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LA Fitness

2600 Michelson Drive #300
Irvine, CA
(909) 392-1063
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Randy Grant - 2 d ago



I have been a member of LAFitness for many years. I am letting you know that conditions at this club are not acceptable. 3825 N Federal Hwy has several issues.

1. For the first time I entered the men's sauna today. It was the nastiest, dirtiest, smelliest excuse for a sauna EVER! The floors were extremely dirty with brown crud. The mats were filthy and old. The smell was a mixture of urine and body odor. The wood benches are rotting. The entire thing should be ripped out and completely replaced! There were also 2 showers out of commission in a very busy gym. That's after just repairing several other showers that took days to complete.

2. There are several treadmills that do not work properly. They are extremely rusty and old.

3. The water coolers also need replacing with brand new coolers. The one upstairs has had a "scheduled for repair" sign on it for months!

4. There are only 3 small stretching mats in a very crowded and busy gym. It used to have 3 larger mats before the remodel.

5. It is never monitored by staff. The weights are left all over the place. Trash is also a problem, with shredded paper towels dropped by members all over the place. There should be announcements made regularly. Such as: 1. Please re rack your weights after use. 2.Limit texting, and be courteous to fellow members. 3. Please limit your aerobic exercise machine usage to 20 minutes when members are waiting. ETC....ETC...

Basically it is every man for himself many days!

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Anonymous - 3 d 23 h ago

Your policy on personal training sessions doesn't take in to account people that live in two locations

And sometimes are not able to use up all their sessions that they have paid for - then they expire

And they lose those remaining sessions . Poor customer service . Lost 7 sessions last year and will

Lose some this year. Need to be re-evaluated.

Richard Sher

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robin - 3 d 6 s ago


I recently went to the club in Lake Zurich, IL. The lights & ceiling over the whirlpool were leaking so bad it seemed like it was raining there. When it was mentioned to the staff they said the roofers were called. In the meantime, you could see the ceiling buckling & water dripping out of all the light fixtures. Even the mural on the wall was coming off due to water running down the wall. It's very unsafe & the staff didn't seem concerned. When members are hurt, maybe they'll take more notice.

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NICOLE - 5 d ago



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JH - 6 d 21 h ago


This review is about LA Fitness in Johns Creek, GA

Deongelo, the master trainer would be only nice until you get to sign up for training. He would promise things that he wouldn't keep, just to make you sign-up. He said as if PT session will be held once a week so I thought 6 months will be 24 PT training session but it was only 20 on the contract. I found it later because he self-signed my contract and didn't explain these things in details. Changing or canceling process is a little confusing. But instead of explaining it to me he was just so defensive. Please be careful when you sign up for PT and be sure to put everything on the contract what he promises to you. Otherwise he would not keep it. Do not let it happen for him to self-sign your contract. There is no one else to bring the problem in the office. That's why the customer service is not improving there. I'll contact Corporate office and let them know as Deongelo said I can do whatever when I ask for an apology.

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BREE - 6 d 3 h ago


I love your Fitness Center, LA Fitness. Unfortunately lately in the Female locker rooms, the Sauna's have become like social clubs without rules and regulations. If you come to work out and you want to relax in the sauna, should you have to listen to someone have a full loud conversation on their cellular phone? I work full time and go to a variety of La Fitness Locations in the evening. Almost every time I go in the Sauna someone is talking on their phone. For example your: Broad Street Columbus OH, New Albany Hamilton Road, Graceland Columbus OH, and Polaris Westerville OH locations. The Management at all of these locations act like they can't do ANYTHING to put a stop to the rude behavior of the member. Can you have a sign put in all saunas? Can someone make sure a female staff member can go into the sauna and ask the member to talk outside the locker room? Something has to be done. I see members walk out in anger when someone is talking on their phone. I know people talk and have conversations in the sauna. I just don't understand why they should be allowed to talk on their cell phones especially when other members come in and want to relax and not hear a full blown out conversation. Please Help!

Thank you,


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me - 7 d 19 h ago


Corporate needs to send someone to observe 2 instructors who teach body works plus abs at /the Crossroads club in Federal Way Washington...I have been a loyal member for years and can tolerate almost everyone..but these 2 gals need some more training..Seriously when we come in to the class there is so much mumbling and complaining..we only attend these classes because no others are offered at the times we need to go..They need to be observed from outside the class..just watch and you will see the disorganized classes being taught. they bounce from one body part to the other without knowing what they are doing most of time and neither has any sense of rhythm . which is crucial with this class..Ana spends most of the time telling us what to do(incorrectly) and walks around almost the whole class.never have I seen her do even half of the class...and Lyudmila just goes at her own speed and barks out orders..I am seriously fed up with them both..they need more training..complaints have been made to the fitness director for this area. and nothing has been done or even addressesd. I will take this to the BBB if nothing is done..I pay my dues and expect to be taught a decent class...thanks for your time and hope you do what you are supposed to be doing..

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Concerned Customer - 8 d 18 h ago


Can corporate please do a "surprise visit" at the Hilliard, OH branch? It's disgustingly dirty! There has been a bottle cap, in the same place, under the bench in the sauna for months upon months! And in that same sauna, trash in the back corner, months upon months! If the floor isn't being swept, then I'm sure the rest isn't getting cleaned in there, and that's disgusting! Hair is left in the showers, everywhere, again disgusting! Carpets never look swept, front doors always full of handprints and fingerprints. (Maybe pay the front desk people to keep the front doors wiped down. It is flu season.) The place is losing it's appeal.

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Johana - 10 d 7 m ago


Yesterday January 16, 2020 I went to LA Fitness 3301 SW 22nd Street Miami, FL 33145 to see the rates and Yoli (Cuban sales girl) took me to her office to ask me some questions. After 5 minutes I was there talking with her, Johan (new sales guy) walked in and when she finished asking me some questions she had to leave to pick up her kid at school so she left me with Johan. He gave me a took of the facility, he talked about the classes they offer and he showed me some machines. When he was done giving me the tour, we went back to the office and he started talking about the rates. The rates he offered me were not the ones I saw on the website the day before. I told him that I was interested in the offer I saw online for $49 Initiation fee and $29.99 monthly payment. Johan said they had that offer two weeks ago but I told him I saw that offer yesterday "Jan. 15th, 2020" and he said he was going to talk to the General Manager "Carlos (Venezuelan)" to see what he could do. Carlos came into the office a minute later "without Johan" and he said he was going to give me the offer I saw ($49.99 initiation fee + $29.99 monthly payment + multi states locations meaning that I could go to any LA Fitness in the US). I said, ok perfect I'll take the deal. When Carlos left the office, Johan came back inside and I was looking at the computer screen the customers have to see the membership details and prices and I noticed on the membership type it said Easy Start - Single State Instead of MULTI STATE and I showed Johan. Johan turned the customer screen off and he was looking at his screen "me thinking he was making the changes" then Yoli and Carlos came back in into the office and they were talking to me about the gym, etc. Johan asked me for my credit card to finish my membership and after we were done he gave me a copy of the agreement and I left. 15 minutes after I left LA Fitness I noticed Johan never changed the membership type so I went back and asked the front desk girl to call Carlos, she told me he was busy then I told her to call Johan since he made the mistake of the membership type. He came outside all serious (while he was super nice when he was talking about the rates and giving me the tour) and I told him what has happened. Johan went back inside and 2 minutes later Yoli came outside to tell me that the ONLY guys that could made the changes was super busy at the moment (Carlos the General Manager never came outside) and I said that it was ok that I could wait. Yoli said ok, give him a few minutes. 5 minutes later Yoli came back outside to ask me who came me the agreement because they dont give that to customers and she also told me that the ONLY guy that could make the changes was going to be busy for a while and that after she was done with her shift, she was going to workout at the gym and she was going to make sure the ONLY guy was going to make the changes in the system and that she was going to show me the paper for me to see the charge. I left with a weird feeling was trusting them that they were going to make the changes. An hour after I got home, I received an email from LA Fitness with the membership attached and the membership type is blank (after Yoli said they dont give that to the customers)

This morning 01/17/2020 I called Carlos at 8:48AM to asked him if they made the changes and when the front desk girl transferred me, Carlos picked up the phone and hung up. I called again and I told the front desk girl to transfer me again since the call "dropped" and she said Carlos was busy. I said... oh so he hung up the call then and the front desk girl said "I don't know", "do you want to leave a message?" so I told her that he needs to change the membership type and to please tell him to give me a called. Since he didn't call me within two hours, I called again at 10:37AM and the front desk girl said that he was busy. I said... I called Carlos 2 hours ago and he hasn't returned my called and she said that he's been super busy all morning. This made me super upset and I still haven't received any calls from Carlos the "General Manager". If he doesn't call me before 3pm I am going to go to the gym and cancel my membership.

Why do they offer something they are not going to give the customers???

I don't know if corporate reads these reviews but it is very frustrating and upsetting that just to get your money people are super nice and they offer you things that that's not what they are going to put in your agreement.

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Donte Samuel - 10 d 15 h ago


Today, January 16, 2020 I was working out at my home gym, L A Fitness, at 4015 Shore Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46254, when the manager had the cops called on me, stating I was trespassing. I couldn't figure out how a gym member could trespass where he pays membership at and I have a family membership, for 2 years now. He apparently cancelled my membership, without my knowledge, because the last time I was at the gym, he got mad because he couldn't get his way and threatened to call the cops on me (I'm black) for listening to motivational music, no curse words, RnB.

I asked him if it was a written policy, that I couldn't listen to music playing from my phone, which was in my pocket, which I could only hear if I put it up to my hear, when my hands were free. Mind you several guys in the facility that day and everyday I'm in there play music from big speakers, and women in the yoga area and I've never seen them have a problem. He said it wasn't a policy of the gym nor was it written anywhere. He proceeded to belittle me, then threatened to call the cops that day, but the regional manager advised him not to. He threw a hissy fit and left for the day. I have 3 businesses and a lot of friends/ clients, who witnessed me being escorted out like a criminal, when all I was doing was working out. America has a habit of violating black men's rights and I will fight this until the end in court. They have to understand this will not be tolerated any longer. I never got hostile or violent. A white member was even appalled by the behavior and asked "Are you going to have me arrested for not re-racking weights? It's a written gym policy?"

I will never step foot in another one of their gyms and I advise anybody black to do the same.

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Sean Kim - 10 d 19 h ago


The hot tub (5915 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406) was closed for more than 1 month. I have to call every day if the hot tub is working. Nobody including the manager knows what the problem is and when it will be fixed. The manager has to be trained before they sit down theirs seat and has to know the most of the situations and problems.

Amaranth, the manager told me too confidently "I am here only 2 days ago so I don' know about it, is it make sense? '' She also promised me she would find who knows and call me back but nobody called me. Neglect of duty, No sense of responsibility!

I am 60 years old man and have seen much of life. I am also run a business with facility. Every business has to prepare to fix right away if something goes wrong such as tool or parts. They don't order part and just sit there waiting for them. I even saw the wall clock is one hour out for several months

That's why people say the LA Fitness management is the rope of sand.

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Beth Knicker - 10 d 19 h ago


January 16, 2020

LA Fitness - Naperville

Manager New Member Services

Rt 59 & 95 street

Naperville, IL 60564

I am both shocked and disappointed at your new facility and the unprofessional, unhelpful and unresponsive staff you have in your employ!

I enrolled with your club an estimated 3 months ago. You were offering Pre-Opening specials and what I was told would be the "best rates available". The cost of a joint membership for my husband and myself was $29 Enrollment and $39.98 each Monthly. Based on your employee's assurance that this was the "very lowest price you will ever see" we signed up for your club and if I walked in the first day and didn't care for the facility, I could get a full refund back.

I stopped by today to ask why I wasn't notified that the facility opened and why the membership is much cheaper now. Offering $154 enrollment and a $25 monthly membership (for life). You're also advertising a $49 enrolment fee and $29 monthly available online. I am paying 250% more monthly for your "pre-construction best rates". How is this possible? One more note I brought a friend with me that was interested in signing up and she was so put back by the front desk who didn't even say Hello.

I asked the person at the front desk how it was possible that I was paying MORE than someone who signed up today when I was supposed to be receiving the "best rates" for your pre-construction pricing. He literally shrugged his shoulders and said "do you want me to cancel you?". I said "yes", only to find out upon return to my office that I will not be refunded the $188.96 I've already paid, and your club refused to honor the lower pricing. I haven't even had the opportunity to use a single amenity at your club and I am already frustrated beyond belief and feel cheated.

I am a lifelong Naperville resident and I can tell you our area has an abundance of gyms and clubs that offer competitive amenities. Your local clientele has options when it comes to a place to work out. Orange Theory down the street has the most incredible staff I've ever experienced, Friendly, customer focused and eager to ensure their members are happy. The Kickboxing studio across the street from you makes people feel like they are part of a family. The Planet Fitness in Naperville prides themselves on not cheating their patrons out of money by only charging $10 monthly. As the "newbie" in town, you should take a cue from your competitors and work WITH people rather than offer rude non-answers while you're overcharging them!

I believe I am due a refund of $188.96 and an opportunity to resign at the $25 monthly fee you're currently offered. Had your employees been honest and forthcoming about your offerings, I could have waited and avoided this debacle. I am now forced to take valuable time to try and remedy.

If you value my business and the local Naperville area, I would implore you to do the right thing here.

Please have someone contact me to discuss the situation and any resolution you can offer. I have included my contact information below.

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Regina Dunn - 11 d ago


Hi my name is Regina Dunn I go to the gym located in west Chester Ohio MY member number is QROXCPHKCJM i GET i SIGNED A CONTRACT FOR TRAINING AND iM STUCK WITH THAT CHOICE.

we i SIGNED UP OR THE GYM the trainer persuade me and talked to me about training the man that I met with told me a lot of bull to get me to sign. I told him I had back problems and he told me he was train to help me in that. he said what else will you need help with I stated eating right food oh yes I can help with that he as you look at my account you will see i dont go much because every time I go my back is put to its limits as I tell them they say we are trained for this it will hurt before it gets better... they say well not true im in pain i told them what my doctor says but yet again my back is killing me on my injured side. I guess what im saying is you guy can really hurt and harm people by telling these tails that you are trained for injury's I am so unhappy with my mistake to joy the training classes to say the least it is 160.00 a month that i dont go to.

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Eugenia Fritschie - 11 d 4 h ago


I wanted to write about my sort time at La fitness on Manassas Va on Liberia. I went to the gym as a new member only to be racially insulted by a Hispanic women who didn't think i understood the language. I did bring it to the attention of management who has done nothing. i was told by 2 male managers the issue would be taken care of and they have done nothing. Today was i made to feel uncomfortable by the same lady and whispering comments she and the cleaning lady of the gym which happens to be a friend of hers. This cleaning lady has come to the sauna and opened the door on some of us but yesterday actually turn it off. I'm hurt and disappointed in the lack of professionalism of management at La fitness at this location.

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Jennifer B. - 12 d 22 h ago


My local LA fitness facility closed. Please rebuild a new facility in Bethel Park, PA. Yes, the Bethel Park facility was in bad shape, but we need a new facility in this location. There has been a gym in this location for over 30 years!!!! This is a very busy area and we need a new facility! Please!!!!

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Susan Saunders - 13 d 23 h ago


Huntington station, NY 11746, the exterior of this location is absolutely covered in trash and debris in flower beds and parking lot. Honestly with the volume of membership here you can't tell me there is no $$$ in the budget for landscaping and maintenance of the grounds. Very disappointing every time I come here.

Please speak to the managers about a plan to clean up outside.


A concerned member

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None - 13 d ago


Seems like the managers take off a lot at the jym on east Washington and some staff also. Thankful to the person who opens at 5am pleasant and friendly. Good way to start the day off jym always clean too

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None - 13 d ago


I love going to the location in Indianapolis east Washington very clean and staff is all nice and helpful .Really appreciate the ladie and gentlemen at front desk very nice. Best location for me

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Chris - 13 d ago


I'm a member at LA Fitness,on east Washington in Indianapolis every one is so friendly and nice .The desk person is always polite and doing great with be there to open on time clean jym Keep up the good work guys.Thank you

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Anonymous - 13 d 18 h ago

The music is way too LOUD in the Glendale az location.

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Chester Crerie - 13 d 19 h ago


Worked with Aron Capeloto on becoming a member at your LA Fitness Gym site at 7365 north Via Paseo sel Sur , Scottsdalw Az 85258. McCormick Ranch Site. From Chet Crerie. Overall rated experience with Aron as excellent ,very helpful at explaining exercise routines, and showing me the Gym Layout.I would rate him as an excellent employee.

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shelby - 16 d 17 h ago


I was a member at LA Fitness over 5 years ago... It was a good gym for me at the time, no complaints. For the past 5 years I have been receiving spam emails from them inviting me back, sending me promotions, etc. Everytime I try to unsubscribe there is a problem and the page won't load. Not having the ability to unsubscribe from spam emails is ILLEGAL. Can someone help me with this?

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The symbol of a newly born Christ child! - 38 d 37 s ago


I find it absolutely despicable that local L A Fitness centers in the New York City area have been instructed by their corporate office to NOT display so much as a plain green wreath as decoration to commemorate the Federally recognized Christmas Holiday. As the Holiday has clearly been recognized as promoting good will toward one's fellow man, the failure of L A Fitness to help promote that simple message, is unforgiveable & disgraceful!!!

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Brad - 17 d 12 h ago


its a gym. when you go to church, do you complain that there are no treadmills??

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Tricia - 17 d 16 h ago

Lombard, Illinois -Today Jim at the Lombard, Illinois facility told me that La Fitness does not offer military a discount. It is APPALLING that LaFitness has such a lack of respects for our military men and women who protect our country! These men and women deserve better from LaFitness

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Brad - 17 d 13 h ago


it is appalling that you go through life with that attitude. you must be really insufferable in person.

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