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Public Storage

701 Western Ave.
Glendale, CA
Ronald L. Havner, Jr.
Chairman, President and CEO
(818) 244-8080
(818) 553-2388
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Jennie Stride - 1 d 6 h ago


Public Storage at 8801 West Freeway Fort Worth TX 76116 HORRIBLE PLACE. I paid my fee for the month of March they said there was some kind of special if I paid half of what I owed, then move my stuff out by the next day . I was unable not having the money for the truck or anyone to help me and they would not accept the payment from my daughter( they wanted cash by 545pm which my dtr was at work) and now they have my stuff locked up. Now we get told they moved my stuff out then she says no I still have it. So I'm filing a complaint with Better Business Bureau and I will be talking to an attorney this place knows my situation I've been having problems since I was laid off a year ago from my job. I WAS TOLD THEY WILL THROW MY STUFF IN THE DUMPSTER....HOW SAD THEY ARE.

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Anonymous - 1 d 9 h ago


Do not use Public Storage unless you absolutely have to. Rented a space for my Daughters furniture to be used temporarily until space could be made for it in September 2019. Monthly bill was $58.00 a month, In April they added $11.00 to my bill for insurance which I know for a fact was rejected since my HO policy carries over. to cover the items in storage. THIS IS FRAUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am hiring an attorney to sue them for fraud .

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Cforbes - 1 d 9 h ago


My friend recommended me and I met him to rent a spot in Costa Mesa on Placentia. We were rudely greeted by Angie. Once I rented my spot

We moved boxes into the unit. I left my stepmom there to straighten up the unit while my friend and I went to get the last load for the evening at 830 pm we ran a little late and came to find my mom in the front of the building. She could not call us or get out of the gate because she was told to leave by Angie and some other guy in the car. Angie just kept throwing the F bomb to my mom kicking her outside the gate and they both followed my mom to the gate threatening her with calling the cops the gentleman stayed in the car while she kept telling her to get out.. she was rude and there was no reason for this threatening or vulgerality. I was there by 9:10 to find her at the front gate crying.. You should really teach your employees how to talk to customers and that threaten them since they are the ones paying for your employees. Angie and the man could not stop telling her she was never allowed there again and they were going to call the cops and the f bomb after every word was unnecessary. Public storage will lose lots of business with harnessing their customers and hiring people like Angie. I personally have my stuff their now because I paid for the month already but if this happens again I am considering moving to a different storage facility. There are plenty of people looking For a job this lady should not be employed With a mouth from the gutter like she ha. I am not sure that the gentleman that was with her works for you or not but he was driving her around following her to the gate walking while she was walking very unnecessary very unprofessional

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Dallas - 1 d 9 h ago


The fact that everyone in this company is in a different page is disgraceful. I called to ask if the company was doing ANYTHING about this global pandemic and one person said no and another associate said they could defer the payment . What about those who have been laid off and can not pay . This is absolutely insane when we were sent a email saying the chairman actually "cares " . You don't care what are you doing ?!? There are people losing money and their lives and you can't help them try to save the little bit of things they do have .

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DJ - 32 d 5 h ago


Public Storage CEO, California management must be too financially comfortable and too arrogant to care about customers! Policies are not customer friendly, antiquated and greedy. Shameful.

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4/10/20 - 8 d ago

I believe the name responsabile for these horrid reviews and experiences is Joe Russell (CEO) After all "ATTITUDE REFLECTS LEADERSHIP" I know that name cause I too have been extremely disappointed by PS protocol regarding billing and raising rates without notice and raising it over $38 per month for my 10x10.. late fees in the middle of a global pandemic.. taking the low road in regards to people wondering the property during auctions that may result in theft ETC ETC.. I feel a call mob too PS corporate office is in order to express our disappointment in leadership at PS, NO THREATS, NO CURSING, NO DISRESPECT. Simple exercising our rights as consumers.

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Rm - 1 d 12 h ago

cant call no one answers phone and will not let you leave a message either.When you use the other lines it just goes back to the first one

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Terry - 7 d 10 h ago


Public storage is a disgrace to the community I called to explain my hardships that this pandemic is having on me and my financial situation, I asked is there any type of deferred payment plans I have in place at this time because I am unable to pay my storage this month, and I can't afford to have my belongings auctioned. Do u kno I was told there is nuthin they can do and if I don't make a payment today my things will go in auction. By far this the most disgusting way to treat ppl at a time where this is globally affecting us all. Something must be done public stoarage because this is so unethical

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Eve - 7 d 9 h ago


Hi Terry if you have any issues with that situation I will be happy to help you.

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Rm - 1 d 12 h ago


Hi Eve can you help me, i have been trying to settle an issue herein fla and can get nowhere, i have called a supervisor twice with no response, I have paid my bill ahead of time and are now being penalized for doing so,people not in office when supposed to be and get nothing but attitude when i try and speak to them, please RESPOND (hidden)

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CM - 5 d 9 h ago


Terrible experience. Rats ruined over 5k worth of items and all the property manager cared about was getting me out of their. This company is a piece of shit and I will be making sure everyone knows.

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West Columbia, SC - 6 d 14 h ago

I've been without pay almost 2 weeks now due to my office shut down. Is there no type of relief program you all can put in place due to the coronavirus effects?

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Teresa Trowbridge - 7 d 4 h ago

Now we have been on a rollercoaster from hell .. I got hurt badly at storage and I can hardly walk jammed my lower spine and ciaddic nerve. I am a housekeeper and with this virus things are really slow . With a stay at home ordered by governor. They gave me 3 days to pay a move out special and I called and explained that I couldn't come up with that much money until the 3 Rd of April when I get my last check becuz we were ordered to close til further notice. They said no it has to be paid by today the 31st of March . I can not believe these people have no compassion or forgiveness I am losing everything I own because they won't give me 3 days ..thought that they didn't charge late fee til after the 6th of the month . I am so hurt and may seek legal advice thought Trump stated to hold all evictions and such

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Cathi - 7 d 9 h ago


I'm experiencing the same as others. I called the corporate office and they informed me that there was nothing they can do about the almost 40.00 rent increase. My thought is that they can absolutely do something about it. They're the corporate office!!!

They have no consideration for anyone else and therefore I'm sure they will have a nice spot in hell for their actions.

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LM - 9 d 4 h ago


The public storage in Inglewood on Prairie Ave is disgraceful. I rented with them for four years until recently. This company allowed my stuff to get stolen TWICE over the course of two weeks and then lied as if they were going to help me, but did absolutely nothing. The on-site property manager was literally the only person attempting to assist me but without support from upper management, her hands were tied. The manager above her (Robert) did absolutely nothing for me, aside from listening to me vent about it and then emailed me saying I owe them $300 for the month that all of my personal belongings were stolen in broad daylight. The police came out to my unit twice, the second time one of the cops told me that he installed affordable cameras at his house that PS could've easily installed on their property but were too lazy to do so. I literally have to replace everything that I own because of this company. I'm talking clothes, books, shoes, kitchen appliances, jewelry, etc. And let's not even get into the irreplaceable items that were stolen. They have ONE camera inside the property and it doesn't even work. They put it there to make customers think that they care about ensuring that your items are safe and secure, but that's a lie. Two weeks after all of my stuff was stolen they held a public auction on the property allowing randoms to walk around the property-- even though my things were literally stolen the same day as their previous auction. they reached out to me in the middle of a global pandemic asking for payment when ALL of my things were stolen on their watch. they want to be paid for allowing my stuff to be stolen, TWICE. don't rent with them.

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Sandra - 10 d 9 h ago


Public storage fee increase!

How can you even consider raising your fees for any storage unit at your facilities while our world and our usa is in such a health crisis during the outbreak of this corona virus. I have experienced raised fees every year for many years, never late and with excellent credit. So much has and continues to take a toll on the people and our economy. You are a huge corporation and you feel it necessary to raise fees during these devastating times. So many are losing their jobs, suffering with the virus, died from the virus, have lost their businesses, lost loved ones...and what do you do to help "raise our monthly fee". What is your justification while other business folks and corporations are helping the people by delaying payments you have the gall to raise your fee during challenging times world wide...what are you thinking!?! I request that you refrain from such action of raising my monthly fee for my storage unit and keep at the monthly rate of $132.56 instead of 144.08! This is truly disappointing and shocking that you have decided this increase at this point in time. Space in Pearl City, Hi

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Suzette northern California - 16 d 1 h ago

No good reason to cut back hours of access to storage units. As no one else needs to be present when accessing the outside drive up units. This does not involve any person to person contact with others.

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renter in Santa Cruz, CA - 18 d 11 h ago


Public Storage for raising the rates by almost $60/month during this time of response to the virus when many of us are trying to lower our expenses due to loss of / or uncertainty of income. Santa Cruz, CA area.

Can you withdraw this price increase in light of current circumstances?

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Santa Cruz, CA - 18 d 11 h ago


*Shame on Public Storage local office for raising the rates...

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Kelly Kelster - 17 d ago

I agree with renter above raising rates in this time of uncertainty. Someone should report them.

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Suzette - 18 d 12 h ago


I have been renting for 6 years now and I just moved to a smaller unit, They will not prorate I had a 10x10 when to a 5x10 and they still chaged me 39.00 for a transfur for one unit, in the same bilding. After I just payed 245.00. We are only 19 days in to the month. On april they want me to pay 103. 00. that tranfur fee should have been taken out from the rent i pay for in march and I should only had to pay half of the rent for april and no tranfer.

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1 Screwed customer - 25 d 4 h ago


I moved from Merced Calif. to Livermore Calif.and on October 18,2019 rented a storage space in accordance to there line ( "Special")discounted price.When I signed the rental agreement I questioned the manager about the price I was receiving and if it would be honored all during the time I rented the space.I was told that if I had automatic bill pay and it was paid monthly,that the price would be honored until I vacated the space.Four (4) moths later I was notified that my monthly costs would increase over 25% from what agreed upon. I was told by the regional manger that the price I was paying was under the market value.Be careful of the online fraudulent offers by Public Storage, because they are dishonest in these offers and will screw you completely. Either pay or vacate PERIOD

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POed in Indiana - 29 d 5 h ago


In January, I paid for the month of February. Then moved out of the unit on February 1st. On February 8th Public Storage refunded my February payment. I received a call from a credit collection agency on March 9 and was told I owed for the month of February. Turning over a bill that had been paid and then refunded to a collection agency without notifying me that they had made a mistake is pure wrong.

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Irv - 31 d 15 h ago


Horrible customer service, extremely unprofessional, management never return any calls. Furniture completely damaged due to a Maintenance Malfunction and not only that they paid someone only 3 hours to correct the problem but it didn't cover my section now I'm forced to pay an extra month because I cannot get my belongings out because of thick ice I was told I have to wait until the salt melts the ice which is very sad, not only that I paid for movers and a truck so I'm constantly loosing money all around. My storage has rat droppings all on my furniture. It's all wet frozen, stuck to the ground My furniture is completely ruined and all of it was just bought 9 months ago. I wouldn't advise anyone to use this company for their belongings.

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