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Cabela's Incorporated

1 Cabela Dr.
Sidney, NE
Richard Cabela
(308) 254-5505
(308) 254-4800
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Ashley - 3 d 11 h ago


Hello me and my husband went to woodbury's Cabela's last night in the archery Department and we had a guy help us out his name was Kevin very very very good my husband was looking to buy a new crossbow and Kevin was very good about going over the product even let him shoot it to see if you liked it I give Kevin a five Star:)

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Disappointed - 6 d 10 h ago


Why is Cabela's going to Capital One? Capital One has such bad reviews! Have been a customer for about 20 years and had their VISA for 15 years. Will still shop at Cabela's, but will let the new Mastercard go dormant and find another VISA card.

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Jim - 8 d 21 h ago


My last two orders have been canceled after I gave my banking info. Been a long time customer of Cabelas. Not anymore, I can see why Amazon is putting companies out of business.

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dal - 30 d 11 m ago


Mr. Richard Cabela, Chairman

1 Cabela Drive

Sidney, Nebraska 69160

Mr. Cabela,

I write to express my strong disapproval of several elements that have completely degraded any positive perception of the Cabela organization. Of recent note is a mailed advertisement "Shooting Sports Classic". This advertisement chooses a tawdry association with the 2nd amendment to further your commercialism in gun sales. To employ a constitutional amendment as a sales gimmick is a poorly thought out strategy by your ad writers. Fully, a whole page is devoted to "tactical" rifles and the extended magazines associated. Assault rifles are not needed by the true sporting person to assure a satisfactory hunt. In view of your continued marketing of these rifles, I will cease patronage of any Cabela's store.

My shopping experiences at most Cabela's stores have been very satisfactory. Over many years I have spent many thousands of dollars at Cabela's. The store atmosphere has been appealing and the personnel helpful and courteous. It is shameful that the efforts of these good people are wasted by a corporate policy that drives customers away. I will continue to discuss with my associates why shopping at Cabela's is no longer a matter my conscience can abide.

Your advertising which supports the Laura Ingraham Show further illustrates Cabela's Corporate lack of careful thought in what it stands for. The crude, racist, and low-level conversations have brought forward the idea that Cabela's will stoop to most any level to appeal to the gun crowd and those who espouse divisive political discussion.

Your former customer,

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not a loony lib - 8 d 3 h ago


Dear Dal,

Cabelas does not sell "assault rifles'.

Your loony lib nonsense is as transparent as you seem to be.

You're attempted intimidation of threatening to not shop at Cabela's & to "discuss" this with your associates is another feeble ploy by the left.

BTW, I have no affiliation with Cabela's except as a very satisfied customer.

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Josh - 18 d 13 m ago

Hi my name is joshua the reason im contacting your company is because my older brother has been in the armed foces for several years he recently got hurt very badly an lost the use of his arm. An may never be able to use it again. Fishing is his passion now that he cant use his arm he cannot kayak or fish. Was wandering if u would be interested in donating a peddle fishing kayak. That would brighten his life emensley. He always would go fishing in his kayak. And now is unable to enjoy kayaking an fishing. I have not reached out to any one else because i figured it would do no good. Im currently unable to affored something like that please contact me either way. (hidden). Thank you very much

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Lopez - 32 d 9 h ago


American journalism (like the journalism of any other country) is predominantly paltry and worthless. Its pretensions are enormous, but its achievements are insignificant.

H. L. Mencken

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Who is Lopez - 30 d ago

Lopez, move to Russia you Connie creep.

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K a former Republican - 53 d 4 h ago


Stop supporting Laura Ingraham's show by Sunday 6/24/18 or I will stop shopping at your company.

Shame on her for belittling this immigrant situation.

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Fed up with liberal loons1 - 53 d 4 h ago

You should be upset with the parents of the children,not Laura Ingraham. They are the ones risking their lives by bringing their families into our country . I am a private citizen and I can tell you I am sick of you liberal loons who think it is okay for people to enter our country illegally. What about this word do you not understand.. Don't get mad at tv personalities who report the news honestly, talk to the politicians who have done nothing about this problem for many years. Now look at the mess our country is in. By the way where was the outrage when BHO was in office. This was going on then...

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Special place in hell - 30 d ago

Screw Laura Ingrahmn, corporate sheep woman, employing division to enrich herself.

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Scott - 30 d ago

Thank you for supporting the your in the shooting sports division. Today my son Ty won the 1000 yard world open juniors.

Below you will find a photo of my son with your tumble and class

Thanks again



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deerslayer - 30 d 3 h ago


We have shopped at Cabelas in Lexington, KY since the doors opened and spent tens of thousands of dollars in your store and online. Went today to purchase the XXL blind. I checked out at the register, rounded my purchase up to $305. Handed the kid at the register $320. He did not even count the $ before putting it in the till. He shut the door and went to hand me my receipt. I asked him where my $15 in change was. He then began to argue with me, pulled the drawer out and tried to tell him a handed him $ containing hundred dollar bills. I then went to the manager, and she told me I would have to wait until 1630, when they counted the drawers. I got the district managers # and called her. Her first response was "oh no, he did it again?". I then shared with her how aggravated he seemed because I had interrupted his flirting session with a female cashier. The district manager then told me that they have been "trying to separate those two for a while!" The district manager and I then discussed why the prices have increased around 30% since the beginning of the summer. She then informed me that it's because hunting season is coming up. So, they take your $ and price gouge because a season is approaching! When the drawers were counted at 1630, I received a call from the store manager saying that I would have to wait until a report was ran overnight and someone else would call me in the morning. Regardless of what happens tomorrow, I will not be back and I will tell everyone I know about what happened!

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Kansas City Cabelas robbed me after being robbed - 33 d ago


I was a victim of an armed robbery. So I was looking to purchase a firearm for personal protection. At the time I couldn't afford to buy the pistol in full so I decided to put it on layaway. I put $200 down. Soon after I found a better option a lot cheap so I decided to not get it. There was supposed to be a $25 restocking fee. They said they will mail a check but never did and now my purchase is NO WHERE IN THE SYSTEM. I'm out $175 and was told they couldn't do anything about it. It's been over 5 years with no luck. So I'll never spend another HARD EARNED DIME IN THAT PLACE. It's a shame they would do this to some trying to protect his family.

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Harold Pyatt - 33 d 8 h ago


your payment system stinks

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Cabelas think twice before shopping - 38 d 24 h ago


Cabelas store number 0047 at 10670 cables Dr in Colorado is s disgrace to the hunting community. Purchased a 3d target from them and after getting home and finding out that there was no body in the box their manager Joe was zero help and told me he would send me a new one after I sent his garbage back to him.

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Mike W. - 40 d ago


I never thought my wife would experience discrimination in one of your stores. But that's exactly what happened. So much for respecting a military family.

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Liberal gun enthusiast - 49 d 7 h ago


Deny me my firearm because of store policy and blame it on my state's law which says transfer after 3 days. LIARS

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lindy - 53 d 5 h ago

Dear Mr. Cabela,

I normally spend a few hundred dollars a year with your firm, primarily Christmas presents and an occasional item for myself. I am afraid that I cannot do business with any firm that advertises on Laura Ingraham's show. I find her comments to be offensive. Her most recent comment about the children being separated from their parents at the border is completely over the line. I hope you will switch your advertising dollars to another show that does not laugh off cruelty to small children.

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Greg B. - 55 d 5 h ago

I personally am done with Cabela's. If Cabelas insists on supporting the garbage that comes out of Laura Ingram's mouth then I'm done supporting Cabela's. I have no problem with her endorsement of the GOP or tRump. That's what Fox News is. But when Ingram attacks Mr. Hogg and then has the gall to say child internment is like summer camp, that goes beyond acceptable.

Cabral,s, Pull your support of Ingram Angle today.

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Felicia - 56 d 5 h ago


It's hard to imagine that anyone with a family of their own would consider these 'prisons for kids', these 'concentration camps for kids' as summer camp unless you have so much disregard for life. Could it be because their life doesn't count becuse they don't look like Laura Ingram.

Is this the type of family relations that Cabela's was referencing with their Father's Day ad??!!

My prayer is that Cabela's don't share the same sentiment as Laura Ingram and would be proud to demonstrate their disgust of her statements regarding the "summer camp" by not advertising during her show!

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GETTING IT RIGHT - 56 d 45 m ago

They are not prisons or concentration camps. These kids are cared for in detention centers while the border patrol readies the parents and kids to go back to Mexico. The parents are at fault. They knowingly came her ILLEGALLY. All of you are no better than Megan or Fox. Your condemning a company because of one stupid person. Shame on all of you.

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Felicia reply to "Gettin It Right" - 55 d 19 h ago

They are not "summer camps" either as Laura Ingram descibes them.

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Anonymous - 55 d 9 h ago

Yes, their parents came illegally, no fault of the children. It is telling and not unlike a 3rd world country, that present administration isn't allowing Congress members or press into these centers to verify their claims that these chikdren are taken care of. Prior administrations did not seperate families, and prior administrations didn't make it a felony that enabled them to take away children. No amount ofmyour justifications will make up for the emotional trauma these children are unnnecessarily experiencing at the hands of oresent administration.

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Anonymous - 55 d 8 h ago

Let's REALLY get it right. A company that supports Nazi-type behavior is going to get called out by the 82% of non-racist Americans who know when their own country has crossed a human rights line.

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