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Delta Airlines

1030 Delta Blvd.
Atlanta, GA
Richard Anderson
CEO and Director
(404) 715-2600
(404) 715-5042
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LaVerne - 2 d 2 h ago

I just want to say that I am appalled at Delta for not permitting the

Lady who lost her husband , on a Delta flight that refused to allow her and other passengers on the same flight , and having a deceased soldier on the plane .pand Delta would NO T permit the singing of the National Anthem when the soldier was being taken off of the pane ! Shame on you Delta Coroorate for refusing to allow this !! Bad image for Delta !

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Chris Kelly - 7 d ago


I recently flew from Nashville to Boston and encountered a very rude flight crew. I'll give most people the benefit of the doubt, but in this case I will make an exception. Is it too terribly hard to avoid being condescending to your customers? Most people (myself included) don't want to disrupt the flight or make the crew's job any harder than it is, but could your airline please remind the employees that we, the lowly flyers would rather not be spoken to as if we are cattle. Air travel frankly stinks but is made tolerable by the more engaging flight attendants. I haven't flown Delta in awhile because I have had similar experiences. I will pay more to fly on other airlines and avoid being treated poorly.

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mmrjh - 8 d 2 h ago


Last week it took me 3 hours to book a family vacation with Delta. Should have been a 15-20 minute project. The Delta online booking kept timing out in the middle of me typing in everyone's info, then had to start completely over, and each time the prices kept going up. The calls to Delta support were completely useless. 20 minutes into a supervisor trying to complete my reservation, she accidentally disconnects me. Start over again! Now the tickets are $100 more per ticket times 6!!! It is now 2:30 am and too tired to book next flight. I have been on hold for customer care now, the hold is said to be 29 -45 minutes. I was never given an option for a call back. Delta is too big to operate efficiently. No company should be bigger than their customer service infrastructure can accommodate. For the price of the ticket, the uncomfortable crammed seats, and the amount of time it requires to deal with any complications, Delta is getting a failing grade from me. Still on hold...

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Willi Mueller - 11 d 7 h ago

After reading carefully the cancellation conditions I booked at Sept. 4th 2018 online 4 Delta Comfort Tickets Munich - Fort Mayers - Munich for April 2019.

Today I tried to cancel the flights as I found out that the Delta Comfort class is not available as promoted . Following the online-process: MODIFY FLIGHT > CHOOSE AN OPTION > CANCEL FLIGHT> A 150.00 cancellation fee will apply per ticket > START FLIGHT CANCALLATION > "Oh no! We're sorry, but we are unable to process your request. Please try again later". I did this 10x - always the same result.

Calling the Delta office in Germany I got a "we are so sorry", you need to talk to the US. I did and got finally to the refund department.. Now surprise surprise the return ticket was all of a sudden not refundable. There is no Information in my complete paperwork.

I do not have the time and the nerves for a fight with Delta. But what I have is the freedom to not fly with Delta again.

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Barbara John - 18 d 5 h ago


I'm writing this review out of frustration. I booked a flight for my son to fly from SLC to Tennessee for Christmas. I booked his flight in July and paid almost $900 for it. They wouldn't let me choose seats UNLESS I paid a $50 fee. My son is 6 foot 2, so I paid the fee to insure his AISLE seats. On the first leg of his trip from SLC to ATL, he was put into a WINDOW seat which cramped him up for 4 hours. I PAID FOR HIS AISLE SEATS!!!!!!

I've been on hold 2 hours now......was transferred from what I was told was Corporate to the refund department and I was just told I was NOT on the correct line for Corporate. I'm still on hold 2 1/2 hours now. I fly exclusively DELTA and I've had my Platinum American Express for YEARS. Where in the world is your customer service department and why can't you reach anyone who will answer the phone or help????????? I will remove this review if someone....anyone....will help me!!!!!!!!!!

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Brenda Schimmel - 43 d 5 h ago


Dear DeltaFlight Attendants,

I have two disturbing incidents and one positive incident to report to you following a recent flight.

The first incident occurred when flying home from Sydney Australia via LAX on Flight DL 40, seats 55 D and E on Tue November 20th. The flight attendant offered me either pasta or beef, I had seen the menu offered salad, beef or pasta, and said "I had my heart set on salad". Her reply was "there is no salad left, we ran out. You should have told us that was what you wanted. You are in the back, so you should have asked us to save one for you." I said "How was I supposed to know that?" Her response was "COMMON SENSE"!

I then asked the two attendants who were serving drinks, "who is the supervisor of the attendants." They pointed to the back. I said that she may have been the person I was upset by. I also said I will never use Delta again. One of them, Peter, asked me what had happened. When I told him, he was extremely professional and empathetic. I want you to take this as praise of Peter. Unfortunately, he seems to be a "dying breed" on Delta. He is terrific! He really wants me to continue flying with Delta!

So the next flight was from LAX to TPA, Flight DL1391 November 20, 2018 - When we boarded, we realized that our seats 23C and 23B were on the right side of the plane. (I had broken my right arm on November 3rd, and the doctor had me using a sling, not a cast.) My arm was most protected, when I sat on the left in an aisle seat, with my husband on my right. Sitting between my husband and another passenger, or sitting in the aisle seat, 23C. would have put me in more danger of having my arm bumped during the flight. When I asked one of the flight attendants, if she could help us find someone on the left side to switch with us, she told me I would be fine in 23B. WHAT IS WITH THESE PEOPLE??? Fortunately, two young men across the aisle heard us and switched with us.

This letter is to inform you of the abominable attitude of these attendants, and how they mar the image of your airline and the happiness of the passengers.

If you would like, I will be happy to do in-service presentations (at no charge) with your attendants on how to respond to passengers. I have years of experience in those types of presentations.



Once again Money over people!

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Karen - 32 d 2 m ago


so true

I was told we are on our break 3 times in 1 1/2 hours for a simple problem

I also got a cheap ticket

guess if you are trying to be budget minded you get crappy service

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Diane Mihailovich - 38 d ago


To Whom It May Concern,

My husband and I were customers of Delta Airlines on Sunday December 9, 2018. Our flight was flight DL2963 Ft Lauderdale to JFK NY, scheduled to leave at 12:02pm. The first thing we encountered was a delay due to weather. Next when we boarded the plane, the Pilot discovered there was a problem with the hydraulics. We were then asked to leave the plane, so the plane can be serviced. All things at this point were understandable.

Next as time went on we were told there were no other flights available to NY other then on Tuesday December 11, 2018! That became unacceptable to wait from Sunday until Tuesday to fly home. Other options were explored including flying into alternative airports in NY. No other options were given except to WAIT! As the day progressed many things were told to us, delays were a constant, we were told mechanics were working on the problem and plane parts were being ordered with designated times of arrival. Which kept changing constantly. Employees behind the desk were working and checking flights to no avail. My husband and I even were put on a stand by flight which did not work out for us, by now the stand by flight was 8:30,PM that evening. We were not given food or water for many hours all though it was told that it was ordered hours prior. It was a miserable situation waiting, waiting, waiting! People began to become very upset and even irate with the amount of hours we had to endure to be able to get back home. My husband and I became fearful as the Police were called to keep order with the agitated customers. With all that we endured being at the airport from 9AM being that we had just been disembarked from a Cruise Ship expecting a 12PM flight. We did NOT have a plane to board until past 10PM that evening! We were told conflicting stories over and over again, times constantly changing, waiting for parts to arrive, being in much discomfort only to finally have a plane arrive that evening very late to get us home. So the plane that was to be fixed never got off the ground. Which makes me wonder why wasn't the plan made for us to go on the later plane that we ended up on told to us earlier? We could have been at ease knowing that there was a solid plan rather then the constant ridiculous updates that was meaningless information! The situation dehumanized us ALL! And it was a harrowing experience to go through for over 12 HOURS sitting in the airport. We were cold hungry once again, and offered no additional compensation for MAJOR INCONVENIENCES! I would like my money returned to me for the 2 flights or 2 FREE plane tickets for anywhere in the USA to be given to us for such an unorganized, untimely resolution to our plight. I expect to be able to share this story with many of your future customers or how poorly this day went, however, being able to also tell people that you offered us the compensation of either a refund or 2 plane tickets to use anywhere in the USA! I do expect a positive outcome to our plight.

Thank You Diane Mihailovich

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Nasdaq Gabrielle Emerson - 35 d 10 h ago

Gabrielke Emerson

I am the head of nasdaq.

I applied for a job in 2001

Your give me story is the same.

Its 2019.

I have also almost aquired all of boeing.

My phone number is (hidden).

This company wont be for free.

Nor will it be giving you anthing.

If yoy dont like the service dont come back.

You also no longer own partnership in southwest or liftunsa due to a no compete agreement you signed with boeing.

After we painted the brands on the pkane your buy into delta was a maiden

Flight on my wedding day to Daniel Powell.

They no longer own the company.

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Deborah Holt - 44 d 6 h ago


I would like to let you know that your employee, Catherine Schroeder,, went out of her way to assist me on the Wednesday evening (prior to Thanksgiving) after my flight from Jacksonville to Atlanta. I left my cell phone somewhere near the Delta arrival gate, and Ms. Schroeder contacted my son, Brent Holt, and then sent my phone to me at my son's house via Federal Express. I truly appreciate her kindness and wanted to let you know. Thank you!

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Deborah Holt - 44 d 6 h ago


I would like to let you know that your employee, Catherine Schroeder,, went out of her way to assist me on the Wednesday evening (prior to Thanksgiving) after my flight from Jacksonville to Atlanta. I left my cell phone somewhere near the Delta arrival gate, and Ms. Schroeder contacted my son, Brent Holt, and then sent my phone to me at my son's house via Federal Express. I truly appreciate her kindness and wanted to let you know. Thank you!

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JG - 44 d 7 h ago


Worst customer care I have ever experienced with any airline. Thank God we have other airlines to fly with that seem to care about their customers.

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Anonymous - 49 d 19 h ago

I need my ticket from Phx to Detroit already paid for. I'm 64 and the worst customer service I've ever had by far!!!!!

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FuriousFlyer - 92 d 14 h ago


Delat Airlines, you better get your act together with your Air France alliance. I just arrived at the airport in Florence for my flight home to LAX, on codeshare partner Air France, and was told, despite having a valid ticket that my ticket was never booked through the Air France system. I have a full fair business class ticket and was kicked off my original flight and booked on another. At this point, I will not flight Delta again unless some serious concessions are made to me for my inconvenience and frustration. Not to mention, that my outbound flight was cancelled a day before departure and rebooked with a terrible connection.

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Tracy Smith - 88 d 13 h ago


I Agree! Really Delta?

There are way more of us then there are of you . We all understand you have a monopoly on air travel.

Fun fact, Verizon Played the same game. Bottom line, check mate.

STOP with the BS .

The only thing you/your employees care about is how much my bags weigh. Don't get too snarky.

I was an airline employee, Aircal that ended up being bought out by American Airlines. Republic airline, was bought by Northwest Airlines which is now Delta airlines.

Never enumerate your juvenile poultry before proper incubation has materialized.

Don't count your chickens before they hatch.

Can we talk about your new ban on Pitbulls?? Who exactly makes that determination? A highly skilled minimum-wage employee? Who wouldn't know giddy up from sickem?! A few words..Pan Am , Eastern Airlines. Never ever think you are too big to fail

Exactly what is going to be done to improve the situation? Asking for a friend who worked for Continental airlines.

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Me - 52 d 2 m ago


Keep your dogs at home. They are dogs not humans.

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Christina T - 52 d ago


Hello All. My Son is currently in route from La Guardia NY Delta Airline to Sacramento, CA. My son lost his Laptop the Terminal D LaGuardia Delta Airline security area. We called the airline within the hour and reported the item. We try contacting TSA, Delta Airline lost and found, Delta corporate office, Delta Airline baggage and Terminal D. NO Success! No one seem to address our concerns. I was put on hold 2 times and stayed on hold for 25 to 30 mins each time. No one came back to assist me. I left several messages to return my calls. The Person we spoke to "John" from La Guardia Airport TSA at least took our call back number and promised to call us when the item shows on his computer. He also suggested we go back to the Terminal ASAP and check. Can someone please respond as to how to get help in finding assistance with the lost item.

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Anonymous - 57 d 40 s ago

Dear Delta,

I just watched The Macy's Parade and all I can say is your float was so inspiring and so beautiful! It brought back the old fashioned meaning of the Christmas holiday. You made me smile. I have always loved Delta Airlines and you made me love you all even more. Merry Christmas to each and every Delta Airline personal. Thank you for all you do for everyone. Sincerely, Mitzi Tkach , Leander, Texas

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Margery H. Clayton - 60 d 9 h ago


Dear Delta, I thought we had a pretty good working relationship up to now. I have been a devoted senior in your Sky Miles program for many years.

However, on 9/26/18 I learned that Delta was only my "Fair Weather Friend". I was injured in an accident late on 9/25 while vacationing with my Ohio family in Boston.and required medical care. Possible broken hip. .I could not return alone to my home in NY.

An early AM call to a Delta ticketing agent informed me that the last seat on flight #3392 to CVG, on which my family of 4 was already booked, could cost me up to $1200. When I protested the exorbitant cost, agent said she could find me a cheaper flight, but I would be wheelchair bound and alone!..At the end of the conversation, the ticket price was quoted at $808.64! Take it or leave it!

Now I know how Delta can gratuitously offer exorbitant incentives to customers on overbooked flights! Gouge injured senior seeking medical care.


Margery H. Clayton

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Derreck Boring - 62 d 7 h ago


The worst customer service I have ever encountered. I had one piece of luggage with no connecting flight, from ORF to ATL. The baggage handlers placed it on the wrong aircraft then removed it and then never put it on my flight but instead put it on a latter flight. Promised three times by employees that my bag would be delivered last night. No bag, so at 0800 started calling spoke to baggage, spoke to medallion services, back to corporate baggage and spoke to 3 more employees and a supervisor who then just offered me some miles which would get me from Lawrenceville, GA to ATL. Told me my bag would be here in no more than 4 hours. So now my Saturday is shot. Plans ruined and back out to travel on Monday. Guess who I will NOT be traveling on, you got it DELTA. They can talk my medallion status and Gold card and chew on it. Southwest and American you just got your next loyal flyer! So long DELTA!

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Shunn Polk - 68 d ago

Donna Cowen with Delta Airlines, Los Angeles's, California. She was a true Blessing to us. We appreciate her to the MAX! Her kind attitude and soft spoken words made our AIRPORT time enjoyable! If there were more with a Spirit like hers standing in line wouldn't be a problem.

Thank you Ms. Cowen, may you forever be Blessed as you are a Blessing.

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Frank J Kolb, Jr. - 72 d 4 h ago

Sky Miles Devaluation. Why has Delta devalued Sky Miles earned? For example 2 years ago a round trip Delta One ticket to Sydney from LA was $13,500 OR NOT AND about 275,000 miles. Now it is 900,000 miles and the cost is down to $6750.00. Miles devalued by 1/3 and cost cut in about half. Does not make sense. Any answers?

No a nice way to say thanks for using Delta and the Delta Reserve card.

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Angry! - 73 d 19 h ago



General profile image

Kate Darcy - 77 d 8 h ago


As a white woman, I am appalled that your flight attendants questioned Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford about her medical credentials - which she promptly showed - not once but three times! This is outrageous and unacceptable, especially after past racial profiling incidents on Delta. You need to correct this, train your personnel, and fire the flight attendants who were involved. I know that may seem harsh, but firing them for violating what has been policy since 2016 would be legal, it would wake up the rest of your team and discourage them from similar behavior, and it would let the public know that you are serious about addressing this incident and that you are going to fix this problem. It is 2018 and it is long past time we reject racial profiling and bias in business - and everywhere else! Without evidence from your company that you are taking this seriously and are going to take steps to correct the culture of your front-line staff, I will not be able to fly with you.

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