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O K Foods Inc

P.O. BOX 1787
Fort Smith, AR
Collier Wenderoth
Chairman of the Board
(479) 783-4186
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Quit lying to your employees - 23 d ago

Sorry ass company that hires you and promises so much vacation and so many personal days then takes them away without even telling you. They say oh we don't give those anymore sorry. Shouldn't you let the people know that your taking away benefits? Your people work for the few benefits that you promised them. Most decietful company that I have ever seen.

General profile image - 32 d 18 h ago

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Totally screwed - 32 d 18 h ago

I hope you know why your nurses in fort smith are both leaving. You hired a worthless supervisor named Bretttney Maynard and she refuses to help at all. She never answers her phone and only works 9 to 5 Monday thru Friday which she makes well known throughout. She instructs new nurses to call other nurses instead of her. Now she expects us to take call 7 days a week 24 hours a day at fort smith where production and employees are 20 times the size of heavener and muldrow. They will never be able to sleep agsin. That will be the company's liability when someone gets hurt or killed. She is a worthless individual that has brought nothing but chaos. Now her boyfriend Zachary darden was brought in by her through prn and she is not even going to hire anyone to replace second shift until he can hire on him after his 1000 hours through prn. That would mean only two of us for the on call for 6 months. What a worthless individual. What a waste of ok foods money to pay some one like her to do nothing. We thought she was brought on to help but she does nothing

I guess her and her boyfriend can find other fools to do that when we are gone

In the mean time he makes more an hour than us to sit back and call us in

Sounds like easy money for him and brettney. Fyi many many times that nurse office is locked without a nurse at all and she still sets at corporate knowing that and will not come down and run it.

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Anonymous - 41 d ago

Kenny Pham you wanna go around talking shit to your woman about someone you don't even have a clue about all because you are jealous and I have done more for her and her son then you ever will and that just makes you jealous and insecure your useing her and she deserves better then you I'm not jealous she left me and went back to you she will see what you really are after you get done using her your a Supervisor you have no right talking shit about someone since we all work in the same place I'm there to do a job and that's it. You don't know me or my life so keep your mouth shut about me and worry about doing your job and not so much who your girl talks to she is my friend and will always be even if she isn't with me she is still my friend and I will talk to her and I will see her and if you have a problem with it then say it to my face and stop telling your girl lies about me trust me it only makes you look like a insecure little boy and a complete dumbass so start acting like a Supervisor because I don't think it was in your job description to talk shit about people at work

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Good bye - 65 d 16 h ago

The CEO of the company portrays himself as an asset to the city of Fort Smith by offering employment to under educated and less fortunate. What he doesnt tell is that people are made to slave long hours for minimum wage in difficult and often torturous jobs. People that have worked for ten or more years get less vacation time than a crack head off the streets today. Especially since they no longer do pre-employment drug screening. He jeopardizes all of his loyal employees safety by doing that. Many more are leaving. Everyone that stood by him is looking for another job now. He said he promotes from within but hires someone off the streets and puts them doing the same job as you only pays them more and gives them more vacation than you. Then tells you to train them. Administrative positions are notorious for this as well. Its a travesty to finally realize you are not valued at all.

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Anonymous - 116 d 21 h ago

It looks to me like someone is trying to create a diversion

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?????? - 69 d 15 h ago


This wasnt a diversion, if you work there you know you dont get paid.... every single department is underpaid every last one hell even the supervisors and superintendents dont make shit. They are dropping like flies. You blame supervisors and superintendents for the retention as far as hourly employees go.... but tell me this, who do you blame when now its its supervisors, and superintendents leaving? Someone please tell me...... you have lost 1 superintendent, 2 supervisors and still counting..... you lost your production clerk, who is to blame? Not new hires, you're losing people who have been there for years and years. What is it going to take?.?.?.?.?.? Everyone quitting the company all at once is probably thr only thing that will open your eyes.

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Its not about getting it. Its about keeping it. - 75 d 38 s ago

The lack of education at OK Foods is quite obvious. I hope that whomever posted that last comment is not in a position where they are expected to speak, write or type. If they are then I will pray for your company. This however does go to prove the old saying is true. #yougetwhatyoupayfor.

This company places all of its emphasis on acquiring new hires. It places no value into retaining the current employees. They have focused so much on the new hires that people that have been with that company for years have decided to leave. They are made to feel that they offer no value. My advice is this " If you want to keep your new hires prove to them what they have to look forward to."

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Wish i could shake your hand. - 69 d 15 h ago


I hope you work for OK Foods! If every single person who works there had half you mindset the company would no choice but to stop and listen. The theory is this the lines out there can run without management, the people who are happy dont stay for the pay, etc. The line workers, the QA team, the shipping department all hourly paid employees are who make it possible for upper management to get paid. Treat these people like you appreciate them instead of the revolving door this company. You treat them as if they are just a dime a dozen, 1 out 1 in tomorrow. You want to improve retention raise the pay and learn how to be a family oriented company. Dont pretend to care actually care. Celebrate the ones pushing 20 years in that hell hole, 25 hell 35. Give them raises. If you give a little you will be amazed by how much you get in return.

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What is this world coming to when it makes more since to do away with pre-employment drug screens, than to give the workers a raise in pay? Your so desperate to have an influx of new hires right? What for? Rentention this rentention that. Those people wont be here long. The ones who dont hurt themselves or someone else will realize, why do this slave job when i can go there, work less and make more. Appreciate your employees! The ones who have been with the company for 21 years, 26 years. Tommy G 35 years invested with that company. Have you offered him raise? 200% turnover. What a joke. Pay more money, rather you wanna listen or not M O N E Y is IS IS IS IS THE DAMN PROBLEM!

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The Real Jasmine Grande - 72 d 17 h ago

Latrice it isn't me. I haven't worked there in 3 months nor do I have any clue what's been going on there. Whoever hiding behind my name a pussy ass bitch (:

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ILOVEOKFOODS - 74 d 18 h ago


What up Latrice ? Where is the line stopped at ? Is it the one legger line one ? Or are you too busy trying to figure out who is screw-ing who today ???? (=

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Latrice Henry - 73 d 17 h ago

Please keep my name out your Mouth you want to talk about me I'm doing my job don't get mad because I do my job probably Better than you do yourself if you want to see me im the wolf operator in the Control room now one Legger line 4. You love ok foods? Put your name you weren't afraid to put mine on here, don't call me out when your to coward to put your name down.....

General profile image

Jasmine - 73 d 16 h ago

*you're you used the incorrect your in your last statement. =) I'm not sure if you can perform your job better than me if you don't have basic grammar skills.

General profile image

Latrice Henry - 73 d 15 h ago

Well jasmine I do not play Kid games. So as a grown ass woman Keep my name out your mouth I do not care about any one at ok food Do not care who they sleep with Look like to me you still using a fake name but it's OK if you scared you scared good day to you

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Mineyourownfuckingbuiness - 75 d 11 h ago


Look here you anonymous MFers! All y'all MFers grown with kids & shit. It's obvious that this bitch that supposedly went to Simmons but still works here lmfao.. smfh.. didn't come to work, quit being so fucking nosey. It's obvious that you dont work if you have that much time to find out all that nonsense or make it up which ever one it maybe. Quit hating hoe and stay in yo lane. If you worried about yourself as much as you're worried about all these people around you, shit you'd probably be the damn plant manger or some shit. Stuff like this happens everywhere Except in this situation we have your hating ass putting down employees and ok foods management. You think you know something but you don't know shit your just talking out your ass. Wish I could find out who posted that nonsense about superintendents, supervisors, & QA. I'd take ya to town & mop that damn parking lot with yo ass. I wouldn't be fucked up about losing my job if I could do that to yo childish ass. You grown b*tch act like it. Anyways enough of that back to my experience at ok foods. It's great I like my job on second shift ok foods treats you good. Peace out! Love this place. ^_^

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Anonymous - 76 d 16 h ago

I agree this place was a joke to work for Jeanette plant 1 supervisor is pregnant by the maintenance supervisor Vollie cut up lead doesn't know who her baby's daddy is Anaika plant 2 QA is sleeping with the maintenance lead and QA supervisor Lora chiller operator in plant 1 is not only sleeping with Kenny the maintenance guy but has been with every QA guy on night shift plant 1 and Reed Lane not to mention most of refrigeration and every male lead in Reed Lane and Josh Reed Lane superintendent Plant 1 QA techs on night shift everyone of them is too busy sitting in the office or out in the parking lot smoking weed to even have a clue what's going on I quit because I got tired of seeing people useing their position of power to give special treatment to those under them that spread their legs for them mean while hard work means nothing if you don't sleep with someone above you guy or girl it's sad to see people work hard just to get passed over for something they deserve for it to be given to someone that will put out Simmons is a lot better place to work at then Ok foods was

General profile image

Anonymous - 77 d ago


This place is a joke it's no wonder they are losing money when most of your management is to busy sleeping with employees Kenny night shift maintenance supervisor plant 1 is to busy following lora the chiller operator around like a puppy dog meanwhile baggers go to hell in cutup Ben the superintendent of plant 1 is to busy talking to his new little Mexican girlfriend while the whole process goes out of control Justin Weaver plant 2 QC supervisor plays favorite's with 2 young girls under him even dating one and allowing the other one that follows him around to leave hrs at a time on the clock Mark and Jennifer plant 2 supervisor's are sleeping with each other and every lead and supervisor in Reed Lane is sleeping with someone under them and allowing them special treatment the place has went to hell because everyone with a position of power is useing it to their advantage instead of focusing on the job at hand meanwhile your average employees are over worked and under paid yes this place sucked to work at

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Alex Vansouphet - 80 d 20 h ago


My experience so far has been wonderful. As a QA on second shift in Reed Lane the nights can be long and cold, but overall I enjoy the work and the associates I've made friends with.

General profile image

Lester Sanders - 98 d 15 h ago


I turned in my badge after working at O K Foods for a little over 10 years. I am 62 and I was trying to work there until I was 65. Supervisors and the superintendent disrespected almost everyday. I was a machine operator. They would go out of there way to make me shovel chicken or put me on the line all day. While new hires walk around like supervisors. I feel like I was forced out because of my age. Also the Co2 level was so high that it would make me sick and I would have to go home before my shift was done. I feel that I wasted 10 years of my life.

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#gethelpnow - 109 d 16 h ago

You know you are going to hell. Your predators and you cannot even deny that.

General profile image

#weallneedjesus - 109 d 17 h ago


Sounds like Brian Mayes and Christian should be together since they are both creepy perverts and maybe with their sexual addictions they will both finally be satisfied...after all christian looks like he is right around the age that Brian prefers.

Call 1 (hidden) if you are a sex addict and need help.

General profile image

Anonymous - 109 d 16 h ago

Really?? Are you struggling for something real to say? According to you Brian likes young Babes.....not boys and how.can you even post anything like that and use Jesus in your hash tag? You're probably going straight to hell

General profile image

Anonymous - 110 d ago

I agree as well. Christian makes us feel uncomfortable. Whats wrong with that dude?

General profile image

Anonymous - 110 d ago

Yes! Christian in Hr is such a creep and Hr is a joke!

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