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Geico Corporation

5260 Western Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD
(301) 986-3000
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Robert Cox - 18 h 33 m ago


Wow, Geico couldn't even call me back when there policy is that you are contacted within 1 business day, Or figure out how to properly handle a customer claim

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Craig - 20 h ago



My name is Craig and I have a claim I need to escalate. Claim Number: (hidden)101011. The Geico Claims adjuster is Gregory Balli. He has determined my 2015 F150 is not a total loss and I need a second opinion. I can be reached via e-mail at (hidden) This adjust first told me the tuck was totaled then he came back the next day and advised it wasn't. He also determined the value was $50,000, which he pulled out of the air. Meanwhile I have a truck with $20,000 worth of front end damage that I do not feel safe driving long term. I am getting the run a round from Geico, any suggestions of who I could escalate this to???

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William Ross - 3 d ago


We trade in a vehicle back in March of 2016 - after trading the vehicle in we call into Geico and switch the new truck over to the Geico policy. The new vehicle came with warranty and extended warranty that we paid for with Nissan. Geico took it upon themselves to add a mechanical breakdown policy the same policy we paid for with Nissan. I ask the Geico rep Brittan for the recording were we verbally agreed to the mechanical break warranty with Geico - the rep from Geico states she do not have the recording. I then ask for something we sign agreeing to the buy the warranty from Geico the rep Brittany cannot give us that. The rep Brittany said she can credit us back one payment of $53.19 for Nov. March through November is what I will like in credit back to my account. Total $ 478.71

I also see we paying for towing - well this mechanical warranty includes towing. This is not my first time of hearing that Geico does this to people - slamming them. We purchase a new truck that came with everything. To fix this issue please credit back my Geico account $ 478.71 asap. I can be reach at (hidden) - Also your Customer service reps do not even care about the consumers. Before I file the complaint with the better business bureau and the attorney general please fix this. I work for a large warranty company and we will never slam our customers.

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Martha P - 3 d 1 h ago


I am having the same trouble with GEICO. My car totaled out on May 27, 2016. I was able to find someone to repair the car; however, GEICO has been giving me the run around about getting the salvage title. It has been nearly 7 months and I still do not have the title. I am for the lawsuit also.

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Helen - 7 d 22 h ago


I received the cancellation notice two weeks after they have cancelled my policy I had called and provided them with an update on my new card expiration date the bank verifies that they enter the information but put 0 amount of dollars I had no choice but to pay 6 months in advance to reinstall my insurance it's been well over a week that I contacted the main office and representatives numerous of times during the day with the response that they will have a supervisor call me back within the hour within 24 hours as soon as possible to no avail has this happen not surprising the customer service Representatives all had their own rendition of how they send out notices when I question them about it they put me on hold and check with the supervisor and come back with another explanation clearly they're reading Off Script they don't know how to provide great customer service I've asked them to review the calls that I've had with Representatives prior when I provided them with the new update of expiration date for quality assurance and training purposes the practice of operation customer service convoluted and with no policy in procedure in place clearly training issues in their company a letter has been sent to CFO Michael Campbell Rico Williams Virginia Denzel Warren Buffett hopefully at this point they will understand that I will not stop contacting them until we resolve this issue and concern of their mistake I'm shocked and appalled at the way they handle their business practice

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Richard - 1 y ago


It is time to have a class action suite against GEICO. I have been with GEICO for 50 years. I always was treaty fairly and with respect until now. I had an accident with another GEICO driver. She was 20 and I am a Senior Citizen. GEICO took a statement from both of us as she stated I was at fault for hitting her car in the rear. I stated that she pulled out in front of me. They were going to rule in her favor until I produced the Dash Cam Video. From that point on the agent treated me very bad. When I went for an estimate the agent spent 10 minutes telling me my car was totaled. She did not even open the door. I was told my car is not worth anything and instead of fixing they offered me $700. The tires and MAG wheels are worth $1400. 97% approval. I do not think so. Time for CLASS ACTION SUIT.

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Anonymous - 281 d ago

I want in too!!

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Jerome Fitzmaurice - 152 d ago


Sign me up.

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Anonymous - 94 d 16 h ago

Me too.

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Steven - 77 d 15 h ago

Me to

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Anonymous - 257 d 15 s ago


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Anonymous - 16 d 14 h ago

I am in also

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anonymous - 240 d ago


Same here my truck is not worth fixing they push and make the whole process benefit them not the customer can't replace the truck for a quarter of what they offered me four that's three times less than what they sell for it'll save you money don't file a claim and fixing yourself and just find a new insurance company there are insurance companies out there that will replace the full value of the car Allstate is one of them progressive it's it's worth a little bit extra money you pay better service

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youpeoplearefunny - 161 d 14 h ago

that's actually not true. I work in the industry. they all use the same evaluation tools. the only difference is what coverage you purchase. you will always get actual cash value.. which includes depreciation. just part of it.

also, if you hit someone from the rear you are almost always at fault. haven't read anything yet that would get any of you anywhere...

wish you the best.

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ZO - 144 d 14 h ago


I was hit from the side and under the assholes car so an 80/ 20 cut is bull shit. Geico is getting sued.

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Unhappy - 100 d 21 h ago

Well I was hit in the rear and Geico refuses to pay under the UMI that I have. Now tell me that's right. Still suffer from injuries . Pissed to say the least.

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Ubhappy - 99 d 14 h ago


Somebody edited my post.

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lois - 71 d ago


I have full coverage, collision and uninsured motorist, they tried to total my car saying the damages were over $4100 the first time then the 2nd time $4700 however the check they finally cut to my mechanic was for $2700 they forged documents they lied, they broke the law. You probably work for them

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Anonymous - 213 d 17 h ago

Let's do this!! I'm in

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JoAnne H - 212 d ago


Im game

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Melissa - 209 d 20 h ago


lets do it!! how do we start?

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Anonymous - 70 d 17 h ago


I am in! My car was stolen and it has been a nightmare dealing with GEICO in this matter.

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maggie01 - 54 d ago


I agree a class action suit needs to happen. 2 weeks ago our car was hit in windshield by flying wood from a truck. He would not pull over. WE did get license place and called police. Police found him and he got ticket, however, Geico says since he has same insurance, they need statement from him before they can pay any claims...he will not answer the phone and Geico is stalling. No one from Geico will ever call me back or they say person we need is out and will call. What a crock for all the years we have belonged!!!

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Johnny Draco - 37 d 5 h ago


First you find a criminal BAR lawyer that will lie to you with a straight face who works for the Brotherhood Monopoly Corporation. Then bend over to get your purple shaft.

The only thing you'll get.

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Insurance Guy - 31 d 22 h ago


SMH. You guys must have a LOT of time on your hands. You'll be dead before you win a lawsuit against GEICO. Good luck though.

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

It is the principle of bad business practices that Geico has displayed it is not the monetary concern of these former Geico customers it's bad Business practice to sit back silently into allowed this to happen to hundreds of individuals is quite concerning to me that you feel it's worthless but then again we can't be their moral compass if they choose disrespect their customers

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Helen - 7 d ago

I've been trying to get in touch with Geico managers for over a week have been promised numerous of times daily that they will call me back within the hour to no avail has this happened they cancelled my insurance because they ran the wrong information my bank and verify the transactions they put the amount in instead of putting dollar amount they cancelled my insurance and make me pay 6 months in advance to reinstall I can't even get a manager or somebody that has NE leverage within the company to do something about this instead they ignore my calls I'm sending a letter to the CFO Michael Campbell, also sending it to their legal counsel corporate office hopefully at that point I'll get some type of response in a timely manner and with respect

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