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LA Fitness

2600 Michelson Drive #300
Irvine, CA
(909) 392-1063
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Frustrated & Over-heated - 3 h ago


I am a member of your Rock Hill, SC location and it is so hot in the aerobics room as well as out where the machines are that you can hardly breath. My friends and I have complained to manager numerous times and all they say is that the temp is controlled from the corporate office, which in itself is ridiculous! The heat index here is over 100 degrees! I have had to leave class several times and quit my workout early because I got so dizzy & lightheaded. How hard can it be to let each location control the temperature as needed!!! If saving a few pennies on controlled is more important than your members, then I think it's time to find another place to workout!!

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Geelyn - 1 d 6 h ago

I am a member at your Kearney Mesa San Diego location your restroom are filthy your spin bikes are all disabled and most of all your spin instructor on Monday and Wednesday is the worse he is no show most of the time. la fitness how can I recommend you to people. I don't know if you will hear my complain but please consider investigating your facilities.

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Anonymous - 1 d 20 h ago

Probably the most popular Zumba instructor was let go last week due to him doing his job, and a member getting bent out of shape. The member is threatening a very frivolous law suit after they were going to take away her membership as she was in the wrong. So, they fire him, and let her win. I AM FUROUS, Shelden Balitico was the best, unless he gets his job back, I am out of there, along with many other members.

Fingers crossed he gets an ever better job at 24 hour, or Crunch, or The Y.

fuck you L.A. Fitness and you getto gyms

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LA fitness in UNION is horrible; Constant mistake and misinformation about your membership. They are rude, condesending because at the end of the day they have your money and really don't care about customer service or anything else. The gym has empty bottles and papertowels on the floor on the machine and noone seems to care to pick it up. FIND ANOTHER GYM AND AVOID THE AGGREVATION

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Theresa - 2 d 44 s ago


LA Fitness is HORRIBLE, once they have your money - good luck on contacting a rep to help you with any questions you might have regarding your membership. I have been trying to resolve a matter with a deceased member's refund left on her two year account, and transfer of a membership since April 2019 - it is now August.One represent, Jessica never returned my call after several messages left for her.

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Deborah S Dean - 5 d 48 m ago


I am writing this review in regards to my aqua fit instructor in Poway CA. His name is Dennis. Dennis has been teaching water fitness to seniors for over 20 years. He was recently let go of this position. Since LA Fitness started offering swim classes to kids, it was apparent Dennis and many other members were not happy. So, instead of kids going to local kid friendly swim classes, Dennis is no longer teaching this class in Poway. His class averages 50 - 60 people, 3 days a week. Ages range from 30-80. He has many followers who have been with him for over 10 years. And why is that, he teaches us and trains us as if we were in our 20's. Not in our 50's like almost all of the other instructors do. He has made a huge difference in my health and well being. He doesn't just flounce around and treat us like "old ladies:, he works our muscles, our bones and our hearts. I am at a loss as to what I will do now without him... as all of the other seniors he has helped for years are. Its tragic that "no one", at this company, who is supposed to help people get healthy and stay healthy, would let this person leave, or be fired. I will not continue my membership there if he does not return.

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member - 6 d ago


There are tons of very bad reviews in Yelp as well.

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theresa adams - 22 d ago



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Anonymous - 11 d 3 h ago

Dirty mouth baby..go brush your teeth..cavities are corrosive

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Anonymous - 7 d 7 h ago

unfortunately it gets tired after a while because nobody cares about anything, and i am noticing it's a cross country the same issue, shame on you LA FITNESS

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Anonymous - 7 d 8 h ago


La fitness in kearny Nj it has to be the most disorganized gym that i've ever been to and i am tired of telling the managers there, i guess nobody cares

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Ana - 34 d ago


Hi, this is for LA Fitness in Westwood. I normally go to this location to take their classes. I make time to leave work early so I can attend. On Monday 07/08 the teacher Jackie could not attend. She called the front desk a day before to tell them and they assured her they would find a sub. They did not find a sub nor did they tell the class it was cancelled. Only after I went to the front did I find out it was cancelled.

Same thing happened yesterday 07/17 the zumba teacher Ana called them in the morning to let the front desk know she would not attend. The class was waiting for over 20 minutes before someone went to go check. First they said she did not cancel then later the front desk person a hispanic girl said she did call and cancel and they could not find a sub.

I understand instructors cancel and it's hard to find subs but in both cases the gym was told about it in advance and in addition to not finding a sub they don't even inform the class.

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Anonymous - 11 d 3 h ago

Substitute are always a problem..the clients like the official reliable teacher..always

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Jenn - 14 d 2 h ago


First of all this LA fitness lies to you all the time about memberships and fees. When I joined I was told if I ever got sick because of my rheumatoid arthritis or lupus that I would be able to freeze the account for free with a doctors note. I brought in a note and the lady at the front desk stated that I would have to be almost "Disabled" before I can cancel my personal training sessions which is ludicrous to me. My doctor told me that I could not exercise any longer and I have to be almost disabled? I use to go to the one in north Bergen NJ. It was nice at first once they get you to sign up but then the worse part begins where they fool you into personal sessions which are only 25 minutes once a week and its 200 a month. I need to call corporate and see if I can get this fixed I had to close my bank account because of money issues and now they keep hassling me for half of the subscription for personal training and freezing the account fees. ugh.

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Jack - 14 d 7 h ago


LA Fitness Lake Success if the filthiest place I enter on a regular basis. If I don't spray my body with antifungal, I get jock itch, athletes foot.. the mold is black, slimy orange, everywhere. The machines are all broke. It is just a shame how disgusting this place has become.

I'm out

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Anonymous - 27 d ago


I recently joined the location in Secaucus NJ, and the air conditioning has not been working well. I have been going there for two months, and it is extremely hot when you work out, and a health hazard as I am asthmatic. The showers are extremely filthy, and the hot tub was cold for days.... please have someone look into this asap, as I have invested money into an annual membership, and also personal training sessions for 12 months. If this is not looked into soon I will contact the health department and put in a complaint. I would like to continue to attend this location as it is close to home and all the workers and trainers are very pleasant. Hope this makes a difference. I do see lots of complaints world wide, and this is a huge chain that makes millions with our hard earned money.. Please help!

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JP - 14 d 9 h ago


Don't forget the cockroaches in the ladies locker room. It's a disgrace the way they leave this gym. Trash everywhere , bathrooms disgusting and continually broken. No ac and weight thrown like a bunch of preschoolers were playing. Hot tub and pool with grime around the side - hardly ever open. I don't know why someone doesn't step up and fix it ?

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Sonalee - 16 d 4 h ago


Be aware they literally still from you in your face!!!

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Lelon - 22 d 4 h ago


Location: 327 Montrose Ave, Laurel, MD., 20707

The cycle zone room the speakers are not working. They been out for at least six weeks. It's very disappointing to the cycle zone at 5:45am and no music. Please fix the speakers.

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Dawn S. - 23 d 3 h ago


I joined LA Fitness here on Staten Island May of 2018.

I can go to any of the three locations with the membership I have .

My husband and my nephew signed up also under my plan so they can use the basketball courts.

Since I have joined the pool in green ridge was closed for 5 months. Now the hot tub is out for an undisclosed time period.

At the travis location the hot tub has also now been out for over two weeks along with the basketball courts.

I am wasting my money, $ 120 a month on all these amenities that I can not even use.

I could pay $ 106 at the YMCA and my whole family including my children can go.

I am extremely disappointed with this place and ready to take my business elsewhere.

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praveenkumar devireddygari - 26 d ago


They charge you logically, If you are more logical than them you good to join otherwise don't prefer LA fitness.

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Kim - 34 d 9 h ago


I signed up my son and explained to the trainer manager that I could only afford $200.00 a month. They have been charging me $360.00 a month.

I have called and spoke with the club manager, with the trainer manager, called corporate. Next step is BBB and the states attorneys office.

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CR - 26 d 4 h ago

I am having similar issues with being charged. It has been a disaster trying to get any resolution! Did calling corporate help at all?

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Anonymous - 28 d ago


Windward parkway in Alpharetta Georgia location Kyle the supposedly general manager is a bigot and a racist! This gym will get sued very soon..

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Scumbags at club ... - 28 d 17 h ago

At Johns Creek, GA gym, there are a few lowlife bullies and sociopaths that harass new members. The primary nutjob is a lowlife named Steve Call that actually works for L A Fitness, the virus is an uneducated punk that demeans and belittles members that are fitter and more attractive that his fat, bald headed body delivers. What's really sick, he has cultivated a few friends ( some jokes named Carey and Joshua) that go along with the harrassment, ridiculous accusations, stalking, and demeaning language that makes people uncomfortable. Someone in upper management needs to remove this scumbag and his group of bullies.

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