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Panera Bread

6710 Clayton Road
Richmond Heights, MO
(314) 633-7100
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Randee - 3 h 53 m ago


I live less than 2 miles from Panera and they don't deliver to me. I called and the manager said he has no authority over delivery areas. I'm very disappointed, I like to eat healthy by, I love the soups and salads and I'm on disability so it's not easy for me to get around. Other delivery services don't deliver to my area either.

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Patricia A Hutchison - 2 d ago



My friend had a wonderful experience at your location at Festival Way in Waldorf, Md. She wanted to surprise her daughter with some Orange Scones, as they are her favorite, and it is her Birthday. The employee, Brittany told her that she was sorry, but they we're currently out of them. When my friend sounded disappointed ,and said they were her daughter's favorite and it was her Birthday, Brittany said if she gave her some time, she could make some for her! Of course, she said yes, and a a shirt while later, the Birthday surprise was saved. This wonderful gesture by Brittany was very meaningful for a good reason. Rose ( Mother ) and her daughter are both Nurses, who have been working so hard and so many hours to fight this horrible virus.

Brittany had no way of knowing this- She did it to be kind. You should be very proud of her exemplary customer service.

I had to pass this along . In these difficult times, your employee provided a welcome light to a dark time. Thank you for making their day!

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Ken - 3 d 17 m ago


My wife and I generally stop at our local Panera Bread in North Ridgeville, Ohio every Sunday after Church. Sometimes we stop at the one in Elyria Ohio as it also is on our way home. We love the food there very much. Because of the virus that is going around we have been using the store in North Ridgeville two to three times a week. I have to say one thing and that is that your website is not too friendly, but I did manage to order online this evening. There is a deal that if you order over $15.00 you get $5.00 off your bill. I paid online and when I went to pick it up I did not receive the $5.00 off. I spoke with the manager and he said that I would have to go back online and cancel the order and then order it again. I felt that this was not the right thing to do as I had just picked up our food. I hope that there is something that can be done about this.

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Anonymous - 7 d 7 h ago

I had a great experience with the manager, Greg Manning at the Panera store in Nicholasville,KY at Brannon Crossing.

I ordered over the phone using the phone# for the Brannon Crossing store at 101 Cynthia Dr in Nicholasville,KY, but I actually called a different store in Lexington,KY on Nicholasville,Rd. So I paid, and went to pick up at the Cynthia Rd store & my order was not there. The manager called another Panera in Nicholasville to see if it was there & it was not.

Since I had only ordered 3 pastries, Greg filled my order & did not charge me. He was extremely patient & friendly.

Later, the Nicholasville Rd store called me & said my order was ready. I told them what happened, they apologized for my inconvenience.

You have some good people working for you.

I know these are challenging times... I so appreciate your employees efforts to stay positive & serve their customers.

The best to you all!

Ruth Doyle

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Mike, manager of Panera in Chula Vista, CA - 8 d 40 m ago


I just had a great experience with the "H" Street store in Chula Vista, CA. I am a senior citizen and was having difficulty with the Panera Bread on--line computer not accepting my address for delivery of food from Panera. I live on Millan Ct and the computer kept saying that the H street store could not deliver to "East" Millan Ct. I called the H street store and talked to the manager, Mike, I believe is his name. He personally delivered my food order himself on his way home. The generous act on his part will keep me going back to the H street store once again when the virus situation leaves the area. Thank you, Kent Carson

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Kathy Alexander, Murray, Ky - 10 d 9 s ago


I subscribe to the Panera Bread unlimited Coffee Offer. I am also paying for my granddaughters subscription. I went to my local Panera Bread this morning and they were closed. The note on the window suggested I try another location which is 40 miles away. Can I get a refund or extra time on our current offer?

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Panera not playing nice - 10 d ago


It's terrible that Panera fired hundreds of workers and made managers call workers to tell them if they prefered to be fired. You guys are horrible doing this to people who worked for you. But I will spread the word to everyone who would listen, so that when things become normal, people avoid your stores, good riddance.

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Annoyed - 10 d 46 s ago


I have a problem with the scheriville location. Managers talk about employees behind their backs. If customers hear this it makes me wonder how they talk behind closed doors.

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Dawn Bucca - 11 d ago


I had a wonderful experience at the Panera Bread in East Brunswick, New Jersey last night and I have to share. We are all sheltering in place because of the Coronavirus. I go to this Panera regularly and have never had a problem. Last night was no exception. I was waited on by the manager and although I did not get her name, I was too busy being in awe of her! She wasn't just friendly. She was warm and friendly - compassionate and gracious. Everything is a mess in the world right now and I had to place my order at the doorway to practice the safe distance of 6 feet. One or two of the items I wanted to order were not available and she was all apologies. Explained what was going on. Let me know they were doing the best they could and thanked me over and over for observing the "new normal". I was so impressed by her professionalism, but most of all her friendliness. It was not put on, I believe she is truly like this all the time. However, with all that is going on during these crazy times, it cannot be easy to keep the friendliness going. I commend her for going above and beyond. She offered to walk out to my car. Although I didn't do that, she did bring the bag out to me on the sidewalk. She is an asset to your company and although I think all of her staff are fine whenever I have been there before, it is apparent that they get their example from her. I wish I did know her name, but please be sure to recognize the Manager at the Brunswick Square Mall Panera in East Brunswick.

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Anonymous - 18 d 5 h ago


As an employee at the FDF in Warren, OH I couldn't be more disgusted with the way this company is handling the Covid-19 pandemic....they could really care less. None of the employees are having their temperatures taken, there are significantly more than 10 people in the facility, not to mention we are making the dough, bagels and cookies that are being shipped to whatever remaining stores that are open in our market. There is barely any work for the employees and we are being told to just was our hands and we can't control the hours right now. How is anyone supposed to live on 4hrs of work a day all while being open to contracting a virus that's killing people. Horrible display of management/ownership

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Anonymous - 13 d 20 h ago


I haven't been in a Panera in a while but my daughter works for one of the locations here in WA. They didn't put more than half of the employees on the schedule, giving what hours they could to their friends or employees they like and pretty much screw everyone else, including people with seniority. They also waited a week after posting the schedule to contact her and left a voicemail, she doesn't even know if she's going to get any hours after this 2 weeks. Her managers have been like this since she started working there, they act like children. The way I look at it, they don't give a shit about their employees.

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Anon - 11 d 6 h ago


It's true I used to work at a location in WA and the management acted like school bullies. Greedy, immature, and incompetent. It was an extremely unhealthy environment for young people.

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Jessie Phillip - 25 d 6 h ago


Was very disappointed with the food and service at the Wallisville Panera location. Bagels were supposed to be toasted and were not. Almond crescent was cold and soggy coffee was cold. My husband informed the employees that he had a spill they just left it there and was ignored. First cup of coffee should be the best.

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Anonymous - 28 d ago

There is a panera bread employee Rachel Hibbert. On March 2, 2020 she was driving drunk and killed a young woman in San Bernardino Ca. The drunk driver is employed at Panera Bread Phelan, Ca location.

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Unhappy in Stillwater OK - 30 d 23 s ago


When I started going to our local Panera it was crowded with lots of laughter and good food. Lately I haven't seen the crowds or laughter and it seems the quantity of food is a lot less. Our group ate supper there a week ago and I was aghast at one of the sandwiches. It looked like cheese whiz and barely a very small slice of tomato. I would have been ashamed to send it out. For the price the quality should be better and the quantity more. If you increased the quantity I think you would get more volume. The sweet rolls you can buy anywhere and they are good. Also now they start out giving you a smaller coffee cup when you eat in. I used to love to go there, but it's not much fun any longer.

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Jean - 31 d 4 h ago


As Toronto C-Virus increases the least I would expect available at a Panera Bread franchise is Hand Sanitizer is available and the beverages arrive hot

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Rebecca Lovejoy - 33 d 46 m ago


the macedonia store in Ohio if you want to get talked down too and get what they want to make you go their the GM MIcheal will blame you and treat you like a 4 year old thats the place to go they put the bacon on the side after they forget it and then you make your own sandwich . this place is bull

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Monchery - 47 d 6 h ago


I visited the Panera Bread on Federal highway on Delray beach, that's store is horrible and old; need to break down and rebuild a new one. The list can goes on, ice machines always broke down, they make the pasties without gloves but special for chocolate ships cookies. Sometimes people goes to the bathroom and come back not sure if they washed their hands. The places is always dirty. They watch the stuckpan in the dish washer, this is definitely not a good hygiene environment. Also is a toxic environment to work for, rude customers and rude managers that don't respect you.

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Anonymous - 33 d 6 h ago

Go back and read what you wrote and try again so it makes sense. Pasties are for titties...and chocolate ship cookies? Does your computer not have spell check?

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Lauren - 47 d 23 h ago


The Cypress store #202508 is possibly run by a child. This is the second time they did not have the dessert and the bread put in the bags . I asked for my money back this time and he would not refund my money. They dropped the bread off after our cold soup was already thrown away . I do not understand how you run a business this way.

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Anonymous - 33 d 6 h ago

You wanted a full refund AFTER you ate your soup because you didn't get your bread? I know you said you threw it away, but I don't buy that for a second. If you went up and asked for a new soup because yours was cold, they would have given you a new one. You didn't throw it away, you ate it. They didn't give you a refund because you ate your food and were pissed you didn't have the bread as fast as you wanted. I wouldn't have given you a refund either. I would have given you new soup had you asked nicely when the bread came out if your soup was cold. Maybe your demeanor sucks...

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Diane Miller - 40 d 5 h ago

Why did you stop having potato soup? I have purchased it for many years. Very very disappointed. I hope enough customer,s complain that you put the potato soup back on the menu.

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Anonymous - 33 d 6 h ago

That might just be certain areas, because they still have it here....

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Discriminated / Mistreated - 43 d 7 h ago


If you spend even an ounce of energy attempting to improve your store's quality of service or getting the worthless members of staff caught on their crimes, you will be swiftly excommunicated from your position as a Panera Employee. This company covers for managers who break the law, refuses to investigate or fact-check any claim made against select employees, acts rashly and in some cases even illegally. If you have any disability or medical issue the trainers and managers are required by law to both work around and be aware of, you will end up with an ambulance called on you more than once because the folks in positions of power want their employees to do what they say and can't handle being told "no." If you have medical issues come up out of the blue and miss work, especially if you can't fox the issue quickly and miss multiple shifts, you will be suspended and forced to miss MORE work because even a doctor's note is not enough to cover you or keep you from retaliation by the company. AND, if they can't punish you enough to change your actions, they'll just slander you with an unjust termination that effects the future hiring process and makes looking for a new job that much more difficult.

This job looks nice on the surface, from the customer perspective, but once you see the corporate underbelly and the true face of your management, you will rethink that description.

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Ex Panera employee - 40 d 4 h ago


true you every word

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Anonymous - 33 d 6 h ago

Where to start....wrongful termination is a thing, but it's hard to prove and depends on the state. If you are in a "right to work" state, then it's not really a thing at all. If someone looked at you and said, we are firing you because you have MS, that would be different. HOWEVER, if you have medical issues severe enough, then you should have FMLA set up, in which case, they cannot fire you for missing work, and cannot make you work more than you can handle. If they try, you would then be able to sue. So, before you fly off the handle and say your termination was unjust and slander (which it wasn't, because that is not how slander is defined) make sure you actually took the proper steps to ensure your job was safe. I have chronic health problems, but I make sure I am protected. My husband is also on FMLA because his father and grandmother are very sick and he needs to be able to run out and help them at a moments notice. We were smart enough to make sure our jobs were covered. I have never actually had to use any time via FMLA, but it is there for a reason. Do your homework before you start accusing people of things that you clearly don't understand.

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