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Gerber Products Company

12 Vreeland Rd.
Florham Park, NJ
Kurt Schmidt
(973) 593-7500
(973) 593-7663
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Joely - 63 d 11 h ago


Beyond pissed off right now I FOUND MOLD INSIDE MY SON'S GERBER RICE CEREAL. I see this online and through Facebook rants of mothers who find this. I am so disgusted right now, literally sick to my stomach right now. I was going to prepare my 10 month old this and felt something inside of the container. Of course I look inside of it because I'm curious and I've heard of mold being found in Gerber products. I had doubt it was true until today. I cut it and as you see it's mold inside. SOOOOO DISGUSTING! Gerber

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Linda R - 100 d 13 h ago


My friends and I are starting a petition to stop buying and associating with anything to do with Gerber. We want that Joy Behar on the View fired and have it done now and until something happens the sponsors on that show will feel the full weight of the consumers. I don't care who you voted for or like, but to keep saying vile, awful things and wishing the sitting president DEAD?! We cannot tolerate this any more. Be warned we will start this campaign and go nationwide.

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JJ - 103 d 12 h ago


Just have a question about the mixing of the formula. We are using Gerber Soothe and baby is doing so much better since he has started this. We however having issues with the formula not mixing well. It has some clumps. I use room temperature nursery water to mix with. Any suggestions?


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Free speech advi - 111 d 13 h ago


My family and I will never buy Gerber products again. Gerber apparently caves in to or is part of the far left that believes in suppressing free speech. Your decision to pull ads from the Laura Ingram show is part of the far left agenda against free speech. My family and I will choose not to purchase your products any longer.

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Bermudas4 - 105 d 10 h ago

None of this is about free speech... Laura can say whatever she likes. And companies can choose to spend their advertising dollars wherever they want. It's a free country! (At least it has been for the past 250 years). The fact that so many companies prefer not to be associated with her is hardly "far left". They just don't like what she says and they have the right to act accordingly.... I suspect you wouldn't hang out with your next door neighbor if you don't like what they say. Nor would you shop at a store that was rude to you. And if you owned a small business you wouldn't buy supplies from people who operated in ways you didn't like... The examples are endless. Personally, I never liked her "shut up and dribble" comment regarding a man who was well spoken and trying to do something good. Nor do I think criticizing kids who are trying to save lives is very helpful. It should be the opposite... We should value and support anyone working toward good things. These companies are trying to do exactly that. So Laura has free speech... And Companies have made the decision turn away from her negative, critical, harsh comments. They simply don't see her as representing what their company is all about. And I say good for them. We should all be supporting people who are working to make our country safer and better... But we must use our brains and support those who act in that goal and watch out for those who use those words and then do the opposite. In this case, 15 or so companies have done exactly that.

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lkis229 - 105 d 15 h ago

I was very disappointed to see that you pulled your ads on Fox because of comments made by Laura Ingraham. She did not say anything offensive about David Hogg and the comments were made due to HIS remarks about not getting into college. Why he felt the need to share that information is another discussion. It is wrong to limit free speech in America and this sets a very bad precedent. My family will not be buying your products in the future until free speech is again recognized and applauded. I will urge my friends and their families to do the same.

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Semper Fidelis - 109 d 5 h ago

When your company listened to the dictates of teenager, David Hogg and boycotted Laura Ingram Show, we lost respect for your leadership. Your Board was wrong to let politics make your choice. Do you let your own teenage children tell you what to do?. A Marine Corp Veteran can enlighten Kurt Schmidt CEO. You've made an awful mistake. Semper Fidelis,

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spurling - 110 d 16 h ago


My family will no longer be purchasing Gerber products. I believe any company who Boycotts certain individuals may it be on behalf of any political position or comment is unexceptable. A company's main objective is to sell product, not to have political biase. At least not a professional company with a good marketing program.

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John Barringer - 132 d 8 h ago


"Behar and ABC need to publicly apologize for the bigoted slurs on 'The View.' The bigoted statements made about the vice president's Christian faith offended hundreds of millions of Christians across the country, the largest faith group in the United States. Your apology should therefore be as public as their insult,"

Why would you spend your money on this TV show? Do you agree with her opinion of Christians ???

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Rebecca Gatling - 132 d 14 h ago

Very upset that your company would uphold such a bigoted show as the "View".

The comments about the Vice President and the Christian faith is something that needs a public apology.

If this had been said concerning any other religion, the public apology would have already been given.

As an American, as a Christian, I am greatly offended.

Rethink, please, your advertising support for this show.


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Joe - 136 d 8 h ago


With your stance with the view and christions i want no part of your company .. I and my family will boycott you and nestle .. Your a liberal demorat un american fascist .. I will talk as many people i can to not but your product .. Jesus lives .. Go trump make america great .. You will not bring America down

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Estella Towns - 145 d ago


Late afternoon Sir

My kids grew up on Gerber Foods

Now i have grandk8ds that's also using your products.i've been searching years for your tuitti fruiti dessert.which i loved was popular in the 80's. Where can I purchase this at.thanks

Estella Towns


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Anonymous - 155 d 7 h ago

I am trying to find cherry vanilla pudding baby food..

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LaVon D. Brillhart - 160 d 5 h ago

Dear Gerber friends...many thanks for the new Gerber Baby ...I taught special needs children and adults for 36 years. Your news the the picture made my day...Maybe my ear...Again many thanks......

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James Apone - 161 d 16 h ago


Dear Mohit Uberoi:

I want to thank you for your wonderful new Gerber Baby.

You have delighted many millions of people, thank you.

Most Sincerely yours, James Apone

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Trisha Turner - 164 d 9 h ago


Congratulations, Gerber!

Your wonderful choice of new Gerber Baby Lucas Warren will be melting hearts everywhere! Thank you for choosing a baby that represents the 2000s! You have set the bar pretty high for advertising that features REAL people and that smile he has was the best choice ever! What a darling kid!

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Colleen Chory - 164 d 12 h ago


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your choice for the new Gerber baby is outstanding. Recognizing that a child who had a disability is as just as normal as any other child is a strong statement. Who ever was on the advertising team that made that decision should be given a raise. I taught special education for 35 years and it was always a fight uphill to have them recognized as just kids first. Your company deserves a hug and a handshake for choosing this little boy.

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Susan Sheridan - 164 d 15 h ago


Congratulations on showing the many faces of our children/grandchildren.

General profile image - 1 y 191 d ago


Hello I am a first time grandma (thank you) and have some concerns on the fact that the Gerber baby formula cans seem to be only half filled. Now I understand that your a business and have to make money,but in times now its hard to support a family on wages that are out there. I feel that at the same time we as consumers are being used you know we need this baby formula and you also know your brand is trusted by millions of people. So to open up a can of formula and find it half full makes me sad and disappointed on how America has become today its not about the satisfaction of the people its about the satisfaction of corporate America to fill there pockets. This is isfrom a mom and a grandma who has become sadden with how products have become Thank you

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