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Bob's Discount Furniture

428 Tolland Turnpike
Manchester, CT
(860) 474-1000
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Stacy and Ron Bandy - 67 d 24 h ago


Bobs sucks, still have not received any response back after delivery drivers broke drive way lights and porch light. I emailed copy of bill to replace. And pictures.. Bobs keeps saying they never received and this is bull shit.. I will never buy anything from them I will be filing documents with BBB. No wonder people do what they do...... just the lack of respect.for the consumer that's paying there salary... this has been since March 2019.

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Jd. - 66 d 11 h ago


That's bad business and they talk to customers with disrespect not to mention how the delivery schedule is horrible and they refuse to change my delivery time so I have told them to eat shit I'm not pay for my furniture or delivery and personally contacted the corporate office.

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David - 34 d 4 h ago


What's the corporate office number?

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BOB - 28 d 44 m ago


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Caitlin De Blasio - 7 d 32 m ago

Can someone give me the corporate number?

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Unhappy customer - 4 d 7 h ago

Did you get the number? I am not happy with their service

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Mr - 3 d ago

Good luck with that. The number just sends you to the automated menu. The email sends you to a list of legal laps that have nothing to do with the company.

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MR - 3 d ago


Another very dissatisfied customer. I ordered a remote controller for my bed. I was told it would be here in a week to ten days. After 15 days I called the store and was told it would not be available until Feb. 2020. Not only that but no one in the store or their customer service seemed to care. Will never order from Bobs again and will not recommend them.

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Mary lambo - 71 d 7 h ago


I am calling channel7 on your side for your neglect to help me for my remote control recliner. Your compay is so quick to make a sale . Your goof proof insuranse is bogus. Bloomfield nj

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Bob's RIP OFF.. - 66 d 34 m ago

Your so (hidden)

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Anonymous - 40 d 10 h ago

I total agree! Worst experience EVER!!!

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Anonymous - 31 d 8 h ago

me too soooo disappointed!!!!

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Unhappy customer - 4 d 7 h ago

I hope you got a hold of Channel 7!!

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Anonymous - 4 d 8 h ago


fuk bobs they cutomer service sucks. i cancled my order and will not be shopping with them again

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JMc - 5 d 7 h ago


Bobs Furniture Sofa buyers beware; purchased a sofa in 2017, paid extra for Goof proof insurance (5 year warranty).

IN 2017 and 2018 the initial requests to have a technician come service this sofa were made. At that time, we went into the store to make the complaint because we could not get through on the service line.

We reported the following:

1) Cushions were lumpy and tamped down (almost like sitting on bare metal).

2) USB port was not working in the left side.

3) Right side undercarriage had partially collapsed (this portion of the sofa is slanted towards the ground).

4) Pins that hold the sectional together have bent and sheared off.

5) Right recliner slants down severely.

6) Right recliner motor malfunctions.

Service was not scheduled in 2017, in 2018 the service person was a no show 2x - I took time out of my workday to wait for service...finally got a service person to show up in 2019, only to be told they would not honor any warranty because the service person deemed it was damage beyond normal use, AND they did not have notes in my file regarding my previous complaints and failed attempts to get service to show up. They did not consider that I had made reports every year about the deterioration of the sofa. They let me know i could pay another $900 to have the sofa repaired.

I am not satisfied, I have an uncomfortable, unusable piece of junk in my family room.

Poor repair service, "warranty" not worth the paper it is written on, poor customer service.

@mybobs not!

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Caitlin De Blasio - 7 d ago



Working for a business that provides customer service, I AM BAFFLED at the inflexibility and complete DISREGARD this company has for their customers.

1. Took 5 phone calls back and forth to complete and order over the phone.

2. Delivery was an an hour late passed the four hour window.

3. I gave the sales rep measurements and was assured couches would fit. Couches DID NOT FIT and delivery team tried to force them in damaging my walls in 3 spots, metal frame, sheetrock, etc

4. Carelessly knocked dresser into another wall taking out a chunk, leaving me with damaged furniture.

5. No response back from Property Damage Claim team.

6. Customer care directs you to store management for refund - stores direct you to customer care.

7. Management can do NOTHING to help a customer, ABSOLUTELY NO OVERRIDING POLICY regardless of extremely POOR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.


NEVER purchasing from this company again.

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Terrance Lewis - 12 d 4 h ago


I have never seen a business such as this, they do not stand behind their products they sale. I got my furniture delivered only a week ago and it still isn't right. I got two different bedroom sets, the drawers didn't close correctly. The delivered the wrong mattress with one of the bedroom sets, my beds have storage drawers on the bottom they didn't close correctly and one of the beds had king size drawers for a full bed. A dresser and a TV chest was damaged off of the truck. So I had to wait for technicians to come out in total of 2 times, and for the replaced pieces to be delivered. When the new furniture came out the delivery person said the bed they were taking down to replace, was missing pieces and would have fell down eventually. So now im on the phone trying to talk to a supervisor for 20 minutes and counting. I want them to come and take everything out and want a refund. Over 4K in merchandise. stay away from Bob's. BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES AND POOR QUALITY. So when they do put a supervisor on the phone, by the name of Jasmine S. she tells me they don't offer refunds once I take possession of the furniture, which was never installed correctly and has been defective. I will get the media involved.

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Howie - 12 d 5 h ago


You can't anyone of seniority on the phone above a supervisor - these executives hide. They don't do the right thing and handle issues that they have created. Treat the customer with no respect.

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Lola - 14 d ago

OMG ... THe CEO needs to read up this, All the bad reviews.

Please MR. Skirvin, you need to read this. Please Fix this, Please we need our money back, please we need solutions. Please save the company's Integrity.

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Rich B.I - 24 d 12 h ago


I will say this Bob's furniture is decent the service department is horrible. I've been dealing with them for months over a kitchen table that was taken back and never replaced a dresser that was ordered and I was told it wasn't and a chair that was backordered three times. If you ask me for a recommendation I would send them to somebody else. Years ago I ordered from Bob's and was completely satisfied I guess they've gotten too big to care about their customers.

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Anonymous - 30 d 7 h ago

Got a dining room set from bobs and after a month it was defected. Will not give money back. Like nothing else in store ..stick with Bernie and Phyl.

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Carmen D - 31 d 8 h ago


So disappointed with the quality of the furniture that I purchased 6 months ago .Poor costumer service. These people have no idea how to handle claims and go nowhere to resolve your issues Their techs that come out to inspect your furniture.

Save your money and DO NOT buy your furniture from this place!!!

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LA - 32 d 10 h ago


I waited a month for delivery, bunk bed was installed shockingly bad for children. Then had to wait longer for a repair (not replacement). The bed is still left with open screw holes and are apparently okay because the manufacturer makes it that way? So selling a hazardous bed is okay because they are made hazardous?

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Joanie - 37 d 8 h ago


I purchased the Greyson livingroom set sofa and loveseat on 12/26/2016 delivered on 12/30/16. I having been having problems with the cushions on both (sagging, losing shape) as well as the arms. I contacted customer service months ago.The first tech came out to inspect he took pictures, and said that there was a problem with the cushions and arm, and also stated that the set may have been laying in the warehouse for a while, he would give his report in. Called again to hear hear there was nothing Bob's could do. Requested another tech to inspect he came and turned the sofa on its front and pulled a piece of cardboard from the arm and said nothing is wrong with the cushions. Called again (third call) asked for another tech (maybe this time an employee of Bob's as this part of the servicing was an outsourced to an independent contractor) third gentlemen came sat on each cushion and agreed they needed replacement, he called in to service and stated same, he then passed the phone to me and I was told that she was ordering all 5 cushions and they would be delivered in the beginning of October, well called on October 11 and when I asked when the cushions would be delivered, I was told there was no such order placed!!! Now the furniture is squeaking because of the cushions being so damaged. Asked to speak to a Manager and he stated that he would notify Goof Proof department and I would hear from them in 2 business days. Well , received e mail today stating the only thing that would be done is replacement of cushions and would be delivered early November! Really!!! What is going to happen to the springs and other parts of the furniture while waiting for the cushions to arrive and then the waiting for tech to install them. I don't have children jumping on the furniture,only 2 adults trying to sit on the furniture!!!! I am disgusted with Bob's Discount Furniture both in their customer service and quality of their products. Go somewhere else to spend your hard earned money!!!!!! Now I know why Bob's has Goof Proof Insurance it's the quality of their products and even having this doesn't do a thing!!!!!

Flagged for review. 
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tjd - 38 d 4 h ago


If you want to be TOTALLY disappointed with your delivery service and get the total run around about helping you fix a problem caused by Bobs delivery service, a problem I've had since July 2019, buy from this company.

Sarcastic response.

They stained our carpet (that we had recently replaced 3 months ago) and they seem to think its not a problem. Since July I've spoken with them directly or their insurance company.

We first spoke with them around 08-08-19 about the problem of some type of OILY substance being on the plastic wrap of a king sized mattress and they dragged the mattress up the stairs and stained the new carpet terribly. The salesman in the store in Orland Park, Il has tried to be helpful but I understand the store people can only do so much.

I've tried to get this resolved since 08-08-19, 08-19-19, 08-21-19, 08-29-19, 09-03-19-, 09-04-19, 09-11-19, 09-14-19, 10-03-19, 10-04-19, 10-07-19, 10-09-19, and today, 1011-19 and still no positive result. Yes, 15 times I've spoken to or with them and nothing resolved.

I've want to continue to be a customer because they sell good furniture and good pricing but the customer service sucks !

Obviously, with all the negative comments posted on line this will be just another negative posting. so sad service today is so bad.

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