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GameStop Corp.

EB Games, Micromania
625 Westport Pkwy.
Grapevine, TX
J. Paul Raines
(817) 424-2000
(817) 424-2002
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Hurrying for Nothing!!!! - 1 d 6 h ago


Just drove back hurridly into Alexandria Virginia from Maryland to the Gamestop on Duke arriving 8 minutes before the website's posted closing time; only to be refused! I am livid because there was ample staff just standing around talking. My son used the site to locate his game selection and found the games at this particular store. He had a coupon that he was attempting to use, that expires today. I personally called the store and asked why they refused admittance into the store and they stated that sometimes they close at 6:30 vice 7pm like the web site says. It seems as if Gamestop 's Corporate Office would ensure some consistency in operations and the information on their website. This is such an inconvenience!!!!

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Very disappointed - 3 d 18 h ago

I recently bought a Nintendo Wii U used on the 29th of December. In the Mansfield Tx GameStop by Debbie lane. I went to turn it back in last night and the guy asked me for a receipt I told him I didn't have it just give me the trade in value. Which I have done this before. He asked if I had an account, I said yes. So he pulled up my account and told me the account is showing I bought the console December 4th I said I had bought one December 4th but returned it however I just bought this one two weeks ago and the store manager was standing there and she admitted to seeing me but the console on the date. However she still kept telling me it's been more than 30 days and they can only give me a gift card. This confused me and made no sense. Especially when not long ago a worker there told me I could bring in my broke XBox and et cash for it, but they would not give me cash for my Wii U that I just bought 2 weeks ago. It really aggravated me further that the store manager kept saying well it's the store policy over and over again even after she admitted that she knew I just bought the console, yet treated me like I stole it or was trying to swindle Game Stop. I frequent this store often and I bought the console for my 8 yr old son who no longer needs it because he will no longer be living with me. This was an experience I will never forget.

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Glenn - 1 d 9 h ago


Your an idiot. Holding onto your receipt would of solved your whole train wreck of an experience. But let's Gamestop fault you lost your receipt too, isn't it?

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Debbie - 4 d 14 h ago

Dear corporate headquarters. Telling your employees not to answer phone all day while putting out stock is just wrong. I will be purchasing my game needs over the internet in the future. Saves me a 30 mile round trip to risk finding that you may not have what I needed. I called the store while in the store and employees ignored it still. An empty store except for me and two employees. And walked out the door as an ex customer. You are the only game in town..But this is a very poor customer service policy! And I will no longer give you my money.

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Rob McGee - 6 d 11 h ago


My Wife took our

Xbox 360 (250gb HDD) console along with the Kinect and 18 Games of various Titles. I am appalled by the ridiculous prices you give for used equipment and games. 16.00 for an Xbox360 Console:? 2 cents for some games and 8 bucks for GTAV, etc. I nor anyone that I know that have shopped at your Stores in Portland, Oregon Metro area will NOT be shopping there again. Ever.

Feeling TOTALLY Ripped off

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Anonymous - 6 d 15 h ago


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Anonymous - 6 d 12 h ago



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Nando - 6 d 15 h ago

Horrible customer service I've been waiting on a refund since Dec 8 and nothing I've been calling since November 23 trying to talk to a super visor I get hung up on and every time I called i wait on the line for over an hour in half and it seems like they don't care there super visor is always taking a call when I ask to speak with them I leave my call back number and never get a call back

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Never again - 7 d 13 h ago


My son has been saving his money to buy mafia III. We went to gamestop to buy the game. They didn't have a used one so he had to get a new game. He paid 53.00 for this game. Once we got home, he tried it out and found out it wasn't what he thought it would be. So he kept his receipt and wanted to get another game for the same price. This rude ass guy at the register look at the receipt and said he can get an 18.00 store How and why????? He said bc we got it new and he can't sell it new. Well duh I know you can't sell it new but you sure can put it back on the self as pre owned for the same price and I just looked it up. GameStop is a big ripoff

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Flame gang - 7 d 12 h ago


Your rite i jus had this same experience. Told me they dont refund brand new games. But will give a pre ownstore credit. I say i should have brought it use. I didn't like tha 50 dallor game wanted to trade. Store manger say hes nt goin to return it. An said y i jus dont take 20 for game as a trade. I told him how about i jus. Woop your ass....i was maf. An he jept my receipt!

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fed up customer - 10 d 16 h ago


This is a very unprofessional company no one gets to talk to any one about there orders. Or refunds. I purchased 3 games that I never received. They never sent them out to me. It looks like when orders are placed online you guys send nothing or half the orders keeping our money. I'm not going to stand for this your getting over on the customers

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ANNOYED - 11 d 15 h ago


Your customer service is TERRIBLE!!! I have emailed them THREE different times! I have called many times but never got a chance to speak with a REAL person! I stay on hold for the longest time! My order never got delivered to my house because it said my address was "undeliverable". After it was sent back I NEVER got refunded my money! My order was a Christmas present for someone but unfortunately she has yet to get her game.

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FedUp - 12 d ago


Your customer service is awful. I've canceled my order and won't be giving GameStop another dime. After holding for over an hour to speak with customer service and being disconnected more than once I finally got through to someone who didn't have the slightest idea what to do or how to communicate with another human being. It is impossible to contact management and they don't answer emails. It is crystal clear that GameStop could care less about their customers. Don't waste your money on them!

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Game Stop Are You Listening????? - 12 d 3 h ago


Based on these reviews plus our experience of being ROBBED by Game Stop we will NEVER shop there again! We bought a $50 gift card at our local store for our nephew's Christmas present. Imagine our embarrassment when he went to use it and he was told there was no money on it! Imagine our frustration when it took 45 minutes on hold the first time we called Game Stop customer service, being told it would be resolved in 3 business days, and it wasn't. No phone call. No email. No nothing. Imagine our disbelief when we had to wait 1 hour and 5 minutes on hold the second time we called and talked to a girl who could not take our last name down properly even though it's a very common name containing only 7 letters. It took both my husband and myself over 10 attempts, enunciating each letter loudly, with long pauses in between each letter, using alphabet code for each letter, before she got it right. Who knows if she really got it right!

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mimizz - 19 d ago


I bought a game stop card for my grandson for Christmas. My account was charged on 11/28/16.

On 12/27/16 he went to the store to use the card and was told there was 0 balance. I called customer service, and after a 1:24 min wait, talked to a person, who spoke so fast, I could not understand a word she said. I explained my problem, and after another wait, she informed me that the card had been used on the 22nd of Dec. That is strange, since he did not get it until Christmas day, Then she told me there would have to be a 3 day investigation. I said NO I wanted this resolved today(12/27). I then asked to speak to a supervisor. After a 30 min hold, I was hung up on. I called back and spoke with them again, and was told my card would be credited and in my bank on 12/28. I checked today and NO CREDIT. Called back tonight, and waited 1:45. Told the CSR what I needed, she didn't acknowledge me at all, and I was hung up on AGAIN!!!!!! I have sent a letter( the old fashioned kind) to Corporate offices in TX. Hope to get something resolved. Hope no one else has had this luck!

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Anonymous - 18 d ago


I purchased 2 $30.00 Xbox gift cards and one was activated and one was not. When my sons tried to use the cards, only set of the gift cards would work. I contacted GameStop and was told I could bring it into the store and exchange the cards for new ones. Well, I got there and they said that the system would not let them return the gift cards and to contact Microsoft. I contacted Microsoft support and they looked and said the gift cards were inactive and needed to be activated by the store. I had Microsoft on speaker phone at GameStop and the GameStop reps were arguing with the Microsoft rep and telling him that it was not their problem and they needed to activate the cards on their side, But the only way to activate the gift cards is at the register. The GameStop reps would not even try to rescan the barcode to activate it and did not want to give their names or the manager names. So, now I have spent $30 and still no gift cards I can use! I will definitely be contacting corporate and the district manger because this is totally ridiculous.

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Anonymous - 12 d 5 h ago

Dispute the charge with your bank/credit card company! They will refund your $ and take back the funds from game stop.

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Game Stop Are You Listening???? - 12 d 34 s ago



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Feeling cheated by game stop - 15 d 8 h ago


I have over 57000 points and every time I try to redeem them I can't I even sent for a new card that 2 months and still having same problem. It's like Gamestoppel doesn't want me to get what I earned


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Milz - 16 d 10 h ago


I went in to purchase Mafia 3. I was supposed to be purchasing a new game. When I went in the store after calling and talking to the manager, I was told there was no case for the game. Here is my problem:

1. There is about a $10 dollar difference between a used and new game. Once the seal is broken on a case, it is no longer a new game.

2. How can you prove that you are selling me a new game if it is not in a sealed case.

3. People pay for a new game for the case and the free downloadable content that is given as a perk for buying a new game, but without a case, you don't get that either.

So when I buy a game at gamestop that is supposed to be new I am expecting it to be in a sealed case, not handed to me in a sleeve with a blank case, not being charged an extra $10 for a game that is only verbally new. I felt really cheated, but had no choice because the minute I asked for a case, the manager left and went to lunch like he knew where this was about to go and left a teenager at the cash register alone to deal with telling me why I couldn't get a case.

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Jacob - 20 d 27 s ago


We need to do something as group of customers that still are getting help to start a trend to expose or make aware of gamestop and there sad excuse for a customer service and maybe with the attention of media then they actually pull there crap together and get things done and solved.

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Elise - 17 d 9 h ago


I completely agree, this was my first experience using them and I will NEVER use them again unless they make some serious changes.

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Leslie - 17 d 9 h ago


I hope you all are also reporting these incidents to the BBB. My husband ordered a controler for the new NES classic edition. This was done as a pre-order and paid in full at time of purchase. This was a couple of weeks ago. He was told that he would receive a call when it arrived. When he didn't hear anything, he called today only to be told that it is there with a non chalant apology that they forgot to call. When he gets there to pic it up, they said that he need to pay $4 more because the price has gone up sine he prefers ordered/prepaid for it. I know it is only $4, but that is not how that process works. You better believe they won't get another dime from us and I'm about to sit on hold for corporate as it sounds like many of you have had to do.

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Gamestop. Sucks - 17 d 10 h ago


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JohnnyD - 17 d 13 h ago


I've repeatedly tried to call to get some information from my local store before going in and in the last week and a half after calling at various hours of the day I never get anyone on the phone I don't know what the policy is but back in my retail days we were taught to pick up the phone within the first three rings.. I guess they just don't care if they get any business or not I've decided to go through Amazon I may pay a little bit more but at least I get service.. you guys really suck

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