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Cox Communications, Inc.

1400 Lake Hearn Dr.
Atlanta, GA
(404) 843-5000
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K Hernandez - 8 d 5 h ago


After 17 years with DirecTV we made the switch to Cox. I thought we were off to a good start with Cox, customer service & technician were pleasant and (seemingly) knowledgeable. Our main DVR box and remote had given us trouble since day one. Tech advised us to buy a remote extender eye, which we did and it didn't work. We had to constantly power off the box to reset it. I finally called for service 8 weeks later and found out they installed used/refurbished equipment from 2016! A faulty box was definitely the problem. I'm disappointed that Cox would start a new customer relationship like this and thought corporate should know.

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Ron Jones - 9 d 7 h ago


February 9,2019 I received a thank you notice from Cox stating that I had enrolled in Cox Complete Care and would be billed for this service. I had not agreed to this and called the number on the thank you notice. The person who answered the phone was extremely pleasant heard my problem she said that customer loyalty would be happy to take care of me and switched me to customer loyalty. The person who answered in the loyalty department must have overdosed on unpleasant pills. She was immediately rude and confrontational. After a short amount of my explaining the situation, she said that I had the choice of paying for Cox Care or paying a technician fee or having our service disconnected. I asked to speak to someone else and she told me that she was the final authority and there was no one else to talk to. She again told me that I had to choose between her three options. I hung up before becoming more upset with this poor representative of Cox Communications.

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BRUCE CUTLER - 18 d 23 h ago



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Silvana - 18 d 7 h ago


My husband scheduled service to upgrade our internet service to gigabit speed. We told the representative what day to have service come out then took the day off to wait for the service technician and we received email confirmation. However the day came and no one showed up called customer service but that department is deplorable I was trying to reach someone to help with my situation but got hung up on 5 times I was never allow to speak to a manager or supervisor to help resolve the issue bottom I was transferred so many times and would have to start all over as they kept hanging up on me no one wanted to deal with the situation. I absolutely no customer service I'm not sure how their still in business cause they have lost mine!

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dynaldy - 55 d 5 h ago


These new Christmas television commercials... "the furniture isn't hooked up" is so rediculously stupid that I have to change channels whe it comes on. Annoying!

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Anonymous - 21 d 9 h ago


We love that one because it is exactly what happens with cable. Genius adman.

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DONALD R TUGGLE - 23 d 9 h ago


I have had multiple problems since service was installed in October 2017.i have had at least 10 visits to my house .my internet is slow and then goes back the trouble tech said that check speeds plugged in and I did just that . I pay 118 dollars a month for speeds I dont get half the time .

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Jeff - 26 d 6 h ago


Horrible company and customer service!!!

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Diane - 28 d 1 h ago


My initial experience with Cox was horrible. I had gone so far as to receive an order number but the into ation and customer service was deplorable. I was put on hold for ten minutes or more, I was provided with a lower gift certifucate amount than originally given, and I was hung up on without a call back i quiring why the call ended. I endured poor customer service so I asked for a cancellation and cancellation number.

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disgusted with service and chats that go no where - 29 d 3 h ago

I have been trying to get my promo renewed and all you want to to is charge me more. I came across this deal on your deal page and am very upset that you wouldn't renew my promo at $39.99 but are offering it at a lower price. This is called price scamming......

$29.99/mofor Cox Internet Essential 30

30 Mbps and3.0 Mbps w/ a1024 GB/mo data cap

1-year promo rate. Regular rate is $65.99.

Contract Term: 1 year with up to $120ETF

Modem w/ WiFi: $10.99/mo

So now if no one wants to work out this deal or my current deal, thanI am contacting Registrar of Contractors and Attorney General. Also I know I can start a civil lawsuit over this.

Cheryle Roussin

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Gayleann - 28 d 3 h ago


I am having almost the same problem that you have. I am discussted with Cox cable they say one thing and do the exact opposite. I'm supposed to have free tv with my apartment, but they keep turning off my "free tv" because they say I have another account . I contacted a gentleman at store in town, and he said on a recorded line that I don't owe anything and my tv should be left alone. They turned off my tv 4 times to talk with the man I talked with at the store and he will not return my calls. I am a senior citizen too, on medical leave.

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new customer - 33 d ago


I am a new customer. Haven't been with Cox less than 50 days. Opening an account has been a nightmare from day one, I did not receive all of my equipment and my services could not be turned on. I contacted support who cancelled my plan in order to get my services up and running. When my account was created, it was done so without the contract rate causing my bill to be double the amount. After several conversations with support it was supposed to have been "fixed." Needless to say my services was turned off in the middle of my favorite TV show several weeks after being assured notes have been made to my account and issue corrected. I was held hostage to pay a past due amount that was not a "past due amount." I recently moved to this area and I can honestly say, Cox in AZ!!!

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Samanths - 34 d 13 h ago


I am highly upset with my services & the reps in Virginia. The past few months i have been having issues with my bill. I keep getting a re-installment fee placed on my bill when my services weren't even disconnected. I requested for the charges to be removed but all they have been doing is posting the charges to a new bill. I spoke with a rep on 1-11-19 about the extra charges, the rep stated the charges were removed and gave me the amount i had to pay. I paid the amount with the rep on the phone. Fast forward to 1-14-19, I receive a call from billing stating i still owe $31.00 or my services would be disconnected. I stated to the rep that the previous rep told me my bill was the amount i paid on the 11th and that is their mistake not mines and I requested to speak to a manager. The rep (Belinda) stated that the charges would be removed and pushed to my next bill and my services wouldn't be interrupted. 1-17-19 my services were interrupted. I called the office and got a rep named Ruth(very useless) who stated that my services will not be connected without a card on file for automatic withdrawal. I stated numerous times I wanted to speak with a manager or supervisor. She didn't get a manager or supervisor but in fact stated that it would take 24-48hrs to get a callback, which my services would still be off. She then stated that she could just transfer to another department, which is useless. I hung up and called back this time I spoke with a rep named Ashley in collections and explained the whole situation yet again, she stated she would email her supervisor for a callback and that it would take anywhere from 1-3hrs. The customer service reps & billings rep are useless and very unprofessional. As soon as you request their manager or supervisor, they refuse to put one on the phone. I've requested before to downgrade my services and they basically told me I couldn't. As soon as my 2yr agreement is up with this company, I am going somewhere else because this very unprofessional and it's a headache. The charges for these services are outrageous especially for the headaches this company causes.

I would like it if somebody can get back to me or at least fix this issue. As I can see, a lot of people are not happy with this company just as much as I am. This is not how you show your customers that you value them.

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Jackie - 42 d 6 h ago


Found out that lots of my emails did not arrive my mail box for about 2 months, call the customer service. Rep does not interest to help. I have 5 email addresses in my account, she never asked me which address has issue and keep on asking me questions that I already know the answers. Call to the headquarters, explain my situation to operator Teresa Williams. She forward me to a customers call center. So I called to the headquarter again, Teresa said I did not tell her my intention and who I want to talk to, so she transfer me to a random people's voice mail. Knowing that I need to resolve this issue right away, so I call to the headquarters again, Teresa Williams told me that I have an attitude and does not wish to talk to me, so again, she randomly transfer me to another people's voice mail. With no where to go, I left my message to this person. Been with Cox since 2000, maybe its time to quit.

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Michelle - 52 d 8 h ago


You have a whole business of incompetent workers that only manage to screw up a bill in order to charge more. After 13 yrs Of being a customer I still cannot manage to get a single person with the slightest bit of respect. You're dealing with mostly grown ass customers and you employ ignorant children or dumb ass adults. Nothing is ever fully handled or fixed. Cox suck this .

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Erica - 54 d ago


I need a manager to call call me asap, have an issue with my bill. I spoke to with Imani loyalty department about my bill in August 2018. She lock me in for my package deal of 214 and some change. My bill was 214 for the first 2 months and then my bill was going up every month. I been calling every month and no one could help me. I called today and spoke to Ms Virginia, she couldn't help me so she connect me with Mr Hunter with the loyalty department. He couldn't help me either. So He told me I could talk to his manager, so I talk to Ms Della with the loyalty department also, talk to her to find out she wasn't a manager she was a supervisor. She kept telling me she can't help me. I was locked in with a price and she's telling me that Ms imani didn't tell us that the bill can change. So Ms Della said the promotion fell off. So I asked her if I can just leave cox and go somewhere else, because i have to go through this every month and I'm not happy with cox anymore. I been with y'all too long. She told me I have to pay 190 dollars to get out the Contract, but if the promotion fell out I should be able to drop cox without pay a leaving fee. No one can help me. I need someone to either email or call me. (hidden) or (hidden).

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Mrs jenson Jenson - 56 d ago


Problems with cox communications. I am being charged for services I do not have!

Spent 1-2 hours on phone to correct. Asked to speak to a supervisor the third call. So far no one has contacted me. Now I am attempting to contact H.Q

this is their address:

1400 Lake Hearn Dr

Atlanta, GA 30319


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dynaldy - 55 d 5 h ago

The only way I have found to get results is to file a BBB complaint .... Cox or any other business

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Linda Collier - 57 d 13 h ago


I am writing because I have a complaint. A few weeks ago I had the Hallmark Channels

coming in and out. The technician came out and said there was a bad connection, so

he ran a temporary cable from the main box to my house, he got the problem taken

care of, but as soon as he left the problem started, so had to call again another tech came out and still did not work. so called again, he found the problem it took Three techs to find the problem. Now I had $27 taken of my bill and did not have to pay the $75 service call.

My monthly bill $143 so they removed the $27 making it $116 when my November bill

came it was only $41 they had taken of the $75 which they should hav3 not done, I just received my December and my bill is $219, they have charged me the $75, I called and said they could not remove it, I was not happy with the way I was treated with customer.

If the service with Cox continues like this I will be changing my service.

My email


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Craig McCoy - 89 d 24 h ago


I have no use for speaking to any one in Phoenix. I want executive to communicate with me. I have been lied to, guaranteed my bill will be frozen for two years. My bill has been incorrect now for months. I have multiple equipment problems, told it would be changed at no cost and then get billed. I have spoken to top supervisors who tell me they don't blame me for being upset, promise to take care of my issues. Lies lies lies. You run a very poor business having too many incompetent people in accounting for one. Read their notes they make, and how many times

I have had to spend hours of my time. Waited. time.

My bill is to be $138/mo for the next two years unchanged and promised. Every mo. same old story.

I ask you does anyone care at all about loyal customers weighted down by your mistakes. JUST for once the customer may just be right. I get passed around to sometimes six people.

Would someone please contact me Mom of Tue latest. I am ordering every piece of equipment removed by end of day Wed unless someone person in your Co. cares enough to give me a response. I want more than OH......we are so sorry.......I have had it.

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Anonymous - 86 d 8 h ago


Cox is the most corrupt greedy company on the planet.They habitually lie about everything..Gary

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J Hamilton - 70 d 10 h ago


Lying is all they do You cannot get in touch with an executives because they have it organized in a way only verly important individuals can reach them. They are the one with the big bucks.

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Joel - 111 d 10 h ago


Their representatives are misinformed, unprofessional, and condescending.

Issues I've had in Arkansas with the monopoly known as Cox:

1:) Removal of all internet packages from the website unless it was an upgrade. When I told them that was a business tactic to remove access to cheaper options I was told "no, it was too complicated to navigate the plans..." So disconnect and downgrading service are call-in ONLY.

**Because statistically people are less likely to cancel or downgrade a service if they have to do it over the phone with another person. Technology makes it too easy for a consumer to bring a company's bottom-dollar down, so they incorporate ways to prevent that, like forcing people to use archaic methods of communication.** And read this article:

2:) Was told that Cox ALWAYS has had data-caps. Not true. Data was monitored, but there was no limit to monthly data. Data caps were not incorporated until July 6, 2017.

I had THREE different reps tell me Cox has always had data caps and one rude ******* even went as far as saying that the effective date was listed on the website. Here is the page he was referring to (part 12): I looked it up myself and there is no specific effective date*. *see azcentral article above

3:) The same rep named Bradley told me he wouldn't transfer me to a manager until I apologized to him after I cussed him out. I cussed him out because he told me I'd be on hold for 45 minutes if I wanted to talk to a manager and HE REFUSED TO TRANSFER ME. I'm not playing your games B.R.A.D.L.E.Y. I was talking to a "manager" within 5 minutes... Even the manager, who was more calm, was still very ignorant and tried to tell me the differences between speed and data usage. I have a Bachelor's degree in Business. I'm an analyst and Staff Sergeant in the Air Force. And I'm learning how to code Python of my own volition. I don't need elementary lessons of the same thing repeated ad nauseum when it had just became painfully clear that none of them know more than the bare minimum to upsale.

Terrible company and a sign of the times. They've got us all. It's a service we feel we need and until 5g comes along or other companies start to compete. We're stuck with these predatory technology companies.

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Janny in Vegas - 98 d 6 h ago

I totally agree with your frustration. We will be screwed by these companies until forever. I speak to their overly rude customer unservice reps every month.

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Anonymous - 86 d 8 h ago


Typical company run by the left wing ripp off groups..

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Waiting for Godot - 84 d ago


Very similar experience. And, despite multiple conversations with tech support, customer service, and actual technician in my home, they say I have their modem when I have never owned a Cox modem. They then make it my responsibility to show them a purchase receipt. Maybe they could show me proof of shipping or installation! A black hole of con jobs....!! Seems like with their fees they could readily make a good profit without all the deception and fraud.

A little competition perhaps could shake things up.

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