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LA Fitness

2600 Michelson Drive #300
Irvine, CA
(909) 392-1063
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Poor membership policy! - 5 h 50 m ago


I signed up for a plan in September and was told that if I ever wanted to switch or downgrade that it wouldn't be a problem and I wouldn't be charged a fee. Now that I want to opt into a single location plan, I'm being told that the only way I can do it is by cancelling my current plan, paying the initiation fee AGAIN and then getting the reduced plan. First, LA fitness sales people are so quick to get a sale that they don't convey proper information. This is unacceptable. Second, if I am already a member, why should I have to pay AGAIN to change my plan. This is a scam and a poor decision on the part of the company. If you want to keep customers, don't incentivize them to end the contract because we might not actually sign up for another. There should be a better option if I desire to stay with the club!

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Anonymous - 2 h 33 m ago

This is the exact same problem I had this week. Last week for Thanksgiving I received an email requesting to re-join Their Gym for no initiation fees. I had gone to the local branch of LA Fitness, but the front desk told me that I need to pay $ 50.00 initiation fees. I found that doing it online would be free , but chose "multi location" option thinking that the gym's other location was near my office location. Before choosing the option I enquired if I could change it to single location, later if I wanted to.He said no problem. The next day I found that though the street name was near my office the actual gym location on the street was further down couple of miles. Long story short , when I went back , it was an identical experience similar to yours but far worse. They need to be sued for business malpractice and am thinking along those lines. Talking to couple of people about this.

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The current manager (Caitlin?) at the LA Fitness in Toledo, Ohio needs to be replaced, at least offered more training in customer retention. The pool has been effectively closed now for over 10 days. The water is frigid, almost as cold as her attitude toward anyone who lodges a concern. Her solution: not too fix it, but telling us (about a half dozen regular users) to not go in. Whatever happened to trying to please the customer with professional action. We are all searching for a more hospitable club. Thank you for reading our concern.

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Margaret - 1 d 4 h ago

The Portland, OR LA Fitness pool's HVAC system has not been working for 2 weeks now. There is no ventilation. The chemical fumes from the chlorine are so overwhelming that it causes burning eyes and difficulty breathing. Because this has gone on for so long how the paint on the walls is bubbling and peeling. I am going to notify our local OSHA office because this is a safety issue for members and instructors. The local manager is attempting to get the problem fixed, but my understanding is the LAF Corporate Office is negligent in hiring a contractor to fix it. Members are going to be dropping their membership because of the slow response to fixing this issue. It's very sad that a large corporation has such little regard for their paying members and staff. Fix this issue now or your membership will quickly many fewer than it currently is.

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Disgusted and Outraged - 1 d 9 h ago

It is beyond frustrating Knowing your Huntington location Is standing and ready for operation and yet the doors are CLOSED!!! There was no issue taking money for memberships 6 months prior to this building going up .. of course that wasn't a concern at all for LA fitness .. since the attitude goes there are other La Fitness gyms circa 25-30mins away from Huntington facility.. why should PEOPLE'S TIME MATTER FOR CORPORATE !!!! Disgusting attitude Indeed !!! It's pitiful when members ,like myself , who live with in the area and work a mile away from THE NEW HUNTINGTON FACILITY still need to travel 25/30minutes to your closest open locations.

It is apalling and the worst business ethics I've ever seen from a company ever. I'm Sorry I committed myself for 3 yrs!! It's the biggest mistake I ever made and your staff.. the people who work at the gym, ESP YOUR UNEDUCATED trainers, ARE RUDE AND UNKNOWLEDGEABLE .. In reading your reviews your facilities are the worst ran, worst rated and the reputation w/ in customer service and attitude is shameful!!!! Shame on You CORPORATE! Shame on You ALL!!!

I never should've left New York sports club by far they were better on all levels ..

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Anita - 1 d 9 h ago


a Catlyn is the manager at the holland Sylvania location in Toledo. Such a rude, childish attitude. The water was freezing and all she had to do was apologize and tell us they would remedy the problem. She acted like a punk kid and said we'll just close it down! What a bad example!

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Erica W. - 1 d 9 h ago


Their corporate office has the WORST people!!!! I have called several times explaining the urgency of my need to cancel the personal training I signed up for and they refuse!! Yes, I signed a contract however after that I went through a horrible trauma and these "people" have no emotion, no care in the world for their members well being!!! Worst company I've ever dealt with!!!!!

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Very Unhappy - 2 d ago


I've been given the run around. I called on Sat Dec 12/09/2107. Luckily I record ALL CALLS!!!!!!!!!!! I informed the desk clerk (he didn't give a name) about wanting to cancel. He told me I could only cancel in the store Mon-Fri. I go into the store today 12/11/2017 to be told they cant do any cancellations in the store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I try to cancel online only to be informed all the information I need is on a receipt. Wrong!!!!!!!!! I recommend not going to LA Fitness!!!!!!!!! Its just a over priced SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are so many GREAT OTHER options in Little Rock, AR, and I you should definitely check those places FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yohannes - 7 d 7 s ago


I'm from Houston Texas and after they keep charging me even though I stopped member is too bad and don't recommend any body!

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Robert - 2 d ago


I signed a one year contract for a personal trainer for my wife and I. After the year was up I assumed the payments would stop. Unfortunately, I slept monitoring for this activity and months later I saw they were still charging me. When I called about a refund they refused. I was informed that although the contract ended, each member must call in or write in to stop the withdrawal...sounds criminal to me...sad. I should have reported it to the AG;s office. Had the account ran out of funds, would they have continued to perform the services until I called and cancelled? What is the point of a " one year" contract if at the end it does not expire. These types of crimes need to be reported to your state AG's office.

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Que - 2 d 9 h ago


Some need to address the issue with member taken a shit in the shower in Indianapolis Glendale center!

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Janet - 3 d 6 h ago

Corporate Review regarding my thoughts on my latest experience at LAF because of Marina (LAF Athletic Regional Director)

I "used to be" LAF's "biggest fan". I told everyone whenever I could, everywhere I was, about how much I loved LAF, the Zumba classes etc. People that I spoke to, came and joined "your fitness center" because of my accolades about it. "Unpaid sales rep". People laugh and actually think I work for your corporation because "I was" so appreciative of your club and staff. In fact, I've written wonderful reviews about LAF. In fact, after one of the reviews, I was told, directly by Mike Achle, a former GM, whom I also referred to, in said review, and spoke very highly of, one of your VP's called to offer him his job back. How about that? And he talked to Mike about my review. So, I know people high up in your corporate world pay attention to reviews etc. Words matter, right?

I am not a fan anymore, not even slightly. I had a fundraising Zumbathon scheduled for December 9th in Downingtown, PA, that would have brought in a lot of people, that are not members, and raised a lot of money for "Forever Frosty". More revenue for your corporation and lots of good will in the community for LAF, which is also a very good for marketing, which LAF would have benefited from. I am very good at raising money for charities. The two latest fundraisers I participated in, I raised over $2500 with the help of so many people giving donations. Most of those donations were small donations, which translates in to me having spoken to hundreds of people. And I spoke to a lot of people about coming to LAF. I do believe the fundraiser at LAF would have been a huge success and brought a lot of people to your fitness center. My doctor, her daughter who is a PA, and a few other people from her office were also planning on attending. Wow. Physician's etc. from a doctor's office. Just think of that. They could have helped spread the word to their patient's about the health benefits of joining LAF. "Could have" being the operative word, had there been that planned fundraiser that they were planning on coming to.

The Zumbathon for "Forever Frosty", is a foundation created in memory and honor of an awesome, 16 year old young man, Asher Hendel, that took his life by suicide 3 years ago. Can you even begin to imagine the horror of your child taking his life?? As we all know, mental health is a big and serious issue that affects so many families. Many people have taken their life by suicide, and more are contemplating it, as we speak. A lot of good would have come out of hosting the Zumbathon as scheduled. Marina, the Athletic Regional Director, came to the club, called Corporate, and they pulled the plug on this highly advertised wonderful event at LAF. Who won that Marina? No one. We all lost. Hope it was worth it to you and your corporation.

There's an awful lot of talk about LAF, at the moment regarding LAF pulling out of that highly publicized event that had so many people in this community excited about LAF. Me, LAF's former biggest fan, is seriously considering dropping my membership. And most likely will, if not today, by the end of the month. LAF is not the only game in town. I do not feel the same about LAF, no excitement, nothing. Only sadness over the meanness. Meanness doesn't help to grow a business, kindness/helpfulness does. LAF used to be my "Happy Place". Not anymore. If I could delete the one star rating, I would. But, there's not an option to do that. No choice there, is there?

I do have a tremendous amount of respect for Brandon though, who is an awesome General Manager. He has always been helpful, kind, considerate and supportive of me. I appreciate that he is there and has helped to make my experiences there very positive and happy. He is indeed an asset to your organization. You need more people like him to grow your organization, not Marina's.

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Liberal member - 3 d 9 h ago

I am a member in Minneapolis, MN. We have 13 TV's and 8 of those TV's are permanently tuned to Fox News. Only 2 TV's are tuned to CNN. We cannot get TV channels changed. Please tell me why? I want this changed. Thanks

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Anonymous - 7 d 4 h ago


LA Fitness at 6500 Westworth Blvd, Westworth Village, TX 76114 has been without wifi for at least 2 weeks. Although this is not the only reason I selected LA Fitness as my gym it is certainly one of the reasons. I spend a lot of time working even through exercising. I have found myself limited on visiting the gym because I don't have the freedom to work while exercising. I have asked several employees who are all very much clueless some not even knowing that the wifi was down. The only answer finally given was we don't know why it is down or if it is coming back on.

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Carmen - 7 d 6 h ago


West Orange,NJ Facility is a joke and the management themselves. the bathroom are disgusting no soap never and the stalls have paper all over. There is no hand sanitizer on the work floor where the equipment is. Also the machine are dirty. And your new manager tells people when they ask him about not having products to share the news who the fuck you think are , that is your job Asshole do it.

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MMittal - 7 d 19 h ago


I am paying for something that I am not at all happy with, unwanted hidden charges, CONTRACTS (not mentioned upon signing). I feel like victimized for a scam. I NEED MY MONEY BACK.....!!!!!!! Not at all happy with the services, treatments or anything. Need someone to contact me asap to get me out of this unwanted stress.

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Lorraine Bradshaw - 8 d 2 h ago

Don't like it uncomfortable with the cleanliness also the equipment are too close

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Ernest - 8 d 5 h ago


I think its ridiculous to charge an LA member out in different state for a few days 5 bucks a day.

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Jerry the Benthamite - 8 d 10 h ago


I've been a member since 1999, and have been to over 22 different clubs. I find for the price $25/ month this a good value since I go 5 times a week. It has all the equipment I want. It is reasonable clean, and the pool is 84 degrees, an very significant improvement over the 72 degrees which it was until about 2007, I clearly prefer it to 24 hours fitness its major competitor in 13 states, the pool is larger and the facilities are larger, The same may be said about World's gym and Gold's Gym being small and a poorer facilities. I give it 5 stars because of the value. It has become a way of life, when I want to get out, I go to the gym and enjoy it much more than dining out, shopping, bicycling, and strolling on the beach. I take my I-pod with me and a large Koss headphones, so I can listen to the music I enjoy, or audio books. This adds to my experience.

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David - 8 d 11 h ago


So once again, trying to make corporate aware of the severe decline of what was once a new and very nice club in the Ocoee Florida area. What I got was the same generic response that I see most get. It starts with the management, not just in the individual club, but in the corporate office. My continued complaint with this location is lack of really any care at all about the non-members accessing the club through back doors, and then into the basketball courts where the rims are then damaged, and courts then shut down. As a member, can't even get on the courts because it always looks like another afternoon in Harlem. Just masses of teens that are not members taking over the court. The staff and management have no desire to fix it. I pay particular attention when the ones that do come in the front door, just walk by with no care or challenged by staff. Crap they are sitting there on their IPhones not even looking up. If they do check one, a simple nod, and off goes 6-10 teens into the court area. Just seems it's a given now. This particular problem has been brought up before, only to receive a call from someone within the club and giving the rah rah speech about getting onto it. Well doesn't happen. Back to what they do best, nothing..Now it has moved to the pool. Not a scheduled Aqua Fit class, but now for two hours, some guy and his buddies are bringing in 30 teens and holding a two hour fitness class in the pool. Then that is followed up by the basketball teens jumping in the pool to bath and get the sweat off. absolutely disgusting. Swimming laps if you get in there before 3 you will see white particles floating in the pool. The carpet in the locke room is disgusting and has the odor of bad socks. This location is a crap hole and just across the street from my home, which really sucks. I now drive 4.5 miles to another location while this club goes to crap. Thank you LA FITNESS FOR YOU 1 STAR CLUB in Ocoee..Just know your staff looks the other way after 4pm so they don't ruffle feathers with individuals that don't pay. Also curious about this group of coaches that now bring teens into the pool on Mondays for next 8 weeks from 7pm to 9pm if that is a backdoor arrangement as well. Go use a community center and take your teens that tear the basketball rims up with you..

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Rose - 9 d 5 h ago


Horrible gym they give you the run around and need to know how to treat there customers to keep them. You should be able to fix someone's account or bring in a guest and sign them up for a guest pass when they walk in. La should not make you wait to sign up a guest. Very disappointing!!!

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Karen D. - 9 d 8 h ago


The Grosse Pointe, MI facilities are OK, other than no one ever cleaning inside of the lockers, which are gross. My issue is the horrible personal training package. It is a true pyramid, profit push. One year, 6 trainers (they all leave as they are not paid), and an overall waste of money. The trainers are nice, but not qualified. If you miss a session, you are still financially obligated. If the trainer is late or doesn't show, then you it is the customer's loss. No one care about anything beyond signing customer up. Biggest. Ripoff. Ever.

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Elsa M - 12 d ago


me siento estafada , engaada y acosada , primero me llaman hasta el cansancio para ofrecerme una sper oferta para que empiece en La Fitness me dijo uno de sus trabajadores que la oferta era vlida por dos meses empezando en octubre 28/2017 y yo pagu en cash por qu no tena saldo en mi tarjeta y resulta que a partir del 11/29/17 no dejan de llamarme de telfonos de todo el pais para decirme que debo desde 34.99 hasta 79.00 y no paran me tienen a punto de

Enfermar de los nervios sin contar que solo he ido en 4 ocaciones s este gym que est en fairfield . Oh y en mi vida vuelvo a ir y a todo el que pueda le digo a lo que se dedican en ese gym para que no les pase .

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Anonymous - 12 d ago


I will never again join la fitness, or recommend it to anyone. I had to cancel my gym membership due to personal reasons and it was a simple process of sending in an email and getting a confirmation number. I took my credit card off just in case I have to go through a whole ordeal with the gym. Even after two weeks of cancelling, I am getting phone calls that we need a card on file and that they need to charge my card when I cancelled and membership and got a cancellation number. Emails and calls stating that in their system that I have already been cancelled, but that I still need a card to pay a membership that does not exist anymore.

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Anonymous - 13 d ago

I am member of the Lloyd Center LA Fitness. For some reason the gym can not replace or provide yoga mats. We have to delay class so the instructor can search the the gym for mats. The yoga room is treated like the rest of the gym. People leave weights laying around the yoga room. The floor where I was had blood on it. We have been waiting for almost a year to get mats. I've complain to the Ops manager and her reply is: Corp office is ordering them. I understand this is an inner city gym and is heavy used but come on. The place is making money. Buys some mats or ask the members to donate their old yoga mats.

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