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Panera Bread

6710 Clayton Road
Richmond Heights, MO
(314) 633-7100
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Luis - 3 d 5 h ago


My fiance and I recently visited Panera bread in Union Gap, WA and we found hairs in our salads. Completely unacceptable .

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Annette - 4 d 8 h ago


I went to your location #3218 located in Davenport, Iowa. I sat alone in the back eating my bagel n coffee. After finishing my bagel I seen something move over on the wall next to my left arm. Yup u guessed it a cock roach bug. I took a picture and went and asked for the store manager. It was a younger woman and I asked her to come with me and I showed her where I was sitting and the bug had moved of course but it wasn't far away. The manager didn't get too excited and just took a napkin n killed it. She said I'm sorry and that was it. I said well I feel kinda sick. Now I have a knot in my stomach all day thinking about that bug where I was eating my breakfast. The manager replied are u ok is there anything I can do. I said well I think u could at least comp my meal which she did. Still very disappointed as I frequently visit this establishment. Not sure I could go there again without thinking of that bug. Oh and on another note why did u discontinue the hazelnut cream cheese? That was my favorite. All this makes me sick all over just talking about it. Very very disappointed to say the least.

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Anonymous - 7 d 10 h ago

Stopped in Conway AR

Great staff,great food, in a nice area, great on the outside but the inside is in BAD need of a remodel!!!!!!!!!

I wish I could post this photo, these words don't express the need. Come on corporate you can do better than this.

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Andrew kominsky - 8 d 11 h ago


I went to the Panera bread at the one in Skokie,IL and the manager was making out with an associate there. I was not pleased.I think the manager name was Aaron and the associate name was Maxine. when they looked at me, they just smile has if it was going to be grobbing each other..the worst part, they didn't wear gloves when they were handling he food I used to go to this location for so many years, I had even had many conversations with Aaron about his wife and child. Sad... Not ok, this is not a motel, handle that at home... thought Panera bread was a family restaurant

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Larry Bosman - 10 d 16 h ago


I work for eight days they're finally at quit because I would not pay me the full eight days. I was paid for two days and I have tried to contact the manager there but he will not respond I work at the Mesquite store in Mesquite Texas it would benefit Panera to get rid of this manager. I am going over there today or tomorrow and I will follow up on this problem

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Lisa - 11 d 16 h ago


Stopped at Willoughby, OH, Panera this morning to get an

egg souffl. Noticed one of the workers behind counter wasn't wearing gloves but figured she'd put them on to get my food.

WRONG!!!! Picked up my souffl with her bare hands. When I said I wasn't going to eat it because she wasn't wearing gloves, she looked at me with attitude. I will say everyone else was wearing them, but her face and actions told me she does it all the time. Eeeeewwwww!!!!!! Get it together, Panera!!

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jane - 13 d 18 h ago


Taken back at the dirty facility that is located at Ridge & Butler Pike in Conshohocken Pa. I was there around 4:30 in the afternoon. Tried to beat the rush hour. Employees standing around . Seven tables were never cleaned and debris under tables. Asked to have a clean table and had too wait ten minutes and at that they looked annoyed that I even dare to mention anything. No straws at beverage area. Could not use bathroom facilities no toiled tissue.

They just re did this store

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Bill B - 14 d 13 h ago


There is no available parking at store 4258. New store with VERY limited parking and what little parking there is mostly blocked by the cars in the "drive through" line through the main parking areas all the way out to hwy 441. You can't even get to the caf. You are loosing more customers than you are serving! Very poor planning ...this is going to hurt your Corporate image.

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Shana Lea - 15 d 12 h ago


I work for a very very large consulting company located worldwide. We have over 14k employees and have at least 10 meetings a week where we need food ordered. I quit ordering from Panera because, in the past, they have been late. However, one of our senior consultants specifically wanted Panera. I place my catering order for 15 lunch boxes and had a delivery time of 10:45am. Now, I didn't need the lunches until 11:30 but with my past experience, I needed some cushion. So, 10:45 comes around and they aren't here. 11 comes and goes and still nothing. I reach out to the store and spoke to "Juan" in the catering department and he informs me that the drive left with my order at 10:40am; 5 minutes before it was scheduled to be delivered. I wait and wait and 11:30 goes by so I call again. This time I speak to a guy named Michael. He puts me on hold for 12 minutes and never came back. I hung up and immediately called back and spoke to Rachel, the manager. The only thing she said was that "Jay was my driver and she will call him and have him call me to give me an ETA". So my response to Rachel was that, an hour late is not acceptable and that my meeting the food was for had already started. She didn't say anything. No even an apology. So here I am waiting AGAIN, noon comes (an hour and 15 minutes after my delivery time) and still nothing. I called back and got no answer. I had a couple of our admins calling at this point to help get answers. I figured they'd were not answering my call since my # shows up and they knew what I was calling about. My coworker was finally able to get Christian on the phone and he informs her that "There was an issue with our ticket and that the order should be there any minute". This was at 12:10. 12:30 comes around and what do you know, STILL NO PANERA. Finally at 12:43, the delivery driver shows up with our lunch boxes. But it gets even better.... They did not include our drinks, orders were wrong AND there were no condiments in the lunch boxes. The location did, in fact, comp our order but that just isn't enough. THIS HAS BEEN THE WORST CATERING EXPERIENCE IN MY 15+ YEARS OF DOING THIS. I am beyond shocked at the lack of communication, no apology or explanation, the lack of customer service. I've informed all of the admins in our office and consultants of what happened and they will not being ordering any more either. We have all had more than enough disappointments from Panera. I would not suggest ordering any catering from Panera as they are always late and orders are never correct.

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Anonymous - 19 d 13 h ago

This is NOT a functioning phone #314 6337100

I represent CLEARLY CANOLA non stick cooking spray 1) NON GMO (certified)

2)100% pure oil 95% canola 5%Lecithin

3) NO Water NO filler

4) 400% + burn facture

5)zero faT zero sodium,cholostrol free

Please send me an email of buyer handling cooking oil spray so that I can send literature.and hope to get samples to you as well

Sal Reza Jayden International LLC (hidden) (hidden)

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Claudia - 21 d 7 h ago

Disappointed that the Panera Bread two locations in my area neither one of them deliver to zip code 33408 North Palm Beach Florida.

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#DoneWithHISDiscrimination - 22 d 15 h ago


I am hiring a Lawyer because of the GM you guys chose to hire for you Burlington Vermont location. Joe is his name and he discriminates against anyone but mostly the workers. He will pick and choose what to give workers write ups for, but if your a young girl then don't worry cause those are the only ones who are safe. But I want to know how he can fire ONE employee for something he KNOWS and has seen ALL his employees doing?? Wait it's cause he is discriminating against some. Then he says he has to let you go if you have 3 write ups.. well ok But when he fired one person who only had 2 then where was the 3rd one?? It was never shown to this employee and the employee signs them after they are given some must have forged a signature then another employee he gave her 2 write ups at once over 2 months after they where written so she wasn't even able to verify the times and dates of what he wrote. It's sickening how he is running this place around his own rules and Not paneras and NONE of his employees or managers can stand to be around him so most are looking for other jobs. Now let's talk about how he is towards woman. At night he has one female employee that sits in his office with him for long amounts of time and if u don't bat your eyes and be all cute with him them he is a TOTAL jerk to you. Then u will have employees telling you Joe's trying to find a way to fire you or to get you to quit and he will start cutting your hours and watching only one person on camera to see any mistake they make. This isn't even all of the things because I'm not allowed to even say much since I now have a lawyer for discrimination Among other things. It's SO disappointing and then the regional manager Shay knows and has been told a LOT by tons of employees And other managers. This man needs to be taken out of a position of power. I'll also be finding the Customer who witnessed him yelling and swearing at an employee ON THE LINE in front of customers cause she was SO disgusted she called people above Joe and still Nothing happened. So if this is the kind of managers you want and keep the public has the right to know which location to Avoid.

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Disgusted - 25 d 6 h ago


I don't visit my local Panera very often(#204114)and after today I just won't be back again. When we entered out of all the workers standing around I was not greeted, the young workers in the back we're standing around like they had nothing to do and the dining area was messy. I really wanted this visit to be nice because I had a friend with me from out of state. We left and had gone to another location with much better service i really don't like to complain but that was horrible. And a word of advice you should have your delivery boys tested they smell like pot.

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Neglected Panera location - 26 d 12 h ago

Just stopped by Panera Bread in Sebring, Florida .

I have never seen such a dirty Panera Bread. The tables were all dirty and not clean. There was food all over the floor.

I told one of the workers and she said she would tell the manager.

I had to clean our table to eat here, sat here for about 30 minutes and the issues were not addressed.

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Sandy - 26 d 19 h ago

Love the food at Hilltop in Virginia Beach, VA. However, the tables and floors are disgusting. No one cleans them between customers. I have mentioned this to the manager but he said they were to busy to clean up. I saw one lady leave because of the messes.

The Panera at Independence Rd. in Virginia Beach does have a person cleaning up.

Do you have anyone checking the dining areas? It makes me wonder how clean is the kitchen at Hilltop?

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Lost my business - 28 d 10 h ago


Hello, my name is Amy Roller and it has been a while since I have visited a Panera location. The location was 12644 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32837. The service was ok...that is not why I am writing. I typically order a sandwich, but wasn't as hungry, so decided to order a cinnamon roll and an iced coffee (which was on the menu). I was, however confused as to why I had to make my own iced coffee. I was also a little confused as to why in the year 2017 Panera has no more options for any flavored creamer, only very bland skim milk, maybe 2% milk and 1 other option. I was very disappointed. I was also very disappointed by the fact that I was given a cold cinnamon roll on a plate and had to ask where the microwave was. I would have been happier going to McDonald's. Very disappointed and will NOT be returning!

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Deb - 36 d 13 h ago


I entered a complaint about a sandwich I had that on the above menu did not say that it had cabbage on it and I can NOT eat cabbage without ill affects. I took several bites until I got to the cabbage and got ill. I spoke to the Manager filed out a form and he said that corporate would be in touch with me which was about 2 months ago. I had to purchase pepto bismol, and tums , for the next day my allergy to this continued.

Please respond

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Majestic - 28 d 15 h ago

You need to contact the board of health and a lawyer

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Can't believe the morons - 28 d 13 h ago


No dumbass board of health has nothing do with a customer that can't read ingredients or place an order corectly. And health department deals with food safety violations.

Flagged for review. 
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Can't believe the morons - 28 d 13 h ago


All items are listed if you bother to pay attention

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Sourichanh sisouphonh - 37 d 13 h ago


I lost my Panera Bread Reward card how I do to get that my reward

Every time I go to Panera Bread they can't do my full name .

Because I for get my phone number

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Rick - 40 d 6 h ago


Since you changed ownership your service and operation have gone to hades. You got rid of the mature manager at our local Panera and replaced him with a guy in his early 20's. The quality of service shows now that you are allowing kids to run the place rather than adults. I guess you just didn't want to pay for a quality manager, those kids will work a lot cheaper! In the long run you will pay for running off your quality managers, especially at this location. Hope it will be worth it to you.

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Sanford Hochman - 40 d 16 h ago


Penera's is terrible to deal with. Three times, I ordered from e-mail and called the manager the day before to pick up the next day. Three times there was no order ready, nor could they fill an order that I wanted. I showed them the printout and they made some excuse why they did not fill the order. I will not deal with Penera's again, since they don't have a proper way of handling their customers.

Sanford Hochman

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Kim Boone - 41 d 9 h ago


Plastic plates? Do they have chemicals that endanger? I wouldn't think so. Reminds me of melmac years ago and cheap dime store ware witj I'm sure chemicals. I am somewhat shocked that Panera would go to PLASTIC!

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Anonymous - 43 d 12 h ago

I have commercial property in Logan, Ohio right off the 664N exit. There is a McDonald's, Arby's and a Bob Evans there, but that is it.

It would be great to have a healthy alternative for all our folks and all the tourist we have thru here for the cabin business.

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