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Cox Communications, Inc.

1400 Lake Hearn Dr.
Atlanta, GA
(404) 843-5000
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Abdi - 16 h 17 m ago


I have lost my 40 years old house phone number because of lies and deceptions Cox Cable sale lady at the Sams Club.I have talked to the one of managers About my issues ,but they don't seem to care.Cox Cable sale have no business to be in the same club by misguiding and lying to customer in order to make quick sale. After several calls and getting mix results from Cox ,still have not got my line back which I did not to authorize to change my number in first place.

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Im Amazed! Great service by Cox Rep "Azure" - 24 d 21 h ago


I just experienced the best service I've received from a Cox representative in 20 years, and that is NO exaggeration! I work from home, so having no internet or phones is NOT an option. My job requires both to be in working order at all times during the workday. Well, today started out with my internet going down, then my phones, I was at my wits end. After the 10th time rebooting the modem, it died.. and along with it, my work day. I ended up going to BestBuy to purchase a new modem, brought it home and quickly installed it per the instructions. Again, no internet. My call last week to Cox was met with a gal who answered rudely, but because she was clearly eating, I couldn't understand a word she said, and was clearly not interested in helping me, so I really was not looking forward to another Cox representative with a DGIF attitude. Tonight, I called the Technical Support line for Cox, waited on hold for about 17 minutes, and a gal named :"Azure" answered. after connecting, disconnecting, and trouble-shooting a litany of issues, she was able to get me up and running! By this time in the evening, my patience was depleted, and I was not looking forward to making up the 4 hours I lost earlier in the day, and I was NOT happy. She tolerated me, and let me blow off my steam, yet she remained calm and empathetic, explained the steps in layman's terms, and was quite patient with me. I'm up and running and couldn't be more pleased. She is truly the most positive representation of Cox customer service I've ever experienced!

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Debbie Flynn - 2 d 5 h ago


Do you remember her first name?

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Wayne Ekstrom, Phoenix, Az - 6 d 8 h ago


We have had Cox since December 2016 and have had nothing but problems with their service from the start. No one seems to know anything and doesn't seem to even care!

Phone doesn't work right, TV is messed up, and internet is messed up. We constantly have to reset the box, but that doesn't really help and not a single person seems to know what to do.

If you are looking for reliable cable service, stay away from Cox. This company stinks and really doesn't care! No customer service at all! stay clear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 7 d 6 s ago

I wanted to discontinue cable and phone services. I was gong to continue with the internet services. However, I will seek another ISP after three representatives disconnected my calls. One had fhe audacity to mute the call. Whoever it was apparently thought I was going to hangup the phone. Nope, more documentation. This company has some very rude, hateful evil people and a few good ones. The corporate office apparently doesn't care. If they did care there would be processes and /or practices in place and followed to deter tbe type of behavior I havs endire yet again, UNPROFESSIONAL.

General profile image - 13 d 8 h ago

The next call you all receive will be from an attorney.

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Anonymous - 14 d 6 h ago


. Service is horrible!!! How do these people stay in business!

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Harold Winsinger - 15 d 6 h ago


We have been a loyal Cox customer for 25+ years. We have the complete Cox bundle with everything. We would like to discontinue the land line and then Cox says it will cost us more than we are now paying to do that! Each year they (without any notice to us) raise the monthly charge, saying the loyalty discount expired... What has changed in my loyalty? I have everything, pay directly from my bank account and it's much higher than Disk? I spent 4 hours trying to get someone to talk to about my loyalty discount, when I finally got someone that understood and was pleasant about it, he took some off the future bills, but it was still $10 higher per month than before, plus he wouldn't correct the current month additional charge of $30, saying that was something I'd have to address with "Billing"... Billing had sent me to the current customer rep. I was talking to, after hours of waiting on line! It is difficult to be loyal to a company that acts like they are the only option out there and that 25+ years means very little to them

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james - 18 d ago


cox since it has gone digital sucks

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Anonymous - 19 d 8 h ago


My experience is in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia I have been a loyal Cox Cable customer for 25 years and ran into a disaster when I try to switch service to my new address I have spent literally 12 hours on the phone and had three home appointments one in which the visit was cancelled but I was never told so I took off of work and Miss three hours of pay to be at home for this visit. This is the tip of the iceberg I literally have been on the phone for 12 plus hours over the last 10 days dealing with this issue today June 7th 2017 I called to speak to a customer retention rep to see if I could get some satisfaction and make sure I was not being charged for boxes or Services I wasn't receiving when I finally got through to a supervisor she offered me a $20 discount which I laughed at and my anger because of her demeanor escalated to the point of me canceling all services which I did not want to do because I like Cox Cable product but the supervisor seems about my experience and would not go one penny more than a $20 discount so a $20 discount is all my 25-year loyalty and thousands of dollars I paid to Cox over the years is worth she had no desire to retain me as a customer and was almost happy to discontinue service this has upset me greatly and I would like for someone with real Authority and customer service ability to contact me. Jeffrey Yorktown, Va.

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Iris - 21 d 3 h ago


I am writing a complaint letter and want the VP of the California region to get a copy. What is Mr. Attisha's address?

Looking at all the customer service complaints below, it looks like Cox doesn't care how bad it is.

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Very Frustrated - 86 d ago


I spent 2 hours trying to change my service correctly by phone today. The last person I spoke with seem to be able to help, but I have not heard from her and it has been 1 1/2 hours when she said 15 to 20 minutes and it would be fixed. I am now paying for services that I am not receiving and one of those things is a land line phone. It appears for the next 3 to 5 days I will not be able to receive any calls until I can get a different service.

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reboot - 83 d 10 h ago

unplug the mta box and plug it back in

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Mrs wooten - 23 d 4 h ago

:o I have had my servive for 4 yrs moved three times outta no where they attched a bill ! owed to credit bueru ! how could I owe a bill ! I have had this service 4 yrs ! :o their mistake ! yet they have wrecked my credit :o over 97 dollars :o and muy account has always been current'

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MEK - 33 d 9 h ago


I dealt with the Cox Communications team in the Phoenix area. The service was a disaster from the get-go. I spoke to at least a dozen "customer service" representatives. When I finally demanded that my call/issue be escalated to a higher level, I was told the charge for the technician would be waived. When the invoice arrived, not only was I charged for the technician, I was charged twice. Talk about a slap in the face. Cox Communications has some serious training issues (rather, lack of training) and have no desire to help the customer in any situation, except to sell. Pathetic.

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Trisha - 23 d 4 h ago

Omg I have had so many issues with service all of it in az

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Anonymous - 23 d 4 h ago


Awful customer service awful service too bad ll the cable companys have eveyone in a loop hole monopoly ! :/ errrrrr

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Mrs - 41 d ago

I have had Cox i for the last 20 years at least. I live in Denham Springs, Louisiana which was devasted by an awful flood in August of 2016. I home had almost 5 feet of water. We lost 48 years of belongings. We got out with very little. Three days or so after the flood we contacted Cox stating what happened. We did not have our boxes they were somewhere in the load depry. The Cox said this was okay but I would be billed $12.95 per month to keep the contract open. I paid this for 9 months. Finally we were able to return to our home with only mattresses to sleep on. We did not have insurance so unfortunately when we inquired about what Cox would charge to be turned back on the bill went up from $210 a month to $240. We could not afford this so we temporarily did not get it. Today I received a bill in the mail for the boxes which were in the flood for $250.00. I called Cox she said a letter was sent out sometime she did not know when but she did know it had to be back to them by Jan. For the lost boxes. My mail was never discontinued and I went everyday to work on my home. I did not get a letter. She said she was sorry but if I did not pay on time the money for the boxes interest would be tacked on and it would be a large fee.

Is this the way Cox treats its customers who had no control of this devastating event? Now I ask you do you think when I canm afford I will be coming back to Cox.

And another thing your employees need training on how to speak to people.

I realize I am just a small account but without all the small accounts were would Cox be today.

Thank you , I would appreciate hearing from someone

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Shana Green - 46 d 10 h ago


So I guess this is how you guy's feel about your customers. It is now 5 days and the money is still not on this guy's card. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE...I will make sure I go to every social media site to let ppl know how things are handled at Cox.

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Shana Green - 49 d 8 h ago


I am writing to let you know about the experience I had with your staff beginning on Friday morning. My cable was disconnected on Thursday evening an I called your guy's Friday morning to see if I could have payment arrangements set up for me. The lady that assisted told me that would be no problem if I did automatic bill pay for the next 2 payments. I said fine I can do that, so take $100 off the card I am about to give you. She processed the payment and told me it was successful. Then she proceeded to verify with me the card that I was using to pay the balance. An hour or so later I got a call from the person who paid the $100 saying that his card was charged $405. I immediately called back so they could reverse the payment and make sure all the arrangements from the earlier call were still in place. I explained to the new agent what happened. She said she seen what happened and deleted the transaction. My next question was how long before the funds are placed back on this card as this is not my money that has been tied up. She tells me that day it will. Being that I work in a similar field I asked are you sure it won't be 7 to 10 business days. She said no. Later I call back becuase the guy calls his card company and they say 7 to 10 business days. I call back and this lady tells me the next day it will be there once y'all run your daily work. I asked her are you sure because the card people are saying 7 to 10 days. She then tells me there isn't anything else I can do about this. So basically you just tied up someone's money and this is the answer I get? I asked her can you not call the number on the back of his card and she doesn't she just keeps giving me excuses. Again, myself and this guy are just stuck with an O Well basically. She also tells me just dispute the charge with the card company and I'll get the money back. The issue is we went over a weekend (my daughters prom) weekend without any extra money because of this and your supervisor just flat out did not want to help. Who tells your customer to dispute a charge? I didn't want to dispute it I just wanted this guy's $305 put back asap. So another lady I spoke with gave me a $50 credit which was nice of her but that $50 won't fly with me. Not only did you ruin an important time for me and my daughter but yet you still want me to pay on the 15th. What is not going to happen is you are going to still have this $305 tied up and then got $220 from me. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I expect someone to have this issue fixed and I mean like now.

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Horrible Service - 53 d 7 h ago


Signed up for service 2 months ago and from the start of the phone call it was nothing but trouble! Needless to say got service going, happy so far then BAM service gets shut off!! I've been so busy I failed to realize that they have not sent me a bill. Called automated system couldn't find me by my phone number as it was never asked for when I set up service! They have failed to send me a bill so of course they shut off service. Went from $200 past due to now $400 past due........BS. I am putting this out to every social media I can, letting everyone I know that has this service to cancel it.....they are not willing to work with me on payment when THEY failed to send me a bill. No one can give a straight answer as to why they haven't billed me but oh want all money right now!! You'll get payment when I want now and come get your equipment I can go elsewhere.

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Anonymous - 62 d 6 m ago

My name is Jennifer. Ray. I would like. Somebody to contact me 757 2845158

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Susan - 83 d 11 h ago


There doesn't seem to be anywhere or anyone you can call anymore for bad service. I don't know if companies don't care, feel like they are too big for your little complaint to make a difference? It took an Act of Congress for me to find this! I've actually been a Cox customer for years and love my cable. But it usually does take me anywhere between 2-4 visits to get what I need done, right. This morning I am looking at my TV guide and there are channels that the language is gibberish. Such as "The View" is "The 'iew". "Supernatural" is "toupernatural". And "Sports Center" is "toportsCenter". I've got the pictures to prove it. I had to check to make sure my language was set to English. Was the employee that did this that lazy? Can't spell? Isn't supervised properly? No one cares anymore about the product they provide. The consumer is made to feel like they are asking too much if they call the company.

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hey stupid - 83 d 11 h ago

if you know what the channels are then why are you so concerned about the spelling......sounds like the graphics on your tv is screwed stop bugging the cable guy and go buy a new one ....cable guys dont type in the channel names on your menu

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Susan - 83 d 10 h ago

Hey stupider -- of COURSE it's not the cable company. It's MY TV!! YOU must work for the Cable Company!! For your INFO stoopid, I haven't CALLED the cable company. Waste of time. My reference was in past phone calls which they quote you a price then VIOLA! You get your bill and it's twice what they quoted and promised you. Is that my fault too dummy?

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hey stupid - 77 d 9 h ago

This morning I am looking at my TV guide and there are channels that the language is gibberish. Such as "The View" is "The 'iew". "Supernatural" is "toupernatural". And "Sports Center" is "toportsCenter". I've got the pictures to prove it. I had to check to make sure my language was set to English. Was the employee that did this that lazy? Can't spell? Isn't supervised properly? No one cares anymore about the product they provide. The consumer is made to feel like they are asking too much if they call the company.

not only are you stupid you took pictures to show the cable guy

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