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Panera Bread

6710 Clayton Road
Richmond Heights, MO
(314) 633-7100
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Fran - 6 h 13 m ago


Panera has a jewel in Jacksonville, Florida. The Panera on Baymeadows is outstanding. Many of us who are customers visit several times a week, and some of us are there everyday. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. Cashiers, like Gabriel, are kind and friendly. One server, who has been there many years, is Kenny. He is friends with all of the customers. He welcomes us to Panera and takes care of everyone. When Kenny is there, our food is served as soon as it's prepared. He asks the guests if he can bring them water or if we need anything. Our tables are cleared as soon as we finish so that we can sit and chat, read or study. We all love him. Some of the customers have even given him birthday parties in Panera. Panera would not be the same without wonderful employees like Kenny and Gabriel. Thank you, Panera on Baymeadows. We appreciate that you have hired outstanding employees. That makes you special.

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Anonymous - 11 h 27 m ago

So let me start off buy saying I love your food and never seen a store so filthy as your location in South Hills Washington floors,tables silverware I asked for a clean set and got another set and they were just as dirty I'm wondering if the server went around the corner and came back with the same set I will definitely not be going back to the location the management and staff not doing there jobs i could run that store better it was your location at South Hills Puyallup Washington so sad thank you..

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Anonymous - 3 d 9 h ago


You changed the receipt on your Greek salad. It is nothing more than a cheap toss salad imitation . Actually your food quailty is going down hill and I must now look for something else for my daily lunch. I am currently at your Rego park NY location. And the food preparation is extremely sub par. Denny 's prepares better. I am orginial From St. Louis. I he had problems at this location in the past.

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Gail Davis - 15 h 15 m ago


St Louis Have bad service also and rude managers

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Scott T. Harrison - 1 d 9 h ago


I experienced completely horrible customer service at Panera Bread recently. I called managers at the Glendale, AZ store who were less than helpful.

I contacted customer service five times as well.

My issue was never addressed. We are paying a lot of money for food and service. If you are looking for good service, you won't find it at Penera Bread. I closed my account and am never going back.

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Evelyn Guillochon - 3 d 11 h ago


Spring, Texas. Yesterday, 20 Oct 2016, we stopped at Panera, Spring, Texas, to grab a quick lunch. In the first place, I cannot believe the prices they charge. Half a sandwich at $6.49. Unreal. After making our purchase and getting our drinks, there were no clean tables. My husband as an employee to clean a booth so we could sit down. She wiped the table, yet I still had to clean it myself before sitting down. Finally our meals were delivered to the table, and once the plate was placed on the table, it stuck, I could not move it. It was like it was glued on. The table was gross. I have no idea what was spilled to make it that sticky. I called the manager over, and she started making excuses for that particular table. There is no excuse for such disgusting messes. This is a restaurant, it should be clean. The manager could not care one way or the other. The women behind us heard the conversation. They too said there were no clean tables when they arrived. They felt our meals should have been comped; however, that probably never entered the manager's mind. I really doubt we will patronize Panera again, as much as we used to enjoy going there.

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Denver - 4 d 1 h ago


Yesterday three friends and I were at Panera. A chair one friend sat on broke into pieces, sending her backwards suddenly onto the floor. My friend had open-heart surgery a few months ago and we were concerned as to her overall well-being. We suggested that she see her doctor as soon as possible since the fall was severe. The General Manager arrived a few minutes later to complete an incident report. The GM told us that several chairs had broken recently (!) and she was going to suggest to upper management that new chairs be purchased. The GM also said that someone "from corporate" would be in touch with my friend either yesterday or today to arrange for the payment of whatever medical costs were incurred as a result of this accident. One might have expected the GM upon her arrival on the scene to ask my friend, who was obviously in distress and pain, if she could (at the very least) get her a cup of water. Nothing of this sort occurred. No one has contacted her and it is now more than 24 hours since the incident. When my friend phoned Panera to speak with the GM this afternoon, the GM was rude, abrupt and unhelpful. Very poor overall handling of a serious incident. We left and will not return to any Panera. Terrible management and PR skills, and lack of common sense.

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ND MD - 4 d 9 h ago


I placed a lunch order and was told 50 minutes for delivery, however when the food did not arrive 20 min after the time I was told, I called and was then told that it would be an additional 20 min. We are now talking 40 min after the time I was told. I was given 2 options by the manager Kathleen, to either keep it or cancel. So after almost 2 hours of waiting, I finally got my soup and sandwich...cold. COLD FOOD ALMOST 2 HOURS LATER IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!


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Mary - 7 d 6 h ago


Hello, I have in the past enjoyed the french onion soup. It was discontinued to my disapointment and recently returned to the menu in Andover Ma. Recently however, having ordered it I found that there have been many changes to the recipe

The last time I ordered it there was few onions and too much broth and was served with grated cheese and a few croutons. Perhaps there is an explanation? Do you intend to return to the more satisfying recipe?

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ben - 9 d 4 h ago


bought two baked potato soups at key food in howard beach oueens I have no complaints about the soup .however I am 87 years old and found it very difficult to read your cooking instruction label had to bring it in to my neighbor to get her to read it and she had a hard time reading it and she is very much younger I have a suggestion for your marketing dept don't get fancy tiny black print on a dark brown back ground is not a good idea white print would be a lot easier to read also the plastic seaj was very difficult to remove had to use a knife to cut around it. it was time consuming and messy liked the soup hated the packaging

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Kathy B - 9 d 4 h ago

I took my grand children to Panera Bread for lunch today. They ordered Mac and Cheese for Kids. I tasted it and found it to be extraordinarily salty, so I looked up the nutritional values. This company should be ashamed. One half-cup of Mac and Cheese for kids checks in at 490 calories with 1240mg sodium and 13g fat. Really, Panera, you should fix this immediately. The Mac and Cheese isn't even that good because it's so over salted. The over abundance of fatty, salty sauce does NOT enhance the tasting experience.

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Andy - 11 d 8 h ago

I am a customer at the Panera Cafe in Park Ridge, IL, I go there almost every morning for the last 12 years or so. The window facing Northwest Hwy has been dirty or clouded for at least the last 6 or 8 months. It looks really awful and the manager says they are working on it......but it just never seems to get fixed. Can you do something about this in the near future?

My Panera customer # is 7178 2551 8060

I am a stock holder as well and I dont think that having dirty windows is conducive to building or conducting business!

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Fire Protection Engineer - 39 d 10 h ago


I just left the Panera at State & Congress in downtown Chicago. There are 2 exits for the entire space which was packed while I was in there. I watched 4 different people attempt to leave by the exit in the rear dining area only to find out it is locked. That's right a locked exit. I hailed the manager and told him and he seemed unphased. he says, "It's been like that for the 7 years I've worked here." Well Marlon, it is against every model fire code in the country, it is against the Life Safety Code, and it is against the City of Chicago code to lock required and marked exits. He said he would tell his general manager right away. That resulted in no action.

So, Panera, are you more concerned with your profits than the safety of your customers? If someone gets hurt in there because of the locked exits, I will be the first professional expert witness against you in court.

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Anonymous - 15 d 5 h ago

Why can't you the authorities? Why wait for someone to be hurt?

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frank - 19 d ago


how to deal with a jerk at work and they'er a line coordinator?

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anita - 24 d 6 h ago

Very disappointed that your Whole Grain Miche has been discontinued. That has been my house bread since Panera came to Memphis TN. I can understand your 'clean' food program BUT taking your best, tastiest bread off the market because of some preservative is just crazy. Guess I'll have to find another bread company and another bread. None of your other breads are as good as the Whole Grain Miche.

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sue - 26 d 4 h ago


Treated myself to coffee and a brownie this morning. When gathering brownie on the fork, a long hair was in it so I showed the manager He apologized and asked me to choose another item. The hair nets should be worn when baking items.

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Betsy ross - 26 d 14 h ago


9 am in Sherman tx store was already out of Bagels!! BLAMED on catering orders which would have been advanced orders they should have prepared for. Everytime I go in say it will be the last always something wrong with the order I for get and go back.Sherman store has needed help as l9ng as I can remember.

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Denise - Jenison MI - 28 d 11 h ago


I am very disappointed that you have cut down on the sandwiches you now offer. My favorite was the Smokehouse turkey panini. I also enjoyed the following sandwiches: tuna salad, Napa almond chicken salad. I was glad to see the turkey cranberry flatbread sandwich was back. I did not look at the salads available, but they also looked to have less choices. At first I thought it was the location I stopped in, but when I stopped at my regular location, I saw the menus were the same. Not sure I will be in as frequently as I have been.

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Jean Truesdale - 31 d 7 h ago


My husband and I are very disappointed to hear today that Panera Bread "Corporate" has decided to no longer stock rye bread. It's our very favorite, so we've stopped in every week to get loaves of it. We purchase it all over SE Wisconsin (Madison, Janesville, Delafield, Delevan, etc.) and SW (Fort Myers, Naples, etc.) Florida. You've just removed our most important reason for visiting your stores on a regular basis.

There are many retail stores that decide to eliminate a product because it's not a best seller or because the cost goes up, not realizing that we may be losing customers who visit regularly for that product and stay to buy others, as we do. (Best Buy stopped selling computer paper and Apple products and lost me.) You may never know how your choices affect people's buying patterns.

I'm rating you: Disappointed

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Marie Campbell - 31 d 11 h ago


I absolutely love the Autumn soup. Can't wait to go have a bowl.

Wish you would carry it all the time. It's really the only one of the many you have other than the oriental one that I like.

Love those Keish pies.. But, you sell out so quickly. Wish they were available for a longer time of the day. 10:30 is too early to quit selling them. PLEASE make it longer!

I've not been unhappy with anthing at Panera. A little pricey, but food is good. I think I'd go more often if I could afford to. Senior citizen on a tight budget.

Do you have a senior program? That would be wonderful.

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Jessica - 35 d 15 h ago


Lockport, NY Panera's needs serious clean up. The tables, bakery display, counters, windows,floors and sidewalk area are always littered and just plain filthy. Sorry to give this negative review because I've always enjoyed going there with friends, And, sorry we will be meeting at another location.

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Felicia - 35 d 17 h ago

The location 8365 Leesburg Pike Vienna, Va. Unprofessional. I witnessed worker Rosalvo preparing my bagel and not wearing gloves. When I approached her she lied and began to argue with me. Manager Seymour told her to be quiet but she continued then her and the workers started talking aboout me in spanish..I too speak spanish and understood what they were saying. Very unprofessional. I dined in and Rosalvo knew this but she felt free to talk ill of a customer. This is my second time coming to this location. I will return to see if service has improved..I hope

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Anonymous - 39 d 12 h ago


Dear Panera,

I just came from your Cuyahoga Falls location and will NOT be back due to my bad experience. I received an e-mail from Panera offering me $5 off my ON LINE order. After locating the nearest Panera and placing my order the my rewards offer did not even work after placing the order on line and I was charged the full price for my order. So as I am on my way to the Cuyahoga Falls location I decided to call to make sure they have my order ready at the drive thru. I was advised that they did not have my order and questioned the location I placed the order. I advised them that I had my confirmation from my charge card that I was charged for the order. They could have cared less. I then asked to speak with a manager, Jeff, who advised they needed the confirmation e-mail for my order for which I advised I did not receive. I advised him I was about 5 min away in my car and would speak with him then. After speaking with Jeff and another female who was not anymore caring, and both were more concerned about cancelling the on line order than customer satisfaction. I showed him my confirmation from my bank from Panera #204813 and he stated they did not have my order and he could not help me without the e-mail confirmation. I stated the charge at 10:46 am that I received today for Panera should have been enough. He offered to make me another salad and charge me the full price again for it but there was nothing he could do for me. REALLY??? Very dissatisfied with my experience and will be sure to share this on face book.

April Morrow



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DR Gilland - 47 d 12 h ago


My wife and I are regular patrons of the Panera location in Arlington Heights, IL. On Saturday, September 3 we ordered two souffls and an orange scone to go.1/2 of the orange scone had a chemical taste (like chewing an aspirin) and left a tingling feel in our mouths for a few hours. I immediately took it back to the store, told the on duty manager and he said the GM would call me. No call to date. Looks like we now become Corner Bakery patrons! I still have the scone (frozen) as my wife did not feel well after she had a bite of the scone.

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