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Friendly Ford Lincoln Mercury

4000 Eastern Blvd
Montgomery, AL
Boutin Smith
Chief Executive Officer
(334) 613-5000
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Samue and Donna Bacoulis - 52 d 13 h ago


Two weeks age our Ford Fusion shutdown on Rt. 34 in Orange. Two days before we received a callback letter regarding overheating of the engine cylinder head ((17S09/NHTSA Recall 17V-209). We called the dealership, Colonial Ford of Danbury, which we have gone to for the past 2 years. Stever Camada, our service rep. checked on the computer and suggested we get a tow to Crest Lincoln in Woodbridge which was about 4 miles away from us. So we called AAA and received a tow to said dealer. This was a very BIG mistake. As soon as we walked in and said we had a ford JTs attitude changed. He insisted, without even a diagnostic test that it wasn't the callback and even if it was he had no idea how long it would take him to get parts, it could be weeks. It was going to cost us $120/hour for a diagnosis. We asked him if he could give us a loaner car and he said that they did not give loaner cars to Ford owners, but there was a rental car place down the block. We called Steve and he suggested that when they did the diagnostic test to call him back. Well, after the test we were told it wasn't the callback and it would cost us for more diagostic testing on each of the 5 numbers the first test spit out. After Steve talked with JT, their service person, he said it sounded like the recall and if we could get the car to him he would take care of us. It was very clear that JT did NOT want to be bothered with a lowley Ford. We paid him $132 for the test and had our car towed to Danbury. Before we left JT called me back in and said his manager didn't want us to pay for the test and refunded our money. At least someone there had some common sense. I will never recommed anybody go to that dealership. He, JT, showed no respect.

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Vfrancis - 105 d 10 h ago

Hello, I have been trying to purchase a focus and fusion, keep getting turned down because of not credit score, my job and me, getting SSA,, I can pay for a note payments low payments not giving a person a chance, what do you have or who can ,I talk to on this matter, I work in school, and have a breathing problems. I rent this car both style like the cars very much. Too many time renting better to purchase, hope to purchase one of these vehicles please see what can be done so, I can be able to get around better for my job and education please thank you.

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cw417 - 1 y 255 d ago


I purchased my car (2014 FORD FUSION) at the friendly ford location in springfield mo. I noticed the drivers floor board constantly wet and mold had actually grown (prior to finding) I called them and they told me to drop my car off at the body shop. I did on wed 8/3. When doing so I was told they would call me in a couple days. Friday evening I didn't hear anything so I called to check the status. They told me they haven't found anything yet and they will look again on Monday or Tuesday. Tuesday around lunch time, I was in the area and noticed my car hadn't changed locations, so I called to check status again. I was told they had it on to look in the afternoon and they would call me that evening with what they find. Never heard from them. Again, I was in the area and my car still hadn't moved so I called today (wed). This time I was told the gentleman in the office was outside and the lady will get an update and call me back shortly. I never received a call. I understand being busy but this is excessive for a LEAK in the floor board. Then, when a business begins lying to customers countless times it becomes hard to trust them. I will be contacting BBB. I feel as though they are extending this so they do not have to mess with the small stuff. My family has bought 4 cars from friendly ford in the year prior and they will never get my business again.

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