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Delta Airlines

1030 Delta Blvd.
Atlanta, GA
Richard Anderson
CEO and Director
(404) 715-2600
(404) 715-5042
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Anonymous - 4 d 17 m ago


First, I'd like to say that I'm not a fan of Delta Airlines. They've cancelled two of the last flights that I've had with them. Their reason was problems with the airplane and after a couple hour wait and moving all of us to another airplane they ended up canceling because the flight crew was past their hours. They had no hotels or accomadations so we stayed in the airport until our flight the next morning. We had to sleep on benches in the vacant restaurants. The staff could care less. They had no compassion what so ever. For this reason we try not to fly Delta.

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DWB - 104 d 10 h ago


I have to fly Delta for business often, I can't recall the last time I traveled with them and the trip went as scheduled. What's more the service is nonexistent when they leave you stranded. No apologies, no remuneration, no remorse.

They have total contempt for their coustomers, they refuse to refund you for the fare class you paid for if they put you in another class because of delay, they will leave you stranded with no stipend for your trouble.

I have missed more meetings and business because they cannot get you to your destination on time or often even the same day.

Call for help, you will likely wait several hours to have your call answered and then it will be in India. All of this to find that they won't assist you any way.

If you need a travel partner for business avoid Delta, they will lose the business for you.

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Jane - 97 d 4 h ago

I agree they could care less. They will care less when I start suing them!!!!!

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Miss Genevon Hinseth - 48 d ago

Enough just in here for a WHOPPING CLASS ACTION!!!!

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Tori - 88 d 25 m ago


I totally agree. Delta customer service is HORRIFIC! I stopped traveling with them for about 15 years. Decided maybe they deserved another chance. Worse than I recall. From the reservations, to ticketing, to the flight. Delay, inconvience, and no empathy. Whatever your travel plans - count Delta out!

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Anonymous - 4 d ago


The few times I've used Delta the flight has been delayed and soon cancelled. The airplanes are filthy and nasty attendants. I only fly them when I have no other choice.

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Marco - 4 d 13 h ago


Early on 2018 Delta put my wife, daughter and myself in a terrible hotel since you caused inconvenience during our trip.... The Red Lion hotel (Atlanta) A place that I was unable to Purchase water for my 4 year old daughter because they didn't have any, a place with the worst breakfast I ever experience. Also gave me a voucher for 50 USD each to use as we want We are traveling with Delta Again and would like to use the vouchers to purchase delta confort Now you're telling me I'm unable to do so????? why don't you go ahead and cancel the 3 vouchers for 50 usd each and give me the seats I want! make it right for the customer?

Talked to a very RUDE lady name Candy (supervisor) @ (hidden) I asked to speak to her manager she claims she doesn't have a manager!

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Ret.Army.Sgt. Nicky Colon - 5 d 6 h ago


My wife been flying with Delta Airlines for the past 11 years, and the past 4 year's with my service dog ( that happens to be a Pitbull) . Now that I will not be able to fly on Delta anymore, I'm getting the run around on getting a $480.00 credit ,and cashing in my SKYMILES. It's a shame we will not be flying Delta again, because we was treated so great and the flight attendant's are so great. I'm a disable veteran and my service dog was trained, and I carry all her document's to show them if asked. So now no one from Delta with email me back, or call me back on this matter. Today one of the local news channel interviewed me with my service dog, and will be airing it today. And hopefully word gets back to Delta Corporate office. This is not a way to treat a disable veteran.

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wm cunningham - 5 d 10 h ago


i have spent 4.5 hurs trying to speak toa human being at delta

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Antoinette McCoy - 11 d 8 h ago


Back in December 2017 we booked our upgraded seats with Delta which was very important to us. Then just a few days ago our travel agent informed us that we lost both of our seats. We never received an email (including my agent) indicating that there is a change in our flight. The only way we became aware of this is by going to our booking. There had been a schedule change of 3 minutes on the same plane, yet both of our bulkhead seats were taken away from us. Our agent quickly scrambled to get us seats but unfortunately we had to be separated. This is unacceptable. We paid $722 extra to upgrade our seats to what we wanted and be able to seat together. Why would Delta take our seats away for a simple 3 minute change?

I immediately called Delta customer care only to find out that they ONLY take care of past flights not current ones and was told to call reservation. The reservation agent said there was nothing that can be done. I then asked to speak to a supervisor. He told me that when a change happens on flights then it goes to an automated system and seats get reassigned. This make absolutely no sense to us because it was the same plane and only a 3 minute difference in the time schedule. Why would Delta do this? He then informed me that there was nothing that could be done and could not change seats. My answer to that was "But you changed our seats, so how can you tell me that you can't change seats. Why can't I get my original seats back?" His suggestion was to take a different flight and then we could get bulkhead seats and be together. He did offer us vouchers which we could care less about because what is important to us is the flight we chose and the seats we chose.

So we were FORCED to get another flight that now leaves at 6:25am which means we have to leave our ship by 3am! This does not make us happy.

How can an airline justify doing this to their customers? Why would Delta feel it is okay to upset and disrupt their customers plans. Were there 2 other people that were more important than us that you felt deserved our seats? We are talking about a 3 Minute change in departure time that caused all this heartache. This has been an emotional and frustrating situation for us.

I decided to get on your Facebook site and write about our situation so other current and future customers can become aware of this treatment by your airline. Within minutes I got a message on my cell phone from HRR asking for my confirmation number to see if they can help. Well of course this gave me hope. Only to get the same answer. The representative said there wasn't anything that can be done and that seats cannot be changed. So she did absolutely nothing to help. In fact I was told by her/him that "Delta did get us bulkhead seats on a different flight." My answer to that was "No you didn't we did that."

I do know that airlines reserve the right to change seats but those are under particular circumstances not a 3 minute change in the schedule.

What I don't understand is if Delta can change my seats why am I being told they can't give me my comfort seats back. Obviously they made a change and gave them to other people.

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Anonymous - 13 d 16 h ago

Good Morning I'm writing you to try to get my story heard. On July 2 2018 I traveled from El Paso Texas to Augusta Ga. I was traveling with my two grandchildren Lydia 6 years old and my grandson George 9 months old. The first leg of the flight from El Paso to Atlanta was perfect. The second flight Atlanta to Augusta was unbelievable. We could not select seats for delta flight 2188 (Confirmation Code: HRD654) unusual since we always check online. I could not check in for seating according to your service personnel until an hour prior to boarding. When they tended to me Delta had pre assigned our seats. Comfort plus seats which we paid the extra fee by the way. Lydia and I were seated in row 12 but George was seated in row 11. I pointed out that George was a baby your service personnel said sorry mam we can't change anyone's seating in comfort , we will try to call up the costumer seated next to you and see if she is willing to change with George. I sat there and nothing happens !!!!!!!!! No call out nothing. I decided to board with the seats assigned. I resolved the situation MYSELF. Not an easy task but I don't wear the purple uniform Unbelievable. Don't you think???????? You must reprimand your staff for this deplorable act, unbelievable that it is policy-that you can't change an infant seat !!! Unbelievable that you don't have a way to track infants !!! Unbelievable that your staff would let me board without a resolution. On another note the couple behind me had asked before boarding if they could move to first class. Before take off they were moved that of course made the row behind me COMPLETELY EMPTY!!! Is this a sign that more money can make things work? Not one person followed up with me before takeoff or during flight to see if my issue was resolved. A little free thinking would have resolved my situation don't you think? On another note I was traveling with my grandchildren because their mother is deployed trying to distract them from the reality of missing mom as she serves our country. Thank you Delta for making our trip a memorable one. When I tried to speak to customer service via twitter all they were concern about was What is your confirmation number. Useless PLEASE fix this obvious glitch in you system. Waiting to hear from you

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Valerie Swinson - 20 d 5 h ago


Hi my name is Valerie, Me and my son took a mother and son on June 28th to July 2nd even though I had booked it with through Priceline because it was a package deal with the airfare and a hotel, and Rental Car. well you're Airlines Delta was chosen for this package deal and due to the fact that I am on hospice which I am at end stage heart failure. I don't know how much time I have left but I try to enjoy the rest of my life as quality and it's fulfilling as I can and this trip it really meant a lot to me because this was a mother and son trip in my son is my rock he is my heart he is my world and I know that when I'm gone my son is going to have the hardest time even though he's 30. Well I was not going to be able to complete the trip so I wanted to come back a day earlier on July 1st which I had called Priceline and try to switch my date to come back earlier and was told that I could not change it even though I was willing to pay the extra difference.The agent that I spoke to and the supervisor I spoke to denied my request. So then I called Delta Airlines Direct and I spoke with one of your agents and I don't recall her name but she was very very awesome and very helpful I explain to her my situation and told her that I was able to show her verification that I was on hospice so she went ahead and change my flight to come back a day earlier which would be July 1st instead of July 2nd she then switched me over to a gentleman where you have to pay the fees of the difference of whatever it was which I had no problem and when he came on the phone I explain to him why I was switched to him he then put me on hold and he came back a few minutes later and he said that he had spoke with his supervisor and and they were going to wave the fees and everything and they would make sure that I got home. I just want to say that this truly truly meant a lot to me and it spoke a lot about your company that you care about the people and the people come first and that you guys will go whatever extra mile you can for a person and that really touched my heart and I just want to say thank you and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so so very much, Valerie Swinson

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Jane Colwell DuBois - 23 d 7 h ago


I was very frustrated trying to change my Skymiles account to reflect my new, married name. After repeated attempts over the last several weeks, I asked to speak to a supervisor and was connected to Marty. Delta could not ask for a better representative of their company. He allowed me the appropriate time to vent and then went into action to find a solution. Within a few minutes, I knew what steps to follow and was completely satisfied that Marty was providing the easy solution.

You have a wonderful supervisor in Marty and I am thankful he answered my call.

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Glenna - 32 d 8 h ago


. Why has Delta Airlines not taken a stand against taking children from parents? C. E. Woolman (Founder of Delta)would not have been a part to flying little children away to be locked up in detention centers. Take a stand for the sake of these children.Take a stand and maintain your integrity.

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Patrick - 31 d 5 h ago

I applaud your comment, and second your questioning to Delta. Thank you.

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Alex - 31 d 5 h ago

I saw a list of airlines that will not be complicit in the unconscionable and immoral program of separating children from parents. As a shareholder, I am appalled that Delta's name is not on that list. As a former member of the Michigan judiciary in juvenile court, I cannot fathom the inestimable harm being done to these children by our government's action. I ask that an immediate statement be made to state that Delta will join other carriers in denying to participate in this reprehensible governmental abusive action.

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K9 walker - 31 d 8 h ago

Shame on Delta's latest policy regarding Pit bull type dogs not being allowed as support dogs. I have volunteered with my local animal shelter for over 13 yrs, dealing mainly with Pit Bulls. Never ever an incident!!!!- For you to stir up the already unfair coverage of these amazing and loyal dogs is unwarranted, untrue and discriminatory. So, you can kill, misplace etc dogs on your flights, but now you are doubling down on support dogs, wow.

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Anonymous - 38 d 7 h ago


Delta airlines is a rip off company. Paid for delta comfort seats, they cancelled the flight for whatever reason the so called supervisor at gate D7 today at Atlanta airport is dumb as rocks. The airline employees are clueless to customer service & when your flight that's supposed to have departed at 1p gets bumped to 6:30p & no compensation that's not right. I paid you my hard earned money & was told if you pay $29 for sky club then you can't ask for compensation. I was Robbed by Delta Airlines. I will be using another airline to do business with. I'm very upset!!

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Ashley - 41 d ago


We took our kids on a trip recently our first flying experience was horrible. We experienced delayed luggage causing us to go purchase items for our trip until luggage arrived. I filed a claim just like I was supposed to. Today I called to check on the status of the claim and was on hold forever then when I got someone that said she couldn't help me with my claim because that wasn't her department so I said send me to someone who can. She said no one is in and I can go to the email I received days ago and request a call back and she started telling me how to do email and I said I know how to do email she said then you should know how to do it. I asked her for a manager and again no one is available. I said you have to have a manager on site well she hung up on me. Is this how you treat your customers when it's your error? I have told people about our claim and they said your dealing with delta good luck. I work for a company that strives to leave great customer experience whether it be placing an order or requesting a refund. We absolutely don't treat our customers like this.

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GRANDMA BEILFUSS - 45 d 23 h ago


Flagged for review. 
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GeorgiaGirl - 101 d 7 h ago


Delta, I'm late in sending my support for your decision to stop offering discounts to the NRA. Couldn't be any prouder of my hometown airline. And to those officials in Georgia who have denounced you, shame on them. I wouldn't vote for them if they were the only candidates running. Every person and every company has the FREEDOM in this country to take a stance. Some I don't like, some I do, but everyone has the right. Keep it up!

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Anonymous - 91 d ago

yup thats them

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Miss Genevon Hinseth - 48 d ago


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Anonymous - 97 d 4 h ago

I have submitted a complaint and just get the run around!!!! Was great negligence on Deltas part but they could care less. Us going to my lawyer!


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Anonymous - 48 d 9 s ago

I hope you round up a few of these others who left comments too so you can get a Class Action Lawsuit going on!

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