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Public Storage

701 Western Ave.
Glendale, CA
Ronald L. Havner, Jr.
Chairman, President and CEO
(818) 244-8080
(818) 553-2388
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upset with coporate culture - 7 h ago


I went to the PS on Colorado in Pasadena CA. The person there was very helpful and kind. But she was in a very hot environment as the AC had broken down and the replacement unit is a portable AC that was not properly vented. This might be against the law and OSHA should probably look into it. And, when I went to check out a climate controlled unit, it was also hot in that space, where I had hoped to rent and store my records. This is not the kind of corporate culture I wish to support.

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Anonymous - 9 h ago

My 71 year mother sold her home in August of 2016 and placed her belongs from a 3 bedroom home in a storage unit at Public Storage in Garland, Texas. The facility is infested with rats. She has had to dispose of nearly all of her belongs. All of her living room and dining room furniture has been destroyed. All of her mattresses were destroyed. All of her things are soiled with rodent urine and feces. Her rental cost was $187 per month. She has tried to receive some sort of restitution from Public Storage to no avail. I believe she was offered $200 from the insurance carrier that provided the insurance coverage. Her life belongings were in this unit. The coverage she took out was not to insure her against damage from a unit that was infested with rats. She moved her items from the unit on June 28, 2017. Her movers were kind enough to help her navigate through a unit filled with feces and that included a dead rat that was 8 to 10 inches long. No one should have to suffer such a horrific experience. Rats were not supposed to be part of the deal. I want to believe that someone at the Corporate office or perhaps one of the Trustees will care about her property and emotional loss. I will take this as far as I need to until I find someone who will agree that this is not acceptable.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago


Public storage at 4351 US-130 Edgewater Park NJ 08010 are criminals. I have been purchasing things for my new home and storing it there. I recently went there to get my things to decorate my new home and I had nothing!!!! Because they somehow picked that lock so perfectly and have stolen everything I have ever worked hard for since 2016 I've been buying very expensive things to put in my home and it had all been for nothing. I will make sure that public this on Facebook, instagram, twitter and you name it. It's very sad to trust your things somewhere and it gets stolen. There something isn't right about that manager. Stop!!! HIRING CRIMINALS and make you do theral criminal background and drug testing before you hiring. THEY HAVE STOLEN ALL MY BEAUTIFUL THINGS. I will be taking further actions no doubt. What goes around comes back around believe that. The manager there is a white chic heavy set. I am very disappointed with public storage. I believe that managers has a professional and experience lock picker.

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C.S. HALL - 6 d 10 h ago










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Anonymous - 1 d 5 h ago

By the sound of thing...alot of people including myself have personal property stolden....why dont we do something about maybe file a class action lawsuit against public storage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A Very Disappointed Customer - 6 d 10 h ago


I sent my Son to Rent a Storage Unit from them he wasn't sure of which one to get so the Representative recommend a 5by10, when we got there that unit wasn't no where big enough, so we asked her could we upgrade to a larger unit and pay the difference she said yes, but then she told us we couldn't switch the money over we would have to lose it, and pay for the bigger unit mind you we never used the Unit & we didn't want our money back we just wanted to switch & pay for the upgrade. She gave us such a hassle so we ask to speak to her Manager, she said he couldn't talk to us, so I called Customer Service and they said it shouldn't be a problem with an Upgrade, I just had to talk to the Manager, cause he's the only one that could approve it

She called the Storage Unit on Wheatsheaf Ln in Philadelphia, PA, She called while I was on hold she got no response & informed me that he would get back with me in 12 - 24hrs. This was on June 3rd,2017 still haven't heard from him as of yet & today is June 22,2017.So I had to pay for (2) 5/10 Unit's & l was charged two different amts. for them I would appreciate some advise on this matter before June 24th, I Feel Disrespected

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david yancey - 3 d 8 h ago


I don't think anyone will stop using public storage because of these comments. Most people use 1% not 5% of their brain but here you go.Absolutely agreed! Laziest people I've ever met. I think that they would do better if they hire drug addicts to run their business. They are absolute garbage. I'm so disgusted I want to throw up. Yeah people like this representing your company. I Five star rated Rose at the north Seattle location and I would love to take that back. Just because of the fact that she treats me like I'm some bum because I paid my bill before it went to auction in full with their late fees! I cannot wait to get my stuff out of there and I forgot to mention their gate was broken for a literal three months people are coming in and stealing stuff and all they would say is you will go to jail if you come after 9 p.m. you're on camera! You're absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with and I can honestly say the worst company I ever will deal with period that's saying a lot. You're as healthy as McDonald's

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Anonymous - 1 d 5 h ago

I to have had stuff taking from my storage unit located near normandie/ 190 In garden Ca.

Stuff moved from one box into another, a pair of brand new uggs in there box 300.00 they cost me, brought them to my unit to save them...and now gone. They do this thinking you won' t remember them....then they said theres a 700.00 dollar T.V why would they take a pair of uggs, idiots! Theiving idiots!!!!!! Yes, the door here was broken here also for about 5 months.

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Lee - 2 d 8 h ago

Contact the district manager his number is on the counter on a display called, "we care"

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Anonymous - 5 d 14 h ago

Well time sucks here none of these people reopen at 1p.m. the racist people really aren't coming I'm sitting on the lot here in lake Mary, and it's 1:11 and these bitches will not open this door your place if great the people working then aren't shit and they are lazy as hell

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Jon ryan - 3 d 8 h ago

Absolutely agreed! Laziest people I've ever met. I think that they would do better if they hire drug addicts to run their business. They are absolute garbage. I'm so disgusted I want to throw up. Yeah people like this representing your company. I Five star rated Rose at the north Seattle location and I would love to take that back. Just because of the fact that she treats me like I'm some bum because I paid my bill before it went to auction in full with their late fees! I cannot wait to get my stuff out of there and I forgot to mention their gate was broken for a literal three months people are coming in and stealing stuff and all they would say is you will go to jail if you come after 9 p.m. you're on camera! You're absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with and I can honestly say the worst company I ever will deal with period that's saying a lot. You're as healthy as McDonald's

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karrie - 3 d 13 h ago


I went to Public Storage on Azusa Ave, in Azusa CA on June 20th to pay my storage at 11:00am to stop it from being auctioned at 11:30am. The distrct manager, Denise, was running late and didnt get there until almost 1:00pm. I sat there for 2 hrs and when she finally arrived told me I couldnt pay on my storage and that she was running late. She got up and ran out the door after telling one of her workers to give me corporates #. I was in shock, her worker gave me the # and then rudely told me I would have to step outside. Wtf is going on here. Ive been paying on 3 storage units from this storage facility since 2014. I cant believe that they can get away with this. Now my things are gone and I have nothing. I hate public storage they are crooks. If you rent from them find another storage facility, and if you piss them off in any way consider your stuff gone because they will illegaly put a lien on your unit and cut your locks and sell your stuff. I am not making this stuff up, this is the Gods honest truth. These employees at Public Storage and the corporate office are better friends with the buyers than they are to their own customers. They need to take down the "WE CARE" signs in their stores, cuz they dont give a rats ass about their customers. If they see something they like in your unit, they will slap a lien on it for no reason and they will end up getting your unit. Im sick about my stuff being gone, I cant eat, I cry all the time, that was all me and my little girl had and now its gone. They wouldnt even take my could they do that with a clear conscience? And Denise you are a bitch and so are all your programmed coworkers, I wish nothing but bad luck to all of you insincere, heartless people. They have illegaly taken away over 30 yrs of memorabilia that can never be replaced. I hate you Denise and everybody at corporate including your stupid little store manager managers. I fucking hate you. And trust and believe that one day soon you will be feeling the exact same way im feeling right now.

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Jon ryan - 3 d 8 h ago


These are the worst people I have ever dealt with in my life. Honestly I think that you get better service at Jiffy Lube buying an ice cream cone.

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VandalizedUNITCeilingEntry - 7 d 12 h ago


My climate controlled storage unit was vandalized in Las Vegas. The perps came in through the ceiling. Public storage appears to totally unconcerned and says I'm the only one who has complained. I recommended that they alert the customers on either side of me so they can check their units but the employees were totally unconcerned and seemed to think this was my fault. I am certain that I am not the only unit vandalized; the other owners are just unaware. This makes me think that this is an inside job and the employees are covering for someone. Corporate needs to look into this.

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Carolshouldretireorgetfired. - 8 d 10 h ago

Aloha, Mr. Havner, Jr.

I would like to address the horrific problems that you have at 2888 Waianae Ave. Honolulu, Hi 96826, with District Manager Carol Yatsuoka. The first slogan that appears at the front desk is: "WE CARE" "Our Goal: To ensure 100% customer satisfaction" "Your business is important to us" and most of all "Thank you for choosing Public Storage." To the contrary, I am now limited to access to my storage unit to Carol's business hours "9:30 am to 6:00 pm M-F, not the advertised availability of 6:00 am to 9:00 pm. As I was unable to pay on the due date on June 3rd, expecting to pay the following Monday, on June 5th, Carol, suspended my code to enter on Sat. June 3rd at 5:00pm, without the courtesy of telling me that I would not have access. As I was waiting for a scheduled appt. to sell some of my belongings on that day, I was standing outside the building at 5:00 pm, without any of my personal belongings. Carol was waiting for her ride, and saw that I was outside of the building. As I returned to enter my code, entry was denied due to suspension. I had left everything that I needed for survival back inside in front of my unit: Purse, with my wallet, MacBook Air, cell phone, bus pass, etc. She never said a word. Fortunately, another customer was going to the same floor as mine was. Carol has caused such a nightmare with her arbitrary control freak attitude. She has no respect for other person's property. She is using her so called authority to black list any one she wants to control. I am in the process of moving OUT. How can you access your belongings if you only have access to Carol's work day, with your own work schedule of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. I reported a problem to the front desk about a month ago about the women's toilet not flushing properly, the soap dispenser fell off the wall last week, and the entire time that I have paid for your services, the floor is always dirty, (black feet)l, and never mopped. When ever anyone uses the elevator for the lower floors, the lights flicker on my floor, affecting the lighting near my unit. Without knowing that Carol was still suspending my code after her work hours, I was forced to again carry my extra belongings onto the bus for transport because I don't have a car. When will you address Carol's professional business ethics, because she has none. Carol and her co-worker are the most unpleasant, unfriendly, people that you would want to see past your most valued possessions.

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TJ - 9 d 12 h ago


Your Manager at the location in Littleton, CO is the RUDEST, UGLIEST, and most UNPROFESSIONAL person I have ever had to deal with. Her name is Celia (hidden) We have an Estate issue where my Dead Father has a Storage Space there unfortunately. She can't communicate coherently or politely.She just talks over you, doesn't listen, and should be fired. She just threatens to invoke Liens and to prohibit anyone to look at the unit. She knows nothing about Probate and the issues involved with it. She just demands Money. Ugly, nasty, people like this need to be picking up Trash on the side of the road in a Pink jumpsuit. Get a Manager who knows what the F*** they are doing and isn't so Ugly you start gagging when you watch her blab and froth at the Mouth.

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Angel - 10 d 5 h ago


The BUY OUT Program is the WORST PILOT program EVER!!!! The Customer Service reps have destroyed any fauth in the program operating successfully!! The customer Service experienced while contacting corporate was to LEAVE A VOICEMAIL, DISCONNECTED IN MY FACE, INCORRECT INFORMATION REGARDING THE PROGRAM SPECIFICS, ETC!!!!!!!

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Robinson - 11 d 15 h ago


To the President and ceo of this company i am very mad upset and disappointed of the way i was treated by your company i was renting a unit at one of your public storage#08219 on 3601 w Blue HERON BLVD WEST PALM BEACH I HAD THAT UNTIL FOR A WILD PAY EVERY MONTH ON MAY 2017 I WAS RUNNING LATE ON MY PAYMENT CALL THEM AND LEAVE A MASSAGE THAT I WAS GOING TO BE LAST WHEN I WHENT IN TO PAY THEY SAY THEY AUCTION OFF MY UNTIL. When i ask brook the woman that was there she was very rud and disrespectful and could not tell me why at all i dont understand why will they do that if u call to say u was going to be late that is unfair to be treated in that way from this company in that unit i had all my personal belongs from my hight school diploma and all my certifcate including my usa passport pictures of my family's my clothes and othe thing that is important was in that until it was unexpected from this company i will not do business or rent a unit from this company ever again and i will not recommend no one to rent any unit from public stragge.

Sincerely miss Robinson

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LaDonna Bolton - 14 d 4 h ago


Hi there is a error on my account please call me (hidden)

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Jose Ricci - 14 d 9 h ago


I had to cancel my contract after renting because of the no help from the Property Manager,when I notified her that the unit I rented had a roof water leakeage.If I had stored my properties in such unit it certainly would have been damaged.Her answer was that other units have the same leakage problem.

The Property Manager Ciara,showed a disrepfectul attitude towards my person and as a customer.People with this kind of conduct should not be in charge of any business dealing with prospective clients.

On top of that my administration fee was no returned since it was not my fault; and not having used the unit.

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Anonymous - 14 d 14 h ago


Do not use public storage at 770 Nesconset Highway in Nesconset. The unprofessional manager CARRISA is nothing short of a thief and a scamartist.STAY AWAY from there!!!

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A. - 14 d 16 h ago


This is the worst facility I have ever been to. Customer Service is horrible. Every person that worked at the actual facility had told us many different things. I was charged for things without being told what I was being charged for. I had tried multiple times to get a hold of someone and it is incredibly hard to do so. I am going to Better Business Bureau about this. I want to spread the word and make sure that no one will use these facilities This is outrageous, I've never seen seen any business run so poorly. I would rather spend more at a more professional place.

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Anonymous - 15 d 12 h ago

Wow once again I showed up at my Public Storage locker to remove 30 boxes of product for my showroom and guess what this time ALL 3 ELEVATORS are broken once again. Not only that but there is no security in this place. The garage doors no longer exist. anyone can come up and just lift up the doors and enter. This morning 2 suspicious black males came in while I was there alone and hovered. I will be checking out of this particular storage in Atlanta, GA on Monroe Drive at I-85. After July I plan never to use this facility again. I love Donna who works there but this place is VERY VERY VERY Dangerous any time of day. I think PS probably has the worst customer service as well. Made a complaint 4 times in the last year to DEAF EARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Faye Pearce - 21 d 12 h ago


This morning I visited the public storage at 5880 66th Street North. The employee there was very friendly and professional. It's was raining so HARD . She still went out to show the unit. Remarkable woman. Her name is Mrs Weathie Lengyed. Thanks to you my day went as planned. Thank you public storage.

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Tim Hart - 16 d 9 h ago


Dont expect it to go as planned with these people for long lol

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