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Public Storage

701 Western Ave.
Glendale, CA
Ronald L. Havner, Jr.
Chairman, President and CEO
(818) 244-8080
(818) 553-2388
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Cynthia Bystrom - 3 d 17 h ago

Hi my name is Cynthia Bystrom, my son Adam BYSTROM rented 1508 in Eden Prairie November 10, my husband Pastor had lost my home move back to the cities lost my dogs, Donna, she called herself Miss Donna, was working there and we did not get along I never got three keys I got one key she said if we lost this it be $50, my son is an I have moved myself into an apartment, there are thousands of things missing I've told Tina who works at the Eden Prairie off of flying cloud Drive a list of things but they didn't in there when we got to the pictures when we got to things from Europe they are gone I want Donna's name I want to see her I have put three phone calls into Taylor who is the district manager I understand and when they fired Miss Donna, she had three storage keys on her I'm going to get a lawyer I'm going to call the police if somebody Does not call me back on this loser items from my mother there's brass rubbings there's a chance in pencil there Italian bedspreads there are beaded placemats this is going to stop now my telephone number is (hidden) I do work, I am a senior leave me a fucking message and if I do not hear from anybody again I will put an ad in the paper you have a thief Tina bless her heart I want to see Miss Donna I want my things BACK!!!!!!!!!!

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Rafael Domenech - 19 d 7 h ago


My name is Rafael Domenech...I was a customer who fell behind on payments with public storage the time I was going to pay I had to deal with another family financial I had to make a sacrifice...and allow the sale of my locker which had a near value of 30000$....I owed about 700$ to public storage...they auction my locker and informed me that it sold for exactly 2000$... So this took place....then what resulted after is a customer service night made 1st call my check will be mailed and I would expect it 2 -3 weeks....!!!! 2nd call that check was issued June 4th that check are made on fridays only! 3rd call 2weeks after...was told that account payable mailed out check...and that they will have account payable reach out to me with tracking # to know the where abouts of this check.... 4th call 5days later...customer service confirms that account payable did reach out to me but my message box was full.....then end of story....but to give it another week 5th call yesterday july 1st I'm told by customer service that based on notes check was confirmed delivered on June 10th...unbelievable!!! I ask for supervisor...instead I was switch to a executive voicemail..where I left a very angry and detailed message... This whole affair has been sheer madness...I ask the customer service would you feel if this was happening to you ..that a company as large as public storage owed you over 1grand and you where being dragged in circles...for a month...she responded I'm not allowed to answer that question!!!! This company lack empathy...for its customers And has no concearn if you loose your heirlooms valuables ...all it cares about its advancing it's own financial goal over its customers ...the very same customers that it depends on for there revenue stream... You would guess or go as far to assume that under circumstances like mine that they would have the social responsibility to see to it that refunds are expedited efficiently....that if a customer could not pay for there locker means financial distress.. that any refund in any amount would help or contribute to the next meal at minimum.... This company needs to reevaluate there protocols.... And need to be more actively responsible in these circumstances..... This whole experience lacks fundamental logic We live in America common mail doesn't take a month to get to its destination.... Making one attempt to call doesn't mean that's the end of a company responsibility...its a neglect of due diligence I'm in need of that refund its mine...its all I have left of the collectibles my parents and grandparents left me behind.... Some one out there has gain significantly on the premise of my suffering.....and public storage won't do nothing to make this right!!!!

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Rev. George S. Jones - 4 d ago

Can you text me my name is George Jones and I too am behind in payments due to family problem. I would like to know was you able to get anything back. And we're you able to talk to anyone in corporate or get any help from them (hidden). Thank you .

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Monroe - 13 d ago


You people suck just tried to get storage the attendant tried to intimidate me by trying to make buy your lock for $20.00 when I can get one @Walmart down the street the attendant said the space maybe takin by the time I get back what a crock of ahit gonna report this to the Better Business Bureau and Department of Consumer Affairs tomorrow just letting you know

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Mike - 10 d 25 s ago


You have no choice. You must use their lock. It's in you contract

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Millie - 13 d 31 s ago


Today is July 7, 2019 and I will add myself to the long list of dissatisfied customers. I called the location I have my storage unit in, to inquire of some additional fees that were added to my account. The representative there answered the phone and because she had a problem hearing me, she gave me attitude and asked me to call again. I called back and the attitude went from bad to worst. The phone call ended in an argument. I never got my issues resolved and ended up angrier than ever. The customer service at Public Storage is the worst. I will be shopping around to take my business elsewhere. Like many unsatisfied customers, I have been trying to contact someone at corporate to put in a complaint and have not been successful at that either. This company needs to train or re-train their employees on customer service ethics.

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Sam969 - 44 d 20 h ago


I have been trying to obtain the business email address to contact Joseph D. Russell, Jr. (President and CEO of Public storage). Every time I speak with someone to obtain this information I am treated rudely and refused the information. Can someone please give me his work email address?

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Maria - 30 d 5 h ago

Im a customer also trying to email

him. Did you ever find an email? Did they ever respond? Please let me know. Could you please share the information if you did? These are disgusting business practices.

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Anonymous - 25 d 24 h ago

Not confirmed. I have attempted to email him in a similar fashion as other members of management have their email addresses. Which is their first initial and last name

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Duane - 28 d 16 h ago


Ms Roth (District Manager), You recently re-instated the late fee for my June rent. As I tried to explain, I attempted to pay my rent on the evening of June 6, but your payment website was down. I tried repeatedly to make the payment on the 6th, before the late fee kicked in, but without success. It is not my fault that your payment site was down, and I attempted in good faith to make payment before the end of the day on the 6th. If you advertise your business is open until 6 p.m., I arrive at 5:30 p.m. and the office is locked and the lights out, am I still liable for the late fee if you don't observe your own policies? I have left several voice messages, which you have declined to return, so I assume the matter is dead. I consider that a cowardly non-response. The gain of a $20.40 late fee has cost you a monthly customer payment of $108. A multi-million dollar corporation like Public Storage can easily absorb a paltry $88 loss, but you will be receiving a bad review wherever I can post one. My business relies entirely on word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers, so your company will never get a positive word from me. Perhaps you can sign a new customer to replace me, perhaps not. After 9-1/2 years of business at your Public Storage facility, I will be moving out June 29 because of your obvious lack of business ethics. Short-sighted, petty, and stupid. Goodbye.

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Anonymous - 30 d 28 s ago


This was the best company to work for its the employees that makes the company looks bad.First off i didnt have my job 90 days with them all the Property Managers are full of shit but Susan she is the best , Cassandra is a big liar she is the property manger on jog road all she do is start shit on the low she is to big an young for the lies she tells she wanted my job she got big liar then you got Reggie on 45th all he do is lie and steal merchandise called damp check and get the money from it the customers is not buying that inventory out your store like that theif plus u a under cover you know what u is girllyboy why you tryed to come off on me knowing your real sexuality they better watch u mr bachelor degree.and poor rascist josh you is predujudice towards me everyday .plus i went out my way when a property manager name spadreen was calling and marking you about being gay i never did nothing to you but tryed to learn from u but everyday you was bitter against me.u cassandra spadreen shamquie shaneakizzy reggie yall all got what yall waited for to see me fired but just know KARMA IS A BEAST SO SLAVE ON FOR THEM $10 DOLLARS A HOUR AN CASS U SHOULDN'T WORRY U RENT FREE LOL PLUS ALL YALL DO IS TALK DOWN ON THE CUSTOMERS AND JOSH YOU LIKE SUSAN STORE CAUSE YOU HUSTLE CUSTOMERS OUT MONEY FOR RENTING THEM SPACES DID YA DM or RM or PM knows that im glad to be gone yall the nastyness cold hearted jealous group of son of ah b.... I have known i would not recommend no body to apply with yall in wpb and for the rest of yall name wasnt call yall asses messy to.

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Holly - 30 d 5 h ago


Does anyone have a corporate email for Public Storage?

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J Renter. - 41 d ago

The gate is broken at the facility on Camp Creek. Looks like someone rammed it. This needs to be fixed.

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MOE - 51 d 31 s ago


I initiated my monthly Public Storage account late February 2018 due to an immediate issue w/ my living situation. I intended to have it only temporarily so I selected

the monthly account. Was not informed that the charge increases every 6 months. Therefore, I've had (2) price increases now. I no longer need the facility and I'm

attempting to terminate my account without new monthly charges. My charges w/ insurance and late fee have never been above $85.

I'm told to close my account that I have to pay $104 today. (Which I cannot pay) ($85 ok)

Of course, they cannot prorate my account a day or two so that I can make the payment at that time. They can only prorate when you open your account not close.




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Rick - 48 d ago


Like me. Are you ready. I transferred to another storage unit. On the 1st I was moving out. They said I have to pay a full months rent on my move out storage unit plus the full amount if my new storage unit. So I had to pay and extra 330.00 circa storage unit I moved out of in one day. But guess what. I stalled the whole month and said its taking time to move out

I had the former unit until the last minute. Bastards. They didn't rent it right away to someone to get additional money. Crooked bastards. It should have been pro rated. MF.

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Rick - 48 d ago


One of the worst storage facilities in the US. Keep raising the rates. In 4 years you'll be paying 500.00 for a 10 by 15 unit unless you move or transfer, and then they will tell you the rates will increase every 6 months instead of 12 months. Stay away from public storage. They fuck$$ me but I fuck$! them. I played their game but took advantage of their promotions ha ha ha ha ha. Corporate crooks.

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Lomax - 47 d 20 h ago

Same with me. But I'm taking the whole month. H ha ha ha ha ha ha. I'm giving it back to the crooks. Ha ha haha ha ha . To The last ducking minute. Ha ha hahahahaha. Its empty and I still said I'm not moved out yet. Ha ha hahaha haha ha. Crooks. The worst in the business. H hahaha. They raise the rates so they can pay for the new clients free month off the current clients. Haha haha ha he. Bastards.

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Rachel Proper - 49 d 20 h ago


Hasn't ANYONE in corporate even LOOKED at these unsatisfied customers reviews??!!! My goodness I now need to add to the long list. There has GOT to be something we can do about this for future customers. As of now I'm deterring ANYONE even thinking about renting from you RIP off assholes! YOUR UNIT LEAKED ONTO MY BELONGINGS AND RUINED THEM! I'm calling corporate Monday morning and WILL bring these sorry ass comments to their attention..the news is ALWAYS looking for a story to warn consumers of corporation like yours!

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Big dick - 47 d 20 h ago


Public storage is the worst in the country.people live in their units and run them. Ha ha ha ha he ha ha ha. Usually blacks who are special now. Ha ha ha haha haha.

Flagged for review. 
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concerned - 66 d 23 h ago

the public storage on 210 mountview in colorado springs colorado is renting to people living out of them. many show up close door to small unit for extended periods of time,then when exiting behave like they have got a shot of adrenaline. management doesn't do a thing,panhandling has been observed from other patrons, a lot of diff people go in a while, all appear homeless,back packs and treat it like its there yard. throwing rocks,trash etc.

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Pitbull Mama - 53 d ago

Sounds like they're going in the units to smoke Ice/ Methamphetamines/Crank...

Have you tried reporting it to the authorities? You can definitely remain anonymous but if you're not comfortable reporting it to the authorities then I would possibly recommend going above the Property Management's head.

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Lomax - 48 d ago


I know. I was in my storage unit once and I heard pounding and I heard a voice say "keep it down". They were living on the 3rd floor in climate controlled conditions. I was on the second floor with no climate control. I yelled $@uc you. Imagine. Paying for a storage unit and having people hit the floor to keep it down. Ha ha ha ha ha haha ha. Public storage corporate jackasses.

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Anonymous - 67 d 24 h ago


To whom it may concern I am presently a tenant at your Anaheim public storage and I have been denied access to my unit now for at least two weeks now we have been trying to move to another storage and since we are homeless we have no way to access our belongings which we need so we can secure another storage unit. We have been tenants of yours for many years now without incident until recently when your general manager Mitch Misner denied access because as I was trying to move I was caught off guard and I had to leave some items out of my storage unit until my return the next morning. I find it hard to believe that your general manager who I've notified about the door that is use to grant us access to our units has been broken for the past 6 months and hasn't been fixed yet is still accessible without using your access code and I also notified mr. Meisner about Bob wire hanging from the wall which I was unfortunate enough to be injured by which I also informed mr. Meisner when I told him of the hanging wire which he immediately took care of. We are now trying to make up the phone do you secure a new storage facility since we have been denied access to our unit which is how we make our money I would greatly appreciate it if you could possibly remedy yes situation as we have now only 2 weeks to vacate which will be hard for us to you since I am a veteran with medical condition but we would rather move into a bigger unit since our unit is already paid for this month which he denied us access to we would greatly appreciate and are looking forward to your response regarding this matter sincerely Ricky Rivera US air Force ok

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Nunya - 53 d ago

Denied access for what reason?

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Rick - 48 d ago


Good luck. Corporate master's.

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