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O K Foods Inc

P.O. BOX 1787
Fort Smith, AR
Collier Wenderoth
Chairman of the Board
(479) 783-4186
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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James - 1 d 6 h ago


Could somebody please look into the smoke breaks that cathey Mathis in muldrow is getting seems 4 packs a day

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Come at me bro! - 5 d 10 h ago

Fuck you jeff! I'll park where I want.

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You know it's true - 60 d 22 h ago

Anaika Selena Moreno needs to stop hiving blow jobs in the parking lot.

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Haha - 14 d ago

Sidney shut up

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You already know - 16 d ago


When the nurse sends you home because you temperature is 104.00 and you go to the hospital and they tell you that tested positive for coronavirus . Thanks to ok foods there is to many damn people in there if I got sick and it all started at work everyone is going to get sick

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Reedlane - 20 d 16 s ago

Soooo who else fucking in this plant?

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ShoulderCuttingKing - 20 d ago


Heard your mom was pretty good.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 24 d 6 h ago

Pathetic just pathetic. Tyler the superintendent screamed and yelled at four of us women yesterday. While David the plant manager stood beside him smiling. We go to hr report it and find out the hr supv is his girlfriend. She just called him and told him and they laughed. Tyler and David are just like Jeff. OK foods has allowed their company to go down the drain with managers screwing workers. Managers screwing managers. Managers belittling people in front of everyone. Then they wonder why no one stays.

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Someone that do not like troublemakers - 27 d ago

Someone really needs to look into the maintenance department and see why one little girl is getting all this overtime is sad how your trying to talk about somebody's life when your life is all fuck up Lydia look diaper booty get your life together first before you try to talk about somebody and whatever shyt you are taking I definitely want some cuz bitch you lost so much weight it just ain't funny old stank mouth hoe

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Sick of the rumors and gossip - 30 d 12 h ago

It's funny how the second shift wolf operator sits in that office gossiping about everyone's business talking about and worrying about who sleeps with who all the while she is sleeping around while married and and had to have a abortion cus the baby wasn't the guy she is married to who she still lives with she needs to come to work and just do her job and stop worrying about everyone else's life when your own life is shit do your job you don't get paid to gossip

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 27 d 6 h ago

Well my name is Latrice Henry I do not gossip about anybody cuz I give two fux about what you bytch do it ok Foods the sad part about it is you speaking on something you do not know about the reason I got an abortion at the time I do not eat any more children in my life but that's my choice bytch not yours you know where I am you know where I work so stop hide behind the anonymous put a name on it because I'm not scared of you. And u know this and I Know Who You Are when I see you Olga I got you

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Anonymous - 27 d 3 h ago

This is rumors and gossip. Look like u need some business. Because this is sad for u to think u are doing something by trying to put this woman business out she can do what she want with her body who are you to judge her she do not have to explain anything to anybody

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Tired of these sad hoes at OK food - 27 d ago

To whoever wrote this post You need your ass kicked talking about that woman decisions who are you to judge her and what she does that just shows what type of person you are and if you know Trice like I know Trice then you know her children is her world and she will fuck you up.

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XOXO. - 27 d 38 m ago

It look like the person who wrote this post need to worry about the dicks they sucking to get all this overtime how do she get to park inside the fence this bytch work in the part room just imagine how many more supervisors she done kenny maintenance mr. Stacy maintenance manager Josh superintendent Brian Mayes superintendent and it look like she bringing Tommy G food everyday now speak on that. Before you go for my friend count your own bones in your closet bytch. Because it look like you got a couple

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Mrs Latrice Henry - 27 d 5 h ago

Okay I see how we got to do this since you feel you want to try to put my business out let's see about yours Olga Lidia when you was a lead and plant one cooler you feel you wanted to fucking everybody how about the superintendent on night shift you were fucking at the time how about the maintenance manager your fucking now how about the maintenance supervisor your fucking now don't put my business out there we're about that husband you ain't got no more oh yeah and all them damn kids you got to I'm not the one bytch you know I give two fux about losing my job but seeing you and your fucking face don't make me fuck you up so I'm going to say this one more time keep my name out your fucking mouth now run tell that

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Little Monkey - 74 d 49 s ago

Lora Hood went from supervisors to all maintenance department. Really wonder how she does it?

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She got that STD - 45 d 19 h ago

You haven't notice? Lora a HOE! She'll fuck anybody with a nickel in their pocket. She even fucked the Q.A. Sidney. Lora is like blunt. Loras pussy belongs to anybody and everybodies.

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That girl got some to tight ass pussy - 30 d 12 h ago

That's cus she has some really good pussy iv been all up in it and still get all up in it

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Plant manager - 30 d 18 h ago

If y'all have something to say y'all can leave this plant . Don't be a coward behind a post come to me about me ! I run this place. Most of reedlane is in the office telling on everyone. How y'all have parking lot party's and smoke in the parking lot on breaks. I'm about to cut down on that. Drug testing is about to start y'all had y'all fun it's time to get this place back in shape

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QC - 33 d 4 h ago

Everybody fucking everybody in this hoe!

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Reedlane - 33 d 6 h ago

Fucking crackheads!!!

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Supervisor X - 41 d 4 h ago


Ok Foods has been a pretty good place to work for a few years. It's been a while since Shane Eisman Asshole was the plant manager. We had two really good plant managers that followed. Amy and Ross. Then they bring in Jeffery Flowers what the fuck happened there Arrogant doesn't listen to anyone walks off when your talking to him and never wrong asshole. If you would listen you might understand why all this shit is falling apart and running like shit.

It's not that hard to listen to your supervisors and superintendents and employees and not be an asshole all the time. The best day we had was the day you didn't show up...

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RS - 36 d 20 h ago

And he's homophobic as hell

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Supervisor X - 34 d 5 h ago


We learn more and more everyday what it takes to make upper management "plant manager Jeff Flowers" happy we all see it everyday you have to be just like him fake to your face and asshole stab you in the back as you walk away... He even has Superintendents acting just like him.. laugh and cut up and turn around and cuss him. Lmao he just wants his ass kissed and balls cradled

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Reedlane employees - 36 d 5 h ago

Check this out if anybody got anything to say about Amy come say it to my face. Ain't nobody going miss Ok Foods. They did me a favor by firing me. I had a job the next day so keep your broke ass mouth shut. Go suck a dick and eat ass like you always do

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