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LA Fitness

2600 Michelson Drive #300
Irvine, CA
(909) 392-1063
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Private Person - 1 d 12 h ago


L. A Fitness corporate office employees and staff allow fraudulently initiated transactions stemming from invalid and deceptively construed contracts with malicious financial intent, based entirely upon employee and staff deception. Any documented agreement created by anyone, regardless if someone signs it or not, with the intent to deceive someone or trick someone into something against his or her absolute knowing, willingness, or even true competence of the said 'contract', automatically makes it null and void... period. I have experienced a horrible ordeal with the L. A. Fitness, Somerdale, New Jersey location, as the corporate office is clearly acting upon fraud initiated by some of the employees at that particular location. In addition, the corporate office employees and staff like to hide behind telephone lines while they purport the fraud often against the innocent and unsuspecting people who join a GYM membership, which is NOT a life necessity and certainly NOT an obligation by ANY means... There is definitely a fraud issue with L. A. Fitness Corporate Headquarters, as well as an ethics issue with its employees and staff throughout many of its facility locations. The Federal Trade Commission certainly needs to investigate and audit them, as well the United States Attorney General (Acting)...

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Brian B. - 2 d 7 h ago


I've been a member of the LA Fitness in Boynton Beach, FL since the pre-construction offering was made; I'm not sure when that was but I'm guessing it's close to 20 years. In that time the equipment has deteriorated greatly, and while some has been replaced, much of it has not. In recent years the management team has really let the members down, and the female manager has responded to most of my complaints with a shrug. Here are a few:

-- More than 200 people have signed a petition asking the lights be off during spin class. We've been told keeping them on is a corporate decision, but other clubs in the area have them off.

-- We spent a couple of summers in Orchard Park, NY and frequented the LA Fitness there. They have two sets of the long weight bars (30, 40, 50, etc.), one with a straight bar and one with crooked. I've asked them about this and been ignored. It's not unusual for people at our gym to take a bar and keep it for 15-20 minutes doing different exercises. A second set of bars would greatly alleviate this problem.

-- When I finish weights I go upstairs for cardio. After 10-12 minutes each on the elliptical and recumbent bike I like to finish my workout with stretches on the ball involving hand weights. A week or so ago a vertical rack with hand weights disappeared from that area. I told the manager, who was not aware, and she said they would look for it. Next time I returned it still wasn't there and she said it was gone. I asked if it would be replaced and she said it would not. Without the rack there are no weights to be found upstairs, and as it happens the ball(s) that used to be up there are always now downstairs. A major issue? No. But you get used to equipment being available, suddenly it's gone and no one seems to care.

There is a new LA Fitness going up in another part of town. I've gotten to know a lot of people and enjoy the cameraderie of working out in group classes with familiar instructors, but this club is so poorly managed I'm seriously considering moving when it opens.

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Natasha Houston - 2 d 13 h ago


Good morning,

I have a simple issue with LA Fitness, cleanliness. I, like so many that have received our Silver Sneaker, due to disability and illness are able to go to LA Fitness for free. I know I have a choice to workout in a facility where I have to pay an arm and a leg, but they practice good sanitation. I decided to give LA fitness a chance one day with a girlfriend of mines, what I saw shocked the hell out if me. I saw a women who was clearly sick with a cold or the flu working out and coughing all over the equipment and walking away without wiping it down. Oh wait, there were no disinfectant wipes to wipe it down. It's a shame because I haven't been back since I saw that, I'd rather not catch anything from anybody and end up in the Hospital or worse because if it. Yes, I care more about cleanliness when my health and others are concerned. Your facilities has alot of senior citizens, people with disabilities, and healthy people that workout there, so could you please try to take care of us properly. I'm not sure if all your facilities are like that, but it's time that you guys think about making changes before someone falls ill or worse.


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Anonymous - 2 d 14 h ago

Maria c

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Sheila MacLeod - 3 d 10 h ago

Palos Verses facility, Ca.

Please address problem with instructor "no shows" at this facility. For the third time in two weeks instructor failed to show. No call in/substitute or notification at class entrance. Customers waiting for half hour and go home irritated and inconvenienced. How do you expect to retain members with such poor organization?

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Anonymous - 3 d 14 h ago


Brand new gymBoca Ratonn powerline

Class never on time

No teacher show up today spin nor weight class

Classes always 20 minutes late when there is a teacher

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Anonymous - 4 d ago


It is clear to be that you coporate people do not care about the condition that we are facing here at Wheaton MD. It is filty and complete disgusting. Full of mold in the seats of locker rooms, lockers are beat up and unable to lock. The floor is not completely clean. I had gotten follicilitus because of the pool and the sauna. This is unexceptable. How dare you take peoples money and let us suffer in this extreme conditions. Sanitation, Sanitation, sanitation!

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Stacey - 5 d ago


I have a membership in. Stoneham Massachusetts

I asked staff if they can change one tv of the 6 hanging to a different channel. I requested to watch Fox News. They said. No. They are not allowed or able to change any channels It is done via satellite from. California

Not happy. Very disappointed with the lack of flexibility

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STACEY'S MOM - 4 d 13 h ago



Flagged for review. 
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Lorraine Jordan - 7 d 12 h ago


I am a member of LA FITNESS and I have a contract with a trainer. Several weeks ago I was diagnosed with a severe infection on my spine. The neurosurgeon removed C5. I am receiving very strong antibiotics through an infusion (PICC) twice a day. Each procedure takes 2 1/2 hours. I have 6 months left on my contract but cannot complete it. You are taking $220 a month from me. PLEASE cancel my contract. I am a member at 146th Street, Westfield, IN. Lorraine Jordan, 14816 Lebanon Way, Noblesville, IN 46062. Telephone. (hidden).

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Maria Siciliano - 7 d 14 h ago


When I initially started in a late fitness last January the sales person told me that if I pay and an initiation feee of $149 I would never have to pay those again ... Even if I cancel and come back any I need to be a way for 12 months for work and when I cancel my subscription they say that if I come back I need to pay it again this is LA Fitness North Miami Shannon was the salesperson the new operation manager Natalia told me she could not do anything about it sorry that Shannon misled me... hes no longer with the company...Natalia Was very cool about it no questions asked no reasons no other options wow what a great customer's service oriented company

You ll never have me again

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Ms J - 7 d 17 h ago


I am a member at the location in Philadelphia Cityline, the management there is horrible. The manager on day seem to be very arrogant and he doesn't want his employees to give proper attention to the new members, there are also locker with permanent locks on them, and the list goes on. Please look into this location because it has great potential

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LJack - 13 d 13 h ago


We have been without a gym in LA Fitness, Bear DE for over 6 days. There is a paper sign at the door "Closed until further notice" but no staff to give you any updates. Seems is under re-construction?! How could this be if they just open in July, no email notifications sent to members, nothing posted on the website. There are lots of complaint reviews now on Google under this facility with no answer to the members. How can we pay for something that is not providing the services we signed up for? Where is the management of this facility and the phones just ring and go in a circle of robot message " Thank you for calling LA Fitness, your call is very important to us. Please stay on the line and someone will be with your shortly" and I have hold for 27 minutes with no one to answer the phone or ability to leave a message! What kind of business is this or run without a face for the brand? Serious poor customer service and lack of information to the members.

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LJ Brand - 9 d 6 h ago

Hello, I am also a member at the Bear location and I'm frustrated with them as well. I'm in the middle of training for a race without a gym...since they are closed without a reopen date I was forced to join another gym. I'm not happy that I have to pay more money to workout elsewhere. I want out of my contract ASAP.

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User - 21 d 9 h ago


On of your employees Creating an unauthorized account under my name and charging it ? I never signed any papers nor do i even go to the gym, this is literally a scam

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Smart guy - 16 d 17 h ago


Contact PD make a report be smart

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Cris - 9 d 10 h ago

Report to PD and bank

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Holley - 12 d 11 h ago


I had a problem with my card that fraud protection brought to my attention. I was reissued a new bank card. I had not gotten by to give my information to the LA Fitness in Indianapolis on Keystone. I received a phone call on my way to work and let them know I was driving and would stop by to give them my number. When I got to work I received another phone call and let this person know that was calling from Georgia I was aware of the problem and I would be stopping by the store and please do not call me again and she was supposed to make a note of that. Within 5 minutes I am called from a Pennsylvania number what's the exact same request for my number from a girl named Alexis. Alexis is very rude ill-mannered and incompetent I do not wish to do business with someone that employees people such as this. I am not going to be harassed for my credit card number. There are other gyms I can go to where I don't have to be treated this way. Alexis proceeded to tell me how I wasn't harassed and hung up on me

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Cris - 9 d 10 h ago

Report to bank and police department

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Kathy Tucker - 12 d 12 h ago

It was an unauthorized charge used on my credit card that I use for LA Fitness for $200 my number is (hidden)

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Cris - 9 d 10 h ago

Report to the bank and the local police department

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Cv - 9 d 10 h ago


LA fitness longbeach bellflower

Assistant manager Antony Ramirez getting away with

Being rude to guest and harassing coworkers

Stealing money (deals leads from coworkers )

Consuming / selling steroids alcohol and other substances

Report any CREDIT CARD fraud to your BANK and to the POLICE DEPARTMENT

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Paul - 10 d ago

I feel all locations should ditch the old balance beam scales and get some decent accurate scales. Seriously, people don't want to have to figure that they are between 210 and 218. They want an exact figure from an accurate scale. These scales are usually not calibrated right and the balance holds the same over an 8 lb range. This is ridiculous and unacceptable.

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Chuck - 12 d 8 h ago


New opening LA fitness in the north Philadelphia has managers name Ted Marshall which the person customer service has really really bed. Also he serviced to me with my friend looks like a behavioral responsive is not a skill to business under beginner. And front counter of entrance hall. The lady using skinner on customer face. I mansion to lady's for the skinner lights very dangerous to the customers eyes. The manager said to me when they did a job training as like that was a it. I asking your complaint office telephone number. He give me to wrong number. My fillings to him as nothing is work for the your new gymnasium manager. So I looking some good new manager on North Philadelphia lA Fitness.

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Anonymous - 12 d 10 h ago


I have a membership with 2 other people added, my membership only allows me to go to clubs in Maryland but the second person on my membership can go out of state for no additional charge at the same rate. When I approved 2 additional people to be added the benefits should have been the same. That being said all 3 parties on this account should have access to out of state LA Fitness gyms for no additional charge month and entering out of state gyms. NOT HAPPY with LA FITNESS in WALDORF MARYLAND. In additional to machine being broken a great deal and the gym and locker rooms not being clean as I've noticed in the LA Fitness gym in Virginia and Boston. Not a good customer experience.

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