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123 S. Front St.
Memphis, TN
William Rhodes
Chairman, President and CEO
(901) 495-6500
(901) 495-8300
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Sunday afternoon I was at the Quince and Kirby location of your store, and there was an employee who was doing everything she could to take care of the customers, but said she was the only employee working at the store. I didn't have time to wait, but then I wondered; what kind of multi million dollar company would have a woman working by herself? Are you employees that disposable? - 1 d 14 h ago


David M.

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Paul.R - 1 d ago

Yes Autozone employees are disposable according to the corporate line. It's about appeasing the stock holders nothing more. When autozone got those huge tax breaks they didn't reinvest in their employees. The money was used elsewhere probably the stock market to appease the share holders. Then as managers we were supposed to explain that a 30 cent an hour raise was this spectacular event. Its humiliating and embarrassing. This company is so mismanaged. Thanks Bill and Tom

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Anonymous - 2 d 23 h ago

I have the absolute worst experience in the Taft California store everytime I'm in there. Mike is a smart ass manager and is the worst. It is literally impossible to log a complaint. At the mercy of 45 min drive to Bakersfield to go to other auto parts stores. They just dont care in Taft because they're the only game in town

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Seprenia Coleman - 6 d 15 h ago


I had the absolute best service this past Monday by assistant manager Mr. Halston in VA beach VA off military highway. Allow me to explain; i fled an abusive relationship and am stroke survivor recently relocated to VA. Beach. AutoZone in Garner NC highway 42 lied to avoid replacing my battery. Which was under warranty. I had clocked up over a thousand in towing fees almost died when my battery died in 95 south causing a truck to jack k Ife to lreve t crashing into me. I digress, i had no money . Halston out of the kindness of his heart after he found me in system which Garner employee lied like i wasn't a d treated me quite horribly. Halston took money out his own pocket to purchase me a new battery with two year warranty so i and my unborn child conceived by Raleigh could safely sleep at night in Walmart parking lot as i ran heat without fear of battery dying. His acts of kindness blessed me and gave me hole in humanity again. Way to go AutoZone which to me I'd now the caring zone. Where i know employees care about me.

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Ms. Lisa - 7 d ago


I was a customer then employee but the management at 5296 store talks down to you and i thought i read that there's a respect policy. But I guess not. But tjanks for experience in which i use to work in automotive field.

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Unimpressed - 7 d 28 m ago


I work at a store in Austin. Most of the employees smoke weed. Another employee goes to lunch and comes back to work drunk. We have a employee who cursed out a customer and called him a hole, had a accident in the company vehicle and failed their drug test. This employee also come in late a lot and basically makes their own schedule AND still has their job. I guess Autozone doesn't have any standards.

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Louie g - 8 d ago

Find very unprofessional for employees to be smoking marijuana in the parking a lot . This particular store for one does not have any black employees either . Not only that but some of the people there with gray shirts have the worst attitude. Very unprofessional

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Louie b - 8 d 14 s ago

Store number is 3717 in Los angeles . Do not recommend this location.

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Anonymous - 7 d 18 h ago

I wish I could smoke pot while working.

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Anonymous - 7 d 18 h ago

Are they hiring?

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Nicholas L Candela - 10 d 19 h ago


Hi my name is Nicholas Louis Candela (hidden). I'm here to say I was offered a job for the malden,Massachusetts store but for some reason I'm unrehireable why? I worked at the Everett, Massachusetts store 2014-2015 1 year part time the store manager at the time and now is commercial manager at the store now because of him I can not get a job I want my reason I left in 2015 for full time job and more money I asked if he could offer the same he was very rude swearing at me and still wanted me to put in 2 weeks I said 1 week but he said very rude names. The worst thing was I was told by Paulo R. That if I spoke Spanish I could get a full time position that's wrong I'm not racist but that was very very messed up.

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Multiple Store Managers - 15 d 3 h ago

Senior V. P. Grant McGee. I understand you have a scheduled visit to the south central Texas region here soon. As a member of management we are getting the dog and pony show set up for you. If you really want to see how our region runs leave Jerry and all the DM's at the RO and come visit us to find out what's really happening. Morale is a huge problem, store managers working 7 days a week open to close. Vacations getting cancelled, because of staffing, termination threats at every corner. We can't keep employees because we can only offer ridiculous hourly wages. All the part timers we hire have to have open availability. It's a part time job because people have other commitments. We get ZERO support from Raymond at HR. We get ZERO support from Virgil at LP. We get ZERO support from Jerry. We get ZERO support from Juan for our commercial accounts and we get ZERO support from our DM's . We are forced to send our best people to new store set ups losing 40 labor hours a week and no overtime to cover that loss. Fully staffed stores are having to send people to understaffed stores because we can't keep people because of the wages. A Walmart cart collector starts at 11 dollars an hour. Great PSM's make about that much. Chik Fil a pays 12 dollars an hour. We have huge problems in our region starting at the top that you will never hear about. South Central Texas region is a poor performing region because of our command staff. Every meeting is a verbal beat down and laced with a multitude of personal attacks. Please talk to us managers without the dog and pony act following you.

Thank you for your time

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Anonymousish - 11 d 16 h ago

As a Store Manager from the Dallas region that recently stepped down to PSM, and also have put in my notice to resign, I have felt some of this as well. That pro rated bonus program cheated so many managers out of a raise for several years, and all I get out of human resources is "if you are looking for pity, I am not the guy for that. I'm sorry we can't do anything about it." To hear that from HR is completely unprofessional and very offensive to say the least. Then to have a district manager that hardly showed up iny store, never did any ride arounds with me, ignored serious inquiries from me, yet have the audacity to give me a bad review due to lack of team work? Maybe had the right leadership been in place and willingness to teach a Zoner how to be "the" Zoner, I would not be looking for another place to call home. We should be treated more like human beings instead of the district manager more focused on treating us like numbers. They hang out in the stores that are doing good and ignore the smaller low volume stores. Something needs to be fixed soon.

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Kenneth - 16 d 38 m ago


I took my vehicle to AutoZone Store 127 in Murfreesboro Tn cause my check engine light was on and I was told it needed the number five core pack so I bought it and put it on and still after that my check engine light came back on went back to AutoZone again and was told I needed the number four coil pack so I bought it and put it on and still the check engine light came on again and now they say it's the Catalyst System.I am wondering why didn't all of this show up the first time AutoZone tested my vehicle?I called and the lady at AutoZone said it should of all showed up the first time it was tested.I am really upset with AutoZone

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Anonymous - 16 d ago

You're a cheap ass idiot. The people who work at AutoZone are not mechanics. They are simply telling u what the computer says. Take it to a mechanic which will cost you.

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Jeff Ryan - 16 d ago


I was in Autozone in Little Ferry and I was treated like trash by the personal over there. First a young lady told me she was not able to install a battery because she have not people to attend the front of the store. I saw 2 other employees talking each other. I come back just to ask how much they reimburse for my old battery and she was doing nothing but texting in the phone and the other two employees still talking on the back. Really bad customer service.

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Low expectations - 16 d ago

The sad part is I would have expected to be treated like you were and tickled pink if they acted like they cared (actually did their job).

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Christopher W. Miller - 19 d 19 m ago


This company has fired an employee for basically standing up for herself. My daughter, Ashley Tharp was wrongfully accused of misuse of the rewards system, although they had/ have NO PROOF she did this for any monetary gain. Regional manager, Mr. Dave Duncan and District Manager, Ms. Roda G. fired my daughter and FORCED her to sign an admission of guilt, she signed it, UNDER DURESS. The reason for her signing this UNTRUE admission of guilt was that when my daughter said she would not sign she was told she was not going to be allowed to leave the store until she did and if she didn't sign said document it would be signed for her by the district manager.

Now,I may be wrong here but wouldn't that have been FRAUD? The real reason behind this firing was because she was owed close to 800.00 in travel time which her store manager ( Will McNiell ) was refusing to put in for her. When she sent e-mails to the Regional and District managers because of this she was then chewed out by her District manager for "going over her head" (although Ashley had mentioned it to her on several occasions and she was well aware of this situation) as well as accused of something else and subsequently fired from a position she had worked hard at (and is very good at) for well over the course of FIVE years!

This kind of action is DESPICABLE, LOWDOWN, UNDERHANDED, UNETHICAL and just plain WRONG! At one point in time I was interested in seeking employment with this company but I doubt now that I will EVER purchase ANYTHING from Autozone much less accept an offer of employment from it!

Rest assured that I will be posting this on my Face Book page for ALL of my friends to see and read, many of whom are auto enthusiast and do much of their own repairs. Those friends who don't have social media will be informed as well.

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GLC - 16 d 16 h ago

Christopher W. Miller. Your daughter is not alone. I was one of the top performing store managers in the entire company and I was fired for misusing the 7 off 30 coupon. The company line is "you'll never get in trouble for taking care of your customers". It should be get in lock step with what we tell you to do, don't be innovative or think on your own. My DM. actually told me I treated my employees too good. Continue to expose the craziness sir. Your daughter is much better off now that she away from that mess.

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Taos New Mexico's AutoZone - 17 d 18 h ago


Every time I go to the store AutoZone I get the same I don't know shitt oh, really don't give a s***. Either their way underpaid and they don't give a s*** and treat people like s*** or they need to get their s*** together 525 Paseo Del Pueblo Sur Taos New Mexico AutoZone I make order over phone dude acts like he can't hear me and then mumbles so he can't take my order I'm f****** pissed

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A.Ruck - 21 d 3 h ago


Auto Zone in Mckeesport pa .. Is trash!! The older guy working there is rude, There has been 2 different times I went there and he would not help with anything.. I believe he is racist which is sad to say.. It's only towards females that are mixed ..

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Anonymous - 21 d ago

Yeah I'm sure he is really nice to mixed men and black people.

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Anonymous - 21 d 19 h ago

Somebody needs to look into the AutoZone in Kingman Arizona it has to be by far the worst

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JPW - 22 d ago


To William Rhodes, Chairman, Presidentand CEO:

Why are your semi trucks coming through our neighborhood; going around our small roundabout and barely making it? I can provide pictures! Why aren't your semi trucks NOT using 72nd Street or Pacific Avenue? Your Autozone store is located on Pacific Avenue in Tacoma, Washington! Our children have the right to play outside in their front yards without having to look out for a semi truck trying to go around a small roundabout so he can take a shortcut; avoid 2 traffic lights by cutting in our RESIDENTIAL neighborhood! Have some RESPECT Autozone!

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Linda Manchestet - 22 d ago

JPW. Without trying to sound ugly Autozone doesn't give a hoot about their employees. Your children's safety is a non issue for the company.

Please continue to reach out to them, specifically you can go to the Autozone you spoke of and on the door is the regional managers phone number along with the district managers. Please I'm sure your neighborhood has some sort of deed restrictions to prevent commercial vehicles from using those roads as a through way. Burn up those phone lines that's the only way you may get some relief

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