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Public Storage

701 Western Ave.
Glendale, CA
Ronald L. Havner, Jr.
Chairman, President and CEO
(818) 244-8080
(818) 553-2388
Twitter IDs
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Joe May - 124 d 19 h ago


I have been calling Mr Andrew Tom the district manager for the Conroe, Tx location for three days leaving messages for him to call me. I am trying to get a back payment, which has gone to a collection agency, resolved. The lack of payment is due to a sales promotion of " second month free" which apparently the Public Storage billing software does not know how to process.

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Paul G. ( - 124 d ago


you are correct and they are incompetent and at worst criminal. they run their business based on a legal business policies are the worst business model in the history of the USA . Make sure that your voice is heard complain to the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Protection Agency as well as the Better Business Bureau and contact your State's Attorney's office so it is all recorded on file do it all by email so you have a record of it, as I have. they've been sued and lost in 2016 for the same reasons as you and I are both stated did not change any policies because for them it is profitable there for their next lawsuit is due give me contact me anyone elsewho has been damaged legitimately, contact me.


I will be filing a federal and Joint lawsuit within the next upcoming month please join me.

this company should not still be in business with the amount of code they disregard in public safety they disregard and Theft and outright fraudulent and misleading advertising they should have been fine Williams

Flagged for review. 
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Richard E. - 117 d 18 h ago

I would like to be included in this lawsuit. Please see my comment above about my situation, and let me know what I can do to help. Please contact me at (hidden), and I will provide you with my personal information.

Thank you.

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stellita Johnson - 62 d ago


please add me stellita johnson

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Videochick - 62 d 21 h ago


i lost my relative and paid all my money to bury him going thru divorce and was behind i got an email of payment due but no notice of auction.....Got a phone call day before auction and they never acknowledge me that storage was going to auction i could did something pawn something now i have nothing . they go throught rep like water .The Rep had no idea . Need to be on this list for suing them.

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T.Brennan - 1 d ago

I wasn't finished I am interested on fighting for my rights and would love to hear back on how to make this right as I have lost every thing due to the irresponsible workers and at the end of the day dems ding me to pay to have what is left which I don't thi k is right at all no consideration or help from them due to the fact of cover g there own ass it is disgusting the way they have treated me

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Anonymous - 115 d 4 h ago

Wow, I never reading this report. If I know I am never rent them. I am renting from 20June 2018 and yesterday July 28 I remove my staff.I put all luggages ... And I saw one of my luggage getting thin ..on 26July 2018. I was asking manager why?I had Prove picture my luggages. And MANAGER Said I DONT KNOW? THIS COMPANY full of shitttt by opening and stolen staff from the (hidden)

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Anonymous - 95 d ago

Wow....hard to follow bad English. I'm sure PS has better things to do than stealing from your luggage. Instead of a picture of "thickness/thinness", what was stolen? Interesting you can't name a single item that was stolen.

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I don't have to hide - 91 d 12 h ago

Shut the fuck up bitch, your whole company in every city and state is ghetto, why are you anonymous????? Scared????? Back the fuck up I am tired of seeing your stupid ass comments. I have been having problems with PS since day one with bitches JUST LIKE YOU

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I don't have to hide, either! - 83 d 10 h ago

Why are YOU anonymous? Dipshit.

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Thunderwolf Silver wolf - 87 d 7 h ago


That's truth 4628 Sanford in Metairie Louisiana after they took from managers an ripped off 60 units

Public storage there had black mold

Brad boyed knew

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Anonymous - 113 d 19 h ago


How do I get in on this lawsuit? Email me (hidden) please

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charlie brown - 87 d 7 h ago


Share me too they killed my parent

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RitaLee' - 67 d 18 h ago


How do I get on the lawsuit?

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WalMonk1987 - 54 d 21 h ago


Please let me know how to get information on the lawsuit would like to be included!

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Mark - 112 d 11 h ago


I was told as long as my payment was made by the end of the month everything would be ok today they sold all of my stuff .everything we owned was in there,things of loved ones that have passef away this will likely cause my wife and i to divorce I would like to join in on the lawsuit.thank Mark Mckinney pm

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JJ - 105 d 17 h ago

That's what I was told and they going to sell my stuff aug 10 when I just owe Aug rent!!!!

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Anonymous - 95 d ago

Do due dates mean anything??

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Lietz Eagan - 87 d 7 h ago


Nothey stole entire bin of coffin because of being two dollars short

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Pissed off in schiller park - 84 d ago

Nope, they don't give a fuck at all

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Michelle - 90 d 4 s ago


They also did me like that yesterday

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Casey jonebluy - 87 d 7 h ago


They lie Public storage they tell one thing and do another but every gate has one code same 911911

Get you in any time of day

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Angela - 112 d ago

I wish to join the lawsuit as well. I will contact you via the email address you list above. Thank you!

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CarlaM - 103 d 19 h ago


I will be contacting you to join that lawsuit!

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Frustrated! - 102 d ago


If this is a legitimate lawsuit I would be interested

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Marie A - 102 d ago

Hello so far I have not experience in theft. but my payments are not consistent and went I went in to just go over my bill the manager threaten me. If he is the manager and would not give me his name.

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Kelly myers - 101 d 15 h ago

I also an very unsatisfied they are not an honest company i am late on my unit and was told it would be locked out after the 15th now i forgot to lick my unit they put there pad l8ck which apparently i cant use i can only use ps slude lock and they tild me there system will not alliw them to unlick

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Anonymous - 95 d ago

So, your dissatisfied because you didn't pay and they locked you out? OK...snowflake!

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