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Cox Communications, Inc.

1400 Lake Hearn Dr.
Atlanta, GA
(404) 843-5000
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andrea - 2 d 12 h ago

Worst customer service i've ever received. Signed up for a two year contract and when I needed to move my service to my new address I was suddenly being charged an insane amount! I had to call month after month since no one ever called me back when it was promised, and nothing was ever resolved. Now, months after my service was cancelled because of the ongoing issues, my credit file has been effected! This is the absolute worst company and this will be reported to the BBB. Spoke to a supervisor today who claims my balance is correct and still due. This will be a legal matter.

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Jame Lombardi - 44 d 16 h ago


For the past four months my payment invoices have been nowhere to be found. Each month I call and the following month the payment invoices do not arrive. This most recent month, your payment invoice which just came today (1/9/2018) indicates payment is due on January 4, 2018. To make matters worse I receive a ridiculous reminder each month through the phone system that by bills are due and if not paid on time late fees will be charged.

Interesting that you cannot get my invoices to me, but you can threaten to charge me a late fee for late payments.

Bottom line is, I WANT THIS ISSUE STRAIGHTENED OUT. If you can figure out how to call me each month with your annoying message of payment you should be able to figure out how to GET MY INVOICES ON TIME.

We have been loyal customers for over 30 years and have paid our bills on time for the 30 years. Check our account history. I am getting sick and tired of this. Each time I call about this issue or my services your staff thanks me for being a loyal customer for over 30 years. However the truth is Cox can give a crap about loyal customers. YOU DO NOTHING AT ALL FOR YOUR LOYAL CUMTOMERS.

Well at least do something, get my bill to me each month'

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Jim - 7 d 8 h ago

Contact your local attorney generals office

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Julia Diggs - 33 d 12 h ago


I know this may fall on deaf ear but I don't know how else to get my complaint across. Cox charged me twice on 01/18/2017 and 01/19/2018. I talked to so many reps as well as supervisors and I still didn't get any answers. I told so many people at cox that they charged me twice and they kept telling me no they did not. I am fed up to this point because I still haven't received my funds back. When I do receive my funds I don't want anything else to do with Cox. They lied to me on more than one occasion. I am hoping u can get my funds back soon. It didn't take you long to take it out my account so why is it taking so long to refund me my money. My name is Julia Diggs in Newport News VA. I really just want my money back.

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Jim - 7 d 9 h ago

They will not give you money back. Contact your local atttorney generals office.!

They are thieves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Gakennedy@cox,net - 23 d 12 h ago

I am a 90 yr old senior and my 81yr old wife called cox to let them know our tv had no signal, the man said we have a 3 year old box and it should be replaced. He told us there would be no charge since we have been good customers for over 32 years. He also said we will pay less each month on our bill. He never ever mentioned there was a charge. We recd a bill for nearly 400.00 and I called to complain and was told by cox there was nothing they could do, l am very ill and do not want this contour remote we cannot figure it out and are so upset Cox would do this to us after all these years.

What can we do??

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Jim - 7 d 9 h ago

Cox is con-people they all lie.Contact your local attorney generals office

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Caleb - 18 d 16 h ago


Excellent customer service. Good value for panoramic Wi-Fi. I none the less recommend it to people with slow internet. Thanks COX.

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Jim - 7 d 9 h ago

I bet you haven't had cox long lol

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Alex - 19 d 12 h ago


This problem goes back to May 2017 when I opened my cable Cox account. The promotion for the type of account I opened entitled me to a $300 rebate pending 3 months of maintaining my account in good order(not being late on payments). Since I did not get my rebate after 3 months, I called and went through never-ending calls being transferred from one person to another. I finally got the re-assurance that I will get my rebate. Since that did not happened, I called back on December 7th, 2017 and went through the same pain - I talked to upper management and they noted my account as approved for the rebate. However, as of today, February 3rd, 2018, I still did not get the rebate and found out, based on what the site where I tracked the status of the rebate on, that this transaction was not compliant. I picked up the phone and spent hours talking to people that are part of a red-tape organization just to hear that they will have to submit a form to investigate the case. I am not sure who "runs' this company but, based on my experience, if feels like a bunch of morons who have no processes in place to ensure the customers are taken care of. If I think how much you charge me for the poor services you provide it really feels like a rip-off. Shame on you!

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Tanya - 15 d 16 h ago


I absolutely wish I had never even heard the name Cox. Just like you I have been fighting with Cox since I got my service on Jan,11, 2018. They will not honor their advertisement and are refusing to return my temporary deposit. They also just told me that I only paid a $50 deposit and the other ,$75 was a fee that doesn't really exist. I swear their employees are robots that just repeat themselves, I'm sorry I understand the employee told you that but that was incorrect and there is nothing I can do you cannot have your deposit for 1 year, butt I'm really sorry that employee gave you the wrong information, over and over and over. It's not my problem their employees made a mistake that's their problem they have to be responsible for his mistake but apparently they have No intention of giving me my money and honoring what their employee told me. The last person I just spoke with, TODD not only said he was sorry he couldn't do anything but he is the one that just told me that the money was a service fee therefore it is not refundable at all, ever. Then he REFUSED to give me his supervisor. After I kept insisting he transfer me I asked for a number I could call regarding this he said I would have to call customer resolution in Atlanta but said he was not allowed to give me the number. Over and over and HE DID REFUSE. How stupid of him since I just have to look online. I hope anyone that is going to get Cox reads this. I didn't want them because I have heard nightmare stories but where I live they ARE my only choice. I am going to try to find some way to drop them. Any suggestions? I have spent more hours and days fighting with them over different issues, like a DVR that actually works sand a minibox that actually works. I am not going to stop fighting this but I don't know if I will ever see my money!!!! Anyone out there, if Cox is your only option, DO NOT get it!!!

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Jim - 7 d 9 h ago

Contact your local state attorney generals office.

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Jim - 7 d 9 h ago

Contact your local state attorney generals office

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Steve - 12 d 17 h ago


I believe that I was fraudulently induced to procure Cox cable and other services. I was told that One America News was available, or would soon be made available, if I subscribed to a premium package. Several years, and thousands of dollars later, despite repeated inquiries I am yet deprived one of the content providers I most wanted when I switched from my prior cable company. If said One America News is not made available to me within 30 days, I will switch to a provider which carries the network, and evaluate my legal options.

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Jim - 7 d 9 h ago

contact your local state attorney generals office

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Patricia - 7 d 19 h ago


I have written a e-mail to Cox's, it is a complaint about not be able to receive my e-mail since January 24th 2018, still can not.

I received a phone call yesterday, of course I was not home, they left a phone # which I have been trying since yesterday and this morning to speak to some one.

Like all of Cox's lines you go right to a answering service, ( Please leave name and phone # and we will return your call) Of course you will, please don't worry that I still can not receive e-mail.

I have been with Cox;s for over 30 years but your serve is at the point that I will have to leave, and that goes for about 4 other people that I know of, that are having the same trouble. It is not just Internet it is our phones, and T.V's by next door neighbor yesterday had none of the three( great) she has had it, she is moving to A.TT.

Would be nice to hear from Cox's about my problem

(hidden) cell (hidden) house.

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Jim - 7 d 9 h ago


Contact your local state Attorney Generals office.

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FORMER COX CUSTOMER - 26 d 16 h ago


To Whom It May Concern:

In as much as good customer service is rewarded, bad customer service from a company needs to be made known to the public. The company in question is Cox Communications in Arizona. I am taking this opportunity to complain about my experience in hopes other Cox customers can beware and take precautions that this will not happen to them. Hopefully, Cox can use both positive and negative real-life customer service stories to train their employees, but I don't see that as ever happening because Cox has the attitude that they hold the market at bay and no one has anywhere else to go. This is a false assumption on Cox's part.

I had been a customer of Cox for over two years from September 11, 2015 until December 2017, and had nothing but one adverse situation after another. These adverse situations were the reason that prompted me to end Cox as my provider for the internet and phone service.

First of all, it took two years for Cox to bury a 50-foot cable which lay across my lawn that Cox placed for a connection. Repeated calls by me resulted in no service only promises. When I had enough, I finally stated that what I needed to do was terminate my service with Cox. Then and only then did it get fixed. The cable was buried as it should have been from the very first. My other provider did notice that Cox broke the line and removed the filter from its connection box which had to be replaced when my new provider took over.

Secondly, Cox kept raising the price of my phone and internet every month with no improved service of any kind. I then dropped my phone service and went with another provider that was cheaper and better. In retaliation, Cox then increased my internet service $10.00 more a month. I complained and was given a "token promotional" deal. The deal was only $5.00 off my monthly bill for Cox loyalty and Cox would not lock in my rate. I was told by Cox customer service that other customers are given deals and others not and that is up to Cox to decide. Sounds like discrimination to me.

Lastly, when my service was terminated Cox kept billing me over and over because of some issue at hand. Repeated calls to customer service only resulted in numerous conclusions as to why the issues that have resulted in my case. I even faxed paperwork to Cox, but never a resolve to the issue only another bill. I went to a Cox Solutions store at 6070 W. Bell Rd., Glendale Arizona on January 26, 2018. While waiting for a supervisor (Amanda) to help me because this needed to be elevated to this level, four customers came in to terminate their service with Cox. Amanda intentionally delayed in helping us. Four Cox employees were standing around just chatting and having a good time. As witnessed, one woman was treated to the frustration level no one should have had to go through. She could not get waited on to terminate her service with Cox. Finally, she did and left but remained outside because she witnessed the treatment we were receiving. We told her there are alternatives to Cox which she was grateful in knowing.

As I was complaining about the treatment I got from Cox, "Amanda" would not tend to my issue in a professional manner which resulted in me arguing back with her. We then left, and the previous woman was outside and she was appalled at the treatment she and us received. We then went to another Cox Solution store and was treated more decent, but left with hard feelings about Cox and its customer service treatment.

We cannot ever endorse Cox as an internet/phone provider. Previously, in going with Cox we were about its treatment of customers, but thought we would give it a chance. Now, we know. I can only hope that Cox will meet up with its come-uppance and realize how customers are being treated.

A dissatisfied former Cox customer forever,

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anonymous - 34 d 15 h ago


Make sure you get all of the information; price after two years the TOTAL amount with taxes. I recommend purchasing your own WIFI modem and router.

Do not let them up-sell you; their commission is based on revenue and sales of service (DVR) and product.

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One of thousands in Carpinteria with no Service - 42 d ago


Reply to outage email sent to some customers without service.

So the entire communities of Summerland, Carpinteria and most of Montecito are "some of our customers" ??? Interesting method to play down the total impact of this outage. What is the figure 10 up to 20,000 customers without Cable TV, Internet and phones since Monday night?

I fully understand that your infrastructure is outdated and there is no redundancy which perhaps with the aid of the FEMA funding you will surely apply for you can add it. In the meantime we "some customers" who have paid in advance are with out service for weeks to come. 101 is open to the south and I need Internet access to do my job, to get paid, to pay my bills. No Internet no job. Many of us in Carpinteria will have to switch to DSL. Contracts with Cox are basically null and void due to the state of Cox Communications service in this area. Many of us have simply been asking for an honest time frame that we can expect to see service restored. Cox has refused, even with this email, which BTW appeared on Edhat days ago, to give us honest answers. We have been told repair crews are on it, given exact times that where totally made up and just basically lied to. I for one am not happy with the quality, honesty and integrity I see with Cox. But then I am just one of the some customers experiencing a service disruption, unable to work for 4 days now.

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Maria Daigle - 48 d 8 h ago


Six different quotes...last quote I was guaranteed the price I was quoted so I gave my social security number...I have excellent credit! She says ok you are all set but I made a mistake because the area you are at with the tax is going UP eight more dollars. After an hour with the representative I reluctantly agreed to the final day, they come to set ke up and only brings ONE box when I was supposed to get two so they added another $3 dollars on and told me my modem was not compatible ( which I was using at my other house just st 2 days before I moved her to my new house. Tacked 10 more dollars on and come to find out the technician lied!! My boyfriend came home and hooked our modern up and it worked fine!! He also told me to write my user name and password down put it in his pocket and said he has clients call him because they forget their password! Really??

Cox is shady and so are the people that work there!! They are trained to get the most money out of you and screw you any way they can to get an extra buck!!!! DO NOT USE COX ...enough said!!!!

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M.E. Glenn - 54 d 16 h ago


Ms. Holliday, Mr. Smith, Today, I had a very uncomfortable and unsatisfactory customer service experience with a representative and her supervisor. To start, I've been a Cox customer for more than 30 years both personal and commercially and have never had a customer service experience like this over that time. It all began around 11;30 a.m. I couldn't access my Contour account and called Cox customer service for guidance. When calling, and before I could speak to a representative, I had to enter my street address, verify my phone number and enter the last 4 digits of my SSN#.... all of that information even before I could speak to someone. Then, when a representative answered, she confirmed that she could perform the following services based on my information verification: 1. Change or add a service 2. Cancel service 3. Change personal information 4. Pay a bill 5. Request service call for phone, internet or cable All of the services above required no other "code" or security measure to perform by the representative. When I stated I couldn't access my Contour account because I had had trouble doing so over a year ago, gave up and lost my user id and password, the representative told me she could not provide me with access information until I provided her a 4 digit code on my paper bill. Now, I have accounts with Verizon, Yahoo, Amazon, Google, Net Flix, countless financial institutions, local, regional and national retailers, utility companies, insurance companies, schools, municipalities, etc. and not one of them requires a verification from a "paper" source in order to re-validate or change a login id or password. If someone wanted to fraudulently access my Cox account, all they would have to do is follow the postal carrier and intercept my Cox bill and it would be easier for them to access my Contour account than I, the account holder. For reference purposes, I discard my paper bill every month after paying the bill so I didn't have it to access the 4 digit code and would have to wait for the next paper bill to arrive. When I exhausted all reasonableness from the representative, I asked to speak with her supervisor. Initially he listened and was sympathetic to my concern but basically stated law (not sure whether its local, state or federal law) prohibits Cox from providing a login id or changing a password over the phone without a code. Having spent numerous years in law, I found that declaration confounding. I never said there wasn't law but if it is, many companies are not abiding by it. Because my office is closed, my short research in state laws referencing consumer protecting, privacy act, snooping laws and password protection found nothing specific to what law the supervisor cited. Not saying its not there, just that I couldn't find it. At this point, my frustration level is rising. The supervisor said he would have to end the call because I was getting loud and there was nothing else he could do if I didn't have the "elusive" 4 digit code. Now to set the record straight, I never yelled (the supervisor did speak over me several times not allowing me to finish - a big problem) and he told me not to take his or the company response personally. As a company owner, if I ever heard any of my co-workers make the statement to one of our customers, that would be their last day. Of course its personal! I'm trying to access one of the services I pay for and I'm being told I can't. How is that not personal. After nearly 30 minutes on the phone, 10 minutes with the original rep, 10 minutes waiting for the supervisor and 10 minutes speaking to the supervisor, he blurted out that I could go to a Cox store, present my driver's license and they could provide me with the code. I asked him why he didn't say that up front and he said the initial representative had told me. I explained to him she never mentioned that option or I would have driven the 15 minutes to the location and retrieved the password; problem solved with a less desirable option but an option, none the less and not wasted my time on the phone with him. He didn't believe me and stated again that that's what the representative has written in her log of the call that she told me. So, I asked him if all calls were recorded and for him to verify what was said. He said he would do so but at this point, and for the aforementioned reasons, an arbiter/third party needs to be involved to get to the truth. At this point, I felt I needed to escalate this issue to a higher level I asked him for the name of his supervisor and he repeatedly stated there was no other authority and he was the highest decision maker. Of course, that statement doesn't make sense to anyone whose been in the business world, so I asked him again, "yes or no" is there anyone else, at a level higher than him, that I could speak with. If you listen to the recording he won't answer the question and defers back to resolving the 4 digit code issue. Is that in the Cox Communications training manual not to respond to a simple and direct question? I then asked him for his name and location or some way I could identify him when I contact corporate public relations. He said his first name that was all he would provide. He did not offer an employee number or badge number, which is typical for large companies wanting to protect the safety and identity of employees but help customers identify an employee for future reference. Its almost like he purposeful in his attempt to hide his identity and the call. Bottom line, I'm not going to be lied to or call a liar. If this is how Cox treats its customers than I need to cancel my personal and corporate accounts. I know I'm insignificant compared to the larger Cox customers but no one should be treated in the manner I was treated. Cox has competition too and I know my business has value to someone. In summary, I would like to hear from someone who handles these type of issues and help me understand what went wrong. I'm not looking for someone to get fired but I am looking for accountability on the part of those that have misrepresented the facts.

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James P Kallas - 58 d 11 h ago


Have had cox for a year now. At initial setup cox employee never showed. No call. Had to go to solution store to get router and mini boxes. Was never told i was on a promotional price. Basic cable is supplied for free as a part of my lot fee. Price for internet was quoted as $21 and $7 for router rental. Xmas day looked at email and was suprised to see an increase in price to $58 called customer service to resolve issue. First contact stated that there was an extra line attached to my account. This turns out to be false. Put on hold and was transferred to anoyher rep. He hung up on me. I called back and was told billing was closed and agent stated he would call me back at noon the next day. Employee #xrxchten. No call today. Followed up with another call. Asked to talk to supervisor was told it is there policy to call back disconected customers. #52391 . Supervisor stated that i was on a promotion, but could not find any document stating i was told this. Was transfered to customer retention. Agent effortlessly put me on a new promotion to keep bill the same. Was told dec bill was $58 and that i would receive a credit of $24 on next bill. I am on auto bill pay. I told agent i dont want a credit in jan i want my bill to reflect actual cost. Was told bill was pending so they cant help. Transfered to billing . #b22101 How is it pending on dec 25th if bill is due jan 8th? Was told they would have to cancel auto pay to fix issue. Feel i am being taken advantage of because of auto pay. Had to cancel auto pay. Now i have to pay $34 by jan 8th then after can reset up auto pay. What a bunch of garbage. Auto pay makes it easy for me and cheeper for company, but they seem to not care. Am not happy customer service is terriable. Have had other issues from day 1, such as being charged to bury new line that they never buried. I did the burying of cable. Had to call to get that charge removed. If you are on auto pay you have to check email evey month to make sure they are not slipping a extra charge onto bill . Very shady, almost criminal.

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Michael - 88 d 21 h ago


After being a loyal customer for nearly 30 years and a senior of over 70 years old, why cant COX Communications offer a flat senior discount rate. Why do we have to jump through hoops to try to keep our cost down to where we can afford it on our fixed income. Isn't there any compassion for those of us who have worked hard served our country and made sacrifices. Leave a little meat on the bone for us. Please don't dump in junk folder, please read. Have some compassion!!

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Connie - 60 d 11 h ago


How about seniors period? We all have worked hard. Getting kind of tired of people wanting things using "served our country." I love our country too but I get really annoyed hearing service men and woman use their "service for our country" to get priority treatment. Prices are too high even for internet (which is actually air waves). Fixed income is fixed income no matter who you are or what job you worked. I do agree seniors need a break.

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