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EZ Pass New York

911 Old Liverpool Rd #2
Liverpool, NY
(315) 461-0000
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Stacie - 10 d 5 h ago


The NY EZpass is a SCAM plain and simple. My father was in the hospital and one of my commercial trucks had a malfunctioning device from NJ EZpass while running down the NY State Thruway. I paid the violations I received immediately so I wouldn't get penalties before I could dispute the charges. I've been working on this since JUNE! Was told just now by a supervisor at NY EZpass that since I paid the violations I would not be receiving any administrative fees back nor would they check to make sure they didn't overcharge me on the violations I paid. Basically they got my money and I can screw off!!! What a SCAM!!!

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1 Direction - 3 y 56 d ago


I am dealing with a bunch of idiots in New York that have no clue what they are doing. They failed to inform me that they were going to charge a 0.50 per month user fee, even though they have my credit card on file. Now they forgot to put my email on file, now these idiots want me to put it in writing to them and mail them the email address. Are these people actually for real here in New York? ? HIGHWAY ROBBERY! !!! Someone needs to start a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST the EZ PASS NEW YORK.

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Anonymous - 128 d 15 h ago

Agreed we're do I sign

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Lawrence Pennington - 75 d ago


We already hired a legal team for class action, EZ PASS are and should be govern as a bank under Fierra, Fiesta and Dod Frank laws of banking. They collect money in advance from your debit card, they deposit in account like a bank, they collect interest on the money and keep the interest they collect that not even theirs,with no disclosure of dollars they make money on, unregulated. our position very clear, they act as a finance company and a bank and we feel deeply this will be easily proved in court, EZ PASS collect fees that break the user laws of every state and the bank law enforcing bodies, like the treasury department, the comptroller of currency and the FDIC, subjecting them to federal laws and oversight and State banking commissions. I sure they pay enough donations to try and keep ezpass stealing from every from state citizen that errors and they are rude. My friend runs a big local TV station they are doing a special report on it, let change this send me an email to join us, (hidden)

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Chimaren - 53 d ago


How do I get in on this? Please contact me at chimaren at roadrunner dot com.

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Beauti17 - 128 d 15 h ago


Ez pass MY is the worst entity of a business I have ever used in my life. They are a new age bunch of loan sharks. They base your replenish amount on your usage which can be an astronomical amount. If you get in the negative you have to pay that high amount no matter what. They want 821.00 from me before I can get out the negative.

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Karen Penalva - 277 d ago


So disappointed in NYS Thruway!! We were in NY in October from Virginia. Used our EZpass all over the place. At two tolls the EZpass didn't register. Even though it had all the other times, before and after. I paid the tolls, but now NYS EZpass is charging me $50 for each toll missed!!! Yep, $100.00 HELLO!! I didn't miss the tolls. The NYS toll missed my EZpass!! And, I'm getting such a run around about it. They have even sent it to collections!! We have almost perfect credit because we don't spend money we don't have and pay our bills on time. This could ruin it!!

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Alain I'm dealing with the same nonsense. Ridiculous. Been getting the runaround for 3days. Charging me for 2 nonpayment of tolls. I've been an active member for 15plus years. They really need to get their facts together. Not happy at all. - 249 d 8 h ago


I'm dealing with the same nonsense. Ridiculous. Been getting the runaround for 3days. Charging me for 2 nonpayment of tolls. I've been an active member for 15plus years. They really need to get their facts together. Not happy at all.

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

Absolutely ridiculous wait at Ezpass in Flushing , N Y. Location. I've been waiting on line for about 1hr . The looks of it, I still have another hour and an half befor seen. This place has no bath room. It smells like Spanish farts. I had to drive around in the parking lot for an half an hour before parking spot became available . They need separate lines for applications, fines & penalties and payments.

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Steve Garden city - 1 y ago


I was the victim of a crime and my credit card that my ezepass account was attached too was also cancelled by my credit card company I didn't realize this until I went through a regular toll booth where the gate would not open and I waited for the attendant when she explained to me the problem I didn't use the card again I gave ezeepass a new credit card I received a bill for five times I went through when the card was cancelled and paid that bill I don't feel I should be charged the 500. 00 dollars administrative fee since this wouldn't have happened if there were still manned booths and if a customer doesn't have easy pass do they also get fined a hundred dollars every time they go through the toll

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MotherDubby - 1 y 67 d ago


Your TV commercial for EZPASS shows several close ups of the driver of 1960's Pontiac GTO. The driver is is not wearing a seat belt.. Considering all the commercials to "Buckle Up", the commercial must be a big mistake. I will be watching for your ad agency and EZPASS to correct the problem.

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Mike - 1 y 76 d ago




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Damini Sheth - 2 y 87 d ago


They put the wrong plate number on my account and after $200 worth of charges and over a month I finally got money back. They mess up, had horrible communication with someone in management. I kept getting bumped off to next person. Customer service is about as good as Comcast

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NICK - 2 y 106 d ago


Here is a company that has toll booths that indicate EZPASS or Cash. However, my experience was that I entered the line and arrived at the booth (with a long line behind me) only to find that the attendant was nowhere to be found. I waved the cash at the attendant in the booth next and was advised to just go. I did that, fully expecting that I would be assessed the toll. NOPE--I was assessed administrative charges which must pay for the attendant to leave the booth on a regular basis. This would be the very definition of highway robbery. Shame on you making me pay for your error.

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Michael from CT - 2 y 269 d ago


E-Zpass model of operation is taken directly from the dark times of the dark ages. Their policies reflect that.

They double my transport expenses by 2.5 -3 times.

E-Z causes traffic jams and delays at their piazzas.

E-Z cause additional congestions by redirecting traffic to critical bottlenecks, like northern section of FDR in Manhattan; they use expensive infrastructure, employ unproductive, costly cadres of employees and exhibit rude and intimidating behavior toward road users.

Should be abolished and replacing by less wasteful revenue mechanism

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