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Bob's Discount Furniture

428 Tolland Turnpike
Manchester, CT
(860) 474-1000
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Pedro - 9 h 3 m ago


Hi my review There's a new store at Calumet city in ill I call and call I press every number from this store and nobody pick up the phone they are so lazy they should be fired starting with the manager because this is a new store and for them not to answer the phone they should be ashame it brings a bad reputation to the owner of the store please fix this problem.

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Sheila S - 1 d 12 h ago


I've been a customer of Bob's for quite some time now. Almost all of my furniture is from bobs. My last purchase was a couch set. I haven't had these couches for not even a full year. Unfortunately they were caught on fire due to a fire in my home. At the time of the purchase Bob's convinced my fiance' and I to also purchase "Goof Proof Protection" told us all this false information.Such as they'd cover you for pretty much"anything" that happens to your furniture. After the fire, I called "Goof Proof Protection" and also made sure I made a call to Bob's seeing how it hadn't been not even a full year with these couches. Goof proof then informed me that we were not eligible for the claim. They cover "cigarette burns", (something people have full control over) but don't cover accidental burns. So I then sufficed and said ok, I'll file a different claim for the scrapes and scratches at least, (something they told me they DO cover when they denied me the first time). I then received another email stating that we were non-eligibale AGAIN. How? if the last agent just finished informing me of the "accidental" damage they do cover. So now my family and I have some burned, scraped and scratched couches that we paid extra for the protection plan and Bob's nor Good Proof have done ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING about. They have zero consideration but most importantly they convince customers to purchase a protection plan that helps with nothing! Also coming from a customer in which had MULTIPLE mishaps with deliveries of the furniture but was more than considerate and continued to give them chances and never made a big deal. Now I'm going to continue publicly shaming these companies until they do what's right!

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Betty Petrick - 4 d 4 h ago


Worst Delivery service ever!!!!! Our Diva chest was cracked on the top. The delivery driver did not want to take it back even after his customer service team told him to. We had to refuse it so they will send us a new one. The Drivers made a huge mess and did not clean everything up. I found balled up tape on my couch and chairs. Our sales person Roland Sosa in the Burbank, IL store was fantastic. He assisted me in ensuring that the replacement delivery was scheduled and was very apologetic about the situtation.

We bought the Goof Proof warranty to protect against any damages.

I dont think we will ever purchase anything from Bob's again because of the Horrible delivery service.

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David w - 5 d 11 h ago


1 of 3 of my barstools back is cracked and I was told it's not a manufacture defect....won't spend another penny here cuz there material is trash and I was told to "go by another stool" like why can't you just simply give me another stool and take your broken one back!

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Kisha - 7 d 10 h ago



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Anonymous - 7 d 15 h ago


Worst service! Better off using wayfair and putting it together myself. I will NEVER purchase from Bob's again.

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Matt Lassman - 12 d 10 h ago


Worst company to deal with. Never been treated so poorly.

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Kimberly B - 13 d 7 h ago


Bob's I used to be a faithful customer however with this couch/sectional that has memory foam the chaise part of the sectional the memory foam completely collapsed in 45 days of receiving it. I contacted customer service and they sent out a technician. Never heard from anyone until I contacted customer service via email myself. Then stated it was not a manufacturer defect, but as a courtesy they replaced it. It is a manufacturer defect. Then I received the replacement came today and I wasn't home. My daughter didn't realize the replacement was damaged and accepted it. I get home and notice several spots on the replacement that are permanent and damaged, was informed that when it was delivered it was not in plastic they brought it in already assembled. At this point I want this out of my house. I am tired of Bob's and their POS furniture and service

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Zar - 23 d 7 h ago


We had a delivery on 4.28.19. First time buying from Bob's. All service was great until day of delivery. We waited over 6 weeks for our couch. Excited to have our new couch, it was a sectional, a corner piece was not on the truck. The drivers told my husband to contact customer service and he. He got the run around. He was told to call back again. Same person, left him on hold for a while, phone kept ringing. Finally she came back, to say they can't schedule delivery on a Sunday, b/c that is not their normal day. It was specifically written on our contract to pick a day that works out for us (customer) per our salesman. She did not listen to us at all. She apologize but it was b/c she had to for her job. She did not listen again and kept telling my husband that they can come back, Wed-Sat, but can not give us a time (morning or afternoon) but only a 4hr window and we would have to wait. He told her that we all work and she did not care. When he told her to come back to get furniture, she really didn't care about the customer or company, except that she said, okay, when do you want us to come pick it back up. I still have the same days avail. (wow, was my look). I called back to get her name, and was intercepted by another one of her worker, who basically refused to tell me and asked me for my info. Then I was put on hold AGAIN, for Parvati (lady who said she is the manager), just to get her name so we can call corporate. She seemed very annoyed that we called her back and asked for her name. We paid $200 + tax just for delivery fee alone and did not have everything delivered. So very disappointed in the lack of service with Customer Care. If we would have known that customer service did not care about helping the customers, then we would have taken our money and business elsewhere. We'll see how Corporate handles this, to see if we will continue as a Bob's customer. (This only pertains to the Customer Care, not the sales team at all)

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chaz - 23 d 11 h ago


I had a delivery scheduled for today, April 28, 2019 between the hours of 9:30AM - 1:30PM the drivers promptly arrived at 9:10 which was great. But the drivers claimed that they weren't able to complete the delivery because there wasn't any available parking. Which is the furthest thing from the truth.They proceeded to circle the block 2-3 times before completely blowing me off. I called the driver 3 times and he ignored my phone call each time. I spoke with management from the Rhode Island store where I made the purchase from and she did not seem to care about the issues at all. During our conversation she informed me that the drivers submitted "photo evidence" of the parking situation documenting why they were unable to complete the delivery as scheduled. I can only assume he took photos elsewhere because there had been plenty of room to park in front of my apartment.

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Alex - 25 d 14 h ago


Purchased Bennett set leather couch from Bobs with insurance.

Had minor damage-technician came and took 3 pics with his iPhone.

Never heard from em back-un till called and refered to Guardian -which stated that the damage is not their responsibility ,but Bob's...

Any case-long story short--SAVE YOUR MONEY -DONT BUY BOB's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pissed customer - 42 d 8 h ago

Bob's Discount Furniture SUCKS!!!!!

Today was the 6th time I had to stay home and wait for them to come and deliver what I was told furniture that would be inspected b4 it left the warehouse to make sure it was good quality, As soon as the 1st piece came in I started taken photos of all the damage on it. The driver asked me in inspect the other stuff outside which it also was damaged.

On the phone over an hour to be told I couldn't get a refund just an exchange. So under protest I'll be waiting a 7th time for them to try again.

NEVER BUY FROM BOB'S DISCOUNT FURNITURE is my opinion......... They SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are horrible to work with and they seem to find every reason to keep your money and keep sending you crap. The lady I spoke to today told me that we were compensated with a $50.00 credit that you can only use in their store. That's because I had to stay home the 1st three times and wait for them. I asked her if she made more than $50 a day??????? Then after some silents I said I knew you wouldn't answer that question.

So now I'll have to wait a 7th time to try and deliver stuff that's not damaged.

Bob's Discount Furniture in my opinion sucks and they are crooks.

Not asking anyone to, but I'd love the see this shared so no one else gets ripped off the way we are.

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I concur! - 38 d 11 h ago


I concur! with pissed customer. They really do suck. Not only suck but they (even corporate offices have lied to me when I took my complaint to their offices). They ought not lie.Goof Proof - we'll see about that.. This is false advertising, which of course is rampant t- so widespread out there no matter where you turn.

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Wells - 32 d 7 h ago


Im on vist 8 or 9, myself. Wont offer a refund, only store credit.

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Charles Fink - 31 d 5 h ago


More than pissed your company sucks!!!! Its managed and run by A H'sRecliner chair 3x's repairmen months wrong repair wrong parts delays .Stupid AH procedures nothing but a bunch of jackass's could operate a company sich as tjhis!!! MORONS!!!!! IDIOTS!!!!BAFOONS!!!

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Anonymous - 38 d 14 h ago

Just pulled up to my house and see a truck blocking my driveway and no one in the truck, when someone finally comes out I advised him that it illegal to block a driveway and that he can get a summons, he reply was " go right ahead and called me an asshole", so I decided to call a Bobs store to ask for who they use as there delivery people in NJ, she said hold on and have been on hold for 12 min. Bobs needs to train there people better and now they picked up the phone and just hung up. Poor quality of furniture as much as service. Why would anyone waste there time and money on such trash.

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Bobssucks - 40 d 16 h ago


Bobs is disgusting. All of your customer service people are constantly giving wrong information regarding sales and exchanges and I'm home waiting for a pick up that no one placed! It was oked by 6 Different people! Courtney in customer service is a jerk. Hire better people and do what you say you're going to do!!!

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Trude V.H. Flynn - 52 d 15 h ago



So, Bob's acknowledged that their sofa is defected. OBVIOUSLY. It's not leather because leather does not peel. The color under the brown is a reddish brown plastic. It actually makes my skin (neck) itch when I sit on it. Seems like a slight rash irritation occurs behind my neck. We have gotten to the point of using a sheet on it to sit and watch TV. After spending thousands of dollars on this set (and Goof proof plus the extended warrentee) and the best you can do is offer a 75% credit?

We are both hard working Americans who value the money that we spend. We thought Bob's represents the hard working American family, but instead they seem to take advantage of us. We do not have money to throw away on anything. We thought we were buying quality furniture, but quality furniture doesn't peel. The 25% the Bob's wants us to eat is just way too much for us to throw away.


So unhappy with Bob's right now

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Trude V.H. Flynn - 52 d 15 h ago


Bob's Discount Furniture 241 E. Sunrise Highway Freeport, NY 11520 And all Bob's Discount Furniture places Bob's Furniture and their Goof Proof is a joke. Do not EVER PURCHASE furniture or Goof Proof because they DO NOT honor it. Our furniture is peeling although it is supposedly leather (obviously not because leather does not peel). It appears to look like a total staining discoloration. In addition one area seems to be a bit lower, as if falling in. Mind you, we are a typical average sized couple. This is only after owning this sofa set for 1 1/2 short years. Also, point of information, it is the Atlas Collection Set. Probably the more expensive sets this company makes. Wasted money for crap furniture. We called their offices, customer service and all of the offices we were told to call. We sent in the pictures that we were asked to send in, mind you this whole process has been well over a month of a total runaround. Supposed emails that were sent to us never received. This appears to be a total scam. Get the consumer to buy the useless goof proof for extra and don't honor it. Refuse based on pictures and your own deductions than the truth. Fact is, your supposed leather furniture was bought a year and a half ago, is peeling and looks like crap. Is it Bob's policy to ignore the consumer? Is it Bob's policy to treat us as if we don't matter after you have our money? Is Goof proof a scam for the consumer to waste extra money for your profits which you have no interest in honoring? Why do we get such a total run around each and everytime we call or email or physically go into a Bob's store? The average typical person works, we both do, and can not dedicate any day time to long waits on the phone while at work. Is theirs what your store feeds on, knowing the average consumer might get frustrated and just leave it? Well, I'm here to speak for the average consumer who apparently is getting scammed but your store. I plan on making as much noise as possible until this is rectified. No one can afford to buy furniture that, after a year and a half, looks hideous due to nothing we have done. Leather does not peel. I believed that Bob's was a store that the average American working class consumer could go to, spend their hard earned money, get nice customer service and decent quality furniture. It appears that Bob's doesn't care about us American hard working consumers and that sucks! I truly hope that Bob's rectifies this for us. We would love to actually sit on our sofa set, without it peeling in our hair, and enjoy what we worked so hard to earn. Bought under Bryan Gallagher

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Anonymous - 56 d 9 h ago


Terrible Experience! They will never receive a dime from me again!

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