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Memphis, TN
William Rhodes
Chairman, President and CEO
(901) 495-6500
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Concerned customer - 8 h 56 m ago

We have a autozone in our town on Winchester Avenue in Ashland ky the management has made the counter employees move to the opposite side of the counter were the customer would normally stand to get parts now they are in our way to put our parts on the counter the phones are on the customer side so now when the phone rings the counter help has to ask the costumer to move out of the way so they can answer the phone it's got to the point that I would rather go down the street to advance rather than deal with this stupid change that management has made

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Joe dayal - 1 d ago


Went to autozone at elk grove florin rd. Sacramento ca, 95828.

Theres a guy name gary indian guy. He was so rude. Then i see him putting lots of stuff in hes rsx from autozone, a indian guy with a turban came in, with a yellow mini cooper. He didn't even ring the guy up for most the stuff. This place sucks.

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Anonymous - 2 d ago


I went to your Written Washington store off of Rainier Avenue this evening to return items I bought cash with first off I was claimed I had used the paint when it was never used by my hand second off your manager would not even help tells me that your system will take my money if he tries to return it because it's too late I suggest you guys do something about your customer service and make sure this manager understands that is not the way to treat customers they don't even apologize they accuse you of using the product before they even know that that's the truth then they tell you that your system is going to take my money and there's no way for me to get it back unless I come back tomorrow very upset customer never have I had any AutoZone person treat me in that way especially a manager the Renton Washington AutoZone store off Rainier Avenue has the worst customer service I think I've ever experienced

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Warehouse Employee - 3 d 5 h ago


I have to say that i'm very dissapointed at the racism in the hazleton dc. I have been employed for over 4 years and have perfect attendance to only treated unfair by the white people in this center. You hear racis comments every week and no one does anything about it. I see the white people in easier jobs and doing nothing standing talking but as soon as a hispanic or black talks they get yelled at. yes, if you are hispanic or black you are looked at differently and treated differently. I haven't left becuz i luv this job but this sucks, i will be looking for other jobs very soon me and my cousin and friend will be leaving. Shame on Autozone for this.

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Barbara - 3 d 5 h ago


I have been to AutoZone 2 times today. With make model and part and part location on vehicle. 2 times they have given me the wrong parts. I'm a Little Bit mad. At this point. I have children and need my car.. Oakland AutoZone you just lost all my business.

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Blimy7 - 3 d 5 h ago


I want to recommend an excellent young man at your Wood Dale IL location. He is polite...adept...and intelligent. Please promote him. He is the Assistamt Mgr. AutoZone Store 2770

Call me if you want.

Brad Blinstrub (hidden)

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Nikki Samson - 3 d 15 h ago

I bought a battery with a lifetime warranty that should be in your computer, but they r telling me it isn't. So now they r telling me I'm stuck with a hundred dollar battery that won't hold a charge. I am outraged by this. What is the point of a lifetime warranty. Either they failed to put the information in the computer or they r lying.

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Dan - 4 d 11 h ago


I would like to comment on two topics.

The first. I want to thank you for meeting with Trump. America has been calling for a change and now that they are getting it they complain. No matter what he does someone will bitch right or wrong. So for this topic you are getting a compliment. The second topic that's not the case.

Every since Auto Zone has changed there rewards program, I have not been happy with it. At first I decided to give it a chance, which is what one should do when there is change. After giving it a chance I have to tell you it sucks. They way it was before I was motivated to buy more and build my money. That way if I needed an item worth a hundred dollars or so I could get it. Now if I don't use it in x amount of days I lose it. I end up buying junk I don't need or stock my shelves with oil. The way the current program is does not motivate me to do business with your company. In fact I have done more business with O'reilley's and Advance Auto then ever before.

I was going to let you know that basically with the way the Auto Zone rewards are being handled. I no longer consider Auto Zone as my go to parts store. Since reading that you have stood up for America and visited with Trump. I will continue doing business with you, under protest of your current rewards program.

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American - 4 d 12 h ago

Thank you Auto Zone for meeting with President Trump, well done. MEGA

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A concerned American - 4 d 18 h ago


I was interested to hear that Autozone CEO met with Trump. I thought it was a poor business decision not only because Autozone just lost any of my business in the future but also considering over half the voters didn't vote for him. He owes his presidency entirely to the electorial college system. It's laughable esp when I doubt that Trump et al have ever lowered their entitled selves to have patronized an Autozone store in their lives. Trump will eventually "make this country great again" by getting impeached probably by cheating (another wife or another business) or by bragging about being grabby again.

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Trump's your president - 4 d 13 h ago

Your so pathetic your liberal a** needs to get over it he won and every president wins by the electorial college. Learn how politics and your government works idiot

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Fernando Cesar - 6 d 7 h ago


Good afternoon, this is in regards to a retrofit lighting program in the San Antonio TX area and some cities in south texas.

The program covers changing all the existing lights to more efficient LED lights. (Hence the Retrofit name)

There is now an 80% rebate from the power company for small businesses ( less than 100KW peak demand). For large companies the rebate is 65%.

I have visited some stores here but no one can seem to help.

I'd appreciate it if you can direct me with the right people to make a proposal, this will save you a lot of money now and in the future.

Thank you for your attention, I know you are a very busy man.

Best regards.


Fernando Cesar



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Unhappy customer - 7 d 5 h ago



I am sure you or your company have not even read any of these complaints. Luis Cruz the site manager at you Florida City store is still employed after the abusive language and unethical way he runs and treats his employees. Why do you think everyone is quiting. He has been looking for jobs elsewhere. He is looking before you find out about all his issues with the district manager. I'm surprised the district manager has not noticed his attitude and his body language toward your company.He has no work ethics and he Has a drugs and alcohol problem. Look at him non stop , he cannot stand in one place for long periods of time. He takes drugs to keep well as Jannette negron also a manager that works for your organization in Miami and she does drugs and alcohol with Luis Cruz . They are both currently looking for jobs together and does not deserve to work or bad mouth AutoZone. Why do you think he is always taking time off and always sick because he needs the drugs.As well he carries a gun on premises. Which is a violation of autozone policy. Jannette Negron and Luis Cruz have been in the business for many years , they know how to manipulate the system and steal right from under the company's nose. I will never recommend autozone and I will be contacting the better business bureau. If you have managers like Jannette Negron and Luis Cruz working for your company any longer , your company will be going under. Look at your yearly profits in Luis Cruz and Jannette negron stores dropped drastically. They are stealing money from your valuable company. My family , friends will never spend one penny in an autozone company again. I will take my business elsewhere .

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Matt - 7 d 7 h ago


My experience was through a traffic accident I had with one of their employees who run a red light because he was late getting back to the store so he could get home to get his car to his roommate so he could get to work. He also told me he was probably going to get fired because this wasn't his first wreck. Cops shows up does the police report and since he was not present it was considered no fault and the witness I had was my wife who was in her car behind me but since she was related she was not a good witness and I had no damage since my metal bumper hit the side of his car. No skin off my back since I had no damage. This was Aug. of 2016. Now in Feb. of 2017 I received a letter from the lease company the Autozone uses stating that from a wreck I CAUSED I owe them over $6,000 for damages. So I called the lease company and seems that whoever talked with them from Autozone told them that there was not a police report filed and I had gave my name and just exchanged information. My ass I did. There was a report done and they knew so I take it that Autozone hires dishonest manager or area managers who tried covering it up and saying it was me so they didn't have to pay or to keep him from getting fired. Well I sent the lease company a copy of the report and to put it lightly they were quite surprised they were lied too! What a way to run a company! I will never ever use Autozone again!

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Nicolas Petaluma - 8 d 21 h ago


I feel the need to express my terrible experience with Autozone. About a year ago, my car broke down in Los Angeles. My alternator went out. Lucky for me, I was able to pull into a parking lot. In order to get the car back running, my dad went to the nearest autozone and bought a new alternator. After getting everything back together, we were able to get back on the road.

Last week, after taking the car for service, the shop informed me that my alternator was going bad again. I told them where I got it and they suggested to get a new one since it is under warranty.

Today, I went to autozone with my car and explained my situation to the cashier, Eduardo Segura. He tried to look up my purchase under 5 different number and under my last name. All my cars where listed except my dodge Durango. He suggested that my alternator was not under warranty even though I bought a duralast and according to their computer as a limited lifetime warranty. In order to prove that I bought a duralast with warranty, I asked Eduardo to come to the car and look at the parts. He informed that he could not because it was dark outside and they are not allowed to go outside when it is dark. Store policy, he said and added that I should come back during daytime. Are you serious? it was 6 PM.

Then another guy showed up, Salvador Gonzales, said that I should go back to the store I bought the alternator from. Really? you want me to drive back to Los Angeles because you cannot find my purchase in your computer. After a few more minutes, Eduardo turn around and started saying jokes about me to Salvador in Spanish. Trying to be nice because my mother was with me, I did not say anything about it but next time you want to make fun of a customer, make sure he does not understand Spanish like I do. By the way Eduardo, I speak 4 languages.

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Unhappy customer - 8 d 9 h ago


I'm writing this complaint because I have called 3 different times to your Autozone in Peru, In. It rang 7 times all three times I called. No one answered! This is not acceptable in any business. This happens quite a lot.

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Mike in Nevada - 9 d 4 h ago


I have just returned from a visit to purchase an air filter from the the Auto Zone store in Boulder City, Nevada. As I aproached the counter the Manager a Mr. Mark Oglunck was standing with two employees and elaborating about what a danger the president was to our country. It was obvious they were a captive audience. So when I aproached the counter, I commented "You aren't talking down the president of our country are you"

He replied that the president was the worse thing that could happen to our country. We had an exchange of several comments. Toward the end I commented that I would have voted for a trained Chimpanzie before I voted for Hillary. Up to that point, it was a conversation about third parties and I respect everyone's right to an opinion even though he was supposed to be working and not politicizing to his captive audience.

He then looked up and told me that the chimp would be the best "I" would probably be able to do tonight. At this point, I informed him that a political conversation is one thing but getting personal was crossing the line. Especially with a purchasing customer.

I am a disabled and decorated combat veteran. It was one of the most embarrassing moments in my everyday life.

I will never buy another item from "Auto Zone". I will also let the fellow members of the local VFW and Vietnam Veterans Chapter know of this incident.


Mike in Nevada

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Ryan - 9 d 11 h ago





(603) 334-6399

Nobody was available to cash me out, the rude and dismissive commercial cashier/clerk was on the phone while the one singular employee to cover the counter was out failing to install wiper blades (the easiest most idiot proof automotive maintenance ever) on a chevy of all things... This happens OFTEN at this store, and the rare time an employee is around, there are two of them bickering or talking loudly and inappropriately. VERY unprofessional scene there, and in the future the customer comes first, the commercial guy should've put the commercial call on hold for the all of 30 seconds I required of him. Instead he was rude and dismissive, but thats what I have come to expect from store # 1981-8

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An X~Regular Customer - 9 d 14 h ago


The store in Starke, FL has recently experienced a change in managers. The manager who had been here quiet a number of years is no longer here and is badly missed by all your store customers. The previous manager he was always very professional, knowledgeable, helpful and most of all always provided great customer care to all customers which is extremely important when dealing with the public.

The previous manager has since been replaced by an extremely rude female manager who has not only been extremely rude to me on several occasions but extremely rude to other customers as well. I know this to be a fact for I've witnessed it first hand on several occasions to the point where I will not be returning to the store for any of my part needs. This store being a small home town store receives majority of it's sales from local customers and businesses so a manager such as this can either make or break a small home town store. This new manager lacks in customer care, knowledge, friendliness and over all professionalism as a store manager. One of the main reasons why I've always and continously purchased ALL my personal as well as company parts from this store was due to the outstanding customer care and professionalism always shown but now myself as well as many other Autozone customers are resorting to other local part stores in Starke to fulfill our part needs. Starke, FL may be a small home town but thankfully we do have quiet a few other part stores to choose from. Thank you in advance for all your assistance and continued support in helping our Starke store maintain it's great customer service in which it's sales are built upon.

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Texas - 10 d 5 h ago

As a former employee I want to let people from home office know that employees have the right to take vacations if they have the time. i accumulate 80 hrs and they never approved my vacations... I request different dates and times during the year and vacations were never approved.. I talked to Human resources and they said that I was going to loose 40 hrs because you can rollover just a certain amount. the excuses were always not enough personnel or I cant approve that the district manager is on vacations or he just haven't had a chance to approve or denied dates that I requested more than 2 months. This is so unfair.

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Adrian Hawkes - 13 d 15 h ago

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to bring up this concern but I've checked numerous times in store 2321 in Monroeville Alabama and they have food items that have been expired for over 4 years. A lot that's been expired for over a year. This issue really concerns me because my daughter almost ate some of this stuff

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Jason D. Griffin - 12 d 6 h ago


as a former employee, i know that the food and snacks at the counters were past due experation day and the managers would insist on putting out the food to sell it. Not only that but we had mice and rats in the store which would nibble on all of the food. We would throw out the badly nibbled ones but you cant imagine how many cusomers would want to switch the snacks or want their money back. I would insist them to buy snacks from the corner store.

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disgruntled grandma - 12 d 17 h ago


on Sunday , 2/12/17 I received a call from my son that my granddaughters car needed to be repaired and he wanted to know if I could charge the parts for her , I gave him my info and he called the store on Post Rd, in Warwick Rhode Island and was told they would do a phone order . so he arrives at the store and they tried twice and it wouldn't go through, we then realized that I had given him the wrong expiration date. when he went back in the store with that corrected he was informed they were not allowed to do a phone order, are you kidding me? they just tried 2 times and now they can't do this ! he called me to let me know so I called the store and was told they don't do phone orders and if I did it on line I would have to be the one to pick up the parts...Unacceptable in my book! i asked for the store manager and he/she wasn't in so I spoke to the sales rep who was not rude but couldn't explain why they had tried 2 times and now he's telling me they couldn't do it...I asked for corporates phone number and he wouldn't give it to me but he did give me the district managers number, however I never called because my son asked me not to. I have a very good friend that does business with auto zone and he placed a call and then called me and said he took care of it and that my son could go back to the store and they would take care of it. so my son goes back and they told him because I had called and ask for corporates number they couldn't do it...terrible customer service ..I have worked in retail for 30 years and I am now a store manager of a dollar general here in North Carolina and would never treat customers with such disrespect. luckily my son went to a competitor and had no problem getting the parts so looks like you lost another customer... way to go auto zone

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Non - 12 d 12 h ago


I know for a fact that all auto zone do phone order national wide call hr ma'ma

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Kevin Moran - 13 d 9 h ago


AutoZone located at 2175 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, New York SUCKS! I ordered a set of rain guards for a 2001 Ford Taurus. I was told it would be in the next day, maybe two, and they would call me. After not hearing from them for 5 days, I went into the store and was told, " We called, but you didn't answer your phone." First, there was no call, so that was not true. Second, if they had called, why wouldn't they leave a message to say my product was in? Is that too hard to do?"

Okay, so I pay for my order, and I ask if someone can put them on. I'm told, "We don't do that." How's that for customer service? Every other auto parts store I've gone to installs wiper blades, rain guards etc....At that point, a manager comes out and says, "Is your car clean? If it's not, it won't stick." I advised the vehicle was clean. Then, the clerk says, "Well, it's cold out. ( It was in the low 40's.) The adhesive won't stick if it's cold out." If that's the case, why was this product even sold to me in the first place if I can't use it?

Another thing I've noticed at this location - there's usually only one clerk on duty, and it's a different person each time. It's as if employees don't last more than a week here. This place really wasted my time - two trips and nothing to show for it.

I got my money back - and I won't ever being going back!

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