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Holsum Bakery Inc

PO Box 6690
Phoenix, AZ
L Edward Eisele Jr
(602) 252-2351
(602) 252-6505
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Anonymous - 2 d 14 h ago

Well there r people that work at holsum bakery n having some sort of sexual relationships with each other like Jessica Donahue always is a drunk 2 n Anthony Bustamante is 2 n more in Az n they favorite people with bad bk grounds like him think there should b people lining up how they favorite people n startup a law suit going cz every one knows if they've worked there the favoritism that goes on at holsum n I'm a man who knows this cz I've worked there n seen n the bk ground unfair

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Anonymously - 23 d 15 h ago

Well people know how stop using drugs whn they r being watched n more n then once the testing is over for using drugs on alcohol on the job they'll start bk up again Anthony Bustamante 10/19/1983 I assure random tests thru time he'll b dirty AF right now he's Playn his cards he said it recorded he js stopped smoking marijuana till it's good to start bk up again n he has a bad bk ground for drugs 2

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Anonymous - 23 d 15 h ago

I have the recording that he admits he smokes drugs n others

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Kathy - 24 d 14 h ago

Same complaint here!

What did Holsum change?

The bread tastes and feels weeks outdated when it's not.

Please, please go back to what you had that was so successful.

We Live on sandwiches here!

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Janet Goshop - 41 d 10 h ago


I don't understand why I can't find any loaves of the Holsum King white bread in any of the Meijer, Wal-Mart, or Sam's Club in my area. Will someone help me continue to buy this favorite loaf of bread for my family. I live in Eaton Rapids, Michigan; with Lansing and Jackson nearby.

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Kathy - 24 d 14 h ago

They still sell it at Meijer.

Country Market,and most small town grocers.

I'm wondering what happened to my soft, Holsum loaf that now seems dried out and outdated even tho the dates say it's fresh.

Something has changed in the past few months at the factory.

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Mr Edward Eisele - 2 y ago


Mr Edward Eisele, I contacted your office in Oceanside California and I wanted to see if I could get your bread in our area we had the bread in our old area and there is no good in the area if I can't get it in the area can I get it sent to my home

Please let me know

Susan Rodgers

My address and phone number. 32074 Poppy Way ,Lake Elsinore California 92(hidden)712

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Anonymous - 47 d 6 h ago


Mr. Eisler if I were you I wouldn't dare get that bread. It's awful .I tried many stores with this bread and I get the same problem you cannot even make a sandwich it's like stale bread. It crumbles. It gets worst when you toast it .They are over or under cooking it .Maybe putting to much yeast in it. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT ! Patrice Walker

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Anonymous - 62 d 11 h ago

Anthony bustamante 10/19/1983 drinks alcohol n smokes drugs while as a temporary employee n guess getting hired as permanently employee at holsum bakery in the PHX Az location. N is a felon who has many priors in less then 7 years n drinks drives under the influence n smokes drugs driving as well someone keeps passing him through

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Anonymous - 70 d 12 h ago

There is a guy named Anthony B. 10/19/1983 who is getting hired there n drinks alcohol n smokes drugs n is getting hired there n has no ged n has multiple charges he is a felon getting hired there . N other felons get turned away after few weeks of work unfair


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Anonymously - 66 d 13 h ago

He drinks n does drugs while working there

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Anonymously - 66 d 13 h ago

At the Phoenix Az location

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Anonymous - 70 d 15 h ago

This place is unfair with felons charges cz my x works there currently n he's a drug user n drinks while working n he still can work there as temp n soon 2b hired permanently..vs a another felon who has education but doesn't use drugs

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Anonymous - 70 d 15 h ago

The other person got let go n he's a clean non drug user but has a charge n my x is total alcoholic on the job n completely smokes is always hi working on n off work n has a lot of charges WTH no education

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Ray - 1 y ago


When I was growing up in Brookhaven, Mississippi. Holsum was the place to shop for bread,but mostly for the finger licking pastries. Before I finishedo high school the store had closed up for good. Man, I was disappointed, when holsum didn't exist anymore. Where is the closest store to Mobile, Alabama. Those glazed donuts and honey buns were treats after school with milk.

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Laura - 1 y ago


Hi. My family has a problem with the hotdog buns. The hamburger buns are good, but the hotdog buns fall apart and stick to the inside of the bags. The sale date is a week out. I tried getting them at another store and they are the same. Please do something about this product. This is the only bread and buns we eat. Thank you

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Greg - 1 y 91 d ago


What has happened to Holsum bread? My family has enjoyed Holsum for over 60 years here in the Jackson Michigan area. I remember being in grade school in late 1950's and going on a field trip to the bakery in Jackson. Recently something has changed and now the bread is no longer soft and doesn't even stay fresh through it's sale date. I it has many air holes and just crumbles when toasted. My family will no longer purchase and is very disappointed with our favorite bread.

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Disappointed customer - 1 y 100 d ago

I have been disappointed for some time now, as a child the only bread we had and bought was Holsum. I'm in jackson, Mi, not sure if this is all around or here?

It's dry and airy, had holes through out. Not sure what's going on.

I hope to see a change, in the mean time I'm going with something else.

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Anonymous - 1 y 102 d ago

The bread that my family has enjoyed for 60 years has changed and everyone I've talked to will not be buying it any longer Denise Miller.

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Norma Clark - 1 y 177 d ago

Holsum Bread here in Jackson, Michigan has been our favorite for years. We would even take a few loaves to our daughter in South Carolina who loved it. However, something has changed. It is not the same bread here in Jackson. It is not as white as it used to be, does not stay fresh as long as it used to and crumbles when toasted. What has happened? Has the store here in Jackson, Michigan changed hands and the recipe changed?

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