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Bob's Discount Furniture

428 Tolland Turnpike
Manchester, CT
(860) 474-1000
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Jaime Gilliland - 3 d ago

My elderly parents bought a chair and rug only to get and home and both were crawling with roaches. No one will help them and they refuse to take it back. I love how there are zero replies to all of these complaints. Guess we'll have to call channel 3 on your side, blast bobs on all social media platforms and file complaints with the BBB. This is taking advantage of people simply due to their age and it's fraudulent and discriminatory.

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deb&paul - 4 d 7 h ago

i wish i could get a total refund first we buy a katie sofa and love seat and it has defect so i was told they were no longer available so we go back to pick something a more expensive set delivery day comes they only have the love seat on the truck i find out thats because the couch we picked out is on back order i told them i am not going to have a miss match set so i am not taking it without the couch the tell me i can go back pick somthing that is available or wait till the first when i can have the other set delivered at this point i am so upset i would just like then to take the set i have back and refund me the full amount of what we paid with the white glove service and i could go somewhere else but i am taking it much better then my husband is

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Marvell W - 8 d 23 h ago


Yes Bob's furniture is bogus. I brought a mattress for our guest room and in less than a year the mattress is horrible and tearing up on top of it. The store in River Oaks sucks quick on sale and adding that bull crap of Insurance too. HELP HELP HELP

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Mary lambo - 13 d 8 h ago


I am calling channel7 on your side for your neglect to help me for my remote control recliner. Your compay is so quick to make a sale . Your goof proof insuranse is bogus. Bloomfield nj

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Bob's RIP OFF.. - 8 d ago

Your so (hidden)

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Stacy and Ron Bandy - 9 d ago


Bobs sucks, still have not received any response back after delivery drivers broke drive way lights and porch light. I emailed copy of bill to replace. And pictures.. Bobs keeps saying they never received and this is bull shit.. I will never buy anything from them I will be filing documents with BBB. No wonder people do what they do...... just the lack of respect.for the consumer that's paying there salary... this has been since March 2019.

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Jd. - 8 d 11 h ago


That's bad business and they talk to customers with disrespect not to mention how the delivery schedule is horrible and they refuse to change my delivery time so I have told them to eat shit I'm not pay for my furniture or delivery and personally contacted the corporate office.

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Alison Phillips - 9 d 3 h ago


Hello, I am writing to discuss my issue with Bob's Discount furniture. My name is Alison Phillips on 8/18/19 I purchased a chest from your long beach store. The chest was purchased for some out of town guests for the weekend. The delivery of my furniture was set for Thursday 8/22/19. The cost of my chest was $249.00 plus I paid $60.00 for this delivery. On Thursday 8/22 you delivery men arrives with the wrong dresser. (1st fail ) The delivery man called your customer service department for me I spoke with Vicky who apologized and assured me that the chest would be delivered the next day 8/23/19. No one ever came ( 2nd fail). I contacted customer service again. They then told me that I would have to wait until 8/28 for delivery (after the arrival of my guest) On 8/28 the delivery men arrived again with the wrong furniture (3rd fail) I contacted customer service again and was then told that when I purchased the chest in the store your salesman entered the wrong item. The item that i wanted was an additional $50.00. The customer service agent informed me that she would waive the additional $50.00. I do not feel that her waving this $50.00 was something that she was doing for me. I paid the price that I was quoted in the store for the furniture that I wanted. We rescheduled the delivery for the correct furniture for Friday 8/30/19. Finally the correct furniture was delivered. I have spoke with several customer service agents and have been offered $75.00 (25 for each failed delivery). This only really works out to $15.00 The Price I Paid 249.00 Delivery 59.99 Tax 23.66 Total 332.65 They are offering me $75.00 from a 59.99 delivery fee. this only works out to $15.00. They feel that because they did not charge me what they consider was the correct price $299.00 that I should be liable for this. I am requesting the $75.00 ( $25.00 for each failed delivery) + my original 59.99 delivery charge $134.99. This has been a horrible experience and your customer service agent just want to argue with me. I have been told " your getting $75.00 and that all" This is totally unaccepatble and I will take matters further if need be. I would like this matter escalated to the highest of management. Alison Phillips (hidden)

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Moshi - 13 d 15 h ago


**The U.S. will be dangerous for a while and then it will be little more than a petty dictatorship with no grandeur.

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Victor - 14 d 6 h ago

Bob furniture is the worst. Do not buy from here. There service is just like their prices cheap and inconsistent. The delivery guys were rude and the customer services had me on hold for an hour. They're liars and procrastinators. Run from this company, they are so unorganized if you want good services and quality furniture go to restoration hardware they are the best and professional.

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Katie Truslow - 15 d 12 m ago


When they mess your order up they do nothing to fix the problem. Customer service with this company is a joke.

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Vivian - 30 d 6 h ago


Beware, Beware.Beware of Bob's Discount Furniture they buy and sell factory defective, faulty, flawed, imperfect, shoddy, not working, not functioning, non functioning, malfunctioning, out of order, furniture made in China.

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Victoria - 16 d 6 h ago


Not according to my complaint. They do awesome inspections before their merchandise leaves the warehouse. How about I have an item that's bed bug infested and they refuse to do anything about because of the so called inspections that are supposed to be done. Plus they don't cover bed bugs.

They will put the complaint on a form and put in in a file. That's a whole lot of BS. So now I'm stuck with a bug infested base that was financed. No more Bob's Furniture for me ever again.

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Nanci xhera - 18 d 11 h ago

How does a corporate office have a voice mail without identifying their company name?

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Victoria - 16 d 6 h ago


Corporate sucks as well as the store's managers. They are not helpful with anything. I will not go inti details about my issue but Bob's will never again have meaa a customer

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Victoria Gilliam - 16 d 6 h ago


My name is Victoria Gilliam. On June 7th, 2019, I purchased a power Bob full power base. About 2 weeks or so ago. I noticed bed bugs. I had no idea where they could be coming from until yesterday, September 4th, 2019. I discovered they were coming from the base. Upon my discovery, I called the corporate office twice this day, also went to the location from where I purchased the base and no one was helpful. They claimed it wasn't their problem. Plus they didn't offer any resolution. I live in a 4 bedroom home with other people. I asked them had they seen any and they all stated no. I had an exterminator come out today, September 5th, 2019 and he stated after his inspection of the entire house, there are no other signs other than the base where he saw the infestation. He also stated this could be a warehouse or manufacturing issue. Whoever did the inspection did not do a thorough one, because they missed inspecting the cracks and crevices of the base. I however am highly upset because I was not offered anything outside of an I'm sorry there is nothing we can do from both, the store or corporate because bed bugs are not covered. I am highly pissed because they made it seem as if it were my problem and they were not going to do anything about it. I will be reporting this to the BBB and on your review page. Thanks for nothing Bob's Furniture.

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Matthew & Cindy DiBartolo - 16 d 7 h ago


We had purchased furniture from Bobs over the years. Some pieces we didn't have a problem with, but always took the Goof proof plan. Recently we had a couple of issues in which we had the Goof Proof plan on, and contacted them. Guardian is the company they use for the goof proof plan. According to the sales person and the brochure on the goof proof plan all accidental issues are covered. For instance. heat marks on wood,nail polish spills,scratches etc. You get the idea. What they didn't tell you is when you call guardian they fine any reason not to cover the damage item. We submitted twice and were rejected twice.Call Bobs and was told we had to deal with Guardian. GOOF PROOF not so GOOF PROOF. On the brochure there is a Bob's cartoon figure saying the the goof proof plus is us. Not true, it,s Guardian and there terrible.I hired a furniture repair guy to fix the issues I had. He was at my house for a half hour and charged me $75.00, less then I paid for the goof proof plan. Needless to say, I was going to buy a new bedroom set form Bobs, but we are going to Ashley Furniture instead.

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Ken Longtin - 17 d 8 h ago


I bought my son a love seat and couch. They talked me into getting their extended warranty. Last May I reported the led lights would. Not work. In June a repair man came out and called back to the office and said yes the lights are out on couch and love seat but we can not get parts to replace led lights. He said they are under the extended warranty Time went by and I called to see how my warranty would work. They said the repair man was wrong. We will order you 3 new cup holders with led lights. Over a 3 month period I called 6 times . every time they said I don't know why they haven't been ordered. Ill order them today. Well I finally asked for a manager in the warranty dept. After an hour wait on the phone I got Melisa B. Who cant give me her last name and she has no phone. She said not to worry I will order them today and send you the tracking number. She said I will even call you back tomorrow to confirm The parts are ordered. Well once again they weren't ordered she did tell me she is leaving her information on my file so they will know who to call if you have a problem. She never called me So I called back once again after a 25 min wait. A girl answers and I ask to speak with Melissa B. The girl says oh we can't get Mellissa. So I go through the whole story again and the girl says Ill order them today. Why wern't they ordered before. Girl says I have no Idea but it does take 72 hours just to put an order in. I said They don't make that part and she said when they do you will get it I said under your extended warranty it says you will fix it in a reasonable amount of time. Or you will replace it. Under the extended warranty what is a reasonable amount of time. Answer you have had that couch for over a year so the only solution is you have to wait until they make that part. I said I have waited 4 months are you saying I could wait 2 years for parts ? She said as I said whenever the parts are available we will send them. She says I have no.idea when that will be. I said alright by Ill do the survey. Now she transferred out of the system to a number no one. Was answering. I have tried to talk to the store manager. No way to get through. I tried calling management in corp. No way to talk to them. I do have a contract with them for the warranty. I will have to channel this to. BBB or tv 10

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Don & Lynn Lakewood,CA. 90713 - 90 d 22 h ago


June 17, 2019 Let me share my 1st 2nd and 3rd experience how my family feels about Bobs Furniture in Long Beach, CA. My wife and I bought a love seat and couch that both recline and they were delivered and worked as expected. On our 2nd visit we bought a full size mattress and box spring with a frame that worked ok for about 1year then the box spring started to make a lot of creaking noises that were so abnormal and annoying that I called Bobs to see if I could get and exchange or refund. We ended up eating that deal with no warrante back up. The 3rd started out to be a pleasant experience and we tried several queen size beds that raise the head and feet up and down.

Then we asked our salesman the million dollar question... well sir if we don't like this bed and platform can we return it to Bobs for an exchange or refund and he cheerfully replied sure.. NO PROBLEM! (a common response now a days by most salesman) more often then not its just a habit by most idiots that just want to close the deal just to get their sale behind them and get that big commission sealed in stone never mind what the customer has to deal with when he gets the furniture home.

During this meeting with the sales man I wish to point out that the manager of the Long Beach store was present and he to said that we would be able to RETURN THE BED AND PLATFORM if we were not satisfied with the purchased items. June 21, 2019 The bed set was delivered, my wife and I were told that Bobs drivers would take the old mattress and box spring from our house after they installed our new bed set, GUESS WHAT folks, they didn't take the old bed they politely said OH there is a soiled spot on the mattress and we can not take your bed set, I looked at my wife in disbelief, what did he just say? Well our salesman said that you would take it away with no questions asked.

Please keep in mind folks that we had doubts about doing business with Bobs in the first place because they screwed us on that defective box spring purchased last year. My wife is a type 1 diabetic cant walk but can stand for a short time who is by the way handicap and in a wheel chair, proceeds to sit on her new bed to try and get on the bed and try it out, she cant get on the bed!! because its just to high, its also to firm, she wasn't comfortable with the head up down pitch of the mattress and overall deal.

So we then called old Bobs furniture back to have this all picked up and returned back for a refund well we were told that they would buy the mattress but not the mechanical platform... this was not in the plan! This was never stated by the sales man! We spent $1,850. for this rig and now we have to eat it? We will tell everyone we know just how great our experience was at Bobs Furniture, and we were just as stupid to come back for a second helping of that good old time reach around just one more time! Good luck my friends we learned a VALUBLE LESSON HERE where your sales man will proudly say to your face; oh no problem sir; JUST one to many times

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Mr & Mrs Don Rosenthal - 72 d 13 h ago


July 11 2019

I wish to take a moment to let everyone know that the nice people at Bobs corp. Office at customer service have made it right with my wife and I here today. What you read above in this comment section has been rectified in our eyes, By that I mean we were re-embursed in full for the purchase that we made on June 17th for a queen size mattress and power platform that was purchased for my wife who is a disabled diabetic & couldn't be used on her behalf, So I must give credit where credit is due. My thanks to Bobs Discount Furniture in total. We thank customer service at the corp. level for a very timely solution to our problem but above all keeping THEIR PROMOUS to us the consumer that management took responsibility for this and did the right thing. We to have learned a valuable lessen here & that is I need to take it upon myself to be a bit more selective in how the sales staff work the sale AND make sure that from the start this bed system is going to be the right item for us as well.

We are grateful for your assistance in this matter and we will shop at Bobs Discount furniture in the near future! Thank you all very much. Sincerely Lynn and Don In Lakewood, CA.

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Michelle Beaver - 23 d ago

I ordered a mattress a few days ago. It's not here yet. I'll send it right back and complain! Funny when I was buying all the reviews were good. If they are especially ripping off young military family's they suck!! Please let my mattress be in good shape . The frame had to be shored up without a mattress. Crossing fingers or cancelling credit card

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Anonymous - 18 d 10 h ago

U better cxl!!! We had so many issues w deliveries

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Nanci - 18 d 11 h ago

How did you get in touch with corporate may I ask I called the so called corporate office and it's a voice mail

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Sandra - 23 d 7 h ago

I am very upset and unsatisfied with the delivery charge after I spend over 3,000.00 plus purchased the warranty of 249.00 and they sell wouldn't give me a break to waive the delivery charge of 289.00 or at least meet me half way. They try to give you the sell pitch that every other furniture stores charges that much because they add it onto your furniture purchase which they are full of shit.

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Anonymous - 24 d ago

To whom it may concern:

My name is Gary Watkins, I purchased furniture from your Cherry Hill location. I wasn't happy on my first delivery

The sofa had some tears on it. I asked them to return it back to the store.I call Cherry Hill and asked if I could change the color due to them bringing the wrong color on the recliner. They said ok, but delivery won't be until the 28th of August. The delivery never showed up. I call to find out why. It wasn't on the delivery this. I wanted a refund for everything but they talked me out of it. They where going to knock of delivery charge. I am not happy with what happened and will not go back to BOB'S FURNITURE. UNHAPPY CUSTOMER.

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