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William Rhodes
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Autozone Manager at Aurora Colorado is a jerk - 24 m ago


I will never again shop at Autozone in Aurora, Colorado. If you are female, consider that a certain male there may harass you as he did me.

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Stephanie - 1 d 20 h ago


Today October 20, 2016 Hampton, VA location on King Street. I was shopping and anot employee in the back (older over weight gentlemen) continued to make derogatory comments about race and Mexicans. He verbatim said "you Mexicans are what's wrong with America nowadays and taking all the benefits", and how disgusting they were. He also mentioned Muslims and of course proceeded to.continue this behavior. Mind you this area is very well diverse and they keep that disgusting store open!

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billybob - 2 d ago

please have all your employees rained at advanced auto school so maybe you have a chance to stop seeing all the negitive post or get out of the buisness that it seems this company know's nothing about

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IG - 2 d 5 h ago


New store (#4744) @ 7 Main Str., West Orange, NJ 07052 ((hidden))

Store Mgr - Shon Cury showed very bad behavior dealing with customer returning items purchased few days ago.

His ridiculous explanations, placing customers in endless line of waiting (with no customers in the store), poor math skills, etc.

Just avoid the store and this specific 'manager'.


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billybob - 2 d ago

95 percent of the employees are idiots with no automotive experiance at all big joke i think a five year old could give better service never walking in the door again just to save my sanity

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Lorraine - 8 d 17 h ago


My complaint is with Autozone, Lakewood, N.J. On Sat., 10/8/16, my husband purchased an alternator for our vehicle. After installing it there was a major problem with it, alternator was new, not rebuilt. We brought the vehicle to our mechanic because to check and make sure it was the alternator and sure enough it was. On Monday, Oct. 10, 2016, my husband called the store, spoke with the manager, Eddie, and asked if we could return the bad alternator and get our money back. Eddie said yes, the do not pick up the old alternator until the following Saturday, which would be 10/15/16. Our mechanic told us to call back and make sure they put it on hold for us. I called several hours after my husband did and spoke to Eddie. He was rude and arrogant to me, personally I think because I was a woman, since he was so nice to my husband. Questioning me why the mechanic didn't take out the alternator right then and there and he needed it back to correspond the numbers of the alternator that we left and how everything else was being put on top of it. We rushed our mechanic to take out the alternator, Tuesday, 10/11/16, and my husband brought it back; only to find out, supposedly, on Sunday, 10/9/16, it was supposedly picked up. Why didn't Eddie tell us that. According to him it was there and wasn't going to be picked up until the following Saturday, their scheduled pickup. Now we had to pay our mechanic $94.00 core fee because we did not have our old alternator to give him. Who is lying??? Rude and unreliable business. My husband tried to get corporate offices' number, no one at the store had it, district manager, and you can leave a message. Tried calling this number, same thing, leave a message. I can't understand how Autozone is still in business, they have lost ours!

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billybob - 2 d 23 h ago

worst experiance i have ever had in my life dealing with auto zone im over their bs going elsewhere a terrible place to do biz

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EXPERT AUTO - 2 d 17 m ago



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Jacob - 2 d 16 h ago


Just left the Autozone store in Aransas Pass Tx. The store manager refused to exchange my part even though i had my receipt. She even called me a liar and said i didnt buy the part at her store or any Autozone. Im calling corporate headquarters now to resolve this issue and never shopping at Autozone again. Ive always went to this store but , never again.

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Rick - 2 d 19 h ago


I called the rewards center just 10/19/16 and spoke to some guy that would not give me his name. He had cars from 00 that belonged to my father and needed me to verify things on it. He was extremely rude. You can thank your rewards programs people for me or my family never shopping at autozone ever again. I will also be telling people not to ever go.

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Curtis - 3 d 18 h ago

I'm building a car and I got charged for a core charge for a battery I just bought if I'm building a car why do I get charged the core charge for a car I don't have that's ridiculous I don't understand and I would like an explanation it's not about the money it's about I don't like people being greedy you make enough money why am I being charged for something I don't have please get back to me as soon as you can thank you very much

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Everybody - 3 d 17 h ago

AutoZone management I want to know why I got charged for this if I don't have a core to begin with why am I getting charged a core charge it makes no sense makes me wanna go to O'Reilly's to be honest with you

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Oreilly - 2 d 19 h ago

if you go to oreillys you will find out there's a core charge there as well.

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Thomas - 3 d ago


Thomas. I live in Covington GA. We have 2 AUTOZONES every time I try to call no-one answers, I know there open when I drive by so I call o,Riley's and they answer on the first 5 rings. Your customer service is non existent.

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andrew - 3 d ago


mad as hell, when you purchase a distributer cap from Auto Zone, the item purchased is recorded on the computer, two days later I go to purchased wires and plugs. The employee asked me, what type of cap do you have, I state,, You have the part number on the computer, I just purchased the cap yesterday,,,, I explained, the wires go in the cap on the side, not the top. I get the wires, I ask (are you sure these are the correct wires)? Well, I take my car and parts to the shop to have it fixed, I get a call,, they sold me the wrong wires.

I purposely told the employee the cap and rotor purchased the previous day is on the computer,

The wires plug in from the side

The employee today suggest I gave him the wrong information?

The computer has it in black and white what type of cap I purchased therefore it should have been enough to tell the employee what wire set I needed.

I am done with Auto Zone, I now have to pay a Mark Up because I told the mechanic go ahead and call your own supplier and get the wires, the mechanic is being held up because I put my trust in a Auto Zone Employee who does not know how to do his job. I go from a $40.00 set of wire to $60.00,, thanks

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Bonnie - 5 d ago

Well after reading some of these comments Im a little concerned, Im waiting for auto zone to get hold of me with a problem. I will let you know!!!!!

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Bonnie - 5 d ago


Good News!!!! Autozone Just called me back!!! They did give me back $60.00 of my alternator problem. (Got a bad one) Mr. Anson is who I talked to and he was very nice.. Thank you Anson.

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Anonymous - 4 d 14 h ago

Nice! Glad to hear that. Finally!

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Dave - 4 d 18 h ago


@ Hereford Tx. Autozone

Serapio the Manager he is a very Smart Mouth, he has been a Mgr for a long time and a smart remark big mouth

To the Customers every time i walk in there or call on the phone it pisses me off that he gets away with that kind of attitude it is time for new Management, one day i walked in the store with my son and i was talking to a autozone salesman and Serapio had papers rolled in his hand and stood behind me and acted like it was his middle part a very Homo act

And today i called to autozone and serapio answered the phone and i asked him that i had bought a thermostat and was wondering if it was under warranty he quickly remarked ("well whats the part number i am not a mind reader")

I said i dont have the part number but can you look it up by my phone number or name Serapio quickly interrupted me and said "whata the part number ) over and over again then he said Youre not funny and Hanged up the phone.

Very VERY RUDE .it is time for new Management he is running away the customers and as for me i will get my replacement thermostat and will never ever walk in tht Autozone again unless i know that he is gone.

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Robert - 4 d 18 h ago


Autozone's "warranty database" is missing information from one of my purchases. I have the original receipt from 2009, and a new receipt from 2016 for the exact same part. Neither receipt lists the warranty period. This is opposite to Autozone policy for returns which states "If a part fails during the warranty period shown on your receipt, bring the part to any AutoZone store and you will receive a replacement or refund."

I had to purchase the replacement parts to illustrate the point to the manager at the store, and still he insisted that the warranty might have changed, didn't exist, or was somehow different from the original purchase to the current purchase of the exact same part from the exact same supplier/manufacturer.

It took twenty minutes and a threat to take the matter to corporate for clarification before he begrudgingly admitted the part was indeed covered under AutoZone's "Limited Lifetime Warranty" as clearly shown on the Autozone website.

Autozone needs to improve their "warranty database" and management training related to warranty returns/replacements.

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Anonymous Customer - 6 d 17 h ago


Was at the AutoZone in Lensnon, TN! 10/15/16 @ 7:29 PM & an employee came to the door, propped it open by leaning up against while smoking a cigarette! To me shouldn't be allowed to stand in the door smoking where customers are entering & exiting the store.

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Anonymous - 6 d 17 h ago

That should have been Lebanon, TN

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

Horrible in the store on woody and Rd in md. 10 ppl in the line and 1 lady working. Been her in line for almost an hour.

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Anonymous - 7 d 17 s ago

I am insulted by your latest commercial where "Jimmy" is working on his "new" car (Brake work can be a fairly complicated task.). Yet when he goes to AZ for a part, he had to be shown by a young girl that he's holding an item upside down. This is just another subtle commercial demonstrating that males are idiots and need females to straighten them out. I'll be going to O'Reilly's from now on.

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Anonymous - 7 d 14 h ago

Worst service ever from parts specialist to District manager 14807 woodforest channelview new store from parts specialist to district manager to corporate i was belittled by parts specialist manager and was talked to with no respect by store employee whom cursed and discriminating me as a woman and managemnt and corporate didnt do a thing worst experiences ever

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