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Panera Bread

6710 Clayton Road
Richmond Heights, MO
(314) 633-7100
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joel m sanders - 11 h 7 m ago


there is a fairly new location at One Bellevue Place, Highway 70, Nashville, TN.

dishes and utensils are not taken off the tables on several occasions Ive been in the location. I always bus my table, but many customers do not. it appears store employees are not doing their job.

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Rick - 16 h 38 m ago


I just experienced the worst coffee I have ever tasted. I could not drink it. That was my last trip to paneras in Frankfort, ky.

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Mel Goldstein - 17 h 21 m ago

I was shocked to see the major increase in price on you Pick Two deal.

For two people a half sandwich and bowl of soup and two .99 cent bear claws and two sodas should not cost 28.00 I've been a customer for many years and I'm tossing my frequent users key tag and will not patronize your chain again.

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Maryann - 19 h 50 m ago


Good morning, Panera Bread, A week ago today, ya'll opened a new Restaurant/Bakery in Waxahachie TX. Yea! I was so excited. We visited the restaurant this past Wednesday, June 20th. It was the most disappointing experience of a new opening. Seriously! There was ONE cashier and it took her 12 minutes to enter in a family of 5's, order. I'll give her that. She's new. We were next in line. I had pulled up the online menu so we'd be prepared and not cause the people behind us to wait while we decided. I asked for the Greek Panini. The girl had no idea what I was talking about. She asked the manager on duty. The female manager snapped at her, "we don't have Greek Panini". I said, "excuse me. Here it is online. Perhaps you don't carry it here but that's not a reason to snap at this young girl". She rolled her eyes and went back to whatever it was she was going behind the counter. In the meantime, the line was getting longer, but she didn't offer to jump on a register and get orders. We selected YOU PICK TWO!. Two of us. $30.86. That right there shoulda told me to leave. Next, we got our number and cups and filled our drinks. The drink bar was a disastrous mess! Sticky soda and tea spills everywhere. Someone had dropped a cup of ice and it was melting in front of the station. There was a young guy standing there pouring tea into the dispenser. I mentioned, " you probably want to clean this up because someone could slip and fall and get hurt". His response and I kid you not, "that's not my job and not my department". I said, "you know....on your job description where it says, "and all other duties as required"? He shook his head and left the area. Try to find a clean table - there were NONE. Patrons were bussing their own tables. I approached a girl who was standing at the kitchen window. "Excuse me, could we get someone to clean a table off and clean the others as there are patrons here who have nowhere to sit"? She said, "sure", and cleaned our table. Other patrons were standing near us thinking she'd clean there's as well. Nope! She walked back to the kitchen window. After 40 MINUTES of waiting for our food; YES 40 MINUTES, I approached the kitchen window with my ticket. The manager was in the kitchen. I said, "excuse me. We've been waiting 40 minutes for our food. A salad, and sandwich and a soup and sandwich. How much longer will it be?" She took my ticket and said about another 30 minutes. "Excuse me, did you say ANOTHER 30 MINUTES?" She confirmed yes. I told her I'd like my money back. I'm not waiting 70 minutes for a sandwich. This was the case for ALL patrons in the restaurant. The couple sitting next to us had been waiting an hour. When they got their food, it was wrong but they ate it anyway. The manager asked me to step into the cash register. Standing next to me was a gal who was sitting across from us. She has been standing there 15 minutes already, waiting for someone to change out the Dr. Pepper syrup. The manager came around the corner, looked at me and said, "hold on. I'll be right back." 15 minutes later, she reappeared with my refund in hand. The gal waiting for the Dr. Pepper syrup was still waiting and did so for another 10 minutes after I returned to my table to get my things and my husband. She finally got her Dr. Pepper refill. 40 minutes to get a refill of soda????? While we were gathering our belongings, the girl who cleaned our table, reappeared with our food in hand. I told her I had gotten a refund. She asked that we enjoy the meal anyway. So we did. The Broccoli cheese soup was delicious and hot. The salad looked wilted and NOT fresh. My husband ate part of it. He was hungry.. Now was time for our sandwiches. OMG. REALLY??? My sandwich was no bigger than the palm of my hand minus the fingers and thumb. It was to be chicken and cheese with a special some kind of sauce. I had to lift up the bread and cheese to search for the chicken. I kid you not when I say it was the size of a 1/2 dollar coin. NO JOKE! My husbands sandwich was smaller than mine. It was a WISH Sandwich., he wished they had put the meat on it. He was to have Roast Beef, Turkey, and Ham. The ONLY things on the bread was a piece wilted piece of lettuce, a sliced tomato, and chopped up cucumbers. I'm not EVEN kidding you. There was NOTHING enjoyable out this experience at all. When a new restaurant opens, don't you generally have trained crew. Perhaps two managers/asst managers on hand, and maybe folks from other stores helping until the staff become acclimated? Unfortunately, had I not already received a refund, I would have demanded one while there. Our meal was not even close to being the $30,86 that I paid. Absolutely NOT! I will continue to patron McAllister's instead, and if Panera Bread wants that restaurant to succeed, the home office may want to travel south and see what's going on.

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Anonymous - 20 h 16 m ago

Please bring Panera Bread to Harlingen, Texas. West expressway 83 would be a good place. Please come

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Connie - 1 d 16 s ago

Came into Hamden,CT Panera. No whole wheat bread for a breakfast sandwich. No decade coffee, which I can only drink. No handled bags as I purchased a coffee cake to go. Very disappointed as it is 9:12 am. We arrived at 8:50 am.

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Lo - 1 d 14 h ago


My complaint isn't with the store but with there corporate office. I was e-mailed a coupon for 50% off my order. We were having a big lunch at work because I had this coupon. The food arrived on time and correct but the bill was wrong. It should've been $65. But instead it was $125. How embarrassing and costly to me. I went and spoke with the manager and he said there coupon was 50% off the first $25. I showed him mine and he gave me corporate's phone number which comes up wrong number just like the one they have posted on the website. How can people expect good service from the employees when there corporate office is unreachable. They are liars too. My soup had plastic in it and I chocked on it they said it was an onion again no one from there office returned my concern , email and the store never apologized. Good company, I don't think so!!!!!!!!!

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Dee - 1 d 15 h ago


Wednesday 6/20/18, I placed an order at 3911 Wards Road, Lynchburg,VA with Panera over the phone, because I was given a gift card from a friend. I called 45 minutes before I planned to pick up the order and requested for the order to be ready by 11:45am. Server thanked me for the order and said it will be ready at 11:45am.

I arrived at 11:45am (had to wait in line for 5 minutes) then was asked about my order. My name that I left and what I ordered. I was told it will take just 2 minutes, just 2 minutes to get my order ready. I told them not to start it and I would like to speak with a manager. Manager didn't apologize for my order not being ready and said he could have it ready in 2 minutes. He kept asking "Are you sure you didn't want the order." I told him I did want the order, that's why I called it in 45minutes ago but didn't have time to wait. I won't order-out at this store.

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Love Paneras Except for.. - 1 d 17 h ago


I stop almost daily at the Panera's in Chino Hills. The employees are fantastic. Food is good. Like the coffee. BUT, the bathrooms are always filthy. I have seen people go to use the bathroomin nearby restaurants, though they are eating at Paneras. I am sure the Board of Health would not approve of the condition of the mens or womens bathroom.

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Joyce - 2 d 49 s ago


I had the worse experience at your Panera Bread, Cafe 1549 in Madison WI. I am staying up in Madison while I do treatment for Cancer and I had the taste for a bagel. My mom and me were in line and an employee named Peter took our order while he was bantering back and forth with another employee. This was our first experience at Panera , we ordered a cinnamon roll and a bagel toasted. Peter came around the counter and handed me a bag. I said Thanks and left. I walk back to my hotel and to my surprise there was no bagel. I go back with an attitude this time, first maybe if Peter wasn't goofing around and paid more attention to the customer I would of gotten my bagel. 2nd I told Peter this was my first time there I had no idea I had to go to the other side and wait for my bagel. Maybe Panera needs to have some extra training for Peter. It was an inconvenience and just plain rude.

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Anonymous - 2 d 10 h ago


Your location in rancho cicamonga on 4 th st California across from border ontario ca they run out of certain foods on there menu it's not available.

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Mablene/ Marabel - 2 d 17 h ago


I visit the Panera Bread near my office daily at different times. Each day I visit and that this young black male is working who has taken the liberty of singling me out for his personal amusement. Examples of what he has done if I ask a question he ignores me. By walking right past me numerous times and I let it go. On this particular day my order was ready and I was notified on your reader board. He was in front of the line controlling the orders (hummm poor choice). He simply ignored my order as it sat on the counter. I told him I was notified my order was up a second he continued to ignore me. Then my order or name simply disappeared off the board and I told him a third time. Then he reaches over and hands me my order as if I was annoying him with no apology or anything. Again, it was just sitting there. I am sure this was personal but I do not know him so I am not sure why. This type of behavior has happened numerous times from him to me. Which is why I think it is personal. I work in the hospitality Industry and I am very busy which is why I decided to ignore it for so long. But, today was the last straw. When I went in to pick up my food today 8-20-18. I placed the order like normal and waited. I was the only person in line. I said to myself let's see what type of treatment I receive from this employee today as I am the only person here. I noticed he leaned over and noticed it was me. In fact he did a double take. When my food was ready he looked at me and said Marabel and laughed then said oh I'm sorry I was looking at another order. Again, I was the only person there it is 2:30 2-45 pm eastern time in the afternoon. My name is Mablene I am a Director of Sales for a hotel in the immediate area. We refer a lot of guest to that store as of today I will not be going back there. I will also make sure everyone that I know here as employee's and guest know of my experience with that location. I usually by pastry items for the staff weekly as well. I will simply drive to a location that does not want to make me a target. I never complain as I am in the service industry so I therefore mostly ignore error's. But, this was a target not sure if he does not like the way I look or what. I did lodge a complaint to the Manager and she did not seem to care that I would not be attending the store any more. It is now my personal quest to make sure that everyone around me and this hotel does not go there. I want to make an impact just as your employee did on me. I will now have to drive further away to have lunch. If you care to know who this young gentleman is he is a young black male about medium height and was working today (8-20-18) behind the line which makes(pick-up window) the food and he seems to be some sort of lead person. 37611 12 Mile Rd, Farmington Hills, MI. Again, I have been in the Industry for years and I have never had someone to single me out before. In my opion he should not be working in your service area and I will do my very best to make sure everyone is aware of it including social media. This will be the first of many post I have to follow. I am a busy person AND DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS TYPE OF NON-SENSE!

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D. A. DeCuzzi - 2 d 16 h ago

First, I realize it's a typo, but it's June 20th, not August. I do sympathize with the situation; it does sound like you're a target, but inexcusable. I also work for Panera Bread as their dishwasher and the location where I am employed works everyone like dogs; Panera Bread doesn't pay their employees what they're worth. I will soon be leaving their employment due to multiple issues.

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Cory - 2 d 18 h ago


I am a frequent customer of Panera Bread, which I normally love. However, today at 11:30 when I arrived at the Amsterdam Rt 30 location in NY, it was in shambles, completely!! First, a customer had dropped a plate of soup and food, all over the back of where the drinks are located. That there for more than 15 mins, with customers continually coming to front to remind them someone could slip and get hurt. As I was waiting for my food on the side of the counter, you could see the hells kitchen nightmare taking place behind it, everyone in complete disarray throwing sandwiches on plates, as well as literally throwing soup into bowls SPLASHING CUSTOMERS in the FACE and all over my white outfit. Shame on your manager and the staff at this site. Not to mention customers were waiting a long long time for their food. RIDICULOUS!!!!! I approached the manager to speak with her, but she was too busy to come out from behind the counter where she was throwing her food around like a mad crazy person. The entire demeanor of that store was in shambles, rude to customers, and laid in filth all over. It was the most pitiful Panera Bread I have ever seen. I have never experience this behavior, NO MATTER HOW BUSY from either Glenville, NY's or Mohawk Commons location in NY. These locations should be training the Amsterdam Managers and staff. I will never stop there again on my way to work or our lake house.

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Eric - 3 d ago


Called the number listed on top right of this page(hidden))ist is disconnected. Was trying to figure out why the store at 23612 Rockfield Blvd, Lake Forest, CA 92630

is shuttered and is another business. Googlemaps that is redirect from panera website shows this location.

Very poor company communications...besides the coporate number above not working there is no way to contact them with feedback.

The feedback tab on the website is corrupt and will not open under firefox.

They have closed two store in the irvine area making it difficult for me to access.

Sorry won't be able to give you my business.


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Roger - 3 d 24 m ago

Hello my is Roger Robinson father of destinee Robinson. I'm writing because on Monday night your manager Dalton James from your Vero beach Fla. Took things to far for my daughter destinee Robinson for coming back from break late. It was so bad my daughter called me crying to pick her up, so on yesterday she returned to work only to find out that he had her fired. She stated he kept messing with her about the break, making her do all the work while another girl was standing doing nothing, when I came in he acted like there was nothing wrong, I would like to thank kaelyn for telling what went on. Kaelyn stated Dalton took it to far with the issue of the break. Im really trying to understand why she is fired. Destinee really loves the job. Thanks .

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Disappointed again! - 3 d 10 h ago


I am a customer at the Antioch, California Panera Cafe 0929. On multiple occasions with my to go orders items have been missing from order. I always check in the cafe and catch it before I leave. I live 20 minutes away and today with my to go order the lady assured me everything was there so I didn't check because the bag was packed full (I should've known better!) Needless to say when I got home I was missing a chicken Caesar salad. I understand the cafe is busy and if this was the first time no big deal mistakes happen but it's EVERY TIME They forget to fulfill order. Can't get a hold of anyone at the cafe so I'm posting here. The food at Panera is very good and it's extremely disappointing to the lack of follow through or management at this cafe. Been trying to call for 45 minutes and doesn't let me leave a message. I will going back tomorrow to speak with the manager. Might need to give another location a try. I have completely lost my trust in the Antioch cafe. Thank you.

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Anonymous - 3 d 15 h ago

We Frequent your store in Shelby Township Michigan and for quite a while we were receiving the veterans discount. Today we went in there and they said they no longer Will honor the discount. So therefore I shall not be visiting any of your establishments in the future. I would hope that other veterans would follow suit and boycotting your establishments. If it wasn't for the veterans you would not be in business.

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Johanna - 3 d 17 h ago

I am very discouraged to see that the once more Eco friendly packaging for Panera to-go items is now in plastic. I called our local store and spoke to a manager who stated this was a corporate decision and there was nothing they could do. I am writing to plead with corporate to go back to your more Eco friendly packaging. Don't you realize we are living in a plastic nation?? This is going to have a huge impact on our environment. Every little bit helps at this point. Our world is falling apart, please do your part to reduce the impact of waste on our environment. I find it very contradictory that you preach clean eating but package your products in plastic when there are more environmentally friendly alternatives. I am always happy with my service at Panera and I love the food, but this is going to impact my likelihood of future patronage.


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Sue - 3 d 18 h ago


Several sundays in a row , there has been a line of people outside past 6:30 waiting for the store to open. When brought to the managers attention she said " we changed our hours". We all said to her "than change the sign ".... she said corporate dropped the ball and didn't send out the signs. This happened 2 weeks in a row.... she and the staff are late ..... her story is to blame corporate.

So when they do open the doors close to 7 am.... most of the people have left... and then it's chaos for us to get serverd.

Maybe check on your managers.59 and 95th in Naperville Illinois.

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Mary-Jo - 4 d 18 h ago


My husband, who works for a major insurance company, was deployed to Fountain Co to stage a temporary claims site due to a recent hail storm. I wanted to do something special for him for Fathers Day since he would be out of town so I called the Panera in Colorado Springs to see if they could deliver some breakfast treats to the site as a surprise. The site was about 3 miles out of the delivery range, however, Leisha heard my story and was able to accommodate my request. She was professional, courteous and so sweet during the entire process. You should be proud to have an employee like that in your organization. My experience was so great I have told all my friends and will be frequenting my local Panera more frequently as a result.

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Kortnee - 4 d 19 h ago


Paying almost $12 for a pick two, and getting extra cheese added... open my sandwich up and there is barely a half a slice of cheese on the sandwich.

This place is so over rated. Paying extra for cheese and can't even get a decent amount put on it.

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Verna Lenker4 - 5 d ago


On June 9, 2018 I bought almost $50 worth of your food to drop off at a sick friend on the way to the airport for vacation. When I arrived at her house the soup was all over my car because the top evidently was not securely put on the soup and secured in one of the carry out containers. It was a family soup valued at /415.99 We just got back from vacation so I went into your store and purchased $32.32 in lunch product for my hubs and me and when I got home I found that though I had paid for a whole sandwich I only got a half sandwich. Sooooo I called the store and asked to speak to a manager and none was in the store. I got the rudest person I have ever encountered by the name of Shannon who identified herself as a Supervisor. I only brought up the soup after she was rude about the sandwich replacement. She ultimately hung up on me. I cannot believe the unprofessionalism displayed by the person who portrayed herself as the face of the store today. I am sure I can find the receipt for my purchase on June 9th and I offer as my proof of my purchase today as #747722. I realize you are a successful business so maybe you do not care about one unsatisfied customer but I feel better about letting you know that your UNION DEPOSIT PANERA BREAD IN HARRISBURG PA IS VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AN YOUR SUPERVISOR NEEDS ADDITIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING BECAUSE HANGING UP ON A CUSTOMER IS NOT OK!!!!!!

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Julie Griffin - 5 d ago

How can I reach the General Manager for the Hinesville's Panera store? Cannot get catering lady or anyone really to call me back on my order for TOMORROW 6/19. Need assistance please. Poor customer service at this location... very poor.

Expecting a call back at (hidden) before my event tomorrow.

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Jean - 6 d 9 h ago


What is Black Pepper Focacci Bread? Just placed and order at Panera Bread and questioned the clerk about the bread, without a valued answer???

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