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P F Changs China Bistro Inc

15210 N Scttsdale Rd 30 # 300
Phoenix, AZ
Richard Federico
Chairman of the Board
(602) 957-8986
Annual Sales Est
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Karen Blakely - 5 h 6 m ago


I tried to order takeout today from P F Changs at approximately 2 pm only to find a message that there were problems with the web site and to try again. I did and got the same message. I then called the Newport Beach P F Changs but was abruptly put on hold for a long time. When I did connect with an individual, Aaron, he did not appear to even know how to take an order. When I went to pick up my order, it was not ready despite the 15 minute window. When I asked for the rewards points to be added, I was told that those were not available either. The food -- overly salty for the minced chicken with lettuce and the honey shrimp were a blob of food stuck together and inedible. Is there any reason to order takeout and to spend $60 for two entrees and two appetizers? I hope this is a wakeup call for those at the Newport Beach store. I certainly won't be spending money here.

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LBarnes - 15 d 15 h ago


On Monday September 4 my friend and I went to PF Chang in Annapolis, MD for lunch. It was about 3:45 and lunch was over at 4:00 pm. We asked to sit outside but there were about 3 tables that needed to be cleared so we were asked to wait about 5 minutes until that was done. We went to the bar and purchased a drink. 5 mins later we returned and was seated. Another couple was seated ahead of us and a group of 3 were already seated. We sat and waited 30 minutes for someone to take our order as we watched 4 waiters walk by us, seat other people, take their orders and bring them water and tableware. By this time lunch time was over. After 30 mins my friend got up to find the manager. the manager was a young lady by the name of Jazmine. She came to our table and simply apologized for the delay and stated that she would talk to the wait staff to see why 4 servers ignored us and asked to take our orders. She seemed indifferent to the fact that we were visibly unhappy. I asked her what if anything she could do to make things right. She told us that she could take care of our drinks and insure that we received the lunch prices. We informed her that we had already paid for our drinks at the bar. We placed our orders. When the food arrived what I found that the lobster dish that I had a while ago was no longer in the shell instead it was fried and battered so I asked that it be returned. My friends order was also not correct so she asked that it not be returned. the manager came back out with the food that we had returned and asked us what exactly was the problem. When we explained the issues, she literally stood in the middle of the restaurant at our table and argued back and forth with jus, clearly annoyed with us, and kept cutting us off and being overly argumentative. She called a server over and told her to assist us from then on. The server placed a new order for us and asked if we'd like another drink, we both said yes. She delivered the drinks and food as ordered and we were pleased. Meanwhile, as all of this was going on, I contacted a customer service Rep with PF Chang (DeJa) and forged a complaint. DeJa was kind, understanding and attentive and immediately emailed me a $55 gift certificate. After our meal the manager (not the server) came out to us as if she wanted to stick it to us one last time, placed the check on the table and told us to have a good day. When we looked over the check we discovered that we both were charged the dinner prices for our meals and also for the second round of drinks. When I questioned the manager, Jazmine, she stated that she did not tell me that she would give us free drinks and as for our meals, we ordered from the dinner menu and she did not tell us that we would receive lunch prices from that menu. We should have ordered from the lunch menu. Clearly, she wanted another argument so I raised my hand to say "no problem". I gave her the gift certificate that DeJa sent me, tipped the waiter and we left. We have been waiting to hear back again from someone as a follow up but as of today (Thursday Sept 7th) nothing. I strongly feel that this manager is not suited to act in such a capacity and I would like to know that she returns to class for Manager and Customer Service 101. I have NEVER been so rudely treated in my life! That was totally a disservice and truly unacceptable behavior on her part. I hope to hear more from someone at PF Chang Corporate regarding that incident.

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Kait - 16 d 11 h ago


Literally the worst experience I've ever had a restaurant . Waited 20 minutes for water . Was here 3 hours just to eat . Never coming again

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p.sanchez - 35 d 9 h ago


nights ago came here for dinner. we were a party of 5. our waiter was excellent friendly and very pleasant. our meal was also excellent. waiter brings us the check total says $106 and I give him my credit card and after signing it and adding the tip. we are getting up to exit the booth, when a male manager approaches me. tells me he needs to see the check and my card I paid with. he tells me that we were over charged. when he returns he tells me that my card only authorize $106 and I had a balance due of $27 dollars. seemed odd to me. he wanted to run my card again. I refused and we paid the balance with cash. once I get back to our hotel I am confused to what happened. I look at my original receipt and I total my receipt and it totals what I was charged the first time $106. the second receipt the manager came back with said $133.31.after comparing the two receipts I noticed 2 crown royal drinks were added to my bill, the managed lied and said my card didn't go through because he added to my bill when he walked away. these drinks were not something we ordered. I was a waitress for many years. this is not the way to treat customers. he added drinks to my bill and lied and said my card didn't go through for the extra $27 of course not because he added it after the fact. we did not order crown royal drinks.

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Steve - 69 d 15 h ago


Just a quick note to recognize the above and beyond service "Shawn", the senior manager at the Tyson's Corner Galleria (Fairfax, Va) location, exhibited last evening. It started with my girlfriend and I wanting to order PF Chang's via the DoorDash app. My girlfriend loves a dish which is no longer on the menu (not a good move in our opinion, btw), Dan Dan Noodles. This entree was, of course, was not available via the DoorDash menu. My girl had had a very bad day at work, and me, being the attentive lover that I am, (), I wanted to make sure she got something which would help make her smile. So...enough with the gooey stuff...back to Shawn...I called the restaurant directly and asked what would be the best way to get this done. After being transferred to Shawn on the phone, I explained that I was attempting to order via DoorDash but, that I wanted the Dan Dan Noodles...after explaining my goal to cheer up my girl, he politely explained that Dan Dan was no longer on the menu but said that he completely understood, wanted to help and he'd personally go to his kitchen staff and ensure it was taken care of. Additionally, he (unsolicited by me) asked what my girl's favorite dessert was, too. Shawn kicked in a cheesecake dessert at no charge and sincerely thanked me for choosing PF Changs as the source of happiness to help cheer up my baby. So....a big THANK YOU to Shawn...we'll be visiting you very soon so, I can personally thank you for the service and professionalism which is such a rarity in today's entitled and indifferent world. God bless.

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Ginger Jones - 35 d 11 h ago


Hi, I've written before. I live in KENOSHA,WI. The closest Chang's is. An hour away from us. We are sandwiched in between Chicago and Milwaukee. I think it would be a very great place for a Chang's.

Our city is growing rapidly, we have a huge Amazon co. And a huge presence with ULine. Now we are in line for a Company in Taiwan coming here and hiring 13,000 people. There is plenty of space here for your restaurant. As you can tell, I love your restaurant chain and eat there whenever I can. There is no restaurant around here like yours. I hope you can check into this area. Thanks!

My phone # is. (hidden). And e-mail is : (hidden)

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Anonymous - 50 d ago


I work at store #5800 in Las Vegas and have been employed with this company for well over 4 years. No write ups ever with outstanding service given at all times including guest compliments on the regular. The Operating Partner who's Chris Hodges has destroyed this restaurant and it's morale to pieces in a matter of 1 year. It is now a mere shadow of what it once was a year ago. He is now playing favorites to the extreme and giving 5 days a week to undeserving employees who do not pull their weight in terms of work ethic and totally screwing his hardworking ones with 2-3 days so, more then quite a few employees are super upset about how he treats his staff which is terrible. He even promoted a hostess who's 21 with zero experience to a key holder in a matter of 3 months and completely blew off another who's been waiting to be promoted to take-out for YEARS. His attitude is total crap all the time and he'll walk away from you mid-conversation, really disrespectful. He comps every little tiny thing which the word has gotten out so now the restaurant is beyond ghetto fabulous thanks to him. This guy by far takes the cake for the most incompetent manager that I've personally ever had the displeasure of working with. He only received this position by default due to our previous Operating Partner being suddenly yanked to go over to Planet Hollywood who was Stephanie and was really awesome and profession. This guy needs to be removed, he's a nightmare to work for and a complete ball of negativity that contributes nothing to this restaurant but angry employees and now guests that 'know' that they'll get everything for free which ruins our tips directly into oblivion...

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Tonstell - 67 d 16 h ago


Visited your store at Keystone, Indy yesterday. Was treated horribly, ignored and took forever to place and receive my to go order. I am using up my gift cards and that's it.

Your manager was nasty, arrogant and not helpful. NOT ONE PERSON WAS SMILING, I FELT LIKE IT WAS AN IMPOSITION TO BE THERE. The waiter behind the bar was a total bitch, she ignored me as I waited. I have been in retailing 50 years, this place is a recipe for failure. Approx. 5 years ago, it was an awesome restaurant with a professional staff.

Food was very mediocre...Panda Express has fabulous orange chicken!

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Jim Cox - 74 d 5 h ago


My wife and I went to your Goodyear, Arizona location for a late lunch between appointments today, July 11, 2017. The service was excellentt, but I was very disappointed with the entire. I had ordered the Surf and Turf, which was delivered quickly along with my wife's noodle dish. The Surf and Turf was way over cooked, leading me to think that it was probably precooked for the lunch crowd. I spent years in the restaurant biz, including owning a restaurant in the Philippines which has n opened since 1974. Your staff offered to bing me a freshly cooked dish, but we were cutting it close for our next appointment. I'm not looking for any free meals, and just wanted to let you know that iits always better to serve freshly prepared foods.

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My lunch experence - 76 d 3 h ago


My husband and I ate lunch to at PFChangs.

It was not an enjoyable lunch .

It was very disappointing.

Would appreciate a phone call.

Jo Lambiase 602 540 9937.

My husband did not complain.

But I want your company to understand what happened today.

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Gail Becker - 81 d 14 h ago


Went to P.F. Chang's located at the Garden Walk in Anaheim. Have not been there for awhile and was anxious to return. They had just opened so we actually were the first customers. We ordered broccoli.& beef item plus a sweet and sour dish. We ordered cokes and once they were gone the waitress didn't return to refill. She was standing around the cash register doing nothing and was not pleasant. We waited quite awhile for our meals. I could not believe how little food we received. I have been there a number of times previously and I would take food home. The broccoli was actually raw. When I stuck my fork into the broccoli well, guess what, I couldn't. It was RAW!!! Each piece was the same so I shoved that aside. Very little beef so lunch consisted of a few pieces of beef. I told a waiter about our situation and he replied that it was the first meals to be cooked, etc. What the Hell does that have to do with anything. Spent over $56 for a lousy lunch and horrible service and the topper of the day is my son came down with food poisoning at Disneyland so we really had a crappy day. Don't know if you have noticed but PF's has one star. What has happened!!!!

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Marilyn Koehler - 82 d 3 h ago


My husband and I went out to of changs for dinner tonight we will never go back all you get for dinner is rice with your entee smaller portions higher prices You took out the dinner for two don't serve sweet and sour pork food was awful and then to top off everything the restroom was awful toilet paper all the floor dirty no toilet paper in the stalls and no paper towels I don't recommend them at all the prices are higher hardly any food we left hungry we are very disappointed people I would think with the number of complaints you would make it up to us

Marilyn Koehler

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Carolyn - 84 d 5 h ago

I will never dine at P. F.Changs again. Customer service is VERY BAD. GOOD BYE.

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Chris - 94 d 4 h ago

Terrible company. I worked in the downtown Chicago location. And the managers don't give a shit about anything. Our sous chef is a drug dealer and he sells drugs to all the staff. How can I trust my own chef when he's high all the time and plays favoritism wityh his homies and brother he has working here. Not a good company to work for. Nobody give me a shit about anything. Not even the managers. Plus there's cockroaches all over the food and bar. Everywhere. It's fucking disgusting.

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Nicole Taylor - 102 d 5 h ago


This is an YELP review, I also entered the same info to PF Chang/PEI-WEI. DeJa Pugh Guest Relations Specialist P.F. Chang's China Bistro Responded with a $35 gift card to use ay PF Chang. My question to Deja,"Why would I go back to your restaurant?" The horrible manager already gave us a $35 gift card as he continually mistreated us throughout the entire ordeal. Please read our horrible encounter. I wi e forwarded, sharing and copying every mode of social media until PF Chang/Pei Wei makes this right!. Our group of 11 ladies made reservation for 6:30pm. We had an awesome waiter... we finally placed our orders by 7pm, 30 minutes wait to place our dinner orders. It's 8:13pm, we have not received our food. We finally hear there was a computer failure and the kitchen had to start over. One of our party, went to look for the manager. The manager mad the decision to give her a $30 gift certificate because she came to him personally. The manager never came to our table to apologize or bring appetizers, soup, bread NOTHING. We are sitting here as the staff bring out food at 8:17pm, the orders are incorrect and still no apology. I have never been a fan of PF Chang but decided to spend time with my girlfriends. EPIC FAILURE PF CHANG. You should be ashamed of yourself. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL!!!! I never received my food, the manager cancelled my order and gave me a bill as if he paid for my meal. The manager is Mike, he lacks integrity. I am reporting this incident to the hdqtrs. It is 9:13, U have not received a meal but was charge for my glass of wine. Please find the receipt attached. Unfortunately the evening declined even more after I sent my feedback. Jeremiah was our outstanding waiter, he endured this torture along with us, while trying to explain, beg for our patience, apologizing, running around while trying to maintaining calmness and still trying to bring out the food as it became available. The awful manager Mike, made it a point to stay away from our table. Mike only spoke to us if we approached him, Mike actually told my girlfriend, "I'm only giving you a $30 gift card because you came to me personally". We PF Chang's your customers and not their to make Mike feel comfortable, he's not rewarding us with a $30 gift card due to us approaching him/his ego. After the food finally arrived, many orders were wrong, missing and very chaotic. As other star began to try to assist with dispersing the plates, a few of the helpers told us " Well, your waiter needs to sort this out, I'm not sure what's going on". Very rude!!! Finally, Mike comes began speaking without offering an apology. My Oolong Chilean Sea Bass and a side order of fried rice order was not placed (not sure why the orders were not confirmed after the "so-called" computer failure), Mike proceeded to tell me it would take 15 additional minutes... We had already waited 1hr. 17minutes after placing our orders to received the incorrect/missing order info. I told Mike, "don't worry about", I'm beyond hungry and at 8:17pm, I don't even trust him to have my food within the promised 15 minutes. At this point I still did not have my fried rice and no one mentioned or asked " Are we missing anyone?" We were never offered appetizers, soup, bread or anything as we waited for our meals. During the chaos a plate of lobster rice or something was brought out, one of the ladies said "I'll take it, but I didn't order it", she was told "if you take it you will have to pay for it". Again, very rude... We are starving at the point, my stomach is hurting and I'm beyond upset. I asked about my order of fried rice (at least wanting to eat something, because I had had plum wine a I awaited my meal). Mike tells me " Well, your order has been cancelled, you said you didn't want it", again very rude. So I sit there as my girlfriend eat their meals, of course they offer to share with me but I am humiliated and have to endure this torture from Mike. Mike never speaks to me directly , he talks from the side of the table very indirectly, as if I'm a child. Mike tells the other ladies "I'm going to I've you ladies a very big discount because of the mix up".... Each lady received a 10% discount, for some it was 95 cents... When the individual tickets were passed out everyone received a 10% discount and I received a ticket for 1 glass of plum wine no discount but a Mgr. Priv. $-32.45 for my meal, on the ticket it clearly showed fried rice, but no one even tried to serve me fried rice only an extremely delayed sea bass meal. Is this PF Chang's process? This seemingly lacks integrity or miscommunicates the intentions, "mgr. priv. in this instance was a bad choice to show on my ticket, where I did not received a morsel of food - I'm devastated!!! How dare I receive a ticket for a mgr. priv discount on food I never received. I don't mine paying for the plum wine I consumed, but it was very tacky! I had to even wait to pay with a credit card as my girl friend's tickets were rang out first (they paid with cash and added tips, I paid with credit card and no tip). I watched two tables order their meals, get served, eat and leave. One table follow this process and filled up again and left before Mike ever came over to discuss with us. He only came over because my friend went to look for him. It seems a though our table was the only one who experienced the computer crash... Just for reference, I have provided Customer Service Excellence training to many Fortune 100 Corporations for the the pass 18 years, I am now an IT Professional, owning my own consulting firm and provide IT services for Amgen, many Community Colleges and currently AFI and International Association Technical webinars. Once again this is an EPIC FAIL and Mike is slitting the wrist of your organization. Customer feedback and Social Media can be your worst enemy. Customer Service Excellence is required and Management training, Conflict Resolution, Leadership and Think Like a Customer is only a few suggestion for Mike. I am devastated!!!

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Allison - 106 d 3 h ago


P.F changs in Boise, ID has TERRIBLE management! The manager currently (Noah) is disrespectful, rude and has a very condescending attitude towards staff. He has zero organizational skills, terrible turnover rate due to his lack of management skills, and has a favoritism attitude towards certain staff members. I have heard several complaints about Noah and his attitude. He is not a happy, friendly person who you want to see as a manager for such a reputable company. My family has had issues with management at this location as well as friends. There is no structure whatsoever. Poor rating for this location.

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Steve Kaplan - 115 d 9 h ago


Dear Mr. Richard Federico.

On May 26th my wife and I celebrated our 54th wedding anniversary at P F Chang at the Mall of Melinia in

Orlando Florida.

The service we received from your staff was the best anyone could ever ask for. In particular I would like to mention that your Senior Manager Mr. Billy Cheng is one of the most attentive and friendly managers I have ever met.

Once again we thak your people for making our special day, a truly special day.


Steve Kaplan

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Frank Flirindi - 117 d 11 h ago


How sorry I am to have posted 2 reviews on Trip Advisor detailing the absurd lack of service from your White Plains location.

I can't imagine how my group was subjected to consistently bad service on 2 visits. The first on Super Bowl Sunday, February 5 2017 and yet again on May 25th 2017.

Despite liking your food I find it necessary to stop patronizing your establishment, as well as spread the word.

I don't imagine this will change anything by writing this to you, but I tried

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Elaine Keegan - 123 d 9 h ago


I took a friend to the sand diego mission valley location for her birthday expecting a real treat. It was not. We both ordered kung pow chicken. It was so salty that we could not eat it. Both of us were trying to enjoy it, but it was like someone had poured waaaay too much salt on it. The waitress and the manager both came to our table and were vey nice and apologetic, but it did not change anything. The waitress went back to the kitchen to get some of the low sodium kung pow chicken, and it was exactly the same. Both the waitress and the manager were very nice, but the point was that we still had to pay for a meal that we could not eat. I will never go to PF Changs again. Not because I was angry, but because the food was uneatable. The waitress seemed convinced that we both were just sensitive to salt and probably had never had kung pow chicken before. I would have appreciated it, if either she or the manager had tasted the chicken, but they did not.

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Alex - 124 d 5 h ago


On Sunday, May 21, 2017 my wife and I ,at the request of my daughter celebrating her birthday the following day ( May 22) met at the p f changs location, 1127 Woodruff Rd, Greenville, SC for dinner. $127.00 later we asked our waitress if there was any complimentary dessert available for our daughters birthdate. Rather than make an inquiry of management she curtly replied "NO" since today was actually not her actual birthday. We celebrated the event today, a Sunday, as all of us were unavailable Monday due to work commitments. After departing the restaurant, my wife commented that she was puzzled by the lack of courtesy displayed by the waitress who had little or no intention to accommodate my request for a token piece of cake. Evidently Chang's more interested in taking ones money than they are in pleasing their customers..

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Jennifer McCabe - 136 d 9 h ago


I love this restaurant chain. They have great gluten free food. The location on Wabash in Chicago was just plain dirty. The elevator and back hallway leading to the bathrooms smelled bad and there were dirty fingerprints and filth in the elevator the table we were seated at was sticky and the chair had food on it. I would hate to see this location lose business due to filth. Please clean up this location. Thank you!

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Nancy - 136 d 20 h ago


1400 Glades Rd. Bay 220, Boca Raton, FL 33431 AWFUL EXPERIENCE TODAY! We arrived at the restaurant a little after 3:00 PM on Monday, May 8th - there were maybe customers at 3-4 tables - pretty empty which is normal for that time. We told the waitress we were Vegans, and she immediately said there is probably not much for us to eat there, even asking if "is tofu an animal?" When she offered to ask the staff - managers Garrett and Justin, she came right back and insisted "that there was absolutely not a thing in the restaurant we could eat." We know this is untrue: 1. 2. 3. 4. ...and so much more. You may wish to educate your staff in the ingredients, as well as training them in customer service for cordiality. Having attempted to file a complaint on your website's customer complaint page, it failed numerous times to submit my information. Additionally, I called your corporate office and spoke to Lewis (Louis) twice. After the first time, he obviously contacted the restaurant and then Garrett Lane called me. This should be handled by a mediator - not direct contact. Besides, I did not give permission to forward my phone number. We may not be a large community, but Vegans do network, as I do with blogs, facebook and websites that offer feedback. Should you not get back to me that you are looking into this situation, and there is no solution not only with my experience, but future transactions, I will need to let people know who would want to accommodate your facility what they can expect. Thank you in advance for your consideration and cooperation into this matter.

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DEV - 137 d 15 h ago


Went to my local PF Changs in Dulles Town Center, VA. First, the waitress warned us that the service was slow coming out of the kitchen, which we weren't too bothered by. Then she came back and said it would take an hour for the food, but at that point, we figured that it would be too difficult to go somewhere else on a Saturday night. (we later found out that there was one guy in the kitchen) They were out of the beer and wine that we ordered, so we needed to make substitutions. While we waited, we watched about 3/4 of the patrons that had been seated, get up and walk out. And in an the 1 1/2 hours it took to get our food, not once did a manager come out voluntarily to speak to any of the tables to offer an apology or explanation. The waitress was as accommodating as she could have been under the circumstances and deserves to be recognized for that - the management, however, should be fired. When the manager finally made her way to our table after we requested to speak to her, she just stood there like a deer in the headlights. Had I read the reviews over the last six months for this location, I would have known not to eat there. It was one of my favorites, but we'll be taking our business elsewhere in the future.

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Javileo - 150 d 4 h ago


Given years of pleasant experience I never thought I would be writing a poor review of my local PF Chang's. No doubt the crisis of the mid 2000s hit this company, the menu changed by removing distinguishing dishes and replaced with "run of the mill" ones. However, the service at this particular Eastlake CA store reached a low point under manager Junior (no last name was given) when obnoxious behavior by the Take-Out attendant was not only defended but also publicly condoned.

Taking out at Eastlake is in itself an ordeal. Taking orders by phone is a "roll of the dice", they always miss something. Hence, the checking before leaving the store. The April 15 take-out was no different, while checking an order for four realized we got "Fortune Cookies" for 2. Upon pointing the oversight to the attendant his behavior became obnoxious borderline aggressive. Decided to complain to the Manager Junior for the poor customer service. Junior proceeded to PUBLICLY turn my behavioral complaint into one of stinginess thus, causing public shame.

Furthermore, the Eastlake store does not provide take-out sealing lids nor cup carrying cartons when buying drinks, only a plastic bag that is not suited for carrying unsealed drinks. Imagine the mess in my vehicle after the great spill. Once at home we found the beef fried rice had poor tasting beef, and only a few pieces that could be counted with your fingers. My wife called and again complained to Manager Junior. He promised to send home a voucher for dinner. It NEVER CAME.

Summarizing the Eastlake California Store experience:

Orders by phone are never correct.

The store is not fully furnished for take-out.

Managers publicly shame customers that dare to raise an issue.

Managers do not fulfill their promises to customers.

I hope this manager called Junior is an outlier, and the future will bring better ones.

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CR - 153 d 4 h ago


My family and I have been eating at the PF Changs in the Miami Falls Mall for over 20 years. All of our dini ng experiences were great. Great service and food. However, never have we experienced ever in all dining experience. Such a rude, unfriendly disrectful waiter by of Michael" 4/15/17. He never would ackniwledge any tables. His manners were aweful. On a coupke occasins he throw his waiter book across the restaurant, everytime you asked for something simple and common he would take engage in other activity and take a long tine to return. Inclufi g a simple extra plate. Other tables complaining tbe same. weful. Aweful this type of person would ruin business. Would like a money back or other. CR family

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Ticked off I have had to call your customer service number for two iss ... 

Geico Corporation
Robert I also have a policy with geico me and my family have been  ... 

Allstate Insurance
Carol W trying to get a full copy of my homeowners insurance policy ... 

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