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P F Changs China Bistro Inc

15210 N Scttsdale Rd 30 # 300
Phoenix, AZ
Richard Federico
Chairman of the Board
(602) 957-8986
Annual Sales Est
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Frank Flirindi - 1 d 9 h ago


How sorry I am to have posted 2 reviews on Trip Advisor detailing the absurd lack of service from your White Plains location.

I can't imagine how my group was subjected to consistently bad service on 2 visits. The first on Super Bowl Sunday, February 5 2017 and yet again on May 25th 2017.

Despite liking your food I find it necessary to stop patronizing your establishment, as well as spread the word.

I don't imagine this will change anything by writing this to you, but I tried

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Elaine Keegan - 7 d 7 h ago


I took a friend to the sand diego mission valley location for her birthday expecting a real treat. It was not. We both ordered kung pow chicken. It was so salty that we could not eat it. Both of us were trying to enjoy it, but it was like someone had poured waaaay too much salt on it. The waitress and the manager both came to our table and were vey nice and apologetic, but it did not change anything. The waitress went back to the kitchen to get some of the low sodium kung pow chicken, and it was exactly the same. Both the waitress and the manager were very nice, but the point was that we still had to pay for a meal that we could not eat. I will never go to PF Changs again. Not because I was angry, but because the food was uneatable. The waitress seemed convinced that we both were just sensitive to salt and probably had never had kung pow chicken before. I would have appreciated it, if either she or the manager had tasted the chicken, but they did not.

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Alex - 8 d 40 s ago


On Sunday, May 21, 2017 my wife and I ,at the request of my daughter celebrating her birthday the following day ( May 22) met at the p f changs location, 1127 Woodruff Rd, Greenville, SC for dinner. $127.00 later we asked our waitress if there was any complimentary dessert available for our daughters birthdate. Rather than make an inquiry of management she curtly replied "NO" since today was actually not her actual birthday. We celebrated the event today, a Sunday, as all of us were unavailable Monday due to work commitments. After departing the restaurant, my wife commented that she was puzzled by the lack of courtesy displayed by the waitress who had little or no intention to accommodate my request for a token piece of cake. Evidently Chang's more interested in taking ones money than they are in pleasing their customers..

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Jennifer McCabe - 20 d 7 h ago


I love this restaurant chain. They have great gluten free food. The location on Wabash in Chicago was just plain dirty. The elevator and back hallway leading to the bathrooms smelled bad and there were dirty fingerprints and filth in the elevator the table we were seated at was sticky and the chair had food on it. I would hate to see this location lose business due to filth. Please clean up this location. Thank you!

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Nancy - 20 d 18 h ago


1400 Glades Rd. Bay 220, Boca Raton, FL 33431 AWFUL EXPERIENCE TODAY! We arrived at the restaurant a little after 3:00 PM on Monday, May 8th - there were maybe customers at 3-4 tables - pretty empty which is normal for that time. We told the waitress we were Vegans, and she immediately said there is probably not much for us to eat there, even asking if "is tofu an animal?" When she offered to ask the staff - managers Garrett and Justin, she came right back and insisted "that there was absolutely not a thing in the restaurant we could eat." We know this is untrue: 1. 2. 3. 4. ...and so much more. You may wish to educate your staff in the ingredients, as well as training them in customer service for cordiality. Having attempted to file a complaint on your website's customer complaint page, it failed numerous times to submit my information. Additionally, I called your corporate office and spoke to Lewis (Louis) twice. After the first time, he obviously contacted the restaurant and then Garrett Lane called me. This should be handled by a mediator - not direct contact. Besides, I did not give permission to forward my phone number. We may not be a large community, but Vegans do network, as I do with blogs, facebook and websites that offer feedback. Should you not get back to me that you are looking into this situation, and there is no solution not only with my experience, but future transactions, I will need to let people know who would want to accommodate your facility what they can expect. Thank you in advance for your consideration and cooperation into this matter.

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DEV - 21 d 13 h ago


Went to my local PF Changs in Dulles Town Center, VA. First, the waitress warned us that the service was slow coming out of the kitchen, which we weren't too bothered by. Then she came back and said it would take an hour for the food, but at that point, we figured that it would be too difficult to go somewhere else on a Saturday night. (we later found out that there was one guy in the kitchen) They were out of the beer and wine that we ordered, so we needed to make substitutions. While we waited, we watched about 3/4 of the patrons that had been seated, get up and walk out. And in an the 1 1/2 hours it took to get our food, not once did a manager come out voluntarily to speak to any of the tables to offer an apology or explanation. The waitress was as accommodating as she could have been under the circumstances and deserves to be recognized for that - the management, however, should be fired. When the manager finally made her way to our table after we requested to speak to her, she just stood there like a deer in the headlights. Had I read the reviews over the last six months for this location, I would have known not to eat there. It was one of my favorites, but we'll be taking our business elsewhere in the future.

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Javileo - 34 d 13 m ago


Given years of pleasant experience I never thought I would be writing a poor review of my local PF Chang's. No doubt the crisis of the mid 2000s hit this company, the menu changed by removing distinguishing dishes and replaced with "run of the mill" ones. However, the service at this particular Eastlake CA store reached a low point under manager Junior (no last name was given) when obnoxious behavior by the Take-Out attendant was not only defended but also publicly condoned.

Taking out at Eastlake is in itself an ordeal. Taking orders by phone is a "roll of the dice", they always miss something. Hence, the checking before leaving the store. The April 15 take-out was no different, while checking an order for four realized we got "Fortune Cookies" for 2. Upon pointing the oversight to the attendant his behavior became obnoxious borderline aggressive. Decided to complain to the Manager Junior for the poor customer service. Junior proceeded to PUBLICLY turn my behavioral complaint into one of stinginess thus, causing public shame.

Furthermore, the Eastlake store does not provide take-out sealing lids nor cup carrying cartons when buying drinks, only a plastic bag that is not suited for carrying unsealed drinks. Imagine the mess in my vehicle after the great spill. Once at home we found the beef fried rice had poor tasting beef, and only a few pieces that could be counted with your fingers. My wife called and again complained to Manager Junior. He promised to send home a voucher for dinner. It NEVER CAME.

Summarizing the Eastlake California Store experience:

Orders by phone are never correct.

The store is not fully furnished for take-out.

Managers publicly shame customers that dare to raise an issue.

Managers do not fulfill their promises to customers.

I hope this manager called Junior is an outlier, and the future will bring better ones.

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CR - 37 d ago


My family and I have been eating at the PF Changs in the Miami Falls Mall for over 20 years. All of our dini ng experiences were great. Great service and food. However, never have we experienced ever in all dining experience. Such a rude, unfriendly disrectful waiter by of Michael" 4/15/17. He never would ackniwledge any tables. His manners were aweful. On a coupke occasins he throw his waiter book across the restaurant, everytime you asked for something simple and common he would take engage in other activity and take a long tine to return. Inclufi g a simple extra plate. Other tables complaining tbe same. weful. Aweful this type of person would ruin business. Would like a money back or other. CR family

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Peter G - 49 d ago

I have been eating Sea Bass at Changs for 10 years.

I tell everyone this is the place to go for Sea Bass.

I just had that meal in Asheville NC. It was tough and dry. There is no doubt they have changed suppliers. This is not the same product. What a disappointment.

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Anonymous - 54 d ago

We went PF Chang in Anaheim California, we made a reservation. As soon we came in, the hostess saw us instead of greeting us she just walk away. No notification of "I will be with you guys" none. That was rude.

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Kris - 62 d ago


Went to the Atlanta,GA location was the worst experience I have ever had at a changs.

I have been dining at Changs ever since the first one in Scottsdale.

And within the past 3 years I have noticed they have really dropped the bar from service standards, Nothing is made to spec, This last experience appetizers all came out at different times like 10 minutes in between each one Changs spicy chicken was totally made wrong and ginger in it it was in a super of sauce had it remade came back the second time made completely wrong the manager was very helpful and embarrassed her name was K she was very professional I would love to hire her at my business we have dined at several PF Changs on the East Coast and our experience at all of them in the past three years has not been what it used to be totally going downhill compared to the old standards of PF Changs very sad ever since Paul got out of this company is totally gone downhill walked out the door of PF Changs after not even eating dinner walk into the cheesecake factory what a world of difference a class act show class act Server as the food was made correctly and tasted very consistent every other cheesecake factory they have it going on

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MissyP - 64 d 16 m ago


The service at your Anaheim, CA location needs to improve. The hostess was not very cordial. After providing my name to her, I requested she validate my parking ticket. I had to wait several minutes for her to have a conversation with the other hostess. She did not care that I was standing right in front of them patiently waiting. The hostess told us to wait for another hostess to seat us even though we had arrived prior to the couple she decided to seat before us. The server was less than enthusiastic about providing good service. We waited for her to refill our drinks that sat empty for several minutes. We waited for her to box another tables to go order before she gave us the trio sauce we ordered with our food. By the time we received the trio sauce and white rice, our meat entrees had been on the table for approx. 10 minutes. The management in this location needs to train the staff on common courtesy and prioritizing their service duties. Difficult to enjoy lukewarm food. Too many negatives to give more than a 1.

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V.C. - 67 d ago


P.F. Changs, well you have officially lost several Customers here due to a bad experience at one of your locations. In the past, I filled out the Receipt survey as well as e-mailing Guest Relations and Your Customer Service is POOR. Today, I called to unsubscribe to all e-mail and cancel my rewards account. By the way Amy, I hope you have a better day tomorrow since you didn't seem to eager to assist in the matter.

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Klaus Schattleitner - 67 d ago

My wife and I are regular patrons at your restaurant at Happy Valley N. PHOENIX. I enjoy you stocking the German Erdinger beer. Yesterday, again, "out of Erdinger". The service was very slow and has generally deteriorated.

waiters, carrying one glass of wine in each hand, no trays and the personality of our waiter was ratber cold. We won't be back.

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Kathy - 75 d 18 h ago


i really used to enjoy the food at your restaurant, I ordered an espresso martini and they told me the espresso machine hasn't been fixed in six months then my two favorite dishes were discontinued the kung pao scallops and the lamb entree ,very disappointed in the new menu .PF Changs is not one of my favs anymore. The location we ate at is in Las Vegas

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HDUPREE - 80 d 6 h ago


Went to Jacksonville location the food and service was great! We drive all the way from South Georgia just to eat here.

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Marlyn - 92 d 7 h ago


Just left your restaurant at the Quarry Market in San Antonio TX and my wife and I had the worst experience in your restaurant ever the food service was atrocious waited over 30 min for appetizer and almost an hour for the entree and the order was wrong we have visited and enjoyed our meals in many of your restaurants thru out the US and Puerto Rico never had a problem while everyone around us enjoyed they're meal those that came way after us we just sat there wait I approached the manager and finally got the meal which was wrong very disappointed a disgruntled customer thank you

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Sam - 93 d 7 h ago


I'm writing this email concerning the very bad experience I had ato your Fairlane Mall location in Dearborn Mi. I wish the hostess would have informed me that the heat was not working before I made my order. It was very cold in and not enjoyabe

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Anonymous - 98 d 12 h ago


Managers require servers to round up on tipping out our back waiters , doesn't the company compensate back waiters if they didn't make min. Wage? Why can't they tip exact?

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American - 102 d 10 h ago


Love, love , love your crispy green beans with sauce, your egg drop soup and of course your Changs spicy chicken.

Have gift certificates from Christmas, will be seeing you soon.

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Matt - 147 d 4 h ago


Thank you for forgetting my sushi entree and its freaking raw. How do you forget raw. And not cleaning the tables as people leave

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Anonymous - 140 d 11 h ago

sushi consist of raw fish!!!

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Anonymous - 102 d 10 h ago


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Hassan fayad - 125 d 4 h ago


Alicia the server is sooo rude. Sabrina the manager is not professional.

First episode :

Last night my wife and I arrived around 9pm . Our server was Alicia ,my wife was checking the menu while I asked Alicia if they have non alcoholic beer ,all of a sudden she roughly , rudely toke back the menu from my wife ( my wife was still reading )to show me!!!!!!!

I was shocked!!!!for 2 reasons :

1- Alicia could show me what they got in my menu there is no need to grab it back roughly rudely like that from my wife.

2- if Alicia for some reason likes my wife's menu she simply politely could ask for it .

When I was trying to explain to Alicia what she has done is not nice ,she inturpt me with big EXCUSE ME and she left .I thought that she will call the manager so all of us talk professionally. But she send me another server his name is jemmy!!!!!!!!

I called the manager( her name is Sabrina ) I explained what happened, she said OK I will talk to her .Sabrina doesn't even try to apologize or to professionally talk to me or my wife .

Last episode

When the food came and I got my hot and sour soup(we asked for the big bowl ) I field up my wife's bowl and my bowl and when I was ready for round 2 ,I hardly felt up my bowl nothing left for my wife (she was still in her 1st bowl )!!!!!! I called the server and show him ,he told me no problem I could bring you more soup (which was nice )he came back and he said sorry we don't have more soup . ( conclusion if you guys do not have enough soup why would you foul me and brought me little bit of soup, you guys though I will not notice!!!you could simply tell sorry we are out, instead of cheating on me .)

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Saraletti - 127 d ago


Sucks. They are MEVER consistent.

Tonight after work in the pouring rain I went to the Alpharetta restaurant for gluten free egg drop soup, and gluten free vegetable fried rice. If I tell you my mom who is 92 wouldn't eat anything. I bought it for her as a treat since she is visiting. The fried rice was dry, there was more white rice, they put in whatever they use to make fried rice. There was no peas, no egg, nothing!

Just dry rice what a waste if money. It can at me more than I made at work today.

There was no excuse for this you only had two tables full. Not that should matter it should always be consistent. Being the falcons game on tonight I guess you had a temp cooking.

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