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GameStop Corp.

EB Games, Micromania
625 Westport Pkwy.
Grapevine, TX
J. Paul Raines
(817) 424-2000
(817) 424-2002
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Mike Plum - 4 d 14 h ago


FYI GameStop. I have called the Sebring,FLA. Store around 30plus times on my way there. Then I stood outside the store for the next 10mins calling just see if any of the employees would answer the phone which didn't happen because the phone service said they where busy. I went inside and ask who how many of them where working today and the two who had been in plain sight are the only ones there. I showed them

my phone call record of the 30+ calls and walked out. I've not done the call and drive there before but most of the time I call it says they are busy and call back. I can just imagine how much business your company looses do to this issue.

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Eric - 4 d 8 h ago


As reprehensible as my former employer is I feel you may the victim of technical difficulties rather than employee misconduct. There are several things that can cause what you described while leaving the employees totally unaware that you had called at all.

1) Gamestop stores have conference calls. These are done through tablets where I worked but if there was an internet issue or something they could still be done by phone as they used to be. If the store only has one line -some do- this would tie up the phones anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour.

2) There could be an issue with the phones themselves. Store 4934's phones would occasionally go out they could *make* calls but any incoming calls just got a busy signal whether the phone was in use or not. This isn't something the store can fix and I don't know if they ever tracked down the source of the problem.

3)The phone company could have screwed the number up. Though it only lasted for *only* about four months my store used to get calls which were supposed to go to Little Ceasar's. We occasionally had people call us and end up being pissed off because we couldn't take their pizza order over the phone. You know, being a video game store and all.

4) If the store is busy enough people may have to be put on hold. This might also generate a busy signal. And this is also something that can change in a matter of moments- a store can be packed one moment and literally empty two minutes later.

5) the phone could have been improperly hung up. I used to accidentally do this all the time (but we had two lines), just because of where the phone was sitting and what was around it it wouldn't end up seated correctly.

I'm assuming you had the right number and were calling the right store. Yes it most certainly is possible that the employees just didn't want to answer the phone- I don't think it's likely but it is possible. It's *more* likely from the little information you provided that what happened is not the fault of those employees after all.

And besides- they have to work for *GameStop*. This means they have enough problems already.

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Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis - 134 d 7 h ago


Hi I am contacting Game Stop in all ways possible trying to get in contact with someone who can help me out. I am interning at the Boys and Girls Club of Corvallis, Oregon. One of the curriculums we have put together is called the Boys 2 Men Program. This is a social emotional learning group for middle school aged males, and those who identify as males, to have a safe space to talk and ask questions about the tough transitions they are going through. As part of a reward system, I am trying to see if this company would like to donate a PlayStation Console and possibly some games as a reward to these young men.

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Anonymous - 130 d ago

Did you get a response?

Flagged for review. 
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Lee - 101 d ago


You'll do better approaching Walmart or Target for something like this. Your local store manager can handle it. Gamestop is not charitable.

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Eric - 4 d 9 h ago


GameStop *is* charitable- selectively. There are certain charities GameStop participates in but nothing on the local level. We used to get four or five such requests per year and sometime we'd just save them time and say 'no' but most often we'd send them up the ladder so someone higher up could say 'no.'

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Eric - 4 d 9 h ago


Unlikely. But not impossible. That sort of thing would be handled at the corporate level (not store) and likely you'd need to go all the way up to a regional manager (or 'leader' as they like to style themselves these days) if not higher. And at that, provided they bother to get back to you, the most likely outcome will be some corporate doublespeak which takes several paragraphs to say 'no.'

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Former customer @$$holes - 74 d ago

Worst experience ever. Sent an email and no one responded. Done with this company. They can go out of business tomorrow and I wouldn't care. They have changed so much. They can take a stick n shove it up their @ss. I feel like going in the store and tearing sh!t up. Maybe then they will respond. Probably not. Customer service is not a strong point for them.

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Eric - 4 d 9 h ago


I must disagree- and I feel that tearing up a store just because you've seen a youtube video of someone doing it is not a wise idea. It might be satisfying but a free ride in a police car is likely to be less so.

You must understand, GameStop's primary concern isn't you, it's your money. For this reason all of the stores that I personally have worked at have tried to maintain good relations with their customers. Some of us generally cared, some of us just cared about the store's numbers but it all came out the same in the end- we helped our customers as best we were able and tried to keep them happy where possible. I know of stores were this is not always the case, and I'm given to understand that the store I worked has now become one. But as far as the company is concerned, customer service -at least in stores- *IS* a high priority.

Understand, I hate, loathe and despise GameStop because of what the did to me as an employee. I would be happy to see everyone DM and above die horribly and the company's name become a curse. BUT. Bad customer service- and I was a customer before I was an employee and spent thousands of dollars each year there- simply is not a problem I experienced. Yes there were some customers we just couldn't provide with a pleasant experience- some people wanted us to do the ridiculously unreasonable, some people overheard things and took them out of context, some people heard things they wanted to hear instead of what the employee actually said, some people just came in with a chip on their shoulder. And yes, sometimes even employees can be sick or having a bad day and say something unfortunate. I could tell stories. 13 years worth of stories. But I and the employees I worked with tried to make our customers happy and on the whole succeeded. The *company* couldn't have cared less as long as the money kept coming in but *we* cared.

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Anonymous - 46 d 4 h ago

Placed a order at the galesburg store for a xbox fortnite package and it arrived only for them to sell it to someone else before I got there. Tried contacting corporate and recieved the run around. No more for me ordered off Amazon.

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Eric - 4 d 9 h ago


Most likely an accident; the manager receiving the shipment didn't check the shipping to see if it was pre-ordered. Or else the employee who sold it didn't check the on-hand quantity vs pre-orders. OR the 48 hours that the store guarantees they'll hold the item had expired and the DM had informed the store that they weren't allowed to hold it any longer. I've seen that happen too. *We* called our customers when something came out though- most stores don't.

I recommend Amazon over GameStop most highly- and not just because I work for them now. BUT- Amazon has been known to take over reserve items -take pre-orders they aren't going to be able to fill- and have to issue refunds. GameStop has a good track record of actually getting the pre-ordered items to the store. After that, though...

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Jeanne Hagedorn - 28 d 6 h ago


Very disappointed after being a loyal customer for years and spending thousands of dollars in your store. My son purchased a pre-owned D's a week ago only to have the screen crack. I'm thinking there was a hair line crack to begin with. Warranty was purchased. Upon taking the item back, they say only internal damage is covered then said looks like excessive wear. Really, even thought terms and agreement they could have replaced the system. Instead they hurried to give warrant money back. I think they really should make this right.100.00 dollars of his hard earned money down the drain

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Eric - 4 d 9 h ago


Things like cracked screens and damaged hinges are considered wear and physical damage which is not covered by either the 30 day warranty or the one or two year product replacement plan. But different stores have different standards. At mine, when I worked for the company (until January 2019) we conducted ourselves as if that type damage WAS covered and allowed returns outside of policy. But we weren't supposed to. It was just that our store manager decided we were going to take care of our customers.

Your hairline crack theory is unlikely- I worked for GameStop for 13 years and while anything is of course possible I never once saw what you mention. The screens just don't crack that way; its either obvious or not present. Almost certainly your son is responsible for the damage.

That said, it may well be possible that you were *led to believe* that that kind of damage was covered in the warranty. I have heard employees -even store managers upon occasion- claim that it is even though it isn't. If you were officially informed by an official agent (an employee) of GameStop that this was the case then GameStop is obligated to honor it- this time. Otherwise it would be false advertising. And if that store won't work with you, try another one if that's possible.

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lindsey - 125 d 22 h ago

This letter is in regards to my down right awful and chaotic order that was placed with on December 26, 2018. My nephews were in town and I was going to buy them a Nintendo Wii at the Gamestop store near my house, but when I reviewed available items online, a system bundle was offered at a good rate and was only available online so I purchased it and paid for one day shipping so that it would be received in a timely manner. This was supposed to be a bundle of the console and 3 games and shipped together and I contacted the seller for three hours two days after the initial purchase when i noticed emails stating that items were all shipped separately. I had to call 4 different times because employees and managers kept hanging up on me. I tried explaining that I had paid for one day shipping to which I had not received half of my order yet. I spoke with supervisors and I was supposed to be refunded for my shipping and I still have not been refunded from them even after calling 3 times again weeks apart afterwards. The phone operators were all extremely rude and they told me to go through PayPal and dispute the charges. The original order that I placed online is nothing like what they are shipping to me half of the order the products were not as described and the remainder of the order was supposed to be canceled so that I could pick it up in store instead and UPS was supposed to be contacted by the seller but they refused to. I told them I wanted a refund for that part of the order and then instead of a refund they have gone and charged me another charge that I did not authorize. My phone calls to the seller were ineffective. The representatives are very rude and kept directing me to different topics and lies as to what was happening. Every person gave me a different answer and all I wanted was my product within one day because I was trying to get this as a present for my nephews before they left out of town so I told them that I wanted this order canceled so I can go in store instead. I tried calling again on January 10 and was put on hold to a supervisor and was on hold for about 15 minutes when I hung up called back I was told the system was being updated and that they didn't know when they would be ready and got my number and tried to say that they would call me back but as of now I still have not received one phone call back from any staff member, still haven't been issued a refund and have been told four times that I've been refunded and I was charged instead back on December 28 for some other random amount. I honestly want the full order refunded for their inability to provide

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Glenda - 124 d 7 s ago

They will not all back. I am still waiting and it has been close to a month. Please put out a complaint to the BBB, Attorney General and The Consumer Report.

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Glenda - 124 d 1 s ago

*They will not call back. I am still waiting and it has been close to a month. Please put out a complaint to the BBB, Attorney General and The Consumer Report.

Flagged for review. 
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Lee - 101 d ago


For all that typing and detail, all you needed to do was call your credit card company or bank and have it charged back. They will never question it when you haven't received items or receive wrong items.

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Gina - 26 d 5 h ago


Lee do you work for gamestop?

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Eric - 4 d 9 h ago


The so-called 'blast from the past' bundles almost NEVER ship with the games. This is because GameStop uses an approach they call 'ship from store' where instead of going to a central warehouse the orders are sent to actual stores who theoretically have the items in stock. Then -providing the overworked employees have time and the item is actually available and not on hold or damaged or an inventory discrepancy or something- the item is found, packaged and shipped. And providing they didn't screw up the labeling and have the package shipped back to them or UPS -as UPS does- delivered the package to someone completely different the item will arrive- usually sooner than estimated in my experience. But things being what they are a bundle consisting of a system and 4 games, say, could be shipped from five separate stores. Sometimes, however, the stores can't get to the SFS orders and they'll just sit in the system until local midnight at which time the order goes to a different store.

I never liked SFS. It was already overworked employees doing warehouse work so the company wouldn't have to pay for a warehouse to maintain a stock. It makes financial sense- but stores were given neither extra hours nor pay to do this. It's the same every time GameStop adds in some new service- employees are given rudimentary training- and if they're lucky time to do the training in-, but no additional resources. In fact, hours usually end up being cut.

Not good for customer service.

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Homer W. - 21 d ago

Drove 70 miles with my 5 year old so he could purchase a game. He chose Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek. We purchased the game and left. It asn't until we got home hours later that we realized they had given us the XBOX ONE disc not the PS4! My son was heart broken that he couldn't play his game. I asked if I sen the game back if they could mail me the proper one. The manager, A very rude and inattentive person informed me that I would have to bring the game in. I said I have to make a 140 mile round trip because your employee messed up? He apologized by saying , sorry it was a mistake, they happen. I was livid. I asked if he wanted me to bring the phone in the other room so he could hear my son crying over not getting the right game. He told me he would make some calls and call me back before they closed, he did not. I called the contact number and got some guy who couldn't even speak English who ended up just giving me the stoes number! This is the last time I purchase anything from these lazy, swindlers. They should be ashamed for their reactions and attitudes towards "mistakes". Your job is to not make mistakes and rectify them for the wronged individual. Not Game Stop, they will gladly rip off a 5 year old on his birthday and not give a crap. Boo! Worst store and employees ever. I wish I could give them negative stars. I will never step foot in another game stop and I'll make sure none of my family and friends do either. Horrible..

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Anita Rayer - 8 d 24 h ago


Agreed! WORST customer service!!!

Not worth the hassle.

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James - 6 d 10 h ago

So...return it to any store and have them ask that store to ship it to your local store. There is no way for a store to mail you a game. They'd need to use their own funds and if it's lost there are no guarantees. It's not a reasonable request and you should have called corporate for help.

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Eric - 4 d 9 h ago


I hate, loathe and despise GameStop because of the disgraceful and dishonorable way they treated me when I was employed. HOWEVER... Gamestop CAN'T mail you a copy of the correct game. There just isn't any way to do it. Yes, they screwed up. But those things actually DO happen. They certainly did at my store and -while I was there anyway- we earned awards for our customer service. Now we did everything we could to fix those mistakes when they came up- most of the times our customers were understanding and most of the time we refunded a percentage of the purchase price as a form of apology and when that wasn't sufficient we kicked the matter upstairs to see if the company would let us do anything else -at which point we'd have to wait on the DM to get back to *us*. Sometimes this happened, sometimes it didn't. But we always did whatever the company would allow us (and sometimes things it technically wouldn't) to keep our customers happy, especially when we screwed up.

But mailing a game to a customer simply would not have happened. They might *possibly* have ended up getting the game for free (complete refund) but they still would have had to come back into the store to do it.

In conclusion, my personal experience -at stores I've worked at- is that GameStop has excellent customer service. But please, please, PLEASE, for the love of all that is holy, do not shop there. If you have a good home store, the employees will genuinely care about your happiness and well being- but above them, all the company cares about is getting your money.

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Anita Rayer - 8 d ago


Went online to purchase a $40 GameStop digital gift card for a friend's bday. GameStop sent FIVE emails stating the transaction could not go through bc my bank declined the transaction. After speaking to my bank, I discovered the $40 transaction had been approved TWICE and the funds had been paid TWICE.

When I finally got connected to a GameStop customer service representative (clearly outsourced overseas), the 'supervisor' was RUDE, chauvinistic, and unprofessional. He refused to understand that GameStop took the money...TWICE...and he suggested I simply forget about the online purchase and drive to the store. He couldn't care less.

I will NEVER invest another dime or second of my time toward GameStop, unless it is to warn others...DON'T BOTHER; NOT WORTH THE HASSLE!!!

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Zamar Lomax - 11 d 23 h ago


Hi,my son has a very good idea to increase the sales at Gamestop.

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