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123 S. Front St.
Memphis, TN
William Rhodes
Chairman, President and CEO
(901) 495-6500
(901) 495-8300
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Maurice - 5 h 22 m ago


I Have a Great Song that Would Fit The AutoZone Advertising Campaign. It's Titled " My Zone " ..This is a Longshot, but Listen When you Can.@

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Nj - 12 h 39 m ago


I got an email from PayPal offering a 25% of of auto parts from autozone ., I said hey ! I need some parts I'm going to do this ! So I ordered 4 items AZ aske for my Make,model,year,engine size , an I gave the proper information ! When my products were delivered 3 out of the 4 were all wrong ! The biggest problem was the resinator OMG ! You have no idea of the incompetence! I brought it to my local auto zone and the girl there said I should've ordered a different part number , and I said I gave them all the info in my truck? That AZ Asked for , she said no look and she showed me the computer screen with all the options . And I said I didn't get any access to that in my computer., so she said I'm going to order the right part for you AND IT WAS MORE THEN DOUBLE THE PRICE !! One of the reps I spoke to on the phone was so ( I'm sorry ) but so stupid and he was a supervisor? He kept telling me it was a muffler I was ordering ? And I said no! It's a resinator I had to hang up on him and say a bad word to him he was a moron big time , got another supervisor he was really nice gave me a 45.00 credit ok so back to the store ! The girl put in the order for the right resinator as far as I knew I returned the brakes she gave me a credit on my MC. And an oil filter wrench the was no receipt when I was delivered so she took off the price of the new resinator of around 8.00 ., ok so she rings up 133.99 minus the 7.99 it came out to 126.00 then she taxed me on the 126.00 then took off the 45.00 isn't that illegal? Why should I be taxed on 126.00 when I paid 88 and change? Ok it gets worse!!! I come back to the store to get my ? Correct ? Resinator ! And guess what it was a muffler WOW! So when I first ordered this resinator the item number was 50472 when the girl in the store ordered my in her eyes the right resinator she should me the correct number and that was 50472 but she frigin ordered item number 54027 and that was a muffler OMG WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE DOING ??

Store now to see if they got it right this time ??

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Bill - 13 h 15 m ago


Autoanything is ignoring my repeated inquiries, and solicitations for Customer Service Support to remedy an incomplete delivery. I bought, online, a BAKFlip Tonneau cover for my Ford 350. Rails and cover came, but the "bag of Hardware" did not. This is a real time issue, anyone want to step up and mitigate? I'm looking for an Overnite Tracking Number as evidence that the shorted parts are in transit. #19583558 was my order number. Just looking for someone with horsepower who cares.

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Anonymous - 16 h ago

they want to force me under threat of retaliation to release to them an MVR...confidencial information

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Edward Espinosa - 16 h 44 m ago

I am very unhappy the attitude from your morning manager .I took the part and the original box the fuel pump came in it has a limited life time warranty . I called the store Tuesday night and talked to Brent he stated it was under a lifetime warranty to bring it in for exchange. I did is so and now there is nothing in the system showing under my name and number. I have original part and package .I don't understand how it can't be in the system. This isn't the first tim this has happened. I am going to change out every part under your warranty on my truck and return for a full refund and go with another part supplier. This has be come an on going issue I'm shouldn't be dealing with when I have the proof of partner and package from your company.I will be contact the local news help line with this issue. Your store manager Bernard says it's not his problem he can't help! I don't get it! I have the proof it your part.some customer service you offer its not his problem! !!!

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Scott B - 17 h ago

Mr. Rhodes,

My name is Scott Blue and I started with your company as a part timer and in less then a year and a half I worked my way up to store manager, well I was a ASM and I was put into a store without a manager, well you know that was going to be my store,, one of the proudest moments in my life,, I love Autozone, I have been a service manager for a few companies and have always used Autozone,, so I am in the store working my fingers to the bone for you,, low and behold, I hurt my back, actually slipped a disc, I felt so bad,so I contact my area director and go to the doctor,, verified slipped disc,I need surgery, so know your company turns on me like a pack of wolves, first Maria Mcclain LIES to Washington state labor and industries about my work history and work ethic and lies about who she got the information from, she said the store manager and he never said any of that and did not know who Maria was, then your human resources manager lies to my doctor about a light duty job,and threatens me that if I dont show up my job is in danger,, so I show only to get fired within 5 minutes of walking in the door by my area director Tom James who tries to trick me into signing something that states I was drunk and on illegal drugs at the time of injury, well the drug test proves that to be a LIE, nothing illegal in my system, I refused to sign it, Is this how you treat loyal employees? you know I still love Autozone and would like to work there, everything I have said is easily proven, lets see how much INTEGRITY the company has, is there any honor? I am sure you can find me

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Pissed Off and surrounded by incompetance! - 17 h ago


I am also writing to demonstrates the lack of professionalism with yet another Autozone Store Management. I purchased a power steering pump for my Buddie's 91 F-150.. and a AC compressor.. had a local mechanic shop that was identified as good and reliable. The power steering pump 3 weeks later was identified by another reputable Mech shop in another city as bad. Autozone Store in Escondido, 1496 East Valley Parkway (Jr - Store Manager) gave me too much information for a bad part they sold me with a requirements list that extended over to the refund of labor process. Including that I was to give him a call prior to coming in for my refund and a contract more than one page long was needed to be signed.. reading the contents states I am 100% satisfied (I AM FAR FROM THAT.. !! I went into that store at least 6 times trying to secure the refund.. and then told I could receive a copy of the contract - blank or otherwise??!!) Well.. seems I need to seek legal help and show the rest of the Autozone Management that I am not kidding.. and since the Regional and District Managers refuse to contact me.. well.. what to do but.. go to Court! Yep, over $90... but, mostly due the shear stupidity.. YOU SOLD ME A BAD PART.. AND I'VE PAID TWICE ON THIS ISSUE PLUS MY TIME... I WANT COMPLETE RECOUPMENT OF MY EFFORTS AND EXPENSES.. (FUEL TO DRIVE TO Jr's store and to the Santa Maria too!) IN THIS MATTER. The troubling store Manager named Junior Martinez is at store number 650 and Robert Polston, the District Manager out of San Marcos, CA has done nothing for me to resolve this matter! The Regional Manager - Ackbar or some such name has never contacted me. Lonnie at the District Office has been most simpathetic.. and powerless. I have left numerous voice messages for Robert and spoken only twice... I was told the TC Rep in Santa Maria - Gus has told the Mechanics to not get involved.. what the hell is going on?? Other shops I've spoken with can not understand the contract nor the methods used that have pissed me off!

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Archer - 1 d 7 h ago


Mr. Rhodes,

I'm sending this message due to an encounter with one of the managers on staff at the following location I had tonight (4/25/2017) 2840 Keith Bridge Rd, Cumming, GA 30041; the manager advised the package I was returning appeared to be opened however it was just that the box was not entirely glued; the components were manufacture sealed so I opened it to show it had not been used and was in the manufacture plastic sealing. The manager then said well now you can't return it because you just opened it and then asked what did I not understand about the return policy on the back of the box in a very condescending & disrespectful manor; there was no customer service by the manager although the other employee said it was not a problem as long as the manager said it was ok?

I'm even more astonished by the response I received when I asked if I glue the box together and bring it back it's ok?

He said yes of course then it's not opened; so now I get to waste my gas driving back to and forth for this guy's weird way of interpreting your companies policies but there I am hoping this works; and hoping I get a refund for a $20 part that I've probably wasted more gas on so what shall we do about this I ask myself? Well I vented and wrote you sir in hopes you will make an effort to make it right as I have been a customer for 25 years.

Thank you for your time and consideration to this matter.

Richard Archer

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Bill M - 1 d 10 h ago


Dear Mr. Rhodes,

I am writing you to make you aware of the outstanding customer service I received from JAMES H at your AutoZone 3106 store located at 3613 N Josey lane in Carrollton TX. James went out of his way to assist me with getting my license plates securely fastened to my vehicle. The rear plate was a bit tricky as the existing connector was a bit peculiar. Again TWENTY GOLD STARS. I am a customer who will at times complain if there is an issue. Likewise when I get great service I believe it is my obligation to also speak up to be heard.

Again, cudos to James H for a tremendous job.

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Schelley - 2 d 2 h ago

Dear Mr. Rhodes,

I'm writing this because I'm disappointed in autozone and I feel cheated by your employees at my local autozone store. I recently purchased a set of bosch upstream and downstream 02 sensors for my 2007 chrysler aspen 4.7L V8 magnum only to find out after failing a smog test that the ones I purchased were not correct. 2 of the 4 were the wrong ones because somehow they were packaged in correct. When I tried to return them with my receipt, your employee refused to let me saying that I could not return them that's how the policy worked. I'm not a parts specialist that's why I rely on your employees to assist me (a single mother of 4 boys) with getting the correct parts for my truck. I spent a lot of money on (4) 02 sensors that I can't even use.

Please explain to me why your policy won't honor your mission statement and issue me a refund or store credit for a part sold to me that was packaged in correctly and sold to me by your employee who should have knowledge of the different parts your stores sell?

Thank you for your time

Schelley Lozano



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wesley jones - 2 d 16 h ago


your german school rd AZ has the Worst Customer Service Ever..3 Employees were Standing around doing nothing and One on A Cell Phone..Waited 12 Minutes, Finally Went To O'Reilly's 2 blocks down..Never going back

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rman - 3 d 17 h ago

Oil recycling not honored with excuses of tank being full! But they don't let you leave the used oil- what gives

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Anonymous - 4 d 18 h ago


I am sure you or your company have not even read any of these complaints. Luis Cruz the site manager at you Florida City store is still employed after the abusive language and unethical way he runs and treats his employees. He has been looking for jobs elsewhere such as advance auto , where his commercial manager went when she quit autozone. he does not get along with with the district manager. He is looking to transfer out of the Florida city location to get away from that manager. He is planning to transfer with the old district manager he use to have prior to this one.He knows the district manger is on to his drug issues and stealing from the store. Luis is trying to blame another employee for money being stolen from the store. I'm surprised loss prevention hasn't caught onto his games luis knows the system very well and knows how to steal without anyone noticing .He has no work ethics and he Has a drugs and alcohol problem, he cannot stand in one place for long periods of time. He takes drugs to keep going as well as Jannette negron she works in your Perrine location and she does drugs and alcohol with Luis Cruz . They are both currently looking for jobs together and does not deserve to work or bad mouth autozones reputation. Luis is always leaving early and saying he is ill, it's the drugs. As well he carries a gun on premises. Which is a violation of autozone policy. I will never recommend autozone and I will be contacting the better business bureau. If you have managers like Jannette negron and Luis Cruz working for your company any longer , your company will be going under. Look at your yearly profits in Luis Cruz and Jannette negron stores haven't they dropped drastically. They are stealing money from your valuable company. My family , friends will never spend one penny in an autozone company again. I will take my business elsewhere .

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Anonymous - 4 d 19 h ago

Montevallo has a women in there that dont know anything over charges and cant even find her mistakes when you them to her and wants to play the victom

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tom horne - 6 d 14 h ago

my ignition id is not working with what was giving to me i dont know how to procced no one is offering any help so how am i suppose to go on with my employment this is so unorganized.

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Unhappy customer - 6 d 15 h ago

Had bad experience in Auto Zone after driving 17miles to check my battery not knowing that when they were done with spraying testing my battery my module would get burned.and got stuck at Auto Zone Lockhart tx

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John Smith - 13 d 1 s ago


You recently hired a person who I believe needs to be brought to your attention, his name is Steve Owens & he does drugs & sells drugs. I don't want that kind of service when I go to my favorite auto parts store. I'm not sure if he got hired in Belleville Michigan or Ypsilanti Michigan but something needs to be done or me & everyone I know plus Facebook will know what kind of people get hired at AutoZone. Thank you for your time & have a great day.

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Paul - 7 d 5 h ago


Auto zone doesn't pay their help a livable wage. They get what they pay for-poor service

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Thomas with the camry - 7 d 18 h ago


Very terrible service. At Woonsocket ri store 5055c I've try too write you steady your web site is a joke. Ps I will not shop there again . Thanks. Thomas Franco

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Miguelin - 8 d 8 h ago


Bad service in store of san Antonio location...the employe Richard R no good.

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Lorie Baker - 8 d 11 h ago

Will never shop here again!! Was charged twice for a water pump $103.34 TWICE! I showed store manager my bank transactions where it was posted on my account he still would not refund me because he said on his computer it was only showing one water pump sold not two. Ok idk about all that all I know is Autozone stole my money and all my shade tree machenics that I have in family won't be going there anymore unless problems gets fixed

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Melissa Katam - 9 d 11 h ago


Just want to say that I am very upset with the price of the windshield wiper blade. Paid 26 dollars for a passenger side wiper. I questioned why it was so expensive. She told me because of the clip. So today i went and had the oil changed and the drivers side wiper was bad. They asked if i wanted it fixed and i said not for 26 dollars. It would have wait. They told me it was only 12 dollars and they put it on. So my question is why was yours so much more? You lost my bussiness and I am telling everyone i know what a rip off you really are.

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Jose - 9 d 14 h ago

To the president of AutoZone I've been a customer over 25 years I bought a fuel pump for my 2001 Chevy Suburban it sat in the backyard didn't even drive it in the street while I did some repairs from the accident I had finally finished it truck won't start fuel pumps bad from sitting there which is ridiculous AutoZone manager said it was out of warranty there's nothing he could do about it I think that's bullshit Galveston Texas AutoZone is the worst I've ever seen I will never go backI yall just lost a customer

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John - 10 d 3 h ago

Autozone on Sycamore in Simi Valley California is the worst. The manager Ryan doesn't know shit about customers service nor cars. I will never buy from this company again.

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Anonymous - 11 d ago


Tylar p at paris store was really helpful helping me find the parts I needed , also suggesting other parts that I may end up needing. He is always very helpful every time I come in PARIS Auto Zone.

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