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123 S. Front St.
Memphis, TN
William Rhodes
Chairman, President and CEO
(901) 495-6500
(901) 495-8300
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Ben Prosser Sr. - 2 d 10 h ago


Louisville Ohio AutoZone is ran by a racist district manager and head store manager! I inquired about a job after shopping at this location for seven years, (my total loyalty to AutoZone was twenty years). I was denied the job not based on experience but because of tattoos. I was told by an employee that this store has based employment by race and character descriptions and even on mental challenges of individuals!As well as not hiring a person because of being a female! I questioned the head store manager, Todd Irwin and he looked like a kid who stole candy and not once denied his racist tactics. I called the Regional Office and they had the district manager that is in question for racist behavior contact me. I told him the truth and then right out of his mouth he asked if I was biracial!!!! Rick Teal you as a manager have no right asking anyone if they are biracial after you are called out as a racist! I called the regional office line again and asked how ignorant can they possibly be? It was a lady and I said what if she called in a sexual harassment against a manager would she want someone whom supports that managers behavior to call her back? That goes totally against making a complaint and getting help! I will never ever support AutoZone again and have posted everything on social media! P.S. as you can see by other posts as well as mine that the regional office even wanted to have someone elsee contact me back at the end of our conversation. I said not a chance and if anything I will find an attorney and have them contact your company because of discrimination and racism!

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Fellow Shopper - 1 d 10 h ago


Ugh. Tattoo isn't a race. And can't we learn a new word? Everything and everyone anyone disagrees with is racist. An employee told you this? Sounds disgruntled to me. If this is legit, you have a legal case and should pursue that. If you don't, sounds like there are other character flaws that may be at play here... like accusing everyone of being racist when you don't get your way.

Flagged for review. 
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Wendy Neilson - 2 d 10 h ago


I would like to actually speak with live person to talk about my experience.

I hope this individual gets the kudos he deserves. Michael at the Randall Rd. Autozone in South Elgin, Illinois.

was outstanding in assisting and installing my battery. It's nice to get excellent service! Not too many places care about customers these days. Keep up the great work Michael!

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Kenny Hill - 2 d 12 h ago



My name is Kenny Hill, address 3959 Harrison Circle, Trappe, MD.

I'm writing you about the Auto Zone store on Dover Rd in Easton, MD. I have shopped at this store several times and have never had a good experience. The straw that broke the camels back happened yesterday 10/15/2017. I went in the store to get a small item. ( carburetor linkage links) When I walked in there were about 20 people in the store. There were only two people helping customers. But it sounded like a party in the back. I could see 7 people and hear 3 others. There were also 2 people at the commercial counter that refused to help anyone who was not a commercial buyer. I have shopped at this store several times and have never had a good experience. I am going to make it my mission to tell everyone that I know about the PISS POOR service and lack of training and professionalism at this store. I have already talked to 3 repair shop owners who already refuse to shop at this store. I will never shop at this store again !! I will drive 50 minutes out of my to go to the Western Auto to get good service !

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jason mendez - 4 d 5 h ago


My name is Jason Mendez I live in Fresno California I was in your location Fresno Fig Garden location went in because I love to shop at AutoZone ask one of the boys if they can match a coupon and employee refuse me it was only $5 off his name is Angel no customer service whatsoever did not want the sale so had to go over to O'Reilly's your competitor don't understand why employees can't make decisions and satisfied customer and have to be rude about it so I will no longer be shopping at AutoZone

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R - 4 d 5 h ago



I went into your store today to buy some supplies for my car. I requested if someone could check my battery. The store manager said yes just go outside and I'll send someone. I was standing outside for about 10 minutes. When I didn't see anyone anyone, I guess they forgot about me.

Store location 149 street Bronx New York

When I was done changing my oil. I went back in to ask if anyone was available to check my battery. The store manager said you have to standby and wait by the door.

So I did wait by the door about five minutes to 10 minutes. I approach the store manager she replied quickly You have to wait, don't continue bugging me.

I told her I was in this store for the second time. She said she does not recall seeing me earlier today.

I feel the store manager needs more training in customer service and needs to be supervised.

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Anonymous - 4 d 6 h ago

Fuk autozone

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Anonymous - 5 d 13 h ago


Yes somebody needs to do something about the plant I Lavonia Georgia I work through a staffing company and was called to his office and he told me if I wanted to continue on working there and to be hired on after invorary then i better give him a blow job I am a married woman if I have to do something like that than I don't need this job no woman should ever be put in that position so I went to Judy and told her her response was baselly the same thing and that if I did not want to work then u better give him a blow job so that is sexual harassment and it is against the law but like auto zone cares if you call and talk to any one from corporate office then will tell you that someone will get in touch with you and they never do and they probably do not read any of these I know it all started when I went to tell them about this man that works there about asking me if I would give him a blow job for 50 dollars his name is James Jordan and he goes there a staffing company and he has charges on him for terroristic threats and acts and they let him do what he wants and if he does get told on or is not being safety and if Judy sees him doing something wrong he waited to lunch time and let it be known that if she ever said anything to him again he was going to throw it at her head and knows it will kill her but my thing is if he is willing to treat her that or ever say anything about how easy it would be to kill some one my sister that works at Hart County sheriff's office told me about he was in jail for terroristic threats and acts and having guns by a felon in South Carolina I am so shocked that auto zone does the way they are or does not even really check people out through them or the staffing companies all they care about is that a warm body is there

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Anonymous - 6 d ago


They allow employees off the clock to assist with an assault. As in actively involve to help another hit a person with a wrench. Delayed calling police until person hit with the wrench got the upper hand. Found this puzzling because I believe Autozone policy is to call immediately for any conflict involving violence.

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Tommy Conner - 7 d ago

It's time to for a law suit. Then AutoZone will either go out of business or they will send all there employees to people to class called customer friendly and people skills , these people have no skills. They barely get by operating a computer. I bet if it went back to catlog parts I bet these workers would be lost. But I blame the D.m. for hiring such Store managers who have no prior experience or no people skills. They put on a act until they get the job and then there after they don't give a shit . But it's time something is done. I bet by the time my attorney is Done with AutoZone . They will answer all the complaints and fix the problem or they will go out of business. This is the 6 poorest run corperation in our nation. But I guess that starts at the top with CEOs of AutoZone. Such a very poor system . Well it's time AutoZone starts answering all of these complaints. Actually I'm willing to bet , that they have never ever seen this page. It's just something to keep people thinking that there complaints is being read. But if I had such a big corperation i would definitely care about my customers. Honestly I think they forgot, of it wasn't for customers they would go out of business.

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Anonymous - 6 d 41 m ago

I am an autozone employee and i cant get my compaints about the company heard either. I do feel bad for you and what you went through and i know its true i deal with it everyday. I have trained myself but they will hire anyone off the street and treat their good employees like crap!

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Mike Ruff - 6 d 5 h ago


You can tell a lot about a company sometimes by the job application process . I thought I might be interested in working for AutoZone. What a joke , they might as well advertise that this a shitty place to work .Their turnover must be ridiculous ! Needless to say I have no interest in working for AutoZone or doing any business with them whatsoever , FU AutoZone !

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Commercial friendly - 7 d ago


Mr. Rhodes,

Thank you for not contacting store 5559. I can only assume that wasting money is part of your policies. Your the boss, and the jet has to keep refueling. Anyway, back to the area of your commercial account's. Autozone commercial personnel has a habit of "ZONING " your sales. A commercial account of $1,000 dollars per week calls the day before and purchases $300 dollars of parts and is told the parts will arrive in the morning by 9AM. The commercial sales manager has the day off and the sales personnel is now in command. The part's are sent after 11AM and the driver is told: " Sorry, but your always too late and the parts were brought at Auto Aid and we don't the parts". "ZONING" has become the new term for lack of service. Let's do the math: ($300p/d) x 5days = $1,500p/wk now $1,500 x 4 = $6,000p/mt then $6.000 x 6000st = $36,000 p/mt

Final $36,0000 x 12 = 432,000 p/yr x's 5yrs + $2.5 mil. William, your lacking in training. The past has made you and the future will break you! Wake up, sir! Time for a new look at all your commercial stores. Good friend!

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Tommy Conner - 7 d ago


The loganville Georgia store and the Monroe Georgia store's have a bunch of idiots working there. Never ever will I be treated like I'm nothing more than a ant ever again. I'm just about ready to sue AutoZone, if something is not done about these idiots, I'm a nice guy with 20 years experience in the automotive industry and I know my parts well enough. I'm also tired of spending money on parts, that when I return them, they can't show where I have purchased the part, AutoZone needs to update to a better system. My name is Tommy Conner you can reach me at (hidden) to hear my full complaint

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Smitty - 7 d 4 h ago


Bayou la Batre Alabama store. My wife currently has been working for this store for a few weeks now and is not only getting sexual remarks from the the store manager "Bill" such as "let me call you tonight and breathe heavy into the phone and make you all wet" several times! All well as several other sexual remarks. Today an off the street doushbag was staring at her breasts and she politely told him to stop, when she had to go up the store ladder to retrieve a part the customer then told her "I would love to eat your pussy", she got upset and told him to leave! The pervert they have for a store manager wrote my wife up! This place is a joke! I tried to call the CEO of AutoZone but evidently he is too dam good to speak to me because the operator said "you can't speak to him", so I got transferred to the so called regional manager who was also gone. I guess at this point the only option is to scatter his teeth across the floor, evidently know one else cares so I will save the hassle and address this myself. Also it seems that it is also ok to steal parts and cheat the computer like Bill and Crystalyn do all the time! GO TO ADVANCE AUTO PARTS! Cheaper and the speedperks rock! I spend quite alot there so they give really good discounts!

P.S I will no longer spend any more of my money with your corrupt store nor any other for that matter. Have a good day Mr. William Rhodes, and consider yourself lucky enough to kiss my ass because I can't!

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Carolyn Carter - 7 d 12 h ago

I am writing this in regards to a guy they have working in the plant in lavonia ga and her is going through a staffing company and the history name is James Jordan he was at kububota but got fired for going to jail for terroristic threats and acts and her has is allowed to sexual harass woman and even offers them 50 dollars why they are on their lunch break to give him blow jobs he went so far as one of The planet managers for throwing parts on the line and at lunch he made it very clear to a lot of people that if that bitch has said anything else to him he would have through a part at her and hit her in the head and made sure she was died her name was Judy he ask several employees if they had a joint he could smoke and he was taking loans at work that was not precaution because he said Ted was going to make sure he got hired on after they do their inventory but my mother works their and is very scared of this man and a lot of the other woman are to I guess auto zone does not care about their people or their safety just as long as they have a warm body the staffing company has received complaints on him and they even received a email but they just want a warm so they can act like the do their job the staffing company is axiom at commerce ga I just hope and pray by the time someone gets hurt or dies then I guess than auto zone and axiom would have even check anything out but the blood of who ever this man hurts or kills will be on them

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Anonymous - 10 d 7 h ago


I visit Auto zone in Northport,Al. The service was awful, I was very disappointed.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 9 d 3 h ago

That's any Autozone take it from me I use to work for them treat everyone like crap

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James plotner - 11 d ago

I'm a former employee for your selden location store manager to be exact a while back regional manager josh Hughes and former dm Mitchell heath agreed to meet a competitor raise to keep me with the company they split the raise and when the dm left regional manager went back on it then they proceed to fire me over the phone after regional manager sent hr and new dm to store as an intimidating tactic I was with the company for four years and I worked under the worse conditions ran stores wig raises promised never received worked 200 plus hours combined weekly for weeks and months I find it all unfair and would like a resolution in this matter thank you for your time

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Genny - 13 d 22 s ago


For the second time I have ordered parts been told they have been received and when I go to pick them up they aren't there... I spoke to store manager Alan at the Eaton Co location.. he said he would not charge me for ordering another part to replace the one that didn't come in... mind you I had already paid for this!! I express to him that this is the second time this has happened .. his exact words were "soooo like you want a discount"!! Unprofessional, didn't care that he had an upset customer! I try contact the district manager get a phone number that I can't leave a message on! I ask for the Eaton store to leave a message for him to call me and they don't know how to get a hold of him!! But offer me a 10% discount!!! But still can't tell me where my part is!! This is a $200 order which apparently doesn't mean much to Alan or Gary the district manager! Strongly considering cancelling my order all together! Horribly customer service and managers that don't care about a customer

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Anonymous - 11 d 6 h ago

Gary the district manager did contact me and make this right

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Genny - 11 d 6 h ago

Gary the district manager for Nothern Colorado did contact me and make it right.

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No name - 13 d 9 h ago


One of your has been having extra married affiers and been bringing to my place of business her name is Theresa Malone she works at the mount Olive NC store and she is a manger not setting a good example for employees and plus her husband knows I did not know she was married till her husband called me thank you.

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No one - 12 d ago

That is just bad business my employe whould be on the the spot.

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Wronged customer - 13 d 4 h ago


Wronged customer mill and broad way location went to auto zone for parts baught and payed for them.i Had to exchange my roter when we did the exchange . the csr. Gave us a 15.00 daller refund and the new part seeing how the one we exchanged was more money and the new one was cheeper. Sadly enought we still some how ended up with anouther wrong part . we allso had to re order a special calliper that takes two days to arive when we went back to the store to exchange the parts the store manager happened to be the clerk who was behind the counter at that time. My boyfriend went inside the store to exchange the 2 parts i waited in the car for a long time my boy friend comes out and hes like o.m.g. this guys flipping crazy. Hes trying to keep our parts .. Hes saying that the part we had previously exchanged was not ours and accused my boyfriend stealling the part. Because he had no record of it being sold to anyone sence 2015. My boyfriend told the man about exchanging the part and who we had spoken with on our previous visits.the store manager was very closed minded and combative he never once considered that maybe there clerk had posable forgotten to enter the ecchanged part into the store logs. The one yhing that i know is this Auto zone Allways takes your phone number and name any time you do any sort of transaction including returning part and exchanges. So i know this store manager is a tottal fraud because i have all of my receipts for every transaction we had done with them. This man was tottaly out of his gord when i went in to the store to ssk why he was trying to keep the parts that i had payed over 200 dallers for . i asked whats going on. He said that we had not paid for the parts and that he was going to keep the parts that we have brought in I told my boyfriend to grab them off the counter because he wasn't going to keep something that I paid for and not exchange them I picked up the road and hand it to my boyfriend and grab the other box that had my caliper in it which I paid $150 for the man grabs left box that I had in my hand and ripped it out of my hand and now he is trying to say that he gave me a refund on the parts he was saying the rotor was the part that we did not pay for it and so he returned $73 to me and kept my caliper which was $150 in the store there is a core charge of $55 which I turned in my old core and got cash for when I bought the caliper originally it was $140 out the door because I didn't have the old core with me at the time when I bought the new caliper and for so as far as I'm concerned AutoZone on dropping me off the manager is ripping me off he was rude and disrespectful to my boyfriend he screamed at me in the store and its uses something thieves I was embarrassed so is a woman for my daughter school and said the store very embarrassing for me and my boyfriend he had no right to do what he did to us we have tried to contact corporate office however I have not had any luck of there we've also called the store and spoken with him over the phone if you wanted to you could not change I had also went in last night and try to get a second clip this to change the part that I had and talk to me about what happened I came in with my receipts and I'm really feeling screwed here. I called I called the police and they told me that it was a civil matter even though the man physically worked it out of my hand and kept apart that I paid for it and had a receipt for a special order part that I know that they have a receipt for inside of their computer please help me

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