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LA Fitness

2600 Michelson Drive #300
Irvine, CA
(909) 392-1063
Twitter IDs
General profile image - 44 m 18 s ago

Hello everyone,

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Richard - 3 h 20 m ago

I was billed too for March 150 usd ! I keep trying to call and have yet to be connected with a representative.

What happen

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Cynthia Miller - 5 h 21 m ago

My name is cynthia Miller I worked at LA Fitness in sylvania on central and Holland/sylvania Ives laied off two weeks ago I was waiting for a mass layoff # from your company but got none what do I file under if you laid me off do to corina me at (hidden) thanks.

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Anonymous - 9 h 13 m ago

There is strength in numbers. The only way we will bring this corrupted corporation to justice is if we unite as members and file a law suit! Not only did they bill me for March, but they also billed me the yearly fee too for the 2nd time this year! I became a member in Jan this year, 3 months ago, at which point they told me they were charging me the yearly fee as well as the initiation fee! I was charged for March, after they sent a letter saying my account was frozen. And then an additional fee was taken out a few days later on top of the monthly charge! Im a Lyft driver, i don't qualify the independent contractor unemployment cause I've only been with Lyft since Jan, n didn't make the $4600 that's required to qualify. All I have is the $1200 stimulus to live off of indefinitely, and that's already almost gone. They are robbing us and need to be brought to justice! Whatever we need to do to see justice served, I am willing and ready to move forward with it! COVID-19 is so much more than just a virus! Yes, there is much tragedy with it, but we have to see the bigger picture, there's always a bigger picture. COVID-19 is here to shine the Light on much needed Darkness! It's in times like these that we see the TRUTH. We see the how broken, flawed and corrupt our system is! Starting with our government n trickles down the line. It's times like these that we see the true colors. It's times like these where we see who is going to protect and stand by those that made them who they are today. It's only because of us, that LA fitness exist. We made them who they are. Without us, they are nothing! The same goes for our government. COVID-19 is a reset for our planet, an opportunity that we would not have had to rectify the wrong that had become our "normal".

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Ashley - 7 h 24 m ago

I was billed too for March! I keep trying to call and have yet to be connected with a representative.

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Anonymous - 7 h 9 m ago

Just reverse the charges with your bank

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THIS GUY - 6 h 31 m ago


Lol your a joke

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Anonymous - 7 h ago


I actually just made contact with a corporate customer service rep. I called (hidden) and waited for 10+mins.

She stated that the last charge (mine showed up on March 26th) was for the full month of March, not April. She also said we all received an email from "Fitness International" on March 29th or 30th giving us 2 options to either claim a 2 month free membership or 2, three month memberships at no cost. She also said I was able to choose to get a 'credit' on LA Fitness account that would forgo the first two options and give me a credit the value of the last charge. Nowhere did she say anything about a refund to my debit card.

Still seems VERY shady given that all clubs closed on March 16th and the month of March was not prorated to reflect that. Instead they still charged us all a full month. I'm still salty about this and time will tell if they charge us in April. Debating (and probably will) disputing the transaction with my bank.

Not fully convinced my problem was solved. Class action sounds like a good move.

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Anonymous - 6 h 47 m ago

number is (hidden)

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Anonymous - 6 h 46 m ago

not sure why the number isn't showing up, heres the website with the number

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Among the many customers for many years. - 2 d 34 m ago

I am writing to other customers - What should you do? are there any attorneys or business experts familiar with this that can advise on the situation. since they are taking money out of our accounts and they're supposed to suspend billing. Do we just cancel the automatic bill pay from our accounts? Will we be penalized later, such as you canceled your payments and now you'll be charged extra with the new membership fee under the new terms and conditions? Is an email sufficient to let them know that they We tried contacting them several times and and in many different ways, there's been no answer, when they suspended billing, it did not work, my account keeps getting deducted for the bill. Is an email sufficient enough documents in order to justify canceling the automatic billing payment? Or do we need to continue paying the bill to make sure we don't lose the rate at which we join the gym. Is there a possibility that the gym will shut down keeping all of our payments and open up in another company's name or something similar? Please give advice on this review location - since this is the only place to communicate about LA fitness. Thank you. Customer for many years.

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Esmeralda - 3 d ago


La fitness lacks class and communication on top of how they are treating there clients. I have emailed them 4 times they say they're going to suspend the charges but I have charged for March and I'm going to be charged for April 2020!! I have called a few times and no answer! I hope they get slapped with an action law suit!!! Poor customer service!!!!

General profile image

Chris K - 4 d ago

Same exact problem. I just called LA fitness to have them suspend any charges on my account. I know that they're charging people regardless. This is really unethical. Everyone has the software to know how to charge a bill. Also all the businesses have the software to discontinue the charges. This is not a mistake. This is intentional. They know there is no one there to answer the phone and there is no one there to answer emails. It's a scam. No loyalty to the customers. not only do I want to be reimbursed for any fees that I paid, I'd like to have some extra compensation for all the stresses caused. We are all sacrificing our hours and getting reduced hours at work. We have less money. Yet we can see, the LA fitness doesn't care. They'll take every last scent from us even if it means we can't feed our families, or we can't even eat herself. Food is expensive. I hope the LA fitness does something to rectify this problem. It's not a mistake, they know what they're doing.

LA fitness, please post something on your website so we can get in touch with you. We know you have enough money to hire staff for telecommuting, you're taking our money, please use it to hire some staff to telecommute so we can resolve these problems. I definitely am expecting a refund.


customer for 34 years

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L.A. Fitness are Stealing Members' Money During This Crisis - 3 d 5 h ago


I believe that's the perfect comment. Here, here.

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Unhappy Camper - 3 d 5 h ago


These pukes took money out of my account without a word. It wasn't on the due date and the amount isn't even my membership fee. Looks like they made sure to fatten their accounts with plenty of money to get through this time period. And now, there's no way to get ahold of them.

You're on notice, L.A. Fitness. For every dollar you greedily and maliciously took from your members during this TEMPORARY crisis, you're going to lose $10-$100 in cancellations once this resolves. That will be L.A. Fitness' legacy, or Esporta Fitness' legacy, or any other name you change it to.

You, the corporate executive(s) who made the decision to pilfer and rob from your members' bank accounts... you are who I'm addressing. This is not in any way aimed at the hard working, underpaid people working in your individual clubs.

You should not only lose the inevitable class-action lawsuit, but you should spend time in prison as well. Stealing money is stealing money, regardless of the way in which it's accomplished. You are a thief (thieves). You deserve to lose your business, your wealth and your freedom, and because you're such an egregiously greedy mound of sociopathic, steaming stool, you now have hordes of people working to make sure those consequences happen. A lot of people suddenly have a lot of extra time on our hands.

Sleep tight, scumbag.

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Nilda - 3 d 11 h ago


same problem here. I call and no one picks up. Corporate offices does not pick up either. They have a message saying that billing has been suspended until further notice and then hangs up. My location has been closed all March and they have charged me. We should do a class action law suit!

General profile image

Cynthai - 3 d 6 h ago

Szme here. Sent an email but I doubt anyone will read it. I am soooooo angry. I can not rate your company because there is no minis $305. OPTION!.

General profile image

Kabrin Dibling - 4 d ago


Looks like we have been charged when they tell us that we won't be charged. I have called multiple numbers and no answers. La fitness sucks.

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Anonymous - 4 d 4 h ago

No exercise - no pay fuck this time i

General profile image

lee - 4 d 5 h ago


look everyone has same problem. get charged when it closed.

no email replayed, no contact can call..

General profile image

Anonymous - 4 d 6 h ago


This is ridiculous and very unprofessional! I want my money back of March! I have been trying to contact LA Fitness since March 16th. I am pretty sure you all can pay your company phone service that your company is stealing from your customers. Resolve this issue soon! This is absurd!

General profile image

Bob - 4 d 9 h ago


I understand the importance of closing for the sake of the public and everybodys health. I have the same complaint as most do, I was charged back on 20 Mar after the gym had officially closed. When you go on line they have you call your local, they say memberservices is still open and you may have a wait however shortly after that, click and you are disconnected. I tried emailing and no response. My account shows I am going to be charged again on 20 Apr, but yet they say all billing has been suspended. I am very disappointed in this entire process, very poor customer service

General profile image

John C - 4 d 6 h ago


same exact problem here. I was charged back on 20 Mar after the gym had officially closed. When you go on line they have you call your local, they say memberservices is still open and you may have a wait however shortly after that, click and you are disconnected. I tried emailing and no response. My account shows I am going to be charged again on 20 Apr, but yet they say all billing has been suspended. This operation is a scam. They require a paper mail cancellation form to deter you from canceling membership. Someone needs to sue this company bad.

General profile image

Debbie - 4 d 10 h ago

I was charged my monthly fee the same day I received an email stating the gyms were closed and we would not be charged. That was March 16, 2020. Either no one answers the phone or I get disconnected. If this does'nt get resolved soon, I will be investigating your Business Interruption Insurance.

General profile image

Anonymous - 4 d 12 h ago

I got chrged aa well, wvne thought they have a trcorsing machine stating that they stopped all billing...and no answer on any phone provided...I also want full refund.

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