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Circle K

1500 N Priest Dr
Tempe, AZ
Brian Hannasch
(602) 728-8000
Annual Sales Est
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Tami koch - 17 d 7 h ago


I worked for this company for close to a year. I put my heart and soul into this job. In December of last year our manager was fired. During the holidays. We didn't have one. Then u gave us Courtney Capps. She is 21 years old with no experience. She doesn't put in her hours. She comes in late and leaves early. She takes her kid to school 20 minutes away on the clock. She goes to yard sales on the clock. She changes the schedule and lies about with little notice. She says she writes people up but doesnt. The assistant manager Toni tells employees not to call her. She won't open a register if busy on the weekends. I got shitty messages at 4am from the manager. U have 2 employees at the station who live together. Who were told to put down different addresses. 1800 number was taken off the door and put in ladies room. She put spoiled food on roller grill after freezer was down for days. It's store 2370. I got into with her and quit. Just thought u might want to know.

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Shon brown - 21 d 36 m ago


Shon brown

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ros - 25 d ago


circle k greensboro nc located on groom town rd store manager is a complete ruud ass hole that needs your att. badley

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Circle K, Ellensburg, Wa - 33 d ago



I want to report an incident that happened to my husband today. My husband is hispanic, speaks English very very well, was buying a pack of cigarettes and the person in front of him was buying a six pack of beer. They were not asked for ID, but they did ask my husband (38years old). When he asked the cashier why he was carded and the guy buying alcohol was not? The answer was that they knew him. My husband said it appeared clear to him the person was "just another Customer" nothing friendly or personal type conversation at all and felt that it was discrimination. He told her that as well. He also told her she should ask EVERYONE for ID. (Unless perhaps it's exceedingly obvious. However, Even I get carded occasionally and I'm 57) it was at that point she told him she didn't have to ask everyone, only some people.

I'm a Caucasian woman and I have been in several stores with my husband over the years and experienced some mild discrimination. But none of which has been as obvious as this. Here is the receipt from this, and all the info you need. THANK YOU. My husband said the guy appeared to him to be younger than he is. He thinks it was discrimination. By not carding everyone, what is he to assume?

Thank you.

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Anonymous - 51 d 9 h ago


Circle k in decatur il on mound road. Dont know what they are doing. Im beyond pissed!! I prepaid on a pump and it didnt stop.. So i had to give them my babies diaper money. When it was her mistake. It should have been tookinout of her pay!!!!

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TALIA - 165 d 11 h ago



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Anonymous - 56 d ago


Anonymous:. Circle k speedway an kolb employee Alexis put customers on Instagram . That's very inappropriate these employees should be terminated and calling customers drunks and they like to hang out in bars is no nobody's business what these and customers do in their private life .

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jay - 60 d 9 h ago


I wanna to let y'all know that tanya Sanders at circle k is the worst manager she ride with y'all deposits with ppl in the car y she deposits the money she stole from y'all be for she smoke marijuana she very disrectful

General profile image - 64 d 13 h ago


Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry

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Jordan - 70 d ago


Today while shopping at the dysart and Glendale location I got to see a woman absolutely disrespected by the manager of the store brenda she stood there and repeatedly spoke ill of the woman while she was in listening distance it was horrible to see how unrelenting the manager was to this single customer

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Disgruntle Customer - 111 d ago


When I went back they gave me a receipt. Very irritating. Just keep paper in the machine and this can be avoided all together. I want a receipt when I purchase gasoline. So many scam artist and thieves out there. I want a receipt and I do not want to have to return again to get it. KEEP PAPER IN THE MACHINE....EKEMENTARY....

Kessler and Michigan Road Circle K gas station. Indianapolis, Indiana....

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Anonymous - 111 d 8 h ago


Kessler and Michigan road Indianapolis did not give me a receipt. They are crazy....I got ,20.00 worth of gas.

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Anonymous - 111 d 8 h ago


I just got ,20.00 gas and they would not give me a receipt.

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Upset customer - 212 d 16 h ago


The circle K off of Audiela and Walnut Hill I experienced the worst experience ever femal employee was so rude, she first put the money I asked for on the wrong pump and I went inside to tell her it wasn't working instead of immediately fixing it she goes out side and picks up McDonald's from her friend then still didn't fix the problem mind you I was late for work so this was all really inconvenient had a huge attitude out her finger in my face twice and told me to hold on , just unprofessional! The upsetting thing is that I lived in the neighborhood for 3 years and have never experienced anything

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Bad service - 250 d 5 h ago

Circle k 2709795 / 1001 n. Dale Mabry hwy tampa. 33607 bad Customer service .bathroms dirty, gas pumps never have paper .i used this gas pumps 7 days a week sometimes twice a day.I use diferent.pumps atlease 4 out 7 no gas paper.i will like to be available to pick my receipt and go to work thank you.

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Beyondirate - 1 y ago


First of all I'm going to start by saying that there was no good reason for any employee to ever accuse any customer of shoplifting in front of other customers!!!! Second I was a Circle K employee- you are not allowed to make that accusation! you are not allowed to confront a suspected shoplifter!! you WILL lose your job!! Now these things being said I'm going to explain to you what happened with my experience at Circle K...

About 20 minutes ago I was in a Circle K to purchase cigarettes and A2 liter of soda there were two other customers in the Circle K at the time when I approached the register the cashier looked right at me and told me that she would not wait on me she refused me service and when I asked excuse me and why because she had to tell me by law then she proceeded to inform me "You have been caught shoplifting." and "You'll have to come back and speak with the manager."

I have been insulted a great many times in my short life but I have never been accused of theft for any reason was outrageous, unreasonable, insulting and there is no excuse for it!! I will be contacting a legal professional n this matter if anybody has anything they would like to add I would appreciate it because I do plan on taking legal action. If I'm not mistaken that would be slander at the very least!!!

Unfortunately I shop at the Circle K virtually daily and every other employee employee in that Circle K treats me well respectfully well-mannered helpful unfortunately I will no longer be frequenting that establishment as a matter of fact I will no longer be frequenting Circle case at all I have never been more embarrassed in my life

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Former employe - 1 y 87 d ago


Not happy with the way people are treated when they find a better job

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Anonymous - 1 y 139 d ago

When did w2 come out I haven't got mines yet

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Ron - 1 y 144 d ago

Store 1948 6544 32 street or araby road Yuma.

Love the coffee but the restroom was filthy this morning-rest of store was ok. Took a picture but could not find email to send- restrooms should be kept very clean.

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Staci - 1 y 188 d ago


The new circle k on dysart and Glendale nice store only one really nice CSR that goes out her way to help you! Her name is Shenna but her manager Brenda was referring her employees as monkeys so disrespectful!

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a once customer - 2 y 102 d ago


stopping at your location at baseline rd.and 40th street. was not a good experience.

first let me say there were 10 people in line and only one cash register open. this was at 6:30am. i know that you have a shift change at that time but why should the customer

have to stand in line for that long just to check out? . when i stop at quiktrip there are

plenty of registers open. and no long lines your corporation could learn a lot from them.

they will be my first choice from now on.thank you

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