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Drive Time

4020 E Indian School Rd
Phoenix, AZ
Ray Fidel
(602) 852-6600
(602) 852-6686
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Anonymous - 207 d 8 s ago


I bought a car at the South Blvd location and there service wasn't pleasant at all. I could not believe in three days after purchasing a car from them start having problems with this car and I did call back and address this with the Mangement David and Adam Cox that was totally rude after walking into the dealership to address more issues and he really got nasty with me. He was wearing someone else name tag that I noticed after he gave me his business card and I did addressed that and he threw his license in my face and said some nasty things to me afterwards and I told him that I will be address this matter. I think that this business is not a professional company and really don't care about there customers and just there to sale them lemon cars and that's illegal.

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Anonymous - 8 d 3 h ago

He was probably giving you someone else's business card, that makes way more sense...and the lemon law only applies to NEW vehicles. So unless you bought a new car, you are probably out of luck. Also, you can't sale a car, you can only sell it...just sayin'.

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Melissa W - 190 d ago


I purchased a car financed for 20,000. The kelly blue book price for a 2008 is 3000. It had 100,000 miles without knowledge I purchased the vehicle. Now I've paid 3000 for repairs not including alternative transportation fees. I think you, as experts should have delivered the pro's and con's of the vehicle. Choosing to sale despite of providing simple potential problems is a poor business practice. A warranty that means nothing is shameful. I've been told "hey, you did it, not us, it's the way it goes" is not acceptable as a citizen of the USA. life is serious and to mark up a vehicle without exposing truths is heartless. I hope no one has to deal with an issue similar, so I am writting all people who can possibly stop this from happening to someone else. Melissa. It's been a year or so and this is one of the worst decisions I've made. Melissa

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Anonymous - 8 d 4 h ago

There are so many issues here I don't even know where to start. First of all, you are ALWAYS going to pay WAY more than you should at a "buy here pay here" lot than you would anywhere else. However, if you wanted to do things better, KBB (kelly blue book) will pull up on your phone and you could have checked. It is also illegal for them not to have the car information in the window telling you how many miles are on it...or you could have just gotten in and LOOKED. Did you not test drive it? 100k on a 2008 is not terrible, but you did way over pay, depending on what it is. You never said what it was, but knowing the kind of dealership they are, I would guess you got super ripped. These things that you are complaining about are REALLY easy to check on, so this is all on you. The mileage was also listed in the paperwork you signed, so maybe read things before you sign them.

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Larry - 13 d 9 h ago


We bought a van two years ago. We were told that after two years of paying on the van that we could trade it in with no money down and the payoff would be applied to the new vehicle. Yesterday I contacted drive time in Sanford fl where we bought the van that had nothing that it was suppose to have. only to be told the following you will have to pay it off get the title and then bring it to us. You will have to put up to 3,000 down and we would never take a trade. If we knew that we would had went to driver mart when we bought the van from you. I was under the understanding that I could trade it in for something else in two years.

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Anonymous - 8 d 7 h ago

A "buy here pay here" is always going to tell you what you want to hear. You always have to pay off a vehicle before you get the title, that's just how it works. You can't have it before then, or the lien holder could lose the lien. It would be stupid. The $3k they want down is probably what you are upside down in the van you have now.

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Anonymous - 8 d 11 h ago


I am not kidding you or I am not stupid. Just wanna let you know I was going to buy car from your company...but I see your TV commercial that was so cheap and bad your commercial change my mind .and I buy 2 car from carvana

You can check out I am not lie to you .

If you want to lose more customers keep this cheap and ugly commercial. The commercial of any company is ( ID ) OF that company. So you know what I meaning. Have a good time

Respectfully DB

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Anonymous - 8 d 7 h ago

You shouldn't start out your post by saying you aren't stupid and then talk (type) like an idiot. It really takes away from your overall message. The purpose of DriveTime is people with bad credit; it is a "buy here pay here" dealership Carvana is no different than a car dealership, they just make you think it is. You save more money at a regular dealership; they have tons of hidden fees at Carvana. You just wanted to be fancy and say you got to go to one of those silly vending machines; which, by the way, are full of already purchased cars. Those are for pickup only, so you are paying a delivery fee either way, they just build it into the price of the car. Not sorry, do more research first.

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CARL E. HOPKINS, I was texting this morning, and got with someone this morning - 142 d ago

I need Drive Time Corp. OFFICE IN DALLAS , TEXAS

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Anonymous - 22 d ago



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Anonymous - 63 d 10 h ago

Hi my name is Wyatt Moates I am a MS patient looking for compassion from my fellow citizens . I just received my power wheelchair and was wondering if your company has a used older van or SUV they would like to donate to me so the MS Society can make it handicapped accessible as long as it can carry 400lbs power-chair and platform weight . Please don't say you have vehicles you can set up a payment plan on for I have no money for that not interested in the year anything from the 80s and up.. Thanks and God Bless Wyatt Moates (hidden) (hidden)

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Donald Evans - 70 d 36 s ago


Yesterday after being constantly contacted by Drivetime sales person Chan at the parkway dealership in birmingham Alabama, I decided to give them a call and see if they could help me. She was quiet friendly and was able to get me approved for $100 down on specific vehicles. Well she told me that she could get vehicles from any of their lots within a reasonable distance. I f sound a nice vehicle that I liked and told her that if she could get it to her lot I would buy it. She told me that she would talk to her manager and call me back within 30 minutes. Well after more than 2 hours of not hearing from her I decided to call her. When I did another salesman named Andrew answered and told me that Chan had gone for the day. He asked if he could help. I explained the situation to him and he said he would call her on her cell phone and he would get back to me Well I never heard back from him. This morning when the lot opened at 9am I called and was informed that neither of them would be in till noon. So at 12:15 Chan finally called me. She said that her boss said it was too far to go to Macon Georgia to make a sell. So after hearing that, my dealing wasn't worth her calling me back. So after steaming over it for a while I decided to just see about driving to Macon and buying it straight from that lot. I called the lot and spoke with a young man named Adam. He got my information and said all I had to do was come get it. So I told him I was gonna try to come get it today. But I had to find someone to bring me the 3 hours to the lot. So I eventually found someone. We were kinda late leaving so I called Adam and told him that there was no way I could make it before they closed. He told me not to worry about it. As long as they knew I was coming, someone would wait. So I took off. Along the way we ran into bad traffic on the interstate. I texted Adam at 7:30pm and told him that we were a little over an hour away. He called me and said that they couldn't wait that long. Even though he told me earlier it was no problem. He put his manager on the phone who proceeded to echo Adam's story. Now I had to pay someone to drive me over there, bought his gas and supper and never even got to the lot. I think that drivetime has the worst customer service of any place I've ever tried to do business with. They are definitely not willing to go the extra mile for a perspective customer. The only way I would but a car from you guys is if you deliver it to my door. I will spread my story all over social media and any other way to prevent people from doing business with you guys. I was done wrong and wasted a lot of time and money trying to patronize your company.

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LaToria Butler - 73 d 14 s ago


I purchased my car on 3/30/2019. Since I got the car I have had problems. The car has been in the shop 3 times since having it. This is just ridiculous and the for whatever reason, no one seems to be able to have an answer for the problem. I am beyond frustrated with the whole ordeal. I mean how do you sale someone a car that has problems. This has been a inconvenience to me. DriveTime came highly recommended, but had I known it would be such a headache I would have taken my money else where. I'm to the point where I don't even want the car anymore. But I'm stuck with it. So I'd like to give DriveTime a big THANK YOU for selling a car that I cant even enjoy.

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Donnie - 125 d 21 h ago



So... where do I begin. The manager at this location has no integrity. He straight up lied to my face and told me that the vehicle that I came there to purchase was already sold when it wasn't . How do I know? I called the dealership it was located at and they confirmed it was still there. They will try to put you in something that you do not want. They tried to put me in 3 or 4 different cars. I drove them all and came back in and asked what would it take for me to get into the 2018 GMC Terrain? I wasn't given a total for the down payment I was just told it was sold already . Like oh well now you have to pick out of one of the vehicles I showed you. Well that didn't set well with me. Y'all beware. They will do a bait and switch. I totally understand that this vehicle would have required a little more down payment. Bottom line just don't lie to me. I am not stupid.

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Lori Drew - 143 d ago


sorry company.........will never tell a soul to go here and get a car..........specially in Savannah Ga..........Rudest People ever.....America lost the meaning of Professionlism ...Manners and Honesty..Nobody any State You live in get a car from Drive Time..........RIP OFF..........Someone is getting very rick by ripping People off.....

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This is going to be a long one, want everyone to hear the facts My wife and I live in Southern Louisiana south of new Orleans, out closest Drive Time is 1436 miles away in Mobile Alabama, a 2 hour drive. After getting approved on line, for a 200.00 down payment, we found a mid sized care that would work for me, due to the fact that I am a big man, 6'1 225lbs. We were told on contact with the dealership, that if we wanted that car it would be a 1200.00 or more down payment, even though that was the car that was shown to us on line as being in our price range. we were then bullied and pushed into a little Nissan Versa, that is no more then a shoe box stapled to a skateboard. We jumped through hoop after hoop, opening up our entire life to them on paper, and no matter how many things we emailed, or faxed to them, it was never enough, Only when I started getting pissed, and saying that I am out...don't need your car, then suddenly now it was good enough,

I had sent them a 200.00 down payment to hold the car that I did not know was the size of a mouse trap. And now that I pulled out of the deal when I found out that it was at a 28% interest rate, and more then 400.00 a month in payments, that I said no effin way, I'm out. and here we are 2 weeks later and they still refuse to refund my down payment.

Now that I have read your complaints, done the research, and even talked to the rude ass woman at the corp. office in Arizona. I am proposing we all get together and start a class action law suit, to stop corps, like this to stop ripping us off. They advertise that the will get you approved, and help you rebuild your credit, what they don't tell you is that your getting a very high mileage car, at the end of its life, that your interest rates will be out of this world, they lie, hard sell and push you int a car that will not work for you, and that you don't really want, and I think its time we fight back.

I will post an email at the end of this, so that anyone interested in joining me in a class action suit, can give me their story in detail, dates times names and monetary losses, and your contact info, so that I may find a lawyar that will fight for us.

email your story and facts to


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Bobbie - 164 d 18 h ago


Drivetime in Macon, GA, called after a month of letting me drive my vehicle saying basically we lied about my husband's employment and had to return the vehicle. Would not listen to anything I tried to say. Just that I could return it and it wouldn't go on my credit or it could be repoed and go on my credit. No if and or buys about it.

The next day I got it straightened out. No apology for the way they handled it.

I will never suggest them to anyone and I'm letting people know how I was done.

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Anonymous - 166 d 19 h ago


I currently have a vehicle leased, called the dealership IN ADVANCE to see if trading my car up would be possible. The man I spoke with said that because I had the car over a year shouldn't be a problem. Keep in mind I live over an hour away and have 2 small children I had to bring with me. Only on my arrival do they tell me that the blue book value of my car has to be only about 2000 or less away from the ballance of my current loan! So aggravated. Cant wait for this lease to be up.

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Karla - 177 d 10 h ago


Am in the process of buying a vehicle from drivetime. I have never in my life had to get so many documents to prove income. I've been at this for almost 2 weeks now. I am going to the Pittsburgh dealership. I brought everything I was asked to bring. Problem is, my daughter is on my bank account for emergency purposes only. Because of that, I have to prove that the direct deposits on my statement are actually mine. When I was at the dealership on Feb 23, they had me sign the paperwork and even allowed me to test drive the car thinking I could drive it home. This whole time the manager knew full well that the bank needed all kinds of letters to prove the deposits were mine. Knowing it was Saturday, the manager had me call the places I get my direct deposits through and ask for those letters. I kept telling him places were closed on Saturday and I was told to try anyway. Now that I have made the requests and one letter has been faxed in, I'm told that drivetime's bank needs a copy of a paystub or check saying the funds were issued to me. Obviously drivetime has no freakin clue what direct deposit is. If these deposits weren't mine, why would these places be willing to fax a letter saying they were? One is the US government. Come on drivetime, have some common sense. If anybody out there is thinking of buying a car from drivetime, and has direct deposit, please be sure you have letters saying those deposits are yours, the amount of the deposit, when you began getting those deposits, how long you will be receiving them and a copy of a check that was cut to you for the deposit, bank statements, license and proof of address. I don't want anyone else to have to go through this.

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Gregory Masilungan - 198 d 4 h ago


You indicated that I have 30 days to respond just want to let Drivetime knows that I will be filing a small claims on Drivetime since you closed my case already without the 30 days you provided for us to respond We are emailing you..

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Stacymorrett - 232 d 14 h ago


Bought a car 3 months ago and gave 1000 cash 300 debt card and payed on oct 8 it's Jan made r 550 monthly payments never late today get text that they repo car cause the co Tracy the 300 didn't go through 4 months later w no call email I am beyond piss the fact engine light been on since I left

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Upset Med professional and veteran in ga - 245 d 23 h ago


I am ashamed that the states would allow any company to sale cars so damaged with worthless warranties. It appears that they willingly know that these cars are damaged and the warranties are not good and put people and their families in danger or leave them with no transportation for work, school, hospitals, grocery stores or anything important. It is sad that money, dishonesty, and greed is more important than human beings on the real. The customer service is programmed to parrot phrases that benefit the company to keep from losing a job but do not assist the customer who pays the loans and warranties. My advice is to never send someone or yourself to buy from drive time ever or pay for warranties from any of their locations across the U.S. Do civil suits and report to government to do investigations into their practices by people true personal experiences to show or express it to be valid. It more than many has problems it then can be proven to be so. Fight back and make companies transparent and liable for misinformation suppressed info, and untruths.

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Anonymous - 282 d 19 h ago

Ive had my vehicle less than a year with a new engine replaced and now the vehicle doesn't even work. I've tried to contact Melodey in the Temple, Tx location but I received an out of office email dated for December its only November. Ive had problems with the vehicle not even a full month after purchase. I even asked to be placed in a new vehicle of the same value. At this point I'm getting lawyers involved because this is highly unprofessional and bad business. I paid my money and I want good service in return.

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Pissed of in IN - 1 y ago

The more that I think about it the more I hate the fact that I purchased a vehicle at DriveTime. I am so upside down in a car that I only purchased and did not trade in on. I hate this car and I want out of it!!! I will never ever go back to a DriveTime again. I want this car gone and into another vehicle. I feel as though they have screwed me with a cactus and didn't bother using lube. This is the worst vehicle I have ever had and I have only had it about 2 1/2 years. NEVER AGAIN, you need to compensate us for the shit that we have to put up with on these vehicles.

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Sylvia - 1 y 94 d ago


I literally had to file a formal complaint with the corporate office because Jenna Amaya at the Downey location would not cease in contacting me even when I put it in writing. They scheduled an appt for me without me asking and then proceeded to harass me endlessly with emails, texts and phone calls. Luckily I found a company much more professional and purchased a car this past week. There is absolutely nothing that would make me do business with drive time or refer even my worst enemy to them. They Mickey Mouse the problems with the cats just to get them working. If you have to do business with them make sure to have a. Professional mechanic check out everything. Brake pads, hoses, and most of all crash reports.

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