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Pamela Wilson/Grants, N.M. - 1 d 7 h ago

My name is Pamela Wilson I have two warranties that where not honored, that should of been. I contacted costumer services for Auto Zone, and they also agreed the warrienties where valid. Then they sent copies of my recieots, and complain to regional management for my area Grants, N.M. a month ago and still haven't heart a word. I am out $300.00 this is bs. This is FRUD, passing the buck to get away with it. People use ORIELIES, PEP BOYS, or other. Unfortunately we only have two choices here in GRANTS, N.M. THE $300.00 you did not honored went to ORIELLIES. People beware AUTO ZONE DOES NOT HONOR WARRIENTIES EVEN WITH RECIEPTS. Also won't let me leave a rating on this site poor poor poor

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

Hi my name is Jim Howell I need your team to warranty the clutch that was sold to me buy your store in NW okc please call me my past numbers are (hidden). (hidden). (hidden) the car is 1993 dodge stelth base model my address is 5717 NW 31terr okc 73122

Flagged for review. 
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Capt. Mike - 2 d 13 h ago


I have been a car enthusiast for many years and have been restoring a 1977 Corvette for a month now and have made any trips to your store in Weymouth Massachusetts and the staff has been excellent in getting the job done especially Dominic the Manager taking time to find what I need and the availableity of parts you carry which is extensive for my 40 year old car better than other auto stores in the area.

The Tool loaner program has been especially helpful rebuilding the front end in my garage and I am headed back today for more parts and tools.

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Fed up in Dallas - 5 d ago


December 5 2018 at 7:30, I called my husband at the Autozone #5789. Monica answered the phone and after I had asked for my husband she stated he was in the back and she had a customer in front of her. I could call back later. I hung up called again after 30 minutes. This time it was 8:00pm and the call center answered and put me into contact with store 5789. Again Monica places me on hold and I was on hold for over 8 minutes.

My husband called me and yelling at me about calling his job, he informed me he was not at work they had not scheduled him.

Ok then why did Monica tell me he was there when he was not at work? Im tired of this store lieing for my husband and their blatant unprofessionalism.

This caused a breakup in my marriage, all because this bitch lied. I have had nothing but problems with this store and there emoyees treating me rudely.

I am now filing and this is a promise a lawsuit against this store, its management team plus corporate because nothing has been done to resolve this issue.

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@fed up in dallas, how bout dem boys!!! - 2 d 15 h ago


lmao!!!!! you do know nobody reads this right? go get on jerry springer or something.

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Loretta Krutsinger - 3 d ago


Writing in regards to my experience in your store North Convent Street Bourbonnais Illinois 60914. As soon as I entered the store was approached by your employee Nate U. He quickly help me locate the bulb I needed and then offered to install it in my car. It was at least 32 degrees outside with some wind. Never hesitated got his jacket, tool box and came out to install the bulb. At the same time he also handle to employee questions from inside the store. He was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I felt guilty that he was out there in the cold he assured me it was no problem that was what he was there for. He finished helping me and I was on my way in no time. I have since lost the receipt and I wanted to answer the survey questions and make sure that I gave him good marks he truly deserves it. I thought you should know what a wonderful employee you have at your Bourbonnais store.

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Fed up with selma Darius Croskey - 4 d 13 h ago


Hello to whom this may concern my name is Darius I work/ed at store 0446 in selma, Alabama. I am making an complaint about the store manager who makes and made my job very difficult to work there. I started at this company a little under 3 years ago. I only worked in selma for maybe 5 months, and every since I started it's been nothing but a bad experience for me. The employees are all good except the store manager. The store has major theft, and environment is very hostile. No one who works there will admit it cause they fear for their jobs, but I understand that. I went to Selma for a manager position from the autozone store in Montgomery Alabama on the boulevard. Mind you that the store I started at was very good to me. I just moved for a position in selma. I work very hard in Selma to the fact that I go home with swollen feet. But, when I'm at work I get disrespected very much. My store manager Alfreda Draine using profanities and call me out my name. She just recently told me in front of another employee, " she should have let ass stayed on the boulevard and she wished she never got me to come in selma." Mind you that while I'm there I do my job to upmost best. I consider myself a very good worker. When I am there I do everything I do supposed to do, and plus are numbers be good on sales and WITT while I'm at work. She gets mad at me for other employees not doing their job, and takes it out on me. She calls me profanities like (fat ass, fb which stands for fat boy or fat bitch, fat nasty bitch, and etc) she does not handle anyone else like that but me. The other employees barely work and it shows the next day I come in. But, when I'm working she wants to give me points if I dont do my job correctly. Mind you she doesn't do her other employees like this just me. The other employees can leave the store a mess and she dowant say anything to them at all. But, soon as I come in ahead tells and curse at me. I am honestly tired of driving the distance I do to be disrespected like that. I love auto zone, but this is not professional at all to me. I even told the DM Bob about how I wanted to leave the store. He told me things will get better and they haven't at all. So, I walked out the job recently cause of how mad and disrespected I was being at this store. I did everything she asked me to do to get this job. I cut my hair, I quit my other job, I worked off the clock and the list goes on. Just to get a manager position at thg his store. I feel as if this was a very hostile environment for me, and it really shows me how someone has a position and it's your words versus theirs all because of how other people are scared to stand up. But, I do have a recording of how she talks to me and handle me. I did not want to walk out, but I felt like I could not work there anymore.

My name is Darius and I thank you all for reading this message. I would like to thank autozone for giving me a opportunity with their company.

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Lauren - 6 d 10 h ago

I went to autozone in Bristol ct at 12pm the other day and said I need to change the brakes and rotors on my car. The person that was helping me got the brake pads and said that they had to order the rotors from the Southington Ct location and they would have them that day between 2-5pm and they would call me when they came in. At 5:30 that night I went into the Bristol location after not getting a call from them and the same persons that helped me a few hours ago asked how he could help and I gave him the slip that he gave me and said I am here to pick up the rotors you ordered for me this afternoon. He said ok let me get them and proseded to run around like a chicken with his head cut off before he finally came back over and said oh I'm sorry the truck still did not come in but it should be in any minute now and said I will call you as soon as the parts come in. Knowing they close at 8 I gave them a call at 7:30pm. The person that picked up had me on hold for about 5min. Before coming on the phone and saying that they still did not get the parts. The person then said they will have them at 7:30 when they open and he was going to give me money back for my troubles At this time I call the Southington location and I tell them I am looking for two rotors that I already paid for in Bristol and wanted to see if I could just swing over and pick them up the person on the phone said unfortunately we don't have them in stock. The next day at 8am I go into the Bristol location to pick up the parts for the 3rd time and the person at the counter tells me they still have nothing to give me and that I just need to wait for there call. So I then go to the new Britain location and they tell me that they have two rotors in stock and I can have them if I pay for them. I said I'm sorry but I only need two rotors and I have a slip showing I already paid why do I have to pay for 4 and asked to speak to the manager. The manager came over and said that because of inventory in there computer she can't give them to me with out paying for them but she can take 10 dollars off the price and that's the best she can do. She also tells me that they Bristol location only rang me up and ordered one from the Southington location so this hole time I was not even going to get what I asked for. But after I started googling the corporate number she called the Bristol location and after asking about 10 times if she could ask to the manager and getting the run around because they didn't know who was in charge of the store we fined out that the manger was on vacation. And they did have the part in stock and they where going to call us. So I then go on to google and I tell my story and I got a half ass apology about how you stride to do thing right and I should give you a chance I got even more upset because I gave 3 different locations a chance in less then 24 hours and got the run around from all 3, I didn't get a single penny pack for my time and gas like they said I would and I still feel like you don't care to fix this. So the next time myself or anyone I know needs car parts I will be more then happy to tell them not to do busniss with a company that cares more about numbers in a computer then the customer.

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Darrell - 6 d 11 h ago

Honda is costing your company a lot of money: There are many 2012 CRV owners who are going through batteries at a very fast rate. Honda is aware that the CRV electrical system is causing battery drain. But customers, like myself, are just going to AutoZone to get replacement batteries because the batteries are still under warranty. I wish AutoZone would put some pressure on Honda to address this issue. Everyone involved is negatively affected by their inaction. Thank you.

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Rosalina Lopez - 7 d ago

Well i live in north fortmyers fl i always deal with auto zone well in the past month i have bought two coils for a 92 Buick Roadmaster .and when i bought them they came with a warranty but when I needed that warranty they decided that they could not replace my part for a part because they had nobody there to test it now I'm riding around with three coils in my trunk that I have no need for and they all have lifetime warranties I just don't understand why y'all can't stand by y'all's promise I only deal with the one on Bayshore North Fort Myers Florida 33917 the manager himself told me that he cannot change it out unless he can test it but there is no one there to test it I have now been without a vehicle for almost a week I need something done or I will go a little bit higher than this

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yo yo rosalina lopez - 6 d 14 h ago


you do know they dont read this right? lol. call the district manager or the regional manager and deal with it that way

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Alicia W - 6 d 15 h ago


I was just in the store in Fort Wayne, IN on N Coliseum and was treated very rudely and disrespectful by the big white lady and the black guy in the store at the time. I ordered vent guards for a Dodge Caliber. I was notified that they were in and went to pick them up. I gave my name to the big white lady who said she didn't have anything with my name on it. I saw the black guy who took my order who went to help her look for the item. Of which they found with someone else's name on it. They put in my phone number and someone else's name was listed on the order that I paid for. Who then they said they had to call that other person to verify he didn't order the item but it's my phone number and the black guy is the one who I purchased the item with last week! It's not until I produced a receipt that I wasn't treated like a theif or scrammer. I was given my item and received no apologies from neither one of them!!! I was there mistake!!!! I will not shop at Autozone again!

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Nickie Y. - 7 d 7 h ago


While visiting an Autozone located at 4908-c W Mercury Blvd, Hampton Va I noticed employees were answering ALL calls on speaker phone. While 2 employees were both taking to different business on speaker at the same time I noticed one employee asked and recieved CUSTOMERS NAME, COMPLETE CREDIT CARD INFO... All over speaker phone for anyone to take down. I found this to be extremely irresponsible.

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LIsa moore - 7 d 13 h ago


location 3880 hoypoloxo road. Asked for help and the answer I got was I am sorry I can't leave my register . I was surprise to hear that but also disappointed. He could have said , let me find some that can help or i could have waiting. That store need Customer service 101 as soon as possible.

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J Floyd - 9 d 23 m ago


I stopped in at the Autozone location on Craig Rd here in Las Vegas,NV ,asked them if they would be able to help me with one of my headlights being out,i said it might be a fuse,or a light bulb ,oh they could not help me with a fuse,but they made no effort to even assist me at all,i will tell all my friends and family about the bad service and i will not be back again,this is not the first time that this happened ! They need to take a look at whom they hire as managers !

Sincerely Mrs. J. Floyd !

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local mechanic. - 8 d 15 s ago

AutoZone sales parts it not a repair shop.if you need help you might pay someone to do your repairs.I might suggest utube for ideas.a 5dollar would tell you if it is getting power.AutoZone sales them too.asking for help is one thing an demanding them install is another.some cars are simple.did you look an try to do it yourself?

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Anonymous - 13 d 12 h ago

Had to go back to the streets because I cant get a job no record no nothing but still cant get hired and yal wonder why crime up

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street thug - 9 d 12 h ago


lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go get em tiger

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William Rodriguez - 10 d 7 h ago


Today I went to Auto Zone in New Britain, CT. at 3p to pick up a battery and to my disappointment an employee by the name of Wilfredo, lacked customer's service. Had me waiting for a long time and on purpose attends someone else and leaves waiting. Why do Auto Zone hire people that treat their customer's with no respect. Auto Zone should have a supportive training to give their employees so that they can give better customer's service. The employees at the Myrtle Street Auto Zone in New Britain,Ct, are the rudest people I have ever met.

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Anonymous - 10 d 10 h ago


My alternator failed as I was traveling south on interstate 5 late afternoon on Saturday. I was able to limp to the Sutherlin AutoZone. An AutoZone associate helped me try to locate a mechanic and there were none available. The store manager Dan Feifel went above and beyond and installed the alternator! He refused a tip. All the time he wad helping me he continued to seamlessly assist other customers and his associates. His kindness intelligence and his dedication to custmer service are exemplary! Please forward this message to your corporate office. Thank you.

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Sherry Mix - 10 d 11 h ago


You just lost my business. I have shopped with you for years. My brother(now deceased) did auto mechanics and shopped with you. I purchased s keyless entry remote for my grandaughter car at a cost of almost $70.00. It was never opened and I tried to take it back and they said I could only get store credit. Nope, paid cash and have a card which they could see what I purchased. I will sell it to someone and take a loss before I get refused cash back or credit to my debit card. Its a small town and word spreads fast and I will put the word out there. I'm sure you don't care but I do.

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Anonymous - 11 d 7 h ago


I was in Selma Ca 93662 ,and was being helped by a very nice person he was professional knowledgeable and ready to help, he replaced my wiper blades, including my battery and he did all this in the rain, WOW, NOW THAT'S CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!, his name was Esau Ramirez, come to find out he was also one of the managers

Now that's leading by example Hi5 to Auto Zone in the 559

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Rita helms - 13 d 9 h ago


I was at auto zone in Newport TN, talking to Josh Hudson about some parts I needed for my car, he seemed nice at first, but then he started making in appropriate comments about my body, and what I was wearing.. It's sad that a single woman cannot even go seek help about her broke down car without being sexually harassed

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Bub - 13 d 10 h ago


Store 1776 Well since I quit after dealing numerous issues and now the manager is bad mouthing me to everywhere I apply heres my response.

Shrinkage??? Lol managers in commercial selling parts at heavily adjusted prices to friends at commercial accounts, only to pick the parts for themselves later. Basically theft.

Comm. Manager plays on hus phone all day while working. Causing him to send out wrong parts several times a day. I caught another employee sitting outside on his phone behung the building and it wasnt his lunch break.

Gen manager is in the bathroom 4 to 5 times a day for 20 -30 minutes everyday he works, unless Distruct manger Dave is there then everything goes smoothly. Screwed me 3 times with multiple schedule changes literally the day before i worked. I even had to miss my step sons wedding. Employees 3 of them no call no show multiple times GM covers it up by calling me or changing schedule to make it look like it was my shift.

Inventory lol when grey shirts do inventory its easy for parts to disappear.

You can check all these accusations on the computer. Match the discrepancies to the vehicles they own. Oh and by the way 4 of them almost blew a gasket when random drug tests were mentioned.

So besides major theft going on only 3 or 4 people actually know anything about cars.

Decent employees are initials KH Dust Jon. Rest are idiots. Sorry Dave I quit because they ruined the fun of the job for me. Cars have been my life.

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