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Chick-fil-A, Inc.

5200 Buffington Rd.
Atlanta, GA
(404) 765-8038
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Anonymous - 20 d ago

I am an employee at Chick-Fil-A in Houston Texas that currently tested positive for COVID-19. I am unemployed for the moment and does not count with the support from Chick-fil-A. I am not being paid nor are they paying for my test results. Currently struggling to paid my bills due to not being able to work. This is an issue that should be solved by Chick- fil- a since the only exposure I had was with another employee at chick fil a who also came out positive.

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Must Audit - 19 d 17 h ago


Actually you should name the store and stay true to yourself, think how many people might get infected if you do not speak???. After your incident hey should have checked all the employees and disinfect the whole place. CFA is hollow in inside ,they have lot of their manager with fake education credentials and even faked religious clouts. they check nothing and turn blind eye on many things.they are doing lot of window dressing.stay strong you will get through.

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jg - 3 d 18 h ago

get an atty and see if you can sue them for negligence if one say no keep calling eventually u will get one.

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Reality - 1 d ago

Just curious, you said chic fil a should be responsible for you having COVID because that's the ONLY interaction you had. Think about that. Do you have family? Do you shop for food etc? Do you fill your car up at gas station? I'm sorry that you contracted COVID and I did as well 4 months ago. I can't pin point how I got.

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Concerned mom - 25 d 16 h ago


My daughter is working at the Chick-fil-A in Homewood, Alabama. She is 17 and was excited to work at her favorite restaurant- especially during the COVID to give her an opportunity to work and save money. The temperatures in Birmingham are in the 90's, and the humidity is just as bad. My problem is that the manager at the Wildwood store-or whoever makes the schedules- has had her working outside the entire time. Yes, there is a small tent, but this Chick-fil-A is so busy that she was rarely under the tent. Her shift is 10 HOURS- from 11-9pm every day. I thought that SURELY they would rotate the workers that are out in the heat, with MASKS, but they do not do this. I feel it's only a short amount of time before a worker passes out and hits their head on the concrete, and then Chick-Fil-A will change. I do not want that to be my daughter. Do you have any policies that would support the workers health and NOT keep workers outside for such long periods of time in extreme heat, (the masks, black pants, and asphalt, makes it worse). My daughter does not want to make any waves, but this is a problem that can be easily fixed. The operator is Rodney Jackson- but I understand from other workers that he doesn't come around this store that much-(he has two stores in the area). Please help. I feel that if you do not have a policy in place that protects workers from the heat, you need to start--Just as simple as saying a worker should not be outside longer than 3 hours before rotating positions...This just seems cruel during this time and these temperatures. My husband is advising that she quits (and we do not EVER tell our kids to quit) but we are concerned for her health if this does not change. It's not fair for any or the workers, not just my daughter. I just cannot believe it's allowed to happen. I'm afraid this is tarnishing our idea of Chick-fil-A.

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Another concerned mom - 19 d ago


I totally understand and share your concerns as the same thing happens at the CFA where my son works in a different state. It seems that profit is put over the health and safety of tbeir team members. If you haven't already check your state laws regarding required breaks when working beyond a certain number of hours and make sure your daughter is at least getting those and is allowed to have water with her outside. . I would also try contacting your local health department to see if there are any requirements for employers with employees working outside in extreme tsmperatures. Personally I've also anonymously called my local CFA and pointed issues out to their managers. Sometimes it helps and things change and sometimes it's to no avail. I wish you the best of luck!

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Emily rodgers - 15 d 16 h ago

Suck it up buttercup welcome to the real world

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jg - 3 d 18 h ago


no sir thats why they learn their lessons when some one pass out due to heat and injury them self it's OK plenty of atty to take the corporate money they way they doing it is really negligence on the corp part.

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People that care - 4 d 23 h ago

This is corporate and the owners that let employees do that cause they want the money and not care about the employees that work hard. Look in NC store the employees have coronavirus at least three of them and they still working and the store is open they don't care but is supposed to be Christian and they supposed to care but no.

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LuLu - 6 d ago

So disappointed to find you support the Marxist Group BLM. Do you realize that they do not support regular black people? They were founded by Patrisse Cullors nd are part of the Weather Underground and call themselves trained Marxists.

You used to be a Conservative and Christian organization

Obviously not anymore. You should have joined with Trader Joe's and Goya to say you won't be bullied instead you caved. So sorry to say I won't be returning.

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jack - 6 d 5 h ago

does your company provide funding to the anarchist group BLM

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Rusty/ Waco, Tx - 7 d ago

I have a suggestion. Here in Texas with heat many days above 100.... why not upsize every drive through beverage Since we can't get refills?

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Nancy Baker - 7 d 19 h ago


A snow bird knows Chick-fila in the south and loves them. New one just opened here in Novi,Mi and I decided to try it. 45 min wait i line and lots of kids outside to take orders. (trained?) my red car became silver sedan with my name and my two sandwiches became 3 chix strips an d soggy undercooked friesWith long lines waiting & I didnt check till back at home. This place needs quality checks on a regular basis or more training.. You can bet I wasnt the only one with mixed up order. I;llwait till I go south where you have managers who watch whats going on and greet everyone courtesly. I tried to call but they dont answer the phone. This is not my Chick Fil A and others will feel the same way soon if someone doesnt payattention

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Jenee cooper - 13 d 16 h ago


I live in Florida. The commercials here for cfa tout that they have their employees wear masks and social distance. After going to my local cfa and seeing 5 employees all within a 6ft by 6ft square with each other NOT wearing masks I called the manager and complained. The manager stated they would re-educate the staff . A week later I gave it another try change the staff are still not wearing masks and distancing. In another part of FL there was a photo circulating from the cfa in Plant City FL of the staff not wearing masks there either. Will not be returning to any cfa.

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Ginny McNamara - 26 d 14 h ago


Love your food, service, & being closed on Sunday!

I'm VERY concerned with the environment & you STILL USING STYROFOAM DRINKING CONTAINERS!!!

Please change to cardboard!!!

Myself, along with many others are going to start boycotting any & all establishments that don't start complying with the recycling procedures that need to be in place to combat climate change!


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Matty C - 26 d ago


Bro... First it was Global Warming, then the prophet of doom Gore said all the seas would rise because of the ice melts (BTW when Ice melts the water level goes down due to the mass of the ice... elementary science) then when the earth didn't turn into a toaster oven, and the earth started to cool... Climate Change! Climate Change is a hoax, the earth goes through warming and cooling cycles naturally Between people like you"releasing" CO2 (Breathing and yelling about Climate Change) and volcanos erupting (releasing CO2) more "Greenhouse Gas" is put into the atmosphere than anything else. (BTW if all "Greenhouse Gas" was stopped, then all the plants die... they use CO2 for Photosynthesis.) For every CFA sandwich you Don't Eat, ill eat one. Long Live CFA!!!

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Water Levels Rising - 15 d 5 h ago

Matty... Check again. While ice that is currently in water will not make a difference as it will carry the same displacement while in its frozen or liquid state, the ice over land will. Ice in water will not raise or lower the water level. Glaciers and ice sheets on land are the issue. Those do not rest in the water, and therefore do not displace anything. As they melt, this water flows down into the the oceans and seas, raising the water level. You do not have to believe this, you will see it soon enough.

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TOTO - 15 d 17 h ago



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Sandy - 16 d ago

I was reading an article and you company's name appeared on the list that is Supporting hate groups!! I understand that change needs to be done but it won't change by supporting hate groups like BLM and ANTIFA!! They are rioting and burning our cities down. I couldn't believe it when I saw chick fil a on the list of supporters!! Just to let you know it is a big disappointment!! I ate at your restaurant at least once a week! With a sadden heart I won't be doing that any longer!! Just look up these organizations and see what they are are some of the people backing them!! I hope you will pull your support!!

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Kara - 16 d 4 h ago

No more money from me! Just found out where my money was going when I buy your homophobic food. You're disgusting and uneducated.

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Joyce - 17 d ago


So sad I can't have another Chic -fill-a. Used to Q up here in Ft Myers for a long wait.

I loved what the company stood for. I loved that you supported the Salvation Army,

I've seen first hand what good they do.

Your now supporting the Southern Poverty Law Center. They say the find companies who support hate and reports them . I guess that's you now. They are the hateful ones and hate Christianity, Judaism, Liberty and the USA as far as I can see. I really will miss my favorite fast food treat. So sad.

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DISAPPOINTED - 19 d 14 h ago


Since your CEO decided that all white employees in their company should shine the shoes of a random Black person and apologize for being racist, I and my family will never set foot in your restaurants ever again. I will not apologize for being born white nor should your employees. This is reverse discrimination. I have no issues with people of color and this whole issue has been blown out of proportion. Not to mention it's sinful. You have now added to the problem. What a shame !

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To Nassau bay/Houston chick-fil-a - 19 d 17 h ago


I am 17, newly graduated and have been doing summer jobs and lot of volunteering. I have applied to Nassau bay/Houston Chick f.a (across from NASA) . I received their email with the details for an interview. whole interview the lady was talking about Chick.f.a how equal employment xyz. they liked my cv and only asked how many hours I can dedicate. although I told her my studies are flexible and can do 30-35 hrs/week. the lady said I will give you a call@5pm to get your final on the hours and instruction how to move forward. she never came back. I emailed her the day after asking about the information to start. but she never replied, later i realized the night before at 9pm she sent me an email (from strange server) stating they have no job for me and would keep my cv for 3 months and will contact me if anything comes out....Lady J , if you have no job for me without even asking me further question why did you call me for an interview where you talked like a tape and had my cv with you all time? isn't that obvious that it is not nice,not professional the way you handling me now ? I am young and don't you realise you play with psych? you a professional? you should tell me i need this and that then we can give you a job, or your are too high for the job. all that is fine with me but to throw me like your napkin without asking 1 question about me? i hope your conscience will make you think more.

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Anonymous - 20 d 4 h ago


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Anonymous - 22 d 6 h ago

I recently moved from Lexington KY. where couple times a week I'd eat at the Chick-a-felet at..Fayette Mall, Where no matter what time I went my chicken and Fries s where ..always hot and del delicious!! Now I'm living in"Newburgh Indiana, where. the EASTLAND MALL HAS GIVEN ME ON THREE TIMES IN ONE WEEK "barley warm, really hard tasteless Chicken and fries , each time IV tossed them. Same individual hands me my food, a Young black woman with long thin braids. I know your corporation has a rule that after a certain period of time that food has to be tossed, and recorded as a loss. I'm thinking who ever their "ten-year old manager is there telling them to ( sell it anyway), so take care of It, and I'll be sending you my receipts. My email..( bem45501

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