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Delta Airlines

1030 Delta Blvd.
Atlanta, GA
Richard Anderson
CEO and Director
(404) 715-2600
(404) 715-5042
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Gabriele - 8 d 22 h ago


I filed on January 17th a complain in Germany for file key H8S32Y or

FTOQNX plus for my mother file key GCQIF3. I have been put off since march But so far I didn't get any response, my daughter called from the US and after 3 hrs waiting in line and getting transferred from one Representative to the next Delta only told her that they can see that there is reimbursement filed but there's nothing Delta could do. At least I'd like to get my money finally back for the paid premium economy seats.

May 8th I flew Delta again eventhough I'm very disappointed and sad how complains get handled at delta airlines

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Anonymous - 11 d 24 h ago


Last month was stuck at the airport for 4 days in Atlanta no kidding.

the first day, it was understandable. There was a huge thunderstorm cell over Atlanta. But after that what in the world was going on? For 3 days the airline would tell me they would try to get me on another flight. The flight would be delayed and delayed, then finally cancelled. The reason given for the cancellation was quote we can't find crew members unquote. I finally got so exasperated that I began shouting at the Delta employees behind the ticket counter. Now, I know that it was suggested that delayed passengers could owrha

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Nocontact - 13 d 12 h ago


My flight to SYD Australia and return back to JFK, went wrong every step of the way. I have made several attempts to contact the Complaint Dept. To no avail. The Frequent Flyer Dept. Gave a phone # to call, and I was told to listen to option 4. However; their people were unaware that Delta has removed their phone option, and now you can just fill out a form with multiple questions that don't apply, and they don't respond. DELTA Shame on you!

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LondonCalling0033 - 22 d 4 h ago


Just seen the video with the guy and the dispute about the child seat. Not going to say anything about that technical question but who was the fucking whore of a stewardess who threatened to have the parents ejected and the child put into care?

Where do you recruit all these fucking cunts from? What do you think gives you the right to threaten customers like that???

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Rogers family - 23 d ago

Delta's threatening the SoCal family with arrest and kicking them off the flight was outrageous. The senior executives at Delta are directly responsible for what happened to the SoCal family and ought to be prosecuted criminally. We travel nationally and internationally and have often flown Delta. We will not fly Delta again.

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Disgusting customer service. - 23 d 44 s ago


For that family that got kicked off the plane for a standby guest I'M SORRY! To delta airlines please go buy a big bowl put some dicks in it and eat them all you pieces of dry white shit you don't deserve to be nice fresh clean shit. Just cancelled everything that has to do with You! I will make it my life mission you never see money from anyone I know.

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Anonymous - 27 d ago


Dear Ms. Evans, Mr. West and Mr. Anderson, I am writing for your help. My partner and I flew out of Atlanta on April 5, 2017. I am sure that you are aware of the challenges that your company encountered on that day and the days that followed. I also have been affected by those events and how your company handled things. We had an amazing experience at the airport. Originally, we were flying to JFK and then boarding a separate flight to Madrid. Due to the weather, our flight to JFK kept getting pushed out, threatening our ability to make our connection. The lines for customer service were epic. However, the gate agent phoned a customer service agent and was able to re-book us on a flight directly to Madrid. She also did this for at least 5 other customers while we were standing there. She and the person on the phone doing that work were amazing. Unfortunately, our large bag had been checked through to JFK. We knew that it was not likely to follow us. What happened next is the reason I am writing to you. We filed a missing bag report in Madrid (MADDL16672) once we arrived because, indeed, our bag did not follow us. I was originally hopeful because I had read about your RFID bag tags and the ability to track my own bag on your app. Unfortunately, your app crashed that day and apparently, so did your baggage system. In attempting to reach Delta by phone, we were stuck in endless phone trees, put on a wait list for a call back that would be "14 hours, 37 minutes". We placed that call on April 6. We received a call back on April 10, at 3 a.m. local time. At this point, almost half way through our trip, we instructed the airline to send our bag back to our home in Atlanta as we were traveling to multiple cities in Europe. Of course, our bag is lost. We have called multiple times, from Europe and the US. We have a massive cell phone bill because of this. We have received misinformation and been treated poorly, placed on endless hold, and been hung up on. I have filed the reports no word, no contact from your people. It has been 19 days and your company has done nothing for us. I am out $5182.52 for the flights. In my lost bag were all of our "nice clothes", my contact lenses, our medications, and our personal care items. We did without our medications and I went without my blood pressure medications for the 10 days of our trip. We had to find personal care items in Portugal between grocery stores and pharmacies. We pieced together a wardrobe by purchasing underwear, socks, and t-shirts from H&M and Zara. We had to take time away from our vacation to do this. I would like a refund for my flights and compensation for my lost luggage. I find it offensive to continue to receive surveys from your company asking me for feedback when you can't even provide basic customer service. I also found it offensive to receive an email for Mr. West stating "we can't control the weather". No one thinks you can but you both have massive departments whose function is to create systems and plans to deal with the fallout of weather, computer glitches, hardware failures, and the like. Apparently you still have work to do on that front. I look forward to resolving this matter. Regards, Brad Touchette @delta

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Linda Collins - 29 d 5 h ago

From an angry customer in Memphis TN, DELTA WHAT THE HELL????? Been at MEM since 3:30 this morning!!!

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Madison - 30 d 5 h ago

Jennifer.....heard the same. What the airlines are getting away with is intolerable. My husband and I recently took our vacation and went by train. It was glorious! Not only was it less expensive, the food delicious, the employees gracious, but we also saw the beauty of our own country while traveling. It was soooo getting to O'Hare 2 hours ahead of time, fighting the crowds, delays, battered luggage, etc., same experience on return flight. From now on we travel by train or by car. If we were as up-to-date in rail travel as they are in Europe, it would put a real dent in air travel.

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Jennifer - 30 d 5 h ago

Just heard on the news that a man was booted off the plane for using the bathroom before take-off. Cell phone video shows he was polite and explained his urgency. Too bad says Delta. The man should have urinated all over the seat, the carpeting and left a stench vile that all surrounding passengers would demand a new seat assignment. It would have cost Delta thousands. On top of it they humiliated this passenger as he had to explain his problem in listening ear to all those around him. And, they gave him only a partial refund on his seat. SCREW Delta. De-regulation has allowed these airlines to be assholes.

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Anonymous - 31 d 2 h ago


absolutely the worst customer service of any major corporation

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Edith Duberstein - 36 d 20 h ago


On April 6 I left Ft.Lauderdale flt1726 for Rochester, NY with a lay over at LaGuardia. Instead I landed in Pittsburgh, stayed over at a cost to $100.00. Next day we left for LaGuardia and was on standby for a Flt. To Rochester, which I never got on. I subsequently left, as there was no flight for me and took Amtrak on Saturday. There was no reservation available for me until Sunday. I am an 87 year old vigorous woman. But I could not deal with being ignored and left . I would like to be reimbursed for my hotel, flight I did not take and Amtrak.

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Nancy M. Maryland - 45 d ago


Informed on phone must hold for over an hour to speak w/ Delta rep....seriously!!!?

CALL ME (hidden), ext. 118

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Maureen McNamee - 47 d 4 h ago


Dear Delta,

While I am disappointed in the performance of your airline there is a bright spot and her name is Shirley Carswell of your Finance/Treasury department.

Shirley was drafted to schlep bags in atl and we found her while searching for our bags, which ended up in phl. Shirley took our phone number, proactively called us numerous times and followed through till this morning, when we saw our bags were on a flight headed back to atl.

I have no doubt our bags would never have been seen again, if not for her.

Unfortunately, your professional customer service personnel completely tanked on every level; the gate agents, customer service kiosk people, baggage room attendants, all telephone people and your COO. He needs to be fired, by the way.

Please recognize Shirley in some way. If I ever fly Delta again it is because of her.

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Joy Bertrand - 50 d 24 h ago


Delta ignoring its customers -- For the past 24 hours, I have been trying to speak with someone at Delta re: cancelling a Skymiles reservation. I was told I would receive a call back within 30 minutes. A DAY LATER, NOTHING. I have emailed, I have tweeted. NOTHING! This is the third time in 9 months that Delta has had a core meltdown. I don't know if it's corporate espionage from one of your competitors, incompetence, or a genuine disregard for all of the people depending on Delta. To blame all of this on "weather" is not only reprehensible, it's also fraud. Delta gets out of reimbursing its passengers for weather delays. This isn't "weather." This is Delta's abject fail.

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Challenge Big Business - 49 d 13 h ago


I ended up canceling my trip today as I would have missed my connections home. Delta used the same weather excuse. I filed a complaint with the FAA and FTC (Airlines are just doing bait and switch) as they have no consequence for not meeting their passenger commitments.

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Cathy - 50 d 43 m ago


We had a plane reservations at Tampa airport for Friday 4/7/2017 to depart at 5:45 am. At 1:57 am on Friday morning we were notified by text that the flight was canceled and they put us on the Flight on Saturday to arrive at Tampa at 5:10 pm. There was no way to try to book another flight and we tried to call Delta between 2:00-2:30 am, Friday morning and the recorder said there was a 2 hr. wait to talk to someone. There were other flights Friday, but we could not book another flight for Friday. On Friday morning my husband called Delta to tell them we did not want to take the Flight on Saturday. The automatic message told him he had a 3 hour wait to connect the call. This is very poor service. We had a wedding that we were going to in St. Petersburg Florida on Saturday that started at 5:00 pm. We canceled the flight for Saturday. There was no explanation why the flight was cancelled in the first place or even a try to get us different flight. It was almost like they are use to doing this and don't really care. I would not depend on going anywhere on Delta Airline.

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Business Traveler - 51 d 42 m ago

I am sitting in the Chicago O'Hare airport again almost in tears. What is really going on with Delta? Almost every single flight out of the Chicago O'Hare Airport to Atlanta is always hours upon hours delayed, or late taking off from this Airport. Granted today, 04.07 they are claiming that they are still catching up from yesterday's cancelled flights.

But, with Delta they always have an excuse! And, either Mr. Gil West needs to do a better job operationally or they need a new COO that at least makes it look like they care. My flight was cancelled two hours before it was supposed to take off from Chicago to Atlanta today DL393. They had the NERVE to book me on a Saturday flight from Chicago to Dayton Ohio and from Dayton to Atlanta even though they had Friday seats available on direct flights to Atlanta.

I'm a business traveler, and so are a lot of their passengers whose flights was just cancelled with no warning. Shame on Delta's COO Mr. Gil West for not doing better

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Bonnie Foster - 52 d ago


Purchased business class tickets through Delta from Jacksonville, FL through Atlanta, GA, then Paris, France and ultimately Athens, Greece. Business class from Paris to Athens was nothing but regular seats with the middle seat left unsold. Same thing happened on the return trip from Venice, IT to Paris. TOTAL RIPOFF.

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rachit - 58 d 5 h ago

i have been following up on a claim with delta for months with no response! this is just ridiculously bad customer service. please reach out to me at (hidden)

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Nina - 68 d 4 h ago


DELTA put my claim tag on someone else's luggage. Baggage claim had me complete a claim and requested

I call the following day. Same as the previous compliant Pat I listened to a recording stating it would be delivered.

Went to the airport of my final destination to get the luggage which was not there. told to submit baggage claim. Airlines says to wait 6 to 8 weeks before inquiring again. Corporate number listed on website is a fraud because it's sends you on a wild goose chase. The customer who had my claim number received their luggage.

I offered to drive to the warehouse and look for my bag. I had important court papers in the bag.!!!!!!


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Pat Moffett - 102 d 45 m ago


I'm a corporate executive and I've been traveling on Delta for 37 years, but no more. I was on flight 457 to the Bahamas on Feb. 9th that was cancelled due to bad weather. This is of course I understand, but my bag has been missing since last week. I was told to come to JFK and pick it up, but when I got there. no bags could be found. They told me they were shipped to my house and they would be there between 4 & 6 o'clock. At. 9:30 PM my girlfriend's bag arrived and mine did not. We called and called, but no one would help us and the bag is still missing. There was an alert put on the bag throughout the network of Delta and still nothing has happened. What are you going to do fpr me??? THIS ENTIRE EXPERIENCE IS OUTRAGEOUS. HOW DO YOU RUN AND AIRLINE LIKE THIS??????????

Pat Moffett, Senior VP, VOXX Int email (hidden) telephone (hidden)l .

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O. Earle - 109 d 20 h ago


Delta airline is a complete disgrace. They lack integrity and they are grossly incompetent. They don't care about their passengers and i will never spend another dime with this airline. Their customer service reps are completely useless and are just as faulty as the company they work for. Susan Davis is a liar and a poor excuse for a customer service representative. I will do everything in my power to shed a light on how awful this company is and how they treat their customers.

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Rosemary Dow - 113 d 19 h ago


My flight from New Bern, NC to Key West, FL was a disaster. It should have taken 6 hours and turned into 18 hours due to a pilot being sick and Delta not sending a new pilot to fly the plane. We were stuck in a small regional airport with no food available until we reached Atlanta. We were rebooked at least 4times and told not to leave the New Bern airport. Once in Atlanta we had to wait 5 hours for the last flight into Key West. Delta customer service kept giving us different answers and their was no uniform policy. Their customer call centers are terrible in that the "right hand does not know what the left hand is doing". Terrible service. I will avoid flying Delta in the future due to the terrible service.

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David Beemer - 1 y ago


Delta you love to fly? Your non-refundable ticket truly is non-refundable. Plans sometimes change and non-refundable typically means you don't get your money back but MOST airlines give you a credit towards flight that's good for a year.

Maybe charge a $50 fee.

You can't make changes on Delta's website which is a total waste of time and frankly BS.

Being on hold for over 30 minutes to be told "No problem your flight's in three weeks, we can change the time of the flight." Morphing into... "I'm so sorry we can't help. I would suggest you just book another flight." is madding. I'm not sure what angers me most. The person who didn't know their own rules or being on hold waiting for the person to learn their own rules. I think it was a generic call center and the Indian couldn't believe that Delta's FU policy was indeed their policy.

***Heads up *** If another carrier is even close in price and there is a chance that your travel plans might change I highly recommend that you pick the other carrier. Southwest is so good when it comes to this it not even funny and so is JetBlue. Hell pretty much every airline does better than Delta.

Delta you may love to fly but I think you love screwing over the flying public just a bit more.

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