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Memphis, TN
William Rhodes
Chairman, President and CEO
(901) 495-6500
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engine from the store in Quincy Fl . They got the wrong engine and they charged me 2026.00 with core and taxes. we found and engine on ebay cheaper and the manager of that sore was helping get the right engine and he charged us 305.00 more then he was suppose to. we should have received 26.00 dollars back but we had to pay, i will not go back to autozone anymore i will trade with Autozone HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;0;7;2 Autozone PHONE NUMBER 1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;0;7,2 Autozone HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;0;7;2 Autozone PHONE NUMBER 1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;0;7,2 Autozone HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;0;7;2 Autozone PHONE NUMBER 1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;0;7,2 Autozone HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;0;7;2 Autozone PHONE NUMBER 1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;0;7,2 Autozone HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;0;7;2 Autozone PHONE NUMBER 1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;0;7,2 - 3 d 45 m ago

engine from the store in Quincy Fl . They got the wrong engine and they charged me 2026.00 with core and taxes. we found and engine on ebay cheaper and the manager of that sore was helping get the right engine and he charged us 305.00 more then he was suppose to. we should have received 26.00 dollars back but we had to pay, i will not go back to autozone anymore i will trade with

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CHEATED - 3 d 8 h ago


I ordered a engine from the store in Quincy Fl . They got the wrong engine and they charged me 2026.00 with core and taxes. we found and engine on ebay cheaper and the manager of that sore was helping get the right engine and he charged us 305.00 more then he was suppose to. we should have received 26.00 dollars back but we had to pay, i will not go back to autozone anymore i will trade with oreillys from now on. This is crazy i went back in to explain to this manager what he had done but he wouldnt listen i want my money back.

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Onehotrodchevy - 4 d 7 h ago


Warning, you only have to look at autozone reviews to see what's in store for you as a shopper. Staff at every autozone lack customer service skills. Perhaps the issue is with autozone itself and not necessarily the employees. Bad management makes for bad employees. I am no longer going to shop at autozone and will recommend to everyone I see to avoid autozone altogether.

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Very upset - 5 d 19 h ago


Just stopped at the gender rd autozone in Columbus Ohio store #5040 did everything in my power to get there 15 minutes before close and not only did the two employees decide to not let me in but also ignored me completely like I wasn't there .... what's the point of having store hours if you just do whatever you feel

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Hard working paying customer - 7 d ago


I just stopped at the auto zone on U.S 52 in Lafayette Indiana. I stood on a blue X waiting to checkout. I was the only person in line. While I waited, 3 more people show up to check out. They just choose whoever they want to serve next. After 2 people go in front of me, I finally had enough and asked if someone was gonna help me. This is the second time this has happened in just as many weeks. Just because someone walks in and needs help, doesn't automatically put them at the front of the line, unless they are female, because that's what happened. She came in after me, but needed help. So, of course, being female, they help her. Then take her right to the front of the line. Once you get what she needs, she can stand in line like everyone else. They need to get their shit together. Form a single file line with X's spaced 6 feet apart and help the next customer in that line. They have X's in a row, and just help whoever they want.

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Blue Pate - 7 d 2 h ago

Chief.. please read. What happened to me today was so bizarre and "normal" at the same time. I needed a cord to connect my phone to my car stereo.. I was thinking that since I had been laid off for a month with the Corona virus pandemic, that I would buy it from a small phone store to try to help them in a way. They referred me to Best Buy. I went across the street to another phone store and was told the same thing but wasn't even allowed in the store because I wasn't wearing a mask. By the way no one working in either phone store wore a mask either. I stopped in my local Autozone and they told me they had what I was looking for at another location and offered to get it for me or I could pick it up a couple of miles away at another location if I needed it right away. So to put it in a nutshell... I visited 2 Autozones in a timeframe of 10 minutes and at both locations (Western Ave and Clinton Hwy in Knoxville TN) I was met the best help a person could expect! Dakota at Western Ave and the young lady on Clinton Highway (sorry I didn't get her name, str trans #352240) are truly service professionals and I thank you for having people like that helping me! Again.. Thank You!

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Jeff - 7 d 4 h ago


I order two parts, one came in two days later, which was expected. The other part was a mirror of the first part was back ordered three times. They manager said I could cal back and check, additionally she would call when it did come in. Guess what, it came in and she never called, it sat there two days. Those two days I had a body shop waiting to fix my vehicle. She would not even speak with me when I went into the store to pick it up. It had to be prepaid and was happy to speak when she took my money. I can tell you I will shop with your competitors, and will not spend another dime with you. You suck. Wichita, KS South Broadway location.

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Brian - 8 d 6 m ago


I would like to give a big shout out to Brian who works at the AuutoZone in Cocoa, Florida on King Street. He was very pleasant, informative and helpful in what I was searching for. His customer service was excellent with a great attitude and smile. Thank you again to Brian for all your help today.

Rebecca Kremesec

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Christopher Hampton Sr - 8 d 6 h ago

I have been al. Loyal Customer to Auto. Zone. For Years but. It grieves my heart to be discriminated against when all that I. Needed. To. Do. Was. Use. The Restroom It was Very Rude The Manager would not Allow me to use the Restroom are. you serious when. I spend. 1000s. Of. Dollars with You Per. Year. Well you just lost. My Business and I am Gonna let. My Family and Friends Know that they SHALL not do business with Racial People It is Already getting worse and worse And I. Am Sad to say that I Live in a world where I am not welcome

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Here comes the judge - 9 d 49 s ago


I just had the worst experience, with one of the worst employees, calling himself an asst. mngr. at one of your stores. I have supported your stores in FL and in VA for over 30 years now. Never once has a male employee treated me so blatantly with disrespect and was so discriminating towards me. I simply asked if headlights could be installed. I was told he would look at my vehicle after I paid for it and if a lot of stuff wasnt in the way he could do it. From that moment, to the end of my transaction took 20 minutes to buy a 2pk of headlights. And the kicker is, I left and was still told to sit outside in my truck, that he would be outside in a little bit. He needed to answer the phones and take care of customers. WHAT? He was not the only employee in the store. Everyone else was getting stuff done to there cars. What was wrong with me? Oh. I'm GAY! Where are you guys getting your employees from? HOMOPHOBICS R'US!

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chelsea Onalfo - 10 d 18 h ago


My family has spent thousands of dollars with Auto Zone, today THAT HAS CHANGED! We will NEVER step foot in an Autozone again! The sheer DISRESPECT from the HOMOPHOBIC employees! I cant believe this is still an issue in 2020! If this is the type of people they employ, we will never support them again!

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Get it together already, WE DONTM - 9 d 17 m ago


I just thought I would share. I was just discriminated against by a male employee. They are beyond homophobic. To think I have supported them for 30 years. The buck stops here for sure.

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Anonymous - 10 d ago


Autozone in Visalia California was trash. I've never been one to complain but I was in and out of the store on how fast the service was but only to be give a broken fuel cap. I opened the box once I got home and it was missing the whole top part. Came back to the store and she said she couldn't do anything about it even though I had my reciept.

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Scott - 10 d 34 m ago


Autozone sucks!!! Order 2 different coils and a distributor... both coils defective. And no with express shipping, still waiting for my order that was supposed to be here yesterday... the best part is it still says it's being processed. So it hasn't even been shipped yet

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Todd - 11 d ago


I tried looking for a oil filter on AutoZone website. Totally garbage. Don't ever use it!

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Mark - 20 d ago


You have a location in wappingerfalls with a set of rood and disrespectful staff. I have been dealing with autozone for many years and because of your staff in wappingerfalls I am looking to take my business somewhere else.

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Get a dictionary dumb ass! - 19 d ago

Get a dictionary dumb ass!

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Anonymous - 16 d ago

These are some funny remarks...right when I was having a bad day.. lol

Thank guys...

Y'all need to keep in mind, most of these employees are only making minimum wage, & all they're trying to do is "make a living" the honest way, INSTEAD OF being out there selling drugs or other illegal activity.

Just saying, be kinder ppl, we're all only human.

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Pissed off wife - 12 d ago


Yes! It's not the employees fault. The corporation as a whole should be accountable.

My husband is an employee at a store in ohio and they do not inform their employees of protocols. They treat them like complete garbage and I have the DM on recording telling my husband he has employees working currently waiting for covid19 results. My husband had a dr note releasing him from work until further notice and was called daily by management, asked to go in to open the store (knowing he had been tested). Then told by another manager he can't work with our 2 days we need due to my work and our children because he isn't reliable. He was off because of COVID symptoms and prior to this is the only one in the store who had not missed a day of work! Not to mention this is the same guy who called him the next morning because he lost his key to open the store. Send in some secret shoppers and get the problems sorted out! Stop trying to push out good employees who have families to support just because you're afraid of being outted.

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Anonymous - 11 d 3 h ago

Ya so what your saying is true but when I walk into a auto zone and get treated like shit. I am just suppose to take it and go on with my day. I don't think so. This is the real world and where I come from you have to treat people with respect. It's your choice what you do with your life. So if you work for an establishment that you have to provide customer service. Do your best and do it, don't just mistreat people because you think you can. Get a job at a zoo if that job suits you better!

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Mr. Oil change - 12 d ago


I leave in louisville ky. I would like to say your store in the southland terrace area on Dixie Hwy. Has a very unprofessional employee. Will not go back there. Will tell others.

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Anonymous - 25 d 16 h ago


Who do you contact when you go to an AutoZone store that you've been going to four years in the store guy asks you to empty your pockets cuz they thought you were stealing some besides my lawyer I'm pissed

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Pissed off wife - 12 d 32 s ago


Refuse. They are not law enforcement and cannot legally accuse you of theft. If they thought you were stealing they would have to call the police. Get that phone out and start recording guys! Let's put this company on blast!

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mike - 23 d 3 h ago


Getting a hold of corporate about issues with local store managers and their shitty attitude towards customers is a waste of time. Sent an email weeks ago and was told someone would get ahold of me to discuss the issue but nothing. Ive delt with autozone since they opened a local store in my area but with the bullshit attitude the new manager has they have now lost all my business along with multiple friends for the same reason. I would rather spend double and go to a&a or advanced auto. Avoid the store in berwick Pennsylvania by all maens

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Pissed off wife - 12 d ago


Good luck! My husband is still missing his pay from before he got sick and was taken off of work. That was 3 biweekly page periods ago. They don't care about their employees and they dont care about customer satisfaction.

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