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LA Fitness

2600 Michelson Drive #300
Irvine, CA
(909) 392-1063
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Rashida Buck - 2 h 15 m ago


I am very upset that my account has not been cancelled after several requests. I took off time from work on March 19, 2019 to get to the gym before 5pm as it states online to cancel my membership. I was told by the two women at the front desk that the account was cancelled and there was nothing in writing that they could give me stating my membership was cancelled. The two women assured me the account would be cancelled and I would not be charged on March 25,2019. I want to cancel my membership because I want to sign up through my health insurance Blue Cross Blue Shield at a discounted rate. I was still charged on March 25, 2019. I then called and was told the membership would be cancelled for the month of April and again my account was not cancelled and I was charged on April 25, 2019. I called corporate customer service today 4/24/19 and spoke with Summer who told me I have to go to the gym again and show them that I signed up with my insurance and then my account will be cancelled and the charge for April will be refunded. I was never told this before and this is a big inconvenience for me! I will have to take time off from work again because I do not get off until 5pm. I also do not trust that this will work because I was told previously my account was cancelled and it was NOT! Summer was pleasant but she was not willing to accommodate me and refund my money or cancel my account when it was LA Fitness' staff that continues to make mistakes and tell me incorrect information. I need my membership cancelled and the fee for the month of April refunded to my bank account. I feel I am not being unreasonable, I am not asking for the March fee to be refunded even though I was told I wouldn't be charged because I went to the gym after that and was will to accept the mistake. Now I am furious and this is totally unacceptable! I do not want to freeze the account I want it closed.

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Guy who knows how to talk - 2 d 20 h ago


LA Fitness in Cerritos. Listen, I get the whole re-rack weights and such. And it's important for all and any type of gyms to do so. I wish I had caught his name, but I'm sure he was a manager since he was the only one with a polo. Look, if you're gonna ask be people to clean their area of workout, cool. But giving an ultimatum, in a very threatening manner, like "these weights better be clean by the time I get back" is not how you handle customers/guests in this type of environment. Let alone saying it twice? Like all of a sudden you guys care about cleaning the place? Throwing the user agreement in our faces like you know it religiously? I always clean my area, and sometimes other people's mess too. Yeah I chose not to do it, and I was wrong for that, I'll admit it. But damn, you have to work better on your approach. If you want to enforce a cleaner gym, be creative. Do something but hang at the front desk, gossiping, and being unproductive. "Look there's a problem here, you gonna fix it or not?" Like who says that! Sorry bro, you chose to work retail. Can't be patient? Work on your communication skills, stop saying bro, and apply somewhere else where you can take that terrible line-up. Happy Easter!

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Gianni M - 4 d 21 m ago


L.A Fitness does not care about customers , I play basketball , there was some damage on the court, tiles were loose and sticking up which i showed the manager that someone could get hurt, few days later it ruined my brand new nba official basketball wich cost me over $ 150,they refuse to pay for it ,, my son and ihave been membersfor years and are quitting .

I cannot believe management, they are willing to let 2 members go that have been therelong time rather then get me a new ball which would be 2 months of membership

ZERO STARS for this company and their mentality

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Anonymous - 4 d 4 h ago


Cancelled my membership today. No FOX news - no LA Fitness

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Anonymous - 4 d 10 h ago

I wondering why is la fitness not open 24-7 WILL THEY EVER BE OPEN 24--7???

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Vilmary Caraballo - 5 d ago


We need a LA Fitness in the Poinciana Area (ZC 34758). It would be a great bunsiness opportunity for your company in a Huge community with no good gym in our area.

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ICS - 5 d 3 h ago


The West Chester Ohio - Allen Road location is in need of repair. The HVAC is out again and there has been no air conditioning or air flow. The huge windows are nice but need some sun shades so we don't have to wear our sun glasses inside. I have suggested this several times. I truly feel sorry for the staff there as they get all the complaints and they cannot do anything. This is not the first time the HVAC has been out...over the last four years the building has continued to crumble and the equipment is becoming unsafe. There is no phone number to reach anyone at the corporate location. I have to drive almost 30 minutes to another location. I was thinking about leaving LA Fitness but there have been too many complaints of getting them to stop billing and others have shared the only way to stop them from charging you is to get a new credit card. If things do not improve soon then this will be the next step. There are plenty of fitness places in this growing community.

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Robert Perone - 6 d 19 h ago

I go to Frisco facility and they are constantly out of paper towels and soap. So frustrated today I asked for a refund. He said why? I said because there are no paper towels. He said I'm sorry but we are out and don't know when we are getting them in but I will keep you posted.

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Michelle - 7 d ago


Wow! I was so surprised to see so many poor reviews. sad.

La fitness in Livonia Michigan. 90% of the time the showers/locker rooms are dirty. The pool has been closed several times. The woman at the front desk is never friendly. It is shameful. I would not want my store ran this way. After reading other reviews it sounds like it's a company problem. The only reason we picked la is because my Mother and I were looking or a pool. Unless something changes I don't think we will renew.

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Anonymous - 7 d 16 h ago


The st pete tyrone club men suana is always dirty the floor is black suppose to be grey . you might a well tile all saunas across the usa . the door keeps slamming when opened toothe spa is always way to much chemicals and two much form and always smells like acid and the alge black crap on side s of spa should be white like the walls maybe clean for 2 days a week after the y drain it i dont know if it the pool guys job to clean it or the maintence guys at this gym the men suana is so old and not hot at all it was at 160 today should be 185 there always a problem there i been a member for over 25 years and this club is always a problem the clearwater on eastbay is super clean the staff is doing great there if i dont see any improvement i will talk to someone who can make changes if nessessary. Other then all that the rest of the gym seems ok it mainly the pool area that needs major obvious cleaning

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LIG - 8 d 16 s ago


The LA Fitness Duluth (GA) on Club Drive is a total mess. The club is only a few years old and the ladie's locker room is the worst I've ever seen. There are so few lockers that actually work: either the front panel is totally missing, the hardware holding the doors of the lockers are broken, the same lock is on 24/7 for months even though there is a sign that says the lockers are not for overnight use, or the insides are filthy. I told this to the manager (and honestly I don't know who the manager is because they seem to change constantly) months ago and nothing's been's only gotten worse. It's a good thing that I live almost equidistant to another LA Fitness which is a little older but maintained so much better. Come on LA Fitness, I don't think you'd want a club like this one to bring down your's time to do something about it.

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Aqua class member - 8 d 8 m ago


LA Fitness on Sweetwater Road in National City ,CA. Is having trouble hiring good aqua arobics instructors. One of our popular instructors has cut back on her hours and we, who had her expertise, are at a loss as to why no one of high caliber has been hired to take her place. There are a number of people who substituted that were great but they hired 2 people that are not up to par in her place.

We all told the manager who well

liked but that hasn't helped. HELP is needed for all of us aqua aerobics enthusiasts .

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Salem - 8 d ago


The commack branch manager is a rude person. He is an untrained sales person with ZERO customer service skills. I got an offer over the phone and then when i went to activate it they said it is not valid in that gym !!

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James W - 8 d ago

LA Fitness and Venice Florida is an awesome location and has A very large room where aerobics and yoga can take place. For some reason they are closing it down in July 2019 and have to wonder why when it is always so filled ?

If they see this email I hope they will reconsider!

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Fitness Photographer - 9 d 37 m ago

My wife won 1 mouth free Personal training at the Farmingdale, NY Gym. I thank that personal training will be good for my wife. To get the one month training we have to sign up for 6 months or a year before she get the one month training. We will be getting our training together. The assistant manager signed us up. She told as the you will get a 50 minutes training on every section. When I sighed the contract, It was very hard to read the fine prints on the credit card viewer. She was force me to sign the contract and never told me what covers on this contract. When we went to the gym, the personal training lessons will be 25 minutes. We did not like it at all. When she told me the each lesson will be 50 minutes, she checked the contract 25 minutes lessons. LA fitness took us and we will try to get out money back. The assistant manager miss led us.

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Oscar - 12 d 5 h ago


It's unbelievable that's this lafitness is so Destroy !!!! In north Bergen how can you solve this problem!!!

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ShyGuy - 13 d ago

I really believe the staff at the La Fitness location of 441 N Azusa Ave, West Covina, CA 91791 needs to be addressed. More specifically the front desk clerks. I don't know exactly what their job is but I would assume that customer interaction and satisfaction is an important aspect of their duties considering they are the first thing we see when we enter the gym. With that being said it is rather annoying to say the least being completely ignored when entering and having to literally reach over the desk and struggle to get my pass to scan. I understand that whatever they are doing on their phones the entire time is most likely more important than a paying customer but I do appreciate a good hello and some assistance every now and then. Moral is extremely important when working out and simple things like this can make or break someone day.

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Amira - 22 d 14 h ago


Hi, this complaint is about the staff at Woodland Hills Club.

I have a serious complaint about the kids club team. Today, I took my boy with me to attend the Zumba class at 5:45 And Terri class from 7-8. At 7:45pm the girl came to my class with Another two guys work there and asked me to leave my class immediately and go with them to pick up the kid. They immbaressed me in front of the whole class by asking me to leave with them. They treat it me Like I am a criminal and they put me under arrest. They even stood there watching me while I was putting my equipment away. I was shocked. Why the girl had to bring two guys with her to my class

I only take the kid on Mondays. They could wait for me to finish the class at 8:00pm. This bad behavior and aggressive attitude is only at this gym. Tarzana and Van Nuys team are very polite and sweet girls. This bad and aggressive behavior should stop immediately and a displenaly action should be taken immediately.

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Not pleased - 13 d 18 h ago


I'm just reading your review about how you were treated and felt that way tonight. On April 10th at 8:00pm at LAFitness in Clifton, NJ (Ackerman Ave) I was reprimanded by the Manager (Male) to download the LA Fitness app otherwise I have to pay $5. I understand that I need a key card or can show the app. I told one of the workers at front desk I'll do it n if I needed a code I can come to him for help. He was nice about it. But the manager scolded me like a little child that I had to do it now or else give him $5!!! He had to be half my age. Where is the respect when talking to your elders? He embarrassed me at the front desk. My husband and I have been members for over 10 years. We told him we want to cancel our membership. He made a face and asked "over this?" I tried to explain the principle of what he did and how he acted. He didn't understand. He gave me a hard time about canceling my membership. When I got so frustrated with him I walked out and he and his coworker at the front desk were laughing. LA Fitness is staffed with these kind of workers. The company should hire experience people to run the place. Managers should be trained in customer service among other important areas. The younger male coworker had excellent customer service and and was trying to de-escalate the incident. But the manager was the complete opposite. I'm going to sound very unprofessional saying this, but he acted like a 'punk'.

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Concerned member - 15 d 4 h ago


I have been a member of the Countryside IL facility for less than six months and I see see a lot of waiting for service signs on the equipment, electricity out for 4 days and now no hot water for at least the last two days. How long does it take to get a new hot water tank installed?

The pool is always dirty, I'm very disappointed!!!

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disappointed - 16 d 49 s ago


A member.

Today Monday April 8 at 9:45 AM Agoura Hills Club I walked to the ladies bathroom and to my amazment the locker room and bathroom were floaded with sewage water and they manager was no where to be found. I talked to the janitors and they told me what there was nothing they can do , that the problem exists since they open and no signs no warnings no one to complain as to get something done , whole gym more than like contaminated :(

that is a mayor health hazard , canceling my membership for sure.

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MARCOS - 16 d ago

The pool and jacuzzi are alway out of service, im paying 54 dollars a month and it is really frustrating, i was only able ro use the pool and the jacuzzi 4 times this month, i dont feel like im getting what i pay for!!!

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Hate LA Fitness - 16 d 5 h ago


La Fitness in east brunswick, NJ sucks I will not recommend to anyone. The bathrooms are filthy in the women's room and men's room all over basically. I believe in October they hired a new janitor for the mornings I mean I was wowed. He cleaned everywhere never seen someone who actually would take his job seriously like this man Joe. Ever since he's been working here he cleaned the floors, machines, bathrooms, etc. kept the gym tidy. My husband and I we just recently about a week ago canceled our membership. Because we seen that the janitor is no longer here. And the gym is back to the dirtiness. This place is a joke!!

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Anonymous - 19 d 1 m ago

Need to send an inspector to see the filthy condition your. Baldwin Park facility is before the health department is called. A 5 star rating when new is rapidly turning into a 1 star because of poor maintenance

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Frustrated Ex Member - 19 d 6 h ago

This company has so many negative reviews and for good reason I canceled my membership on line,

My credit card was continually charged for 3 months

I disputed the charge but "the contract" says you have to send a mail to corporate office

The Parsippany NJ facility constantly has machines out of order for weeks

The showers are filthy

the bathrooms are constantly out of order

Most members here are"silver sneakers"

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