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Erica - 48 m 38 s ago

I am currently at Instacart Shopper working out of Indianapolis Indiana I've been doing Instacart for a few years now I was doing Instacart before they start paying for the mileage and so on. The reason why I am writing a review today I really wish that I can go on national TV and put my comment because this needs to be shown by the world. Is the car has a policy where you can go shopping for the customers and they are allowed to take their tip back they have up toThree days to take their tip back I feel this policy is not fair to a shoppers because first off I don't think they take in consideration that we have to not only go to the store and just pick up the items like they're already bagged no that's not what we do we have to go to the store shop for the items then get in the checkout line and then get the items scanned and sometimes you have to bag your own groceries not only that you get to the house and you have to go up maybe to the 10th floor or you have a large order you have twoCases of water maybe about 412 cans of pops and you have to make several trips they're not coming down helping they're not doing anything you have to make several trips to deliver these groceries now they were paying say the order was like 50 items and 73 units is the car pay $9.83 and the customer give a $12 tip so basically you did this order for about 20 something dollars 20 something dollars and some change so later on that day I mean you got everything that was on that list that they Ask for maybe it was one item that they didn't have so later on when you decide to go on your dashboard and check hey let me check my my account to see you know how much out of me so you go on there and is lower than what she respected to be so you go on there and you see that the lady took back the whole tip so basically you just did all these items for only nine dollars and something Instacart is under pain so I'm trying to let you all know instacart is very under pain they used to pay good I think before they start paying for the mileage once they start paying for the mileage they start shorting you how much you get paid for doing the order so don't think that I may I don't know if some people that used to work for is the car before they start paying for the marriage from the store to the customers house that you were actually getting paid a nice amount of money the only thing is it sometimes you do have to drive too far for the amount of money that you were getting paid so they took up on their selves to say hey we're going to boot shop and we got to start paying for the marriage they did lose the payment that a boost to play with a trick people they didn't pay attention to that and basically It's still under paid because nine times out of 10 yeah they're not even paying a dollar for the mallet I don't know how much they pay and I know they've had some sense I don't even know of is $.50 amount but gas is three dollars and something to Gavin so I mean I don't I really don't understand the concept of this nice how they're doing it's not fair to Wes it's not fair that we have to go out there and pick all these items and deliver these items that you could be in on time out the sweetest person you can be loving in and do everything you're supposed to do and a customer was still take their tip back you even have someThat would lie and say that you never even delivered the groceries but you know what may I take pictures I take pictures that I drop the order off in the house so you can't get over on me it is the court date is the customer is always right the customer is always right yeah they're going to put out of business because what they're doing is they're ordering stuff there they're lying send it they didn't get the order so that they can get their money back and then also not only that it is extra money when you're ordering out from line yeah I know I shouldn't be saying this because this is my little part-time job that I use you know to give me gas money to give me back-and-forth to work so I use it For really gas money but they charge extra money it cost extra money more than it calls in the store that they have it on the app so that's a instacart is still getting their money and their they're under pain the shop is this actually out they're going to do the work and then the customers can't even have a comedy city to see that we are actually going out there and they're really working hard you know I'm not going to mess this up like I don't feel that it's fair that they can take their tip back or I don't feel that it's fair that Instacart can pay you eight dollars and something for order they try to give your order It's 50 items and 100 units they try to give it to you for $12 why you would even go shopping for $12 for all those items that you have to get to you at the megamart you got a put them in your car then when you get to the house you got to take them in as his customers want you to take him inside the house put them on the counter all his stuff like we're under a play the treated us like were fucking slaves and if it wasn't easy. You know my quick money I would not be doing it that's why I Piccadilly that's OK if you don't want to do the order for the amount that is paying for you have the option to deny yeah and if we deny it you're still getting penalized becauseYou didn't except the order and if you don't except the order then your acceptance rate go down so they they still punishing you either way ago or did you have for orders that you placed say they saying you bought is that you do not want to sit there not paying enough they're going to take you up your shift but they tell you when you call Lynn and say hey this is underpaid oh yeah I'm at Tammy now we're ma'am you have the option to choose if you want to do it or not that's why I say at the end of the day is the car treating us like slaves so if y'all out there and you're trying to look into doing Instacart if you want to do it for some gas money or I or basically you going to theI think I like the Instacart a lot better even though we wasn't getting paid for a mileage but they pay more for the orders they they pay like if the order was over you know $100 you get paid for every you got paid five dollars for every extra hundred dollars then say the order ahead a large amount of items you get paid a Shopper bonus for that like I don't do none of that stuff anymore they did all that stuff on a first date is the car rolling and they changed I'm telling you they really really really really changed and it is not fair it's not fair so I hope someone really really sees this and really look into what is the card is doing they're overcharging people and under panther shoppers. I think I like the Instacart a lot better even though we wasn't getting paid for a mallet but they pay more for the orders they they paint like it the order was over do you know $100 you get paid for every you got paid five dollars for every extra hundred dollars then say the order and had a large amount of items you get paid a shopper bonus for that like they don't do none of that stuff anymore they did all the stuff when I first met Instacart Rolen and they change I'm telling you they really really really really changed and it is not fair it's not fair so I hope someone really really sees this and really look into what Instacart is doing they're overcharging people and repair their shoppers

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Danielle Langston - 240 d 14 h ago


Thieves. They are liars and have stolen money out of thousands of people's pockets. Read the reviews before using them. I am a lawyer and plan to file a class action lawsuit.

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Susan L Brooks - 235 d 13 h ago


Let me know when you do.

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Anonymous - 194 d 17 h ago

Let me know when you do too

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Anonymous - 31 d 16 h ago

They also charge tax on food here in California contact me @ (hidden) Ms. Campbell

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Cherene Thompson - 197 d 17 h ago


I was a shopper with Instacart, and they cut off my account because they said I was not delivering the groceries to their customers. This company has not only broken their contract with me they are also giving me a bad name. I am not sure what the legal trim for that is, however, they are accusing me of not delivering the groceries. I do not steal from people. I paid for customers groceries when their credit card wouldn't work. The contract says that they will reimburse shoppers for any expenses when the shoppers use their own money for groceries within 10 days. It's been since February and I still have not been reimbursed. I am looking for an attorney to help me get what belongs to me. It's over $500. I'm not sure how to get in touch with you? I get the same story every time I try calling them and that is I need to submit the request through the app. and that doesn't work either. Frustrated!

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Anonymous - 190 d 19 h ago

This also happened to me and I have proof that groceries were delivered and address info. I'm wondering if I should contact the police to get them involved however we need to start a class action in reference to this

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Anonymous - 77 d ago

try the attorney general in california and the better business bureau. If they have lied on you its slander. get a lawyer to file civil charges.

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Anonymous - 11 d 13 h ago

Labor board

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Marie B Armstrong - 136 d 16 h ago

Hi, I am a senior citizen and up until a couple of months ago I was a regular customer (I have no car, don't live on a bus line)

I received a debit/MasterCard from the Social Security Office. I put in an order and was informed that Instacart won't except the car.

I had a couple of shoppers take my picture with them and my groceries under my address number.

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Sandra - 115 d 20 h ago

Hello do to Security reasons you can't use your Social Security debit card with this company. And instacart don't have a contract with Social Security okay. I hope this information helps you..

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marc - 55 d ago



isn't that discrimination against the elderly and handicap ?


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Rosa - 42 d 24 h ago


perhaps om the part of Social Security Administration. Not instacart iof SS won't allow it.

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Anonymous - 11 d 13 h ago

Yes it is.

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Anonymous - 11 d 13 h ago

Its a pre paid card. Instracart os lame.

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Anonymous - 56 d 13 h ago

I had the same issue

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marc - 55 d ago


did you file w/ better business agency ?

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Big neek - 51 d 13 h ago

There's no way you can you pay for groceries on your debit card if you are an instacart shopper.. LIES.... BE 4 FRFR

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Anonymous - 11 d 13 h ago

The card is prepaid .i was on Unemployment and my card was denied by instracrap. But i used my Amex and guess what I was charged 3x the amount and had to fight to get the money back. INSTRA CRSP IS THE WORST.....

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MJ - 11 d 13 h ago

I agree. It took me 5 months to get back my money.. there are better services for deliveries then these crooks.

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Jazzmine - 196 d 12 h ago

Please post when you decide so others can join.

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Anonymous - 194 d 17 h ago

Danielle I've been working for instacart when shoppers could count on $15 an hour working 60 hours plus so my weekly was 902 $1,000 that's impossible today which was purposely planned this car company is so greedy that they cheat on the minimum pay per delivery if you get a double instead of paying you $14 they'll pay 11 or if they should pay you 10 to pay you seven which is an outright violation you know what UCC is they've been sued many of time and they've lost and it's cost them quite a sum they have a learning disability this will continue until the company goes down

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Anonymous - 194 d 17 h ago

Danielle for instance if there is a $12 tip they'll knock off six seven eight dollars on the instacart pay if there's no tip they'll raise the instacart pay just below minimum during hours when it's not busy they shave the prices where a shopper can't afford to do the order when they're busy all the pay is great so the bottom line is you never know how much you're going to make this week

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active shopper - 141 d 14 h ago


Please let us all know when you do and we can do to help. I am/was an instore shopper in the SE region in Tampa, until today. I only shop in the store and do not deliver. My co workers and I have repeatedly received threatning emails and slack messages (our inner company texting app - Slack just went public, btw) that treat us as if we are 5 or 6 years old. Demeaning, changing the goal posts, demanding insane speeds that only 15% of the shoppers who have been here a year can reach, and treating us as inmhumane.

There has already been one class action lawsuit for the drivers that I believe used to shop as well. Two of our delivery people got a pay out. Instacart was stealing tips, as was Door Dash. As of last week, customers had 3 days to change their mind on the tip they gave!! I heard they now have 24 hours but even that is a slippery slope. As an instore shopper we race around for hours. The drivers work SO hard and they have told me stories about tips and hot spots and driving really long distances, just as manyof the above posts state. This is TRULY a cluster%^%& of a company, I have never experienced such chaos, lies and stealing.

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Dealing w Instacart makes people crazy - 136 d 19 h ago


please do! My friend sent me a link today

Every bad thing in that article is true.

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Sam - 135 d 15 h ago


I just received my order and the shopper not only forgot my item, but they threw trash in my grocery bag. Nasty!

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