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General Electric Company

3135 Easton Tpke.
Fairfield, CT
Jeffrey Immelt
Chairman and CEO
(203) 373-2211
(203) 373-3131
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Hello GE, where are you???? - 3 d 11 h ago


Does anyone have any advice on how to reach GE's customer service? I have a dishwasher part that I ordered in May and it still has not delivered. I've called their customer service department several times and was on hold for more than a half hour before hanging up.

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atef hanna - 4 d 6 h ago


They are the worst service ever and don't resolve any issues for their product

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Not a happy customer - 6 d 9 h ago


Awful! we purchased a home 2 years ago, upgraded to Cafe appliances. The appliances are the worst ever. The refrigerator has had problems since day one, we have had a repair man in 4 times, purchased several different parts, and it is still not working. GE will not give us a new one, says we can give you a discount on a new one. Are you kidding me? It's only 2 years old. Now onto our microwave, that we do not use frequently, the control panel went. Cost for parts and labor over $400. When did appliances only last for 2 years? This is totally unacceptable.. Last but not least our GE Dryer, doesn't dry anymore. so three for three. Will never buy another GE product again!

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A Very Disappointed Customer - 17 d 18 s ago


Purchased a GE Gas Dryer on May 7, 2020. On June 15, 2020 my gas dryer doesn't get hot and therefore, of course, my clothes don't get dried.

GE sends a service man to " fix the problem " . Yeah, ok ...

Dryer was never fixed . I politely called GE & requested a new gas dryer to be replaced ?

GE told me that they will send another service man, the following week ? .

Unacceptable . As a customer , I should NOT have to have another service call .

GE won't replace dryer

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DK - 6 d 10 h ago

I am having the same problem !!! Except it is with 3 of the 6 appliances that have been recently purchased!

I am extremely disappointed.

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Stay away from GE Service - 97 d 8 h ago


We recently purchased a 4.2 GE Washer from Wayfair and on the first load, the machine pulled multiple threads from our good towels so we called Wayfair. A 3rd party tech for GE Service arrived and my wife provided the towels for inspection. He tried to sand down the agitator for a sharp edge and left. His report to GE was its fine? So I sent a message to GE Corporate who sent out yet another 3rd party tech who took photos of the damaged towels. I spoke with GE Service today and learned this last tech told them he found nothing wrong so GE isn't offering any help. For a company as well known as GE, I'm convinced they have lost their interest in customer satisfaction. I will never suggest GE to anyone after this experience. This machine is a piece of JUNK !!!!

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Tim - 38 d 9 h ago

GE Appliances are not owned by GE. That division was sold off to Haig years ago.

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Anonymous - 17 d 23 s ago

I agree 100 %

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Judy - 32 d 7 h ago


I will never buy another GE product. I was given a GE dishwasher as a gift, it only lasted 4 months. They said it would take 4 months to get the parts to fix the dishwasher. Then GE was going to replace it with a new dishwasher, but they did not bother to check to see if they had anything in stock first, so it could not be replaced. Now I have been 3 weeks trying to get GE's approval to buy the dishwasher back. My Case Manager has never called me to tell me what is going on, I have always had to call to find out where my case stands. GE's consumer department is the poorest group I have ever had to deal with.

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Lnavarrett - 27 d 7 h ago

GE says products are available and after you order them calls you to say the products are back ordered. Customer service is terrible

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Dee - 22 d ago


Hi Judy,

We have a ge dishwasher that is about 3 or 4 years old and it started burning while it was washing. We have bought a new Sumsung and going to try to get GE to make good on this one. Let's see what happens.

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WORTH THE READ-never buy GE!! - 66 d 5 h ago


We have a GE fridge that is less than 5 years old-broke on MARCH 7 and still hasn't been fixed! A repairman has come out five times and quite frankly I don't know why the poor guy hasn't quit yet. He updated the software, as the temperature inside the freezer was not reading correctly, which didn't fix it. Another guy came out from a 3rd party company who determined we needed a new compressor. After waiting several weeks for some other parts to come in and having a set appointment in mid April, we were told the compressor was on back order till June because they neglected to order it along with the other parts. My husband had to call and put some sense into them to start searching for a compressor in other states, as they claimed there were none available in VA, and low and behold they found one! The first repairman came back and spent over four hours replacing the compressor and thought this was it. A week and a half later, the freezer stopped working along with the fridge AGAIN. We are now at the end of April and after throwing away tons of food, and being extra frustrated, I called to complain and just like the other comments above, I received no help, not to mention my husband had already called over five times to get to the bottom of this fiasco. Oh and they offered us $100 for compensation of lost groceries...they must be going bankrupt if that's all they could offer-so pathetic!! On my last conversation (April 29), the woman on the phone PROMISED that on our appointment on April 30, the repairman would try one more thing, which was to replace the sealed system, which is under warranty and if didn't fix the problem, he would put in paperwork for a new fridge. Come the day of the appointment, the guy's software crashed (go figure!) and he said he would need to come back because he couldn't do anything at this point. Beyond disbelief, I called GE right when the guy left and demanded a new fridge. The woman put me on hold to get paperwork started and we got disconnected. When I called back, a different representative picked up the phone and when I told him we needed a new fridge and that the process was started, he tells me he had no record of my phone call and that they don't just replace fridges for free, but would give a discount on a new fridge. What a JOKE of a company. Every customer service we spoke to told a different story which sounded as if they were making their own decision and not actually following protocol. I guess they hire people who have zero common sense and no training AT ALL! Oh and ready for the cherry on top??? The guy who came into our house did not even have a mask/gloves/ or ANY protection during the Coronavirus outbreak!!! I had to complain about that and they put in a note saying the repairman must wear protection before entering. What a bullshit company.

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Tim - 38 d 9 h ago

GE Appliances are not owned by GE. That division was sold of to Haig years ago.

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Rajka Campagiorni - 43 d 5 h ago


What happen to G.E. company ? There is no Integrity no Humanity . It is Not a company as I remember the bigger they are the harder they fall.

It is time to do the right way think about costumers .

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Chris - 93 d 13 h ago


Former employee for Aviation. Terminated because management showed extreme lack of interest in what their employees conveyed to them about new processes they were coming out with. Although great ideas, the decisions made to immediately scrap out old process before the new one was 100% verified, was a huge mistake. The head of GE was deceived in that the new process was fully operational. They still can not produce conforming products! I've witnessed documentation discrepancies get covered up. I've witnessed far worse infractions from other employees to management and there were no repercussions. Most the employees on the shop floor think that the management at that certain plant are worthless!!! Work flow has been dwindling for over a year. Don't work for this company if you have opinions or thoughts on what you see as bad ideas or if you call out management on favoritism, harassment, hypocrisy, and the safety of people's lives! The management there only cares about the all mighty dollar and not on safety or compliance on the parts they make!

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Carol Withrow - 100 d 4 h ago

We bought a refrigerator # Gne25jskcfss, Hh304439 what in the world was I thinking? The finish is stainless and it's pathetic. I had other brand stainless at my other house and this one I bought has the cheapest and worst stainless I've ever seen. I used your recommended products I used things from the store. It always looks dirty with handprints and streakers it just looks like a cheap refrigerator. I'm embarrassed by it. You need to look at your quality. Never again. I won't recommend it to anyone. It also makes a lot of noise when it runs. Like I said never again. Will not recommend.

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David B. - 100 d 8 h ago



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Suzanne Kingsley - 163 d 13 h ago


I bought a complete set of GE Appliances in early October from Home Depot (refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, vent hood), all in slate. This is the 2nd suite I have purchased because I love the slate. We left the first suite with the house we just sold and I bought all new for my new house. The refrigerator's ice and water dispenser has not worked properly since we got it. The repairman has been out here twice, a new left front door panel was ordered and I was sent a black one instead of slate. I was then told yesterday when we called customer service again, that if we wanted another refrigerator (because this seems to be a lemon), then they could sell us one at a reduced rate! While this one is still under warranty, and has never worked right since we bought it. This is the WORST customer service I have ever, ever seen. I need the crushed ice for a medical issue, and have had to buy bags of ice from the store. I just want the refrigerator fixed or replaced. We can't even get a manager to talk to us on the phone (they never seem to be there, no matter what time of day that we call. Is there ANYBODY at GE that can help us???? I also just bought a new washer and dryer - but I bought Maytag because I'll never intentionally purchase a GE appliance again. I am so frustrated.

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RICHARD - 118 d 8 h ago


i purchased a hotpoint fridge. i cannot open the door ubnless i use 2 hands because rhe magnets are too strong.they sent a repairman who was 6ft 2' AND HE HAD TROUBLE OPENING THE DOOR. THEN THE RUN AROUND STARTED >WE CANNOT FIX IT, PUT VASELINE ON THE DOOR, PUT MORE FOOD IN THE FRIDGE, . 4 REPS. CONTRADICTED EACH OTHER. GE SHOULD BE TAKEN TO COURT UNDER THE LAW FOR KNOWINGLY SELLING A DEFECTIVE PRODUCT

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Annette S - 222 d 9 h ago


Wow! I wish I had read these reviews before I bought all new GE Appliances. They came recommended from Home depot. Our brand new fridge stopped dispensing ice. Called GE, the repairman came out 2 days after our scheduled appointment. Diagnosed the problem, said he would order the part and be back in a week. this was October 24, 2019. It is now November 25, 2019 and we are still waiting. Todd's appliance has never followed up with us and did not order the part until November 15, 2019, after telling us part was on backorder. I have been calling customer service and still no resolution. Thanksgiving is here and our fridge is still broken. I sent an email to customer service and received an email from someone named Jerry who told me not to bother them again, as I have a case number and they are working on it. I have NEVER received a call back from GE customer service reps when they say they will call us back. This has truly been a terrible experience. I will NEVER purchase from GE again. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NON-EXISTANT!!!!!!!

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sandra d - 145 d ago


Like you, I wish I had read these complaints BEFORE buying GE or going thru Home Depot to do it!

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Troy - 123 d ago


I can feel your pain they sent me a fridge without freon said they had a replacement in stock .. surprise they didn't had to wait 2 months for a back order!!! Compensation 300.00 knowing dang well I was without fridge for that long. I too will never buy ge

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Marion L May - 132 d 5 h ago



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Wayne Braun - 132 d 6 h ago



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