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Panera Bread

6710 Clayton Road
Richmond Heights, MO
(314) 633-7100
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Anonymous - 4 m ago

I make it a habit to come to Panera Bread at least 3 times a week whether it's in the morning or if it's in the afternoon I like to come in the morning because I can get egg avocado and tomato I get the same thing and it's usually $4 and some change the one that I used to go to try to charge me today $10.55 and manager's name was Ashley she was very rude she was busy and I even asked her was everything okay that's how rude she was but I wanted her to know that I could tell she had a problem she tried to charge me today $10 and something for the same thing that I get every time and I just need somebody to contact me (hidden)

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Maria - 14 h 15 m ago

In wallingford ct. Female manager is not very nice to her employees very rude disposition. It shouldn't be overlooked.

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Catie Atkins - 15 h ago


I had an awful lunch today at your Menlo Park New Jersey location. I was seriously surprised by the lack of quality and customer service today. I always get the you pick two with the Asian sesame salad and chicken Noodle soup. Today my salad had a large blob of what looked like tomato with quinoa stuck to it. I picked it out thinking accidents happen,somebody probably leaned over the lettuce making another salad And it fell in. The I found another giant glob of tomato with quinoa on it, stired the salad around and there was a whole bunch of whatever it was that didn't belong in my salad. No one came over and asked how our meal was today which was rare. So I asked one of the people clearing the table if they could take it and told him that it was not right, I said there were things in it that weren't part of it. He took it and threw it away. He did not bring me a new salad or ever come back to the table or send anybody else over. I asked another person if they could send the manager over. 30 mins later no one had come and I had to get back to work. So I paid over nine dollars today to have a cup of soup.!

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EV - 1 d ago


8/17/18 at 11:01:58 am.

Purchased 4-large chicken noodle soup's & 1 cinnamon roll, when I reached the servers area I politely asked to please bag my items separately in two bags. I received a look from server that was not pleasant nor polite while he took a deep breath. The impression I got was GTFOH so as he individually bag them I said two soups in each bag would be ok ( so he didn't waste bags & it would be easy to carry) And again same reaction from him which was totally unnecessary to say the least.I asked him was there a problem with my request & same reaction so at that point I let him know my displeasre with his service for no apparent reason, Manger steps in & tries to talk down on me as if I did something wrong ( which I have not done so nor used any profanity or derogatory language) Very unprofessional of him. I ask for my money back & in the process spoke to a 2nd manager which he had nothing to say & again unprofessional, while I did snatch my money back from first manager due to there treatment I just received I will Not ever patronize that establishment again. Manager was worst then the start of the incident, Sorry to say but poor management .

Not that it matters but I been a Panera customer since the start of franchise & I always been a good polite customer & a rewards membe

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Karen of Mansfield Texas - 1 d 17 m ago


I spent $9.29 at the Masefield Texas location off 287 for Napa Almond chicken salad sandwich half on whole wheat comes with chips and ordered a small green tea... i open my sandwich and literally yal must be hurting for money on food for that price i should get more than 1 Teaspoon of the chicken salad in the sandwich it covered the small tomato not the bread itself or the huge lettuce you placed in there. Inwish i couldnpost a picture of it on here because I took a picture of it on top of this why is yals bread alway so hard i have to remove all the way around it everytime.

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Jan E. - 1 d ago


Went to the Panera in Foster City. 5 sandwich choice NOT available, girl at the register had no idea what she was doing. Rang me up for a sandwich not available (what the heck) Another employee left us with a long line to go to lunch. Think the manager in Foster City needs more training as well as other employees. I left annoyed & went 15 miles up the road to Millbrae & got my order right in less than 10 minutes Foster City Panera is a JOKE

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Renee - 3 d 13 h ago


Spent $30 no dressing on salads. All gone to waste. This is ridiculous!

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Lisa - 1 d 15 h ago

I just had same experience despite they have a position just for quality checking obviously does not work

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Lisa - 1 d 15 h ago

Apple valley Mn needs new staff and management. Multiple times they have messed up the order despite the late they have two order quality control people who stand there with the whole purpose to check the order. They have left the chicken off the chicken Greek salad and today neglected to put the dressing in. Previous occasion they used a mix of salad greens giving us the size of a half salad in the large salad box. Quality checkers are lethargic and stand drinking soda. Obviously this job is not working. Cut them and save the salary u don't need them as they are not effective or provide training and for goodness sakes remove their public soda drinking. Sending me free gift cards no longer helps as nothing changes with your staff.

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Pat howard - 1 d 18 h ago

I love in Grand Rapids mi. Iwe have always been fans of your eateries until last week. I ran in to pick up a bagel - mind you one bagel and coffee. Upon entering I was put in front of a kiosk of sorts and a girl helped me walk thru the process to make my purchase. When all done she said" ok now just run your card and you will be all set" I did not want to use a debit or credit card for a bagel. I was told I needed to go back in line to get waited st the counter to use cash. By this time there was quite a line because everyone had to use the "kiosk". I told her just cancel my order.

I go out to eat to be serviced - I will no longer come to Panera. If you don't want those nice helpful people to wait on me , I will go elsewhere. Big Apple bakery and Bagel Beanery are in my neighborhood and they have great service - might be a block further but worth the drive!

I can get great soup and salads from my local grocery store. This is one family who won't be coming anymore.

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Gregory - 1 d 18 h ago


Over the last few years I have amassed enough Panera bread receipts to fill a small file cabinet. Back in the Au Bon Pain days in Harvard Yard I received quite a few too. So about a week ago when I asked an employee for a piece of bread, I was a little astonished that someone would call a security guard who subsequently called me a panhandler and told me to leave. The very next morning I received an email from Panera inviting me to stop in and enjoy a free breakfast entree. Now, one would normally think of this as customer appreciation and simply good business. However, when I was again approached by a security guard and told to leave, it became abundantly clear to me that it was nothing of the sort. Panera, you stink. And if the recent Starbucks incident taught you nothing about bad press and diminished market cap, it is my expectation that my suit along with the support of the guests at the adjoining tables will.

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David - 1 d 19 h ago


Placed an order for 60 bread bowls. What a nightmare. Order wasn't ready when promised. Charged twice by store. Once I found out about the double charge 2 days later I was treated like a criminal.

Check number 388665

Mesquite TX

Not happy

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JUDY AND JIM - 1 d 20 h ago

To home and make concern at Panera Bread corporate office I just want you to know the Macedonia Ohio Panera Bread had a wonderful employee name Marie she greeted us every day as if we were her family she is leaving this job because she was denied a Good Res we will truly miss her she was an asset to your Restaurant so sorry that this has happened sincerely on every day customer

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Anonymous - 2 d 21 h ago

Order a 200.00 worth of food for the office on the computer got confirmation. Never came was told to reorder it cause they can only deliver the order that are place on the computer place order again never came called again and asked if they could take order over phone was no he couldn't cause that's how they keep track of there drivers. If i was the manager and i had a 200.00 and there was a problem with getting order to come through computer I would personally do it myself then lose the money. Disappointed with Norristown store

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Cherrie Berry - 2 d 18 h ago


I love the strawberry poppy seed chicken salad!!!! Please keep selling them year round!

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Barbara - 2 d 19 h ago

Just stopped by one of your stores and ordered a vanilla latte and a scone 10 minutes ago. Walked up to the window to see if someone forgot and was told very nicely I could sit down and wait for my buzzer. Another 5 minutes went by before it was done. It's 2:50 in the afternoon and I only see 3 tables with people sitting. I was clearly not a priority today. Disappointed in this location.

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Anonymous - 3 d 2 h ago


We need a Panera Bread in Calhoun, Georgia!

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kelly - 3 d 14 h ago


What no bread? Went to the Panera Twin Creek location in Bellevue, Nebraska on Tuesday, August 14 at about 1:45pm to buy baguettes for special dinner planned later that night. There were no loaves in the usual place as you come in so I asked the gal at the order counter and she said they were out of bread and gave no reason. A little abrupt as well. Not sure how you can run a restaurant with no bread. So disappointed. Not sure what is going on at that location. There are other inconsistencies with this place, I.e.,

with the attitudes of the staff. Love your food but it is getting too much of a hassle. Will be going over to Papillion . I am not in the habit of complaining but this experience prompted me to write.

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Customer - 5 d 10 s ago


Hi. We use Panera Catering for work functions and we were assigned a representative. Call the rep and she would place the order. Easy. Well, now that changed. We have a rep but she isn't allowed to place our order for us. What? So, call the catering location by us and do it ourselves. Why was a new rep assigned to us? They aren't allowed to place orders. Ridiculous.

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Frenchtoast - 5 d ago


I know you had problems with a cream cheese recall in the recent past and had to use a different brand to replace the honey walnut. You should have stuck with THAT brand because the new Panera honey walnut tastes terrible! It tastes like walnuts have gone rancid. I have 4 stars because the service is great as are the bagels! Cream cheese...try again!

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Concerned employee - 5 d 13 h ago

Hello, I've been trying to contact HR for a while now due to concerns about one of your Texas locations. I am highly upset with that store and how management is treating us, you guys say you value your employees but clearly you are very wrong. I would like to talk to someone about my concerns as I am not the only one who feels this way. Please contact me at (hidden)

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James - 5 d 14 h ago


Good evening!! As a frequent customer of your Long Beach/Oceanside and Merrick stores I must say that you will be losing me as a customer. I usually entertain my clients for breakfast and lunch a few days a week..Last Wednesday I brought four of my clients to lunch in your Long Besch store.. only to find that BOTH TABLES THAT COULD ACCOMMODATE US WERE BEING USED BY WOMEN PLAYING CARDS AND OTHER GAMES.. without a Panera product on the table. I asked the manager to help us but he refused. This practice has been going on for a few years... it's obvious you dont cater to your paying customers. I will take my business elsewhere... and let your card playing women run your stores. PS.. One of my clients was handicapped.

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Cathie - 5 d 17 h ago


We used to love Panera for lunch and recently had occasion to eat at one. The quality of the food was awful. The grilled cheese was ALL bread & very little cheese. The Greek salad was not fresh & had tiny bits of Feta cheese. We would never go back...

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Aaron - 6 d 26 m ago


I went to your restaurant in Bay Terrace queens NY. I have never been so dissatisfied with a meal as last night. The rudest people i have ever run across. I asked a person on the floor right in front of me a question. She looked at me and walked around me ignoring me. I then asked the cashiers if there was anything other than soup or salad snd was told to look at the board. Because I didi not want bread I ordered a large French onion soup. My grand daughter ordered a small one. I received a large bowl 1/4 filled. At the pickup counter i was "ordered" to put the signal piece in the box. No please and just plain rude. I was not given my wife's sandwich and was told the 1/2 was hers when i ordered and paid for a skimpy full sandwich

Is this the way you train your staff snd why no real food in the summer like chili snd such in the einter.


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Anonymous - 6 d 38 s ago


Fair Lawn nj

Order egg hand and cheese sandwich

Dine in. Bun over toasted ham and cheese just put on sandwich cold. Horriblr

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