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Panera Bread

6710 Clayton Road
Richmond Heights, MO
(314) 633-7100
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CINDY B - 2 h 10 m ago



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Whatever - 1 d 23 h ago

Why will they not make me the chicken ceaser sandwich it's not a hard thing to do I'm never coming back to any Panera your employees are obviously lazy.

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Not happy customer - 1 d 26 m ago


What do people need to do to get panera bread to listen. I made a complaint online several times checked the box asking for them to get back to me and they haven't. They don't care at all they just want to serve shit mess up orders and give the worst customer service ever. Hope they go out of business

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Happy customer - 1 d ago


Today I went to location lynhaven in Virginia Beach , was having a rough day and when I tell you Dan the cashier did everything right , took my order pleasantly, wished me happy birthday but on top of that I had a really bad migraine (my daughter was up throwing up I had doctors appointments and just feeling drained),the location had a guy playing his guitar so once I placed my order I got my drink and said to Dan "I'm going to sit in my car for 5 minuets (due to noise inside which Dan did not know) he said ok"I'm inside my car outside and here comes Dan with my food and said have a great day .Made my day .I normally don't do reviews but in today's society of non customer service Dan went above and beyond.Thank you

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Anonymous - 1 d 18 h ago


I have been buying your cinnamon crunch bagels everyday for a few months now. For about the past month they have been putting less and less crunch on them. The last 3 days I bought the bagels they had very little crunch on them. I have talk to management about it but nothing has been resolved. I'm at a point where I'm ready to stop buying the bagels even though I love them. Please help resolve this issue as I would love to continue buying your Bengals. Thank you.

You're loyal daily Chillicothe

Ohio customer.

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Shannon - 2 d 45 m ago


Panera 21st Ave Nashville is absolutely terrible. They are always getting the order wrong, and this time it is 45 min past delivery time and I cannot get anyone on the phone. In fact, the GM delivered the first order and stated she would take care of the second order that was not received and has yet to contact me.

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b - 2 d 17 h ago


get stomach aches from the nitrates in their salads. sick all day

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Kelly Doles - 3 d ago


Someone need to clean this up if you pay me I will do it. Basic customer service is really easy to train. No exceptions to bad customer service. Listen to the customer always repeat the order, write the order down, double check the order while putting it in the bag. The cashier once again repeats the order to the customer before they leave. If there is a mistake in the order apologize, own it, make good on it, and offer a discount card for another visit to Panera. Complete customer care comes easy, we are all customers at any given time would you expect less?

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Anonymous - 3 d ago


Do you guys see how many bad complain and review is for Panera Bread Smyrna - Spring Hill Parkway SE #203791 .

I complain few may times people need to complain before something is done.

Order salad, got 3 container with dressing,s, each had few drops of dressing.

Several times I payed for extra apple chips in my salad....never got it if I dont ask again.

People working at counter are so " mad" all the time

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lana - 3 d 30 m ago


Order is always late in Troy, Michigan even when you order ahead of time. No one ever answer the phone. Poor customer service.

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Shannyn Botsford - 3 d 5 h ago


Since I'm sitting in an airport waiting for my flight, I have plenty of time to complain about the service in the Phoenix, AZ airport (terminal 2). Three staff working, 2 are visibly annoyed and it's only 545am in the morning. I order a plain bagel and since they are out of cream cheese I decide on peanut butter and butter. I'm provided with enough peanut butter for half of the bagel in which I need to apply myself with my finger due to lack of utensils. Lastly the bagel is tossed on the napkin holder for my retrieval. This is beyond frustrating.

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No longer a regular customer - 3 d 19 h ago


I just finished my lunch at Panera Bread in Santa Clara #4482, After my order was served I asked if I may please have some butter for my roll, I was told very rudely by the server " When I have time" if she, Theresa, had said it in a polite manner I would not have cared and would have waited. After a while I got up and asked someone else for the butter. When I ask for help I always tip the person who helps me, so Theresa lost out !!! Another couple seated next to me came over and said they heard how she spoke to me, and ,that she had done the same with them. It was busy, but there is no excuse for the way she spoke to me. I then found out that she is the manager, she should have to go to management training classes. I will never go there again.

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Anonymous - 3 d 20 h ago


Store 4434, in Winchester, Va., needs to be closed and have a heavy duty cleaning. Every table was dirty, floor filthy, dust everywhere. Dishes left on table, management standing behind counter digging in his head, the guy making sandwiches had greasy hair hanging shoulder length, Tried to contact cooperate and the number doesn't work, must be ashamed of all the complaints..

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Regular customer - 3 d 20 h ago

Panera should not charge for non-dairy creamer. This discriminates against those with dietary restrictions.

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Carol - 4 d 8 s ago


There are 2 locations in Lima Ohio.

The location on Elida Road needs cleaning up! The carpet is worn and dirty. Some of the booths are broken down. Shall I go on? Your location on Harding Highway is fine. Please give it serious thought of cleaning it up. It's right by our Mall and A lot other restaurants to choose from,

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Mari - 4 d ago

The Moorpark Rd. location in Thousand Oaks, CA provided slow service even though it wasn't very crowded and there were lots of employees there.

I had to ask 4 times over the space of 15 min. To have our table wiped off, and was told by Maria Ordonez to "Chill" after she wiped another customer's table, and an empty table before wiping ours, and periodically stopping to glare at me. And this woman was wearing a gold name tag! Food is wonderful, but take your business to another location where you won't be treated so disrespectfully!!

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Ray - 4 d 47 s ago


Your store in Portsmouth N.H. has got to have the WORST customer service in the world. One individual works the front counter at the busiest time (early morning) and must step away from the counter to fill an individuals order and no other employee will step up to help. This store also runs out of coffee and i have waited up to 30 minutes for the coffee urns to be filled. Most all of the employees also take up the parking spaces near the door making the customers walk a distance to get to the door

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Erica - 4 d 48 m ago


Panera Bread has gone down hill big time! They can't even make a sandwich and that's all they have to Do! I called the manager to let them know that the location, I will no longer go to had paper in between the cheese slices! No offer to give me a refund!? I didn't call to get anyone in trouble, but offer me some compensation. Sorry, Panera! You will no longer be a business in the next few years.

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Maria D - 4 d ago


Very disappointed in Panera bread. They got your order wrong and then try to make excuses by trying to convince you your over easy egg should look scrambled and they don't melt the cheese anymore so it's hats as a rock on your sandwich oh and your brioche really is ciabatta. Awful place to eat. Terrible. Train your people. I'll never go back. Now I know why you have two stars only. Jack in the box does better.

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Anonymous - 4 d 18 h ago

4 times I've gone to Panera in Taylor Michigan and spent over $40 asked for a point card at the window when ordering. This last time spent $21 and this whole I can't get a point card because she already cashed me out it was too late. I said I had asked for one while I place my order and that's why I asked for it then and she said well she's sorry she forgot it's to the point where this is getting ridiculous. Lori

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Anonymous - 4 d 19 h ago

Panera kicked out my order from the system because it was over $100 and did not tell me. I was then talked out by the manager and they had never thought to indicate to me this issue or that they were not doing catering the day I ordered. i will not be going back to Panera, and I would strongly recommend against depending on their spotty service.

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Mildred Lee - 6 d 24 h ago

I go to a number of Panera bread stores in Michigan near where I live. I mostly order pick 2, but I was never offered a side order besides bread with my order, which sometimes that bread is to hard for me to eat. I visited the Panera bread store in Livonia Michigan near school craft road, I order a pick 2 and was offered a side order besides bread. I was confused because no one ever offered me a side order before. Her name is Corion, she explained to me that I can order something else on the side besides bread. I was happy with my order, and all of the other stores should follow Corion lead. That you Corion I will be back. Mildred Lee (hidden). (hidden)

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Never again - 6 d ago


You have GOT to be kidding me!! A place known for bagels now only offers plain cream cheese?? Making things even worse, you give me packets and expect me to put it on the bagel myself?? Additionally, you. Hold in to your ordering an option to tip the person taking the order??? FOR WHAT? You used to be my favorite breakfast bagel place and I brought bagels into my office regularly. No more. If it was possible to rate you less than one star, I would. Consider me to be a former patron. I strongly urge you to consider the meaning of customer service!!!

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Lashgirl - 6 d 4 h ago


I would like to voice my opinion on some upcoming changes at Panera Bread.

I was told this morning I can have Cream Cheese with my bagel but, soon it will cost $1 for cream Cheese. What? That's like ordering a salad and then charging extra for dressing.

I think this is a bad move on your part Panera.

I would have gone up in your bagels and added in the cream cheese , you will receive backlash over this one. Just saying. Good lunch, I will find another establishment.

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Bob N - 6 d 16 h ago


Dear Panera Bread, I have been a Panera customer for a very long time, please feel free to check my Panera Card records. Occasionally I go to the Panera at 12 Mile and Halsted Plaza in Farmington Hills MI. Today was one of those days, knowing that this Panera at this time would be very busy, I expected a wait. The counter lady was very nice and got my order correct, (all to go) and I signed for a $1.00 tip (12:18 P.M). I waited near the place where the orders are fulfilled and saw many, many orders going out. At 12:38 after I saw people whom came in after me getting their orders I stepped over to order checker and he looked up realizing I had been there a while, he ask my name, which I told him, then handed him my receipt and he apologized and said they have been having trouble with not receiving orders at their kitchen screens and mine never came through. He told the Kitchen manager of my long wait and they started working on my order, BUT the Creamy Tomato soup was not up to temp just yet, do I want some other soup, I settled for French Onion. My 1/2 modern Greek salad was in there, but not the chips (there was a baguette, I ordered chips) and no utensils. Everyone was very sorry and offered me a free pastry, I declined and left (12:42) as I needed to return to my office and when I got back to my office I find no utensils and no chips. I walked into your Cafe at 12:15 and left with my unfulfilled order at 12:42 and I had not yet eaten. I have a history of not getting what I ordered on my Panera take-out orders, and I now believe I need to check every Panera order I receive before leaving this Cafe, but considering today's poor performance I do not expect to be returning to this Cafe anytime soon. I work in an office at Hills Tech Drive and Haggerty and it would have taken me less time to drive to Haggerty just south of 8 mile to place my take out order and return then what it took to place this order today in a Panera Cafe much closer to my office. My confidence in Panera has been diminished and I am not sure I wish to spend much of my money in a Cafe that cannot transfer electronic data properly or fulfill orders properly. It's a small thing and you serve hundreds of patrons every day, I won't be one of them. Thank you, but I feel like I paid extra and got less. Bob N

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