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Cox Communications, Inc.

1400 Lake Hearn Dr.
Atlanta, GA
(404) 843-5000
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Craig McCoy - 22 d ago


I have no use for speaking to any one in Phoenix. I want executive to communicate with me. I have been lied to, guaranteed my bill will be frozen for two years. My bill has been incorrect now for months. I have multiple equipment problems, told it would be changed at no cost and then get billed. I have spoken to top supervisors who tell me they don't blame me for being upset, promise to take care of my issues. Lies lies lies. You run a very poor business having too many incompetent people in accounting for one. Read their notes they make, and how many times

I have had to spend hours of my time. Waited. time.

My bill is to be $138/mo for the next two years unchanged and promised. Every mo. same old story.

I ask you does anyone care at all about loyal customers weighted down by your mistakes. JUST for once the customer may just be right. I get passed around to sometimes six people.

Would someone please contact me Mom of Tue latest. I am ordering every piece of equipment removed by end of day Wed unless someone person in your Co. cares enough to give me a response. I want more than OH......we are so sorry.......I have had it.

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Anonymous - 19 d 8 h ago


Cox is the most corrupt greedy company on the planet.They habitually lie about everything..Gary

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J Hamilton - 3 d 9 h ago


Lying is all they do You cannot get in touch with an executives because they have it organized in a way only verly important individuals can reach them. They are the one with the big bucks.

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Joel - 44 d 10 h ago


Their representatives are misinformed, unprofessional, and condescending.

Issues I've had in Arkansas with the monopoly known as Cox:

1:) Removal of all internet packages from the website unless it was an upgrade. When I told them that was a business tactic to remove access to cheaper options I was told "no, it was too complicated to navigate the plans..." So disconnect and downgrading service are call-in ONLY.

**Because statistically people are less likely to cancel or downgrade a service if they have to do it over the phone with another person. Technology makes it too easy for a consumer to bring a company's bottom-dollar down, so they incorporate ways to prevent that, like forcing people to use archaic methods of communication.** And read this article:

2:) Was told that Cox ALWAYS has had data-caps. Not true. Data was monitored, but there was no limit to monthly data. Data caps were not incorporated until July 6, 2017.

I had THREE different reps tell me Cox has always had data caps and one rude ******* even went as far as saying that the effective date was listed on the website. Here is the page he was referring to (part 12): I looked it up myself and there is no specific effective date*. *see azcentral article above

3:) The same rep named Bradley told me he wouldn't transfer me to a manager until I apologized to him after I cussed him out. I cussed him out because he told me I'd be on hold for 45 minutes if I wanted to talk to a manager and HE REFUSED TO TRANSFER ME. I'm not playing your games B.R.A.D.L.E.Y. I was talking to a "manager" within 5 minutes... Even the manager, who was more calm, was still very ignorant and tried to tell me the differences between speed and data usage. I have a Bachelor's degree in Business. I'm an analyst and Staff Sergeant in the Air Force. And I'm learning how to code Python of my own volition. I don't need elementary lessons of the same thing repeated ad nauseum when it had just became painfully clear that none of them know more than the bare minimum to upsale.

Terrible company and a sign of the times. They've got us all. It's a service we feel we need and until 5g comes along or other companies start to compete. We're stuck with these predatory technology companies.

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Janny in Vegas - 31 d 5 h ago

I totally agree with your frustration. We will be screwed by these companies until forever. I speak to their overly rude customer unservice reps every month.

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Anonymous - 19 d 8 h ago


Typical company run by the left wing ripp off groups..

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Waiting for Godot - 17 d ago


Very similar experience. And, despite multiple conversations with tech support, customer service, and actual technician in my home, they say I have their modem when I have never owned a Cox modem. They then make it my responsibility to show them a purchase receipt. Maybe they could show me proof of shipping or installation! A black hole of con jobs....!! Seems like with their fees they could readily make a good profit without all the deception and fraud.

A little competition perhaps could shake things up.

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Anonymous - 50 d 11 h ago

Cox Headquarters +1-877-91O '7182*

Cox Headquarters +1-877-91O '7182*

Cox Headquarters +1-877-91O '7182*

Cox Headquarters +1-877-91O '7182*

Cox Headquarters +1-877-91O '7182*

Cox Headquarters +1-877-91O '7182*

Cox Headquarters +1-877-91O '7182*

Cox Headquarters +1-877-91O '7182*

Cox Headquarters +1-877-91O '7182*

Cox Headquarters +1-877-91O '7182*

Cox Headquarters +1-877-91O '7182*

Cox Headquarters +1-877-91O '7182*

Cox Headquarters +1-877-91O '7182*

Flagged for review. 
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Paula Jones - 30 d 18 h ago

When i recieved my bill it was $715.00 . I called to request why on 10/2 and spoke with Celine and was told that the Rep had not submitted the proper code for a credit on a bundle package. and that she would handle it and I would see an adjustment in my bill before the due date . I checked my bill a week later because Cox wants to let it's customers know 2 weeks before that they are going to steal there money from there accounts._____

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Craig McCoy/Peoria,AZ - 22 d ago


I am going to pull out my phone, my internet and my TV if my letter is not addressed by Wed close of business. Wed next.

I have been lied to for the last time. folks

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Anonymous - 31 d ago


Cox cable company sucks. They only care about taking your money & providing unprofessional services between the employees and the company itself. All I've ever been is screwed over by this service company. I turned in all my equipment and for 5 months now I have to keep fighting to get it fixed.

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Janny in Vegas - 31 d 6 h ago


I began Cox TV and internet service, July 2017. I have never in my life (I am 76) have I ever been so frustrated. I chose a package when I moved here and every month the price changes and I am deluded with trying to collect your bill. I pay every month on the 1st, in full, because that is when I receive my Social Security. I do not miss any months, ever and yet as a good customer, I can't begin to count the calls I have made to Cox regarding lowering my bill. I do not need you quite frankly. The satellite people and Century Link assume me that they can offer me much better without all the hassle. I have reached numerous agreements as to what my monthly bill will be.

I hate (and I really don't like that word) COX so badly I am willing to go without everything and go back to the radio. Most of the channels I get are analog, or paid commercials for products, Spanish or music. I don't need that crap and what a waste of money.

I live on a fixed income. I cannot afford your prices. Bottom line. It would give me great satisfaction to have COX totally out of life on a permanent basis. Why don't you stop trying to screw everybody? The best service I ever had was satellite in California.

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Randall Bond - 46 d ago


I moved from a 1 bedroom apartment to a 4 bedroom house. When i went to move my service from the apartment to the house I was told I could could switch to Home Monitoring . I decided to do that, I was told it would replace my landline, At no time did the Rep, say anything about an increase in fees or a charge for equipment when i asked about any increase in my bill he said a 1 time charge of $75.00 for set up.

When i recieved my bill it was $715.00 . I called to request why on 10/2 and spoke with Celine and was told that the Rep had not submitted the proper code for a credit on a bundle package. and that she would handle it and I would see an adjustment in my bill before the due date . I checked my bill a week later because Cox wants to let it's customers know 2 weeks before that they are going to steal there money from there accounts.

I called again on 10/9 and spoke with April who assured me that I would receive a credit of $197.00 and that everything had been submitted properly. Cox still took $715.00 out of my account , I stopped auto pay after that!

It is 10/30 and i have received my next bill it is $118.00 with a credit for the $197.00 . My total monthly Bill has increased to $309.00 a month and at the apartment it was $157.00 a month . When i moved service I did not request any upgrade to service nor would I have taken the Home Monitoring system if i had known there would be a$500.00 dollar 1 time charge .

I will be call calling tomorrow to discontinue any and all relationship with this company and will never be using them again.

Should anyone consider using Cox Communications for Residential or Business my advice would be Don't.

I would venture to guess that no one at a higher level than a Sales Managers sees these complaints. If they did I am sure the Board of Directors would see How much the lack of Proffessional Training is damaging there Reputation and how many customers like myself cancel evryday.

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Horrible service very unprofessional very rude where is cable service ever talk to has gotten worse over the years - 49 d 12 h ago


Horrible service very unprofessional very rude where is cable service ever talk to has gotten worse over the years

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Jerry, Pat, and Renee - 50 d 12 h ago


This is not only a company that does not provide the channels promised after signing up; the people are so rude and stupid that they say they do not know what the problem is, but demand we pay $75.00 to send some out to fix an issue that is on their end and that just started 2 months ago after they run their up date and which causes our land line to be busy until we reset their modem, and when we clarify the problem is on their end and we refuse to pay...she hung up on us. FOLK LIKE THIS NEED TO BE FIRED AND COX NEEDS TO FIX THEIR ISSUE!!!!

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Jamie M - 51 d 13 h ago


Worst company for customer service, my bill (that is SUPPOSED to be the same every month) goes up EVERY month and their poor excuses for a customer service reps just give me the same damn excuses. HATE COX!!!!!

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Worst Customer Service in America - 53 d 6 h ago


My name is Cindy Joyner, (hidden). I have been a Cox customer since 1978 and I have never had such a horrible experience with your company (or any company) as I have recently.cus

My problem began on Oct 9, following a brief encounter with Hurricane Michael. The following is a series of horrible events, complete incompetence of your customer service reps and technicians, and rude employees.

On Oct 10, I called a power outage in to Cox. A reset was not possible so a service call was scheduled for Oct 12.

On Oct 12, contractor tech Alfred arrived and determined the problem was a 'tap' up on the outside line. He told me he would call in a maintenance ticket for a bucket truck; even had me wait while he called it in to assure me that would happen.

On Oct 15, when no truck had arrived yet, I called to get a status update. I told the rep that I was awaiting a bucket truck to fix the 'tap'. I was told that no ticket had been submitted but the rep assured me he would do that right away and scheduled a maintenance appt for Oct 17, the earliest they had, sometime between 3-5pm.

On Oct 17 when contractor David McCollum arrived, and I asked 'are you here to fix the tap', he replied "I hope that's not whats wrong because I'm not the right kind of technician to do that, you need a bucket truck". He insisted on checking to make certain the tap was a problem. We waited, were actually late for an appointment, to see this thru. He informed me that yes it was the tap, he'd have to call a supervisor to come out and verify the need for a bucket truck and that could take anywhere from 30-90 minutes. I had to leave for my little girl's church play rehearsal, but he said he would wait at the end of my driveway. He did, until we had to circle around the block because we forgot something and he was gone but left a note, assuring me he had talked to the supv and it was going to be taken care of, I'll attach that below.

On Oct 18, I called again and was once again told no ticket could be found,. After a 28 minute call, mostly on hold, I was transferred to a dispatcher who was trying to find a truck in the area. He could not, but told me he was going to be off for a few days but he'd submitted the order and would check on me when he returned.without service. We had left the house for dance practice and arrived home at approx 6:45pm and found a strange, beat up pole leaning against our house right by our front door. Again, picture below. No note, nothing. I live in the country, in a fairly secluded area with my 8 year old daughter. We called everyone who we thought could possibly have come one,. My little girl was frightened all evening and kept asking me if the doors and windows were locked.

On Oct 19, at approx 10:30am, a bucket truck pulled into my yard. I greeted technician Nick, and immediately asked him if the beat up pole was his. He confirmed that it was Cox equipment but he didn't put it there. I asked if Cox employees had paper and pen in their trucks and was it too much trouble to leave a note. He said it was not and he should have. He told me he had come out the evening before at 10pm and found the problem to be down at the end of my driveway, where your techs/trucks passed at least 6 times. A small limb was laying on the beat up pole that squirrels had damaged and the limb broke.

On Oct 22, I called your retention dept and even though all my calls were supposedly documented and with each call I gave my phone number and contact info, I had to start from Oct 10th each time I called. I had gotten done and when the retention person put me on hold to see how I could be compensated for all my trouble, I was disconnected. She had my number but after waiting 5 minutes, she didn't call me back. So I called back and talked to Claudio, the rudest, most arrogant, idiotic person I have ever dealt with in my life. He stated that "I didn't scare your little girl", "I don't own the company". Dear God why does this moron have a job in customer service! These are the kind of people you want representing your company???

So, someone, with some kind of authority, needs to contact me. Let me also add that during all this, I received only one email for the initial visit on the 12th. Why am I giving you all my contact info if you're not going to use it! Your company reps have lied to me, been nothing but incompetent, rude, and you scared my kid, and that's why I'm mad. What idiot left a beat up pole next to my door with NO NOTE?? Someone needs to convince me to not call AT&T (which one rep did tell me, "I don't see why you wouldn't").

Cindy Joyner

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frustrated john - 54 d 7 h ago


i need the due date for 15th and they will not and continue to charge late payments sent letters to corporates e-mails. now they charge me reconnection fee ...

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Kathy. - 64 d ago

The worst after repeatedly having to have our box reset we got new boxes and the same problem occurred. When we called to complain we were told we would have to pay $55 to check the connections. I got incensed since the problem is not from installation but their greed.

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MYA - 65 d 5 h ago

The most unprofessional discombobulated company that I have ever dealt with. Been without service for 2 and a half days and given the run around when asked what the problem is. They are not forthright and seem estranged from integrity and truthfulness!

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Paty Jackson - 69 d 6 h ago


Terrible service! Internet frequently down. On-site techs and telephone techs have a "script" they go by. Useless! Why do we put up with such lousy service from COX? Should contact BBB or FCC? I'm getting close!

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none - 73 d 42 s ago

How do I file a complaint? I need to file a complaint because Cox have incapable technicians whom would weather lie about coming to customer's houses than do a good service. a. YOU AND COX AGREE TO ARBITRATE RATHER THAN LITIGATE IN COURT any and all claims, disputes, or controversies between you and Cox, including any parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, or agents of Cox, whether based in contract, statute, regulation, ordinance, tort (including, but not limited to, fraud, misrepresentation, fraudulent inducement, negligence, or any other intentional tort) or other legal or equitable theory ("Dispute") that arise out of or in any way relate to this Agreement, any of the Services provided under this Agreement or any other Services or products that Cox provides to you in connection with this Agreement (including but not limited to amounts that Cox charges you for Services or products provided, any alleged breach related to the collection, retention or disclosure of your per

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Josi - 76 d 6 m ago

I have been without internet and cable for 5 days now. 22 calls made and I have never been jerked around and lied to so many times. Your customer service is awful I would be out of business if I treated my clients this way. Only had cox for 2 months can't wait to get rid of it.

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REJH - 81 d 10 h ago


When I signed up for my Cox service I was told I would receive a $400 pre-paid Visa card. I received an email stating i needed to go to a WWW site to sign up for the card. Couple weeks later I receive an email saying my claim was denied. Called Cox and they said I had to wait 90 days to submit form. Okay, waited 90 days re-submitted form and it was once again denied because I already submitted a form for my account. Called a gain and the lady said I would receive something in 2-3 days. I did another denied post card because I already submitted a claim. I did everything they asked. Stay away from Cox. The ole bait and switch worked on me. Not really sure how the exec's at Cox sleep at night. Oh well chalk this up to another life lesson.

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Katie Gearhart - 111 d 9 h ago


My name is Katie Gearhart. For 10 years now I have been a customer of cox communications. I have called several times throughout the years about not getting the speeds of service that I pay for and for years was pushed off as it being a user error instead of an issue with your company. This past summer the quality of my services degraded to the KB level when I was paying for 50 mbps. I had finally had enough of the crappy service. I called in for help and thought the help I received was decent as they identified a clear issue on my line. They sent out a tech who uninstalled a filter that had been up there the entire time. My services improved dramatically. Then at the end of the month I received a pop up on my phone stating that I owed nearly $500!!!!!!! I logged into my account and found 2 equipment fees of $122. I found a service charge of $75. I do not use cox equipment and have not for 2 years (June 2016) because of constant issues. They said they would have a supervisor look into the account and that I would receive a call back. I have not received that call.

Today I log into my account and see that it says I owe $300. My services are less than $100 a month. I see that there was a credit for $122 for one of the 2 equipment charges and a credit for the service charge. I call up customer service and talked to someone named Colton who was the RUDEST customer service agent that I have EVER had the displeasure of speaking with. He refused to provide me with a supervisor when I requested and told me if I asked one more time he would hang up the phone. AND HE DID! I immediately called back and asked for a supervisor and that call was also immediately disconnected. Then I called back and spoke to someone named Julia who connected me with Clarissa and they said they could see that I had exchanged my equipment in Feb 2016 and that they could see that I activated 3 party equipment in June. She said it was odd that suddenly after 2 years these charges appeared on my account and asked me about the equipment that I was disputing. I returned that equipment to the Cox Store in my local town during a particularly busy business day. They had an agent in the middle of the room advising customers that were there to turn in equipment to leave their equipment on a side table and it would be checked in. I did so and left the store without a receipt. I was simply following the instructions of the agent at the store. Now I am told that I should have waited for a receipt because they don't show that equipment checked in and they acknowledged that stores lose equipment "all the time". This was 2 years ago, the person that I took the instructions from likely is not even working in that store anymore. I do not have their name, as I didn't think I would need it 2 years later. The agent then said she needed to connect me to their device department so they could fill out the equipment form because they had access to information that she did not. When I got connected there he said it wasn't true and transferred me to someone who spoke for a moment and then muted their phone and hung up on me again. Then I called back and was transferred to a department that was closed. I called back and was transferred to the department again and called back again and was now am reaching a message stating that the departments are all closed. When I reached out via the online chat I was told to take the issue up with my local store because they could not help.

Most companies provide a credit to their customers that were paying for a service that they did not receive.....but your company does not. They instead review your account and find whatever obscure charges they can post regardless of how old they are without warning to the customer. Then it is up to us to someone pull proof from 2 years in the past that we followed instructions provided to us by a representative of your company. We are not able to provide a receipt because we were not given one. I should not be punished 2 years later because I asked for help to get the service that I had been paying for all these years. It is not my fault that your office failed to follow a proper protocol and misadvised me on how to turn in my equipment. It is not my fault that the services I was receiving were not even 1/10th of the speeds that I am paying for or that there was a filter installed on the power line that connects to my house. The tech that was in my house saw the equipment I have and verified it was not cox equipment. I do not have any cox equipment in my house. At this point I am beyond frustrated and shopping for a new provider. Before I switch, I wanted to give one last chance for your company to keep me as a customer.

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