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Panera Bread

6710 Clayton Road
Richmond Heights, MO
(314) 633-7100
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Holly - 1 d ago


Charleston South Carolina. Every time that I have been there (4 times) I always find a hair in my food. This is unacceptable and disgusting. Do employees not wear hair nets?

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Panera Bread Bartonsville Pa - 3 d 32 m ago


Re: Panera Bread Bartonsville, PA. Ordered express pickup three times in one month when I arrived home the order was not correct. Called to speak with management and was told they would send me vouchers. I don't want vouchers,I want the problem fixed.A formal letter will be sent to Corporate.

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Becky Winslow - 4 d 21 h ago


Why did you close Petaluma, CA Panera Restaurant? It was my favorite place to go for soup and sandwiches!

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Ronaldo - 4 d ago


I want to make a complaint against a manager of Panera Bread in Omaha NE 17730 West Center her name is Patti. This is what happen. A 85 year old man came one morning like he always does and he came in the side door....apparently they were not open yet....she yelled at him. SHE SHOULD BE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!! She always this look on her face that makes you think she is angry at the world. I go to Panera almost every day. At least someone needs to tell her to change your attitude or find another job!



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Wenda - 5 d 21 h ago


Every Sunday I place a catering order from Panera Bread on York Road in Baltimore. I wanted to share with you how pleased have I been with the service. The manager there David is excellent to always give great service with a smile. I am always running to pick up the order and arrive to church on time and the only word I can use to bed describe the service is impeccable. The staff working with him is excellent as well and in a place where there is always hustle and bustle I get excellent service and great orders.

I always live a motto to treat others the way I want to be treated and when I visit the store it reminds me that they have the same motto. Salute to Dave and his staff on York Road Great Job! Wenda

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Thirsty - 6 d 4 h ago


I have been to the Panera Bread in Williamsburg - New Town Location several times over the last several weeks to be told they have no fountain drinks and have to get ice out of ice buckets. Please help them get their drink machines fixed.

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Unsatisfied - 6 d 17 h ago


We had the worst experience ever at your Vancouver location off 164th. The girl taking our order seemed like she wasn't there we ordered bread bowl it was cold we got bagel they didn't not it it I ordered coffee hazelnut it was empty she sai she would get new pot I waited 10 minutes I asked her again she said sit down I'll bring it so I did 20 minutes later as I was leaving I said thanks for coffee she laughed will you can drink it now and she new we were leaving and laughed

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G. Hayes - 7 d ago


I had a very unpleasant meal last night at Panera's in Alameda, Ca. Please let me know to whom I should direct my complaint.

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Keisha - 7 d 18 h ago


I just bought a Large Caesar Salad with Extra Crotons & Cheese from the Gallery Place China Town, in DC location. I get home & it looks like a little kid salad in the regular box. This is ridiculously unacceptable!!! You'll have already went up on your price and made the Salad boxes smaller. It was my Teenager Birthday & we Love Panera, but I will NEVER go to that location again.

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Jena' - 7 d 19 h ago


We recently received a Panera Bread in our area, and was very excited! When the store first opened we found it a great place to dine and study. However, my last three visits I was told the modem was down. Would be interested to know if that is true. I'm a foster mom and being able to study at Panera is very helpful. :) I have always purchased items, never studying just to take up space. My member card number number is 5035 9828 1080. Thank you for your assistance.

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GA gal - 7 d 20 h ago


Town Lake Panera in Georgia has a general manager who could care less about the complaint I had from our lunch experience the other day. The tables were filthy (no one came to ever clean them); the price for two 1/2 lunches and 1 iced tea was $23.00 (ridiculous) and we had to even pick our food up ourselves. My husband asked a manager to speak to and the man replied I am JUST the assistant manager. I guess assistant managers cannot do anything!!!! If I were Larissa Rutzler (the general manager) a little house keeping might be in order in the form of firing some people and, oh, add yourself to the list.

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L. Faucette - 9 d 19 h ago


How is Panera Bread out of bread at 5:30pm?!? When there are about 6 employees not doing anything other than chatting with each other behind counter.

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AshAndre - 8 d ago


I work at Panera, it's usually the day/night bakers including managers who can bake more bread. But there's a limit of dough to use that the bakers use the next day. The caf associates don't have the skills to bake more bread... And one of the reasons they run out of bread is because of catering or a big rush.

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Anonymous - 9 d ago


I just want to say that Panera Bread on Preston Road 11661 is absolutely racist first of all there are people that do not read English yet still they give them supervisor positions also they have management that obviously do not like black people so they treat them a different way other than any other races they didn't talk to them lewd and rude and very demeaning it's been several documentation or management has got out of hand and talked a lot of customers as well as employees they are general manager Dave it's a total prude he does not give a care or right ass about any of the lower-ranked employees such as line staff for any other people other than management because when he is asked to talk to me about General concerns he says he has no time even direct you to the general to other management who then say they have no time for either I have ask for numbers but they say we will not give out that number you need to Google it there has been an incident or as a ex-employee had property damaged but yet he was improperly let go which is totally unfair and unbiased and then they let the aggressors still work there shame when you put Nair in all your tactics you guys in to be ashamed of yourself hear you worry about your money other than your employees and what customer say obviously you don't give a rat's ass

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Tina G. - 9 d ago


The Staff at Panera , Moosic, PA are amazing! I was stuck there for a long time in bad weather a couple hours before they closed and they were both attentive and courteous. They allowed me to stay until my ride arrived. These kids are hard-working and they deserve kudos!

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Paul P - 11 d 18 h ago

I am a frequent customer of the "Panera Bread" , located in Clearwater Florida , in the open Clearwater Mall on Golf to Bay Blvd. I am writing to you about the music selection at this location. The selection is horrible, playing the same selection every day, loud and annoying instead being enjoyable for the time someone plan to spend there. I am sure that "Pnera " or the "Covelli" group could efford a few selection of "discs" , with desent selections, so we could enjoy our visit there . Please look into this comments. I would appreciate with others .

Thak you (one of your frequent ) costumer.

"Paul" from Clearwater Florida.

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Rioria603 - 15 d ago


I go to physical therapy in the block next to the Falls Church Viginia (Broad St) Panera location. I want to know why they always seem to be out of the Spinach and Artichoke Souffles before 10am and often before 9:30am? This morning I got there at 9:46am, they were out. I was going to order 6 to take with me, was willing to wait, but was informed that they wouldnot be baking anymore of the Spinach and Artichoke Souffles. What is wrong with this location? Do they want to make money? Does anyone understand that if an item sells well all the time that its bad business to 86 it before breakfast is over at 10:30? This has been a repeat problem at this location. Out of the last 10 times I've been there, always pre 10am, they are always out. Why?

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I was just at your store in North Port, Fla. My husbands salad was without chicken, we were given a plastic fork, no knives and the padded back chairs are so filthy, NO ONE should sit in them.

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Jim - 16 d 22 h ago

Mason, ohio store has not gotten our order right in 6 visits.I give up!we love the food,but the sandwich makers/order takers are incompetent .management?

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Jennifer dial - 16 d 1 h ago


I was eating dinner at panera break in renton, wa at the landing center with my 9 mo old last night. As we were eating the vegetable soup, I noticed a large hard object in bowl. I looked closer and it was a 2 inch commercial grade staple. My first instinct was to push soup away and pause With shock. I immediately got a staff member attention to show what I found.

She said, "oh dear get a refund." I didnt even cross mind to ask for a refund as I needed to let manager know to dispose that soup promptly. We waited and waited and nobody even approached us which was most shocking. I literally had to go to manager at counter with receipt and to inform that was very scary experience and fortunately me or baby didnt ingest. She attempted to give a partial refund for soup only. Lol

I commented, "wow, i would be doing alot more gratitude than a refund if customer brought and issue to my attention."

She was totally unprofessional in every manner presented. I am not broadcasting for sympathy but to make awareness how ones lack if irresponsibilty and moral could potentionally and fatally effect others. #concerned citiZen and mother

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1daystimes1 - 18 d ago


I order two loaves of tomatoe basil bread yesterday around 6pm to be picked up today when I got off work at 5:30... I need them for a work dinner. When I came out at lunch they left me a message they could not have them and had called around with no luck... Really!!! I tried to call them yesterday instead of on line ordering after 4 attempts of no answer I went ahead and placed the in line order... UNREAL!!!

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A - 18 d 6 h ago


Cody, one of the managers at the Panera Bread at the Southwest Plaza mall store, #203069 is unprofessional with his staff and pervious. He has sent inappropriate messages to past employees that are under age. He should not be allowed to work, with Panera who hires mainly high school and college students. Unprofessional and unfriendly manager.

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Anonymous - 19 d 4 h ago


I was at a store in shreesbury and ask a work tiff a question and got a nasty attitude saw her go back in to working and she did not wash her hands and start to work i will never go back to that or any of panera

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Rhonda Basham - 20 d 50 s ago


Today I ordered online, picked up my order #109179187 which was missing the cookie and cherry pastry so when I arrived home, I immediately called Panera Bread, 6408 Yank Way, Arvada, CO 80004, and was told I could either return for these items, or a gift card would be mailed. Since I paid with a credit card, I asked that a credit be issued to my card (but not an option) since I could not return, and didn't want a gift certificate because in order to use the certificate I'd have to go to a Panera Bread location which is hard for me since I'm a senior citizen, and must rely on others to drive me. This wouldn't bother me so much if this were the first time my order had missing items but it was the fifth time. Therefore, I have decided not to be a customer of Panera Bread anymore even though I believe Panera Bread has a healthier menu than other restaurants, and your food is great. I'm very disappointed that your employees do not have some kind of a check to make sure ALL items that one pays for are received. I quit going to Applebee's carry out because they frequently "forgot" to put items I purchased in the bag. The other times I had missed items, I didn't go back to pick them up, one time didn't get the certificate in the mail, and the other times, I lost the certificates before I could use them.

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Anonymous - 21 d 16 h ago


Kristie Coy, an assistant manager at a Panera in dearborn heights, MI ,have been sleeping with employees and some at the age of 18. She bribed many to keep quite then when an investigation took place, she lied and got many employees fired. There are recorded videos and texts messages that will be leaked on Panera pages for everyone to see what kind of company this really is. Im beyond disgusted and irritated by how terrible management has gotten. She will have consequences whether its done within management or not!!! This is unacceptable.

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