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Cox Communications, Inc.

1400 Lake Hearn Dr.
Atlanta, GA
(404) 843-5000
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Katie Gearhart - 29 d 16 h ago


My name is Katie Gearhart. For 10 years now I have been a customer of cox communications. I have called several times throughout the years about not getting the speeds of service that I pay for and for years was pushed off as it being a user error instead of an issue with your company. This past summer the quality of my services degraded to the KB level when I was paying for 50 mbps. I had finally had enough of the crappy service. I called in for help and thought the help I received was decent as they identified a clear issue on my line. They sent out a tech who uninstalled a filter that had been up there the entire time. My services improved dramatically. Then at the end of the month I received a pop up on my phone stating that I owed nearly $500!!!!!!! I logged into my account and found 2 equipment fees of $122. I found a service charge of $75. I do not use cox equipment and have not for 2 years (June 2016) because of constant issues. They said they would have a supervisor look into the account and that I would receive a call back. I have not received that call.

Today I log into my account and see that it says I owe $300. My services are less than $100 a month. I see that there was a credit for $122 for one of the 2 equipment charges and a credit for the service charge. I call up customer service and talked to someone named Colton who was the RUDEST customer service agent that I have EVER had the displeasure of speaking with. He refused to provide me with a supervisor when I requested and told me if I asked one more time he would hang up the phone. AND HE DID! I immediately called back and asked for a supervisor and that call was also immediately disconnected. Then I called back and spoke to someone named Julia who connected me with Clarissa and they said they could see that I had exchanged my equipment in Feb 2016 and that they could see that I activated 3 party equipment in June. She said it was odd that suddenly after 2 years these charges appeared on my account and asked me about the equipment that I was disputing. I returned that equipment to the Cox Store in my local town during a particularly busy business day. They had an agent in the middle of the room advising customers that were there to turn in equipment to leave their equipment on a side table and it would be checked in. I did so and left the store without a receipt. I was simply following the instructions of the agent at the store. Now I am told that I should have waited for a receipt because they don't show that equipment checked in and they acknowledged that stores lose equipment "all the time". This was 2 years ago, the person that I took the instructions from likely is not even working in that store anymore. I do not have their name, as I didn't think I would need it 2 years later. The agent then said she needed to connect me to their device department so they could fill out the equipment form because they had access to information that she did not. When I got connected there he said it wasn't true and transferred me to someone who spoke for a moment and then muted their phone and hung up on me again. Then I called back and was transferred to a department that was closed. I called back and was transferred to the department again and called back again and was now am reaching a message stating that the departments are all closed. When I reached out via the online chat I was told to take the issue up with my local store because they could not help.

Most companies provide a credit to their customers that were paying for a service that they did not receive.....but your company does not. They instead review your account and find whatever obscure charges they can post regardless of how old they are without warning to the customer. Then it is up to us to someone pull proof from 2 years in the past that we followed instructions provided to us by a representative of your company. We are not able to provide a receipt because we were not given one. I should not be punished 2 years later because I asked for help to get the service that I had been paying for all these years. It is not my fault that your office failed to follow a proper protocol and misadvised me on how to turn in my equipment. It is not my fault that the services I was receiving were not even 1/10th of the speeds that I am paying for or that there was a filter installed on the power line that connects to my house. The tech that was in my house saw the equipment I have and verified it was not cox equipment. I do not have any cox equipment in my house. At this point I am beyond frustrated and shopping for a new provider. Before I switch, I wanted to give one last chance for your company to keep me as a customer.

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Rhonda Pimentel - 30 d ago


Bait & switch. I signed up with cox in April/2018 and never til this day received my 300.00 visa rebate. Been getting the run around and all different reasons why I haven't. It's a SCAM! I am contacting my local news station and anyone who will listen, DO NOT sign with cox, they are FRAUDS! Rhonda Pimentel from Rhode Island. Thank you.

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Tasha - 30 d 8 h ago


Evening... I am normally not the customer to write a review and or complain about a service. Yet this is getting to the point of insulting my intelligence. I chose COX internet for work at home purposes and I have had issues ever since the installation, I have had multiple premise technicians out and no real resolution they will complete the work order with a refer to maintenance ticket and then that is where we are having the issue.

Honestly, I truly know the procedure ( II work for a very large internet/ cable and voice provider) I have been an employee since 2004. I have seen it all and have had many experiences with the same issues where Technicians do not care about their jobs. I hate saying this yet if a technician liked his job would he take advantage of the customer and do the bare minimum to resolve the issue, or just tell them that there is not a problem because I did not take a moment to review the customers notes and service orders so that the resolution is correct and to save COX money without having to send out multiple premise technicians, who continue to refer to maintenance and they shrug their shoulders because they know that the maintenance t technician is not reading the real issue and all the concerns like when the issue happens the most, if hardwired or wireless or both, I can guarantee a MILLION TO 1 that he did not do the required research to resolve the ticket correctly.

Now, if COX does not have these procedures for a maintenance technician to follow to enure that the service is resolved correctly the first time that is COX issue and that is very SAD you would sell Business Services in this area knowing NOT A SOUL is going to fix the issue.

GUTHRIE OKLA. 73044 NEEDS A MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN who will work for the customer who pays his salary and then turn around and share the steps he took to resolve the issue.

I have not ever been disrespected as much in my life by a service provider.

I am not crazy... I am not making up internet issues.....I know it is not my equipment... I have did everything possible to test the service and I know 100% it is a maintenance issue and that it should have been resolved last year.

This is my final attempt to let COX know about the local maintenance technicians in my area and their lack of responsibility and work ethic...

Thank you for reading my concerns and I do wish Cox the best and I love my service when its working and my service is effected every single day .

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Wayne - 30 d 17 h ago


I have had continuous Cox service for 30 years until Oct 16, 2018. When my bill increased significantly this August I called yor customer service department and visited your Greenbrier Pkwy office in Chesapeake, VA. Every year when my bill increases I have called and have been able to reach a fair resolution to my rate through your Loyalty Department. This year I was offered absolutely NOTHING with regard to my bill amount. The best offer I got was to reduce my simultaneous recording capability from 6 to 2-- an increase I had never requested--and my bill would still be more than my previous bill. At this point I felt my relationship with Cox was no longer tolerable and switched service. Then I get a bill for three early termination fees after having been with you for 30 years. If 30 years of continuous service does not eliminate any early termination fees, I plan to make well known how little my 30 years of service with you really meant to you and I can assure you that Cox will NEVER be an option foe me ever again. I hope a fair resolution to this will be possible. I have spoken with people from here to Arizona hoping to be treated fairly but my tenure with your company has yet to be appreciated in any way, shape or form. If this is not resolved fairly I can assure you that I will be legally picketing your Greenbrier office to communicate how little my service has meant to your company.

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Cynthia - 119 d 18 h ago


Contacted Cox yesterday for service for a technician to replace my modem, as internet service is unstable. Technician came and indicated there was nothing he could do, as the work order was not set up correctly. I need to make arrangements for my father's funeral and I called Cox 4 times for assistance and no one would assist me with getting service today even under the death of a loved one. Bad way to do business.

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S Rod - 48 d 16 h ago


I had a issue with our internet speed for some time now. Went to request the gigablast with the 3.1 modem but also requested to have a tech come out and check the speed and the extenders had a appt to have them

come out and on the date of the appt no one called so I called and a rep stated that they were running behind schedule and would be calling within 10mins two hours passed and when called again I was told the I did not have a scheduled appt for 8/4 then she put me on hold and came back and said that the appt was for 8/3 then again placed me on hold and said that I had a self installed order and showed no request to have tech come out. When asked to speak to a supervisor he indicated that notes showed I had requested a change of date for them to come out with the rep I was speaking with. He was rude and not wanting to hear my explaination of there wrong doing . This is what you get each time you call in for service. you always get someone for different state or someone that you can not understand because of language. There is also never a clarity of correct notes in account and can never get the help needed. I would never recommend anyone to get Cox. When I stopped services years ago I should never have gotten it again. They are terrible and will be dropping Cox for good this time.

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Thomas Giorgi - 49 d 18 h ago


I sign up with cox in January of 18 they I was getting a three hundred dollar gift card have not gotten it and now it August call a number of times and all I get is the run around no one wants to resolve this issue I'm texting you to resolve this for me thank you

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UpsetWithCox - 119 d 13 h ago


I just spoke to Cox Loyalty Department on May 18, 2018 and agreed upon a price for the next 12 months. I just got the new bill and it is $29 higher than what we agreed upon. I called them and they tell me a day after we agreed to the price they pulled off a discount. They say they do clearly see the notes that detail the price we agreed upon but nothing they can do for me now. The same thing happened a year ago, but the 12month guaranteed pricing lasted for 2 months that time. How does this company get away with making pricing agreements and then not honoring the agreed price.

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Debbie Pickering - 117 d 11 h ago


They did the same thing to me, and they continue to go up every few months and the cost isn't worth it.

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Anonymous - 50 d 19 h ago

Don Hanemann I am having the same issue.. What top manger can I call. need phone number also

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Devinn Ashford - 61 d 11 h ago


Current pharmacy student trying to set up critical rotations. Internet has been down for 10 hours now with no notice of an outage. I have limited time to submit an ER rotation opportunity. I call customer service to be informed that there is an outage. Well, COX should notify the outage area so we can prepare accordingly and let us know it's going to be 12 hours of no service. I'm completely irate. I have had COX for 3 years because they are the "only provider" in the area probably due to contracting with my apartment complex. For 3 years, prices increase, service is awful. I call and I get excuses. This company is unprofessional, inadequate, and complete shit.

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Mark B - 65 d 15 h ago


Cox Communications operates immorally and unethically. They lie, misrepresent, and apply deceptive business practices. They illegally modified my package rate agreed to for a one year period. They also made threats to me to pull any and all rate deduction items too charge me the max rate they can $199/month. What a bunch of inept, incompetent arses. Time for the little guy to tackle Goliath. Small claims court is always a fun option. Hey you guys in that ivory tower.... get your heads out of the clouds and understand you are driving your customers away. Been with these jerks for 25+ years, back when they originated as Media General. Welcome to FIOS, Direct TV, HULU, Netfix, etc.


acct - (hidden)808

The login link doesn't work - love for you know exactly who I am... just spent 2 more hours on the phone with your pathetic representatives.

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Anonymous - 73 d 12 h ago


Cox is horrible. A technician came out to install new contour and I got old contour and old old remote and he took my good cables I had bought

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Wayne - 77 d 46 m ago


Service sucks and customer service does not care about anything. told me for my business just deal with the service going down

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Jane - 101 d 6 h ago


I was watching my TV and all of the sudden it turned off. I'm so frustrated. I tried to call and of course you are closed but yet someone turned my service off. What makes this more upsetting is I have called your customer service line on Monday and told them I couldn't pay the bill until the following Monday. The customer service rep assured me she can move the due date and it was ok for payment to be made Monday after fathers day. Well today is Friday before fathers day and ot just turned off. I have asked the rep to set up auto draft for that Monday but she said no you dont need to the due date is changed and you can set up online so you wont have to pay the fee with the rep. I asked her multiple times is she sure. She stated yes. And now I'm finding out this is a lie. I need someone to call me right away and fix this issues. I wanted to make the arrangement to not be shut off and I told this to the rep and she assured me I will be ok and to just make the payment the following Monday 3days after the actual due date.

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Crystal - 104 d 10 h ago


Have been trying since March to get internet service. Now 3 months later no internet and the representative I was working with has gone on maternity leave. Not happy with cox at all.

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L crow - 110 d 20 h ago


Can not get anyone to bury the cable. Been trying since April 8. Have called 6 times, tallked to tech support ,customer service & loyalty dept. jest of one helps nor cares. Each time have to explain nature of call and response is issuing another order to the contracted company that handles that. Cable still laying on top of ground.

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J.M. Peck - 111 d 24 h ago


This is more of a question than a review. My Contour box was not sending a signal to the TV it is hooked up too. It is sending a signal to the other three boxes in other rooms of the house. After calling the service center and attempting to reset the box twice, a technician was scheduled to come to my house to correct the issue. At this point the customer service office knew the problem was with the Contour box. During the two hour window (between 4 and 6 PM) the technician called (at 4:15 PM) to confirm I was at my residence. After explaining the issue, he stated he had to call his supervisor because he didn't have the equipment to fix the issue on his truck (he didn't have another Contour box). His supervisor called and stated he couldn't get a Contour box to me until the next day. I then called customer service to attempt to elevate the issue to the next level supervisor and was told I could drive to the nearest Cox office and swap out the Contour box myself, which I did (at 6 PM), solving the problem. I have two questions. Why wasn't the repair crew properly equipped to correct my issue if I was able to get a box myself I don't understand why would it have taken them until the next day to get the right equipment. This leads me to my next question, What am I paying for when it comes to service when I provided my own service and corrected the problem myself? I am stating this in a letter to the Cox Corporate office with the hope someone actually takes the time to solve the equipment and logistic problem this company seems to have so this doesn't happen to someone else.

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b.j. singleton - 117 d 33 s ago

I have Wire down for four days. Can't get Cox to remove it from my yard and my neighbor yard. Got a confirmation number but since I am not an active customer I am thinking it is not a priority. Con #krs7019848

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Vera Coleman - 154 d 14 h ago


My name is Vera Coleman yes I would like to make a complaint about my bill because my bill when I first started was supposed to be 130 no more than 140 all of a sudden my bills side up to 173 and right now I'm on a fixed income and I wasn't notified that my bill will go up so with that being said I've been trying to talk to someone at corporate and I'm getting the runaround I was supposed to also when I signed up with you guys in 2016 I was supposed to get a gift card for $100 no one has told me why that is I never got the hundred dollar gift card so all I want to know is why is my bill so high and now that I was put into a packet after the year now I have to pay almost $240 to have a disconnection so when I got this packet my daughter told me about it and I thought it was okay the thing to do which I'm starting to see it is not so I appreciate if somebody can give me at area code is (hidden) thank you it would be greatly appreciated

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Alabs1 - 137 d 17 h ago


Yup ur bill starts at 173 then 200 the 240 now im up to 322..ive contacted many higher ups and have given them the rating they deserve...even wity the bbb.

Im fed up and tired of arguing for fairness..cox is a rip off and they dont care....soon they will when they get some competition

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Debbie Pickering - 117 d 11 h ago


Your not alone in this. I have been in complaint for the past years that I can't afford their services. They adjust a little and then they raise the cost every few months. Can't find any telephone number to the corporate office and they won't let me speak to a supervisor.

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Elie Aoun - 117 d 19 h ago


I signed up with Cox for HomeLife install. I signed a proposal with the sales person for $1,000. The install was completed, the bill came for $1,400. I have called several times to get this resolved, no result, get a promise to have a supervisor call back, no callbacks. the last suggestion is to contact the sales person, email, phone call after phone call, no call back. I have files a complaint with the FCC, next is the FTC, the BBB, and the Nevada consumer protection.

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Dirk Howard - 118 d 15 h ago


When will Cox fix the problems we have been having for the past 3 years? How many more years will support tell you to reset the model and cable box? How many more years do we have to call again and they have no record because the previous support person did not update our record?. How many more times are we going to be told that we will be transferred and get a dial tone after several minutes of silence. After more than twenty years as a customer I am now looking for another company that actually provides support and not just an advertising gimmick! I know this will not go anywhere but I will make a screen shot and include it in a letter to Cox Executive Office just to prove my point!

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Pat Clementr - 133 d 16 h ago


My name is Pat Clemente my phone number (hidden) I upgrade to your premium package is the worst service ever had in my life I got my bill I had so many credit to his was not supposed to be charge now they're trying to charge me $60.84 for some BS that they can't understand what's going on and with the supervisor on the phone now guess who put me on hold they never came back I mean I was checking I'm going to cancel the service and be with you 27 years where service I ever had my life since I upgraded I will be leaving Cox believe me

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