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O K Foods Inc

P.O. BOX 1787
Fort Smith, AR
Collier Wenderoth
Chairman of the Board
(479) 783-4186
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Anonymous - 17 h ago

Ok Foods is a joke you have to many haters there.

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robinhood - 1 d 16 h ago


I would like to point out what a disgrace this company is due to the fact that in order for a woman to get ahead they must screw their supervisor or a member of management to get to the top.Brian Mays is not the only pervert and it is disgusting the things that go on in 2nd shift reed lane and the things that people are getting away with.One example would be the supervisor Arlette Perez and her sensor x lead Anna. Everybody has known for awhile that Arlette will sleep with almost anybody. Everybody also knows that she has been screwing Josh Fatheree and she has been witnessed leaving with him and have been witnessed making sexual gestures towards eachother. Don't believe me? just ask around.... somebody, if not everybody in DSI and debone knows about it. I hear the other workers always talking about it and complaining about Josh and Arlette at break times. Nobody out here can stand Arlette because she is constantly cussing people and trying to tell them what to do and running back and forth to the food truck when she isnt messing around with Josh so that doesn't give her much time to go out in the plant and really even know what's going on considering the position she is in. Her lead Anna is no better and her and Arlette are constantly running off the property to get food throughout the night, which I am assuming Anna is getting paid for because she buddies up to Arlette for this reason...that and Arlette lets her go into the parking lot when Anna isnt yelling at people inside the plant she goes outside to flirt with PSSI guys and screw them or smoke pot out in the parking lot.If you are having issues on sensor x then Anna and Arlette are most likely the problem. Yet, here I am working in DSI for Lance who is of running around looking for tail and his next sugar daddy and Misty who doesn't even know what is going on half the time. Both of them are always picking on the old people because they don't feel like the old people work or have families to feed....But, I am the one who is fighting for my job because Josh doesn't like me. I am the one who stays in the plant and does my job. I am the one who has to stay for the entire shift on the line. For example the DSI leads greg and Adam apparently get to leave the premises when DSI is finished and then get to come back at the very end of shift when debone is finished. It must be nice to get paid for doing nothing. Creg and Adam are buddies with Josh outside of work so I guess that means they must get special privileges.Yet,I am the worker that is getting ridiculed, picked on, looked down on and shamed because I am not screwing Josh to get ahead. I do not meet their standard of what is considered to be a good worker by them. I do not fall into their circle of orgies/double standards/ buddy standard with the rest of them....and this company wonders why 2nd shift is so short handed. Apparently coming to work every day,doing a good job,not screwing your coworkers, and setting the example mean absolutely nothing here. You can verify all of this...just ask around on 2nd shift because I am sure I am not the only one tired of all this mess, politics,favoritism, and tyranny going on around here. If you guys could help with these matters it would be greatly appreciated because the company will never be successful and neither will any of your newly hired, hard working employees if the favoritism and the shovenism keeps going on this way. I believe everybody on 2nd shift is confused as to what it takes to get ahead in this company and I can understand why. I am confused myself.

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Concerned - 1 d 14 h ago

If you are such a great worker and you stay in the plant all the time and just do your job how do you know of all the activities that all these management personell? This sounds like HEARSAY and face it, its a poultry plant...I know for a fact that you Can tell a few people a straight up LIE and before the shift is over everyone thinks its Gospel! Why do I know this? Because I did the experiment on myself .and by the end of the shift I was supposedly turning in my 2 week notice. What I'm saying is YOU CANNOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR.

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Anonymous - 6 d 7 h ago


It's very discriminatory against the Mexican race although the company is owned by a Mexican Company. I worked in the corporate offices and there is no good management handling what's being said, how people are treated and bullied in the workplace. There is no structure in the fourth flour many complaints have been made about a following individual and nothing ever gets reprimanded more encouraged. Very discouraging as a company to see the kind of employees they are dealing with.

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Dasvid Webster - 10 d 14 h ago


Bullshit plant manager got me fired for hitting a machine plain ass fucking crazy.....Lost my benefits because of some clown makes me wonder where they were when i didnt get to take a piss or shit for 1:30-2;30 hours at times let alone the total hell of that bagger area as a whole.

These guys wait until the tail end of 5# bags to bring in the posse of counterfeit wanna bes to fix what shouldve been done well over a year ago at least. PATHETIC. I will happily co9ntinue my blasts on these matters until a logical reasonable sane person decides to listen to the truth.

Until then peace top all the degenerates know whom they are.

Pax Tecum

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Anonymous - 16 d 12 h ago

But it's okay for Brian Mays leads (Valee) to sleep with the maintance man and 2 jack drivers while she's married. Oh and let's not forget she's pregnant. Is it the maintance man? Or your husband? Or do you know?

I agree with them. If you have proof show it?? If not I think it's time to get a life!!

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Anonymous - 16 d 9 h ago

Damn Valee I sure hope that Baby comes out looking like you and your husband because that white or Hispanic will definitely show up. Hard time explaining that one.

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ANONYMOUS - 16 d 14 h ago


Awww you sound like you still there you must be the sister. Did you get a phone and a purse too. Too bad you past drinking age cause his girlfriend now isnt so she gets more than you. She gets to be the WOLF operator and get paid rehang wages. Has since she started almost a year ago. She gets to watch you make far less money than her out a window in a heated office.

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Anonymous - 16 d 9 h ago

Are you hating that bad?is your life that miserable because you sound like a miserable person and I bet you aren't an Angel yourself.... Like all this so called shade you're trying to throw without 1 ounce of proof, just jacking your jaws.....

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ANONYMOUS - 17 d 6 h ago


The true Brian May's finally shows the world who really is. I wouldnt expect anything less from you. You have spent your entire life disrespecting women. It must make you angry knowing that your days of using your power to manipulate may soon be over. It must really make you angry knowing that your just a 55 year old man to these young women and nothing more once your power has been stripped. #karma is on her way

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Anonymous - 16 d 19 h ago


You sound like you've known Brian for quite a long time. I mean to say things like his entire life, stretching it out a bit aren't you? I find it hard to believe that you're such an expert about a man whom obviously you know nothing about. The Brian I know has tried to help his employees, both male and female, I know there are employees there that got more than their fair shake from him but in the end he gets burned because they still ran out of points and got themselves fired, my brother was one of them.

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Contact his email - 17 d 10 h ago


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Anonymous - 22 d 12 h ago


Everyone knows that it's true about Brian May's. He was literally caught coming out of the personnel men's room with the WOLF operator and has also promised to leave his wife to be with her. He has 4 or 5 women he manipulates like this with his power as a,manager. When he was caught red handed with her coming out of the restroom it was reported to Hr. However she is also a poor manager and close to him. women that refuse to play his game do not stand a chance in his department or in Hr going against him. His chosen women get to do nothing and lolly gag all night while they get paid and the less fortunate have to do several people's jobs due to this. Even then OK Foods has the audacity to scream about employee retention. This company only cares about on thing and that is getting the chicken processed. The employees are nothing more than a badge number, plane and simple.

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Anonymous - 21 d ago

How can you name drop like that but too much of a coward to use your own name or even your initials, how does that work? And I have known Brian for quite some time now and I have NEVER seen this type of behavior or anything close to such as you have described in your post. I agree with the other post about having any proof? If so would you share it with us? Remember that when you post something about someone and name drop, and on a public forum it could considerable damage to that persons family life, not to mention their work environment, but then again I wouldn't expect you to understand that because you aren't brave enough to post your own name.

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Anonymous - 20 d 4 h ago

You must be mad because you didn't get any hush money, purses or phone awwwww. Guess you chicken too since you couldn't put your name publicly.

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Anonymous - 20 d 43 s ago

Since everyone that wants to speak about Brian Mays wants to keep it anonymous I didn't think it would be politically correct but if you want to post your name I'll be happy to post mine

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B. Mays - 17 d 16 h ago


@ Anonymous - 2 d 4 h ago,

You sound like a cunt.

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Anonymous like everyone else - 17 d 17 h ago

Let me get this correct. It's offensive to you that all of the people posting on here are not putting their names. ALA not politically correct. However it's not offensive at all that he gave one of his girlfriends AKA the WOLF operator line down so she could have time off. Time off she has no entitlement to. It's not offensive to you that people that have been there for years so much as go home and hour early take a full point against there absenteeism. No that's not offensive at all. People that have earned vacations are denied their days off so his girls can take off by line down. No. Not offensive at all. Do you still want to talk about being politically correct? Every woman that has been harassed by him past and future need to come together.

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Anonymous like you - 20 d 4 h ago


This is so sad that even after the me too movement women still stand behind the men that harrass and belittle women. Perhaps you choose to turn a blind eye or perhaps he is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Thats not for me to say. In rhe end the cards will fall where the land and you will still be in denial. Thats sad. # WOMEN STAND STRONGER TOGETHER

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Anonymous - 23 d 9 h ago


Tell me why you guys Fired a supervisor for missing around with employees but it's OK for the superintend the superintendent I'm talking about is Brian May how is it that he can miss with his wolf operator And no one says anything but everybody knows about it when I say everybody I mean everybody Something needs to be done about this how is it that your company can allow something like this to happen and keep happening This is the Fort Smith plant is a joke

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 23 d ago

How are you going to put other people names but not your own. Please explain how does that work. Do you have proof pictures or anything like that.

Flagged for review. 
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Heavener plant is a joke - 202 d 24 m ago


Give the heavener plant sanitation department some employees! You got people doing the work of 3, 4, and even 5 people. Now some of this boils down to favoritism, while some employees are doing multiple jobs and working themselves to death other employees are barely doing their own assigned tasks and spending the rest of their time jacking around. Those that work hard and run themselves into the ground get in trouble for being off the floor even if it's just to go to the bathroom bit the lazy ones can hide in the lockerrom or the nurses office for hours and the leads and supervisorsupervisors just shrug it off. Sanitation department is incredibly UNDERSTAFFED yet they are expected to clean the plant to perfection. Taking away over time and forcing people to take a day off during the week is a huge issue, take an already short handed department then force people to take a day off. How does that make sense? Now with the added machines put in it has become near to impossible. HIRE SOME PEOPLE FOR HEAVENER SANITATION!

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Victim of ok foods head energy plant supervisors - 30 d 8 h ago


I am trying to find the email to reach out to the head bosses because this place is a joke. They do so much dirty shit and cover up so much and I am exposing it

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A victim of Misty's other lies - 74 d 12 h ago


Thanks misty cranford for continuing with your lies below

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hello I hate to bother you at this busy time of year but I have a few things that I'm very concerned about in the Sixth Street Plant Reed Lane. #1. I've heard rumors from several different people stating the same exact thing that Rachel our superintendent is on cocaine. #2. We have also had a racial dispute and I have witnessed it first-hand a new white guy wasn't there very long was being bullied on his last day of work by two big black guys and one of your black QC when the supervisor found out sent him straight to HR he knew he was in a no-win situation so he quit. I also heard of a big black guy spraying a little Spanish girl in the face with a water hose putting her in tears this is not the first time he's done this and gotten away with it. #3. The supervisors of reed lane think they are above the law from threatening people verbally to putting people in intense pain for telling on them and let's not forget the lies and manipulation that they have used against the higher-ups when they want to get rid of them I know for a fact because they brag about it when they leave when they're fired in my face as to say your protection from me is now gone so you can either join us in our lies and manipulation or we will get rid of U2. #4. Anytime all the white coats are off the floor the supervisors and or the superintendent Rachel speeds up the lines to 50 and 60 Birds a minute in hopes that they will not have to work Saturday putting people in extreme pain and causing people to quit. #5. If you are not a supervisors favorite you will never move up in the company I've heard that it's due to the fact of sex for favors. #6. I have seen supervisors and QC'S conspirising against higher-ups to get rid of them and have succeeded they have even manipulated the owner with their lies & manipulation they set them up for a fall every time. #7. The supervisors superintendent and Nicky Dawn the lead over the leads never appear on the lines until the white coats come on the floor. The white coats consist of the plant manager on up. They are either working towards manipulating them into believing that they work like that all the time trying so desperately to gain that Christmas bonus or trying to earn those extra brownie points. We need your immediate attention on Reed Lane 6th Street plant please and thank you. The supervisors and Miss Nikki Dawn has gotten completely out of control they think that they are above the rules and regulations and that what they say goes no matter the situsituation. I propose that we do mandatory drug tests for the superintendent the supervisors and the leads and anyone working on the floor walking around and then maybe once a month a few random drug test for the floor workers. You are supervisors of Reed Lane is the reason for the turnover rate if you are not with them you are against them and they will get rid of you that and the fact that they do not want to work Saturdays ever!! I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that you can fix this problem for us I speak on behalf of all the people working on those lines. Sincerely yours MC

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