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P F Changs China Bistro Inc

15210 N Scttsdale Rd 30 # 300
Phoenix, AZ
Richard Federico
Chairman of the Board
(602) 957-8986
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Ivette - 18 d 12 h ago


Ivette- Food at bar: I only ordered an appetizer and a water with lemon. Simple huh? Yeah right. It took Fashon Valley P.F Changs over 35 min to make and serve. I went outside smoked a cigarette, made a few calls, went to bathroom 2 times and finally I had enough so I went over and asked waitress what was up with my order. She said she would go check, but continued to talk to customers and I was about to leave.

Finally she came with this brown lettuce and semi warm chicken mix. I askes her to please get me a fresh head of lettuce and to warm up dish. It came back and was warm but the lettuce was at least green this time.I had to keep asking for water and lemon because I was thirst. I went and got into the cookie jar to get some fortune cookies . I ate the whole appetizer and aakes for more water and then I had to ask for a fresh so I r of lemon. The lemon she filled the glass with was the same old one I had 2 refills ago. Also I went to bathroom and got stuck in bathroom stall because there was no more toilet paper. I told the waitress and she said ok. She never had anyone go put the toilet paper in the bathroom. Bad experience!!

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Andrew - 23 d 17 h ago


I like the food. It's reliable and I have my favorites. You guys are open late which is nice for me since I eat later on a regular basis. But please don't close the kitchen and lock the doors 15-20 minutes early. As a regular customer this puts a really sour taste in my mouth. I called for a carry out 20 min before close and was told there are no phone carry outs 30 min before close. Good thing I'm 5 min down the street so I tell the phone host that I'll just come in if that's all they do. 10 min before close the doors are locked with customers still dining. WOW. Really? This makes me so angry I don't think I'll be back. You lost a customer today. Thanks.

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Wfb - 30 d ago

I am a little put off by whatever dumb policy I confronted at the P F Chang in Metairie, LA. I came to get an order to go of a soup and a child's fried rice. That's what my grandson likes. I was told I had to produce a child to order a child's fried rice. Really? It's 48 degrees and windy, I didn't think to bring him. Are you so fearful of child's orders that a child must appear. They relented but from 20 visits a year to none is my only response.

Yes some people want a child size and they are no children, so what. You have customers, be happy. You just lost this one.

General profile image - 36 d ago

I just spent over 15 minutes waiting for a cup a soup. When I said am going to leave, they got the soup right that second. What kind of service do you promotes. I wonder how long the rest of my lunch would have taken ed total wasted time was 30 minutes. The manager could not make this situation better. Only said sorry?

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BP - 105 d 5 h ago


I ordered Buddha Feast as a takeout from Tampa airport. I am very disappointed in saying that the veggies were raw, not steamed or sauted. There was zero flavoring to this meal along with no soy sauce. To top it off there was a rotten snap pea in it. Disgusting!!!

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LL not so cool J - 94 d 19 h ago


Yea... um, ask for it stir-fried doofus

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LL butthole licker - 59 d 6 h ago

ask for this d stir-fried DOOFUS

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Joebear1221 - 59 d 16 h ago


Cash stolen. Credit Card scam. Driver said charges would be reversed on the charge of 41.20 for two items. They have not been, so PFC owes me the 50 I gave the driver. THIEF!

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Natalie s Hopson - 62 d 12 h ago

Worst service I have ever received in my life. Went there for my Birthday dinner, didn't know my servers name , simply because he never introduced himself. I was rushed to order, my food was boxed up without asking me if I was finished eating. Horrible Birthday dinner. Emmons needs to be trained. The customer should never feel like a bother. Not to mention the hostess who clearly lost we told her we had reservations she never asked what the name was she just told us to sit anywhere.

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Larry - 109 d ago


On August 24, 2019 I was part of a party of 11 eating at your restaurant in Dublin, Ohio. When we were seated, I noticed black and green specks on the white dish that was in front of me. I mentioned to the party that my dish was dirty and found out that 4 of the 11 plates were not clean properly! Some had dried food or smears of grease on them!

Of course we were given new plates but no apology from the manager was given. In fact the manager never appeared at all. My experience is that in a well run restaurant, a manager makes the rounds to check if there is any problems.

Also I believe the child's menu had a small portion of ice cream as part of their meal. The 4 children who ordered from that menu were only given a fortune cookie!

While the food was tasty, I would not recommend this restaurant,

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Martin - 112 d 22 h ago


I'm writing to complain about a bar charge. I dined at the restaurant located in the Brandon Mall, Florida. I'm disturbed because I was charged $15.00 for a 4oz glass of wine that sells retail for $18.99 per bottle. The name of the wine is Oberon 1917 Cabernet out of Napa. I feel I was grossly overcharged. I understand retail is down and the economy is sluggish, however, this does not justify exploiting your regular customers. I'll never spend another dime there!

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Anonymous - 119 d ago

I hope this message could reach the right person at the headquarters:

Such a pity : Good name, good food, and most of the time great workers. But, the lack of interest in one of your relative new store - Gainesville, Fl -, it made me think who's fault it is when it's not even 2 pm on Thursday., and not even half of the appetizers are available for us , your valued "guests " and so on and so forth ...

Be aware, Cheesecake Factory literally it is just around the corner and they will open very soon, I guess as a costumer I'm looking forward for a better option.

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Thompson - 124 d 13 h ago


Overheard a coworker talk about how horrible and horrendous one location is and how incompetent the managers are. The restaurant in question needs new management! I'll never eat at a Chang's for as long as I live.

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Thompson - 124 d 13 h ago


I wouldn't be surprised if that location gets a lawsuit on their hands by improper cooks! It's only a matter of time before it happens!

Corporate needs to make a surprise visit to that location when they aren't expecting it!

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Rose - 142 d 6 h ago


Yes on Saturday July 20th went to the P.F. Chang's on west end in Nashville Tn. First off they said it would be an hour wait..Ok it being Saturday I can understand so we check out the bar to see if there might be a seat...So we head toward bathroom there are at least 8 tables that have nobody in them.Then the bathroom smelled like someone took rotten chicken in the trash.I told the guy at bar.Then we went back to hostess & asked was this poor management or workers not coming in & she says it was servers didn't come in..Anyway she was suppose to call out phone when there was a table which we left but she didn't know that & we never got that call!!I just thought I'd thos was my company & being a Saturday or any other day for that matter & you are losing that kind of money I'd be seeing why the problem is!!!But if someone don't tell you then you can't do anything about it..Oh & further more my son & his wife went there a couple of days before they didn't get their food until an hour later..My son ordered a beer & he finally asked if he could get his beer he ordered & the guy said oh yeah that's the one they don't write down!!!I don't know what that is but maybe they should write it down!I always say my favorite place to eat is P.F. but not anymore Sorry!!Unsatified customer

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Rose Hulker - 142 d 5 h ago

From some of the comments below I don't think you even care!!!

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Buchinsky - 144 d 42 s ago


Old fables never die or it's very hard to bury 666 tons of elephant dung under a grapefruit.

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Slop - 144 d 5 h ago


Well went to pf Chang's in marlton nj. On 7/20/2019. Starting eat my chicken lettuce wraps and first found this crunchy thing in there didn't know what it was so put it on plate. Then continued eating and found this big chewy brown thing in it. Looked like a tuff piece of beef . Manger Tia Cutler came over and said it was a mushroom not. How stupid . My egg roll were soaked in oil like dripping oil. What could sh3 do for me . Omg never again P.F. Chang's good luck.

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A.n.. - 149 d 17 h ago


P.f. changs robinson will have a sexual harrassment law suit soon if something isnt done about jeremy.

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ANONYMOUS - 171 d 2 s ago


Jeremy the executive chef is very inappropriate to his employees. For example; he talks about how he plans on fucking his wife with his friends at work with whom he hired. Jeremy refers to woman as bitches whether he is talking about his daughter or the female employees whom work for him. Jermey has been seen plenty of times of taking his friends he hired out to the back to smoke to have conversations about employees he plan to fire and who he has to hire. Jeremy was also confronted by a black male employee who heard Jeremy say the N word. When confronted about it; Jeremy said he can say and do what he wants he runs this and if that employee didn't like it they can leave. People are afraid to speak up because they feel the company will silence them by firing them instead of addressing the issue. Ive watched and heard Jeremy State inappropriate things at work whether he is discussing his sex lives with other men or belittling women. I would rather come forward but I feel I will be the next victim added to the list. I have my grandmother to take care of.

P. F. Changs in Pittsburgh Robinson

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Anonymous 2 - 149 d 17 h ago


I can also second this. As an employee at this p.f. changs i have never seen it worse than it is now. Jeremy is a disgusting human being. He hired all his friends there and now they are quitting and exposing him and how he has always been this way with the inappropriate comments towards people. Jeremy spends more time taking his friends out back to smoke. He never actually does anything. He runs around running his mouth about who is on his list and how he has bill by the balls and can do whatever he wants in his kitchen. Someone from corporate PLEASE watch cameras and see what jeremy ACTUALLY DOES AT WORK. New menu rolls out this week and he has NOTHING set up. So when it fails there you can blame him.

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Anonymous - 171 d ago

It's been so sad to see the company sink in so many way. You guys promote people who are not meant to lead. I see how Bailey mistreatments of employees he is so racist but play the good boy. But since he is soo buddy buddy with Gil he's untouchable. He's such a horrible person. If he's having a bad day, he make every body has to have a bad day. If he went to another district, I bet you he will get so fired.! He's not a good leader he does treat everyone equally or with respect. One of our hard working employee that has been there for years is ready to quit because of him. Someone that is so kind and loves his job... he get so many complements. I believe the company needs to do an investigation, and see what all employees think about him. He hires pretty girls not because they are qualified to do the job. He is an ASSHOLE!!!!! And if Johnny leave you best believe there's quite afew of us that will leave. Johnny is such a positive guy always willing to help everyone. And if he finally is done that only means our whole unit it's done!! If the company looses him that's it. Cause clients come just for him, at the bar. Don't loose a good, dedicated ,loyal employees over such a royal asshole. Ask the assistant manager... they love Johnny. Bailey only yells hit the walls etc. That's all! He intimate employees and threatened to demote. Honesty soon very soon the company will be facing another lawsuit because of the asshole Gil covers. Gil, be profesional and just cause you guys have been friends since high school dnt mean he's a good person...

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J.P.Morgan - 152 d 12 h ago


Gil is an asshole sympathizer protecting Bailey making Gil an asshole also.

Assholes destroy everything which does not suit them personally.

** In my opinion Bailey needs to become fish food.

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huey - 153 d 2 m ago


Work related,

Anyone else have an interview for kitchen, and than once met in person

no call back, or email, re the job, which was in

Woodland Hills, CA i am not 65 not 18 either, has happened other

fortune 500 companies, they like it on paper,

20 years in person, seem the make A difference anymore

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Katie - 205 d ago


Today a group of 16 ladies had lunch at P.F.Changs in Parkmeadows Shopping Center in Colorado. The service was good as was the food. My only disappointment was all the water glasses came with plastic straws already in them. Also every glass of iced tea, lemonade etc. also had plastic straws already in them. This meant that 32 plastic straws would then be thrown out. In this day and age when there is so much publicity regarding our plastic waste, I would like to suggest serving these drinks without straws and if the customer would like a straw they could then be provided with one. Personally I don't like having a straw in my drink, I am not a child who can't manage to drink out of a glass.

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