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P F Changs China Bistro Inc

15210 N Scttsdale Rd 30 # 300
Phoenix, AZ
Richard Federico
Chairman of the Board
(602) 957-8986
Annual Sales Est
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Chris Wyman - 2 d 14 h ago


Poisoned! - Beware of PF Changs. I received severe food poisoning that landed me in the hospital. I contacted PF Changs and asked them to refund the $70 for my meal and to cover the hospital visit which was $1500. I didn't ask for anything else. They denied me through a 3rd party. I was only asking for them to cover the damages after I spent one of the worst 12 hours of my life after eating at their restaurant in Irvine California. We later figured out that the shrimp was bad with the assistance of a doctor. It wasn't worth the horrible experience and I will never go back!

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Anonymous - 11 d 10 h ago

I had the worst experience of my life at P.F. Chang's. My family or my self will never eat at one again. I will start going to Panda Express they have better dinner experience even with homeless people outside. What a joke. CEO need to revamp everything or your business will be no more in a few years.

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Lasteff - 12 d 7 h ago

I love PF Changs because of Singapore Street Noodles. I've given the new stuff a fair shake, but it's not the same. Please bring them back, so I can come back.

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Jason - 14 d 15 h ago


On 02/02/2019 myself and a group of 20 veterans called and asked if they could accommodate us for a meeting. They said it would be no problem and they would arrange seating. We arrived and were seated, our waitress was fine and the food was good. One of our members brought his wife and his service dog, he is a Vietnam veteran with PTSD as well as physical disabilities as well. After he finished his meal and we were all still conducting our meeting he was asked to stand outside with his service dog. They didn't have a problem with the dog during the meal but as soon as they collected his money they threw him out. We mentioned it to the manager, he came back in to attend the rest of the meeting only to be interrupted and asked to leave a second time. We asked to be accommodated for this meeting, we are a volunteer group made up of veterans to help other veterans that need assistance and the attendees that came had driven from all parts of the state. This was very rude, unprofessional, and un-called for to treat a war veteran wounded in combat in this manner. I will never return to eat there again.

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snake - 32 d 18 h ago


Expensive less tasty than locally owed restaurants with origin experienced staff that know how to cook, seemed to me a westernized bland version than authentic regional Chinese foods.Corporate ethnic food generally is not as good as locally owned and operated in my opinion, just not my first choice.

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Carrie st pierre - 37 d 19 h ago


We came last night for dinner. There was a mix up in the kitchen with our apps and it took very long.. when they came out the manager comped them and explained what happened. Our bartender Hannah was super nice and kept apologizing. Wasn't her fault but she wanted to do anything to make us happy. So finally our food comes and all is well except I don't like the dressing for my salad and the only other option is Cesar and it's not vegetarian friendly. Also not her fault. I said no big deal I'll just take it home. Hannah ran over to the neighbor restaurant and got me ranch. Who does that? She did. She made our night so much better and we will definitely come back thanks to Hannah. We were at the streets of st Charles location in st Charles mo

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Tommey - 40 d 12 h ago


Just such a shit company

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peter - 46 d 9 h ago


Placed large order online only to be told AFTER going through process that it couldn't be processed and to call directly. I did. Somebody picked up immediately, i requested to place order, he put me on hold never returned after extended wait. Basically wasted my time. Then went on website to place complaint, guess what, i have to give you my address, phone number and a whole bunch of unnecessary info even to place a complaint, which led me to this site. Online, telephone, website, all pretty useless

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Jamal - 48 d 9 h ago


The PF Chang's in riverside mall in New Jersey doesn't know the meaning of made to order. I enjoy PF Chang's but I like my lettuce chicken wraps without mushrooms. They stated they could not do that whereas other PF Chang's Namely the Las Vegas location which is very good does take the mushrooms out. Both managers would not comply and this was the main reason for me going to the restaurant unacceptable for a place that is supposed to be made to order!! I may not go to PF Chang's any more I Guess Benihana will be my new spot at least I know it really is made to order

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Anonymous - 55 d 14 h ago

Never make a reservation on opentable for this restaurant. After making a reservation two weeks in advance they called the day of and cancelled my reservation. The manager finally gave me a slot two hours later than time I requested. Once we got there they rushed us to order and get out because they were closing within an hour. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!!!

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Anonymous - 69 d 33 m ago


I have been going to your restaurant for about 14 years or so on a regular basis at the Mall of Ga in Bufford,Ga -but no more. You have killed what your restaurant used to be. I go in and sit down to a dinner plate about 3/4 the size or less of what a regular plate should be. This is for the 3/4 smaller size servings of food! Are you kidding- and for a higher price? I go to the Cheese Cake Factory next door for regular size plates and servings for the same price! What corporate genius thought this up? Whoever he is is killing you! You're going down fast! You still have the fancy statues out front- just nothing to eat inside. Other restaurants have tried to save money with the designer smaller plates and portions and are dead as businesses, and you're going the same way. It will catch up with you. I'll never waste my time in any of your restaurants again. If you don't go back to your original vision when you started you go the way of the dinosaur.

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Charlton Fields 859-420-9543 - 69 d 18 h ago

Please contact me concerning the Lexington Fayette Mall Location. There is a manager that should not be a manager. I know several employees personally and all have voiced the lack of professionalism as well as favoritism for certain employees. Maybe this is acceptable to PF Chang's but as a customer and friend of several employees it upsets me!!!

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Barbara Lewis - 70 d 16 h ago


I was at the opening Friends & Family at Ridge Hill, Yks, NY. Doris, greeted us most professionally and although we (3 of us) didn't have reservations, Sharda asked if we minded sitting at the bar which we did. My daughter, Erica, my cousin Patricia and I had the best time.

All the employees were in a happy and festive mood and really put us in the holiday spirit. We received impeccable service from Candice Deans, Darriel Reid, Isiah Grant, Lemar Lewis and of course dear Nathan Reinert. I have eaten at many PF Changs restaurants around the country and liked them, but your staff at Ridge Hill is exemplary. Thank you guys for a wonderful evening and what was also great that contributions from Sat 8th evening benefited the YMCA. Great thanks and cheers to the above Ridge Hill Bartenders and staff.

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anonymous - 71 d 15 h ago


I recently treated myself to a PF Changs take out lunch. The food is about 30% more than my usual local carryout. The PF Changs quality is better, but is paid for with a premium price. Polite service should be part of this premium. After arriving through the side door designated for take out a sign directed me to the other side of the restaurant to the bar for food pick up. The gentleman behind the bar asked me to verify the order was complete. It was. However, when I opened the bag there were no eating utensils, napkins, etc. This meant a trip back into restaurant to ask for a fork. The lady at the reception desk appeared to be bothered that I needed a fork to eat rice. She asked how many I needed, handed it to me and turned away to greet customers who had not yet paid.

I rarely complain about service. I usually chalk it up to a bad day for the other person. But in this case I detected a sense of contempt for the customer. I will remedy this for myself by probably not returning to PF Changs for a long while, if ever. You cannot correct a problem if you don't know it exists. That is why I am doing this. I suggest you look to Chick fil A as an example of consistently superior customer service.

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Anonymous - 75 d 14 h ago


Bad experience at PF Chang's in Plano-food was good but service terrible compounded by rude and relatively useless manager

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Anonymous - 81 d 3 m ago


The worst customer service I've ever experienced..I had crunchy rice and no fried egg when I ordered it that way..guess I'll eat something better than this!!

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Becky - 82 d 19 h ago


We really like Pf Chang's especially since I need to eat gluten free and they have GF options, however, was disappointed to hear they no longer have a gluten free dessert. You use to have 2 options and they were the best. Please bring them back.

thank you.

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Ken R - 131 d 13 h ago


RE: Retail family dinners. Question: Do you use "meat glue" on your chicken? Every piece is same size, same shape (triangle) and looks like its 1 molecule away from plastic....just wondering?

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Rubyroo - 85 d 5 h ago


We are a scratch made kitchen. Every piece of chicken and meat is cut by hand. The technique usedbto cut chicken makes it cut evenly shape and size.

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thomas - 87 d 7 h ago

whats is the prodical on a sexual harrassement from one of the employyes

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Anonymous - 88 d 13 h ago

Well looks like PF Changs is making more changes. Why? The latest dumb move is placing the brown and white rice in the same bowl. Really? If I wanted white rice I would have ordered it and if my table mate wanted brown rice then she would have ordered it! But apparently corporate has decided that offering 2 seperate individual servings is too taxing??? Maybe too many dirty dishes are going to the kitchen and the dishwasher can't keep up! So their soulution is to dump both kinds of rice in the same bowl and forcing dinners to dig through the bowl for their desired choice of rice. Have been coming to PF Changs less and less. Looks like that trend within my family will continue!

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Kathy & Tom T - 96 d 10 h ago


Hi! We were on Route 1 in Princeton,NJ on November 15th 2018 in the unpredicted snow storm. After crawling slang Rt 1 we came upon PF Changs of course we along with many others decided to wait out the storm with so much traffic. Your team of employees couldn't have welcomed us more warmly then they did. A nice hot meal along with friendly warm servers and hostess. It sure make our trip so much more pleasant snow,ice and rain who cared as long as our bellies were nice,warm and full.

Thank you so very much for superior service and delicious food on a very stormy night

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John - 144 d 18 h ago


I love this chain and have eaten at many, dined at the Beverly Center location almost every day for lunch for 8 years till they closed. I thought i should let you know of my experience on Sept the 28th at around 4:30. The chef was not using your recipes and made the chicken lettuce wraps without any sauce on them, also the fried rice was not fried, just white rice with scrambled egg and a few pieces of dried meat tossed in and no sauce or seasoning at all. I ate there with four friends and we all noted that the food did not taste anything like P.F. Chang's. Our waiter was really terrible too, maybe he's new but forgot to bring drinks or put order in for them, they came after asking twice for them half way through our meal. We also asked him for soy sauce and sriiacha four different times and finally got them after asking the hostess twice and another server who went and gave them to us. P.S I'm a chef and owned a popular restaurant in Beverly Hills for many years and know good food. You need to examine what happened here yesterday, it's not good for P.F Chang's to serve bad food or give horrible service.

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Martybh4 - 154 d ago


I ordered take out from P.F. Changs Mt. Pleasant SC on last evening and I must say that was the worst meal I had ever received. First we were told the wait would be 15 to 20 minutes and it took 40 minutes. we ordered our meals at 8:40 and it was 9:20 when it was brought out. We live about 20 minutes away but we were in the area and on our way home so decided since we had a gift card we would order. After waiting all that time we go home and the food looked like it had been sitting under a hot light all day long. We ordered Beef and Broccoli, Pepper Steak and Beef la Sichuan all of the meals with brown rice. The beef was all hard and tough and the Sichuan was more like beef jerky. The rice containers were half full, like they were trying to stretch what was left to make our meals. It was truly an awful experience and I doubt that I will ever return. I felt like the company should know the kind of service is being given at this location.

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Never Again! - 155 d 15 h ago


A group of 4 from work visited the P F Changs at 1624 Cumberland Mall Ste LS108 Atlanta, GA. We arrived at 12:30PM and by 1:40PM we had still not received our food. Drinks were wrong, order mixed up, and the service the absolute worst I have ever experienced. We left without eating.

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