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J B Hunt Transport Svc Inc

PO Box 130
Lowell, AR
Kirk James Thompson
(479) 820-0000
(479) 820-8249
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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bluebird - 69 d 16 h ago


I did Intermodal for JB HUNT. They would never get me home to get my stuff. They wanted me to bring my personal vehicle and park it at the Intermodal yard at Hazlet,Texas and drive 6 hours to the house. I was also promised 2 days off.I never got it. I was told by someone in the office not to trust JB HUNT or believe anything they say because JB HUNT can't be trusted. Atleast they were right. I quit after that. I was told I would always have a job with Intermodal. I checked into coming back. JB HUNT lied. I just wanted to see if they would let me comeback. JB HUNT intermodal is brown Noser's.

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Moondawg - 67 d 24 h ago


I had 2 recruiters- one in particular - Alex Hunt - reach out to me after I left. Both said would look into me coming back and said should not be any problem. Still waiting after a week and a half to hear back.

I left because could not get any help from my CC or Candice (his mgr) on the tech issues keeping me from accessing load board.

Deborah Parker- HR Director- won't even answer phone. Sad--- and spineless.

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None - 79 d 5 h ago

You can't get any help with dispatch management

when you need them,they're in the office sleep.

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Geoffrey A Jones - 82 d 19 h ago


Fleet managers, BRIAN, ADAM. AUSITIN, MICHAEL and many more clearly do not respect it have any intention in assisting in the success in drivers. Operations manager Candice Anderson I see why your FM's perform so poorly, it's been 2 weeks and I still have not recieved a call back regarding the misconduct of your FM's.

If any one knows another way to reach corporate please post so that I may. My one complaint may not change anything except for the facts that some of us will go the distance to correct the misuse of power between management as a whole.

Alpha code/ Jong8

( I don't hide behind phones)

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Elo - 296 d 13 h ago


How would late jb or Bryant and janelle keep hiring these whatever managers. This company is 5star my uncle's work for dad I'm intermodal side dad sad

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Sue - 217 d 33 m ago


JB Hunt and Conroe sucks and stop lying

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K - 217 d ago


JB Hunt sucks they don't treat their drivers right they're horrible people and they never pay right they always short you don't drive with JB Hunt they're the worst company in the world they never answer their phone and they never do what they say they're going to do.

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Driver - 1 y ago


The fm at Lithia Springs Term do not respond to the people net or phones we drivers need help,it shouldn't take 2 or 3 hours to get help,we are the ones out here on this roads daily

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Wycs - 293 d 12 h ago


Driver only known as four letters. I got into truck driving because it was something I always wanted to do. I signed on for the southern loop and before a month was up I was taken out of the southern loop and that's not what I signed up for. People that I know worked for JB Hunt for years some more than 20 have all good things to say about JB Hunt but negative about the fleet managers. And for the last couple of trips I've been ostracized because I didn't want to do the northern routes. Now all I get are short runs and layovers. Sincerely, driver that needs a job.

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Anonymous - 2 y ago

K b

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