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GameStop Corp.

EB Games, Micromania
625 Westport Pkwy.
Grapevine, TX
J. Paul Raines
(817) 424-2000
(817) 424-2002
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Rich - 38 m 18 s ago


Went to pick up a game that I pre-ordered and to find out store was closed , before I left looked on Game stop web page and that store was still open when I got there they were closed. Signed very dissapointed.

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Anonymous - 1 d 7 h ago


I'm very dissapointed in your company to know you are open on Christmas Eve so late in Bend Oregon. This is just unacceptable and I will never ever shop in your store again. Neither will anyone I work with. It's called greed and I guess that's all you care about. Money and not your employees.

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Anonymous - 9 h ago

i will never ever shop at your store again for being SO GREEDY

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Saravanan - 11 h 47 m ago


Gamestop is nice cheater, not refunding the item full and getting partial refund. I am filing a case against them for not refunding my money full

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Luis C - 1 d 11 h ago


GameStop falsely advertised a Cyber Monday deal. Online, the company indicated that a new 500g Slim PS4 was on sale for $199. When I received the product, I received a refurbished item. I called their customer support line multiple times and ventured into a store but unfortunately my issue was not rectified. All we received was a free one year warranty for the refurbished product, which is unacceptable.

This item was selling as a NEW at different stores (Target, Bestbuy, etc) during Cyber Monday. The reason why I chose GameStop and not a random competitor was because of the rewards program. I could had taken my money elsewhere and recieve a new item.

Crappy Phone support:



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Vicky C - 1 d 11 h ago


I ordered a game online on Cyber Monday. A week later I received an email stating that the order was cancelled (I used a GameStop giftcard to purchase). I called customer service that same day (I was n hold for about 45 minutes) and was told they would reinstate the orignal price and everything was taken care of. Two days later I still had not received a tracking number so I called back and once again was on hold for over 30 minutes. I was told that there may have been an issue with the gift card but it was taken care of and my order was placed. I waited two days and once again nothing so I called back on Friday. This tim customer service said they talked directly to the warehouse and everything was taken care of and I should receive a tracking number with 24 hours. Guess what? It is now Monday and still nothing. I am once again on hold. I will never, ever, order fromGameStop. I am also posting to social media.

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Anonymous - 1 d 12 h ago


Thank you for the fraud of charging my order and not sending me what I ordered. Your customer service team cant understand english since you outsorce, and now I get to file legal charges. Thanks for making me rich for just sitting on my ass. I have called 7 times and 7 times your team gas failed to properly process my order. It has been 5 weeks and I was promised my items by Dec. 5. So much for that.

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TJ Taylor - 5 d ago


I have been a customer of game stop since i was 12 years old and there was no problems but last week i tried to get a game for my xbox 360 but they gave me the right game but for the wrong system I took it back to them and asked for the right version of the game but they said I needed A id and it was a rated T for Teens game and I will never get nothing from game stop again and they just lost a good paying customer

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lin - 5 d 11 h ago


I have had the worst expierence with gamestop!! on cyber Monday spent 6 hrs trying to order a game online w gc. I had to call gamestop twice to see why my gc wasnt working. Was on hold 1 hr first call,1 hr and 40 mins on hold the second call. Finally I got a hold of an agent he was able to place the prder over the phone for me. I tried to do that the first time I called hours earlier but agent told me he couldnt honor sale price.. SO this agent placed my order. I used 3 $15 gc towards the $30.80 total. I recieved a confirmation email. When I tried using the remaining 14.20 balance on my gc , the website stated balance was zero. After a call to gamestop AGAIN the agent told me the remainder was placed on hold until order shipped. OK fine ... a week later the order still was processing. I called gamestop back after being on hold for an hour. This time the agent told me the gc and order was on hold due to insuffucient funds. HE then checked the gc balance and said there indeed was 3 $15 gc available and processed my order. He then said I would be able to use the remaning $14.20 right away. It is now 4 days later the item still hasnt shipped and the remaining amouny still isnt available!! I called gamestop again got disconnected after waiting 48 mins. I am now on hold AGAIN at this time.. This literally has been the worst expierence EVER !! ONce this is figured out if it ever will be I will definately think twice before ordering from gamestop !!

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Very disappointed i thie service - 13 d 7 h ago


The game stop located at: 2571 Town Center Blvd N, Sugarland tx 77479. The manager Mike is rude and has awful customer service skills. I will neber go their again. He is terrible!!!

Ps. The guy Jose who works their is nice. To bad he has to work with the rude guy Mike.

Went their because I wanted to exchange , refund or store credit for a Nintendo ds and a game I purchased 1 day and a half ago. He told me NO! I told him it was not working right and he said that once you opened it, I could not return it, and put it in the bag and gave me back the Nintendo ds and game. I asked if I could at least exchange it for an X box one and pay the difference, he said NO! I left and went to another game stop and they had no problem assisting me with a refund and store credit because they looked at receipt, and saw I only had it about one day or so. The new location will receive all my business and my family business as if now, we are never going back to this store until he is gone!

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nick - 6 d 6 h ago


This is the best

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Kevin - 6 d 9 h ago


Been waiting since August for a refund or replacement Nintendo DS for my son. Sent it in under warranty and it was deemed unreasonable. So option of refund or new system was offered. We said new system. Then gamestop lost it while trying to ship it. So we requested a refund. It's been 4 months and over 90 calls. Nothing. This is beyond unacceptable. Will never go through gamestop again. And we will get our refund somehow. Perhaps legal action is required.

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Ashleigh - 6 d 9 h ago


Ordered the xbox360 for the Black Friday offer where you were supposed to get the 60$ rebate card... ordered after midnight to get this offer however come to find out this apparently is supposed to be done after midnight central time from what the supervisor stated when I just called to complain to their corporate office. They refused to make things right even though on their website it does not state that you have to order after midnight central time... Agents were not able to explain how I got the Black Friday price but not eligible for the rebate only tried to keep giving me the number just just check the status of the rebate and is only an automated system so you can't even speak to a live agent at that number. Have shopped at GameStop for many years but I will never shop with them again and will also be making a complaint with the better business bureau...

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Needqualitycontrol - 7 d 51 s ago

Your product quality has slipped bad by the fact that you arent checking for broken games among the used and your staff tried 3 times to give me a non working copy and or make me pay for a new game at full price also lied about having spare cases for the game

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done w/ u - 7 d 13 h ago


Could not place an order all day, tried numerous time, keep getting error msg

went to best buy, place order in less than 4 minutes, cheaper than here!

screw you GS

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pissed off - 7 d 13 h ago


site sucks, tried placing order for 4 hours, keep saying error If you call home office, get same crap, and NO HELP>

going to best buy from now on

I am not begging anyone to spend 200 dollars................

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Gerry - 8 d 8 h ago


Order system online didn't work at all Black Friday weekend had to call in order 11-25-17. Waited 2 hours on hold. Order placed. Get email 9 days later says order was cancelled. I call them to see what the error was. They don't know, just an error. I explain to them when I was on hold for 50 minutes again i called the credit card company and nothing is wrong on there end with the card. So must be your mistake. They so oh no system says they declined you. Declined me or error? Story change. They now won't replace order and won't honor original prices. The credit card is one of theirs. They say not ours its a financial institution. They didn't put your companies name on the card because they like you right? Anything with your name on it means you have to take ownership if there is a issue. You fault or not. So now its 14 days to Christmas I have no order and they don't care. Nice. Word of mouth is your best way to get business and you don't realize that.

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Heather - 8 d 14 h ago


My husband was a lifelong GameStop customer before this November. Never will he ever shop at your stores every again. Such a rip off. I ordered a Switch and after the package was lost I tried to call GameStop customer service because UPS only updates the seller on the package investigation. I have been trying to contact you idiots for a week now and I'm no closer to speaking to someone than I was before. I've called three times (on hold each time for over 3 hours!!!!), I've emailed several times, I've taken to social media, and still nothing. I'm out of options, out of money that you stole from my bank account, and out of a Christmas present for my husband. Hard lesson learned, but you've just lost a very faithful shopper.

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Travis - 9 d 7 h ago

I want to know how we can get our money back? We placed an order over a week ago and was supposed to be delivered last monday and still hasn't arrived. This is just ridiculous!

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Limpy - 10 d ago


Your online ordering is just terrible I ordered my stuff on the like 12 days ago, it barely shipped 4, and it is continuously being held or postponed in Addison IL. I freaking live in Aurora. I spend a crap tone of money in store and you know what you guys have seriously lost a customer. I am officially just going to order on Amazon from now on the shipping is what is stated. You guys take way to long and I put in my order before that holiday alert. It literally took 8 days before the order was processed it remained open for 8 freaking days before it was even processed and shipped. I am like totally upset, I am not even going to purchase in store and I won't renew another membership after this. If I can give you guys zero stars I literally would.

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krYptOnItE - 10 d 11 h ago


Gamestop is a freakin rip off. Never again will I shop here online or step foot in another store! Absolute garbage customer service in any capacity. No need for details. Whether on the phone or in person. Just a joke. Website is trash, and Cyber Monday... lol was a disaster.

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meshoppa elsewhere - 11 d 10 h ago


Gamestop in Turtle Creek Mall - Employees admitted to taking any Funko Pop chases that come in, rather than allowing customers a chance at getting them. They bragged about it actually. They basixally said that the only way you could ever get one from their store is to pre-order 2 of them, and that they would "let" your second one maybe be a chase.

They also had last year's Black Friday mu=ystery box on clearance for 1/2 off. Great deal! Except it had been opened and someone very haphazardly tryed to wrap it back with heat and shrink plastic. It was quite pathetic. Actually both workeds who were in there around 3:30p on November 30, 2017 were quite useless and arrogant.

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mestillshoppa elsewhere - 11 d 10 h ago


that would be Turtle Creek Mall in Hattiesburg, MS

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Adam Albright - 12 d 6 h ago


I'm done with shopping at Gamestop. I ordered videos games for Christmas on Black Friday. First, multiple problems with the website. Finally, got my order in and paid with their gift card except $10. I placed the rest on my credit card. I received a confirmation email. I did not hear from them for several days. I looked at my account and it said that the order was still open. I received an email today, November 31, saying my entire order was cancelled. No warning... no email... no call! REMEMBER Christmas gifts. I called customer service to require about it. After waiting almost ONE AND A HALF HOURS to talk to someone, a representative finally answered. He left me on hold for several more minutes. He did not do anything for me. I asked for a superior and this lady got on the line after several more minutes. She wasn't even speaking into her phone because I could barely hear her. She said she could place my order but at today's prices. TOTAL BS!!!! I continued to talk to her and then she hung up. If this is how Gamestop is going to run their business, then I will never shop there again. I spend a lot of money on video games and other items and so do my sons and other family members. I will continue to tell others that I have conversations with not to go to Gamestop. Best Buy will match prices and so will other stores. Amazon usually has better prices then Gamestop. I always liked shopping at Gamestop but I am done. I tried to call the corporate office but they would not even answer my phone call.

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Frak GameStop - 12 d 7 h ago


Don't order anything from them, even if the order is cancelled they'll still process it and charge you and make it your responsibility to return it to a local location for a refund. Even if they make you late on payments that will directly effect your credit and prevent you from starting a business, they will not help you find a resolution. They give you the cooperate customer care fluff, you know empathize with the customer, kind of crap, but do nothing but make you responsible for their own mistakes. I was already moving towards digital downloads and buying online from other companies, but this was the final straw. I and anyone I know will not be shopping with GameStop or anymore, this is a perfect example as to why they are dying. Good riddance and won't miss you when your gone.

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