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Bath Fitter

5187 Papineau, Montréal, QC H2H 1W1
(800) 892-2847
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Bill in Victoria - 13 d 18 h ago


On June 18 2008 we finally had our tub and surround installed properly. We had ordered it February 1 2008. The first tub broke and we had to wait a few months before it could be replaced. When it was replaced the installers broke the plaster lath wall and the wood baseboard. I had to pay a contractor out of my pocket for repairs. Bath Fitter would not pay nor would they give us a break on the price because of the delay.

A month ago (September 2019) the surround started pulling away from the wall. I contacted BF and they said they would schedule an appointment to fix it. They actually scheduled 3 times as the first two were cancelled by them.

The wall was repaired and about a month later I received a bill for $234 for reinstallation. This is Bath Fitter, the company that offers a Lifetime Warranty and installs in a day.

I wrote the company yesterday and told them there was not a hope in hell that I would pay this bill. I am presently relating this story on social media.

Incidentally the product in itself is excellent. eleven years later it looks like it did in the beginning.

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Shirley - 17 d 18 h ago


Shirley, we had a tub put in with bath fitter for my 73 old mother. The tub started cracking so they came out and replace the tub. The young man told my mother he will be back he had to order something. So we came home to visit my mother from out of town. That when we realize the man didn't finish. So I started calling in October the was very nice at first saying she will back. Then she started get a attuide. Saying the owner was at the hospital with his child cool. I waited another week call back he was out town for two weeks at the corporate office. Then I ask for his boss she it on one over him.

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Luz T. - 24 d 14 h ago


Made appointment, expert arrives measures, takes photos, give 600 deposit. Insert arrives 4 weeks. Installer arrives low and behold can't install some issues not caught by sales rep. mind you manager approved all photos and measurements prior. Manager contacted two options given me return deposit sent to Canada office I paid in Illinois (Guess Not), or tear down my good ceramic wall, put insert and then put up their shower walls costing me more money ( Hum!!!) I didn't see that coming! I guess no insert for me. Thanks Bathfitters. Buyer Beware. Still waiting.

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Denise Vercota - 59 d ago


bath fitter charlotte office dispatched thieves to my home to perform the work. 10 days after bf was in my home I discovered that two to three thousand dollars was stolen from my master bedroom closet. I contacted bf and the manager came to my home to try to suggest that I had moved the money and forgotten where. I also contacted Tennessee and Quebec both of which had no interest in helping me with my situation. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I have told every person whether it be in line at the grocery store or on social media. My home is my sanctuary and bf violated this. The stress brought on by bf thieving employees has caused me health issues as well.

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Karen R - 85 d ago


Regarding BathFitters: We can't get service at our home in Charlotte to replace some work that was installed incorrectly. We've called repeatedly for 2 weeks and are promised over and over that it will be taken care of the next day, but then we don't hear anything and need to place another call, with the same results. We are very disappointed after spending so much money and we don't seem to have any recourse. Bathfitters has been paid and it appears that's where their "lifetime warranty" ends. Very disappointed and very costly for us. We will review on other sites such as Yelp and NextDoor to alert others to never do business with this company.

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Karen R - 80 d ago


UPDATE TO BATHFITTERS: Samuel from BathFitters came this morning and fixed the problem we had with the installation around the mirror and installed the towel bar we were supposed to have. When he saw the problem, he immediately had the solution and fixed it beautifully and had everything done and cleaned up within 2 hours. The manager of the Charlotte office called within 15 minutes to make sure the work was done to our satisfaction and apologized for the miscommunication. We are now satisfied with our installation and sorry it had to come to this.

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Lisa - 101 d 16 h ago

I'm so sorry I've signed a contract with Bath fitters. Sales lady was too good. Even convinced us not to get second quote. Customer Service is terrible,they just don't care. There plumbers costly to fix leak instead of me wasting water for the 2 month wait. Installer I really liked but he had to redo all the plumbing that was just done,he gets the wall skin on ,then the tub skin was not the right one, it was ordered incorrectly ,no surprise there. Now today tub is in but I must wait another 3 weeks 2 days for install.

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Linda R. - 105 d 20 h ago


On 6/15/19, Scott Stone, a salesman for Bath Fitter, came to my home to sell me a newly installed shower. During that time, I seriously and repeatedly specified how I wanted this work done while my son and I, and our German Shepherd guard dog, were on vacation, and Scott assured me that the shower could be installed in one day. He was supposed to schedule the install on the Monday after we had left for vacation, we left on August 2, 2019, and the Monday after was August 5. He told us that we would need to have a custom door installed to fit the shower and that they would have that man and company come in the same day to measure, but he couldn't guarantee that the custom doors would be installed by Friday and assured me that if not it would be completed soon there after. He also kept saying, "But I think we can have it finished by your return, I just can't guarantee it." There was also a damaged part of the wall next to the shower that I wanted repaired at the same time, and Scott assured me that they would fix it as well.

On Thursday, August 1, where we had to take our guard dog Tara to be boarded with her trainer in Raleigh, we stopped by the Garner Bath Fitter Store to view the chosen design there and make sure everything was okay. I spoke to a lady with dark short bobbed hair, and there was a younger blonde girl there also. I looked at the same design as I had picked out with Scott, and the dark haired lady came up to me and began asking me if she could help. I told her who I was and that this one, a beige design was the one I picked out. Right away she corrected me and said "No, that's not the one you picked out, it's a white tile." I corrected her immediately and stated "No, it was a beige color, I didn't pick a white tile." Worried, she told me "I'll go and check in your file and off she went to check. She came back and said "You're right, you did pick the Pearl color," and she admitted that I was looking at the right design. I told her, worried, "Can you make sure the installers install the right one please?" The lady stated, "Yes, don't you worry, we'll make it right." I wasn't so sure, but hoped that she would.

On Friday, August 9, my son and I returned home, and where I was excited to see my new shower and use it for the first time, I was majorly disappointed as it was not nearly finished. The shower was only half done, there was no glass surround, and no doors installed. Not only that, it was not the right design I had chosen with Scott, the salesman, and it was marked a "Pearl" color on the contract, but what they installed was white tile. Even worse, the damaged part of the wall, where it was green in color and looked moldy, was not repaired either. I called up to the Garner store and I was hugely upset, and asked why they hadn't finished the shower, after all, they had an entire week to do so. They never did give me any straight answer that I could make sense of, and they hadn't even contacted the installer for the custom doors at that point in time to install them. I was very angry and they said they would get in touch with the installer and get back to me. I was fuming that I tried to complain up the chain of command, I was that upset and angry.

See emails back and forth.

Tracey Doxbeck, regional manager, sent me an email dated Saturday, August 10, 2019, the day after we came back off of vacation assuring me that she would get all of my issues addressed. She said she would call on Monday. I sent her a reply email back on Sunday, August 11 at 10:39 am, when I came off of my twelve hour night shift taking time not to go to sleep, and responded to her email. I offered to keep the shower they had began to install but not finished, and they could reduce the cost by 50%, which they refused to do. Tracey alleged that I had to pay an extra cost for Pearl, but Scott had clearly checked the "Pearl," color and the total cost was $8996. I had put $1000 down for a deposit which left a balance of $7996. I then stated that in the email I would pay, with 50% off no more than $3498 balance. They refused it. At not time was there any indication on the contract, nor did Scott say there was any addition for the Pearl color. I corrected Tracey in her errors, I reminded her of how their advertising was false in that they hadn't met one promise or assurance as indicated by Scott or their advertising, that there was now a question of breach of contract, and fraud, where I was promised something that they didn't deliver and they took money in deposit of those assurances. I also let her know that, as an RN the amount I was losing when I had to take off from work having not been able to sleep during the day in order to continue handling this mess.

Where they refused a discount of 50%, I dropped it down to a final offer of 15% which they agreed to. At that time it made the remaining balance a total of $6647.0 left to pay. In this same email from Tracey Doxbeck, dated August 13, 4:28pm, she agreed to the 15% discount, and she asked me what day was good for me to have the custom door installer come and install the doors and the glass. I told her Thursday, August 22, first thing in the morning. I stated I wanted the installer, and the custom door installer to be there no later than 09:00 am.

On Wednesday, August 14, 9:25 am, Tracey sent me an email stating her contractor Tom would be coming over on Thursday, August 22 to fit in the marble tops to the shower, and she stated that she would confirm that the custom door company will be there on the 23 to install the glass doors and the glass surround. I let her know that was not acceptable, that where I can't sleep during the day, that means I can't go to work at night and they both need to come on Thursday and finish the shower. I called, and they got to the point now where they see my number and don't pick up the phone and let it go to voicemail. Even though I had previously left voicemails they either call me back and don't leave a message, then when I call them back upon waking up to get ready to go to work, I either leave them a voicemail or they don't pick up the phone upon seeing my number and send me to voicemail which only infuriated me further than before. I let Tracey know that the shower had to be completed "In its entirety," on Thursday and anything more than that was not acceptable.

On Thursday, August 22, at 08:06 am, Tracey sent me an email stating I had not stated if Friday would work for me regarding the custom door men coming to install the glass. Obviously, she didn't read my email where she would have determined that I wanted the shower finished on Thursday, and it was at this time that she informed me that the marble, now installed on the half finished shower, had to sit for 24hrs before the glass people could come and install the glass. She stated the sealant had to "Cure," but mentioned nothing of this in her previous email. Tom, installed the final marble, he did a good job, and came early in the morning, but still the shower was not completed, and again, having come off of a night shift, I was tired, and now, again, I was terribly angry and upset. I tried to call Tracey on the number she gave me and told her how upset I was, and angry too, she threw Scott under the bus by telling me that he was "Dishonest," that he "Lied," to me and the she had talked to him about these things. I told her it didn't matter, he represented Bath Fitter, and, therefore, that makes Bath Fitter responsible. I called Scott and left a message that she had said this about him and how she threw him under the bus, I also let him know that her acknowledging such a thing to me was totally unprofessional on her part and only served to lower my opinion of her to unfathomable lows realizing how despicable she was and is to have divulged such a thing to me. There was never any apologies worth mentioning anywhere of the mess Bath Fitter had caused, only from Scott. On August 22, at 10.19 am I sent an email back to Tracey and told her that, just like government does to contractors that don't hold up their end of the bargain, for every day I don't have a completed shower, I am going to continue to deduct 10% off of whatever the current lowest balance is at that time. I informed her that, where the current balance is $6647. - 10% (664.70) = $5,982.30 balance currently owed as of August 22 for not having the shower completed again. I also told her that, if it's not completed tomorrow, August 23, I will then owe $5,982.30 - 10% (598.23) = $5384.07 remaining balance and that each day the shower is not completed I'm going to take off another 10% until it is either completed or the balance gets down to 0! My phone rang a couple of times after that email was sent, but it rang once each time and quit, not giving me enough time to answer it. As far as I'm concerned, I'm done talking and negotiating. On the phone when I first called her, she tried to renounce her responsibilities, as promised by Scott, where they said they would arrange the custom door company to come in and install the door and windows and put it on me, and I put her straight telling her that was a breach of contract and that it was her responsibility to complete that as initially indicated both on the contract and in communication by Scott. She hung up on me at the time where I was so angry and upset at her.

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Anonymous - 109 d 50 m ago


Very disappointed no return phone calls all I ask for was cancellation. After they broke the contract.all I get is the run around.all I want is my money back.i will use my existing tub and shower because I dont trust any bath fitters.

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Renee - 120 d 24 h ago


I'm having a problem getting the shower I had installed complete. They came out on 6/28 and 6/29 and the job is still not complete. I knew that I had to have another mantle installed and a customized door done. I allowed 2 more weeks for that. Here it is over a month later and still not complete..They finally installed the mantle last week and they came back out and had to measure a 2nd time for the door and was advised then it will be another 2 weeks for the door. RIDICULOUS!!!! I have requested that the local manager to call me several times and still have not received a call back. When I asked for the home office number I was told it was in Canada and she did not have that number. I have called the Tennessee office twice now and have left messages. I left one today for someone named Mike to return my call. Hopefully I will get a call back now. All the local office can say is that they are at the mercy of the mantle and door company. I advised her my money was given to Bath Fitter. This was supposed to be done before my son and his family moved in..Now I have 7 people all trying to use 1 shower. WHAT AN INCONVENIENCE!!!!! You have since lost 2 more potential customers.. I did not tell them not to use you. I just told them my experience and let them make their own decision.

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Debbie - 124 d 16 h ago

I am having problems with the seal. It keeps coming off and mildew gets in. I have called for help on this and am told this is not covered under my warranty.

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Anonymous - 128 d 21 h ago


HQ personnel that deals with issues that the local offices won't respond to is 1(hidden). They hide this info and bounce you around so you'll give up. She told me that they had been in business for 35 years after I told her I didn't see how they were still in business. I responded by telling her that If they did business for 35 yrs the way they are with me they would not be in business for sure.

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Nancy Murphy-Walsh - 129 d ago


NIGHTMARE, terrible job, I told everyone that I knew not to use Bath Fitter, it was a nightmare from the 1st day they showed up. A 2 day job took 3 weeks of mistakes, they started with telling us they could order a pan that they didn't supply any longer, then they came with the wrong size pan, they installed the corner unit with the foot rest 18 inches off the floor, it was suppose to be 12 inches. The glass doors were not the ones we ordered and we decided to keep them because we just wanted them to leave. My husband took the first shower and their was water all over the floor. They didn't seal the unit correctly and had to come out again.

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Bath Fitter Customer Service - 129 d ago

Hi Nancy, we're sorry to hear about this experience and we'd like the opportunity to look into this mater further. If you could please provide us with your zip/postal code we will have our local team reach out to discuss further. Thank you.

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Judy Wolcott - 153 d 16 h ago


Very bad job. First time they installed the handicap seat incorrectly. 3 months later they came out and said all I would get is a new wall put up over the new wall they installed. They did put a new seat in, (smaller) right up against the corner of 2 walls. I was told by manager that they would do what was best for Bath Fitter. They broke the led light bulb in my ceiling light and I asked them to please be careful. They scratched the paint off my newly painted ceiling. I complained and got nothing. The trim pieces were run all the way to the floor and they new a new floor was going to be installed. This company does not care about the customer, they said so when the woman stated they would do what was best for Bath Fitter. TELLING EVERYONE I MEET NOT TO USE BATH FITTER. I am elderly and they took my money and ran. Oh yeah, water splashes out under the inside door, all over the floor.

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John Barnshaw - 170 d ago


I think that someone at Bath Fitters HQ's should see the article below. You are getting some bad press which could have been positive if the local manager in Charlotte, NC, had looked at ways to help this new home owner. Below is the NextDoor posting that thousands of people get in their in-basket!


Do NOT use Bath Fitter

Bought our home in December after it was renovated by previous owners. All three bathrooms in our home were renovated using Bath Fitter. Our master bath has caused us problems from the day we moved in (when we showered, there would be water all over the bathroom floor). Now our caulking is cracking. Bath Fitter doesn't transfer warranties to new owners, despite the fact that the job was done 8 months ago. They offered me quite the special since I was the new owner ... $75 an hour for someone to come fix it!!!! What a joke. Clearly they have no commitment and can't stand by their brand.

FYI...They live in Huntingtowne Farms - Nane of person writing in NextDoor is Daniella

15 hr ago 49 neighborhoods in General

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Amy E. - 1 y ago

VERY BAD EXPERIENCE. We were mislead about the time to install and how product would piece together. We asked all the right questions and we were just plain mislead and/or not listened to. Original install was terrible - tub/shower was pieced together poorly and not as was described to us at time of sale. It was poor workmanship.

It was seamed part way up from the floor when it was supposed to be a seamless floor-to-ceiling piece in front of the unit. It was seamed poorly -like they slapped a trim piece over the seam but it had gaps and was ugly. The piece below the trim didn't match the piece above - that isn't floor-to-ceiling then! They installed a dented shower curtain rod. They did come back out and fix where it was pieced together and did a much better job of making it look halfway presentable where it was seamed but the finished product is still not worth the money that we spent. Wished we would have read more reviews before proceeding. They are not honest. They have NO CORPORATE contact to go to. It has taken us 4 weeks to get them to respond to our issues. We kept being told that a supervisor needed to authorize a discount or anything. We wouldn't be called back. Seriously considered taking them to court. That disappointed. READ THE CONTRACT. MARK IT UP BEFORE SIGNING. Note every questions/clarification and have them initial it. Or, hire a plumber and purchase the product replacement yourself. We could have done much better quality of work and received a better product for the amount of money we spent.

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Pam - 217 d ago

I had the same experience. I was told it was one piece and wouldn't have to worry about caulking again. This is not the case- very misleading. My bathroom still is not done. The customer service is horrible- here I sit with my bathroom not finished and 2 weeks later still waiting.

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Eunie - 293 d 20 h ago

I'm extremely upset with this company. Disgusting customer service. I had 2 showers installed which took a week. The first crew that arrived didn't have the right materials. Black marks were left on the walls and ceiling. Cocking has air bubbles that have burst, and it's all over the frame work, a five year old could have done a better job, The shelf in one stall is so tipped that a bar of soap will come flying off. The crew did not clean anything up. Dinged up other walls in the bathroom that I have to pay my contractor extra to fix. Four different people have come out to look at the job that took place a month ago. They say it needs to be fixed but nothing has happened in 4 weeks. When you call for customer service they send you to someone's answering. No one gets back you.

The unfortunate thing is they have my money so no one cares.

If I had read these reviews before hand I'd never ever have gone with this company.

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EJ Collier - 308 d 24 h ago


BF Bath Fitter (hidden) MISSED Yesterday3:56pm Duration: 0s Options BF Bath Fitter (hidden) MISSED Yesterday3:56pm Duration: 0s Options BF Bath Fitter (hidden) MISSED Yesterday3:55pm Duration: 0s Options BF Bath Fitter (hidden) MISSED Yesterday3:55pm Duration: 0s Options BF BATH FITTER (hidden) MISSED Yesterday3:55pm Duration: 0s Options BF BATH FITTER (hidden) MISSED Yesterday3:55pm Duration: 0s THIS IS HOW MANY TIMES MY HOME WAS CALLED YESTERDAY BY YOUR COMPANY! PLEASE STOP! MY BATHROOM WAS INSTALLED YEARS AGO. I LIKE IT BUT YOU'RE HARASSING ME!

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JustD - 1 y ago


I'm a original owner of a bath fitter tub and wall surround. I needed a new shower head and faceut and drain installed. Called bathfitters I'm Manhattan. I called on January15th and explained what I needed done and asked could Bath Fitter do the job. I was told that I need an consultant to come in and show me shower head. I was later called back and told that since I was a previous customer that it would be a service call and someone would call me back. No one called me back so I called again on January 21st and was connected to Damon, I explained to Damon what I needed and he told me that I had to go on the website and pick out the type of shower head I wanted. I picked it out and call Damon back to let him no what I had chosen. On January 23rd having no hearing from Damon I called again. I was connected to Brian and told him that I had not gotten a call from Damon, Brian told me that someone would get back to me. I had to go out and while I was out Sherri called me and left a message for me to call her back, I called her back and again Brian answered the phone and told me that Sherrie would call me back. It is January 25th and I have not heard from Damon or Sherri.

Although everyone was very polite on the phone, I was left hanging. I suppose the job is too small for them. and the so call life time guarentee is a scam.

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Tina Brown - 1 y ago


I purchased a bath Fitter liner back in 2007 it looks great! 2 yrs later the bullnose piece that was white is now beige. I was told that's not warranted because it is pvc unlike liner and not covered! As far as I'm concerned it was there work and product it should be covered. Now 2019 I find the floor has air pockets, I called and once again they said no it's trapped water and that's not covered either the caulking goes bad and should be replaced, well no one ever told us that. Ok whatever they came out, we paid $400 to redo the tub and get rid of the water pockets. This was yesterday today we went in to check it and you can still hear the water in the side wall sloshing around, we paid for it to be fixed! They did nothing but re caulk for $400. I am pissed and we will get in touch with BBB

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John - 1 y ago


I have been trying to get a copy of my contract for two years John from New York and had my shower redone twice . The guy in charge refused to help me all he said is my name is Bobby J and that's all you need to know. Both me and my wife are disabled I am very affaires if I have a proble in the future to call because this Bobby J said this is the last time I will be services ing you next time you will be coming out of your pocket.

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Harvey - 1 y ago


Am I the only one who keeps getting the run a round? No one returns your calls and you keep getting lied to. This is bad business.

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John S - 1 y 56 d ago



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