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General Electric Company

3135 Easton Tpke.
Fairfield, CT
Jeffrey Immelt
Chairman and CEO
(203) 373-2211
(203) 373-3131
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Debbie Ayers - 1 d 5 h ago


I purchased a GE washer, model # GTW680BSJ0WS, December 29, 2016. The main control board went wacky and the washer started up on it's own one night. The lid was up. Thank God I was home to unplug it. After spending $80.00 for a service call, I find out the replacement part is no longer available. Several parts for this washer are no longer available. I did not purchase the extended warranty because my previous washer lasted almost 20 years. Not that it would have mattered because the part is unavailable! I probably would have received a replacement washer and experienced the same problems if parts were unavailable. Not cool GE! I am retired and on a fixed income and now I have to buy another washer. We do live in a disposable society.

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Jeffrey Immelt/CEO - 3 d 12 h ago


70*****"To a Jew, there is only one thing of value: money.

How he gets it.... makes no difference."

- The Eternal Jew, 1940

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Patricia Oliff - 3 d 19 h ago


I bought a new GE washer and dryer from Lowes August 1 ,2019. on Thursday Dec 5, 2019 the washer Arc welded to my dryer after failing a spin cycle then the washer shorted out my 220 line and proceeded to blow out its own electric cord to the washer filling my house with smoke. I recently lost my home to a fire and this pushed me over the edge. I was terrified. I have a pregnant daughter and her husband living with me. If it wasn't for my husbands quick reaction to this I shudder to think what might have happened . GE sent out a repair man who said I would here back about replacing ONLY the washer withing 24-48 hours I still have not heard anything.

General profile image - 15 d 13 h ago

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Ex employee - 15 d 19 h ago


Can you say piece of shit company,only cares about the top brass,and screws the worker bee.

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Annette S - 16 d 4 h ago


Wow! I wish I had read these reviews before I bought all new GE Appliances. They came recommended from Home depot. Our brand new fridge stopped dispensing ice. Called GE, the repairman came out 2 days after our scheduled appointment. Diagnosed the problem, said he would order the part and be back in a week. this was October 24, 2019. It is now November 25, 2019 and we are still waiting. Todd's appliance has never followed up with us and did not order the part until November 15, 2019, after telling us part was on backorder. I have been calling customer service and still no resolution. Thanksgiving is here and our fridge is still broken. I sent an email to customer service and received an email from someone named Jerry who told me not to bother them again, as I have a case number and they are working on it. I have NEVER received a call back from GE customer service reps when they say they will call us back. This has truly been a terrible experience. I will NEVER purchase from GE again. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NON-EXISTANT!!!!!!!

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Bob - 42 d 11 m ago


Since G.E. Headquarters refused my letter I'll take the time to write a review.

Had a G.E. microwave for about 15 years with no problem so when it gave out I bought a new one. It lasted 2 months si I went through G.E.'s "Goodwill" process (with a great deal of frustration) to replace it. That unit lasted 11 months. To my surprise they let me exchange the unit through my dealer. That unit lasted about 5 months. After setting up 2 appointments to have the unit repaired they informed me that they do not carry parts and I would have to replace it. You guessed it! All I had to do was go through their ridiculous "Goodwill" process again. I told them "no thank" to this and "no thanks" to any future G.E. products

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Sharon - 187 d 9 h ago


My GE flat top range cracked this past week in heating up a small pan of soup The model no. is J8705ST3SS/Serial No. DA201899Q and all parts are discontinued. I ended up purchasing another GE Profile range (Model# PB911SJSS) and hoping I'm not disappointed but would like to report the problem. This should not have happened to a stove that wasn't that old!!! Any ideas on how to report the issue is greatly appreciated!!!!

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Ben A. - 129 d ago

Yes, go to the bank take out whatever you spent on the new GE range and flush it down the toilet.

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Factory train teck - 45 d 8 h ago


GE is now own by Haier Co a under the counter refrigerator co that failed. Now GE is the same way. I was a Factory train teck. Across the board. Did all major appliances. For years have seen bad product put in the field. GE has failed themselves buy NOT standing by there product. Unlike Whirlpool and others. So be ware of GE. No COUSTMER Service.

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Anonymous - 53 d 5 h ago

GE only gurantees product for 1 year. Months after purchasing new washer/dryer I received an offer from GE to extend my 1 year warranty at a discounted price. There's not much pride in one year warranty.

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Martin K. Rhoads Jr. - 59 d 22 h ago


I guess corruption is the newest product GE is pushing. Freeze workers pensions, but give millions to GE's CEO.

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Jonathan G - 87 d ago


In March 2014, we purchased refrigerator model at Home Depot: DSE26JSECCSS Here is a Link: The refrigerator door on this model has a major design flaw: the door stop is too weak to stop the door from hitting the counter. After 5 years, it the door stop has broken 3 times (the first time within 2 years of purchase). Now with the holes stripped (and unable to hold a replacement door stop), GE says that we have to replace the entire door for $400 + labor! And refuses to cover us under warranty! The whole appliance is on sale for $1100, so $400 to replace a poorly designed door is obviously not worth it. When the repair guy came and told us we needed to replace the door, he admitted that we were far from the only customers who have had the refrigerator door fail on them. Upon follow up with GE customer service, they acknowledged that the problem that we have experienced with the door with this model is a known issue. Plainly, it is an engineering flaw in which the door stop was not designed with strong enough materials to hold the door when it is full of the common products it is intended to hold. They offered us the opportunity to purchase a new door for $85 (instead of $400), but said we would still need to cover the installation cost ($125-200). Also, they said it would only be covered by warranty for one year, which is not adequate (as we learned the hard way). Since the company admitted to us that this product has a known design flaw, they should address it via a product recall, not by forcing customers to pay over $200 to fix a problem that is caused by GE's own engineering mistakes and resulting poor quality product. Thus far, they have not budged in forcing us to pay. DO NOT buy this model - it is poorly designed and the door will swing open and damage your counters. And DO NOT buy GE - they do not stand by their products. There's plenty of other good refrigerators out there by more responsible companies!

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Anonymous - 119 d 7 h ago


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Judith - 119 d 9 h ago


We have had our GE Profile appliances before we moved into this home and never had a bad experience but I can't say that now! When our refrigerator needed a repair man they sent one out. He "looked" at it said it was the inverter but couldn't find one. They asked us to look for one and we found one. Once found the repair man said " unless it came from his warehouse he couldn't put it on"! It was an after market.

The part says GE Original Part. Still wouldn't put it on. Called another repair shop and they put the part on. The refrigerator still isn't working properly.

This has been over the last month and had to buy another refrigerator to save our food. I wouldn't recommend this appliance nor the repair service!! Period! Don't buy GE!

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Christy Deatherage - 129 d ago


I purchased GE Mist Condition Hair Setter in 1969 and have used it almost everyday since and it just now quit. This Hair Setter is now 50 years old it has been should a great buy. Thank you for a great produce

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Anonymous - 143 d ago


I purchased a dryer exactly a month ago!! First time using the dryer, and the drum catches fire! Called customer service they said they would send a tech to my house, had to wait a week for the person to arrive. Week came and no one came! Called customer care back and they said that the tech went out to a totally different address that was listed on my account! Mind you, we won't over and over the address on a RECORDED line!!! I had to wait another week for a different tech to come to my home to inspect my dryer!!! In front of my face, this tech is on the phone and reporting back his findings!! The tech gets off the phone, and tells me that it's not repairable!!! That there is a gas leak in the dryer unit!! I was supposed to receive a phone call within 24 to 48 hours and that never happened!!! I called back and now customer service is stating that my dryer is repairable! There's a part that can be replaced! Mind you this dryer almost burned down my home!! We had to call the fire department!!! I have burned clothes as evidence!!! I do not want the dryer but customer care said that I have to wait to receive a phone call!!! Meanwhile, I'm spending all kinds of money going to do laundry when I'm fact I spent all this money on a brand new dryer!!! This has got to be the worst service I've ever dealt with in my entire life!!! I'm trying to call the CEO/Chairman above and it appears that the number doesn't work!!! Terrible!!! I should've went with the Samsung washer and dryer I wanted!!!!! I'm going to the better business bureau!!!!

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JL - 153 d 6 h ago


I would like to file a formal compliant regarding your A/C window unit. Purchased a 14,300 BTU unit and is has been in actual use for literally 9 months. Now the unit is unserviceable due to a Freon issue. This is unacceptable! I would think GE would have a better product and stand behind there products. Called customer service and received condescending and arrogant responses from a supervisor. Although, they offered a $100 rebate offer a full replacement should have been the solution. This unit was well cared for. Stored away after the summer seasons and used for 9 months total. Now it doesn't work? There are old rusty window A/C over 10 years old still functioning perfectly. GE unit lasts 9 months? GE is better than this!

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Carolynn - 162 d ago


Purchased a new GE dishwasher 2.2018. Have had 5 service calls not counting follow up to bring parts the did not have. Glasses and dishware do no come out clean glasses always have crude in them. They claim it's repairable but so far it hasn't

been. Each time them come out it's a different part. Now I said I should get a new one but they will not replace it they said it's repairable but haven't been able to do so. Worst dishwasher I've ever had. Help

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Anonymous - 202 d 2 h ago


I bought a brand new GE Adora refrigerator it has stopped working! I can't get anyone out to service the thing. GE is seriously lacking in their service. Same with Home Depot asking them to help expidite the service. They are useless I want a new refrigerator at this point. Letters are going out for sure. Did I mention I'm a stock holder, no wonder that's worthless too! I want answers

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Eileen - 1 y ago


Dear General Electric,

I have a trusty clock radio that I have had since at least 1984, and it's still working beautifully! It is a General Electric brand.

I use it daily for my music as I enter my bedroom, and every night as a reliable alarm clock. I was curious yesterday about how old it is, so I googled it and saw another person with the same clock that was at least 33 years old! I just wanted to commend you for a product that went above and beyond and is greatly appreciated!!

Thank you so much, and it will be interesting to see how much longer this clock radio will serve me...I'm sure it will be for a long time!

With gratitude,


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Kathleen - 207 d 4 h ago

I had to retire a 20 some year old Maytag washer, I purchased a new GE top loader with agitator. I hate this machine.

The bed sheets I washed this AM came out twisted like a rope...A totally new experience I hate.How do they possibly

wash & rinse clean being so twisted??? I just about have to stand on my head to retrieve the wet clothes to put in the dryer. on & on.............

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Cindy - 213 d ago


Our 1966 year old home is getting a New Kitchen remodel. Believe it or not we still have the original working GE electric top stove & separate over and it still is in good working order after 53 years.

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Anonymous - 213 d 8 h ago

Poor quality washers, new washer worked less than three years, the boatd went out, leading to a failure to properly wash and ring clothes dry.

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Carole B. - 217 d 7 h ago


I have a 10 year old front-load GE washer and dryer. I LOVE the dryer, HATE the washer. Every one of my expensive t-shirts (some I've worn only once) have come out of the washer with at least three tiny holes in the middle of the front of each shirt. I've tried washing them on Delicate, Hand Wash, Easy Care, and they STILL come out of the washer with holes. I've never had that happen with my top-load washers. I'm sick and tired of ruining costly shirts so I'm finally going to get rid of the washer and purchase another top loader. It would be very interesting to hear from other GE customers who have front-loading washers and who have experienced the same problem. P.S. I've owned GE appliances in all my homes and have never had a problem with any of them....except this front-load washer.

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Terry - 216 d ago

I bought my GE set years back and I had that same problem with my front load GE washer. Dryer is still fine!! I got sick of my brand NEW tops having holes. I finally gave up and got rid of the washer three years ago and got a top load washer. I swear by them anyway (I love to soak stuff and you cannot do it in a front loader).

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