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Best Western

P.O. BOX 10203
Phoenix, AZ
Thomas Higgins
(602) 957-4200
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Anonymous - 9 h 27 m ago

My daughter was hired at Sandy Oregon Best Western the lady trained her the first day four and a half hours the next day 6 hours then she let her hang for 2 weeks without contacting my daughter kept calling the lady kept saying I'll call you back in a half hour never did she says I'll call you back and never did finally my daughter got ahold of the woman today and giving her opportunity she had never been in made before the lady said she's going to give her time and instead of doing what she said she was going to do The Other Woman she was training with was busy taking pictures of my daughter's bed making instead of helping her she's never been a maid before she's in mental health she was doing the best she can at this is just a real bad set back what kind of people you have running that place that can't be honest and upfront with people

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Larry - 10 h 23 m ago

I am spending 5 days here in Nashville visiting my son with my family. When I booked this suite, I requested a first floor room due to the fact that I am a disabled veteran with steel rods in my back and IHD. The desk clerk said that no such equestrian had been made and I ended up on the second floor.. Last night upon return to my I had to park the car in a spot at a hotel along sideline. All the spaces were taken. I had disabled tag hanging in car. Before entering, I looked at all of the disabled spots and counted three cars with tags, and every other car no disabled identification. It was a long painful walk. This morning I went to the elevator to get something to eat and the elevator was broken. This is why I wanted a first floor room. Three hours later, it was still broken. I will never again stay at a Best Western.

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Action construction - 11 h 38 m ago

Sucks,in Oklahoma city truck was stole and they wouldn't even take a look at the so called camera they have,Don't stay hear

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Sheila Cok - 1 d 5 h ago


Horrible experience with Best Western West Beach, Galveston, Tx. The manager, Dade Vincent lied to us as did his front desk help who stated we never placed a complaint. Bad service from reservation check in time to us leaving where my husband fell and they did not write a report. No cleaning the room service, we had to ask for towels, no phone, supposed to be handicapped but not a toilet for handicapped. Bad experience all the way

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disappointed - 1 d 10 h ago


Horrible hotel in North Savannah. AC not working and bug/ants all over bathroom floor. Maintenance came after midnight to fix, all he did was unplug ac and plugged back in, worked for a minute then turned off again. sprayed pesticide all over bathroom floor and just left it so we couldn't walk on the floor. Told I would get a refund at the front desk but they lied. Never staying at Best Western again and will tell all of my friends and family the same.

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Kimberly Holliday - 2 d 7 h ago


I checked in at the Best Western Plus in Alton, Il. It was a last minute decision and when I checked out, I was told that my money would be refunded back to my card. I found out today that my $150 deposit was charged because they claim that we smoked in the room. First of all when you go to any hotel, they ask if you would like smoking or non-smoking, I was not asked either. Today, I learned that all the hotels in Alton, IL are considered non-smoking facilities but if you are not from the area then how would you know. Proper customer service practices would have allowed the patron to know everything about the hotel but instead, they were too worried about standing outside smoking cigarettes. I s[poke with the Manager, Jaoann Allin who was rude as hell, she over talked me and whole-heartedly lied. She claims the room was in bad shape because it smelled like smoke and couldn't be rented when she knows damn well the room wasn't left in bad shape, we cleaned the room ourselves and left a tip to the housekeeper as a token of our appreciation only to get ripped off of my deposit. I called Corporate and I will see how this goes. I do not recommend anyone to use this hotel or if you do, I suggest that you ask questions because they will not tell you and this is a way of them ripping you off of your deposit. The customer service of Manager stinks, she is horrible and she needs to be fired because she doesn't know how to talk to people.

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rick - 3 d 8 h ago


your bullshit policy on left items is costing you us as a customer and every single person my drivers pick up at bishop airport in flint mi..they will be told NOT to take anyone to best western and my eight cars servicing bishop airport controls most of their business

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Sherrie Weber - 3 d 12 h ago


My family and I stayed in Raton Texas at BWP. Unfortunately I accidently left my gift from my husband from our 30 year wedding anniversary. My necklace left was a Tiffany silver chain and diamond pendant. To my great excitement and joy the staff found it and placed in the lost and found. Since we were not returning to Raton and had traveled by car 600 miles away before I noticed I left it my only choice was to call and ask for help. A staff member Adrianne by using my credit card was able to send it to my sisters house by second day delivery. First of all our stay at your hotel was perfect. The rooms were clean and the staff was friendly. Thank you so much for returning a very special necklace that meant so much to me.

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Tina - 4 d 3 h ago


Hi I wanted to give you some photos of my room stay but am not able I stood in Ormond beach fl at the Castillo Del Sol it was a great view of the ocean but the room needed sheets clean along with the mattress which was with blood stains that you can tell was fresh from last person staying there I spoke to the front desk who was alone he was able to give me sheets but. Didn't change my room due to vacancies so we had to turn the mattress but the next day I spoke to patty front desk she was nice and told me to speak to the executive housekeeper Julian when she came down all she kept saying was She's sorry that room sheets wasn't clean and that she's not able to give me a mattress but never told me I can change your room or compensate me with another night for the trouble that we went through at night. I've stayed at best western in Puerto Rico and was really nice its a shock to know where I live in Florida that they need better service.

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Catherine Hairston - 5 d ago


Bed Bug infestation

I am very very upset with the Best Western on 58. Danville Va location. I checked in to my room on a Sunday afternoon only to wait up Monday morning with horrible bed bug bites that where very painful and itchy last but not least embarrassing. They moved me out of my room, into another room , comped me back my money and gave me a additional days stay. Which Things would have been ok...until I checked my account and they had charged $112 off my card.

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Anonymous - 6 d 5 h ago

How do I have my daughter's email deleted from any Best Western Hotels of Reward programs?

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Deborah Chen - 6 d 10 h ago


First & foremost I have started traveling for the past 2yrs & Best Western is amongst the chains that I frequent on my visits. Staying in various hotels & locations obviously can be a hit or miss in experience but for the most part service is decent. Decent till I stepped foot at the Best Western Motor inn in Canoga park, California. Upon arrival the parking is adjacent to a Bowling Alley and a restaurant, not very appealing but I was there for the hotel stay not the parking lot. I got greeted right away 3 employees where on staff, Jenny being the one to check me in. I suppose I should've taken the red flag as I was checking in overhearing that a couple of their staff (whom I later found out was their assistant manager Mireya & front desk Alex)where discussing in spanish crude comments about whom I am assuming where guests that were currently staying at this establishment. Look I understand how customer service works but no guest wants to hear that type of stuff while trying to check in on vacation, it's unprofessional and maybe they should reserve comments till break time & away from where guests can hear them. I already felt uncomfortable overhearing how nasty she was referring to a guest. (By the way just because we don't look like we speak or understand spanish it doesn't mean some of us don't speak it or understand it) Anywho I presume to get my room key & go to my room on 2nd floor. I see a couple of the maids all pretty friendly. The room was amazing, nice decor, beds were comfy, bathroom clean. Keurig was a nice touch. Reception & breakfast was pleasent, the ladies were very attentive and u can tell that they connect with alot of their guest. For especially that young lady I believe named Maddy or maybe it was May was by far genuinely graceful, friendly and efficient at her job. I stayed for 3 days & everytime as soon as I walked in either made me my cappuccino or started making me my 2 waffles with chocolate chips before I even had to ask. That's customer satisfaction at its finest.Give that women a promotion. That's when her boss Eddie Shook walks in, I can tell by his body language this man has seen happier days. He struts in starts to look around I'm assuming inspecting what was out on the floor that day. I can see the change in that young ladies face of unsettling looks as he is doing this, he walks by with hello's & how are you doing and proceeds to start raising a finger at her in a scolding manner & I can barely make out him telling her something about how the eggs are cold and he carries on. I'm in the median of the room but just by looking at that young ladies change of expression and his demeanor I can tell he's not a very nice man or someone I'd like to work for. Word of advice don't berate your employees ingront of guests, your employees are the face of your company and if you keep your employees happy they will make you happy. I politely asked her afterwards jokingly if she got yelled at about something she smiled and said no that her boss just comes off that way but he actually means well. I have worked a many new moons in my lifetime I can clearly tell what a dictatorship this guy runs as an establishment. His employees are intimidated & afraid.

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Anonymous - 8 d 8 h ago


I use Best Western as a refuge when I travel on personal or other business. Normally, I have very good experiences at the Best Western I stay at. However, the one I stayed at in Winnemucca, Nevada (the Best Western Gold Plus) was just pathetic in how it deals with the customer. The personnel there indicate that they accept reward points and also give discounts for seniors and Government (Veteran). However they would not accept my reward points nor give a senior or Governmental discount. The individuals state that it is a privately owned facility and can pretty much do what it wants. I stayed there two nights. I understood that since I had gone through for the first night that may have been the reason discounts or rewards use may not be possible. However, I was assured I would get a discount and could use my reward points for my second night there on Monday, August 6th. The person checking me in told me that I would not be able to use the reward points and there would be no discount. I would not encourage anyone to stay at that facility under any circumstance. I believe the Best Western Corporate Office should investigate and correct what seems to be a complete disrespect of corporate rules.

Richard Scarborough


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Not a happy camper. - 8 d 10 h ago


I came to San Diego to visit a dying family member, went to check in to my hotel and they refused my stay, saying I didn't have money on my credit card for the deposit. The room was prepaid before I showed up. I have always stayed at a Best Western but this one is making me change my mind. My wife and I had to scramble around to find another place. We finally found a good place. I have been trying to contact the hotel for a refund but they put me on hold and eventually just hung up.

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Rulesforareason - 26 d 9 h ago

Just wondering on how you can hire an employee, katelyn kiger, 4 years ago for stealing out of customers room, her mother Jimi jo is the GM, when her daughter was caught she had to fire her. In the recent year she had her other daughter, alexia smith-liver,her boyfriend Chris whittaker, and alexias boyfriend, Shaun gunner, working for her; the owner found out and she had to fire all of them and was told she was not allowed to hire any more relatives yet she just rehired her daughter,know as katelyn delle because she got married and divorced and didn't change her last name, who stoled from your company who is also on felony probation who also gets to go swimming for free and helps herself to the kitchen with no cost when she has her visits with her daughter sounds a little unfair for the other employees at least the other family members worked honestly and didn't have a tether around their ankle. Best western scenic resort honor Michigan.

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Lori - 8 d 10 h ago

This Sounds Like A What About Me Attitude, And One Has To Wonder Why You Are So Worried About What Another Has

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pamela christine baker - 25 d 22 m ago

I have been thinking about this these past few days, wondering if this was the right thing to do. I decided that I was going to share my story. Everyone should know how I was treated and noone deserves to go through this. Its just not fair or right, for that matter.

On July 6th 2018, I had gotten a job at The Best Western Plus in Saint John, New Brunswick. When I went inside the general managers office, Jasmine Mosher's, I insisted on notifying her about my disability. As my short term memory was affected due to a Tramautic brain injury.

I worked my first weekend on the 7th and 8th of July and I also worked the 14th and 15th as well. After my shift had ended, I started to clean my cart, while doing so, I noticed a foul oder. I took the garbage bag out to the dumpster and went back to my cart, I could still smell this odor. I looked inside the bag and I could see what was black food, and I could smell mold. I brought the bag into the laundry room and asked the gentlemen if he could wash the bag as there what seemed to be mold inside of the bag. He told me to put the bag inside of the sink. My supervisor entered the room and I told her what was going on and she said that I had to put the bag back onto the cart as they had only one bag. I stated that there was lots of time to have this cleaned by morning. Nothing was done and the bag was put back onto the cart, and the cart was put in the storage room. That was my last shift working there. To which I did not know at that time.

The following Tuesday I decided to take a little trip to Grand Manan Island. On my way there, my phone rang and this was Jasmine Mosher. She said that she needed to talk to me about the past weekend. When I went back to Saint John, I stopped at the best western plus to see what Jasmine wanted to talk to me about. She told me that my supervisor, Morgan Lyons stated that I had asked to many questions and it was affecting her ability to do her job. Jasmine also stated that I had back talked Morgan Lyons. Nothing was brought up about the mold, which was the only time that I ever spoke against my supervisor because I felt is wasn't safe to have a cart containing mold around guest and staff. My manager felt that the job was not right for me, or it just didn't fit.

Jasmine Mosher did not give me separation papers and she said she was going to pay me cash and did so with a cheque. I didn't want cash, but I didn't say anything to her, I was to heartbroken to talk. I just left the room crying and I never went back.

There, now you know my story.


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Lori - 8 d 10 h ago

What You Did Do, Was On Your First Day You Decided To Direct A Man Who Doesn't Work For You What To Do, Which Was A Cart Bag, When What You Should Have Done Was Speak To Your Supervisor.

May You Do Better In The Future

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Patrick & Yuvette Allen - 24 d 12 h ago


The Bestern Western in Morrow, GA This was one of the worst Best Westerns my husband and I have experienced. Several disappointing things happened during our recent stay here. When we first arrived, there were two front desk attendants on duty. They were not welcoming and they weren't friendly. They didn't greet us with a "Hello, welcome to Bestern Western". One attendant said very rudely, "How can I help". This really escalated my frustration because after driving for 9 long hours to get there, they property itself appeared to be in an unsafe location. Once my husband and I checked in, we noticed several people walking constantly through the hotel parking to the hotel pool area. There are some rigid looking apartments across the street from the hotel. This made me very nervous. As my husband and I prepared to leave for a family reunion outting we notice someone had places a "soiled, nasty" diaper by our vehicle. We don't have small children, our children are grown adults. We didn't bring any children on the trip with us either. We saw one of the front desk attendants walking in the parking lot talking loud on her cellphone. We tried to get her attention regarding the dirty diaper but clearly she ignored us because she too busy chatting on her cellphone. On Sunday, July 22nd, we left for an early morning church service in downtown Atlanta. When we arrived back at our hotel room later that afternoon, our bed was stripped of sheets but it wasn't made and our room wasn't cleaned. My husband walked to the office to complain. He was told a supervisor would send someone to clean our room. Since I work from home, I bought my laptop on the trip with me and decided to go in the hotel lobby to do some work on my computer. The attendant on duty and I assumed the other person was the supervisor, looked at me strangely. I asked them am I allowed to sit in the lobby. One dryly said yes but made feel uncomfortable being in there. These two preceded to discuss among themselves very loudly (I heard every word of their conversation) why some unwanted guests hadn't checked out of their room. Said the unwant guests damaged the room, were constantly in the pool, and had eight people staying in the room. So, the front desk attendant and the supervisor called the police. Two police cars arrived and stopped the unwanted guest by the apartments across the street. I asked the front office attendant was my husband and I in a safe area because people walked all night through the parking lot, gathered in the pool area, and police are on the scene. I told her I was nervous and I want the 1-800 number to their corporate office. The attendant told me the other lady that was in there was now out talking with the police is the supervisor. She would have her call me in the room in a few. I left the hotel lobby and went back to my room. A few minutes later the supervisor called in a tone as if I was disturbing her. I told her my husband and I didn't feel safe in the hotel. I told her about the trepassers who walk consistently through the parking lot and go to the pool. I told her I was the lady in the lobby when the incident happened with some unwanted guests and the police. That supervisor told me there's nothing she can about people walking through the parking lot from those apartments. She told me the police patrol the area a lot there. She told me the hotel was a safe place to stay and the incident was an unfortunate one with some guest who wouldn't checkout. Basically, she tried to undermine me and act like I was overracting!!!! The next day, we woke up to no electricity due to a thunderstorm during the night! I called the front desk and was told most of that entire area was out of power. My husband and I immediately checked out!! We were at this hotel 3 nights. The Atlanta, GA area doesn't have any Best Westerns downtown. Our Family Reunion was downtown at the Georgian Terrace Hotel, we should have stayed here. But we always stay at best western when we travel. We're gold members. So, we booked our room to the closest Best Western in Morrow, GA. Never again!!!!!! Patrick & Yuvette Allen

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Lori - 8 d 10 h ago

It's A Funny Thing How Fear In Your Head Ruled Your Thinking

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Bill - 9 d 12 h ago


Hershey Pa - 2 nights. August 5-7 2018

where do I start.

We checked in, and returned at 11p.m. to finally sleep. 2 adults, three park exhausted kids.

We were told all rooms were newly renovated in 2018. the furniture was from 1970.

the smell terrible. spiders in the room. previous guests leftovers in the microwave, soiled towels lying about, trash cans unemptied.

it gets better. no worse.

pulled the sofa bed out for my 11 year old grandson. body odor smell fills the room, boards are all busted, stained mattress is 1 inch thick. down to customer service desk we go, Mila could care less, hands me keys to another room. we go check. same sofa bed deal. so we complain. she lugs a filthy single mattress, no extra sheets or pillows, my grandson is expected to sleep on the floor on this thing, and now the room smells like urine. a half 'hour later she brings us sheets and a blanket. I told her I intended to send an email- she said go ahead, there's nothing more I can do.

The front desk people treated my husband very rude at checkout. big deal on the $60 discount.

That doesn't begin to compensate when guests are trapped at midnight and no refund was offered!!

This is clearly a board of health issue. the pool looked disgusting and the breakfast area was too dirty to eat at. We went elsewhere. This was a three day trip we planned for our 3 grandchildren, and the first thing they told their parents was how gross the hotel is. Great.

Thanks for ruining our trip.


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Lori - 8 d 10 h ago

I've Seen This Where The Hotel Staff Wants You To Upgrade To A More Expensive Room, And There Seems To Be A Hotel Managerial War Against Online Discounted Booking

The Hotel Appears To Be Rated 4 Stars, Make Sure To Rate The Hotel, And Always Document With Photos, When Possible

I'd Recommend You Dispute The Charges With Your Credit Card Company, For You Did Not Receive What You Paid For

Better Business Is Also A Great Help

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Brenda Gay - 8 d 13 h ago

We stayed at Best Western Red Hills Kanab, UT. When I made the reservation , i asked to use points for the second night - just alert desk when we checked in. Upon arrival, I again requested to use points. I was told I did not have enough, but I could purchase enough to make up difference - I did. we checked out and I presented my bank debit card to settle the account. (did not save receipt !!!). Days after, after we are home, I get my credit card statement and am shocked to find they have charged my card - for 3 nights. They say I had reservations for 3 different rooms and the charges were for no shows. This is so bogus ---when I checked out on that 3rd morning - this issue should have been addressed then. I have repeatedly asked for a copy of the signed receipt but have not received one yet. I have tried explaining to hotel and to customer service at Best Western,- - to no avail. We traveled for 28 days, with no problems. If I had made extra reservations, I would have certainly taken care of them. We traveled for a month and not once did we skip out or not show up. Hotel manager told me the desk clerk was new... so should I - Best Western Rewards member for over 10 years - be treated this way because she wasn't competent? We stay at Best Western if we can, but this experience has really left a bad taste in my mouth and my wallet!!!!! I will try not to let this cloud my opinion because before this we have been happy with our stays at your properties --but Red Hills will never again be one of them.

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Lori - 8 d 10 h ago

Your Receipt Would HaveShown The Same Charge As Your Card Reflects

Your Next Step Is To Dispute The Bill Through Your Credit Card

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Barbara Ruhlman - 10 d ago

The two of us went on an extended road trip,last September. The trip was nearly a month long and we stayed in hotels/motels from Detroit to Amarillo to Springfield, Mo. We chose Best Western in quite a few cities and they were, hands down THE BEST! We can't say enough about the hospitality,,the cleanliness, the locations and the breakfasts! All of this at a very reasonable cost. We are planning another road trip this Sept to the New England states and hope that there are Best Westerns on our route!

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