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Geico Corporation

5260 Western Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD
(301) 986-3000
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Anonymous - 2 d 9 h ago

this is the worst company ever! They are very greedy and will make sure you' not getting compensated!

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Dennis - 3 d 7 h ago


Claim (hidden)101030 - the worse service ever. 6 weeks and my car is still not fixed. Dozens of calls to multiple people and not one return phone call. The worst experience ever!

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Anonymous - 7 d 13 h ago

geico commercials are so stupid omg please stop or have a professional make them for u arrrrggg

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MRagusa - 8 d 6 h ago


Have never experienced such horrible customer service. Being wonderful customers for two years I was shocked to stumble upon the fact that our policy had been terminated, without notification, and we had been driving for a month with no insurance. This was all due to an assumption made by a Customer Service Rep. We never received a letter that our policy had been terminated and now, they're saying that the "lapse" in policy is resulting in our having to pay $2000 more a year with a $900 payment due immediately. Obviously, we are now with another company. Never again, Geico - Fail.

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Claim # 0384764510101030 - CK - 8 d 8 h ago


I am in south Florida a young male hit & ran my vehicle while it was parked almost taking my daughter's life, yet has to face him every day so you can alone imagine with that the amount of stress and trauma my family has endured. Although they have taken fault and did not get away our world has enter into a 2 week nightmare of disrespect, lack of communication, lack of professionalism by Geico claim adjuster team, I have reached out for over a week daily to have this matter resolve and today from 10am I received an email stating Geico is going to start charging me for storage and yet to resolve my concerns and rental ends in 2 days. Now 430pm Friday whole everyone goes home my family and I are left once again with Noone resolving this matter my car was hit on the driver side when I picked up my belongings my passenger mirror as torn off my tire was flat and the side was all scrapped damages that where NOT there when taken to collision center but yet subtracted from the value of my vehicle deemed a total loss, and a huge discrepancy with the mileage that is on the vehicle currently and what the mileage was at time of purchase compared to some source Geico uses that no one can explain to me directed me to call the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles in which I did who have confirmed there is no discrepancy the vehicle was in fact inspected and approved by the state and sold to me with the mileage that matches the odometer reading form I filled out at time of purchase as well as the title information from the state. I am beyond dissatisfied and feel that it has been a disgrace that such a large company having a team not just one person but a team to be so negligent and are and have been been able to mistreat anyone with such disrespect and get away with it day after day.

Claim # (hidden)101030

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mikey coleman 615-739-2834 - 9 d 10 h ago


This insurance is a joke they will not pay claims and nobody knows anything when you call a geico client hit my truck and a customers car on the back on december 19 and he was arrested because he was drunk he had full coverage geico and nothing has been done 2 months later and nobody knows nothing when you call and you ask to speak to somebody higher up and they hang up on you my advice is dont do business with this company i will be glad to email anybody the documents to prove what i am saying my name is mikey and i own a very reutable towing company in nashville tn i have been in business for 12 yrs my phone # is (hidden)

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Richard - 14 d 16 h ago


It is time to have a class action suite against GEICO. I have been with GEICO for 50 years. I always was treaty fairly and with respect until now. I had an accident with another GEICO driver. She was 20 and I am a Senior Citizen. GEICO took a statement from both of us as she stated I was at fault for hitting her car in the rear. I stated that she pulled out in front of me. They were going to rule in her favor until I produced the Dash Cam Video. From that point on the agent treated me very bad. When I went for an estimate the agent spent 10 minutes telling me my car was totaled. She did not even open the door. I was told my car is not worth anything and instead of fixing they offered me $700. The tires and MAG wheels are worth $1400. 97% approval. I do not think so. Time for CLASS ACTION SUIT.

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UNHAPPY CAMPER - 10 d 1 h ago



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UNHAPPY CANPER - 10 d 17 m ago



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pissed off - 11 d 5 h ago


I do not agree with you guys Geico do not suck it is the adjuster Jonathan who is my adjuster who is terrible. I was ayahoo victim of a hit and run and at a red light in which was out. The driver kept driving and did not pull over. He tells me that I cannot use my uim because I did not have a police report what do I have insurance with them if they dont honor what they say. I am so upset. I will be contacting corporate I am all for the sueing them if they dont honor my claim. I would like to talk to the head person over Geico insurance and I will.

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carolyn - 11 d 18 h ago


Ps call me at once I been paying my insurance and not see it having Not be brought up current I paid 62.00 in Dec mo plus 40.00 dollars in Jan mo I need person in charger of my account to bring it up to date it not current

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Melinda - 12 d 8 h ago


We are being penalized because someone at GEICO did not do their job. We purchased a new truck, and the dealership called GEICO as we sat there. GEICO claims to have no record. We now have to pay a higher amount next month to make up difference.

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Jen - 16 d 7 h ago


Im paying $214 a month which means if i get in an accident I should be covered I should have been given a rental to get around to work like they do but no worse experience ever with this company I stressed all day because of them smh all I want is my car fixed that's it !!! 1 accident in 3 years this in my second and they want to further investigate saying I reported more accidents smh no I haven't I just got a policy with them 2 weeks ago and it snowed bad in Virginia 30 inches of snow I was bound to get in an accident smh I find it so unproffional the way they handle business.

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bobfmdc - 17 d 5 h ago

Just got notice of my new 2016 auto premium--up 12% since February 2015 after stability in the preceding years. I had no change in autos, status, ticket or accident history. 2/3rds of the increase is in property and bodily liability. The GEICO agent's explanation is that it wasn't anything I did--it is that medical and auto repair costs are going up nationwide along with medical costs. This was the same reason given for sharp increases in my Geico homeowners policy two years ago. Of course, the increases are not caused by that. My premium components for uninsured motorist bodily injury and property damage, as well as collision would have gone up if that was the case, and they hardly budged. GEICO is just doing to auto insurance what they did for homeowners insurance a few years ago--jacking their customers.

I have had good, but very limited services from GEICO since 1974. How long is that--maybe 42 years? So, I will pay my premium, then shop around, probably end up with USAA then cancel my GEICO policy.

GEICO, you have made a lot of money off me in the last four decades, but don't expect loyalty when you jerk me around.

P.S. My policy number is 527-41-74-06 if you really read these comments and give a damn.

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Debbie - 18 d 13 h ago

I was sitting in the medium in tje center of highway 17 N waiting for traffic to pass and was hit in my little Dodge Neon by a Giant Surburban SUV while NOT MOVING. The GEICO field inspector said it was obvious I wasn't moving! I live in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. I was hit December 2nd and STILL have not received payment! To make matters worse the Georgia office determined that both the driver who hit me and myself (both GEICO customers)are 50% wrong because they SPOKE with the other driver and she said I drove infront of her. Their field inspector took pictures told not only me but family members to pay 50% would be unreasonable since it was obvious I wasn't moving by the damage. My car was totaled and the SUV had a cracked bumper! So their unfair ruling is everything to do with money and not fairness! I now am switching to Allstate and getting MORE coverage for less money than I paid for this crapped unethical Insurance company. They sure set you up by taking money out of your bank account pronto reach month and sit behind a desk and say in spite of the evidence that someone who wasn't moving can be 50% wrong! They refuse to acknowledge the facts so what they didn't pay me they will loose in future business!! They are sooo bad I can't even give a one star rating!

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Alan jones - 23 d 4 h ago

Unthoughtful, inept, uncaring, incompetent and neglectful. Especially the medical claims department. If this is how you would like to be treated by your auto insurance carrier after an accident then geico is for you.

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Edward - 25 d ago


TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I called Geico 1800 861 8380 at 11:34 PM MY TIME in Charlotte NC. Twice I requested to speak with an agent to get a price on full coverage insurance. Twice I was hung up on. Then I called back for a third time and spoke with a supervisor. I told her the customer service was HORRIBLE. She said she would have an agent call me back to get a price. NO ONE CALLED ME BACK!!!!!!!! I have a PERFECT driving record. PERFECT!!! I am currently with Progressive paying $127.00 per month for full coverage and comprehensive. I am trying to get a second rate since my policy EXPIRES Feb 13, 2016. I own a G35 Infiniti 2004. What a GHETTO AGENCY.

Your customer service is TERRIBLE.

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Jenna - 25 d 11 h ago


I cancelled my policy back in July 2015 and got a bill from a collections agency. After speaking with a Geico rep today they said I never cancelled my policy and the bill from the collection agency was for non-payment. Geico NEVER sent an invoice to my home address, they NEVER called me, they NEVER emailed me! This company is horrible! If I didn't cancel my policy then why did Geico send me a check for $1.and some change a few days after I set my policy up to be cancelled? Now my credit has a tarnish because of greedy people who are already rich! WORST COMPANY EVER!

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Robert Wagner - 26 d 5 h ago

Well, someone at GEICO finally wised up and put a commercial I had not seen before which actually alluded to GEICO's business in the content of the commercial! The "body builders" were not very interested in what they were saying about the insurance coverage available from Geico as they exercised, but one of them puffed up for some reason while his partner apparently just had a leak! Keep it up with substantive commercials so we don't have just cause to complain any more!

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angie sanster and mark smith - 27 d 6 h ago


As a geico customer myself i think this is a terrible company, was in a accident by anothet customer,and have had a terrible experience with my own insurance carrier. Not pleased at all. My name is kim Dennis contact number is (hidden) please contact me

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Anonymous - 28 d 8 h ago

Horrible company. We have a 15 and 8 year old vehicles. Full coverage because we are seniors and couldn't afford to replace a car if beyond repair from damage. Auto pay , never late.

We used the tow service on one vehicle 4 X in a year due to electrical issues we finally had correctly diagnosed and repaired.

Geico cancelled the towing. Said we used too much and was at their discretion to cancel. Gee. You pay for a service , use it and get penalized .

Thanks geico. Looking elsewhere and letting all my friends and family know that have this company, to lose them.

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claim #0334359970101041 - 29 d 10 h ago


Have tried for an hour to find someone to complain to about the lack of service and total screw up on an automobile accident claim back in July of 2015 - so much for fast service! My sister, my brother, my sister in law, and I were in an accident in July of 2015 in Nashville Tennessee while on vacation. The person who rear-ended us was covered by Geico. We all got whiplash because she was doing 50 mph and didn't even attempt to stop because she was on her cell phone - she hit the care behind us - pushing them into us - we returned home to Texas and went to the doctor - 6 wks or 2 months later - released - case closed EXCEPT your agent got my file and my sisters screwed up and keeps sending letters asking for Medicare Information which neither of us have!! Just want the case settled - can you get someone who does not have their head up their ass and settle the claim please!! Use to think Geico was a good company - just proves how wrong a person can be! Dr. released the records and case over 4 months ago! If you don't have the money to take care of your claims - stop spending it on stupid commercials which lately are getting more offensive by the minute. If you are such an honorable company then stop hiding and put a real contact number out there for complaints!!

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debbie69 - 30 d 11 h ago

I have been with Geico for a long time now. And iam on auto pay. They took my payment of 245.00 out of my bank account. And three days later unlawfully took 717.59 out of my bank account and bounced my account. I called and first they said it was a accident and two days later i called and they said i called and authorized this transaction. I did know such thing. They had made my week very stressful with my bank trying to correct this. I told them to take my bank account information off their system. And they said ok but i wont be able to get a 6 month plan anymore I would have to pay all at one time. I told them they dont need to have my bank account information anymore because they used my bank account unlawfully.

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marian taga - 31 d 13 h ago

bad company.have a auto claim last year that take one month to be done. and i got another claim 2 days ago. same bad experience. no inspector been assign so far. really disappointing

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B - 33 d 12 h ago


We have been trying to contact the supervisor of the individual handling our claim for quite some time. We have our personal car and homeowners insurance through GEICO and have never had a problem until we were hit by someone who also had GEICO. The claim was handled poorly and ended up putting us in significant debt. There is no way to file a formal complaint with this company, they just send you around and around. Horrible business practices. We have canceled our policy as well as both sides of our family.

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