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Public Storage

701 Western Ave.
Glendale, CA
Ronald L. Havner, Jr.
Chairman, President and CEO
(818) 244-8080
(818) 553-2388
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Tom Cavanaugh - 23 d ago


Practicing the shotty business ethic of Bait and Switch is about as low as you can go to get people in your building. Your rep flat out lied to me that the cost of my unit was not an introductory price. I asked him twice if this was an intro price and he said "no, this is your price going forward. Other than some annual or bi-annual slight increases based on the economy, this is your price going forward". Only 6 months later you want to hit me with a 25% increase?? Your company is banking on the fact that people like me are too lazy to move out. Well I'm not too lazy and I will not be ripped off like this. Why would you train your employees to represent your company like this?? This is the oldest, most bogus business practice there is. Bait and Switch......You should be ashamed of yourself. After doing some research I see you do this to everybody. Your ratings and reviews on line are pathetic. How do you treat your customers like this? This is my account info if you wish to retain my business.


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Gilbert, AZ 85233

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David Goldner - 19 d 15 h ago


This is what Public Storage does as a corporate policy. I have heard this same story over and over again. They have no ethics and they have no shame. See:

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Totally duped - 3 d 19 h ago


My sentiments exactly same thing here in Coral Springs Florida. Nothing more than bait and switch I should have learned the first time I rented with public Storage

I have already been dismissed by the customer in-service 1 800 number. They were rude in reiterating their policy and were all too quick to get off the phone. Do yourself a favor DO NOT RENT WITH THIS COMPANY.

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Unsatisfied Customer - 5 d ago


On Oct 27 th I made A reservation for a 10 x 15 storage unit the price quote was $219 a month a dollar for the first months rent when I get to public storage the female assistant property manager told me she was unable to locate my reservation number and she will have to start a new reservation and the total of the same size unit will be 274.00 she was unable to locate my reservation number and she will have to start a new reservation and the total of the same size unit would be 274 but she would work with her store manager to get it corrected those notes were placed on the account now today which is December 1 and the issue has not been corrected . Now my balance is higher than what it supposed to be and no one at the store location on Dolfield Road in Owings mills Maryland was able to correct the issue the store manager Teara was not very professional she did not follow up and make sure the corrections were made. Teara also said something to me that was very unprofessional. Teara and the assistant store manager told me i have to call district managers to get this issue resolved this is Bad Customer Service and the store manager should be the one to make sure she communicates with the district manager to get this issue corrected I am not satisfied nor will I ever rent at a public storage again nor will I refer any of my family or friends.

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Raven Lope - 21 d 14 h ago


My husband and I decided to rent a storage unit from this facility on October 4, 2019 we spoke with a very nice woman over the phone who assisted us with making the reservation. We were told prior to renting the unit verbally and over the phone if we turned in our keys and had the unit cleared out by the 4th of November (we wouldn't be charged the next month) we were moving from the Bay Area (San Francisco CA area to Imperial Beach) we only needed the unit for 3 short weeks during the moving process. We explained this to the lady and they had a really great deal ($1.00 first month + taxes and fees totaling approximately $25.00) Sounds Great!

We went to turn in our keys and talk to the receptionist on November 2nd and November 3rd in which she wasn't available the door was locked and a sign was left on the door.

We called 10+ x and nobody answered the phones.

We came back in on November 4th after we discovered our account had been charged the full amount for the month of November. When we arrived on November 4th the doors were locked once again and a note stating will return in (30) mins. Waited and finally a girl shows up to the front desk: we explained the situation and she said there was nothing she could do, she couldn't authorize a refund. I contacted the "district manager" named Rob Fragoso (who's clearly a joke) he was so friendly reassured me he would profess the refund that evening and he was on his way home he would call me back in an hour (never got a call)

Called him back and spoke with him on two separate occasions and reassured me again we would get a refund and he would call me back (never got a call)

Another week goes by and I called him 5 + more times and emailed him (never called me or emailed me back)

Almost two weeks later we haven't received a refund.

I plan on notifying everyone here in imperial beach to stay away from renting a unit here, I plan on contacting the corporate office, I plan on leaving every review possible.

My husband just got laid off the union and we are tight on money "Rob" shows no sympathy or remorse. I'm beyond frustrated with having to play this game of getting my money back.

If you're smart DO NOT rent a unit from this place if you intend on being scammed for your money!!!

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Anonymous - 29 d 21 h ago


Horrible company, no compassion from the district manager Miami Area for location at 7850 W 4th Ave, Hialeah, Fl. This company needs an overhaul. It lacks customer service on every level. Maybe we should all get together and open our own storage company and give them a run for the money. Poorly managed company.

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JB - 28 d 43 m ago


I couldn't agree more. CNt wait to get my stuff out of there and go to another facility

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Anonymous - 25 d ago

I am in total agreement. The Florida facilities are the worst. Their staff speak very little English and act as if they do not comprehend. The District Manage, Yahaira Pagon, is manager only in title, not action.

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Jake Law - 27 d 5 h ago



Flagged for review. 
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Megan - 28 d ago

This is the worst storage company EVER I am located in Brick, NJ and have an ongoing issue with my unit. I have been forced to file insurance claims twice within the past year due to severe water damage and subsequent mold build up. After the first claim in November 2018, I was advised that the roof was fixed. roughly 3 months ago, I found even more water damage and my boxes and belongings were flooded. and more mold. I am still trying to clean the unit out to FINALLY move out this month even though I am limited with what I can take. I had baby furniture, sofas, clothes, and kitchen utensils absolutely destroyed. My current state is that they raised my rent about $35 and now charging me late fees because I don't agree with my rent being raised. It's not as simple as move boxes from one facility or unit to another since there is significant damage. why would I take moldy items from one place and transfer them to another? the district manager has no regard about this situation and the onsite employees have no authority to make anything right. the onsite people who have been in my unit, seen the damage, reported the damage have no authority to anything. The district manager has not reached out once, or returned any phone calls, and never came to look at the unit to see the extent of the damage....again. I advise anyone who wants an honest, clean, and reputable storage company to avoid public storage at all costs. There are MUCH better options and people out there. You definitely get what you pay for - lower monthly costs and even less ground and building maintenance. Thank goodness for Mini U storage in Brick, NJ to pick up the slack of public storage's lack of ethic obligations.

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Coldrink - 32 d 21 h ago



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lola com - 31 d 49 m ago


well that is spam for sure bc the corp is for s

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Anonymous - 31 d 24 h ago

well that is spam for sure bc the corp is for sure 800- 6 8 8 8 0 5 7. located in glendale CA

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Coldrink - 32 d 21 h ago



Flagged for review. 
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Coldrink - 32 d 21 h ago



Flagged for review. 
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Gwendolyn T. - 32 d 33 s ago


Dear, Ronald L. Havner Jr./Chairman President and Ceo.

My name is Gwendolyn T. and I have had a storage unit located at 150 Tully Rd. in San Jose, Ca. for several months now. I would personally like to thank Joseph, The District Manager for providing positive and expeditious resolution in September. I would also like to thank Joseph and the Team located at 150 Tully Rd for their award winning approach to customer service: Erica, Mike, Margret and last but not least Nahid; who was very professional and super motivational, last month, in my stressful transition to a smaller unit. "Hats Off" to your wonderful dispositions anytime I am in need of visiting your location or communicating with you via telephone. If there are any other employees I've encountered whose names I didn't remember, I apologise in advance.

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tiffany - 35 d 15 h ago


I am writing you to inform you that I called and moved out the storage earlier this month. october 2019.. This is ridiculous. I informed your staff that I was moving out now they are trying to tax me for space for this month. NO ONE HAS CONTACTED ME FROM THIS COMPANY but those associates from the 9710 Plainfield St, Houston, TX 77036

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Luis - 38 d 8 h ago


Your customer service really sucks, you guys have most unprofessional employees, and even supervisors for the city of industry area, I rented a unit to storage some of the materials I use for my business. I got the unit on 8/31,and when I got the unit I was told I had to pay two hundred and twenty some dollars for first month rent, insurance, some fees that I can't remember and a lock that I had to buy from you guys, by the way insurance was not optional, which even though I don't need it, I still agreed to pay for at the time, so I asked the girl who was helping me if there were any more fees or that was everything, and she said no, that's all, your next payment will be on October 1st. and that I had 10 days to make that payment to avoid late fees, she told me sign here that you agree to pay this amount $22xx and your are all set, she was very nice, but when I showed up next month to make my payment, she was trying to charge me over $80 for late fees and penalties, and a whole bunch of things, because supposedly I had declined to pay $6 which is the prorated rate for one day of storage, because I got the unit on 8/31, and the rent begins on the 1st of every month.. I don't know what kind of scam you guys are running here, but I was never told about those $6 dollars, I repeatedly asked her to tell me the total amount I had to pay that day because I wanted no surprises, and that was the amount she told me, so I paid it, she never mentioned anything about those $6 and she even had the guts to tell me that she did and I had told her I would go back to pay them, I am a very busy person, my time is very valuable, why would I waste it just to go back and pay $6 when I could've paid them right there. I have asked for a copy of doc. I signed stating that I was gonna be back to make the payment but your district supervisor denied them. I don't know how you guys run your business and if that's the way you make your money, stealing it from people, forcing them to pay for all those unexciting fees, but let me tell you something I will pay you those $80 that you guys are dishonestly asking for. I don't have to pay for your employee's mistakes, it's her fault if she forgot to add them to my original invoice, I will pay them but you are loosing my business, I am pretty sure there are more places who can take my $200 a month!!!!

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Anonymous - 35 d 16 h ago


I agree, I spoke to Maria in customer service and she was so rude. I called the corp office and they were just as rude as Maria. The professionalism starts from the top!

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Herb K - 80 d ago


We were trying to get to the corporate office to see if we could set-up a business account. That is a virtual impossibility. The prompts on the call center route you to the local branch. You cannot talk to individuals to set-up a business account. Guess it's time to look at Secure Storage or Extra space Storage or an independent chain.

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blue - 36 d ago


You will never get any return calls from the President, District Mgr. or Regional Mgr.

I have a space to park my commercial vehicle & the rates are continually going up & this place is theft city.

Public Storage on Realty Dr., Carrollton, Tx.

4 trailers have been stolen from this facility, my trailer tried to be stolen & got jammed under a 26 ft truck while they were attempting to steal it. Had to hire a winch company to get my trailer from under that truck. Locks have been taken off my trailer & 4 weeks ago, a fender was stolen off the trailer.

They have been advising there are security cameras & there are NONE. Then they want to keep raising the rates & I'm wondering for what, since they operate a theft ring at that facility. They say no one can come in after certain times, but, they get into the facility after the hours when no one is supposed to get in.

Please don't ever use this facility as it is the worst. They won't do anything when you show them police reports. They say they are not responsible, but, we place our vehicles on their lot & they have no responsibility. I bet a good attorney would say differently. Also, they keep passwords from prior clients who parked in those places & this forces you to have to drive to the facility every month since you can't log into your account as it has the prior tenants password. Head quarters does NOTHING to assist for 3 years. All the way from President to employees who simply work at the facilities, no care, no concern, no respect & they are certainly never going to return a phone call, except the individual at the location.

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Anonymous - 35 d 16 h ago


This is so true. I am about to get an attorney because you cant get anyone to return a call!

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Ron Kamier - 36 d 20 h ago


If you are looking to invest DO NOT INVEST INTO PUBLIC STORAGE!!!

1) They DO NOT manage their own stock. A company in Autralia manages the stock you buy. So if you call, you will be told to contact COMPUTERSHARE.

My father passed away and was a small stock holder of only $5,000.00. I am the trustee. As requested (by COMPUTERSHARE) I completed the Lost Securities Affidavit paid the bond premium and processing fee to have the stock sold and deposited into my Dad's trust. Spoke to Wendy Lewis and was assured everything was satisfactory for processing. After no activity I left multiple messages with Ms. Lewis and still have not received a return call. After 4 months I received a refund of the bond premium and the processing fee with a letter telling me that the Lost Securities Affidavit had expired. Well no kidding! The lack of effort coupled with slow processing and just plain ignorance, "of course it expired". When I initially spoke with Ms Lewis, I was assured everything was completed and my father's stock wold be sold and the value deposited into his trust account. Still, No communications at all and of course no deposits. I am now filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, posting my complaint on YELP and notifying COMPUTERSHARE, Australia. DON'T INVEST INTO THESE PEOPLE IF YOU DON'T WANT TROUBLE.

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Anonymous - 38 d 18 h ago

At the Farmington Hills, MI location and there is no one here. Business hours are until 6pm and I have been waiting since 440pm for the manager to return. This is garbage.

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Anonymous - 43 d 19 h ago


I have been leaving messages for the general counsel Lily Hughesor for Ronald Havner and have not gotten a call or email back. Can someone get back to me with a good working number?


Thank you in advance for your attention.


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