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Delta Airlines

1030 Delta Blvd.
Atlanta, GA
Richard Anderson
CEO and Director
(404) 715-2600
(404) 715-5042
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9262715114 SkyMiles - 10 d 20 h ago


We used Delta airlines for the first time in Aug 2017 for a flight from DC to Europe; the flight was delayed for over 12 hours; Delta agents put us on a flight to Detroit in the evening when the connection to Amsterdam had already left without telling us leading to believe there is midnight flight (a complete misinformation); on arrival in Detroit the agents told us why didn't they reroute you from NY or Atlanta; at any rate, they said u have to wait 24 Hrs in Detroit for the next flight; What about hotel, transport, etc: the agent stated scream at me if you want (which we did not) but we don't provide these. All in all we paid nearly another $1K to cover hotel, transport to/from Detroit airport, breakfast and lunch, and our reservation in Amsterdam already paid was wasted; upon contacting Delta in writing and phone (upon return) nobody would help; customer service after the first 3 calls is set to drop the line once you enter the skymiles number stating we cannot help you at this time. We are left with no choice but to file a complaint in the DC small claim court to recover the monetary damages; Delta ruined our vacation and has no customer care; corporate policy as explained by the last people we talked on the phone is you will not get anywhere!

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Kathie - 2 d 1 h ago

Best of luck with this issue, Delta effectively blocks customer contact with the executive leadership and demonstrates a lasse fair attitude for customer service, they are ineffective and lack the resources to resolve customer issues. My recommendation is to use another airline.

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Ed - 4 d 3 h ago


A million miles with Delta, and they still treat you like you don't exist. I understand issues arise. I don't undertpstand that they do all they can to prevent you from speaking with someone who cares ( or even someone who doesn't)

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Joanna - 5 d 20 h ago


Delta Airlines has the rudest employees in Atlanta Airport working the gate. If any of my employees treated our client's like I was treated they would be looking for another job. It is really sad they these rude people are representing Delta Airlines.

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Ramjet - 7 d 16 h ago


U need to look on Facebook at some of the st Johnians stateside posts

Delta is getting raves for helping people/animals

You r the best airline and have always been my first choice. Your actions and type of people u employ now is certainly a positive reflection

And much needed cheer for all our nation

God Bless Delta

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Ken - 13 d ago


Man, so many angry comments I want to provide a good one. This is for those who are writing on this site. I have flown over a million miles on Delta and have been a platinum level flyer for many years. I guess I have seen it all. When traveling you have to go with the flow. When I have a problem with a gate agent I find a red jacket manager and they solve my problem. I also get the name of the agent and immediately send a comment (on the app) about the experience. If I don't het the name I get the gate number and time. Delta can find out who it was. Every airline has its problems but if you travel a lot try to use the same airline and earn status. They listen to thoughtful, reasoned concerns. Rants with profanity are pointless just like they are with any company.

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DIsgusted Mother - 23 d ago


My son was returning home from Atlanta this morning and his friends all had a super early flight going to their destination so he had no choice but to go to the airport early because they were all riding together. His flight was at 11:30am but there was a flight at 8:26am that was almost half empty He asked if he could get on an earlier flight and was told he would have to purchase a new ticket for that flight. REALLY?!?! The flight was almost half empty!!! What kind of customer service is this??? You would not have lost one single dime by allowing him to get on an earlier flight, instead he spent over five hours just hanging around the airport until his flight departed. I have never been so disgusted in my life!

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Buddy - 13 d 19 m ago


Suggestion: find someone in a red jacket. Sometime the gate agents do not know the rules but the red jacket staff are the problem solvers

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Horrible!!! - 13 d ago

Delta has horrible customer service!!! My friend and I got to Atlanta Airport at 7:30am for a 9:18am. The gate provided was C33. We sat there 11/2 hours. By this time it is 9:05am. The Delta employee then announced boarding for Omaha Nebraska, not Gulf Port MS. IT WAS THEN THAT 6 of us went running down to gate 42. It was 10min before departure and they would not let us board the plane!!! So therefore the late people were notified and the early people lost out. We were not notified by email even though we signed up. Boo to you Delta. I will never fly again with you. Your employees are rude and not helpful. Shame on you!!!

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Buddy - 13 d ago


Get the delta app. It gives you up to date info and you can also check gate status. Sorry you had a hard time.

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Rick - 14 d ago


Delta is being run by idiots! They change rules overnight and put people in situations where they have no options, because Delta won't live up to their commitments. We made a reservation and paid for ticket and had confirmation number to ship two cats from Sarasota, FL today. When we got there, they said "we can't ship them. There's an embargo and we cannot ship pets." The plan is still there and still scheduled to leave on time, and it is NOT carrying any passengers. They said they need it for extra passenger baggage but that's bullshit. The regular flights for people have enough cargo space for everyone to take the maximum allowed weight, so that is just bullshit. Now they want my wife to put 3 cats in one softside container that will fit underneath a passenger seat. I would say they asking us to cause the animals cruelty because they won't take them in the cargo plane that's still flying out on time. Bullshit!!! Never will fly Delta again. Period. I will not put my life in the hands of people who give more importance to passenger baggage than living beings. I hate them!!!

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Barbara peterson - 23 d ago


Delta airline you people are the most disrespectful ever I have contacted you people 16 times in the last 3 wks 9 times I was told someone would call me back in 18 to 26 mins waited hrs and not one call last Friday when I called she told me to go the closet airport and use my credit to book flight they told me that the lady was wrong we booked flights last dec to fly to cal but my husband was hurt severely was told we could use them at anytime before nov28 2017 so do to your ignorance we are out 505.20 you people are the biggest bunch of assholes there damn oh and was told they would refund you jerks need to teach your people if they are going to lie at least be on the same page damn you I am going to contact the media if I don't get some honest answer

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SLW - 29 d ago


I have been using Delta airlines and Delta vacations for several years; I have an upcoming trip to Mexico, booking number 14746833. We have been planning this trip for over a year; which for my girlfriend on this particular trip was very hard financially to do. Now that the trip is paid off, we are starting to receive warnings about traveling to Cancun Mexico. The first was tainted alcohol where people are blacking out and dying from poison. There was just a huge bust just last week at the resort we were originally booked to stay in the Ibestar. Concerned and scared, our travel agent called and for an additional fee of course, we were able to change resorts. Yesterday, we received a government warning from Mexico to advise us that we should not be traveling there at this time. We are being told that tourist are being robbed, assassinated, shoot and injured on resorts and tourist locations. We are also being told that they are currently in the middle of a gang turf war. Being from Chicago born and raised, I know firsthand how devastating and disastrous it is. Once again, we first had our travel agent call and see what can be done. After hours on hold and speaking to supervisors, she was told we would have to pay an additional $250, plus whatever additional cost to change locations; she thought Jamaica or the Dominic Republic would be comparable. I told her Jamaica would be good since I have been to the DR twice with Delta vacations. Jessica my travel agent called twice and spoke with someone, she advised that they won't do anything about it unless it's bad weather, or act of God. She suggested I give them a call and see what you can do. Please keep in mind in April I traveled on Delta and Delta vacations to Costco Rico, my bag was lost for 2 days and were spent the entire day in the airport with no compensation. I called today and spoke with Beth who stated that she was a supervisor. After explaining my concerns, Beth in a rude tone told me No there was nothing that anyone can do that no waivers were being issued. When asked to Beth that I have spent thousands of dollars with Delta and Delta vacations what can be done again, she stated nothing. So a human life is worth $250 basically. Beth then proceeded to over talk me, and became extremely rude advising that now she will no longer speak with me that this was a travel agent booking so my travel agent has to call and that she will now only speak with my travel agent. If that was so, why would she not advise that in the beginning? Why would she speak to me for 20 minutes and now that in escalated and have pointed out how rude she has been, would she now say that? When I asked to speak with her supervisor she said NO. Hurt and dumbfounded of how someone representing your company could be so rude and uncaring to a long time customer, I asked her Supervisors name. Very reluctantly she told me Terra. After explaining to her again how I felt and that with Apple vacations I've never had such a rude experience and stated that I will call back on a 3 way with my travel agent, she then apologize and stated your raising your voice at me. I explained to her that you just gave me a horrible experience and I'm escalated based on how rude you are. I advised her as a Supervisor; it is her job to be patient, listen and de-escalate the situation. At no time should any of your customers walk away with a horrible experience as I have. I am requesting to speak with a member of upper management that can assist me with my travel issues and who will speak to me like they care about their customers. I cannot afford more money to change locations; my girlfriends cannot afford to pay additional money as we have saved for over a year to make this trip happen. I am not looking to cancel my vacation and loose the hard earn money spent on this, I'm just asking to move to a safer location, where our lives are not in danger, isn't loyalty and life worth that???

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DELTA Refused to call 911 for help. - 30 d ago


Delta took 6 passengers in standard line before taking us, as we were the only ones in priority. We were then shoved by a passenger purposely as we were checking in from priority (with horrible language) we asked Delta to call 911 -- Delta ticket employee refused to call 911 when asked 4 times -- manager was on break --delta employee finally called 911 on the 5th demand. Police came and appropriately dealt with passenger. Manager apologized after... horrible horrible experience.. all caught on tape will be on youtube shortly.

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Anonymous - 31 d 5 h ago


The worst ever service, unprofessional staff starting from the checkin counter all the way to the management.Rude unwilling to help and not even an apology for their mistakes and incorrect information. I have never experienced such disappointment with any other airlines. Delta is a shame for USA and should not be allowed to operate at all. Even in the third world countries you would not get such low level of service as Delta provides. Customer service is the first in any company and it's highly important for such large company as Delta to have well trained front line employees. I can't explain in words how unprofessional and rude your front line employees are.

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CJ - 32 d 3 h ago


This was my first time in many years flying Delta. And I must say if my travel department had not scheduled it this would be my very last pick and as it turn out it was. So from departure to return poor customer service. I required a wheelchair i stood at the curb for 10 min I flagged one down. She asked the curb attendant if he had checked my luggage he said no. I had been passed up numorous times after that she asked if he would he appeared annoyed but then said just take her inside to Priority no 25 min later I get checked it.

But the return fligh was an embar event in a wheelchair i mentioned needing row 10 do to the idisabiluty to my left side a gentleman who said he worked for the airline stepped up and agreed to give me his window seat he said to help out. After being seated for a while a lady came up and said you are in my seat could you move. I explain ed what was done she said what is your injury get up. I explained she said ok no problem. She became aggitated a shouted to an attendant she is in my seat and wont move. I looked up the attendant did not address me but said let me help you. She came back with officers and began to shout this is not your seat you need to move and you wont have an attitude about it. I said i do not and why do you have and attitude. I explain what i was told but believed there to be some mistake but i moved and made it clear if i am further injured i will file a complaint and that she is now on notice. She told the lady she would accomodate her. The duration ofvthe flight the attendant Kenzie is her name continued to reach over my face very closely to get the other womans attention serve drinks alcohol snacks trash etc. I remain silent but took notes and pics openly. Kenzie spent most of the flight playing with her cell phone in a pink casing rolling her eyes discussing me laughing with the lady and her coworker at which point other passengers suggest i file a conplaint.

True to form Delta still has the worst customer service in my book.

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disappointed - 37 d ago


My friend had a bad experience with Delta, her brother passes away she had flightLola Goodbar booked NYC - CLT flight was cancelled without notice , then NO COMPENSATION for the inconvenience

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CARLA - 44 d ago


Delta changed AND or cancelled our flights 7 TIMES. YES 7 times. We lost 2 days from our vacation which took us 1 year to SAVE for. I filled out the complaint order and have been waiting for 31 days now. I called them 2 weeks after to followup and no one has any answers. I am now spending time calling all over the company to get someone to speak with me and discuss my travel.

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cindy - 55 d 3 h ago


Everyone wants to complain when airlines do wrong well I want to compliment you on something you did right my 15 year old granddaughter flew first to.e last night flt 3546 from Detroit to okc she was terrified but the people who took care of her were awesome the made her experience a fun trip instead of a terrifying one this made her decide it would be fine to fly again and go see her dad on mi . Thank you for all you did to make this happen.

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Bella - 58 d 15 h ago


DELTA YOU NEED TO GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER I WENT TO THE FAA WEBSITE AND THEY ALSO SAY THAT KIDS SHOULD BE IN A CARSEAT DURING A FIGHT. Here's their website this is from there own website FAA Home Travelers Flying with Children

Flying with Children



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Child safety

Did you know that the safest place for your child on an airplane is in a government-approved child safety restraint system (CRS) or device, not on your lap? Your arms aren't capable of holding your child securely, especially during unexpected turbulence.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) strongly urges you to secure your child in a CRS or device for the duration of your flight. It's the smart and right thing to do so that everyone in your family arrives safely at your destination. The FAA is giving you the information you need to make informed decisions about your family's travel plans. SHAME ON YOU FOLKS

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Bella - 58 d 15 h ago



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Pablo Artavia. - 60 d ago

Delta is a joke spoke with a person who claims his name is Jason, refuse to give me his name and ID# or to let me talk with his supervisor. Said I could never speak with the CEO of Delta because he does not exist. Unsympathetic to the situation, unapologetic, unprofessional. My bags were delayed for 2 days I get them home and their employees stole yes stole items from my luggage and refuses to correct the issue. I am a platinum Elite with Delta and this is the treatment I get. No wonder why Delta us screwed up. It starts from the top and I guess that's how the treat their valued customers.

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Director Lagos (National Community Policing Campaign)

We uncover a team of fraudster that have defrauding you airline by issuing fake ticketing to your percenger, they operate everyday with coporation with some of your staff frauding Miilions of dollars. We can fashion you with every information you need and contact that can lead to their arrest should the airline want to corb there activity. mail us: (hidden). Thanks

Flagged for review. 
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Stranded - 60 d 18 h ago


I was traveling from Ft. Lauderdale -Atlanta 7-11-2017. I checked my bag and was never told the flight was delayed. Got to the gate and found out the flight was suppose to be delayed 2 hours. Time constantly kept changing and finally it was a 4 hour delay. I am a frequent flyer with Delta and they have my phone number and email address and I was never informed of the changes. That is the first thing which went wrong. After that everything went down hill, and it was a nightmare experience. The agents did not handle the situation professionally. Refused to put customers on other flight, which were departing. Supervisor Robin Smith was inconsiderate and impatient. The major issue was this totally obnoxious agent Cecilia who raised her voice at me and walked off, threw up her hands. She was rude and disrespectful. We pay for these flights and expect professional service. The service received from this flight was a nightmare and unacceptable.

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Tony B - 72 d 12 h ago


It is 9:22 pm Pacific time. I attempted to reach a SKY Miles Representative at (hidden)3 this evening 7/11/2017. Without any success and awaiting 37 minutes I hung up. Either NO ONE was on duty or the calls were not being accepted. Please explain? I needed help regards my SKY miles account and I couldn't get any help.

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Anonymous - 64 d 9 h ago

I also had the skymiles issue, so I called the airport I left from and asked them if the skymiles were added...I was told yes and, if my memory serves me right...the airport reps were also able to give me how many points were added! I believe I get 1 point for each mile flown! I hope this helps you!

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