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Public Storage

701 Western Ave.
Glendale, CA
Ronald L. Havner, Jr.
Chairman, President and CEO
(818) 244-8080
(818) 553-2388
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Anonymous - 2 d 10 h ago


Severely disappointed in Public Storage...our unit has leaked twice getting our stuff wet both times. Attempted to call to have insurance pay for our damaged belongings after the first leak. No response! Then we went to get our Christmas decorations out and all our stuff was wet again, after we were told the leak was fixed. The district manager refuses to call us back. Then we get a call from the regular manager stating there is no water in our unit. So they accessed our unit with our belongings in it with the key left to only be used to have our unit repaired without our approval! I'm beyond disappointed! DO NOT USE THIS STORAGE FACILITY!!! NOT SECURE!! POOR COMMUNICATION!!

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Sparks - 41 m 12 s ago

I need one other person to file cls action

My belongings were also destroyed; claim denied by orange door ins. My things were destroyed by a leaking roof.

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Clayton - 2 h 39 m ago

I have dealt with racial discrimination clearly from Una who is a property mgr in Mill Valley, CA while she was working on site. I also have knowledge of her stealing at the property from a customer. Iris who is supposed to be her boss refuses to address the problem and is more interested in my personal life. I am only a customer. I have tried to address this with Amy and Neil again who are supposed to be management.. They appear to be more interested in cover up and lying to me. Also they enjoy taping conversations to play for the underlings like its a joke. I have been a customer for many years nationwide and never experienced such unethical behavior or bad management ever. Iris refuses to call me of course. I am a customer and am in utter shock of the lies and cover up happening.

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Shay and Denise - 1 d ago


My public storage rent was $33.00 a late free was a whole $100.....from October to December my things have been placed at public storage....$48.00 late fee...$18.00 late fee...$40.00 lien fee......I Do understand that my bill was not paid on time...however $100 worth??? I only used the storage for 2 months....this a is a ridiculous late fee and lien fee to me....I think its a total RIP OFF!!!!! Plus the customer service was hideous.......NEVER AGAIN!!!

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Tracy - 1 d 20 s ago

There have been two times at different times of day that I have had to wait because there was no one in the office. They have a sign that says when they will be back but to come twice and have to wait????? It's like the people that work there just come and go as they please. The hours that the office is open are the hours that some should be there. No matter what!!!!

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Carolyn Grant - 5 d 4 h ago


Why are you holding my stuff hostage? Is this normal practice?

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Brenda - 1 d 4 h ago


I'd be pretty certain of that. No one responds. It's a bait and switch hotel for belongings.

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Anonymous - 3 d 9 h ago

I have united in east Brunswick nj, yesterday in morning time i stop to fix things in my spot, just in front my door as dog puppy, i call front desk then somebody say, i going to clean up, today after 24 hrs i stop one more time de puppy still there, i toll the lady she say, I'm the o ly one in here, i need the problem solver, please

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Ms. Ruiz - 3 d 16 h ago


I'm writing regarding the Irvine 17792 Cowan location. I had my stuff there for about 14 months and I didn't access the unit often (maybe 2 x's in that time frame) well on the 30th I went to vacate and noticed my lock had been changed and I obviously was missing several boxes. All of my stuff had been rummaged through and I had public storage boxes in there (I work for a manufacturer all of my boxes were from my company I never purchased a public storage box). I told the woman on duty who spoke poor English and just told me no no they just switch out the lock because I was late making a payment but they don't go in to the unit... huh?!?? Lies! A week later I have yet to hear from district manager or anyone. Police report was filed but they can't help beyond that. This is disgusting!

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Steven Douglas Smith - 6 d 29 m ago


I have made a reservation with a public storage in Costa Mesa on Placentia Avenue sure. The manager is named Melissa, I believe the address is 2099 Placentia Avenue Costa Mesa California. She refused to honor my reservation which I have been informed through both reservations, upper management that she has no authority to not honor a reservation I called her today out of courtesy and she was very upset that I had escalated to the district and regional manager who are supposed to get a call back within 48 hours never did I receive a call back. I did contact the live in onsite manager Melissa today and she was extremely non-professional wouldn't let me get a word in edgewise made up all kinds of stories that I was bad tenant when in fact I left with good relations in all respects.

She does not have the authority as manager to not honor a reservation she made up all kinds of stories and lies and was extremely rude wouldn't listen to a word I had to say I had to end the call with goodbye because I would not engage in her rudeness and argumentative insults.

I'm still waiting for a call back from the regional and district manager I keep extending my reservation and have not received a call back nor any communication as promised. I also offered and suggested that upper management Bianna threw a call to listen to what she says and or non-professional behavior and lies and attitude this is not what Public Storage wants our needs as a representative of their company I've been Republic Storage throughout the years since they opened. I've always been in good standing with Public Storage. As long as this manager is on site as well as these district and Regional that do not call you back as promised nor do they honor reservations which they have to do it's their rules.

I would be on guard and be aware of this location as well as the public storage with an address ending in 66 just a couple of buildings down on Placentia Avenue and Costa Mesa California.

I am keeping my reservation and just keep renewing it until this is resolved so the case is open and will stay open by their regulations they have to honor the move-in special oh, I am taking this to the very top to the corporate office and offering them the same to be on a three way without the management knowing and see how she is not professional in any way shape or form Hogs the conversation and this very insulting making up stories that are untrue.

This manager and the one next door should be replaced they have horrible attitudes

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Jones family - 5 d 16 h ago


Yes I have experience the same thing that address with that Melissa to render husband get into big argument you think ur swords bad words during business hours it doesn't seem like they get along to welfare constantly fighting a screaming each other,, even cursing a bunch of our children they have no respect regard for others,. Melissa doesn't seem to have a nice honest nature I think she suffers from a bipolar or go to pennies see him any other mental issues just my gas kama total lack of control such incredible mood swings.

She is so bad we cannot even take our children there when we had a unit at a location right children are ages 6 and 9.

I don't know about her husband but I do know that he works on his home projects and at work shop honest own equipment when it is forbidden to do such a thing .

I was told by Melissa and manage your next door at the same location you're talking about that they are broken into at least 3 to 4 times a month and have robberies user Road locations with very very poor cameras.. and no security whatsoever !

How are you I would find another storage facility oven in public storage those units dad Prairie run down and management is but very bad attitude call mom sorry to hear you explain the same thing I have.

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Tom G. - 5 d 15 h ago


Yes I've experienced the same , my storage was broken into. And that's a manager I know you're talking about it I don't know name, frankly I have my suspicions it was either her and her husband committed robbery and stole from my my storage.

She had a very bad attitude and also didn't seem to care a single bit.

Hey brother much better storage is around the area much more secure much better manage this is most horrible I've ever seen.

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John Hamilton - 6 d 5 h ago


Public Storage is totally autonomous and dictatorial. I started my rent at $101/mo in the almost 3 years they have arbitrarily gone up on my rent to $169/mo. They have no trash facilities. And when presented with a problem they make it well known that any problem is the customers not them. One main problem .... They do not even send an email notice of billing. They will make sure if you do not show up to pay your rent they will definitely send an email to notify you are late and they are assessing a late charge! But it is too much trouble to send a billing notice. Every company, city, medical facility, even my landlord sends an email notice of billing to remind the bill is due. But NOOOO .... Public Storage is SPECIAL. THERE SHIT DOESN'T STINK. I am storing there because I had to move and had no better situation. And they take advantage at every turn. These people are dictatorial and heartless. GO ANYWHERE BUT PUBLIC STORAGE.

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Michelle W - 18 d ago


I had my materials stored in Public Storage on S. Loop Houston, TX for more than a year with no problems with my own . I was told some units were broken into after Harvey when I checked on my unit in September and Public Storage replaced my lock with their lock. All my contents were in the storage unit and it had been broken into. On Nov. 4, 2017 I receive an email stating I still have a balance on my account after vacating my unit only I did not vacate the unit in fact I could not get in the unit without Public Storage staff since my lock was replaced with a Public Storage lock. I was supposed to get a call from district manager and never did nor did I get an email. I said I was not going to pay if Public Storage vacated my unit. I called customer service and I was told my unit was vacated in error but the matter was corrected and showing as vacated and occupied. I went to my unit today with Public Storage staff and my unit has been cleaned out. What happened to the contents of my Storage! NO ONE SEEMS TO HAVE ANSWERS. Public Storage dropped the ball.

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Lmonroy - 14 d 8 h ago


Same happens to me, but my unit was flooded, they ask to clean me unit, and just leave what i want, i have 5 high capacity printers there, i clean up and when i return to vacate my unit, my key doesn't work , they change it without notice ( no payment due) they broke the lock and surprise, printers gone. the manager tell me he don't know nothing about a research on her computer and find pictures of public storage moving out my stuff, they just left some tripods and some screws and nuts. call more then 5 times to Danielle Johns who is supposed the regional manager left message every time no answer back. (hidden) ext 3166

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solo loco - 11 d 18 h ago

Some of those managers are real lowdown, that is why I'm doing this research.

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Anonums - 6 d 19 h ago


Everybody complain , have willy bad expirence , no one halphul eatcher , only complains . U words dosent means nothing , this union public storage still make a lot many its like mafia . They know eatcher from any state all manager they are willy good friends .They are millionaires people from union., Im from NJ happen me something , some people from Ariz ona ,California itd all United States state itd make same problem , why ?????nobody try stop them , its ok reading stuppid post happen me !!!!! Yes you , didnt any person try something no . Put post on tv , call them no ,make special report in tv any stasion no !!@ didnt realize nobody .

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Robin - 7 d 8 h ago


I was in the office when a colleague called in to the Public Storage on 5748 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC. The phone was loud enough for me to hear the conversation. My colleague happens to have an accent. The lady on the phone was VERY disrespectful and not helpful at all. I believe had my colleague not had an accent, she would have thought twice about the tone of voice she used with him.This is not acceptable. I tried to reach the manager, but was unable as she must have caller ID and would not answer the phone when I called back. I will continue to follow up with this as I think it is disgraceful.

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Matthew - 12 d 28 s ago


Completely unhappy with this location. Camelback Road & 19th Ave, Phoenix,AZ. The hours hear have changed to 9am-6pm. I've never heard of such a ridiculous schedule. I rented here for the hours and they take away 6 of my accessable hours and yet I still pay the same monthly. What a Joke for a Company

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Peter A. - 9 d ago


We have the same problem in Sunnyvale, California on Stewart Ave. Our contracts read the access hours are from 9am to 9pm (gate locks at 9pm).

As of Dec. 1, 2017 the access hours are 9am until 6pm on weekdays but only 5pm on weekends! The rent has been increased at least twice but now the access time is 25% LESS! Any particular reason Public Storage can't honor the contract?!?!?!

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Caretha Bynum - 10 d 21 h ago


Hello I'm a customer at your st Louis missouri office I rented the unit for $36 on October 31 rent was suppose to be $63 an some change I went to the unit at 4:00pm an they said they put a $20 charge on my account yesterday but they suppose to give you 5 days grace time they didn't send me an email or call me yesterday an there trying to make me pay $175 an some change when I went to pay my balance of $63 an change can you please call me at 314 230 2757 all of me an my children things are in there I'm currently living in hotels I came as soon as I got paid I don't have anything except my job an I can't afford to lose me an my children's belongings it's the 3rd I was suppose to pay the 1st I didn't know they took my grace period I don't understand how that was even possible my name is caretha Bynum..thank you

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John - 11 d ago


RE: Middletown,NJ facility

I have a few units that have been renting for some time. Just a few issues to start they don't have working carts and the only one they have is broken and still in service. I stressed this to management and they said they requested new ones and 2 weeks later nothing. When I discussed this issue again they said to call their district manager and when I called his mailbox was filled. Management is poorly trained and doesn't care about customer safety or concerns. When I asked if I could use a dolly in the main area he said yes if I purchased it. They also have debris left behind and not cleaned up by staff. I would strongly recommend renting elsewhere!!!

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Leyla Colon - 11 d 4 h ago


I need someone to contact me as soon as possible in regards to assistance with my unit in Michigan Ave Orlando. I have called several times, left messages for the Manager and I even went there thi day twice during office hours and there is no one at the office and there is no note around specifying when they are going to be back.

I hope someone can contact me soon!

Thank you!

Leyla Colon

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Solo Mike - 11 d 17 h ago


I have been a renter at the same Public Storage facility in Los Angeles for 21 months, always paid my rent on time to the very T!

When I first got there, there were young African American and Hispanic employees and the facility itself was reasonably clean.

This is the 100% truth!

Then more aggressive Hispanics were employed that seem to run all the Black employees off!

Then the facility became all Hispanic or Mexican if you will.

Then the whole place just became filthy, dirty and very nasty.

And the Hispanics that worked there just started becoming down right disrespectful especially toward African American customers.

When the facility was multicultural the place was keep clean and staff was respectful towards all customers however, when the place became all Hispanic, the facility became dangerously dirty and staff felt that they as a unit could talk to paying customers, particularly African Americans, any type of disrespectful way!

For the POOR SERVICE, DIRTY FACILITY and double-standard treatment towards African Americans and ANYBODY ELSE, also unreasonable dual rents where they would charge me extra for the same unit size the next man got for less,......I left!

All my belongings was moved on the 29th and I checked out on the 30!

On the first of next month I was already gone!

They would talk to other Hispanics in sweet Spanish and me rough and disrespectful in English and I just got tired of that mess!

I got a BILL stating that I checked out on the first were by the first I was long gone and never was there!

I'm fighting the BILL now,...knowing that I checked out and told them I was gone!

I may have to pay the bill to preserve my credit!

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Maisha Bahati Fisher - 51 d 7 h ago


This has been a nightmare. I was warned not put my things at this public storage because the staff was doing drugs and staging break-ins but I thought I had my stuff protected and because I was not a victim for so long. Unfortunately I soon became a victim my things were broken into on July 4, 2017 on a rainy Holdiay (how about that someone lurked a 65 inch flat screen TV through the fence in rain) I know this was an inside job because the way the storage was ran sacked. This is a shame and I will make sure before I DIE that PUBLIC STORAGE PAYS for this I had insurance but that is another story within itself you know these Corporations motto is to ROB PETER and PAY PAUL !!!

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Olive Joshua - 48 d 12 h ago

You know this just happened to me my storage it was about to be option off but I went and paid it a week before the auction I went in my storage last time I was in my storage all myself was there you know yet by another lock I didn't buy another lock right away because I knew it was secure so when a bottle lock on Monday the 19th and I go in there 12 of my boxes of clothing are missing I have yet to get a call back from the district manager or the store manager about my stuff so this morning which is the 26 I'm getting ready to go up here and somebody's gonna give me answers before I leave and I know it was an inside job because my place is ransack as well the ball the boxes were removed the day before auction and nobody call me back I know was inside job because there lock was still on there

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Anonymous - 33 d 7 h ago

What state are you in

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