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Geico Corporation

5260 Western Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD
(301) 986-3000
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Even A Caveman Should Know - 5 d ago


To: Steve Sprague, GEICO agent. You and the CEO of GEICO look like real "losers", soliciting me with juvenile gimmicks such as "Winner" . "Your bracket may be busted, but you could still save $500 on your car insurance with the help of your local GEICO agent.". Fire your lame copywriters Breaking News, Steve: I've been a GEICO auto policy holder since the early 1970s. But your dumb ass solicitation letter and similar letters in the mail from the clueless CEO make me think I should switch. Let me tell you why it would be in my best interest to switch, aside from the fact that no one knows I'm a longtime policy holder except for twice a year when my bill arrives, usually with a premium increase. When I purchased a car 5 years ago for my wife and got a GEICO binder while still in the dealer's F&I office, I didn't notice that GEICO added a $30+ monthly charge to my bill for additional "mechanical" protection on a brand new vehicle. No one at GEICO could reasonably explain why I'd need that "mechanical" protection on a brand new car that had a 5-year powertrain warranty and 3-year bumper-to-bumper warranty. I noticed the monthly charge about 3 months after the vehicle purchase and immediately called GEICO and got a lot of BS. I told the rep to immediately drop that "protection" and credit my account retroactively since I unknowingly consented by not opting out. Crazy. I also told the rep I was going to cancel my policy and considered the "mechanical protection" surcharge deceptive trade practices and fraudulent. The only way I could get credited retroactively was to stay with GEICO, I was told. Okay, I said. But I have never forgotten that scam and it still makes me angry thinking about how lousy GECIO treats its longtime customers. Worse, when my wife hit a chair that had fallen off a truck in 2015 on I-75 in Broward County, GEICO told the body shop it would not pay for new OEM parts and that my policy stated GEICO had the right to supply used or third-party Chinese parts. The body shop, owned by the dealer where I purchased the car, refused to use salvaged or third-party parts which may not meet crash or corrosion standards and may have been exposed to the elements in a salvage yard for who knows how long. Third party used parts would have also invalidated portions of my bumper to bumper warranty and would have resulted in diminished value to my vehicle. The nasty GEICO adjuster suggested I have the car towed to one of its "approved" body shops. I refused. The Toyota dealer body shop proceeded with installing only OEM parts and said if it didn't get paid fully by GEICO, it would add my claim to a roster of claims it would take to court. Nice stories about GEICO experiences, right Steve? What goes around comes around. We recently replaced that vehicle with a 2019 Honda, using the Costco Auto Buying Program for the second time. We had a choice of 2 area Honda dealers, the closest owned by Berkshire Hathaway/Warren Buffett. We chose the other dealer further away, Steve. People remember when big corporations do bad things and tell on average 20+ people. When big corporations do the right thing, people tell at least 5+ people. The other dealer did several "right" things we didn't even expect and we've already told others who have admired our new Honda. And, sadly, we had to instruct GEICO once again not to add its "mechanical" protection to the policy on the new vehicle. Too bad GEICO can't remember who we are except at billing time and rarely does the right thing for the customer. No one likes dishonesty.

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Gary - 5 d 4 h ago


I would love to commend the commercial dept who comes up with the ideas. I like them all, but my two best are the sale pitch yard sale, and the resturant. How can I get a slice of that lemon Martin pie. They make my day.

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Karina Gordils - 6 d ago


On 03/12/19 I called to update my address as well as my mileage commute. I MOVED and was not aware just for moving my insurance would go up by $100.00 when i just finally got it down in the 6 months i had geico.

Furthermore , angela the representative was very misleading with her information and very dismissive to my questions. She spoke over me the entire conversation and i felt she was not trying to help me at all with my concerns.

I also asked her to rate me on a quote for my boyfriend to possibly add him to my insurance opposed to him going on by himself and she added him anyway without my consent raising my policy almost 200.00.

Her supervisor Jordan locked me out of my account and in her codes made the changes permanently. When i asked Jordan to speak to a manager above her she hung up on me and told me she wont put anyone else on the phone.

Both of them proceeded to remain in my account against my will and invaded my privacy as well as making changes to my account i never allowed.

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Rob K - 7 d 5 m ago

Sold one of my cars to a family in need of an nice car. Both of us are insured through Geico with two separate policies. A week after receiving the car, it was rear ended by an uninsured motorist. I did not drop my end of the insurance policy off right away, making us doubly insured on the vehicle. With that being said, you would think geico would take a special interest in handling the issue, not the case. The insurance adjuster Jason should be relieved of his job as he is making the vehicle repair the hardest part of the accident. Jason, who is a direct representation of Geico has lied to us on numerous occasion on the smallest of issues with the car during casual conversation with him. What Jason lacks in knowledge of vehicle repair he makes it up with b/s lies. The Geico fully covered insured family member went in this morning to pick up the vehicle to only find that the bumper that was replaced was not painted correctly. This adjuster called and with out inspecting the vehicle told the Geico insured family member who has to drive 80 miles, come pick up the vehicle its done. The car wasn't ready for pick up. I actually believe Jason inspected the car, but due to his careless lack of interest in his job, he was hoping that we would accept the poor job done by the body shop. So much for believing that we pay Geico for looking out for our best interest. Considering the problems having had with Jason, who is a direct reflection of geico, I now believe Geico and Jason is only doing a Blow and Go Job, taking no pride and interest in his/their work.

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H. Tom - 8 d ago


Got into an accident with a Geico covered driver. He claims I turned right into him from center lane while he was in right lane. Actual story: we were both in right lane with him behind but he tried to get ahead of me by getting onto right shoulder to speed ahead. Unfortunately he didn't see there was already someone sitting on the shoulder until too late so to avoid directly rear ending THAT driver, he turns left into me. Police arrived to take report with one officer taking statements from other driver and her partner getting my statements. When I went to pick up police report, I saw none of my statements were on it so I proceed to get report amended. The bad (Very bad): J. Toscano (adjuster) calls me a few days later to tell me Geico is denying culpability based on (erroneous) police report. I tell him I have pictures of incident and damage which buttress my perspective as well as a statement from the driver sitting on shoulder that states he was hit from behind from by his client. Toscano proceeds to tell me "pictures don't prove anything" (Really? Any legitimate investigator would beg to differ) and begins to question my integrity by asking if I can prove what's stated on the report is not accurate. He then finally states that "he's heard this from a thousand other claims" and that he's not interested in having this conversation with me. Then why did you even bother to call? Shouldn't each case be judged on its own merit? Unbelievably dismissive and unprofessional. I filed a complaint with his management and expected it to be swept under the rug. Note: GEICO You spend a ton of money on silly cavemen commercials to garner goodwill and ultimately additional business. In the age of social media, 1 or 2 complaints or horror stories can become viral and take that money and flush it down the toilet. The Good: I received a call from T. Portanova who apparently is in the management chain. We had a very good conversation with opportunity from both sides to express our respective viewpoints. I explained that the only thing I wanted was for my voice to be heard in the process which it wasn't because of the erroneous police report. To his credit, he listened and agreed with me where appropriate and disagreed respectfully when appropriate. Bottom line: he agreed that all my statements as well as any pictures should be part of the process and not be summarily dismissed. Kudos to Mr. Portanova Bottom line: I canceled an existing policy I had with Geico and have spoken to 3 other friends who are also Geico clients. They are now looking to cancel their policies and will speak to their friends and family about doing the same. I commend Mr. Portanova for his intervention but the actions of J. Toscano was a bridge too far. Conversely, my insurance company: "The Hartford" has been a paragon of professionalism and efficiency during this entire regrettable process

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anonymous - 8 d ago


Horrible and unprofessional adjusters. Their commercials are cute but they should put some of that money into educating their adjusters. AWFUL

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Anonymous - 19 d 24 h ago


Bait and Switch

Geico sold me three home insurance. They quoted a price which was cheaper than my current insurance co. I cancelled my insurance with company and went with Geico. One month later i received a letter stating that my original quote was being increased from 10th March. I asked why and they claimed they had examined the properties and believed they were under insured. This was nonsense and the inspector has no idea of prices in the Northern Neck of Virginia. I was told it wasn't open to discussion and that they were implementing the increase no matter what from the date stated. There had been no mention of this when i took out the policy. I am so sorry that i didn't stay with my original insurance. It seems that instead of saving 15 per cent or more. It could cost you more than that. Bait and Switch comes to mind. Who would have thought Geico would stoop to such tactics. Beware.

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Anonymous - 11 d ago


I am having the same experience. It is Bair and Switch. So sorry I called Geico and cancelled my previous insurance. Don't go to Narragansett Bay Insurance!

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Darleen K Buller - 11 d 8 h ago


Please stop playing commercial that degrades mothers if your a mother you call at the unconvent time Its degrading, offensive, Sincerly Darleen Buller 205 Sycamore St E Three Oaks MI 49128

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Alice - 13 d 41 s ago


I would like to report a claims man for making sexy remarks to me when he came to my home last week. He made me feel very uncomfortable. His name is Nate tenny. I will be cancelling my insurance with your company. And you will be losing 9 cars. My husband is pissed. You need to fire the man.

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Dan - 15 d 6 h ago


Angela Rinella - Vice president of Claims.

Extension #(hidden)

May help someone...

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James - 15 d 18 h ago

Gee it's grate geico has new ass-a-nine commercials they call intelligent o well wen you are missing something in the upper story, just think how much money the consumer could save by removing the corporate stupidity.

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Bill - 18 d ago

GEICO discriminates against women! My wife tried to purchase auto insurance for a vehicle she bought and wanted said policy in her name. No problem until they asked if she was married. GEICO then tells her she can not buy insurance without her husband's name attached. When she asked why, she was told by two different agents " because it's the law". When she asked if it was Federal or State law, she never got a solid answer. She did get a lot of "ah's", "not sure", "don't know" and moments of silence. After short period of time and continuios passing the hot potato question around, it was determined that no answer would be forthcoming and unless she provided her husband's name there would be no insurance policy issued. A definite money loss for GEICO.

Today, I called GEICO and after getting uninformed partial answers, I was transferred to Customer Service. The young man had better communication skills and seemed more informed on the issue. He advised that the " against the law" answers my wife had received were in fact "incorrect and he apologized'. He then went on to say it was GEICO policy. His explanation was that under Florida marriage law, all property is equal between couples. The old (what's hers is mine and what's mine is hers) rule. He continued by trying to give examples of what if's and because I have a GEICO auto policy for my vehicle how it would get confusing. Basically he was saying that GEICO would have issues trying to collect from themselves. In the end, the agent could only say that basically GEICOs contract was in line with Florida's PIP statue and that's the way it is.

I voiced my opinion that not allowing a woman to purchase insurance for a vehicle in her name ( without her husband's name attached ) smelled badly of discrimination, he got a little excited and denied any discrimination. But, he could not explain why it wasn't. I pointed out that if its as he said and its GEICO policy only, policy can be modified, changed, exceptions other words it's not written in granite. He had no answer. I asked for the name of the CEO's phone number he said he didn't know it and that the CEO didn't take phone calls. I then asked for the GEICO Headquarters phone number. I said he'd have to look it up and while I waited, I looked up GEICO Corporate Office phone numbers on my computer. As I suspected, when the agent returned, he gave me the GEICO National phone number if you wanted to call in a claim or conduct other business. No where close to the posted Corporate Office number.

Women need to know that apparently you not good enough to have your own auto insurance policy without your husbands name attached to the policy.

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Devils Advocate - 16 d 22 h ago

For the sake of defending the discrimination issue, a man would not be able to get a policy without his wives name either. It goes both ways. Technically, according to the family auto policy contracts that they write, similar to most insurance companies, anyone of driving age in the household needs to be listed on the policy. Anyone that drives in the household plays a role in assessing the risk of the policy. It makes sense to me when looked at that way.

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James - 16 d 20 h ago


Welcome to the stupidity called Geico we now have a commercial with a lobster in a pool, and Geico corporate office approve this garage, just think get ride of the stupidity, bring in some intelligence, that will never happen untill this company removes it's stupidity called upper management. Thank you

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Mai A Khuat - 19 d ago


I have been with Geico for over 5 years with a bundle policies. When I switched from a renter to an owner of my condo (I was renting the condo then purchased it in Feb 2016), they still keep charging me as renter and owner, which I only discover now. I called to question this matter and Amanda (employee ID 16640), the Freerichksburg VA call center manager, said that she acknowledge the error had been made because the policy was written this way but couldn't reimburse me the extra premium that I had been charged for the past 3 years. I put a lot of trust in Geico and their agents to do the right thing for me. This is unfortunate and unethical for Geico to make an error and refuse to do anything to remedy for the loss of the customer. What is worse is that Amanda put the blame on me, a loyal customer. She said that I should have read the policy! When you personally called the agent to replace a renter policy to a home owner policy, you trust the agent to do it right. Amanda also said that the insurance industry is very different from other industries in that it can't credit money back even when there is an error form its agent when writing the policy! It sounds abnormal to me and I don't believe it . There's always exception in any business processes. The difference is whether you are customer oriented and have integrity. This is a blow to my trust and I will send a complain letter to the Geico headquarter, the insurance commission, and the business bureau.

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Lindsey & Austin Anderson - 20 d 18 h ago



My husband and I have been Geico customers for a few years now and prior to my car being stolen, we were always happy customers... That being said, the second they had to start making the extra effort and do some work, was the second EVERYTHING and I mean everything started to go downhill. We are writing this today because honestly we do not even know where else to call/write/go for someone at this company to actually respond to us! The woman in the theft department, whom has been assigned our case (Tiffany), has stopped calling/ calling us back since mid January! Even when we try to call other numbers and people within the company, we are ALWAYS redirected to Tiffany's voicemail. Which isn't very helpful considering its been over a month since she has even attempted to get back with us. The craziest part about everything is that it has now been almost 6 months, since my vehicle has been stolen and we have not seen any of our insurance money! I seriously feel like Geico is prolonging our claim as long as possible, in order to get as much as they can out of my family. Also, they were absolutely no help when I was trying to put together all the information to file my claim. Don't you pay an insurance company to do that for you? I don't think it should be a full time job to put together a claim for your insurance company, as well as trying to get the money that is owed to you! We have been patient about the situation and understanding, but its to the point where that doesn't matter anymore, we need our money! My car being stolen started a downward spiral that has ruined our lives. Geico should at least be trying to help get our money to us, so we care taken care of. I'm extremely disappointed with this company and I can't believe that I have to resort to social media/ reviews to even try to get someone to hear me out and hopefully there will be a call in the near future!


Lindsey Henke (Anderson) and Austin Anderson

(Claim #(hidden)101026)

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James - 31 d ago


Thank you for the brainless annoying commercial with a unking pig in the back seat of a van, o yes it looks and speak like Trump,. I will say that Geigo corport management require help in the upper story, there commercial are brainless and annoying, but when you have no brain's you think it's grate. Gee just think how much money is spent on stupidity that could be give back to the consumer. Thank you

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 21 d ago

Why is the pig not a king, as in "unking"? The word corport doesn't exist. There commercial should be their commercial and grate should be great. Also, could be give back should be could be given back. What did you say about brains?

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George - 21 d ago

Speaking of brainless,...Have you ever heard of Spell Check? Your sentence structure and grammar could use a little help as well. And, YOU'RE worried about the pig! Good Luck with that!

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Jb - 21 d 18 h ago

Your commercial with the "secret agent" guy getting chased and answering a call from his mom about the squirrels in the attack is priceless- best commercial I've seen in a long time!!! Will get a quote!

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Vmp - 23 d 16 h ago


I am not Geico customer I know it might sound stupid or an idiot if I say this but I hate the commercial where the camel comes and start saying Mike Mike Mike it's so annoying every time when I flip the channel it's like in every channel like every commercial and I don't like it it's so stupid doesn't make sense I don't like it

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S.Bradley - 24 d 34 m ago


Horrible service. An employee change my address without my knowledge even though I did not move. I was not notified until my bill was due FOR DOUBLE Y price. The company will not change my address back to my actual current address and will not lower my bill to its original price. I regret that I chose Geico as my first ever insurance company and am now unable to drive my car while I review other companies.

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Dan English - 25 d 4 h ago


I cancelled my insurance policy (MVH(hidden)01) on 12/26/18 which was due to renew on 12/29/18 so it was cancelled before it renewed.

It has been almost 2 months and I still have not received my $2,460 refund. When I contact the Geico customer service all I get is excuses. The first one was that the post office lost it. Nothing but lies.

I want my refund!!!!!!

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Dan English - 25 d ago


I just received another email from Geico that said that the underwriters had issued a stop payment on the original check on 2/16 and that that another will be issued within 10 days. But, I have another email from Geico that said that the stop payment on the original check was done on 2/14 and a new check would be issued in a few days. More lies from Geico!!!! Take your insurance business someplace else that cares about their customer. Cancelled policy number (hidden)02

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