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GNC Holdings, Inc.

300 6th Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA
Joseph (Joe) Fortunato
CEO and Director
(412) 288-4600
(412) 288-4764
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Anonymous - 2 d 10 h ago

Tyler that works at GNC in the Dubuque Iowa store is a drug dealer. And uses he works at GNC as his cover.

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Ed Dobzanski - 15 d 18 h ago


Sitting here at the Pennsville NJ store. Website says open at 10am. Store sign says open at 10am. It's 10:35am...noone here...doors locked. I spend alot of money every month at GNC. My time is important...this makes me want to just shop online with another company. Ridiculous!

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Anthony - 98 d 16 h ago


sign up for monthly program for receiving sample still waiting .This is one of there biggest scam of deceiving people fake advertisement. GNC Should be sue for hundreds of millions of dollars a class action sue would be a great thing for this company.

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Anonymous - 53 d 6 h ago

Interesting considering there is no monthly fee or monthly sampling. U pay once for the premium membership n it lasts a year... sample boxes are only 2 for the year... one 3 mos after signing up n 2nd box will come 6-8 mos later... get yo facts straight before u bust on a company when u dont have any understanding of how it works

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Lyn - 45 d 17 h ago


You are correct & they push & must sell 4-8 items every week or are written up! Never can sit ever. Mgmt tells you one thing & Store Mgr tell something else. Co had many bad problems.

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Disgruntled Employee - 96 d 13 h ago


I used to work for the GNC inside Iverson Mall. They are unorganized. They give out old samples and sell expired products. The manager likes to ask employees for money and when he found out I was pregnant he forced me to take a week and a half off and lowered my hours. He brings his wife and kids to work. He had another employee fire me instead of doing the job himself. I was miserable there. Glad they fired me. Wouldnt reccomend anyone to work at that location or shop there.

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Brian Kirby - 113 d 6 h ago


Words cannot say how much and great you people are. My brother loved working at GNC and now we see why. From the bottom of our hearts. Thank you.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 118 d 12 h ago

I've been trying to call the Mt. Vernon, Oh all day - no answer. Worried.

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Anonymous - 129 d 13 h ago


They are not straight forward

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Alvin Howell - 148 d 12 h ago


I when rite aid employee and customer at flat lakeside Columbus, Ga 31907 us a illegal listen devices spying bugs call my the n-word is a federal Civil Rights being brokens, and breaking federal Hate Crime; breaking federal ADA laws; breaking federal DOJ laws aggravated sexual battery all sex offenders all very dangerous all domestic terrorists just like isis, and breakinng many more federal DOJ laws i have manys rite aid receipts the piatt familys 217 oak grove lane acworth, Ga 30102 abominatios faget nephew sex offenders rapists kkk gangs leadeders in Ga,Al they are breaking manys federal DOJ laws; and the Naacp is involved must more.

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Heather - 1 y ago


What GNC has put me through, during the last 3 years and 8 months has been nothing less than a terrifying nightmare. I kept being your 'Golden Sales Child' and never spoke up about what you kept doing to me and all the other managers/employees. Since October 2014, I kept saving photos and texts and audio recordings, and emails, phone records and dates of incidents, as well as the over 300 thousand dollars in overtime I worked for GNC, that was off the clock. I was told to and forced to work those hours, or I was punished. In my heart, I knew that all my hard work was for nothing and that someday, someone like Dan Rounsavell would turn GNC into an even deeper pit of hell than what it already is. Dan came to my store two days ago and fired me because he said I used my Pro-Access 'stock-up' days too close together, which resulted in me getting about 90 dollars in points. Apparently, that was FAR MORE IMPORTANT than the 20 grand I invested into my store, so we could stick around in the Appletree Mall, since you wouldn't get us a sign or do absolutely anything to support us. Question: Why did the customer service department give me the points if I wasn't supposed to have them??? NONE of this makes any sense. Not to me and not to my customers or my employees. Dan has everyone crying and freaking out. WHY DID YOU HIRE AN ANIMAL LIKE HIM? He is also withholding all my property because he is mad that I spoke up about the situation. I have furniture, all my art supplies, a drill set, my chairs, my ladders and step-stools, mopping set, my broom, staplers, shoes, binders, clipboards, all of the cutting knives, my stereo, all my CDs, my travel binder, colored paper, lamination kit, all my stuff from the 4th of July Event that I paid for, my make-up, perfume, family photos, cards that were given to me from my customers, Christmas lights and decorations, all my inspirational books... Should I keep going?

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

Hire an attorney...

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magic mikw - 1 y ago

i got fired too.

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

What happened?

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Anna K. - 1 y ago



In my case, I am Electrical Contractor and they call us for EMERGENCY REPAIRS in GNC store in Florida, A/C was off and it was abut 97F outside, so it was so hot that they just closed the store because it was impossible to work.

After 2 days they approved the estimate for repairs and we did the job in a same day. The payment was NET-30 ( 30 days) after invoice was sent, it is 45 after NET -30 and the company still didn't send me a check. I tried to contact a Corporate Office, accounting department, operator, etc. but nobody pick up the phone. Terrible company.

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redflag - 1 y ago


I feel they are horrible too

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Disgusted Consumer - 276 d 4 h ago

This sounds exactly how my son is being treated! The little pathetic boss Paul in Nevada needs to reap what he sows. My son is an exceptional employee with outstanding #'s/ sales and he is being treated horrible. This new Ceo Ken better do something to remove these sorry excuse of human beings and replace them with real genuine leadership. Sorry to hear how you were treated. I told my son to quit before he waste any more of his time.

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Anonymous - 150 d 15 h ago

The reasons why they fire people are RIDICULOUS. I would

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Kate - 163 d 11 h ago


I went to the Grafton store numerous times and even thought they said they were open online the store is never open during business hours. It is open whenever they feel like it. I can order the same things on Amazon but thought to buy it in a store near me. I guess I will have no choice but to order it on Amazon. No wonder stores are always closing, they don't know how to run a business.

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SAN Clemente clients - 221 d 7 h ago


GNC in San Juan Capistrano is located in the next town off the freeway from me.

I purchased a vitamin there today (store 08104). I asked about the price increase and was told to purchase three of them to get a fourth for free. Problem here was there were only two bottles on the shelf. So I bought the two anyway and did not review the receipt until I was home. I was UPCHARGED on both items.

I called my local franchised GNC and they quoted 2 dollars less per bottle and had much more in stock. My husband resented the UPCHARGE and took the San Juan vitamins

back, asking for a refund. Then store manager saw the up charge, challenged my husbands information about the local store and didn't offer to match the price or offer

us anything at all after making this return trip on the freeway.

We will never go back there again.

I want GNC corporate to send us a coupon for our trouble.

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MichelleD - 255 d 16 h ago

Myself, along with three other people, went in the GNC store on Midtown Square 1573 Boulevard, Slidell,La today 10/12/18. Emilio was the "consultant". No one else was in the store and I'm not surprised. He never even acknowledged us. We had difficulty finding what we came in for and asked for assistance. He walked over to the shelf and pointed with his foot and walked back behind the counter. This man never spoke a word. We often visit GNC stores but this was by far the rudest employee we have ever experienced. I will never go back to this particular store and neither will my friends.

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Gaby - 254 d 15 h ago


About two weeks ago, with a coworker, I visited a GNC store 3124 Fairlane Drive, Allen Park, MI 48101. Khaled, an employee, after talking with him in the store contacted one of my coworkers friends/family and told them a huge lie about me saying something unprofessional! I went into the store and he was there. I asked for the manager and spoke to Shaundra. She took the time to listen and remembered me. For a fact she stated that I did not say anything on professional about my coworker only positive and complements about people who I work with. She told me to call the phone number that was listed or posted on the door which I did and left a message. I'm trying to contact corporate office to make an official complaint. Does anyone know how to do that? Please let me know.

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brenda lee - 260 d 15 h ago


It sounds like she is the "sexist" not you.! SEXISM is alive and well at GNC, by the woman owner. No wonder her husband stay on the road ! ha ha lol

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jseybold - 260 d 16 h ago


I am a man in my late 50's. When I went to my local GNC in Lincoln Ne., on No. 27th St. on Oct. 5th,20018, the last thing I expected was a lecture on feminism, on how women are better than men at most everything. But that is exactly what I got, and from the owner of the store!! My visit began nicely enough, she was there with a baby in her arms,"pretty baby" I said. Itold her I was thinking about a testosterone supplement. Of course she wanted me to buy "Nugenics" their store brand. No , I have done research and don't want that product. I sensed that upset her. Next, she showed me what I did want,"the one her husband uses". Hum.

We discussed pros and cons, and testosterone for women, when she declares "I am a strong feminist woman, a STRONG FEMINIST." I replied, "I believe in equal rights for everyone", but she continued with "women are better than men at alot of things. Women need to be in charge of things! I have making babies for the last five years, we own nine GNC's and my husband is on the road alot, sleeping in hotels!" Humm.I asked her name, out of respect , so I knew what to address her by but she ignored me and continued ranting. "Women just need to be control". Wow

In walked her employee, a young man, and the conversation quickly went back to supplements.She "told" me I "needed" , vitamin D3, probiotics and fish oil. I replied," I get alot of vitamin D and that I eat alot of fish". "Do you eat the fish heads and bones?" she asked sharply, "no I don't" I answered. "Then you are not getting what you need" she said almost in anger now.

Two other customers came in, and while I was speaking, she just turned and walked away to greet them, and "tell" them what they needed to buy. Very Rude!

Not once did she ask me about my diet, my health or level of education on nutrition.I know my body better than she does.

Is she a nutritionist? No. Is she a dietition? No. She is a salesperson, buy, buy ,buy.

I did purchase a testosterone booster, and the vitiman D3 that she insisted I "needed".

As I was leaving I said "thanks for the help and advice", but she completely and purposely ignored me!

I was and am very offended! She was very offensive and rude! Do not bring your personal and political beliefs to work, especially if you are the owner of a store.

Never again willI I go to any GNC, and, thanks to the power of the internet, I have now gotten over 1100 others to stop spending our money there. And yes,several hundred of those are women."



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jsey - 260 d 17 h ago


,m:: kg ,mnk

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