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Cox Communications, Inc.

1400 Lake Hearn Dr.
Atlanta, GA
(404) 843-5000
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Jay Brown - 8 d 10 h ago


Thought I would try to get my intermittent internet failure resolved this way, since customer care has been useless. I have had intermittent failure, at least 20 times per day, for about a month or more. I have called multiple times, received credits, free upgraded service, numerous technicians in home and out dispatched, and still no fix. I am sick of dealing with it. For the love of everything holy, can someone get this fixed. I have even been escalated to tech twice with the promise of a field tech that works on outside/mainlines contacting me and researching the issue. On first time the ticket was closed and the tech said he came out and all was well. How do I know he never came out you ask? Funny thing. I am a stay at home dad and my wife works from home. Her office window is directly in front of our house, no one ever came on the day we were told but the ticket was closed per tech. Second time, we were promised resolve by tech and rep stated that the field tech would definitely call us even though not coming in the home. I held my breath. The day of the promised service call, nothing. No phone call at all and again no one showed. Still have intermittent failure. Am now definitely looking at the inferior AT&T for service. And, blasting COX on social media. Horrible service and continual lie after lie. My home is new construction as of 1.5 years ago with half direct wire and half WiFi connections. When failure happens, we lose everything. First two techs gave me a bs story that it was the one year old modem that was ironically on the COX recommended list of modems. So, to prove tech wrong, I spent $200 on a new one. Just because I wanted to rub it in his face. Guess what, new modem still has failure. Yet another modem on the COX recommended list. He says switch, I replace switch. Still have failure. Why the hell can this not be fixed? Quit lying to me every time I call. Worst experience ever for my wife who is an executive and working from home.

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Kathy B - 8 d 10 h ago


Waiting in the williamsburg va office for over an hour. Service is ridiculous! Two people working and it's always like this!

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Janis - 14 d 17 h ago


Why does Cox not provide basic cable, internet and phone service to persons on fixed incomes (Social Security), many of whom find these their only form of entertainment or contact with the outside world, at a fixed-income rate they can afford???

It offends me that Cox is spending so much money on television ads (at least five different ones in my local Phoenix area) and numerous mailings and advertisements to solicit NEW customers, rather than giving their existing customers a more reasonable rate. It seems unreasonable to think that people can afford over $100 a month for their service.

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azmichael21 - 16 d 10 h ago


I have been a Cox customer on and off for at least the past 10 years. I have spoken to customer service, escalations, collections, and billing on this issue and I have unable to get it resolved. I am reaching out to you in an attempt to resolve this issue.

In 2011 I was a customer of Cox in Chandler, AZ with TV/Internet service. When I cancelled my service due to moving to a location without Cox service I was contacted by a Cox employee in the area who offered to pick up the Cox cable box that had to be returned. I later was informed that he was a contractor for Cox. He picked up the box and gave me a hand written receipt. Approximately a year later in 2012 I was contacted by a collections agency informing me of a balance of $527 due to unreturned equipment. I still had the receipt so I went to a Cox store in Tempe, AZ to clear up the issue. The employee at the store was given a copy of the receipt and told me that the Cox contractor who picked up the box inverted a couple numbers when he wrote the serial number on the receipt. I was cleared of collections at that time since Cox was satisfied and proof was provided.

In 2014 I was again contacted by a different collections agency and asked to pay $527 for unreturned equipment. I contacted Cox customer service and explained what happened in 2011/2012 and the collection was erased.

In September of 2017 I was contacted by another collections agency and again asked to pay for unreturned equipment... I contacted Cox again and was promised by the employee that this was the last time I would have to deal with this...

Last week, March 2018 I was contacted by Convergent Collections and told that Cox sent them my collection for $527 for unreturned equipment... last Thursday I was on the phone with Cox for 3 hours! Hung up on twice and called a liar by somebody in collections. I escalated the issue last Friday and told was contacted by Karen who informed me that there is no evidence to back up my claims and calling me a liar and I owe Cox for the unreturned equipment...

The equipment was returned as I have explained many times over the years. The issue I'm having now is I am purchasing a home and have $16,000 is escrow that I am in danger of losing thanks to this latest bogus collection! I do not know what to do at this point in time, my credit score which I worked so hard to raise up to buy my first home has dropped 70 points due to this issue... I am not paying for equipment that I returned and proved that I returned many years ago. No loyal customer deserves to be put through what I am being put through. I am a current Cox customer and over the years I have returned equipment 4 different times on different accounts I owned. I don't know what the problem is with this time.

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ANOTHER RIP OFF FROM COX - 16 d 13 h ago

Just received a promotion in the mail addressed to us at our address. It says get the Internet Speed you deserve with A MODEM UPGRADE ON US. Follow instructions at COX.COM/UPGRADEMYMODEM to get your replacement at 'NO ADDITIONAL COST'

We did this and the first thing that pops up is get this modem for $49.95! Guess what? Thats does not equate to "no additional cost".

I called, was transferred 5 times had to explain everything 5 times. They could see that we have a very very old computer modem from Cox but said we did not qualify. One person said that we have to purchase a router to get the free modem upgrade. We called the number on the flyer and it is a fax machine.

What a racket! This company SUCKS! If only they didn't have a monopoly in our area we should have dropped them years ago. We already switched to satellite tv - best decision we ever made!

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Dr. Truth - 17 d 9 h ago


These SMUG A-HOLES!!! I just realized my telephone number is on the internet. BAM! right there when my name is typed in--from COX. I called and talked to a SMUG SUPERVISOR I waited for 20 minutes. NATHANIEL # 34166. I asked him a question and he had the AUDACITY to say to me. "Instead I am going to ask you..." And I said, "NO, I asked you a question and I would like an answer." Of course, I am a woman and he is a DISRESPECTFUL MAN. Yeah talk to your wife like that Nat! You don't talk to a customer or me like that!! Then I asked him for his id no. and I heard a HUGE SIGH. Like yeah, customers need to identify LOSER SUPERVISORS!! I cancelled my phone and will cancel all services when I find another. UP YOURS treating customers like this!!

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Barbara - 20 d 20 h ago


I have always been pleased with Cox Communication's service. I read the reviews from the dissatisfied customers and I was surprised to read what they were stating. Everytime, that I need tech nelp, I call the tech center and receive assistance for my computer and my television. I have never had any complaints about them.

I had no internet service on March 28, 2018. I called my local number to get tech help. Both people who I spoke to on the phone were very helpful, but I still had no internet.( I will say that most of the time, I can fully understand what the call center tech is telling me over the phone,( but sometimes, when the call is to Mexico, or some other place, rather than the U.S., I have a very hard time understanding them). Finally, it was decided that I needed to have a tech come to my home.

Mike Tillett (I think that was his name) came to my home. He called first and I knew exactly when he would arrive. Mike worked on my laptop computer from 2:30 til 4:30. He was very professional, friendly, and competent. I can't say enough about Mike. He switched out my modems to see if I would have internet service. I still didn't. He finally decided that it was the wi-fi router that perhaps was giving me trouble. He switched out some cables and switches that would connect only to the modem and told me to go get a new router. He tutored me on what to do with my new router, but said that if I had trouble, call Cox Support.

He had other calls that day, after mine, but told me that he would not leave until I had an internet connection.

Please thank Mike for being an outstanding employee.

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Henry - 21 d 4 h ago


I received communications from Cox that I needed to change my telephone system from Analog to Digital. I warned the service man ahead of time that my telephone system was hooked to my alarm system. The installer changed out the phone system. It did not work. He said that it was a back office problem and that it would work in a couple of hours. Tonight, 4 hours later still no dial tone. I called up repair and ended up speaking to a supervisor (Mindy) who tried to reboot and then said she could send someone out in 2 days. Unacceptable. I did not request the original service. I now have no alarm, no dial tone and I need to take off more work time. I want a repairman out now

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Totally DISSATISFIED customer - 23 d 8 m ago


Cox Communications, Inc is absolutely NOT a customer service oriented corporation. They are sales oriented and that is it. I called Cox because for the last 3-4 months I have been paying $80 a month to receive internet service alone supposedly at a speed of 100Mbps. When I performed the test to check my internet speed I was only getting 47Mbps. The tech I spoke with (at Cox Communications) checked it on her end and concurred that I wasn't getting 100Mbps so she set up an appointment for a tech to come to my home to find out what the problem may be. Steve, the technician arrived at my home on time and when he checked my modem (provided by Cox) he stated that I had a dual modem (two bands) but only one band had been set up, not both. So, initially when the first tech came out to set me up for the internet service he did not completely set my modem up to it's full capability. Steve informed me of information that I was not aware of such as one band covered 2.4megahertz (less than 100Mbps capability) while the second band covered 5.0megahertz (100Mbps capability). He also informed me that if my equipment (desk top, lap top, etc) were more than a few years old that they would not have the capability to run off the 5.0megahertz. He mentioned only cell phones have had that capability for more years than computers. Since my computer and lap top are eight years old they do not have the capability to run off the 5.0megahertz band which means my equipment is not capable of running the internet speed of 100Mbps. I could not understand, #1 why my modem was not set up for the dual bands it was intended to be set up for and #2 why Cox (sales rep or tech) did not explain the circumstances in which I could or could not run the internet service at 100Mbps. Steve set my second band to run as intended and left. Somewhat upset that I had been paying for a service that was impossible for me to receive I called Cox to ask for some type of credit. The response I got from the tech was "we don't know what equipment you have and according to our system you are getting what you paid for". Well I wasn't getting it before Steve came out and set up the second band and that was verified by the first tech I spoke with over the phone who set up the appointment for Steve to come out to my home. The tech was very hard core and hateful with the determination that he could not give me a credit because I was getting what I was paying for and it was not their place to know what equipment I have. He was not concerned nor did he want to listen to what I was saying. He abruptly cut me off and said to me "what you are saying then is that you want to go to a lower speed." Since I don't have a job and desperately needed the internet service I requested that my bill be changed to reflect a lower speed at $50 a month instead. When my son and I attempted to access the internet (via our fire sticks) we were unable to access it. Steve did not provide me with any information that I would need to be able to access the internet by the second band so I had to call and speak with another technician at Cox who was able to enter a password of my choice for me to gain access to the internet through wifi on our TVs. If all that wasn't enough, the next day after the tech (Steve) had come out and set up the second band on my modem, I attempted to access the internet from my lap top and was unable to do so. Another call to a technician proved, once again, that Cox is a sales oriented corporation and could care less whether or not they have satisfied customers. When I explained to this technician that after the tech had been to my house that whatever he did prohibited me from having access to the internet via my lap top and it was my only way of looking for employment his response to me was "what I'm seeing is that you are getting what you ae paying for, you are getting the 100Mbps and you probably need to contact the manufacturer of your lap top". Ohhh . Emm Gee, you got to be kidding me....I told this tech that it was not my lap top that had a problem it was what the tech did that caused the problem. He attempted to call the tech who was at my home (Steve) but was unable to contact him and could only offer to set up another appointment, not until MONDAY, for someone else to come out. I am spastic by now....I really need the internet service to look for employment and now I have to wait a couple of more days before someone can come got to be kidding me. Needless to say the appointment was set and come Monday, Tony arrived. After explaining to Tony my ordeal he was so apologetic and was somewhat confused as to what could have happened. Took him a little time but decided to hard wire my lap top to the modem and with my son present, Tony was able to determine that the password was a default password and not the password that I had changed it to when I first received the internet service. Apparently, when Steve set up the second band it changed everything back to a default settings which is why I couldn't get access to the wifi on my TV and why I couldn't get access to the internet on my lap top! All of my issues were Cox oriented and they are not willing to accept the responsibility and credit my account for their incompetence. When I do get a job and can afford to change services, Cox will only be dust in the wind!!!!!!

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Rich - 21 d 8 h ago


I have had a similar experience with Cox so-called customer service reps. They are terrible and will only tell you a portion of the facts in order to maintain your busines. Just the worse customer service reps I've ever felt with.

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Your a waste of time - 26 d 12 h ago


I had an appointment time frame of 8-10 I was up and waiting by my door from 7:45-10:20a.m. I called shortly after to see what was going on plus I was giving the tech time to get there because I know things happen. Well the Cox rep told me someone had already been to my house and knocked on the door well that's the first lie, and nobody answered. Then they continued to describe my house color of the siding door and roof color. That was all correct. The tech never called my phone which if he knocked on my door like he stated that wouldn't have been necessary. So I waited around on a Saturday for this tech to arrive and they never arrived. Cox continues to fail and fail miserably all the time. The techs are lazy and lie on the tech notes entered into the system. The tech never knocked on my door reached out with a phone call or even leave a door hanger on the door stating they were there. I do not recommend anyone start or continue with Cox for any service they provide they are liars and they stand behind their lies not their services or customers.

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Jenny - 37 d 12 h ago


This company is just awful and I'm sure will be gone down the road some day with more and more companies company's coming about. Our home phone just shut off one day. Thought a power outage. 6 hours later, I called Cox and was on hold for like 20 minutes with no reason why my phone just died. I was then told someone would have to come out on Saturday between 1 and 3 to see what was wrong. I am not home on Saturday afternoons, and certainly not to wait around for them to figure out what was wrong. So someone came out Monday, to only be told they were switching from analog to digital and just shut off our phone, but since they did not have the equipment with them, would have to come out the next day to do. So the guy I spoke with earlier a few days ago had no idea our phone was being switched over, after waiting on hold and why it died. Good thing I didn't wait around on Saturday. But wait, it gets better. So Tuesday comes for the guy to come to install and guess what, they didn't tell or know they had to shut everyone off for 2 hours! I work from home! He could have told me this the day before when he was out, or when they knew why the phone had quit working! So basically no one knows what is going on or what they are doing. So now I have to wait almost a week to get my phone!

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andrea - 58 d 8 h ago

Worst customer service i've ever received. Signed up for a two year contract and when I needed to move my service to my new address I was suddenly being charged an insane amount! I had to call month after month since no one ever called me back when it was promised, and nothing was ever resolved. Now, months after my service was cancelled because of the ongoing issues, my credit file has been effected! This is the absolute worst company and this will be reported to the BBB. Spoke to a supervisor today who claims my balance is correct and still due. This will be a legal matter.

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jerrycathey - 38 d 10 h ago

that what im going to do court

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Caleb - 74 d 12 h ago


Excellent customer service. Good value for panoramic Wi-Fi. I none the less recommend it to people with slow internet. Thanks COX.

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Jim - 63 d 5 h ago

I bet you haven't had cox long lol

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jerrycathey - 38 d 10 h ago

ur day will come then ur lol wont be an lol cause u will be sniffling like ur doing now

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Rex - 53 d 4 h ago

You are a big fat liar.

Cox is the worse nightmare

Apparently you are working for them.

I would like to give them 0 stars but 1 is the lowest

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PISSED OFF CUSTOMER - 52 d 14 h ago


AMEN AMEN .. their EIGHTY SIX CALLS and I still don't have service but now they are harassing me and because of my cussing some dumb ass ANONYMOUS customer service moronic idiot BITCH (ya that's how pissed I am) now I'm being threatened with a lawsuit. Yet they broke shit in my house, used MY equipment, STOLE my wires, AND have been harassing me. THEIR A FUCKING JOKE!!!

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skidaddy20 - 47 d 18 h ago


Just wait awhile. It is actually the worst customer service around. You must have gotten lucky one time.

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Alan - 44 d 17 h ago

You gotta be an employee!

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Anonymous - 47 d 10 h ago

Does anyone within cox even listen to what a customer tells them? In talking to countless cox representatives during the last few months, it appears like I was talking to myself.

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Alan - 44 d 17 h ago


Amen to that is already in the data base????

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Anonymous - 43 d 5 h ago

I agree please let's all join together and start an anti Cox movement. I was told Elaine package of 40 channels and 20 of them I cannot watch because I do not understand the language and the other five I do not shop online and there duplicate channels and I am unable to change that and I pay over $65 for this nonsense contact James Cox Kennedy in Atlanta Georgia he's the CEO of Cox Communication unite enjoying the movement be heard!!

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Smiley - 42 d 11 h ago


The only thing that is way better then cox cable is google fiber. In order to make cox listen, by getting something better then them, you have to talk to your each state and get petitions to make them listen and to look at bringing google fiber into your state (especially because Google Fiber isn't offered in every state.) That's how you break Cox's monopoly.

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jerry cathey - 38 d 10 h ago


that is the truth

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