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P F Changs China Bistro Inc

15210 N Scttsdale Rd 30 # 300
Phoenix, AZ
Richard Federico
Chairman of the Board
(602) 957-8986
Annual Sales Est
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Chris - 13 h 18 m ago


I was always a fan of P F Changs in Colonie Center, Albany, N.Y. UNTIL lately. Food has been served cold and order not taken correctly. My last time there on 12/2/16 the food was so less than par, sesame chicken was blan and the veggie lo mein was salty and served with so much sauce you could practically eat it as soup. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

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Anonymous - 1 d 8 h ago


Chevy chase location sucks the gm tamika smith is not a good gm Corry need to come and see the bullshit going on with her she is fucking the employee she show favoritism to the employee her

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Anonymous - 2 d 6 h ago


Can wait to file complaints on how terrible your Sherman oaks galleria staff is . There just flat out terrible and racist!!! Funny how all they hire are Mexicans and whites. Refuse to be treated like this! KM has NO respect !! Never ever work here place sucks !!!!!!

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Anonymous - 2 d 6 h ago


Sherman oaks galleria by far has the worse most un organized staff!!!! The kM and GM are racist against black ppl! I absolutely hate working for this staff!!!!!!! Sherman oaks galleria pf Changs. There always late never on time. It's not fair to ppl like me. I'm a dishwasher who gets treated like shit

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no name needed - 3 d 17 h ago


terrible service in Bellevue Wa.

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Harvey L Logan - 16 d 10 h ago


Tonight unfortunately I had the frozen entree PF Chang Beef and Broccoli. In the past I have found this entree to be very good, tonights was awful. The quality of beef used, if it was beef, was dreadful. I am not sure I will try any more. Harvey L Logan

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Liz - 31 d 15 h ago

P F CHANGES - PASADENA - It is with extreme disappointment i am writing this complaint about your Pasadena PF Chang Location. I attempted to make reservation for a special event. I called & host Jazmin answered the phone. My expectations are standard, simple common decency & perhaps pretend that you want to be working or assisting customers. I explained the reason of my call and & her response was - WHAT? - Not "excuse me, - but rude- WHAT? I repeated- i need to make reservations. Her response simply - time & how many?" Nothing else. - Does PF Changs provide any customer service training, or min. reinforce how simple good manners are required. Or does she have a person that supervise her & informs her what is absolutely not acceptable behavior? I asked her name and she responded - PFChang. After asking several times for her supervisor and then her name she provided her name and a manager - Amanda came to the phone. I informed her of what had happened & the unacceptable behavior and manners of her Hostess. I informed her that I was so disturbed that why would i even go to get more service from them. I refuse to go to a place that the "Host" behaves with such disrespect & rudeness and continue to be assisted by anyone that share similar manners and training as Jazmin. It is an extremely poor reflection of Amanda, as a manager. It is evident that it's not the first time Jazmin has done this since she handle it with indifference and lack of common decency to perfection. It's beyond my comprehension why would anyone have a hostile hostess as the initial representation of your business. Amanda needs to be informed that it is not just food service but customer service and cordial behavior that makes a business strong and successful. This unfortunate experience is a reflection of the Pasadena location supporting the low standard of customer services.

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Tatianna S. - 30 d 11 h ago


I encounter the same problem at the Paseo location. There have no respect for customers and they come across as if you are there to annoyed them and get a free meal. It's mind blowing. You do get what you pay for, cheap food cheap service. Never again.

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Christy - 38 d 15 h ago

I have a huge problem with a manager at your Augusta Ga. location . Krystal who is supposed to set an example for the staff who work under her. My daughter who works at this particular location had someone sling beer on her and this manager whom thinks she can speak however she wants told her she had a "resting bitch face" which I do not approve of. I think she needs to either step down or step up to the plate and be manager material. This however is not the first time she has reacted to my daughter in this manner. This however is not my child's life long career but it should be a pleasant environment for her.

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Dee Booker - 111 d 15 h ago


On Saturday, 08/13/2016, I order the chicken dish because I am severely allergic to Seafood. I explained my allergy to the waiter to ensure that my food is not cooked near or with any Seafood. He assured me that it would not be. To my surprise, after a few bites of my food, my throat started to feel tight and my chest began to hurt as it does when I come in contact with Seafood. I had to immediate go out to my car to take a Nebulizer treatment with Epic Pen in hand. Thank GOD I did not have use Epic Pen but that ruin my Sister celebration as she had just graduated from University of Alabama in Birmingham with her Masters' Degree in Nursing. This is unacceptable and I will appreciate a phone call from Corporate!!!!

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Carmella - 44 d 10 h ago


Had a similar experience this evening and no one had any real remorse. The server was an idiot and after explaining the food allergy 15 times and him repeating the order we got multiple dishes cross contaminated eaten by someone highly allergic.

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JT - 47 d 20 h ago

Went to PF Changs last month in Southpart (Charlotte, NC) with my husband. It is my go to place as I am gluten free. The food was awful. I ordered the new gluten free Singapore Firecracker Chicken. The meat was grizzle and it was so hot my mouth felt like it was on fire. My husband ordered the Mongolian Beef and he said his meat was tough. The wait staff did nothing to rectify the situation.

I then went with a friend to PF Chang's last week at Northlake Mall (Charlotte, NC). We sat for 20 minutes and 3 different people came over to pitch there frequent diner plan. I ordered the Gluten Free Coconut Curry Vegetables which has tofu in it. When I received my order there was no tofu and the vegetables were scarce. I flagged the waiter and he apologized. I then waited for 30 minutes for my order while my dinner companion ate her dinner. I will say that the manager was very nice and comped my dinner.

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Anonymous - 56 d 6 h ago


My wife and I eat at P F Changs, Summit Shopping Center, Bitmingham, AL often. Service is consitantly very good. Sunday evening my wife called in a take out order and was told it would be about one hour before it would be ready. I arrived about 25 minutes early and waited.

The take out area was very busy with many orders. When my order finally was ready it was missing the soup. The server went back to get it and a manager came up to me a few minutes later and told me the order was on the house due to the long wait. I thought that was very nice of him but he then handed me a gift card for a dine in meal valued up to $40. I was very surprised at this "over the top" guesture to make up for the long wait. This was such a positive experience and unwanted to share this with the management.


Fred Dyess

Birmingham, AL


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Cap73 - 58 d 10 h ago

So not happy with the service tonight. I placed an order online but I wanted to make my Mongolian beef spicy but it would not let me so I placed the order and then I called the store and ask them to update my order so that the Mongolian beef would be spicy I gave them my name and my information they said everything would be fine but when I got there they didn't have my order and that it was never placed. I may have been at fault and not completed the order online. I never got the email confirmation so very possible I did not complete it. But I called within 3 min of placing the order and talk to someone. Why would they not attempt to pull up my order to make the change? If they did they would have seen there was no order and I could have redone it at that time. I get there and am clearly upset when I find out there is no order under my name, re do the order and talk to the manager. He looks for the order, tells me that the call center must not have put it in both times, doesn't apologize for offer anything, and has zero empathy. I may have screwed up the order initially and had I not called in I would say the fault is entirely mine. But as a manager I felt his customer service was non existent.

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William Scalice - 59 d 12 h ago


After not going to PF Changs in Fremont Ca. for over six months due to a problem of getting non gluten free items. Today we decided to see if things had changed, well we never had that chance. After waiting over 15 minutes after we were seated without any server even coming to our table we left. The manager just called and offered a gift card to come back. Why would we, there's to many other restaurants in our area that would be happy to get our money. This restaurant needs to shape up or go the way of the others that were riding high and now are out of business.

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Disappointed - 64 d 19 h ago


Very unprofessional management in the RI location. Very inconsiderate to employees. And labor laws are being broken. Someone needs to speak up for the employees of this location.

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Unhappy Customer - 66 d 16 h ago


PF Changs in Palo Alto, CA has the most unprofessional manager and waitstaff. We were unhappy about the level of service we received, asked to speak with the manager, and she asked us not to come back to her restaurant. The food is usually lukewarm, beef is chewy, and the springrolls are nearly burned they are so crispy. We gladly will no longer dine there.

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Denise - 89 d 17 h ago


We sure could see a restaurant in midtown atlanta. All we have are sports bars and Mexican themed venues.

We now travel to enjoy your menu.

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Terrence Arnold - 89 d 20 h ago


One of the employees at your establishment is very racists against black people and its shocking because he has said to be mixed cultured. He has made racial slurs to me accompanied by some of his Caucasian associate's. I would hope he is not a representation of your establishment because if so this conpany needs to understand that this can not be done in 2016 when we are in our worst days. I was also sent a video being violated against by this employee. I intend to take further action if not accommodated.

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Linda - 92 d 18 h ago


Please open a pj changs in kingston ny. It would be very well received

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Dexter Simons - 95 d 13 h ago


Hello, I just dined in the homestead pa location and I was threatened and felt unwelcome the entire time I was inside the restaurant by shawn Gregory the manager. He did not like I had a bad experience and decided to threaten me and my family. Also I noticed open drink bottles from another restaurant. I also noticed several employees on their cellular devices which so unacceptable and there was food on the floor and the restaurant was very unsanitized and the way the gentleman spoke to me and threatened me is very upsetting and scary I would please ask for someone to contact me at (hidden) to have this resolved!

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Diane - 97 d 17 h ago


I dined alone at the Countryside Mall location ordered the SESAME CHICKEN and to my

suprise it was a boneless chunks of chicken in a tasteless sauce with sesame sprinkled all over. .

everybody knows sesame chicken is crispy and not sauteed. I requested to change my order to

Chang's Spicy chicken which is my go to and it was once again the SAME boneless chicken without

the sesame and nothing spicy about it. I couldn't believe it about 8-10 small pieces for $15.50

after my desert (banana egg rolls/ice cream) which was very good. I was so disappointed

I have had better at hole in the wall/mom and pop.PFCHANGS YOU NEED TO DO BETTER

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Val - 126 d 16 h ago


Last night I order curbside to go at the PF Changs in Sacramento. I called when I arrived at 6:50 they said they would send someone out, I waited and waited, I called to tell them no one came out the person on the phone said they would find my order, called again at 7:13 after I seen a waiter looking into cars I yelled and he came to my window and asked him if had my order and he asked if I was Audrey, I said no, I should have said yes. I called at 7:20, and 7:24 to talk to the Manager on duty MOLLY but keep getting disconnected.

so needleless to say I didn't get any food and was starving Worst Curbside to go ever. If PFChangs cant handle curbside then don't do it.


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Judy kuipers - 143 d 19 h ago


Purchased the frozen dinner for two , one slice of water chestnut in the amount for two, poor dinner for the money .

General profile image - 144 d 16 h ago

Just ate at the PF Changs in Atlantic City, first they confused my order which was supposed to be a sit down order, put it into a takeout container. I said ok, I'm starving I'll take it as is, but they told me I had to eat it upstairs. I go upstairs and the server there says "oh, you have a takeout container!?"', and I Have to tell him about the order screw up. Halfway into the meal I wanted a little extra cilantro for the dish, asked one of the front end desk people could she get me some cilantro . She told me to go ask the bartender as he would have some behind the bar. Asked the bartender, he said no cilantro there. Went back to the front end girl, she said she was on a break and did not want to be disturbed. IsaidI would walk down to the kitchen to get it, reluctantly she ordered it brought upstairs and a measly contaner appeared about ten minutes later. Poor attitude, poor service, never eat at that location again. Chang corporate, send some shoppers in there, make it right!

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