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GameStop Corp.

EB Games, Micromania
625 Westport Pkwy.
Grapevine, TX
J. Paul Raines
(817) 424-2000
(817) 424-2002
Twitter IDs
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Angry Gamer - 1 d 11 h ago


Your gamestop rewards system is hacked... My account has been hacked twice this week and probably been hacked before without me knowing. This is serious.. I dont appreciate your lack of security and expect to be compensated for my time loss calling you and dealing with your non-english speaking idiots for customer help. I will close my account and never do business again with your company if nothing is done. The problem is on your end, not mine. Don't tell me to change email or password.

I advise everyone to take there business elsewhere. You should be relieved of your title as CEO J. Paul Raines. Your company just sucks.

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Kristy - 10 d 42 m ago


Run Around!!

I ordered a gift card online on August 4th for a birthday present. 2 months later still waiting for it to arrive and nothing but the run around from every person I talk to. Not to mention I have spent countless hours on HOLD and countless emails to get NO where with them. I just wanted a gift card to show up for my nephew now I just want my money back. I will start ordering my gift card and games other places

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ANGRY - 34 d ago




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IM SO - 45 d 21 h ago


You need to do a better job at training store personnel. Your activation codes don't work store won't giveca refund.

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BradRadke - 4 y 67 d ago

Still like 6 days until I find out what else my Pre-Order for @CallofDuty #BlackOps2 comes with from @GameStop

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foxroano9T - 4 y 67 d ago

@GameStop WE DON'T WANT KELDEO WE WANT #OperationPika 3DSXL !!!

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foxroano9T - 4 y 67 d ago

I'd rather have #OperationPika at @GameStop instead of the Keldeo pokemon,

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foxroano9T - 4 y 67 d ago

Whos gonna get The Crappy FAKE legendary Pokemon from @GameStop starting Aug28? I might but meh Why not a Mewtwo instead?

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MikeyPiff - 4 y 68 d ago

@joeythunder You could just go to @GameStop bud.

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VideoGameRescue - 4 y 68 d ago

ugh im taking off all the stickers on the Xbox Games im inventorying and its driving me nuts! Why so many stickers @GameStop

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HogRoot37 - 4 y 68 d ago

@GameStop Thats bc GoT is a horrible game. It got a terrible rating. Xplay have it 1/2 a star. You couldn't give me the game.

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alkocik - 4 y 68 d ago

Can't change shipping address for preorder through site. 40 minutes on hold and @gamestop customer support is no help. @Amazon it is.

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TopherSorensen - 4 y 68 d ago

Every @GameStop employee I have dealt with is extremely unfriendly. Unless you preorder a game from them, they want nothing to do with you.

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