I have 20 Acre Industrial land Vacant on Morro Road in Apple Valley California

close to I-15 Freeway exit (161) easy IN--OUT available on long term lease call (949) 910-4953


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Anonymous - 21 d 4 h ago


I am getting harassing calls from the Enterprise Car Mart. I have gotten up 10 calls a day, because I am 1 week late on my payments. I did not receive a spare tire for 2 mos. after the purchase, and they would not set up auto debit for my payments on my designated pay dates. The staff is illiterate, and rude. I never intend on buying a car here, again.

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Anonymous - 23 d ago

I have a problem with the manager of the lot I got my car from i lost my job but went to work the next day. I was late with 1 mouth payment so the next month I sent 1000.oo in for the two payments and the Manger refused the payments. My wife and a friend took the payment up to them and they refuse to accept the payment. The car is still in my passion. I had 5 payment left a total of 2350.oo I want to pay it off. The shop said you were not allowed to refuse payment they then removed the GPS and got rid of it. It's still in the same shop with a bad transmission and axel baring can I send you the money to your main office so I don't have to deal with the asshole in Prattvile Ala.

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Paused off - 25 d 9 h ago

Car mart is nothing but a joke the wattenty is not any good. Has my vehicle in shop 4 Times still not fixed so screw you. DON'T BY A VEHICLE FROM CARMART

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Anonymous - 31 d ago

The more I think about it the madder I get, I am on my 4th car with carmart but I promise I will never go to one of your lots ever again. Wichita Falls lot has become the biggest bunch of assholes I have ever tried to work with in my life and I'm 63 yrs. old.

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Anonymous - 31 d 4 h ago


Your Wichita Falls dealer and manager tried to break in my house while I was in the hospital. My neighbor told me that they tried to open my garage door and house doors. You need to have a serious talk with them before I press charges. You can have the damn car when I get home.

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Anonymous - 37 d 10 h ago

Stillwater's manager is rude and didn't introduce himself to me and asked me some questions that are really non of his business. I just was making a payment arrangement.

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Ricky Martin - 37 d 11 h ago


im going to voluntaryily turn both my vehickles back in to car mart. i will not pay no more money. im sick of the harrassing phone calls. on day late and they call many times a day they show up at my work with me repeading telling them that i will not tolerate it. i return their call and tell them i will be in on saturday to make my payments and they still keep calling im done. ive already contacted an attourney and turned it over and he has advised me to relinquish the cars to them. and he will handle it from there. i have purchased three vehickles from carmart and will never do it again.

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Crystal - 38 d 6 h ago


So my car went into shop they fixed the brakes said they sent it to another shop to have oustons fixed yet i have an unopened box in my trunk that was delivered from lkq to them my car still is so messed up they said tgey fixed every2 but the ac that is a lie my car is a death trap for my children and i. Im so done.

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Anne M - 44 d 10 h ago


I purchased and have been paying like clockwork for auto From Car Mart McAlester. One of the main reasons I bought there was their promise that they reported to the credit agencies to help rebuild my credit. After 2 years there is no record from cart mart of my perfect ontime payments. I am livid!

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Unhappy Camper - 60 d 9 h ago


Need a number for CEO or DM

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Anonymous - 52 d 9 h ago

Yep it's may 5th,2017 had my car since Jan and major issues with car Mart north they won't fix anything owasso car Mart won't help me get a hold of CEO so they don't care about customers.

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Crystal - 49 d 9 h ago


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Dontusecarmart - 47 d ago


I need the number too or the number to reach the owner

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Wayne - 48 d 42 m ago


This is my fourth car and more probally my last one with Car Mart I purchased a Jeep Liberty a couple months ago at the Owasso Ok lot when test driving the air was not cold I said something about it the Salesman stated they would fix it I took it back it they said they fixed it It is still doing the same thing compressor kicking on off and not blowing cool at all Now the Water Pump is out I called 4 days ago on Spoke with my sales rep he told me it would be towed in Yesterday on Monday to be repaired I called again this morning spoke with the guy that takes care of the warranty issues he told me It would be towed in an hour or so It is still sitting in my driveway everytime I call She takes a msg for them to return a calll that never comes Feeling Very Frustrated

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Anonymous - 48 d 10 h ago


Very unhappy with car mart. I make my payments on time and they steadily call and claim im so many days behind. How can you behind when you make your payments? Think goodness for receipts. Car mart is the dirtiest place to buy a car!! Not ever again.

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Anonymous - 48 d 8 h ago


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Anonymous - 49 d 9 h ago

Called corporate on Friday I was told I would get a call back within 24 hours come Monday morning no returned call si I again call corporate and waiting for a call back again. .... Car Mart north called me about my payment that's due I told her I called corporate and waiting on I call back and that I'm not making a payment until they put in a reliable vehicle. They said I could bring car in this morning and have it diagnosis test on it but I've been told that 3 other times and what's the point when they don't fix it or half way fix it.

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