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GNC Holdings, Inc.

300 6th Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA
Joseph (Joe) Fortunato
CEO and Director
(412) 288-4600
(412) 288-4764
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Kate - 10 d 7 h ago


I went to the Grafton store numerous times and even thought they said they were open online the store is never open during business hours. It is open whenever they feel like it. I can order the same things on Amazon but thought to buy it in a store near me. I guess I will have no choice but to order it on Amazon. No wonder stores are always closing, they don't know how to run a business.

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SAN Clemente clients - 68 d 24 m ago


GNC in San Juan Capistrano is located in the next town off the freeway from me.

I purchased a vitamin there today (store 08104). I asked about the price increase and was told to purchase three of them to get a fourth for free. Problem here was there were only two bottles on the shelf. So I bought the two anyway and did not review the receipt until I was home. I was UPCHARGED on both items.

I called my local franchised GNC and they quoted 2 dollars less per bottle and had much more in stock. My husband resented the UPCHARGE and took the San Juan vitamins

back, asking for a refund. Then store manager saw the up charge, challenged my husbands information about the local store and didn't offer to match the price or offer

us anything at all after making this return trip on the freeway.

We will never go back there again.

I want GNC corporate to send us a coupon for our trouble.

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MichelleD - 102 d 11 h ago

Myself, along with three other people, went in the GNC store on Midtown Square 1573 Boulevard, Slidell,La today 10/12/18. Emilio was the "consultant". No one else was in the store and I'm not surprised. He never even acknowledged us. We had difficulty finding what we came in for and asked for assistance. He walked over to the shelf and pointed with his foot and walked back behind the counter. This man never spoke a word. We often visit GNC stores but this was by far the rudest employee we have ever experienced. I will never go back to this particular store and neither will my friends.

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Gaby - 101 d 11 h ago


About two weeks ago, with a coworker, I visited a GNC store 3124 Fairlane Drive, Allen Park, MI 48101. Khaled, an employee, after talking with him in the store contacted one of my coworkers friends/family and told them a huge lie about me saying something unprofessional! I went into the store and he was there. I asked for the manager and spoke to Shaundra. She took the time to listen and remembered me. For a fact she stated that I did not say anything on professional about my coworker only positive and complements about people who I work with. She told me to call the phone number that was listed or posted on the door which I did and left a message. I'm trying to contact corporate office to make an official complaint. Does anyone know how to do that? Please let me know.

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brenda lee - 107 d 10 h ago


It sounds like she is the "sexist" not you.! SEXISM is alive and well at GNC, by the woman owner. No wonder her husband stay on the road ! ha ha lol

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jseybold - 107 d 11 h ago


I am a man in my late 50's. When I went to my local GNC in Lincoln Ne., on No. 27th St. on Oct. 5th,20018, the last thing I expected was a lecture on feminism, on how women are better than men at most everything. But that is exactly what I got, and from the owner of the store!! My visit began nicely enough, she was there with a baby in her arms,"pretty baby" I said. Itold her I was thinking about a testosterone supplement. Of course she wanted me to buy "Nugenics" their store brand. No , I have done research and don't want that product. I sensed that upset her. Next, she showed me what I did want,"the one her husband uses". Hum.

We discussed pros and cons, and testosterone for women, when she declares "I am a strong feminist woman, a STRONG FEMINIST." I replied, "I believe in equal rights for everyone", but she continued with "women are better than men at alot of things. Women need to be in charge of things! I have making babies for the last five years, we own nine GNC's and my husband is on the road alot, sleeping in hotels!" Humm.I asked her name, out of respect , so I knew what to address her by but she ignored me and continued ranting. "Women just need to be control". Wow

In walked her employee, a young man, and the conversation quickly went back to supplements.She "told" me I "needed" , vitamin D3, probiotics and fish oil. I replied," I get alot of vitamin D and that I eat alot of fish". "Do you eat the fish heads and bones?" she asked sharply, "no I don't" I answered. "Then you are not getting what you need" she said almost in anger now.

Two other customers came in, and while I was speaking, she just turned and walked away to greet them, and "tell" them what they needed to buy. Very Rude!

Not once did she ask me about my diet, my health or level of education on nutrition.I know my body better than she does.

Is she a nutritionist? No. Is she a dietition? No. She is a salesperson, buy, buy ,buy.

I did purchase a testosterone booster, and the vitiman D3 that she insisted I "needed".

As I was leaving I said "thanks for the help and advice", but she completely and purposely ignored me!

I was and am very offended! She was very offensive and rude! Do not bring your personal and political beliefs to work, especially if you are the owner of a store.

Never again willI I go to any GNC, and, thanks to the power of the internet, I have now gotten over 1100 others to stop spending our money there. And yes,several hundred of those are women."



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jsey - 107 d 12 h ago


,m:: kg ,mnk

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mildred - 228 d 9 h ago

On June 7 2018 I purchase the above product in addition to other products totaling $83.46 . I'm a member #(hidden)50.

On the 7th I purchased the above product and when I got home and opened it realized after digging around in the container that the measuring scooper was missing. So, on the 8th I went back to the store to have a scooper. Upon arriving representative advised they didnt have extra scooper. I requested she get ahold of the manager for a resolution who said we could exchange it.

I then asked what they would do with the open container and he said they would throw it away. So I said then why cant I just keep it? At the least for the inconvenience of having to drive back to the store. I understand errors happen but if your throwing out why not compensate me , the customer for having to drive back tot he store. He said no.

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magic john - 215 d 11 h ago

nothing is free in life.

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asshat - 117 d 11 h ago

This is one of the most ridiculous things I've read here... How does that work ANYWHERE? Besides, the "above product" is clearly not a cheap product, why should a customer receive free product because there was a defect?

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Ashley - 215 d 43 s ago


I bought weight loss pills 2 days ago and went to the may store in okc, ok where the worker called the supervisor regarding my return who said she will have to come back another time for a cash refund which is 190.00 dollars. I asked when can i come back for my refund he simply states im not sure. I need my money back for the items i purchased per the return policy i had the receipt/ id and all items purchased. He doesnt know when they will have the money i am very upset. You guys have a return policy but dont have money in the stores to give it.

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Sheila - 211 d 5 h ago


I returned a order of Slimvance and just last week,had Fedex come pick it up and asked how long it would take for the gnc to get it and he said 3-5 Business Days here it is the 25th of June yet after calling them and talking to 4 other agents they arent able to pro ide me a tracking number for it nor can Fedex Im really Frustrated right now all I want is for them to get their package and I receive my money back!!!!! So about to go over all their heads

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kissit - 117 d 11 h ago

So you're going to "go over everyone's heads" because you didn't get a tracking number from FedEx in the first place? Seems logical...

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Heather - 250 d 7 h ago


What GNC has put me through, during the last 3 years and 8 months has been nothing less than a terrifying nightmare. I kept being your 'Golden Sales Child' and never spoke up about what you kept doing to me and all the other managers/employees. Since October 2014, I kept saving photos and texts and audio recordings, and emails, phone records and dates of incidents, as well as the over 300 thousand dollars in overtime I worked for GNC, that was off the clock. I was told to and forced to work those hours, or I was punished. In my heart, I knew that all my hard work was for nothing and that someday, someone like Dan Rounsavell would turn GNC into an even deeper pit of hell than what it already is. Dan came to my store two days ago and fired me because he said I used my Pro-Access 'stock-up' days too close together, which resulted in me getting about 90 dollars in points. Apparently, that was FAR MORE IMPORTANT than the 20 grand I invested into my store, so we could stick around in the Appletree Mall, since you wouldn't get us a sign or do absolutely anything to support us. Question: Why did the customer service department give me the points if I wasn't supposed to have them??? NONE of this makes any sense. Not to me and not to my customers or my employees. Dan has everyone crying and freaking out. WHY DID YOU HIRE AN ANIMAL LIKE HIM? He is also withholding all my property because he is mad that I spoke up about the situation. I have furniture, all my art supplies, a drill set, my chairs, my ladders and step-stools, mopping set, my broom, staplers, shoes, binders, clipboards, all of the cutting knives, my stereo, all my CDs, my travel binder, colored paper, lamination kit, all my stuff from the 4th of July Event that I paid for, my make-up, perfume, family photos, cards that were given to me from my customers, Christmas lights and decorations, all my inspirational books... Should I keep going?

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Anonymous - 228 d 9 h ago

Hire an attorney...

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magic mikw - 215 d 11 h ago

i got fired too.

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Anonymous - 204 d 8 h ago

What happened?

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Anna K. - 194 d 10 h ago



In my case, I am Electrical Contractor and they call us for EMERGENCY REPAIRS in GNC store in Florida, A/C was off and it was abut 97F outside, so it was so hot that they just closed the store because it was impossible to work.

After 2 days they approved the estimate for repairs and we did the job in a same day. The payment was NET-30 ( 30 days) after invoice was sent, it is 45 after NET -30 and the company still didn't send me a check. I tried to contact a Corporate Office, accounting department, operator, etc. but nobody pick up the phone. Terrible company.

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redflag - 193 d 8 h ago


I feel they are horrible too

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Disgusted Consumer - 123 d ago

This sounds exactly how my son is being treated! The little pathetic boss Paul in Nevada needs to reap what he sows. My son is an exceptional employee with outstanding #'s/ sales and he is being treated horrible. This new Ceo Ken better do something to remove these sorry excuse of human beings and replace them with real genuine leadership. Sorry to hear how you were treated. I told my son to quit before he waste any more of his time.

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Kelly - 140 d 5 h ago


Hello to whom it may concern. My name Kelly I went to the 2900 Deerfield dr. GNC in Janesville WI. To my horrible experience at 5:05pm 09/04/18 the attendant rudely yelled can't I help you. I asked do you have a women's protien supplement? He said no there's no differance between men and women. I said womans matabolizim is different than a mans. He argued saying no there isn't.!!!! Didn't need to argue with an idiot with an attitude. I just wanted something good for my health.. I really hope this type of prejudice treatment me @ (hidden)

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JJ - 130 d 10 h ago

But you're completely wrong.

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JD DUNPHY - 134 d 5 h ago


The McKinney Texas store on Lake Forest and McKinney Ranch parkway is NOT a store to shop at unless you thrive on being treated with PROFOUND disrespect. I have NEVER had cause to write a negative review of any company but this employee-Calib-was WAY over the top in his egotistical, argumentative and threatening behavior. I returned a container of Whey protein because it made me dizzy and nauseous. The young lady I purchased it from two weeks ago assured me that if I didn't like it, to just bring it back for a full refund or exchange for another brand. The employee-Calib-who I returned the product to seemed to be more inclined to do whatever he could to agitate customers rather than provide a pleasant experience. He is clearly a disgruntled employee and takes it out on patrons instead of realizing that, in business, it is imperative to treat customers with dignity and respect. He fails to realize that "people go where they are wanted most and treated best". He was angry over the fact that, after I asked if he was going to grant me the discount that I received two weeks ago on the original purchase, he said 'no, I can't do that'. When I asked him 'why not' he replied: 'because this is a return" to which I said: 'Then if I came here today without a return, you would grant me the discount' and he replied 'yes'. I then told him that I would just return the product in lieu of an exchange. At that point he aggressively stomped away toward the shelf while uttering that he would 'do the discount'. His reluctance and hostility were blatantly obvious. He came back to the register and began to ring up the sale: he requested my name; I gave it. He requested my phone #; I gave it. He then asked for my drivers license. When i asked why he needed that he said it's to prevent fraud because some people will come and return products that were not from there. I pointed out to him that I was returning a product that came off their shelf and that he already had the receipt that I just gave him. After saying he couldn't do the exchange without my drivers license I told him to just give me a refund and I'll shop elsewhere for a replacement. Once again, his hostile attitude reared it's ugly head, to point where a senior employee intervened and said he would take care of it; at which point Calib stormed away and said: "after he rings it up I'll meet you outside and we'll settle this". I was astounded. He's 20 something and I'm retirement age. When I went home, I accessed the GNC website, feeling quite sure that GNC would have numerous positive reviews. Man, was I wrong!! Most are quite negative. This guy should never have been hired in the first place. It appears that GNC has a lot of internal work to do. BASED ON MY EXPERIENCE COUPLED WITH THE TESTIMONIALS ON THE GNC WEBSITE, I CANNOT RECOMMEND GNC TO ANYONE.

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Anonymous - 136 d 7 h ago


Location here at music city mall in odessa TX has absolutely terrible service. I will never be returning there again and I will end my membership to gnc period

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Jayme Schillig - 136 d 15 h ago


My son worked for gnc in Rockingham Nc and decided to join the military we did not think he would have to leave so soon he went to his boss Jennifer and told her he would be leaving on 9/11/2018. I understand that it is not a two week notice how ever it is out of his control . John worked this last Saturday on 9/1/18 his boss then then sent text message to Other associates stating that John Michael did not work which he did and I have the text messages from the associates to prove it John Michael worked at other stores Myrtle Beach Over a month ago and still has not been paid for his mileage. I think it's said that someone is been treated like this Especially when they're going into the military and What kind of boss sends text messages to another associate talking crap about someone that's going into the military I wouldn't want someone like that!!!! (hidden)

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