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O K Foods Inc

P.O. BOX 1787
Fort Smith, AR
Collier Wenderoth
Chairman of the Board
(479) 783-4186
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Supervisor X - 128 d 11 h ago


Ok Foods has been a pretty good place to work for a few years. It's been a while since Shane Eisman Asshole was the plant manager. We had two really good plant managers that followed. Amy and Ross. Then they bring in Jeffery Flowers what the fuck happened there Arrogant doesn't listen to anyone walks off when your talking to him and never wrong asshole. If you would listen you might understand why all this shit is falling apart and running like shit.

It's not that hard to listen to your supervisors and superintendents and employees and not be an asshole all the time. The best day we had was the day you didn't show up...

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RS - 124 d 3 h ago

And he's homophobic as hell

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Supervisor X - 121 d 12 h ago


We learn more and more everyday what it takes to make upper management "plant manager Jeff Flowers" happy we all see it everyday you have to be just like him fake to your face and asshole stab you in the back as you walk away... He even has Superintendents acting just like him.. laugh and cut up and turn around and cuss him. Lmao he just wants his ass kissed and balls cradled

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Guess who - 76 d 19 h ago

Supervisor X given the time line and the past plant managers you have named that leaves on a few supervisors left to pick from if I had to guess who you are I would say you got promoted after Shane and before Ross was here so that leaves one guy

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Supervisor X - 75 d 4 h ago

Guy? Maybe I am a transexual alcoholic like Jeff

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Anonymous - 42 d 6 h ago

I am the guy promoted in that time period and I'm damn sure not supervisor X...

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Plant 1 employee - 50 d 14 h ago

is it true they sent the plant 2 shift manager to days because he is sleeping with that plant 1 lady? I think her name is Khem or something like that. I would always see him in plant 1 with a bag she would drop off for him in the supervisors office.

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Blehhhh - 76 d 8 h ago

Guadalupe Savage needs to stop thinking she is better than everyone when she use to work under Veronica De Len and hoe around with married man like her daughters.

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Why act white when your not - 57 d 5 h ago


Guadalupe Savage is Veronica De Leon from a few years back. Her husband hates Mexicans yet he is married to one who used to work here with fake papers.

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Anonymous - 55 d 18 h ago

When is it my turn

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Ted the Bear - 69 d 17 h ago

The nightshift HR supervisor is crazy hot.

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Let me mash - 69 d 16 h ago

She got a fat ass!!!!!! Looks like she can take a DICK!

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The people - 68 d 4 h ago

That's probably cathys own comment to make her hoes look a little better

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So true - 57 d 5 h ago

Hahaha swearrrrr!!! She is soo sad

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Outside observer - 65 d ago

I have no interest in any of you, or the BS you are putting on here, but please learn to write correctly instead of typing like you speak, it shows your ignorance.

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Wow - 66 d 19 h ago

What's up with this girl getting her hand smashed in machine and the nurse wasn't even allowed to call her an ambulance she was bleeding everywhere and had to go in a cab and wait an hour for it to get her with her fingers mangled the nurse said corporate woukdnt let her go with famiky or by ambulance she had to wait fir a cab the nurse was mad and said someone name carol said she could not call an ambulance

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I already hit it - 68 d 19 h ago


She gave it up to me , all I did was ask her to drink with me she's easy not really that good either , head game crazy tho and all you have to do is find Alyssa some one she can suck on and you'll be in the clear

After you fuck she will let you miss how many every days you want without a point !! But if you get a girl after she will fuck you over and put all ur points in

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Show us - 68 d 17 h ago

Pics or it didn't happen

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An employee who has better matters to address - 68 d 13 h ago


Jayla Crotch everybody knows it's you posting this. Stop being hateful because your man was obviously interested in another female. You didn't give it to him right so he had to go find it elsewhere. Funny how you think you know what happened between them but you don't. So please keep your nasty comments to yourself because only you care what happened between them. As for the rest of we don't give a fuck.

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#yeahright - 68 d 13 h ago

Since you so bad what's your name? I mean you already told the rest of the details why not just give us a name?

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Anonymous - 77 d 16 h ago

Ok foods is full of cheaters lol people married at home

But single at work lol

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Ted the Bear - 69 d 18 h ago

Mind your own business

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Anonymous - 78 d 11 h ago

Is no one going to talk about the lady that falls asleep on the line on night shift rehang? I think her name is Alex King. Every fucking day? What's going on, and how has she been there 10 years? Is everyone blind, stupid, or in on it? Fort Smith location.

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Anonymous - 78 d 4 h ago

I heard she is homeless. She got narcolepsy or something? I never knew it was okay to sleep at work especially near moving machinery.

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Anonymous - 75 d 11 h ago


I agree if she gets to sleep on the line I would like to as well. If she's got a sob story, I got one to!

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