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Best Western

P.O. BOX 10203
Phoenix, AZ
Thomas Higgins
(602) 957-4200
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Anonymous - 8 h 35 m ago


The room's were great, I just got Married and spend the night there. Some customer service needs to be explain to the guest upon checking in update, their is a $50.00 charge for using the extra's in the room. Twice I went to the front desk about some lights were not working, still did not get fix when My wife and I return to our room. Some smiling would not hurt, from front desk. Please keep in mind, their is a 12% Occupancy charge, when the Carpinteria tax is only 9%. None of this above is every explain too guest. just hidden fees.

I spoken to the General Manager, just says hello, Never introduce himself, I had to ask to whom I was talking too. Very Rude, I ask what is the 12% taxes for, Occupancy, when taxes are 9% in that city. Where does it say Occupancy tax is 12% on my invoice that could not be explain to me upon check in.

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Theresa Allison - 10 h 13 m ago


I sent a letter of complaint to Thomas Higgins over a month ago, trackedp by USPS. I have had no reply. Tried to call every day for the last 10 days and the phone is on perpetual busy. I'm getting the idea that the central customer service line isn't able to help with any Complaints because their CEO can't even be reached. I feel extremely duped by Best Western and spent quite a bit of money and dealt with safety concerns that nobody cared about. I'm not usually Like this but I think after dealing with this for the last 3 months I would have some real listic reply.

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Keith - 12 h 34 m ago


Had a reservation at The Prescottonian in Prescott AZ. The hotel charged my card the day before arrival, then charged it again upon arrival. Refused to cancel charges instead said it would be credited upon checkout. Over $600 in charges for a two night stay!! Room that was missing a shower curtain and an air conditioner that didn't work in ARIZONA! Front desk was non responsive to these problems. Checked out after one night, ruined weekend getaway and still waiting for return of charges four days later.

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mr martinez - 5 d 4 h ago


Mr Higgins,

I've made reservations at a hotel called [Island Palm Hotel and Marina] San Diego California my problem is this, its my wife's birthday.its her first time,had problems with the manager on duty that day over the phone and a costumer service representative, this two individuals claimed the hotel is independent and has nothing to do with the best western umbrella.the reason i made the reservation its because it had best western attach to it.wanted to cancel could not do it,

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Disappointed in Pahrump Nevada - 6 d 7 h ago


Best Western R.V park is a dump. Owner only cares about hotel. No rules need be followed, no security...its a free for all and all the staff does is give (multiple) warnings.They let anyone in, no matter how run down rig is. They dont even know who is renting what space due to the fact that they dont verify all occupants, so people are constantly moving friends etc. In to live with them. Complaints go pretty much ignored.Landscape is let go, run down. Police here semi regularly, and they still let the people stay here. The tenants safety, and peace is not as important as the money to the owner. They say they are working on cleaning things up, but in reality...its all lip service.

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Raejean - 9 d ago


We are staying at the Best Western Normandy in Minneapolis because we are attending several baseball games this weekend. We used the shuttle service to get to Target Center, and were told at check in that the service only runs till 10:30 PM regardless of how long the game lasts. When we were dropped off in front of the Loews hotel, the driver told us we would be picked up at that location. We left the game EARLY because we didn't want to miss the return shuttle, which of course meant we missed the end of the game. After waiting in the location we were told the shuttle would be, we called the hotel and were told the shuttle would leave the hotel immediately. After another half hour, the shuttle stopped at the CORNER of the block where other guests boarded, which meant we were not able to get that shuttle. We then decided to catch a bike taxi which cost an additional $30. When we got back to the hotel we told the man at the desk that clarification was needed regarding the shuttle service. We explained what happened and all he wanted to know was if we had called for the shuttle. Not one word of apology, not one bit of responsibility on the hotel's policy, not a bit of understanding was expressed. This was extremely disappointing and disheartening.

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Sheri - 12 d 4 h ago


I stayed at the Best Western Hill House in Bakersfield, CA 6/11/19 through 6_15/19 and it was the worst hotel I've ever been too. The parking lot is a night mare, 1 way in and 1 way out. The temperatures were 100 + degrees every day. The air conditioner is on a sensor and when you leave you room it shuts off. The water barely gets warm enough to shower. My company rented 12 rooms and we all had the same problems. One of our trucks was broken into the first night. We travel for a living and I've never experienced anything so bad.

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Lorien R. - 12 d 10 h ago


My husband & I made reservations to stay at the Best Western Plus Carriage Inn, in Sherman Oaks, CA. These reservations were made through the 1-800 but then cancelled by a direct call to the hotel. Apparently, there was no follow through on the cancellation that was promised and we were billed for both nights stay. After complaint, one was refunded but they would not refund the other. Had we not cancelled these reservations I would've understood the one night penalty; however, given that the hotel staff failed to follow through I pursued the issue. A call from what I assume was the manager was very unsatisfactory; he talked over me, interrupted my sentences, and eventually hung up on me! I have followed through with emails to the corporate offices with no response at this time. My financial penalty aside, I cannot believe the way I was treated by the hotel management. Employees of this chain need to understand the meaning of HOSPITALITY industry! Needless to say, I would never attempt another stay at this particular location and may not consider Best Western at all if I do not get the courtesy of a response.

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Anonymous - 12 d 10 h ago


I have been a diamond select tier customer for many years yet Best Western gets progressively worse every year. I'm not surprised to see that they have a one star review rating. Zero stars would be more accurate.

IMHO, Best Western stockholders should fire the entire Board of Directors and Executive staff and bring in a crew who actually cares about it's customers.

Even though I am at the highest BW reward tier, the brand is pretty toxic to me and I rarely stay there anymore.

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Anonymous - 12 d 11 h ago


First off I have traveled and stayed at a lot of hotels but none as poorly managed as BW. This property is located at Caffee Rd in Baldwin, Florida. The room A/C was very noisy and seemed to stay on a very cold temperature. We couldn't adjust it. We were actually freezing at night. The walls are half painted and need refreshing. We noticed the fire alarm was disconnected from the ceiling and laying on the counter next to the coffee pot. We would have cancelled immediately but couldn't because we made reservations through a third party. We went to the pool and as soon as I grabbed the ladder to enter it could have come off in my hands, very dangerous. It was also missing the second step. The hot tub had algae and was disgustingly dirty. But the worse complaint is that I gave my credit card to the front desk and asked them if this was going to be charged to my account or a deposit held, they said no we just hold it. I mentioned my sister and I were going to split the cost at check out. They said ok. We checked out not soon enough and did split the cost with two cards and each received a invoice. Once I returned home and found out the day I arrived and checked in and they were holding my card # they actually charged the full amount that day and then I also paid when we checked out. I have never heard of this policy. I will never stay at a BW every again and have let other people know what happened.

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Eunice J Odle - 12 d 19 h ago


dealing with the Best Western in Anderson, IN has been horrible. Paid for 2 nights and only stayed one . payment was deducted from my account fro the second night on April 22 in the 110.00. Have made numerous calls trying to get the money returned and I am getting the run around from the manager. promised to return call and etc etc

How can I get this resolved????

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David B Cochran - 13 d 14 h ago


dealing with best western of crawfordsville indiana/ has been the worst possible situation. being told i would be called back and not happening from both entities. placing ownership of the problem on the best western. I have been trying since 5/16/19, it is now 6/11/19 to resolve an issue caused be incorectly modifying the date.

It has been impossible to receive responses or to speak with someone who has the authority to correct the problem

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Slams jp - 15 d 16 h ago


Stayed at locust grove Oklahoma location. Room gross. Dripping tub the hot tub didn't work breakfast was disgusting to look at sure didn't eat it. We are early and the lady checked us in but said the room wasn't ready came back and at 3:20 the room still wasn't ready. She charged my debit card for the 2 night stay even though I prepaid with reservations. June 7and 8 was an expensive and disgusting time thanks to your hotel. I did get my refund where she charged me after we checked out.

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Speilburg - 15 d ago


@ Slams jp,

*** Welcome to the New World Ordure.***

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Anonymous - 18 d 19 h ago


I stayed at BEST WESTERN PLUS Hardeeville, South Carolina, on June 2,2019. It was by far the best Best Western I have ever stayed in. The staff, facilities, cleanliness, and updated room were exceptional. Even the location to walk my dog was strategically situated to make the task easier. The manager Kyle was professional and very pleasant. I would recommend this Best Western to anyone looking for an excellent experience.

Kathy Transue

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Pamela - 19 d 5 h ago


Best Western is not a good hotel to stay while on vacation. At the hotel I'm staying at their are homeless people and left to get me some food and come back room is wide open and call the front desk an the lady mention she will look at the camera and call me back. I wanted to get my money back to go to a different hotel and they only want to refund for one day and no the other days.

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Pamela - 19 d 5 h ago


I had several issues while staying at one of their property. First of all there's a lot of homeless people that hangout at the property and next I left to go get food and get back and hotel room door is wide open and I call the first desk and nothing was done. I call the company that I made my reservation through and they mentioned to me that Best Western will not give me a refund and I have no other way but to stay and ride it out.

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Stacey Lewis - 20 d ago


I work and only stay at Best Western Hotels when I travel and so does my family. We love all that Best Western has to offer with their hotel standards and rewards program. Best Western hotels have high cleanliness standards and the employees including myself take pride in our jobs. The guests and their needs are the reason we are in this business. However, I stayed at the Best Western Plus Oak Mountain Inn 100 Bishop Circle Pelham AL. 35124. To start off I am a gold member and booked a room one for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The description of amenities for the room I booked stated [Hairdryer, Coffee Maker, Non-Smoking Iron and Ironing Board, Microwave, and Refrigerator, Full Breakfast, High Speed Internet Access]. The first room I checked into on Thursday night was the room I booked with everything included plus left overs from previous guests. The room as filthy. I do have pictures of the rooms I moved around to. When I checked in the room the smoke detector kept beeping. I finally went down to front desk about the room and FD Agent gave me a battery to change it. After changing the battery I looked around the room and found out it had not been cleaned properly from the previous guest which the General Manager said had not been rented out in about 3 weeks. Disgusting to think it had been dirty for that long and was not checked for cleanliness during that time. They moved me to another room that was not as clean as it should be. By this time it was late, I had drove 8hrs and had not had dinner so I stayed in the room while I ordered dinner. I had some work to do on computer and when I got ready to heat up my dinner I realized there was no microwave. I turned the TV on and it did not work. By this time I was frustraited and tired. I just decided to go ahead and put food in the refrigerator along with all the snacks and drinks I brought for my specific nutritional diet and then go to bed. This is when I realized it did not work either. I called front desk she said her boyfriend who was there could change one out for me. I was by myself and did not know this man. I did not want him in my room by hisself not being an employee nor did I want to be in the room alone with him while he changed it out. Not being disrespectful but I just did not know him. I finally got both of them working. Told the General Manager, Renea the next morning. I also sent her an email including pictures f both rooms. She said they would take care of room. The only compensation she offered me was a bunch of excuses on why the rooms were not cleaned properly. That is when I found out from her that the first room had not been rented out for three weeks. When I got back that evening the refrigerator was not working. Everything was hot and I had to throw it all away. The same crumbs and dirt on the carpet that were there the night before were till there. I moved rooms again when I told front desk. The evening FD Agent did apologize and was embarrassed about all that I had been through. I ended up cancelling the last night and if it had not been for my niece coming in with a baby and her room was already paid for, I did not want her to stay by herself, I would have cancelled after the 2nd night. This was a very unacceptable experience. I do feel I should not have to pay for this trip. It was aweful. After moving furniture to fix the tv and the fridge and sleeping on a bed with a mattress and pillows that were extremely uncomfortable that I tossed and turned all night, my back hurt so bad I couldn't hardly move for two days. The last night the air conditioner kept shutting off in my room and my nieces room. She nor the baby slept much at all nor did I . One person specially a gold member should NOT have to endure so man negative issues in such a short stay that could have been a longer stay and a reoccurring guest with other family members staying a well due to my mother living in Hoover and we have a very large family that needs a place to stay when they visit and have family reunions. We all like to stay at the same hotel if possible. They failed to offer any compensation and secure a reoccurring guest. The FD Agent Krystal said that the owner, Mr. Patel wanted my card to talk to me. I have not heard from him nor a response from the email I sent to the GM Renea. I have work at a Best Western for over two years and if a guest came to me with this may issues their stay would have been comped. I feel I should have been offered the same courtesy as a member of the Best Western Family and as a Loyal Rewards Member!!!!! I hope the Corporate Office can help me with the Compensations I deserve.

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Fuck Best-western - 20 d 15 h ago


This is my first and last time dealing with this establishment. Rock Hill, SC Hotel Manager was really rude did not want to cancel my reservation due to a mix up all because his staff gave us the wrong information, We ended a room for the night and come to find out it was for a whole new day. So we asked could they cancel the reservation it went from No bc we don't do same day cancellation, No the manager are the only ones to cancel i said okay I understand however we need the room for tonight not tomorrow, So calls them today June 4th the Manager was rude and nasty on the phone and he hung up. I called corporate the same it's up to the Hotel I'm like well this wasn't our fault she gave us the wrong information, then the rep stated it had to be Extenuating Circumstance wand I'm like okay If the front desk clerk gives guest the wrong information that's not grounds for you to cancel she was like no... I was like who else can i talk to she kept saying a phrase they gave them in trying when she was hired where she knowledgeable to deal with the situation clearly your not because at the end of the day you know the hotel was wrong and how are you corporate and when asked to speak with a supervisor you say you can't do that. First and last time ever. How do your employees who work for the hotel don't know shit about the hotel check in times and you are working front desk.....

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Jessica - 20 d 16 h ago


After staying at the best western plus in Virginia Beach I will never ever stay at another best western. There was a 2" cockroach in my room and the staff said "oh it happens. It's the season. Don't let a bug ruin your thoughts of our hotel." First room we were checked into was filthy. Dirty sheets and towels on the floor, trash on tables, doors coming off hinges. Woke up covered in bites.

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Vianely Salinas - 24 d ago


As an ex employee at the SureStay Plus hotel by BestWestern in the Houston Medical Center I was treated unfairly. I was fired for giving information to an employee. As everyone knows the building will be torn down and they will build Medistar. I told my co worker about this situation, which ended up back into GM Pervez Ahmed ears he did not like that I gave this information out to my co worker, therefore I got fired. Pervez Ahmed is so unprofessional. During my interview he asked me personal things such as, are you married, Do you have any children?. Which I of course felt obligated to answere since I needed the job. After a few days of working there he took me and 2 co workers out to eat at olive garden while still being on the clock we took almost 2 hours eating, and he was just being so nice to us and one of the co workers told him if I hire more people can u fire this person which he than agreed to do . After a week of working there he put me in his office and asked me to see my tattoos. I showed him the one on my arms only after I refused to show him the tattoo on my chest he started to treat me very differently. I have never had to experience any unfair treatment from anyone like him. After he asked me to work 12 days straight because he didn't have anyone else to work the night audit shift, He promised me a raise which I never received at all and he got upset after I reminded him of it. After finally training someone to know the night audit shift I finally got 2 days off and of course I decided to take a small vacation to Brownsvilles after not being able to come back due to an emergency. I called 14 hours before my shift And was still threatened to get fired. Pervez Ahmed has favoritism at work. He stirrs up drama between co workers which is the reason he can't keep any front desk employees for long. He takes his emotions and takes in out on the employees. Pervez Ahmed's is not a professional GM. I felt harassed and was treated unfairly. There is no hotel security what so ever. I was working the night audit alone and I had to call the police because a homeless man tried jumping the counter a police report was made. Pervez just said that I handled the situation well even tough I feared for my life I continued to work there.Pervez Ahmed has 3 rooms in his hotel that he calls the "executive suites" these 3 room all they have is renovated furniture that's all which he expect for us to sell at a very high rate keep in mind that these hotels are just under suites in our system. If you accidentally book one of those rooms you get in so much trouble for it. He threatens you to take the balance from the bonus you receive. Pervez Ahmed is a horrible boss.

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Terrie Goldberg - 25 d 9 h ago


I would like to recognize a special member of your team in Staunton, Virginia. Lilchy Huffman was the next best personnel, just like OnStar services. My family had stayed at this hotel on our vacation destination the week prior, I had no problems with the arrival to the hotel, while caravaning with the rest of my family. On the way back from our vacation , I decided to go it alone, I ended up in an undesirable part of town while following my GPS. I called the hotel directly and got directions quickly as to leave this undesirable neighborhood, I did speak with Lilchy she was just as concerned as I was to get out of the area. Well, I'm a bit directionally challenged and while her directions were correct, I got terribly lost. I pulled over in the middle of complete darkness , and called the hotel back, I was grateful Lilchy answered the phone. She heard the concern in my voice and stayed with me on the phone per her request and directed me back to the hotel. She greeted me outside when I pulled in and asked "If I needed any help with my bags?'' We both hugged each other as if we were old friends.I do believe Lilchy is an amazing employee! But first and foremost she was my new found friend , I'll never forget what she did for me! Thank you for employing and recognizing Lilchy for her kindness and humanity!

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Amanda - 26 d ago


On April 21, 2019, I made a one night stay reservation for May 4. The pictures on the website were very nice. When making the reservations I thought that I would be staying at that hotel but to my surprise it looked nothing like the picture. The hotel is located in Olive Branch, MS. The fee for the room was taking from my card at 12:00 p.m. hours before I was to arrive and once I got there I was very disappointed. After seeing the hotel I expressed it to a hotel manager. The hotel was short staffed because I stood at the desk while the manager was on the phone. I called the corporate office but they were unable to assist me because I needed to speak with a General Manager which would not be at the hotel until the following Monday. Called back on Monday but issue was never resolved. Very disappointed customer that paid for a room that I didn't stay in.

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Roberta - 26 d 18 h ago

Thomas Higgins

I own a business Called Cleaning Consultant

There is a lot of people that are --ALLERGIC-- to some of the cleaning supply s that we all use, I can Cut

your cleaning supply s in HALF or MORE.

Please give me a call and please be thinking about these children and adults that can't have their skin touch

some of these cleaning supply s that I'm sure You use

(hidden) I will be sending You my business card next so please think about this cleaning problem .

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Rudy NY - 27 d 14 h ago


All over the internet about a New York guest who had his motorcycle stolen from the Best Western in Springfield VA, while it was parked outside the main office! Staff was less than helpful, says no video, etc. A GUEST IS A PAYING CUSTOMER REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEY RIDE, WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE THAT YOU STEREOTYPE. He is actually a professional fireman who rode to DC to honor fallen veterans and the bike was formerly his father's. SHAMEFUL TREATMENT

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