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Public Storage

701 Western Ave.
Glendale, CA
Ronald L. Havner, Jr.
Chairman, President and CEO
(818) 244-8080
(818) 553-2388
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Linda Kreitinger - 13 h 48 m ago


I have a unit in Arlington Texas. I have been trying for more than a week to pay fee on line. The site kept bringing up units I had in past years. I called office several times. She wouldn't take payment. Left a check this morning. Now I owe late fee. The service on this account has been disappointing to say the least. After having many units over the years, I am now moving my things to uhaul. Never will I use your company again. Rude people, no help resolving problem. Will never recommend your company. It's just a job not service.

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Feeling used - 14 h 26 m ago

I have been trying g to get in touch with someone about my unit that been broken forever. They just fixed it, it took about three to four months and not one time did they take anything off my bill. After reading some of the comments if you ever decide to suite them include me in..Birmingham, Alabama

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Darlene J Fisher - 15 h 17 m ago


I got a serious problem with u all 1 u don't have no lighting by my storage space 2 u all went up almost 20 on the space 3 I got a one time late fee n u guys don't wanna honor u all saying u leave that off my account .im so disappointed with u all

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Stu - 4 d 4 h ago


I have a unit rented and needed another. July 3 rented another unit.

July 4 things changed did not need the other unit. July 4 holiday. July 5 contacted PS returned the unit. Never moved in.

Turned the unit back into their inventory. Asked for a credit or put the rent to the storage unit I occupy. Went as far as the district manager.They could not accommodate. This could be solved at a management level.

They chose not. So for $250 dollars they are going to loose a customer.

I am moving out of my other unit and not doing anymore business with them. If I have the opportunity to recommend a storage facility it will not be Public Storage.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Vrlina Nozlic - 7 d 14 h ago


7-9-18. I have a late notice in my emails from you. I went in on 6/30/18 and made a payment on an old unit. Moved it over to a new unit, but becuase you are making so many of us move our lockers because of corporate greed, I have a PAPER CONTRACT, and proof that I paid on paper and I was sent an email. Your computer system is major screwed up and in the 10 days that I have had the new unit nothing involving your computer system is right. I have paid for JULY & AUGUST 2018 and have a partial credit for September 2018. Unit B118 Location 1710 S.Abilene St. Aurora, CO 80012. Debra the proprty manager is a fantstic lady. She needs your support. She is handling much better than most but she can't get anyone in the Regional or District to respond and get the matter fixed. I made payments on 2 other properties and they are NOT messed up. Just the new unit. I noticed the 1/2 of a star on your ratings. That is becuase I can't talk to any one above her and I have been hung up on at least 8 times. Many were transfer FUBAR. Your voice mail is broken and is uninteligiable. I spent am hour on the phone and spoke woth noone other than my manager. But her managers are not responding or fixing the problem. My account #18069659 Rental #30751992.

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WE ALL ARE PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!! - 9 d 13 h ago


That public storage facility @ 8003 north dale mabry in Tampa, FL about as about five or six weeks ago stepped forward and so far, says that, "There are hazardous fluffy material orangeand range in that color, lining those units that were tested by @ least two of previous tenants as because they we were CONCERNED about the safety of their things and ANY CONTAMINATION? that would affect the HEALTH OF TENANTS and the INTEGRITY of THEIR things"! That facility @ 8003 north dale mabry in Tampa, FL has a lot of HAZARDOUS, STRUCTURAL ISSUES THAT HAVE NOT BEEN ADDRESSED AND THAT ARE NOT UP TO CODE.

That is ONE REASON we discussed with OUR attorneys and INVESTIGATORS as they use "unscrupulous, unlawful, downright illegal tactics to gain control of people's things by illegal auctions." There ARE more and more people coming forth to tell OUR attorney their stories of NOT only that public storage @ 8003 north dale mabry hwy in tampa, fl but OTHER arterial areas in Florida and OUTSIDE of FLORIDA--Nationally.


We STARTED OUT with THREE people and NOW the count is up to TWELVE AND GROWING.



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Leona folliett and Jillene folliett (pyles-kilburn) - 21 d 13 h ago

6 days ago on wendesday june 20th morning i called and spoke with site manager at DIVISION/GRESHAM regarding bringing in $180 cash she said she would not except it and wanted junes full month as-well so i got $280 together and wend and thursday night i tried to make a tried 4 times on friday then something didnt feel right so i called to speak to a live person at 6am friday and she said it was already sold and told me to call district manager so i did 2 times then physically went to public storage friday by 9:30 saw trucks and truck with trailers yet no auction noticed online i walked there with my dog so you will see me in pay in full 280.00 the payment on a 30 day late storage and for the full month of june in unit D-125 that is the size of a bathroom. And she said sorry its sold it helf my decease fiance wood Work and wood work tools a siloette wood life size of me he made a large wood box with a burnt in coyote and arrow on lid unfinished and my decease grandmas miniatures and books and her rabbit fur blanket she made all white eccept 1 or 2 are dark in center and my lifes of 48 years 4 children and 7 grandkids later...treasurs that will not mean anything to someone else yet sentimental to is.everything my clothes shoes ect it was all in there. Because i am homeless....

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Heather - 19 d 16 h ago

DoI you have the mangers number?

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Down Town Kathy Brown - 18 d 14 h ago


OMG! That is terrible! The same thing happend to my roomate and to my Nephew..... They dont give a shit! Unfortunately They just don't care..... Want to get a class action lawsuit against public storage I know at least 6 people. I can't get into detail .............if you leave a comment I will respond

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Bonnie - 13 d 8 h ago


I agree with you all. I writing corporate . they have faulty equipment and because of that my storage space was broken into.

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Naya - 11 d 15 h ago


I should've sued their asses.

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Fed up - 11 d 11 h ago

oh my gosh how awful.

I have storage in FL...long time, I pay every month...for long time i sent checks...then they sold it to storagezone. Changed the due date to 5th of every month which is ok with me because i am on SSD. But when you call and no one answers my anxiety goes up. I have been calling FL storage all day and no answer..went online to pay and it would not set up...i am beyond anxious, i just want my stuff out of storage and done with this.

So sorry this happened to you...and did you check if this was even legal? Sounds like something went on in back ground if you did not see sorry

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Nina - 15 d 36 m ago


I moved out 4/26/18, paid up to the end of April. PS kept saying I owed them money for May. I kept calling to get it straightened out. They kept telling me it will be fine & will clear. Now it has been sent to collections. WTF! I owe them nothing. This is nuts!

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Carla Spott - 23 d 17 h ago


I have a reservation for storage unit at 1679 Cobb Parkway South in Marietta Georgia the office was supposed to open at 9:30 it is now 10:15 and it's still closed I haven't seen anyone here an African American woman walks out the side of the building locks the door gets in her car and leaves I am a paralegal and they bill my service is out at 1:25 an hour so how are you going to compensate me for the time that I've said here and wasted I have totally lost all respect and all Trust for Public Storage I am trying to get in touch with mr. Hafner I'm really angry this is not a good way to start a business relationship

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Jillene and leona - 23 d 18 h ago


Hac a storage d 125 in gresham i have the $ to pay off wich included all of june 2018 i havd been in hospital twice in a month im homeless and it containec all my clothex 40 plus years in a 5 by 10 my fiance passec away anc thd gifts ths only thinhs i have From my 4 kifs anc 7 grandkids. Mt tools fof mt lovd of art anx woodwork. They solf ot yestercay anx i have and i onky owex last month anx this month.

General profile image - 24 d 18 h ago


I rent a unit @ 3232 Colonial Blvd, Ft Myers, FL & it has been the most horrific professional experience I've encountered dealing with a Storage division. First, I go to get unit, computers down & I was asked to return at a later time. Upon returning contract details were not explained, unit purchased on April 24th, additional prorated payment due in (5) days, I was not advised & did not set up auto pay due to fraud with companies like this. So I received 1st $20 late fee. I went in to finally make balance of $48.50, Property Manager advises me to make payment for ONLY $28.50 & difference would be reversed/refunded. So the 1st of June comes around & I'm still awaiting removal of fee, so another $20 fee hit account. I contacted Corporate who gave me DM/GM STEWART who advised he would handle situation himself, but now has an inbound number that's not accepting calls. First, 24-hour entry key code did not work, Property Manager never showed up to assist with entry, but supposedly stays ON SITE. Property Manager provided false information/false hope about fee removal, & her boss Stewart followed her foot steps by saying he would handle, but not assisting either! Company does not care for their customers, they put the blame on eachother & nothing ever happens to assist/satisfy their customers! DO NOT RENT HERE! Company highly unprofessional & tell lies beyond the needs necessary! $20 is NOTHING to keep a happy customer!!!

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Mark Taylor - 25 d 9 h ago


HI !!! i called storage public storage to find out if they had a locker. The girl on the phone said she had one but that i had to come the same night to pay or it would be gone in morning.. So i went in and payed. I told her i would not know if i needed it till the morning. as it turned out i did not need it. i went in the next morning mabe 12hrs latter. she told me i could not have my money back. I had to Justin district manager. I talked to him he said he would refund my money give it two weeks. The check never came.I tried calling Justin many times. He will never return calls it seems no one there returns calls. as i have called them also. I never used the locker not only did they not send me a check but a bill for the next month with late charges. This is the worst service I have ever got. I just wish they would take care of me and the many customers that just Dont matter to them. They do nothing but steel your money. This co is bad. There are many more storage co to use DONT USE THIS ONE RIP OFF ALERT !!!!!!

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Annie - 25 d 10 h ago


I have been using Public Storage for 22 years. Never had a problem with them before. However, suddenly I am finding less attention going into the property. Lights broken, doors w/o proper fixtures. Most importantly, I find the 2 units I have are extremely warm. I have always chosen to pay a higher price for air-conditioned units. I recently took a snapshot of the temperature inside both units and it said 89 deg - feels like 92 (BTW, this temp was taken on a cool rainy day). Went into my units several times during following 6 weeks and still facing the same temperature issue. Reported this to District Manager. He sent an electrician to check and the report came back that everything was good. What was PS standard for 'good'? I asked what is the maximum temperature for an air-conditioned unit and Mgr said 'it's a corporate thing' and he could not divulge that information. He also insisted that Public Storage always specifies 'Climate Controlled' and never use the words 'air-conditioned' when selling their units so they don't have to abide by a specific temperature. I then took the temperature of a neighbors' unit w/o air-conditioning. The temperature result was exactly the same as my 2 units I am paying for a/c. I called Customer Service to check how they are selling PS units. Throughout their sales pitch, they constantly used the words 'air-conditioned' units are explained these are more expensive if I choose a/c. Not one mentioned in their sales pitch 'climate controlled'. So what does 'climate controlled' mean? How cool is that? I am still waiting for the Snr. District Mgr, the Regional Mgr and the Senior Regional Mgr to return my calls. CRICKETS!

So I say to all out there.... if you have an air-conditioned unit (climate controlled per Public Storage) you need to check the temperature inside the unit and complain if you find it too warm. For new customers - do not sign a contract on an 'air-conditioned ' unit unless contract states what the cooling temperature is in degrees. This 'climate controlled' wording is just a catch play on words managers are using if you complain. None of their customer service sales representatives are using this and no-one can tell you what the temperature is inside the unit they are selling you. Why are we paying more to have air-conditioned units when temperature inside these units are in the 80's! I am specifically speaking of Florida where Summer is just now upon us! Where is the President of this company? Why isn't s/he demanding Public Storage provide better service to all the customers who rent their units???

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APO!!!!!!!!! - 25 d 11 h ago


You guys need to be informed, there has been more disgruntled people that have joined the lawsuit against the public storage facilities--esp in Tampa, FL--against that megan hurley and that DM--beth Elizabeth hans or whichever order she presents her name and possibly inclusive in the lawsuit that GM--Dawn Croft(whatever her last name is and the person that stole the items from the unit., The investigators have found MULTI instances and scenarios where that megan hurley and that Elizabeth hans @ behests from.......;....raising fees that are of NO systematic rhyme or reason so that people are either unable by CHANGING the scheduled dates of the auctions so that people would be unaware and then tenants would NOT BE AWARE OF THE DATES AND THEN they could get their hands on the unit renters items. That Elizabeth Hans tenants told the investigators LIE and says that their PERSONAL items, containers and so-forth WILL BE RETURNED BECAUSE LEGALLY WE ARE ENTITLED TO THAT AND MORE THEN WHEN POST-TENANTS CALL NO ONE FROM THE OFFICE NEVER ANSWERS THE PHONES---POST AUCTION--NO ONE NEVER ANSWERS THE PHONES!!!!!!!!!.........SO THAT YOU CAN GETYOUR ITEMS YOU ARE LEGALLY ENTITLED TO!!!!!!!!! THAT IS THE WAY TO NOT RETURN THE ITEMS THEY ARE LEGALLY BOUND TO DO SO, AND MANDATED TO RETURN TO YOU BUT INSTEAD THEY KEEP YOUR PERSONAL ITEMS THAT THEY WANT WHEN THEY OPEN THE UNITS AND LOOK IN THE UNITS PRIOR TO PUTTING THEM ON AUCTION STATUS!!! There has been such "AGREGIOUS, UNETHICAL, UNPROFESSIONAL, HOODLUM, GUTTER RAT TACTICS, JUST DOWN-RIGHT ILLLEGAL practices--LAWS" that a judge HAS STATED THEY HAVE displayed--DONE; ALL BY THE ABOVE individuals. "This has happened ALOT POST-TENANTS have told the INVESTIGATORS in TAMPA UNDER THAT ELIZABETH HANS, megan hurley, DAWN CROFT but ALSO INCLUSIVE ARE other cities the ABOVE HAVE STEALEN from". OUR ATTORNEY and the INVESTIGATORS ARE on top of this THANK GOD and there are SO MANY people joining the lawsuit DAILY. TG!!!!!!!!!

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Camelback ,PHX - 31 d 11 h ago



Is it typical to reserve a unit online, receive a total cost (which included the one-time admin-fee) in the reservation details, only to be told the reserved unit's REAL total move-in cost is almost triple the price? Even the unexpected "you are required to purchase our lock" and the unexpected forced insurance shouldn't end up tripling the price. I had a moving truck schedule the day I reserved the unit so I didn't have time to find a more transparent company. Is this a TRICK of Public Storage's management or is this an ERROR?

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Anissa - 26 d 11 h ago


Same happened to me. They say insurance is optional but then force you to purchase insurance through them. Price quoted bs price i paid upon move in was like you say 3x what was quoted

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Anissa - 26 d 11 h ago


I emptied my unit on Monday. The system was down and i was told my account would be closed later and i would be emailed a confirmation. Have not received any email. 1-800 number sends me to the local store and whether i call that number or the local number it rings and goes to voicemail. Have left messages and sent requests and no one answers the phone or returns a call. The location on Dyer and Columbia in Kissimmee is horrible. No one is ever in the office and they don't know what they are talking about when they give information.

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Tanisha P - 26 d 18 h ago

Good morning,

I My name is Tanisha P I am the founder of Cynt's Closet a Non- Profit that collects and distributes clothes to local foster care programs. I am currently looking to obtain storage for our clothing (we are growing at an alarming rate). I was wondering if you wanted to be apart of something great. If you can and or you are interested in donating a(1) unit for 6 or 12 months. please contact us. We would greatly appreciate the space. We need You everything we obtain is on a donated baises.

Thank You

Tanisha Polinsky,



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Shirlee Culpepper - 30 d 15 h ago


I have just rented a place in your storage units in Boynton Beach Florida, across from the Boynton Mall. There's a very large lady named Shamika at the office, she does what she has to, not with a smile, not friendly, not gracious, lips stuck out, hating to be disturbed, more like I hate your guts whitey. I rented a unit, brought some stuff over, and couldn't find my unit in the building. I went to the office to get some help, here's 78 year old me, and a 20 something in a office, and she said she had no map of the place and couldn't not help me. What she meant was I'm fat, I hate you, (either because I'm old, or white), and I'm not going to help you. I asked her to draw a map, she wasn't going to do that either. A new girl, much younger like 19 says that this is her first day, she didn't know where the unit was either, but she would go upstairs and look for it, she's lame, mine you. Sad ,my country has come to this, no work ethic, no respect, slobby, mean people that don't want to work for a honest job. It's close to my house is the only reason I rented there. If you don't want to be treated badly, don't go to this location.

Shirlee Culpepper

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David Carpenter - 31 d 5 h ago


Public Storage did not close my unit like they were supposed to. Now they are trying to charge me the following month's rent PLUS LATE FEE. This service is disgusting!!! Public Storage even has me scheduled to pay the FOLLOWING month's rent!! At this point, for the protection of veterans everywhere, I will have Public Storage blacklisted with all the veterans organizations that I am a member of!! This company is horrible!! AVOID AVOID AVOID!!

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