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50 Beale Suite 600
San Francisco, CA
(888) 246-7822
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Anonymous - 2 d 10 h ago

Horrible company to deal with. They have a glitch in there system that will suspend your account. Then they want you to send Gov't ID along with a selfie. Has this company not heard of identity theft? I have never had to show govt ID to buy $50 worth of groceries. BEWARE !!who are they selling this information to? As it can't be to buy $50 worth of goods.

Horrible company to deal with.

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Danielle Langston - 1 y ago


Thieves. They are liars and have stolen money out of thousands of people's pockets. Read the reviews before using them. I am a lawyer and plan to file a class action lawsuit.

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Susan L Brooks - 1 y ago


Let me know when you do.

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Anonymous - 274 d 6 h ago

Let me know when you do too

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Anonymous - 111 d 5 h ago

They also charge tax on food here in California contact me @ (hidden) Ms. Campbell

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Anonymous - 52 d 9 h ago

Agreed heh wow

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Barbara a Kotte - 8 d 4 h ago


please let me know when you file

just used them first time and changed what i order item was more money

also women could not speak English talked Spanish in a phone then put it in my face for me to read it in english

called get money back and that was in another country couldn't understand them either awful service

tried shipt last week wanted to see who was better use SHIPT they where great hope you file a suit a big one against instacart

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Cherene Thompson - 277 d 7 h ago


I was a shopper with Instacart, and they cut off my account because they said I was not delivering the groceries to their customers. This company has not only broken their contract with me they are also giving me a bad name. I am not sure what the legal trim for that is, however, they are accusing me of not delivering the groceries. I do not steal from people. I paid for customers groceries when their credit card wouldn't work. The contract says that they will reimburse shoppers for any expenses when the shoppers use their own money for groceries within 10 days. It's been since February and I still have not been reimbursed. I am looking for an attorney to help me get what belongs to me. It's over $500. I'm not sure how to get in touch with you? I get the same story every time I try calling them and that is I need to submit the request through the app. and that doesn't work either. Frustrated!

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Anonymous - 270 d 8 h ago

This also happened to me and I have proof that groceries were delivered and address info. I'm wondering if I should contact the police to get them involved however we need to start a class action in reference to this

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Anonymous - 156 d 12 h ago

try the attorney general in california and the better business bureau. If they have lied on you its slander. get a lawyer to file civil charges.

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Sin - 76 d 8 h ago


Don't bother with BBB - they're useless and in many areas "for sale".

As a user of Instacart, I've become frustrated. When the shopper also delivered, everything was always perfect. Now they have, for example, people who don't know one veg from another, and don't care to ask. I had an entire order of incorrect and rotting veg, plus some that while in stock, were missing. Hate to see what would happen with meat. That's why I won't get meat on Instacart. Have a feeling my shopper was one of those young guys who were always asking me for help when I was shopping. Except mine was too arrogant or dumb to ask! May sound sexist, but I fear when I see my shopper is a young male! It's always f'd up when that's the case.

I have suggested to Instacart that they employ someone akin to an expeditor, used on the line in restaurants. Check over orders before they're rung up.

I'm also dismayed by Instacart's dodgy labour practices. No wonder my orders are crap. The shopper now has no incentive to do an even passable job. Well guess what Instacart, I'm not re-upping with you until you clean up your act.

You're a great example of the greed and cruelty that typify the gig economy. Instacart seems to work only for the bosses. Nice idea, but with it being run by greedy twats, it'll be replaced. We'll make sure of it!

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MH - 70 d 10 h ago


AGREE 100%!!!!

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Mary Stewart - 39 d 6 h ago


Most customers don't stay informed on what's going on with this company. There used to be base pay per day, per zone, per item. They continued to toy around with it until contractors got nothing. Sometimes there are orders with no tips, and they want 66 items! A lot of the times no money is made unless the customer tips because Instacart isn't offering enough per batch.

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Maureen Balash - 28 d 6 h ago

Instacart does not care. They lose good people becaise we dont put up with the abuse. So your left with the ones who don't know a turnip from a jiacama root.

I am (was) a 5 star shopper until I started voicing "concerns".

I've also shopped for people who don't tip (we make $7 per order) and we just shopped and delivered up their stairs 5- 6 gallon water cases (equals 250lb their other warehouse sized items. So whole platform need serious overhaul.

I'm sorry you had bad experience. I can see it happening.

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Anonymous - 22 d ago

Thanks for enlightenment. After two separate delivery issues today am furious. Vons where I lived a community away delivered in their own trucks. Not at my new address. I'm now on a campaign to stir corporate HQ, utilizing TV consumer guys , Facebook and anything else to warn people what a rip-off nsyacart is. The sooner their out of business the better. Excuse on first issue, half order not done all was out of stock, half store brands. Calls to store none were out of stock. Vons confirmed order and Infineon print said third party might deliver, not whofood tastes know til confirmation because old vonsdelivered themselves in their trucks. Everyone please heed warningSTAY AWAY FROM INSTACARt. If a store you need to deliver to you says Instacart tell them of one star rating with BBB and all complaints and if they can't deliver themselves shop elsewhere.

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SINFUL - 15 d 14 h ago

You sexist bastard suck a dick why don't you!

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Anonymous - 91 d ago

Labor board

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MH - 70 d 10 h ago



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Maureen Balash - 28 d 6 h ago

This is next thing...they start with "item missing". Take good pics and keep records of Everything. Screenshot if you have to. They dont like when you tell them you do and will be retaliated against. Just fyi.

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Joseph Davis - 17 d 9 h ago


I was a driver to and as soon as I voice my opinion they wanted to close my account and deactivate me as a driver because I wanted to cash out after doing five batches and they were refusing to let me cash out. The place is ran by a bunch of scumbags they have nothing but Indian people on the phone that no probably 17 words in English and the main words that they say are I'm sorry sir I understand

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Marie B Armstrong - 216 d 5 h ago

Hi, I am a senior citizen and up until a couple of months ago I was a regular customer (I have no car, don't live on a bus line)

I received a debit/MasterCard from the Social Security Office. I put in an order and was informed that Instacart won't except the car.

I had a couple of shoppers take my picture with them and my groceries under my address number.

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Sandra - 195 d 9 h ago

Hello do to Security reasons you can't use your Social Security debit card with this company. And instacart don't have a contract with Social Security okay. I hope this information helps you..

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marc - 134 d 11 h ago



isn't that discrimination against the elderly and handicap ?


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Rosa - 121 d 13 h ago


perhaps om the part of Social Security Administration. Not instacart iof SS won't allow it.

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Anonymous - 91 d 33 m ago

Yes it is.

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Anonymous - 91 d ago

Its a pre paid card. Instracart os lame.

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Anonymous - 136 d ago

I had the same issue

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marc - 134 d 11 h ago


did you file w/ better business agency ?

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Big neek - 131 d ago

There's no way you can you pay for groceries on your debit card if you are an instacart shopper.. LIES.... BE 4 FRFR

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Anonymous - 91 d ago

The card is prepaid .i was on Unemployment and my card was denied by instracrap. But i used my Amex and guess what I was charged 3x the amount and had to fight to get the money back. INSTRA CRSP IS THE WORST.....

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MJ - 91 d ago

I agree. It took me 5 months to get back my money.. there are better services for deliveries then these crooks.

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MH - 70 d 10 h ago


AGREE 100%!!!

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