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Panera Bread

6710 Clayton Road
Richmond Heights, MO
(314) 633-7100
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Miette R. - 10 h 25 s ago


Panera has changed their bakery recipes, and it's not a good thing. Their baked goods used to be delicious. The baguette was our favorite and a real treat. NOT anymore! The chain has managed to cheapen their ingredients to the point the baked goods, cookies, pastries and bread are almost flavorless. The baguette now tastes like cheap grocery store white bread.......not edible. After all these many years of purchasing their bread, we are no longer customers of Panera.

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p platt - 1 d 14 h ago


Please consider opening a panera bread in Lauraville Md.21214 where previously was a dollar store.We would love it.It is on the corner of Cold Spring Lane and Harford Rd. Thanknyou.Would love to get a reply.

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Lacebra1 - 2 d 4 h ago


HORRIBLE. Have been trying to call for DAYS. They leave me on hold for 30 minutes, then hang up on me. HORRIBLE.

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Anonymous - 3 d 10 h ago


I wsant to talk to someone live. Have been on hold for days. Give me a no. where someone will pick up the phone IMMEDIATELY.

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Christian - 3 d 12 h ago


I order from my local Panera bread all the time. The last time I ordered which was about a month ago my food was cold and old. When I called to tell them they offered to send me vouchers in the mail, so I gave them my address. 2 weeks went by and I got nothing at all. I've called there now twice in the last week and noone will help me replace my order. This wouldn't be a big deal to me but I spend upwards of $50 every time I'm there. They have taken my name and number twice now and won't even return my call. Worst experience ever!

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Ruth - 3 d 15 h ago

We attend Panera Bread in Newark, Ohio twice a week. We have enjoyed the Pecan Braid. Lately it has changed. The frosting is not the same and the bread looks like you have used Pillsbury biscuit dough for the braid as i see layers of dough and it does not appear to be baked thoroughly. What have you done to it? They are not fluffy like they used to be. We are very disappointed in this product and will not purchase any more of these. please go back to what they once were.

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Kathy - 3 d 16 h ago


I had never been to Panera Bread until a friend suggested it. I ordered the Strawberry Pecan salad with spinach and it was delicious. The next week, I suggested it to a couple friends and again, ordered the salad and again, it was delicious. I went back the 3rd time and they said the salad had been discontinued for the summer even though they had the ingredients to make it.

So, I chose the You Pick 2 menu. What a joke!!!! It says "you pick 2" for $5.99. NO IT IS NOT!!!!! After ordering, I found out they charge by the item. Which is NOT what pick 2 for $5.99 means!!! I consider it false advertising and will not be back!!! And neither will the friends I encouraged to go there! Plus,we will all tell our other friends. I'm sure that small amount of business won't mean much but in my world, word of mouth is everything!

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Anonymous - 3 d 15 h ago

Yeah, if they did not say pick 2 for 5.99 EACH and charged for both, it was definitely deceptive advertising.

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Dolly Mitchell - 4 d ago


Panera in Munster,In has gone downhill faster than an olympic skier. Not only are the products i used to purchase no longer in stock,

they are disconnected. The small regular classic white loaf was so popular here and at the Panera in Scherrerville, Indiana too. Certain sandwiches arre made on bread that is too hard, or too much bread. I used to buy every sandwich on whole grain flat bread. If Panera don't bring products back you may as well sell off your stock. I have to keep telling certain people to put gloves on. One girl keeps a pair in her pocket! Yuk! They sweep and stir up dust around the bread and pastries. The last sandwich i bought was disgusting. Chicken so dry i couldn't swollow without chocking. People won't come back unless you advertise all favorites back in stock and bread kept in plastic or install plexiglass to protect against germs. Including pastries. Such simplicity could save a company from failing. I dislike store bread so i will make my own if Panera does not get it the stores improved and have products to offer. I see tomato basil bread people hate. So the only thing i will purchase is the large White Mische. From Scherrerville is better they are cleaner. Unbelievable!

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KaronG - 4 d 4 h ago


Under "Accuracy Matters", your franchise states , Your order should be correct every time If it's not we will fix it right away and give you a free treat for your trouble. Just let an associate know. Panera Bread in Columbus, GA did not honor this position when I attempted to return a Chipotle Chicken Sandwich I purchased for my granddaughter. The avocado was rotten. My granddaughter tried removing the avocado,, but too much was mixed in with chicken. I told my granddaughter to stop trying to eat the sandwich because it could make her sick if the avocado was not fresh. My next step was to drive back to Panera, explain the situation and request a different sandwich. I shared my receipt with the manager and say to me that could not exchange the sandwich because too much of the sandwich had been eaten as if I was lying just to get a free sandwich. I wasn't even requesting the same sandwich. I wanted a different "whole" sandwich and I was prepared to pay the difference. Your manager said No despite the accuracy policy of the company. I told your manger fine. I will no longer frequent Panera Bread in Columbus. When you find my account you will notice that I have been a customer of this franchise since it opened. Here is the information you need to identify my account. It is under (hidden). Order #1303522,, 9/20/2020, 4:06 pm. Last digits of my membership #22456. Thank you for attention to this matter. I now understand why this particular restaurant has received a 3.5 on YELP.

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Anonymous SJ - 5 d 14 h ago

Why do your Cafes no longer have Asiago Cheese Bread?!!! I want the Bread, DO NOT WANT Focaccia. Will it ever be available again?

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Anonymous - 7 d 14 h ago


Panera on DuPont Rd Fort Wayne In is profiling people. I came in without a mask due to medical reasons and they would not serve me. A older women came in right before me without a mask and they served her and never once asked her about a mask. How is this fair or even ok. I will never visit Panera again.

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Anonymous - 8 d 20 m ago

There is a manager named Kristi with whom is very rude and VERY unprofessional. She treats her employees incredibly poorly. She does not handle stress well and has her GM wrapped around her finger. She has single handedly had numerous employees and managers be transferred, fired or made felt to quit.

This manager works at the Hamburg, NY location.

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Linda - 9 d 11 h ago


Good afternoon, Yesterday afternoon my family and i paid a visit to your University location in Orlando, Florida and I asked the young man that received us to show us the different size of bowls and how much each bowl size gets reference soup we place the order to go and want to make sure we had enough for each one in we even went up in size.

Then when the food came out the cups came out half way so i took it to the young lady and asked her if this is the correct amount that is put in each as it look super low and she replied it comes pre-packaged and we are told to serve to a spot on the cups.

i felt lied to and then spent more money wanting a big cup or bowl sorry that is what they called it a bowl as it would hold more and it looked just like the cup... so i am very upset and more so the rudeness of the young lady with the blue blouse was totally unwanted she does not need to tell me "you can buy another one if you like more food".

again i was very disappointed in her sassy rude way and funny thing is the young lady next to her says, to me i'm sorry but she said we can't help you and walks away.

now that really upset me.

so i will make sure i let everyone know how i was spoken to and treated.

my email is (hidden)

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Anonymous - 9 d 14 h ago


Panera your corporate policy goes against the governor mandate that if someone has a medical condition they don't have to wear a mask. I was just treated very rudely by your location in west greenfield avenue in Brookfield WI

We order here for lunches all the time but no more. I did the math for you. You just lost almost $3500 annually not to mention our personal purchases We will order from anyone else from now on.

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Anonymous - 10 d 4 h ago


Went to order a grilled cheese and a bowl of Mac-n-cheese and a drink and it came up to almost $17!?!? Who in there right mind is going to pay for something to eat when I can go ANYwhere else and buy lunch for two for almost less than that. No thanks. Change your prices and maybe you'll have more business.

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Let's recycle and save the environment - 14 d 9 h ago

I called Panera close to our home in Daytona Beach ,FL today to ask if I could please pick up and have the coffee grounds that are being thrown everyday in the trash ( I use the grounds to spread in my garden). The manager told me on the phone "no, we don't do that". I'll never ever support and eat at Panera again after this.

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Anonymous - 14 d 10 h ago

You are unreachable. Tired of having you on hold for 2 days. I have better things to do. Please give me a direct phone no. to call as I don't want to blast you here. Send the no. via e-[mail

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Robin - 14 d 13 h ago


I eat at the Hickory, NC Viewmont location at least twice a month as it is close to the office. The last two times, including today's visit, the meal is delayed because all of the to go orders are prepared before the customers in the store. It took 25 min for a bowl of soup today for my co- worker. So, my food was cold when she received her food. Again.

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Tessa Burnett - 15 d ago


I ordered on line yesterday morning and went to go pick it up. When I arrived my daughter decided she wanted something so I had to wait inline. We had our mask on and the female at the counter Attempted taking my order. She proceeded to tell me that she couldn't hear me So I spoke up then she said she wasn't waiting on me because I was yelling at her the manger came and tried to take my order I tried to explain to him I had already ordered online and had to place another order so I started to try to place the order he decided to look for my online order instead of taking the order and also said he couldn't hear me so I spoke up he then said I was yelling at him unfortunately we all need to wear the mask now but sometimes and customer service we need to understand this as well The manager was rude and when I laughed I realize that the bag at that I got with my salad was not even wrapped up in anything it was just thrown in the bag They experience Hagerstown Maryland.

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Holly - 15 d 4 h ago


My husband and I ordered online tonight from Panera Bread establishment here in Battle Creek, Mi and we are very unsatisfied with what we received. We ordered a Chile Ranch Chicken Salad, it had absolutely no dressing with it; half Chicken Frontega Chicken Sandwiich with very little mayo, so it was very dry. My husband also asked for double on the beans for his salad, didn't happen and he didn't want any slices of bread so he asked for another bag of chips, we only got one and 2 pieces of sourdough bread. What the hell is wrong with people that can't seem to get our orders right? How hard is it to make absolutely sure an order is correct? Working in a restaurant isn't that difficult, i know because I have done it. Or is the problem today that people just don't give a damn of how they do their job. No one holds them responsible for their actions. Your food isn't exactly inexpensive so we should receive exactly what we ordered. Since the people at our local restaurant can't get it right, I'm done with ordering from there.

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Priscilla - 15 d 9 h ago

To whomever this concerns, Cafe: 601071 Greenwood Panera Bread Location This is the second time we have been to this location and e employee, Hannah, has been rude to my husband about not wearing a mask. My husband has medical conditions and cannot compromise his breathing. Instead of being polite she has been rude to him and to me. Which I wear a mask. Our previous visit, she "snapped," "he needs to wear a mask." And forecefully put a paper mask into my hand with the receipt. Which I proceeded to let the mask fall on to the table to avoid contamination, and told her he has pre-existing medical conditions. Today, she displayed a juvenile disposition. My in-laws and my husband all have pre-existing medical conditions. Including my father in-law who was in chaostrophic car accident. Hannah then went on to "tattle-tale" to the on-duty manager. If Hannah and the manager would have taken the time to note all of his scars from the wreck. Instead they went ahead and lost business of $70 worth of food, and caused a scene in front of many other customers and employees. I understand the mask mandate and the rules. However I do not understand the terrible temperaments of the employee Hannah and the on-duty Manager. On 09/09/2020 at time: 1:15pm. We were not treated properly and no manners, grace, were shown towards us. Not even the common courtesy to notice a burn-victim, who's own breathing passage ways have been compromised. We were not treated like customers, like humans. Instead we were shamed publicly.

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Nita - 15 d 12 h ago


What is happening with Panera?! I can't reach ANYONE by phone anywhere. I've spent 2 hours- literally 2 hours- on hold with their corporate office trying to talk to someone. Have called the local office at least 5 times so far where it rings for a while before disconnecting the call EACH TIME! Yet they have no problem taking my money and effing up my order!!!

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Frustrated - 16 d 10 h ago

Just ate lunch at Panera, Grossmont Center, La Mesa CA. During this Covid crisis I as very surprised to see a women dispense a flavored ice tea into her cup, taste it and then do it again over and over until she found the one she wanted . When putting your mouth on your cup and then putting your cup against the dispenser that you push with the cup the germs are transferred . A real eye opener . Those machines should not be used at this time . The sofa dispensers are fine because nothing has to touch the cup .

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Tammy - 20 d 5 h ago


Cafe order 1397226 Hwy 70 South, Bellevue Nashville TN. Rotten strawberries don't belong in a salad. Thanks for wasting my money.

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Georgette Huddy - 17 d 9 h ago

Rotten strawberries belong in panera cos rotten politics support white supremacist friends of thug in house of horrors..ugh! Never panera ever again!

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