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Cox Communications, Inc.

1400 Lake Hearn Dr.
Atlanta, GA
(404) 843-5000
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MDirecto - 6 d 19 h ago


Company stole over 600$ and put it in the wrong account and refuses to fix it even after providing evidence that showed it was their error. That's unethical and irresponsible. Shame on you for screwing over loyal customers

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Scott - 15 d 19 h ago

Total disrespect from customer service. They know they have you over a barrel and unless you can live with out internet and TV they will keep raping you! TOTAL BS

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Covid 19 Help? - 28 d ago


My wife and I are unemployed because of Covid-19 and COX would not help us by waiving the $6.99 late charge because we were 7 days late. I called their retention dept. and asked if they really want to lose us as customers for $6.99? They said there's nothing they can do -- that gets handled by corporate -- and asked if I wanted to upgrade to a better (more expensive) plan!

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Cox Survivor - 50 d 18 h ago



Otherwise NOTHING will ever change with Cox.

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20 Year Customer - 29 d ago

WILL DO....UNBELIEVABLE!!! 5 DAYS OF FAKE BS customer service who only care about sucking the blood out of you emotionally and financially!

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20 YEAR customer - 29 d ago


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Nicoe - 98 d ago


I am incredible disappointed with Cox Communications. I have been a loyal customer for over twenty years. When many people were hopping back and forth between Cox and their competition, I remained loyal to one company because I believe in company loyalty. My bill has progressively gone up for over a year, every couple of months there's an increase of between $10.00 and $25.00. My bill has not gone up an additional 20% in one month. This is no longer affordable. I were prefer to remain with Cox but you have forced me to switch over rather than bring back the price I was paying and others pay for the same service. Very disappointing business practice to reward new customers while price-gouging long-term customers.

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Ron - 36 d 5 h ago


I agree us 29 years plus customers mean nothing but if your a new customer wow you get all kinds of deals where is the loyalty from us 20 plus year customers there is none yu call and get hung up on and no one helps they say sure let me see what i have available 3 days later and i have no cable or internet still and they say i will see if something opens up for you today which is BS its just a way to get you off the phone and keep your appointment for 3 days later

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Kirkd - 36 d 15 h ago

Lied to again ,three different sales people lied to my wife about One America News being on your channel line Up don't know what to do and with 1/2 a star rating , wow .If they don't fix problem they can pay for it streaming into my house PISSED

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Cox Hard-sell Victim - 38 d ago


When my program guide stopped working and after several mini-box resets, I contacted Cox Cable TV support pursuant to the error message displaying the Cox number and an error code on my screen. All channels were available, but the channel guide was not working. The representative stated that they would have to make a service call and qualified that there could be a service charge if it was found that there was an internal wiring issue. The error message indicated the possibility of missing program guide information related to the mini-box (not wiring) which was the purpose of my call. Then the service representative embarked on an upsell of "only" another $10/month for a protection plan against internal wiring and customer equipment problems. The only equipment I use for cable TV access is Cox's mini box. This method of upselling additional services to a customer during a service call is distasteful bordering on unethical. Three times within that call the Cox representative stated "it's only $10/month". When I asked to file a formal complaint with the company, I was kicked up to her supervisor who obviously excelled in his high school debate class and who prefaced Cox's reasoning in the customer "protection plan" as a way to shield the customer from $100-per event service calls as well as assisting Cox in recouping their costs in dispatching a field technician. All this because my program guide stopped working which brought about an opportunity for Cox to hard sell an unsuspecting customer into it's enhanced revenue stream. Just plain slimy and worthy of a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaint.

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Mario V - 41 d ago


I was offered a price guarantee by a COX sales representative if I agree to a 2- year contract. After one year, COX raised the price. I called COX 3 different times within a 2 week period and spoke to the Customer Retention Department agents Tracy and Joanie about the problem. Their only solution was to downgrade my service to lower my bill. What good is a 2-year contract if the price would increase during that period? I requested to speak to a supervisor but both times I was told they have no supervisors present. I was promised that a supervisor would return my call before the end of that day. No calls were ever made. It has been more than 10 days. My bill is due but I want to discuss an option or discontinue my service with COX. Is this how unprofessional the customer service people of COX? I called COX corporate office at 1:00 pm PST and received a recorded message that the office is already closed although business hours are until 5:00 pm EST. I want COX to know that I am filing a dispute regarding my bill.

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Dan - 58 d 3 h ago


After we received a high bill for May 2020, we contacted Cox to lower it and a rep found a way and gave a much lower price. Then we received an e-mail from Cox saying that our bill for May would be even lower. So we paid that amount. Now we receive a bill asking for the original price, plus the difference between what the email mentioned and that price. The guy said that email was sent by mistake! But they never sent another one to rectify it. So after I argued he gave us a $20.00 credit, which does not amount to what they said.

Could they at least honor their price, event if it was their mistake.......

Plus they charged us for 13 per perview movies, we absolutely know we did not order.

Plus, at the end of May they send us an offer for free movies, which are usually paying, but it was too late to get them.............When we clicked on the channel it said we had to subscribe to it to get it.

Plus yesterday we lost service on two of our receivers.

What's wrong with you?

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Porsh - 61 d 15 h ago


I would like to say.. thank you cox for giving free hotspot!! I have no cable no internet for months because I can't afford it I lost my job couldn't pay my phone bill.. finally received a job and now the Covid 19 shut down my workplace.. I still have nothing.. now that I have a hotspot my kids can use there phone and computer to watch something! I can update my phone and laptop now! THANK YOU SOO MUCH IM VERY GRATEFUL !!

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Jason B - 66 d 15 h ago


I have been working with different Cox Communication representatives since last Monday and my cable service is still out. This is unacceptable and no one should be lied to like your customer service agents lie.

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Lisa - 93 d ago


I was just lied to by a woman named Paula. She expressed she was the highest level supervisor within Cox communications and they do not have an executive customer service or resolution department. She expressed there was no record of my previous call to Cox or that I spoke with a retention specialist, in which I have a saved chat where the representative said they can see I spoke to a retention agent. I have been trying since last July to downgrade service to internet and each time am told when I follow up there is no record of the call. On May 1, I was promised it would be taken care and retroactive to March 1st with the retention specialist stating she could see I called in then. Today I was told the only call in the last year was May 1 where I never spoke to retention or placed the request and the amount quoted today was almost $20 a month higher with NO retroactive date. I believe Cox systematically does this to retain higher billing for services. I have compiled a Verizon printout of all my calls over the last several months along with my chat transcripts and will be reaching out my states attorney generals office.

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Disappointed - 93 d ago



April 27, 2020 News Release from Cox reaffirmed and "extends its commitment to: not terminate internet or telephone service to any residential or small business customer because of an inability to pay their bills due to disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic".

So, why is Cox disconnecting services? Why do Cox customer service and collections representatives suggest that Cox's "commitment" is merely a customer "misunderstanding" and "misconception"? Why do Cox representatives pretend like they have never seen the April 27, 2020 News Release, despite having numerous complaints from customers being disconnected (i.e. you would think they would look it up)?

What is Cox's internal policy and statements to representatives telling them to say to customers in contravention of its "commitment" to America?

When you inform Americans that you are not going to disconnect, they re-prioritize whatever limited finances they may have. They don't get those finances back because Cox changes its mind.

What a FRAUD!

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Geri - 103 d ago


My service was setup July 2019, since then there have been over 6 technicians to my home due to the DVR/Cloud basis services not working, Internet and TV stalling while playing.

On the last visit 4/21 from the technician it was explained it is a known issue with the Nodes (which has been notated in my account from other tech) and there is no time frame for it to be fixed.

I called to cancel the TV and Phone service due to the inability to have consistent service. While working with the first rep, I was cut off, same for the second (both after 30+ minutes) the 3 rep was able to complete the cancellation, guaranteeing me I would not be charged for an early termination fee since they were not able to fix the issue at hand. The first rep also guaranteeing I would not be charged.

I noticed today that I was changed the for fee. I called in and spoke to Jeff which told me there was no notation of that and he could not help me. He explained I have received may discounts on my account sent the start, yes that is turn since I did not have service at all. He also explained that the Corporate Office is closed so only the individual working from home can help. There are no Managers or staff above him. He explained I could call back when the corporate office opens up and they will look at the recording then.

I find it hard to believe the company is only being ran by the phone retention staff.

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Veronica - 104 d 19 h ago

I have been going back and forth with cox ,everytime I call I get a different answer why I'm being charged.. for equipment that I don't have...from a year ago.i was told I was credited from one tech? Of course it was still on my current bill.Then told this is my problem and I need to pay it this tech also told me he was the Manager and there is no one higher up to talk to. Then I was told they didn't see equipment charge and it was from adjusting my new price, which I have confirmed emails with the correct fee! I have never been late on a payment always went along with most of the unnecessary price increases. I have been almost brought to tears with frustration. So I give up, I am paying the $135.00 just have bigger issues in my life this time. I have even had a chat with another tech for the third time told I will recieve an email to clear the issue..never heard back from anyone. No response from corporate office either.. just terrible

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Mike Lindner - 113 d ago



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KASUnltd - 205 d ago


COX illegally trespassed on my property, digging where it had no rights, but has denied doing anything wrong. I must put their Claims Coordinator and :Legal Dept on notice that TRESPASS IS TRESPASS AND NO RIGHTS TO BE WHERE THEIR FACILITIES ARE IS ILLEGAL IN THIS STATE.

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Anonymous - 118 d 7 m ago


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Andrew Delio - 119 d 14 h ago


COMPLAINT! On March 16, 2020 New account was charged Panoramic WiFi Pods 3 Pack Purchase $129.99 and Professional Installation - Internet $75.00, a total of $204.00. We did not receive the WiFi Pods and after talking with our installation technician (who advised against the purchase) we contacted Cox billing support for account credit. We were advised that a ticket had been generated and the issue should be resolved within 3 days. After 7 days, no credit appeared. After 15 days, no credit appeared, after 20 days still no credit. We again contacted billing support, after an hour long telephone conversation, another "ticket" was generated. After 30 days, the issue still unresolved, Cox charges our credit card $296.00 to include new charges. Why can't this ISP provide competent billing support that can immediately resolve an issue? Horrible Billing Support !

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Anonymous - 141 d ago

Those cable guys are Cox

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Julie and Dan Anderson - 141 d ago


We recently decided to switch to Cox as we have a technical problem with DirectTV that was insolvable as their call centers are closed due to the virus and the internet interface is broken. We signed up locally here in Tulsa for a Cox subscription. We had been subscribers five years ago and thought this would be no problem. We were told after they applied for the account that our address was "blocked" even though we had a good payment record with Cox from our previous relationship. We were told we would have to prove we were residents our house with a picture ID, SSI card and a copy of our deed. How is this possible? We are good customers who are being treated like criminals. I wonder if anyone but robots even run this company or AT&T. What has happened to customer service and common sense? I will try to reach a human in public affairs and have already put this out on social media. Not the way things should be handled!

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Idel Raskansky - 146 d ago


Shame on this company in the middle of the corona virus raising prices in spite of forcing its customers to have a one year contract and assessing penalties for discontinue the service, they raised my monthly payment for no reason having a contract in place a Greedy enterprise that takes advantage of the monopoly and lack of competition.

Shame on Cox.

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