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GameStop Corp.

EB Games, Micromania
625 Westport Pkwy.
Grapevine, TX
J. Paul Raines
(817) 424-2000
(817) 424-2002
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A CUSTOMER - 3 d 20 h ago


Gamestop needs to look at how they place orders on hold for pick up. I put a game on hold for pick up in a city about 25 minutes away from me but did not get notification that it was ready until 7:30 pacific time and it was on sale but by the time i would have driven the store would have been closed so i went the next day to pick it up to find out that they were no longer going to sell it to me for the same price because the promotion ended the day i put the game on hold but there was no way for me to get it the same day and they do nOt let you pay for it in advance before pick up. the process is broken and they do NOT have integrity. PEOPLE MAKE SURE IF YOU HAVE A SALE PRICE THAT YOU DON'T WAIT FOR PICK UP BECAUSE THEY WILL SCREW YOU AND THEY DONE CARE EVEN IF YOU HAVE BEEN A LOYAL CUSTOMER... I WILL TRY TO TAKE MY BUSINESS ELSEWHERE AND USE THEM WHEN THEY HAVE SALES FOR WALMART OR BEST BUY TO PRICE MATCH THEM SO I DONT GIVE THEM ANYMORE OF MY MONEY.

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Anonymous - 2 d 5 h ago

Walmarts stopping price match due to people like you. Good luck buddy. Maybe take a breath and think about how you approached the situation.

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

Walmart stopped price matching a year ago, BUT will only match it if it's through Some times people save as much as $30 on products in the store. USE THE APP! :D

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Disgusted - 4 d 6 h ago


A local store is holding merchandise they KNOW is stolen and all they are trying to do is sell it back to the owner. Called customer service to ask about their policy. At first there was stunned silence and then was told it's up to us to file a police report and then they can go to the store and get it back for free. Really?

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CanadianGamer - 5 d 5 h ago


Gamestop is going through the same growing (shrinking) pains just like the "video rental" stores of days gone by (ie Blockbuster). They need to do something to survive. I can't understand why it isn't clear. With the huge rise of board games, Gamestop is poised to take full advantage of this. And they seem to be trying, but are predominantly bringing in crappy pop-branded versions of Monopoly, Life, Risk, etc. They need to talk to some board game experts about bring in real quality board games (many fall into the pop-culture niche that is a perfect match to Gamestop customer base). They need staff that are fluent in board games. Between board games, video games and the ThinkGeek pop culture paraphernalia, they could pull through these trying times when buying video games online is much easier than going to Gamestop. (Also, I don't buy new physical video games at Gamestop anymore, because the trade in value is crap. There's no other reason to buy game discs anymore, so Gamestop might consider changing their trade in system to be a bit more attractive).

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jessie james - 5 d 6 h ago


some game stop employees have an attitude problem

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JM - 6 d ago


Pre ordered the PS4 Pro God of War edition with a release date of April 20, 2018. It is now June and after they claim to have tried to ship it twice, I still don't have the system that I've paid for. Customer service continues to give me the run around on where it may be, and even with a refund I can no longer order it from another supplier as the system has sold out everywhere. Hands down the worst experience I've had with GameStop and will shop elsewhere going forward.

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Dan - 9 d 18 h ago


Haven't been able to log into my account for three months. Only response from customer service did not solve the problem. Submitted two more requests and heard nothing.

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Rod - 10 d 4 m ago


Game stop has terrible service in five points west in Birmingham al they closes a hour early and then got a attitude with me

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Fuck Gamestop - 33 d 6 h ago


I bought a PS4 from Gamestop and in less than 6 months it "broke" and I am no longer able to even sign on. After being on the phone with playstation customer support for over an hour and a half they said to contact Gamestop. Call them to have them say it'll be a five minute wait. No problem right? Well 15 minutes later they answer and tell me they can't do anything at all. Fuck this place and Playstation. They sold me a broken PS4 and it didn't totally break until now, 6 months after I purchased it so now I have to pay $100 or buy a new one. Fucking lovely.

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Ivanka smith - 23 d 20 h ago


You broken you paid . Hello you think after six months they going to exchange please...all consumers they need to know stores they're no responsable for defect from the manufacturer or broken or bad used by the client.. Only if the customer buying a insurance get fixed but no for free . Go to the school please

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GET A LIFE!!!!! - 11 d 3 h ago


stupid fuck, most of your post seem to be written by a 7 year old.. LMFAO

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Anonymous - 12 d 19 m ago

Dean leffew elite pro member

Account number (hidden)674

I have been a loyal GameStop customer since 2002 17 long years I would appreciate being treated like a valued elite pro long-term member..

My problem is I made 39 entries in the sweepstakes for the razor game room setup & this is why we never hear about people winning the sweepstakes cuz gamstop is ripping people off their entries in the form of rigging the entries & breaking the law I used all my PowerUp Rewards points for the sweepstakes & all my entries went through fine except I made two 2,000 Point entry it should have gave me 15 entries per 2,000 points spend and it only gave me 1 entry, over the past 8 days I have emailed you guys multiple times and have gotten no response besides a computer-generated greeting, until recently and it's been two days and I still have heard nothing I have called GameStop customer service just to wait 30 minutes then get put on hold indefinitely to which I had to call back just to get no help because of no offense corporate bull crap!!! so I did a little research and it turns out there are laws for doing a sweepstake on your GameStop main page for the Razer sweepstakes it says and I quote* no purchase necessary to enter or win in the Game Stop PowerUp Rewards Razer gaming room sweepstakes* then you contradict yourself in the upper right hand corner of the page saying and I quote

*To Enter Purchase any Razer product or digital PC game in-store or online

or Use your PowerUp Rewards points to enter for a chance to win!

So I asked you how do I get the same number of entries without making a purchase???, cuz you charged me to enter the sweepstakes when you asked me to use my PowerUp Rewards points I earned those points and considering that they're not good for much anymore cuz you guys did a way with physical merchandise sweepstakes are the only thing I can use them towards anyways I digress

When you read sweepstakes rules, you'll see these terms come up regularly: "no purchase necessary" or "no purchase necessary to enter or win". This seems strange when the goal of any giveaway is to increase business for the company that's sponsoring it. Wouldn't it be more effective for companies to only give away prizes to people who buy their products?

Making a purchase to enter a giveaway is also known as "consideration." What does consideration mean? In sweepstakes terms, consideration is simply exchanging something of value for a prize, or for a chance of winning a prize. In the United States, sweepstakes that award prizes by chance cannot require any consideration or they will be in violation of the law..

No Purchase Necessary Meaning & The Law. If your company is running a contest or sweepstakes, you can't ask entrants to purchase something as a means of entry. And if your company isn't a non-profit, you cannot run a raffle. unless you're the government, it's illegal to run a lottery.

Let me tell you what I've gotten for being a long-time loyal GameStop customer I've gotten screwed I've entered I can't count how many sweepstakes and won nothing every time I email you guys or call you with concerns or advice it's a headache & hassle you guys are so caught up in self-interest and greed that you don't see what you're doing to your customers when Gamestop first came out I would recommend that place to anyone and now I feel like it's became something unrecognizable it's not the store I fell in love with anymore, as much as I've had to go through to try and fix your guyses error with the sweepstakes so I can get a fair shot at it, I feel after all of that I deserve to win that sweepstakes, but knowing the way the world is someone's going to get it that don't need it, instead of someone that deserves it like me..I don't know much about the law but I was thinking about contact my family lawyer to see if I have some kind of case here I feel hurt and betrayed by a company I've grown to love.

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Kashia Grover - 12 d 48 m ago


I called customer service. gave her my shipping order, my billing address, name & phone numver. She told me it was all incorrect. Yet i was looking at it through an email they sent me of my shipping confirmation/reciept. It was $77 including the tax/shipping & etc. & my bank transactions told me you took $103. I am beyond furious. (Rewrote it with better information)

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Kashia - 12 d ago


Legit you guys stole money from me. I called gamestop that i ordered from - i gave all my information that was on the fucking email i got from you guys confirming my order & she told me it was incoreect. I AM FURIOUS.

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Anna - 35 d 19 h ago


I checked my bank account last Saturday morning to find that a 50$ gift card had been purchased from Gamestop. I am a 44 year old woman that has absolutely no reason to purchase a PlayStation gift card when my 18 year old son owns an Xbox one. I called customer service and was told that as long as the charge was still pending on my account that I could not dispute it. I called back once the charge was posted and then was told it is a policy that I cannot dispute a charge at all. I will not allow my son to ever do business with this company again! If this is your way of stealing people's money you're a terrible company!

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Been there. - 15 d ago

Dispute the charge with your bank. They will do the work for you, and you'll get your money back.

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Chantry - 17 d ago


Just had a worker lie to me about testing the functionality of phones telling me it would take 30 mins per phone while recently I've been here previously selling them electronics. I'm sorry I came in 10 mins before closing asking you to do your job. I'm sorry I tried giving my business to the Cadillac store on the evening of 6/7/18

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Kayla - 32 d 44 m ago

I have tried to return a brand new nintendo Switch that I bought from Gamestop and I have tried 4 different stores and they all "dont have enough cash" to do the return! Then they aren't "allowed" to put it back on my card that I bought it with! Completely ridiculous and to go around to all 4 stores two days in a row is uncalled for! Gamestop will sure TAKE YOUR MONEY but WONT RETURN IT FOR A BRAND NEW UNUSED SYSTEM!

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Ivanka smith - 23 d 20 h ago


Why you are so stupid buy with you are totally brokeFirst check you credit card idiot hahaha no body play game everyone they are for make money work at the same time .time is money and you lady make mistake try to be smart returned in 4 different place plz have a life .

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khaos alpha - 19 d 6 h ago

This is insulting

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Anonymous - 20 d 10 h ago

Highly disappointed customer, Madison Al. store: Purchased "Sea of Thieves", back in Feb. 18 and didn't receive my bounce code which should have been printed out on the receipt. Aimee was the one who provided the receipt on the day of pickup 21 Mar. 18. After discovering that I never received my bounce 2 weeks ago I contacted Store Manager Tim who said he would contact corp. for answers. Finally got tired of waiting so I went back to the store to talk to them. Before that I called to get this corrected and Aimee gave me a false code and lied to me that playing the game would help me to earn the bounce pack. LOL Next She told me to contact Microsoft to help get the code fixed?....WHY? I purchase the game from GAMESTOP! Which won't ever happen again at that store!!! They continue to give me the run-around because they did not know what they were doing nor truly want to help me. After hours dealing with their lies and frustration, I decided to go to another GameStop store. After explaining the problem I had a printed copy of the receipt I should have received with the bounce code in 3 mins. Thank goodness all stores are not created equal. The Madison store needs some serious training and personnel changes since they don't know how to deal with customers properly. They lost my business!!! Sincerely Mark Zull, (hidden)

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Some guy - 21 d 15 h ago


If their tradein policy was even just mediocre, I would be happy with the company, but are terrible and doing trade in's. You buy a game for $50 and they give you $10 if you want to trade it in? Wow... Not worth it in any regard. Their return policy isnt very customer oriented, but oh well. That's why we have Wal-Mart! Wal-Mart will people these people out of business soon.

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Ivanka smith - 23 d 19 h ago


My vacation was fantastic specially because i found all my products in one store game stop . At the location bayside market.. im very impressed the store very organized clean and The employees males very educated and very sociable very professional to selling to the customer fast and excellent honest job. .......the only issue was a lady her name Giovanna (gio) Barcia. District mentor at game stop store horrible disgusting and rude lady I written this negative part about her because I don't like people using the power of of position to abuse and humiliation the poor employees in front to the customer. I'm a customer

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Enrico - 31 d 9 h ago


GameStop North Versailles PA phone number (hidden) address 15137 Greensburg Ave. I called Yesterday about employment and Got the Most ignorant disrespectful Store Manger I've ever come in contact his name is Greg He was very disrespectful First put me on Hold for Over 10min. Also When I talked to him He cut me off and told me they weren't Hiring which is funny because I had my computer on looking at the Now Hiring Postions. So This GameStop Told Me in order to be hired you must be a regular and purchase merchandise everyday and have a GameStop Elite Pro account and a Game informer magazine subscription. So I did all of this and guess what I don't have a Job I've spent 1,000 or more dollars in GameStop and this is how this one treats its Customers and Customer service does nothing it's just a number to call for Nothing. On Hold for over BS. I don't Recommend this Place To NO ONE.

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Ivanka smith - 23 d 20 h ago

With this attitude you mosquite brain never going to get any job and any company . You think so because you bought and spend money in game stop . You need to be hired no way .

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