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Panera Bread

6710 Clayton Road
Richmond Heights, MO
(314) 633-7100
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Mary Debrizzo - 1 d 8 h ago


I was just in Panera in New Lenox Illinois it's a restaurant we frequent regularly. Tonight we both had chicken noodle soup. While eating I picked up a black hard piece of something and it just didn't seem right so I put it into my napkin. I went up with it to the pickup area showed 5 different girls no one new what it was and said they were sorry. I just wanted to know was it something they could explain but none of them could. They changed out the chicken soup container and replaced it with a new batch said they were sorry. They all had plastic gloves on but it look and felt like an artificial nail. I'm freaked and just wanted to pass this on its agreat place I dont want it to leave but I'm still freaked.

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Richard - 1 d 11 h ago


I bought two of your shortbread cookies this morning @ the Seabrook NH location. The cookies are usually fresh AND delicious. However, these cookies were stale !

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Lloyd Prichard - 1 d 19 h ago


We took our 9 year old granddaughter to the Panera restaurant on Calhoun St. in Cincinnati ,we were confronted by a drunk panhandler in the restaurant asking for money .We were very uncomfortable ,I had to give him $5.00 to avoid a scene ,will not go to Panera again!

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Barbara Pennington - 3 d 6 h ago


Worse reviews I ever read. And well deserved. Why don't you people close down?

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Anonymous - 3 d 15 h ago

I waited 30 minutes for a turkey sandwich and it was lousy. I will not be returning. This is crazy, the food is not even worth the wait. The store located on City Avenue in Philadelphia is so weak that it should be shut down immediately.

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Barbara Pennington - 3 d 6 h ago

Panera is disgusting . I do not see how you stay in business.

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Barbara Pennington - 3 d 6 h ago


My friend and were shopping and decided to try Panera since neither of us had ever been in one of your stores. Both of us agree that it was our first and our last time to ever go in a Panera store again. The service was less than desirable, the food was awful and way over priced. Neither of us could eat the food so threw it in the garbage and left. I do not see how you people are in bu

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Mick - 3 d 18 h ago


worst sandwich I ever had in Sparta NJ-steak and eggs. The meat is undercooked, sinewy and tastes like it sat in a grease filled frying pan all night. POOR

The wrap is a tasteless as cardboard, and I cant get anyone at the story to answer the phone at 10:30 am (called 3 times) .

why don't you try (hidden)

And I called the corporate phone number and it seems to be disconnected. WTF!!

FIX this restaurant. When I went in there, no one was in the store in the store, nor when I left there 40 minutes ago.

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Julie R - 5 d 9 h ago


I want to recognize your employee, Brook, at the Oneida St, Green Bay, WI location.. I was missing a sandwich from my DT order and I called her to help me. She was extremely polite, courteous and said she would correct that immediately for me. I really appreciated the quick resolution and no hassle. Please recognize her in Panera as she represents the best of Panera Bread, you are very lucky to have her.

thank you.

Julie R

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Jim - 5 d 9 h ago


The best Panera Bread in the Orlando area is the one on Orange Ave. Inside Adventhealth. Great fast service excellent Staff great management. I go there Monday thru Friday and it's always great

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Kathy - 7 d 15 h ago

My daughter used to work for Panera Bread in Florida she's a hard worker they promised her raise it took them eight months to give her a raise and that's after her hounding them every paycheck I don't know if he's crying because he was upset about what she would go in at midnight work all night long for company parties and the tips were not split evenly she was lucky to get $20 the people that manage to stores are bsers they just tell you what you want to hear to keep you there when my daughter was working at the store or store was number two now that she's gone it's number 14 she got suspended from Panera Bread because she said that it was a no-call no-show she had texted manager and let her know that she was running late and she even got somebody to cover her shift so I guess that wasn't good enough and see suspended my daughter even though the manager got a text message and my daughter work like a dog there no recognition no nothing I would never recommend anybody working for Panera Bread just based on how they treat their employees

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Speilberg - 7 d ago


@ Kathy,

*** Welcome to the New World Ordure.

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Ann - 9 d 4 h ago


I just want to say that I had the best customer service from Debra at the Panera Bread on Indian School Rd in Scottsdale, AZ. She went above and beyond in making sure 5at I was a satisfied customer. Thank you Debra.

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Anonymous - 9 d 16 h ago

Since you remodeled our store the serving sizes have been reduced and your prices have increased. I fell that by making these changes you do not need my patronage anymore. I usually come to your store 3/3 times a week either for breakfast or dinner

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Anonymous - 9 d 19 h ago


After years and years of getting a frozen caramel Panera decides to change it to a Cold Brew Caramel. Absolutely disgusting! Very bitter to the point you can't swallow it! Panera used to be one of my favorite restaurants. With all their changes looks like Panera will be loosing another customer. Their bakery items are always changing and not for the better. Everything seems to be Overcooked! The ham on the sandwiches is more like pulverized than anything. Leave the menu alone! Get rid of the person that keeps wanting to change it.

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Elizabeth Bolton - 10 d 6 h ago


Hey. I'm going to message anyway I can to someone to give me the best answer or response.

My boyfriend went to this Panera

7149 SW Nyberg St

Tualatin, OR 97062-6246

United States

On his lunch break. He always lets every restaurant know that he has a peanut allergy. And one time he went there they told him hey had to remake his whole meal because the employee did not change her gloves after handling something with nuts. Close call right??

Well today! I get a call from work from my boyfriend saying he's on his way to the hospital and It was hard to understand him because his mouth was swollen!

He had an allergic reaction to his salad he got from this Panera! Luckily there was a hospital down the road from him other wise he would have been in serious trouble!

So next time someone has a allergy and the customer states it, you damn well better freaking make sure that food is made no where near nuts again! I almost lost my best friend because of this Panera. And I will be visiting that location tomorrow to talk to whomever made that order.

Change your gloves. Take allergies seriously.

You're lucky I'm not suing.

Thanks this is my email


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Chris - 11 d 17 h ago


Called my only Panera in Williamsburg Va at 905amlooking for an extra large sour dough. I was told sorry we are cutting them up for sandwiches.and they are no ends on the bread.Called back and asked for manager and was told we haveextra large sour dough AND they have the ends. My husband called ends. Have been in many Panera Breads while moving across country and NEVER was told at 9am they are cutting them up for sandwiches and have none to sell.

Do you orDon't you sell bread, orr are you just in the sandwich business now?

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Anonymous - 12 d 8 h ago

I visited Beaumont Panera store they have no bagels really do us a favor close the store if you don't have what you advertised

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Gio - 23 d 8 h ago


The worst customer services,supervisors and management staff they are all coached and trained to cover each other's asses!!! They all read the phony script bunch of fake liers, panera bread is the worst business ethics ever!!! The food is old expired rotten disgusting all the time!!! They also have the worst rude unprofessional ghetto biased unfriendly disrespectful staff,supervisors and managers awful totally unacceptable unfair mistreatment behavior towards us!!!!!

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Gio - 14 d 14 h ago

Maybe they read scripts at your panera and are trained to covercertain peoples butts. But i can guarantee you at my Panera i have never been taught a script. They let me go with my personality

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Pamela Robinson - 15 d 11 h ago


First I want to THANK YOU for bringing back the sesame chicken salad! Secondly I'd like to know why you no longer sell the nice pecan rolls you used to ALWAYS have! The store in Clarksville, In. no longer sells them & they were AWESOME! PLEASE BRING THOSE BACK! STOP MESSING WITH WHAT PEOPLE LIKE!!! Boardroom decisions aren't always right!

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Anonymous - 15 d 19 h ago

We frequent Cafe #601289 in Illinois. Under normal conditions we enjoy your cafe, however we have ordered in the drive thru lately.

Our food has appeared to have been thrown together, literally.

It has happened several times now. I think you need to have a Good Manager at this Cafe!

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lr - 16 d 15 h ago



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bob - 16 d 18 h ago


bad service. We are having a large party and for the past 3 days we have tried to call and email the Dartmlouth Mass. store.. They never answered emails and never once have they picked up the phone. Manager needfs some customer service tyraining. Tried to call corporate and all you get is a busy signal. Going to give it one more day for them top send me back email or I go somewhere else.

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Maryanne - 16 d 19 h ago

We were just at your Panera Bread Restaurant at 7:42 this morning. Yesterday our new Infiniti was hit by a car so we wanted to get away from those thoughts.

We went to store #153 and we're going to split an egg sandwich and coffee. Egg sandwich was good but your dark roast and decaf coffees were cold. I went to the counter to tell them. In time she brought a cup of dark roast. We drink a little dark roast but mostly decaf for our health. Decaf wasn't made by the time we were ready to leave so I asked for the coffee refund. Problems were aggravation and having to eat a dry sandwich. Left with NO COFFEE!

Our check #138353

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