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P F Changs China Bistro Inc

15210 N Scttsdale Rd 30 # 300
Phoenix, AZ
Richard Federico
Chairman of the Board
(602) 957-8986
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Martybh4 - 1 d 16 h ago


I ordered take out from P.F. Changs Mt. Pleasant SC on last evening and I must say that was the worst meal I had ever received. First we were told the wait would be 15 to 20 minutes and it took 40 minutes. we ordered our meals at 8:40 and it was 9:20 when it was brought out. We live about 20 minutes away but we were in the area and on our way home so decided since we had a gift card we would order. After waiting all that time we go home and the food looked like it had been sitting under a hot light all day long. We ordered Beef and Broccoli, Pepper Steak and Beef la Sichuan all of the meals with brown rice. The beef was all hard and tough and the Sichuan was more like beef jerky. The rice containers were half full, like they were trying to stretch what was left to make our meals. It was truly an awful experience and I doubt that I will ever return. I felt like the company should know the kind of service is being given at this location.

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Never Again! - 3 d 11 h ago


A group of 4 from work visited the P F Changs at 1624 Cumberland Mall Ste LS108 Atlanta, GA. We arrived at 12:30PM and by 1:40PM we had still not received our food. Drinks were wrong, order mixed up, and the service the absolute worst I have ever experienced. We left without eating.

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Anonymous - 35 d ago


I was fired from a poorly managed store because of a fradulant complaint. Terrible experience

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joe - 57 d 11 h ago

P F Changs China Bistro Inc Rating 1 2 3 4 5 Address 15210 N Scttsdale Rd 30 # 300 Phoenix, AZ 85012 County Maricopa Contact Richard Federico Role Chairman of the Board Phone (hidden) Annual Sales Est $559,245,000 Employees 16,500 SIC Code the phone number listed is no longer in service

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Anonymous - 58 d 6 h ago

I have been sitting curb side for over an hour the car next to me 2 hours this is rediculous..there were also cars parked here not picking up inside having a meal...they sho ui kd be towed..i had to park in another spot before someone actually left

Marlton NJ

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Anonymous - 75 d ago


IF WE COULD GET THE AC UNIT FIXED AT THE 9980 LOCATION IN BOISE, IDAHO, IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. AND POSSIBLY GENERATE MORE BUSINESS. It was 100 degrees today in Boise and got told there was nothing that could be done about the overwhelming muggy heat going on in the restaurant. Managers keep saying it will cause a whole days worth of shutting down to get to 2 of the 4 broken AC units. THEN SHUT DOWN AND FIX IT! It is not fair to have staff work in sweltering conditions or for customers to turn away because it is "too hot to eat here." ALSO, can something be done about the 2 month long static radio we are forced to either listen to or sit in complete silence? It is so awkward to have no music playing but even worse to have guests come up to the staff and ask to shut it completely off because they are annoyed with music that cuts in and out. ANOTHER thing management has yet to fix. No wonder everyone at the 9980 location has quit. Richie or Linn, please come back to the 9980 store and get things fixed. It's getting so ridiculous.

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DST20 - 91 d 12 h ago


My son goes to college and loves the frozen meal Garlic Chicken with Dan Dan Noodles. I cannot find it anymore in the grocery stores. Please help him!!!

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Me208 - 75 d ago


The frozen PF Chang's meals are a third party deal. They do not come directly from PF Chang's. Most of the frozen options don't even exist at a real PF Chang's restaurant.

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EDWARD SARECKY - 77 d 16 h ago


on june 28th i made a large order for a dinner party that i was hosting. i used the curbside service for the first time. when i got home i noticed that i was missing a california roll that i paid for, the lettuce wrapped chicken had no lettuce, asked for chopstix and there was none and to top it all off there were no sauces to occompany the meal. i called the store and talked to a manager who told me that they couldnt do anything about the lettuce wrap because it was part of the dinner for six meal i ordered. i was told that i would be refunded the missing california roll(which didnt happen) and i was treated like i was a bother. i just received in the mail a free appetizer with the purchase of an entree as compensation for a ruined dinner. i expected more from a fine restaurant like pf chang

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Wain Myers - 158 d 12 h ago


P.F. Chang's was my wife favorite restaurant to entertain her closest friends in Ohio. She would visit at least once a month to enjoy the wonderful environment and food and share the dining experience with those she loved. We moved to Utah in 2014 and one of the things she missed about Ohio the most was P.F. Chang's. In February of 2018, we drove passed the Salt Lake City P.F. Chang's and my wife's face lit up lit up as if it was Christmas. The following weekend we found ourselves at P.F Chang's only to find out that there was an hour and 15 minute wait. Thus, I decided to surprise my sweetheart and made an 8 o'clock reservation at her favorite restaurant, P.F. Chang's, so we could avoid the wait.

We arrived at 7:55 and were seated right away. We placed our order with the waiter one his first visit to our table because my wife knew exactly what she wanted. A family of four was seated at a table directly behind us about 15 to 20 minutes after my wife and I were seated. After the waiter served them their food, he can to our table and told us our food was almost ready. At that point, my wife was upset that our food had not yet arrived. She asked for our check and to speak with the manager. When the manager came and asked what she could do for us, I told her what happened and that we were not happy with the service and we wanted the check. At this point, it was 8:41pm per my iPhone, which I shared with the manager. She said our food was almost ready and asked us if we wanted our food to go. It felt as if this was the manager's way of saying we do not want black people eating in our dining area and you should take your food to go. We declined her offer and asked for the check, to which the manager replied, "I will only charge you for the appetizer and your drinks." I thought to myself, really, as if we were going to pay for food we did not receive. She brought us the check, which was for $21.03. I paid the check and left.

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Anonymous - 91 d 6 h ago

This may come as a shock to you, but bad service happens to white people too.... if things aren't perfect you immediately think its because of your race??? Be real.

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Anonymous - 91 d 12 h ago



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Upset mom - 93 d 13 h ago


I went to pf changs the Tampa location the other night with my children as we were walking toward the restaurant there was a couple of people standing near Sears smoking marijuana the smell was so over whelming and my children said why does it smell like a family of skunks. So we go in and get seated our server was very sweet we ordered appetizers which came out fairly quick but we were short two sets of silverware so I sent my daughter to the host stand to ask for silverware so my daughter comes back telling me that the lady in the front smells like the skunks from outside so I had my daughter point her out to me and sure enough she was one of the people that was outside smoking marijuana so I asked my server what was her name and she said that's Brook my manager. I am so disturbed over this situation had i known that the manager of the restaurant I am about to take my children for dinner was outside getting high I would have never went in there I would have chose a different place to eat.I will never go back there again very unprofessional.

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Jean - 94 d 13 h ago

UPDATE. OK PF Changs so as I was sitting here eating my spicy chicken a lady sat down next to me trying to order the Orange peel chicken also She was devastated when she couldn't get it she actually got up and left!! so think about that - you Have customers that are actually leaving because they can't get their Orange peel chicken!

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Jean - 94 d 14 h ago

WHAT! No more orange peel chicken!!!??? How can this be?? It is the only thing I ever order!!! Please put it back on the menu!! I'm begging you!!!

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anatolyvyacheslavoil - 115 d 16 h ago


Dear Buyer/ Buyer mandate

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Kindly Contact us via (hidden)) for SCO as soon as possible, so we can move to the next step.


Anatoly Vyacheslav

Email: (hidden)



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Connie Fratellenico - 116 d 4 h ago


Had dinner at nanuet ny pfchangs may 28 Monday Our server was Katie she's the BEST She made our dinner great !

Thank you KATIE!!

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Mustan - 116 d 7 h ago

Worst experience ever at PF Changs UAE(Dubai Jumeirah Beach Residents JBR)

I had called for Garlic Shrimps.

Firstly it was cold when i asked the waitress she tried to convince me thats hot.

It tasted horrible and the shrimps weren't t cooked well

I got a allergic reaction. Had to go to the doctor.

Inspite of not eating he dish completely i was charged for it . Then they asked me for an other dish I thought it was complimentary because of the whole situation. They charged too .

Was very disappointed with this behaviour and treatment. Specially at PF changs . Never gonna go back and would never ever recommend anyone

My email id is



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Mustan - 116 d 7 h ago

Worst experience ever.

I had called for Garlic Shrimps.

Firstly it was cold when i asked the waitress she tried to convince me thats hot.

It tasted horrible and the shrimps weren't t cooked well

I got a allergic reaction. Had to go to the doctor.

Inspite of not eating he dish completely i was charged for it . Then they asked me for an other dish I thought it was complimentary because of the whole situation. They charged too .

Was very disappointed with this behaviour and treatment. Specially at PF changs . Never gonna go back and would never ever recommend anyone

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nikki jones - 122 d 14 h ago

On April 29th I did a phone order with PF Chang of vegetable fried rice and chang's Spicy chicken. When I got home and opened my the boxes the rice was lumpy and cold and the chicken was Not spicy at all. In fact it tasted completely different than the spicy chicken I've had there before. (My drive home is less than 15 minutes)

After much encouragement from family I called the restaurant to complain. Spending $30.00 on food I could not eat, should not be acceptable

I called and the manager and he took my complaint and said he would speak with the cook and that he apologize about the take out order, also said he would send me complimentary guest card for my unfortunate experience

While I can't say I was expecting my $30.00 back but I certainly didn't expect to receive a $10.00 gift card.

I am so insulted I will never eat nor order from this PF Chang again.

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Barry - 124 d 13 h ago


Hi my name is Barry Leslie I live in Las Cruces NM we have been a big fan of PF Chang's for many years. We first dined at the o e in Richmond Va many years ago then we moved to Sarasota Fl and went to the one in Tampa and then the new one in Sarasota when we moved to Las Cruces we would always dine at the one at Sunland Park and now the new one at the Fountains in all the many years of dining at PF Chang's we were never disappointed until Friday at the Fountains PF Chang's we had lunch there I always order the Mongolian beef my wife gets beef and broccoli with fried rice she got mine as a to go order because I was traveling and would be back Friday evening. The food was horrible worse than that it was gross uneatable it stank. Whoever was cooking on Friday 5/18 should be sent to retraining. If I did not live 50 miles away I would have taken it to the Mgr there and had him taste it to figure out what it was. We have tried many entrees at PF Chang's and never gotten bad food but this was horrible. If this had been served to me on my first visit to PF Chang's I would have never returned.

My name isBarry Leslie my phone Nr is (hidden) my address is 1333 Matisse Ct Las Cruces NM 88007 I'm am in your rewards program as is my wife Debra and daughter Jaclyn

Just thought you shud know

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Carol - 137 d 6 h ago

I went to PF Chang in Pasadena on may4th and our food was cold I sent it to be heated and it came back cold...our meal was 95dollars but minus the 4 drinks 40.00 so 55 dollars was spent on cold food, normally I would have taken leftovers but the Mongolian beef was like jerky and it was just a bad experience. I've always loved your restaurant but not this time...sorry

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Barbara Blevins - 153 d 5 h ago


We visited the Lancaster restaurant. After waiting an hour to be seated, we were informed they were out of the beer we ordered. When we ordered spring rolls we were told the were out of spring rolls and egg rolls. Out of spring rolls and egg rolls at 6:30 p.m. In a Chinese restaurant?? The server was very courteous and informative. This was our first and last visit. Very disappointed.

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Dee - 162 d 15 h ago


My husband and I had dinner at your Northbrook Il. location on 4/11/18 . The chicken lettuce wraps were good although you have changed the dressing , it used to be that your server would mix a dressing to your liking. The other chicken dishes were bad , since you have started using deep fried chicken bits in the chicken pad Thai, which we sent back, and in your chicken fried rice. I understand you wanting to save time and money by using ,maybe frozen deep fried chicken bits but you are skimping on the quality and taste of your dishes. And it wasn't just the alwful chicken the pad Thai noodles were not the traditional noodles used in the dish. It was very disappointing , it used to be a great resturant.

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Anonymous - 162 d 37 s ago

Nothing for PF Chang's is frozen other than cake and cheesecake for dessert all meats are delivered every few days we have a meat cutter everyday cutting fresh meat for that day none of our meat is Frozen

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