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Public Storage

701 Western Ave.
Glendale, CA
Ronald L. Havner, Jr.
Chairman, President and CEO
(818) 244-8080
(818) 553-2388
Twitter IDs
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Anonymous - 8 h 12 m ago

Mr. Ronald Havner Jr CEO,

We have been loyal customers for over 15 years in Boca Raton, Delray Beach and West Palm Beach Florida. We needed a 10x30 and this time we needed light because we both work full time days and need to be in the locker when it is dark before work and after work when it is dark. We called the corporate tel number and booked it, the customer service rep told us it had power and light, he even put us on hold to call the manager at the West Atlantic Location in Delray Beach.

We paid cash, took 2 days off, rented a truck, moved in. We did not get back to the unit until a few days later to work and found that the light did not work. I replaced the bulb, still no light, call the manager who said we have no lights in our buildings. Called for a refund to HQ they said ok, was transfered to finance dpt, they gave me Monica Mgr name and number, called her no cal backs called her boss Michael Ferrel, he was rude and again gave me the run around

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Scott Smale - 19 h 26 m ago


LITERALLY: My unit was broke into by the staff. They cut my expensive locks and went into my unit. The excuse they have was to prepare it for auction. I owed for one month, which was due by the 6th or late charges would incur. I had until the 30th of April to pay. I am not living near my unit so I had been in contact with my management both them calling me, me calling them. They just wanted to make sure that my payment would be in no later than the 30th and I assured them it would. They even called me on the morning of the 27th which is the day I made my full payment and received a confirmation number. I then called PS to verify that they received my payment since it was made by bank card to corporate and they said yes, then I asked that they please program the gate to let me in because I needed to access MY FULLY PAID, UP TO DATE storage unit and that's when I was told that I would have to come in tomorrow. I asked why and the temporary manager said my locks were cut off and the company lock was on it and the other manager would remove it. I am livid!!! I had been in touch with them constantly even though I didn't need to. I was assured that all was well, just make sure we receive payment by the 30th, which they certainly did. They just can't wait to get their grubby hands on customer's property! They VIOLATED the contact, lied to my face and destroyed my property. I have heard the horror stories about this place but foolishly I never thought I would be a victim. They acted like they liked me but the also know about the valuables in my unit and have consistently told me how they want certain things when they stare at my stuff when I take it out. I hate this place and will go as public as possible with many stories they thought I would keep my mouth shut about.

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Jeff Clement - 1 y ago


- stars for this outfit. I've been trying to get moved in for 2 days. Renting 600 square feet of space plus a parking space. Started process yesterday still can't move in. Some stupid moronic idiot rule about not having combination locks is the last straw. These people have more rules then the US Army. Actively looking for new space and I haven't even moved in yet. Have 4 people that have to gain access. Can't find a place that sells locks that have four keys. Now I have to take my keys to a locksmith and get duplicates made. I'm very busy and don't have any time for this sh**!!,

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Ronnie D - 1 y ago


What are total bunch of s*** I moved in and the sign blow through down where it says one month free and they told me they wouldn't do it anymore next month the sign was up and then everybody got a month free but me bunch of f****** idiots

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Anonymous - 308 d 17 h ago

They did me the same way Ronnie D!!! The sign was up and they told me that promotion was over and they're not doing it anymore. These people are crooks!!! That's why I'm starting a Class Action Law suit on their ass...

Join me:

Tasma Brighthaupt,

PO Box 278972

Miramar, Florida 33025

You can also email me at: (hidden)

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Tasma Brigjthaupt, RN et al - 308 d ago

Email me (hidden)

Please email me we have to stop these CROOKS!!!!!

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Tasma Brighthaupt, RN et al - 308 d ago

My email address: (hidden)

Class Action lawsuit is being filed on Public Storage!!!!!!

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Barbara - 299 d 19 h ago


Send me the info too please. These assholes call me today to tell me my payment is past due and even if I come in to pay the late fee will be assessed.

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Contact me

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Pissed Off - 112 d ago


dropped my check in their locked mail box in Clayton NC on the 30th for a 1st due payment and they called threaenting a late payment fee and after visiting the facility after a no answer phone policy,,,,mgmt found it in the box.......went from $145 to @207 in 1 1/2 years.....about every 3 months raise in rent.......THEY SUCK !

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Ebony - 294 d 8 h ago

How would I get included with the class action suit?

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Anonymous - 142 d 16 h ago

Hello Ebony , have you gotten any info on the class action lawsuit? they are robbing people blind

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Anonymous - 120 d 4 h ago

Would like info cdownham@I cloud. Com

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RippedoffbyPublicStorageSICKANGEL - 84 d 48 m ago


Me too!!! They ripped off everything i owned while i was divorcing. Thats the exact reason im lookin up corporate office. I was going to get a lawyer and sue them. They first smoked a cigarette in front of my unit, then ckeaned it out stealing my grandmothers silver. I lived out if the area but paid rebt got higher higher talked to DM. He verbslly threatened me cuz i brought it to their attn. Im sick about it. They auctioned off all my expensive things. Not exagerating over $500,000.00. The prop mgr was x-con DM would put me on speaker phone and laugh at me flippin out. I had a nervous breakdown, i am now ready to fight. Plus im SICK WITH GRIEF THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT. LET ME KNOW ATTNORNEY NAME HANDLING this thank you.

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dee - 80 d 5 h ago


me too. they are the worst

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sal - 80 d ago


I want in.

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William - 8 d 7 h ago


I'm interested in joining the class action lawsuit please send me any information that you have thank you

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BOBBY - 280 d 36 m ago



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Dan - 277 d 7 h ago


I feel the same way , they give you a Quote for rental space then when you get there they tell you there is a mandatory insurance each month $11 to $15 So the monthly quote is not what they told me.

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Mad - 150 d ago


This is a common practice to force you buy insurance so that they can make more money. There is a guy named "Julius" works at the location "8560 W> Commercial Blvd, Sunrise, FL 33351", who tells the people that they cannot rent if they don't buy there insurance, which is not true. I have rented without paying for insurance from the same location, but there was a different employee at that time.

He is also very quick in cutting off your locks.

This place is terrible. There is customer services and policies and practices stink.

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Ashley B. - 84 d 5 h ago

If you actually listened, it states "all customer are required to have SOME FORM of insurance" which means IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THEIRS STUPID!

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No Pay Insurance if you own a home. - 65 d ago


If you have homeowners insurance then it will cover your storage rental. Check with your ins. company.

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nilla - 275 d 17 h ago


We all want the information Bobby. My story is below and I have a medical problem but because the burglary occurred 11 months ago only the manager flat out lied to me or I would have taken the greyhound or flied there at the time. Instead I have paid all this time knowing more has been stolen I can ever collect. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

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Pb - 204 d 16 h ago

I live in Hickory NC and I was robbed as well. I just posted above. I am seriously considering class action against these creeps.

I kinda wonder how many sites have been robbed like this?

If you want to check into trying to get these people to pay for the lies and losses maybe we should join up and find others.

We can find a way to communicate or contact each other?

Craigslist hickory nc and find and add under groups for activity and it will say class action Pb Storage.

Anyone you find lead them here too.

I want to catch up please?

General profile image - 141 d ago

Wow, contact me all my things of childhood and last memories of my mom and dad was auctioned

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Twin - 45 d 21 h ago

How can I get In on this class act lawsuit ppp

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Darla - 271 d 6 h ago


I would like to be included in the class action suit, I am also pressing charges and going to the Media. They owe me 335.00 dollars and keep telling me the check is in the mail. Con Artist they should be out of business and they hire unskilled people for the job

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Charlene - 268 d 23 h ago


This is happening to me also $340 and the check has been in the mail for a month. Chastised by the rude district manager, Josh. Says "things take time in corporations " he has repeatedly lied. The unit was never used and the manager took the keys but still charged my card days after. Booked and canceled within 24 hours. They rented the unit to another person and collected double rent

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Minnie - 234 d 3 h ago

I agree truly unprofessional people except when they want your money.

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Pissed - 149 d 15 h ago


I would also mld4sl@gmail com

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Gary Mush - 85 d 5 h ago


Please send me info on the class action suit as I am a little behind due to having a heart attack last month and the manager in carlsbad ca was so rude nasty and mean and said its being auctioned and wouldnt give me a time or any information on the auction and this was over 50 dollars which was oked by a district manager or regional manage which she said is not with them anymore.

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Ihatepublicstorageripoffthugsscaredangel - 84 d ago


When you know, will you pls let me know Bobby! U can private msg me or vis versa. I dont want thse PS ppl to know who i am here. Pls tell me your name on facebook. I can contact you. I am very afraid of these ppl. I do not want them to know my name. Too msny phone conversations that the District Manager threatened me. I take threats very seriously. These ppl need ti be shut down and locked up. Thanks bobby

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Mike - 78 d 6 h ago

Me too my things were sold aswell

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