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1601 Willow Rd.
Menlo Park, CA
Mark Zuckerberg
Chairman and CEO
(650) 308-7300
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Omar - 36 m 49 s ago


Face book is fool off shit and don't let people have freedom of speech in any language

People posts all kinds of immorality and criminals crap but if you say the truth they close you account

Nothing more then communist democrat idiots

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MWF - 3 h 44 m ago


Facebook is RACEST towards White people and promotes hate towards the police and allow black hate groups to say and post whatever they choose

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Anonymous - 6 h 14 m ago

Facebook you really piss me off.

You keep blocking me, fuck you and the horses you came on. Yes it's me Geovani Arias. Fucking leftist mother fuckers.

Hope does beautiful people you love destroy your headquarter.

One day like everything else you'll be in the past.

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Anonymous - 6 h 31 m ago

Hello, I'm geovani Arias.

Why are you blocking me, this is the third time you have done it to me, who the fuck you think you are, fucking Lefties mother fuckers.

I'm supposed have my personal opinion okay

Im not in cuba Russia, we are a free society in america and you allow others to post nudety and violence on Facebook specially radicals instincts violence.

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Emanueli Manyasi - 14 h 43 m ago


You Facebook I don't believe you then please let me delete and block my Facebook account privately and my self but you prevent at the way I can't log, please hear me.

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No Name - 1 d 9 h ago

I can't log in to my Facebook account it keeps saying wrong password an when I go to forget password I can't log in to my account with any of the codes sent to me I'm very upset about this an feel like my account has been hacked

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dozerr us scam , my profile was hacked and I could not get back in ! Facebook was no help , this hacker sent thru messenger that I had paid a $1000 buck processing fee and got a $50.000 grant ! There is a BBB report on this IFC grant scam ! My niece sent me a screenshot of my name being used for this scam , some friends I was ab Facebook HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;2;1;7 Facebook PHONE NUMBER +1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;2;1;7 Facebook HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;2;1;7 Facebook PHONE NUMBER +1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;2;1;7 Facebook HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;2;1;7 Facebook PHONE NUMBER +1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;2;1;7 Facebook HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;2;1;7 Facebook PHONE NUMBER +1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;2;1;7 Facebook HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;2;1;7 Facebook PHONE NUMBER +1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;2;1;7 Facebook HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;2;1;7 Facebook PHONE NUMBER +1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;2;1;7 Facebook HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;2;1;7 Facebook PHONE NUMBER +1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;2;1;7 - 13 d 17 h ago

dozerr us scam , my profile was hacked and I could not get back in ! Facebook was no help , this hacker sent thru messenger that I had paid a $1000 buck processing fee and got a $50.000 grant ! There is a BBB report on this IFC grant scam ! My niece sent me a screenshot of my name being used for this scam , some friends I was ab

/ . /. /. /. /. /. /./././.

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Anonymous - 13 d 6 h ago

rodozerr us scam , my profile was hacked and I could not get back in ! Facebook was no help , this hacker sent thru messenger that I had paid a $1000 buck processing fee and got a $50.000 grant ! There is a BBB report on this IFC grant scam ! My niece sent me a screenshot of my name being used for this scam , some friends I was able to warn others no ! What's bad is Facebook not finding anything inappropriate, trying to scam people is not only inappropriate it's illegal , I have made a police report and sending a letter to Facebook , the FBI will be my next call to rep.,.,..,.

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Beth - 11 d 6 h ago


Me too. Facebook stole everything and when I sent in all my identification my bank account was hacked right after. Facebook is selling our identification. I filed a police report first days ago and it went to cyber crimes. It's like trying to fight city hall but whatever goes around comes around in spades. If I were Zuckerberg I'd be very very afraid afraid of the universe and karma. The asshole doesnt even know what's a comin. Amen

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Elizabeth Rawnsley - 4 d 13 h ago

Mark Zuckerberg is fully informed of the fraudulent behaviors of his own corporation and the federal agencies are at the rotten roots of silencing citizens of many facts for decades, about what it is that Trump is supporting. What has been supported and covered up by many politicians in power for decades? The U.S. Supreme Court Justices are surely aware of the illegal activities covered up by many media resources and attorneys, right here in Boston, MA. ( William Barr is surely one of the most corrupt and dangerous lead attorneys in this country that has ever been placed in power. )

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tommyjoefisher - 2 d ago


The same is happening to millions of Americans who are , Would you care to join our class action law suit ? If so please contact me


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tommyjoefisher - 2 d 39 m ago


We are planing a class action law suit against FaceBook . please contact me


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Anonymous - 6 d 8 h ago

The same thing has happen to me ! I have four facebooks profiles which I cannot Understand how this occurred I have reported it to Facebook support as of today nothing had been done about !

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Anonymous - 12 d 17 h ago

with fraudulent sellers who take money from people. Speaking to a lawyer after a seller took money and I received NO product. You have NO customer service open so your sellers SHOULD NOT be doing business as your company isn't ev., ., ., .,

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tommyjoefisher - 2 d ago


class action law suit , Please join us


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Anonymous - 12 d 4 h ago

immediately. I don't appreciate the suggestive middle finger avatar and I DO NOT support the multitude of 'Black everything' groups, I'm sick and tired of the reverse discrimination. Nothing in my history should trigger your algorithms to believe this is of interest to me. It's fully intended to be divisive and disparaging toward white people. Excuse me, White people. I've noticed Black is capitalized

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Anonymous - 11 d 6 h ago

opposite of what you state happened to you. I posted my opposition to mobs destroying American cities, disguised as "peaceful Demonstratpakapungaors". I asked this simple question; "how does destroying a hardware store in Raleigh, NC relate to a man dying

General profile image - 2 d 3 h ago


Well fb is blocking me from commenting. Go figure.

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The Brat - 2 d ago


You're blocked because you're not a Russian troll or bot hoping to rig our election or assassinate our soldiers. Decent people with valid viewpoints are often blocked by Facebook - perhaps they fear any common sense displayed would cut into their profits from bogus ads?

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Anonymous - 10 d 15 h ago

ok up there website it talks about Marxist ideology. Marxism is communism. So are you telling me your company is endorsing the advancement of a communist agenda in this democratic country? By standing with this ideology and endorsing it, you are endorsing the things they stand for a while it is the radical division of races, black nationalism (race superiority -ie racism), and the degradation of our constitutional and civil values as a free country. This is disgraceful and y'all need to do your research better before promoting highly oppressive political agendas at the cost an..,, .. . .., .

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Anonymous - 9 d 16 h ago

see I comment stuff that I see and you guys put me on 24 hour suspension because I spoke my mind that's free speech that's 1st amendment you let all the politicians put the krapp they put on their in the black lives matter put the krapp they put on there but yet I can't put what I want to put on Put on their I'm not violating any thing I'm just doing what everybody else is doing Mark Zuckerberg ye,.., ., . ..,

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Anonymous - 6 d 15 h ago

s gotten REDICULOUS!!!!!! how is referring a RAPIST looking like a Hoosier hate speech?!?!? but all of this politics and yankee and videos of people shooting people and fighting over their freedom. THAT THEY ALREADY HAVE ok to spread all over facebook?!?! take all the stupid bullshit down.. and make it back to plain and simple..facebook has gotten to be NOTHING BUT

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Anonymous - 5 d 17 h ago

acebook is destroying America. You ask for war you g

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Anonymous - 4 d 16 h ago

ame is Benjamin Mullins

The reason I'm righting is my acounts was hacked and that are sending my family messages saying I was going to get 6,000 for the covid19. And I would like my Facebook acount back,.,., ., ., .,,. .,

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Anonymous - 4 d 7 h ago

paign. 300 Facebook advertisers have begun a boycott on Facebook advertising. I now boycott all these brands. I believe in Freedom of Speech. I hate giving up Coke, but you just lost a customer. Never had a use for Target. Best Buy F them. Stop allowing the flea on the tail wag the dog. Starbucks - F them. Microsoft Corp - F them if I could Unilever - I'll use water Volkswagen - I'll buy Ford (regretfully) Mars - I'll give up diabetes Clorox - Who uses Clorox use OxiClean Conagra Brands - Who uses Birds Eye and Readi Whip Ford - Okay, I'll try a Chevy Honda - c.,

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Anonymous - 3 d 18 h ago

illiam White

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