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Circle K

1500 N Priest Dr
Tempe, AZ
Brian Hannasch
(602) 728-8000
Annual Sales Est
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Brian - 1 d ago


There is a lady named Janice in circle k store on route 19 in homoassa the lady Janice is so rude and nasty she tried to scam me out of money when I cashed in my lotto tickets. She is so rude and nasty stood there eating cheese'its as I asked for half and half machine to get refilled made me stand there 20 minutes. How can circle k hire such rude and nasty people who try to steal from there customers. If that's who circle k hires its sad

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Not Happy at all - 112 d 17 h ago


The circle k in Florence Indiana has the worst management the worst employees. You call to order a pizza they answer hang up and then take the phone off the hook. They are so lazy there will be 4 to 6 ppl in there and claim they don't have enough ppl to make a pizza??? The bathrooms are always nasty never clean. I'm in there alot til recently I started going to no up the road....

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Roger stjohn - 16 d 18 h ago

They sold me a cup for $7.00 . The cup was advertised to get refills on polar pops with it for 25 cents. The very next day they raised the price to $1. I bought the cup for nothing. None of the employee speak English so I couldn't really voice a complaint. I'm not happy.

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Pissed off becuase I feel pissed on - 9 d 19 h ago


Circle K, store owner or corporate or whomever, why do you tolerate continual poor employIee behavior?

Is there no incentive for customer satisfaction?

Why do I feel 'shame on me' after visiting your store on Speedway and Houghton?

Because I knew I should have waited to grab a drink elsewhere rather than break for convenience.

I spent more money than necessary as former loyal circle k driving is a primary requirement for my job and i live in a desert, I had something similar happen to me

Today. Evelyn, you rude cashier and circle k employee, count yourself lucky that all you lost today was a customer. The transaction facts or price increase aside, you were unprofessional, almost mocking and your demeanor was less than ladylike on my end. I realize now, (this being the final encounter of many) that your poor attitude towards customers and your mini tantrums or angry goings on is probably a result of your life falling apart in other areas perhaps due to the way you choose to conduct yourself. Whatever it is Ill pray for you and boycot Circle K's from now on. You should be reprimanded and seek enrichment of sorts to manage your in appropriate behavior. Although not your fault, your superiors probably avoid you the way i will and that works for you. Your a vanishing breed. I am a millenial, tolerance is my game. Yet as a consumer, I name you why negative connotation is associated with Circle K convenience stores cashiers, as nothing more than replaceable dime a dozen, gas station attendants. If it were up to me your job would be automated sooner than later.

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CONCERNED CUSTOMER - 12 d 20 h ago

I love your new location in Camp Verde. Most of your employees are great. Then there are others that think they have to do anything but show up to get their paycheck. O have yet to see any management people in there

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anonymous - 44 d 15 h ago


Circle K Gas of Maple Hts. Ohio has new gas pumps for diesel fuel but has completely run out of gas and the store is open for business. well if someone needs to pick up snacks and get gas later then stop at this Circle K station.

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Anonymous - 45 d 30 s ago


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David - 71 d 16 h ago


How do l apply for a CAR Position. I live in the Coachella Valley. Thanks.

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Mark Roach - 98 d ago


I stop at the store in Roebuck sc nearly every day the 221 roebuck location the workers there are always super nice and friendly they go out if their way to help you and always have fresh coffee

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Why me - 101 d 19 h ago


Trying to all and customer service sucks they won't pick up the phone. They are unprofessional and all they want is money. Bull somebody hack me and they dont care.

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FCC - 117 d 3 h ago

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Rischard Maxwell - 117 d 16 h ago


The store in Lexington ky on Richmond rd is ran by racist the lady that worked tonight does not like me and jus told me get your black ass out nigga before i call the cops all over a i.d. dispute i was not rude or aggressive with her

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Anonymous - 117 d 17 h ago


Look folks I've tried many time to stop this store in Florida on hwy 441 in Leesburg Florida that has possibly the most annoying music I've ever heard. I've called corporate, they don't care. Call the sheriff's department and help us put a stop to this garbage.

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Penny lewis - 125 d 48 s ago


The store at 59 th Ave and camelback is a dirty store. Dried mustard on a napkin dispenser, mustard on counter,trash on floors bathroom dirty, when I told one of the workers that the blue power aid was just water he said years it's out. I said you might won't to put a out of order on it so customers don't waist ice he just gave me a look like don't tell me what to do.

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Ashley - 129 d ago

Me and my fianc stopped to get gas they refused to break a $100 bill and needles to say on the way to the next gas station we ran out of gas .. I was on my way to work !!! Thank the lord I was able to run ! Yes run the last little bit to get there on time

This happened on union avenue in alliance , Ohio 44601

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Annoyed - 130 d ago


I have worked at circle k for 7months now and can't get my promotion or my raise my manager keeps giving me the run-around

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Anonymous - 138 d 6 h ago


Circle K in North Charleston S.C. 9195 University Bldv. North Charleston S

C. Has a new employee a manager with Blue Shirt white Male at 7 :45 a.m. on May 8 2018..Was Very Disrespectful Throw My money at Me in the Counter.I said Good morning and handed him my money .Shaun is his name his tag say manager. I purchase lottery tickets he throw them on the Counter..Nasty Attitude would not accept the money out of Black customers hand and putting things on counter. Terrible service before 8Am ...

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Annoymous - 139 d 16 h ago


The Circle k in Luling,tx is horrible. Everytime I go in on the weekends this old woman is talking or gossiping has to be reminded to do her job. The manager who runs it is rude . I don't care if she worked 7 days or what no need to be a brat.not to mention I was at Pizza hut when she came and got my coworker fired,she came twice . Even ate. And personally I feel guilty cause I witnessed it. I should have said something but I needed my job. All I know the way she ran her mouth she she run the what someone said she is stressed. And I refuse to step foot in there again .

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Anonymous - 148 d 19 h ago


I would like to report the Circle K on 12th Ave Columbus GA 31901. They hire cashiers who do and sale drugs to customers. They are rude and banned almost every white person for no reason. They let bums hangout all day and all night and beg for money. They banned a sick white girl for iusing the bathroom and banged on the door the entire time she was in there so she left her upset stomach to show proof she was S IDK. The manager banned her after finding out she had her C and had a meeting about the poor sick white lady. The next time she entered the store to purchase items she was screamed at and told e was banned for taking a shit in the toilet. This is against the disability act they can't do that. They refuse to take my pennies because they were dirty and told me not to bring dirty change. Something needs to be done about this store it's really out of control.

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Cyril Vegas - 151 d 8 s ago


Contract me on a very rude manager.... (hidden) are (hidden)

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Laura - 162 d ago


Hi my name is Laura. I have been working for circle k for a month now. I just started working overnight shift and no one was there to show me anything. Then some co-workers want to get mad bc I didn't do something but how can I do something if I was never told. Right now I think they more ppl hired instead hiring and training managers and not their workers.

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Rita A Keaton - 163 d 18 h ago

My name is Rita Keaton I worked for Kangaroo express now a circle k for over ten years. I worked at Campobello SC, as a lead assistant manager,. Then the worst thing happened in October my fiancee passed with cancer. So I choose to start over in my home state of Indiana. Knowing that circle k had stores there I decided to transfer. Being my only source of income I was very disappointed that I was only being scheduled less then 35 hrs a week. I found another job,. And gave a two week notice and was told to just finish out the schedule. My last day was January 23rd and I was owed 104 hrs vacation. I have contacted Rob the district manager numerous times only to be told after a few months to call Susan Turngate in payroll. I have left messages and had no return call as of yet. I worked hard for this company as you can contact Cassandra in SC to confirm this. In all fairness I earned this vacation pay, and God knows I need it. Not sure how else to get any help with this matter. Can you please help me I loved my job but I am starting to have bad feelings about how I am being treated.

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Patricia Teale - 191 d ago


I visited circle k in Lake City. 1st time no problems store was very clean (all). This time went to counter and told them bathrooms needed attention they were filthy. Men room urinal was full and over flowing onto floor. When we let them know at counter ( three women were standing behide counter looking lost) they imformed me there was a work order for bathrooms. So they need a work order to clean the bathroom? What about urine leaking all over? They looked at me like i was a bug.

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Mike N - 191 d 3 h ago


Based on the reviews, it's obvious the leadership at circle K either never reads the reviews or just doesn't care!

The Circle K on Robert Smalls Pkwy in Beaufort SC is constantly littered with trash. Behind the store it looks

like a small city dump. I've spent my own time picking up trash because I feel that sooner or later someone has to care! It's a disgrace as a business..! No excuse for what it continues to operate this way!

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Anonymous - 206 d ago

Don't take 100 dollar bills such an inconvice

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