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Mayo Clinic Hospital

5777 E Mayo Blvd
Phoenix, AZ
Thomas Bour
(480) 515-6296
(480) 342-2525
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J - 2 y ago


Company is about profits, not helping people.

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BEE - 144 d 4 h ago


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Anonymous - 176 d ago


They will not let you see regular doctors unless it's a surgical issue but other than that you would only be able to see physicians assistants

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Mary - 1 y ago

Mayo should NOT be rated #1 as they do no provide excellent care, and certainly not a caring staff of doctors.

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Megan - 2 y 123 d ago


I live in prairie du chien, Wisconsin. I have gone to the mayo clinic for many different problems. For both my pregnancies that ended in miscarriages and I was told multiple times everything was fine and I was faking my symptoms. I called yesterday and gage been trying to make a appointment fir 2 days now and no one will call me back. I've been treated very poorly and been told I'm faking and or just trying to get pain medicine. I hate talking medicine if I dont have to. I'm sick and tired of being treated like crap and that I don't matter!

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William R. Graham - 5 y ago


My wife, Miriam Graham, was referred to Mayo in Jacksonville by Dr Carlos Isalas, and endocrinologist with the Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA with Cushings Disease he referred her to Mayo. She saw Dr Victor Bernet 1 time. He was provided with all the medical history on her and this condition along with images of a PET, CT and MRI. Dr Bernet ordered additional test which we provided. He called her on the 12th of Jan she returned his call on the 13th of Jan and they made contact at about 2 today. He basically said: "I have 25 years experience and can find nothing wrong with you" in so many words. When various prior blood, urine, etc test indicated Cushing caused by the adrenal glands plus she has all the physical appearance of Cushings. We are baffled.

This is not professional. We request a non biased medical review of her records and the "nothing I can do for you" recommendation that Dr. Bernet gave her today over the phone (We live at Saint Simons Island, GA - about 80 miles away from Mayo).

There is something wrong with Dr. Bernet - to see her only 1 time have ALL the test, records, etc. plus her initial Cushing Disease referral by another endocrinologist plus having all the Cushings physical symptoms. My wife is suffering - she has a real problem and Dr. Bernet offered no solution - just "go away"

William R. Graham (husband)

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