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Best Western

P.O. BOX 10203
Phoenix, AZ
Thomas Higgins
(602) 957-4200
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Wayne and Shirley Baker - 1 d 7 h ago


Our family reserved a block of rooms for a family reunion scheduled June 16th through June 18th, Unfortunately my husband became very ill prior to the reunion and we called to cancel our rooms within the allotted time. Actually, we called on Thursday June 8th and were told we would still be charged one night since it was on the deadline date for cancellation. We agreed to pay the one night but our credit card was charged for both nights. We have called repeatedly and talked to many different people who assured us they were in error in charging us both nights and would refund our credit card. That was in June. Now it is almost October and we are still battling with the office in Olathe, KS over this disputed bill and just get the "run around" each time we call. Best Western has had a good reputation and we have stayed in those motels/hotels many times but never had any problem such as this. We would just like you to be fair and own up that a mistake was made and refund our money.

Please contact us at 806/323-6519 to resolve this problem.

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Linda L - 1 d 14 h ago


Four of us stayed at your Best Western Mermaid-Yarmouth NS. We had 2 separate rooms. On the + side was clean and had plenty of towels. On the -side...the rate was outrageous...I understand "location..location". But to charge that amount you need to upgrade rooms. There was NOT a luggage rack...the bed was like sleeping on a board....Breakfast started at 6:00..too late to wait for when catching the Ferry... I couldn't find any trash cans outside, to throw away our take-out dinner trash! Overall the building is old and needs a total renovation. I will definitely think twice about choosing Best Western again! A response is expected!!

General profile image - 2 d ago

I made a reservation at the BestWestern Casino Royale in Las Vegas Nv for Oct27-29,2017 last month I am an employee for Best Western in livermore Ca I wasnt aware of a deposit that needed to be made. They cancelled my reservation and I recieved a very good rate of $100 per night. I am requesting to have my reservations reinstated because i was not given any notice regarding this cancelation.

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Joanne Oman - 3 d 12 h ago

A group of 64 stayed at the Best Western Greenfield in Allen Park, MI>

it was a wonderful experience. The staff was excellent. We arrived by Amtrak at midnight and there were two shuttles waiting for us

and had us to our hotel in about a half hour, making several trips. Sue, the Manager had our room keys in an envelope and

we could immediately go to our rooms, which were much appreciated. The breakfast was delicious. We had great shuttle service to and from the Henry Ford, on both Saturday and Sunday. On Monday morning because we were leaving before the breakfast was available they provided us with a hot breakfast sandwich, fruit and drink, they called a Grab and Go. The Hotel was clean and quiet. Everything was excellent, including the food in the resturant. Would highly recommend to everyone/

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Forever grateful - 4 d 36 s ago


To Mr. Thomas Higgins,

On August 18, 2017 my grandson and I were involved in a serious car accident in Missouri so we traveling to Texas to drop him off at Brenham Collage. As a result, we traveled by cab from Missouri to Texas. Upon checking into the Best Western, the traumatic experience was tremendously lifted by the wonderful staff. When they learned about why I arrived so late, Amy Power, Tracey Splitt, and Sherry Goebal teamed to provide transportation to the collage campus and too my grandson and I to Walmart to shop for the remaining necessary items during their time off my family and I are forever grateful for their hospitality and generosity my three Angles went beyond the call of duty. Thank You.

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Angry Parent - 4 d 15 h ago


I live next door to s best western and apparently cooperate offices thinks its a good idea to let there contractors grind concrete starting at 830 in the morning disturbing guests and tenants of the apartment next door. Since your department obviously doesn't care about complaints let me put it to y'all this way. next time my family gets woken by your business and its nowhere even close to 11 (check out in every hotel in the area) I will gladly let my lawyers and the cops talk next.

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Anonymous - 7 d 17 h ago

I stayed at the Best Western in Crystal River and will NEVER stay there again there was black mold my room number was 1106 never will I put my family's life in danger like that I told the housekeeper about it and they call this guy named Brian and he wiped off the mold and looked at me and said all good ( REALLY )

Flagged for review. 
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Bruce - 8 d 8 h ago


I stayed at the Best Western in Florida and it was covered in black mold...there was a water leak in the wall and the room smelled like fresh paint ....all they did was wipe it down and painted it never again will I get another room for scallop season

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Judi - 9 d 14 h ago


I contacted the hotel twice (2 TIMES) prior to check in. I was assured that there was a generator that would be used for guests in the event of a power outage. Apparently the only generator was a small portable unit brought in to power 2 small refrigerators and a coffee maker for employees ONLY during this "STATE OF EMERGENCY". My mother is a 72 year old cancer patient who just finished Chemo for Breast and Lung Cancer. She also has a previous injury requiring a full length pin in her leg and a rebuilt hip, add to that a torn meniscus and sever asthma. We requested a non-smoking medically needy lower floor, room...and were told at check in (NO WHEN THAT WAS WHAT WAS RESERVED) there were none available, however the staff had ground floor rooms!! We took the room because we were exhausted from preparing our home for a hurricane. She took almost 10 minutes with help to get upstairs. We opened the door to an overwhelming moldy smell! She has severe asthma and I have moderate asthma. We sat outside for an hour while running the A/C to air out the room! When we finally got inside we had to leave the door open another hour. The room did not smell smoky in the non-smoking room, but all the linens and towels smelled like they came from a smokers apartment. So we finally settled in because my mother couldn't move any more, even though we were very upset with the situation. The mold and carcinogens in the laundry triggered my mothers and my asthma but we tolerated as much as capable, then sat outside till the storm came. When another member of my family checked in, even though our reservations were made by the same person, he was housed in a far away separate building so he could not reach our room to help our family during the storm. At about 2 a.m. the power finally went out for good. To our surprise and shock, no lights came back on. None. Not even any emergency lighting for the stairs or EXITS. WHAT! we thought ,'The generators must be slow or not working. No, they didn't even exist! So we made it through the night. Morning came to find NO breakfast. Then we found out there was damage to our house. So we opened the doors and stayed. Night came and we had to close out the mosquitoes. The room got hot fast. I went for a walk outside, and when I came back my mother was suffering from heat exhaustion! I had to almost carry her down pitch black stairs to the car, turn on the air and make her drink warm water. We left at 10:30 p.m. I went to the office to find a hand written sign 'be back soon'. I will NOT pay for that experience. But even without the storm issues there was mold in the room, smoke smelling linens, no working gym and the rude girl, Twinkle, (really that's her name) at the front desk. Worst of all, the LYING man and then the LYING woman who reassured us there would be power in our room! And no accommodations for an elderly, handicapped woman.

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LaColla - 11 d 14 h ago


I checked into the Best Western Port Huron/Hospitality Inn on 9/8/17. I am truly disgusted and furious with my stay there. I have never had such terrible treatment from any company in my life. The Manager (Mrugesh) is unprofessional and clearly has no clue on how to run a business. We have been trying several times to contact him via phone regarding a situation that happened at HIS hotel and he has chosen to just email us and refuses to call us. Instead of getting ALL sides of the story he is taking another guests side. So he has decided to refund a guest for their "bad experience" without even speak to us first. Now he has charged us a ridiculous $50 charge and has refuses to even speak to us about it. Save your money and STAY at a different hotel. The staff is completely unprofessional and lied about telling us about the additional charges!

My husband and I are repulsed with the treatment that we have received from this hotel.

We have already contacted the BBB and will continue to write reviews on our experience so no other guests needs to deal with this.

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Kayla - 13 d 8 h ago


I will never work at this company again. I wasn't properly trained, and it's somehow my fault. This is worst company I have worked for by far.

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Anonymous - 13 d 11 h ago

Ive been a Gold member for more than a few years and because of work, hadn't been traveling for a few years. I recently took a driving trip from Seattle to Monterey and stayed at Best Western plus every night of my travel. Every motel was great and the Corvallis Oregon one being the best. They all asked for reviews with the exception of the Gold Beach Oregon Best Western plus. In my years of traveling, I've never felt so uncomfortable and not welcome as I did in this particular motel. Im going assume the Owner was the one constantly throwing me dirty looks every time we saw each other, and that was every time I walked out of my room. The toilet seat was inadequate for any adult other than a petite woman. My room was unsecured and not able to lock balcony door till I pounded the lock into place. Wouldn't of been a problem other than it was on ground level. I will never, ever stop in this motel again. They represent YOUR brand name and do you a great disservice by the way the treat customers with color.

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Stasia Rhoads - 14 d ago


I had a fantastic experience with BW today. My daughter, her husband, and their 5-month old baby, were evacuated from Miami, FL, because of Hurricane Irma and were stuck in slowly moving traffic for over 12 hours. There was not a single hotel room available in all of the Tallahassee area. From my home in Virginia, I called the BW in Crawfordville, FL, throughout the day, looking to see if anyone had cancelled and Michelle, at the front desk, was able to help me find a room at her BW. I don't know how she did it, but I so appreciated her cheerful and very polite assistance and would love to drive on down to her BW to thank her in person. She really saved my daughter and her family when they had no place to go.

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Berta Martinez - 15 d 15 h ago


Mr Higgins I hope I'm sending this email to the correct person. My family and I spent last weekend at the BW in Fort Worth on 201 W Loop. I encountered the best manager I've ever had the pleasure to work with- Millie. She has such a pleasant disposition and incredible customer service skills. I wanted to pass that on in hopes that she will receive some recognition. Thank you

Berta Martinez 6605 Brisa Del Mar, El Paso, Tx. 79912

915 240-2470

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Theresa - 22 d ago


The people next door to me fought and argued for hours. Staff walked by but never did anything about it. When I made my reservation I requested an extended checkout. When I got to the hotel I inquired about the cost for a checkout until 3PM. He told me the price and I assumed they would add it to my bill since the request was with my reservation. I left the hotel that morning, came back at noon and all of my belongings were gone. I spent 15 minutes at the front desk while they searched for my belongings. When I finally got them they all weren't there so I had to wait another 15 minutes while they looked for the rest. After waiting half an hour to get my items they couldn't explain why they were taken. I told the guy at the front desk (who was really nice) that I had an requested an extended check out. He advised that he didn't know why they took my belongings. I got back to my room to clean up and the front desk started blowing my phone up. I answered and the lady said that I needed to come pay for the extended check out up front. I advised that I requested it when I made my reservation. She said that it never came through from Expedia. I told her I would be down shortly. I went to take a shower and 5 minutes later she's calling again. She called my phone continuously for 30 minutes as I showered and dressed telling me to come down NOW to pay. I asked if I could have an hour taken off and she rudely said NO it was Expedia's fault for not advising I needed a late check out.

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Claire - 22 d ago


I have been trying to find the correct place to email corporate about a very rude person who interviewed me for a job. From what I am reading below I am so glad that I did not get any further than the front lobby. So, I went to the Best Western Buffalo NY Airport location to be interviewed by Cam. When he greeted me he looked at me strangely and immediately asked if i was told about the shuttle driver part of the job. I said no but I had driven shuttles for other hotels and he said very rudely and sarcastically " do you think you could lift any luggage"? I said excuse me what do you mean. He said well would you be able to lift the luggage because " I am not sure you could".

I admit I am not in the greatest shape but who is he to have put it in such a demeaning way!!! It was very frustrating and I was so uncomfortable!!

Reading that the company is price gouging during this tragic time in Texas and not even making exceptions for their no pet policy is very disheartening! All the other reviews even from staff members and apparently no one in corporate gives a damn to look into these problems!!

If it was just one particular hotel ok but there are sooo many with compalints! Hope the company wakes up quickly!!

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Debi Bourgeois - 22 d 12 h ago

BEST WESTERN in TEXAS CITY TEXAS. !! SHAME ON YOU !! I have friends that were flooded out in Dickinson had to leave their home ! Grab a few belongings and their fur baby This was in the middle of Harvey flooding everywhere Not sure where to go , they decide to go to Best Western in Texas City they try to check in and they wouldn't let them because of their pet they offered to pay a deposit still no go! Their choice was to leave the dog in the. car or try and find another hotel !!! Thank goodness they made it to Webster and found a hotel that took them in !! Me myself I think this is shameful under the circumstances!! And hope they change their policies!! Shame shame shame !! Just saying

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toby Friedman - 23 d 11 h ago


How horrendous that one of your hotels in flood ravished Texas has been price gouging area residents. I will make sure friends & family never stay at one of your hotels ever again. Absolutely horrible.

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SR - 24 d ago


Shame on you for price gouging hurricane Harvey. Shame on you for even charging these people! Sheesh. So many different way to have handled housing... I will make sure I never use , stay, or promote this company/ franchise.

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Donald Trump - 24 d 5 h ago


Price gouging during a hurricane is UNAMERCAN


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A concerned citizen - 24 d 5 h ago


You people suck.



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Kathy - 24 d 6 h ago


We booked The Best Western Hotel in Jasper. Alberta. This hotel has no air conditioning at it is 90 degress here. Can't believe this would not have disclosed when the reservation was made. The carpet in the room is stained, I will not be taking my shoes off and walking on it, it is gross. No elevators so if your room is on the second or third floors you get to haul your 40 pound suitcase up three flights of stairs. No assistance was offered by the staff to help. I guess customer service is not known at this property. Should have paid a little more and went to the Fairmount. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone nor will I ever consider staying at another Best Western property. Thiis hotel looks like a pay by the hour hotel.

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Ashlrey - 29 d 12 h ago


Yes, I worked at the independence Best Western, and the Lady Angie ( if that is even her real name because she failed to provide verification that that was her the ENTIRE TIME, she was getting drunk and high and selling drugs let alone doing things with guys for those drugs in the parking lot. She trained me wrong, at first thought it was because she was completely messed up but then i realized she was the one stealing money from your company the whole time she trainerd me wrong and i had to go contact some of the customers to let them know that she had trained me wrong. When I reported it to Nancy on Hangouts ( which you can bring up) SHE DID NOTHING please contact me so we can talk about this its already in a report (hidden)

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Bryan Bennett - 29 d 15 h ago


Corporate needs to evaluate the franchise owner's methodology at the unit on Capitol Blvd., Raleigh NC. Read all the reviews posted about the place. They are lengthy comments and seemly well written.The personnel hired on desk and cleaning crew are not the problem; it is the ownership. It appears to me the owner is squeezing every penny out of the cash flow which helps him/her but is hurting your brand. Do you folks in Phoenix have eyes-on by Region or what? You can't just sit and look at the data feed and ignore the eyes on requirement for good franchise management.

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Susan Kleman - 37 d 6 h ago


What a great experience my husband and I had at Best Western - Waldo Inn - Waldo Fla. Deven Desal, the manager could not have been any more friendly. Our room was a WOW. Such a great place to stay. Mr. Desal was very accommodating. The next morning at breakfast the two woman that were setting up breakfast were the same way. What a pleasure it was to have stayed there.

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