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Bob's Discount Furniture

428 Tolland Turnpike
Manchester, CT
(860) 474-1000
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Sherrelle Smallwood - 2 d 8 h ago


This is sad so many negative reviews. I was promised a whole new bunk bed for my children as an even exchange and when the guys come they tell me it's only for the stairs and the rails. When I received an email stating that there was to a total replacement. Now getting a hold to someone is hell

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Anonymous - 3 d 11 h ago

I sent a letter to your corporate office which is in attn Ceo Dept, 160 corporate court meridan ct its funny no such address I have been trying to get in touch with someone live in reff to my complaint cant get anyone ,,,very poor customer service,,,BOB'S YOU AS A BIG COMPANY I NEED A RESPONSE ASAP MY NAME IS MARISOL NAVARRO G-MAIL IS MARISOLNAVARRO (hidden) PLEASE HAVE SOMEONE E-MAIL ME WITH CORPORATE ADDRESS OR A TEL NUMBER I CAN DISCUSS MY COMPLAINT . I WILL POST AND REPOST UNTIL SOMEONE WILL CONTACT ME HOPEFULLY SOMEONE CAPABLE OF REPRESENTING BOBS WILL E-MAIL ME THANK YOU.

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K rayson - 6 d 9 h ago

Terrible experience with bobs furniture which have resulted in me sitting on the floor for another 11 days and customer service response was ih well if we dont have a furniture what do you want us to deliver unbelievable

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Cheryl Englewood, NJ 07631 - 10 d 12 h ago


I ordered two Gabby Accent Chairs on 7/3/19 from the Secaucus store that was supposed to be delivered to the store for me to pick up on 7/11/19. On 7/11/19 I went to the store to pick up the chairs and no chairs were at the store for me to pickup. I spoke with the ladies at the customer service desk and they said there was nothing for me to pick up and that the order was put in incorrectly. I didn't even get an email the order was delayed or not ordered at all. The salesman who helped me on 7/3/19 had a bad attitude while helping with the order. I was applying for the Credit Card he kept walking away and coming back and forth (just rude) and while placing the order the salesman went to get the manager to approve the Goof Proof that we declined. The manager at that point should've reviewed and proofed that the order was correct.

On 7/11/19 even the manager had a bad attitude. It seems like they have an issue of attitudes in the work place.

However, I cancelled the order and the Bob's Furniture Credit Card that I did open on the day I ordered the chairs and will not be doing business with them ever again.

I don't recommend others to shop there.

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Don & Lynn Lakewood,CA. 90713 - 29 d 23 h ago


June 17, 2019 Let me share my 1st 2nd and 3rd experience how my family feels about Bobs Furniture in Long Beach, CA. My wife and I bought a love seat and couch that both recline and they were delivered and worked as expected. On our 2nd visit we bought a full size mattress and box spring with a frame that worked ok for about 1year then the box spring started to make a lot of creaking noises that were so abnormal and annoying that I called Bobs to see if I could get and exchange or refund. We ended up eating that deal with no warrante back up. The 3rd started out to be a pleasant experience and we tried several queen size beds that raise the head and feet up and down.

Then we asked our salesman the million dollar question... well sir if we don't like this bed and platform can we return it to Bobs for an exchange or refund and he cheerfully replied sure.. NO PROBLEM! (a common response now a days by most salesman) more often then not its just a habit by most idiots that just want to close the deal just to get their sale behind them and get that big commission sealed in stone never mind what the customer has to deal with when he gets the furniture home.

During this meeting with the sales man I wish to point out that the manager of the Long Beach store was present and he to said that we would be able to RETURN THE BED AND PLATFORM if we were not satisfied with the purchased items. June 21, 2019 The bed set was delivered, my wife and I were told that Bobs drivers would take the old mattress and box spring from our house after they installed our new bed set, GUESS WHAT folks, they didn't take the old bed they politely said OH there is a soiled spot on the mattress and we can not take your bed set, I looked at my wife in disbelief, what did he just say? Well our salesman said that you would take it away with no questions asked.

Please keep in mind folks that we had doubts about doing business with Bobs in the first place because they screwed us on that defective box spring purchased last year. My wife is a type 1 diabetic cant walk but can stand for a short time who is by the way handicap and in a wheel chair, proceeds to sit on her new bed to try and get on the bed and try it out, she cant get on the bed!! because its just to high, its also to firm, she wasn't comfortable with the head up down pitch of the mattress and overall deal.

So we then called old Bobs furniture back to have this all picked up and returned back for a refund well we were told that they would buy the mattress but not the mechanical platform... this was not in the plan! This was never stated by the sales man! We spent $1,850. for this rig and now we have to eat it? We will tell everyone we know just how great our experience was at Bobs Furniture, and we were just as stupid to come back for a second helping of that good old time reach around just one more time! Good luck my friends we learned a VALUBLE LESSON HERE where your sales man will proudly say to your face; oh no problem sir; JUST one to many times

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Mr & Mrs Don Rosenthal - 11 d 13 h ago


July 11 2019

I wish to take a moment to let everyone know that the nice people at Bobs corp. Office at customer service have made it right with my wife and I here today. What you read above in this comment section has been rectified in our eyes, By that I mean we were re-embursed in full for the purchase that we made on June 17th for a queen size mattress and power platform that was purchased for my wife who is a disabled diabetic & couldn't be used on her behalf, So I must give credit where credit is due. My thanks to Bobs Discount Furniture in total. We thank customer service at the corp. level for a very timely solution to our problem but above all keeping THEIR PROMOUS to us the consumer that management took responsibility for this and did the right thing. We to have learned a valuable lessen here & that is I need to take it upon myself to be a bit more selective in how the sales staff work the sale AND make sure that from the start this bed system is going to be the right item for us as well.

We are grateful for your assistance in this matter and we will shop at Bobs Discount furniture in the near future! Thank you all very much. Sincerely Lynn and Don In Lakewood, CA.

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Anonymous - 25 d 10 h ago

Terible should be shut down must be run by retards

Flagged for review. 
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Kate Walsh - 13 d 12 h ago

So true. How can I get a hold of BOB or is there a real BOB ?

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Bob C - 19 d 14 h ago


I have a recliner that rises,it's convenient for me because I wear a prosthetic on my right leg. It makes it easier for me to get in and out of the chair. Here's my problem, I took a goof policy and I have had service on this chair 5-7 times. The screws keep coming out,but that's ok they say. I guess screws falling out of furniture is normal. All they can do is keep coming out and repair it. Now that's pretty silly. I think maybe I'll take the chair and toss it into the garbage where it belongs. Then I will go to Raymore and Flannegin. If screws falling out of the chair is normal then Bobs furniture is not for you and I will tell people that. Thank you for nothing Bob's.

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BoxMan - 21 d 13 h ago


St. Peters Missouri store is very impressive, I was a first time visitor and made a purchase from CHUCK.

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I have the same complains like others. Bought a Sofa and love seat Sofa frames are broken their technician visited he confirmed that there is no sign of abuse. it's little over one year, it clearly shows that manufacturer defect, they used staplers for frames and febric. nails are coming out which is absulutely unsafe. Worse product, they lied when they sold the warranty. and most importantly safety issue. looks like they do not follow or care about any compliance.

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Anonymous - 28 d 5 h ago


The worst customer service I have ever experienced. Lying cheating organizations. I bought my daughter a kitchen set for he first ever apartment. So when the delivered the furniture they broke the bench and tried to hide it. That was just the beginning. Well they where suppose to bring a new one I took the day off work to be there when they came. Well they came took the old bench and never brought the new one. Spoke to the manager Tim the lying manager he said he was going to wave the delivery charge of 80 dollars. Ok we set up another date my wife took off work this time. Well they came to the house and did not have all the pieces. So we said to get it to the store and we would pick it up. They agreed to call us when it was in no phone call because they suck. We called them went down to pick it up the nightmare was over I thought well they never waved the delivery charge because Tim I a lying sum bag never buy anything from this place trust me..

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Tammie Feiner - 28 d 13 h ago


I brought a red leather living room set from bobs in December 2018 come to find out 6 months later the frame inside is broken bobs is refusing to come out and fix this they want me to make up a story and go thru the good proof insurance because they fucked up the furniture I will never buy from them again

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Charles Light - 29 d 7 h ago


Yesterday I went to Bob's furniture on Glendale in Queens. There was a mattress i wanted and the price on the bed said 1,099.00.i was ready to buy it when i was told that the price was on the wrong mattress by the manager. She was very rude and never even apologized for it. She said that the mattress was actually 1,499.00. I felt that since it was their error that we should have gotten it for that price. Very disappointed.

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Every one - 30 d 10 h ago

This was a very horrible experience for us! Adding goof proof to our bill without telling or explaining anything about it! Also the delivery never went over the delivery charges just put those on as well! I just read a whole lot of bad reviews we ate so disgusted with Bob's. Obviously along with a whole lot of others. They are Liars, They don't care when you tell them about it! Bad Business! Rot in Hell!!!!!!!!!!!

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B Hensley - 30 d 19 h ago


Purchased furniture back in April. Delivery men damaged our front door. Pushing the furniture through the door. I have contacted both the store (Castleton) and customer service and have been told that within 3-5 days we'd be contacted. Here it is The end of June and no one has contacted us. Have requested either fix the door or provide compensation so I can get the door repaired. What will it take to get this resolved. Disappointed in your customer service Bob.

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MARISOL NAVARRO - 33 d 6 h ago


Hopefully someone at Bobs reads this,, I purchase a fireplace at Bobs in Wilkes Barre great customer paid off my fireplace and unfortunatly before my last payment my fireplace do not heat up ,, I advised Bobs spoke to Brad also I had purchase the the guardian protection plan which by the way is misleading people into getting this WHICH its a a joke,, now I dont have a fireplace that heats up,,, I have tried calling to see if at least I get any help but nothing THE GUARDIAN TELL WILL NOT DO ANYTHING its ashame that a a big a Company like this cannot even return a call or help a good customer, Im very dissapointed I will never go back, THEY SELL THIS GOOF PLAN..OH IF ANYTHING HAPPENDS YOUR COVERED,,, ITS A A LIE,, NOW I HAVE A FIREPLACE THAT NO ONE HAS HAD THE ENERGY TO HELP,, NOT GOOD BOBS WORD OF VOICE IS NOT GOOD, I ONLY WANT HELP FOR MY FIREPLACE IS THAT SO HARD TO DO .

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Anonymous - 33 d 9 h ago

From Day 1 the staff at Bob's Furniture have been rude and unprofessional! The delivery called me half hour before delivery stating they would be there. I had to lose time at work to leave and get my furniture. WHEN you have complaints the staff DO NOT CARE TO listen cutting you off!!!! DO NOT SHOP FOR ANYTHING AT BOB'S!!

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Connie - 34 d 13 h ago


I placed an order with Bob's Discount furniture online for a recliner. It was a surprise anniversary present for my husband. The day after I placed the order, I began receiving multiple recordings every 2-3 hours telling me when my recliner would be delivered. I contacted customer service who said that there wasn't anything they could do. The store told me to contact customer service. No one could stop it! (or so they say) I changed the number from my cell phone to my landline. The telephone recordings started. Needless to say, my husband answered one of them! The day of delivery, which was supposed to be today , I received a telephone call at 5:12 AM!!! Yes, AM to tell me that the recliner was out of stock and had been for some time! Really? You didn't know that a week ago when I placed my order? First time and last time shopping there!

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Beverly Gilkerson - 35 d ago


I wish I would have researched the reviews before shopping at the location in Waldorf, MD. Prior to my daughter selecting a bedroom collection I was assured by the salesman that they delivered on Saturdays. I repeated the question to make sure. Well, my daughter selected a collection and I bought it for her using the 1 year no interest option. Her furniture was not available for immediate delivery. We waited over a month only to be told by customer care when they called to schedule delivery that they don't deliver to my area on a Saturday. I had to schedule on a Friday. Due to starting a new job I can not take off any time from work. My delivery window on June 14th was 2:15 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. I received a call from the driver before 11 a.m. telling me they will be at my house in 30 minutes. I had to pay $300 to a friend of mine to pay them to leave work 4 hours earlier to get to my house and receive my furniture. Then, they sent a damaged gentleman's chest. There is a chunk of wood missing out the top and a piece missing out the top front. The back of the chest is broke as well. I paid over $3000 for this furniture. I told customer care 50% off the total cost of the chest deducted from my Bobs Furniture credit card or deliver a new, undamaged chest on a Saturday. They tried to give me a 20% gift card to the store. I'm NEVER SHOPPING AT BOBS DISCOUNT FURNITURE EVER AGAIN. They lost out on another sale. I was looking at living room furniture and chose a set. Won't be buying a set from this business. Absolutely unprofessional staff and over priced furniture.

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Never Again - 35 d 9 h ago


I am so sorry I didn't read these reviews before even purchasing anything from this store. I waited since April for my set to be delivered in June. It finally arrives and the sofa is a mix match....I would have to wait until July before the correct sofa is delivered. The delivery guy was so rude as I had the store on the phone to hear of his actions. At the end of the day, I sent everything back and advised I would never...I mean never deal with Bobs at anytime. So disappointing.

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Teresa c - 39 d 8 h ago


Their customer service SUCKS. If you need a claim create, they will give you the run around then deny it due to watever reason and just closed the case and shut you out. I have the BOBS 1 YEAR WARRANTY PLUS THE 5 YEAR GOOF PROOF and yet they cant fix my table. such a joke. I wish I could speak to someone in person.

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niquette - 44 d 10 h ago


I purchased my sofa and love seat in the beginning of may, full payment made at the time 1600.00 and I literally walked away with a piece of paper stating my product will be delivered on June 8, then I find out it's only the sofa, the loveseat isnt coming until late July early August, so upon June 8th, I was advised my delivery was at 645 am-10am, then 10-2, now 1-5pm, I spoke to hanna Jeffrey (csr) Brandon (supervisor) then melissa bee (corporate manager) whom advised compensation will be provided for my time, no one called me to advise these changes. Since I have purchased I've been the one following up, let's be clear they have their money already, so what do they care, I would never ever recommend this company to anyone ever. It's not worth it!!!! Beyond livid to say the least

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Emil - 45 d 4 h ago


Skokie Ill staff are cheating CUSTOMERS by going behind your back and asking for additional credit told the store manager NOTHING was ever done wanted to talk to a DM OR RM THERE ARE NONE LOL WHAT A JOKE OF A STORE

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DON GENTILE - 48 d 7 h ago


Wish I had seen this sooner- made the mistake of buying the Luna sofa and chair- what a rip-off- garbage furniture- flaking and peeling within a few months of light use at a vacation house only used on weekends. Never buy from this place again!!

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