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Geico Corporation

5260 Western Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD
(301) 986-3000
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The Maine and New Hampshire act like gangster and fights against the customers - 7 h 9 m ago


My car slid down during snow storm and shot off after that the estimater his name is Conner charged me $419 for an estimate and refused to fix the car I called the customer service and they give me his super visor his name is Stickney and his respond was that I signed a paper allow to Connor to fix my car and I did not in the end both of them look like have a personal relationship and this relationship will destroy Geico customer service and make them don't care about business and clients.

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C Joseph - 2 d 12 h ago


Geico Company is irresponsible and dangerous after calling Geico March 2nd 2017 got a really good rate bells and whistles an all, agent was impressed with my clean driving record and took the time to express that I was the type of customer they love providing service to.

The agent rated themselves as one of the top Insurance company. Paid all their claims during the hurricane etc. I felt confident I had made a good decision. They were prompt in communicated by email and I thought everything was fine.Within the week I received an email explaining a slight increase in rates due to credit reporting. It was fine. I had discussed it with the agent on line. Two weeks later I am receiving a notice that I was not covered due to none payment of premiums. Not an email notice or phone call TWO WEEKS LATER I HAVE NO INSURANCE. I was livid and called the company immediately and now my premiums would be almost doubled. There were no notice from my back that any payment was rejected and Geico waited two weeks to notify creating a huge uninsured gap. I was to frustrated I said I would rather give the money to another company. I check my email and saw a bunch of emails regarding the application process. Not one alert that I was uninsured. They are disgusting. I have always had a agent and enjoyed the support and updates or concerns dealing with my policies. This is very dangerous when a company put you at risk like that. I am going to report them to the department of banking, BBB and face book.

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Anonymous - 3 d 13 h ago


Be . Some guy hit my car and its being a month they keep giving me the run around say they other guy policy is under investigation and wont give me any information

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ALJ - 2 d 16 h ago


Has anyone tried to contact the Department of Insurance in their respective states. The insurance company is under the authority of the Department of Insurance, which usually reacts very swiftly.

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Wil - 4 d 9 h ago


I have had it with GEICO!

The poor customer service I received today!

I renewed my policy January 31st. Paid auto pay Feb 28th and only to login and see a cancellation notice if not paid by the 26th of March and to reenroll into autopay. Called in and notified they refund some money with out notice and that they did not receive documentation that they never sent electronically until 3/7th. E-signed the docs and still got a cancellation notice on 3/10. Customer service rudely explained I would be cancelled for non payment of something I already paid that partially was refunded. The initial rep made a mistake and they are not owning up to it. But instead are writing fuzzy notes that are unclear to the next rep and no one is trying to assist me in correcting the error. I'm done! This is horrible and a wasted experience. No one should go thru this.

"I understand" but can't help you is the response. Go GEICO scams!

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Sharon Day - 4 d 14 h ago


Ok I understand that you are pressuring me to do automatic payments but I cannot do that because I get paid once a month as I have stated to you before, I get paid on the 20th of the month and and I already paid March's payment of $181.00 on March 2, 2017 which should cover March. I don't understand why I keep getting pressured to join the automatic payment plan when I cannot do this. When I first signed up with GEICO when your company was new to Colorado, I thought that you were a Great Company. Now that I am further disabled and cannot work and have to rely on SSI you will not work with me. I paid the 181.00 on March 2 which was early because I kept getting threatening letters from you regarding cancellation of my insurance, now you say I have to pay you again for March? I believe that you are using shady insurance pressure tactics.

I am researching how to report these tactics to the Federal Regulatory Insurance Agency. I will pay my April bill by the 20th of April.

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Scott from SC - 17 d 13 h ago


"ANGRY person with a vehicle damaged by a Geico-insured Driver" --- I am lAnother "class action" person who will testify -- Please feel free to contact me, as we have also has a terrible experience with a GEICO insured motorist who damaged our vehicle, and GEICO claims adjusters refused to settle the claim or pay for the repairs. We would be very happy to outline and join with all of you, to bring this to light and get them in court and on the nightly news. My Name is Scott and whoever is leading the way, you can reach me anytime at (hidden) -- Thank you for any assistance you can provide .......

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JAI - 16 d 16 h ago

Hello Scott,

Have you all gotten any update on the class action lawsuit, my email is (hidden), may you please email me with any updates, I'm Janita W. Thanks kindly!

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Tired of being bullied. - 16 d 8 h ago


They would love for you to contact a lawyer so they could tangle you up in litigation. Contact the South Car board of insurance or department of insurance. Call and ask for the procedure to file a complaint. File one. with enough filed they could lose their right to sell insurance in your state.

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Anna - 15 d 15 h ago


Hello Scott,

Anna Here, I was a good paying on time customer to Geico. I always pay in person and never lapsed ever as low budget as i am.And last month this dummy offered to make my life easy setting auto pay and I am tired so I did. The program is there for that very reason. She screwed it up and guess what i am i Nevada.So, now it doing the giant debt recession all over again to my strapped unemployed situation. I HAVE TO JOIN THE CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT, to get my money back and keep my vehicle.What a bastard way to treat honest good working American citizens?!

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Anonymous - 10 d 7 h ago

I am in the same boat. I am on board. My email..... (hidden)

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Lisa - 9 d 17 h ago


Im having the same problem it's a nightmare and they keep giving me the run around.

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Lisa Session - 9 d 17 h ago


you can add me to the class action lawsuit as well!

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Bill Potter - 7 d 10 h ago


We are having a similar issue with our adjuster. They keep saying there is no one higher. Everyone has a boss. We are tired of the run around. Any information anyone has would be great. If there's a suit, please add us.

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Brian g. - 10 d 7 h ago


Brian- Can you please take a look at my claim. I have provided evidence to your claims adjuster and her manager regarding the accident. One of your insured drivers ran a light and totalled my vehicle. With all the evidence i have provided, it shows reasonable dout that your client was at fault for the accident. I have been dealing with this since the 18th of feb. Also, i was given an emailed letter that states i was at fault without any investigation. My entire life has been flipped upside down due to this accident. I am coming to you for help to get the justice deserved. I am begging that you look at this for what it is...... your client caused an accident and now you all are not taking the responsibility for your clients actions.

Claim number (hidden)101022

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Debbie - 12 d 14 h ago


After being a customer for 11 years they do nothing to work with you when you are having a hard time paying they would rather loose you thanks for the horrible service

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Christine theatre - 13 d 10 h ago


I'd be happy to join class action suit as well.

Email (hidden) Thank you.

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Furious in NY - 16 d 11 h ago


Has a Facebook page been set up? I am 100% in on a class action suit

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Sherry - 16 d 16 h ago


Horrible and incompetent customer service locally. Panama City Beach office owned by Jennifer Koppel.

Every time I spoke with the agent, my monthly premium increased. I initially found my policy and all I wanted on the Geico web site, so strange the exact same things increased with every conversation with the agent.

Then, the agent never issued the policy. I called a month later since I had not received anything in the mail, to find out I was not insured. My premium then went up $82 because of not having insurance for a month.

Seems like a scam (criminal acts) to me. I will continue to issue complaints to the proper organization so that this does not happen to anyone else. I see now why the Geico Corporation rating is so low. Wish I had checked this site first.

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Angry Mom - 60 d 16 h ago


It appears many of you have had the same issue with Geico, I am in the process of setting up a class action lawsuit against Geico for violations of consumer rights. I will be messaging all on this feed where you can contact me so we can set up a facebook page and get everyone's address to participate. I have complained to them also, however, they literally don't care and are so very rude. When I asked to speak to their legal department, they advised they do not have one? Right, like I'm stupid. I have logged complaints with the BBB, CA Office of the Attorney General, CFPB and will be sending a letter to the Department of Insurance also. However, I believe to get their attention and to be compensated for their criminal tactics, filing a class action lawsuit will be necessary.

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Deahn - 60 d 10 h ago


I'm so happy to have found others like me. I thought I was insured for my Elantra, but they had me insured for a Honda that I never bought. They said they had me insured for a Honda since8/2016, the same time I bought my Elantra. So now they want me to start paying over $500 for my Elantra cause they had no record of my Elantra witch I faxed my policy to them on Saturday to show that they did have me owning the Elantra. So all they can do is work with me on payments for the $535.00 by 2/3/2017. I had to call them when they sent me a card on Friday for a Honda to find out what I was paying on, that's when they started to say it's back payment for the Elantra, meanwhile I've been paying on a Honda instead of my Elantra all this time. The Honda was a 2008, and my Elantra is a 2011. I'm paying for their mistake, and I've been paying my insurance faithfully, my payments were supposed to go down this month, but it went sky high.

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Steve - 59 d 19 h ago


Where do I sign up? Let me know

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Tina - 45 d 16 h ago


Please let me know when you get to the class action, I'm in.

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Anderson - 52 d 16 h ago


Add me to your contacts and class action suit. I am ready. My experience of Dec. 12, 2016-Jan. 30, 2017 has been a nightmare with Geico- all the way around. During repairs, my wheel airbags on my 2006 Mercedes were ruined. Now I am left with a $3-6,000.00 bill to inflate the wheel airbags of my vehicle (my car is now 3-4 inches off the ground and hard to hand while driving) after Geico refused to fix the issue that Bedrock Collision created. None of this is my fault, but they are telling me I am on my own. Since when does a collision business and auto insurance corporation hand an unsafe vehicle back to the customer and tell them that they have to pay for the mistakes?

I am a higher education instructor for a number of larger educational institutions in my area and I have already begun face-to-face, social media, and public testimonials directing people to NOT use Geico--EVER.

GEICO doesn't care and will not get their act together. I have no choice.

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Louis - 45 d 16 h ago

I'm having the same similar problem with Geico and I'm ready to go above and beyond by contacting corporate for them

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