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Panera Bread

6710 Clayton Road
Richmond Heights, MO
(314) 633-7100
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Marty Lampert - 8 h 46 m ago


My wife visited the Panama bread cafe in Deerfield il today. She ordered a salad and found dirt in her order. We were refunded the cost however I believe you should be aware of the problem to avoid this happening to someone else

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Lyn - 10 h ago

Just ordered a Cobb salad. Big dissapointment@ wasn't at all like the picture online. Way smaller, 2 small slices of avacados were brown, stems on leaves so long choked on them. The dressing was horrible. The cost of this mess was 7$. The only thing enjoyable was the baggette!! Never again.

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Matias Davila - 11 h 30 m ago


I have been trying to stay except at logo eat at your one of your stablish twins off of Interstate 130 in Pflugerville Texas anyway I stopped there order the sandwich that you advertised on TV which is very delicious looking but when I ordered the same thing at your establishment all I got was a piece of bread piece of lettuce one piece of meat a little piece of cheese very disappointing I will never ever ever ever stop at one of your stablish minutes and I will tell my friends and I have a lot of friends and family that that establishment there is terrible thank you very much and have a good lifep

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Nancy - 11 h 32 m ago

Your Panera on Findlay, OH is absolutely filthy and disgusting. We have lived here all our lives and have never seen anything this nasty. It better be taken care of or you will be the next to close.

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Amanda - 12 h ago


Went to corporate store 0849 device was poor and both meals were wrong. We both ordered pick 2's. I prefer s bacon turkey bravo that had no Gouda or tomato . The other order was a Caeser salad that the girl at the register said she couldn't do extra dressing. The grilled cheese we asked for it to be on white bread. It came on sourdough and all the cheese had melted out and looked like a fried egg. The manager did have them remade but the really weren't appetizing.

It was $ 25 wasted

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Ann - 17 h 31 m ago


I work for a school and wanted to order 71 $5.00 gift cards for staff appreciation. I called the catering line because that is who they told me to call. They would not sell me the cards because my school doesn't have a credit card and they will not accept a check not even from a business. I can go to Scooter's in Omaha write a check and get a discount I guess Panera doesn't want my business. Oh, well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cheryl - 18 h 16 m ago

Went to Paneras because I have always loved it there not anymore went to get my free drink that I had coming from my rewards. They would not give it to me because the rewards system was down went back a few days later still would not give it to me because they said it did not apply to the green tea tol them they always did before the manager came and was very rude so I ordered just a regular tea then and they turned around and dumped the green tea down the sink so how much sense did that make. This was at the store in Merced California my order number 131362 My name is Cheryl will not go back

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JR - 1 d 9 h ago


I've enjoyed this E. Greenwich, RI Panera location for years however, multiple unpleasant experiences make me believe Panera Bread is stale and moldy. Though the food remains consistent, the operation and attitude is not! On 4/19/18 when unsuccessfully trying to place an order online for delivery, I had to phone-in my order. When doing so, I was told they ran out of baggets and that's why, the online ordering failed. Yes, that's right - they ran out of baggets! Does McDonald's runs out of hamburgers? Does Dunkin run out of donuts?

Maybe they should re-name Panera Bread - "The Pan-is-out-of Bread".


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Used to be happy customer - 1 d 9 h ago


Would be nice if the restaurant actually stayed open for the full hours posted on the door. But I'm here 20 minutes before close and the doors are locked and the drive thru has a cone in the lane. Tried to call the Corp office and the phone number doesn't even work. No wonder the stores do as they please.

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Ramon - 1 d 11 h ago


I wish I could upload a pic of their soup bowls.

A big bowl with very very small good serving.

Rediculous for the price. Never again! I'm tired of it!

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Anonymous - 2 d 5 h ago



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Rhinestones05 - 2 d 12 h ago


I was at Panera at Ruby Isle last week. I ordered my usual Greek Salad, paid for extra feta....didn't get it. When asked for more, staff behind the counter told me that WAS extra feta. I paid for extra feta x 4. Looked like it was the usual ordinary amount. When I asked the manager on duty about it, he went to the meal prep area, brought a soup bowl full of feta and in a smartypants tone said "there you got it, I hope its enough" threw it on the table and scampered away. I will never ever go back there again. This has been our usual place for salad several times a month since Ruby Isle opened its doors. Shame on the manager for being such an ... !!

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Soup was delicious . Tuna sandwich was so skimpy, maybe a teaspoon of tuna. Will go to Subway for tuna from now on - 2 d 14 h ago



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Anonymous - 2 d 15 h ago


I purchased a to go order on 4/17/2018. I checked my order before I left the store. I purchased the order for someone else, they specifically asked for a bread bowl with broccoli soup. When I checked my order it had two pieces of bread and the soup in a container. I asked "Daniel" for a bread bowl. He said he did not have one and he could not give me one. I said, "you can't give me a bread bowl", he said no. I said, the person will send me back if this is not right. I called the store and told them the order was not right and the receipt stated the order would be corrected because "Accuracy Matters." When I returned they did not correct my order, refused to, and would not release any information to file a complaint. I left frustrated. Panera Bread Cafe #3791, Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta, GA.

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Karen Hurley - 2 d 16 h ago


My sister fell in Panera's bathroom in Chico on Saturday due to a lake of water being on the floor. We were told risk management would call us on Monday. Today is Wednesday and we have not heard from them nor has the local Chico manager returned our calls. My sister has damaged her knee and we spent 4 hours in Enloe Emergency room, not the fun Saturday we were looking forward to. I was in love with your establishment until this happened and to be treated as if it was no big deal is beyond comprehension.

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Carolyn - 2 d 19 h ago


What are you doing? Your model for Panera sandwiches is ruined with the new method you are heating the sandwiches. Who wants a soggy cheezy fall apart avocado, chicken sandwich? What happen to the crunchy hot panera made sandwich? I have driven past your restaurant in Addison several times and there is NO ONE in the drive through. In the past, I always had to wait in line no matter what time of day. I don't know if it is because of your change in the way you are making your soggy sandwiches or not. Just furious that I can't get my crispy hot avocado chicken sandwich!!!!! I shall NOT RETURN.

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Anonymous - 2 d 19 h ago

Wow just read all of the nasty reviews on Panera Bread so sad because the food is so good. Maybe they need to go on Undercover Boss

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Ann smith - 2 d 20 h ago


I have stopped going to your restaurants because your portion control on your sandwiches is ruining your reputation in my opinion

I used to love your mozzarella and tomatoe sandwich and lately you open it up and sadly there is one piece of cheese the size of a dollar coin

Then i stopped buying that sandwich and tried other sandwiches and there again the same expience ...lack of filling

I hope that things change because i used to love going to panera

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aileen campbell - 3 d 17 h ago


why do you ask us to fill out surveys re our visits if there is no folliow-up?????????

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Anonymous - 3 d 19 h ago


I spent 20 minutes trying to order online, I could only get to a certain point and it would stop working. SO I called the store to try and place my order and was told you can't get delivery by ordering over the phone! No doubt you have certain corporate policies in place but what happened to good customer service. I clearly stated my system would not work and was told that they couldn't help me. I will not be eating there again and have all intentions of telling anyone I know to avoid them.

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Pat S - 4 d 19 h ago

I've called the number listed on your site for a new location in Cincinnati Ohio Harrison ave. The number is incorrect. Your delivery driver in a black Honda needs a class on remedial driving! Driving on my bumper then throwing his or her hands up at me as to tell me get out of they're way.

General profile image - 5 d ago


concerning your paneras franchise

location Saint west blvd.florida 34986

upon arrival today at 8am

all coffee labels made at 6 30 am

the coffee dispenser tube not visible to see coffee. one dispenser dented.

coffee creamer empty.

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sebastian - 5 d 10 h ago


. I pray this message finds someone in a position to correct this long standing issue at your location in Chicago. As an individual that deals with the public, I'm shocked that an employee of such an establishment is allowed to behave in a negative manner. Here's the situation. On Sunday, April 15, 2018, I went to your 501 s. State st. location to purchase a BLT. When I arrived, I noticed that a traditional BLT wasn't on offer, so when I approached the cashier, Vereniece, to ask whether they had a traditional BLT, she proceeded to explain what it entailed. She seemed to be bugged that I went to her station instead of the automated kiosk. When she was explaining the ingredients, I shook my head at the sourdough bread explanation, because I was going to ask her to substitute a different bread. However as she was explaining the ingredients, she finished with a full attitude by this point (maybe because I wasn't allowed to shake my head), and proceeded to say "that's what we have, other than that we don't HAVE BLT's!". I was and still am at a loss as to why she had such a nasty attitude. I am a concierge for Bluegreen Vacations, and I deal with owners all day, and no matter their disposition, I always give them my best mood (maybe its just me, but I believe in you get what you give). They also ask for food recommendations, and since my is 2 blocks away, I always send them to Panera instead of the potbelly that's in my building (I'm not a potbelly fan). I had never visited that Panera location, but thought it would be just as nice as the other locations. It isn't. They don't greet you or say hello, and everyone seemed to be in various stages of depression. I went back in to the store to get the ladies name for my BBB complaint and I had to ask the manager her name, because she was covering it up with her arm. The manager never stopped to ask what the issue was. Guess they could care less about disgruntled shoppers. So, not wanting to feel like I was just over reacting I went on Yelp.. WOW!! Do you guys review yelp??? There were a lot of similar complaints about terrible reception from the staff there. May I be given the contact info of whoever is in charge there? It doesn't make any sense AT ALL to have a location with such poor staff and no one held to account. As a large corporation, you'd think you guys would be on top of this. I pray whoever gets this letter does a retraining there. I'd also like an apology from the rep and the manager the experience cant be fully encapsulated in this medium you had to be there to hear the disdain and repulsion Vereniece gave me. Thank you, and I hope someone responds to this.

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Godfreyite - 5 d 12 h ago


We just ate at Panera Bread in Alton, Il. today. My complaint is the cleaning of tables & area where customers discard their trash. The girl used the same rag there as she preceded to wipe off the rest of tables???? This is a BIG NO NO & should be addressed ASAP. The Madison County Health Dept. needs to be told, which I intend to do. There is such an item like spray bottles with solution approved to spray tables down followed by using a paper towel to dry. What they are doing now is tacky, disgusting, unhealthy when your advertising suggests clean food!! Using a rag is spreading jerks from one place to another. You do not know who has sat at the table & what jerks they have left behind!! Please make changes.

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Charlotte A Sego - 6 d 9 h ago


My review is that I loved the Panera at Oxmoor Center. I ate at this Panera, almost every time I came to shop.

The workers were very friendly with kind words and smiles. This created a warm and friendly atmosphere.

I was told that the raise in rent is the reason they closed. It is difficult to believe that story, with the voulme of business it appeared to have. It is difficult to believe this is true. If that is actually true, it would serve Oxmoor right for you to open a Panera at The Mall of Saint Matthews just down the street.

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