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123 S. Front St.
Memphis, TN
William Rhodes
Chairman, President and CEO
(901) 495-6500
(901) 495-8300
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K.a.awrey - 7 h 23 m ago


Dear mr rhodes: I'm writing in order to get your attention about the poorly trained associates at your store at 1795 east Main Street in El Cajon ca. Due to misinformation from one of your associates there I'm out 2600 for a motor for my vehicle ! I'm a retired vet and can't really afford this sort of mistake but when I try to get answers from your staff I get the run around . Now I'm waiting for a return call from your regional office and I have to warn you if I don't get satisfaction I will sue, have you all over the local news and pretty much make it my mission to shut that store down. Please don't test me I have enjoyed a good relationship with autozone before this and spend a lot of money at various stores so let's handle this quickly

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Lmm - 10 h ago


I went in to purchase oil I awaited at checkout 10mons another lady came in behind me she got served before myself then another counter girl came out another gentleman walked in as she's ringing me up he hands her a return I'm nit even finished she starts chatting with him I said excuse me I need a printout fur a certain car where the tranny is she replied to google it her computer wouldn't show me where it is and where to put the tranny fluid. The last time inthete another girl had the same thing just a different car for me and helped this staff was rude non courteous and unprofessional. I will not be going back to auto zone, I'd rather go elsewhere and I'm sure there is an elsewhere!

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Jenny G - 1 d 22 h ago


Went to Autozone in Imperial, CA this evening a couple of minutes before closing to purchase a tailight for my car. We park right in front, see a couple of employees standing in there talking so my husband goes up to the door and finds that it's already locked so the employees turn the lights off and continue talking not even acknowledging that my husband was there. I realize we were getting there right at closing but it wasn't quite 9:00 and it would have taken less then a minute to purchase that bulb.....horrible customer service!!

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Lamicha Murphy - 2 d 6 h ago


I came into the Bridgeport north avenue store ,Miguel was doing return stock ,supervisor asked him to help customers and he became very irrational to me

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L.CARL Crabb Jr. - 3 d ago


I have never in my 53 years of Living...Experienced Such a Knowledgeable, Dedicated and Just All Around Great Customer Service Experience like I did today at your Eagleview, Pa...location.

Parts Manager : Anna, just Blew me away with making sure I Purchased the CORRECT PARTS to take care of my Vehicle problem.

Most parts places try to Up Sale you things you DIDN'T NEED. Anna knows her Job Thoroughly and is Very PROFESSIONAL. I will be coming to this location for now on to purchase parts for my 69 Chevelle and my 05 Jeep Grand Cherokee that I've owned since New.

I don't normally give Reviews but I'm still Touched by my Experience I had 10 hrs ago and hopefully this review gets noticed by Anna's Superiors and she gets Acknowledged for her Dedication to her job....I'm a Veteran and she reminded me of how true Dedication Should be.

I'm L. CARL Crabb Jr.

610 331 7030 if you wanna contact me...thanks.

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Everett - 3 d 2 h ago


I am preparing to call Mr. William Rhodes concerning the way I was treated at the Auto Zone Store #0069 in Nashville, Tn. I must admit, it was close to closing time when I arrived, but I was in the store and a young man asked me what I needed. I showed him 2 receipt/slips where my mechanic had been there to price both driver and passsenger front axles (ABS) for my 2002 Hyundai Elantra 4 dr GSL. He addressed another employee to say that before you do that, I guess he was closing out, pull those parts for him. The guy came over to me and said "YOU WOULD WAIT UNTIL NOW TO COME IN HERE FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS!" I responded saying, "I don't have to spend my money here, I can go somewhere else. But just know, I will be calling corporate office. And, that is what I will be doing. I'm sure O'REILLY or some other company will appreciate my business!

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Lauren - 3 d 6 h ago



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Anonymous - 3 d 6 h ago

I have a commercial account and personal with AutoZone and I'm very unhappy about not taking a refund on a new part George Rutherford (hidden) my commercial account is Georgia's Helping Hands

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Larry O. - 5 d 4 h ago



I visited store on advice of employee at store #1527 (Dallas,Tx.) to purchase a PCV grommet #42055 and a PCV valve #1226DL for a 1977 Chevy Nova I am restoring. Store 1527 is closer to where I live so I went there first. I purchased the last 42055 grommet he had in stock- needed 2- and was told store #5789 had both parts I was needing. I was also given a paper AutoZone Rewards Reward Notification . Went to store #5789 and told the young lady behind the counter what I needed. Gave her the paper Rewards slip and she threw it back at me and said "I don't need that". She promptly said "We don't have this part"(grommet). I asked about the pcv valve and she said " We don't have that either".

I said your store #1527 said you showed both parts in stock. Again she said "We don't have it". I had 2 cans of paint and she to come to a register where she checked me out.

"Next". If you have people working with the public everyday, they need to have a better attitude than this young lady. My receipt had her CSR #32 on it. I did not catch her name.

I have been to a lot of parts stores in my restoration of this car and have never been treated this rudely. Maybe she was having a bad day, I don't know but I don't have to be disrespected by someone I am giving my money to. Plenty of other places to buy parts, in fact, O'Reilly's down the street had both parts and a much friendlier attitude from their employees.I think once my $ 20.00 reward is used up, I'll look somewhere else to buy my parts.

I used to manage a wholesale roofing business and dealt with the public everyday. If this young lady does not like dealing with the public which is tough to do, perhaps she should find another line of work.

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P.s.m - 6 d 4 h ago

3393 Hello GENTLEMAN. I am a faceless form of management at a store in San tan valley Arizona. I am beginning to lose my mind. I have been harrassed and bullied by my store manager for almost 2 years. It's causing me emotional damages and nothing has been done to help me. Me and my whole staff want this manager gone. I used to have confidence in myself. But now I'm falling fast. I'm made to feel useless daily. I'm beginning to believe it live it, Feel it. I'm writing this because I need to tell someone, somebody. I mentioned to my d.m once prior and it only got me in more trouble. Please help me. And please help our store. I love this company and I LOVR MY JOB I don't want to leave. I love my customers and I love everyday I'm working for AutoZone I have 500+ customers that will back me up. Maybe even write a short statement of how hostile this man is. And how honest I am,

I'm losing my confidence my wife and I aren't as happy my home life is being affected by this man's disrespect hostility and the lack of punishment this guy deserves 5x over. I'm aware of 8 write ups hes STILL HERE. I've seen 24 employees come and go in my couple yrs exp. I'm the most knowledgeable and fastest worker at this store. I know it's because he is threatened by my productivity. Instead of taking it negatively it should be taken with respect.


I will be forced to get a lawyer if I can't get help from someone in the next 48 hrs.

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Dillion - 6 d 4 h ago


I live very close to your Autozone store on Spout Springs Road, flowery branch, ga. 30542. I have been restoring an old wood boat with a small chevy v8.

You have an employee Dillion at that store who I can't tell you how helpful he is with customers, he definitely goes beyond the norm. With Dillion there I would never go elsewhere for any parts. I hope you recognize Dillion for my comments. He is deserving!

Thank you,

Eric Storm

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Cheryl - 6 d 4 h ago


Dear Mr.Rhodes,

I hope that this review will prompt you into making sure action is taken at the store #1455 in Deer Park , Tx. I ordered some parts on Friday 8/11 the manager Ann placed the order and it was very difficult to get it placed. Herself and Debbie kept telling me I only needed 1 part when I knew it was 2. Finally order gets placed. I was told it would be there next morning. I called the store and asked about the products and price. My husband left right away to get them. When he got there he was told they had not come in by a gentlemen. Edgar I believe. I call them it's 1pm. I get told it's not there and they need to check how it was ordered so they know the time, they put me on hold. 25 minutes later and they never came back on phone I hang up. Call back tell them who I am and I need status of my parts, and i dont want to be on hold again for 30 min. Put on hold, This time 7 min until I hang up. I call again at 4 pm. Speak to gentleman tell him situation he tells me the parts where there when he got to work at noon. Seriously! I ask for manager Ann. I explain she says the parts where there at 9 when she got there, that the girl I spoke with at 1 didn't know how to find them and she is new. I suggested training , I ask why the man told my husband it wasn't there same crappy answer . I tell her if they work there and do not know the answer they should ask someone I mean that is simple logic. Instead they just lied and didn't do their job. I ask the manager for the regional manager. She puts me guess what. On hold. I wait 5 min call back she answers and has rude tone and says that I am rude for blaming these employees and I tell her that all this cost a whole day for nothing, she says you are rude and shouldn't complain about them , or blame them, I take care of my employees, well that is,correct because she doesn't take care of the customers at all. She isn't taking care of the employees either by not establishing good customer service skills. She further says they don't come to me trained I have to train them. Now all this time she is talking over me at am almost screaming level and argumentative way. She then says you can call whover you want to , let me give you his number so I don't have to deal with you . She shouts the number at me very fast meanwhile my pen doesn't write and I say please tell me slower my pen isn t working. She says oh, now you want me to give you time but you didn't want to give me any. I tell her I have her plenty of time like all day and she was the worst manager I have ever had in my life. She hangs up on me and of course doesn't give me the number. Unbelievable, this is what type of manager who you allow to represent your business? This type of treatment is ok? I hardly think so , without customers you don't have a business and they don't have a job or paycheck. I promise you if I had it needed the parts I would I have not bought them, I would have gone to O'Reilly who treats there customers with respect, courtesy and appreciation. I will not spend my money where I am yelled at for voicing my opinion over being treated poorly or because I want to know status of an item for purchase. You lost my business and all my friends will hear what happened and will support me fully. As a so called manager she should have been more interested in fixing the problem, attempting to apologize and resolve it. Instead she was unprofessional, rude, argumentative , refusing to acknowledge her fault or that of her employees. While the employees made mistakes , several of them it falls on her as blame she is supposed to be their leader. Instead she is an instigator of poor customer service.

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Kira B. - 6 d 5 h ago


Autozone store # 1221 in Lehigh Acres, Fl Sucks! We were in there today and they had 3 people working along with a manager. About 7-9 people in line waiting and not a dam employee cared. They were walking around with their heads up their a** along with the manager!! After 25 minuest of the line NOT MOVING and no one being waited on, we left and took our buisness else where. You guys need to hire better staff and people who needs the work and will work instead of people who don't give a rats a** about the customers. What a shame. We ended up going to Advance Auto and spending over $400. So Advance Auto gets a 5 star and a thumbs up!!

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michealcommander@gmail - 6 d 11 h ago


Piss poor conduct

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Anonymous - 6 d 13 h ago


I'm here at the AutoZone in Sahuarita, Az 12 August 2017 and it's 7:04 AM and management has not showed up to open the store as usual and there is an employee sitting by the front door. Management setting a bad example by waist customers time and moreover the employee who is waiting to clock in. No worries, 1/4 mIle there is an O'Reilly's who wants my money. BTW 7:09 and still no management. Zero Stars!

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Concerned in Atlanta - 6 d 13 h ago


My husband went into the Auto Zone on Holcomb Bridge Rd. In Roswell, GA last night around 8:30 pm. He walked out within 2 minutes and said "Let's get out of here". He said there was a man with an Auto Zone hat on but a tank top open to the waist and baggy pants. They looked wasted and his friends were walking down the aisles filling their pants with merchandise, openly stealing. This morning he said he thought about how weird it felt in the store and wondered if they were being robbed. Needless to say he has never liked the service or professionalism in that store. Instead we drove down the road to Advanced Auto Parts and the difference in service and professionalism was amazing. Obviously something is very wrong with the management at this store and location.

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Angry Ex Customer - 13 d ago


The employees suck, the managers are even worst. I dont even know where to start, but I definitely know that this is the end. Autozone is ri fucking diculous (yes in those words). There is too many other parts dealers with better customer service agents. If I have to spend more to get that I will and I am. Mr. William Rhodes CEO the company you are overseeing is horrible their is not an agent I have met with decency. But this last accident was the most horrific. I will contact whoever I need to in regards to the matter. Something HAS to be done. Immediately. I will not sleep until this issue is rectified. I will go to every news source, radio station, etc. Your employees need to understand and demonstrate professionalism and customer service etiquette. Or at least common decency and respect to those who are utilizing autozone's services. I am downright pissed at my last visit and until something is done, I will make sure that other customer's does not shop here even if I have to make this my life.


An Angry Ex Customer

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

Same here brother

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Rose Pendola store 1230 - 7 d 4 h ago


Dear Mr Rhodes,

I am a autozoners who has come to work for your company about 7 months ago. I left a job making 9.75 an hour and about 28 hours a week. At my interview I was told by Mr Andrew shue that the best he could do was 9.50 and 25 hours a week.

I have worked in customer service all my life and was promised the minimum I would get was at least that. There was no stipulation in hours and I have held up my end of the deal. I feel I have been totally deceived by my whole experience at AutoZone.

I was looking to better myself with a great company and now I'm left with broken promises and more regret than ever.

And after my foundation class and learning what this company was built on and culture behind it I never thought I would be sitting here period. Totally miss leading

Thank you for your time.

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Anonymous - 8 d 10 h ago

Hello twice I went to buy an alternator and both yes they were bad I went to a repair shop and they said it was the alternator the man at the menchaca store was a very rude person and made it seem like I was lying very upset and will tell other people to go to orileys.

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Sick and tired - 8 d 12 h ago


Dear Mr rhodes i am an autozoner and today i woke up very ill called my manager and had my job threatened and told he doesnt care! This was very rude and ive worked here 2yrs never had a manager be that rude! My Dm doesnt care either he worships the ground my manager walks on! I have no where to turn so i am bringing it to you! You wonder why your losing amazing employees heres why!

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Anthony cacho - 9 d ago

Hi my name is Anthony I live in Phoenix Arizona I went to the AutoZone on Bell Road I asked if they can help me out and test my battery they said no that they don't do that anymore there has to be more than 3 people in the house the guy wasn't very polite he was kind of rude there was a there was at least four five six people in line just the way his body language was the way he was moving wasn't very helpful so I don't know if this is type of people you guys like same Ploy but as far as I can customer service sound point I don't think it was very very good I live just down the street and I will be going to that bell location AutoZone ever again if you could please address this I'd appreciate it

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Renee kenshalo - 9 d 8 h ago


Dear Mr. William rhodes auto zone my daughter bought a alternator from Alton auto zone less than 7 months ago only to have it fail again this will be the 2nd time she has tried to return this item only to find there is no warranty on it what so ever .. This normally wouldnt bother and we would tray to get new one from any where but one of your stores . but we do not have 174 + beings that this car that keeps breaking down because of the altornater from your store is the only trasprotation my daughter and disabled grandson have to his doctors hospitals and schools .we are all Very upset with how they have been treated and have not been able to resolve this issue.. My grandson is on disability and unable to just toss around that kind of money for no good reason is it your store policy to tell us there's a warranty on a almost $200 item but the warrenty don't cover it once its broke down???? We would like this resolved ASAP ..thank you for your time and speedy response..

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Lady in waiting - 10 d 6 h ago


Service reciebed st auto zone pompano beach was les than exceptable by manager k. gayle. Associates having hard tome eith battery replacement and manager was not pleased or really willing to assist young man. I sat in the parking lot for over 2 hrs while doing a 20 minute job ( battery)

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Pissed and ignored - 11 d 6 h ago


This is not a review, rather an attempt to get a return call from corporate about my claim reference your store number 1795 and the motor I had o replace on my 2004 Chevy Avalanche. I have had contact with the district manager which said I must wait for an approval or denial of claim. I'm not understanding this because they haven't heard the facts yet and time passes quickly. Please get back with me. Your d.m. Armando re villa has my contact info

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