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LA Fitness

2600 Michelson Drive #300
Irvine, CA
(909) 392-1063
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Anonymous - 10 h 14 m ago

Louis welch ico -Chief

Executive officer and President of LA FITNESS lnternational LLC its ridiculous and to your company stealing my money at Centerville Dallas Texas where I registered After posting the cancellation form why are still removing my money from my account giving me OVERDRAFT it's not good to steal people money..i don't know this is a covenant or oath company.if you don't return my money. We just started .Abimbola.

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Anonymous - 13 h 39 m ago


It appears that writing this review is pointless but I will for others who may read. I go to the lakewood ranch fl gym and must say customer service and friendly staff goes out the window in this gym. Then I get charged a annual fee of $50 after 60 days of paying , which apparently the owner of this place isn't aware of what annually means . Just in case you do read it , it means yearly. Then the manager says no it's not an annual fee but a maintenance fee which was never discussed during enrollment. Sorry but I'm gonna switch to Crunch I tried La again for the third time and they are still a shit facility and hide fees they dont tell you about.

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Anonymous - 15 h ago


Hey Louis Welch ico-Chief Executive Officer (co-CEO) and President of Fitness International, LLC I think that it's ridiculous and shameful to charge a 52 years old loyal member, 34.99 an month, 4.5 year multi club member $5 to access the new singular club in Broomall Pa so I'm asking you or directly to grant me access for FREE!!! Remember WORD OF MOUTH (OLD SCHOOL METHODS ALWAYS PREVAIL) ADVERTISING IS ESSENTIAL FOR EVERY BUSINESS SPECIALLY WITH LOYAL EXISTING MEMBERS. Thanks and Merry Xmas Happy Kwanzaa Happy Hanukkah Tony Hawkins #F32316633

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Maurice M Laurence - 15 h 15 m ago


Recently tried to use a guest pass for 4 days, I sat with a sales associate for over an hour and dealt with the LA Fitness interview process in order to get my guest pass activated, I was very respectful and patient with the young man. After I revealed I was a former member and was intending to use my We Want you Back offer from LA fitness, the GM on duty Erik Muniz said he would not be able to honor my guest pass due to the fact I had an offer to use, that was better than what they were intending on selling me since Im not a new member, and made the sales associate only activate it for 2 days. I was very upset and disappointed with the lack of professional from Erik Muniz, and the sales associate. I told them I would be considering 24 Hour Fitness as well and were trying to obviously force me into signing up that day rather than honor my guest pass privilege. I will be joining 24 Hour Fitness as a result of this poor experience. Erik Muniz should not be managing this location, he is not a Professional at all.

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Laura - 1 d 14 h ago


Curious... does anyone from LA Fitness Corporate read these messages and take any sort of action to respond to member requests, improve their processes and reputation?

My experience for anyone considering signing up (there may be more but it's only been 3 months):

1. Membership team will say anything and even lie to make a sale

2. Super cheesy and high pressure gimmicks to get you to sign up for personal training

3. Additional membership fees that were probably in the endless pages of fine print

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Yamille Melendez - 1 d 16 h ago


JUST TO BEGIN WITH, I AM A CANCER SURVIVOR WHO JUST GOT ROBBBED BY THIS COMPANY. the worst experience that I have had in my whole life. They are liers and very difficult. I have been waiting for a cancelation for almost a month now due to medical condition and they just debited my account when they said that I was going to be credited back. They are sofisticated thieves witt no empathy at all. I said that once I recover, I was going back but after the lies and the way that I was treated by each one from front desk, to the sales person to Guillermo in corporate have been giving me the all arounds. I am a Silver Shoes member, I am a cncer survivor who was trying to get back on fit but I had been mocked instead. I will go to Univision and Telemundo and all media as posjsible to prevent others to make business with LA Fitness. I never done a bad review for anybody before and now I understand why business fail and why people get frustrated. When requesting my camcelation they promised it was going to be back in my account today but what they did was to debit almost $400 causing me harm in my bank and no credit at all. That now I have to keep waiting for Mike the Florida Director to make the process NOW when it was requested since November 25th at SunriseFl. This is unethical and abusive.

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Sonny kemp - 3 d 30 s ago

LAFitness is SO SO "commission driven" that their sales staff will lie and cheat, even on each other. Do not give them credit info. The irondequoit, ny brach is the worst!

The manager jona cisco will pretend to help BUT the sales staff is so crooked that she will can not.

Avoid LA fitness at all cost.

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Cliff kemp - 3 d 11 h ago

As a member for some time i can tell you:

DO NOT GIVE THEM your debit card number.

Marty smith at east ridge in rochester charged me 238.96 to my card WITHOUT TELLING ME ANYTHING!

Talking in circles and lies but they can not refund these fraudulent charges.

Do not trust these people.

Cliff kemp

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Tessa - 3 d 12 h ago


I am a member at the recently opened LAF Signature club in Rochester. First, thanks to all the reviewers who wrote about the pressure to sign up for personal training. I was prepared. I did the free assessment -- which was actually helpful -- but was mentally prepared to resist the high pressure sales pitch to sign up for more training. They tried really, really hard but I just kept saying I'm not signing anything. Other than that, I like the club very much. Good equipment, showers, pool. The one thing that really bothers me is the loud music in the women's locker room, combined with the constant talk from three TV monitors in the locker room. WHY???? who wants that? Have repeatedly asked them to turn it down. It is really unpleasant.

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Women's who love to shower not just get wet - 6 d 17 h ago

The showers from LA fitness Northrige California. The one on Receda and Chatsworth are never working properly!; there is no pressure for the water at all ! When taking a shower instead of washing yourself or have that filling of relaxation....You get so frustrated. And there is never hot water; you waste so much water waiting to get nice warm and never happen! So,to a point most of members who go in the sauna or pool can not take a shower at the gym!!! .... please we go to a gym before going to work !!!!! We need to take a shower after a nice swimming or exercise!!!! Is sooooo frustrating because you go to the front desk and the manager and employees tell you they will fix the problem BUT THEY NEVER DO. .

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MEMBER - 7 d 15 h ago


I joined LA Fitness in Brick, NJ 5 months ago... Recently, 4 Bikes, 2 Treadmills, have been down for 4 weeks!!! & the pool has been down... NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!

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Anonymous - 8 d 7 h ago


The eastbay on us 19 Clearwater Florida club is one of the cleanest gym I have seen

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Anonymous - 12 d 6 h ago


Every time i go to the la fitness on tyrone in st pete the one by the tyrone mall the sauna room is always dirty the pool walk way is dirty and hot tube has black alage or mold on it on the inner ledge i will close my account if i dont see improvement another problem woth the spa is there to much chemicals plus the foam is always there to these problems are very easy to fix

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yogini - 12 d 19 h ago

The LA Fitness in Wellington Florida has the same instructor scheduled for morning yoga classes (before noon) without any choice except for Thursday which isn't really a yoga class (more yogilates). Wellington yoga people have to travel down to the Lake Worth Lantana Road location for morning yoga. That club has an outstanding selection of teachers and variety of yoga classes. There is a demand in Wellington, but whoever does the scheduling refuses to provide alternatives to the current teacher (who got certification over the internet, not even yoga studio certification which provides hands on training). It is so frustrating because many of us have asked about this, but we continue to have to travel to another club resulting in overcrowding at that club which is not even in our neighborhood . It is not an issue of being unable to provide teachers in Wellington because some of the Lantana Rd. teachers want to teach in Wellington.

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CAS - 20 d 10 h ago


I went into a LA Fitness in Houston, Texas in June 2019 with my daughter because she wanted to check out the prices and become a member. For me I have a membership with Silver Sneakers where I can get free gym membership with. I started talking with this guy that work there about some of my health issues. I have Essential Tremors and he suggested that I get a private trainer. And while we were talking I talked to him about if I needed to cancel at any time that I could do that. He said yea sure no problem. I went to cancel my membership because I could not afford it any more and they said that I could not cancel it because I was under a contract. I was not told that this was a contract. So I had to talk with my credit card company and dispute the charges. And now I am in a big mess. I am going to be canceling my credit card and be issued out a new one which I really did not want to do. With the experience that I am having with LA Fitness I will not recommend any of my friends or family over there. All they want is your money. And they will scam you to sign up for a membership/private trainer. I'm done with LA Fitness.

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Anonymous - 21 d 8 h ago


I go to the LA fitness in the Bowie town center and I put my book bag and keys in the locker and put a lock on my locker and someone broke my lock and took my keys and then went to my car and tried to look for stuff in my car but found nothing. My keys are gone but the car is still there and through this whole situation everyone in the gym was sooooooooo helpful! Daynin was very helpful through the whole process he should be promoted to manager because through the whole process we checked the cameras and narrowed it down to two suspects. He help me through this whole situation and I really believe that he should deserve to be manager or at least co manager of the gym!

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Water boy - 21 d 12 h ago

The lifeguard on Sheridan Drive location, Buffalo, NY . Took an aqua fit class and he was on his phone the whole time. His head was down!! 25 of us in the pool and he NEVER looked up from his phone the whole hour. Has happened at other locations. There needs to be a LAW that lifeguards should NEVER be on their phones when anyone is in the pool or they will be fired!

They are hired to WATCH the pool, not their phones.

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Anonymous - 23 d 9 h ago

the locker room is a pig sty No janitorial staff 24 hour fitness hear I come

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David Battaglia - 27 d 10 h ago

I am currently a member of la fitness I have been since the location in buffalo ny on elmwood Avenue opened i have a complaint about the basketball gym there have been numerous incidents in where either the window for the gym have been damaged each time the window is not fixed for as long as a month which to me is totally ridiculous this location does not have the same distance from the actually court to the door where the damage is done i think that it would b a good idea to remove the glass and put some kind of plexiglass or different material a because this will happen again and b someone will b hurt more than likely at this rate my main concern is for the safety of members including myself but also the time it takes to repair the windows each time I pay 29.99 a month I expect to get my full months worth thank u for your time

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Anonymous - 26 d 6 h ago

We had the worst experience at another San Antonio Huebner and Babcock location run by extremely unprofessional (more concerned about texting and drinking his smooths) let's not interrupt him and very bad attitude Personnel. One being the manger of membership named Hunter. Trainer Mgr JC and Operational Aaron and there very special janitor service Maria. What ashame this is how you allow your team to treat customer. You get what you pay for poor service.

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Anonymous - 26 d 7 h ago


I have been la fitness member since 2010 and never had I experience such bad customer service at la fitness in San Antonio Texas , loop 1604 area. Not only multiple complaints of broken machines fell on deaf ears but their new manager Evan Neal is one of the most unfit manager. He Lacks capability of understanding client's requests and has bad customer service. I would. It recommend joining this gym and please avoid this La fitness location for their poor customer service

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Bevin - 53 d 12 h ago


Got conned into getting the personal training sessions. Canceled after 3 days as stated in the contract. Has been over a month since I have received my refund. Was charged again for a second month. This is just ridiculous. Do not go to the Pearland East location ever!!!

The facility is nice, love the classes. Its just dealing with Brandon H was a nightmare!!

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Nettie - 28 d 13 h ago


I am a member at LA Fitness,lnl 900 Eden Circle, New Castle, De 19720. I started Spinning since it was open, I was told the classes on Sunday and Friday would no longer be available. Wow this is the reason why I joined and others. The instructors were very good and reliable. We also had a group that was very consistent and happy with the spinning program. Now since this occurred we are thinking about leaving the LA Fitness and joining the Planet fitness Club since there is limited Spin Classes at LA Fitness. Why stay at your facility and pay more

when I can go and pay less money at another facility nearby. We really enjoyed the spin classes that was convenient. Please consider bringing those classes back on schedule.

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Jay - 29 d 6 h ago


I was told by at two different LA Fitness locations that to put a hold on my account all I would need to do is put the hold on before the monthly billing date (15th). I waited until the 14th in case I would happen to want to swing by. I told the girl on the phone that I wanted to place my account on hold. She said only her manager could do that and would leave her a note. Lo and behold, the next day I see a charge on my Visa for the monthly fee AND the "yearly" fee. Well, I found out two things after calling a different location: 1) Apparently there is a $10 fee for a hold AND 2) I was told holds need to be made 5 days before the billed day. So, now I've been charged $32.99 + $53.90 when I was planning to make the transition to a price break through my insurance which would have been done before these charges if I had been given correct information! I will stop tonight in person and see what is to be done. I always suspected LAF might be a circus act based on the average age of the employees... We will see if I start my social media rampage against LAF after I meet with them tonight. I'm sure I will be told that there isn't a manager there. I'm taking you down with me LAF if you don't handle this right!

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Claire Butler - 30 d 7 h ago

Hello, I am a member of LAFitness and enjoy the workouts each time I am in the gym but recently I was charged an amount of $52.00, a maintenance fee, I was not aware of. I joined earlier this year and was never told about that fee. I know you feel that "well you signed the contract, so that's too bad" I must say if this the way you conduct business, you are going to have problems because I was told by one of your employees that it happens all the time. I don't mind paying the fee it's just that I should have been told about it. Now I know your employees don't bother to tell new members so they can recruit new people. It's a shame, really a shame, that in this day of other problems, your employees don't care about the hard -working consumer. I'm very,very disgusted with this procedure.

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