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Geico Corporation

5260 Western Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD
(301) 986-3000
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Geico shouldn't even exist!! Especially the office at 8100 South Highway 6 in Houston Texas 77083, everyone that works out of that office needs to be terminated. They don't appreciate their job. The corporate managers need to review their custom complaints. Depending on the complaint, discipline your employees by terminating . What makes a company looks good is good employees that represents In a professional manner. And at 8100 South Highway 6 Houston TX 77083 MS. JENNIFER(agent) needs to be exit out the door. And the mechanic that's repairing my vehicle needs to hold Jennifer's hand as she exit the building. . My personal vehicle has been there two months and can't get repaired correctly just to replace a windshield and it's still not ready to be picked up.They're making to many mistakes, they're telling lies to cover their mistakes and then the rudeness comes after you call them out on there lies and mistakes.. Geico you need to clean out your house and don't ignore your paying customers complaints, for customers to take the time to give a negative review on your employees that works for the Co We're trying to help you improve.... AAA Texas here I come.

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B.Kelly - 5 d ago


I was in an accident July 15th 2016, contacted Geico to get a rental and I was advised I did not have rental when I know I wanted it and advised the under writer that I need it..I've lived in Atlanta for 18 years and the traffic is terrible... Its funny how my policy had everything else not rental reimbursement coverage..I was pissed, I have spoken to 8 different people who's giving me the run around...I will contact CFPB, the agent used deceptive tactics and do not handle my policy as I requested... He put what he wanted.. I never asked $1,000 deductable I asked for $500.00 my insurance was $190.00 Its DAAP... I will not let this one go....I have to a car to get back and forth to work and this is messing with my lively hood.. I am Chief Compliance Officer and know the Laws

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Richard - 176 d 5 h ago


It is time to have a class action suite against GEICO. I have been with GEICO for 50 years. I always was treaty fairly and with respect until now. I had an accident with another GEICO driver. She was 20 and I am a Senior Citizen. GEICO took a statement from both of us as she stated I was at fault for hitting her car in the rear. I stated that she pulled out in front of me. They were going to rule in her favor until I produced the Dash Cam Video. From that point on the agent treated me very bad. When I went for an estimate the agent spent 10 minutes telling me my car was totaled. She did not even open the door. I was told my car is not worth anything and instead of fixing they offered me $700. The tires and MAG wheels are worth $1400. 97% approval. I do not think so. Time for CLASS ACTION SUIT.

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UNHAPPY CAMPER - 171 d 13 h ago



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Anonymous - 142 d ago

I want in too!!

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Jerome Fitzmaurice - 13 d ago


Sign me up.

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Anonymous - 118 d 26 s ago


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anonymous - 101 d 24 h ago


Same here my truck is not worth fixing they push and make the whole process benefit them not the customer can't replace the truck for a quarter of what they offered me four that's three times less than what they sell for it'll save you money don't file a claim and fixing yourself and just find a new insurance company there are insurance companies out there that will replace the full value of the car Allstate is one of them progressive it's it's worth a little bit extra money you pay better service

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youpeoplearefunny - 22 d 16 h ago

that's actually not true. I work in the industry. they all use the same evaluation tools. the only difference is what coverage you purchase. you will always get actual cash value.. which includes depreciation. just part of it.

also, if you hit someone from the rear you are almost always at fault. haven't read anything yet that would get any of you anywhere...

wish you the best.

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ZO - 5 d 15 h ago


I was hit from the side and under the assholes car so an 80/ 20 cut is bull shit. Geico is getting sued.

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Anonymous - 74 d 19 h ago

Let's do this!! I'm in

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JoAnne H - 73 d 23 h ago


Im game

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Melissa - 71 d ago


lets do it!! how do we start?

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Pat G - 147 d 16 h ago


i am dumbfounded! On Fen 11 a young man pulled in front of me at an angle and the far right corner of my bumper and I hit the rear driver's side bumper. I didn't take a picture and I regret it. This person lied and told the claim agent that I hit him in the intersection! Before they even received my photos of the area and the map I sent they found in his favor!

I found out online that he has been incarcerated, totaled an SUV and has had numerous traffic tickets sand is a heavy pot smoker! Obviously Geico did no due diligence! And now I have to pay to get my car fixed! The agents were rude and disrespectful. They had made up their minds! I am planning to contact the CEO and write a letter to the Insurance Commissioner. I may also sue them in small claims court to get my car repaired !

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Anonymous - 44 d 32 m ago


Imallin Willing

Some what of the same thing happened to me. I want in on class action lawsuit too. Let's ask President Obama to save us from this beast. If he can't do it Jesus surely can. MN

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Anonymous - 22 d 16 h ago

I believe Jesus has been a policyholder with GEICO since the company started in the 1936

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placeyourenergyelsewhere - 22 d 16 h ago

its your responsibility to present the evidence to disprove the other party... and their personal history doesn't have any weight on your case. claims are evaluated on their individual merit. if you hit them from behind, you will be partially responsible. you don't have a case.

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Sydnie - 145 d 18 h ago

I would love to be a part of ANY class action suit against geico

Flagged for review. 
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larryg - 130 d 6 s ago


My wife and i were in an accident with a geico client.she ran stop sign ,was on phone and we hit her in quarter panel.we had right of way on city street .was in silverado with 15 ft trailer loaded with furniture and such.seems geico only wants to pay the guy who made estimate just walked around vehicle took pics and never looked under hood at damage and wrote me a b.s estimate of 5000 then takes 10% off the prices are not even correct on estimate.noone calls back to correct is comin out of my pocket for parts and repair.if someone is gonna file class action please post where or who to contact.ty

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nope. - 22 d 16 h ago

if you hit their quarter panel, means you had time to break. you'd be partially responsible. it's called comparative negligence. do your research.

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DR - 120 d 49 s ago


Me too. Awesome that you had a dash cam video.

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Olivia - 118 d ago

I am with you. My son was in an accident two weeks ago and the other driver also has GEICO. There was an accident on the freeway and traffic was stopped. The 19 year old girl decides to move into my son's lane and hits his car and she keeps going. He had to follow her for eight miles she would not stop. She exited the freeway and he followed her and got next to her and asked her if she was going to stop. She pulled over and told him it was not that bad just to forget it. He told her he needed her information. When we called GEICO to report the accident the adjuster tells us she will have to get with the other adjuster. The accident happen on a Friday. Monday we get a call that they have decided to call this a he said she said and that each party would pay their own. I could not believe it. My son had taken pictures and they did not even bother to review them. I called and asked for supervisor (worthless) she had to meet with the other supervisor of the other adjuster. Two weeks later and the are still trying to decide. I called this morning and they decided to go with what the adjusters determined. I am getting an attorney plus everyone of you need to file a complaint with Texas Department of Insurance. That hurts their ratings and they do not like that.

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educated - 22 d 16 h ago

you didn't have any evidence to prove your side. burden of proof lies with the parties involved. you have no case.

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Unhappy - 86 d ago


Yes lets sue geico they went up on my ins. because i did'nt sign up for auto pay.

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Alex - 73 d 44 m ago


I'm in as well. They keep cheating me on my bill but because its the law I have no choice but to pay these thieves.

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Tertso - 31 d 19 h ago


I absolutely agree that a class action suit should be brought against Geico. Let me know when . I won't go into the nightmare I've just been dealing with --with Geico. I too am a senior citizen. Theyve bullied, harassed, lied and threatened. a class action suit by seniors against geico is in order. (hidden)

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