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O K Foods Inc

P.O. BOX 1787
Fort Smith, AR
Collier Wenderoth
Chairman of the Board
(479) 783-4186
Annual Sales Est
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A victim of Misty's other lies - 12 d ago


Thanks misty cranford for continuing with your lies below

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hello I hate to bother you at this busy time of year but I have a few things that I'm very concerned about in the Sixth Street Plant Reed Lane. #1. I've heard rumors from several different people stating the same exact thing that Rachel our superintendent is on cocaine. #2. We have also had a racial dispute and I have witnessed it first-hand a new white guy wasn't there very long was being bullied on his last day of work by two big black guys and one of your black QC when the supervisor found out sent him straight to HR he knew he was in a no-win situation so he quit. I also heard of a big black guy spraying a little Spanish girl in the face with a water hose putting her in tears this is not the first time he's done this and gotten away with it. #3. The supervisors of reed lane think they are above the law from threatening people verbally to putting people in intense pain for telling on them and let's not forget the lies and manipulation that they have used against the higher-ups when they want to get rid of them I know for a fact because they brag about it when they leave when they're fired in my face as to say your protection from me is now gone so you can either join us in our lies and manipulation or we will get rid of U2. #4. Anytime all the white coats are off the floor the supervisors and or the superintendent Rachel speeds up the lines to 50 and 60 Birds a minute in hopes that they will not have to work Saturday putting people in extreme pain and causing people to quit. #5. If you are not a supervisors favorite you will never move up in the company I've heard that it's due to the fact of sex for favors. #6. I have seen supervisors and QC'S conspirising against higher-ups to get rid of them and have succeeded they have even manipulated the owner with their lies & manipulation they set them up for a fall every time. #7. The supervisors superintendent and Nicky Dawn the lead over the leads never appear on the lines until the white coats come on the floor. The white coats consist of the plant manager on up. They are either working towards manipulating them into believing that they work like that all the time trying so desperately to gain that Christmas bonus or trying to earn those extra brownie points. We need your immediate attention on Reed Lane 6th Street plant please and thank you. The supervisors and Miss Nikki Dawn has gotten completely out of control they think that they are above the rules and regulations and that what they say goes no matter the situsituation. I propose that we do mandatory drug tests for the superintendent the supervisors and the leads and anyone working on the floor walking around and then maybe once a month a few random drug test for the floor workers. You are supervisors of Reed Lane is the reason for the turnover rate if you are not with them you are against them and they will get rid of you that and the fact that they do not want to work Saturdays ever!! I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that you can fix this problem for us I speak on behalf of all the people working on those lines. Sincerely yours MC

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Concerned - 65 d ago


I am an employee at the Muldrow plant and there has been several people who have been bullied by employee Javier Alvarez. He constantly disrespects people and makes obscene gestures like he is shooting at people with a shotgun and shaking an imaginary penis with his hand at women. Several of my coworkers has reported the incidences to HR but there is never any action taken against him. From what i know he has been to HR many times but he continues to be employed there and no disciplinary action is ever taken. The only action i have seen is that his coworkers had to be moved instead of him so they suffer for his actions which is in no way fair at all.

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Heavener plant is a joke - 139 d 14 h ago


Give the heavener plant sanitation department some employees! You got people doing the work of 3, 4, and even 5 people. Now some of this boils down to favoritism, while some employees are doing multiple jobs and working themselves to death other employees are barely doing their own assigned tasks and spending the rest of their time jacking around. Those that work hard and run themselves into the ground get in trouble for being off the floor even if it's just to go to the bathroom bit the lazy ones can hide in the lockerrom or the nurses office for hours and the leads and supervisorsupervisors just shrug it off. Sanitation department is incredibly UNDERSTAFFED yet they are expected to clean the plant to perfection. Taking away over time and forcing people to take a day off during the week is a huge issue, take an already short handed department then force people to take a day off. How does that make sense? Now with the added machines put in it has become near to impossible. HIRE SOME PEOPLE FOR HEAVENER SANITATION!

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Anonymous - 149 d 18 h ago


I want to report a supervisor(Michael) and an employee (Mia Garcia) who are having inappropriate relationship, and is sharing drugs with each other; they are sharing syringes needles with each other, shooting heroin. She has missed work and have been late many times, but it seems like she never got in trouble for that. I would want those two to be reported asap because it is not fair for other workers. That behavior is not good for the company.

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An employee that wants to see some action done immediately - 162 d 4 h ago

I want to report that the sanitation supervisor and superintendent fail to do their job or stand behind their leads. They also play favorites to certain individuals and leads. The supervisor has on many occasions cussed out personnel, thrown items up against the wall in other words he is not someone whom people show concern to. Now this is at the Heavener plant you have a supervisor and a superintendent that does not do their job properly and expects everything to be done right. The supervisor has a way with dropping F bombs. Also the kill side gets to take take breaks when the cold side does not. The supervisor and superintendent seem to think that they are needed on the kill side for 2-3 a day. There are numerous people who don't obey what is told to them and the supervisor just blows it off like it's no big deal but blames the leads when things go wrong. There are numerous employees that come into work that are under the influence and this includes the supervisor and superintendent. We are supposed to work as a team but due to the supervisor and superintendent poor skills to lead it's never like that. It's theses two people that you have placed in charge that creates a hostile environment and it is my belief that this needs to be dealt with immediately. The supervisor has been know to cuss,degrade anyone including employees QC and USDA now is this the kind of person we want running our department I feel that you as a company can do better. Also said supervisor has been known to flirt with some attractive women who work under him which should not be happening. I write this because I'm tired of seeing all the BS these two power trip people are doing. If they can not do their job professionally then they should be replaced. For some reason they think they are above everyone else maybe by position but I do know one thing every man or woman is replaceable nothing is ectched in stone. So I please urge you to look into this matter as soon as possible cause I will be watching and I will notice if there has been any changes. Thank you for your time

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An unimportant employee - 225 d 7 h ago


I was fired for being on time for work while the other employees I worked with were either actually late or didn't have to show up at all without consequence. I just had a newborn 5 days before they decided to fire me out of nowhere and am the only person working in my household. I called head of hr to try to get things fixed and they were too busy and didn't even bother. And the company wonders why they can't keep anyone at the plant in Heavener, OK.

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Concerned Employee - 167 d 5 h ago

Bad Management, that's all I can say, if You are not one of their favorite Pets you are rightdown screwed. A certain Supervisor gets away with yelling at Employees, and her Daughter is Quality Control on the same line that she supervises..go figure....There is so much Horseplay going on it is pathetic, like People wandering off the line to engage in Oral Sex in the locker room, Supervisor is worthless, we need someone that actually cares about their Workers..

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Amanda perez - 238 d 20 h ago


to whom it may concern,

. I wish the Muldrow office was more professional. The plant is joke. I don't understand why they change, the schedule over, and over., I see it like this there should be a set schedule for such a huge plant. I see it unfair that one line works longer then the other, or one works and the other is off, its the weekend and people do have family. Please, please give us back our weekend.

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Anonymous - 250 d 6 h ago

I think it would be in the company's best interest for Christy Terry and Trent to come down and talk to the maintenance department employees about our concerns that has got trouble started

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Anonymous - 250 d 7 h ago

Concerned employees us in heaven maintenance department would like to know why new hires are starting at 16 17 or even 18 dollars when you got employees that has been with the company for years only makeing 13 to 16 and having to teach the new guys how to do the job you are making a hostel work environment and why is the superintendent allowed to hire family when it is not allowed

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Emil Deeley - 276 d 8 h ago


Looking for a distributor for ur Tender Bird

Breaded chicken wings in Louisville Ky

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a concerned employee - 1 y ago

A rumor was brought to my attention & of course I fallowed up on the rumor by asking the person that the rumor was about in which is a corporate member. He assured me that it had no truth in it. I didn't think that it did. But now the girl whom told me the horrific lie, has later told me that she was talking about another person with the same first name. I'm sorry, but when someone states the persons title as the plant manager or the one in corporate, then there could only be one. This isn't the first time she's lied to me. I guess his fear of me is growing, or he wouldn't be using his peeps and every means nessasary to prove me out to be a lier in the eyes of the corporate office. They are already trying to get me to mess up to get me fired.

On another note I believe that it would be in the company's best interest to administer drug tests, (Hair Folical drug tests). The people have their ways of getting around a swab or urine tests. If you decide to do this, please start with the supervisors, leads and trainers since they are supossed to be the ones that we look up too. Thank you

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

This is also about the last post about Kathy Mathes. She has also been harassing us at night in the supply room. Calling all hours of the night about other employees. We get to where we can't even answer the phone because she just wants to keep us in the phone all night and can't get work done.

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Concerned employee - 1 y ago

I work at the muldrow plant. There is an employee by the name of Katherine (Kathy) Mathies that works in production. There is a couple concerns with this employee. It's states in company policy that you can not have birds and work at this company. She owns several small birds that are kept inside her home. That is real disturbing when you think she could carry the bird flu to work with her. Also she takes prescription medication while at work . By the end of the day you can tell she is beyond messed up. That concerns me because she works with machinery she could potiently be hurt on. And the company would be responsible because she is precribed the medication. I believe these issues should be addressed .

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Dear corporate office,

I work at the 6th street plant and I have been hearing for years of people being paid for time that they did NOT put in, and also other people being shorted time that they did put in, I believe that it would be better for the company to put in a time clock machine, and put 1 person in charge of the time that is not a supervisor or lead as you should also know that they play a lot of favortisim on the floor as well, sometimes because of race, and sometimes because of other unknown reasons, I've heard of people trying to sleep their way up.

On the other hand everyone is too scared to try to go over a supervisors head, as there has been what I call the revenge factor. In which means if you get a supervisor in trouble then you are labeled a snitch or a nark, and they will try every means nessisary to get you fired, I have witnessed this before, I believe that if you do decide to put in a time clock and only 1 person in charge of everyone's time then you should let the plant manager pick who it will be or hire someone outside the company. I'd love to help you clean up this mess but I too am scared to loose my job if they ever found out who sent this.

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Steven richardson - 1 y 74 d ago


I was working for ok foods in fort smith AR. I left because the company dont have a clock in/out device the have an employee write down ur time and the people doing it u a usually dosent know your name much leas your hours. I went to hr because they under paid me on my last three checks and would not fix it. So i left. Altogether i was shorted 400 dollars. When i complained they told me to talk to my supervisor and they would look into it and never did. I have my check stubs and i write my hours down daily. My name is steven richardson and my email is (hidden)

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Concerned employee - 1 y 89 d ago


I work at the muldrow plant. The racism is out of control on first shift. I am deffintly not alone in fact there are many that falls victim to this. When it has been brought to Sam t. Attention it is brushed under the rug and we are then told if we speak about this matter to anyone we would be punished and written up. The Mexican race against the white race is a very unfair work environment for all involved. There are many examples of of how we have came to the fact that there is racism in our work environment. Javier is an employee in marination that has told people he does not like white people. He intionaly sprays white people with the water hose and the water is very hot. When Sam told he acts like he don't even hear it. Also Javier turns the water hose off on white people repeatedly and disrespectfully on the white race. When brought to Sam and marcelleno attention it's told not to be discussed. There are many more incidents that have happened to many employees and past employees that have quit because of racism. There must be a stop put to this

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A concerned employee - 1 y 159 d ago

Dear, corporate office

I work at the 6th st. Plant & I have noticed a day shift supervisor by the name of Autumn coming in late every single day. She is also one who thinks that she is above manual labor. When the chips are down & it's all hands on deck, she feel the need to walk around & zone off into space. I'm sorry but they told me that in order to be a supervisor that I would have to know how to do everything on the lines.

My question is, is how come all the new supervisors don't know how to do anything on the lines? But yet they continuely speed up the lines & stand on their perch staring down at us like as if they are the queen of the Nile & we are their royal slaves. I'm not even Jewish!

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A concerned employee - 1 y 162 d ago

Dear, corporate office

I've heard rumors that in the 6th st. Plant right behind your office. They are planning on making everyone work on Sunday. Technically that is against the law to make people work 7 days a week. Also they are putting a lot of people on workman's compensation. Not to mention they are running off all our good workers due to the fact that they are working them way too much. I think if they had to endure the pains that we endure on the daily then they would understand how we feel. The pains are so great at times that we can't even hold our children without tears in our eyes. I speak on behalf of all our people. I hope there can be a resolution that would be befitting for all our team players.

Thank You!

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Anonymous - 2 y ago

In the Heavener Plant , third Shift Deli Wock, we have to endure a lead that is right down abusive and nasty towards the Employees. She belittles certain People, talks down to them, constantly uses profanity and is too lazy to help out when we are running full speed. Just last night she yelled " God Damnit" because a machine btoke down, most of the time she just sits around and flirts with the Men there. It's disgusting to the Max.

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Cody gray - 3 y ago


ok foods don't buy shit for maintenance to keep up with demands

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Nicole jordan - 3 y ago

I was told to go to (hidden), I can't even bring it up. There are things u need to no about present supporvisors at ur muldrow plant. One one days, one on nights. If u wish for ur employees to feel safe to reach out to u, u mite want to fix the issue.. further more, I feel I am the only person brave enough to speak up and stand against what is actually going on. Because no one else will. I've worked both shifts, and have been there going on two years.. including thru tec. I love working there, but there are some under going issues that seriously need to b brought to the right persons attention. I'm speaking of corruption, retaliation, and just down right wrong of them to do or treat ne one.. like, cruel and unusual punishment, being held hostage and more. Public humility. Inappropriate language and actions. I have seen enough of this done. Not to just me, but several other employees. So please, this situation needs to b handled accordingly and as soon as possible. Adam Peterson, day shift. Charity on second. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR CAMERAS, n GET MORE OF THEM. I'm surprised that the drugs going in and out of this place hasn't got ur attention enough.. it's bad! -on second shift. So much corruption it's pathetic! That's y I went to days. And I have found, there's more.. it's no wonder they can't keep any employees.. enough is enough! Please do something.. there's a quite a few of us who r falling victim to to this.

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