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123 S. Front St.
Memphis, TN
William Rhodes
Chairman, President and CEO
(901) 495-6500
(901) 495-8300
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Brittany Murphey - 4 d 11 h ago


I have been working for Autozone for the pass going on 6 years. I love this company it has given me the opportunity to afford to have a nice wedding coming up in September 2017. I started as a driver and moved my way up to running my own store. I am a new store manager hasn't even been a year yet running my own store. My only suggestion is if there is any way we can have access to the schedule on Sunday instead of only having access on Tuesday and it has to be done on Tuesday. I only have one day of the week I am able to do the schedule which usually wouldn't be a problem. Yet, my fiance works 6 days a week and his only day off is Tuesday I would like to have more days off with him but only being able to do it Tuesday and it has to be done Tuesday doesn't leave me much time with my fiance. It would be helpful for every manager if we can have access to the schedule from Sunday to Tuesday and still just post it for staff on Thursday. I do have one person that I have been training to do the schedule but when I didn't have him. I would have to email my DM asking him if I can do my schedule late just so I can get a day off with my fiance to get some wedding planning done we needed to do together. It would just make it easier on the store managers to not only have one day of the week to do the schedule. All in All I LOVE THIS COMPANY!

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"Just a red shirt" - 14 h 43 m ago


Some of us red shirts need the schedule up by Tuesday. I would love if my store had it up by Tuesday. But the average day for it to be posted for us is Thursday or Friday. As a part timer I have a life outside of autozone. Plans would like to be made a week in advance. But you managers don't care and like you want to have the schedule up whenever you want.

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Anonymous - 20 h 10 m ago


Terrible service, personnel, and "policies".

I'm taking my commercial business elsewhere.

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Dawn B. - 1 d 7 h ago


I would like to make you aware of what happened when we went to our local Autozone today. We were looking for a master cylinder for my Toyota. The Manager/Gary asked if it had traction control. We were not sure, so my Husband asked if He/Gary could tell us by looking at the Car? He replied he had no idea, he personally would not own one. I asked, do you not want us to buy the part here? I also said I did not care what his preference was, it had no bearing on my buying a part. He said I'm just saying nobody who lives in the Unites States should be buying a foreign Car, needless to say we went elsewhere. I am truly disappointed in His poor customer service. If I talked to a customer like that where I work, I would be fired. Not very happy right now. This happened in Beloit,WI. Word of mouth can ruin a Business. I would like to be contacted about this at (hidden).

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Kevin Cadow - 2 d ago

One of the managers at North Broad store, Ryan ( New Orleans, La) has dumped trash onto city property ( 2700 block of St. Peter street) i.e. 6 mattresses, 3 sofa's and other misc. trash that was placed into auto zone dumpster by someone we have video footage of. Instead of using this video to have police pursue perpetrator Auto Zone figured it would be ok to dump it onto sidewalk making an eyesore for all neighborhood to see every day. What would you do if auto zone dumped trash in front of your house?

Any input would be appreciated,


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Anonymous - 2 d 8 h ago


Went to auto zone in clearlake

Simple look up hose that connects clutch master to slave cylinder.

The guy pulls up screen n picks brake parts i say no its under clutch master cylinder the said i did go there faked lookinv up my part 4 times infront of me.

So i went oreilly they took 15 second had a pic of part for me to look at n confirm tjats what i want.

At end of the day no big deal auto zone

Lost money a customer n got free bad review

Funny part is oreilly called n he said yea i have the part

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Anonymous - 2 d 10 h ago

Auto Zone store #1472 - A store manager, by mistake, put the wrong fluid in my vehicle which destroyed the engine! It has been four months and" several" visits to a repair shop of your choosing which has caused me much despair! I now have a new oil leak that I'm told is where the engine connects to the transmission and no one wants to take responsibility! HELP!

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Eric Dawson - 5 d 15 h ago


Something in your watseka Illinois store needs to change quick. I called there asking to see if they had the part I needed in stock was told yes we do . Well SURPRISE no they didn't. In fact they said they had 2 . Can't believe they sold both in my half hour drive. Was told by manager Ron that he could have it tomorrow by noon well guess what you have lost my business now on. Everyone should boycott your stores and go to NAPA. They have my business from now on. Fuck auto zone ! Please feel free to contact me

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Anonymous - 2 d 17 h ago


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Jeremy - 4 d ago


I've been dealing with auto zone for years without any problems until tonight. It started Friday night actually when I went to autozone and bought a coil for my old 63 rambler I just got last week. I opted to pay a little more for a lifetime warranty verses the one year warranty on it and left happy. Went back and worked on my car and no change in the starting issue so I went back to autozone and bought everything else in the starting system circuit new. Plugs,wires,cap,rotor and condenser to eliminate problems. Spent the entire weekend trying to diagnose the no spark issue to no avail. It never occurred to me the new coil could be bad till after-work Monday so I tested it. Sure enough it's toast. So I take it back to replace it and talked to the same manager that sold it to me Friday. He claimed I had bought the last one and I'd have to go across town to get it replaced at a different store so I made the trip over there. When I got to the counter some fat ass retard was telling me how ironic it was that I was the second one to replace that same coil today. He was patronizing me and when he said he'd go get the coil Hebert and got his bitch manager that immediately came at me with an attitude telling me that they won't replace it to go back to the other store. They were claiming the coil I had wasn't from autozone. Well it damn sure was. The only other coil I had was the original and it was covered in rust completely. Anyways she was very fucking rude about basically calling me a liar over a fucking 25 dollar part so I went back to the other store to straighten it out. When I got there they wouldn't even let me talk or show them the part. They were talking over me telling me I wasn't getting my part replaced no way. Both of the guys that were there when i bought it were there tonight and told me to leave the store. I have never been so humiliated and disrespected in my life. Not only was the part faulty and led me to buy all the other parts I don't need but they then turn it around on me like I was trying to fuck them and refuse my warranty after sending on a wild goose chase. I am angry beyond angry and can't find a way to contact anyone about it. To hell with auto zone. Especially 63rd and may in okc. And to the guy working there that talked to me how he did I'll have his job and I'll see him outside of there eventually.

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YourFatMoM - 2 d 17 h ago


" And to the guy working there that talked to me how he did I'll have his job and I'll see him outside of there eventually."

Nigga this IS the guy who talked to you like a bitch...Now what Cuz? Cash Me Ousside, Howbow Dah?

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Lupe - 3 d 16 h ago


You store in hatch rd Modesto CA sucks ive had the worse experience ever they took my part to fixit soposvly they would have it ready for pickup in 10 days i went to pickup and they said it is going to be an additional 10 more days i just want my money back and they told me i have to wait in til the git it back

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Jeremy - 4 d 8 h ago


Auto zone in Oklahoma City just screwed me big time I bought a part this past Saturday for a 63 Rambler I was working on and pay the extra to get a lifetime warranty turns out that after working on all weekend long and not getting it running I realize the coil they sent me was bad so I take it back to the store and they claim they don't have one and sent me all the way across town I get there and they treat me like I'm a thief and say that the part that I had did not come from AutoZone so they sent me back to the other store I get back there and the manager there treats me even worse says he will not warranty the part all I wanted was a new part I didn't want money I have the part they sold me and the one out of the 63 Rambler which is still the original one completely covered in Rust and they're trying to tell me that the brand new one that I have in my hands not the one that they sold me I told him to run his cameras back and he told me to get out of the store I am extremely mad about this and I was extremely mad by the time I got back to that location I've dealt with AutoZone for years and had a great history with them and to be treated like that is unacceptable I will do everything in my power to take this man's job

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Mark - 7 d 17 h ago

Service above and beyond on the part of Rick Walowicz

In store number 5157

My Corvette lost coolant due to a failed upper radiator hose and Rick was able to get me back on the road with minimal delay Rick provided tools and assistance to help accomplish this he is a real credit to your organization

Thank you again for your help


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Omar - 8 d 5 h ago


June 09th, 2017 I went to store #2580 @ 835 Summit street, Elgin, IL 60120 around 6:30 PM to buy 5qt. (1.2 GAL) Penzoil oil SAE 5W-30. The original price was $26.99 has a sale sign for $21.99. When I check out the cashier looks like a manager only one wearing grey shirt he rung the oil at $26.99 original price and I told him that is wrong there was a sign at the back for $21.99. He got upset and told me the sale they have for this one must get a oil as package to get the sale price and I told him that was not right. He did not even bother to call someone to check the sale sign. He was upset that he insists that I should buy an oil filer and told him what will I do with filter? He was rude! and was arguing with me. I told him is this the way you guys treat your customer? I am filing a complaint to your corporate office, he raised his voice in front of his employees and customers and told me something like "go ahead I don't care in fact here is my name ROBERTO LOPEZ". So I told him fine get the filter as I am getting frustrated, then he asked the car year and model told him just give me any filter as I am just going to give that to salvation army and he got upset that I have to give it to him, so I gave it to him and when he was ringing me up for both the 4qt oil and the oil filer now he is now charging me $29. something because of the oil filter added price. I told him you got to be kidding me. Why would charge me more. Finally a lady who was working with red shirt finally show him the sale sign and explained to him that is $21.99 on sale and it comes alone no filter. So told him see I was right, he rung the oil without any apology and not very polite so I can leave the store without any apologies even though he was wrong. I said someone has to report this guy. I not happy how this manager treated me as customer. I wrote a comment to the Regional office about this incident. Sad part was I only got an email from someone from the customer service that the letter was submitted to assigned Regional office for that store. Never got a call back or letter of apology from the Regional office nor the store manage even though I left my phone # and email.

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Sgt.LeRoy Peters - 8 d 16 h ago


leroy peters

To (hidden) Today at 1:25 PM

To whom it may concern:

Good day Antonio,

I am hereby bringing to your attention the conduct of William - store manager referred to above in the subject matter.

My initial interaction with William was on or about 10/23/15 during which I sought to conduct a "damaged swap" on my Bosch Platinum spark plug wires (blue in color)it was on that occasion that he first threatened me with bodily harm stating "you better get the fuck out of my store, before you get fucked up"! Chris and Marcus - both wearing gray shirts were witnesses to this initial incident. He, William was of the position "you did NOT buy those wires here - because ALL of our wires are black and this shit you trying to return is Blue, get the fuck outta here!" I then outlined that I did in fact buy them there - and given that they are discontinued - doesn't mean I didn't buy them there. I later visited the GunHill Rd store - purchased the "upgrade" to Duralast, which I now have under warranty.

This leads up to the most recent incident on Thursday - June 8th, 2017 when I sought to have a damaged swap for ALL four of the engine mounts for my car 93 Honda Accord; I was then told by William - that I MUST first apologize for the prior encounter I had with him - otherwise he will NOT exchange my items. He then conveyed, after taking over from an employee - who was unable to access my "Customer history page", there is No warranty on item/part #8011 and #8002 - that the Gunhill Rd sore made an error back on 10/23/15 - whereby the system in indicating that both items were returned on that date as opposed to swap - and that it is that sore responsibility to fix the error and that I MUST go back to that store; which I did. I then returned to William, showed him the "screen shots" from the other store #5273 computer supporting the fact that both items were under warranty. It was during this conversation - I inadvertently called the New Rochelle store - spoke with the store mgr. Gill - who remembered the prior instance when I sought to exchange item #8002 - and had to purchase it a second time!! NOTE: both items are listed under "Unknown Vehicle".

While conversing with Gill, I conveyed to him "Gill thanks for your assistance, I'm trying to stay out of jail" to which William interjected - "you ain't doing shit, and if you keep talking, it maybe detrimental to your health!" It was at this point that Chris, who was unconcerned all along, saw it fit to say to William, "you came back at the wrong time!"

I visited my psychiatrist the very next day, and is continuing treatment as a result of this incident involving an employee of Autozone.

It is my position that unless he is terminated from employment by your organization - he will continue to be a liability to Autozone corporation.

Denied Guarantee satisfaction,

Disabled US Army veteran LeRoy Peters.

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Mr. E E Daniels - 9 d 10 h ago


Your store in Landover, Maryland has a lot to be desired where courtesy is to be displayed. Some of the employees put you on hold when you trying to call to get information about merchandise and its prices. Someone needs to correct their interactions with prospective customers. See if you can correct this if you can. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Darkheart - 9 d 5 h ago


you should havehad them send you a TEXT. They don'y know how to talk today. I've see three girls standing next to each others texting themselves. That was the best one yet.

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Randy - 9 d 5 h ago


I 'm still waiting for the young Lady in legal to call me back to let me know what AutoZone is going to compensate for the Tickets & Parking pass to the St.Jude golf tournament it was going to be a once and life time event for my nephew & myself. But it seems she must have lost my number. I kind of wondering what the PGA & St.Jude on their business. Friday while I was talking to her ,she said she had a pair of tickets right there in her hands and I could have them. She must of had forgot what day the tickets were good for? And why was she holding someones tickets. But One Thing for sure you had to be a "SELECT WINNER" to get tickets'. The e-mail even said they were for certain "SELECT WINNERS."

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Anonymous - 9 d 9 h ago

You have a gentleman on live broadcast in the va area along with a buddy that are playing around with store parts contact me I'll send s photo (hidden)

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Anonymous - 9 d 9 h ago


The ceo mr Rhodes needs to start reading these comments about the company he represents, we know it's only a few but it should still matters ...maybe gave your employees like Stephanie R in Orlando some more training in dealing with customer , what a rude manager and stinking personality she has...

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Wayne - 11 d 16 h ago


I went to the autozone in arabi la where your employee not the manger, a female on 6/12/17 at 1230 was very rude and a ring like she did not even want to help me. Would have told the manger but felt like this would get me no where. I think someone needs to ask this person if she wants this job or not, because if she doesn't want to help me or it may be that I'm white and she is black issue, don't know but I will not ever go there again I promise

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Fred - 9 d 9 h ago


I have the same experience today 6/ 14/ 2017 except this was the manager ( Stephanie R) in Orlando on orange blossom trail , plus very rude and look very annoyed. .terrible service for a customer who has shopping at auto zone since 1987

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Beth - 10 d ago


I went to autozone in Jackson ohio about my fuel gauge not working and they offered no help or anything. I explained it just stopped working asked if anyway of testing it or even a way I could test after he said hmmm ummmm yea could be sending unit gauge cluster then said nope no way of testing any of it . Just lost 20 year customer .

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Anonymous - 10 d 7 h ago

I left my debit card at a autozone store then found out 2 days later that i had charges from amazon on my account

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