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Geico Corporation

5260 Western Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD
(301) 986-3000
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Unsatisfied policy holder - 2 d 9 h ago


I was involved in a car accident, my car was rear ended by another geico policy holder. The other driver acknowledged the damage to my car, and we exchanged paper work. I filed a claim, spoke with a geico adjuster who eventually told me the other driver was in the area but did not admit to having an accident. Odd I thought for me to have damage to my car, a picture of the drivers registration and proof of insurance, admittance he was in the area, but found not at fault because of burden of proof???? Piece of crap insurance company. DO NOT USE. I am a US veteran, and I am appauld by the lack of intergrity of every customer service rep I had to deal with. I will be spreading my total dissatisfaction with Geico, and I will not be using them again after November.

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j tarno - 9 h 13 m ago


OMG! so similar to our situation. read mine above a few.

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Chirag Amin - 70 d 12 h ago


I been Geico customer over 5 years and I thought that are so good until now. I had an accident from rear end and based on two people talked, Angela Davis who is claim adjuster ( not very professional ) call me and told me, its my fault. I asked her how did you made an decision. She has no answer for me Than I asked to get me her manager, she refused to transfer or gave me her manager's name and phone number. Next day I called the hot line to get her manager's name and person who I talked to, she gave person name as adam's as her manager so I left at least 4 message and still not get called. so I called again the claim hotline and finally I got her correct manager's name which Armando, I left a message and he never called me for 3 days until today and he has no answer how Angela made decision. I don't believe its getting my fault person who hit from back. I am getting lawyer for this transaction and I have all recording calls when I left message and talked to them. I am also complaining to Insurance Illinois of commissioner. I gave Geico at least 1o business and what a unprofessional people working in Geico. loosing a customer with bad reputation is not good over one claim but that's their call.

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Lajean - 69 d 13 h ago

Giico is below awful. All they care about is the money

They lie,schem, cheat. If I could get 10 people to sign a competition then we could take them like in a silver a silver suit guess we can't all I need is 10 people to draw up a petition against Geico because they are crooked Liars conniving low down and dirty

Lajean Love

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Donna - 63 d 15 h ago


Where do I sign right now

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KEN M - 62 d 8 h ago


I'll sign

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Anonymous - 60 d 11 h ago

I will sign it

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Tati - 60 d 10 h ago


I would sigm

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you are right - 59 d 9 h ago


I know what you mean sign me up

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lawrencia - 50 d 10 h ago

I will!! Please contact me this place is crazy!! They lie, the agents don't record notes, I was told they don't record conversations, when it clearly say's it does.

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Anonymous - 43 d 4 h ago


What happened to the petition initiative? I am ready to sign as well. I am being victimized by them as well

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Anonymous - 42 d 13 h ago

I will sign too horrible experience with them as well

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Sandra - 39 d 9 h ago

I will sign

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Lani - 32 d 7 h ago


I'll sign as well.

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Anonymous - 30 d 14 h ago

I'll sign.

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Jan - 15 d 12 h ago

A Geico customer hit me from behind and claimed full responsibility. I had to get all my own medical paperwork, receipts, eob's etc. It took me months because I was working, then had to retire on disability & had to deal with that paperwork quickly, was and still am dealing with the depression of all this. I started with one adjuster then was given another. I was told to hurry because they will not pay a claim after 2 years. I finally got it all in. My adjuster quit making her monthly check-in calls like she said she would. She wouldn't return my calls & now it's 3 weeks until the 2 years is up and not a word. Twice I called her phone & someone else answered, looked at my file & couldn't figure out anything. I told her I wanted the name of her supervisor. Of course, I got that answering machine too. My adjuster can't even tell the difference between a "date of service" and a "statement date"!!! Before they screw me they could at least buy me dinner first! My next mission is to call anyone I can to report them.

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chrisa hawk - 25 d 19 h ago


I'll sign!!

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Mike NIstad - 23 d 5 h ago


I am IN !!!!!

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Anonymous - 22 d 15 h ago


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j tarno - 9 h 15 m ago


I will sign! Tell me where and how! This needs to be stopped!

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THIS IS FOR CEO - 57 d 16 h ago


I am sending this message to the Chairman of this company. I have serious issues with GEICo for the pas three years. Today i am at my wits end with the little people who think they can go ahaead and decide whether my car should be totalled. I have maintained it quite well, and with wear and tear I have bee paying full insurance to keep my car up to par. I am going to have a STROKE, why, well because the GEICO in Long Island is totally my car today. This is not good at all. i need somoe to repsond to my message ASAP. I have this insurance company for a VERY VERY VERY long time for you to treat my like trash. Jeanette Costoso CONTACT ME!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! with you is all about $$$ not the saftey of people!!! So is this how you servive up there in Corporate??? Stealing from us.. HARD WORKING PEOPLE... I need a response ASAP!!!your adjusters ar quick to TOTAL Peoples CAR, withou knowing what the family situation is.. THAT IS crul, rude and unpriofessionl. Oh H_GOOSH you people are going give a STROKE.. I NEED CEO OR CORPORATE TO CONCTAT ME ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS PROPOSTEROUS !!!!!!!!!!!!

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J Carroll - 1 d 15 h ago


There is not an Angela Davis working for GEICO, at least not as she's representing herself; it's a fake name and could as well be Donald Duck. I've had great service from GEICO for over twenty years. Everything during my time with them had been five-star until I spoke to Angela Davis (fake name) a couple days ago, and she'd be rated zero-stars at best. I may be changing my rating IF recent experience continues as claims process proceeds.

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j tarno - 9 h 16 m ago


Very similar situation accept it was Geico's customer who rearended my son and their customer told them he was rearended by a mysterious vehicle that took off and no one involved saw a 4th vehicle and it is impossible for that to have even happened and the adjuster named William was very unprofessional and extremely rude! He made his dicision that their was another vehicle vehicle and their customer was not at fault and he did this before receiving the police report and without seeing my sons car! Also, he told our insurance company adjuster that they had picks showing damage to the rear of their customers vehicle indicating that he was rearended but could not share them with our companies adjuster because their customer would not give permission to share. It was an accident so why does he have to give permission for evidence??? All too crooked and unprofessional. Geico needs to be reported for all the issues like this and the adjuster need to lose their license!!!!

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ANONYMOUS - 1 d 10 h ago

Geico should look into AGERO roadside assisitant .Foe every tow call workers are told add another $50. to the bill,but hide it,dont add it on seperately.

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Eddie Johnson i rate no stars worst company ever - 3 d 15 h ago

I was in a motorcycle accident ten fractures to my pelvis the lady stopped in the road tried to go around her to miss the back of her car then she turns i hit her on the side of her car cop said it was my fault give me a citation for not slowing down in time took it to court judge dropped it and i am now sueing the lady but geico still says it's my fault give them the paper from the court and they still say it's my fault been asking to talk to someone to file a complaint my claims agent Billy Harmon said i can't talk to anyone except her or her supervisor they refuse to let me talk to someone besides them they are trying to cover up there mistake that they payed out a claim that they shouldn't have anymore know how to get a hold of corporate please let me know (hidden)

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