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Best Western

P.O. BOX 10203
Phoenix, AZ
Thomas Higgins
(602) 957-4200
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Thomas Family - 8 h 50 m ago

I recently stayed at Best western inn of Palakta,FL which was my worst experience. I paid $100 a night for a suppose to be newly renovated room to come into the room and a roach is in area where fridge and microwave are kept, when i complained was told that all i could be discounted was $10 . The manager told me I left the door open which means you know that they know they have roaches. I will be contacting building and code enforcement along with the health department . never will i stay at another Best western.

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Gerald Biscoe - 11 h ago


I travel for business the location on Sunrise in Rockview Center New York has the worst customer service refuse free upgrade to a platinum member argue with me I got 100% nothing for being a Best Western Platinum rewards number despite several emails on a phone call my room was not ready when I arrive as requested or requested amenities. As a business traveler I will never stay at a Best Western again if this is how they will operate.

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Anonymous - 13 h 11 m ago


Mr. Higgins, First of all... Your pool was closed. I understand improvements are needed to any hotel but as a Best Rewards member, this should have been communicated before checkin. 2nd, we had no housekeeping service on Saturday. I was told this was due to a 'housekeeper shortage'. Really? As a Best Western Rewards member, please explain to me how this is MY problem. 3rd... when I used your business center to print out my airline boarding passes, your printer was so low on toner, my boarding passes were illegible. 4th, I had absolutely no hot water for the morning of the 20th. What's up with that? Cold shower and cold shave? Absolutely unacceptable. 5th... our bathroom had a broken toilet seat. Really... one false move and we could have hurt ourselves by falling off. Disgusting, 6th.... your vending machine on the second floor was broken. Oh, it accepted my money but did not deliver any product. I witnessed this to be true with another hotel guest. Lastly, there was overflowing garbage in the common areas as well as the exterior of the hotel looked. I took pictures of this and have sent them to your regional manager as well as your corporate office. You are ineptly running a s*** hole here. And how you treat a loyal Rewards customer, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I am sending these legitimate complaints to all of your superiors. I would LOVE to have someone talk to me about these most DEPLORABLE conditions. Why the hell would I want to stay at one of your properties again?

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Kathy - 1 d 5 h ago


I stayed at the Wylie Texas Beat Western. This was a three night stay....Friday they Monday morning. It was my third stay there over the years

The housekeepers and desk and breakfast staff were great. Everything was clean

However the outside of the hotel was filthy. A Walmart shopping cart with trash in it was inside the property at the entrance the while time. Cans and bottles in the parking lot and bushes. In the back are three benches for boxes. Beer lids ground in what should

Be grass. No trash can No trash cans were emptied all those days. So was there a person to check the pool...was never seen. A lady staying there for a few weeks sees an employee drinking at the smokers' benches during the day and then he returns to work. I reported the trash each day to the desk staff. A LaQuinta opened with a Holiday Inn being built also. Not good for this I kept place. Thank you

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travelin man - 1 d 11 h ago


North Plain field NJ best Western was a horrible experience, the hotel was dirty after 4 nights I came back from work at 7 pm to find the room dirty not cleaned dirty bed garbage not emptied no towels, etc...contacting the hotel as of now has refused to contact me, Best western in a joke of a move offered $100 for the trouble while the customer service rep laughed, stay away from this hotel and the chain its gross

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Anonymous - 2 d 14 h ago

The Best Western in Twin Falls had no management the room stunk the hot tub leaks water all over the carpet the sink is clogged there's no phone and the window won't even open to air out the smelly room

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Daniel Maxon - 4 d ago


The Best Western in Green Valley Az. Is a beautiful place, BUT, carpets are filthy and disgusting, roaches, doors are sagging and hard to open and close, therefore causing unnecessary noise to disturb others, told them about toilet flushing itself, you would think this would be a priority being in such an arid area. Dog in the disgusting area behind the check in counter. " I would not even want my dog on such a filthy carpet". I have been here for a week and need to stay another 3 weeks until I close on my house, but that ain't going to happen because the management chooses to ignore the problems. Food in the restaurant is great, but makes me wonder about the cleanliness behind those doors. I am not a complainer but this is just flat out gross.

Will check into a Comfort Inn just down the road for the remaining three weeks until my house closes.

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Linda Dvorak - 4 d 12 h ago


Well let me tell you, Mr Higgins, I'm very angry and the reason is...I made a reservation at the BW located on Hawkins Rd in Travelers Rest for the 16th and 17th of May, 2018. I chose your BW because of the pet friendly policy. I also have a husband with Alzheimer's and required a handicap room. After driving 4 hours, I arrived at BW and proceeded to check in. I was asked how many adults and dogs would be guest. Two adults and two small dogs, I replied. One dog less than 5 pounds and the other is a Shih Tzu. The desk clerk then proceeded, along with another lady, to enter this info into the computer after asking for my ID. I was then told I could not leave my fur babies alone in the room. I was given a document to int. and sign. I explained that I had made the trip to attend a wedding on the 17th at 1:30pm being held at Pretty Place Chapel. I could not take the dogs and this

Is why I chose BW. (Pet policy). Needless to say, I became angry. Why was I not told this when I made reservations a month before. I was told the rules changed about a month

ago when a couple checked in and left their dogs alone. The dogs began to bark and disturb other guest. The police and animal control was called and the dogs owners did not return until 3:30am. I cannot speak for others lack of inconsideration and stupidity. Once the couple returned to the hotel they should have been banned from ever staying at BW ever again. SO BECAUSE OF THIS INCIDENT, I AND EVERYONE ELSE IS PENALIZED. The special occasion that I had looked forward to was scrubbed. Too late to find last minute dog sitters. I was unable to attend the wedding. I loaded the car yesterday morning and returned to Myrtle Beach. I will never stay or recommend your BW to anyone, instead, I will give a blow by blow of my experience to everyone who will listen. Why have a friendly pet policy if this is the case. Oh yes, one of the ladies at the desk made a stupid comment. Her quote, "you cannot leave children alone so why do you think you can leave dogs alone". Give me a break!!!! This was an inflammatory statement and yes it made me more upset.

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MIKE AND LYNN - 5 d 12 m ago


Well me and my husband stayed at the BW in Boise, Idaho by the airport and it was very nice. I think it may be new but not sure. We'd recommend a stay there. A restaurant is a very short walk away (like in the same parking area) ....think called Kopper Kitchen and it was good food and customers service; and the airport is super close. For those that drink, there is a bar there too. We slept very comfortably and had a good breakfast at the hotel.

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Marlene Ebright - 5 d 5 h ago


We stayed at the Best Western El Rancho Palacio in Roswell, New Mexico. The room was cramped and the carpet was dirty. We had roaches in the bathroom. The hairdryer was full of dust on top. I checked all my bags before we left.There was a pill laying on the floor by the bed. If a kid would have been taken something dangerous it would have been a huge problem. The air conditioner was loud.

When we told the clerk in the morning, he said he will tell the owner. No apology. This hotel does not meet the standards that you expect from a Best Western.

That was one of the worst hotels I have stayed at.


Bob and Marlene Ebright

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Cheri - 7 d 4 h ago


My daughter's flight wae cancelled out of O'Hare and the airline would not let her have her bags. This was at 1AM on May 15th. She didn't have her medication , no clothing etc. The next flight out was 3PM. She called me in tears and I found her a room at the Best Western in Hillside. She got there and chech-in was at 3PM........ Heartless people would not let her cancel and they had no rooms. Where is thoughtfullness, kindness, helpfullness?

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Gilmour - 6 d 6 h ago


There is none. I called BW Phoenix because their gift cards are worthless.. the value evaporates when cannot use them for the non refundable fares online... NOBODY CARED ... they were aloof and unconcerned.

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Collin muller - 7 d 3 h ago

Mr Higgins. Your staff at the Desert Inn, Stafford Az is second to none. I have been staying 3-4 nights a week for business for at least 18 months. Your hotel was sold out. After friendly conversation with your people, mentioning my granddaughter had been born this morning, I proceeded to make reservations elsewhere. Your people called to give me honeymoon suite because it became available, and in celebration of my new Queen. I am loyal to your chain simply because of the relationships I have developed here. I can get reward points anywhere. I can find great people nowhere else.

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Carole Ward - 6 d 6 h ago


Try to pay for that room with a gift card that you purchased with hard earned points or airline miles.

NO WAY TO USE IT WITH THE THIEVES AT BEST WESTERN.... you must use gift cards at check in.. and all walk up rates are higher than the rates offered online... and ONLINE.. there is no way to use the gift card.

I tried with several BW hotels... each time the $50 of the gift card evaporated because I couldn't use it for the non refundable [lower] fare offered online. This is a conscious decision by BW to cheat it's customers.

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C WARd - 6 d 6 h ago


BAD BAD BEST WESTERN - I've been a gold card member for 30 years.

I used AMEX points for a BW gift card. But there was no way to use it when booking online. OKAY - it must be used at check in. BUT - and here is where the demon software manager earns his pay --- the difference between the nightly advance purchase price... and the refundable rate where you can pay upon arrival ERASES THE VALUE of the gift card.

WHAT A SCAM!!! -- So - when I use CC points to rent a car, buy a meal or spend at Walmart -- the gift card has the full value. But a BW Gift card can only be used for the higher rates at walk up. SHAME on you Best Western. This is a programming trick... when I called the offices in Phoenix... they could have cared less.

They refused to admit that there is ZERO VALUE to any Gift Card issued by BW or anyone else. Because in order to use it - you pay a higher rate that eats up the value of the Gift Card

SHAME SHAME SHAME -- thank God I used the last of my points when I booked Palm Springs with you last winter... you are thieves.

I can get a gift card from HOTELS.COM for the same number of points from American Express... can you imagine if I could only redeem it in person? NO - when you redeem a gift card from you put in the card as part of the payment for the room... it's a SOFTWARE SOLUTION....

But call the goonies in BW headquarters Phoenix, they sneer and tell you it's IMPOSSIBLE to use a gift card when booking online... insuring the lower rates.

NO it is NOT -- YOU -- BW-- have made the decision to make gift cards irredeemable by the way you design your payment option in your software... the greasy little nerd from CA earned his money with you creeps.

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Anonymous - 11 d 12 h ago

This hotel sucks

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Anonymous - 11 d 14 h ago


Property: Best Western Lehigh Valley Hotel & Conference Center

Date: April 28, 2018


I walked in to a lobby that had pail and towels on the floor. These buckets and towels were catching water from the leaks in the ceiling. This was not a good first impression. Unfortunately, the hotels first impression carried over in throughout my stay.

1st room

Toilet did not flush and the king bed had was sunken in the center to the point that you rolled towards the center. I was questioned about the bed by the front desk clerk and he insisted to see the bed himself. After inspecting the bed, I was told I had to go to back to the front desk to get the key for the room change. Proper etiquette would have been for front desk clerk to bring the new room key to my room.

2nd room change

What was a designated non-smoking room smelled like an ashtray. Before entering the room I immediately flagged a housekeeper in the hallway who called the front desk and confirmed that the room smelled heavily of smoke.

3rd room change

After getting settled in to the room for the third time, i realized the bathroom door did not shut. In the morning when shaving the vanity sink's drain outside of the bathroom did not work leaving a sink full of dirty water.

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Lavaughn - 12 d 11 h ago


me and my family stayed at best western in allen park Michigan from may 4-6 there was no electricity, no hot water and was treated with total disrespect from management. called corporate to file a complaint and was told there is nothing they could do because we stayed so they offered a $50 gift card to any of their hotels ( laughing out loud ) what a joke. we tried every hotel around and there was no openings so we had no choice since we were not from there. I have stayed there 3 times prior and the way we were treated they will never get another dollar from me or nobody I know.

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Jdplant - 13 d ago


To whom this concerns,

I want you to know that I recently had the worst experience of staying at the Best Western chain. On Saturday, April 28th, I checked into the Best Western at Albany (Airport). The people at the front desk were very helpful and accommodating, as I have always experienced at any of the locations I've stayed at within your organization. I feel it is important to pass along some of the odd things I noticed. I understand this particular hotel is going through upgrades and repairs. I have been involved with hotel and commercial properties during this same type of construction. We were never allowed to leave the property like the way I noticed there. , saw horses, electrical tools (circular saw) left in the hallway, carpets left lifted up, rusted electrical boxes, taped/ wire nutted wires exposed.( by the pool area. Black mold, vegetation growth along the doorways, glass walls between the pool area and outside.

I'm going to send you some pictures of the things I noticed. If nothing else, I hope I can save you some future safety issues.

Thank you in advance for your help with this observation.


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Jlia moreno - 13 d 15 h ago


Dear Best Western Corporate Office,

I am writing today to complain of the poor service I received from your company employee on April 27, 2018. I booked a reservation for myself, my daughter and two of her friends so they could swim for the weekend.. I checked in fine, but apparently I didnt answer some of her questions correctly. She asked how many adults and I said two..Which was correct, but I didn't understand that she also wanted the number of children also. Well I had a parent dropping off my child because they have a playdate on fridays. At this time I also had my sisters children, who were being picked up by my sister, because she had to work and didn't have a baby sitter. Another parent was dropping of her child because her child was actually staying. One of your employee (Her name is Cassie Omen) saw this and jumped to the wrong conclusion. My sister, my friend and I were all standing outside talking while loading a cart to take items to the room when your employee walked up with by far the worst attitude I've ever seen and proceeded to tell us that we couldn't have that many people in the room.. We tried to tell her what was going on and she got ruder and ruder by the minute then proceeded to tell us why, with hostillity, that we would be watched all weekend.. The friend that recommonded that place to me was standing right there and she coudln't belive it.. I don't want to say its prejidice, buth thats what it felt like. We then walked in and asked what the problem was and she went through her policy. We asked to see this policy and she said its not written anywhere, but for us at the front desk. My friend asked if said employee always treated and spoke to guests this way. Her experience a month before was nothiung like this. Well said employee said she was cancelling the reservation. Well I'll admit I got upset, because I had three little girls that I had promised a swim to and a relaxing weekend. My sister went online and got the customer service number and called becuase my phone was dead, while my friend used her phone to attempt to find me another play where my kid and her friends could swim. First off, I had two people on the registration in case I had to leave and another mother could come stay with them, and three children total. I really didn't see where I had gone wrong. Second your emplopyee saw my sister hand my daughter three cupcakes and automatically assumed it was a party.. She wouldn't listen to anything said from myself, my sister and my friend. Threatened to call the cops if we didn't leave. It was all very frustrating. Now i've found that they've charged my debit card reguarless and said i was actually in the room and was being noisy so they kicked me out. Let me tell you, we had just gotten everything on the cart, were still in the lot, when your employee proceeded to lay in to us. I personaaly along with the friend that recommended it will never stay again. I would like to have my money back. I don't think I should be charged for something your employee assumed was happening or the lies they told to charge me. Obviously this is more than a misunderstanding. Said employee was upset or embaressed that what she assumed wasn't happening , and decided to get even or be vindictive wahtever it may be. I have proof the receipt to prove I stayed somewhere else with no problem. I also know you can do a key lock query and look at your cameras to see that we left the property after finding another hotel. I also know that though they said they called the cops to remove us from the property is a lie. I never once spoke to one. If that is the case I'd like to see the police report. I may not stay at hotels constantly, but this is one aweful experience I won't forget. I will be speaking with my attorney and starting a dispute with my bank about this. She refusing us service and said she was cancelling the reservation.. Returning my money after this experience is the least your company can do. I will be sure to share this experience with everyone I know.


Julia Moreno.

Best Western 6200 Melton rd, Portage Indiana

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FRIZ - 14 d 12 h ago


I had an appointment at the UTSW Medical Center - booked this room through Orbiz. I am in a wheelchair & on oxygen 24/7. AsKed for a handicapped room. The ONLY thing handicapped was the sign in front of the door. But, when we arrived they were pouring asphalt & paving the parking spaces in front on our room & others. This went on from 2:15 pm until 7:00 pm. There was hardly any room between the bed & desk for the wheelchair to get in - The bathroom was NOT handicapped - regular tub "couldn't use" THEY WERE NOT ACCOMMODATING - asked to be compensated for the inconvenience from the hotel & Orbitz - They said the room was ACCESSIBLE.. THAT WAS THIER COMEBACK - WOULD NOT STAY HERE AGAIN & THE BAD THING IS - THIS EXPERIENCE PUT A BAD FEELING ABOUT OTHER BEST WESTERNS.

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Tazman - 15 d 9 h ago


My wife and I stayed at your Best Western in Rancho Cordova the past Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. We had come up for a horse show. One of the first things we noticed was a fairly large bug crawling across the floor. My wife killed it with my boot and we just figured housekeeping would just get it the next AM. It stayed their the whole time. We left a note for house keeping to leave us two additional towels and left the note in plain site, Again nothing was done for our request. One night I just asked at the counter for the towels. Then the biggest complaint is your smoke detector, It was fully wrapped in a see through plastic bag. It was wrapped when we got their and still wrapped when we left. Need a better housekeeping crew.

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jennier ward - 14 d 16 h ago

we also stayed at a best western bugs bugs and more bugs no satisfaction from corporate

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Cheryl - 15 d 3 h ago


My husband,son, and I stayed at the Pickerington, OH hotel in May 2018 for literally a brief 7 hour overnight stay. The room was extremely dated and cheesy. To be honest, it reeked of a throwback to a bad 70's movie. The room smelled awful....decades of old cigarette smoke embedded in carpet that should've been replaced 10 years prior when the public smoking ban became law in the state of OH. What really takes the cake is having unauthorized charges and credits made to our card from the hotel. We were not notified of any charging mistakes by the staff, but it did show up on our card history. The best part is having an unauthorized charge made to our card for an impound lot in the same Columbus area the day after our stay when we were not even near the city! Of course, the credit card company is taking care of it now. As for us...we would never stay in any hotel even remotely affiliated with Best Western again. I'm sure my review will not bother you at all. But it should. Your annual estimated sales of $178,568,193 is being contributed to by a low-life franchise owner who has received several bad reviews and is still allowed to put your brand on his hotel, duping unsuspecting people. He is not being held accountable to represent your brand honestly, employing people who compromise the trust of the customer. You have not stopped this behavior or pulled your brand from the hotel. Your lack of action on behalf of the consumer makes you just as reprehensible.

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Martin Riley - 15 d 5 h ago

Dear Mr. Higgins

You are probably not old enough to ever hear the old adage " you can't make a silk purse our of a sow's ear". A prime example of this is the Best western Plus 2470 Prospect Drive North Charleston and the Best Western Plus Grand Strand in Myrtle Beach. They belong in the Best Western MINUS group. You can't take these beat up old, old facilities , put a coat of paint on them and hang a Plus sign on the door.

Even before I got my Best Western Loyalty Card we always tried to book Best Western Plus wherever we went. If no B/W was available we usually booked Holiday Inn Express or Hampton Inn because their rates were about the same and quality was as good or sometimes slightly better.

If you are going to compete with H/I and Hampton with these old hotels you have to replace the flooring , completely gut the bathrooms, install new A/c units, provide proper pillows (not lumpy pin cushions) Provide complete cable service for your new TV's with a printed TV guide that shows the channel numbers for the major network station. Provide a remote with a guide button to find the channels. Try to hire staff with at least some knowledge tf the local area and train them to be polite and smile . In short bring the units up to the Best Western Plus standards that you provide in the Western States and Canada

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