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America's Car-Mart Inc

1501 SE Walton Blvd # 213
Bentonville, AR
Tilman J Falgout Iii
(479) 273-7556
(479) 273-7556
Annual Sales Est
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Never again - 17 d ago


Car-mart by far is one of the most horrible places to purchase a vehicle.It is designed to bait people in with terrible or no credit, with little or no down payment and then overcharge them with monthly payments that most reputable car lots wouldn't dare charge for a brand new car. Too it's the only car lot that I know that you don't have to be behind on your car payment more than three days and they have you park the car. Or keep refinancing the loan if you do get behind so you can pay them way more money than the car is actually worth. I guarantee it's some dirty dealings and pencil whipping of figures going on in this place. No doubt, probably why they change managers and employees so often. Then, have the cockiness and audacity to say find your own ride home, mind you I live in a different town. If I had better credit this place would never get my business. When you know better, you do better. Definitely a rip-off lot(Sapulpa, Oklahoma).

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Jennifer - 22 d 9 h ago


They need people skills to learn how to treat people tone and body language says alot to someone and if u start out being that way u will be done the same way try being nice when u talk to people and not just one time try being nice everytime u talk to someone thanks

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WILLIAM HOLLY - 24 d 4 h ago

Worst Car Lot I have ever dealt with. Paid off in full them they still added money illegally. Getting an attorney to file charges.

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Anonymous- - 31 d 10 h ago


carmart in Winchester ky is crazy! Everytime we go there are 2-3 kids running wild!

Thought it might be out of school day but each time after still wild kids. This is not good for your business. All employees running around scattered and not focused on customers!

Cars are not safe...or what we bought wasnt.

Looking at other comments carmart has lot of room for emprovement.

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Robert - 39 d 1 h ago

We paid off 6 cars from car Mart and they were descent cars not perfect but we dealt with it because our credit was poor. We got a 76th car and from day 1 it was a piece of carp and seatbelts didn't work and transmission kept slipping and they keep fixing it and they never did fix the problem. So we couldn't even drive the car so we parked it and continued to make payments and kept talking to the manager in Hopkinsville ky. And she finally agreed to pick up the car and close the account. This was 2 and half years ago. We have worked hard on our credit and want to buy a house and boom this shows up as a repossession and keeping us from getting a home. And the information is all wrong and we keep asking for paperwork and they won't send us any. My advice is do not buy from car Mart. They are liars .

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Jessica - 48 d 9 h ago


The kind of associates they keep to collect money is ridiculous. Palestine Texas has Kristin Davis who has borrowed money from a late customer then refused to give them a arrangement. That's BULL! She also has text and called my husband outside of work on her phone and was fooling around with him. I'm not the only one this has happened to. Management don't care. Appearently as long as she makes them money she can do what she wants to their customers. Bye car-mart. Won't miss you!

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Anonymous - 57 d 7 h ago


Car-mart use to be the best place to go in Grove okla, But since Rhonda left it is one of the worst places to do business with, the young boys there are rude disrespectful and have no care or concern about the customers, one example is you tell them what your name is and they reply by well its something else in the system and I will call what I want, when you are having a little bit of a struggle or are working long hours they have no patient with you if you are late, I no you are suppose to call or make arrangements but sometimes life gets in the way, when Rhonda left car-mart in Grove went straight down hill, especially with the smart mouth that you have running it, I have been with car-mart for a long time one vehicle paid off and one more almost paid for but I'm telling you I will never do business with them again and I will make sure and tell everyone I no how horrible the staff is at GROVE OKLAHOMA CAR_MART, AWFUL PLACE

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Zachary Davis - 73 d 5 h ago


I contacted Car-Mart in Russellville and told them I am putting close to $1000 a month in repairs on a truck that I just bought in April. The accounts manager told me repairs through them can take weeks!!!! She told me to repair and drop off receipts to get reimbursed but when i brought in a receipt today and only asked for reimbursement of $300 (Total repair was $600), I was told no. I only did what I was told to do by their employee. How can you lie to customers?

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Pissed Off - 74 d 12 h ago


So we are dealing with the car mart in Corsicana Texas. We now have 2 vehicles from this car lot and are very unhappy with the service we have received. This is after purchasing the second vehicle. They now have a new person by the name of Leta who is working accounts. She is the most unkind, rudest, dishonest, horrible person I have ever met. I have never ever ever missed any payments with this place. However the one time I needed to split one of my payments into 2 separate payments, due to some financial issues. So, I spoke with the general manager Javi at this location, who approved this arrangement and notated on the account. Well, on Tuesday, Leta calls me, demanding payment. I explained to her that I spoke with the GM and made arrangements already. I advised her to look at the notes on the account. To which she said all was notated, but still needed to make payment. I hung up on her due to the rudness she was giving me. She then called me back to back 4 times in a row, to which I ignored. The next day she called me 3 more times back to back. Then when I got home, I see a tag left ON my mail box! Guess who this was from, yeap, Leta. Guess who has video of her doing such a thing, yes me. Please keep in mind I have no trespassing sign posted and all my fence posts are marked with purple. To those who do not know about purple paint in the country, it can't be passed. Permission must be given! She also crossed all of that with no regard to the posted signs or the paint. Guess she couldn't read either. Also, it is against the law to tamper with mail or mailboxes! So, with all that said, I called to speak with the GM. He begins to tell me she is just doing her job. So I explained all the times she called back to back, the notes she confirmed were on the account, and the tag she left and trespassing signs she crossed. He stated she had been coached on all those issues. OK, fine she's new, she may need help with doing what "her job" is. Well then today, My husband went to the same dealership to get his perm plates for his truck. This same person, Leta, is the one going to help. My husband tells me that he shows up at the location at 9:02am, to which he is told they don't open until 9:00am. ok its after 9:00am. Yes he points that out. He asks about his plates, he is told that they have called him but his number was disconnected. He verifies the phone # with them and yes they have the incorrect phone #. WE never changed his number or services. so from the beginning they wrote the incorrect phone #. Then she attempts to put the plates on and breaks the front bracket, due to being mad. So he leaves with plates, and calls corporate. At this moment we are still waiting on a call back. This place is horrible. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

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Never again - 75 d 12 h ago


I'd just like to say that your company should probably look further into the people you hire. Your location in Poteau, OK is getting worse and worse. I honestly have recommended friends & family go elsewhere to purchase a vehicle. When i first went in I was told "we understand hardships" "just be loyal to us and we will be to you " HA yeah right!!!! Melinda Bailey works at your location in POTEAU OKLAHOMA, and she's the most down right rude person I've ever met, worse than a drive-thru employee. You know, for a company getting $200-$400 out of CUSTOMERS every two weeks, you'd think you'd treat them right. She by far DOES NOT! And I'll NEVER bring buisness here again. I was sold a LEMON! I bought the extended warranty and MELINDA BAILEY told me it would cover certain fixes so she wanted to put my car in the shop, when I asked how much it would cost her reply was "cheaper than you could ever get it" dilerberatly took my keys and walked away as I told her no! And i drove away myself, I've recieved attitude from her since day one and even further more since that day. Which by the way, my fix was only $30 versus her $300. I pay my bill and I do have hard times. And I'm only ONE DAY LATE on my payment and she's threatening to repo my car THAT I PAY FOR , THAT I HAD FIXED WITH MY MONEY!

Seriously should check into your crooked employees, I'll have the biggest banner hanging right down the road from AMERICAS CARMART in Poteau,OK letting people know to just pull into Shockleys or Watsons. ;)


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Allen Banks - 81 d 8 h ago

My truck was stolen from my yard Sunday night Monday morning and I have provided all of the required information to car mart so they can help the police in finding the vehicle using their installed GPS and they have yet to comply. They keep telling me they are waiting on their corporate office follow up with them then they can comply, but the crazy part is let me get 2fays behind in a Payment then their gps'ing the shit out of vehicle and showing at my job or my house wanting payment or vehicle Because they see that as theft. This is the third vehicle I've purchased from then one I traded back in to get third but have always been faithful to their 2year contract and high ass payments except on afew occasions when rent and car payments were due at the same time I needed a few more days but that did NOT happen often. I just hate that businesses like this are more concerned with the profits from Q1 to Q2 then they are with the quality of their customer service

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Poteau, Ok customer - 75 d 12 h ago


This place seriously sucks!!! Im ONE DAY late. Payment was due Saturday, they are closed sunday, and today they are threatening repo. This buisness is a joke and ill recommend everybody to go elsewhere

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Anonymous - 88 d 28 m ago

I have a problem with the sales rep named Estacio Fletcher with the Carmart in Camden, Arkansas. He calls and calls and calls, even after we've made payment arrangements. Then, we he sees me riding, he'll follow me all over town. It has became a real big problem now. I'm in the process of pressing harassment charges against him, because he keeps coming to my job and bothering my fiance' and children. It's gotten WAY out of hand.

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Anonymous - 102 d 4 h ago

Carmart approved me for a truck I decided I didn't want the truck so they sent a letter denying me credit from a credit bureau. Wtf !

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Lori Yancey - 96 d 9 h ago


Same herethen ended up getting financed from them, on another vehicle. Stupid, I know. This sale has been going on for over a month. I'm on my second vehicle and it's in the shop. Mind you this is the second vehicle in a month!!

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Robert Johnson - 110 d 11 h ago


I have a problem with Chris at the Hixson,Tennessee carmart location he is rude hateful and he keeps calling and calling me even after I made a arrangement He still calls harassing Me I'm over it

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D - 101 d 10 h ago


I am having the same issues in Alabama. Love my van but the absolute worst company to work with.

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Anonymous - 98 d 11 h ago


Dalton georgia carmart is worse they call before your payment is due

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Christina Wiggins - 264 d ago


I would like to say I feel like the positive reviews of this company are complete and utter bullshit! The obvious fabrication of these ignorant reviews is obviously conducted by the people who work there. Duh no shit. I would like to leave a complete true testimonial of how I was treated at Carmart. I went to the hospital where I was rushed to emergency surgery I went to my emergency surgery I had to call Carmart to let them know that I was going to the hospital because they're psychotic inhuman treatment of me had me completely scared paranoid and stressed out all over being 3 days late, to let them know that I would be in the hospital and unable to take my payment due to the fact that I was in the hospital being cut open by doctors in a life-saving surgery. And would be way too drugged up on morphine to call with my credit card to allow them to make that payment . Well in the hospital recovering from life-saving surgery they blew my phone up 56 times !!!!! I would like everybody to think that in for a moment I am on a morphine drip laying in the hospital barely able to lift my hand to my face to understand where I'm at and I have a company calling me 56 times! In no way is this number and never exaggeration it is an actual number based in reality and fact . When I was finally able to be released from by Saving surgery the moment I got home I was greeted at my door 15 minutes later by The Psychotic in human money-grubbing Psychopaths that are camart , asking me for money as if I should have been worried about them above all else you know like saving my own life saving my own life was not more important to them then them getting the one payment that they could not receive because I was in life-saving surgery the person at my door tried to manhandle me scare me and threaten me basically telling me that I was a piece of shit because I had made my payment and that I should have not let them do surgery on me before I paid them. A week later when I was finally able to move comprehend what was going on I made my way down to my local Carmart the complete jack ass bastard motherfucker excuse my language but no other way to say it.... told me that I was basically making it up over exaggerating and treated me like complete shit as if he knew what it was like going through that particular type of surgery I let the man ramble on and on and on about how HE went through this particular type of surgery and he was able to recover in 3 days so basically I was 2 days past his idea of what should have been my type priority and getting a hold of him after this dumb ignorant man was then spewing out his particular brand of ignorance through his complete and utter useless mouth hole I informed the MAN . That he was completely full of shit because in no way could he have ever went through the surgery unless he was born a woman because he was born with two X chromosomes and in no way could have possibly been through this surgery when the ignorant man looked at me and confusion , I admittedly Davis shiting grin and explain to the ignorant bastard that he was a man and that he couldn't possibly have life stage being hysterectomy because he wasn't a woman that there was no way that he could have went through what I went through because he doesn't have ovaries or uterus he has balls and a dick. I would like to say to the Carmike corporation that I have called several times to complain about the treatment that I have received at my local Sedalia Carmart that I have literally complained about the vehicle I purchased since driving 5 miles off the lot ... but for some reason couldn't find a manager for 3 days after I bought the vehicle and therefore the warranty was voided Applause Carmart for being money-grubbing bastards pieces of shit I hope you all die fuck off you in human psychopathic Solace money-grubbing pieces of shit I hope your stocks plummet and you all have to suck dick to pay for rent die assholes die, and yes of course I would like to leave my name because I have nothing to hide I've told nothing but the truth and you're all bastards

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Spencer Razo aka Autodude - 261 d 27 m ago



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Anonymous - 242 d 13 h ago


I will love to join please call (hidden)

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Autodude - 218 d 7 h ago


I will get the website posted here this evening. You all can sign up!

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Lisa - 239 d ago

I want to join in !!!

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Autodude - 218 d 6 h ago


Go to Top Class Action .com and sign p there. I did already!

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Michele Crawford - 218 d 11 h ago


All you have to do is file a fair debt collections paractices act law suit in your county state court.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation's consumer protection agency, enforces the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which prohibits debt collectors from using abusive, unfair, or deceptive practices to collect from you.

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Kelli Hughes - 215 d 17 h ago

Would love to get in on it also. Got my car from Neosho Misourri.

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Kim - 188 d 5 h ago


I don't blame you.. I need to do the same thing

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