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Panera Bread

6710 Clayton Road
Richmond Heights, MO
(314) 633-7100
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Pete Micheal - 5 h ago


I recently went to your Panera store in Kenwood Ohio on Sat 9Dec 17 for lunch with my Father in-law. We waited in line for 15 min. with one person at the register and 1 person next to her. 5 people waiting for food at the other side of the counter.

She seemed very disengaged. When she handed the receipt to 2 people in from of us she never even looked at them, just held it out.

Just as the women was going to give her order in front of us she walked away and started making coffee drinks. No explaination, or "I'll be right with you" nothing. Very disinterested unengaged. So she left and so did 3 other people.

Not a good experience. WE like your food but not the treatment.

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John Smith - 16 h 24 m ago


You need to have a talk to management about cussing at employees at 25546 Kingsland Blvd Katy Tx 77494. They are going to start recording them and you will be in trouble. It starts at upper management. I hope you take care of this swiftly.

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Brenda Hays - 18 h ago

My husband and I really enjoy our weekends out because we are always finding new places to eat. We have been to Panera many times-always in Eugene Oregon. Lovely attentive employees. We ate at the Clackamas Town Center location today. It was very disappointing. The line was so long with only one employee taking orders from a very difficult customer. They were handling that person well. Out comes from the back several staff and possibly a manager who sees all the customers in line and walks past us alll. The couple in front of us gets irritated and walks out. We finally get to order, sit down and wait. The entire time we are waiting and eating all we hear is the staff that prepares the food sing, complain and bicker amongst each other. My husband and I are foodies and we tip very well. If we love it- we come back again and again. When we left this afternoon my husband said "that's the most disappointing lunch I've had in a long time".

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Anonymous - 17 h 37 m ago

I have been in management for 25 years. Maybe your corporate office should look into this matter. It is most likely a training issue. I'm certain you want this location to do well. It's in a very busy mall and I'm sure you want the Panera name to project your brand. Good luck to you.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago


Don't go to the Panera in West Springfield.. lost my keys in the resturant and asked if the manager could look. The first manager was too busy cleaning and yelling at employees to go check i was waiting for 15 mins.. i finally went to another manager and he was so rude. Didn't ask me what kind of keys or anything and stated that a lot of purses and keys were missing...

if you want your stuff stolen go here.

I will never go back.

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No Christmas, no $ from me - 1 d 23 m ago

Why is there not one single hint of Christmas on display at Panera? So sad.

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Dissatisfied customer - neve will return - 1 d 5 h ago


Panera Bread location in Lakeland, Fl, Highway 98 took my money and did not give me that for which I paid. I placed a $168 catering order with them, for 3 five sandwich boxes - since they wrap the sandwich by halves, it would have been 30 wrapped items. More than enough for my event. However, after I picked up my order and brought it to my event, I only had 20 wrapped items (10 of the 15 sandwiches). Because of the shortfall, I had to tell some people not to have any sandwiches since there was not enough. I contacted the store about the problem, and all they said was "I am sorry that you experienced that." I will never do business with Panera again.

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Below is the real link for revies - 1 d 18 h ago

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Why does Panera NOT play Christmas music at there stores. Very disappointing - 2 d ago

Why does Panera Bread NOT play Christmas music at Christmas time. Very disappointed and no Christmas ornaments of any kind.

I guess we just found out exactly what is important to Panera Bread.

Lost me as a customer. And I usually come to Panera with associates and family weekly.

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SJV - 2 d ago

Bye, Felicia.

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Anonymous - 2 d ago


Bought a bear claw at your restaurant in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA yesterday. It was so stale, I couldn't eat it. How disappointing.

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Nicole D - 2 d 14 h ago


Avon , Indiana

I went to this location this evening and was completely grossed out by the view from the drive through window. This restaurant was FILTHY behind the scenes. Those that ordered from inside the restaurant had no idea the filth and trash that was sprawled all over the floor , bread , bagels , used gloves , dirthy dishes stacked up , trash over flowing just disgusting. I cancelled my order and went elsewhere.

If I could attach this picture I took.. im sure you would shut this place down before the health department does.

I am so disappointed. I frequent this location and others Panera locations but after today I will no longer .

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Mike Angelo - 3 d ago


New Rockwall location

I've eaten there several times and have had some issues.

2 separate occasions they forgot items in the drive-thru.

If you ask for cheese on a bagel it must be put in the microwave a long time because there isn't a trace of cheese only what looks to be over cooked butter oil residue. This has happened 3 separate occasions.

Today I went for lunch and they had run out of turkey chilly at 1pm they said they didn't know if they would have it tomorrow.

3 they usually forget to give a drink cup.

I love Panera Bread but I think they need some assistance to work out the kinks.

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Chef Leo Cassidy at - 3 d 14 h ago

Just take a glimmer at Great Harvest Bread Company. I'm a retired

high-end chef. Great bread was always a focal point in my life

when weighting a great dining experience or a brand to get behind.

work for or invest in the future. You have been going in the right

direction and I can see and help sustain that growth with more future

food choices, soup developments that can save and create classiic

food ideas for the near future directions to continue to ground into

crossover markets that has never been brought to a full bloom yet.

Let this chef share the lime light a little bit more. I saw

this day coming and would love to capitalize in it again.

AT (hidden) , Lets Share The Experience!

Chef Leo Cassidy

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Stephanie P. Johnson - 3 d 17 h ago


Last week, My cousin and I went to Panera Bread in Jenkintown.

Usually, it is a pleasant outing for me..

Unfortunately, the last experience was anything but pleasurable.

The cashier did not give cups or kids for our beverages.

While I was in the bathroom, the beeper buzzed to alert us the order was ready.

My cousin who is handicapped and uses a cane went to get the order...she informed the worker that she would have to make three trips to carry the order..the worker who happened to be the manager..said OK...she did not offer any assistance or ask another employee to help carry the order.

After we finished our meal, I asked to speak with the manager, she came over and listened to our comments / complaints about the service. ..she asked what we wanted for our trouble.

I told we did not expect anything in return for our concerns.

She informed us there were new employees on the shift.

Why have new employees on a busy day during the holiday season?

Lastly, my cousin saw mold in the bathroom during her visit.

We told the manager about the mold, too.

She seemed to have an attitude when speaking with us..."Is there anything else?"

If she is frustrated then maybe she needs to work another shift or another job..

When a customer has concerns, it is to improve the service at the establishment.

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cassandra from riverdale ga - 4 d 5 h ago

I am a frequent customer at Panera at the Fayetteville Georgia location . I love the food, I feel like I own stock, the employees are all familiar with me , and often call me by first name when I go. Sometimes they know what I am ordering before I order. Well on 11/28/2017, I went to Panera and swiped my capital one gift card and the employee said it did not work. I then just swipe another card. I find out on 12/02/17, while reviewing my transaction on the gift card, Panera was paid.I spoke with the manager on the phone 12/04/2017 and he said he would get back with me. no solution after 2 days. I walked in to eat on wed 12/06/2017 and spoke to him, all the employees told him I was a regular customer. He did not try to resolved this. So Panera just took my money. I am so disgusted . poor business and poor manager. will contact regional manager

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Audio Engineering, Inc. Loves park, Ill - 5 d 21 s ago


We did some fire alarm work in the Machesney Park, Ill. building and we never got paid.

The invoice is from 3-2-17, and NOT PAID.

Wander how Panera Bread treats other contractors?

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Anonymous - 5 d ago


I love your product, have very good service for as busy as this store is, they do a very nice job.

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Anonymous - 5 d 23 h ago


Love your product

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Anonymous - 5 d 23 h ago


My name is Brenda Abbott - (hidden). I wanted to let you know that I bought 3 gift cards on 10/10/2017 for $15.00 dollars each for my bosses. I purchased them at the Euless TX store located at 2911 Hwy 121. One of my bosses brought her card back to me and said they told her there was nothing on it. She brought it to me on 12-5-2017, I took it back to the store with my bank transaction, no longer had the receipt, and they would not replace it for me. I asked for a manager which I think was and assistant, young girl very pretty (Hispanic) she said she was unable to do a replacement card, I would have to come back the next day and talk to her manager which she told me they would be there. I went back to 12/6/2017 and waited why her and another gentlemen were calling someone to help me they said. She came back and said the manger was not there, I said you told me he would be here today, she said not at the moment that time getting a little snotty. And if the person on the phone told her they were not going to do, why didn't she just tell me that instead saying the manager wasn't there, which is what happened the day before also, she call someone and then came back and said I would have to come back and talk to the manager. I said you know if I was going to try and cheat you out of money I would have asked for the whole $45.00 which is what my transaction said. But I took the other two cards back and they both had $15.00 on them only the one has 0. I said this is very poor customer service over $15.00, was just trying to get my bosses gift card replaced. She said call corporate very smartly the number is on the back of the card and walked away. Well I told the other guy I will buy one for 15.00 I have to give my boss her gift card, but I will not be coming back. and by the way the number on the back of the gift card only is for checking your balance, you never get a live person. And I think the management at that store needs to be able to say no we won't do that instead of giving me the run around. Thank you Brenda Abbott, 820 Glenda Drive, Bedford TX 76022

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Jan - 5 d 2 h ago


I'd like to say that your decision to change from sweetened tea to tea with syrup is the WORST decision ever! It tastes TERRIBLE!

Here in the South, we love BREWED sweetened tea-- NOT unsweet tea with that terrible syrup! Don't impose your Missouri culture on us-- we don't want it. Respect the fact that brewed sweetened tea is a staple of the Southern way of life. BRING BACK SWEETENED TEA!

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Charles J. Forgue - 5 d 5 h ago


On Saturday December 2nd my Grandson and I ordered sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches. The eggs on our sandwiches were soft, over easy, and when I picked up my sandwich the yolk squirted out all over my tray, the table, and me. My Grandson didn't even eat his sandwich. There was nothing on the menu that indicated that the recipe had changed nor did the person taking the order explain that your new recipe is a choice of soft or scrambled eggs on a breakfast sandwich, something I found out from an employee working the dining room. So, I ask you, what fool would put an over easy egg on a sandwich??? I am really disappointed since I am a regular customer.and Panera Club Member.

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Tom Bradford - 5 d 5 h ago


For some reason, the music at the Ave. Viera Mall location in Melbourne, Florida has changed from soft Classical to loud Contemporary. We asked management to change it back. They said it is not under their control; that it is controlled by the Corporate offices.

This change is really ruining my experience along with many others especially in the morning. We come regularly for coffee, pastry and socializing. But now the music has become obtrusive and we have to raise our voices to talk over it. Because everyone in the cafe must raise their voices, then the cafe noise level has drastically increased. None of us understand why you would want to change the entire ambiance to something more resembling a Sports Bar.

Please change it back to LEAST until lunch time. But keeping the Classical is the best bet as it stays in the background as opposed to dictating the conversation.

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Anonymous - 5 d 16 h ago


I moved to St Louis Hills in St. Louis city in early September. I have been a customer for many years and have visited numerous stores in St. Louis and outside the area as well. This franchise typically provides consistent good food and friendly staff. However, the store on Chippewa is just awful. At first I wrote it off as a off day for the store but I have now been several times and it just continues to disappoint.

To begin with the employees never ever make eye contact, say hello and thank you. They talk among themselves and make you feel like you are putting them out. This was my experience this evening when I went through the drive through at 5:49pm.

I decided to ask a few neighbors and they (4 different people) all agree this is the absolute worst store. This is just a shame and I don't understand it. I've never gone during the day and perhaps it is better/different. I think this all falls on the night manager and store owner. They need to train their people and hold them to a higher standard.



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Nieci - 6 d 19 h ago


I visited the Panera bread in abingdon md. Box hill. I asked for a plain bagel toasted with sausage and cheese. I received a bagel with egg,sausage and cheese. I took it back. The cashier was very pleasant about it, even offered a pastry for my inconvenience. The older lady that was preparing my food however was not so nice. She acted as if it was someone else's fault that she made the mistake. Very hastily she threw my sandwich together and pushed my bag across the counter. I decided not to address the situation at this time due to the fact that I was on my way to a funeral in Baltimore. I began eating my sandwich while on the highway. About half way through the sandwich I noticed paper in my sandwich. The woman had left the paper on the cheese and I had eaten half of it. I'm not one to complain but this was unacceptable. I hope someone from your office understands that it is employees like this and bad customer service that can be detrimental to a business. Please respond at (hidden)

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