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Drive Time

4020 E Indian School Rd
Phoenix, AZ
Ray Fidel
(602) 852-6600
(602) 852-6686
Annual Sales Est
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Upsetcustomer - 17 d ago


The worst company ever. I signed a contract for 18,000 and have made a total of 7500 in payments and they are saying I owe them 16,000. Every time I call I always get the rudest agents... Always. They do not care about the customer and they have no sympathy what so ever. They sold me a faulty car now after having it taken to the shop and now Chrysler has to have a look at it because this particular model was not supposed to be sold according to Chrysler. I understand I went to a bad credit place but seriously they do not care to help at all and treat the guest like complete garbage. I tried to take my car to two different dealerships to trade it in AND two different times to try and refinance and that did not work out, when I called Drive Time all they said was and I quote, " You should not have signed this contract then." Seriously? What an amazing company...

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Anonymous - 66 d ago


Worst place ever, 3 cars in 4 months ridiculous. Manager is no help and incompetent. Do not ever buy a car from Drive Time because you wont be driving anywhere.

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... - 43 d 19 h ago


Agreed. Haven't even had my car a full year and it's been in the shop more than I have drove it.

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Anonymous - 78 d 8 h ago


DO NOT BUY FROM DRIVETIME!! Drive time has swapped me out to 4 cara in a matter of 3 months. The first car they gave me the transmission went out the first day I brought it home. The second car they gave me it cut off at the light pulling out of the dealership. The third car they gave me also has transmission issues. The current car I have as I am typing this I am unable to pull out of my do garage. Remind you I just got this car out of the shop 1 day ago and now I can't even pull the car out of my driveway. I am so mad right now it's ridiculous.

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Kathryn J - 124 d ago


My first car financed on my own! when purchasing i ask sales person what the smell was, she lied and said it was the new car smell i replied no and the car is 2015 as I tried to get an answer she would not respond(she knew). it rained and leaked all over the floor board the smell was mildew! I work with special needs and can not expose her to this. I tried to get it fixed followed all drive times prompting the car is under the 30 day warranty still and I will have to come out of pocket for it to be fixed as the appointment is the same day I bought it. I have been advised by my bank, Rackley body shop, my supervisor, and my mother to return the car. I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy. they are not honest or forthcoming! Be Careful! I would not do business with them.

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tameka grant - 145 d ago


I to bought a bad car and I am vary unhappy

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Ms.Jones - 180 d ago


I also bought a Lemon from Drive time and Do you think I can get some help to get my first Luxury car as they call it BMW up to par that would be a no,every time I have a problem with this car and I have lots of them the only response I get it, is this should be covered under your warranty; well it is not, This time I need a car key for my car and, Do you think customer service could send me a car key since It is Drive Time car and I am making payments so I can continue to Drive the car Hell no you buy it.. Sometimes in life it is good to help a customer just because they are the customer and really keeps you in business it cannot be no all the time, sometimes you have to say Yes it is the correct thing to do And in my case the correct thing to do in my case Corporate since my car is a piece of shit is to give me another car straight across the board let my drive my car to the dealership and let me get another one, This is the right thing to do in my case ,you are more than welcome to call me and I will let you no all the things that is and has gone wrong with this car since I have been making payments on it.

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Anonymous - 182 d 19 h ago


Bought a lemon from you guys ,need another vehicle

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Johnny McKoy - 245 d 4 h ago

It would be a good idea to pull your latest commercial, with regards to your fake rappers!

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Anonymous - 2 y 293 d ago

Drive Time is very inaccurate in its Experian Auto Check and when it comes time to file a complaint. WORST COMPANY EVER!!! Never finance or purchase from them. The managers at the store locations have no sense as to how to handle issues and push everything to custom service who know nothing unless your making payment. THEY SUCK. Would not recommend them to anyone if the deceased needed a car. Save your time and MONEY!!!

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