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Panera Bread

6710 Clayton Road
Richmond Heights, MO
(314) 633-7100
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Still hungry - 14 h 42 m ago


So I ordered the pick 2..paid $ my office the sandwich ( I guarantee) wouldn't fill a toddler. Seriously it was smaller than a playing card..really $11.21 for a tiny ass sandwich..the Mac n cheese was good tho..beef up the sandwich portion or LOWER YOUR PRICES..

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Ryan - 6 h ago


I had the same issue myself, I could go to Subway and get a 6in and would have more meat and cheese. Three bites and the sandwich was gone.

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Furious - 14 h ago


Placed a phone order at Panera for bagels to be picked up the next day. Manager taking order was a little insistent that I prepay over phone. I asked how secure was this with my info laying around and he assured me that it was very secure as they were kept locked in office. Went to pick up my order the next day and taped to my box was all of the information I had give to him (charge card #, my name,date of expiration on card and url #) for anyone coming into Panera to see and copy if chose to do so. I was totally compromised with this card and had to cancel card and call anyone with auto withdrawal. How incompetent can a business be!!!

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Tammy Butler - 16 h 36 m ago


I work in a Dr Office and we have Drug Rep's that provid lunches in order to be able to speak to our Providers. I am in the Hickory, NC area and our Rep's often use the Panera on Hwy 64/70 which is a new location and has only been opened this pasted year. I must say they have dropped the ball several occasions in delivering lunch to out office. Today Oct 15, 2019 our Drug rep came to the office and no lunch had been delivered. He did confirm his order with them on Oct 14th in the am time and was told lunch would be delivered at 11:15AM on 10-15. Lunch never came the Drug rep had to make two different trips to Panera to pick up lunch. The Rep was told the second trip to pick up our lunch that the next time he should use the online catering order. The Drug rep stated to the employee that this is how he placed his order to begin with and then called back later in the afternoon and that is when his order was confirmed with the employee of Panera. I as a representative of this medical office will not recommend using Panera at this location again. Just a note these Drug Reps will spend no less than 300.00 dollars per order. His order for this office was for 28-30 people, which I feel sure his expense exceeded well over the 300.00 dollar amount. Panera get it together!!!!!!!!!!!

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James Tierney - 16 h 41 m ago


Hey FYI. Panera in Watertown Mass. Order on line at 11:20AM 10/15/2019 It is NOW 1:00PM and No FOOD .... Hey 1:05PM My actual Lunch time is over. that was 12:00 to 12:30 .... Thanks .... OH.... NEVER AGAIN AND ITS COLD

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James Tierney - 16 h 42 m ago


Hey FYI. Panera in Watertown Mass. Order on line at 11:20AM 10/15/2019 It is NOW 1:00PM and No FOOD .... Hey 1:05PM My actual Lunch time is over. that was 12:00 to 12:30 .... Thanks .... OH.... NEVER AGAIN

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DORACE PETERS - 1 d 10 h ago


Very disappointed in taste, Amount, and quality of my chicken salad sandwich this evening at Panera store 4259, Highway 60, Vero Beach, FL. Did tomato soup and half sandwich...PICK 2. Soup sat on shelf steaming away for several minutes until finally, half sandwich was placed on plate with now tepid soup. It was difficult to find the few slivers of chicken and almonds anywhere on huge bread with sliced tomatoes and plenty, plenty lettuce. Chicken salad had no discernible taste. So disappointed and still hungry after spending $12 and $1 tip. Guess no need to be back nor point friends toward a Panera in Florida.

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Anonymous - 1 d 10 h ago


Once again a bad salad at Panera Breads on Main st in Williamsville, ny. The greens were not eatable. Veins left in the wilted tough vegetable. Why ? Not the first time.! Abd keep the guest waiting on the phone. Time to fix the situation. Its not the chsin just this location.

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alanstee - 2 d 15 h ago


It is said a pic is worth a thousand words BUT unfortunately I am unable to download into the email a picture of a rusty, rotting lettuce Fuji Apple Chicken salad. I had the distasteful experience of being served one at the Panera Bread, Boca Center store on Military Trail Rd in Boca Raton FL. It was disgraceful. The shift supervisor did refund my payment to his credit but sadly it was he who was at the counter preparing the salad as I watched. Because I have enjoyed PB for over 25 years, I will consider this as my first warning. But, the next time it happens, it will be my last visit to Panera Bread. I hope they can do a much better job at quality control.

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Glo - 7 d ago


Tried to place online order no option for smoothies! Went to the brentwood store. How does a breakfast sand. Get a completed but a toasted bagel arrives 7 minutes later? Upon asking the staff that question staff responds I don't know they're in charge of bagels and pointed to other staff! Really! Then sent my smoothie home w/no straw. Panera changed their menu; implemented a new process in preparation; it is deplorable!

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Anonymous - 7 d 11 h ago

I was at your Washington square location on Friday the 4th of October trying, for the second time to pick up an order for our office. We originally placed a lunch order at your facility for roughly 12 assorted lunch combinations at approximately 10:00 am, which we have done MANY times in the past. Pick up time was set for 12 pm. Upon my arrival and after waiting for roughly 15 minutes, not seeing my order on the board I approached someone for answers. I was told that due to the size of our order they would have to push it to 1:15-1:30 pm. Trying to be understanding and accommodating I walked back to our office and explained the situation. Jump forward an hour. I am sitting here with 8/12 meals completely incorrect, and two are missing. No one even received their sides. This is unacceptable, after paying what we paid to have nothing correct! Not even so much as a phone call that the order was pushed out an hour and a half. While trying to explain to the staff our order was incorrect, a woman behind us had to come back due to the same issue, while a courier from Postmates was just shaking his head, all of us being ignored! After dealing with a now 2-hour food dilemma I could afford to waste any more time. I would like to know who we can speak to regarding this. We are loyal patrons, we have trusted you for years with our orders and this is once again unacceptable. I would love a response if possible.

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Anonymous - 9 d 19 h ago


I purchased 4 containers of soup at my local Hy-Vee store. We heated up 2 of them last night. The creamy chicken and wild rice soup was only so-so. The new England clam chowder was inedible. The potato pieces were only half cooked and there were 2 rotten pieces in the soup. I will be returning the other 2 containers and will not purchase any more. Furthermore, because of this experience, I will not be eating at your bakery-cafes again either.

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Former Nashville, TN Panera Regular - 10 d 7 h ago


Ever since Panera opened in Tennessee, Panera gift cards have been my main Christmas gift request -- this year, I told everyone "Do not give me a Panera gift card". On every visit it seems some of your best items have been "discontinued" -- Big Girl Grilled Cheese (now you have a Grilled Cheese w/tomato -- but it's not "a tomato", it is a tomato paste which is horrible, FRENCH ONION SOUP - gone, TRIPLE BERRY SCONE - gone-- now your Bakery section is almost empty and this past Saturday, all the bagel racks were empty. The sandwiches have gone from wonderful to dry, tasteless on dry/thick (almost stale bread). The clam chowder was a joke -- it was potato soup with 2 tiny clam pieces in it-no clam taste at all. I noticed this past Friday at my favorite Panera location, at 12:30p the store was less than half full -- usually almost standing room only. This seems to have been the case on several recent visits. I will not waste my $$ (or gift cards) at any Panera Bread location unless you improve. I can get better quality at McDonald's for half the $$ Panera charges.

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No Bagels in Buckhead anymore - 12 d ago


The customer service at the Atlanta Roswell Road (Buckhead) location has gone from great to horrible. I am not sure what is going on but the employees that work there are very rude. When I walk into the restaurant they act like I am invisible. I am a 6' tall woman and you can not miss me. I have noticed also that the regular customers that I would see in the morning are no longer there. I stopped going because of the customer service issues. I used to go there every morning. Haven't been in a couple of months but this morning I thought I would try again. BIG MISTAKE! Please address the issue. I love Panera but will not frequent this location again until some changes are made.

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Sherri Brannum - 13 d 9 h ago


I grew up in St Louis and loved St Louis Bread Company until they sold out and became Panera. The sandwiches were so special and their bakery was wonderful.

I have drawn the line today and will not return. I have made complaint after complaint about the lack of quality of your salads.

I suppose using brown and black lettuce leaves is fine with you. I suppose using stalks without leaves is necessary to make the weight of your dish and that is no problem either. Every time I buy a salad I must pick out all the spoiled leaves and empty stalks. If I am lucky I have half a salad left.

I am now a senior with a minimal income and cannot afford to throw my money down the toilet. I recommend you order salads from my local St Peters store for your next corporate meeting. Bon appetit.

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Pumpkin lover - 13 d 13 h ago


Why are there no pumpkin bagels, muffins and lattes this 2019 PUMPKIN SEASON?

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Anonymous - 14 d 9 h ago

Came to eat dinner with family at Panera Bread Mooresville NC. its 8:40 and they are closed. The hours are till 9:00 P.M. This is the 3rd rime happened. Never coming to this store again nor any of my friends.

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tim - 14 d 16 h ago

I went to Panera in Akien SC

I ordered 2 Mac and cheese large at the drive thru for 10 plus tax when i arrived at the Drive thru the cashier said would u like to donate to some cause i sated no i do not like to be pressured into donating everywhere i go pubix i donate to ST Judes only as my Niece had Cancer

the cashier kept saying do u want to round up to 21.00 to donate again i told her NO she made me feel very uncomfortable it then took over 13 minutes tor receive my order she took my money and never came back to say it will be a minute or anything i then received my order 2 large containers but only half full i went inside and ask for the manager she came out and said the large order is 2 bags of pasta What does this mean

how can u charge 10.00 and place the product in a over sized and i mean over sized i took pictures for the internet

i then called and ask for the GM last name the girl said she was not allowed to give hat info out

i said What?????

then a man got on the line and stated that 2 small mac and cheese equals 1 large i said i have gotten the small before and what i got would not fill one and half of the small bowels i said to him is very deceptive practices to put that amount in a over sized bowl half full

he said well bring it back and i will put in to 2 small bowls

what kind of answer is this instead of saying i am sorry that you did not like Your mac and cheese please contact the GM in the morning he would not give me her name as well or take my name and number and have her call me

i do not know what kind of deceptive practices you are operating but o work at a local hotel and every single person who comes in i will be telling them to avoid this operation

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Anonymous - 14 d 16 h ago


I visited Panera Bread in High Point, NC! Customer Service is awful! I requested 3 times to have my bagel toasted and the last time, the customer service girl behind the counter shoved the bagel in my hand. I requested to see a manager and she was even worse! Smirk in her face, told me to wait until she was doing what she was doing and she'd talk to this rep.... as if she was doing me a favor.. I escalated this to home office and it appears that they are just as bad as the local stores... promises etc... no Panera Bread for me!!! Customer service is more important to me then the temporary satisfaction of a toasted bagel.

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Thanson - 14 d 17 h ago


I visited the Panera Bread in Woodbridge, VA (Store #601186) on 9/30/19 @ 4:30 pm. Everything about the visit was horrible except the person taking the order. She was friendly and positive. The drink machine was out of ice (they had a pitcher of ice sitting there for patrons to use that was half melted), the green tea was empty, the floor both in the dining area and behind where food is prepared was horrific - trash scattered on floor as trashcans were overflowing. Tables were dirty, bathroom was disgusting with one toilet out of order and the second one not flushing properly. Served food with plastic utensils. I thought about calling health department and still may. I have visited this location several times but never had such a horrible experience. Manager needs to be replaced!!

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Panera Bread, Lithonia, GA - 16 d ago


Panera Bread, Lithonia, GA

Whether I make a personal order or one for business meetings, this location has been great EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Friendly staff, food is always great and the wait time isn't that bad either. Our experiences with the catering team is perfection. Best location around.

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I will cut the AC down or off as needed!

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Tom Mettner - 16 d 14 h ago

Its too cold in all of your stores

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Very bad taste - 17 d 13 h ago


I've been to many Panera bread locations and never have a bad experience until last night. We stopped to grab some food to go after picking up our dog from surgery. I know the menu is pricey usually worth it with last nights exception. It was just before 7pm they were out of most breads including my favorite sourdough after being told no on every bread I agreed to a ciabatta sandwich a bowl of soup for my husband and a cup of soup for myself. I got a few cookies and continued home. I was so angry when I opened the sandwich we were sharing it wasn't even 4" clearly not enough for 1 let alone 2 people and 8.00 plus seriously how can you sell a full sandwich at that price that's not even 4" long. Then ordering 2 chocolate chip cookies Vanessa picks up the 1 cookie waving it around in tongs oh we only have 1, I replied what about the other 2 on the pan she replied oh you want a warm one floored I responded is it chocolate chip? Yes she replies but its warn I said I don't care if its warm, cold if it's chocolate chip I'll take it. Just under $30.00 I leave to continue home with our dog.. I'd NEVER go to the Hemet location ever again. Obviously the store is grossly mismanaged with idiots for employees. Panera should be ashamed to sell 1/3 of a sandwich. It will be a long time until I get that bad taste out of my mouth and I will NEVER go to the Hemet location. Oh did I mention the young boy waiving a grill cheese in his tongs around asking the older employee do you still need this sandwich??? Panera think like a customer and make sure all locations run the stores with that mind set.

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Brenda - 17 d 17 h ago


Just ordered two sandwiches from Panera bread on Broadway in Tucson. The food was inedible and took over 15 minutes to make even though we were the only ones in line. Two women were suppose to be working the line but no one was back there. I finally had to watch them in order to get them to work. Ridiculous We were in a hurry and ordered to go.

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