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LA Fitness

2600 Michelson Drive #300
Irvine, CA
(909) 392-1063
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Anonymous - 7 h 13 m ago


I go to the LA Fitness in College Park, Georgia. This center is very dirty, and it seems as if nobody cares. The workers just walk around as if their oblivious too the fact. ITS A shame this place was just renovated less than a year ago AND It Looks awFUL AND NO One Is Doing anything about it. HOWEVER, if I stop paying my dues l a fitness would be calling 3 and 4 times a day too get paid...

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Anonymous - 20 h 4 m ago


New Lenox, Illinois location. Staff is rude and unprofessional. I heard one of the training staff harassing a member in front of all the clientele at the front desk when you walk in. They should be ashamed of how much a memebership cost, yet never hear the voices of the very people that pay their PAYCHECKS. The locker rooms stink and are filthy. It's been the peak of flu season in Illinois and there is not one item to clean off machines when members are finished. This facility needs to be investigated.

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Anonymous - 1 d 21 h ago

LA staffs very unprofessioal, harrassing their members.

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John Mcgrath - 2 d 29 s ago


I'm am at warrington pa la fitness . This has to be the dirtiest gym I ever been to . I just don't understand. I've tried to talk to front desk , but they just say I sorry , give a big smile , and do nothing . I've tried to contact home office and no one has gotten back to me . This place has been remodeled about 8 months ago and already looks 10 years old . Disappointed. I think the problem for me is that I go to king of Prussia, pa . La fit and it still looks brand new . It has been open about 2 years . There's a lot of gyms in area , but I believe in La fit brand . Please help ! Do you have a area supervisor? Can someone just look ? Do you need pictures from me ? It's got to be embarrassing to walk possible customers around for new memberships.

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Countryside Victim - 4 d ago


ALERT- Robbery! Dear Members of LA Fitness in Countryside, Illinois- Multiple robberies are taking place within the club MENs locker room. Thieves are cutting the lock off of the locker and taking belongings and car keys inside. Then using the car keys to obtain money, credit cards, drivers license and cell phones from inside locked car. Local police are investigating- local LA Fitness Managers seem to not care or are aware of the theft issues. This indicates a security breach and members are not safe from identity and financial theft.

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Member - 4 d 19 h ago


must REPORT and File Complaint about Broken Rules with anti- hygenic and anti-sanitary Sauna Etiquette in the clubs at LA FITNESS locations - 540 E Rollins Rd, Round Lake Beach, IL 60073 Phone (hidden) And LA FITNESS- 825 SOUTH RAND ROAD, LAKE ZURICH, IL 60047 Phone - (hidden) I am tired to see people using Saunas- members LA FITNESS coming into Hot Saunas by wearing from outside clothes and shoes. They are entering with clothes On and shoes on into sauna and sitting on benches with clothes, shoes from walking outside. They bring Viruses, Bacterial Germs, Infections into Sanitary Place - Sauna. They are sitting in Hot Saunas with their Mobile phones, musics with headphones, which produce Cancers and Tumors. Sauna a Must be Clean and Sanitary Place and be followed with Sauna Etiquette, entering and wearing only Swimsuit and Flip Flops on feet. PLEASE, STOP AND WARN ALL MEMBERS USING CLOTHES AND SHOES IN THE SAUNAS BY BRINGING ANTI-SANITARY MICROBES, GERMS INTO SAUNAS!!!! If you will not resolve This Huge Problem, I will report Complaint to Illinois Health Department and all other Government Health Departments.

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Disgusted - 5 d 18 h ago


The LA Fitness at 8812 s. Cicero Oak lawn,Il, should be closed down. I have been a member for years, and have gone to different LA Fitness locations. This location is always filthy, there is mold around the outside of the whirlpool, I have seen roaches there, and the locker rooms are also filthy, and a lot of the lockers are broke and of course no one fixes anything around there. And not to mention the break ins of the lockers, by other members. Its a shame, because this location is close to my house. I don't ever want to go there. PLEASE shut it down already!

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ginger - 6 d 20 h ago


glassboro la fitness. pool is closed again so is aqua fit class ..i dont live close by and only find out when i get there. and on sundays .the person opening gym is always late.and we sit in parking ed manager tonight to complain,he didnt care he said there not aloud to post anything on internet.about classes being cancelled and pool closed.and as far as opening late on weekends hes off so it doesnt pertain to him. real nice i told him four seasons across the street is looking better and better,he told me to go there. there so ignorant..

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Michel - 7 d ago


I just can say terrible.

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m - 9 d ago


Arthur Kill rd, Staten Island, NY is a pig pen especially on weekends.Trash overflowing containers, no paper towels in some areas. Disgusting place!

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Alia A Shehab-Eddin - 10 d ago


bad costumer service, bad and rude manager. people are talking picture of the group during exercise without permission.

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Bruce Phillips - 10 d 4 h ago


Bruce Phillips,

I've been a member at the Signal Butte, Mesa, AZ facility for ten years. I have never had any problems with staff or other members. Many times during mid day either all staff is at lunch or break or just busy so they place the scanners on the counter for self scanning.

Also sometimes when they are busy working on a members problem I would say that I would scan on my way out. Never did it cause a problem until last week. I was 30 feet past the counter when the girl ran up to me and blocked my way shouting "you can,t go in".

She said I must go back to the front and scan in. I told her it had been ok in the past at whic time she really went off. She put face nose to nose and shouted actually spitting the words in my face. I told her she better get the manager as I wasn't going to talk to her anymore.

Manager came and wouldn't talk to me unless I immediately went up to the front desk. All with the same attitude as the girl. I went to the desk and scanned my card. I the told the manager why I had walked by to scan when they weren't busy. He said "if I didn't like the rules he would cancel my membership "

I couldn't believe it until yesterday after scanning in and he said "thank you" he came into the locker room as I was beginning to change and told me he had cancelled my membership and I had to leave the building.

The guy is new and seemed happy that he made that happen!

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Anonymous - 11 d ago

This is Kathleen Garrett

Email (hidden)

Look I have an acc here in Indpls.Parkdale plaza

Now I have letter from my Phys. back in Dec she not going

To write my Diagnosis is one of your business now you are not to take my card information try to get a payment on his acc that is not legal he was a guest under my all of this

Should be shut down Please close down before I get legal


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RCW31 - 11 d 22 h ago


After reading some of the other posts, it seems that LA Fitness is not interested in housekeeping/sanitation whatsoever. Their location in Tucker GA is a disgrace! I've called customer service about 6 months ago, to no avail. Corporate should be ashamed of their locations, assuming that they have any concern for their members other than taking their hard earned money. Filthy, moldy, stinking of urine, dirt and debris accumulated under and around all equipment.

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Anne - 11 d 4 h ago


The LA Fitness in Philadelphia Mills needs Corporate to come and clean up the place and add more classes. Especially yoga.

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Anonymous - 11 d 20 h ago

The Buford, GA LA Fitness keep on stealing money from me!!

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Nabaa Al-Ani - 11 d 20 h ago


The company keeps on charging me money after I canceled my membership. I go to the LA Fitness Buford, GA the managers are Kyle and Rachel. They were being very disrespectful to me and they were ignoring me when I tried to talk to them about my issue. They weren't busy at all, they were just ignoring me because of my race and because of the fact that I wear a headscarf on my head. "hijab". I was disrespected by them when I was very respectful to them and telling them about my problem. Rachel and Kyle that work in LA Fitness Buford, GA don't deserve this job.

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Anonymous - 12 d ago


The staff at the North Richland Hills location is not helpful and rude at times. I do Kayla Itstine's Bikini Body Guide workouts (very popular among females), which involve a jump rope from time to time. One time I asked the front desk if they had jump ropes and the man said he didn't know, and that I could go look around the gym. I honestly thought he seemed a little mentally off so I sort of took matters in my own hands and found a jump rope in one of their grey bins. Granted this section was labeled "training section" but the LA Fitness I attended in Dallas had the same section only they let me use what I wanted from the bins as I pleased. So assuming it was no big deal (it's a jump rope, people), I began to take the jump rope and another worker stopped me and said I wasn't allowed to use anything from the training section. I thought this a bit harsh and, unreasonable, given that the man at the front desk was unable to provide me with one. So each time I go to the gym it's always up in the air whether or not I get to use the jump rope. As a result, I started bringing my own damn jump rope lol. Only this time I forgot, and I wasn't about to go back home for that. So I asked one of the workers and he seemed confused as to why I didn't ask the front desk. Well, the woman at the front was on the phone so I asked a worker who seemed less busy. Long story short, he let me use the jump rope and later told me they do have them at the front. So I told him about how I've asked the front in the past and how a worker told me to "go look around". A story to which he looked at me like I was crazy and replied "it's no big deal" ... I was thinking maybe he'd want to know who the employee was that didn't know they had jump ropes to offer their members, but no, he either didn't understand my feedback or he didn't care at all. Needless to say, I've grown put off by all the workers there for what is either an overall lack of intellect or a complete lack of care for their members. Your members/CUSTOMERS shouldn't feel uncomfortable because of the hostility and weirdness of the staff. Also, this location doesn't have a sauna, whereas the one in Dallas did. So that sucks.

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Anonymous - 12 d ago


Covington WA location getting out of control. Theift, Santation issues, violance.. NOT safe!

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DocVee - 13 d 23 h ago


Very disappointed in Telegraph/12 Miles Rd. Southfield, Michigan. Left another gym to join this gym. They're all about the same.

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Ana - 13 d 23 h ago

My comments below are for.the gym recently opened on West Chestnut St in Union, New Jersey Management should get serious about the upkeep of the place and the quality of the staff there.

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Ana - 13 d 23 h ago

I was considering joining LA Fitness since one opened near my home. However, after reading all the negative reviews about it such as no soap in the showers, having to.clean the equipment with hand sanitizer and paper towel yourself, rude staff, etc. I am.seriously considering another gym to join.

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JohnQ - 13 d 24 h ago


La Fitness: 3500N University Drive, Sunrise Florida. Club member Kenmore Hughes operates his own personal training business in the gym. He is "friends" with the Manager Tess L., so they cast a blind eye to his activities. He sells herbalife and uses the gym to promote his business.....Very unfair to the other gym members when he is there training his clients in the space!!

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Anonymous - 13 d 6 h ago


Very disappointed the app. When it is a requirement that we use your app to sign up for cycle class and it never works. Then when you call the club they don't have enough help to answer the phone or the hang up on you and say use the app that does not work. You need to get your app updated if that is what you want us to use or bring back the sign up sheet. Sometimes pen and paper work just as well.

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Anonymous - 13 d 20 h ago

I'm disappointed of the personnel's in your Diamond Bar fitness center they were not friendly and not so helpful when I registered for my membership. I hope you could call their attention and correct this unfortunately behavior. Thank you for your attention.


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