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Cabela's Incorporated

1 Cabela Dr.
Sidney, NE
Richard Cabela
(308) 254-5505
(308) 254-4800
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Jerry - 2 d 7 h ago

Or I can just buy it at Bud's Gun Shop

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Jerry - 2 d 7 h ago

Bring back lay-a-ways on firearms!!!!

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Jeff Tomczak - 7 d 7 h ago


As a Cabela's one-time vendor, I have been trying to get paid on an invoice for over 4 months. No one at the store level is able to help and claims that Accounts Payable is done at the corporate level. Why wasn't I told that? Why is it so hard to reach anyone at the corporate office? Why can't I get paid???

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Frank Socci - 89 d 11 h ago


Drove to Northern New Hampshire in September to visit family. Live near Phoenix, Arizona''. Used my Cabela's Club Visa both ways. The route was basically the same coming and going. I knew that my Cabela's card would be replaced by Capital 1. I carry very little cash. I attempted to get a motel in Saint Louis on my return trip. My Cabela's card was declined. Luckily, I had a second card with me. After my return, I was able to contact Capital 1. I was told that the fraud division was suspecting fraud as I live in Phoenix and was out of my area. They asked if I had authorized payment to an alarm company and I told them I had for over two years. My Cabela's card was frozen. I told them I had been through this several times while traveling and told them I had always been contacted on my cell phone and that to date I have not been contacted (still to this day, 11/23/18) not electronically nor via USPS. Capital 1 had a suspicion of fraud but kept it as a secret. I had a members only invitation after hours sale for 10/16/18. I stayed home with my frozen Cabela's card and I have a Cabela's store not more than 20 minutes home. As Capital 1 commercials say, "What's in your wallet?" I have nothing. I'm going to refinance my Cabela's account, spend my points and ask, again, "What's in your wallet?" It will not be a Capital 1 card.

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Roger Hauck - 88 d 11 h ago

Me either just have to find a new card

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D Ragland - 11 d 7 h ago


Add me to the list.

Using this Capital One card, and trying to work with their customer (no) service is too much of a hassle. I've had three suspected fraud denials on my card--latest today--in the last 3 weeks. No text to see if the charge is legitimate or actually no contact from them at all. When I call, I get a representative who could care less. I have other cards and will use them, but not at Cabelas. I think I'll take my hunting and fishing business where it is appreciated; because it is obvious that this Bass/Cabelas consolidation has left us long time customers out of their loop.

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Aimee Jambor - 13 d 4 h ago


My husband and I have shopped Cabelas and maintained a credit card for over two decades. We've appreciated the store in Rogers MN, customer service and online ordering. We have also appreciated the service we've received on our Visa card in the past. I can't say that any longer. The customer service I received from capital one is deplorable. I had a dispute of $6.90 that was not mine to incur. The supervisor of capital one refused to work with me and when I asked to have her close my account she said that's too bad she would help me close it. For a company who is well respected in their industry, your reputation is being ruined by the banking business you have partnered with. I experienced rude behavior, long wait times as they hope you hang up, incessant small talk and chatter about nothing, circular talking, refusal to assist, refusal to transfer calls, refusal to help. Supervisor Tionne in Tampa Fla was willing to close our Cabelas Account over 6.90. We are customers who pay our statement monthly and have a credit score of 820.

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Lost Customer for Life - 19 d 5 h ago


I was at your Tulalip store at 1:00 PM on Friday Feb 1rst to buy a Stack-On Ammo and a 8-gun cabinet. I looked around for help and did not see anyone so I went up the far-right cashier and asked how I can purchase them. She said that I could use a cart and pointed to the carts. I thought I would find a flat cart like you see at Home Depot, but I only saw grocery style carts. I walked back to the cashier and said that the cabinets are about 4 feet tall at which point she said I could just throw them onto the top of the grocery style cart. Is it policy to make your customers fend for themselves when trying to buy bulky items? What she proposed is dangerous for both me and other customers to be walking through the store with a top-heavy cart trying to navigate a 4 foot plus box. Not to mention I would need to do this twice and then after paying I would somehow try and get them through the parking lot to my truck. I told both cashiers working the far-right registers and the gal that was more interested in using her price gun that they could keep them and then walked back the gun oil I had in my hand. When I walked back past them to leave the store, I counted out loud to 3 counting the employees that had no customers and apologized that they were too busy to get any help for me. As I started walking to the door, I heard laughter behind me. I did not turn around because I would have probably flipped them the bird. If you have cameras pointing at the registers this whole incident should be on video. I'm wearing a blue Seahawk zip up sweat shirt and blue jeans. I never raised my voice during the whole interaction or cursed.

To give you an idea of what I have purchased over the past two years alone please see below:

FNH SCAR 17S $3300

FNH 5.7 Pistol $1300

Savage !0T-SR in 22-250 $600

Various ammo $800

P-Mags $500

Last year's XMAS gifts $500

Gun cleaning supplies $200

I am in the immediate market for a 270 and 25-06 bolt guns but now will look elsewhere for those. That would have been another $2-3K in sales in the next month or two plus ammo.

I will never step foot into a Cabela's again and will put the word out to friends and family of my experience and to not please give me any more gift cards. This experience was ridiculous.

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ncappussi - 39 d 9 h ago


I see below there's no use complaining about Cabelas Club Capital one. Capital one is a disaster, this transition is a disaster, after a total of 115 minutes on the phone 2 separate times getting nowhere on a Black status card. Long time customer will be taking business local and spending all the points earned, then cancelling card. I will start shopping g at small local outdoors shops.

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szthompson - 43 d 10 h ago


I, like some of the writers below, will be replacing the Cabela's MASTERCARD with a different credit card. This was the ONLY credit card we had - we loved collecting and using our Cabela's points, but after paying the credit card bill ON TIME and then being charged interest, because of something called "residual interest", we will calling it done. I miss being able to call Nebraska (not some foreign person far away) and get someone to help. I miss being treated right. We've had this credit card for many, many years, but no longer.

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Robert Firpo - 44 d ago


Congratulations on the instant destruction of well over 30+ years with me as a customer. Well here is some crap news for the masses. Cabelas is SELECTIVE on standing behind their warranty. The Dry Plus "was" an excellent jacket however the pockets are separating from the coat due to the glue FAILING. It is the only portion of the coat glued together and the rest of the coat and liner are in excellent condition BUT Cabelas has deemed this fair wear and tear. BULLSHIT it is failed glue. Pictures available upon request.

A word of WARNING -Cabelas requires you have a receipt too. This is wrong to have Legendary Lifetime Guarantee "So when you shop our Cabela's branded gear we reward you by backing it with our Legendary Lifetime Guarantee." when they do not stand behind it. Oh but wait I am a Retired Veteran and get a 5% discount ........... but a 0% Guarantee.

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Robert Firpo - 44 d ago


Congratulations on the instant destruction of well over 30+ years with me as a customer. Well here is some crap news for the masses. Cabelas is SELECTIVE on standing behind their warranty. The Dry Plus "was" an excellent jacket however the pockets are separating from the coat due to the glue FAILING. It is the only portion of the coat glued together and the rest of the coat and liner are in excellent condition BUT Cabelas has deemed this fair wear and tear. BULLSHIT it is failed glue.

A word of WARNING -Cabelas requires you have a receipt too. This is wrong to have Legendary Lifetime Guarantee "So when you shop our Cabela's branded gear we reward you by backing it with our Legendary Lifetime Guarantee." when they do not stand behind it. Oh but wait I am a Retired Veteran and get a 5% discount ........... but a 0% Guarantee.

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Jason Lyman - 47 d 15 h ago


Richard Cabela,

Hope Cabela's is pleased your decision. I've been shopping with Cabela's for almost 20 years. I've personally spent well over $25,000 at your stores, and you can almost triple that with Cabela's Visa. I made my last purchase 3 days ago. I have also cancelled my Cabela's (MasterCard). I will no longer make purchases from your store.

SAD, very SAD that Cabela's has fallen victim to the irrational society of "that's offensive". Maybe Cabela's can take a page from Jeanette (former ProStaff) and stand up for what you truly believe in and not let outside influences drive your decisions,

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Jeff Sapp - 48 d 8 h ago


From a 30+ year customer.

I am writing to let you know that your decision to no longer allow pictures from African or exotic hunts to be displayed is appalling! See the following post for more info... are losing a long time customer for not Cabelas and Bass Pro. Unbelievable how you wimps cave to such a small % of the population. I honestly hope your business goes broke. I will not hold my breath but feel free to contact me to set up a time chat. I will post this Facebook post everyone I am friends with and all outdoor clubs I am associated with.

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JWPNW - 50 d 10 h ago


Been shopping Cabelas for 20 years. Have bought fishing, camping and a few firearms. Recently I was looking at a new rifle in the $1K realm. New company policy (Bass Pro Policy) says all firearms are trigger locked and no employee is allowed to remove the lock so a customer can try the bolt/trigger mechanism for feel and function. I Left there, went to Sportsmans Warehouse and after doing a thourough inspect and feel for function, I purchased the rifle there.

I've now cancelled my clubvisa card as well. I myself am not military but many friends and family are. Cabelas no longer offers any Mil discount on ANY shooting related items or accessories. I am done with the big C.

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Glenn - 67 d 15 h ago


Cabelas is way behind other retailers in caring about their customers. I had shopped at the Cabelas in Berlin MA and when I got home found that I had received an offer for 10% off my entire purchase. I went back the next day with my receipt and asked for an adjustment (not that uncommon with a customer friendly store) and was told they could not do that because it had to be done at the time of purchase. OK, I told the manager I would just come back and return everything and repurchase it. He told me I could not do it and said doing that was somehow fraudulent and likened it to purchasing alcohol for a minor. Huh? I didn't really see the similarity but in most stores I'm pretty sure it's legal to buy whatever you want whether you have returned it or not whereas purchasing alcohol for underage persons is illegal. I felt insulted by this as well as his not caring enough about a customer to try to come to some agreement about the discount. For less than $50 they have alienated a good customer. Can't say I'll never shop there again but it will DEFINITELY NOT be my first choice any more.

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todd boser - 69 d 12 h ago


the capital one card is bad. missed my payment by 1 day.had to pay interest .ok fair enough. but the next month i also had to pay interest. never heard of such a thing.customer service said it is what it is and that is what the new cardholder agreement said and it is their policy. dont know if any body at corporate reads these just thought you should know you are loosing a $100.000 a year customer because of capital one. i loved my cabelas card guys were great, never in 15 yrs did i have a problem that wasnt resolved with a smile on my face. you truly were the worlds foremost bank. i have $9000 in points. i was saving for a boat. dammit. now i will get stuff i dont need with my points, and close this account. if there is some way to fix this i would love to here from is sad to see this happen to such a once was great company

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Neil Hook - 74 d 13 h ago


Richard Cabela,

Like many loyal Cabela's customers I have been purchasing Cabela's brand products for over 35 years. I calculate over $20,000 in gear and clothing. I made a choice to shop here. Redhead products from Bass Pro are inferior. As the "Bassification" of Cabela's continues I will take my business elsewhere. With 4 grandsons entering the hunting age we will spend our dollar at other outfitter stores.

While your monetary cash out to Bass Pro is understandable, it is a tragedy to see a company slide downhill this fast. Yes, you can turn this around, How? Remove Bass Pro products from Cabela's stores and website. I shop at Cabela's for your product.

Richard - walk the aisles of your former stores and ask customers what they think of the merger (buyout), After your contract expires- start another empire. The Cabels dynasty is over under Bass Pro.

My hunting dollar is shopping elsewhere.


Neil Hook


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Anonymous - 116 d 17 h ago

I've been a Cabela's member for a good forty years. After what I've seen the best hunting and fishing store turn into it's a crying shame. I'm sure the merger with Bass pro shop was like a cancer to Cabela's. Recently on a hunting trip to North Carolina we stopped at the Hamburg Penn. store and I was shocked . You could see the store had a death wish. I was sorry to see that. The number of items was slashed in half. Hunting clothes slashed in half. There used to be a large selection now very minimal. We used to drive from Connecticut to Hamburg for something to do. Buy some more stuff we didn't need, have a good lunch then go home. You know, make a good day of it . Now I wouldn't waste my time. Good thing I got in on the " REAL " Cabela's experience. But you know what they say. "ALL" good things come to an end! Rest in peace Cabela's.

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Jessie Green - 83 d ago


Same thing in north idaho. I know thats right a crying shame is what bass pro shop did merging with cabellas.

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Carol Gardiner - 88 d 8 h ago


This transition from Visa to Capital one has been brutal. I sent in my payment via mail right away on Oct 1st when receiving my bill. I use Cabela's for work transactions and purchases. I had noticed by the 29th that the payment had not come out and called. They said it would take 10 days from receipt to process...I told them we are at over 3 weeks. So I did an electronic payment. I was charged a finance charge for my late payment ( which wasn't.) Then charged as I put stop payment on the original payment. Then my husband made a purchase in the store - I was charged a financing charge and told that happens when you buy things. Then I had about 6 overdue charges....I have spent 3 times on the phone to reverse all the charges they have hit me with, and hours just to straighten this out. I have moved all my automatic charges to another card.....I usually purchase about $100,000 on this card a year - NOT IN MY WALLET ANYMORE....the customer service, and transfer to a new card are more than we can handle. I have never seen such a poor transition....bad work strategy....

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Roger Hauck - 89 d 13 m ago


I see I am not alone here with very bad customer service no reason to get into it nobody's cares

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Sweet Tony - 167 d 8 h ago


Long time customer who puts $70K+ on his Signature Black Cabela's card. I like their products and their store in Maine. I have little to no problems with purchases. However, I must in all good conscious cut up my card. I live in the land of LL Bean so it wont matter much to me but i just can't support their beliefs and who they support any more. Due to them advertising on Fax (boycott), their political stances, and their sale of assault weapons (yes, they are. Been hunting for 40 years and have owned and carried many, many guns. Certain weapons are designed specifically to kill lots of people quickly. They are what they are.) Sorry.

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Karl - 167 d 6 h ago

Sweet Tony, you don't know as much about guns as you think. Assault weapons are select-fire and available only to military and law enforcement in the USA. Assault STYLE weapons are semi-automatic only, usually have high capacity magazines, and are still legally available to the law-abiding citizens of this country. I know some sweet potato farmers who love their assault style rifles, because these rifles have made it possible for them to defend their property from hordes of feral pigs! They work their asses off killing and dressing these wild hogs. The meat they don't keep is donated to our local food bank. Please take the time to do a little research before you post another stupid, ill-informed comment.

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Anonymous - 96 d 11 h ago

Feral pigs? You mean republicans!

General profile image

KLAUS KINDOR - 93 d 10 h ago


nope... rodents known as demoRATS. Fuck, you on't even the spine to use your name.... SPINELESS DEMORATS !

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