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P.O. BOX 486
Little Rock, AR
William Dillard
Chairman of the Board
(501) 376-5200
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Jay - 273 d 6 h ago

This is not a review, rather a request of consideration.

Dillard's has no stores in MN, SD or ND.

Moorhead has space to fill

We would love to welcome you to Moorhead!

Thank you for your time.

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Stacy - 15 d 42 s ago

I second this!!! I love your store!

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R. Owens - 21 d ago


I visit the Dillard store in Plano Texas at Willow Bend Mall. But the experience that I had with the cashier clerk named Jessica Rodriguez was awful I asked her to check on the cost of some shoes to see if they were on sale and she told me that they were not on sale and I was okay with that then I asked her another time to check on another pair of shoes and she said that they were not on sale one of the customers standing in line said that they were so I asked her to please check and so she checked and those shoes were on sale so I then went back and got the original shoes that I asked her to check for to see if they were on sale and she replied in Spanish that I don't listen and I said excuse me what did you say and she said you don't listen and I told her that I am the customer and that that was very rude I have never experienced anything like that before as a customer. Also other customers standing in line said that she had also been rude to them as well.

Is this the brand of Dillards? The customer service that you are wanting to provide to your customers. As consumers we do have options of where we want to spend our money.

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Amy Pitchford - 109 d 7 h ago


Hello Dillard's Department Store,

I purchased a Antonio Melani handbag. Unfortunately, after the first 6 months the hand straps began to tear. After 8 months they are almost completely separated from the bag. I paid well over 70.00 for this bag and took it to a repair shop with no luck. They said,the bag is cheaply made with the seams placed at the worst place. The seams are at the maximum weight bearing point. Please advise any other email address I could use to address this issue. I love Antonio Melani shoes and handbags, but feel this is a defective product. I can send photos.

Best Regards,

Amy Pitchford

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Joy - 159 d ago


The buyers are not buying clothes appropiate for the areas. For example, it's 103 degreess, you do not need long moo moo type blouses, long sleeves, high neck wear nor ruffles. If Dillards would carry fitted summer wear...tapered pants and basic fitted name brand scoop neck tops...the clothes would not end up on a 65 percent rack nor to a salvage store. Bring back basic!#

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ASST. Store Manager THAI

I am at store 778 (PEARLAND) and I was returning something for my aunt. This purchase exceeded their $400 cash refund limit and all of a sudden they needed my aunts's drivers license. I had waited for about 30mins or more and I had given them my aunt's drivers license number over the phone because she was not with me. The lady helping me was not well informed on what to do and instead of someone helping her they just sat around. Meanwhile she's running back and fourth to the managers office while he sits on his butt. So I informed him that I worked for Dillard's and I do not recall this practice. So my aunt arrives with her DL and then he enters it all and pretends to override it. I explain to him that it was rung up separately during the initial purchase and but I did not make that clear to the lady that returned it. So he says "Well you used to work at Dillard's, why didn't you tell her" I told him I didn't think it was necessary and that it can still be taken care of right. He informed me had it been returned separately it would've have been easier but both purchases were over $100 so her DL would have been needed anyway. Needless to say I understand why business is steadily declining. The while time I felt they handled It as a fraudulent charge. She's a paying child customer like anyone else. The experience here was less than desirable. The sucky part is this is my aunt's favorite store.

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Elaine - 119 d ago

9/25/18 Walked into Dillards to buy some casual work clothes, saw Ivanka Trump brand and immediately walked out. Spread the word with my friends/family.

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I tried with no success securing a job with Dillard's. I was not given a reason other than in my opinion it was either age discrimination or the fact I never worked retail previously. I wanted a job with Dillard but did not secure one. - 134 d 13 h ago


I tried with no success in securing employment with Dillard's.

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Sandra Ward - 1 y ago


I can understand why your company is losing business when you have managers like Greg Grimes running your Fort Worth, TX store. Obviously he has no common sense...he chose to have all returns go through the Customer Service Department (CS) because it was a big sale day for Dillards, yet took all but one register out. I had already waited a few minutes in line where I had purchased items, so naturally I was going to return to the same department, but after waiting she told me I had to go to CS...even though no one was behind me in line. Well of course when I get to CS I have to wait in line again, for one hour I waited to return a few items. After 50 minutes I asked to speak to a manager who was very nice (Elenor I believe) and tried to assist the twenty people in line behind me by tell them they could now go to other registers now. I also asked for the Corporate Office number and Elenor told them to give me the number and speak with Mr. Hubble. Then another woman (she said her name was Toni in CS) behind the registered laughed at me with another employee and said, "What did I expect coming today," meaning January 1st....which I didn't know or even think about it being a big sale day for your company. When I asked what she said, she walked away. So after an hour I was finally helped with my return, then this employee passed me off to Toni saying she would finish. Well Toni said she had to go get the receipt and I waited another ten minutes for her to come back. When I got in my car I called the number the girl (which happened to be Toni) had given me, well this was your credit card company number. What is going on with these people? What happened to good customer service? When I walked through your doors initially I saw all the sale signs and thought I will make this return and have a little time to look around and shop, needless to say I didn't have time after the return and now I don't see visiting your store for a long time, if ever. I am sure nothing will come of this, but you now know why you are losing money!

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Richard combs - 144 d 12 h ago


Waiting was not the problem, holding my $$$ up is a problem, 2 days ago they said it would be credited it back to my card, it is still not,

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FTL Customer - 182 d 6 h ago


For many years I and friends had shopped at Dillards in Ft Lauderdale and it was a pleasure dealing with the sales ladies there; they were caring, knowledgeable ,professional and with nice manners.

All of that seem to be in the past now. The new breed of sales people/customer service are mostly uncaring and rude.

Will probably stop going there......

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Judy Trachsel Newman - 189 d 13 h ago


Please come to Rochester Hills, Michigan and put a Dillard's Store where Carsons is. Carsons is going out of business. Carsons is owned by Bon Ton. Carsons has done Very well, but Because Bon Ton has not, they are closing all of the stores affiliated with Bon Ton. The Two Story Beautiful Building is up for sale right now. Carsons will officially close in August. IF you would at least come and see what would be an excellent location for your Dillard's, I'm sure you will Not be disappointed. It is in an upscale location and Everyone I know and even some I don't know are extremely saddened that Carsons is closing. I am desperately trying to get a perfect store to take the place of Carsons. DILLARDS is that perfect store. I'm begging you, please, at least come and see the location. Thousands of shoppers will become your biggest fan, I Promise.

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Anonymous - 209 d 9 h ago

Jacklyn Johnson at the dillards in Wesley Chapel at the wiregrass mall works under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.. she Is a registered felon and I can't believe a department store would turn a blind eye to that record and let them come to work smelling of alchol every day. WILL NEVER VIST HERE AGAIN. I wrote reviews on every site.

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Angie - 215 d 4 h ago


I purchased a pair of Antonio Melani women's shoes. Wore first day in corporate office setting. Shoes destroyed my foot with blisters. Took back to store.I was told the shoe wasn't meant to be worn more than an hour because it's not a comfort shoe. Having been a footwear buyer for women's shoes in my past I found this to be absurd. I'm a card holder and intend to return the other 4 pairs just on principle. Lost a customer over $60! Wanted yo make the return in the Edison Mall in Ft Myers Fl.

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Sue - 214 d 8 h ago

So Dillard's sells shoes that can only be worn a limited number of hours? Do they post signs telling customers how many

hours each of their shoes be worn?

I buy shoes there as well and will ask questions about the length of time each style I choose should be worn. I need a shoe that can be worn for 2 hours, one for 4 hours, one for 4 hours, etc

I surely hope that I am not out and about longer than my shoe's time limit. I guess I should carry extra pairs of shoes with me all the tome just in case. Gosh, this seems complicated.

Maybe I will just look elsewhere to buy shoes.

I feel sorry that you had to go through this experience without knowing your shoes had a

Wear Time Limit.

I may have to conceal my card too.

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Debbie - 212 d 8 h ago


I feel your pain. I purchased a pair of Antonio Melani black patent leather loafers. They burned my feet because of uncomfortable material. I tried to give them a chance and didn't work, thinking I needed to break them in being new. I had 4 months couldn't return. I buy from Dillard's a lot at Lakeside Mall in Metairie, LA. So disappointed.

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ILoveTeachers - 241 d 9 h ago


I live in Pell City, Al and I offer training to disadvantaged women and at-risk youth to prepare them for job interviews. In the past, Dillard's in Oxford have been supportive of our National Teachers Appreciation events but this year, I was told that corporate will no longer allow it. Keep in mind that there are over 40 thousand teachers in the state and a few free perfume testers donated to the cause would not make a dent in Dillard's earning. Imagine how these teachers are going to feel when I share the news that Dillard's no longer appreciate their dedication? Shame on Dillard's! You've lost my respect....

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Atlantashopper - 256 d 15 h ago


I understand why your sales associates are rude and unable to really help a shopper. I needed help in women's department and sales lady said she would need a manager as she was not knowledgeable but that there had not been a manager on the floor during her shift. Her frustration was evident. She was trying to do her job with her hands tied behind her back. She sent me to the third floor to customer service where I was met by by another uniformed employee who proceeded to give me the wrong information about store policy and was rude... it was 4:15 at Perimiter mall in Atlanta Ga. and he said his name was Robert ....I went back to the sales associate who finally found a clerk who knew policy and could help me. What a shame Dillard's has become such a dump of a store at perimeter mall in Atlanta Ga. With Norstrom, Von Maur and Macy's there is really no need to bother with Dillard's lack of customer service and uniformed clerks.

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Anonymous - 273 d 14 h ago

Please consider bring Dillard dept store to Hurricane, WV. Our Elder-Beerman store is closing and we need a department store in the Teays Valley area.

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Sonya - 295 d 24 h ago


I am a current employee with Dillard's in Chattanooga, TN. I love working for Dillard's.... When I began my employment in September 2017, I was not dressing like I should, my make up was challenging and accessories was desperately needed. Since then I have made changes to my appearance and although I am still working on everything, I am proud to say that working at Dillard's I am confident, enjoy the atmosphere, and love what Dillard;s has to offer and provide both associates and customers. The customer comes first at Dillard's in Chattanooga, TN!

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KBI - 2 y ago

As a So California resident I am wondering why you are not here! I shop at Dillards every time I visit Arizona.

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Becky - 1 y ago


try the Palmdale, California store it is a great place to shop . the store is beautiful and the sales staff friendly and helpful. you will not be disappointed.

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hungry jack - 1 y ago


The moment realize life little luxuries feel almost day come end start realize was my shopping experience day came and went too fast. The point making if you won million would stroll onto Dillard buy just that special or grab everything you want stop complain get life real riches special things money can't buy love fact one day come in store your going be millionaire but until you do have settle little things soon be gone back in store again make most out visit dream one day walk into store your millionaire.

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Unhappy customer - 1 y ago


I live in a small town in South Florida and have to drive 160 miles, round trip, to Dillard's to purchase Elizabeth Arden cosmetics which are not sold in our local Belk's Store. I usually use my Dillard's Card for any purchases. I usually pay my account on the 1st of each month, however, in December I chose to pay my account balance in full on the 26th of the month. I received a letter from the Card Company telling me that I had to notify them 3 days in advance is I wanted to make an early payment on my account. I have NEVER be admonished for paying a bill before the due date before in my life and I have had many, many charge cards over my 54 years of marriage. I paid the account in FULL, cut the card in shreds and wrote to Mr. William Dillard, Chairman of the Board, reporting this asinine business dealing. I have not been able to find any appropriate clothing in the Dillard's stores in years. I am a professional business woman and I don't desire to "show my butt" with these short dress/suit styles that the 20 year old buyers insist upon stocking in their stores. Also, we live in a sub-tropical climate and these buyers are never aware that this is not New York City and it is never colder than maybe 65 here, except for two to three weeks in January, yet they insist upon trying to sell wool suits, knee high boots, heavy sweaters, etc. Talk about tunnel vision?? Is it any wonder most of us are buying on line instead of being aggravated and insulted in their stores. If this sort of unconscious business continues, I think we'll see fewer Dillard's in the future. Our demographics show that 80% of the residents in this area are 55+, yet Dillard's feature clothing for 20 year olds and forget the older market that is needing to be represented and catered to. Good luck. I think you're on your way out!!!

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Disappointed Long-Time Patron - 1 y ago


It IS a grand conundrum - what is happening to Dillard's . . .

My mother has shopped at the Dillard's Department stores in El Paso, Texas for over 60 years (she's now 83 years old and tries to continue to shop there). However, Management has seen fit to "phase out", "fire" or eliminate (whatever term you care to use) senior department store staff. People who KNEW customers by NAME and knew their tastes and how to help them and they have ALL BEEN REPLACED with young NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING "sales associates" who are RUDE and stand around giggling and speaking in Spanish to one another! BRILLIANT MOVE to whomever made this managerial decision!

I've got news for Dillard's brilliant corporate; I am going to file a report and have ICE pay a visit to the Dillard's Department stores in little ol' El Paso, Texas and we'll let ICE sort out how many "qualified sales associates" get to hold on to their jobs. Maybe this will be the final straw that breaks Dillard's back, because if Corporate doesn't get off their backsides and make some significant changes, these stores will CLOSE FOR GOOD. (By the way, I have a legal background, so I know about the W-9 hiring loopholes.)

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