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Delta Airlines

1030 Delta Blvd.
Atlanta, GA
Richard Anderson
CEO and Director
(404) 715-2600
(404) 715-5042
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Nina - 5 d 12 h ago


DELTA put my claim tag on someone else's luggage. Baggage claim had me complete a claim and requested

I call the following day. Same as the previous compliant Pat I listened to a recording stating it would be delivered.

Went to the airport of my final destination to get the luggage which was not there. told to submit baggage claim. Airlines says to wait 6 to 8 weeks before inquiring again. Corporate number listed on website is a fraud because it's sends you on a wild goose chase. The customer who had my claim number received their luggage.

I offered to drive to the warehouse and look for my bag. I had important court papers in the bag.!!!!!!


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Pat Moffett - 39 d 10 h ago


I'm a corporate executive and I've been traveling on Delta for 37 years, but no more. I was on flight 457 to the Bahamas on Feb. 9th that was cancelled due to bad weather. This is of course I understand, but my bag has been missing since last week. I was told to come to JFK and pick it up, but when I got there. no bags could be found. They told me they were shipped to my house and they would be there between 4 & 6 o'clock. At. 9:30 PM my girlfriend's bag arrived and mine did not. We called and called, but no one would help us and the bag is still missing. There was an alert put on the bag throughout the network of Delta and still nothing has happened. What are you going to do fpr me??? THIS ENTIRE EXPERIENCE IS OUTRAGEOUS. HOW DO YOU RUN AND AIRLINE LIKE THIS??????????

Pat Moffett, Senior VP, VOXX Int email (hidden) telephone (hidden)l .

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O. Earle - 47 d 4 h ago


Delta airline is a complete disgrace. They lack integrity and they are grossly incompetent. They don't care about their passengers and i will never spend another dime with this airline. Their customer service reps are completely useless and are just as faulty as the company they work for. Susan Davis is a liar and a poor excuse for a customer service representative. I will do everything in my power to shed a light on how awful this company is and how they treat their customers.

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Rosemary Dow - 51 d 28 m ago


My flight from New Bern, NC to Key West, FL was a disaster. It should have taken 6 hours and turned into 18 hours due to a pilot being sick and Delta not sending a new pilot to fly the plane. We were stuck in a small regional airport with no food available until we reached Atlanta. We were rebooked at least 4times and told not to leave the New Bern airport. Once in Atlanta we had to wait 5 hours for the last flight into Key West. Delta customer service kept giving us different answers and their was no uniform policy. Their customer call centers are terrible in that the "right hand does not know what the left hand is doing". Terrible service. I will avoid flying Delta in the future due to the terrible service.

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David Beemer - 305 d 12 h ago


Delta you love to fly? Your non-refundable ticket truly is non-refundable. Plans sometimes change and non-refundable typically means you don't get your money back but MOST airlines give you a credit towards flight that's good for a year.

Maybe charge a $50 fee.

You can't make changes on Delta's website which is a total waste of time and frankly BS.

Being on hold for over 30 minutes to be told "No problem your flight's in three weeks, we can change the time of the flight." Morphing into... "I'm so sorry we can't help. I would suggest you just book another flight." is madding. I'm not sure what angers me most. The person who didn't know their own rules or being on hold waiting for the person to learn their own rules. I think it was a generic call center and the Indian couldn't believe that Delta's FU policy was indeed their policy.

***Heads up *** If another carrier is even close in price and there is a chance that your travel plans might change I highly recommend that you pick the other carrier. Southwest is so good when it comes to this it not even funny and so is JetBlue. Hell pretty much every airline does better than Delta.

Delta you may love to fly but I think you love screwing over the flying public just a bit more.

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tarabaig - 4 y 217 d ago

Thank you @Delta for losing my CARRY ON LUGGAGE that ur flight attendant took. my solution is to file a claim!?? Do I get a new laptop now?

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mswas - 4 y 217 d ago

"@Quorren: Thanks to @delta for getting me to Seattle with no fuss. Job interview is a go for tomorrow!" <--@united stinks. Good luck!

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corebodypilates - 4 y 217 d ago

@Delta stranded w/ infant at #HPN no service representative! nobags, no vouchers for cab/hotel. Bad service! #flyunited #SOS #baby

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corebodypilates - 4 y 217 d ago

@Delta stranded w/ infant at #HPN no service representative! nobags, no vouchers for cab/hotel. Bad service!! #flyunited #SOS #baby

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Quorren - 4 y 217 d ago

Thanks to @delta for getting me to Seattle with no fuss. Job interview is a go for tomorrow!

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TheRealSnoz - 4 y 218 d ago

RT @BradWickham: .@delta how much do u charge for emotional baggage

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BradWickham - 4 y 218 d ago

.@delta how much do u charge for emotional baggage

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AndreaDry - 4 y 218 d ago

I just got carded @delta downs casino :)

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lindsaylove_xo - 4 y 218 d ago

RT @shmaylor: I can't wait to kick off the year with jazzercise younglife tomorrow! Be there at the HHS younglife house at 7:32!! @DeltaYounglife

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