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Healthsouth Corp

1 Healthsouth Pkwy S
Birmingham, AL
Jay Grinney
(205) 967-7116
(205) 969-4740
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Mrs. Reilly - 51 d 13 h ago


My husband was just discharged today from the Las Vegas Health South Facility. His wedding band was missing from his hand and had been there all 8 days of his stay. According to one of the nurses, he had it in the morning and when he took a shower. But disappeared right before I picked him up. Nurse Supervisor, Kenneth Tilo, asked for no information from me not even the value of the ring with its 5 diamonds. He told me they would be conducing an investigation. Right, and monkeys fly out of my butt. I asked to see the original inventory sheet that I filled out with the administration nurse the evening of the 21st of September. He said it was sent in his "records" But records was closed on Saturday and somehow all of his paper work had mysteriously found it's way to the "records" department. .He also informed that I could not see any records. A nurse informed me that a copy of the inventory sheet was with my husband. I looked at it and it was not the original one because the items I checked off and wrote were not there including his 5 pairs of shorts, 5-t-shirts, 5 pairs of socks, 5 pairs of underwear and shoes and his wedding band, glasses, Kindle, cell phone, chargers. The inventory sheet I found that they had him fill out and sign showed a sweater, he has never owned a sweater. three t-shirts, 1 pair of shorts, 1 PJ, socks, hat and glasses. He had no hat and could not remember what was packed. Because he came home different items and quantities than what was written down. He said the nurse brought in a lot of papers for him to sign and he remembers at least one being yellow. I was told to be at the facility to sign papers for his discharge at 2:00 pm and go over his med. I arrived about 2:00 pm and everything was done. Some of his items were packed, discharged papers signed and ready to go. My husband told me that his wedding band was gone and he didn't know who took it. Very, very upsetting and extremely subspecies that the inventory sheet is not the original one and they had him sign papers knowing he is not very cognitive. With Parkinson's Disease, onset dementia and the infection he had made him incapable of signing his name to anything and understanding what he signed. I believe the staff took advantage of a 30 year Navy Veteran and knew that he won't be able to remember most of what happened. I will be going to the media about this to warn other families about what can take place at Healthsouth.

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RNT in Maryland - 143 d ago


We have 1-2 techs at night for 64 patients. THAT IS UNSAFE! We had a patient recently fall and bust her head on the bathroom floor because we did not have the adequate amount of staff. All staff was busy helping other patients and (this patient was not a yellow, only standard) she ended up standing up by herself and losing her balance causing her to fall backwards. WE NEED STAFFING.

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Rnt Sarasota fl - 145 d 17 h ago


Worse place I have ever worked. The nurses and administration are abusive and lazy. I worked there for five months and everyday I would be ridiculed in front of other staff members and patients to the point that I dreaded going into work. The nurses are so unskilled is scary. I had to perform cpr on a 400 plus pound patient because the nurses were afraid to do it. I injured my wrist in doing so and once i went on workers comp the bullying got worse. They would allow me light duty and when I told the director he told me to just sue them. Don't ever work at this hell hole.

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None - 158 d ago

I will not say my name but I wiml say this if someone doesn't so something about sherece lindsey at encompass fort worth they are gonna loose all there employees ahe dosent know how to talk to people shes just rude DO SOMETHING NOW

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Anonymous - 192 d 19 h ago

Healthsouth, Manati, Puerto Rico has harrassing supervision, they are constantly threaten by superiors, who are viewing the nursing staff through cameras and cel. It's, intimidation 101. They are even,pressured and harrassed when on breaks. Observation: its not a concentration concentration camp its a work place. Apparently Human resources isn't much help either.

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Nurse - 248 d 14 h ago


I work at Healthsouth in Morgantown WV. We continue to have poor staffing especially for Nursing. The staffing grid in not followed. very poor patient/staff ratios. This puts our nurses at risk and impairs the safety of our patients. Our Senior Team Management does not have staffing as a priority. Something needs done. Peoples lives are at risk.

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Shaking our heads @ HealthSouth Gadsden - 251 d 20 h ago


I work in kitchen at Healthsouth in Gadsden and we wanna know why we lost our Manager ??Kayla said she decided to resign but she told us before meeting she might get fired today..We just want our boss back and the trouble maker gone..Joy Kelley..She has turned our kitchen upside down since she got here..With her lies and rumors and threats

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Running wild in kitchen..Missing our boss Jane - 252 d 30 m ago


I work at Healthsouth for 5 years and I've seen a drastic change since New CEO Kayla Fezell has been here.She is cold and unaproachable and seems to have a Superior complex..She has fired alot of people or forced them out with threats of losing there benefits and lied to employees saying they just quite..I work in kitchen and she forced our boss out and told us she resigned.Now we have no boss no guide and can't get a meeting with her to see what's gonna happen to our jobs..She has not been truthful with us about any of the changes..Anyone older than 50 is worried about there job.

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Concerned - 1 y ago


Healthsouth in Ludlow, MA is an unsafe place to work. In the past 6 months over 20 RNs have quit because of management. Management doesn't care, however. John Hunt, the CEO, gets a bonus for keeping all the beds full, regardless of staffing. Patients are not being cared of as they should be. I would love for them to eat audited to examine the amount of deaths that have occurred and the amount of patients that have been sent out to local EDs because they were not properly treated accordingly. New RN grads are being taken off orientation after a month, which is not acceptable. Something needs to be done.

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The children of Dorothy Dimolfetto - 1 y 77 d ago


RE: Dorothy DiMolfetto's Acute Rehabilitation Stay, Heathsouth Rehabilitation Hospital, Bakersfield, CA August 2017 Our mother was recently admitted to Health South in Bakersfield after having a partial hip replacement. She is almost 90, and while she has mild cognitive impairment under general circumstances, she lives in an individual apartment at an assisted living facility with help only in managing her medications. As with many elderly patients, my mother experienced post operatively (as she has with previous surgeries) exacerbated cognitive impairment (Sundowner's Syndrome) accompanied by the physical transfers from her assisted living apartment to the hospital and then to acute rehab at Healthsouth. We are writing to tell you about our experience with the Health South facility in Bakersfield. On a positive note, all the various therapists we encountered were amazing, including P.T., O.T., S.T. In addition, the facility was very clean and neat, and Dr. Yoon was very kind. Many members of the nursing staff also were very kind and empathetic towards our mother and engaged with her. Some of these nurses' names were shared with Karen who performed an "exit interview", so to speak. We know the primary goal of an acute rehab stay is therapy that will improve a patient's function to a certain goal level. We are aware that there are many elements of care that contribute to achieving overall success, and we would like to inform you also of several experiences that were not positively therapeutic for our mother and in fact deterred from this goal. One possible root cause for some of these issues is a communication failure between nursing staff on various shifts or between nurses delivering hands-on care and those making major care decisions. Another possible root cause is the ratio of staff to patients (1:10 or 1:11 as we learned) without regard to level of care needed by each patient. Perhaps both are contributing factors. First, the liaison who oversaw our admission gave us false promises and embellished conditions prior to our mother's arrival. We (Dorothy's children) have been through the Sundowner's experience with my mother now three different times, and we know the first few nights in a new environment are the worst. To mitigate against her being fearful and anxious and taking risks (getting up without pushing the call button), our plan was for one of her children to stay overnight for the first few nights. However, the cot that the liaison promised ("will get you a very comfortable cot!") was really just a small recliner; staying overnight with reasonable comfortable was not realistic. While this may not seem like a significant deterrent to our mother's improvement, we can assure you that for the reasons stated above (all of which came true...fearfulness, anxiety, getting up without pushing the call button, etc), was certainly not ideal. Second, while we had written four different phone numbers on our mother's white board and also informed the nursing staff of the best number to call to communicate any changes in care (especially given the Sundowner's), several major changes in our mother's care occurred with no communication at all to her family: o Because she continued to get up without pushing the call button (because she didn't remember why she was in the unit at all and had very little pain), our mother was put in a veil bed. We completely understand why this step was taken for our mother's safety, but you can imagine her fear. Our mother called one of us sobbing and barely comprehensible. She felt that the staff had put her "in a cage like an animal". This substantial change should have been communicated to the family first - did the nursing staff really not recognize the cognitive issues? Did they just think this nearly 90-year-old woman who could not remember any of the 3 words during the initial cognitive assessment was simply being non-compliant due to a rebellious nature? Communication would have enabled the family to: 1) explain to our mother the situation prior to the implementation of the veil bed; and 2) made an informed decision about hiring an overnight companion. After our mother's phone call to us, we immediately contacted a companion agency and hired someone for an overnight shift for the remainder of her stay at Healthsouth. She had to remain in the veil bed for one night because Dr. Yoon needed to change the order, but again, all of this stress and anxiety for my mother and for her family could have easily been avoided if the family had been considered part of the Care Team and if the nursing staff recognized and knew the most appropriate steps to take to manage a patient with Sundowner's Syndrome. Notable, one of our mother's five children or her grandson were at the facility regularly during the day and generally for long periods of time, and as previously stated, four different phone numbers were on the board. There is no reasonable excuse for this lack of communication. o After several days in the facility, our mother's disorientation seemed to lessen, and in our experience, it would continue to do so with routine and familiarity. However, the decision was made to move her to a different room, again, WITHOUT CONTACTING the family point-of-contact specified or without contacting any family member via the numerous phone numbers provided. This resulted in spiraling our mother back into a deeper state of confusion and disorientation. o On our mother's final night of the facility, they planned to move her again! We were unaware of this potential event until one of us spoke with our mother's "roommate" who had been moved to a different room. In speaking with her, she informed the family member that the nursing staff planned to move our mother on her final night prior to discharge, but this roommate recognized (even if the nursing staff did not) that this would be a detrimental event, so she intervened and volunteered to be moved. Although the move did not occur, I fully expect it would have if the "roommate" had not kindly intervened, and I suspect it would have occurred without communication to the family based on the "roommates" description of what transpired. Other than these major changes in care that were not appropriately communicated, another major issue was the frequency of assisting our mother with a shower. She, of course, had not means to do this on her own. The staff gave her a shower the night she arrived. Several days later, our mother was asking her children about a shower! She had no shower for 5 days, despite our inquiries into the matter. When we complained to the case manager, she stated that this was unacceptable and that she should be getting a shower every other day; three days after finally getting a shower and after our first complaint, our mother still had not been given a shower until we insisted. Finally, the nursing staff instructed the family to turn on the bed alarm before they departed given that our mother was a "fall risk" and given that she did not remember to press the call button or her hip precautions. This instruction, we are sure, was given to all nursing staff caring for our mother.. However, multiple times when family members arrived for visits, the bed alarm was off and our mother was alone. Healthsouth in Bakersfield really could be a wonderful place to rehabilitate given the excellent therapists if the communication between ALL team members (i.e. RN, LVN, CNA, med nurse, case managers, charge nurses, physician, and FAMILY MEMBERS) is present and consistent and each patients' condition - physical, mental, emotional - and any special circumstances are considered so that more patient-centric care can be delivered. Thank you for your consideration and attention to this matter. Regards, The Dorothy DiMolfetto Children on behalf of our mother

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Anonymous - 1 y 149 d ago


I am an employee at HealthSouth in Memphis, TN, you are hired for one position but they want you to do a secretary job when there has been no training. And when you inform them that you have not had any training, they stated say just sit with the secretary and see what see does and you will pick it up. What kind of training is that? The secretary is responsible for admission of new patients, sending out lab orders, printing out labels, and other duties on the computer. There needs to be a class for this type of training. We are forced perform these duties and they will be incorrect. I have other complaints I would like to talk to the CEO.

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