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123 S. Front St.
Memphis, TN
William Rhodes
Chairman, President and CEO
(901) 495-6500
(901) 495-8300
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Javan Jenkins's - 13 h 44 m ago


Mike at the Autozone GEORGETOWN KY was a GOD sent to us. We were out of town from MS and he not only changed our battery and tried to help by changing a hose, in the pouring rainfall, but figured out the water pump in our car was put so he called a local mechanic at Blue Collar mechanics and got us in right away. He went above and beyond his duty to help us. Thank you Mike

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Daniel - 1 d ago


Bad customer service employees ripping off scaming people in richmond hill queens autozone on atlantic employees are taking reward point card with fake name and useing it for themselves when they cash out a customer

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Anonymous - 1 d 14 h ago

I had an emergency my car broke down in road and I continually called AutoZone in brown wood tx never got a response and after the 100 time trying I was put on hold for 30 min still never got attend there customer service is not satisfied

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Ted Becker - 2 d 11 h ago


Ordered a hitch. Told it would be here today at 3 pm. NOT. I called said it would be in at 6:15 today. Called, told it was just tagged as received come get it. Surprise!!!. Went to the store at 6500 evergreen way Everett wa and told Friday after I was told it's here. OH I'M SO SORRY SIR YOU have to wait until next week to go fishing in your days off. Where's my dam hitch???m,

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Anonymous - 3 d ago

where is that I purchase thousands of dollars worth of parts and an AutoZone locally and I have a car problem I get contact with a mechanic he tells me what the problem is I purchase the parts come to find out later on it's not the problem

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Wrong attitude, bad customer service - 3 d 15 m ago


I went this morning to drop off some old engine oil at the auto zone in East Orange on Central Ave, New Jersey. I went inside and left it on a cart where I have left my used oil many times in the past. As I was leaving the store the manager followed me with the oil and told me I have to empty it in the back. I told him that I have left oil on the cart many times before and it was never a problem. I was in my work clothes and never wanted to dump in oil somewhere in the back where, I don't know. He was just going on. Bad customer service. I'll never go back there again

General profile image - 5 d 12 h ago

I live in Phoenix Arizona the auto zone on central and Broadway cross streets manager did not want to help me out on I situation That he had total Control of But refused One of his colleagues Said that he can take care of it But the managers also shut him down situation that could have been taking care of 510 minutes Max

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Marjorie - 5 d 12 h ago

Called your store on Verona Road in Madison Wisconsin, 20 plus times on a Sunday night. Looking for a part for a rav 4... never answered. Finally called one of your Janesville stores to see if website was correct, and it was open until 9 pm..... Went there, 2 females working, neither had a clue what they were doing. Really frustrating when you just need a caliper so you can FINISH THE BREAKS! No such luck... or, was it that they had no idea what they were doing????

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Felipe - 5 d 20 h ago


I have a complaint. Okay so I went in three weeks ago to go get my 2006 Mitsubishi evolution battery recharged. They told me to come in the next day so I went. The person behind the counter went to the back an said they couldn't hind the battery so I went a week later and the female who took my battery to get recharged was there she went to the back an said the same thing. I feel as if they don't want to give me the battery so they can sell it. It's a rare small battery. You'll have to order that battery cause it's not in the counters in autozone for sale. They told me they could only give me 20 dollars back for it. I only want my battery back or a free one for "losing"it

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Barb-Blue Rio - 6 d ago


I wanted to let you know I understand when someone has a bad experience to goes like wildfire, but when someone had a great experience to doesn't impact as much. Here is what happened to me. I live in Mt. Pleasant Iowa and I was trying to get my niece down to Festus Missouri to be able to stay with my sister who was having surgery the next day. In the days prior to that my aunt died in Iowa, my cousin was being transported to Iowa City with 106 temp and blood poisoning and my friend was had just left that week to go back to New Jersey and went to the dentist and had infected teeth and had to start taking medicine. All of that and I was trying to stay calm driving. I had stopped in Hannibal to go to the bathroom and we started back on our way, at the next to last stop light my engine started shaking and the engine light came on, I pulled over and called my mechanic in Iowa to ask what I should do. I told I saw a Auto Zone in the middle of Hannibal should I go there for them to put the tester on and he said "Yes". I went and tried to remain calm, but when I tried to explain, I got teary. I think her name as Tamica quietly handed me some paper towels and came out and put the tester on and pulled it up on the computer. Not knowing anyone in town, I thought well I could get a rent a car and worry about my car later. She walked outside with me and said "just 4 doors down", I walked down there and "No" cars within 65 miles either way. I started back and my phone rang and it was lifeline that I am at the top of the list for my 90 year old friend had went off and they wanted me to check on him in Mt. Pleasant. I called his cell and talked to him and got that under control, he just hit the button by accident. So, I went back in and asked Tamica if she knew anyone reliable to work on my car. Another person, clerk, suggested one person and a customer looked up the number, then they asked Tamica who she was going to say and she said "Tommy" and they both said "Yes, that is a great idea", so she called him and said she was sending me over. He stopped what he was doing and took the code and put his tester on and said "Yes, can you go with me to get the parts". I did and paid for them and Tommy had me on the road again in less than an hour. I cried for awhile, but I knew I had to get my niece to Festus so I pulled myself together and took off. My car ran great, no problems all the back home. So a BIG THANKS to Hannibal Auto Zone and especially to Tamica.

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Josh - 6 d 14 h ago


Just got back from AutoZone in centereach ny. I had to exchange something. Between the time of going to customer service to getting the new product and back to the register they lost my receipt the manager and associate was arguining with each other and was ever cursing on the floor at each other. Not to mention seeing them scramble for receipt they lost and them fighting on the sales floor shows me that AutoZone isn't the same store I once knew it was.

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Eduardo Barbosa - 7 d 23 h ago

The Manager of the Margate store is not smart and his employees are afraid of Him , only He is right.,they are run by LAZY, RUDE, CLUELESS and SARCASTIC,

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Kat - 7 d ago


I hope this message gets into the right hands!

Boy am I ANGRY!

I understand AutoZone is a large chain - so maybe you guys at "corporate" don't care but what is the point of having stores all over the country if they are run by LAZY, RUDE, CLUELESS and SARCASTIC employees?? Does ANYONE in your company care??? (probably not as long as they get their paycheck)

The Mount Pocono PA location is a disgrace.

3 employees in store ... 1 going berserk trying to assist a LONG line of customers, 1 sitting on his FAT ASS with attitude and 1 who is totally lost, wandering about like a amnesia patient! Phone is ringing like mad and frankly, it's like a 3-ring circus.

I'm a woman ... I work at a local repair shop and was in store to pick-up an item that was ordered 3 days ago. I went yesterday to pick it up and "they" said, "we haven't had time to go through our delivery yet, to check it in. ok. I went back today ... same bull-story!! What the heck is going on here??? I wanted to go in the stock room and find my own part! Is there no responsible manager to delegate work to his employees? I'm at a loss here. Does a regional manager exist that just "pops in" unannounced to check up on what's going on here?? I can't tell you how many other times I've been po'd when calling for parts ... the sales help has no idea what I'm looking for most of time either! I'm thinking you SHOULD hire people that are motivated, courteous and knowledgeable about car PARTS and what they do!! I cannot tell you how tempted I was to smack the smirk off that "AutoZone" employee who, not so quietly, muttered a "fuck you" when I asked why he was just sitting there instead of doing his job. Honestly ... how can you sleep at night knowing customers are unhappy and writing bad reviews??

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Http:// - 7 d ago

Don't know any names but am very unhappy with the auto zone in Cookeville Tn. In may I was in town for a sale my truck quit on me ,I got a friend of mine to help me take the alternator off of the truck carried it to auto zone (was bought at auto zone in Al.) The counter person carried and checked it or so he said. Stated ith was good was put back on battery charged truck cranked I started home the truck know quit again had to be towed to a shop this all toll cost me around 650.00 for a alternator which would have been free .the only cost is would have been out was what I paid my friend for his help. Thanks Tom Fowler at (hidden).

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Adam Frohock - 8 d ago


I Will never shop at another auto zone after the way I was treated at the store in Birmingham AL on 1st Avenue North. The employees constantly harassed me and followed me around the store like I was trying to steal something and then told me it was just customer service. So I asked her to quit following me and staring at me while I was shopping and looking at a muffler for my truck but she still continued every isle I went down auto zone employees are sorry as h*ll I would recommend No one ever shop at auto zone go to advanced or somewhere where you will Not be harassed for trying to bring business to there store

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Ann Colby - 9 d 17 h ago


I will NEVER shop at Auto Zone in McKinleyville, Ca. again! I told the manager I was going to complain & he just said,"Go ahead & do whatever you want too!" I asked for a name of the employee that was not treating me right, & told him I would be calling the main office to complain about him & he actually covered up his name tag so I couldn't see it! I did see enough to know his first name, which was Travis. He then told me that wasn't even his name tag & wasn't his name! How can employees act this way & still be employees at your store??? Just terrible service!!! I will NEVER shop at any Auto Zone for the rest of my life!!! O'Rielly's has never treated me that way & they are always kind & helpful! Your employees need more training working with the public!!! They are horrible people the way they treat women!!! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER shop at Auto Zone in McKinleyville, Ca. if you are a woman! They treat women like crap!!!!!

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E - 11 d 8 h ago


4910 W Baseline Rd, Laveen Village, AZ 85339 I have been going to this location since 5 years, and ever had any complaints, I own a small transportation company, and have more than 25 SUV on my fleet on July 20,2018 one of my driver called and told me that the battery was dying on him every morning, asked him to stop by so we can go to autozone, once arrived I meet Brandy was really helpful at first, told us that the battery was bad, and that she was going to exchange it, requested a password from his colleagues who show up and asked her to move away, saying that I will handle it. than come up with excuses saying that I had this battery replace once before. The warranty does not transfer, I keep my cool and purchased another battery over $200 in front of Brandy. Well tonite I wanted to drive my 2010 Yukon Denali and the truck would not start took the battery out, went to the location with an extra one that I took out my 2013 Chevy Tahoe, I meet JUAN N, before I can even start talking to him, Brandy show up and started talking about me in Spanish in front of me. JUAN was so uncomfortable asked brandy's To go in the back, 5 minute later, he show up without even checking the battery properly and told me that they need to be charge first. Went back to my house felt so discriminated and 20 minute later decided to go back to location and complaint. JUAN told me that ''he was the new manager she was filling him in, to blame to the company''. When I spoke to Brandy she told me that my battery's wasn't legit" felt so discriminated I had to remind her that I had bought at least more than 20 batteries with an years or 3 years warranty to check my account. She replied all of the Managers knows you. Took my batteries back and told her that they both going to heard from me. Still in shock I can't wait ...

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Anonymous - 17 d 15 h ago

I live in Houston,TX. I have a 1981 Chevy Silverado that I have been restoring. Until recently I have been a loyal customer of your stores here in Houston. Last month it was time to change the spark plugs. I went to the store on Fondren and Bissonet. The employee ended up selling me the wrong spark plugs and told me to gap them at .045 instead of .035. As a result of the employee's mistake, the plugs burned out within a week because they ran hotter than usual and caused further damage. I have had to replace the distributor, distributor cap,coil rotor as well as the alternator. I contacted the store about this matter and they were not helpful or concerned about this matter. They backed the employee and laid the blame squarely on my back. I will be letting my friends know about this and ask them to pass on the word. Y'all are very lucky your employee's mistake didn't blow the motor or I'd be slapping your company with a lawsuit for the replacement of my classic truck.

Ty Taylor

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Anonymous - 12 d 47 m ago

lol. that turd is not a classic.

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Customer (you know those that keep you in business) - 13 d 27 s ago


I have experienced worst customer service of any autozon3 I have visited at the Hermitage , TN store. In May I went to my local store to buy parts gathered what I needed and waited at the counter to order the rest for 15 minutes while lady employee stood talking to make employee about how they should go somewhere later. Male employee noticed I was still standing at the cou her and told lady employee "that guy has been waiting all this time" about 15 minutes. They both then laughed but no one bothered to ask if they could help.

I went to another AutoZone and bought my parts.

Yesterday I went back to my neighborhood store and after an units pleasant first visit when I returned with core material and grease on my pants was told I had to go get original box. That in it self is ok and I should have thought of it but it was hot and I was under pressure to get my job done quickly. It was the employee attitude that was the problem. I was spoken to with disdain by Bridgette. The other employees at the store were very helpful but to the one empmloyee had the the customer service skills of a drill sergeant. This has to be a management issue at this particular store or they would hire better employees except it seemed that everyone at the store had manager of something on their name tag.

Either way I didn't pu4chase the r3st of the intended items at the store.i went to O'Reilly's bought what I needed and fixed my truck. I have been an AutoZone customer for 39 years but No longer. Thanks for opening my eyes to what terrible customer service is.

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Mr. Rhodes: I wanted to convey my personal very positive experience with one of your store managers, David Barber, who displayed excellent customer service skills during my recent visit to your Dallas, GA store (8811 Dallas Acworth Hwy, Dallas, GA 30132). As I do most all of my car repairs for both myself and most of my children's vehicles, I am into one of your stores more than I would like given that I am retired. My prior experience in your store about a week ago was less than positive as I encountered a new employee and one more senior who both could not pull up my "web" order. I use that method in the hopes to save time, however, after these two gentlemen spent in excess of twenty minutes trying different approaches at three different cash registers to pull my order, I was losing my sense of humor when the female manager arrived and saved the day. In other words, my using the web actually slowed down my purchasing process as I could have simply pulled the item from the shelf and taken it to the cash register. This week, in my quest for a replacement battery for my Acura RDX, I went into the same store and was approached by your David Barber. He quickly located the replacement battery and had it installed within fifteen minutes while I watched. Given that I do most of my own mechanical work, I know a good mechanical skills when I see them and David not only displayed them but when I complimented him, he told me that he was from another one of your stores and was there to support the staff while the manager was away on vacation. That led me to tell him of my last experience at the store and he said advised me that was the reason he was asked to support the store during the manager's vacation. Given that my career was in customer service (telecommunications) and call centers (technology), David said all of the right things in a very down to earth manner which was very professional. Obviously, I was very appreciative and plan on shopping at his store rather than the one nearest by in the future given that I know I can rely on his great knowledge, straightforwardness, and pleasant approach. Many thanks for your "ear" in this matter!

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Stori - 16 d 41 s ago is the page of your website where you will find wirimg schematics for the firing order of a 1999 1.8L

98 and later models whi h i was specifically searching have a firing order of 1-4-3-2 and are not illustrated correctly in your charts. Both options shown for the 1.8L are different than the correct one sited from pg.2B-1 of the haynes manual.

Due to this oversite on your website my car blew a head gasket...

When spark plug wires get mixed up the result is a gasket blow in the upper intake manifold so I thought it very important to ask you correct this so other people don't blow up their cars.

General profile image - 17 d 25 m ago


Your employees Need to have at least some knowledge of working on cars. I was looking for a fuel pump sending unit ring removal tool/kit for nearly 3 weeks. I'm not going to buy a $50 tool to use once or maybe twice so I asked for a loaner kit. No luck. I did try all the other usual suspects Advance, O'Riely's, NAPA, Discount and even Harbor Freight; and still nothing. I ended up going to a Midas service center and asked the mgr where I could find one other than ordering it online. Lo-and-behold he used to manage an Autozone a couple of years ago and looked it up for me. Not only that but gave me the kit # (27160) but also the last time it was rented, which was nearly 6 mo ago by one of the guys He trained and has since moved to manage another parts store.As I see it; that's a LOSS of at least $400 (kit is $90 for 3 mon. X 4 possible rentals) This kit is a Common use kit that Everyone who does that repair needs to use. It's simple and will save anyone hundreds of dollars. Your employees Must be trained in the knowledge of All your rental kits and need to have some mech background to work the parts counter and the managers Should know what's available, which this one had no clue since he kept looking up the fuel line quick disconnect tool packs that were on the shelf. It doesn't bode well for a parts store that the employees know less about the parts needed than the customers. BTW, I'm not being negative. Times change but there are too many who still like working on their own car or who are learning and enjoy the satisfaction of doing it themselves. I also want to say KUDOS for the rental time change from 7 days to 3 MONTHS...YES!!! I work midnight's 6 days a week and and a 1 day project now can take ,ore than 3 weeks to complete on top of caring for my Mother w/a severe case of Dementia. With very limited time and Your increase to a 3 Month rental, this will say me Hundreds of dollars in rental costs.

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Donald Curtis don_ curtis@ - 17 d 32 m ago

Good day. My reason for this small note is to Express my disappointment in your Tucker store in general. I have shopped at this Lawerencevill hwy store since I relocated here 19 years ago and have tried on a numerous occasions to gain at the least part time employment which I well qualified for most any position within the store but have repeatedly been denied an interview. I'm very humble and was willing to start at the bottom and work my way up with a huge amount of confidence that I would make store manager making a good store great. Thanks for listening. Don Curtis Tucker resident and formally autozone frequent shopper. Now I will try auto advance. (hidden) just in case you may have any questions.

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KaLen Park - 18 d 9 h ago


When I lived in Draper, Utah, they were great about helping me with everything. I moved to Sugarhouse, and a woman helped me get my stuck oil cap off ( it took a big wrench to do the trick) but the next time I went there I understand you have a new rule where they can't use "new" tools to help people. One clerk remembered that one had been returned, but the other one found it had been "destroyed" as part of the return.


That way, you won't lose their business the way you just lost mine!

I have been a loyal customer since the shop went in In Draper In 1998, and I have literally spent thousands of dollars at your stores, but tonight, this 60 year old

disabled woman needed help desperately, and your employees were too afraid of punishment to help me!

Shame on all of you!

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