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Cabela's Incorporated

1 Cabela Dr.
Sidney, NE
Richard Cabela
(308) 254-5505
(308) 254-4800
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?? - 25 d 13 h ago


!!!!The 6,000,000 dollar question - Why do decent looking women love to spread their knees for some of the ugliest critters on earth? Stupidity? Insanity? Overwhelming twat twitch? Masochism? Money? What?

If any of you perceptive young white fellows out there can enlighten me, then be my guest.

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Mark Schluender - 26 d 1 h ago


I have been a Cabelas credit card member for many years. When Cabelas used Visa, I never had a problem, they were very diligent. I pay in full monthly. Since Capital One, Mastercard has been used, it has been nothing but problems. They consistently do not either get our electronic payment until after the due date and since the change I have accrued in excess of $300 in interest and penalties. Additionally Capital One changed the delivery of our statement to electronic billing vs mailed bill. They then told me that was not their responsibility, but mine to pay a bill that I have never received.

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Artur Mroczkowski - 35 d 10 h ago

What materials were used to protect stores logs? They look excellent.

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Linda Wilhelm - 63 d 8 h ago

I can't say I like shopping Cabela's since you merged with Bass Pro! Your priced are higher and the Bargain Cave not much in it. Being a senior citizen I have to watch my budget. I could always find good deals but not since the merger. So sad! Thank you Linda Wilhelm

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Sonny - 41 d 10 s ago


I stopped shopping at Cabelas in Glendale Az . Their prices on firearms are too high , I got the feeling that I was in Bass Pro Shop . I've dealt with Cabelas for over 25 years and I won't be going back ! Tragedy to loose such a great company .

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Chad - 41 d 9 h ago


I called and seen on the cabelas kansas city website that they had 2 trolling motors in stock. So I drove 2 hours to pick it up and when I got to the store they couldnt find them. What a joke especially when the guy says well you shouldn't believe we have it until it's in your hands or you can visually see it. Sure hope I never have to buy another product from cabelas again and will definitely pass this information on!!!!!

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Rick M - 47 d 4 s ago

It's time for Cabelas to stop selling assault rifles. Follow the lead of Dicks Sporting Goods.

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TiredOfIncorrectTerms - 44 d 7 h ago


They don't sell assault rifles...They sell Modern Sporting Rifles. None are automatic. It's the user (AKA nutcase) that chooses a rifle for assault. ALL rifles in that case can be assault rifles, not just the scary black ones.

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To tired... - 44 d 7 h ago

Thanks for your comment, which is completely correct.

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Kenneth L. Vaughn - 71 d 6 h ago

I'm a resident of New Jersey. I attempted to purchase a Henry Original Lever Action Rifle in a 44-40 caliber. It was ordered at the state of Delaware store approx one week ago. The Delaware store is close to the New Jersey border so I go there often. It's about a 40 minute drive. The rifle arrived from another store and I was contacted to come in and finalize the purchase. While I was on my way there I received another call from Cabelas stating that the sale was in limbo because they ( the store ) believe the rifle is not in compliance with New Jersey's state law which states," is illegal to possess any magazine that is capable of accepting more than 10 rounds of ammunition for semi-automatic pistols or rifles, or 6 rounds for semi-automatic shotguns that accept detachable magazines." the Henry rifle which is a very close replica of the civil war era model is not a semi-automatic in any way shape or form. It's a lever action ( manual ) tubular fed rifle which holds 13+1 rounds. Key word is," manual " not semi-automatic. The store said they would contact the corporate headquarters for their interpretation. Though I haven't heard from Cabelas yet my concern is that someone unfamiliar with firearms will be the one rendering an opinion. I have contacted a gun rights attorney and he stated that my interpretation of the New Jersey law was correct. It pertains to semi-automatic firearms. A 1860's replica is certainly not a semi-automatic.

Not sure where the company is going with this one. Just trying to be proactive. Would appreciate a response.

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Karl - 71 d 6 h ago

You won't get a response from Cabelas on this site. Btw, I think you can order Henry rifles direct from the manufacturer through any FFL holder in your state.

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Doug G - 80 d 5 h ago


A large company using SAP for inventory control it seems like you're not using it to it's potential. Where you can't order the next part off the truck. To check the demand on the product you can use MD04 in SAP to check demand. Also you can teach your employees this code and they can tell approximately when the truck will arrive. I'm very disappointed with such a large company like Bass Pro/ Cabela's can't streamline the logistics of products.

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Kyle Train - 81 d 30 s ago


I'm curious if this is how you ship your products to you customers that spend close to a 1000.00 dollars on a single purchase my bad I guess they don't want me to post the pictures of my package that has three holes in

It as big as my foot and one hole that a small child could crawl through sure hope the merchandise is still intact

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Spencer McElroy - 86 d 18 h ago


I hate doing reviews but this issue needs to be addressed ASAP, this review has nothing to do with the employees that work at the Polaris location, I've always had awesome customer service, the issue I have is with the Firearms they are selling, I went into the store last weekend June 22nd 2019, to buy a couple of firearms they had, the first gun I was interested in was a Beretta 92g Elite 9mm, the firearm was in there used gun Library section , so I asked the Cabela's employee if I could look at it, he got it out of the case and told me it's a brand new firearm , which I kinda new already cause they were selling it for new price, so when the employee handed the gun to me I noticed it had deep scratches on the slide and the rail was chipped, I asked why does it have all this damage on it, he really didn't give me an answer, all he said is I'll take a 100 bucks off, which brought the price down to $899.00 which you can find them all day long new for that price, so I told him I'll pass, so after I left the library I went over to the new firearms section to look at a CMMG .308 ar10 rifle , the employee handed it to me, so I could look at it and what I saw blew my mind, the upper looked like someone dragged it on concrete, both side of the upper receiver was damaged so bad it would need replaced, keep in mind this rifle is $1500 dollars, I know I'm going to scratch it up, but if I'm paying full retail I want it in new condition, the rifle was so badly damaged I don't think I'd give Cabela's $200 bucks for it, so after the Beretta and the CMMG issues, I asked an employee what's going on, he stated Cabela's is having us remove the firearms from the cases every night to the back room, and he said some guys just throw the guns in a shopping cart, so there getting banged up, I know Vance's does this, but they have a good system, Cabelas you have to change your closing procedure I was planning on spending 3 grand in there, I walked out of the store with 15 dollar

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Randy S - 93 d 6 h ago


Just had disappointing experience at Cabela's Union Gap Wa. After trouble getting help on the sales floor, the ONLY cashier finished with the customer ahead of me, then walked away to talk to another employee. . I left the mdse on the counter. Made purchases at a competitors store. Will be a while to get the bad taste out of my system. Randy

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James - 94 d 2 h ago


You're all wrong. The Bowling Green Kentucky store has the absolute worst customer service. I've been trying to get a price match for a firearm for 2 weeks now. first I was told that the price match had to be done before purchase(WHAT???) Second attempt was told it had to be a brick and mortar store( the gun store is metal????). Third attempt, sorry there's nothing we can do for you. They put profits before customer service.

Cabelas bought Bass Pro. There goes those stores. I want you to know that if you want to be screwed around, shop there. happy to take your money for profit. Now I know why this company is rated 1 star, and every time I go in there, it's dead.

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Thomas Bass - 96 d 6 h ago


I purchased a Guide Gear jacket and pants online in Oct 2017. I only used them sporadically on horseback to field trial dogs. And then only when its raining. I bet I have worn the jacket fewer than ten times. It looks brand new. Somehow the slider on the front zipper has come off and now the jacket is useless because it cannot be closed in the front. What was I told by customer service? "Maybe you can find a seamstress in your area to replace the zipper." Right, a seamstress that happens to have a waterproof zipper on hand. That piece should never have come off of a $300 jacket with casual use. What lousy customer service. You should be ashamed.

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Anonymous - 104 d 11 h ago


I think there needs to be a store in northern Vermont where hunting and fishing is huge way of life. Sportsman come from all over to enjoy the out doors in this area. I believe a store in this area would do great because most people travel miles or order online to get what they need.

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Erich R Schuetz - 129 d 4 m ago


Good afternoon: Just a little heads up! Your store in Woodbury, MN. Has the WORST customer service of any Cabelas I have ever shopped in! From the gun department lacky who took the gun I purchased out of the box and pointed in my face! To the smug management attitudes I recieved when I tried to contact them for help! No returned call! No answer! I cancelled my purchase it was so horrible and I was told it would take.30 DAYS to receive the money back I PAID! I WILL NEVER SET FOOT I N YOUR STORE AGAIN!


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Anonymous - 132 d 7 h ago


Just want to say I'm a frequent shopper of Cabela's and truly love your stores. I shop mainly at your EastHartford Ct. store and have since it's opening. I have to say though I am getting more and more turned off though due the help that are employed at that store. The service has been getting so bad there ,that help are standing in corners talking to one another or having personal conversations rather than offer any help to customers. I can't tell you the number of times i've Stood at the counter of guns to just not even gotten looked at or asked for help. Today I was with my daughter wanting to see a scope and the employee wouldn't stop talking to a customer who was just throwing the bull and viceversa! We asked another sales person for slings and sling mounts and he was nice showed us to them and helped looked for a minute and said they didn't have any in which I the customer found and showed him. Wondering how much business you are losing due to crummy work force. Honestly I have worked for people since age 16 and have owned my own Plumbing company and have to tell you I get so disgusted with stores like this that I probably will stop going to these kind of companies.its just plain bad management. Well just hope maybe someone will hear this and take some action.

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suekoi - 133 d 43 m ago


Wonder why there is no Cabelas in area between Hot Springs Village AR and Hot Springs National Park AR given the massive lakes and RV camping and Nation Forests and major hunting, fishing and boating. Somewhere Hwy5 meets Hwy 7. Be a gold mine.

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Ryan Schoon (Retired USAF) - 134 d 10 h ago


So, I walk into Cabela's in Huntsville, Alabama yesterday to make a specific purchase. I found the exact item I wanted and proceeded to the checkout. I presented my military ID and I was informed by the cashier that I was not allowed to use my military (5%) discount on an item already on sale. While I don't see this in the fine print anywhere I let it go because I needed this item. I put the item in my truck (it was bulky and I didn't want to carry it around the store) and went back in to look at 7MM ammo. I picked out a box and proceeded to the same register to checkout. I presented my military ID again and I was AGAIN informed I could not use my discount. Military discount is not allowed on ammunition she tells me. So NO discount on items on sale AND, NO discount on ammo. I asked her what good my military discount was at Cabela's and she just said she was sorry.

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SILVIA HYNES - 158 d ago

My apology to your customer service representative at the Cesterfield Michigan store for the inconvenience my husband caused last Sunday.

I will write a better explanation on Facebook and advise our friends and military veterans with PTSD.

I will be returning our purchases tomorrow.

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David - 167 d 10 h ago


The Acworth store is sorry with service can't help you with parts for a outboard motor when you buy it and then can't get correct part

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Scott Juranek - 171 d 10 h ago


I live in Nebraska and my daughter is in Colorado. She needs a Buddy Heater so I call out to the Cabelas Lone Tree location and they have them in stock, Great. I tell customer service I would like to pay for it and have my daughter pick it up. They inform me that they can not take credit card over the phone and gave no solution as to how I could pay for it. So, I go to Cabelas' web site and order the heater and pay for it, using Lone Tree as the pick up location and my daughter as the pick up person . After the order was placed and paid for, It tells me estimated pick up time will be approximately two week out. I called corporate and they tell me orders for in store pick up have to be filled through the distribution center and she'll just have to wait. Once again, no solution to get her a heater now.


1.No one in any business takes two week to fill an order in this day and age.

2. No other business that I know of refuses to take my money over the phone

3. There are options you couldn't think of......AMAZON.

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