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Geico Corporation

5260 Western Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD
(301) 986-3000
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Tammy Hagins - 5 d ago

Please turn the volume on your commercials down. They are awful. Blaring noise on a otherwise peaceful night. Ruined it.

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Mom - 7 d 18 h ago


I have two cars fully covered with Geico. I have paid full coverage for 3 years. Now I have a claim I filed which is hit and run by another car, you dont provide the customer service to your customer.

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Etruscan - 9 d 11 h ago


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Vicki - 10 d ago


I cancelled my car and renters insurance with you guys in May. I have been waiting for a refund in amount of $19.00 (renters policy). I've called several times explaining that the debit card I had used at the time has been closed (and bank). Bank tells me they returned the money so someone at your end. I'd like my money back in the form of a check. I'd never come back to Geico for insurance again because of this.

Vicki Darmody

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PO Private Investigator - 17 d 7 h ago


you guys are so pathetic the claim that you are going to submit is going to go towards a guy who is on the DOJ watch list.I work a case for one month a denial of payment for my services and you guys are going to submit a claim to someone who is on the DOJ and now ICE radar

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Alexandria - 22 d 8 h ago


I just ordered insurance through Geico - I was charged twice.

I sent the screenshot in yesterday, the representative told me that since the charge was still on hold.

He gave me an email to send the screenshot of my statement, and then he told me that if it didn't fall off by midnight call in the morning and it will be refunded to me immediately.

This morning both of the charges are still in my account, granted they are still on hold, so I call like I was told to do.

I got on the phone with another representative - they told me that only one charge shows up, they can't see another one. I told her I sent in proof to (hidden). She gets on the phone with that department, gets back on with me, says they haven't had time to look at it yet because they have a lot of these emails to handle.

Really? This happens all the time? She said it could be another 24 hours before they even look at it?? This isn't what I was told?? They're closed Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (because of Labor Day), so in theory this won't be handled until Tuesday?

I'm out $201.93 because of a mistake on your part? I switched to your company because you are $200 cheaper than what I was using before, and I am really trying to keep my faith; however, this is only the second day with your company and I'm already starting to feel that I should have just stayed where I was.


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Anonymous - 27 d 16 h ago


You guys dropped the ball on my clams as in a accident in may and my bike is still not fixed in August that the heck is going on with you guys I ask your people to remove my bike but you refused to do so so no im out. 29 thousand dollars bike anfyou guy got ripped off of almost 5 grand and your people don't care at all and no hat opens I loose my bike over you asshole not doing shit about fixing my bike than gico for making me looseing my bike and running my creidet you guys just cost me my marriage my home everything because you refused tio repair my bike

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One Irritated Customer - 29 d 9 h ago


Monday will mark 5 weeks I have been dealing with Geico over a Claim for hitting a Deer! I've had to deal with a Inside Investigator, and a Outside Investigator. Not one person at the Home Office knows how to communicate. I'm beyond irritated, and if I don't hear something by next week I will have my Lawyer Involved. This is absolutely ridiculous.

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Anonymous - 31 d ago


My fiance just canceled Geico. Yay!!!

The other night the girl on the phone laughed repeatedly at him, after telling him the insurance will be increasing by $200 next month and even more for months after that. That amount supposedly came from an accident they knew about from a few years ago and a seatbelt ticket months ago. . So they missed it? Now they want what hadn't been charged? Something seems wrong. Laughing girl could only talk in circles instead of a real explanation.

He's now with AAA. Yep, you all have heard of them. Not a shady, web only place. His rate is now $72 less a month than what his rate originally was.

Geico, you need to listen to some of your folks and how they treat people. This was no way to keep a long standing customer that paid on time.

In the long run, my darling won :)

I'm very interested in how Geico can save you $500 or more on insurance???

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Mommie - 29 d 10 h ago


i can relate. I feel i was bamboozled in to wat was supposed to be full coverage. I added a truck and the cut out my full coverage when I did an umbrella coverage. I am going to drop them soon.

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Anonymous - 31 d 10 h ago


This happened to me too taking ppl money I'm a single parent I need my money 770

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Shunte - 38 d 3 h ago

This is the worst company I've ever delt with. This company stole money from my account and continued to lie to me about when my funds were coming back to my account this happened on the 8th of August. To make matters worse everytime I call to ask where my money is they lie and tell me it's either being processed or it has already been released to my account it is now August 14th and I'm still being told my $692.27 is on it's way to my account. I told them how my 3 pound chorkie was sick and that I needed my money to take her to the vet , still nothing. Just a bunch of empty promises. If your company is becoming successful by STEALING! FROM YOUR CUSTOMERS ACCOUNTS I guess you'll stay in business



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Mallory - 37 d 7 h ago


The same thing Happened to me, they took out two payments and when I disputed one with the bank they refunded it to me however Geico is now claiming that only one payment was processed and that payment was returned. so basically now they're threatening me to end my insurance because it looks like I haven't paid. They actually spoke to a representative from Wells Fargo and they confirmed with them that two payments were processed and only one was returned so my question is where is my money?

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Anonymous - 37 d 10 h ago

I was involved in a car accident where another Geico customer rear-ended me, even though Geico claims to accept 100% liability, they have done nothing but give me the run-around. They first had my medical files sitting there for about 2 weeks and no one did anything about it, then after going through the third adjuster, I was then informed that she was going to be out of the office for a week and she wants to put the claim off another week until she gets back instead of settling it or assigning it to someone on her team even though the law in my state says they have thirty days to reach a decision. After talking with the supervisor who informed me that she would review the file, she had another member reach out to me all to tell me that they needed other documents to prove my lost wages, what more could you possibly need when you have my disability letter from the doctor and my two years previous tax returns and she also stated she knows I was in another accident whereas, I was in the vehicle with someone else and that accident has nothing to do with their client rear-ending me in my vehicle. Even though there were damages from this accident and it is all in black and white, they wanted to throw up everything but accepting liability for my injuries and resolving this issue. I am now waiting for another supervisor to reach out to me as the representative The adjuster told me in our discussion that it was 4:30 and her day was over. I have been given the run around by the supervisor, who wants to say she is in meetings all day and they have still not resolved my issues and tomorrow will be day 30. I am a Geico client as well and I have received HORRIBLE service and this accident was not my fault but the adjusters and Supervisor that I have spoken with have made it be my fault. I REALLY HOPE SOMEONE FROM CORPORATE REVIEWS THIS AND CALLS ME!!

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Maguire - 37 d 14 h ago


I pay little attention to it. Just propaganda playing on survival instincts. The vast majority of humanoids will bow down before triumphant power. In the Spanish Civil War the villagers would flow out to cheer the triumphant liberators parading down the main street. Because of the fluid nature of the battle lines some village populations cheered over a dozen liberation parades by Falangists and Republicans. Mostly they were hoping if they cheered loud enough all the combatants would take their war someplace else.

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Marty - 37 d 16 h ago

Our entire family have been Geico customers so we were shocked as to the handling of a billing glitch. My daughter had a spotless record with Geico for many years, no claims and paid her bills on time using autopay with paperless billing. Her credit card expired and one payment was denied. She just gave birth, was in between jobs and in the process of moving to another state. The one email was overlooked in the turmoil, in fact it could have even found its way in the spam folder. Then came an email stating that her insurance ended did she want to reinstate it. She quickly called up Geico to clear up this issue, pay the unpaid bill and provide the updated credit card expiration date. The representative said ok but her insurance would go from $165 to $241! She said to reduce the increase by a small amount she would have to take a defensive driving course!! Now what does this have to do with updating a credit card expiration date in autopay! My daughter said this was no way to treat a long time customer and said she would switch Insurance companies to which the representative said, "good luck finding another company willing to insure someone with your history". History!!!! Is she mad! Being late with one payment after years of on time payments because of a common event of a credit card expiring while under autopay is called History?

Needless to say, my entire family will be switching from Geico.

Not a way to treat a loyal customer!

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Anonymous - 38 d 8 h ago

After 22 years as a loyal customer and safe driver, I was backed into (while I was sitting still waiting to turn right) by a 17 year old driver, in a parking lot. My car was damaged. Their car was not. We were both insured by GEICO. The teenage driver lied (BAD BAD KARMA) and said I hit her. GEICO basically told me to stuff it and they were not going to do anything about it as it was word vs. word. After 22 years, I quit GEICO and saved $200 dollars going to a new company. SHAME ON YOU GEICO!!!!!

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Mad Mom - 38 d 9 h ago


This is Mad Mom.

Geico still has paid my son so he can get his car fixed. Orlando Geico get the dam investigation done so he can fix his car. You accepted liability for your customer. Pay up

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Mad Mom - 39 d 24 m ago


To whom it may concern:

My son was rear ended by someone you insure in May of 2019. Your company accepted liability for payment. It is now August and you have not paid him yet. His bumper is bungees to his car. Supposedly, the investigation has not been completed yet. How long can it take? I am going to go on a verbal rant dailyagainst your company until you get his car fixed. Shame on all of you Geicko's a company you should not trust to hold up their end of an agreement. Start shopping for different insurance.

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geico insured - 40 d 22 h ago


they handled a recent small claim adequately.

They did however decline to submit a hit-and-run claim for subrogation.

I'm filing a civil action against the other driver tonight; additionally, I'm suing Geico because I couldn't get satisfaction.The other driver is a Geico client & they will not provide me with a service address for my civil action.

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Anonymous - 44 d 4 h ago


Geico agent charge my nephew $663 a month for Liability..that's straight stealing & fucked up

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ANONYMOUS - 69 d 7 h ago





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Billy - 69 d 4 h ago


I agree.,their commercials are lies. They said you could save 15% or more on your insurance. Yeah, they want to charge me 55% more than my current insurance.

I give this company a neagtive 10 star

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Anonymous - 47 d 7 h ago

I agree. They care nothing about their customers. A class action suit might be exactly what they need

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Anonymous - 47 d ago

I just had a negative experience with them too, but I can plainly see maybe it's your attitude and foul mouth that is the issue.

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