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50 Beale Suite 600
San Francisco, CA
(888) 246-7822
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Susan - 2 h 28 m ago


We have had two great experiences with app. Installation, PLEASE protect your Frontline, invaluable delivery drivers from the scams. We tip well and people should not be allowed to change their tip unless there is a valid reason. As we are doing porch drops that should be rare.

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Linda Williams - 6 h ago


My grocery order of early this afternoon was not left for me. The shopper took a picture of a bag by my mailbox, but didn't leave the groceries on my porch. I had to reorder the exact same items two hours later.i need someone from Instacart get in touch with me. I DID NOT RECEIVE THE GROCERIES THAT WERE SUPPOSEDLY DELIVERED AT 3:53 on April 9th.

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Rosy - 6 h 25 m ago


I was charge for $80 and I never received my order . There is no way you can contact

Somebody to resolve this issue. I called my credit card for a dispute

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lgandy - 6 h 46 m ago

first experience was fine. the second was delayed 5 hours. this time the delivery is delayed 8 hours. no explanations. cant call them. phone lines are down. cant email them. no email to be found. Chat - was told it would be at least 23 minutes. as of right now its been an hour and half. call the store, they tell you to call instacart. it's a never ending circle. we are immune comprised and really can't be going to a store. other than the delays and no answers I have no other complaints about the service.

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Ruth Boals - 7 h 46 m ago


Was a shopper! Didn't get paid for 3 orders. Unbelievable! Totally unorganized! Hung up on me three times in chat, because they had no idea what to do with the situation at hand. They should all be fired! You find the solution! The customer ended up without an order because of their incompetence. I worked for a very large corporation, and never did we handle issues this way. And then to top it off, they have disconnected their phone. You can call and someone will answer, only to tell you to go to an app for help. But if your # is recognized as a shopper, the # says it has been disconnected and they hang up. What a scam if you really need help. What happen to talking to real people? Chat is just another way of not paying someone to work with benefits. They get a big fat o for ratings

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Anonymous - 9 h ago

I ordered something from BJ'S, Instacart was going to delivered it today . Gabrielle said she delivered it at 10:02 this morning. I was home with my door and windows opened, Gabrielle nor no one else delivered anything to my home on today. Please do not use Instacart it is a fraud. They het your money and the product.

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Lynda - 9 h ago


Horrible experience , very rude staff, unprofessional. Big mistake , My garage was open , asked her to leave food in the garage but she left it right less than 0.5 feet away from the garage , told her to please just drop it in but she got angry that I was upset and took the food away without even letting me know. I waited a week before the good finally came .

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Pamela - 9 h 11 m ago


My first experience was wonderful. Today a lot of my items were missing. Unable to contact them. This is ridiculous. I will not be using them again. I'll do store pick up from now on. This is an online service, I'm sure you have people working from home.

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Denise - 9 h 16 m ago


Like everyone else, I've been trying to reach them for days, via email, chat and telephone and they are refusing to deal with their issues with overcharging, poor delivery service, missing items and a huge server 502 gateway error that happened during my shopping experience on 3/28/2020. Luckily I asked the shopper for my receipt and I made a photo copy of it. I'm still in the process of trying to get my bank to reverse the over charges and they want copies of everything. I can't even print a receipt from I'm currently writing to my New York State Attorney General to let them know what is going on. Sorry everyone is having the same issues I'm having during this stressful time.

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Nicole Jones - 9 h 33 m ago


Your shopper stole my grocery and I'm having a hard time reaching anyone about getting a refund. My order said it was delivered at 12:22pm and its now 3;16pm.The contact method suck!

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Pissed Off - 9 h 48 m ago


The worst on everything except taking your money!!!! Had 2 items missing that I payed for on my order and I'm unable to contact them either by phone or chat! Your contact us doesn't work!!!!!! But you probably know that and don't really give a shit! Since you refuse to give anyone a way to contact you I'll be disputing the charge on my credit card, maybe if I take back some of the money you're happily counting with the phones disconnected, it may get a second of your attention.

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Anonymous - 11 h 59 m ago

Instacart is absolutely the worst on all fronts, customer service, response. I've been trying to speak with someone for a week about charges on my receipt for items I did not order and to add insult to injury, weren't delivered with the order after I was charge for them.

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Absolutely horrible. I spent over $200 and the delivery was supposed to be delivered to my fathers home last night between 9 and 10 PM and he waited until 2 AM by the door and nobody has shown up their customer service number does not work today I have been on chat for over four hours waiting for response and there are no delivered groceries. This is a complete scam - 12 h 34 m ago

Absolutely horrible. I spent over $200 and the delivery was supposed to be delivered to my fathers home last night between 9 and 10 PM and he waited until 2 AM by the door and nobody has shown up their customer service number does not work today I have been on chat for over four hours waiting for response and there are no delivered groceries. This is a complete scam

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Anonymous - 11 h 32 m ago

Not answering the chat nor are there answering the phone I stayed on chat hold the other day for hours I have Kyle 30 times I do not have a clue what is going on but I'm also very angry

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Anonymous - 12 h 15 m ago

I had a delivery yesterday from never showed up! I think it went to an other address! I'm so angry I was charged for groceries !! Aldi case number 1917662. Please credit me this order! We seniors are having enough trouble with out adding this to the list! If I don't get satisfaction in this I will never use Instacart again! And I will make sure everyone knows about this !

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Still waiting on a refund! - 12 h 35 m ago


Instacart is the worse when it comes to a refund. My daughter was charged for instacart express and cancelled it the same day and did not place any orders. She requested a refund by email and by talking to them over the phone. She was told that she would get a refund within 2 days. It has been 3 weeks and she still has not gotten her refund. We have tried contact on chat and you stay on hold forever with no one coming. Tried calling today and phone support is not available. I would not recommend this company to anyone!!!

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Rita McMichael - 12 h 38 m ago

I didn't allow you to take out $99 out of my bank!! Yesterday (4/8) you deducted this amount from my account. I did not want this . Please return it back to my account. Need this for my bills. Call me (hidden) Thank you. Would really appreciate hearing from you. I'm a senior and can't afford this.

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Instacustomer - 1 d 10 h ago


I happen to enjoy instacart. Has anybody ever taken the second to realize that these Shoppers that are going to shop for us lazy customers are not only risking their lives but when they go home history of family life as well. Their children they can have little baby's husband and so on great obviously they chose that as their employment but one of the Shoppers that I spoke with she has no choice she has to work. She has 7 kids and takes care of her husband's family as well.. a lot of us like to complain cuz we like to hear ourselves talk but we don't ever just sit back and actually consider the next person it's sad. That's why God is allowing what we all are dealing with at the moment

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JR - 1 d 7 h ago


I have nothing but appreciation and respect for those in this line of business, especially at this time. It's understandable mistakes are made, we are only human. I've worked over 20 years in customer service. However, the company does not provide any type of customer service to deal with the issues that come up. That's the problem. That's why they have so many negative reviews. Not because of the delivery people or the mistakes.

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Anonymous - 1 d 5 m ago

This is exactly right!! Although my shopper charged me for 15 cans of vegetables that she did not deliver. Also put in an item I did not order and was charged for and made terrible substitutions without my approval. But I have been trying over a week to get a refund and have been totally ignored.

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Charley C - 13 h 40 s ago


It is wonderful that they will get our groceries. I have used instacart twice.

first time I was charged 70 bucks and got 24 bucks of product. And there is Noplace to call or write, or email or chat -- I may as well ask the trees in the yard for help.

I thought the driver picker might have made a mistake, and left something in the car. No way to track him down

Order Two - charges are incorrect. charge for 2 ten pound bags of flour, recieved 2 one pound bags, similar problem on several other items. Then there are 3 items I did non ask for that were delivered and were not on my charges.. So I got the recipient and looked at what was purchased. Instacart bought 103 dollars of goods and charged me 105.. I guess the shopper can buy anything they want and most people would never know. Big Problems.. No customer service.

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Anonymous - 18 h 3 m ago

Please shut the fuck up

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 14 h 20 m ago

Wow! Lazy - uncalled for. How about considering WHY folks use this service, instead of assuming such a nasty stance.....with that said, this company has behaved horribly in regard to customer service. They cannot be reached at all - by phone, chat & no response to email. Shame on them.

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patricia Smith - 13 h 16 m ago

I love the concept. My first experience ... found where is my actual receipt from Kroger? My shopper is delightful. The lack of accountability is scary. I am awaiting a "Chat from before I placed my order, which has since been delivered.

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Anonymous - 13 h 36 m ago

You need to get with all your shoppers and tell them about the new seat CDC laws a lot of them are not obeying the new grocery store rules they need to pay attention or not come in

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