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Cabela's Incorporated

1 Cabela Dr.
Sidney, NE
Richard Cabela
(308) 254-5505
(308) 254-4800
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Mike ROON - 11 h 15 m ago

What is with this site? I click on contact Cabela's- Incorporated to email you a complaint and i get a state location directory! No wonder why you have 1 star out of 5. You need a new IT department!

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greg moore - 5 d 14 h ago


will not buy from cabela again, ordered a item on line (live about 60 miles from a store) my bad but didn't need the the item after receiving, needed something else. was going to return and order other item i need , but was told it would take 6 weeks to process my return. done with cabelas

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Bad Service Tx - 52 d 21 h ago


Been watching the Beretta APX model# JAXF421 for a couple years, Cabela's and Bass Pro (now same company) has listed it "on sale" on the website. Cabela's actually lists it as $259.99 limited stock and Bass Pro has it for same price but unavailable. Contacted both Cabela's and Bass Pro Shop Customer Service department and was told by both there is nothing they can do to help. "I mean you can't order me one from Beretta or anything"? The Cabela's customer service actually told me it is a seasonal item, hmm pretty sure as long and as many times as I have shopped at Cabela's it's there year round, just not for that price. What ever happened to taking care of the customer? This is why Amazon and is striving and these other companies are slowly crashing. You can literally buy just about anything from Amazon and so in my opinion if Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops wants to handle business this way, then I plan to do more shopping with Amazon and, besides Amazon will donate a percentage to a charity of your choice for shopping as well, seems like a good deal to me.

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Not happy MI - 57 d ago

Bought a pro series pellet grill would not work right out of the box!! When you spend 600$ on a new product and it does not work it is very disappointing. Thing is a piece of crap!!

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Lymm - 62 d 12 h ago


My husband and I used to love shopping at cabela's especially at Christmas time. There was always someone around to help you find something. Customer service was great, and could always find a good deal even if you didnt have a big budget. Then boom prices went up and horrible customer service. So you can imagine we stopped shopping there. Then i saw a special on what had happened. Another great company taken over and ruined.

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Richard Cabela - 68 d 14 h ago



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Anonymous - 68 d 15 h ago

WARNING: I went to a Cabela's outlet to purchase a firearm on 12-17-19. The model I wanted was not in stock and offered the display model for FULL price. I declined and was told to order the firearm online and specifically request no display model. There was NO area on order online to mention this. I called customer service and had a rep take my order and I told them specifically I wanted a factory boxed firearm only. The very next day I get an email notification that my order can be picked up at the same store. Suspicious, I called and sure enough, it was actually the display model that they were reboxing. I was told by the manager I could cancel my order and he would put a "hold" on the display model but he cannot guarantee that they would not receive stock from another store that was not a reboxed display firearm. That is not only a dishonest practice but unfair that they are charging full price. Not going to continue with this company nor will I play their points game with the club credit card. Very disappointed.

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Anonymous - 72 d 41 s ago


Stacey Miller

My son has worked at Cabela's since August of 2019 at the Bristol Virginia location. He worked in the shoe department where Gary, the manager over the shoe department was always saying things to him so my son figured out quickly he did not like him. I was I. The store shopping and wanted to look at a pair of shoes so I did and he got in trouble because I was in the store which pissed me off and I wanted to say something when he told me but he didn't want me to. He spoke to me and that was it and went on to help another customer. His dad bought him tickets to the Belk Bowl for December 31 so he requested off 21 days before the actually game and was told to do it on line. He went on line and he accidentally hit the wrong button for why he wanted off so he immediately emailed the lady that does the schedule to let her know, The next day he went to her to explain what happened and was told never email her again, her name Jessica Cole. So he just said that he needs that day off. Well approximately two weeks later while doing the schedule she calls him in and terminates him because he accidentally hit jury duty and it wouldn't let him change it. He apologized right after it happened and explained what happened and he was just told not to ever email her again. This is ridiculous and will never go back to that store again, which I know they don't care but wait two weeks to fire him is ridiculous why not at the moment it happened?

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Richard Cabela's, Inc. - 75 d 2 m ago



Flagged for review. 
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Mark H - 75 d 12 h ago


I recently placed an online order for in store pick-up. I kept getting emails letting me know as my order dribbled in. A week later I went to the store (Sunday, December 8, 2019) to get what was there. At first, Customer Service rep to;d me they only had one box. I told them there were more items there. They asked me how big of a box would it have been shipped in! How would I know? I don't work in their packing and shipping dept! Well, finally after an hour the found all my boxes.

The next day I received an email telling me the rest of my order was there to be picked up. I arrived 40 minutes later. SAME THING HAPPENED. Same "only one box". same question about how big would the shipping box be? then the search was on for the rest of my order. After more than an hour and a half they admitted they couldn't find two of my ordered items! I will admit the two customer service reps were very nice, patient, professional, and apologetic and worked their butts off trying to help me and compensation was provided.

Cabela's is not the same since Bass Pro took them over! I used to like buying from Cabela's, now I cringe everytime I have to order something, or worse have to go to their store. OH, did I mention virtually none of the floor reps know anything about the outdoor world or the department they work in , that's if you can even find a floor employee. If they don know if they have something, they say "you might want to try XYZ dept, instead of actually finding someone to help you. I will still shop Cabela's, but only if I cant find it on Amazon. I will refuse to shop at Dick's. I hope Cabela's gets their act together or they will join the list with Dick's!

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Former Customer - 100 d 22 h ago


Ever since Bass Pro you should change your moto to Make It Cheap As Possible and Charge More,Clothing is now JUNK.

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Upset x-customer - 108 d 14 h ago


Purchased a pair of $55 pants and didnt have time to try them on. I assumed if there was an issue size wise i could exchange them for the correct size. Yet un worn tags still on they wouldnt exchange them. Was looking at come summer buting either the proskiff 17 or the mako 182. Because of this one thing i know will look elsewhere for all my needs. Here in CT and down in FL

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Anonymous - 118 d ago

America needs more Dads & Grandads children & grandchildren with tackleboxes. Fewer xboxes. God bless Ameruca

General profile image - 119 d 19 h ago


I purchased an insulated cup, one that has bottle opener on the bottom. The problem is the seal does not keep it from leakind and spotting my cloths. It isa waste of momey

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Todd - 130 d 4 h ago


I think Indianapolis can support two cabelas.Greenwood or beech grove Indiana has high traffic volume.

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Robert Zoeller - 141 d ago


AN OBSERVATION: I can locate a vintage 1928 Thompson Sub Machine Gun and wait for the two month long back ground check conducted by the Treasury Department and still finish up quicker than I can walk into the local Cabelas in Louisville, Kentucky and buy a Winchester Model 12 shotgun off the rack. That place is pathetic. No one knows Jack Shit about how to do anything and then they have to check with somebody else who knows even less to approve the shit they didn't know how to do in the first place. Every time I buy something over there it's a two hour long fiasco.

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?? - 182 d ago


!!!!The 6,000,000 dollar question - Why do decent looking women love to spread their knees for some of the ugliest critters on earth? Stupidity? Insanity? Overwhelming twat twitch? Masochism? Money? What?

If any of you perceptive young white fellows out there can enlighten me, then be my guest.

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Perceptive young white fellow - 153 d 30 s ago

I am guessing money is how Trump's ugly ass gets pussy. I think he once admitted he can just grab women and they are cool with it because he's famous. I think power is how Kim Jong Un got Donald to fall in love with him. That was a very thought provoking question you asked but I don't know of many men uglier than Trump and Little Kim and 1 attracts beautiful women and the other attracts wealthy men with beautiful women.

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Mrs. Wolfe - 153 d ago


Sent my cut-up card back with my next-to-last payment. Thought it was weird that instead of the usual snarky confirmation letter warning me I'd better pay it all off, instead I received notice that my credit limit was INCREASED! So, when I got my last bill yesterday, I called customer service. GOOD THING I DID! Someone repeatedly tried to put charges on the card for Netflix AND Mascaret (wine company I believe). But, NEITHER OF WHICH WAS MINE! Luckily the charges did not seem to go through, but someone is continually attempting to make them. The only deduction I can make is that there is definitely an extremely dishonest person who opens the mail payments, and tried to steal. Customer service is supposed to be following up fraud investigations. Hopefully they find their sleazy employee and FIRE him or her!!! I am giving a low rating due to being unable to trust their employees!

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Mark Schluender - 182 d 13 h ago


I have been a Cabelas credit card member for many years. When Cabelas used Visa, I never had a problem, they were very diligent. I pay in full monthly. Since Capital One, Mastercard has been used, it has been nothing but problems. They consistently do not either get our electronic payment until after the due date and since the change I have accrued in excess of $300 in interest and penalties. Additionally Capital One changed the delivery of our statement to electronic billing vs mailed bill. They then told me that was not their responsibility, but mine to pay a bill that I have never received.

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Artur Mroczkowski - 192 d ago

What materials were used to protect stores logs? They look excellent.

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Linda Wilhelm - 220 d 32 s ago

I can't say I like shopping Cabela's since you merged with Bass Pro! Your priced are higher and the Bargain Cave not much in it. Being a senior citizen I have to watch my budget. I could always find good deals but not since the merger. So sad! Thank you Linda Wilhelm

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Sonny - 197 d 10 h ago


I stopped shopping at Cabelas in Glendale Az . Their prices on firearms are too high , I got the feeling that I was in Bass Pro Shop . I've dealt with Cabelas for over 25 years and I won't be going back ! Tragedy to loose such a great company .

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Chad - 198 d ago


I called and seen on the cabelas kansas city website that they had 2 trolling motors in stock. So I drove 2 hours to pick it up and when I got to the store they couldnt find them. What a joke especially when the guy says well you shouldn't believe we have it until it's in your hands or you can visually see it. Sure hope I never have to buy another product from cabelas again and will definitely pass this information on!!!!!

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Rick M - 203 d 12 h ago

It's time for Cabelas to stop selling assault rifles. Follow the lead of Dicks Sporting Goods.

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TiredOfIncorrectTerms - 200 d 20 h ago


They don't sell assault rifles...They sell Modern Sporting Rifles. None are automatic. It's the user (AKA nutcase) that chooses a rifle for assault. ALL rifles in that case can be assault rifles, not just the scary black ones.

General profile image

To tired... - 200 d 19 h ago

Thanks for your comment, which is completely correct.

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