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Geico Corporation

5260 Western Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD
(301) 986-3000
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Jalisa Miller - 1 d 5 h ago


My neighbor hit my car while it was parked on December 12, 2017 and I took my car in to Caliber Collision in Rock hill which was assigned to me by geico on December 13, 2017. The adjuster Michelle Thomas who worked for geico but in this shop said that there was a possibility that the paint could come back a different color which was weird because I've never heard of anything like that. They called me at 3 P.M. On December 15th and said my car would be ready at 5:30. I thought that was a little sketchy because it would be dark at that time and if there were any issues I wouldn't be able to notice and I was right. I saw that the paint was off the next day but the shop was closed. I called first thing Monday morning and was instructed to bring it in the following day so they could take a look. Another adjuster who also worked for geico took a look at my car and said that she noticed the difference in color and they would correct it and then begged me not to do the survey or review. They put me in another rental and kept my car for three days but when I picked it up they said that they didn't see anything wrong with it, what was the point in keeping my car then. I called geico again and asked to speak to a supervisor about my claim and Gewan Ramsarran came out to my home to take a look at the car. He did everything he could to point the finger elsewhere instead of listening to my concern but had the nerve to say that the people in the shop had poor customer service. He also said that it's a three step paint job so that could be why it's off and then said that the metal on the car is going to be a different color than the plastic on the car, he said everything he could except for you're right it's off we will fix it. My car was struck by a dear a few years ago and it came back to me as if there was nothing ever wrong with it, the paint was perfect. I pointed out where the car paint was off where Caliber painted it and he said that it was off on the other side too but that side has never been touched. Instead of him saying we will fix it and get the paint to match he said the best thing that I can do is get an attorney. The warranty on the paint job that they swear you have if there are any issues is a lie and now I'm driving around with a two toned car. I am now considering leaving geico and I will be contacting the attorney general's office like Gewan Ramsarran suggested. This has been nothing but a headache since December 2017.

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Mike - 1 d 6 h ago


I am an 18 year car insurance customer and the company has changed over the years. [4 cars, one minor claim in all those years] Customer service is insulting - they all read from the same script "I can definitely understand where you are coming from BUT" here is why we can NOT help you - these are actual statements "We are a big business" ..."If we did it for you we would have to do it for everybody" " We have 13 million customers..."

Recently they talked me into moving my renters policy with them. I cancelled my other insurance and then Geico tried jacking my rates by claiming the house was bigger than it was. I fixed that and then they told me dogs were not allowed so cancelling me. Why didn't the slick GEICO salesman tell me dogs were not allowed when he sold me the policy?! Because if he was up front I never would have switched and he would have missed commission! Now I am screwed, I need a new policy and the best part is my tenant and very gentle dog are leaving in a few weeks, and GEICO wont hold over for a few weeks and are still cancelling me leaving me flat.

Shame on you Geico. Warren Buffet must retiring - I'm out of there.

Call me if you care, but I doubt you will (hidden)

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Scott - 2 d 4 h ago


Going on a decade now as a loyal Geico customer always paid on time never had a accident, ticket or claim and my rate continues to go up, up and more up. Why? What happened to rewarding your customers who keep your costs down Gieco? I would think you want more of them. Sincerely, Scott Kenney long time excellent customer that has cost you ZERO.

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Natieba Owens - 2 d 8 h ago


I have been driving for 26 years I was in an accident on 12/31/17 I was hit by another Geico carrier I have never dealt with

anyone who the customer does not come first the Police report clearly shows that the other vehicle was at fault and Geico has

continued to do nothing for the past couple of months I was assigned a claims agent who I am not even sure Knows how to tie

her shoe Please help me make sense of this issue.

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Mark Lebowitz - 3 d 4 h ago

I would like to make a complaint regarding claim number (hidden)101190 .

I am concerned about my insurance rates increasing due to damage caused by reckless driving of an individual driving in front of me which caused damage to a light pole and the wooden base attached to the pole.

The Geico representative in the claims dept. refused to do the necessary work to provide me with a police report associated with the driver of the other vehicle as well as had trouble summarizing in my file what I tried to relay to him. The police man at the scene provided me with the other drivers license and indicated I should be sure to send in to my inusuance company.

I strongly believe that all of this information must be reviewed PRIOR to the determination of any rate increases. Without seeing the entire picture of what was involved , there is NO WAY an intelligent judgment can be made as to any rate increases. Doing this after the fact places the insured behind the eight ball in being able to get a fair assessment as to what, if any rate increase, there should be.

I can be reached at (hidden) to discuss further.

Hard for me to believe in this day and age that this has to represent a complaint.

I notice the half star rating above out of 5 stars for GEICO. I am starting to understand hy this is so.

Please ensure this is placed in my claim file and advise that this has been done.

Also interesting is that it took 3 letters and a fourth fax to even get something placed in my file. The file should have notes about this.


Mark Lebowitz

My e mail address is on file.

Flagged for review. 
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Cindy Franks. 6027620096 - 3 d 6 h ago

I would like to make a complaint against your department your claims department for not getting back to me not tell him where my car is so I can get the rest of my stuff out of it stuff that's missing out of my car neither the supervisor or the two different adjusters and the guy that makes the decision with the car was worth calling me back I have tried for over a month I am now going to contact the Better Business Bureau but I would like to speak to somebody because I want my stuff I want to know where my car is I want paid for what they broke my glasses they broke my carpet cleaning machine did it says it's ridiculous that they do this and won't even return my call so I have now contacted a lawyer thanks to you guys

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They screwed me. - 3 d 10 h ago


Don't do business with criminals avoid Geico.

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Geico sux - 3 d 10 h ago


Mr.Nicely . What a better name for a villain.I hope you choke on your money. fraud fraud fraud. Corrupt.Thief. May your bottom line fall to debt.A penny for your thoughts Mr. nicely it's about all your thoughts are worth.

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Fraud victim. - 3 d 10 h ago


Geico ,will fail you,their legal team is a joke,more interested in keeping share holders happy than keeping their customers happy.its all in there name Government Employee Insurance Company. Worst B.B.B.rating of all ins. Companies with 1 half of a star out of 5 .even if your not at fault in an accident they will raise your rates and find you at fault just because they can.class action lawsuit is in order.there lawyers should all be in prison ! Fraudulent company!!!

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Thanks I,m during. - 3 d 10 h ago


Worst in America.violated my right to due process,falsely placed at fault by Geico when I was hit from behind while turning left into a citation issued by law enforcement,hit from behind by a vehicle that tried to pass while I was my rates have doubled.dont trust GEICO they perpetrate fraud.

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Anonymous - 3 d 12 h ago


Annette young

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Anonymous - 3 d 12 h ago


Geico the wors

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Karen - 3 d 14 h ago

The Washington ad is have good commercials but that should win an award.

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Debbie Haworth - 8 d 1 h ago


I am not sure if corporate is even interested in pleasing their customers but I would like to share what I have gone through with Geico the last few weeks. We have had Auto/RV/homeowners insurance with Geico for many years and have not had a claim with them. Our credit score is 820 with good standing on all accounts. Geico sent us an email that said that they were doing periodic credit score checks but couldn't get into our credit report because it was frozen. This freeze was something that my husband and I initiated when we had the Equifax credit breach to protect the safety of our credit. I was on vacation out of town when I received the email from Geico but I took time out to call Transunion to unfreeze our credit long enough to have Geico check our credit score. I did just as the Geico agent told me to. He said that all I had to do was to contact Transunion to unfreeze our credit, then call Geico back and while I was on the phone with them they could check our credit and they would tell us that we could call Transunion back to re-freeze. I did just this, but two days later Geico called my husband and said that they were unable to check the credit would he repeat this all over again. At this point I was upset and perturbed but my husband said that he would spend the time doing this. A few days later I received an email that our rate had gone up and I was furious! I then contacted Geico and asked why our rate had changed. The agent put me on hold for at least 10 minutes to come up with a reason for the increase. When he returned to the phone he said that our credit score was different from the previous one and for that reason they charged us the increased rate. I was irate by this time because our credit score is 820!!! Do you see where this is going?? I then asked to speak to a supervisor. When the supervisor came on the phone she told me that the credit check wasn't a regular credit check but that is was a insurance one and that it was different. I then asked her what our credit score was and she said 800. Then I asked her what it was previous and she said oh we never had a previous one!! This is not acceptable actions by this company and I want everyone to be aware of this BOGUS increase charge by GEICO. Please be aware and watch your statements. We will be cancelling our policy on 4/1 when our renewal is up. If anyone from corporate is interested in more information they can call me.

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???? - 3 d 15 h ago

Mr. and Mrs. Hayworth,

We recently applied to GEICO for RV insurance and received a quote about $100 / year less than PROGRESSIVE. A few days after accepting the quote, we received an email stating that our credit report (generated by TransUnion at GEICO's request) had some negatives (insufficient credit data, not enough loans and too many cards (that we don't use)) that led to a decision by GEICO to quote us a higher rate. When I called the 800 number the representative / supervisor swore up and down we had received GEICO's best quote (the highest, i.e. most discounted, level, of their preferred rate) in direct contradiction to what was stated in the email (which email is apparently required by Federal / State law under the Fair Credit Reporting Act) which explicitly described GEICO's rate quote as "an adverse action". Like you, our credit score hovers around 820 as reported monthly on one of our credit cards (which I believe is generated by Equifax) and we have a 35+ year history of paying off all card charges immediately. Based on your experience and our experience, there is clearly a direct link between credit history and the GEICO rate quote (as evidenced by what they did to you when they ostensibly couldn't get access) that, in our case, they are not being transparent about (as evidenced by the conflict between the customer service dept and their legal dept). I'm thinking about writing their legal department to see what gives. I'm wondering if insurance companies all work this way? Good luck.

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Anonymous - 4 d 5 h ago



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elizabeth ranker - 4 d 12 h ago


my son has geico an every month they decide to take upon there self to w draw what they want causing him to have over draft fees they go twice a month to take out there money now they went in today an took out 700 an left him zero n the bank an his payment only 196 please explain this bs I'm pissed now I have step up an take my own money an fix there screw up again very in happy w this companty

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Jim B - 8 d 5 h ago


This is Edward J Bewley,

This entire ordeal started on 12/20/17 and I am just now getting my car back. The problem originated when Ashley told me to call and have my vehicle released by JT's Auto, where it was towed, so it could be relocated to Peter's Body Shop, a Geico Special Shop. I work night shift so it took me a two days to get ready to drive over to JTs and have it released but I logged into that is supposed to be updated and to be reliable. Geico Online indicated that my car's damage inspection was already completed at Peter's Body Shop.......!!!!!!!! So why would I drive ovet to JT's and have my car released if it was already at Peter's Body Shop.

Please Please Please Why...

Is Geico Online no good, not managed right, garbage, confusing?

I say no it isn't but it is only as good as the ones that update it are.

Here are two document's one dated 12/28/17 and the other 01/17/2018... They were both written by Ashley Bowers and they both indicate that my damage inspection was completed at Peter's Body Shop. My car has never left JT's !!!! Never until today when I drove it home fixed. But not until I had to wait 2 months, pays $300 extra for a rental, borrow my parents car for two weeks, pay almost $2000 extra because of all the Confusion Caused by these false documents that I relied on. They are still on the Geico Web Site as of right now with the WRONG INFORMATION.

Please tell me why as a customer that I am responsible for someone else mistaking a mistake. It was a simple mistake only if Ashley or Geico would own up to it.

Please contact me Jim Bewley @ (hidden) or my wife Laura @ (hidden)

I explaned to Ashley at the beginning of this that I worked nights so here is my wife's number also if you can't reach me.

My wife's number


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aA very upset customer who has been with Geico for over 10 years - 8 d 13 h ago


The policy name is under my husband Anthony Mortimer, which I'm insured under. First, my method of payment went to 1 payment instead of monthly payments, which I was unaware of. The agent explained that once I made the minimum payment, I could change it back, which is fine with me. Then I was informed by two different Geico representatives that my minimum payment was $286.73. Even after adding a new vehicle, I asked if the amount would change and was assured that it wouldn't. Now that I am ready to make the payment, they are saying the amount changed to $384 due to adding a vehicle. As I don't work for the company, I rely on the expertise of the individuals employed by the company to provide accurate information. And when they fall short of this expectation, I expect management to stand behind the company with values and right the wrong. Well, that wasn't the case today. I spoke to a manager named Giexy, who refused to escalate my concerns and then hung up on me, as he said he was the furthest I could go. This is unacceptable. There is no loyalty to the customers.

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Allen Burgess 843 - 479 - 3998 - 10 d 5 h ago

I have a issue that has been going on for over a year. I called again Monday morning and was put through to the lady that is supposed to be handling my case and naturally got her voicemail which stated my call would be returned by close of business. Today is Wednesday at 5pm and I still haven't heard from her. Can someone please contact me so we can resolve this issue.

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John - 10 d 8 h ago


Geico is absolutely the worst insurance company I have ever Been a part of My Harley Davidson was stolen almost 5 months ago and I am Still fighting with them to get them to pay out They are treating me like a criminal they offered me a value for my bike 2 weeks into the process that was way low now they know the true value of the bike they want to take their time and make you run around and get a bunch of different documents for them so they can try to make you go away I have told them to stop taking money out of my bank account for different times But they refused to do so

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Pathetic Morals - 10 d 11 h ago


First let me state that I'm a Geico customer. I was involved in a car accident that wasn't my fault. My car was deemed a total loss. I went through the claims process. After the settlement, I received a call from Toyota, stating I owe them $887. After researching the issue, I was informed that Geico's adjuster claimed that there was $1,147 of Pre-existing damage. She stated that there was small amounts of Hail Damage. I asked her (Sylvia) on why I wasn't informed of this. She apologized and said that someone should have reached out to me. Geico acted on their own and put a claim on their own. . I was furious... I thought my Insurance Company should be working for me. They didn't do their job and didn't communicate with a customer that they lost for life. Cheap Yes...Trusting NO!!!!

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Hamilton - 10 d 13 h ago


I have requested a free quote through your organization for my son. You advertise free quotes, but now I'm having to prove, that he has other insurance. I proved that he has other insurance with State Farm, and now I can't get him off of my policy without more proof. I have been with you for over 10 years, but I'm gonna leave over this. This is a joke, and I will not refer anyone to you. You guys have lost a loyal client, but regardless if he's 18 or not, it's not a free quote with you.

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Fuck GEICO - 11 d 13 h ago

I am a victim of Harvey my trailer was flooded and GEICO said it was a total loss here it is February 2018 and I'm still waiting on them the last I was told was they woukd call and give me the total oss amount in a week that was two months ago... They have me paying my insurance still on this trailer.. Called back they said they would give me that money back still to this day I have not received any thing form them have not heard from them and when I call they say they will call back which they never do.... This is fucked up if I didn't have insurance I would of just went to fema I would have already received at least something form them..... I will never use this company again and will let everyone I know not to use this company..

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Razer20105 - 11 d 9 h ago


I had a claim with Geico and didn't have a problem at all. They have a very well thought out process. Make sure that you call the claims department and a claims number is issued to you. You should receive a letter (and an email if you are signed up for it) telling you they have your claim in the system. The letter should detail what step in the process you are in and what the remaining steps are to conclusion. If you have a claim number, you can go online to their website and click on the claims link. It'll show you where you are at in the process. Hope this helps.

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