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Geico Corporation

5260 Western Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD
(301) 986-3000
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Dale A Brown - 45 d 11 h ago


I have had Geico auto insurance for a very long time. I have always paid my premiums on time and have never filed a claim. On the way home from dropping my grand kids off at school the other morning, just before daylight I hit a dear. Not a lot of damage It clipped the right front corner of the car which broke the headlight, park light and pushed the fender up against the door. Here is the kicker. I added comprehensive coverage to my car around a month earlier so they say my claim has to be investigated. I have comprehensive on all of my other vehicles I just didn't realize that I didn't have it on this car until then. I'm like, ok, whatever. This arrogant bastard named Mark comes to my house, Doesn't even offer to shake my hand and almost immediately starts making little snide remarks like I am lying about what happened. This SORRY PIECE OF SHIT basically called me a liar and a cheat FOR A $913.00 CLAIM. I pay more than that in premiums every 3 months. I retired after serving 22 years in the army and I'll just be damned if some piece of shit like this Mark character is going to treat me like that. He's lucky I had already taken my morning meds. If I hadn't I probably would have put his sorry ass in the hospital. As of today I will no longer a geico customer.

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Gloria Pollard - 40 d 13 h ago


That's good that you dropped geico they ate the worst insurance company you deal eith

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Perfect Driving Record. - 5 d 18 h ago

Geico Sucks. Good buy.

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Treva Young - 4 d ago


Worse customer service ever. I filed a claim that I was told several times that wasn't my fault on October 5th and with no explanation of the wait, my bumper got worse because I had to drive it since I work and it's my only transportation to, finally, 2 months later, be told that I ly half my bumper would be fixed and I felt bullied to use my $1,000 deductible out of pocket so many times and I'm done! They are the worse and I am moving on. Thanks a lot Geico. Thanks for a stab in the back

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Anonymous - 37 d ago

I agree w/ur complaint. Usually callsvare recorded for training purposes.. Guess wut, my conversation was not,AND made no notation of our agreement. GEICO didn't call me the month I didn't make my payment due to the agreement we made. The following month I made my premium + added more $$$$,as we agreed.. As I SD, the month I made no pymnt, due on the 4th,comes out electronically., I got NO call. But the following mo. I made my pymnt & I added more money due to our conversation. GEICO called me for the remaining balance from the mo. B4.I wouldnt have ins. If I made no pymnt. There was recording, no notes of the conversation. I had NO ins.from Oct.14-30. But I will handle it w/Corporate. And I had to pay extra for the lapse days w/ no ins.

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Unhappy longtime loyal customer - 24 d 4 h ago

I just had the exact same thing happen to me! Except during that lapse that I was unaware of, I got into an accident which was deemed my fault. Geico is refusing to back date even though their automated service neglected to give me the accurate amount owed, then I was canceled due to non payment when in fact I did pay.

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Anonymous - 12 d 4 h ago

The same thing is happening to me right now except the DMV is wanting to suspend my license for 3 days due to the lapse which should have never been. How did you resolve this issue?

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Beyond Done n Just Started - 6 d 6 h ago


Can I say DE JA VOU!?!? I JUST found out for almost 2 months now I have had NO insurance (been customer of Geico since Sept 2016) All because in JULY they sent an email stating there was important info I needed to give them regarding a "new" driver (my son to see which parent would be cheaper). SO they ADDED the person, mind you they do not even live with me, they live with their father who pays HIS insurance for them, charge me over $300 that I had to wait for 7 days to get....GEICO took it out an HOUR after the "quote". Then my daughter got her PERMIT which legally in CT they CANNOT charge me for and you think during that call they would say HEY WE NEED THE NAME OF THE DRIVER....thank God my friend knows the state law that says NOT FOR A PERMIT, say HEY need some info?? NO they drop me for "failue to provide the info" WHAT INFO SHE HAS NONE....."we need her full name and date of birth" AND THAT IS WHY YOU DROPPED ME??? Why didn't they ask me in August when they were stealing money from my bank without my permission???. BECAUSE WE AUTHORIZE MONTHLY PAYMENT SO THEY HAVE PERMISSION TO PULL MONEY IF THEY DEEM FIT!! SO OF COURSE I went to switch companies and guess what?!?!? GEICO HAS ME LISTED AS I LAPSED/defaulted COVERAGE so the other company wants to charge me MORE than normal because "I have not held insurance properly for at least 6 months. SO I call Geico back to tell them to fix it OR put me current AND.....drum roll please.....after sitting on the phone for 1 hour and 27 minutes, I was informed I would have to WAIT FOR THE DIRECTORS APPROVAL IF HE AGREES?!?!? SO been driving with NO insurance, my kids as well, faithfully paying by direct deposit for a year, no tickets, or accidents and THEY will DECIDE if they WANT to clear MY GOOD NAME!?!? SOCIAL MEDIA HERE I COME!!! :/ YAH THANKS GEICO!! ANOTHER COMPANY THAT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMER. STAY AWAY FROM INTERNET MONGRELS.

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Perfect Driving Record. - 5 d 18 h ago

Geico Sucks.

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Michael - 6 d ago


First off, I'm a 100% combat disabled veteran. I don't appreciate people trying to deceive or trying to blow smoke up my ass. I never been in a car accident until just before Thanksgiving when I was in a non injury car accident. I live out here in El Paso, Texas, and the sun blinded me and I rolled my F150 over a parked car that was parked on the curb unoccupied. Anyway, a few days later an adjusted came to house and took pictures, and then a few days later I get an email with "Estimate Summary". Where under Estimated Repair Cost, $1933.21. It went on to state under Note: The estimated repair cost is the total including any applicable deductible for which you may be responsible.

A week in a half later I get a check In mail for $1432.21. When I got Estimate Summary and read Note. I believe my $501.00 deductible had already been the deducted from the $1933.21.

I believe the wording in the Estimate Summary is tantamount to deception and deceptive practice. I'm going to file complaint with Texas Attorney General.

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Perfect Driving Record - 5 d 18 h ago

geico sucks.

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S. Bison - 5 d 14 h ago


Do you people know what G. E. I. Co. stands for??

Do you have any idea who you're dealing with??

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Perfect Driving Record - 5 d 18 h ago

They can save you so much money because that don't take care of you when you need them.

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Qui - 6 d 7 h ago


I am a New York resident. I am post this so that hope that some one come across this help me out of this mess. Make the story short. I got into an accident last month and the guy came for the estimated and gave me an estimated almost same as price of vehicle that buy from the market. It is not total according to Geico. They brought my vehicle to a collision for an estimate and with out my authorize they went ahead to fix the vehicle without my signature. Till I found out I went after the estimate guy and his supervisor and they both did not answer me back. I really need HELP

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Shonda - 9 d 8 h ago


I absolutely hate this company!! They go up on your insurance without giving a thorough investigation of what's going on!

My most recent issue is I was getting quotes from other insurance agencies because once again I am unhappy with Geico, and was told that Geico put a claim on my report for toe on May 13, 2017, The vehicle was never towed on that date. So I called Geico to inquire, they had no clue to what the total was about. I finally received the representative that stated it was for a job, however the jump was canceled and no services were rendered. I requested that it be removed due to it's causing me to have higher premiums when I'm getting quotes from other companies and no one, and I do mean no one knew how to remove it.

I called maybe 20 times yesterday, and I have so phone records to prove it I spoke to maybe 15 to 20 incompetent people and still today my issue has not been resolved.

I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy

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Anonymous - 11 d 4 h ago

I have had misunderstandings in the Miami area. I am doubtful that I received a bill to renew Geico homeowners insurance. I would like to renew and would supply to you necessary information as to billing and update my information to you. The policy expired on November 10, 2017? I wish to continue the insurance. Am I allowed to continue the homeowners policy? Can I switch to a business policy? Am I allowed to pay you for this? Can you bill me for this?

Flagged for review. 
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Extremely Disappointed - 11 d 6 h ago


I am a long time customer. My step son had a premium attached to him because of an accident. He has since moved and no longer drives. He does not own a car. He now lives with his mother. Because he doesn't have other insurance (he no longer has a car and is disabled), can't prove he doesn't live with me (he doesn't have utility bills - or any bills - or a job), GEICO is forcing me to keep him on my policy and requiring I pay the $76 per month cost for him.

This is the most moronic company policy I have ever seen. It is just pure theft. I will be writing to the President (and changing my insurance carrier after 26 years with GEICO.)

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a long time customer - 12 d ago


All sad and similar stories, you paid premiums, responsible driver, hit a deer, accident, bump and run etc....At times is not Geico but the claims dept they contract or the adjusters who are in cahoots w shops, dishonesty and lack of integrity my be to blame. Finally the customer suffers and no one seems to care....Is like living in a communist country where doing the right things are indifferent and no one gives a hoot....I hope GEICO spends more money on taking care of customers and not adds on TV... They are not very well managed, is the luck of the draw and as the Forest Gump film depicts

"life if a box of Chocolates"---You never know what you are going to get... Unfortunately all of us writing got shit chocolates..

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Jerry T - 12 d 8 h ago


Mine is repeat of common story with GEICO. They appear intent to drag things out until claimants give up and go away. Worst insurance experience I've ever had.

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Anonymous - 12 d 10 h ago



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My name is Keyona Crear. I live in Dallas,Tx. My Father gave me a car. BUT would'nt let me drive it until I had took 4 mos. For me to buy INSURANCE, Sept.8 2017 I purchased FULL COVERAGE INSURANCE WITH....GEICO.SEPT 9 2017 It was raining really hard, I was drivo g on STEMMONS FREEWAY 35 n. Going around a very sharp curve on the car HYDOPLAINED spung out of control, slamming into the BRICK PILLAR that devides the traffic. Airbags DEPLOYED car yotalef... My 15 year old daughter and myself came out WITHOUT any injuries,Thank you JESUS. The fire trucks came and BLOCKED the highway. Ambulance came we were not hurt, they left. About 20min later the sheriff came pushed my car with is car off the Dangerous highway and left.. NO REPORT MADE BECAUSE NOONE WAS HURT...NOR DID I TEAR UP A GAURD RAIL ETC. THANK GOD I TOOK PICTURES OF THE ACCIDENT, MY DAD CALLED HIS COUSIN TO TOW MY CAR HOME. I CALLED GEICO TO REPORT THE CLAIM..AND TO REQUEST A RENTAL..THEY TOLD ME TO SEND PICTURES OF THE WRECKED CAR.. I DID. 7 PHOTOS, THEN THEY ASKED ME FOR THE TOW TRUCK COMPANY PHONE NUMBER, I GAVE THEM THE INFORMATION. NOW 3 MOS. LATER IM STILL WITHOUT A CAR no rental NOTHING..THEY ARE WATI G ON A CALL LOG. BUT...I HAVE FULL COVERAGE


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Anonymous - 12 d 10 h ago


COULD NOT AGREE MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 18 d 7 h ago

Please have a supervisor call me at 917 5575970 my name is Floyd turner my clam #is 0302-40824-0101-048.

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Susan Hubbard - 18 d 10 h ago


GEICO is the worst company do not insure with this company. A rock hit my windshield in 2014, which required that the windshield to be replaced. My daughter was rear-ended by uninsured driver, I backed into a car that pulled up behind me as I was backing out of a parking space, damage to their car was less than $500, all of these claims were used to raise my rates by $75 per month No one through your customer service department will discuss with me why the huge increase in my insurance. In addition, because we live in Texas but my daughter attends college 180 miles away the forced me to get separate policies and took away my multicar discounts, even though it states

the following on the GEICO website Customer Loyalty


Insure more than one car with GEICO and you could get a discount of up to 25% on most of your car insurance coverages.

Isn't this false advertising? Isn't that against the law. What is worst no one will make this right, no discount because you have 2 policies, I HAVE 2 POLICIES BECAUSE GEICO FORCED ME TO GET TWO POLICIES

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Angela Alvesteffer - 19 d 26 m ago

I have a claim that happened on September 6, 2017. I am a policy holder of Geico, the other driver also has Geico and it also turns out that the driver at fault is also an employee of Geico. She stated this several times at the accident. Wendy ran a red light, caused the accident and was ticked for careless driving. I have witnes statements, police report, and police video all proving your employee Wendy Bridge is at fault. We have gone through severl adjusters and it always seems to fall back to covering for your employee. All this has added up to an improper denial and delay of settlement. We currently have an attorney working on this and we are now involving the media. In the video the police officers both believe Wendy is on drugs. When this goes viral people will know what to look for when choosing an insurance company. I look forward to this being handled in a better way and in a more timely mannor.

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