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America's Car-Mart Inc

1501 SE Walton Blvd # 213
Bentonville, AR
Tilman J Falgout Iii
(479) 273-7556
(479) 273-7556
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Erie Anderson - 3 d 13 h ago


So since June my car has been in the shop.

After all this managers didn't return my calls.

I let them try to figure out what they want to do that is car-mart I mean. This what they offer me.

They want me to give them all the money I paid in on that 2004 Dodge Ram.

Then they want me to buy another truck at start over payments. The money I paid in I just give them it's all gone they keep it really. Where is the satisfaction in this I call it sucker me if I do this.

Considering I traded my old truck in for this junk that they call a truck.

So I guess we half to do this a different way.

I have gave u every opportunity to set this right.

And u know it. And u know u were in the wrong as a whole company this why you make yourself look bad.

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Anonymous - 6 d ago

I just wanted to let you know that in lebanon mo your office manager has been messing around with some of your customers. I believe it is very unethical. I have been a customer at that location since the 2nd year it was opened and her doing this makes me not want to come back there.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 6 d 5 m ago

Ignore that last comment my sister is trying to get the poor girl in trouble because she doesn't like her. I apologize for the waste of your time and resources. I'll try and make sure she doesn't do this again

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Erie Anderson - 9 d 19 h ago

Well here it is starting my 4 th month of no truck. Well I guess car-mart is enjoying there self this is the bull i got from their stand in manager. He was saying he unheated my problem from before.well I say yes he did but is it a way that car MART . Too keep jerking us off i mean its still car mart the same company i called over the boss here head. Trust me this company dont care if have a decent ride. All they care about is there money . If i was to walk away they go after my paycheck. If i pay it off and its still not fixed . I am left with junk. Its a loss no matter what happens. The corporate office if this company is a joke. Tell me of a company boss that don't get involved. So yes they know all our stories and are just railing in the money and laughing at us. This company should be investigated for fraud for the CARS and trucks they sell.

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Erie Anderson - 12 d 11 h ago


Erie Anderson. Proud to just throw away my money on kinks. To a company that will make sure u stay broke. That is the only satisfaction you my friends will get from these junk buyers.

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Ikia Clayborne - 14 d ago

I bought a 2006 Ford escape and I had missed a couple payments car mart said they would work with me I paid Saturday they came Monday took the vehicle from my girlfriend's yard. And she got private property no trespassing signs ...

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Mary martin - 19 d 19 h ago


my granddaughter and her husband bought a 2008 ford from car mart in Muskogee ok...they have had numerous problems w the car the latest is the transmission...carmart said they had ordered the parts and had them in that was 3 weeks ago...the car still isn't fixed but u can bet car mart will want their 300 payment on time

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PISSED OFF - 29 d 1 h ago


Car Mart in Bowling Green KY is terrible........ They sold me a car that is no good and when you tell the manager and assistant manager about it they look at you like your stupid. I WILL NEVER BUY A CAR FROM THEM AGAIN. Bad transmission and major oil leak. They can have it back

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jason - 31 d 18 h ago


Car mart sucks!!!!!!!!!!! The one on Tupelo, Mississippi needs to be shut down!!!!! The first car we got from them as soon as we got it we started having problems. But after the fact, Car mart will harass you. One day my mom was taking me to New Albany, which is a little distance from where i live. We had a 09 chevrolet cobalt, we were behind 1 payment because it was friday and our payment didnt flip over for another day. As we were going down the highway we noticed this person behind us trying to flag us down. Well we wasnt gonna stop on the side of the highway for a stranger. Who would? Anyway we started to approach a exit on the highway that had a pilot. So we pulled in and shannon at cart mart of tupelo pulled behind us and blocked us in. And made my mother speak to her manager pat. As a human you have all rights to reject to talk to anyone, even in some cases a police officer. Anyway we talked to pat and she made us drive all the way back to there local car mart. Pretty much harassed us for a $90 payment. I was very unhappy at the way they were trying to make me feel about my parents. Like they were asking my dad how it felt that since he was "unresponsible" and he coudnt pay his bills. My father is a very hard worker and my mom is disabled so she cant work. Anyway they were saying we were taking from there family own family time trying to chase us down. Well you shoudnt even be trying to chase us down for 1 and for 2 its your job. Thats what you get paid for is to work duh. anyway i was very unhappy with this, please dont shop at Americas Car mart, they suck!!!!!!!!!

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David - 38 d 12 h ago


I have been a customer of car mart for over 4 year's and have brought business to your company recently I had a knee replacement surgery and was on disability for 4 months and never missed a payment even though my motor was blown and they ordered me another one which was bad so they ordered another one not to mention it took them over 3 months to get the motor and it was making lifter noise on the second day I reported it to car mart and took it to the mechanic shop that put the motor in he said it was a lifter or a rod and suggested that I get another motor which I told Batina at the Shawnee office because the motor had a warranty now it's been over a month and they haven't said anything about getting another motor but I went back to work on August 1st which put me a week without a paycheck I called and talked to them and was told to come in and set up payment arrangements on Friday I did what they asked and Betty wasn't in the office as she told me she would be so Wanda got Betty on the phone and we made a verbal arrangement that I would pay 20 extra dollars a week for 5 weeks and everything would be fine in the meantime they have been blowing my phone up over and over and now there trying to charge me almost 100 dollar's in late fees when I did everything I was asked then today my fiance went in to make the payment and Batina was very rude to her and made threats about repoing our vehicle when we are only 20 dollar's behind on our payment then called my phone trying to tell me that I'm behind and had no arrangement made which I have a witness on all of this she has left threating message's on my phone and made threats to my fiance I have turned all of this over to my attorney because I have tried every way to get in touch with the corporate office and it turns into a fight every time I go in and try to make my payment Batina is a piece of crap manager and I don't have to put up with her anymore someone best get hold of me

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Dante - 42 d 19 h ago


Carmart is one of the worst places to buy a car I had my power steering and the belt on my car fail I asked if they could put it in the shop and I get a loaner till fixed they looked at me and said we do not do loaners and it could take up to two weeks to fix so I said fuck it and went to another company to get a car the company I went to gave me a brand new car with number to number warranty and if they have to put my car in the shop they will give me a loaner now a month later Carmart is saying I need to pay or they would send me to court the worst part is the whole reason I said screw it is because it never should of passed inspection to be sold because the brakes were shot and it has no emergency brake so I parked the car in their lot and left it but now they want to screw me even more fuck Carmart and may you greedy bastards rock in hell!!!!!!

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Robert - 54 d 13 h ago


I got a vehicle making payments on it and it got rear ended and Kim at mountain home told me if it's totaled I can't keep it and I had a geo prism that I owned and that vehicle got hit and the insurance company said I can keep it and i also got money for it and this dodge I have she won't let me keep it even if the insurance company says I can and I think that's bull Bc me and dad can fix it all it really has to be is straightened out and she says I can't so if I have to take it back Bc of this bull crap I'm not going back with u guys Bc I tried to give u guys a chance Bc I heard alot of bad stuff abt u guys and this is more then bull crap so from now on u guys can FUCK yourselfs Bc if this vehicle has to be taken back Bc of this I'm no longer gonna be with u guys and another bad thing is u guys overcharge people but I'm not worried Abt that all I want to do is keep my van even if it gets totaled this is Robert but if I can't keep the Dang van u guys will lose business from me and everyone else I have some friends with u guys and they r even thinking Abt stop using u guys and I won't be sending people ur way I'll be sending them to everybody else except u guys Bc u don't treat people right and in the constitution people has a right to keep a vehicle after its been totaled and if I can't keep my van Bc of this bull crap then I'll get a lawyer idc anymore I fell in love with this van and now u guys might take it away from me that's not right and I'm the 1 making payments on it and it should be my choice and I was still gonna finish paying it off even if it does become totaled but if u guys take it I'm not paying on it anymore and I'm not gonna start my 2 and a half yrs over again when u guys should do it where I left off for another vehicle instead of making us start at the beginning u guys are too high and over charging people which is also bullshit but that's not what I'm mainly talking abt I'm mainly talking abt is I want to keep the dodge grand caravan but if it gets totaled I can't I can talk to the insurance company but Kim told me even if they say I can I still can't which is FUCKING bull shit

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Anonymous - 47 d 15 h ago

Did u pay off car? If u did thin the car is yours not theirs. By law if it's paid off wreck or not they can't touch it.

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Anonymous - 47 d 15 h ago

The money from the insurance paid it off.

You had full coverage right? Well the car should be yours for about 400 or 500 no more if totaled.its called buy back all insurance companies do that.

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Amanda Montgomery - 53 d 5 h ago


My husband and I bought a car from America's Car Mart in Rome, Georgia in August of 2016. We put a great deal of money down( if I'm not mistaken, more than what was required). This van has now been broken down on us for the second time in less than 3 months. The manager did get it towed and repaired the first time and added the cost to our payment (which we greatly appreciated). This time it is broken down again and the lady who answers the phone tells us to have a diagnostic test and bring them the results of the test. We can't afford to have it towed to a mechanic and have tests performed. We always pay on time and have paid a significant amount of money on this car. I hope someone can help me with this. If the car is this problematic, then maybe get another vehicle that is much more dependable and worth the money that we are paying. Can someone please help us or guide us? The lady in the front will not let you speak to anyone else.

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Anonymous - 47 d 15 h ago

Read your contract I believe they half to do that if it's not running. That's is motor problem

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Erie Anderson - 47 d 15 h ago

Here we go I still haven't got my truck back they said it was done Saturday. I went and checked it out as I walked up to it water is leaking out. Well I went to the car Mart here and told him. He said he would contact them Monday. Well here it is Thursday they haven't fixed it and neither manager will take my call. I see how they pay loyal coustermer. Well when I by a car lets see if I go through this they have had my truck total 10 weeks.

Your loyal toilet paper Erie Anderson Owensboro Kentucky.

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A very angry buyer - 49 d 13 h ago


I bought a Pontiac G6 from America's Car Mart in Muscle Shoals Alabama... Jamie.. The salesperson told me the converter was bad... I had the option to buy or not... And since she told me it was messed up she also had the option to have it fixed... Or not... Purchase the vehicle 3 months later converter goes completely out... My account rep is awesome... He had the car towed from my job to the shop... What should have been a day or two job has now been almost a month... Car Mart ordered the wrong parts... Im out money having to pay ppl to pick me up for work and bring me home... For almost month... And then they're steady calling wanting a payment... I had to pay a 75$ repair fee... Which i do not think i shouldve had to have paid considering Car Mart messed up on the parts... I was also told to take it to a shop have test ran and bring them the papperwork... That would be a negative... That's another 100$ i wouldve been out... My question is... How fair is this to the consumer... How fair is it to keep our cars in shops and still ask us to pay out all this money.... I feel as though Car Mart should be he liable for all repairs if your vehicle stays in a shop for longer than a week maybe... I love my G6 and im trying to be patient... But im patience is wearing thin... Its now 505pm in my home town... The 3rd converter made it to the shop 3 hours later than it was supposed to... Still no G6 and Car Mart hasnt called to let me know anything...

Word of mouth can make or brake America's Car Mart...

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Jess - 54 d 12 h ago


Absolutely DO NOT buy a car from this car mart! I will warn everyone i know and post on every website. For over a year and a half i have made bi weekly payments but just recently fell behind and owed $111.00 (after paying what i could) so car mart comes 2 days before my next payment is due and demand's i have the $111.00 PLUS the next payment of $171 thats not due until saturday. I told them i could pay off the $111.00 today but need the 2 days to come up with the rest but they refused

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Anonymous - 54 d 18 h ago

car mart is such a joke. all you from them is lies it will be all over the news and madie i will make sure of that dont ever go to to the one on sunset in springdale ar . cause Josh and Shelia are real fucking assholes and all they do is lie to . my name is geneva nimeth and thet there is no resson for people to be mis treated

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Lawan n kamie hill - 56 d 18 h ago

Carmart is a joke. We got a car from them last september an i had o put a new alternator on it the 2nd day i had it. We are faithful on our payments and even paid over the payments. Well a month ago we had problems with our gear shifter and we called Batina at the shawnee carmart to get some help and was told she would comtact the garage they use and would call me back. Well that never happened. So today we get a call because we stopped paying and the car dont run. Hell they can't ever return a call but sure can call when u dont pay. I think all of us that can't get no answer need to come together to sue carmart. I know im going contact n attorney today.

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Rebecca - 61 d 20 h ago


Terrible company to deal with, they do not care about people they care about money and that is it.

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Shawty - 57 d ago


I agree the worst place to purchase a car they don't work with u and constantly call basically harassing

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Melissa Church - 57 d 13 h ago


Carmart is a worthless place to buy a car we bought a car on 7/15/2017 and so far we have had to put over 500 dollars into this car and that dosent count 1 day after we got it we found a broken motor mount and still is not working and we call the lot we bought it from and all they say is we cant help you unless we know what is wrong with the car before they can put a service request in. This is not right we have this car less then a month and it will not run and drive and you want to tell us that we have to fix it and you wont do anything are u kidding me. I guess the only choice I have is to contact a lawyer because this is a defected car

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Erie Anderson - 58 d 18 h ago


TO WHOM IT may concern.

My name is Erie Anderson I live in owensboro Kentucky. I bought a 2004 Dodge ram truck from you all just over a year ago. It was put in the shop 2 months ago for another motor.

Your car mart here called me Tuesday and said it would be ready in two days. I said I want a carfax on that motor considering the first motor they found was supposed to have 65,000 miles on it and that was a month ago.

I wanted a vin # and a carfax done in that vin# because they do use that motor in cars and a car motor is not the same as a truck. I talked to this managers boss in Arkensaw two weeks ago on a Thursday.

He said he would get back in touch with me on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning and that never happens. I am so ticked at this whole deal they act like they are the only ones that are into this truck for money.

I have 7000 into this truck and just under 7000 to go I will not let them dictate their 2000 if that's what they paid for the motor.

It's my money that truck is under warranty.

Here is the kicker I went by the shop that the work was to be done the truck is not their.

I went by your Car Mart here and my truck is not here.

Does your company really want to go down this road. Someone needs to do something. NOW I am sorry but driving another vechial for two months while I am getting the bull thrown at me well it shows how important your costumers really.

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