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Best Western

P.O. BOX 10203
Phoenix, AZ
Thomas Higgins
(602) 957-4200
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Primo - 1 d 4 h ago


I recently stayed at the best western plus in Stockton We were highly recommended the Hotel by friends who had stayed there last year on your website is beautifully presented with wonderful photos of the (resort/hotel) and there are several positive reviews on the web which helped us make our final choice and decision. We felt confident that in choosing a hotel which came highly praised from our close friends as well as winning us over via your website and it's reviews online, was sure to be the experience we were hoping for. The room was certainly one of the older, un-renovated rooms located on the 2nd floor The room itself was also really quite dirty and seemed to have been perhaps unused for quite some time; there was a constant damp and mould like smell in the room that gave my wife a headache after the first night. The entire experience ruined our entire stay and we will never be going back to your hotel or recommending it to any of our friends. The room was not at all what we booked along with Lobby fighting guns being drawn short staff long waits this is unacceptable We would like a refund for our total stay. We feel that we were completely miss-led via your website, booking process and the very positive feedback that we had received from our friends. Awaiting your prompt reply

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Anonymous - 2 d 8 h ago


Dear Mr Higgins,my husband Ronald Garcia booked 2 rooms on 11/29 for us and his sister Beverly Valadez at your Best Western hotel at 1700 7 Oaks Road,Escondido Ca.92026 through from December 6 to December 7 so we could attend his uncles funeral. Our daughter Gina Garcia decided to book her room on December 5 using her own credit card, when we arrived to check in they asked my daughter who she was and was told her that her dad had her key,they did not ask for her ID or credit card, then when we were checking out we noticed that all 3 rooms were charged to my husband,when we explained they told me that my husband's credit card had been refunded for the extra charge, to this day we still have not seen the refund for my daughter's room and she has not seen the charge on her credit card yet either, she also spoke to the woman at the front desk and was told they had her credit card and it would be charged it , not to worry it would be sorted out.

We would really appreciate it if you could take care of this matter with you hotel.

Thank You


Carol Garcia

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AJ - 25 d 8 h ago



I would like to give a quick version of our experience while staying at the Long Island location 3934 21st Street, Long Island City, NY, 11101, US. We reserved 2 rooms 2 weeks in advance for our short stay on 11/18 and 11/19. Upon arrival, there was some confusion on the rooms reserved. Not a big deal, it happens. That was quickly fixed and we enjoyed our day in the city. At 2 o'clock in the morning the smoke/ carbon monoxide detector started to go off in the room. We called the front desk with no response. My wife made he way down to the lobby while i opened a window and door to let fresh air in. The manager on duty "Issa" said Maintenance would be up shortly. He arrived and was very polite. He messed with it for about 10 min and we realized that he unhooked it. Although that was a good fix to stop the noise, it would not help if In fact there was carbon monoxide was in the room. He spoke little English and i really could not communicate with him on our concerns. We made our way to the lobby to talk to the manager about our concerns. Issa greeted us with an attitude. He asked what the problem was. I explained my concerns and he called maintenance immediately. He arrived and he began to yell at him as if he was a 10 year old. I explained to Issa that it was not necessary and that we was just concerned for our safety. He said it was probably just a battery and it would be ok. I spoke with my wife and we decided that we did not want to stay in the room for the safety of our kids. We told him that we would like to check out and we would be on our way. We did not ask for anything at this point. We did not ask for a room or discuss money in any way shape or form. We decided we would find a room for the night and count our losses. He stated that we was a problem when we came in and we were being difficult on our way out. Lol. We asked him to give us some documentation of the time we checked out and he printed a receipt. We questioned why the new receipt differed from the receipt printed from check in and he made a phone call to the rear partner hotel and demanded she come immediately to discuss. Upon arrival he cussed her out and told her he foreseen a problem and to lave immediately. At this point, the only thing we know about her is that she checked us in. She was very friendly. She was crying at this point but did not want to upset us or him and just listened to what he had to say. He told he to go away. He sat down in his chair and told us that after 25 years of experience, he knows when someone want something for free. Keep in mind, at this point, we have not asked for anything! This has escalated from a concerned customer to him downgrading 2 employees in front of us and stating we were try to scam him out of a free room. This has all happen within a few min. I explained that we don't want a free room and i would not drag my family out of bed At 2:30 am to save money. At this point a guy walks up beside me and told me it would be in my best interest to leave. Was he an employee? Still not sure. Security? It caught me off guard! My wife starts to video us from the lobby at this point. I did not know at the time. This was escalating quickly and I'm still try to figure out what we did wrong. I have a 16 year old son standing beside me and my 10 year old and wife at the stairs in lobby. The manager "Issa" told me to leave or we would be escorted

Out. I told him that he would not bully me and his ignorance after 25 years of experience was clear. He snapped!!!! He was yelling at the top of his lungs that i was a racist ?? and a chump. His " bodyguard/security was threatening me at the same time. It took everything i had to walk away and get my kids and wife out of the situation. They yelled and screamed as we left the lobby. .

I wanted to call the police but i wanted to get my family out of there! I think we was in shock more than anything.

We left the property and my only concern was that we still had other family members in other rooms?!?! Would they cause them problems?? This was a nightmare!! I want to make it clear that this was not a bad customer experience, with a Disgruntled customer. This was a young family that was awaken out of sleep from a small maintenance issue and tossed out of a hotel by bullies and treated like dirt!!!!!! We are not looking for any compensation at all. We don't need a free room or refund. We just don't want this to happen to anyone else! We really feel concerned for the other employees that are under this manager. He put fear in them just like he did us. If we don't get a quick response from upper management, we will move forward with legal action. This is not a customer service issue, this is a safety issue. View the cameras to confirm our story.

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AJ - 24 d 11 h ago


Day 2 No response from corporate office. Below is an email from the last person we wanted to hear from today!!! If you read the email carefully, you will see that Issa only wants to argue and offer compensation for our room. Let me make it clear!!!!! We do not want money. Don't offer to give me money if i provide you with receipts . The only thing we want is Best Western to know that we will not be treated like criminals by 2 thugs ( Issa and security guard) and these employees don't deserve to be treated t like they were. Issa will not get a response from us on any way! His version of events are foggy at best. Corporate ....PLEASE TAKE ACTION!!!! One of your employees called me a pussy in front of my 16 year old son!!!!!! I hope that you have the recording of your "sales director" try to come over the counter at me. See below Dear Annette Jennings, Thank you for staying with us at BW Plus Plaza.In response to your statement that you were never offered a room change,please asked your husband.I offered to move the whole family to another room or another floor and even another hotel he declined.He asked me if BW will refund his money I told him the smoke detector has been fixed(wire was loose) and I'm also optioning to move them to another room or floor or hotel he flatly said I don't need your option,and this happened 20 mns after the engineer fix it.and he did stay for 10mns to make sure there is no more beeping. That's when i told your husband i can't refund because it seems you were to check out this time and head home and you yourself Annette accidentally mentioned that by telling him to common that you have traffic to beat Nothing was wrong with the smoke detector and he proceed to call me ignorant numerous times until i started talking back. The $10 you argued over Annette that was the upgrade fee you agreed but denied it until i call my coworker that check you in when she arrived i guess you didn't know she was on duty statement changed and i told her to go back to her side. I've no reason to yell at her If you had left Best Western plaza because of smoke detector beeping and went to another hotel at 2am with your children please forward me the receipt of the stay I'll fully refund you and you have my never ending apology. My email is (hidden) Sincerely, Issa Sales Director Best Western Plus Plaza Hotel

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AJ - 19 d 11 h ago


Day 6

No response from coorporate. We have done some research and it's pretty consistent. Best western does not take responsibility for any of the employees actions. They offer you 1000 bonus point and hope you go away. We want to discuss what took place on 11/18.

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Buyyourown - 2 d 11 h ago


These people are coming from other countries and buying these hotel. Motels and they try to cut corners and save money. They live like animals and they want you to like what ever they like. No.

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Anonymous - 14 d 2 h ago


I just experienced being profile at sure stay at the northeast Kansas City Missouri 7733 NE Parvin Rd. The morning cook only comes up to the black people staying at the hotel about a breakfast ticket that everyone gets. The other morning I was staying there because my truck was broke down. I sat down and I watched how the cook treated blacks different than whites.the cook is black and so am I. So unless he's was to do black customers different than whites..

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YOUR OWN. - 2 d 11 h ago


I was in Brunson Missouri. I was treated different from the white and the cook was black. chalked it up as blacks are always nervioues if they wasn't raised up in a mixed environment.

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T Fall - 8 d ago


My son was recently employed at a WI BW...after being told he would be paid x amount to start and a slight raise after 90 days, he was not paid that amount. Also he suspected he was shorted hours and not paid for hours worked.. After asking his manager about this, she has not answered him. So we will be going to her managers about this issue. They claim to run a tight ship, but lie to employees and take advantage. Everyone has a boss...and we will find hers. It would have been easier to just be fair and handle this herself, but now we have to go over her head. I suspect the long time favorites are benefitting from the ones who ate not wise to her lies and tricks.

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The BG - 2 d 11 h ago


They give their friends the extra hour's who are illegal working at the hotel. And hide them. They all use one ssi number so they want be caught.

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You started it but I'll finish it - 2 d 17 h ago


Best Western Spokane airport allows their employees to over charge you and lies about amenities like there is no hot tub and microwaves in only a few rooms, they lie about pay rates and the manager (Mandy Mitchell) allows her child molester boyfriend to hang out around there and leaves work to get drunk at Denny's next door and returns to work drunk. they discriminate against gay people. They sell alcohol to minors and don't care because the owners told them money is money. They hire people who aren't legally eligible to work in the us, pay them under the table and when ice shows up they hide them in rooms and pretended their guests. Health code is none existing. They don't wear protective gloves and cross contaminate everything. They allow employees to verbally assault people. I have documentation of all of this.

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Roger Shaw - 5 d 6 h ago


I am a gold memberWas stole from and reported it to corporate Along with other info pertaining to rude customer service and lies made to and on me! If you value your money this is not the place to spend it!

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ShaNaya S. - 5 d 13 h ago


I have been using Best Western/Plus for meet & Greets for my lipstick line for the past 5yrs or so I literally rent 3-4 rooms overnight for my PR & Clients. Last stay was Sep. Oct. Nov 2018 Scheduled Greet Dec. 2018 I was informed that I was on the DO NOT rent list @Check In after having reservations for 3Weeks are more. I spoke to 2 employees to confirm reservations & special accommodations still never told. Day of Event at checkin told no explanation given just very unprofessional staff & also General Manger - "Robert Allen " (hidden)

Newark/Christiana Inn

875 Pulaski Highway

Bear, Delaware

Hotel Direct Number

(hidden) Cell (hidden)

He wasn't helpful he didn't de escalate the situation or even attempt to he was rude, unprofessional, unpleasant, sarcastic disrespectful,aggressive, immature. I strongly recommend some managerial Training that will show him how to effectively communicate as a GM!! It was a disaster I will never use BEST WESTERN/PLUS again I will strongly influence every partnership I have not to stay at any hotels within this chain. Luckily The Hilton was able to accommodate me & all parties involved. I have proof of every stay room being cleaned after check out I staff do run through before House Keeping. pictures available. I was able to still pull things together last minute.

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Anonymous - 9 d 17 h ago


To whom it may concern!

I'm staying at the Best Western Seven Sea hotel circle in San Diego.

On December 6, 2018 I attended a preferred costumers Christmas dinner put on by the Hotel.

Everything was great roast beef dinner, baked potatoes, with all the fixings, free alcohol (all you can drink)

Except the female staff member waiting on us was wearing a dress that left nothing to the imagination to what was under the dress.

You could see that she was not wearing anything but a thong, you could see every part of her buttock, all of her skin head to toe thought this dress she was wearing.

At this dinner was a lot of men away from home some married, some not, also female some worker, maybe wife of travelling working man who have come to visit.

I find this every disrespectful as a person, it puts the travelling person in a very compromising situation.

If a person drinks too much alcohol and says something inappropriate, or it leads to inappropriate touching he could land in jail, a wife could think this goes on all the time and the end up fighting ruining her visit.

I would hope that this is not the way Best Wester would want staff member to act in an environment that was to be peasant and enjoyable, not discussing and unwarranted.

Thank you.

my e-mail address is (hidden)

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Shermane Ames - 10 d 18 h ago


Best Western has smoking and non-smoking rooms mixed and the smoke comes through the ventilation. This is a health hazard! It is completely unacceptable. Why does the Best Western in California think this is okay for a hotel guest to smoke in their room and it come threw the ventilation to a non-smoking room. Best Western needs to separate the non-smoking areas and include structurally different ventilation systems to prevent breathing in secondhand smoke!! Please avoid staying at Best Western San Diego/ Miramar 9310 Kearny, Mesa Road until they fix this problem! Juan said he has been working their for 5 years and there is nothing that can be done. I disagree with Juan and Best Western policy. My case # is (hidden) and I will inform everyone of the outcome. I am a healthcare professional concerned with my health and the health of others. If this is the policy in California what is Best Westerns policy in other states. Maybe we should avoid staying at all of them until they figure out their ventilation systems.

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Irv Harris - 12 d 20 h ago

My wife and along with four others recently stayed (Sat Dec, 1st) in a best western plus at 8440 Hammondsport NY 14840.

I have been coming to the finger lakes for over 25 years. This was our first time staying with your hotel (Room 222). Accommodations at the hotel and most of the staff were extremely wonderful. I stay in many hotels throughout the country and our first time here was extremely pleasant until we had a encounter with a Mrs. Sue Presley. I am staying with five other people. Three rooms total. One of the other guests and I walked out to his car taking personal items out. When we entered the building we walked over to look at our breakfast options. Mrs. Presley asked Robert English if he needed help with something (in a rather rude tone). His response was no thank you, just looking at the breakfast. We proceeded to get coffee and headed back to our rooms. I then came back to get my wife breakfast and take it to our room when Mrs. Presley then asked me in a very rude tone, "Can I help you with something. My reply was no thank you just getting some breakfast. She then said "well are you staying with us". I replied that I was and proceeded to get my breakfast. She then said well I didn't know you were staying with us. It must have gotten by me. Another person standing next to me said that was rude. I then looked for her to show her my room key and she was nowhere to be found. When I returned I found Mrs. Presley to show her my room key and she explained to me that many people come and get free food. She said she watched me and the other guy walk in from his car. I said I understand how that happens. She did say she was sorry. My reply was your apology should have happened right after you heard I was a quest. She then replied well I had to check the cameras first. It was a very rude encounter coming from your food and beverage supervisor. My suggestion would be for your hotel to key card the breakfast area instead of treating the guests that way.

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Mr. and Mrs. Whaley - 17 d 13 h ago


We stayed in Covington Kentucky on Nov.24th,2018. We got to hotel to check in and we were charged for extra night we did not even book. Now hotel won't refund the money or even return our calls. Don't stay in this hotel or if you do check your bills, and your bank account for extra charges. Booking . com sent us a conformation number and pin for only one night. After we started to question paying for 2 nights the paperwork was also changed. We have texts and statements to prove all this. Not happy with them at all.

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Madeleine - 17 d 17 h ago


We stayed this past weekend at your Daytona location across from the Speedway, our room number was 173 this bathroom was in deplorable condition. The fiberglass shower has a leak and the mold and mildew was beyond gross. Our friends were in a different room with an expected clean bathroom. Our rooms order had a definitive order of mold. We could not change rooms due to being sold out. We will return but only on close inspection first. I have pictures if you need verification.

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Please Respond - 27 d 9 h ago


I have made several attempts to speak to someone about insect bites received a one of your hotels. Someone took the initial information, passed incorrect information to the hotel whose manager sent very abrupt emails without attempting to uncover the correct information. I have pictures as proof of the multiple bites received and related medical expenses. I was told as recently as Friday, 11/16/2018 that I would receive an email so that I could provide pictures and documentation for review. it is two days later with no call or email. I have asked for insurance carrier information so that this may be resolved in a cordial manner. I assume that now I need to move this forward.

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Loyal Best Western Plus dissapointed - 28 d 5 h ago


Dear head office. Regarding Best Western Plus Bayside in San Diego. The management of this hotel needs reviewing. We were charged for dinner at your restaurant that was not ours. No signature on the bill was provided and we spent 45 minutes of our vacation arguing with the clerk. It was finally removed after my husband was insistent and our friends verified the bogus charge. Also, your hotel is not a plus level, bathrooms are moldy and not upgraded. The restaurant m The Bayside Grill is a low class restaurant with below average food, dinner and breakfast. Time for a review and inspection.

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Marti manley - 28 d 18 h ago


Rented 3 rooms 3 nights for family vacations. Overall satisfied with rooms. Indoor pool very dirty literally you can see dirt on floor of pool chlorine so high it burnt 12 yr olds eyes and face. Breakfast was choice of waffle 2 yogrut one banana 3 smashed muffins. This was 7am really. Wont be back ottawa ks

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Mike Staats - 32 d 7 h ago


Just wanted to let you know we have stayed in your Snowcaplodge in washington wonderful place ,but we just stayed in this Bestwestern in Tacoma WA on NOV 11 2018 ,wehad tickets to the vetaide concert in the dome ,this best western was one of the worst places that we have everstayed ,you breakfast people and there meal in the morning was great ,but that all that was good about this place ,no xtra blankets ,half of all electrical outlets werent working ,tv remote didnt work ,and all that and we payed over $300,for a place in my mind like a dive .So we will be letting all our friends that plan to go to any concerts or anything at the Dome to never stay here ,really disappointed after staying at Snowcapp loadge and then this place.

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Anonymous - 32 d 18 h ago


To Whom it Concerns

I don't normally write about experiences but in this case I want to bring to your attention a experience I had with a lady named Donna at your Milton inn in Blairsville Ga. 30512.

My 91 year old mother was coming to Blairsville for a 3 day visit and need a Handicapped room. When reservations were made I was unable to get a handicapped room in b\Blairsville. Donna took my name in case of a cancellation, and then when the cancellation came she put in my mothers name.thus making my mothers experience much more pleasant . Donna was very courteous, professional , and understanding to my mothers needs. My mother has stayed in many hotels over her years and has moved Best Western to her first chose of hotels in the future. It is people like Donna who give businesses a good name and good feeling about returning.

Thank You Charles Dillemuth


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Wendy Adlam - 33 d 18 h ago


I have called head office and complained about previous best western hotel stays I have had. It has been nothing but a headache we were giving enough points to stay one night free and we thought we give it a shot and went to the best Western Premier Toronto hotel on Carling view Drive this past weekend. It was the same as the others the room was not clean the shower didn't work well the toilet did not flush well the hotel keys did not work when we checked out everyone in the hotel had to hold doors for each other to get our luggage out and get back into the building. When we called the hotel directly to book with them asking what the temperature of the pool was we were sure it was in the 80s only to find out when we got there and stayed the extra do use the amenities the pool was 78 which is extremely cold therefore we were unable to use it. The hot tub didn't work properly and the wet sauna was out of order. We were told none of this on the phone when we called directly to book. We asked for her money to be returned for the one night and the manager that we spoke to on Monday refused. There was no manager available on the property the entire weekend to speak to. I will never ever stay at a best Western Hotel anywhere anywhere in the world again this is the worst chain of hotels I have ever seen and I've stayed in a lot of hotels over the years

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L Boswell - 35 d 17 h ago


I confirmed with Expedia the Best Western Inn and Suites in Pacific Grove CA. Upon arrival we did not want to stay at the property as it was not maintained and looked filthy. They insisted I would be charged one night as a penalty for cancellation. I understand cancellation policies, but if the guest does not want to stay because the property is unacceptable to them, the charges should be waived. Expedia would not stand by me as well. I am now disputing the charge with my credit card co. It seems thst is the main topic of discussion on this blog, filth, bed bugs, and terrible conditions. Never again will I confirm a BW property.

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