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Best Western

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Phoenix, AZ
Thomas Higgins
(602) 957-4200
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What is Karma? - 8 h 21 m ago


I received a terrible comment from the hotel themselves in response to my honest/legitimate review on Best Western Riverfront Red Wing MN Facebook site. I posted a review about how we couldn't get a refund on our rooms after we decided to vacate upon finding bugs on the beds. We were told they "were done" with our issue. We've since paid our bill. Today their response to my review said something along the lines that they hope "karma smacks me in the face". I'm rating them at "0" stars. Will NEVER stay at a BW again.

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Anonymous - 12 h 39 m ago


Horrible customer service i will NEVER go to a best western again. They charged my card $270 because the extremely rude house keeper claimed they smelled smoke. Im not even a smoker!!

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Allecia Chatman - 14 h ago


222 n. Garnett Tulsa

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Pam - 1 d 5 h ago


UNBELIEVABLE!!! Black mold has permeated the Bowling Green, Florida Best Western. We are stunned this place is even open. I have mind boggling photos of it. Hurricane Irma did some damage, but they are painting OVER the mold. We checked in and out in 10 minutes. Our daughter and her family were with us too. We have been BW platinum rewards members for years and have never seen anything like this and never refused a room. Your staff are working in a terribly unhealthy environment. They told us corporate said to keep it open. Please give me a place to forward the photos. My email is (hidden). My husband is checking with his pulmonologist.

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Concerned citizens - 1 d 11 h ago


Best Western, Russell, Ky employs felons in housekeeping and just promoted a felon to general manager. A convicted drug dealer is now managing in your company. What are you thinking? I will never stay at a hotel that knowing allows convicted felons to enter client room and clean. I can't even imagine the corruption in the establthat is allowing the felons to be promoted to manager. Wow. What happened to checking backgrounds or bonding housekeeping employees that are working around your clients valuables?

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Anonymous - 1 d 11 h ago

I worked at the best western 501 Walton blv. Bentonville Arkansas have not got my W-2 form need it sent asp H&R block said it was to be sent by Jan.31st. Have not got it. Mary Bradford. 208 Se 10th street Bentonville Arkansas 72712. Have called 3 times don't won't to turn them in Please help.

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Ashley - 3 d 4 h ago


I have a VERY alarming, disturbing, irrational experience that occurred at the Best Western Roseville Inn. Not only is the management there corrupt. They are racist against white people, hostile, and an endangerment to all that stay. I want immediate resolution. Calling your guest a "fucking white bitch" "white trash" "im going to beat your ass when I see you" the list goes on. All in front of my 3 year old daughter that is very distraught and perplexed by this; STILL!!!!! This is unacceptable. Racism is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

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Valerie David - 4 d 12 h ago


I recently (2/2/18) stayed overnight at the Best Western Plus on Stirling Rd in Dania Beach, Fl and was so disgusted with the room conditions.

My roomie ,Irene Bonnano and I stayed in room 414. The white sheer curtain had mold going up at least halfway. with the air on , the curtain was generously spreading the moldy smell throughout the room. The tub and sink area were loaded with mold. the desk generously changed our room to 404. This room only had mold on the bottom half of the curtain and again, mold throughout the bathroom. When we complained, yet again, we were told " this is Florida and mold is to be expected. I informed him that I live in Florida and there is no mold in my home!!! We were moved to the 6th floor to a newly renovated room. The next morning, about 5 am, I went to the elevator to find a puddle of water, from the ice machine. As luck would have it, that is the elevator that came up. So, through the puddle I went to get in. I informed the desk of the water and was told they were aware because the security guard found it during the night. I am stunned that there was no attempt to wipe it up!!!! I guess it wasn't their job. Then to eat breakfast you had to dodge the drips of water/condensation from the air conditioning vents, while you were eating or in the reception area. I was there with a large group of about 60 going on a cruise. You may not care about a few complaints, but you can be sure the travel agent will not be using this hotel again!!!! Very dissapointed in Best Western. Certainly not what I expected

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Sharon C - 4 d 19 h ago


I stayed at the Best Western Plus in Dania Beach, FL on 2/2. I had my room changed 3 times before I got a halfway "decent" CLEAN room.

The first room my friend and I were given, was loaded with mold. The bathroom faucet was almost coming out of the base of the sink. Mold was all around the shower base/tile and pull knob and all over the sink. The room was not dusted at all. The manager sent someone upstairs to fix the faucet who could not speak a lick of English. I showed him the faucet and he said there was no problemo. Now I have nothing again people making a decent living in our country, but damn it, they NEED TO BE ABLE TO COMMUNICATE TO THE CUSTOMER.

We went to the desk to complain and they gave us a 2nd room. The minute I opened the door to the 2nd room, there were fruit flies all in the bathroom sink and full of mold again.

We complained again and now, the third room we were given was much better but still mold mold mold! The manager said it is impossible to get the mold out. This is Florida you know. I was like, are you kidding me? I told him it would never be as bad as it was if it was cleaned properly daily. I recorded my friend removing the mold with simple soap and a facecloth.

If that wasn't bad enough, we were sitting in the lobby killing time and I kept getting dripped on and couldn't figure out by what. I looked up and low and behold it was the air conditioner registers in the ceiling sweating dripping. The public restroom in the lobby looked like the floor hadn't been vacuumed in a month.

I have never been in such a disgusting hotel in my entire life. Thank God it was only one night. My sister had a room also and had to have her room changed 3 times due to mold even on the curtains. They ended up putting her in a newly renovated room on the 6th floor. The next morning she woke up to go to the elevator and find a huge puddle of water because the ice machine was leaking. There were signs wet floor, but not one single person passed a mop or attempted to clean it up. They were waiting for the ice guy to come in. Seriously????

I have plenty of pictures and video I will be submitting to the corporate offices. I expect a full refund for this pit. DO NOT RENT A ROOM AT THIS BEST WESTERN!

The only good thing was the breakfast. And even that I dread to think about it where it came from.

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Anonymous - 5 d 3 h ago


Now that I know you help find the NRA I'll find other accommodations

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David Ringler - 7 d 12 h ago

Hi Mr Higgins,

I'm writing to you about an issue I have at your Como Park Minnesota Best Western. I recently stayed there with my brother and was quoted a 4 night stay. This is what was on my reservation. " Your credit card will be charged 1939.96 USD for the total stay." I learned that I was billed $2,229.23. I called the manager and he said that I needed to pay for fees and taxes. I said it wouldn't of been an issue if I was told up front and my bill said my total stay was the $2,229.23. I feel the way the bill was written is misleading and feel I shouldn't have to pay the difference.

I did speak to customer care and they said they would contact the hotel. They also agree the way it's written is a bit misleading. Please help me with this. My reservation # 785682175

Thank you,

Dave (hidden)

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Anonymous - 7 d 16 h ago

Ocala FL...Rm 325 (Lawyer) see detailed review submitted prior to this

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Anonymous - 7 d 16 h ago


I booked a room for 4 nights. Room 325. (Lawyer) beginning 2/11. About 130am we were awakened by bed bugs. Left the hotel immediately. My mother had bites all over..head to toe. She is a senior citizen. I booked through Priceline and they were very accommodating and quickly refunded my money. Will take a couple days to be reversed to my bank account. We had nowhere to go. The Customer Service Rep on duty was very rude. I had her call the manager for confirmation that it could be on record that I complained. No one showed us any sympathy. I was frustrated..but who wouldn't be. Awakened from sleep by bed bugs. The front desk receptionist said I was throwing a fit. Rewind the camera s in the lobby

to see this is mot the truth. We were not offered another room or any compensation from Nest Western. We had to throw away luggage and some articles of clothing. Let me remind you we booked for 4 days. It is about 130 and Best Western left us without a place to sleep. Called 2/12 about 12noon to speak with the manager on duty. He was very rude and condescending. Told me what do you got your money back. You want something for nothing. It appears he was referencing Best Western as a nothing hotel. He stated maintenance went up there and found nothing. Wonder if he knows bed bugs hide in the seams. If they are in that room..I am sure they are in others. I did take pictures because I knew tjis would happen. I eventually hung up in him. Asked for his name multiple times for reference and he denied giving me his name. Why? Because he knows he was unprofessional and rude. I have never experienced such foolishness in my life. So now I am writing corporate because we were treated like garbage and we were the ones inconvenienced exposed to bed bugs and left without a place to sleep.I need someone to make this right. Thank you.

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Miguel - 7 d 17 h ago


I stayed at the BW Plus on Houston North 1-45 INN & Suites in Houston, TX. The staff was friendly and the room was clean and comfortably. However, when I checked in, I was required to give them my credit card and driver's license for them to copy and keep on file. They said it was policy. I did so reluctantly, due to having my Identification stolen before. Then the following morning I requested the copy of my ID/CC back and was told they keep them. I immediately said no way. I wanted to talk to the supervisor. Supervisor wasn't available so the clerk gave me back my copy of my ID/CC. As she reached for the file, I noticed it was very close to the top of the counter and that anyone could easily reach across and grab as many copies they wanted. I told the clerk that it would have been very easy for me or anyone to get those copies since the desk isn't always occupied by a clerk. ie. We waited there for about 3 minutes before she came out to check us out. I suggested they move that file away further away or where no one have access to them. I will be monitoring my CC closely for a while. Hope they change their policy or I'll never stay at BW Plus again.

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Anonymous - 8 d 14 h ago

hi I'm Michael I'm complaining about ur East Brunswick nj location the staff suck and when u book ur room it's not ready till four and it RealAudio like weed if I don't get a room at three I want my money back or I'm sueing

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Kathy Green - 9 d 11 h ago


My stay at best western in new orleans lousiana 920 N. Rampart was not very pleasant. One when i booked the room it does not look like what i saw or what was quoted.I requested 2 queens I got 2 baby size full beds. I also had a hard time getting a cab. And it did not seem like tha management really cared I also reqested .my sheets be changed why would your company keep sheets on a bed for 3 days with out changing them. That is nasty. If im staykng for a total of 5 days change my sheets for 5 days. I let them know also that this water from the rain was in access on the floor even tho it was a caution sign it was still pretty wet. No one seemed to concerned over all i am not enjoying my stay. Please contact me regarding this matter from cooperate. A queen bed and a full bed does not sleep the same.

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Deana - 10 d 14 h ago


We stayed at the Best Western in Tamarindo,Costa Rica. Have any of your company officials been down to preview this property? We were there for 2 weeks, would not stay there again, because it is not up to the standards we are used to from your hotels. The doors squeaked so bad we had to have them wd40 them twice, the bed squeaked as bad the slider to the veranda was half broken my husband and the other couple who shared the suite with us was constantly working on it to get it open. Expecting employees to speak some English as it is a big tourist town was very disappointing only the 3 gals at the reception desk spoke English and the one gal who worked in the bar and restaurant Sharome who I might add deserves a raise who helped us decipher what we were trying to tell others. Our maid Lisse was wonderful also deserving of a raise but I had to use my phone translator because she couldn't understand English. And probably the biggest c omplaint and it's a doozy was your Friday night party that started at 9pm and went on until 2:30 Am. The loud music and I mean LOUD was unbearable even with the earplugs they furnish. Who would put up with this anywhere!!! Also your pool is open to the public so full of families so much so was not convenient for guests use! Please check your properties before someone else like us pay for Hilton standards and get Motel 6 standards. Very disappointed and doubt we will use your hotels again.

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L - 12 d 10 h ago


The service, if you can call it that, from Best Western has left me disgusted. Stayed 2 nights and I've never had a more difficult and frustrating experience with a hotel. Stayed at the Hotel Plaza in Napoli, Italy and the man at the front desk was condescending and rude, and gave false information on many occasions. Now, trying to get an invoice because I was double charged, I am receiving NO help. I call, they tell me to email as they can't help, I email and I NEVER get a response. Three different emails, 4 different phone numbers and not a single person can even come close to answering my question, let alone reverse the mistake they made. If any one of importance reads these, you need to do a serious overhaul on your training and personnel. Not to sound any more pretentious than I already do, but you guys just lost a huge company worth of clients. I only wish this mattered.

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Merilee in Santa Barbara - 12 d 14 h ago

My review is not really a review but more of a suggestion.

Your new property in Santa Barbara at 336 w Cabrillo Blvd is sadly in need of some attention, You might arguably say this property is in one of the best locations in one of the most beautiful cities in Southern California. With a few thousand dollars worth of new awnings, you could have a very significant upgrade in it's appearance. The current awnings are filthy and not color coordinated with the tile on the building. IT IS SHABBY! I live in Santa Barbara and have never been inside but viewing your property from outside as a visitor might, I'd check for bed bugs!

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Jj - 16 d 9 h ago

I stayed at the best western downtown Sudbury, Ontario check in Feb 1 2018-Feb 3 208. Im trying to flee abuse and the manager refused to give me back the 100$ cash deposit which was set aside for gas for me to flee with and she knew this. She reports that the employee didnt charge me for the room stay the 1st night there; after telling me on the 2nd night i paid for that i owed extra frrom the 1st night as the employee who checked me in didnt charge me the proper rate. What a position to put a person in!!

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Miller - 16 d 11 h ago


Best western in Tallahassee Florida on parkway got bed bug and they dirty ass hell the lobby bathroom is nasty the breakfast be nasty and dirty

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Anonymous - 18 d 19 h ago


The staff at the Best Western Plus in Hudson, Colorado are cordial accommodating knowledgeable.Rooms always clean and comfortable

James Fewell

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B - 19 d 12 h ago

El Cajon has the worst best western of them all. The GM is scamming. They rent you a room and do not tell you if it's smoking or not smoking, then when you go in the room it reeks of cigarette smoke, you complain, they said you did not complain, then they charge you $20 after you check out and are long gone because the room reeks of cigarette smoke. He, Edward Huskins, changed his story and said it was because I burned incense(to rid the smell of cigarettes as both my parents recently died of cancer due to cigarettes and I am not a smoker never have been so highly insulting). Had a gas leak at the jacuzzi and did not call it in for 5 days, I had to call it in after the maintenance man on site replied "it always smells like that". Bad bad. SDGE was called in to investigate. But the manager should have called it in not us. My card was overcharged and messed with. I was told by Edward I would be compensated with points on my card toward free nights stats but did not receive them. Edward said he needed to get his staff to do better(at least he admitted that). Need to clean pool and jacuzzi regularly. Would not stay at this best western ever again just because the people they let lurk about is scary and some prostitution on site or so it looks like. See many reviews on this subject. Need to fire Edward Huskins for sure

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Vbradley - 22 d 8 h ago


Our son's soccer team stayed at the Best Western in Pineville (outside of Charlotte), NC. Kia checked us in and was super friendly. We asked if there was any way we could have breakfast at 6:00 (as we were told it started at 7:00) ....and we had 20 boys (and their families) who needed to be fed and at the soccer fields by 7:00. Kia did not blink an eye. She told us on the spot that it could be arranged and took care of it. It worked out great. The woman who set out the breakfast was also great. She had it all looking perfect and checked in with us both days to make sure it was satisfactory. The hotel was clean and quiet...and the staff was friendly. One of those experiences where customer service makes a huge difference. Many thanks!

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D Cummins - 22 d 13 h ago


Hi, I can't find an e-mail address to voice my complaint. I booked a room at The Best Western Plus Hotel Toronto for Jan.9th.2018 using my Best Western Points.I booked through the reservation number. I was told that I could park my car there while I was away in Cuba for two weeks. Parking the first week would be included with my booking, the room,then I would pay $10.00 a night plus tax for the second week. When I arrived at the hotel, I was told there were no parking spaces and that I should have set this up well in advance with the hotel. I was told that there were no parking spots and that they were all spoken for since the end of November. I should have been told all this by the reservation person. My conformation e-mail states(guest will be parking car onsite for 14 days, told guest the rate for those days).What a surprise to find out that I didn't have a parking spot. I was told that I would have to go to the Park & Fly in the morning. I am from Nova Scotia. How was I supposed to know all this when no one from Reservations told me. The real kicker came when we asked for a wake up call at 2:30 am, so we could drive over to the Park & Fly,then to the airport ,as out flight was leaving @ 6:30.Well, we didn't get a wake up call, I just happened to wake at 3:15 and look at the clock. When we got down to the desk we told them we didn't get a call. When they checked, they had our wake up call down for 7:45am. We would have missed out flight if I hadn't woke up. I am very disappointed with the service at this hotel. Trying to find a contact person and an e-mail address is next to impossible on the customer service site.

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