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Cox Communications, Inc.

1400 Lake Hearn Dr.
Atlanta, GA
(404) 843-5000
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Joe Liberty - 8 d 12 m ago


Today, I found that I wasn't receiving any e-mails, so I checked and your E-Mail system is down. Tried to contact someone - spent 40 minutes on the phone going through the various "Press #4" or "Press #1" systems, but never got a speaking entity. I did get a message to text, but that hasn't worked either. I am a Real Estate Broker - a one man office - who stays afloat with the help of technology - internet access . . e-mail . . web sites . . etc. When your service fails, it effectively stops me from being able to transact business. And it happens with a degree of regularity. But you are always sending me promotions about upgrading and/or offering great specials to sign up new business . . . but you don't offer any incentive to your exiting customers. It like "sign 'em up and screw 'em over". Will I get any credit for this service interruption ? ? Probably Not. If I went down and parked my truck in front of your store in town so people couldn't get in, cut the phone lines and shut off the power, would you be at all concerned. But that's exactly what you're doing to me!! As soon as I have to ability, I will leave your service simply because that is the attitude you have always projected. I've been a customer for over 30 years, and keep having the same problem with the hubris on your part.

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RichinPhoenix - 4 d 11 h ago


I had the same issue. I waited on hold for 54 minutes before I spoke to a representative. I was told that there was an issue with the email server. I told the rep that I didn't have to waste my time waiting when, if they knew there was an issue, they could have broadcasted the problem at the beginning of the call like they do with other area outages. Needless to say, I wasn't happy and your one star is warranted.

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RichinPhoenix - 4 d 11 h ago


I use the COX webpage as my browser home page. For more than a week now, the first news item I see is Pete Buttigieg and it hasn't changed with more important events that are happening nationally. I find it disturbing that Mayor Pete is being forced on people who use the COX home page. At this point, I'm now convinced that COX Communications is pushing their candidate of choice and making a political decision in an effort to increase his name recognition and to influence the democrat primary. Please retire his story already, I'm bored.

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BRUCE CUTLER - 80 d 13 h ago



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Amy - 6 d 4 h ago

Did they every call you?

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Monteal D Cuffee - 12 d 16 h ago


I would like to thank your Solution Specialist Rita Diaz at 4701 Va. Beach Blvd in Va Beach Va. 23462. for excellent support. She took care of all my problems in one day. She also provided timely and helpful suggestions regarding my services. She let me know all the important information regarding my billing and features for my new contour dvr box.Please accept my gratitude towards her andher for speddy and efficient services. I would especially commend Rita for her professionalism and superlative skills.

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Robert Miller - 16 d ago


After haveing been a cox customer for 20 years I left and went to Dish but kept there internet service. Last week I switched back to Cox cable and literally had every bad experience for the first twenty year occur in the first week. From a customers point of view there is no accountability in there customer service department nor for there installation contractors. There is a reason cable companies are losing subscribers in droves and a big one is the total and complete lack of customer service.

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Providence RI - 20 d ago


Horrible company, they made a mistake and they told me they will fix that. Instead they increased the amount that I had to pay. Read ticket #8409634 written in RI. They will charge the amount you should pay whenever they want to. I never seen something like that before.

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Ovalejane - 33 d 35 s ago


yes everyone who is getting ripped off with these hidden rate increases.. contact the Federal Communications Commissions


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Anonymous - 34 d 9 m ago

I signed up for the preferred plan on February 23, 2016 with rates that started out at 54.99 then

February 2017 they jumped to 77.99 which was a 30% increase. Then 8 months later they jumped again in Oct to 82.99 which was a total of a 34% increase. In 2/2018 I had an online chat with a representative and voiced my concerns about the consistent rate increase and the fact that the quality of service seemed to be decreasing. She gave me a number for the customer loyalty department. So I called the customer loyalty department and the person I spoke with was very nice and it seemed like she really wanted to work with me. I remember she kept trying to sell me on a bundle deal but I was very firm in the fact that I only needed internet service and I wanted to keep the same plan but I didn't want to have to keep dealing with rate increases. She said that she would lower my bill down to 49.99 because Cox really does appreciate loyal customers. We were so thrilled about this, we told friends and family about the great customer service experience we had with Cox and how they really do value customer loyalty.

As I mentioned earlier part of the reason that the rate increases bothered me so much was because the service seemed to be declining. Well, after the rate was lowered to 49.99 it made dealing with the declining service a little bit easier. But over time the internet connectivity was rapidly getting worse; in fact it has gotten so bad that I have lost business deals over it, I have missed deadlines because of it, as well as all of the many hours and needless energy I have spent trying to 'fix' my system. Eight months after my rate was lowered my December bill increased from 45.99 to 51.99 then in January, a month later it was increased to 55.49, and by February it was increased again to 66.99. That is a 34% increase in under a year.

It wasn't until I started going through my bills with a fine tooth comb that I saw that Cox didn't lower my bill because they valued customer loyalty, they gave me a different rate because they changed my service plan and gave me one with less service. They dropped me from the preferred plan down to the essential plan; this means instead of 50mpg I was only getting 30 mpg. They can try to argue that I agreed to this but why would I want less service when I was already having internet problems. If I had willing changed my plan I would have known to make sure that my router would have been compatible with the changed plan. So for over a year, not only have I been paying 40% more than anyone else who is given this plan but I have been using my original router, the one that I bought specifically for the preferred plan, that isn't compatible with the essential plan. I have updated my firm ware and drivers, replaced my Ethernet card, bought a wireless antenna booster, paid for new security programs all trying to get the internet to work better. If only I had known that all I needed to do was get a compatible router. Did the representative who lowered my plan, without asking me or telling me, know that the router I was going to be using was incompatible? Isn't it her job to know this? Did she care? Obviously not! Wow, do I ever feel like a fool. I took the customer loyalty department representative at her word and I truly believed that she was willing to make an effort, go the extra mile for a loyal customer. It never crossed my mind that the representative, and Cox, could not and should not be trusted. More the fool am I for not verifying facts and remaining more alert and aware. I should have paid more attention to the plan name on my bill but in my own defense with all of the different plan names that consumers deal with on a daily basis they all start to blend; preferred, favored, ideal, select, essential, exclusive, intrinsic, principlesee what I mean. Maybe it's idealistic of me to assume that this was a huge oversight for Cox and that the company really had no idea of the duplicitous and contriving actions of their representative. I don't know how Cox could ever compensate me for the inconvenience and frustration this has cost me but I'm open for suggestions, but at the very least I would like my service restored to the original plan without a massive rate increase. How Cox handles this will be proof to me and everyone else I intend to share this experience with on whether or not Cox truly values loyal customers.

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Rich Krysciio - 34 d 19 h ago


I've read the other reviews about how bad Cox Communications is. I'm sure the higher ups never hear about the stuff going on in the field with the lies and misrepresentations. They are told that everything is ok and running a smooth as silk.

Headman, Boss, CEO, and whomever is in charge open your eyes, I see more and mores dishes on the roofs in my complex. Your customers are tired of the BS!

In my case they signed me up for one price, after a few months it went up to where I can't afford to pay for the lousy service with out help from a family member. (this is your "entertainment Experience")

I was told to call and they would reinstate the lower price, when I called they said they couldn't! Look at the deals they are offering to sign up new suckers

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Ron Jones - 72 d ago


February 9,2019 I received a thank you notice from Cox stating that I had enrolled in Cox Complete Care and would be billed for this service. I had not agreed to this and called the number on the thank you notice. The person who answered the phone was extremely pleasant heard my problem she said that customer loyalty would be happy to take care of me and switched me to customer loyalty. The person who answered in the loyalty department must have overdosed on unpleasant pills. She was immediately rude and confrontational. After a short amount of my explaining the situation, she said that I had the choice of paying for Cox Care or paying a technician fee or having our service disconnected. I asked to speak to someone else and she told me that she was the final authority and there was no one else to talk to. She again told me that I had to choose between her three options. I hung up before becoming more upset with this poor representative of Cox Communications.

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Liri - 35 d 24 h ago

Write corporate then nothing will happen and they will keep charging you, hold your checks for a couple of weeks then shut you off for non payment

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Anonymous - 42 d 7 h ago


Cox increase my service not a good company don't like the service

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Anonymous - 42 d 5 h ago

So you want them to decrease your service?

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annette kinsman - 43 d 22 h ago


I have been a customer for over 25 years with Cox. My last experience with the customer service department has been a nightmare. No one seems to know what they are doing; this is day two of trying to get my work order processed correctly. I am now on hold with the fourth customer service rep. Each one tells me something different. When asked to speak to a supervisor I am told they are too busy and will call me back in 24 hours. Still no call from a suprervisor

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Maralyn Flood - 43 d ago


I am so very frustrated!!! I bundled with COX 2/14/19 because I had a better rate than the providers I was using (Direct TV and Centurylink). I was ASSURED that I would not have problems with my email (in 2018 I tried the bundle again and had trouble with email - I cancelled the bundle at that time).

I have talked to 10 ( TEN) customer service people and no one was able to help. I can't cancel my COX bundle because I would be penalized and have to pay a huge amount of money. COX has me hogtied! I can't even speak to a live person at the corporate office in Atlanta

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JJF - 46 d 15 h ago


All the phone consultants do is lie. I have been a customer for years and I ALWAYS have customer service issues. I just recently got rid of the TV and I can't get rid of internet cause they are the only ones that have high speed where i live else I would. The customer service is rude and my bill says my internet is one price but if I take off TV then my internet my price jumps $30.???? what???? Forget about talking to supervisors. They are never available.

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Michael Toscano - 46 d 19 h ago



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Michael Toscano/360 Montcliff ave henderson,nv 89074 - 46 d 20 h ago


My name is Michael Toscano,And i have had your service since August!!Where i was promised a Staedy non raised bill!!Unfortunately as all my neighbors said,YOU ARE TERRIBLE!!!Do Not trust!!!In 8 months you thiefs have raised my bill 3 god damn times,and 2 months in a row!!!!!!!You people r terrible!!It is simple i am a disabled VET,on a set income!!!Will not Tolerate such thievery!!Be careful DO NOT IGNORE ME>they have 10000s of stuff on you,as well your rating is .5..You people r thieves!!!!!!!!!If i do not recieve a call from someone who can do something by FRIDAY next week..I will start the process,which will also start a class action lawsuit ,as well i already have many people that want to!!!Even the govt agency on fair bussiness practic es,said U R ONE OF THEY WORSTLIES LAW FIRM WILL LET MILLIONS KNOW FACTUALLY ALL U DO TO STEAL FROM ALL< VETS

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RHdisgust - 51 d ago


Thoroughly disgusted with Cox. For the second time in 6 weeks the cable coming from the street pole is hanging in the street and my driveway preventing me from drving in or out of my driveway. When I call them I am told that they cannot get anyone out until the following day between 10-12,,,,ummmm I am not asking to install cable I CANNOT get out/in of my driveway - cannot drive around because of the snow and will get stuck....they cannot contact someone and make this a priority,,,,really? Then when I ask to speak to a supervisor she is extremely rude, short and continually speaks over me from what sounds like a script........ We have had Cox for 30+ years and this is just horrible! If I have an emergency,,,,

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BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE - 53 d 19 h ago


My name is tim stewart I live in springfield va , I have had your service for 30 years, We had somebody hit a pole outside my house on jan 9 2019, they didn't break it , But it did break verizons cables off. Mine were still on the pole but my connection quality was flickering I called and asked for them to look at my cable and check it out They came out and said it needed a cover and left, then I called back again and sent a tech to check the signal and he said it was fine I called back again and they sent out another tech and he said all was fine. Then I come home and my cable is across my truck hanging on the connectors, I called again and talked to a supervisor and they set up another appointment for 3/1/2019 to change the cable Well today the tech calls me at 505pm and says he will be here in 10 minutes He gets here and gets out of truck and says he cant do it its raining!!!!! why did they send a contractor with a ladder to do this work? I burned 4 hours of leave and countless time on the phone trying to get this fixed. WHO WILL REIMBURSE ME FOR THAT? What has happened to cox, you don't care about the customer at all anymore, that is why everybody in my street went to Verizon.. I have never seen people mess up every detail when you call and then the customer suffers, and all everbody says is WE ARE SO SORRY FOR THE THAT. when can i get my wire fixed?? TIM STEWART

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Dissatisfied - 56 d ago


In September of 2018 I called to complain regarding the following:

When I forward email through Cox to my email with Cox, its stuck in the spam folder.

2. My signal fluctuates, I loose connection

3. As of last week my outlook would not send emails through Cox Server.

They came out in 2018, checked the modem which was fine. Another rep came out two weeks later, fiddled with the Cox box outside and said he fixed the signal fluctuation. It's still doing it! My email still goes into spam. As far as sending email over Cox server in outlook, to date 1 week later nobody has contacted me nor was it fixed! My emails load very slowly and time out when there are only 5 emails with no attachments!

When are you going to resolve these issues! Your reps are clueless and know nothing!

Do we need to file a class action law suit?

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