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Geico Corporation

5260 Western Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD
(301) 986-3000
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Cory P - 4 d 6 h ago


This company has the nerve to charge me an extra $50 On my policy for 15days of lapse....whuch is redicoulous!!! And when I called into customer service they agent had the audacy to run down to me on how the lapse was my fault and the quote is what it is sir

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TK - 5 d 6 h ago


I have never dealt with such unprofessional group of people. I have friends that are adjuster and used to be adjusters. I know how the whole thing works trying to settle the claim quick and least as possible.Our son that was in the jeep when we were rear ended. He is scared of cars now .I haven't been able to do my therapy on my neck .The therapist suggested I come ten sessions. $260 a session. The evaluation is $375 My cell $600 and Jason's loss wages 8/days plus now my bank account negative $352.00/Because everything got sent back because had no wages for 8 days now our EVICTION NOTICE.We have until Saturday too pay our rent.If we get evicted because of you and your lying adjusters. You will have a huge law suite on your hands.Hi I need pt therapy for my neck the electric stim and heat. Do you take geico insurance 3rd party insurance.

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Jorge Martinez - 6 d 36 m ago


First of all I've been with geico for about 10 years or more, Ive always had positive things about this company, Until today, I was very disappointed on the customer service I revived. First of all I have two vehicles one is full cover and the other just liability, I had a question today in the morning about my billing and I called and speak to someone, and since I was talking to someone I decided to add roadside assistance to the the second Vehicle and no problem, everything was good all day, till later on the day my car just stop for no reason while I was driving, so somehow I manage to Pull over to the side of the highway with no problem. Since I assumed I had roadside assistance on both cars I open the app and set up for a tow truck, an hour later finally it arrives, the driver tells me to go to the tow truck and wait while he loaded the car and he does, then a few minutes later a Representative calls me and him and said I was not cover, because I just added that car, and I had to wait at least 24 hours to get cover. I was like ok maybe they got confused, cause no one told me about this before, I checked my app it said I was cover. Anyways Either I have to pay out of pocket or he can't take my car. So he just drops it down and And leaves it there and leaves. So after two hours of waiting in the heat. It's know about 8 and it's dark, I was literally scared for my life, cause I was on the side of a Busy highway in the dark, my emergency lights were not working. I called to see if maybe they had made a mistake, but the lady I spoke to was no help. I was Really frustrated at the fact that they don't care about me or my safety, just the money I've been giving them every month. I had no choice but to walk home. I was just 3 miles aways.

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Rajdai Singh - 8 d 8 h ago

I am having trouble with my auto claim adjuster Noel Rodriguez, and need help filing a complaint. Can you advise me of a number or email address where i can file this complaint.

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MaryB - 15 d 14 h ago


I've been with Geico 21 years and have the family on the policy with all the bells and whistles and 4 vehicles. We added my teen daughter 5 years ago (policy jumped) and teen son last year (policy increased again). Had no problems (no tickets, wrecks or anything) until recently. My daughter had a flat tire September 2018 and called for Roadside Assistance. Geico's contractor came out with her son who changed my daughter's tire/wheel. Next day the wheel comes off while my daughter is driving - thankfully she's fine! 2 bad tows later and the front, back and underbelly of car gets damaged - car in shop for about 2 weeks - $10,000 damages. Geico "pays" for everything and we're not at fault. Teenage son (new driver) hits parked car going into parking garage for 1st time January 2019. Okay, I expect my policy might go up a little. HA!!! Policy gets practically doubled because of the activity on the policy - 20 "tows" over the last 5 years (remember, I have 4 cars so that's 1 tow per car per year for something I am paying for as an option each month); my son's fender bender and my daughter's at-fault accident!!! I should be suing Geico and the contractor for negligence and trauma - could have seriously hurt or killed my child! Having argued with 4 CSRs that the "accident" wasn't our fault and that the adjuster should review the file again, the person researching the issue decided that there was no need for a review. She proudly determined that it wouldn't matter who was responsible for a $10,000 claim and it wouldn't change the outcome for the adjuster because accurate information doesn't matter!!!! Shopping around!!!

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Anonymous - 9 d 16 h ago

Contact your state's insurance regulator.

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Dissatisfied - 12 d ago


I was curious about rate comparisons so I filled out the form online for a quote only. I've received several calls from Geico which I blocked and got an email explaining why my rates were higher than normal. I didn't ask to be insured by Geico but they went into detail about my credit. I'm offended that they went to the level they did when I only Inquired. Freedom of speech is dwindling in America but I feel Geico should close their doors permanently due to the way they do business. I'll Never obtain insurance from them. I would use other language but I'm sure you readers get my gist.

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Kathleen - 29 d 5 h ago


I too have been a member for years and I recently hit a deer .that was the 23 of March. My car was ready 2 weeka ago. Geico is arguing about the labor rates and they called. In an arbitrator whom they hired and they conveyed to me they would take care of it on their own sweet time. My rental has run out and they won't extend it.So I am without a car and live in a ruel area. The hold up is in part the immaturity of the adjusters. They got mad because a person was not at the collision center was gone for 2days to school. There was a lot of time in the last two weeks to take are of this problem so I am suffering because of immature adjusters. I have called the insurance commissioner and sent a written statement. I also have emails.

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Mari - 20 d 8 h ago

be aware, my vehicle was left too long at tow yard, they put a lien on it because GEICO did not pay the lot fees. now my car is gone. It went back to the dealer for auction and now GEICO PAID IT OFF AS A TOTAL LOSS, IT ONLY NEEDED REPAIRS. I am out all the money I have been paying for my vehicle since 2017. It was a BMW, I paid over $20,000.00 already for it and now it is gone..

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Jentel Paolino - 12 d 5 h ago

Can I get that address to the commissioner please?

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Jentel Paolino - 12 d 5 h ago

I cancelled my policy to fuc**** day and will never will go back. I was set up on auto payment the 18th if every month with Geico never and issue until the 4/22. I logged in and notice my charge for autopay was double and expecting to come out the following month. I immediately called and was told the card on file declined, which was true it was a cancelled car. While I was happy to pay the insurance to bring me to current I was upset no person, message or the app told me I was declined. I immediately paid the missed payment on 4/22. Again I login on 5/8 and notice they are still trying to double charge me! And again they claim my card declined, I pull up my statement while on the phone and clearly it went through successfully. I fax in the STATEMENT that clearly shows proof and they still tell me it was declined. I was told literally to dispute the charge. Uhhhhh if you didn't receive the payment geico why am I disputing it . That logic makes not sense right? I call my bank dispute this charge that was "declined" and cancelled my policy would you believe they still want me to pay a prorated amount lol. Geico will never get my money again and I was sure to have every member in my family switch providers.

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Estelle Terranova - 13 d 7 h ago


I was insured by Geico for my car my house and my apartment my house got burglarized and I was told that I was not covered for theft. What kind of a policy would not cover you for theft? I am going to change my policy and go with a more Reliable Insurance Company. I would not ever have Geico or travelers insurance to cover any of my needs they are unreliable, they are not there for you when you need them but they're very happy to take your money.

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Debra - 14 d 9 h ago


I've had Geico auto for almost 15 years. I cover 3 drivers with 3 vehicles plus a Motorhome. For some inexplicable reason and without explanation, our policy renewal for 6 months jumped $600.00. There are zero accidents, and zero tickets associated with any of our 3 drivers. A call to Geico reveals a "change in rating policy. After several attempts to discover the reason for the change, I'm informed that Geico arbitrarily reassigned the drivers on my policy as follows: they assigned our teenage son to the most expensive, big truck we own, assigned myself to my sons cheap, used truck, and assigned my husband to my small SUV, resulting in a $1200/year premium increase. When I told them we had all previously been assigned the correct vehicles, and this wasn't true, I was told it didn't matter and Geico made that decision and it's final. Seriously, this is true Insurance Commissioner report stuff, and is surely illegal to falsely and knowing pull this kind of fraud. I am switching today to a responsible insurer who values a good customer and saving almost $1500.00/ year. I'm also reporting this action.

General profile image - 19 d 4 h ago

iWe love your ads.. they always make us smile and laugh.. keep that marketing group

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Jennifer Cassar - Texas - 43 d 15 h ago


I recently found out that a claim against my automobile had been made. The claim was filed December 14, 2018. The incident was reported by the GEICO agent / adjuster as a total loss. My vehicle has never been in an accident nor have I ever had GEICO insurance. I called Mindy Nop - the claims adjuster who handled this claim. She seemed more worried about how I obtained her phone number being that I wasn't a GEICO policy holder. I explained to her what the issue was. I gave her the VIN number of my car, my insurance provider information, and asked for assistance clearing this up. It has been 1 week since I have heard from Mindy Nop. I have called numerous times and left messages. I have hired an attorney, filed a police report, and filed a complaint with the National Insurance Fraud Investigation Bureau. After having a local sheriff run my vehicle information, I was told that my vehicle was completely clean of any criminal / vehicle accident reports and that this seemed like a very clear case of insurance fraud. I am not getting any cooperation from GEICO in regards to this massive error.

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Mari - 20 d 8 h ago


They just paid off my vehicle as a total loss and it was not. it only needed $5781.00 in repairs ( I have the estimate), no one will justify this and now I have no vehicle. I need an Attorney.

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Mari - 20 d 8 h ago



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Theft - 46 d 11 h ago


Geico charged my account 3 times when I call they said no we did not still trying to get my money back been a week so far. Also tried to find the ceo of the company no luck

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LisA - 26 d 17 h ago

Tony nicely is ceo google geico ceo and his phone number and email is available

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Thomas O - 22 d ago


Its almost two years and my auto claim has not been settled. The autos were destroyed in Irma, and GEICO insurance is accountable, no dispute about responsibility. The GEICO appraiser they have only a month ago appointed met me, researched but was instructed not to proceed but to back off. There is a pattern of assignment a GEICO claims person, then withdrawing them and they report "they have been instructed not to proceed. "To back off", is their own representatives would. They took exactly 17% (maybe 20% with taxes) off the appraisal which is a liquidation, distress value. The bad faith actions and actual untruths are significant. They don't respond to written letters and never addressed the issues raised. They appear to be unsupervised and playing a game, the call back later never happens. The bad faith actions and unreasonable delays have significant cost consequences. I have relayed that to them many times but NEVER a response. Very unprofessional, dishonest process. Want to send file to new CEO , if i could have his email.

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Raul Hernandez - 25 d 8 h ago


Do not have an accident with this company or your rates will go 25 percent. A motorcycle was parked right in back of my car about a foot away. I backed up and tapped it and it fell. The damage was less than $500. I never have had an accident with the company in more than 20 years. But my rate went up $50 more a month.

Do not do business with these clowns.

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Anonymous - 25 d 5 h ago

I think that happens with all insurance companies, unless you have that 1st accident forgiveness.

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Sam - 32 d 11 h ago


To anybody in corporate: If you happen to read this, you should train your underwriting staff to get the facts straight before jumping to conclusions about a policy, gather the facts before making a decision. Proof was emailed to Marlisa (or whatever her name is) that we own all vehicles, but she still decided to cancel the policy.

We had been with GEICO for over 8 years with no problem what so ever. Our premium was about $1300/6 months for 6 cars. On the 11th of April, our insurance was dropped without notice. On April 17, 2019, we were going to pay our premium in full (as we always do every 6 months). We were unable to log into the GEICO website. We called and we were told that your coverage had been cancelled. I was pissed because we were running around with no insurance. I asked the reason and they said that they suspected we were running an in home DEALERSHIP because we kept adding and removing cars. I explained that we owned so many cars and at times, we had to remove and add due to some of them being down for engine repair or other maintenance. They asked us to send in a copy of registration for each vehicle to prove we owned every car. I did provide such information showing that all cars that have ever been on the policy are owned but they still refused to further insure us. I spoke with a lady named Marlisa with the underwriting department (hidden)) and she is the one that said that GEICO can not meet our insurance needs because of us adding and removing vehicles every two or three days, which is a bunch of HS (horse sh*t). Marlisa did claim that they sent us paper work in the mail back in March of 2019 requesting proof of ownership and I explained that our mail keeps getting stolen, but it seemed she did not care about that and said "sorry".

So making a long story short, GEICO cancelled us because they felt we were switching cars on and off the policy too many times in an allotted time.

I think this is Bullsh*t on their part, but they way I see it, everything happens for a reason. On to a better insurance company.

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Anonymous - 30 d 5 h ago

create an indemnity agreement and send it to the CFO

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GEICO HATER - 26 d ago


It has been 6 days since our little mishap with GEICO (Gutless Expensive Incompetent Confused Oppressors). As I said in my other post, every thing happens for a reason. I am so glad we got cancelled because we are now with State Farm and are paying $200 less every 6 months for the same coverages we had with these idiots. As someone else said, they have no problem giving their customers the middle finger, but this time, fuc* you back a$$holes, especially Marlena (8/7/7-8/5/4-5/7/6/0), thanks for being such a dumb bitch, you did us a great favor.

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