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Best Western

P.O. BOX 10203
Phoenix, AZ
Thomas Higgins
(602) 957-4200
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Karl Janesky - 1 d ago


Stayed at BW in Hyannis MA ... gave us wrong room .... we reserved a queen size bed and got a full .... phone in room worked intermittently . .... water from tap is rust color .....on Thursday 4/18 a man knocked on door then opened door before we could answer ....asked for managers phone or name and no staff would provide this information

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Never Again - 3 d 29 s ago


Do yourself a favor DO NOT stay at the Best Western Riverside Dr location in Macon, GA!!!! Terrible customer service and management. Front desk clerk Melody, was incredibly rude, argued with me and actually called my cell phone back to continue arguing AFTER I had hung up. Called the manager/owner, Ricky Patel and could not get him to answer or return any of my calls. To top it off, I was booking 5, double queen rooms and they only reserved 1. What are 10 people going to do with 1 room? Like I said, go somewhere else!

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Carol - 6 d ago


My niece booked a room at best western plus in mcdonough ga. It was her daughter birthday. Her daughter had 9 of her friends with her. They only wanted to swim and sleep. Time we got to the room the hotel manager start following us to the room talking about there are no parties. It was explain there r would be no parties. She sad that on 6 people could be in the room and threat to call the police on kids. These children r from out of town and there parents r not with us. This is sad that kids r treated this way. They were not making any noise . plus they refuse to give my niece back her money.

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Anonymous - 6 d 11 h ago

I am an employee at the Best Western Plus located at 3636 Saint Charles Ave in New Orleans, Louisiana I've been at this location for 2 years, and this place sucks almost all of the staff is on drugs and everyone is not treated fairly. I would not recommend eating breakfast because the breakfast attendant is nasty. The products used to clean with is trash. This is a dog friendly hotel, but when the guests that have dogs the rooms are not sanitized properly as far as them being shampooed, ect. They do not conduct background checks, and there is thos one supervisor that sleeps on her shift. She also is on drugs. The operations manager is hardly ever there this place just sucks I think if they were to do drug tests as they should almost all of the staff would be gone, and quite frankly I think it would be a better place to work. The owners of this place doesn't know what's going on because if he did these people wouldn't be here. I'm will be contacting Louisiana's labor board as well on Monday morning and let them know what's going on, but I thought I would let whomever read this know, and to pass it on to the CEO I dont think he would like his flag on this hotel

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Virginia Heard - 7 d 11 h ago


I stayed at Best Western Plus Miami Executive Airport Hotel & Suites at 13700 SW 139th Ct, Miami, FL 33186 and usually do but NEVER AGAIN! First let me start by saying that I have a special needs child that requires a service animal. When booking the hotel I notified them of this and they said it was acceptable, I requested a first floor room so that the dog would be able to be taken outside to use the restroom and they were unable to accommodate me. In the middle of the night my service animal used the restroom in the restroom area where the floors are vinyl. I called the front desk who told me house keeping with not available and they could not give me anything to clean the mess. I then used a towel to clean it. Upon check out i was charged $63.00 for "damage" to their towel. When I tried to talk to the staff regarding this I was given a horrible attitude and treated very poorly. That wasn't even the worst of it, they also have german roaches in the hotel. I had to buy garbage bags and seal the tops to bring all my stuff home and wash and dry everything prior to bringing it in my house in order to avoid an infestation in my vehicle and house. I will NEVER go back to this place. The people are rude and the place is infested in roaches.

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The company should be called worst western - 7 d 12 h ago

Worst customer service ever. When encountering a problem, not getting the room I paid for there was no trying to help or even cared that I was being screwed over by this company. Of well too bad!

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ChildOnTheWay2019 - 7 d 20 h ago


Currently staying at the Best Western San Diego/Miramar Hotel currently, with my 7 month pregnant wife, we got here today and the experience is horrible.

While in the bathroom, I observed small red/brown bugs crawling on the towels, killed a few in the towel and took them down stairs to show the evening desk attendant, Juan. He told me that neither he nor I were experts and bugs and he couldn't do anything other than move us to another room.

My wife called corporate, as we booked through a third party and corporate told us to book a room elsewhere out of pocket for the night and that they would try to help tomorrow because customer service was closed.

Then desk attendant for the evening, Juan, showed us another room, #219, and that room had hair on the bed, stains on the bed, stains on the carpet and a stain on the couch. Upon observing these things, with the employee Juan standing right there with us, we were told he couldn't show us anymore rooms and let us pick them apart because he didn't have house keeping available at the time to make the rooms back up.

The evening attendant, Juan, then said y'all can stay or leave, I don't care, but I'm not showing you anymore rooms. We informed him that we were receiving horrible customer service and that we would report this incident and his response was that he didn't care. This is unacceptable. I wouldn't reccomend this hotel chain to anyone, ever.

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JT - 8 d 20 h ago

1st impression is an everlasting one! My experience is that someone used the toilet in my room and didn't see to it being completely flushed. Due to the room being in order, one can only guess that it was one of the housekeeping staff. "NOT GOOD BUSINESS" and this was my 1st time ever staying at a Best Western and I purchased supplies and cleaned the toilet myself due to BW only had 1 staff (desk clerk) on duty, at least that is what was told to me. I've always taken Lysol with me during hotel stays but I will be taken a little bit more from now on.

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Grrrr - 9 d 7 h ago

Love your Hotels......hate your website !!! I can never sign in annoying! How about fixing that!

Deb Cook


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Bobbi - 10 d 6 h ago


We stayed at the location 2620 International Speedway Blvd. Daytona Beach FL.

IT IS FAR FROM THE $279 PLUS TAX. FOR A TOTAL OF OVER $630 for 2 nights....

Not that clean....

The same room was available for $52 to $79 the day after we checked out.

What I learned from this was to check to see what a room is really worth check the rate after your stay. This happened March 15-17 2019. The Rate was raised for the reason of Bike Week.

I have NO PROBLEM WITH PRICE IF YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Please do not stay here expecting anything over a $50 night worth. No place is perfect.....but atleast GET what you pay for. This room should never have been over $129 for Special event.

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Melissa L - 11 d 33 m ago


Baltimore Comedy Club and Best Western Plus Hotel April 8th 2019

5625 O'Donnell St,

Baltimore, MD 21202

To Whom It May Concern,

I was at the Best Western Plus April 6th to enjoy a comedy show (Coca Brown 10:30pm) when the guests at the table one over from me just kept talking loud for more than 30 minutes. There were 6 of us upset over the talking and one couple even left early. I was unable to wave down a server once I paid my bill. The servers kept their head down and used the isle above me to go back and forth to the bar. After the show I explained the situation to the owner of the comedy venue who told me that it was my job to inform security during the show. I asked her why security wasn't watching the crowd and asked what she paying them for. They were close enough to the entrance to hear this disturbance if they were paying attention to the crowd. She refused to acknowledge that the staff was not doing their job. I don't think it was appropriate for me to get up (like the couple at the table who was also upset and left early) because the comedian commented that they didn't enjoy her show but that was furthest from the truth.

I tried to resolve the issue that evening but I received no acknowledgement or satisfaction for my troubles.

I would like the club to provide either a refund or free tickets to another show so that incident can be corrected. We do enjoy the hotel and would like to recommend it and the comedy show to our family and friends. The hotel has been sent the letter to see what "if anything" can be done.

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LeeAnne Obrien - 22 d 4 h ago


My husband and myself stayed at Best Western Galveston West Beach hotel in Galveston, Tx. I have never been so disappointed in my life. We checked in a day earlier, stayed a total of 2 days with a check out on March 5. There was cockroaches, food under the bed, and beer cans on the balcony. We were not the only ones with problems with cockroachs and the only thing management offered was to move me to a different room. How does that fix the infestion? I have photos of this slum!

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Heather - 24 d 5 h ago


Update: Best Western Corp will not help because claim is closed and the manager lied and said we damaged the room and it took 3 days to fix...I have proof this is a lie with time, date and location stamped video/pictures!

This was the worse stay and I am not sure where to begin. I trust Best Western and am even a rewards member which is why I choose to make my reservation here. My itinerary states up to 2 dogs under 80lbs for $15 a night, not to exceed $150 a week. I was given the $15 a night for Feb 27 and Feb 28 (2 nights) of my 8 night stay. I got my bill this morning showing the 2 $15 charges and then a $30 and a $150 charge from the March 1. I go to the front desk to have this adjusted a and was told by Cyndi that the manager changed the policy after my reservation was made and she can't do anything about it, I need to talk to him.

The manager is rude and "not a people person" by his own staff. He also yells at his staff in the hallways, front desk etc. and in front of guests. I asked for a vacuum because my room was not vacuumed since I got here. He said, did you ask for room service? I said no, do I have to ask because you come here every day. The manager told me my room smelled like dog. I told the manager that was not true because the window was open all morning. He then replied, well the girl is allergic to dogs. So I asked what that meant? Was my room not going to be cleaned moving forward? The manager asked, when are you leaving? I said Thursday. The manager walked away and said get the girl on the 3rd floor to do apologies, nothing! Now, if my room did smell like dogs, doesn't that mean you are doing a bad job cleaning my room?

Additional issues: had to ask for toilet paper, there is black stuff in the 2nd floor ice, when you turn the heat on in the room there is black stuff that flies out, had to ask for more cups and coffee, the water was turned off for an hour with no notification, the hot water then ran for 3 hours brown, my card was deactivated and I was asked again when I was leaving, the front desk clerk, Karan, knocked once and then immediately walked in my room, saw me and said sorry and walked out. I went to the front desk and asked why she came in my room and she just said oh nothing, sorry. What???

My dogs barked once, whined twice, I picked up outside after them, I took my dogs out of the room each day when house keeping showed up and kept to myself. I did not deserve to be treated this way. Don't stay here over 2 days and watch your bill!

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Anonymous - 29 d ago


I have made Best Western my home away from home. I do everything i can to stay at a BW over any other hotel because of the service and cleanliness of the rooms.

My stay at Best Western West Orlando was not one I want to remember. It was not anywhere close to BW standards. It was in a bad part of town. The mattress was worn out and I was afraid to sleep anyway. You could not go into the lobby at night to check in. you had to use a window with a hole like at a gas station. There was no value and the price was too high for a room i was not going to sleep in. it looked like it should have been a by the hour hotel.

I have too much respect in BW to not mention this hotel. The BW the next few nights was 5 stars but not this one.

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Janice A. Ames - 30 d ago


It is 11:38pm we have been up since 3:00am to catch our flight from Denver to Jacksonville to get a car and drive here to the best Western in Savannah, Georgia, the noise outside is horribly loud and we even have ear plugs I can hear the horribly loud noise finally I went to the front desk to asked to be move to a room that didn't have that loud obnoxious noise I was informed that they were full and can't accommodate us, I'm livid that we are paying lots of hard earned money to not be able to sleep, I'm extremely tired but can't sleep because of the rude people outside our door. I want to know what can be done to get a refund, we've been up for almost 24 hours and won't be able to enjoy our vacation. PS I left a message on your customer service number so that you can hear exactly what we are still hearing at almost midnight. A very dissatisfied customer, we were supposed to be here again tomorrow but that's the last thing we want to do, I'd rather sleep in my car.

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Evelyn Witek - 30 d 11 h ago


I stayed at you Best Western hotel in Florence, SC on March 13, 2019 . When I awoke the next morning, my arms were itchy, but I ignored it, as we still had a way to drive to Florida. As the day progressed, areas on my both arms, right leg and left eye became red, warm and swollen. I noticed numerous bug bites. I called the hotel to report this and was told that an exterminator would exam the room, and they would call me back the next morning with the report. By the next morning, my left eye was so red and swollen, I could not open it. My arms and leg were also more swollen. I went to an medical emergency center. The doctor diagnosed it as bed bug bites (although it could have been flee bites since there had been pets in the room prior to our arrival). He treated me with steroids and antibiotics.

The hotel never got back to me the next day. When I called them I was told the exterminator didn't find anything. I asked to speak to the manager, but was told she was not available. I called back the following day, several times, but never got to speak to the manager. I did receive a message from her stating that she refunded the cost of the room.

Considering the condition and inconvenience I experienced, I think a simple refund is inadequate.

I have been a rewards costumer for years and have never had such a negative experience. I do expect a response from the Corporate Office.

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William - 31 d 6 h ago


This is a letter of complaint and concern that I expect to receive a response from the Corporate office.

We stayed at the Best Western Plus hotel in York, Nebraska on Thursday March 14. We checked out the next day and drove west to Kearney, Nebraska for a four day stay. We had checked out around 10:30 and when we checked into our hotel in Kearney (around 4:30) I realized I had left my Diabetic test kit in the room at the York hotel. I called the Best Western and the desk clerk checked the lost or forgotten area but did not find the kit. She directed me to leave a message with the head of housekeeping, which I did.

The head of housekeeping did not return my call so I called again the next afternoon and was again transferred to the head of housekeeping which only had a voice mail. I was surprised that the front desk could not find that person to get an answer to my question. I asked to speak with the manager and was again directed to a number that took a voice mail.

By Sunday I had not had any type of response so called again. The desk clerk wanted to again direct me to the housekeeping voice mail but I insisted someone either search the room if it was unoccupied or speak directly to the head of housekeeping. When the clerk returned she stated that it probably had not been found but if it was it would have been thrown away!! I found this policy incredibly thoughtless. I asked again to speak with the manager and was told she was not present so I left another message.

I really expected some response from the Manager but never received any type of a response.

I am a Type II diabetic and the kit helped me monitor my blood glucose levels which I had been having difficulty controlling in the weeks prior to our trip. I do not use insulin but the Corporate office should think about the danger it would have put me in if I had insulin in the test kit they threw away. That could have been life threatening.

It is amazing that Best Western has this policy: to throw away forgotten items with no attempt to contact the guest (especially when they had just checked out) or at least hold the item for a call to recover it. This may only be the policy of the York Best Western and if so the hotel Manager both allows this poor policy and also poorly handled that my efforts to contact them about the lost item. This needs to be corrected for the sake of future guests.

Finally, since the item was not in the luggage I took with me from the hotel and the housekeeping staff says it was either not found or found and discarded what assumptions can one make about this incident? Was the item found and kept by a staff member? Was the room not thoroughly checked despite my instructions on where it was likely to have been left? Or was it in fact thrown away without regard to the needs - in this case medical needs - of the former guest? Every one of these possibilities should be considered by the Corporate office as they are all unacceptable. This entire incident will make me hesitant to use Best Western in our future travels.

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Anonymous - 37 d 7 h ago


The Best Western hotel in portage Wisconsin is a joke, my sister is a housekeeper there and she posted her feelings on Facebook about being called off. She didn't mention any names nor her place of employment and the staff commented on it, that's there fault not hers, she got wrote up for nothing and they try to force her to apologize, she isn't in the wrong she was just voicing her opinion and got in trouble for it. Where's the freedom of speech, is she not allowed to voice her opinion on stuff anymore, we live in America and we have the right as u s citizens to freedom of speech, they told her that they could of suspended her this is wrong and needs to be addressed, plus the owner of the best western isn't always there like he should be, enough is enough.

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Ace - 38 d ago


Hiawatha Kansas Best Western .. had BED BUGS IN room 110. Contacted manager.. he said he didn't know if it was bed bugs or not. Later he said yes it was. We told him we were not paying for the rooms we had reserved we would pay for one. They didn't say thank you for letting them know or anyting. Now we're worried if we're carrying them home. We definitely will not stay there again

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Anonymous - 41 d ago

Sure stay (best western) davenport iowa. My daughter booked the room brittney. I really enjoy Best Western hotels. But this was awful. Kids couldn't swim, water very cold, hot tub broke down. Window seals dirty, dust on sink counter, mold on shower Curtin, toliet with hair on it, hot tub slimy, my daughter had to empty and clean, last people in room left dirty socks, bed skirt dirty, probably used sheets, and breakfast awful eggs dry and cold and cereal was terrible kids wouldn't eat. This hotel in Bettendorf not davenport. We stayed one night it was do dirty. My 6 year old grandson and a eight year old girl an four year old boy very disipointed. My daughter needs her money back or two free night in another best western. Brittney Lemmon 915 8st colona il. Diane (hidden)

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Anonymous - 41 d 18 h ago



From the mouth of a former house keeping person. The way their house keeping is done is atrocious at best. Glasses are not put out clean, they are just washed out in the bathroom sinks in window cleaner and put back out as clean. Comforters are NOT changed out unless they are definately dirty or stained. Since you only pay attention to the top, that's all you see. Sheets aren't always changed out. If their not dirty they probably weren't used. Pillow covers are seldom changed out. So don't know if the pillows are dirty or not. Do you know where they keep your snacks and coffee and sugar and creamer etc at? Right next to all the chemicals in the laundry area. Yep, same cupboard areas. The hispanic women treated most of the American women with such distain. Calling names. Shoving her shoulder into the worker with her shoulders, yelling and screaming for one mistake made fixing a bed. So upsetting to the point of crying over it. The chemicals they use in the rooms are not labeled. If you get a chance look at the house keepers carts. The worker had no idea what was being used as cleaners or what the mixtures were. Some were required to be used to clean those glasses the guest from last night were drinking from so the new guest will drink from. Some were required to be mix together and the worker complained of burning sensation to eyes and nose at times. No gloves are issued for cleaning. Even blood found in tubs, sinks etc are cleaned up with out gloves. Soiled linen with blood is also handled with out gloves. They were not allowed to spend more than 30 minutes to clean any room even if it wasn't completed. The dirty dishes you could usually find stacked in the laundry area usually washed in the sinks and sent back out. Carts are not allowed to be put in the elevators. They must be brought up the stairway. There is no back ramp or any other way to move the carts. Emergency phone call from a family member to a worker was cut off by the manager in front of several of the other workers. Health code violations, health hazards and safety hazards to a disaster zone. Don't know what has happen to Best Western, but I would suggest people put their money elsewhere. I know this person personally. I know their work ethics. They have a child to care for, they need to work. They are scared for their safety and well being along with others. I'm hoping and praying people check these complaints and listen to them. This is just a piece of the problems that exist. This place doesn't deserve to be rated, it deserves to be shut down knowing the things I do about it

If I worked with OSHA, Oregon Health Department or Workmens Comp or any onsurance company covering this place. It would be shut down!! I thought better of Best Western until now. Knowing what I do, I will no longer recommend Best Western to any one. That goes to the full Military family that 2 of my sons serve with. They will be well warned now!!

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Anonymous - 43 d 5 h ago


I stayed at a Best Western on March 1st. I felt very uncomfortable being there. I felt anyone staying there was being watched. I had to run up to my room for a second. My kids were in the pool. The entire time I was there with them nothing was said, but as soon as I left the front desk clerk came in the pool area and told them to be quiet there are others in the hotel. I thought this was a hotel with a pool where kids and family should have fun and feel relaxed. My kids where not yelling or screaming. They were laughing and jumping into the pool and playing marco polo. The next day we went to have breakfast and the same front desk clerk was there standing in one of the doors to the dining area. He was watching everyone and said don't waste your food and don't take any food to your rooms.

After breakfast my kids wanted to go back to the pool. I said ok we can go for 30 minutes. I was in the pool area with them and then all of a sudden the new front desk clerk came in and said to the kids you can't be here you are under 16 and no parent is here. I was sitting right there and saw him walking in.

I could not relax and enjoy this time with my family. WORSE experience EVER! Even if the place was nice and clean it was the hospitality that ruined it.

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D. T. - 77 d 13 h ago



Kick Best Western out of AMERICA!

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Justice - 44 d 20 h ago

Maybe they should rebrand and be called "Worst Western"... for the best "POOR" service in the "HOSPITALITY" industry come stay in our lack luster motels.

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Concerned Citizen of West - 73 d 1 h ago

Best Western in West, Texas is not paying their loyal employees overtime!

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Justice - 45 d ago

You need to contact the EEOC and an employment attorney. Make sure you have sufficient proof of the overtime and history when you meet with them.

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