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LA Fitness

2600 Michelson Drive #300
Irvine, CA
(909) 392-1063
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Victim of LAFitness Scam..!! - 2 d ago


I never asked the LAFitness trainer to enroll me into any training classes, I just asked for a trial session and the trainer said you have to swipe the credit card for our records and we wont charge you anything but they kept charging until I realized the amount was $1100. I went back to the same branch and they tell me I enrolled into 36 training sessions which I never did. They refused to refund my money and said the training credits will be available for you to use anytime.

Now they tell me the training credits expired as I did not use it within an year. This is REDICULOUS and a big scam to reach the Trainer's Individual targets and get some incentives.

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Shantel - 16 h 17 m ago

you need to call your credit card company. it is also worth it to take them to small claims. that is horrible.

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Danielle - 19 h 16 m ago


This company is MISLEADING and FULL of B.S!!!!! I signed up for personnel training sessions and it was never disclosed to me that my sessions will expired after 30 DANG days!!!! So due to medical reasons I was unable to use and I knew I wasn't going to use them within 30days. So if you all made me aware of this Lord knows I would've have CANCELED immediately!!! And paid whatever fees were associated with my cancellation. But because I was mislead, I PAID you all for Six months worth of sessions and was unable to use them?!!!! So you all took my money and I received ONE freaking session and there's nothing you can do!!! I can't even receive the sessions I PAID for?!!!! On top of it ALL you have no idea who it was that in la fitness words "thoroughly went over the contract", This is INSANE!!! You guys are the Biggest THIEVES and scammers!!!!

Flagged for review. 
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I put both My membership AND my daughters' membership on hold Sept 9, 2017. You are still charging BOTH of us!

I have called many times, they just apologize and say it will be fixed...butLA FITNESS keep charging me!

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Southbound, shocked and saddened - 3 d ago


Not surprised as all,still awaiting my REFIND chech!!

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Anonymous - 6 d ago


Please be advised that i am a member for 3 years and have owned health clubs in florida in the 90"s. Your Amherst NY Club on Transit Rd is severely filthy. Of all the LA fitness clubs I've attend around the country it is by far the most unhealthy facility ive seen anywhere. just a few examples a band aid was left on th floor in a shower for over a week, meaning no one cleaned this or any shower for at least that long, my feet stick to the locker room floor on fri sat & sunday no attendant is on premise garbage overflow in containers and equipment sticky and in poor repair.

I know this is your busiest club in the area, but that should make you pay MORE attention to simple maintenance and repairs.

my Membership isn't up until the end of October, i will wait and see if anything changes, especially the Area or local management team.

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LA - 3 d 9 h ago

The LA clubs are filled huge roaches.

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Southbound,shocked,and saddened!! - 3 d 12 h ago


Recently located to Florida, and had several of the worst experiences in my lifetime at the Port Orange location in just one weeks time. Members were inconsiderate of myself, workers seemed disinterested in the sitituations- when informing them of what had been taking place in their facility...and the last straw was when another member had me basically uncloth

myself in the women's locker at 7:30am to provide my gender (please note I am a lesbian NOT A MALE) and in addition to this their staff member responded by saying,"Well you look like a man too me!" Was my breaking point to me!!!

I was so outraged,I left the gym in years and came back a few hours later to cancel my membership,demand a full refund for cash paid.... I've yet to be contacted by Corporate after I sent them an email almost two weeks ago,but was assured that my refund CHECK would be sent,however I've yet to receive it as of today.. This gym isn't diverse at ALL in nature,the employee wasn't even sent home,and the silicone stepford wife is still I'm sure didn't have her membership REVOKED for her actions. WTF, I wouldn't take a free lifetime membership if they offered it,and the attire for women at this location makes it look like a strip club and or whorehouse go visit this location and decide for gym has been my sanctuary for years of training and releasing day to day stresses-not a place of prejudice and frustrations...what a mess!!!!

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neil - 4 d 14 h ago

From Springfield IL one question why is the basketball gym not for guests who purchased or with a free week guest pass?

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Anonymous - 4 d 20 h ago


I am a member of LaFitness Kernan on Jacksonville, FL. I have asked to fix the sound system in the group class room for about 2 weeks. The instructors are making the best they can to keep it up with the classes ( example bringing their own speakers) but at the same time people is not coming back to classes because the sound is terrible. Manager tries to blame the problem on instructors ipods or iphones. The sound system is having problems frequently but manager dont care. If you go to a class you are going to find a orange bucket in the middle of the room because is leaking and they can not fixed that problem either. They dont care if somebody falls,, they care to continues collecting money from member to provide the worst service. I have pictures but here cant find how to download them.

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Anonymous - 5 d 12 h ago

I am a member of LA Fitness in Murrieta, CA. I have asked that the rowers be fixed for nearly a month. It is evident that management has no intention to fix them. My standard complaint of all gyms I've belonged to, is that exercise equipment is not well maintained. LA Fitness is no different.

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Louann Harris - 7 d ago

I had a membership at LA Fitness in Bakery Square (Pittsburgh, PA) through my employer with Prime Fitness. I recently retired, so may membership is dissolved. So I want to join since I enjoy the pool and it truly helps my pain & health concerns. I have back issues, arthritis and osteoporosis. I only use the pool and cannot use other equipment. A fellow aqua fit member has a discount membership, since she also only uses the pool. I would like to utilize this special membership. Do I need a doctor's note ?

Thank you !

Louann Harris

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Liliana - 7 d 1 h ago


I worked for LA Fitness in Boca Raton, FL as a trainer and I still didn't get paid for a week of work in August, 2017 . It's been two months and I still cannot get my money! The manager doesn't care , the HR is waiting for the manager to do something... it's a mess! Worst company ever!

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Garnett - 7 d 15 h ago

So disgusted going on third week with no air in yoga and Zumba, and body work room

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Juana Perdomo - 8 d ago


I wanted to reach out being I had a very disturbing and ungrateful encounter with one of your facilities.

On October 7, 2017 I went to the La Fitness at 9291 W FLAGLER ST MIAMI, FL 33174, it was for a special Zumba class from 3-5. Atmosphere was great, instructors were amazing and we were having so much fun. Until about 45 minutes into the class. It was getting extremely hot in the room there was no A/C. We were sweating a lot, drinking lots of water and having to stop a lot to catch our breathes. One of the instructors opened one door and held it open with a weight being it was so hot to let cool air inside the closed room; at that time manager came by and removed the weight and the door closed again. A few minutes later instructor went and put the trash can to open the door, again the manager came by and removed the trash can and took it with him. The instructor asked him why he was doing that and his replied that he was concerned about the other people working out, what about us so you are trying to say that you prefer to have someone passed out due to the heat. No one was complaining except the manager and he also went to say he couldn't make the phone calls. Which I find a bit confusing because I went to where he was sitting while the door was open and he would be able to make those calls just fine with the doors open. At this point 1 of the instructors and another [person went and held both doors open to let air in. I myself had to stand near the door to get air because it was so hot in that room that there was not enough water to ease the heat. This is a HUGE liability to the company, can you image if someone would have passed out due to this, due to the in human of this manager. I paid to be in that class I was not there for free and I deserved the respect as everyone else in that gym, that manager all he did was insult us and degrade us as if we weren't as important as everyone else in that gym.

I request a full investigation and disciplinary action on this manager, I will not stop until this is settled. I will reach everyone I have to making sure this does not continue to happen.

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Very disappointed in this club- MacArthur Blvd in Santa ana. 2 times I have gone to work out on Sunday morning (My day off) at 8am not open! Didn't open 1st time till 830. Today I'm sending this and still Not open?! What's the problem! Get better help! Wasting peoples time is just not cool, especially when they are motivated to work out and then denied!

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Patrick22 - 10 d 19 h ago


I use both the St. Louis Park, MN and the Richfield, MN La Fitness on different days. I am usually at these facilities around the 9-11 timeframe. The majority of the time I go, the hot tub has just been cleaned and is ice cold and the sauna is at a very low temperature making it worthless.

Given that LA Fitness has very few amenities, the least you can do is make sure the amenities you do have are working. In my opinion the hot tubs could be cleaned on the night shift so they are ready for the morning members. The saunas probably have old malfunctioning units that need to be replaced. If these problems continue I will switch to Lifetime Fitness as I know they stay on top of their maintenance. I just want to use the hot tub and sauna, is that too much to ask???

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UPSET - 12 d 15 h ago


LA Fitness in Eastlake, San Diego CA. Worst Customer Service, dirty bathroom, Jacuzzi is always breaking down and lately is not even cold, the manager says its because they are trying to save money in energy!!!! I asked if I could use the kettle bells and was told that those are just for personal trainers and their clients. Aren't we clients as well? I used the personal trainers services and all I received is high school kids with no knowledge of personal training. If they are training "customers" with Kettle bells then why not provide it for everyone? Even once that "customer" is finished with their sessions, then they can no longer use the kettle bells or other equipment used in their training, what good is that??? I feel we are being discriminated against, even the manager said "they are paying a bunch of money to be able to use that equipment" To me that is discrimination. I been with LA Fitness for over 9 years, and really thinking about leaving!!! I know I am not the only one that feels that way, something needs to CHANGE!!!

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Terry - 13 d 17 h ago


First off I have been a member of LA Fitness - Lake Elsinore facility since its opening. The continuous decline in this facility is raising concern, I am due to renew my membership and I am thinking twice about LA Fitness. I have been to other LA Fitness facilities withing my area and the Lake Elsinore facility is by far the dirtiest. Recently this facility went 2 weeks without any HOT WATER. We had to shower in cold water! It was brought to my attention after speaking with club member staff that during the weekends (Sat & Sun) they have limited club janitorial services, especially on the men's side with NO ATTENDANT servicing the bathrooms/urinals/toilets with toilet back ups and feces on the floor, NO toilet paper in the stalls and lack of hand sanitizing soap with trash overflowing to the floor, as well as people walking thru the feces and then walking into the men's locker room. JUST GROSS!!!! This is not an isolated incident!

Once reported to club staff, they were more interested in the individual staff member that disclosed the facts of limited janitorial staffing on weekend, reprimanding him and NEVER solved the problem.

I'm providing this opportunity to immediately correct this problem or my next email/pictures will be to the Riverside County Health Department.

- Disgusted member

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Edna - 14 d ago


Very disappointed, your location at Euless, TX still close. Someone did not wake up in time to open the facility at 5 am. There are several of us standing in the parking lot waiting and several people that have left. Extremely bad customer service. Also restrooms are never really clean and is somewhat disgusting having to take a shower.

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Disgusting - 15 d 16 h ago


50% of the machines at the Stuart Fla. Location are rusting out and very dirty. The cleaning lady is more concerned about waslking aroung bullshitting with people than cleaning the gym.

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Anonymous - 16 d 15 h ago

I paid $2739 for my training plan , but I got only 7 sessions training (each session is 30 minutes), because bad service and cheating from training manager.

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Anonymous - 18 d 12 h ago


I went into the gym to try my free trial and both male managers refused to let me try the gym out. Also the female at the front desk was absolutely the rudest greeter I have ever met at a gym and the way the two male manger acted immediately made me not want to join the gym. Since I was already there I paid a 15 dollar day pass and worked out. While there I saw those same two managers be extremely rude with others and act unprofessional. I normally wouldn't waste my time complaining but after that encounter it made me never want to step foot in this gym again and definitely not recommend it. On top of all of this, this was not even the beginning of

How bad this gym was

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Darlene - 20 d ago


I am writing to make known a bad experience I had at an L A Fitness Club at City Place in West Palm Beach FL 700 South Rosemary Ave. I have been a member since 2012. Last night I asked an LA Fitness associate(his name is Antoine) to show me how to use some equipment and he agreed. As we were heading upstairs the front desk associate(Tatiana) interrupted our conversation by asking Antoine if he was busy. I responded "of course." When I turned around he wasn't there and was talking with someone at the front desk. I was so shocked at the lack of respect and professionalism that all I could say was "unbelievable" and proceeded to walk up stairs. He had the nerve to yell out "she's gonna help you." I needed some help with the equipment as I had not worked out in several years. I have a 40 year reunion coming up soon and was hoping to finally get some sound ideas's regarding a few simple exercises and whether I want to continue my membership. And this is what I walked in to. Fifteen minutes later upon walking out I told the front desk person that this was the worst customer service I had ever experienced and Antoine who was on his phone said he was ready to help me now as I walked past him. I am extremely disappointed with your club's substandard professionalism and non-existent customer service and seriously contemplating cancelling my membership. If this letter helps prevent only one member from receiving a bad customer service experience, than my time was well spent. Without customers, you have no company.



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Bill- Miami Fl - 20 d ago


I am writing to describe a couple of conditions at the LA Fitness on Brid Rd and 82nd Ave in Miami Fl that are ongoing and are post Hurricane Irma. I'll start by advising that I had previously been a member at the Shops of Sunset Miami location about 10 years ago andd, joind the Bird Rd location in late December 2016. I note that I go to the gym five days a week and am there when the door opens at 5:00 am. The ongoing condition would be that dumbbells and bars are strewn around the place i.e. nothing is ever picked up, even at 5 am. Such was not, and is not the case at Shops of Sunset. The next is that the Bird Rd facility's Hurricane Irma roof damage was never repaired despite the facility being closed for a week. Yesterday with a big rain storm the place was leaking like a sieve and the club was again closed this morning. Add to that the fact the hot water system was never repaired so, members had/have to take cold showers. These conditions are not what I'd expect from a large Corporation such as LA Fitness. Happy to discuss further (hidden)

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