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Cox Communications, Inc.

1400 Lake Hearn Dr.
Atlanta, GA
(404) 843-5000
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JHinz - 1 d 4 h ago


After reading some of the previous reviews, I have little new to add. It has been a nightmare working with this company. Problem #1)They tell you anything to get your business with no accountability. I have made so many phone calls and never got the same person twice and was never told the same thing twice. And, like others, my final monthly cost is much higher than what I was initially quoted. Problem #2) Most of the work is contracted out to those who have very little training. Each tech that came was convinced that he had the answer to the problem. Several just created more problems. After 6 months, at least 8 visits by technicians (different ones each time), 3 different supervisors, 4 different work crews, and so many phone calls that I have lost count, I do finally have the service I requested. Problem #4) Lack of communication skills. Each tech and/or supervisor that would basically start from scratch to figure out the problem. No report had been communicated by the previous tech. Communication with me was even worse. I was told they would check into an issue and get back with me but they never did. And they refuse to give a number to get directly back with the one you're working with. Problem #5) Beware! The last work crew that came out were contracted out by another company that was contracted out by COX. They were from out of state, looked like they were right off a prison bus, and came unannounced as the sun was beginning to set. They did not finish until after dark and were working with their phone flashlights! Their demeanor made me so uneasy, I finally asked the police to do a drive-by and make their presence known, which they gladly did. Problem #6) They have a good product but also have a monopoly on this and they know it. I seriously doubt if they even read or care about all these negative reviews.

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Madonna - 2 d ago


I think the add that is currently running is in poor taste!! It depicts divorced parents and a son. Starts out with the son having a good time with the dad then when the weekend is over gets in the car with mom and she dismisses the good time with dad and says, "well, I made cookies" or something to that effect. Unfortunately that is probably how it is with many broken families but a more positive message would have been for the mom to listen to the kid about what a good time he had with dad and not have to one up the ex!!!! Get new ad people!! That one is a big downer!!

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Anonymous - 2 d 12 h ago

the cox manager was rude and call me a lier i didnt' think that was there policy to treat a customer that way i am going to get a modem to own on my own that way they shouldnt be able to charge me for a modem i dont like to go to they cox store now

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Deborah Scherer - 17 d 10 h ago


June 01,2019

Dear Cox Customer service complaint Department:

This is my issue and would like to let you know about it and how up set it has made me. First of all,....

Stop lieing to customers. I was called in November of 2018 by Aliese Smith telling me that she could get my payment down to $150.00 per month, and being retired I thought that was a great deal also included the camera and long-distance on my telephone, but it has been a nightmare ever since, my first bill was $1,222.98, I called her and she told me that all the installation fees would be taken off and disregard this bill and wait for new bill and pay it, ok my next bill came and was $808.29, called again she told me she was working on it and to disregard this bill so I did, mean time I was making my reg. payment so I would not get behind,in Feb I get a bill of $425.98 not the $150.00 I was told, so I called again, talked to Steven and was told he will work on getting my bill to $150.00 with his supervisor and will call me back when he has got my bill where I was told it would be, that never happened, March bill came and was $622.92 called and talked to Olivia and she told me to call the customer advocate group and tell them what's been going on so I did talked to Ceasar and he put my bill at $244.97 month and not the $150.00 but at this point I had no choice to do this he was a little cocky and told me that was the best he could do so when I got off phone and figured the amount of money he told me going back to Dec. being charged the$244.97 ea.month @ 4244.97 = $979.88 my told ended up to be $1030.39 with having to pay$50.51 extra for what I do not know? as I am not happy at all and will be looking for a different company to change to being retired and not having alot of income this is very discouraging to me.

Also I still get flyers for good prices but it's for new customers I do understand you need to build your customers but why can't the customers you already have get better prices as well most of all the one's like myself who have been with Cox for over 30 years why is it that our prices keep going up? Isn't a waste of money for your company to mail out flyers to ones such as I with theses prices. Also to have your employees call customers like me and offer new customer price as I dealt with above. I do hope to hear from someone in your office as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Deborah and Damon Scherer

2024 Jeanne Drive

Las Vegas NV 89108


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Privateencountersphotography - 17 d ago


Hi Deborah, My name is Michael Thomas and I'm a local photographer in Phoenix Arizona. I would like to take photos of your employees in each store to make each employee feel that there apart of the company. They will be able to hang it in the store to make each employee feel that there apart of the company. Thanks in advance. Privateencountersphotography.

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Mc Zuues - 21 d 11 h ago


I hope you have read "An Empire of Their Own", the tale of how the jews invented Hollywood. Now there are two more books revealing more kosher shenanigans. "The Boy Genius and the Mogul" and "The Last Love Inventor: A Tale of Genius, Deceit and the Birth of Television".

The kosher crap, similar to that surrounding the phony Einstein- jew, relates that David Sarnoff- jew , of RCA, invented television. The fact is that an Idaho farm boy, Philo T. Farnsworth, gave the first successful demonstration on September 7, 1927. Big bucks Sarnoff waged a war of dirty tricks, propaganda and endless litigation. Thanks to the lost years of the WW2 and financial woes as a result of legal battles, Farnsworth's patents ran out and the hebe fix was in.

When you invite buzzards to dine, expect a lot of silverware to vanish.

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Gina Rodriguez - 54 d 6 h ago


I have been trying to have internet installed since the beginning of April and have gotten nothing done even though Cox has sent someone to my home 11 times. I explained over and over again that there was not a connection to the house from the box at the street and four times an install tech was sent out. Each time an install tech was sent out they explained that they could not do anything until a line was connected to the home. Almost two months later and a construction company was sent out to only discover that blue stake was not yet completed before their arrival. I still don't have internet and have not heard back on status of the situation from anyone.

4/15 W.O. 164849875 appt. time 5:00-6:20 Internet installation

5/1 W.O. 164849875 appt time 8:00-10:00 Internet installation

5/11 W.O. 165659213 appt time 10:00-12:00 knocked and left Trouble Call to troubleshoot TV service

5/11 W.O. 165714676 1-3 Trouble Call to troubleshoot TV service

5/15 W.O. 164849875 8-10 internet install

5/23 W.O. 164849875 8-10 internet installation (dig to drop line) Bear Construction. Gene - tech to assess situation for drop arrived 520-xxx-xxx

5/23 Call Gene from to say Ricky 520-xxx-xxxx would be there. Spoke with Ricky and his supervisor about dig.

5/24 (dig to drop line) Bear Construction arrived at 7:30. TEP electric co had not done blue stake

5/25 W.O. 164849875 8-10 internet installation

5/29 W.O. 164849875 3-5 internet installation

6/3 W.O. 164849875 8-10 internet installation

This is ridiculous and poor management. Does Cox not care for the extra business?

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Julie - 21 d 14 h ago

Honey call someone else. Save you the headache.

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Jeffrey Marcrum - 41 d 24 h ago

Lois Wooten. My aunt she is 105 years old and she has been with you since you came to Del city Oklahoma. She does use the internet but very little tv. And her bill is 180.00 a month more than her old house payment was. You think you could give older people a break !!!

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Julie M - 21 d 14 h ago

Jeffrey gave your Aunt apply for ATT. They have a program called ATT Access which when you have a home phone your internet is $5. Something she needs to do look into. Hope it helps. It will cut that bill in half and then also have bundle to include satellite. All three will be half of what she is paying now. Good luck honey.

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Patricia N - 40 d 13 h ago


This past April my two year contract expired and I could not wait to free myself from a $219 monthly cable bill. I called, cancelled and eagerly waited for the supplied shipping box from Cox. Everything was sent back and received on May 6, 2019. On June 5, 2019, I received a text message stating that my bill is ready, $219.64 due on June 17, 2019. After texting with an agent I was told Cox did not receive the equipment and I would be charged unless it was received and the agent opened an investigation, 3-5 days I would be contacted. That did not happen, I texted the agent and got nowhere for over half an hour. I called and spoke with an agent and was told that the delivery was received but all of the equipment was not. I was told a mini box, $56, and the Homelife touch screen, $304, were not in the box and that the amount would be added to the $219.64 balance due for no June cable??? I remember distinctly putting the touch screen in the box because it had to be dusted off because we did not use it. I did find the mini box, that was my mistake. I took the box to my local cox location and $56 was deducted from my bill and was told I was still responsible for the $304 and the remaining cable bill of $163.64. The cox rep then told me that it was not the touch screen it was the router that came with the touch screen, then changed his mind and said it was the touch screen and he was rest assured that the touch screen would be located in the warehouse since I said it was shipped back. He then said if you say you sent it back then it should be in the warehouse somewhere. WoW! As you can guess I am not happy. To me this is a scam. After a loyal two year customer, $5,271.36 dollar later this is how it ends. I am on the hook for $464.64. Tell me how this is fair. Since I did not hear back, I am placing another call to see if this is resolved.

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Doug H - 41 d ago


This company are liars when they sell you on their bundle service. I ordered Cix cable, internet and phone for $89.99 for 12 months in Summerlin,, Nevada. The customer service told me this price plus taxes and fees between $10-15 dollars. I'm okay with and they provided free installation. All good so far. Install went well. Then just 2 days later i get an email bill notice and find my bill is $121.77, which included $13.50 of fees and taxes, and $18.00 additional Tv. I only have one Tv set up and assumed the additional Tv was a mistake. i called them and they tell me it additional Tv, but actually it's fees if $10.00 broadcast fee and $8.00 sports fee. They never told me about these fees when I ordered. They said i was told. I told them listen to the original phone call, since it's was on a recorded line. They said no. Told them to cancel these charges. they again said no. Now, my monthly bill is about $30 higher, then expected. i told them

i want the service cancelled and was told there would be a $240 early termination fee. I'll se then in small claims court.

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Alex - 55 d 12 h ago


Extremely poor service

My internet has been down every single weekend since January and out for almost a whole week at one point. The Phoenix Escalation Office states internet is for entertainment....... I have to work and have reliable internet service.

How do they stay in business other than their monopoly in the internet business - which I thought was illegal..... we have no choices!!!

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Mary Lane Seigenfeld - 59 d 8 h ago


I moved out of state, requested equipment return pre-addressed boxes from Cox, did not receive the boxes, and was given an alternate address for returns. I have receipts for the returns. There was a recorded call on which Cox acknowledged the receipt of the equipment. Cox does not have a record of the returns in their system and put me into collection and won't remove it although I paid for equipment which was returned to them. Apparently this is a problem that many carriers have - equipment returned, but the carrier does not show it in the computer system. In this day and age, there is no excuse to not immediately mark the return in the system.

For the corporate office and customer service to not respond in a reasonable manner makes a statement.

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Tahira Drayton - 58 d 12 h ago


Same thing happening to me...put my account in collections although I have reciepts

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RICHARD KENDALL - 63 d 7 h ago


Customer for many years, but got fed up with lousy customer service. Multiple calls to many people, always getting the wrong answer. Called last week and asked for my new rates, since my plans is coming for renewal. Was told there would be a $70 plus monthly increase. Called today to cancel tv and phone service and was told I could not know my new rate since she did not know. Well, Cox told me, and she as much as called me a liar, and then tried to turn it around to say I was called her a liar for stating what I was told!!! Was told when I turned in my boxes, that Contour was still available with internet, and I would get free local channels. I just had to log in. Tried to log in and it said I never existed. Called a live person, again, and was transferred, and they couldn't get it straightened out without a new email. Called after not finding the free local channels, she couldn't answer, transferred me to another who couldn't answer . After 13 minutes with her, most on hold, I hung up and deleted Contour.

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Debra Wolraich - 63 d 8 h ago

I have been a customer for many years. Because my husband retired, we have been trying to reduce expenses. We decided to take advantage of a deal offered by ATT. My husband took the equipment to the Cox store. No one told him that he still needed to return the telephone box and a mini box. We started getting billed, but we did not know what it was for. Eventually, I called and learned that two pieces of equipment were missing. The person I spoke to told me how to search for a telephone connection box that could be in in a closet, under furniture, etc. I eventually found it. Unfortunately my husband said we could throw out the mini box so we still owe $57. I am writing to urge your company to make it clear, especially when working with older people, when equipment that we can't even see, still needs to be returned. I am very angry.

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Desiree - 69 d ago

I have been a customer of Cox for several years now since I have moved into my house over a year ago I have had nothing but trouble with my cable, Internet, and home phone we have had technicians come out change out boxes they have reset everything this happens quite often it resets by it self about once every 2 weeks I have called corporate to see what we can do about this I was told call us back when it happens again so I called this evening and left a voicemail for them to call me back we will see if they do

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Kathy Bannister - 77 d 11 h ago

On March 15, 2019, we had a flood where I live (Bellevue, Nebraska). My home was under 15 feet of flood water and was declared a complete loss. They are now in the process of demolishing the property. The day of the flood, I contacted Cox and closed my account. However, once we received a National Disaster Proclamation, I was told that Cox would maintain a free email account for flood survivors for 6 months. So, I called them up and reinstated the email account. Well, 24 hours later the account was deactivated. Nobody there seemed to know about their protocols to natural disasters. To make matters worse, today (almost two months later), I found out that they reactivated my account, and debited my bank account for nearly $300 for the loss of equipment. I was told previously that this is covered in their natural disaster policy and that they do not charge victims of a natural disaster. So, much for their generosity. I wouldn't count on them for anything if I was you. The fact that they reactivated my account after I had closed it just to debit my bank account is fraud. I filed charges with my bank as it was not authorized by me. I live on a fixed income, and this was 1/3 of my monthly income. Right now, I am homeless, struggling to find somewhere to live, and how to find a path forward. Cox just made that much more difficult for me.

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DRF - 80 d ago


Aside from the intermittent interruptions while watching a television program which is irritating. I signed up for NBA League Pass 10.29.19 to watch a particular team during their regular season. On April 12th I contacted Cox and said the regular season is over, please cancel my NBA Pass. It was noted. so to my chagrin, I got an email 3 weeks later saying I was going to be charged for another month of NBA League Pass. I called the office and was told AGAIN, that that service has ben cancelled and I would not be billed. When I look at my checking account this morning 5/3/19, guess what....I got billed. when I called the office, NO ONE could correct the problem One Cox employee asked me if I had a telephone number for NBA LP. I looked up the email I had received and at the bottom of the page I saw a note that said "How to cancel subscription". So while I am on the phone with Cox, I did what I should have done in the first place. I cancelled my account and politely asked them to refund my money.

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Dylan - 82 d 9 h ago


Just got off of the phone with the "Loyalty Department." I have a Contour, Internet, and Phone bundle that was apparently "saving" me $123 a month. I have had services for 1 year and noticed an unexplained $20 increase in my bill. I was comfortable with my bill, but did not want a $20 increase with no changes in my services. I was informed that my 1st year promotional discount expired, and they would "see what other discounts they could find." My associate returned to let me know my new bill would be $3 less. How very gracious. I could not believe this was a serious counteroffer. I had been highly satisfied with Cox up until this point, but will be exploring other options.

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Steven - 86 d 22 m ago


The new upgrade box " contour" that I was forced to take is horrible! There's no clock on the face. You can't see the show you were watching while you go to the menu like the old box. Unmeasurable amount of channels not worth watching & they are repeated over & over in the guide. The guide is junk! So much for the promise "we know you'll love it" The box they took away was much better! Really disappointed.

Done poorly to say the least.

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Me - 89 d 8 h ago

This company is a ripoff. It's a shame that their corporate office do not take the time to read complaints and handle them appropriately. But instead they allow their employees to rip-off the people while they take in the big bucks. Corporate thieves

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Joe Liberty - 97 d 8 h ago


Today, I found that I wasn't receiving any e-mails, so I checked and your E-Mail system is down. Tried to contact someone - spent 40 minutes on the phone going through the various "Press #4" or "Press #1" systems, but never got a speaking entity. I did get a message to text, but that hasn't worked either. I am a Real Estate Broker - a one man office - who stays afloat with the help of technology - internet access . . e-mail . . web sites . . etc. When your service fails, it effectively stops me from being able to transact business. And it happens with a degree of regularity. But you are always sending me promotions about upgrading and/or offering great specials to sign up new business . . . but you don't offer any incentive to your exiting customers. It like "sign 'em up and screw 'em over". Will I get any credit for this service interruption ? ? Probably Not. If I went down and parked my truck in front of your store in town so people couldn't get in, cut the phone lines and shut off the power, would you be at all concerned. But that's exactly what you're doing to me!! As soon as I have to ability, I will leave your service simply because that is the attitude you have always projected. I've been a customer for over 30 years, and keep having the same problem with the hubris on your part.

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RichinPhoenix - 93 d 20 h ago


I had the same issue. I waited on hold for 54 minutes before I spoke to a representative. I was told that there was an issue with the email server. I told the rep that I didn't have to waste my time waiting when, if they knew there was an issue, they could have broadcasted the problem at the beginning of the call like they do with other area outages. Needless to say, I wasn't happy and your one star is warranted.

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