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GameStop Corp.

EB Games, Micromania
625 Westport Pkwy.
Grapevine, TX
J. Paul Raines
(817) 424-2000
(817) 424-2002
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Pilar - 1 h 22 m ago


I had the worst customer service at the Pittsburg CA store last night. I desided to pick up God of War , after work got there around 8 45 pm. The guy by the name of Marcos that sold me the game said I couldn't get the preorder anymore. I been a member for more than 3 years. I'm really disappointed that with all the money I Spended at Game Stop they couldn't honor the preorder.

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A fan of Gamestop - David - 5 h 27 m ago


I haven't had a bad experience with Gamestop I do all my shopping their, I been buying console and game since 2005 in Miami. I got my first PS2 in 2005 too (which I still got today) A couple of weeks later I went to get A Pre-own copy of GTA San Andreas (also my first game ) since I didn't had much money at that time, now the game was 15.00 dollars and I had 18.00 dollars at that time, I went to buy the game and the guy told me we don't have any more copies of it they just forgot to put the case away so another guy look around just in case and found a new one still seal, I told the guy thank you but i afford that right now and I was about to leave, but the the manager call me and told he can sell me the new one at a pre-own price since it was the last one. It still one of my best games I own.

People talk bad about store but this help me start my game collection now I have almost 100 games for different game consoles thank to Gamestop.

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BOBTHEBUILDER - 2 d 14 h ago

You're games are very expensive...

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Tara, mother of two. - 63 d 9 h ago

How do you think your company contributes to our kids growing up actively shooting? My son asked for a Play Station 4 for Christmas, with a Star Wars game, as all his friends had a PS4. The Star Wars game you sell is a shooting simulation game. He is 10 years old! This is training my son and his classmates to do active shooting. This is a new world that kids grow up in (new to me, I grew up in Nebraska, when Pac Man was satisfactory). Do you not connect the dots between what you are selling and who the market is for your products? Every kid is hooked on Star Wars. You've created a shooter game for Star Wars! Why do this? Are you broke? The shooting yesterday in Florida doesn't make you feel uncomfortable about what you are doing to us? Come out with a more stringent policy, where kids must sign in if they are a 16 or older, for example. Please be more innovative, imaginative and creative with your products and stop the shooting! We are saturated in shooting games, in guns, in deaths of kids - stop your contribution to this, please.

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Not happening - 63 d 5 h ago

As much as I hate GameStop, First Person Shooters like Star Wars are made by other companies and SOLD by GameStop. Get mad at them first. And if your child wants to play an FPS there's nothing wrong with that, so long as it doesn't become the air he breathes.

But no, GameStop doesn't feel bad for selling influential games, they're a company of crooks and con artists that only care about money.

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A guy that got banned for saying give me my receipt with a attitude about services - 62 d 7 h ago


GameStop dose not care about any of that. I sorry to tell you that. They promote it. They just want you to buy it. Hopefully they go out of business soon bad company.

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An ACTUAL parent. - 58 d 7 h ago

WOW. I don't even know where to begin with your comments. But here I go. First, why are you taking zero responsibility as a parent for what you are exposing your child to? Every single game has an ESRB rating. That is a rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board. This title is rated Teen. Meaning may be suitable for ages 13 and up. So, "the market" as you said, is not for your 10 year old son. As a matter of fact, the Star Wars movies that you let him watch are also rated PG-13. Meaning, they too are recommended for ages 13 and up. These movies have included, arms and legs being cut off, decapitation, pilots being blown up in space battles, and countless blaster battles where numerous people have died. Literally, the is nothing in the game that has not been in the movies. So, your hypocrisy is astounding. I mean WARS is literally in the name of the franchise! SMH. Second, game stop is a retailer of games. And just because something is called a "game", it does not mean it is instantly suitable for all ages. Strip poker and beer pong are games too. But that doesn't mean you would teach your 10 year old to play them. Parents need to take responsibility for raising their kids buy teaching them and talking to them. Not blaming the store for selling you exactly what you came in asking for.

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Not the store's fault - 56 d 9 h ago

Well said!!! It's sad about the shooting, but parents do need to take responsibility for their kids. A 10 year old can't get to the store by themselves, or have money to buy the games. Parents need to do their research first before buying games. There are games out there for younger kids. With out the parents, they will not have those games.

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RR - 30 d 13 h ago

too many parents or people in general do not take responsibility for their actions. They just try to put the blame on anyone or anything other than themselves... its sad.

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Dawn - 19 d 6 h ago

Yes I totally agree with U that was well put.......

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Kelly - 57 d 14 h ago

GameStop does not have anything to do with the making of the video games.

And also most of the video games have ratings and the kids can not buy these games only the parents can so in short sight you need to be addressing the parents.

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Gamer - 56 d 16 h ago


That's ridiculous... it has been proven scientifically that these games do not create shooters. The kid who did that in parkland did it because he had mental disorders, bot because he played star wars...

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Don't worry about it - 56 d 11 h ago


If your kid really shoots a school up by watching Star Wars then both him and you are retarded. If he's 10 it's time to cut the umbilical cord

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LoL - 52 d ago

You are stupid. Listen to yourself lol

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Uncertainsky - 52 d 45 m ago


You do know that YOU as the PARENT control what games your kid plays right? Did gamestop go in your wallet and take money out and then give you a copy of the game? Stop your idiocy please.

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Anonymous - 49 d 15 h ago

Um, you realize GameStop is a retailer... And not a developer right? They didn't make the game.

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Anonymous - 37 d 6 h ago

My son is 10 and hunts and plays the new star wars games...maybe you should be a parent and teach your child the difference between a video game and reality

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C. H - 36 d 9 h ago


How is it their fault, they didn't create the game...they just sell it and as a parent it's your job to screen the games and get age appropriate games for your child. Now i agree that there are plenty of shooting and violent games out now days but as the mother of an 8 year old i know i need to heavily monitor what he's playing and sometimes i even play with him. What game stop won't r us, target and Walmart still will. You should write to the creators of the game oppose to the people who sell games with age restrictions listed on each game for this very reason.

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tara,mother of two - 36 d ago


sit ya dumbass down

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Not Happening - 34 d 6 h ago


Well, this is actually quite entertaining

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Bruce Micheal Wayne - 30 d 19 h ago

Maybe you need to stop blaming games for your shitty parenting it's a video game there have been many many studies done that prove there is Not a correlation between violent video games and school shootings it is you as the parent responsibility to teach your child right from wrong and if he grows up to be a school shooter it is solely your fault

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The MOM - 20 d 20 h ago


As a parent, I review all games my kids play. It's your duty as an adult to monitor what your kid plays. If you blame Gamestop, you might as well blame McDs for getting you fat.

BTW, I listened to Black Sabbath growing up and I'm not a serial killer or satanic, I'm a mom

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Sue - 11 d 12 h ago


I understand your concern. Unfortunately that is the industry, Most of these games are for more mature audience, and they do not sell extremely violent games to children without parental consent. Yet people seem to not realize that playing a game, is not real life and children should be instructed as so. Have you watched the news, violence everyday. Programming on TV also violence. The ones that do get easily influenced into thinking violence is okay, these are the ones that are truly troubled in their life and do sometimes do horrendous things against society. Don't buy any of these products, in order to product your children. But our children can't be protected from everything. I don't have a problem with Game Stop. It is up to the parenting of your children.

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Nunya - 7 d 18 h ago


Are you an idiot? There's a rating system for a reason and if your so dumb to agree to purchasing a game for your ten year old son that is rated for a mature audience that's your own fault. No, it's not training him to be an active shooter. You have a chance of being killed each day just by being alive

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Bill Clinton - 6 d 14 h ago


Omg stfu no one cares

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Dave, Father of three. - 3 d 7 h ago


Ummm, are you nuts? Gamestop doesn't make the games. They sell games that are made by game publishers. There are age restrictions to purchase the games. Other parents are purchasing the games and letting their kids play them. If you purchased one and let your kid play it, when you feel this way, the consequence is your own. Don't blame video games for bad parenting. I have been playing video games since I was 5 and I'm 38.... I've not shot, maimed, mauled or hurt anyone because my parents taught me right from wrong. I was bullied in school too, because I was fat and weird. Still never did anything worse than fight back with my fists.... TEACH. YOUR. KID. RIGHT. FROM. WRONG.

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