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Cox Communications, Inc.

1400 Lake Hearn Dr.
Atlanta, GA
(404) 843-5000
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Anonymous - 6 h 47 m ago


Maybe they have horrible customer service because it seems many of them think and act alike. Derrick Turner is a senior integration engineer at Cox Communications Inc. For a little over 13 years now. He's an extremely frequent alcohol and drug abuser. He's been under investigation for a few years now, yet he still employed at Cox. His performance and production at work has not been meticulous. Maybe, it's people like him that are making your services intolerable. Frustrating you all. Their frequent random drug test doesn't seem to affect him at all.

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daniel volsteadt - 5 d ago


some fucking idiot decided that they would just change everything with no notice or instructions for using the changes.i was told that no one is responsible?????what kind of piece of shit company have you become???is there someone who doesnt have their head up their ass?????? or have trouble finding their way to work????? how the hgell did anyone hire you ????? fucking idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flagged for review. 
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Mr. Carey - 12 d 17 h ago


Congratulations to keith an exprerienced employee with cox comunications tech support team on August 6 2017 he was knowledge enough to about a cable tv issue I had been having for 2 months other team members my personal opinion are inexperienced team players that should bring note pads with them and take notes while at work

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Darnell carey - 12 d 20 h ago


Congratulations go out Keith very knowledgeable about technical support (for cable tv) after 3! Consecutive calls to cox communications this gentleman corrected the problem the calls 1 on August 2,through August 4 2017.!! Please hire more person that have the experience like Keith respectvity Darnell Carey for further question my email address is (hidden)

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Diane Denison - 28 d ago


I would like to commend James and Chris for fixing my internet problems. The only thing they could not fix was my security McAfee but they told me I would have to take it to a Tech to have the operating system reinstalled. They worked very hard! They are a credit to Cox!! I'm just not too happy that I have to spend money to do what they suggested. Chris did put Malaware on my computer.

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Honest Citizen - 30 d ago


Cox is trying to collect fraudulant charges from a fake balance due made after you cancel service wih cox. They send it to a collection agency and do not tell which company is collecting or a contact #. The agency reports it to the credit bureaues. There is no contact # for them eirher. Customer may not find out unless a credit report is requested. I found out only because an alert from a credit monitoring company that i needed for another problem. They dont send you notce about any of it either in the mail..Cox are Crooks

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Honest Cutizen - 30 d ago


Cox is desperate, because they have overcharged every customer underhandedly and customers know it. They have made up charges years later for what they call an outstanding debt that they made up and it appears years later on your credit report wihout any notice from Cox or The collection agency. They dont tell you who the charges came from or a phone # to call to find out. The collection agency gives you their name and no # to contact them either. NOTHING IS SENT THROUGH THE MAIL EITHER. I FOUND OUT IT WAS ON MY REPORT THROUGH A COMPANY THAT MONITORS MY CREDIT REPORT. AS AN ALERT. COX NEEDS TO STOP RIPPiNG PEOPLE OFF. BE AWARE.

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SHEMEKA - 30 d 47 m ago




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Laurie morgan - 32 d 4 h ago


I would like a meme er from the corporate office to contact me immediately!!!! I have talked to billing and customer service several times over the last couple of weeks and I was told by 3 different supervisors that my bill would be fixed and since then it has gone from 200 to 300 now it's saying I owe 600 dollars!!!!!! I do. It want to speak with customer service I have spent over 10 hours combined speaking with differant representatives and have gotten. I where I have also sat on hold for hours to be told that the supervisor doesn't want to get on the phone!!!!

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BJLEE - 37 d 3 m ago


I've also been with Cox for 27 years and often dealt with rude customer service representatives. The system says I've been with them for 9 but I was with this company before they changed the name. I've had the same number and service when they where called Comcast. I am 73 years old and have never felt so disrespected in my life. If I have to call for extra time they speak to you as if you were a criminal. I shouldn't have to speak to someone is corporate to get the help that I need, Soon as I spoke to someone on a higher level they where helpful and professional but if you call the customer service line the people in billing are horrible and makes me wish I never invested 27 years of my hard earned money into what they had to offer. I am considering switching to another company because of how I am treated when I call. If i had to give a ideal of how bad the customer service is my example would be If I called 10 times 6 of them would be impolite and rude. The other 4 you thank God that he shined light because you have a great rep. This is sad that I have to hope that I get someone in a good mood. I am sure that customers call and curse and do everything to get the reps upset but when that phone call ends with that rude customer you have to brush it off and prepare for the next call with care and courtesy. You can take that bad call with you to the next call. I suggest that COX CORPORATE calls randomly to there own customer service rep as a customer in need or one with a balance so that they will see how horrible they speak in hopes that this problem is fixed. Because a customer has a balance does not give rights for them to be spoken to rude they should get the same respect as the customer without the balance would get. I gave one star to the reps that are great but the ones that are rude outshines that ones that a great.

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Massoud - 39 d 17 h ago


Been with Cox over 27 years 9Over 11 years on this Address), couple times they over charged me for many years and when I find out about they said "we are sorry" that is all. (DON'T USE AUTO PAY FOR COX BILLS). In last 12 months, I had several increases and on June of 2017 I had another increase for about $10 in my bill. When I called they said it is rate increase? I was going to vacation (Japan and China) for 45 days and didn't have time so I asked them to cancel my TV since didn't have time to follow up on these increases.

My friend passed away and I had to come back on July 1st. I noticed my internet is not working so I went to Cox store in Irvine, CA and asked them, agent told me I have balance of $60 I didn't have time and was going to check later but paid the agent with debit card. He offered me the same TV and internet I had for $89.99 and said free insulation and free home phone and handed me the brochure with TV channels include in the package was circled. He added that I don't have to pay for Modem rental. I ask am I paying for rental? he said yes since you canceled you home phone several years ago you been paying $7.99, I told him that I have extra modem and no one told me about this.. I told him thank you but I don't have time will come back later. He gave me his card and added his cell#. Couple days later I called him and left VM and called him on Cox # both VM. Monday around 7pm got call from Cox I asked them about the dale that I was told, Mat put me on hold and came back that his manager told him to give you something better since I was long time customer then he transferred me but after 25 minutes I disconnected and called back, Sharon (new agent) told me he transferred me to loyalty department but she added that department was closed 6 months, she said sorry but she can get me better deal. Several times I told her what channels I watch and she gave me deal for $71 and asked me to go to store and pick up 3 Countor boxes since my box at home don't support this package. Next day was 4th of July so on July 5th I went to store and dropped the old boxes and picked up the Countor box and called from my house to connected. Trish was helping me over the phone After 1 hour and 10 minutes Trish transferred me to Ann and she couldn't fix it too so she scheduled someone to come and fix it. I told both ladies what channels I was told and they both told me I don't have those channels so transferred me to another lady. She told me that Sharon was wrong and you have to add this and thatand it will be $113. She told me if I take my own Modem to store and register it your bill will be $94 including everything even tax but no home phone that I didn't wanted anyway. I asked her how can I be sure since so far, I had 3 different prices with three different agents and still have what I don't watch. She said she can't email or anything just can tell me over the phone. I asked for supper wiser and Julio ID# XRXJUFAB who was very anger from pervious caller or ..didn't care what happened and didn't want to know so I didn't continue my conversation with him. Later I was told to go to Cox website and chat. So on the same day I chat with agent Sara who transferred me to Jade D. I asked him in chat (in writing) twice about channels that I want (in detail) and he told me yes and gave me price $87.18. Since I had these in writing I didn't canceled the agent who was going to come and fix the box and next day he came. After he was finished we noticed that I have the channels that I don't watch and none the ones channels that I watch. Next day I went to main office in RSM but they moved when I called store in MV they told me they can't give me new address and customers can't go to new main office. I thought maybe I have to take and register my Modem to have the programs that I was told I will get so I did take the both modems to store in Woodberry, Irvine. James was so upset that I am doing that and he did everything to make me not do that.

I have called the Corporate office and left VM and spent over 7 hours on phone but nothing happened I still have the channels that I didn't want. Today I called Corporate office in Atlanta # (hidden) and yes you guess it, I had to leave VM.

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ditty - 43 d ago

27 yr customer of cox in vegas...been trying to get customer service for a week,,on hold for 35 min and then I have to hang up..i called dish network and got a demo the same day...cox has the worst support ever

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BobF - 46 d 18 h ago


My daily routine. Wake-up, have breakfast and send my usual complaint about Cox.

This week, my contour DVR failed to record sporting events beyond the allotted time 4 times even thought the games were still in progress. Another case of not delivering the promised service.

It is now over 1 year since you required a digital converter box (now have to pay for it) for extra sets. Promised additional bandwidth would allow you to provide the extra channels for home and away telecasts and no over-lap on MLB Extra innings coverage due to shortage of channels.

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Alicia - 52 d ago


I just called and spoke to Terri to cancel my service and ohhhh boy she was rude sarcastic representative... she said her id#2950 - I asked to speak to someone else like another agent or her supervisor and she said she can't transfer me - I have to call back and I can't speak to her boss either ... OMG Im pissed after being on hold for over 5mins.... but im calling back later and I'm definitely canceling my service!!!!

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Abdi - 54 d 9 h ago


I have lost my 40 years old house phone number because of lies and deceptions Cox Cable sale lady at the Sams Club.I have talked to the one of managers About my issues ,but they don't seem to care.Cox Cable sale have no business to be in the same club by misguiding and lying to customer in order to make quick sale. After several calls and getting mix results from Cox ,still have not got my line back which I did not to authorize to change my number in first place.

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Im Amazed! Great service by Cox Rep "Azure" - 77 d 13 h ago


I just experienced the best service I've received from a Cox representative in 20 years, and that is NO exaggeration! I work from home, so having no internet or phones is NOT an option. My job requires both to be in working order at all times during the workday. Well, today started out with my internet going down, then my phones, I was at my wits end. After the 10th time rebooting the modem, it died.. and along with it, my work day. I ended up going to BestBuy to purchase a new modem, brought it home and quickly installed it per the instructions. Again, no internet. My call last week to Cox was met with a gal who answered rudely, but because she was clearly eating, I couldn't understand a word she said, and was clearly not interested in helping me, so I really was not looking forward to another Cox representative with a DGIF attitude. Tonight, I called the Technical Support line for Cox, waited on hold for about 17 minutes, and a gal named :"Azure" answered. after connecting, disconnecting, and trouble-shooting a litany of issues, she was able to get me up and running! By this time in the evening, my patience was depleted, and I was not looking forward to making up the 4 hours I lost earlier in the day, and I was NOT happy. She tolerated me, and let me blow off my steam, yet she remained calm and empathetic, explained the steps in layman's terms, and was quite patient with me. I'm up and running and couldn't be more pleased. She is truly the most positive representation of Cox customer service I've ever experienced!

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Debbie Flynn - 56 d 7 m ago


Do you remember her first name?

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Wayne Ekstrom, Phoenix, Az - 60 d 19 m ago


We have had Cox since December 2016 and have had nothing but problems with their service from the start. No one seems to know anything and doesn't seem to even care!

Phone doesn't work right, TV is messed up, and internet is messed up. We constantly have to reset the box, but that doesn't really help and not a single person seems to know what to do.

If you are looking for reliable cable service, stay away from Cox. This company stinks and really doesn't care! No customer service at all! stay clear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 60 d 18 h ago

I wanted to discontinue cable and phone services. I was gong to continue with the internet services. However, I will seek another ISP after three representatives disconnected my calls. One had fhe audacity to mute the call. Whoever it was apparently thought I was going to hangup the phone. Nope, more documentation. This company has some very rude, hateful evil people and a few good ones. The corporate office apparently doesn't care. If they did care there would be processes and /or practices in place and followed to deter tbe type of behavior I havs endire yet again, UNPROFESSIONAL.

General profile image - 67 d 14 s ago

The next call you all receive will be from an attorney.

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Anonymous - 68 d ago


. Service is horrible!!! How do these people stay in business!

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Harold Winsinger - 69 d ago


We have been a loyal Cox customer for 25+ years. We have the complete Cox bundle with everything. We would like to discontinue the land line and then Cox says it will cost us more than we are now paying to do that! Each year they (without any notice to us) raise the monthly charge, saying the loyalty discount expired... What has changed in my loyalty? I have everything, pay directly from my bank account and it's much higher than Disk? I spent 4 hours trying to get someone to talk to about my loyalty discount, when I finally got someone that understood and was pleasant about it, he took some off the future bills, but it was still $10 higher per month than before, plus he wouldn't correct the current month additional charge of $30, saying that was something I'd have to address with "Billing"... Billing had sent me to the current customer rep. I was talking to, after hours of waiting on line! It is difficult to be loyal to a company that acts like they are the only option out there and that 25+ years means very little to them

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james - 71 d 14 h ago


cox since it has gone digital sucks

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Anonymous - 73 d 42 m ago


My experience is in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia I have been a loyal Cox Cable customer for 25 years and ran into a disaster when I try to switch service to my new address I have spent literally 12 hours on the phone and had three home appointments one in which the visit was cancelled but I was never told so I took off of work and Miss three hours of pay to be at home for this visit. This is the tip of the iceberg I literally have been on the phone for 12 plus hours over the last 10 days dealing with this issue today June 7th 2017 I called to speak to a customer retention rep to see if I could get some satisfaction and make sure I was not being charged for boxes or Services I wasn't receiving when I finally got through to a supervisor she offered me a $20 discount which I laughed at and my anger because of her demeanor escalated to the point of me canceling all services which I did not want to do because I like Cox Cable product but the supervisor seems about my experience and would not go one penny more than a $20 discount so a $20 discount is all my 25-year loyalty and thousands of dollars I paid to Cox over the years is worth she had no desire to retain me as a customer and was almost happy to discontinue service this has upset me greatly and I would like for someone with real Authority and customer service ability to contact me. Jeffrey Yorktown, Va.

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Iris - 74 d 19 h ago


I am writing a complaint letter and want the VP of the California region to get a copy. What is Mr. Attisha's address?

Looking at all the customer service complaints below, it looks like Cox doesn't care how bad it is.

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