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Delta Airlines

1030 Delta Blvd.
Atlanta, GA
Richard Anderson
CEO and Director
(404) 715-2600
(404) 715-5042
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Tony B - 11 d 6 h ago


It is 9:22 pm Pacific time. I attempted to reach a SKY Miles Representative at (hidden)3 this evening 7/11/2017. Without any success and awaiting 37 minutes I hung up. Either NO ONE was on duty or the calls were not being accepted. Please explain? I needed help regards my SKY miles account and I couldn't get any help.

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Anonymous - 3 d 35 s ago

I also had the skymiles issue, so I called the airport I left from and asked them if the skymiles were added...I was told yes and, if my memory serves me right...the airport reps were also able to give me how many points were added! I believe I get 1 point for each mile flown! I hope this helps you!

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Lying agents - 5 d 19 h ago


Disgraceful service.

I took a few days off for a much needed trip to Montreal and at no time during booking of flight did I see anything about who required eTA for Canada. It mentioned passport and travel documents but since I had been traveling to Canada for many years but missed last year I was not aware of requirement. I checked in online and went directly to the gate at 7:40 am for a 9:35 am flight 4043 to Montreal and was called at almost the scheduled boarding time to be informed by your agent that I would not be allowed to land in Montreal without a Landing pass. When I asked agent to explain what that was she said I should have known this and informed me when I asked how to get one that it would take 3 days to obtain one. I had a 4 day vacation trip so after she turned to the next customer I began making phone calls to Hotel in Canada - they refused to refund any part of $545 for hotel stay which was prepaid. I then called the Flight Insurer CSA and they told me to call the Third party booking agency JUSTFLY. Their agent put me on hold then returned to explain that I would not receive any part of my fare back because I was listed as NO SHOW for outgoing leg of trip. I showed but was not allowed to board by your agent. This is total misrepresentation.

I was informed that I could get a voucher for the return part of my trip but would have to pay $125 (original 1 way fare was about $140 and that when I did use the ticket I may have to pay up to $200 for change.

This is an utter disgrace especially when you are dealing with a senior citizen on a budget.

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Judi - 3 d 3 h ago


I agree with u...It isn't just one airline...that is giving customers a hard time! I flew to see my daughter in N.Y. and was waiting in a long line at Ft. Lauderdale Airport! The line was getting closer to the line where you go through the X-ray machine. A lady of color left her spot behind her desk as an airport security guard and demanded I empty my purse out and show her my ticket...the one she herself had given me, and the contents of my purse! I asked her why she needed to see my ticket and I.D. since I showed it to her I showed her my papers and credentials for my dog...she then insisted again, and I asked to speak to a manager...she said I am a manager! I then said let me speak to your Supervisor and was told "she is unavailable and , again, insisted that I get out of line...which I did because I was afraid I might miss my flight! She then did a body search, again unnecessary, due to the fact I still needed to go through the X-ray machine! I was the only person in that long line that she did that to! I still had to go through the X-ray machine anyway! I had about 7 minutes to get to my plane which was announced as boarding in 10 minutes and literally had to run with my small soon as they xrayed her carrying case. (I told her she could X-ray the case but that I'd be damned if I would let her X-ray my little dog. Once I passed through the machine...I took my Yorkie from her and she then xrayed my dog's carrier! Because of this...I literally had to run a long way to catch my I grabbed my dog and Judy made it on time...The only problem was...when I got to the plane it started boarding within 10 minutes! That was when I reached for my dog and purse and realized my purse was gone! I told the gate attendant I lost my purse and had to literally RUN back to find my purse! I had lived through cancer and a heart attack several years ago and my heart was racing faster than I was! I could picture myself having a heart attack and someone stealing my dog as well. I went back to security to see if anyone turned my purse in and security said no

.but, suggested I check the turntable...which I did! Thank God it was still there and nobody stole it! Had it been stolen, I probably WOULD have had another heart attack! I was so rattled by the lousy security guard that I complained to the head of security at my destination...but had forgotten her name! Talk about harassment!! It seems to be running rampant with airlines these days! Where is the Federal Aviation Authorities? Aren't they paid to take care of these issues with airlines...or am I mistaken!

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Slmtx - 4 d 13 h ago


Dear delta,

Your arrogance in calling out a citizen who complained about service is ridiculous. You have yet to offer an explanation and now it seems that your employees thought it would amusing to make Me. Coulters life miserable?

Well, how about all the conservatives, middle of the road normal people make your life miserable by writing off your crappy airline.

Just think, your vindictive hateful employees can move passengers to their hearts content with half empty airplanes.

Not the way to run a business, but your service has sucked for awhile.

No delta EVER

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Judy - 3 d 4 h ago

I totally agree with the above content! It seems to be an ongoing habit with ALL the airlines these days!

Maybe we customers should BOYCOTT any and all airlines that do these things and start taking trains or our cars for our trips until the airlines realize they cannot get away with this! Maybe when the airlines start losing most of their business...and have to start laying off THEIR stewardesses and pilots and managers and/or have to give THEIR employees less pay, or even abort flights due to not having funds from "paying" customers...then, perhaps, they will start showing "RESPECT" to their customers! If not...we should boycott any airline that continues with this practice!! If you agree...please forward this message to everyone you know! We the people need to stand up for our RIGHTS...since the airlines don't seem to give a "hoot" (I'm just trying to be polite using the word "hoot"). The airlines are totally out of line!

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Mandy - 3 d 14 h ago

I have been trying to get in touch with someone via email for the past month. I have sent several emails already and no response to either of them. It would be nice if someone could at least respond back to my emails.

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Jan - 5 d 16 h ago


Dear Delta corporate office, Your company's response in defending your flight attendant's arrogant disregard of a passenger's confirmed seat reservation is as tone deaf and irresponsible as the United executive's initial response to that company's defense of the airport cops who were directed to beat the crap out of the Vietnamese physician. I hope your company corrects its ill-advised media response immediately. And I hope if you don't that your company suffers similarly to how United has. I don't need need to be a 35-plus-year air traveler or an attorney to know there was nothing "inadvertent" about your flight attendant's actions. The person you should be criticizing and disciplining is the flight attendant who deprived the passenger of the benefit of the seat she paid extra for--for which your company has provided NO REASON whatsoever for doing. I will take a wild guess and propose that the flight attendant recognized the passenger, and decided to be an a**hole because he/she doesn't like Coulter's politics. Sincerely, P.S. Before staff in your media department throw around words like "slanderous," they should make sure they understand what they are saying. In USA, the obvious TRUTH of the matter asserted is an absolute defense to any assertion of defamation, including slander, although since written defamation is libel, "libelous" would be the more appropriate term had Coulter committed any wrongdoing here.

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J.S. Plowde - 4 d 10 h ago

I find it repulsive that ANY airline in the U.S. would take actions that I heard

on the news recently! According to what I heard on the news...a mother traveling on their airline, who paid for her and her child's' ticket, was "forced to hold her child on her lap, since that seat was given to an "employee" instead...even though she had already PAID for her child...this is appalling and seems to be an ongoing TREND with airlines today! What the he.. is wrong with you AIRLINES!? What has happened to entitle airlines these days to do this cra" to its' paying customers!?

I say this, in part, due to a bad experience I recently had with ANOTHER airline! Makes one wonder if airline pilots, managers, and/or hostesses are on drugs? What happened to the "friendly" airlines of the past!?? Your management team should get the brunt of this ridiculous situation...since they must make the rules, I assume, otherwise... you should ALL be fired! I would like to ask everyone who believes my statements above are correct...that we customers start boycotting ANY and ALL airlines that follows the SAME PATTERN with customers in the future...and DEMAND a refund of their tickets!! This IS STILL America...yet these airlines, in my opinion...are acting like they are in Russia! Let's NOT put up with this garbage and at least BLAST ANY AIRLINE that pulls this kind of stunt in the future! "United We Stand"

Please forward this email to everyone on your email list with a copy to all the airlines you use..maybe...they WILL GET THE MESSAGE to their MANAGEMENT! At least say YES if you agree! Anyone who says NO...probably work for an airline!

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Mrgadget - 4 d 12 h ago

9 family members are boycotting Delta as now until you apologize and settle up with Ann Colter.

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RTM - 4 d 12 h ago

She should appologize to the world for being an asshole

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Columbo - 4 d 14 h ago


Terrible, awful, unconscionable, sucky. Don't Fly Delta, hope Ann sues your ass.

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Chris Long - 4 d 15 h ago


Last time I flew a Delta sardine flight was the last straw. It was horrible.

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Hello - 4 d 15 h ago

Will NEVER ever fly with you again nor will many others after Ann Coulter was targeted by your people.

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Lomax - 9 d 7 h ago


Horrible customer svc. Waited 90 mins to talk to a rep. I was told I needed to purchase 2000 miles to upgrade to 1st class, rep told me to go on web site and purchase more miles with cash, after doing so , I waited another hour and a half for call back only to be told the previous rep made mistake it was really 37,0000 to upgrade. The supervisor, could only refund my 2000 mile purchase. Felt like a classic "bait and switch"

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Sharon B. Covitz - 11 d 11 h ago


Dear Mr. Anderson,

Recently my husband and I traveled on flight DL406 from JFK to Shannon, Ir. I'm not writing to you about the delay on the tarmac, but the great service of one of your flight attendants. Due to many problems flying into JFK and sitting on the runway for more than 2 hours, my husband ate dinner and the next thing I knew he had passed out at his seat. I couldn't wake him. He broke out in a cold sweat and soaked his shirt. I went back to talk with one of the flight attendant, a woman of asian descent and she took charge. We had my husband come to the back row and lie down. She got me a seat close to him to I could monitor him. My husband is a physician and he knew what the stewardess did was correct procedure. He was able to eventually come back to his seat and leave the airplane on his own. I apologize for not having this flight attendant's name. I did ask for it, but with all our travel, I wasn't able to find it. It was flight DL406 on June 16 JFK to Shannon leaving at 10:49. It actually didn't leave until close to 2:00 am. She was great. I know you get a lot of bad press, but just know we are truly grateful for her calm demeanor and attention. Thank you.

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Anonymous - 11 d 16 h ago

Dear Delta. I'm writing to you to ask when you retire the 747. Why don't you have them fitted out so they can help fight the wildfire out breaks that are going to get worse. Thank You. James Burnham

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MARIA DEL PINO - 12 d ago


I really need someones help with this. I had my flight cancel by delta, I paid more money for the Palm Bch ticket on 1/29/17 no one notified me of any changes and now I have no options. You want us to loss two 8 hours pay check to sit at an airport of 7 hours or pay for additional expense to get on and off a connecting flight in Ft Lauderdale, Atlanta, LaGuardia or any of the other place Delta fly. I NEED SOME ONE TO LOOK AT THIS LOOK AT WHAT THIS PRICE OF MY TICKET WAS IN JANUARY FROM PALM BCH COMPARED TO FT LAUDERDALE. PLEASE MAKE SOME BETTER ARRANGMENTS. MARIA DEL PINO (hidden) TICKET IS BELOW

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Ida Waterstrat - 15 d 4 h ago

I have never in my 57 years every missed a flight until tonight! Delta totally dropped the ball on customers with connection from chicago ohare to Atlanta onto Pensacola Florida. Flight 2009 was fine even 6 minutes early. Until we arrived in Atlanta sat on tarmac at least 30 minutes gates changed no direction from delta flight crew our connection flight departed early. Stranded customers offered 72 buck hotel out of our pocket?? This has never happened to me up since 4 Am and delta can't help us? Last trip on Delta. I want my fill ticket credit

Thanhs for a horrible evening.

Ida Waterstrat


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Kaitlyn - 17 d 15 h ago


I simply want to speak to a representative who can change my departure date and wave the change fee. I am trying to greet my military husband when he gets off his ship from a 7-month deployment. I've been trying to get a hold of someone for hours; via calling, Facebook, email, and Twitter. No one has responded to me. I was hold waiting to speak to a supervisor when I was transferred to Enterprise. Please, can someone get in touch with me to resolve this issue?

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The president of the company - 19 d 16 h ago

I am tired of all the lies from your agents. I need someone to contact me (hidden).

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Forogh Ramy - 23 d 16 h ago


Since last month I tried to get someone in customer care to resolve my issues with past trip hotel reimbursement. I have called several times and still hopping find someone help me in this matter. (hidden)

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Terri - 29 d 16 h ago


I only fly with Delta, but this last vacation changed my mind. It cost me over $500 to change tickets just to leave a day early. I don't blame them. A family member kept changing the dates! For the pass 3 weeks I've been trying to get points added to my skymiles with no luck. I purchased ALL three tickets and want my skymiles. Trying to speak to a human is a joke. I'm usually on hold for an hour or more. I received an email advising the 3rd traveler who's 6 yrs old to setup an account so she can get skymiles. REALLY? I no longer have the airline ticket just the itinerary, numbers still don't match. I want my skymiles Delta!!!!!!

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No Longer w Delta - 32 d 12 h ago


I have been with Delta for over 25 years. It saddens me that Delta, an airlines, has pulled its support of the arts, something of great value. I have cancelled my Delta Credit Card and Delta membership as I cannot be in anyway part of Delta's reactionary and outlandish statements regarding the Shakespeare Play. By the way, this play was performed thousands of time, with various presidents, but Delta chose the Trump presidency to make a stand against the play. I was a member with Delta for its airline services and paid annual fees for the Delta card, but will pull my membership.

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Former Frequent Flyer - 39 d 21 h ago

Delta. Seriously? Dropping sponsorship of Shakespeare in the Park because of Trump?

I have been pretty much exclusively a Delta flyer, but I can't believe you have gone political over theatre. A play that has been performed probably millions of times in thousands of different ways, featuring image reference to several presidents over the years and who knows how many other political figures around the world. It is a play that remains relevant. This is a shocking and frightening trend in America. Corporate censorship of the Arts? Not a good business plan.

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Cat Cruz - 38 d 19 h ago

Visuals are just as powerful as words. This is Shakespeare a la alt-left, nothing more nothing less. Fascist pervert everything they touch, even a masterpiece, to suit their propaganda needs. Delta showed the class that seems to escape you guys.

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Anonymous - 34 d 10 h ago

What about 2012 when Delta sponsored a production of Julius Caesar depicting President Obama as Julius Caesar. Alt-right fascists suiting their propaganda needs. Double standard hypocrisy!

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