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Delta Airlines

1030 Delta Blvd.
Atlanta, GA
Richard Anderson
CEO and Director
(404) 715-2600
(404) 715-5042
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William G. Gotimer, Jr - 4 d 7 h ago


My wife and I just had an 18 hour delay due to a failure to have a full crew available. We were lied to by the few employees who bothered to try to explain. They were condescending and rude. Even now after the plane has left 18 hours late - with no real explanation- I am getting snippy answers from your customer service team. The JFK-PHX flight did not have a full complement of crew and they stair stepped a delay over 18 hours. Even now our crew is complaining about "getting up early". This is really outrageous. There were elderly people and babies left to their own devises overnight at a mostly shuttered JFK. We were also denied when we asked for our bags back.

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Robert S Gardner - 6 d ago


This is a compliment (the small complaint comes later). My wife and I were travelling on April 11, 2019 on Delta Flight 3700 from Tucson to Salt Lake City and then to Portland. The flight from Tucson was delayed so long that we could not make Salt Lake City until after midnight. It was a difficult time to re-schedule our flight because it was spring vacation time in Arizona and some of your Boeing planes were grounded. The counter agents, Kristine and Carmen and a third agent, whose name I did not get, worked very hard to find us a way back to Portland (We live in Corvallis, Oregon) . They did not give up until they found something that worked. At this time there was one extremely angry man who had some problem with his baggage not arriving and just would not stop. Carmen was dealing with him and did so in a highly professional and calm manner. Your agents made what was a very stressful situation for us actually into a pleasant one.

My small complaint is that when I logged on to your main site to enter a complaint or a compliment I could not complete all the information required. It was a nightmare. The site may be designed to discourage those who only have minor complaints to not file them but I doubt if many folks who would like to give one of your employees a compliment would take the time to successfully wade through all the questions. The site kept saying I had the wrong flight number and date and also it wanted my ticket number, whatever that is.

This site I am now on does not indicate whether anyone from Delta reads it, Do you? Do you pass on the compliments to the employees who earned them?


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Anonymous - 7 d 12 h ago

For the most part .. personal interaction with Delta personnel was good. The sad thing is it seems all flight have to go thru MSP.. we had a family member being taken off life support and the family counting on us to be in Minot ND.. we spent 14 HR trying to get anywhere we could to get us closer to drive.. in depth Delta is none accommodating to anyone.. they even refused to transfer funds already paid to them to another commercial flight so we could go.. we even did the leg work and found flights getting closer.. Delta did not even offer..

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Bob Ward - 8 d 8 h ago

I am reaching out to you as I have hit a dead end trying to make any headway with customer service and am hopeful that Delta marketing might be able to provide some assistance. And while I fully recognize that Delta is not obligated to provide any kind of financial relief for my request below, I am hopeful that given, what I am about to explain, that Delta will consider helping.

My daughter, Annabel Ward, and her college friend, Emily Ballsieper were scheduled to travel from RDU to VIE with a departure on Friday March 8th for their college spring break. When Annabel went to check in 24 hours in advance, she was not able to do so because her passport was expiring in May and did not have at least 6 months remaining before expiration. She called us right away and we were able to have her drive from Chapel Hill NC to Washington DC (5 hours each way on Friday March 8th) to get her passport renewed however she was not able to do this in time to make her Friday flight. So we inquired about changing her flight to Saturday, which we were able to do. However, as you can see from the attached documentation, we had to pay an additional $1,816.30 for the differential in the ticket price since it was the next day. Our original ticket price was only $1,048.13. To complicate things even further, while her friend Emily had a valid passport, due to a blood clot medical issue, she was not able to fly alone. So given that this was "our mistake", we also paid the price differential for Emily to fly on Saturday as well. So we actually incurred $3,632.60 in additional charges.

My biggest issue is that when we booked the flight a couple months before, we input the passport info into the system and it allowed us to purchase the ticket, even though the passport was not valid for the date of travel. So while I know it is our responsibility to know this, it would be nice if Delta's software would have let us know at that point that we needed to renew the passport. It obviously let us know we could not travel when we tried to check in. Even if we would have known 48 hours in advance, she would have been able to drive to DC and back and make her Friday flight.

Our whole family are long time Delta customers and we LOVE the airline compared to any other. We have and will continue to choose Delta over any other airline because we think you guys are the best out there. And we typically do not complain about this sort of thing but the significant financial impact of this has me a little more focused on trying to have some recovery out of this unfortunate event. I can assure you will be double and triple checking our passports going forward!

Given all of this, I would respectively ask Delta to consider going outside of its normal process and procedure on this (which is $0 refund) and consider some kind of financial compensation to make the pain a little less! Thank you for considering. Conf. Number was GENMLF. The ticket numbers are (hidden)535 and (hidden)537. I can be reached at (hidden). Thanks, Bob

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Delta employees behaving like Spirit Airline Employees - 11 d 10 h ago


My Daughter purchased a ticket with Delta 4/7/19. I had given her the money to put into her account so that she would not be late for work since it is a new job. The plane was due to leave at 9:12 pm from ATL. When my Daughter finally got in contact with me she was told by an employee for Delta along with seven other passengers who had already been sitting there that the plane left early. She then went on to tell me the employee told them that its not uncommon for Delta to leave early. I heard the conversation that my daughter was having with the group of people which majority of them were elderly. When she went got back to the ticket counter I was on the phone phone with her at 8:48 pm. My Daughter along with the seven other passengers were rudely told that there were no other flights out. My Daughter then asked for the Mgr who then decided to put them on stand by for the next flight. My Daughter asked them at 9:05 pm if they could send an email or fax on what occurred. Of course they told her no. My Daughter was due to be at work 11:00 pm. She has to go in this afternoon for a meeting. I am a Disabled Woman Combat Gulf War/Iraq Veteran and I am on a fixed income. I just want to know if they used all the stand-bys to fill up the seats and is that the reason they left early? They tried to say that the plane left at 9:10 pm which was not true. I am going to ask and visit the FAA location down here in GA before I drive back to Indiana. Her flight was DL2140 to MDW and the other flight sent her to ORD as a stand-by at a later time. I had given her $400 for her account and Delta staff acted as if they were employed by Spirit Airlines.

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Angry Single Mom - 32 d 11 h ago

I am a single Parent putting my son through law school so it is tough paying for flights back/forth so he can visit home. This time I was sending a kitten home with him and had to pay a fee - which I completely understand, but when I got to the counter the Delta employee ( Sean Smith ) was so disrespectful to me and my son and refused to wait on us. He first started asking questions about the kitten and before I could answer he was talking over me. He asked for my credit card and my sons ID. we gave it to him. Now understand I like to know what I am paying for since I am on such a budget. He stated that the fee for the pet was 125, I stated he also is checking a bag - in a rude tone he said - " I didn't ask you that we have to do it separate". I said sir how would I know that I just want to know what I am paying for. He hands my credit card and my son ID to my son and says he will not wait on us. Calls the Manager over ( Moses) and says - I refuse to wait on her and I don't care if you write me up. The manager said - you can't refuse to service her, he said he didn't care and he would take a write up. So instead of the manager correcting the problem - he waited on us and charged me for the pet fee and my bag ( IN ONE TRANSACTION ) . I explained that I wanted to make a complaint and he said whatever I had to do. This was the worst experience. I paid a lot of money for a airline ticket on top of more fees to get a pet home and to have to deal with my last face to face with my son for 6 months being angry and embarrassed in an airport is horrible. I want someone to reach out to me and let me know what will be done about this?.

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Anonymous - 11 d 12 h ago

For PETS....American Airlines has pet safe program n let my Razorback Pitbull -103 pds - they upgraded, no charge, to bulk-head area bc it has foot room for him tolay...he is a support dog but he was treated SUPERRRR WELL!!!! They brought him water in a container etc. Just for pets- A.A's is way to go. U have to pre-plan it well tho

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ikemefune okafor - 63 d ago


I woulld never wish my DELTA FLIGHTon an Enemy. On the 10 January 2019 I boarded a Delta Flight from Atlanta Georgia USA to Lagos Nigeria and I checked in two luggage and had a carry on with me in the main cabin. , first I had checked in two luggage and wanted to take the other(the 3rd) to the main cabin, but at the boarding gate , they insisted that I check in the third luggage , which I eventually did. Thus, when on board, before the flight took off , I realized I had my medication in the luggage I was forced to check in, and I talked to the attendant and they said they were going to get back to me with the luggage and they came back a few minutes later to say they couldn't get it and asked if I can travel without the medication, and I said "Yes" I can. On getting to Lagos Nigeria , one of the luggage was missing , the one they forced me to check in , and I had planned for this trip one years prior, I spent about $15,000 to buy clothes and Jewelries ,plus other expensive clothes i had before which is in my luggage for this trip. I had a $800.00 tuxedo I bought which is in the luggage which I was to wear for a wedding in Nigeria and I couldn't grace that occasion with my tuxedo. I reported to Delta Baggage department and they said i should file a claim and forward the receipts of the things I claim to be in the luggage, first I don't buy personal belonging like clothes and jewelries and keep receipts of it to show off or to show to Delta Airline and things like that ,though I was able to get some receipts for items worth over $8,500 and this freaking Delta Airline company told me they can only give me $1,568.69 back for my losses. I almost lost my mind with the attitude of Delta Airline, their bad management and terrible customer service. Also i dont believe Delta Airline employs humans , because it was so heartless of the Lady Automated Voice who spoke to me to tell me to forfeit all my clothes and Jewelries worth over $15,000 for $1,500.The crazy part is that this Automated lady voice told me somebody forgot to claim a baggage which looked almost like mine, and i thought why dont you guys try to reach out to the customer , since his Tag and Everything is on the baggage , so you can return my luggage and give him/hers theirs. As we speak i have returned to Atlanta Georgia USA , and i dont have more than a pair of Jeans and two shirts to wear everyday and all Delta Automated System could offer me for this misery they caused me is $1,568.69.I will never stop campaigning for people to stop flying DELTA AIRLINE because their baggage claim department is run by automated voice and they dont care one bit about any customer. Date of travel: January 2019

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DaDiva74 - 23 d 8 h ago

Have you received your luggage yet? I am curious because I am experiencing the same thing.

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Anonymous - 11 d 12 h ago

Wow! Just thought i had a bad trip- ive been SUPER lucky as far as baggage is concerned(besides things being broken, smooshed, zipper broken....

Best wishes

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Jody - 73 d 7 h ago


Very upset with Delta on how they handled some items that were stolen, I owned from my mother n laws suitcase going overseas to Russia. They sent a check in her name with my address to pay for the stolen items. Of course cannot cash it or deposit it. plus my mother in law could not cash it either. Tried to get this fixed and all they are doing is ignoring the issue. I have tried to contact them several times about the error. I fly Delta all the time and now probably going to fly AA instead. I prefer Delta but not handling a simple issue is a big deal to them and all they have done is pass the buck. Disappointed with Delta. They need to be more compassionate to the customer especially personal property.

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Edit - 72 d ago


One can look up the many many terrible reviews Delta has with mishandeling baggages, actually to some statistics they rate number one in the US. We definitely need to have stronger laws that will enable the customers to get support they need. Pay hire wages, have better technologies, and if you still make mistakes own up to them.

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me,me learning about it - 68 d 3 h ago

Yes, true ..2 of my baggages were "lost" on the way in to SouthAmerica that was a shock, again on our way back one baggage was lost again, it seem this is a day to day activity. I suppose passengers are at the will and control of those who manage such business......

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DaDiva74 - 23 d 8 h ago

Have you received your luggage or items yet? I am experiencing some issues with them a swe speak.

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Anonymous - 11 d 13 h ago

Indeed. I may fly SouthWest from now on. I have sooo many problems/disappointments the last 2 LONG trips.

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Kathryn Heaslip - 15 d 10 h ago


Delta ...I am not happy.. I paid extra for better seating on your flight from Atlanta to Seattle but am now sittong in the last row of your plane. Because your flight crew was late on my furst flight from Pensacola to Atlanta..I missed my flight, but you put me on this flight in the back of the plane!!!

Sincerly, Kathryn Heaslip..Andalusia, Al.

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Sheri - 11 d 13 h ago


I had same exact problem going from NC- HAWAII in 2018. I paid extra for top seats and shortest flying time. Instead of a 12.5 hr trip- it turned into a 22 hr/3 stop trip with terrible seats AND had to PAY for all day Wifi access bc the screens/movies failed and didnt play on ANY of the 3 planes....but no chargers- so ended up with dead batt 1/2 way through. Not a much better experience this trip 8 months later from Hawaii to NC!!! The small plane- same movie screen problem/ no charger port.. bought Wifi again that BARELY worked...the old screens are SO hard to get to work and only like 5 movies per category...So i sit in ATL with 5% battery. Only good thing was i got to keep my schedule and was a straight flight HNL- ATL 11 hrs- vs 22. So YES, used my wifi signal to write reviews

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Sheri S - 11 d 14 h ago

Oh yessss... the DL836 HNL TO ATL flight were written by ME on April 7th, 2019.

Sheri S

Seat 26A

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Anonymous - 11 d 14 h ago






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Anonymous - 12 d ago

Delta flight DL836 from Honolulu, HI to Atlanta, GA to Asheville, NC

It is absolutely ridiculous to be on a small plane this length of time! I FULLY expected to be on the largest plane for an 11+ hour flight! There is SOOO much the small planes do NOT offer...such as updated movie screen (the old school movie screens are SUPER SLOW!! Touch is worn out on screen and 4ever to load) NOOOO PHONE/IPOD/IPAD CHARGERS.... DELTA MAKES ENOUGH TO UPDATE THIS FEATURE, as it is ALL we have for entertainment for almost 12 straight hours flying- sitting in ONE SPOT that entire day. I am currently surrounded by SCREAMING KIDS UNDER 3 on all sides!!! No charger to charge phone...

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Jack - 18 d 21 s ago


Flew on Delta, NY to SFO. Miles were not added to my Delta Mileage account. Tried to get the miles added. After 4 calls and 45 minutes, STILL NO SUCCESS!!! First call-Person found the mileage account and told me I need to call back with the date flown and the flight number. 2nd call-Was connected to the Skymiles department, but the person said they could not access any prior flight info. Told to call back and talk to the general customer dept. 3rd call- Got the general customer service dept., but the person said she needed the confirmation number. The customer name, date and flight number were not enough for her. Did not listen to what I wanted either. Had to repeat myself many times. Asked for her supervisor. Waited over 10 minutes before I finally got a supervisor. But but she would not do anything for me without the confirmation number also. On a customer service rating from zero to 10, they deserve a ZERO!!

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Ana Vazquez - 27 d 10 h ago


I am having the worst time between flight with your company employee. I keep asking questions and getting later, later later. It was very frustrating.

But Robert your employee came looking for us and he apologized and he was so nice that it made a big difference. Just a little gesture can make the difference. Thank you. In Atlanta airport. I use this airport at least twice a year and am glad I didn't leave angry or upset

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Michael Glisson - 31 d 24 h ago


Redeem code is missing on my 100 gift card. How do I get a code so I can use this card towards a flight?

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Donald - 31 d 13 h ago


I will not go into detail regarding the horrible experience that I had on my flight with Delta because I am sure that NO ONE at Delta reads these posts, and NO ONE at Delta cares. The last part, no one at Delta cares, I know for a fact. I will make just a few simple statements of fact concerning my unpleasant experience with Delta.

1. One of the Delta flight attendants was extremely rude to me on my recent flight from London Heathrow Airport to Atlanta.

2. My flight left London early, and still arrived at Atlanta much later than the scheduled arrival time which caused a HUGE issue. Because of the overly long flight and the late arrival at Atlanta, I was not able to make my connecting flight and had to wait in the airport for over 12 hours just to get another flight back to Norfolk.

3. One of the Delta attendants that worked at the boarding gate for my flight was horrifically rude to me because I came back to ask a second question. Just two simple questions within the span of 15 minutes triggered an absolutely hateful response from this particular individual.

Delta is a completely unprofessional, classless, and disorganized company. I could have gone into much greater detail regarding the above mentioned issues, but, as I said earlier, they wont read this, or care. What I do hope, is that someone planning their trip does read this, and strongly takes it into consideration before choosing which airline they want to fly with. One thing I do know is that I will NEVER fly with Delta airlines EVER again!!! Delta airlines is a disgraceful company!

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So Sad - 42 d ago

To Whom ( which is all ), My wife and I fly often, by often I mean we take 4-10 trips a year depending. We are very loyal, frequent flyer, credit cards, premium status the whole deal. We are loyal to Delta. We could use any airline but we don't we use you Delta. Now seeing you are a international company I image you have to accommodate many different cultures and there customs. I respect and can appreciate that and the difficulty that must go into trying to keep the diversity of the world happy while getting them to their destination. Now all of that being said, my wife just showed me a video of a woman that was on a flight. The body of a fallen soldier was being transported on that flight. Now this lady and the majority of the passengers wanted to pay respect to this hero, defender of freedom and all we stand for in his/her homeland AMERICA by singing the National Anthem. The passengers was stopped by the staff and told that Delta would not allow that.... Really really, shame on you. How could that be a policy of this company, to not allow fellow country men to not be allowed to pay respect to a fallen defender of their freedom. I would hope that this policy be changed. I can not think of a much more act of disrespect to the passengers his/her family as well as the soldier them self. To not allow them to be saluted with our National Anthem. Then hide behind " sorry it,s company policy "... Again shame on you..

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