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Circle K

1500 N Priest Dr
Tempe, AZ
Brian Hannasch
(602) 728-8000
Annual Sales Est
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Tricia Ihne - 37 d 8 h ago


My husband just went to Circle K on Henderson Dr in Jacksonville, NC and asked the clerk if he bought some sodas and 3-4 packs of cigarettes, could she break a hundred. The clerk said the only way she could take his $100 bill is if he spends $30.00. He went to the Shell station and bought one pack of cigarettes, and Shell broke the hundred. My husband then went back to Circle K and bought more cigarettes and soda. I personally wouldn't have! It really bothers me because my whole family are buying stuff from that Circle K multiple times a day, all week long! I want to see if that practice is legal because I really feel like if it's not illegal, it should be!

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beesmaarter - 18 d 17 h ago

The clerk is given guidelines to follow and a certain amount of change in their bank in the register if they have to break $100.00 early in their shift then they might not have enough change needed for the other potential customers doing business with the store during their shift.

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Anonymous - 37 d 9 h ago


The unit on Highway 55 in Durham North Carolina store number 6330 is totally inadequate

right now in the middle of this early evening you have one employee working and the line is back outside of the door it's a constant thing ever since management has changed over someone needs to do something positive about your situation you are going to lose business if you do not

General profile image - 55 d 5 h ago

look, I need your help. I believe my adopted boys snuck out in the middle of the night with my brothers car keys, stole money, and went to spend it at CK around 3 am in Phoenix AZ. I need to know how they paid in order to call the police and I know you have appropriate surveillance. Contact me.

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Anonymous - 55 d 2 h ago

If they were your biological children would you have included that information in your post? They are your sons 100%. If you are constantly replying to them as "adopted" it's easy to see why they have problems.

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Anonymous - 56 d 8 h ago

CircleK on 6229 or 6230 W. Sugar creek ( pops up differently on their receipts and the gps) is just all around terrible. A great amount of customers are just flat out rude and the employees there as well as the manager are just terrible. That store has taken money off of multiple customers accounts without their doing, there's almost always an altercation there and they just treat people bad all together. The manager is just the worst. She gets snippy with customers, her attitude shows she isn't fit to run the place or be a manager and she's just all around negative. I can see why most of the employees are miserable there and also why they rotate people in and out of that "establishment ". It doesn't help at all how many gas spills and smoking objects were there on different occasions. Corporate really needs to shut that place down. It's a safety hazard to all.

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Anonymous - 65 d 4 h ago


I'm a driver here in Denver and I deliver gas for a specific company! This company is ran unprofessionally and treats customers such as circle k employees like shit! They constantly down circle k corporate offices and their employees as well! They also can't seem to pay the drivers accordingly! They keep stores overfilled and leave spill buckets dirty! This creates and unsafe environment for customers and neighbors

As well as neighborhoods around these stores! We're supposed to vapor off any fumes and it's not being done! I need to talk to someone in corporate about this but I really don't think they read this stuff

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Anonymous - 70 d 11 h ago


8650 ulmerton road,33771 is the worst place!!!! I had my gas stolen from me and Patty gave me a fake phone number, and told me to come back when manager was there. I do not live close to this shady gas station, so when I came in to talk to manager Alia she went all crazy, screaming talking nasty to me. Alia the manager is very unprofessional, instead of giving me my money since I had proof! Alia called the police and lied, she said I made a Scene in the store? the police showed up and listened to her hearsay , instead of checking store cameras? Bias discrimination, I was treated horrible and the unethical. Police tried to arrest me for trespassing, what? Officer Kraft from largo police dept screamed at me, said I am being detained and booked as Jane Doe if I don't give officer Kraft my id? officer Kraft tried so hard to take me to jail? that was not happening , I started recording the minute officer Kraft told me to keep my ass outside? wow I am disgusted with the way Shells, Circle K and largo police handled a simple matter. I have spoke to attorney showed attorney video and am going to sue all of them, All over a simple matter, Shells does not just sale bad gas, they steal from you if you question it ,Shells/Circle K harass, humiliate you, and bully you, taking video to the news too! No cameras on the gas pumps Surprise at this location they have no safe guard for there customers. DO not use your credit card here, worst experience I have had with a manager, I will never go to another Shells, Circle K again , I was going to one every day to buy water and gas, never ever again,

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Doug - 74 d 7 h ago


I just returned from a neighborhood association meeting in the historic neighborhood of Meridian Kessler in Indianapolis, Indiana. Teh is a small gas station/service station and convenience store that Circle K aquired several years ago and continued to allow the mechanic to keep the neighborhood car service while circle K sold gas and some convenience items. They have now ended the lease to the mechanic to expand the convenience store because the auto mechanic work does not fit their model. What doesn't fit is a larger convenience store at this location. What I learned is that circle K has refused to budge and it is probably a done deal. All present at the meeting agreed that boycotting this station would be the goal for now and in the future. While Ty, the mechanic is still there I expect the boycott to gow slowly. after he is gone I expect teh neighborhood will put circle k out of business at this location. In addition to boycotting by local residents, I expect they will diligently call in every complaint or violation to assure the manages of this location have no rest. If anyone from the company reads these posts, please rethink this position. If anybody want to support the neighborhood with this, please send your comments to Melissa Mahioney at circle K (hidden) or call Brian Hannasch. Also please choose some other conveniece stor other than circle K whenever you can.

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Anonymous - 74 d 6 h ago


Great review Doug. You are right on. They need to rethink this decision unless they want an empty building.

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Anonymous - 74 d 6 h ago


Definitely will boycott Circle K at 49th and Pennsylvania in Indianapolis IN. And anywhere else they do business. Ty has been there for a long time and we have been going to him dive Marsthon closed at Westfield and College. Many years ago. Circle K you need to re-evaluate your decision as we are a very tight neighborhood. You will go out if business at that location

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Anonymous - 121 d 12 h ago


Bathroom was nasty stuff all over floor no hot dogs or toqetoes the store it self was not clean it was the one in Morehead City employees were were rude

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Former employee - 262 d 5 h ago


Do not work for this company, they will walk all over you. I have been with the company for a couple years and no matter what you do it's never enough. The pay is the lowest in the industry and upper management is horrible. Most shifts are single covered and most employees get yelled at daily for having to wait in line, which I understand it's not "convenient" to have to wait in line, but it is not the employees fault, it's store manager/district manager. As a young individual it is not in any way okay to be working graveyard in a store completely alone. The management would rather have 4 people on first shift, with only 2 cash registers than to have another person on third shift. Store managers think it's okay to yell at you and cuss at you in front of customers and when it is brought up to the "market manager" you get told it's not their problem or they make up excuses. When one employee isn't pulling their weight, they still get paid more than someone who has been there for a couple years and busts their ass literally every time they walk thru the door. This is by far the worst company I have worked for and it is very unfortunate because most of the customers will make your day so great but you get to a point where the cons outweigh the pros. Cya later circle k.

Flagged for review. 
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Employee - 227 d 10 h ago

You are absolutely correct on your review of Circle K. I am surprised they are still in business with the shady stuff they do and get away with. I'm having to go to the labor board and better business bureau as we speak to receive my paycheck that's already almost 3 days late now. I spent a full day trying to contact my District manager and HR at the corporate office. Nobody ever answered or returned my calls! Once I finally got my District manager to call me back about the issue (after threatening to call Labor Board) I was only blown off and basically told he didn't know when or how I would get paid. To contact HR directly is impossible. They do not call back or answer.

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Kim - 201 d ago


I am currently trying to get a seperation notice and can't find anybody who knows what they're doing. I am looking for any contact info and NOTHING is available.

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Allisha - 124 d 47 m ago


Yes im having the same problem but mine involves harrassment

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Anonymous - 129 d 15 h ago


I want to report that on 02/12/2019 at aprox. 4-5:30pm New Mexico time one of your cashiers took a customer to back and had an encounter with him. Her name is Arianna, not sure the correct spelling. All of the females who work at that location are ALWAYS flirting with men and being rude to female customers. This needs to be addressed or this will be going up higher than this email. I think it's disgusting that you have people like this working for your company. If this does not get addressed I will contact facebook and every social media.

The location is

7940 Ladera Dr NW,

Albuquerque, NM 87120


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Dede Taylor - 194 d 7 h ago


Today I purchased $30 worth of gas although the rewards card reader was not working, nor could it take gift cards. My daughter pumped her gas into her car while I attempted to purchase drinks, candy bar and 3 Juul regular tobacco refills. I was carded for the refills although I am 58 years old and look my age. I said that had never happened before and the clerk snotily replied there was a posting on the door had I bothered to read it. You should coach your employees how to implement new policies where customers are concerned. I did not make my purchase and have found that FasMart also sells Juul so I will now be purchasing them there. You've lost a customer, my friends and family. Good job Circle K.

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Price Gouging Thieves - 199 d 16 h ago


Champaign/Urbana, Illinois are like suburbs of each other and in Champaign gas is .38 more expensive...why is this? Urbana is .38 cheaper.. Price gouging are we? I will go to another station in Champaign that is cheaper you just lost my business...You think people don't see this? I live in Urbana where its .38 cheaper but I will go to another gas station. YOU GUYS SUCK!!!!

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AJ - 217 d 11 h ago


I find it horrible that they run off their good employees. The ones that busy their butts for them, while your manager does Absoutly nothing at all but sit in that office on her butt for 8 hours. I was their best employee. I always had customers come in and say, Why is it every single day I come in, you're the only one working. I killed myself for this company. I had a manger that sat on her butt all day and never helped us at all. In the 4 months I was there, I never seen her work, unless Cindy, her boss showed up. That's the ONLY time she ever came out of that office. Other shifts would not do their work, then she would yell amd scream and treat us like crap, bc she didn't want to lose an employee. But yet, she took it out on us. I have done this job all of my life. I'm great at what I do. Why is it the People thatvare hard workers, and go beyond what they're asked, can never get that position, but the lazy ones, that done Absoutly NOTHING, gets the job. I could have a line of 12 people and she would NEVER come to help. Ever!

She would let this boy leave every time he could think of an excuse. I had 14 people n line on a Saturday, game day in Morgantown, WV and the boy walks in front of every customer, goes outside, plays on his phone, again, bc that's all he ever done. He walks back in about 5 mins later and walks straight back to the room and disappears. There was so much BS going on at this store. I thought maybe, when your store is losing employees left n right, and nothing is being done, wouldn't you start to look at management. Does this company understand how they run their good employees off, just like they did me? Letting employees drinks and do drugs at work. SMDH!

I killed myself for this company. Trish never done a damn thing other than sit in that office, go on the cameras and listen to our conversations. Witch I was told is illegal to audio record without consent. Her and the Assistant manager is worthless. I could have a line of people, and the coffee blinking and they're to dang lazy to change it. To good too do ANYTHING at all.

I love being a cashier. Have done it all my life. I've never in my life, ever seen a a manger and Assistant never help or do anything. They sat in that office, would listen to our recorded conversations, then bitch at us bc it was always about her and how she can not run that store.

Just like my raise. She comes to me and is like, u should have done your CBT training when you started, so I can put your raise through bc that was her fault and that if she sent it through now, I would not get it bc the CBT hasn't been done. I said, maybe one day u can come out and get on register that way I could do them. Because I bet a million dollars, if that was her raise, she would have made sure hers was done. Once I found that out about my raise, that she is to damn lazy to come out of the office and get off her butt and let me do my test, and with all the other BS that was going on there, I left. SHE has ran off so many employees, I do not understand how corporate does not see what's going on there. Just look at your cameras When she would let co-workers go do dope outside and drink . Also, just take a look at those cameras and see how many times that woman has ever lifted a finger. Only time she cooked was when Cindy her boss was there. Other than that..nothing. I had people come in and ask if I was the manager, bc the way "I" RAN THAT STORE...NOT HER...ME.

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Kim - 201 d ago


How do I get a seperation notice from Human Resources? They keep putting me off and I can't find it anywhere online.

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Baa - 204 d 14 h ago


Terrible customer service. 109 sequoyah rd. Soody daisy tn had car wash that only works for police cars just witness it a while ago when I tried to get a car wash was told it wasn't working but police pulled up and wow he got a car wash. Went back in and asked why it worked for him and not for me was told they have a button they push for police cars. What a load of carp. If it works for one car it should work for all cars. Well you guys has seen my last time spent there .can not stress enough that I want EVER got back.

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Customer - 216 d 8 h ago


Its worst place to get gas and shop customer service is bad and some of employee try to steal from the customers I had a bad experience I won't go there anymore

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Rick P. - 236 d 6 h ago


The store at 1810 S. Country Club in Mesa, AZ has had a problem with Shell gas pumps not reading Fry's VIP cards. In September it happened twice and in October it has happened twice. I talked with the manage the time the pump wouldn't read my card and he said, "that there was nothing wrong with the pumps". BS. That time the cash register read my card just fine. But, who wants to walk inside the every time they go to by gas? NOT ME!!!!!!! That was the third time the problem occurred. So, I go to Fry's and ask them to make me a new card and transfer any points to the new card. Which they had no problem doing.

I called Fry's Customer service and they told me that I needed too call Shell. Shell said, "that some times the store has a problem with their connection either between the pumps and the store system or the store system won't connect with Shell. And, that might be the problem.

Wrong dumb one!! It happened again today, for the second time with new Fry's card. But this time, the cash register wouldn't even read my Fry's card. I told one of the employees at the store that I wanted to talk with the manager, but he had left the for a few minutes and would be back soon. I told the employee to tell manager that his pumps and cash registers, both, would not read my card today and that that's the fourth time this has happened. I told that I have called Fry's customer service and Shell both and the problem still exists. And, that I had been a customer of that store for over 7 years and would probably not be back. And, that I was going to post signs at the closest Fry's stating that that Circle K doesn't accept Fry's VIP cards. He said that was bad for business and that I can't do it. I told, again, to get his manager to have the gas pump system fixed to accept Fry's VIP cards and that I was going to post the signs. To which, he had the same reply. He even tried to run my Fry's card on a register and it would read it either.

So, now I am waiting for a call back from Circle K Customer Service to hear what they have to say. Needless to say, from my end they are going to get an ear full. If and when they do call me back.

For now, I would advise people to NOT buy gas using your Fry's VIP card, because, more that likely your won't work.

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Miss Weaver - 242 d 11 h ago


I was at circle k today purchasing things and Darryl the manager needs people skills he was very rude and I didn't appreciate it, it doesn't matter how many purchases I make as long as I'm a paying customer who cares it was the circle k near Charleston Southern and Trident Hospital if he did it to me he has gotten smart with others.

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