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P F Changs China Bistro Inc

15210 N Scttsdale Rd 30 # 300
Phoenix, AZ
Richard Federico
Chairman of the Board
(602) 957-8986
Annual Sales Est
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Lisa - 10 d 18 h ago


My husband & I ate at the Sunland Park, El Paso, TX restaurant Last night - it's an hour drive each way for us and a much anticipated dining experience when we go there. I had made a reservation online and it was simple to do. Upon arrival we were greeted within 5 minutes and seated at a table. It was quite a busy night, so it took about 15 minutes for our server to come by our table. He was apologetic and wanted to get our drink and appetizer order quickly. We knew it was going to be a slow service night because of the crowd, but we were there to enjoy ourselves and celebrate Chinese New Year. By the way, I am a PF Chang rewards member and we love to get a reward once in a while. However, we were expecting a red envelope that your are giving out for Chinese New Year and I've seen on Facebook, that some people at different locations around the country have actually won free PF Changs for a year! I asked about it, anmd our server told us they did not have any at their location because the manager/supervisor didn't order them. That was disappointing! We enjoyed our food and paid our bill, but wondered why we were not treated to the sweepstakes like any other location. I was hoping you could compensate us with the sweepstakes promo as well. email me please? (hidden)

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Sheena - 9 d 13 h ago


Same thing happen to me dang and more

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Anonymous - 38 d 4 h ago


I've had excellent dining experiences here in Kennewick, WA. I am so very sorry you're closing your restaurant here.

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Marina - 29 d 4 h ago


As a Host that was working there the last 6months, I appreciate you're comment !

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Patricia Farrell - 34 d 12 h ago


I just attempted to have lunch at your restaurant in San Jose, Ca. The restaurant was not busy and my husband and I waited close to 15 minutes after being seated for someone/anyone to wait on us or to at least acknowledge our existence. Several wait personnel passed our table and several more were standing around talking but nobody approached us. After 15 minutes of being invisible we decided to leave. We explained to the host on our way out our reason for leaving and she was most apologetic. The host offered to seat us and wait on us herself but we declined as we feel that PF Chang's lost their chance to have us patronize them.


Patricia Farrell

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CJ - 43 d 14 h ago


Jan 2017 Shackleford Rd Little Rock AR Poor Food and Poor Service Lettuce Wraps- base of several lettuce leaves were brown, lettuce was half of a small head with all the small leaves in the center, which are worthless for building a lettuce wrap, thus we had two correct leaves and 1 small leaf for the wraps. - Surf and Turf; beef was ordered medium rare and spicy, it was cooked 'well done' and the dish was luke warm and blan in flavor, asked our server twice for the table trio, chili paste and hot mustard which never arrived. - Crispy Honey Chicken was ordered spicy, it was not crispy but instead more like spongy tempora with random gelatinous pockets next to the meat making it feel as though you were chewing extremely fatty chicken and the spicy sauce was poured on Top of and only in the middle of the serving of chicken in one spot making those portions too spicy and even soggier than the rest. - Vegetable Spring Rolls- wrapping was not fully cooked, ends were slightly crispy, area between ends was soft with parts tasting uncooked. Service- wait staff needs better training- our requests for table trio were twice acknowledged, once when the lettuce wraps arrived and once when the entrees arrived and yet were never delivered during our meal. Server delivered our entrees and then never returned until we were ready to leave. My only other experiences eating at P. F. Chang's have been over a period of 10 years at the Tucson AZ location, which has always been Outstanding! Over the course of several job relocations, I haven't been in Tucson in the past 2 years, I hope they haven't sunken to the poor level of food and service I experienced in Little Rock. No I did not flag down other wait staff nor did I complain to the manager, that evening out with my wife to specifically dine at P.F. Changs in Little Rock, which by-the-way is 2 hours from my home, was such a disaster, I frankly did not trust myself to remain civil during any discussion with staff or management. I just took mental notes of the team's failures at that location and did my best not to ruin my wife's evening out any more than it already had been. Maybe what I experienced is the 'norm' for P.F. Chang's in Arkansas and what I consistently experienced in Tucson is the 'norm' for Arizona; if so, its Arizona 10! Arkansas Zero!

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Megan Fowler - 48 d 7 h ago


I ate at the PF Chang's Downtown Boston Location, worst service ever inconsiderate management and dirty environment, front desk host was actually caring and cooperative i believe she was pregnant too! The other host looked as if she was on drugs, i asked to speak with a manager she walked past our table several times then notified our Server she didn't have the time to speak with us. What a Rude ass B****!! I will never come back here i don't know why she is even considered a manager, i believe our server said her name was Hopi or maybe Hope

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Sara - 50 d 5 h ago


I must complain because I am vegan and I ordered tofu here. They brought me chicken

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Andres Johnson - 54 d 12 h ago

Complaint about Ft Lauderdale location. On December 27, 2017 at 3:15 I arrived in the bar section, but was not served or a knowledge by the bartender on duty. I asked another server walking by after 15 minutes if there was table service and he said yes by the bartender. I saw a Manager and flagged him down to complain that we had not been acknowledged by the bartender. He made an excuse for her neglect saying they were very busy so I said her area was not full or busy and she had time to take photos of other patrons and was having an assistant to move glasses. He said he could get another server to wait on us and would that be a sufficient way to solve my problem. He made no apology just defense of his bartender, Our server was very apologetic and did his best to serve us, but Tony the Manager made no adjustment to our bill or apology for the poor treatment and disregard ny the bartender on duty. I feel you have two people working at PF Chang that are not meant for the hospitality business. I will most likely not return this location.

Andres Johnson

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Sherla Evans - 62 d 14 h ago


Mr. Federico,

I'm writing to compliment you about one of your servers who works in the Rochester Hills, MI, PF Chang's location. His name is Avante.

I am a weekly customer, and each time I dine in I request to be seated with Avante. He is a charming young man who works hard to please his customers. I can't imagine anyone not wanting to be seated in his area. He is congenial and happy and gets his orders in and out of the kitchen quickly. He also checks on his tables regularly to provide excellent customer service.

As a retired high school teacher, I am aware that many young people have poor work ethics. However, Avante restores my faith that some young people out there were raised and taught to be productive members of society.

I wish all your servers were like him!

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Linn Sexton - 70 d 15 h ago


This morning I spoke with Kathy in your gift card problem solutions. She was knowledgeable, kind and patient with this 74 old client who had pulled a no-brainer. She is an asset to your organization...please acknowledge her. Your company is also to be commended for the handling of my situation. Thank you ALL...and Merry Christmas to you and those people who matter most to you. Linn Sexton

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Joan - 73 d 19 h ago


We were at the PF Chang's in Winter Park, on Thursday 12/7/17. Our server Tatiana was very good ad knowledgeable about the menu. The food is good no complaint about that. My complaint is how cold it is inside the rest. I had on a sweater and my mother had on a jacket and also a shawl. We were not the only guests that thought it was cold. The temperature should be set for the guests comfort, not the employees. Our plates were brought out before our food and they were ice cold. Now if you put hot food on an ice cold plate the food gets cold. I talked to Tatiana about it and said I would be happy to talk to the manager about it as well. Tatiana blamed it on corporate, so that is why I'm writing you. The manager never did come over to talk to us. I have been coming to Chang's at this location since early 2000, when it was established here. Things have changed. The managers use to make the rounds and talk with the guests no more. The servers are still very pleasant and the food is good. But the temperature for the rest. and for serving plates needs to be taken care of.

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Cheryl orlewicz - 74 d 12 h ago


I had gone to your P F Changs in Northville Michigan. We had had a pretty nice dining experience until we proceeded to leave the establishment. We asked the people at the front desk to take a picture of us. So I put my carry-out bag on the podium and they took a very nice picture. We left and I was gone no longer than two or three minutes when I realized I had forgotten my carry out food. I went back inside the restaurant and locked in the bathroom and ask the people at the front desk and they had no idea where my carry out was. Well I looked at the picture I had taken and it was behind us in the picture. They had thrown my carry out food away. I was very disappointed in the honesty and integrity of this restaurant.

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Francisco Martinez - 76 d 11 h ago

I don't know how P.F. Chang's in Dedham ma is still open I went there for the first time and got awfully sick probably from all the raw meat on my fucking plate I will never recommend this place to anybody a friend of mines went the next day ended up wit the same problem that isn't Chinese food that's Fucking sick on a plate

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Dave Andrzejak - 92 d 12 h ago


New Rochester hills location PF Changs. Why open a resteraunt that does not have a carry or that you can order on line????? asked to talk to the Manager & was left on hold for 20 Minutes. I called to order a carry out & they said they do not to them I would have to drive there & wait 45 mins to & hour before my food would be ready. Last week I got a carry out there - same place waited 1 hour after I called in. The place is not Managed well. I when next door to Kruse & muers & got a wonderfull dinner. My warriors card is useless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Appalled Asian Cuisine Aficionado - 92 d 14 h ago


My first and last experience with this chain was extremely disappointing. I was appalled at the DECEPTIVE MARKETING AND KITCHEN PRACTICES at the local Pei Wei. The small "Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl" I requested and was served bore no relationship to the menu at all which describes and shows a large amount of spinach and cabbage and a small amount of carrot and onion. The bowl I received had 2 small leaves of baby spinach no larger than basil leaves and two small squares of cabbage. There was however a huge amount of shelled edamame which is nowhere on the photo nor the list of ingredients. All rice bowl photos show visible grains. The Quinoa I selected was not visible: a tiny spoonful or two of Quinoa at the bottom of the bowl wholly saturated in glazed sauce and surrounded by carrots and soybeans. The staff referred to the chicken as the "Protein" apparently unaware that soybeans are an excellent source of protein and the base for tofu. This shows total lack of respect for any type of traditional Asian or Asian inspired food. THEY FAILED THE MYSTERY SHOPPER INSPECTION.

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Ronald Lee - 97 d 15 h ago


I ate at pf Chang's on at wensday at 330 food ain't come out til 420 and they gave me a gift card for. My troubles and then I went back to use the gift cards I ordered and I was home and then they forgot my crispy honey chicken

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Lauren Coia - 127 d 10 h ago


We are regulars at many pf Chang bistros. We love going for the many unique dishes and appetizers in particular. Recently the salt and pepper calamari was changed and it is extremely disappointing. It can't compare to the original salt and pepper calamari. It truly is the best around because it is different than most restaurants. Please consider changing it back

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Karen Blakely - 150 d 9 h ago


I tried to order takeout today from P F Changs at approximately 2 pm only to find a message that there were problems with the web site and to try again. I did and got the same message. I then called the Newport Beach P F Changs but was abruptly put on hold for a long time. When I did connect with an individual, Aaron, he did not appear to even know how to take an order. When I went to pick up my order, it was not ready despite the 15 minute window. When I asked for the rewards points to be added, I was told that those were not available either. The food -- overly salty for the minced chicken with lettuce and the honey shrimp were a blob of food stuck together and inedible. Is there any reason to order takeout and to spend $60 for two entrees and two appetizers? I hope this is a wakeup call for those at the Newport Beach store. I certainly won't be spending money here.

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LBarnes - 165 d 20 h ago


On Monday September 4 my friend and I went to PF Chang in Annapolis, MD for lunch. It was about 3:45 and lunch was over at 4:00 pm. We asked to sit outside but there were about 3 tables that needed to be cleared so we were asked to wait about 5 minutes until that was done. We went to the bar and purchased a drink. 5 mins later we returned and was seated. Another couple was seated ahead of us and a group of 3 were already seated. We sat and waited 30 minutes for someone to take our order as we watched 4 waiters walk by us, seat other people, take their orders and bring them water and tableware. By this time lunch time was over. After 30 mins my friend got up to find the manager. the manager was a young lady by the name of Jazmine. She came to our table and simply apologized for the delay and stated that she would talk to the wait staff to see why 4 servers ignored us and asked to take our orders. She seemed indifferent to the fact that we were visibly unhappy. I asked her what if anything she could do to make things right. She told us that she could take care of our drinks and insure that we received the lunch prices. We informed her that we had already paid for our drinks at the bar. We placed our orders. When the food arrived what I found that the lobster dish that I had a while ago was no longer in the shell instead it was fried and battered so I asked that it be returned. My friends order was also not correct so she asked that it not be returned. the manager came back out with the food that we had returned and asked us what exactly was the problem. When we explained the issues, she literally stood in the middle of the restaurant at our table and argued back and forth with jus, clearly annoyed with us, and kept cutting us off and being overly argumentative. She called a server over and told her to assist us from then on. The server placed a new order for us and asked if we'd like another drink, we both said yes. She delivered the drinks and food as ordered and we were pleased. Meanwhile, as all of this was going on, I contacted a customer service Rep with PF Chang (DeJa) and forged a complaint. DeJa was kind, understanding and attentive and immediately emailed me a $55 gift certificate. After our meal the manager (not the server) came out to us as if she wanted to stick it to us one last time, placed the check on the table and told us to have a good day. When we looked over the check we discovered that we both were charged the dinner prices for our meals and also for the second round of drinks. When I questioned the manager, Jazmine, she stated that she did not tell me that she would give us free drinks and as for our meals, we ordered from the dinner menu and she did not tell us that we would receive lunch prices from that menu. We should have ordered from the lunch menu. Clearly, she wanted another argument so I raised my hand to say "no problem". I gave her the gift certificate that DeJa sent me, tipped the waiter and we left. We have been waiting to hear back again from someone as a follow up but as of today (Thursday Sept 7th) nothing. I strongly feel that this manager is not suited to act in such a capacity and I would like to know that she returns to class for Manager and Customer Service 101. I have NEVER been so rudely treated in my life! That was totally a disservice and truly unacceptable behavior on her part. I hope to hear more from someone at PF Chang Corporate regarding that incident.

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Kait - 166 d 15 h ago


Literally the worst experience I've ever had a restaurant . Waited 20 minutes for water . Was here 3 hours just to eat . Never coming again

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p.sanchez - 185 d 13 h ago


nights ago came here for dinner. we were a party of 5. our waiter was excellent friendly and very pleasant. our meal was also excellent. waiter brings us the check total says $106 and I give him my credit card and after signing it and adding the tip. we are getting up to exit the booth, when a male manager approaches me. tells me he needs to see the check and my card I paid with. he tells me that we were over charged. when he returns he tells me that my card only authorize $106 and I had a balance due of $27 dollars. seemed odd to me. he wanted to run my card again. I refused and we paid the balance with cash. once I get back to our hotel I am confused to what happened. I look at my original receipt and I total my receipt and it totals what I was charged the first time $106. the second receipt the manager came back with said $133.31.after comparing the two receipts I noticed 2 crown royal drinks were added to my bill, the managed lied and said my card didn't go through because he added to my bill when he walked away. these drinks were not something we ordered. I was a waitress for many years. this is not the way to treat customers. he added drinks to my bill and lied and said my card didn't go through for the extra $27 of course not because he added it after the fact. we did not order crown royal drinks.

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Steve - 219 d 19 h ago


Just a quick note to recognize the above and beyond service "Shawn", the senior manager at the Tyson's Corner Galleria (Fairfax, Va) location, exhibited last evening. It started with my girlfriend and I wanting to order PF Chang's via the DoorDash app. My girlfriend loves a dish which is no longer on the menu (not a good move in our opinion, btw), Dan Dan Noodles. This entree was, of course, was not available via the DoorDash menu. My girl had had a very bad day at work, and me, being the attentive lover that I am, (), I wanted to make sure she got something which would help make her smile. So...enough with the gooey stuff...back to Shawn...I called the restaurant directly and asked what would be the best way to get this done. After being transferred to Shawn on the phone, I explained that I was attempting to order via DoorDash but, that I wanted the Dan Dan Noodles...after explaining my goal to cheer up my girl, he politely explained that Dan Dan was no longer on the menu but said that he completely understood, wanted to help and he'd personally go to his kitchen staff and ensure it was taken care of. Additionally, he (unsolicited by me) asked what my girl's favorite dessert was, too. Shawn kicked in a cheesecake dessert at no charge and sincerely thanked me for choosing PF Changs as the source of happiness to help cheer up my baby. So....a big THANK YOU to Shawn...we'll be visiting you very soon so, I can personally thank you for the service and professionalism which is such a rarity in today's entitled and indifferent world. God bless.

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Ginger Jones - 185 d 16 h ago


Hi, I've written before. I live in KENOSHA,WI. The closest Chang's is. An hour away from us. We are sandwiched in between Chicago and Milwaukee. I think it would be a very great place for a Chang's.

Our city is growing rapidly, we have a huge Amazon co. And a huge presence with ULine. Now we are in line for a Company in Taiwan coming here and hiring 13,000 people. There is plenty of space here for your restaurant. As you can tell, I love your restaurant chain and eat there whenever I can. There is no restaurant around here like yours. I hope you can check into this area. Thanks!

My phone # is. (hidden). And e-mail is : (hidden)

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Anonymous - 200 d ago


I work at store #5800 in Las Vegas and have been employed with this company for well over 4 years. No write ups ever with outstanding service given at all times including guest compliments on the regular. The Operating Partner who's Chris Hodges has destroyed this restaurant and it's morale to pieces in a matter of 1 year. It is now a mere shadow of what it once was a year ago. He is now playing favorites to the extreme and giving 5 days a week to undeserving employees who do not pull their weight in terms of work ethic and totally screwing his hardworking ones with 2-3 days so, more then quite a few employees are super upset about how he treats his staff which is terrible. He even promoted a hostess who's 21 with zero experience to a key holder in a matter of 3 months and completely blew off another who's been waiting to be promoted to take-out for YEARS. His attitude is total crap all the time and he'll walk away from you mid-conversation, really disrespectful. He comps every little tiny thing which the word has gotten out so now the restaurant is beyond ghetto fabulous thanks to him. This guy by far takes the cake for the most incompetent manager that I've personally ever had the displeasure of working with. He only received this position by default due to our previous Operating Partner being suddenly yanked to go over to Planet Hollywood who was Stephanie and was really awesome and profession. This guy needs to be removed, he's a nightmare to work for and a complete ball of negativity that contributes nothing to this restaurant but angry employees and now guests that 'know' that they'll get everything for free which ruins our tips directly into oblivion...

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