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Circle K

1500 N Priest Dr
Tempe, AZ
Brian Hannasch
(602) 728-8000
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AJ - 17 h ago


I find it horrible that they run off their good employees. The ones that busy their butts for them, while your manager does Absoutly nothing at all but sit in that office on her butt for 8 hours. I was their best employee. I always had customers come in and say, Why is it every single day I come in, you're the only one working. I killed myself for this company. I had a manger that sat on her butt all day and never helped us at all. In the 4 months I was there, I never seen her work, unless Cindy, her boss showed up. That's the ONLY time she ever came out of that office. Other shifts would not do their work, then she would yell amd scream and treat us like crap, bc she didn't want to lose an employee. But yet, she took it out on us. I have done this job all of my life. I'm great at what I do. Why is it the People thatvare hard workers, and go beyond what they're asked, can never get that position, but the lazy ones, that done Absoutly NOTHING, gets the job. I could have a line of 12 people and she would NEVER come to help. Ever!

She would let this boy leave every time he could think of an excuse. I had 14 people n line on a Saturday, game day in Morgantown, WV and the boy walks in front of every customer, goes outside, plays on his phone, again, bc that's all he ever done. He walks back in about 5 mins later and walks straight back to the room and disappears. There was so much BS going on at this store. I thought maybe, when your store is losing employees left n right, and nothing is being done, wouldn't you start to look at management. Does this company understand how they run their good employees off, just like they did me? Letting employees drinks and do drugs at work. SMDH!

I killed myself for this company. Trish never done a damn thing other than sit in that office, go on the cameras and listen to our conversations. Witch I was told is illegal to audio record without consent. Her and the Assistant manager is worthless. I could have a line of people, and the coffee blinking and they're to dang lazy to change it. To good too do ANYTHING at all.

I love being a cashier. Have done it all my life. I've never in my life, ever seen a a manger and Assistant never help or do anything. They sat in that office, would listen to our recorded conversations, then bitch at us bc it was always about her and how she can not run that store.

Just like my raise. She comes to me and is like, u should have done your CBT training when you started, so I can put your raise through bc that was her fault and that if she sent it through now, I would not get it bc the CBT hasn't been done. I said, maybe one day u can come out and get on register that way I could do them. Because I bet a million dollars, if that was her raise, she would have made sure hers was done. Once I found that out about my raise, that she is to damn lazy to come out of the office and get off her butt and let me do my test, and with all the other BS that was going on there, I left. SHE has ran off so many employees, I do not understand how corporate does not see what's going on there. Just look at your cameras When she would let co-workers go do dope outside and drink . Also, just take a look at those cameras and see how many times that woman has ever lifted a finger. Only time she cooked was when Cindy her boss was there. Other than that..nothing. I had people come in and ask if I was the manager, bc the way "I" RAN THAT STORE...NOT HER...ME.

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Former employee - 45 d 11 h ago


Do not work for this company, they will walk all over you. I have been with the company for a couple years and no matter what you do it's never enough. The pay is the lowest in the industry and upper management is horrible. Most shifts are single covered and most employees get yelled at daily for having to wait in line, which I understand it's not "convenient" to have to wait in line, but it is not the employees fault, it's store manager/district manager. As a young individual it is not in any way okay to be working graveyard in a store completely alone. The management would rather have 4 people on first shift, with only 2 cash registers than to have another person on third shift. Store managers think it's okay to yell at you and cuss at you in front of customers and when it is brought up to the "market manager" you get told it's not their problem or they make up excuses. When one employee isn't pulling their weight, they still get paid more than someone who has been there for a couple years and busts their ass literally every time they walk thru the door. This is by far the worst company I have worked for and it is very unfortunate because most of the customers will make your day so great but you get to a point where the cons outweigh the pros. Cya later circle k.

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Employee - 10 d 16 h ago

You are absolutely correct on your review of Circle K. I am surprised they are still in business with the shady stuff they do and get away with. I'm having to go to the labor board and better business bureau as we speak to receive my paycheck that's already almost 3 days late now. I spent a full day trying to contact my District manager and HR at the corporate office. Nobody ever answered or returned my calls! Once I finally got my District manager to call me back about the issue (after threatening to call Labor Board) I was only blown off and basically told he didn't know when or how I would get paid. To contact HR directly is impossible. They do not call back or answer.

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Rick P. - 19 d 11 h ago


The store at 1810 S. Country Club in Mesa, AZ has had a problem with Shell gas pumps not reading Fry's VIP cards. In September it happened twice and in October it has happened twice. I talked with the manage the time the pump wouldn't read my card and he said, "that there was nothing wrong with the pumps". BS. That time the cash register read my card just fine. But, who wants to walk inside the every time they go to by gas? NOT ME!!!!!!! That was the third time the problem occurred. So, I go to Fry's and ask them to make me a new card and transfer any points to the new card. Which they had no problem doing.

I called Fry's Customer service and they told me that I needed too call Shell. Shell said, "that some times the store has a problem with their connection either between the pumps and the store system or the store system won't connect with Shell. And, that might be the problem.

Wrong dumb one!! It happened again today, for the second time with new Fry's card. But this time, the cash register wouldn't even read my Fry's card. I told one of the employees at the store that I wanted to talk with the manager, but he had left the for a few minutes and would be back soon. I told the employee to tell manager that his pumps and cash registers, both, would not read my card today and that that's the fourth time this has happened. I told that I have called Fry's customer service and Shell both and the problem still exists. And, that I had been a customer of that store for over 7 years and would probably not be back. And, that I was going to post signs at the closest Fry's stating that that Circle K doesn't accept Fry's VIP cards. He said that was bad for business and that I can't do it. I told, again, to get his manager to have the gas pump system fixed to accept Fry's VIP cards and that I was going to post the signs. To which, he had the same reply. He even tried to run my Fry's card on a register and it would read it either.

So, now I am waiting for a call back from Circle K Customer Service to hear what they have to say. Needless to say, from my end they are going to get an ear full. If and when they do call me back.

For now, I would advise people to NOT buy gas using your Fry's VIP card, because, more that likely your won't work.

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Miss Weaver - 25 d 17 h ago


I was at circle k today purchasing things and Darryl the manager needs people skills he was very rude and I didn't appreciate it, it doesn't matter how many purchases I make as long as I'm a paying customer who cares it was the circle k near Charleston Southern and Trident Hospital if he did it to me he has gotten smart with others.

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Jrp - 38 d 9 h ago

The store on kings hwy does not have therestuff together at all first theres always a line to door (slow service)(to busy visiting)then the sign advertises polar pops .79 but cant ever find any big cups they take the big cups out at night n say they r out but next morning always has cups?in my oppinion they need whole new staff to straighten them out rude customer service always panhandlers in front of store bugging customers for money I spend money every single day in that store but started using line ave so much nicer

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Barbara - 45 d 11 h ago

Barbara Adams, circle k 300 hwy bypass Abbeville Louisiana, dirty floor and nothing is in place. New manager has a attitude. Need to work on his people skill.

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EX CIRCLE K CUSTOMER. - 47 d 7 h ago

I propose only very clumsy refills and very messy bathroom visits until Circle K. manages to hire managers with the ability to manage their employees. A.M. P.M. is by far a better choice for customers on the go.

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noel boyd - 57 d 11 h ago


Your store in Brea Sucks on imperial hwy who take a Hr.Bathroom Break

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noel boyd - 57 d 12 h ago


Okay Now how long does some of ur employees have Bathroom Breaks dang can u ask them 2405 imperial Hwy .Brea Ca This Is Insane the guy in restroom over 30min He Die in there i dont ..This Is Rediculous Lunch Break Ok But When after 30 min Wait to get in store after Shift Change Im Good On CK For the Rest of my Life

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Brian - 59 d ago


There is a lady named Janice in circle k store on route 19 in homoassa the lady Janice is so rude and nasty she tried to scam me out of money when I cashed in my lotto tickets. She is so rude and nasty stood there eating cheese'its as I asked for half and half machine to get refilled made me stand there 20 minutes. How can circle k hire such rude and nasty people who try to steal from there customers. If that's who circle k hires its sad

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Not Happy at all - 170 d 12 h ago


The circle k in Florence Indiana has the worst management the worst employees. You call to order a pizza they answer hang up and then take the phone off the hook. They are so lazy there will be 4 to 6 ppl in there and claim they don't have enough ppl to make a pizza??? The bathrooms are always nasty never clean. I'm in there alot til recently I started going to no up the road....

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Roger stjohn - 74 d 14 h ago

They sold me a cup for $7.00 . The cup was advertised to get refills on polar pops with it for 25 cents. The very next day they raised the price to $1. I bought the cup for nothing. None of the employee speak English so I couldn't really voice a complaint. I'm not happy.

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Pissed off becuase I feel pissed on - 67 d 15 h ago


Circle K, store owner or corporate or whomever, why do you tolerate continual poor employIee behavior?

Is there no incentive for customer satisfaction?

Why do I feel 'shame on me' after visiting your store on Speedway and Houghton?

Because I knew I should have waited to grab a drink elsewhere rather than break for convenience.

I spent more money than necessary as former loyal circle k driving is a primary requirement for my job and i live in a desert, I had something similar happen to me

Today. Evelyn, you rude cashier and circle k employee, count yourself lucky that all you lost today was a customer. The transaction facts or price increase aside, you were unprofessional, almost mocking and your demeanor was less than ladylike on my end. I realize now, (this being the final encounter of many) that your poor attitude towards customers and your mini tantrums or angry goings on is probably a result of your life falling apart in other areas perhaps due to the way you choose to conduct yourself. Whatever it is Ill pray for you and boycot Circle K's from now on. You should be reprimanded and seek enrichment of sorts to manage your in appropriate behavior. Although not your fault, your superiors probably avoid you the way i will and that works for you. Your a vanishing breed. I am a millenial, tolerance is my game. Yet as a consumer, I name you why negative connotation is associated with Circle K convenience stores cashiers, as nothing more than replaceable dime a dozen, gas station attendants. If it were up to me your job would be automated sooner than later.

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CONCERNED CUSTOMER - 70 d 16 h ago

I love your new location in Camp Verde. Most of your employees are great. Then there are others that think they have to do anything but show up to get their paycheck. O have yet to see any management people in there

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anonymous - 102 d 10 h ago


Circle K Gas of Maple Hts. Ohio has new gas pumps for diesel fuel but has completely run out of gas and the store is open for business. well if someone needs to pick up snacks and get gas later then stop at this Circle K station.

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Anonymous - 102 d 16 h ago


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David - 129 d 12 h ago


How do l apply for a CAR Position. I live in the Coachella Valley. Thanks.

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Mark Roach - 155 d 20 h ago


I stop at the store in Roebuck sc nearly every day the 221 roebuck location the workers there are always super nice and friendly they go out if their way to help you and always have fresh coffee

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Why me - 159 d 15 h ago


Trying to all and customer service sucks they won't pick up the phone. They are unprofessional and all they want is money. Bull somebody hack me and they dont care.

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FCC - 175 d 22 m ago

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Rischard Maxwell - 175 d 11 h ago


The store in Lexington ky on Richmond rd is ran by racist the lady that worked tonight does not like me and jus told me get your black ass out nigga before i call the cops all over a i.d. dispute i was not rude or aggressive with her

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Anonymous - 175 d 13 h ago


Look folks I've tried many time to stop this store in Florida on hwy 441 in Leesburg Florida that has possibly the most annoying music I've ever heard. I've called corporate, they don't care. Call the sheriff's department and help us put a stop to this garbage.

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Penny lewis - 182 d 19 h ago


The store at 59 th Ave and camelback is a dirty store. Dried mustard on a napkin dispenser, mustard on counter,trash on floors bathroom dirty, when I told one of the workers that the blue power aid was just water he said years it's out. I said you might won't to put a out of order on it so customers don't waist ice he just gave me a look like don't tell me what to do.

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Ashley - 186 d 19 h ago

Me and my fianc stopped to get gas they refused to break a $100 bill and needles to say on the way to the next gas station we ran out of gas .. I was on my way to work !!! Thank the lord I was able to run ! Yes run the last little bit to get there on time

This happened on union avenue in alliance , Ohio 44601

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