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GNC Holdings, Inc.

300 6th Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA
Joseph (Joe) Fortunato
CEO and Director
(412) 288-4600
(412) 288-4764
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Brad wright - 13 d 15 h ago


Hello my name is Brad f Wright. I no longer work with gnc. I have not received my pay. Please give me a call when u have a chance.

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andrea garncarz - 13 d 19 h ago


code 375845 2 oz aloe vera gel. bad idea getting rid of it.

your replacement of 8 oz is too


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Anonymous - 25 d 12 h ago


I work in golf mill, Niles for a store. I go th GNC pretty much everyday, I been going there for 4 years now, I always get water, the manager who works there got attitude problems, and always lie to me that her register is not working so she don't have to ring me up and lose or hurt her sales. She actually once told me not to get water two three times and just get it all at once because I was bringing her score down. Me and my co-worker, whenever we go there she makes some excuse and it's really get old now. only get water and something other snacks but nothing very expensive and one time she had the nerve to tell me not to buy water two three times a day and just get it once because it's hurting her score. She does the same thing with my co-worker as well. I mean her excuses are getting old now.

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Very upset customer - 25 d 17 h ago


Yorkville IL, Store is not open AGAIN at the time they say they are open.

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35 years experience - 38 d 11 h ago


West Hempstead store with A terrible attitude --management please call me at (hidden) I will explain.

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Anonymous - 38 d 11 h ago

west hempstead ny store really bad

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Jarvis Duhe - 230 d 16 h ago


Jarvis A. Duhe (hidden) VIA USPS Regular & Certified Mail Certified Mail # 7016 3560 0000 9803 4039 GNC Holdings Inc. 300 Sixth Ave Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222 July 5, 2017 Dear GNC Holdings, RE: RETAIL STORE EMPLOYEE COMPLAINT On July 3rd, 2017, at approximately 12:00 P.M, I visited your corporate store located in the City of Atlanta at Cobb Co. in the Cumberland Mall at 3100 Cumberland Parkway Atlanta, GA 30339. As a regular customer and user of your products and brands, I went to the mall to return a product I was unsatisfied with. Oksava was working and assisted me with my return. Oksava did not agree with my return strongly suggesting that I tried another product instead. Store policy and my angst won out and Oksava (obviously begrudgingly) gave me a full return for the product. It was apparent that the situation visibly flustered your employee. during the exchange, since I had to complete paperwork for the refund, I placed the keys to my automobile upon the counter. I was aware of the contention and left the store location on foot in the direction of my car. Only seconds passed when I realized my error and returned to the store and to the front counter. I asked Oksava about my keys and she immediately replied that she did not see them. I noticed that she did not look on the counter or around the area of the counter as would a reasonable person who was trying to assist a customer. I scanned the counter where I left my car key only moments ago and it was not there. there were no other customers in the store and the amount of time from my departure to my return is dubious. It hardly suggests that another customer or employee had come into the store and walked away with my keys. I became suspicious that Oksava knew more about the whereabouts of my keys. I asked If I could examine the wastebasket behind the counter to which she refused. I wondered what she could have in the wastebasket that she meant to conceal. After speaking with Oksava, I saw that her attitude was filled with anger and hostility instead of any sympathy that I may have lost my car keys. Surprisingly, when I asked if I could look behind the counter for my own satisfaction, she summoned mall security and misrepresented the situation in front of me. She advised the officer that I was trying to breach the counter without her permission which was patently untrue, designed to mislead the officer and designed to paint me as hostile. After the response from Security, Oksava decided to lock up the store suddenly and leave for an unknown reason. A person could speculate that if she had possession of my car keys, this would be the perfect time to dispose of them without trace. I only visited your store and left the mall after the confrontation. I specifically recall placing my car keys on the counter before exiting the store. I returned to the store immediately. Although I do not believe that Oksava would benefit from keeping my car keys, it is not far from reasonable that she intended to cause my distress and punish me for my earlier encounter. She accomplished that measure as I had to obtain an emergency locksmith and have my vehicle towed to a local dealership to have another key crafted. I am asking you to examine any footage from surveillance and anti-theft cameras you may have in your store so you may dispel my beliefs. Please notify me in writing of the results of your investigation. Regards, _____________________ JARVIS DUHE

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You're actually surprised, Jarvis? Perhaps you wouldn't be, if you were aware that GNC has been enjoying record profits for the past 5-10 years (I actually read), and much of this is due to the fact that the company's treatment of, and policies toward, store level employees have deteriorated significantly in a similar period of time. (I am aware of much of this, as my daughter was a sales associate for a couple of years, while attending college). Associates used to receive a 4% commission on all GNC brand products they sold; that was gradually reduced to the current level: no commission at all! The only commissions they may receive are any dollar-amount commissions that third party companies choose - WHEN THEY ARE NOT DENIED THE OPTION TO DO SO BY GNC - to apply to any of their products. But there's now a catch-22: an associate can sell as many of these third party products as they wish - it helps pay the bills since GNC pays new associates minimum wage - but they now do so at their own peril: along with the elimination of the percentage commission on all GNC brand products - (a limited number of GNC brand products may still carry a temporary commission) - employees are now expected to sell a minimum amount of these very non-commissioned GNC brand products - at the very real risk of losing their jobs. (And she knows several that have.) To state the obvious, associates are given the option of making an (almost) living wage - by selling third party brand commission items - or keeping their jobs, by selling at least the "minimum" "acceptable" percentage of no-commission GNC brand products! And the solution she and others repeatedly get from higher-ups? (You better sit down for this one.) "SELL BOTH!" In this economy, where most of us have a budgeted amount to devote to supplements - not to mention FOOD - that's a non-solution, cleverly used to give the appearance that a real and helpful remedy has been offered. And I'm told that many of the "higher-ups", such as regional directors, privately and quietly understand and agree with the absurdity and nonsensical and insulting nature of the problem. This - and many other employee-UNfriendly problems - of course comes right from the top brass, which is obvious to any employees and those who care about their welfare. How does this relate to Mr. Jarvis's experience? It's the oldest maxim in any job situation, and one which my daughter has actually heard repeated by superiors: "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR." And this couldn't be more true when it comes to finding employees willing to accept a job that often pays less than McDonalds, but with much higher work levels, stress, and expectations. Believe me, Mr. Jarvis's experience obviously isn't confined to the Cumberbrook location - it's alive and well here in California - and, I am sure, nationally. And believe me, I am aware that GNC, as a retail company, is far from alone in its treatment of those directly responsible for those record profits. I think it's long overdue for the word "UNION" to enter into the conversations of employees, their loved ones, and - especially - customers who, in the present situation, walk into a GNC store with no hint of the unacceptably high possibility that they MIGHT just be as lambs led to slaughter.

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Sherry confino - 72 d 16 h ago


My son works at the East Brunswick Store at (hidden) and his manager Rob only hired two employees during the big holiday season and as a mother who pays for his college at Rutgers at about 16.000 a year. He has no way to get proper time to study for his finals. The manager told me it is my problem and to deal with it. I will write to consumer affairs and Better business Bureau, because this is no way to handle this matter. My son should not work for a slave driver, let's get professional please! He loves his job but he needs to study for his finals and I am sure all of you had to go to college. He makes a lot of commission for your company, but I can't help it if he only hired two employees for the big rush of the holiday season. I am a single parent and don't like what is happening. Please contact the store or email your manager at the Brunswick Square mall and he will answer because he has very little help (hidden). I don't want to take this matter to the state attorney general's office for an employee that make minimum wage.

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Anonymous - 55 d 15 h ago


Not acceptable. At least though the manager is not altering time cards like they do for my son who works for them here in California. Shorting my son money is unacceptable and illegal. Good luck.

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Anonymous - 264 d 9 h ago


I made a purchase on may 31 the cashier would not accept mycoupon because he said it had expired. my coupon experation date was may 31 2017, i was denied on may 31,2017

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Kikinxirv - 117 d ago


Experation date is the day that it is expired. It is dead that day.

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Anonymous - 225 d ago

I se you still employ Hakim Satterwhite in your Tustin, Ca. Office. Hope you are monitoring him closely. He is a thief, a liar, and a womanizer. He lies about his work time, and sells merchandise ,not in the store, and pockets the money

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Anonymous - 233 d 10 h ago

Customer Kari Godfrey (hidden).. called in to complain about the treatment she received in GNC store located in Logan Valley Mall. Altoona PA. 16002. customer would like to speak with someone from the corporate office about this.

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Nique B - 265 d ago

To Whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to your corporation to share my disappointment with regards to a few concerns I had with your company and how they were dealt with. Last Aug I received a gift card of $50 for my birthday. I went to your store in Devonshire mall in Windsor Ontario. To my surprise they had a very difficult time assisting me as they were having difficulty with a glitch with a new machine in the Walker Rd store. They had to dig and dig for over 45 mins looking and searching for the info. What was to be a quick run in to GNC, turned into an annoying laborious wait. I did however finally get my product and left.

I received another gift worth $40 for Christmas. I went to purchase some items in January. To my surprise again the card did not work. Not ONLY did it NOT work the Devonshire location explained that it was an US gift card. That was surprising to me as my friend lives here in Windsor and shops on Walker Rd. But i said ok when I go to Detroit in a few weeks I will use my gift card. A few weeks had passed we were approaching the middle of February. I went to a GNC location in Michigan. Guess what the card did not work.

Ok by this time I am really unimpressed. I just want to get my protein shake, carnitine, vitamins and leave. But nooooooo. I leave empty handed again. I just drove 45 mins and I am highly annoyed.

I call my friend who gave me both cards and told him the situation. Might I add Marcel Hansen is a loyal customer. He shops at your store often getting muscle builders, vitamins, proteins, amino acids the list can go on and on. He has referred so many people to your stores in Windsor as well. I started going to GNC because of him.

I said all of that to say Marcel has been calling the Walker Rd store for over a month. They explained that they see the purchase in his account but are unable to assist him without the manager. He has been calling for this manager for weeks. This week May 29, 2017, he finally got a hold of the manager who so rudely stated "it has been too long I can NOT give you $40 anymore, I can ONLY reimburse $25". WHAT!!!! Who says that? That pushed me over the edge. Really after all these months of going back and forth. What happened to customer service and dignity? Getting turned away from each store in Windsor and Michigan and now you are trying to dismiss me and rip me off? What the heck. I am highly upset about this. I do not believe this is the model of behavior your company wants to display. I do hope that this matter is fluke of an incident as it has left a rather bad taste in my mouth.

I was going to let it go, but the manner in which I had been dealt with twice is not nice. And then the manager did not have the decency to respect Marcel by calling him back, and to insult him with less of a return? Come on now. I just want to be able to go pick up my product and leave without any hassle. You are all aware that there are many other places that carry health products, but I choose to go to GNC. Was this a incorrect choice???

Please look into this matter and advise as to the next step I should take.

Thank you in advance for your care in this matter.

Nicole Beckford

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Anonymous - 267 d 18 h ago


To Whom it may concern, I'm generally a champion of GNC and GNC products, however this morning I experienced customer service or a LACK OF CUSTOMER that I found truly disheartening. I will detail my experience without giving the names of employees because I didn't care to ask and because my hope is that better training will result. I entered the Philadelphia 30th street GNC store (located within the train station) and stood adjacent to the front counter looking around for multi-vitamins. No other customers were in the store. Not seeing vitamins anywhere I walked about the store for 4-5 minutes. My physical search of the store eventually ended on a shelf to the left of the front counter. During this entire search the two employees (one behind the counter the other on a ladder adjacent to the shelf holding vitamins) never broke from conversation about lack of mobility with the current shelves in the front area of the store, to acknowledge my existence or even offer any assistance in finding a product. To their credit (I suppose) the two gentlemen that followed were asked "can I help you find anything". Neither of them purchased or made attempts to purchase anything. Once I found what I wanted one employee asked if I'd "found what I was looking for". I proceeded to the counter, not impressed by their lack of curtesy but not disheartened. However, as I stood at the counter waiting for the woman behind the counter to finish her conversation and her subsequent text message. I thought this is more than an oversight this is rudeness. Never looking up from her register she asked "what's your email" then told me the total cost and picked up the phone to continue texting. I proceeded to tell her that she should practice better customer service. She responded by telling me that I needed to put my card in the reader and pay for the merchandise. My reply to her was : "I don't need to spend my money here." She told me that her priority was with "getting a shift covered". Seems to me her priorities are a bit skewed. I left the store and refused to continue the transaction. Why should I pay for and/or encourage rudeness? With a paying customer in front of you/ two employees on the floor someone should prioritize each potential customer that crosses the store's threshold. No side conversation or text message (emergencies excluded) take precedence over your customers. They sustain you. Their experience in the store as well as the products sustain you. I hope this experience was an anomaly and that a simple mention of the incident with proper training will rectify their behavior. As I exited I will say that the woman behind the counter wished me a good day. Her sarcasm was not missed and I retorted "you have a great day". Unfortunately, this exchange had little if any real sincerity. What a sad way to begin our day. I hope it gets better. All the best, Eric Ruffin

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Anonymous - 282 d 11 h ago


I live in Nh I live in Derry but have to go to Londonderry because the guy who works in Derry is always a big jerk. He wouldn't return my stuff that I bought the day before so that I could use my coupon for $10. Off that I got but had forgotten to bring with me. I'm thinking because I bought it in the Londonderry store but went to him to return it in Derry. Now my coupon has expired and maybe not for everyone but for me $10 is $10. This guy got to go

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Stacy - 308 d 11 h ago


Are GNC's franchised? The one in my town is a huge disappointment as it relates to how paying customers are treated and I want to know who I can file a complaint with. When I asked who is in charge the same associate who provides the horrible service said he is in charge.

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Alhakim Satterwhite. - 1 y ago


Alhakim Satterwhite.I need to get a mailing address for him. Last I heard he was based out of your offices in Tustin, Ca.

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LindsayInNYC - 5 y 185 d ago

@summeryjudgment I think @GNCLiveWell makes a chew and a gummy Omega-3. I've had the chew before, it's actually pretty good!

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trinitii_smaxXx - 5 y 186 d ago

got my @GNCLiveWell Total Lean shake and a nectarine while I sit back at watch Love & Hip Hop. #NICE

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KerriOlkjer - 5 y 186 d ago

@JoeVennare Interesting. Thank you!! @GNC_Kelly @GNCLiveWell

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JoeVennare - 5 y 186 d ago

@KerriOlkjer @gnc_kelly @GNCLiveWell Triple Strength Fish Oil is my go to for healthy joints and mobility. #livewellnow

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DJSTanningSpa - 5 y 186 d ago

RT @GNCLiveWell: @metsopolis Sorry about that - If you have your order #, you can call CS at 1(hidden). They can talk you through what happened.

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sir_samIam - 5 y 186 d ago

I love @GNCLiveWell They always give me free stuff

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