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GameStop Corp.

EB Games, Micromania
625 Westport Pkwy.
Grapevine, TX
J. Paul Raines
(817) 424-2000
(817) 424-2002
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JustStopNoGames - 1 d ago


Went to five different stores today trying to spend a thousand dollars on a ps4 pro a Nintendo switch and some games, but somehow magically, every store I went to was out of stock of everything, not just the switch(which I kinda expected) but the ps4 pro, the games I wanted, EVERYTHING. I was trying to buy new, so maybe they lied to me, as I've heard they've been told to do this to promote sales of used items, but I don't know, what I do know is a game store can't make money without games, and games can't be played without consoles, and your store had none of these, oh and your website says things are in stock at stores they are not, unless, again, the employees were lying. J. Paul Raineturd I hope you get fired.

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writhatdwn - 1 d ago


I stop in a GameStop at Pablo Creek E. Plaza 13740 Beach Blvd Jacksonville FL 32224 and I have to say from New Orleans to Jacksonville FL. This store was not only the cleanest, it had a great atmosphere. The a/c was working properly when most Game Stops I am rushing to get out of because of the heat. Because of this store I stayed longer, bought more and was able to learn more. Out of probably 7 Game Stops I can name off and there locations. This is the top number 1 store. Thank You for this Great Experience showing that Game Stop can be better then it is if they want it to be.

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Juan Gutierrez - 5 d 5 h ago


I want what I paid for. Exchange my broken ps4 for a new one. I have the receipt and no other issues. I should not have been denied. I was told straight to my face that with the protection plan that for "any" I can exchange the broken ps4 for a new one. Store 03532/02 - 003.

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Anonymous - 7 d ago


Store manager of Athens Alabama 35611 sucks. Very rude hateful and screws people over on trade ins.

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Person for Fair Employment - 10 d 7 h ago


I would like to understand your employment policy. Your company does very well in terms of financial earnings and yet, you hire employees for minimum wage, slightly higher if they are promoted to sales associates or management positions. The hours are just under full time, which means you are not required to offer health benefits and when you do, it's after a prolonged period of time. Your store hours are wonderful for customers, but ridiculous for employees. Illness, Weather emergencies are disregarded and employees are threatened with dismissal if they are not able to come to work.

If you want productive, honest, hardworking employees, you need to pay them adequately and not ask them to do things you wouldn't ask of your own family. They are there making money for your company, because they certainly aren't paid enough to be making enough to survive on.

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Justin Breitkreutz - 12 d ago


My daughter and I went into the Spokane store at 2223 W. Wellesley Ave. Suite B. I wanted to trade in my Xbox 360, controllers and about 10 games towards a new nintendo switch bundle deal for about $500. The staff was nice and started to get all of my items checked in. She verified that all my items were in working order. Then she erased the data on my hard drive. As is the normal procedure.

The problem arose when she went to apply it towards the bundle. She informed me that the bundle was no longer available. After she had already deleted my data. She told me the only bundle available was the $600 one. I had to scrape and save enough to just get the $500, and could not even contemplate the extra money.

So now I am in a situation, where i promised my kids we would get one, if we traded in our xbox, we could get a new switch. But instead, not only are we not able to, we no longer have any of the saved games and data from the last 10 or more years on the console.

300+ hours on skyrim

100+ hours on borderlands, ( special weapons)

200+ hours on minecraft, (plus all the building we did togeather)

more arcade games then i can count, and their save data.

Your staff member informed me there was nothing i could do unless i wanted to spend the extra money for the more expensive bundle. I honestly didnt want the $500 one, but it was the only option. At this point all i really wanted was a console and zelda. but that is not available.

if you want to contact me use (hidden)

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Tim Sanford - 14 d 6 h ago

My disabled son went into your store in Valley West Mall in Iowa and was treated very very rude and badly by the manager of the store I would just like you to know my son will never be going back there and he has a credit card holder thank you

Flagged for review. 
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Kass - 16 d ago


I placed an order recently for a PS3 bundle online and paid 150$ for it . I had it delivered to my place of business with next day delivery. My order was never delivered here it is almost two weeks later and I still don't have anything . I've been trying to get in contact with someone emails customer service your on hold forever . I just want my money back. Now here I am paid for something I don't even have and no one can help me . I would never buy anything from that website ever again.

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Andre Williams - 16 d 7 h ago


Good afternoon,

I have had an ongoing issue with GameStop regarding my Nintendo Switch for 5 Days now and have placed numerous complaints and still no one has reached out to me. I preordered my switch like many others thinking I had it signed, sealed and delivered, only thing is you guys did not deliver.

On 2/24/2017 I had to leave the state to tend to family matters. Before I left I stopped at the GameStop at Pelham Manor (in the Bronx) to take the preorder out of my name and place it in my girlfriends name so she would be able to pick it up for our son. I was told by the GameStop employee that I do not have to do that all she will need is the recipt when she comes to pick it up, only when she got there that was not the case and the same person who told me that denied her of the switch. I called corporate they apologized and said the district manager would be in touch within 24hrs and they will make sure they held my switch until Monday 3/6/2017. 48 Hrs passed and I did not hear from the district manager so I got on a plane came home and went straight to GameStop on Sunday morning 3/5/2017 only to be told they sold my switch the previous day. Regardless of the situation I wasn't even allotted the promised 48hr hold. It has now been 5 days and three complaints later and still no one has tried to resolve this issue. I've been coming to GameStop for as long as I can remember and I am deeply disappointed with the service.

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Bobby Louis - 16 d 10 h ago



I hate to say this, but I do not know that I will be shopping at Gamestop any longer. I just recently preordered a Nintendo Switch and have had a horrible experince(as well with the Classic NES and more).

I Was texted 3 times from my local Gamestop telling me I only have till March 6th to get it. (I preordered weeks in advance) I was then told that changed(the day of) and I had till 6pm to get to the store. So I rushed to the store(around 3pm) and was there within 30 minutes. Only to be told they sold my preorder..... the item I already paid money for.. and i could "probably get one Monday". I was told, "I talked to my boss and got you a free one year warranty".

Come Monday I was told "we now only do preorders for $500+". I am beyond disappointed by this experience, and I have had some similar at gamestop within this last year. (and so much for my one year warranty)

I have been shopping at GameStop as long as I can remember (im 30+ y.o.) and I really hate to say I just really dont know how id fell good about giving this company anymore of my money and time, and I am a very avid "gamer".

I dont have much have a end goal here, just really dissapointed and kind of shocked by this, and unfortunately there are other "places" that have good incentives for games/trades etc. Just bummed me out ive grown up with gamestop and grown to love it, but this is not the first thing to make me really question the business.

I appreciate your time, thanks.

Bobby Louis

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Angela - 17 d 5 h ago


I would like to say thank you to Paul (Manager of Zephyrhills, FL) and Carina (District Manager) for getting my problem resolved and refund issued.

Original concern:

I purchased a PS4 VR Bundle from the Gamestop at 5004 Fowler Ave in Tampa, FL. Upon taking it home and using it I got a really bad headache, so the next morning I took it back to the GameStop to get a refund. The manager refused to help me and basically flat out said there was nothing he could do because it is classified in their database as a system and there are no refunds on systems. I explained to him that on the website where I placed a hold on the bundle it was classified as a accessory and accessories new/opened/used can be returned within 30 days, which he still stated sorry on my side it shows a system.

The next day I went to the Gamestop in Zephyrhills, FL and spoke with the manager Paul. He in return spoke to the district manager Carina and she approved for the item to be returned.

Thank you Paul for taking the extra time to help a customer out and to Carina as well.

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Jr - 19 d ago

Gamestop is the worst place ever to buy games they put false advertisement on their games

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Mrsh234 - 22 d ago


Customer Service is non-existent. I placed an order and the site gave an error, my items stayed in my card. The order did however go to PayPal. I waited 4 days for an email response. Nothing. Even sent in follow up emails on the same ticket. Nothing.

I called PayPal and they canceled the pending transaction.

You need to hire someone to run decent Customer Service for your sites. Having only an Email contact on your site is not how today's companies stay alive. Especially when they take longer than 24 hours to respond to Online Order customers. There are too many competitors waiting to snatch up your customers. Customer Service can save a poor experience.

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Wyatt Reynolds - 58 d ago


GameStop should be ashamed of themselves because they are throwing games and handing systems away and all of that going into the ozone lawyer they needed to be lot more environmental friendly come on you guys can donate that to red cross or salvastion army yea some might be scratch but come on a kid might want that but the parents can not afford it. But at a salvation or Red Cross they might be able to I hate game stop know

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Anonymous - 56 d 9 h ago


Maybe you should not blame GameStop. How about the customers who knows the items are dsmaged or broken and brings them into GameStop trying to pass them off as good? Give to RedCross? What are they going to do with it? Hey little kid...we are sorry for hard is some broken video games that dont work along with a system that wont turn on or play them. Sounds like you would rather have people feel crushed then filled with Joy....Sad!!!

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Julia - 53 d 4 h ago


That's exactly what GameStop does!!!! I bought my son an Xbox one for his birthday so with his birthday money he wanted to buy an extra controller for friends to play instead of a game which where both $59.00!! He hasn't had time nor any friends over to have to use the controller so when he brought out the controller to use it the inside was rotted out and it didn't even work!! Which is really sorry so I called the store and they said to bad it's been past 30 days thought I could trust they tested their products before reselling so didn't think to have to make sure it worked at time of purchase. Sure learned a lesson on that one seeing I never take anything back we will text everything we buy from. Ow on and will never trust nor buy anything from GameStop again!!! So you tell me who the idiot is!?!? But seeing your right it was us that we trusted this store!!!!

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Anonymous - 23 d 24 h ago

Well you but a device within 14 days end up being defective then you get it replaced. Get a year warranty for the second one and ends up being defective 40 days later and you can't get a refund... Only can get a new device. Which will most likely end up being defective. But I blame dell for making a defective device and knowingly distributing it.

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James Huang - 25 d 24 h ago


I have beyond livid with GameStop. I traded in my Wii U and 3 games to net $156 dollars of store credit. I go to and attempt to purchase $150 worth of digital PSN gift cards. I enter in my trade-in credit acct # and pin, submit my order and receive an error. I check my balance and GameStop stole $150 of trade-in credit from me. I called customer service, was on the phone for 1 hour and received an incompetent support operator that disconnected and never called me back. This is absolutely absurd. I need to speak with someone about this ASAP. This is utterly ridiculous.

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gustavo - 23 d 13 h ago


this just happened to me! exactly he samething on the part about the gift card money being taken. when i put in all my info in and clicked submit order, i received an error notification , it NEVER said my order went though. i checked the balance , and they took the money from the gift card, but i did not receive any email NOTHING... I sent 2 emails 2 days ago and they have not responded.. I am seriously contemplating contacting the BBB, any goverment consumer protection agency contacting lawyer. Any amount being stolen is theft and they should be held accountable. there is hundreds on people on many different complaint websites with the same story.

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Richard Howell - 24 d 9 h ago


Well i would like to thank meradith down at Gamestop Corporate and the 3rd rep over at customer service. My issue was resolved and followed through on their end.

So 2-18-17 i ordered a 360 and an extra controller. 2-23-17 ups stated the items had been left outside my home. Upon return home i could not locate them. I filed a police report that night and contacted ups and gamestop customer service the following day friday the 24th. After a 3+ hour battle of waiting and verifying i was told a replacement would be done and arrive today. No further details. Well after my weekend of all this negative reviews i called number listed above pressed 0 told reception my issue and was redirected. I spoke to meradith who verified and checked into my info. She verified my prior information was correct however the offices and warehouse are closed over the weekend so my order will be completed and should go out today. So i should recieve it come tomorrow or wednesday. They overnighting my order as a courteousy. My 0 rating is now a 5. Take time to contact the proper people and be adament in your situation and dont let one bad experience stop you. Thank you corporate for solving my issue.

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MJS - 29 d 10 h ago


Game Stop is happy to sell you something but if you return anything they will not give you back your credit. We returned items on January 30, 2017 and still have not received our credit. My next step is to try Game Stop Corporate. If that doesn't work, we will get an attorney. We will never go back and I will tell everyone I know who might want to go there the kind of service you get from GS! HORRIBLE!

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Dan - 36 d 50 m ago

Gamestop is a terrible company that preys on the misinformed consumers who shop for video games and merchandise. They are scammers, provide terrible customer service for a retailer, and run a pre-order ploy which they use to force customers into prepurchasing merchandise so that they never have any on-hand availability during the release date. My main focus is on how they NEVER have product unless preordered. I feel the only reason they are still in business is because they prey on the less informed consumers like parents shopping for their kids or children or the elderly. Please do yourself a favor and shop at Best Buy. At this point I would rather shop at Walmart over Gamestop. At least I know that Walmart has new release games in stock. This company has not changed in the past 8 years. It's been about that long since I purchased a product from them and I attempted to give them business considering that the company may have changed since the last poor experience but I was terribly wrong.

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Anonymous - 30 d 10 h ago


sorry that you had crappy service, but most likely, they didn't have the game in because it is popular and other customers went in before you and actually bought the game. Just because they don't have a game in stock doesn't mean they prey on the less informed, but that they have customers with a similar interest in a specific game. Now the store around you may have not given you the best service, but they only have a select number of product to sell to customers, if they are sold out, then they don't have the product. They can't magically get more just to sell it to you.

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Beware - 38 d ago


This is the most horrible company ever to deal with. My son received a $100 Visa gift card and was using it plus cash to make a nice purchase at Gamestop. The employee made a mistake and had to rerun the transaction and of course the card was kicked back and my son had to walk out of there with no merchandise and was told the $100 should return in a couple weeks. It did not. My son went back (17 years old) and asked why this wasn't fixed and the employee said he couldn't do anything about it. I sent an e-mail to Gamestop and basically stated they can steal my son's $100. SO now I have to go through a dispute process to get the $100 back. It is stealing and I am not stopping here. I am reporting to anyone who will listen.

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Anonymous - 38 d 7 h ago

I'm about ready to call the police. I came in but a brand new PlayStation 4 bundle pack and a used copy of MLB the Show 2016. Instead of giving me the game you guys gave me the demo disc. I've repeatedly tried coming to the store and calling the store but yet no one answers ever. It's funny how everytime I come into the store it's empty there's never any customers no one's ever on the phone but yet no one can seem to pick it up and answer my call ever!!!!

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screw um - 38 d 4 h ago

same their scamers

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