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Chick-fil-A, Inc.

5200 Buffington Rd.
Atlanta, GA
(404) 765-8038
Twitter IDs
@Chik_Fil_A, @ChickFilAPRDept
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Emily - 7 d ago


I love chick girl a little too much. After going to the one off of Holcomb bridge (8475 Holcomb Bridge Rd Alpharetta, GA 30022 United States) my kind has changed . 1) they forgot to bag the rest of our food 2) they put bbq sauce in the bag instead of the sauce we ordered (twice) 3) the teenagers working were laughing and talking negativley about previous customers 4) the manager was rude when we brought this to her attention.

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Anonymous - 6 h ago

It surprises me that people expect a lot more from one of the most judgement restaurant chains in the country. Everyone seems to have forgotten that they are homophobes...also any place that employs almost nothing but kids is going to have crap like that happening. My husband and I stopped eating there when that happened; my best friend takes her son there to play, but I just don't want to be in a place like that. Too much hate in a place like that.

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Kkk - 5 h ago


Ohhh guess what the majority don't like fags or niggers, everyone just pretends to like u useless sob's for fear of being not Pc. Fags and niggers please stay away

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White guy - 5 h ago


My gripe is it seems they are playing the PC Card by having a Hispanic running their pgh store , I would feel more comfortable with a normal white guy running I, instead of #1 a dumb woman and #2 a Hispanic. Looks like as appointed instead of based upon ability

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Anonymous - 6 h 39 s ago

When is going to be build the new Chick-fil-A in Garner, NC (Johnston County) because we need one in our community. Thank you

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Cindy Brown - 8 h 15 m ago


I understand Chick-fil-A is a big supporter of our Troops!

I'm hoping y'all will visit the (AnyMarine, AnyCoastGuard, AnySailor, AnyAirman) website. You can send letters, cards, children's drawings and/or care packages directly to them overseas.

Our service members need our support so badly.

Mail is something they can see and hold and know someone, somewhere took time to let them know they are not forgotten.

Mail is a 'piece of home'!

Freedom Isn't Free!

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Annoyed - 3 d 12 h ago


During a recent visit to the Lake Boone Trail Chick File A in Raleigh NC, I was involved in a very minor fender bender in one of the drive thru lanes. One of the employees taking orders in the drive thru line, took it upon himself to become involved in the incident. I feel that this is very inappropriate behavior. He was several car lenghts ahead of the two vehicles. After getting opinions from co-workers and friends, I decided that you corporate office needs to beware of this employee's behavior. I feel vthat he should be disciplined for his actions. He is also very rude to the drive thru customers.

You have lost a customer.

Annoyed with Chick-Fil-A

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Anonymous - 9 h 19 m ago

So, you think it was the other driver's fault and the employee disagreed, right?? If someone witnesses an accident, they are supposed to let cops, or the company whose property it was on know about it. He probably did exactly what he was supposed to do. Just because it didn't work out the way you wanted it too, doesn't mean he did anything wrong. You are probably the kind of person that sees an accident on the highway and just keeps going, ya? Doesn't stop to help even though someone might be hurt. Doesn't call the cops when someone is clearly driving drunk. I am not a fan of Chick-Fil-A, but I don't think I would like you either.

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Anonymous - 12 h 2 m ago


So wish there was one in Midland Michigan! It would really do great in this community, Great food and service!

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Terry Williams - 2 d 46 s ago



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Duane - 4 d 7 h ago


Just a shout out for excellent service at the Tara Blvd Dwarf House in Jonesboro Georgia. After a long plane ride recently we stopped at the CFA to get a bite to eat. Our waiter named Joshua was a perfect example of how we as customers appreciate being serviced the right way. This guy had it going on. Yeah for awesome evening and for having workers who understand how Truett believed in the Second Mile Service concept. (This is without a doubt the most outstanding organization not just in food service, but in all industries) Other companies need to take notes on how to do it the right way. Thanks again Joshua, and thanks to CFA for all it does.

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Coley Reese - 5 d 12 h ago


Yesterday on Valentines Day, my 5yr. old wanted dearly to take his mom out on a date to his favorite restaurant.....CHICKFILA!

So I decided to make this happen.

Our favorite place in Chickfila on Zebulon Rd. in Macon, Ga.

Thomas the night manager and the staff helped me to make this happen. They went over and beyond to accommodate us. They even placed a red tablecloth and flowers on the table for the date . I, his father, was the waiter for the evening, and waited in them hand and foot.

Serving them first their fruit cup entres , then there main course, chicken nuggets, then finished it off with ice cream cups covered in chocalate syrup. What a night. I have pictures taken of this even if you would like to have them. Again, thank you CHICKFILA for helping make a 5yr. olds dream come true.

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Bill - 6 d 11 h ago


On a recent visit to a busy Chick-fil-A I noticed the enormous amount of plastic that was being thrown away along with trash. Considering the amount of plastic produced by Chick-fil-A, the company should recognize its social and environmental responsibility to start a recycling program that would include all locations.

If you go to YouTube and search for "plastic in the ocean," you will see that plastic waste is a huge worldwide problem. A good company such as Chick-fil-A should not be contributing to this environmental catastrophe

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Daryl Moskop - 7 d 12 h ago


Branson mo. Chick-fil-A. ???? I'm not sure why this store is so bad but I've eaten here twice and both times it was the worst experience. I will only comment on my last experience. The first experience was opening day and I wrote it off as working the bugs out. I took my fianc to eat at the Branson mo Chick-fil-A this morning and it was a horrific experience. I do not know who the hiring manager is at this location but he or she could not have hired a more sour woman as the first person to greet you at the counter. The lady cannot possibly enjoy working at this franchise by her demeanor and lack of emotion she displays. Not once did I see her smile and it seemed as though we were annoying her by placing our order. She reminds me of the nazis you see on war films. Not a good ambassador to have greeting your customers. Lol. I have eaten and many Chick-fil-A restaurants and this one was by far the worst. I ordered a number one large fry and drink for me and a number one sandwich for my fianc. Complaint number one. Both sandwich buns were hard on the edges. Hard like bricks . This tells me that your staff either incompetent in doing their job or they have no pride in the product. Either way should be unacceptable or perhaps the owner or manager have these traits as well? Complaint number two. Fries were cold. This goes back to quality control or the lack of? We ate in the restaurant and I never saw a manager nor was I asked how my meal was. I've seen managers check with guests at other restaurants but perhaps this isn't a priority at store 03381. ? I understand that the hiring pool is probably not the best in the Branson area but that's no excuse for poor quality food and unpleasant staff. Daryl. Moskop.

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Clifford - 9 d 5 h ago

You have a sub contractor., electrical. Jeff Jones electrical.. This guy is a drug addict that prays on the weak..but is so proud to be a chick filet contactor..and btw drug test have lost our business..

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Lonnell Warner - 12 d 14 h ago


I just had the worst Chick-fil-a experience ever at the McDonough ,Ga - Hudson Bridge location. This situation makes absolutely no sense and is unacceptable for a paying customer.

While waiting in line an employee rudely told me and my brother to go back around because we were blocking cars from getting out of the drive thru. Right after we were asked to move out of our place in line, the line began to move forward. Seeing that we no longer needed to exit the line the employee was obviously upset and decided not to serve us but instead skip to the next customer.

Since the line moved forward we did too and we were no longer in the way of the exiting cars. However, the same employee that asked us to get out of line lied to the manager saying that we cut in line. Which resulted in us not getting any service, even though we explained to the manager what happened and that we started at the beginning of the line like everyone else.

The manager on duty who was Alison Oliver insisted on us going around again! I then began to explain to her that I was heading to work and going around again would take too long. Alison did not care she continued to tell us about the Chick-fil-a policy, saying that since the employee told her we cut in line, we could not get any service.

Me and my brother are African American, the staff at this Hudson Bridge location were prodomanetly White. I feel that this situation happened due to dishonesty, poor management and lack of diversity within the staff. I asked Alison to check the cameras to see if we cut the line but she refused.

I feel if we honestly cut in line a customer would have complained not an employee. I can not accept the unjustified poor customer service we received nor the level of unproffesionalism displayed by Alison Oliver. I will continue to follow up with Chick-fil-a's corporate office until this matter is appropriately resolved.

Flagged for review. 
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Chris - 11 d 10 h ago

This is unfortunate and I agree that you should not be skipped due to the circumstances but please stop bringing race into it. It is disgusting to even go there and I am sure there were other African American customers in line who did not experience that and were treated equally as any other customer. As for checking camera footage, that would have taken even longer and made you late for work since that was supposedly your concern. It is not an easy 2 second request.

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Miss.Chic fil a USA - 15 d 6 h ago


This complaint for the Alabaster location in Alabaster, Alabama. 125 Colonial Promenade Parkway. I have had several encounters with the RUDEST manager to EVER be hired at your food chain. I am not sure how this complain needs to be handled but JENNIFER BALLARD (a manager) is the rudest employee that could ever be hired. Not only is her customer service skills deplorable but I have witnessed bullying on her behalf to her employees. I will no longer attend this location if she is going to be there. SHE IS THE WORST!!!!

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Anonymous - 16 d 6 h ago

Can you ask that we be hired more help at the the Chick fil a at Covenant hospital in Lubbock Texas so that i may be able to assist the customers to the best. Sorry if im writing this in the wrong space im on break so i ahd to be quick but im serious thank you so much

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Vonda Fields - 18 d 10 h ago


HUGE thank you to Ryan a manager at Chick fila in WP (corner of Forsyth and university) needed to ship my nephew who is deployed some chick fila sauce! He was helpful and uniquely accommodating to my unusual request!! I will be back to support chick fila

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Ms. Martin - 19 d 15 h ago


I find myself compelled to write you concerning one of your employees Jesus Estrada. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Estrada on an America Airlines flight from Dallas to Ft. Wayne, IN. As we were traveling, I asked Jesus if he lived in Fort Wayne. He replied he didn't and his reason for going to Fort Wayne was to help establish a new restaurant for Chick-fil-A. I told Jesus how much my family and I loved Chick-fil-A for both their marvelous food and their high Christian standards.

Jesus went on to share a number of strategies such as uses of technology and staff training that went into making Chick-fil-A the fabulous efficient restaurant it is. He told me about a number of outreach programs that Chick-fil-A runs to help troubled youth and special needs individuals. I was so impressed learning more about your corporation. The additional information made me an even more dedicated customer. As Jesus spoke it was very apparent that he had a passion for his work with your fine restaurant. He shared his pride and work ethic and it was impeccable.

I asked Jesus what his goal was with your organization. He determinedly told me he had multiple goals: to own his own store one day, work with corporate in IT, and be involved developing new recipes. Jesus makes it obvious his pride with your corporation and his aspiring goals.

As a teacher for over 25 years, I have come to easily identify those of my students who have the drive and resolve to get even the most difficult of tasks done with excellence. I see that drive in Mr. Estrada. I implore you to not let this one get away. He is Gold to your corporation and will be a huge asset in an advanced position. I have no motivation to write this letter other than I recognize commitment when I see it and don't want this amazing dedicated talent to be missed by your organization.

I would gladly speak with you in person, if you would like further details and insights that I have on Mr. Estrada.

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Anonymous - 20 d 4 h ago


Many of the people here in Willis Virginia would love for you to build a Chic Fil A here. What do I need to do for you to consider that? Our closest one is almost an hour away. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. God Bless you.

Sandra Hit1764 Alum Ridge Rd., Willis, Va. 24380

(hidden) home

(hidden) cell


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Grace - 20 d 12 h ago


I love your restaurant I love the atmosphere you create and the friendly employees that are so willing to help in anyway, Praying God will continue to bless you guys and prosper your business.

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Anonymous - 71 d 13 h ago

Chick- Fil- A is great! However I find that in Durham, NC that the Chick-Fil-A's will not open until 11:30 today. . I think opening at 9 - 10 at the very latest would have allowed plenty of time for extra clearing/melting of roads. I understand that there is a need for safety but the roads, other business's, including ALL other Fast Foods restaurants were open this morning. Plus the roads that all three of the CFAs are located are in good condition. I on'y mention it now as this weather storm was not as bad as the past and opening time seems to be getting later and later for the CFA located in Durham. In other surrounding counties they are open! Thank You

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Anonymous - 71 d 11 h ago

Please consider all of the employees that have to arrive at the CFA to open up the store....we do not know where they all reside, perhaps some of them are in the areas most affected by the weather.

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Anonymous - 23 d 6 h ago

Chick-fil A, Inc. Refuse pay my Dr bills and I get get hurt when I was working there in Columbia South Carolina. I am a very hard worker the manager don't care about nothing unless you are young girls, they don't care about the employees they say they do but their words are so far from caring. They are full of lies.

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