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Sonic Corp.

300 Johnny Bench Dr.
Oklahoma City, OK
J. Clifford Hudson
Chairman and CEO
(405) 225-5000
(405) 280-7696
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Lorain Post - 5 h ago


Not sure if you are aware or even interested, but the $2.99 cheeseburger/onion ring special offered is in reality $3.99 in Tacoma WA. When I asked why the increase because it was advertised online for $2.99, I was told it's because the employees are paid a higher hrly rate of pay. If this is so, a disclaimer needs to be included in your advertising for Tacoma WA.

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B. Olivo of Norman, OK - 3 d 14 h ago

I keep bags of ice in my freezer. With the freezing cycle I often have to hit the bag enough to break the ice apart. I ALWAYS put the bag of ice in a cloth bag. I have had no problem for years doing this. The plastic is thick and strong enough that when it is in the heavy cloth bag, I have good luck with this method. Suddenly you have put the ice in a new, thin, flimsy plastic. One attempt to break up the light connection of ice pieces and the bag spit into five or six openings, spilling the ice into the cloth bag and on to the floor. This NEW bag, RED LETTERS AND ALL, is weak and flimsy and should be replaced!!!!

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Craig Butler - 8 d 2 h ago


Tonight I went to place an order at one of your establishments for two cheeseburgers no lettuce or mustard. I paid for my order came home to find that my order had both lettuce and mustard. I went back to have this corrected and get my money back for my order being made incorrectly. I explained to situation to the young lady at the drive thru window and she talked to the manager about my request. Came back and said I can have my order remade or get my money back but not both. I ask for the manager and explained what had happened and what my request was. She told me the samething thing.

Now I do not understand why my simple request couldn't be met. Your company made a mistake and should not have had a problem remaking my order and given me my money back. I have been to restaurants where the order was incorrect. The manager came over and apologized for the mistake, remade my families order and didn't have us pay. Not $12.50 isn't a lot of money however the point is a mistake was made on the whole order not one but two cheeseburgers. I will not be going to your establishment ever again and I will also be going on social media to put the word out that your company didn't meet my simple request.

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Lakesha hubbard - 20 d 9 h ago

My son is having issues at his job and it's the managers who is the cause of this foolish mess they don't give him no hours and always call him off the days he have to work it's a black running business and the conducting business poorly please resolve this matter before i take other measure it's unfair to him the way they treat him he is hard working and never late and shows up ready to work please look in 2460 poplar ave Memphis tn 38112 it's is a lot of mess going on with them manager one name Aaron his always call me son off they get paid every other week and my son has not had a full check cause they put who they want on the clock not the ones who is willing and ready for work please resolve this matter is out of control

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MOTHER - 10 d 17 h ago


GET your SON Out NOW my son did the job of 3 people and management would laugh at him I had to take my son to the hospital for collapsing at work they said he has mental issues. and contact a attorney he is telling you the truth look at his time paper they tell the kids to throw away because that's your proof the management is clocking out there employees hrs before they leave your kids are being paid SLAVE WAGES along with the disgusting sex drugs heroin and soo much more NOT A SAFE PLACE for our kids. I have my attorney for my son ALL SONIC'S need to be shut down for good

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MOTHER - 10 d 17 h ago


Sonic doe's not care about any employee they train there manager's to treat their employees like slaves. Drugs,sex trains in there Ladies bathroom there employees. Junkies shooting up in the bathroom with the management approval. SLAVE WAGES management will scream in your face you F N ... So bad rotten food in there refrigeration food cooked improperly NEVER LET YOUR KIDS WORK THERE this is from Utica MI.time to contact a attorney show the USA who they really are. WARNING.....

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Jc - 11 d 11 h ago


The sonic in pprter tx none of the employees has you called main office and nothing is done about itthere e food card that is required by the state the supervisor ed told new management to get rid of the old help so they don't have to gove out raise this is a fine way to treat workers tjey don't care about the wprkers or customer

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Mona Prunty - 12 d 5 h ago


Worst meal ever!

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Anonymous - 13 d 8 h ago

This sucks I have a sticky car and purse the manger did not come out and speak with as I asked I was not compensated what so ever for the mess that occurred in my vehicle due to your flawed cups

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Richard Culbertson - 19 d 18 h ago


Holy crap that food is good! I need to stay away but it draws me back like an addict to a crackhouse!

I only wish it was faster

Keep up the good work..

Anadarko, OK.

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sierra - 25 d 15 h ago


Went to sonic in boiling springs south carolina today I purchased a super sonic burger tator tots a strawberry milkshake ..a bacon toaster burger tator tots and a cherry lime aide ...the total came to 17.00 and some change ...the car hop lady came out she had blomd hair and alot of blemishes on her face I dident catch her name ...but she had a receipt on her tray as she handed me my food ...I handed her a 20.00 bill ...she said she would be right back with my change ....she gets back and hands me a total of 1.29 cents back ....I told her I needed a recipt she said just a second ...goes in the building ...a couple seconds later she comes out ...with a hand written recipt with 18.21 cents written as the total due ....she stated the printer wasn't working and said heres two coupons for free ice cream for the inconvenience. ...

now forgive me if im wrong but some where in this transaction a dollar of my money just poofed away in her pocket or something. ...and her math is off or something. ...but if she is scamming me for a dollar pretty sure im not the only one that this is happening to ...and I hate ...a theif ....this occurred 8/25/3017 10:30 a.m ....boiling springs south carolina. ...

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Tewanna Trevino - 35 d 13 h ago


Hi I am a regular customer in Weatherford Texas and I would like to know why no one has made a pickle slushies?

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High Price Lemonade - 35 d 15 h ago


Sonic Drive-In Feedback: Location: 4904 Indiana Avenue, Lubbock Texas 79413 on 8-11-2017 @ 13:15. Server was Jimmy who was very nice 1st Issue: Combo Meal Price When I ordered a combo meal I did not realize that the lemonade would cost an Extra $.90 on top of the combo price? Last time I looked Lemonade was a drink. I did not see anything on the menu about being extra or I would not order it. I feel like Sonic has premium prices for a fast food restaurant and with the extra cost of Lemonade it has high prices for a restaurant. McDonald's has limeade/Lemonade large one for $1.49 in our area. Not an extra $.90 for an upgrade. 2nd item: Website Went to they ask for zip code or state to ID the store. I imputed the information and nothing happened. I tried different combination for state and zip code and could never get past that screen. Please check your website and modify it so it will be more users friendly. I was going to write about item one. 3rd Issue: Feedback Your receipt does not included a feedback website? Do you not care about feedback or how to improve? 4th Issue: Could not use Sonic website got the following message twice: 400 Bad Request The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax. The client SHOULD NOT repeat the request without modifications. This page can't be displayed. Contact support for additional information. The incident ID is: (hidden)87. I hope you use this feedback to give your customers a better meal/eating/ordering experience.

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Disappointed - 40 d 7 h ago


I went to the sonic in Trinity, Texas. I ordered a cheeseburger meal and asked for it to be upgraded to a large. Then I ordered a chicken sandwich meal and also asked for it to be upgraded to a large. When it came out I didn't get larde fries and tater tots. When I asked the carhop she said you have to tell us. I said I did ask for the upgrade. I asked for her to talk to the manager. The carhop comes back and says the manager says you have to ask. I said I did. She said I am sorry but you get the medium. So I tell her y'all charge for large but you don't give the product. This is so not right. There is something always wrong with this location. The cooperate office really needs to get a handle on this location. Quality of the products are not up to Sonics standard. If you question them it's always, well this the way it is. No, because I can go 30 minutes up the road to 2 diffrent ones in Huntsville and the products are great and so is the service.

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aloha lee - 44 d ago


went to sonic in trinity texas this morning at 10something this morning to get the $5 chicken box but because i wanted a lg drink instead of a medium i was charged the regular price. when i complained about the price i was told to come back tomorrow.. when i told the manager the lady in the drive thru was rude he told me yeah no one likes her ... really great way to treat your customers.. i will not EVER go back and i will tell EVERYONE i know how rude and overcharging they are. I WILL POST ON EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA SITE I AM ON. if yall would do an audit and stop the auditors from being "paid off" to pass perhaps things might get better.. how sad that this is allowed to happen..

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Mindy - 49 d 15 h ago


Stop at sonic in Anna texas I guess they dont know how to give people there change back

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Rhonda - 56 d 5 h ago


Stopped at Sonic, 2016 S. Cooper St, Arlington, Tx yesterday, 7/24/17. around 3:15pm. Waited for at least 10 min. before our order was taken. Someone walked up to the walkup order and got their order taken before us and pretty sure the car next to us too. Waited about 20 min. or more for 2 #1 Combos and a chicken stick combo. I pushed the button to see if our order had been forgotten. LeeAnn brought the order and began calling out the wrong order - #2, etc. when I corrected her her said that it was our order. She was really out of it, possibly on drugs, with black circles around her eyes. My 80 yr old mother commented on how strange she was acting and looking. Our hamburgers were cold and tastless.The french fries were not cooked completely. So disappointed as we had my special needs brother with us and expecting to have and enjoyable meal. We won't be going back to this location. The last time we were there they overcharged my mother's debit card and it took a week or more for her to get a refund.

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Anonymous - 61 d 4 h ago


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JACKIE WILSON - 68 d 12 h ago

Hello Mr. Hudson:

I am a cery dissatisfied customer. My name is Jackie Wilson and I am a faithful customer at your franchise. On today July 13th,2017 I went to the Sonic Drive In to purchace our lunch. I made it clear that I had two complete orders when the employee did not follow instructions on my ordering. When the carhop came out to bring the order and she had both orders on the same ticket, I asked her what was the price for each order and she stated that she could not do anything about and I stated you can divide the price of the ticket by two. I called back in after about ten minutes of receiving part of my order and the carhop had not taken my money to pay for my order. I asked was someone going to come get the money for my order. Then she got very smart mouth about the situation that is when I asked to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor bega talking unprofessional words to me as well as threats and stated to me your moma while the parking lot was full of customers. Then I stated that I was going to report her and she stated that she was going to call me and I asked her how because she does not have my number and she said that the report will have my number on it. I felt threatened and humiliated by SONIC'S supervisor and as she turned to walked away she stated to me your moma. I would like this situation to be addressed and the proper actions taken. THANKS IN ADVANCE, Jackie Wilson. 254 275 9944

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Humiliated - 69 d 10 h ago


I was told by family members not to eat at Sonic because an unsanitary family member had gotten a part time job but did not know which location so before I order any food, I asked if she worked at this Sonic on 6th street Lawrence Ks. After I was told YES I quote said "No thanks, I will not eat here because of unsanitary health reasons, I will go somewhere else. The manager Jimmy came running out to ask me WHY I refused to eat there? This was on 07/06/17, I told him about the unsanitary health concerns and about the drug use.

We all have family that we are ashamed of. The employee is the girlfriend of my nephew who is a convicted felon and both are squatter's living in a shed in my brothers back yard. They live like hoarders with cat piss and feces all over the floor of the shed where they sleep, they don't bathe, brush their teeth and they dig holes in the ground as a toilet in my brothers back yard. She has nasty particles and fleas falling and jumping off of her when preparing food for your unknowing customers. She tested positive for drugs by the children's protective courts in the past 2 weeks, that's how I know.

I followed up with the manager Jimmy on the 07/07/17 and showed him pictures of the unsanitary conditions to prove that I was telling the truth and he agreed that was the employee he had hired.

On 07/11/17 I went to get some food, I asked if she was still working here? I was told YES she is still working in the kitchen and serving food. Once again I said "No thanks I will go elsewhere to get my food. I left Sonic and went to Wendy's. Since I was getting nowhere with the manager Jimmy I went back to Sonic stepped inside and asked to get the information on where to file a complaint by phone or maybe a website.

I was blindsided and shocked on the way the manager Jimmy handled the request. He came out me with anger and hate in his eyes and yelled at me "I can't keep doing this". I said "I know and that's why I wanted the information so I could file a complaint. He treated me like I was the unsanitary drug using criminal that he hired.

He threw me out of the store and called the police. I told him that I would find the information on the internet and I will file a complaint and it will include his behavior. I LEFT. I never threaten him or caused a seen, but he did. He never did give me the complaint information. OMG! The police came to my home. I asked the officer What did I do? The officer said he watched the video and that I did nothing wrong but at the managers request, I am not allowed back at that store or I will be charged with criminal trespass. REALLY!!! If this manager can not handle his job, I think he needs re-evaluated. What are the drug and health polices at Sonic? I know that Sonic is hard up for help but you have polices in place that are not being enforced.

I was humiliated by this manager Jimmy and I have discussed this with my lawyer it will be a civil matter.

The manager Jimmy is the one who approached me first in the parking lot.

My family already will not eat there. I will make sure that I get this information out on social media, friends and over a 1000 coworkers will know how I was treated and not to eat at this sonic location due to unsanitary conditions. I contacted the local newspaper, they want me to write a letter to the editor. I can not knowingly let the public eat at this location. assigned #1073021.

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Anonymous - 70 d 13 h ago


My wife and I stopped at your location at 1498 Route 38 East Hainesport, NJ 08036 late this morning and ordered 2 #9 meals that consisted of grilled chicken sandwiches. I'd like to preface this complaint in that I very rarely write a letter regarding food but the chicken sandwiches were the absolute worst I've ever purchased. The meat seemed very grisly and very tough. I've never had a tough piece of chicken but for $15 for 2 meals this was about as bad as it gets. Please, don't send me any coupons to revisit because we won't be returning.

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Richard - 71 d 5 h ago


Visited for the first time at Sonic at the Michigan City location july 10 at 7:50 to 8:15 pm ordered 2 milkshakes and small tator tot

after 15 minutes a car pulled up in next stall ordered 2 drinks and large tator tot 5 min. later they got there order

waited 5 more min. never got order so pushed call button told them to cancel the order

first time is the last time ill be at any sonic steak & shake from now on

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Christopher - 80 d 18 h ago


It is bad when the assistant manager is checking you out and gives you the wrong ticket back for your food especially when you have used a debit card. Also when you have to keep asking for your ticket when you purchase your food. A lot of the time my food is cold, over salted, not fixed right, has soda all over the cup, fixed sloppy. The carhop is rude at the window and I don't have time to stay to eat so I have to use the window but the service is terrible. If we had other stores in our small town I am certain they would be out of business. Please do something to improve this store with Sonic's name!

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Nancy - 80 d 18 h ago


The store in Melbourne, Arkansas is still having major problems. The carhop: Patricia at the drive thru window just can't seem to get things right along with the one named Haley. Very rude and unsatisfied service and treatment to customers.

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SBanks - 83 d 14 h ago


In Memphis TN on Perkins Rd, 7 pm ordered two combos one #1 and #2 got charged for both but received 2 #1 combos's call in to explain that I was charged for #2 and received #1, person on the phone asked me to bring the order back and let them replace it, I replied could not come back right now, She replied well just bring the order back with the receipt when ever i come back. How stupid is this, what do i do for my child's dinner now, and how was I to keep it for two days. that would have been another hour or more,of my time for their mistake. Had to give both to my growing teenage son, just out of track practice. #notgoodcustomerservice.

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