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LA Fitness

2600 Michelson Drive #300
Irvine, CA
(909) 392-1063
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Joseph Amrhein - 2 h 50 m ago

Hi folks. You have a club on Goldenrod Road in Orlando. I and my wife are fairly new members, only 3 or 4 months. We've enjoyed the facilities and classes until last night, 8/17 My wife was attending a Zumba class at 7 pm. Now all the classes she has attended have been a mix of men and women but last nights class included a man who entered late after class had started, moved to the center of the class, and began his own form of dance , not the routine set forth by instructor. As you can imagine this email would not be written unless there was more to it. His routine included what you might expect from the movie MagicMike. While no clothes were removed having a man grab his crotch and inner thigh while gyrating would be distracting enough but he also includes what most would call Cat Calls,

Oh ladies let's see you move it

Oh that's what I like and so on.

My wife asked the staff about this and they seem to believe there's nothing they can do since he doesn't touch anyone or take pictures. I beg to differ.

I truly expect you at corporate will find a way of eliminating this problem. I'm sure you can see the concern I have given the " environment " created with the " MeToo" movement how many might think this an unacceptable response given by your staff.

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Sylvia - 2 d 18 h ago

LA Fitness is being built in our backyard. The developer has clear cut the forest to make space for your gym. We neighbors begged for 50 ft of trees which they agreed to then came back and said well 30 feet and then they cleared the last of the deciduous trees from our forest to shield our view of your concrete monstrosity. Please, Please, Please consider your neighbors and fill that area back in with trees that will create a green screen: live oak, loquat, crepe myrtle, holly, yupon. A lot of people are looking forward to working out in your gym but we are miserable without our trees.

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Ryan - 2 d 17 h ago

Please correct this issue, our trees are part of our community. My family will not be joining this gym until this issue is corrected.

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Sharon - 2 d 16 h ago

Please do the right thing by honoring your commitment and planting some trees to replace the ones that were mistakenly cut down.

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Mark - 1 d 13 h ago


Not sure if LA Fitness owns or leases the property but they are guilty by association in my book. There are other fitness clubs in the area.

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Alla Puchalsky - 3 d ago


LA Fitness on 8502 Cooper Creek Blvd in University Park, FL very horrible customer service, they lying everytime when I talk to them on the phone or in person, I ask to freeze my spouse account , they say than they will , but they didn't and charge my account in full.

When I call them , they were rude and disrespectful on the phone. Tried to the manager, no luck. The most unprofessional gym we ever been to.

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Fred Barre - 2 d 12 h ago


Almost sounds as bad as mine. In Downey on Firestone. Inconsiderate Old people walk naked in the locker room like nobody else is there and shit in the urinals.

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Anja Sebunya - 3 d ago


LA Fitness on Church Street in Decatur, GA runs a pool that is unbelievably badly run. For now six weeks the airconditioning is broken, the stench in the swimming area if foul. The front desk has no idea whether or if the air will ever be fixed. I received a refund for two weeks of membership to make up for the inconvenience. I am going to cancel my membership.

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Jeff - 4 d ago


The club in Stuart Florida is very poorly run. Messages left at the front desk for personal trainers are not delivered. "Managers" make promises that they have no authority to keep, Turnover is extremely high. Can never resolve an issue because you can't ever speak to the same person twice. Sales people say anything to make the sale, and once you sign a contract and they don't deliver good luck finding anyone with the authority to make things right. The few people who want to help can't accomplish anything in a timely manner because they have to go to "corporate" and they admit corporate isn't very responsive.

My guess is corporate isn't interested in responding. Senior leadership appears to be hiding. I've searched LinkedIn, the LA Fitness website and other social media platforms looking for the name and contact information of the CEO, VP of Sales, VP of Operations or anyone in an executive position who would be in a position to address my concerns. Can't find even a name of anyone who might be a corporate executive.

The club has nice equipment and is clean. But the bad far outweighs the good. I'm ready to quit and go someplace else.

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Sue S - 4 d ago


Worst customer service and professionalism. Instructors don't show up for classes staff doesn't return phone calls or emails.

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anton - 4 d ago


My husband and I are members since 1998. All the gyms are going through some kind of remodeling, which it was needed. However, and unfortunately this location in Semoran & Hall Road Orlando, some exercise machines don't work. The day care room was also renew, they added some huge ugly animal figures that kids have no use for and only occupied space. They used to have some kind of jumping castle like, that kids love and enjoy very much, they took away that and replaced it for 2/3 pieces of zoo animals. Whom ever acted on this idea must have no kids and have no idea of kids entertainment. In addition, all they have is the misinformed tv news channels every where!

Is there a reason why they can't show Fox channel?

I think is time to start looking for an new gym!

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No Nane - 5 d ago


Getting a cancelation of membership and training contract when you are moving to a location without a gym is a pain. Contracts must be canceled separately, with proof of relocation, and with a fee I was told at sign up I would not have to pay.

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Anonymous - 8 d ago

8-10-18 today's date. I am writing about La fitness and it's disregard for me begin verbally abused by another member. I was call faggot repeatedly by this member in the shower where La fitness has no shower curtains. This man came to the shower where I was when there were other shower open. I shower in my underwear because of this. I spoke with staff. Who did nothing. Manager said that because I said to the member that he was crazy and a bum. That this statement invoid any act La fitness can make. Now I made that statement in defense for my self. I asked for the police to be call the manager lied and said they were on the way. I called the police back and 911 said it was no call besides mine for that location to be sent. I then contacted corporate office because I can't Believe what is taking place here. The minute he use that word he should have been removed. That's it I then talk with Destiny at Corporate She play a good part she should be a actress. She pretends like she was concerned and that a investigation would be done which was bs. She know that the staff will lie to protect them selves in their jobs It's been proven that they live when they said they called the police and did not So after being humiliated my gym membership was revoked. I did not sign up to go to gym full of homophobic people and has a homophobic racist staff there are no caucasians for African-Americans Asian Americans working at that facility only Mexican Americans. I am now going to LGBT for legal help in this matter I want all my money returned. La fitness is not a friend of gay people they sat there and laugh and me. And Corporate Office did nothing. I'm still going to make police report and LGBT for legal help in this matter I will also do social media as well. I'm going to say this and closing buyer beware of La fitness at 1628 N. El Centro ave and most time no WiFi and it's not clean most equipment is usually broke and it takes them weeks to repair it.

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Emilia Z Rak - 5 d 9 h ago


I feel your pain.

I was physically assaulted in LAFitness (Chenal location) restroom because of the fact that I have a service dog with me. When I defended us, my long time membership was revoked! So they figured they'd get *rid of the problem if they got rid of the service dog* whose presence offended another member so much that she didn't think verbally assaulting me (while I was attempting to use the facilities before a Saturday morning aquatics class) was enough to get her disdain for my *unsanitary service dog in a public gym now*. She felt that she needed to approach me, then physically assault me because she didn't like the fact that I told her that if she didn't like my service dog's presence she should write a letter to her congressman. Management did NOT contact the police though I made it quite clear that I wanted to press charges, nor did they ask to speak with any of my eye witnesses. So because I insisted on calling the police to the scene as soon as I was told that it *is not LA Fitness policy to call the police for any reason, that it was the members' responsibility* they came to the determination *based on our written statements and several eye witnesses (her friends that kept trying to pull her off of me, then away from me because she kept coming after me even though she'd already knocked me to the restroom tile floor against the metal stalls). I was never asked for nor given the opportunity to have eye witnesses testify on my behalf (the ladies with whom I've been taking aquatics classes for months, some for years) I should have my membership revoked TOO because *I was involved in the altercation*.

So they get rid of the service dog and they got rid "of the problem".

I was also continuously reassured by management that morning that I have every right to have my service dog with me, that THIS was not a problem.

I have PTSD (which is why I have the service dog). I've been a longtime member (off and on 12 years, the last 3 with service dog in tow). I am A 51 year old woman with a small frame that was assaulted Jerry Springer style by a much younger piece of garbage that outweighed me by at least 40 pounds. I'm also contacting a lawyer and multiple advocay organizations.

I wish you good luck! We have to speak up in order to eliminate this stomach-turning discrimination.

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Michelle - 5 d 13 h ago



Parsippany NJ....dirty dirty dirty....moldy mildew pool, showers, bathrooms need cleaning. Wastebaskets full , no paper towels full to dry hands. Toilets dirty or broken. Hair still in drains in shower. Pool needs to be cleaned on sides and top of pool. Moldy and mildew. Outside door in pool area needs to be replaced or repair due to big gap on bottom letting in bugs and debris from outside. Dirty broken machines on floor. Need cleaning too. Scamming people to sign up for personal training sessions. Very dissatisfied customer service at this point.. maybe this a breach of the contract due to lack of quality and cleaninnes on their part.

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Anonymous - 8 d ago


Oro Valley-Tucson .Direct TV service is deplorable(static, frozen channels, channel selection), in addition TV monitors need to be inspected regularly for flaws ( some TVs lack of audio output). Willing to pay a little extra to change to Xfinity services!

Tread Mills and Elliptical machines in need of periodical maintenance also.

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Anonymous - 8 d ago


I think that I will call the health department to inspect the Hyde Park location. Mold in the shower, insects & flies in the bathroom stalls brown slime on the shower floor.

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an Irritated Member - 8 d 19 h ago


LA Fitness in Valencia and Stevenson Ranch city of Santa Clarita, desperately needs inprovement in their Zumba class schedules. Both are notoriously: NOT updating the website if zumba class has been cancelled; manager on duty is good at pretending that she is not aware of instructors calling in sick or asking for a sub. Most of the times if zumba is cancelled it will be replaced by Body Works or something else but NOT Zumba. We came and paid for a Zumba class which was not delivered. This is costing members waste of gas money and time. This is a recurring problem that Corporate really needs to step in for improvement. MAYBE LA FITNESS WILL ATTEND TO THE COMPLAINTS IF MEMBERS CAN BE REIMBURSED FOR THEIR GAS TRAVEL TO AND FROM THE GYM, WHENEVER A ZUMBA CLASS IS CANCELLED AND NO SUB INSTRUCTOR IS SCHEDULED! , I will 100% think twice before I renew my membership. I will absolutely tell friends, relatives about my numerous bad experiences with canellationbs of zumba classes. Also Valencia is not accurately putting the instructor's name. LORI AND LORA is one the same person, and for more than 2 years now LA Fitness still cannot straighten this out. Is it maybe because the scheduler doesn't want Corp to know that this one person is being given classes more than what she's suppposed to be scheduled for?

I think that LA fitness doesn't really care if zumba is cancelled for as long as they can scan the qty of members coming in for the day's count. Monica Whitney(I was told is the name of the coordinator) needs to be replaced by someone who cares. OR maybe the CEO needs to go as well?

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Margaret King - 8 d 19 h ago


Hidden fees, gym not kept clean, pool is disgusting!

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Charles spicknall - 10 d 40 s ago


Love the gym having a problem with the training staff

Trainers did not show up for my first 2 appointments not only can I not get help with my refund they tried to bill my card for a second month getting very frustrated I've been dealing with this for over a month .nobody in management will help me

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Unhappy with LA Fitness - 9 d 40 m ago

Same situation here. Love gym but not happy with training. Tried getting cancellation after just 9 days. They said for 50% of total contract. That's ridiculous

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Annetta Reed - 9 d 22 h ago


yes they just took $124.00 from my account, I have told them to cancel the additional membership on my account, in fact just on Monday 07/06/2018, there's two accounts set up for the additional family member on my account. I spoke to Allison Ojeda at the Katy office on Fry and I-10 who gave the amount that was due which was 32.64 for me and 32.64 for the other family member well, i checked my account she charged for the two that i gave her permission as discussed and in addition the $124.00 that we didn't even mention as again it's a separate account for the same family member on my account that have told them numerous of times that need to be REMOVED!!!!

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FOX NEWS hater's - 10 d 24 m ago

No Fox news on your TV's ? Well I guess it's time to cancel my membership !

LA fitness, it's all in their name . Left Wing Liberals , you better reverse your decision before it ruins your company.

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Phano - 10 d 18 h ago


Do you guys plan on opening a club in Homestead Florida ? Living population here is growing drastically. I need a club in my city, please answer.

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Anonymous - 10 d 18 h ago

$2000 stolen from la fitness.. Try taking your business else where..

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