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50 Beale Suite 600
San Francisco, CA
(888) 246-7822
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Customer support has not helped me with my issues and concerns instacart shoppers really need a manager or someone who they can reach out to through times like this

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Instacart shopper wronged and will fight back for all! - 84 d 11 h ago

I am in the process of filing a class action lawsuit against instacart for the wrongs they have done to both customers as well as their own shoppers. This company just doesn't care and are capitalizing on a national state of emergency. They are getting rich off of this at the expense, risk, and suffering of others and must be stopped. I will be providing my information at a later time as instructed by my counsels. Hope to have others join me in this to finally put an end to instacart. Enough is enough and I for one am fed up with their lies and deception.

Flagged for review. 
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Undernpaid and treated unfarily - 84 d ago


I will join you as well

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Stephanie - 64 d 13 s ago


I would like to join in the lawsuit. I think what they're paying us to shop is ridiculous it barely covers gas. I also did not receive payment for one of the deliveries I did and I contacted them via online three times and every time they disconnected me without solving the issue.

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Anonymous - 61 d 1 m ago

I too have tried and to get reimbursed purchasing two batches of which I was told I would be refunded. 175.00 worth.

I sent a note to three "instacart email none of which offered to help. I've been on chat for more than five hours trying to get help

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Burned - 59 d 3 h ago


My reimbursement was wrongfully declined, and I have tried to re-submit the Shopping receipt from Coscto, and a picture of my own "out-of-pocket" VISA payment when the INSTACART card did not go through. I had to orders and couldn't wait for the "HELP CHAT" to get back to me.

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Informed shopper - 58 d 19 h ago


Never use your own money. I found that out the hard way. Wait for them to figure out what is going on with the card providing. It takes months and add the Covid -19 that will make it take longer.

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Anonymous - 55 d ago

I. Am with you

Lets file a lawsuit

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Lisa - 22 d ago


Ive had the same issue with them they do not reimburse like they say they do smh... Never got my money back.

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Maria - 14 d 33 m ago

I have the same situation. Did you fix it?

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Read the rules and pros&cons - 58 d 19 h ago


You should make this for first and last time using your own funds.The process is tedious and you don't always get refunded. It tells you not to in the contract.

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Anonymous - 7 d 19 h ago

Check this. I recommend Instacart.

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Vida - 58 d ago

I have been accused of not delivering. Customers groceries and received an email from Instacart that I was being investigated. I described the customer, her husband and baby girl. Infact after the customers husband brought the groceries in the house he came back outside and gave me a five dollar tip. The customer told Instacart support that I was still there as she was over charged for sports drinks. That part is true. But I met them, they were very kind to me yet, Instacart has been avoiding me. I delivered those groceries. The customer told me she is a shopper. Have been delivering for Instacart since January. She was encouraging to stay with Insacart. She even gave me her number in case I had any trouble out as a Shopper. The GPS took me straight to their home I arrived at 7:25pm and didn't leave until Instacart support team finished talking to her. She her husband and baby girl were outside with me. But I am being investigated. Wow! Well as they investigate me I hope they are investigating her. I did call to file a complaint but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears. I have my emails from them and my responses as well.

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Manny - 56 d ago


I just got deactivated yesterday. For not delivering groceries to customer B was a triple full service. Well I did, the customer even said thank you and waived good bye. I got an email the day it happened that I was being investigated. And the next day I got deactivated ?? Been with instacart for 2 years. ??

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Anonymous - 56 d 22 h ago


If you are smart contact attorney general and let them investigate instacart. They are bunch of scam artist

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Julie - 46 d 48 s ago

Hello, My Name is Julie Oliver **********. I have been accused of picking up a batch and not delivering it.*I a sure you that if I have delivered all the Batches I take. I am wondering if it was a glitch in the system that day. Because I have had to reboot your application many a time. On that Saturday which I Thank you are talking about. I had to take the application out of my phone and put it back in. I do not recall losing any Batches that day. But I do know sometimes when trying to get batches you except and it says it was taken. So I feel I was unfairly treated by being deactivated. I have given very good service and enjoy the job.*I worked very at the time that people really needed deliveries.*Please I am a single just getting by. I took this on instead of going unemployment like everyone else. I own my own company. I have a face painting business that travels to many festivals throughout Ga and SC. *Thank you*Julie Oliver You did not yet indicate what Instacart should do to make this right. How you fixed the problem We are waiting for you to fix the problem and share the solution with the rest of us customers. Prefer a step by step guide? We've taken the time to write instructions for how to solve some of the most common Instacart customer problems. How do I report a problem with my Instacart order? How do I get a refund from Instacart? Find similar issues & fixes Follow other customers in the midst of the same issue or find a prior solution. My instacart order summary indicates that the order should have been ready for pi... My instacart app is not working I am trying to select batch to shop for but it is... My name is Jacquelyn LaFleur. I am an instacart driver. My last batch had * orde... I cannot view or pick up hours on my Instacart Shopper App. My Names Katherine Ak... I work for instacart I am singed up, signed in, and can't receive any batches? My... I have been working for instacart for a month and I still cannot see batch detail... My name is Victoria Gregory. I completed a Instacart batch today in Raleigh, Nort... Hello, I am a shopper for Instacart and my issue is I am not getting batches. Wh... I not enable to pick up the batches my account have a problem since yesterday *pm... Instacart is under maintenance and I'm in the middle of a batch order. I still ha...

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KOZY - 32 d 21 h ago



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Northstar - 13 d ago

A very similar thing happened to me just this morning. I find this both defamatory and slanderous. If I don't get a very quick response I'm filing a lawsuit against Instacart right here in Cape May county Superior court...small claim division which has a lint of $15,000 and I can represent myself.

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Maria - 11 d 6 s ago


Don't worry instacart is like that they investigate shoppers but believe the bullshit of the customer's lies. They don't back up shoppers at all.

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Stephanie M Wille - 3 d 9 h ago


instacart made up allegations that i stole customer orders also . and i can describe the customers have screen shots that show that i was on location and delivered these groceries. i can also descibe the customers and such and recieved a msg from instacart trust and safety insuring me no actions would be taken and was told the order found . however i woke up and they had terminated me and when i took the safety email to the place it defined i should if a problem arise . they just made notes all over the account making way way more confusing than necessary . and then even a day later after telling me groceries were found the terminated me and held no accountability to the email i was sent to protect me if a problem was to arise . and even worse with all the notes and whole day after i was terminated made up a whole falsified incrimination upon me stating now instead of order being found it says two orders were not delivered or took or stolen and those are grounds . no one will take responsibility or accountability or respond in any mannerism at all.

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Stephanie M Wille - 3 d 9 h ago


they also even though they accuse me of these stolen orders tipped me . customers dont tip people who stole their groceries or if they recieved none at all.

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bob - 56 d 22 h ago


file online attorney general I was scammed 64.00 refuse to return the money and blocked me so I can't use it. I filed with them under the scam and technical if you want to take action it will be worth will. I encourage everyone to do this the more complaints better results.

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Julie - 44 d 17 h ago

I did file with the Attorney General.

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Anonymous - 55 d 7 h ago

Hello...i value your frustration..what are some failures this business endure. And what can be fixed...please tell me?

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Anonymous - 47 d 14 h ago

This entire business is a failure. They serve themselves and not their customers or even workers! Fixed? Close your doors and reimburse each and every person! That's how you can "fix"

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Rebecca R. - 29 d ago

One thing is that FOOD ALLERGIES must be taken seriously. I have celiac disease and I cannot have gluten. I will get very sick for a very long time I will have trouble walking I'll have balance issues and I get terrible migraines for days if I eat gluten. That being said, I placed two orders back to back where I ordered gluten-free bread. I even offered substitutions that were acceptable. Both of these young kids showed up with REGULAR bread. Whatever they felt like grabbing. Unacceptable!

They did not text me or ask so now I have two whole loaves of bread that I cannot eat. If a diabetic asked for a sugar free product is it OK to bring them a product that has sugar? If someone who is severely lactose intolerant asked for a lactose free product, is it OK to bring them product that has lactose?

Freaking Dairy Queen takes allergies more seriously than this food delivery system.

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Jim - 54 d 14 h ago


I'm with you on that... I've tried for two days to get reimbursed for $135 that I paid for out of my own pocket and all they keep doing is declining my requests.

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Tina - 25 d 13 h ago


I made similar mistake. Paid out of pocket for customer groceries. They declined my reimbursement request and keep telling me to submit the same docs over and over. I didn't get paid for the job either. I didn't get paid for another job also, and when I submitted a request for payment, it was declined with no explanation. Terrible! Terrible! They have customer services folks sitting God knows where, who don't know the HELL they are talking about must of the time.

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Will - 52 d 13 h ago

I was on chat for almost 5 hours today. I am a writer and I am going to expose them for numerous corrupt practices that they are engaged in. I will be writing an Op-Ed that will take into account the treatment of their workers and customers.

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Anonymous - 47 d 10 h ago

I'm with you Will! I'm ready to contact media and other groups that will expose the truth about this crooked company! SHUT DOWN INSTACART! AND MAKE THEM PAY PEOPLE RESTITUTION FOR ALL THE WRONG THEY HAVE DONE!!!

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Michelle - 40 d 11 h ago


I worked for instacart for 4 hours, throughly enjoyed the 3 batches I delivered only to wake up the next day to a deactivated account for not delivering an order according to them the next day. Zero details provided and left trying to explain something without a clue what to explain. Appealed and denied. Made no sense at all. Terrible experience.

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Mary O. - 35 d ago


Will, I am a customer (former) preparing to file a claim with the attorney general as I have uncovered a questionable and fraudulent business practice. Their response has been to play dumb and send automated replies. How can I talk with you?

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