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Panera Bread

6710 Clayton Road
Richmond Heights, MO
(314) 633-7100
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Candobetter - 2 d 22 h ago

Never disappointed in Panera until tonight. Ordered takeout from a store I usually do not frequent. When I got home there was a turkey sandwich with lettuce tomato and ice cold bread. I ordered a turkey bravo as I have many times. Not sure where the breakdown in service was but it sure was disappointing and a waste of money. Sorry Panera you let me down!!

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Anonymous - 2 d 35 s ago

First of all I am not one to take my valuable time to sit and write a complaint letter but I am now. We are customers of the Panera Store in Westchester, CA. We often order sandwiches and salads to take home and eat. The last take home order was missing one of the two sandwiches we had ordered and the one that was made was not on the baguette bread we requested. My husband had to drive back to the store to pick up the missing sandwich.

The next week we ate ate your store but when placing our order the sales clerk advised me that you were out of baguette bread , as well as your delicious potato chips. I cancelled my order and left.

The next visit I brought my family there to eat and again you were out of ice, out of baguettes and out of chips.

We gave Panera a final chance and went a few days ago to eat there. We placed our order and set our number on our table so it was clearly visible to the server. We waited almost 30 minutes then my husband went to cook and asked how much longer our order will take. He was advised they forgot to make them and apologized. Finally we got out soup, salad, and sandwiches. The onions soup was Luke warm and I sent it back!

There is never enough help at that store and frankly we cannot count Panera for a pleasant dining experience anymore. What is the problem. Tha manager does not appear to care and we are very disappointed Panera service has declined so rapidly.

Respectfully sub,it tend,

Diana George

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lrd - 2 d ago


Last week, I purchased 11 scones for an employee meeting for our small business. There were 4 left so I took them home and froze them. I was eating 1/2 of one this morning and I felt something weird in my mouth. I spit it out and it was a freaking roach leg!!!! Soooo disgusting!! Thankfully I hadn't chewed it yet. I felt so sick to my stupid, I couldn't keep down the few bites I had already swallowed. I called the local Panera and a manager took my name and number and it's end of the day and haven't heard a thing. I'm not letting this go. This is utterly disgusting.

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Bob Durko - 2 d 18 h ago


My wife and I went to your Marysville Washington location and ordered salads and a couple of drinks. We watched as a waitress petted a dog outside, walked in and picked our meals up. She didn't wash her hands. My wife asked her if she washed her hands after petting the dog and she didnt answer. We asked her for the manager and she said she didn't know where she was. I pointed outside through a door where a lady in a red shirt was petting the same dog. I asked if she was the manager and the young waitress nodded her head. We asked the manager, Sarah, if it was OK to serve food without washing your hands right after petting a dog. She didn't answer the question she asked if we would like our meals to be remade and we said yes. She took the meals without washing her hands and took them back towards the kitchen. She dropped the meals off near the disposal area and went to the kitchen. I followed her as i watched her washing her hands she was talking to the cooks. It was obvious that she took the waitresses side and described what happened in less than kind terms. The cooks reaction to her were 'Wow' and 'what a pair of assholes' but she didn't know I was listening. I leaned through the food delivery window and told her we wanted a refund and after what she told all the cooks that we didn't trust the food wouldn't be tampered with. She complied with a refund on ticket 343897. There is so much wrong with what happened that I would appreciate a phone call at (hidden). Thank you.

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Unhappy customer - 4 d ago


Tonight was my last visit. I will not return. I ordered a chicken Cesar salad and cup of onion soup. The salad was basically a bowl of romaine with some chicken. There were no croutons, no cheese and the dressing was hidden on the BOTTOM of the bowl. The onions in the soup were unrecognizable because they were so over cooked. Nothing on top like all other onion soups! No cheese, no piece of bread and it wasn't hot. The store was dirty with napkins on the floor and crumbs on the seat. The bathroom was dirty as well. This place has gone downhill. Food is not good and portions are smaller. My first visit last year was great, these last to visits, bad. Oh, by the way, on the visit before this one there was NO chicken in the chicken Cesar salad. I asked where it was and they brought me out a small cup of stringy chicken. I looked at other reviews and there are many similar complaints. Don't you monitor the stores to make sure they are up to standard? If not, maybe you should! I hate to get "taken"!

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JOANNE - 8 d 10 h ago


I have been a regular customer of Panera for quite sometime and have always enjoyed the broccoli cheddar soup with a sandwich....well not anymore. Last Thursday evening around 7pm I went to the Panera in Manassas VA off Liberia. I ordered a soup and sandwich. I found worms in my soup. I brought the soup back to the counter and the general manager was called over. I asked him what was in my soup and he stated it was broccoli worms.. He than looked at the large pot he had behind the counter and moved the spoon around and said we need to dump the whole pot. He refunded my money, and asked if he could give me free vouchers, to which I declined. The quality of Panera has gone down hill, i will never eat there again

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Yucky and Yicky Food 10 Aug 2017 - 5 d 7 h ago


I use to like them when I was a trucker. But this one in Jantzen Beach Portland Oregon USA there food is nasty. Dry stale dry bread, slight taste of mildew. Strawberry/Banana smooth taste yicky Strawberry maybe but banana yuck.

Steak with white chadder our dog put is nose in air wallk away.

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Ana Woods - 7 d ago


WE LOVE PANERA !!! looking forward to you getting better.

north miami, fla. store, biscayne blvd & 123rd st.

wed, august 9, 2017.. you allow THREE DOGS inside. they all began fighting & barking, shaking their hair... NASTY!!!! we did not pay to eat with animals. or should i bring in my two german sheperds? health assisted dogs have papers & are trained.

Also, you have homeless guy; sleeps in corner chair-booth, as you walk in to left, behind signs, next to bakery... NASTY!!! always in same chair, -NASTY.. we come back 2 weeks, there he is STILL.. smells bad. does he work for panera? (or sleep in kitchen, bathe in bathrooms.) code violations?

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Jane - 7 d 12 h ago


I purchased a pecan roll via rapid pick up at the location in Beltsville, MD. The roll looked great, but it was dry and hard and not edible. I tried to call the store, but was on hold for over four minutes. I normally don't have any problems with this location. But, I can't say this was my best visit. It was a waste of money.

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Anonymous - 8 d 3 m ago

I love the Strawberry poppyseed salad. I bought one tonight at the Panera in Evans, Ga. the salad I received was a $10.00 box of lettuce. It included maybe 3 blueberries, 2-3 NUTS, a few pieces of pineapple VERY limited strawberries ( why call it strawberry). This was my dinner and la box of lettuce was not what I ordered. If I had OF dined in it WOULD HAVE BEEN SENT BACK!!! Very disappointed and I won't waste my hard earned money on a business that is more interested in making a buck instead of providing a meal that was bought and paid for!

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M - 8 d 6 h ago


I went a Panera this morning and experienced the worst service ever !!!

And it appeared that the management staff was right a lot with the poor customer services that was demonstrated by a trainee . I will. Or continue to give my money to anyone who does not provide the service that the money I spend deserves. Thisnis definitely a sad situation for me because I used Panera regularly for breakfast event to conduct.

So the last laugh on Panera because they will not continue to get my 750.00 monthly ! The location is the Panera on West Chester Pike in Penna. near West Chester .

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Jodi M - 9 d ago


I have become completely discouraged by our local Paneras. It seems as though I order a French baguette as my side after 6:30pm, they are no longer available. This coupled with the elimination of your Asian Chicken Salad, has diminished our "weekly" attendance to your stores to once very 4-6 months. Losing one customer is probably of little consequence to you.

I understand your primary customer is Wall Dtreet, but, you have lost a Main Dtreet customer..

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Tim - 12 d 8 h ago


If I wanted to enjoy a bagel in a kennel, I would have gone to the Humane Society or the city dog pound.

I understand the "service dog" issue and deem those rules acceptable. What I think is unacceptable is those who bring their non-service dog into the cafe. Obviously the managers under direction of their management should also be responsible for this unhealthy, dirty, potentially hazardous practice.

Reading I think Panera policy is dogs are permitted on the patio not in the cafe. So what isn't the policy followed. In addition I understand reading the statutes thar service dogs need to be clearly identified.

I wonder if you are to wait until one poops and the cafe until after the hazardous waste is cleaned up . Or better one of these dogs barks or attacks a customer!!

I would certainly appreciate an explanation as to how Panerai will handle said problem so I can decide if I will continue to eat in a kennel or move on.

Thanks - I just have a hard time believing Panera management thinks this is okay.

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Not a fan of Scumbag Tim animal hater Veteran hater - 12 d 5 h ago


It's sad to see there are people like this that don't have compassion or understanding for others that have service animal NEEDS. I am a disabled Veteran that fought for this great county. Due to my PTSD, I require a Service animal to function semi normally in life. I wish this scumbag would approach me to my face and my dog and tell me I have no right to be there. Or tell me that fighting for this Amazing country and returning with PTSD is not ok for mE to be there with my dog. Look me and my dog in the eye and say that to me. PLEASE!

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Tim S. A Panera Prescott customer for life! - 12 d 5 h ago


Panera Cafe in Prescott AZ, is by far, the very best Panera I have ever been to. The food here is fresh, delicious and down right amazing. The management and staff are incredible. The cleanliness of the Cafe is impeccable. I have been to several Panera's, and I think Panera Prescott AZ Shoukd be the cafe they model them ALL AFTER! If all Panera's were like Panera Prescott AZ, there would be no more Starbucks or wildflower or any other competition! Panera Prescott Arizona absolutely sets the 5 star Platinum standard. I surely hope the manager Susan her assistants Devon and Kyle and the rest of the crew get to see this review. Panera Prescott AZ absolutely treats their customers as FAMILY!! Thank you Panera Prescott AZ!!!!!

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Kelly Hornback - 14 d 7 h ago


I am addicted to Panera. I eat there at least two times a week. I am very disappointed in the lack of delivery service. I live in Louisville, Ky. There is a Panera 2 miles from my house and also a Panera 2 miles from the company I work for. Neither locations will deliver. It's so frustrating. I would probably eat Panera more often. Would you look into extending the areas of delivery.

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Shelly - 14 d 10 h ago


Manager called the police on me because I requested a larger cup of Chai tea.

The politics state that this was not a police matter and told them to give me the larger cup of tea for free.

Now Panera says that the managers actions were not discriminatory. They want to offer me Gift. Ertuficates.

I am pursuing a legal action for the pain, suffering g and humiliation as a result of the experience and not finding resolution via the company resources.

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Angela - 15 d 12 h ago


Wow, Panera Bread... you just lost 2 customers.... Is this a new business model since Krispy Kreme bought you or what? So now when you pay for your meal after you order, the keypad displays a message that says "Do you want to tip your servers?" and displays different amounts for you to choose. EXCUSE ME??? Don't I get the option to first find out what kind of service I get before I choose to tip someone? And worst of all, you don't GET SERVICE at Panera Bread! We had to go get our own food, our own drinks, then we had to clean our own table AND sort the darn silverwear, plates and bowls! And for this you expect a TIP??? Both we and the employee were put on the spot because of this POS "feature" and like an idiot, I tipped because I was afraid someone would spit in my food if I didn't. I am appalled at what so many food places have turned into - if I'm not mistaken IT'S YOUR JOB TO PREPARE FOOD! How dare you ask for a tip before you do your job, especially when you don't even offer table service!!!

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P. Rocco - 15 d 11 h ago


They are part of the Khazar "Corporation Monopoly" now and they don't give a crap about customers.

Turn your back and don't look back.

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Steve - 18 d 6 h ago

The food is very good at all the Panera bread restaurants I eat at. I have one complaint at only one Panera location. The bathroom at the Panera in Bloomington Normal, IL 2 miles east of I-55 off of exit 167 always smells of urine and is usually very unkept. Mold on caulking . Try to avoid using bathroom if at all possible.

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Bunny - 20 d 25 s ago


I love most of the Panera Bread locations. I eat a 3 Panera's in Boca Raton, and 1 in Deerfield Beach, FL 4 of 5 times a week. I receive emails about how healthy your food is. That may be true, but the ice and water from the machine has a terrible smell, That can't be healthy?????

The Panera I referencing is on West Hillsboro Blvd., De3erfield Beach. There always seems to be a problem there, from coffee not being fresh, too little help, etc. Please have the ice and water issue corrected so no one gets sick.

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Jennifer Martin - 20 d 9 h ago


I am so happy the Asian salad with chicken is back! It is my favorite salad. Thank you!!!

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kat - 20 d 12 h ago


I was hired by phone, no interview. The str manager didn't state hrs or pay, only show up in uniform for orientation. The manager doing my paperwork was new at it and didn't know some of my questions. Was called to do computer training on monday at 3pm. The str manager was in a meeting and i didn't get to clock in till 3:15pm. She couldn't get the program for training to come up. She told me to leave and come in for training for te bakey the next day. The trainer used me as a extra body and i learned nothing. Next day she was in a bad mood and had ear buds in her ear from phone... Plus the manager uses the F bomb all the time... Bad place to work !!

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Pam W. - 21 d 5 h ago

7-23-17 My husband & I were sitting at a Panera in Johnston, Iowa for a late lunch. While sitting at the table a group of 3 people sat next to us and one of them took my wallet out of my purse. We filed a report and since that time I have been made aware of a couple things. 1. Your cameras are not clear enough nor can the evidence be downloaded for our police dept. 2. This is a nationwide problem, that Panera's are targeted.

As a very frequent customer, I would request that you update your cameras and training for employees. This would provide a better relationship with your customers.

Thank you,

Pam W.

P.S. A response to know someone actually read this would be appreciated.

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