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Banner Health Arizona

1400 S Dobson Rd
Mesa, AZ
Bruce Pearson
(480) 512-3000
(480) 512-8711
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Wendell short - 2 y ago

Hello my name is Wendell short and I have been putting applications. For transportation I have worked in surgery and ER and physical therapy and a transporter for 4 yrs Prior to other of the positions . I'm somewhat hurt because I keep trying to join your team but I keep getting turned down. I've worked at at st Vincent for 8 years and community hospital for 3 years . I've been trying to relocate to be close my grandkids. But to continue to get told that Basically. Told I don't have the experience. I have recommendations letters from doctors . So don't know what I'm doing wrong .

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Randy H. - 204 d 19 h ago

I agree, Banner health is bad!!! Went to their urgent care in Tucson. Nurse practitioner was dismissive, didn't read.

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Overyouguys - 267 d 19 h ago


I am a previous employee of Banner. Last fall I went to the ED in Tucson via ambulance. I had Banner/Aetna insurance through Banner. It turns out I had a severe case of vertigo. I had never experienced anything like that before. I couldn't stand up, when I opened my eyes the room was spinning. I was throwing up and had a headache . I felt paralyzed due to my symptoms. I have a brain tumor, which was DS in fall of 2010. Didn't know if my symptoms were related. Anyway February of this year I received a bill from Banner for 19,700 dollars. My insurance denied the claim. Nothing was paid, even though I carried their insurance. I appealed and was denied once again. At this present time I am in the pr process of filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy because of this situation I am in the process of filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. I will not recommend Banner to anyone.

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Jeanie - 1 y 268 d ago


Would never recommend Banner Health. We just moved to Tucson in July of 2017. Had to go to ER for Stomach pain, they figured out I have a torn mesh from previous hernia repair surgery. They referred me to their bariatric surgery department (Dr Ghaderi) at their South location for repair of the mesh. Went to see the surgeon, took all my medical records, gave him very specific information, he sent me to nuclear medicine for a test to see how food was processing. This was in early February of 2018. I then got a call telling me that the test was fine and they want me to go to pain management. I said "For What?" I need my mesh repaired. Have had so many phones calls with his nurse, who continually said she would call me back and never did. Who would even want a surgeon touching their body, who does not look at his notes and does not know what the left or right hand are doing. I have gone back to Northwest Medical and found a new bariatric surgeon. I can't even get through to the Medical records department to get medical records sent to my new physicians. I am so pissed because I have High Deductible and co - pay and it starts over 7/1/18. May have to find attorney if all this messing around with Banner incompetence costs me more and the new surgeon can't meet my insurance cutoff dates. This is about $2500 out of pocket expenses later and no solution...... Uggghhhh

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neal - 1 y 281 d ago


would not recommend Banner Health to anyone due to the Doctors like to give you the go around game and not help people like they say that they are here for

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