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Sonic Corp.

300 Johnny Bench Dr.
Oklahoma City, OK
J. Clifford Hudson
Chairman and CEO
(405) 225-5000
(405) 280-7696
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Patricia - 37 d 6 h ago

Reading all the complaints about many different locations, I would strongly suggest someone in corporate volunteer to do an "Undercover Boss" type of evaluation at the locations complained about, as well as a few others. I won't even bother to detail my complaints about the different Sonic locations in Georgia. Just seeing the complaints of others, including employees, makes me reconsider eating at Sonic.

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Beverly - 12 h 55 m ago


I got food from one of Albany's stores Jan 20th. Burger was completely cooked wrong drinks overflowingcoke in cup holder wet. I just read Sonic ' Wikipedia profile. Bought out by Inspire which owns Arb's and Buffalo Wild Wings 12/7/2018. I took time to read the nutritional values of Sonic products. That burger I got has 1750 milligrams of sodium,the tots and/or fries laden with sodium-way too much and then drink. I have to think that consumption of over teaspoon of salt. In over 20+years of dining at Sonic worse food experience. I have eaten at Sonics in Panama City, Pensacola, Dothan Alabama,etc others traveling. Reading all these complaints,recent experience,etc this may be last time. Give me a Whataburger store where I can regulate my sodium intake and get best onion rings and etc

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Ms. Jones - 1 d 10 s ago


My daughter works at the Sonic location at 580 Thornton Road, Lithia Springs, GA 30122.

While on duty a young man, whom name she does not know forcefully reached into her back pocket, snatched her cell phone, then threw it to the floor. I made two attempts to contact the store to rectify this problem before calling the authorities. When the officer arrived to the scene, we filed a police report, and called the young man's guardian to explain what happened and to also request a full refund. I asked the manager on duty, what the policy was against horse playing, he stated there is a zero tolerance, however, stated that he thought the two teens were just playing. This is contradicting, since horse playing is not tolerated.

My daughter has been a part of Sonic's team for no more than three weeks, and so far I must say that not only did she receive a pay check with missing hours, we are dissatisfied with the type of negligence and unprofessionalism from staff at this establishment. She is more than willing to learn, though staff in inconsistently making attempts to train her. I suggested to the store manager that termination or suspension of my daughter's employment will result in a lawsuit. I expect of full investigation concerning this matter, payment of her property, and an apology. I look forward to a resolution to my problem, before this results in a lawsuit.

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Farley Leatherwood - 3 d 14 h ago


I purchased a med coke and med order of onion rings when I got home the coke was so nasty not fit for humane constipation, after taking three drinks of the coke and it was just so bad I poured it out and call the Sonic located at 1201N Main Weatherford Texas I told the young man I thought there is something horribly wrong with their drinks he said yes ma'am they had a plumbing repair and it made their drinks taste bad, I told him it was wrong to continue to sell their drinks until the problem was resolve I don't know about other customers but that fighting to purchase a product that could possibly cause a health issue plus the consumer is paying for something that is not fit for humane consumption and the money they spent. I woke up this morning not feeling good I have a sore throat which I did not have before drinking the coke I purchased from the Sonic Drive Inn. I'm very disappointed that Sonic doesn't have a customer safety guide lines in place there should be no drinks of any like sold from that Sonic until the problem is resolved. I've alway enjoy the Sonic food especially the drinks. Please do something about it the system need to be cleaned and completely safe for consumption before thet resume selling the drinks there and a refund of all drinks sold during that period of time.

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Ms. Heath, Quita - 10 d 2 h ago

I sent my nurse to Sonic in Savannah, ga the one on Montgomery cross roads @303 E. Montgomery cross rd. They are very rude and only want to play around instead of doing their jobs. On 1/08/19 @ 2:35 pm we ordered lunch the casher took my debit card swiped it then walked away with my card. Then come back swipe it again then calms there is no money on my card. In which while I'm there I pulledcup my bank on my phone which showed they took money out my account of $ 7.24. They wouldn't give me back my card nor the food my nurse had to pay with her debt card $ 7.24 for they to give me my food and card. My nurse asked so what about the money take off my patients card they calmed it will not be a charge. That was a lie I was charged $7.24 on my card and I want my money back or I'm pressing charges. I'm disabled and this is not fare to be treated this way.. I have contacted by bank about this fraud that was done on my account. When you call no one answer the phone this is the Second worst Sonics in Savannah, ga the one on Chatham park way & Montgomery cross rd. Will keep you losing customers.

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Done with Sonic - 4 d 7 h ago


This seems like the norm for this company

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Done with Sonic - 4 d 7 h ago


I have had 3 out of my last 4 orders made wrong at the Aberdeen NC location with the last one being 2 days ago. I have submitted complaints with no response and this last time I actually called and spoke to the complaint line and I was told that someone would be getting in touch with me but once again no response. How can a corporation expect their business to succeed and grow when they dont take care of their customers? All successful businesses start at the top. I also work in customer service where I have been my entire working career with some being in the food industry and needless to say I am very disappointed in how I have been treated by Sonic, from the store to corporate office. My business will go to someone who appreciates it in the future, not sonic.

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Michael T Thomas - 5 d 2 h ago

How we get our tax return

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Concerned customer - 5 d 9 h ago


I recently visited the Sonic un Radford, Va. I pushed the button and expected quick service because there were only about 4 cars at the location. After over a minute, McKenzie proceeded to take my order. An oreo milkshake. I am not familiar with all their products and do not frequent the establishment. She chose my size for me, she also decided on her own that I wanted whipped cream and a cherry. I had to ask after seeing a $4.20 total, and being asked if I wanted anything else, (meaning she was done with that item) if there were different sizes, she advised yes; mini, small, medium, large. I said ok well that's fine, but in the future shouldnt you confirm with the customer? I was still looking at the menu while speaking to her and saw several icecream desserts by different names with whipped cream and some with cherries, I asked if the milkshake had whipped cream, she advised yes. I asked again, shouldnt you confirm with the customer if they want that? She failed to mention at all, while knowing I was unfamiliar with what came on a Sonic milkshake, that it also came with a cherry. My son doesn't like cherries or the juice at all. The order came out, the carhop, Maria, was holding it sideways, and I watched the whip cream and cherry slowly slide to the side of the lid. I know for a fact that most resaurant POS systems have options and prompts, making it necessary for the order taker to ask questions in relation to size of item, what sauce to accompany certain items, and if they would like whipped cream or not. Knowing this, I am not sure what makes the people working at this particular location feel so entitled to choose without asking the customer? Customer service is a HUGE deal to me because I am a customer service manager for a large chain. I know how you are supposed to carry food items and how important getting an order correct is. If the screen shows you options, you MUST ask the customer, not choose it on your own. I would have liked the option, not every customer you have is going to read the menu fully and is not familiar with your products, that is why those prompts exist. I am not sure who trained her or if the management has had any other complaints about this issue. I know it was just a shake, but I see a much larger, bigger picture problem with the service I received. I know a year ago when I frequented more often in the mornings only, the young man who usually took my order at the Radford location ( he must have opened every morning) asked me what size, what sauce, he asked me all those questions and so does every other place I order from. Please retrain and get that store back to the customer service it had. I don't know what has happened internally, but there is a very drastic difference between that young mans daily customer service and what I have been experiencing in the last 3 months. I finally had enough of rude tones from the manager on the headphones, to the longer wait times, and now not even taking orders in an efficient manner? Corporate needs to reevaluate the management at that store. The young man manager that was there every morning was spot on! I guess he switched to nights?

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sadness - 6 d ago


PLEASE Stop making your burgers smaller and smaller knowbody minds paying $9.00 for a big juicy burger but now its just another tiny drivethru anywhere size. You where the last great American drive in now your just another Mc anywhere

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Anonymous - 7 d 12 h ago


Hi MARTIN, Thanks for placing a mobile order at SONIC! Order placed at 01/10/19 4:52 PM Order Number: #9806288 Ticket Number: #51714 SONIC Drive-In Location 23802 Westheimer Parkway Cinco Ranch, TX 77494 (hidden) Your Order Pepper Packet $0.00 Relish Packet $0.00 Salt Packet $0.00 2x Honey Mustard Packet $0.00 2x Ranch Dressing Packet $0.00 Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger + Medium Tots $2.99 - Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger $0.00 -- Add Lettuce $0.00 -- Add Tomato $0.00 - Medium Fries $0.00 Subtotal $2.99 Tax $0.25 Total $3.24 Paid with ****5056 I NEVER RECEIVED A CONFIRMATION, NOR WAS ORDER READY. NEVER RECEIVED, PLEASE CREDIT MY ACCOUNT FOR REUSE. I WAS CHARGED, NO FOOD/

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Tom P. - 8 d ago


Please, open a Sonic in Pennsville NJ. Sonic's menu, burgers beats Mackey Dees and burger

queens burgers hands down you are the best. I have to travel over 30 miles north or south to eat Sonics great food. Please open a store in my town. Thank you.

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Anonymous - 8 d 6 h ago


You have a store in Breckenridge Texas 76424. The man in charge is very rude to customers and he mocks them. He can''t take orders nor talk to his employees like they are human beings. He mocked me then when I went back a few days later you can hear him at the drive thru still talking about the situation and mocking me again. This Sonic sucks under his management. It sometimes takes 10-15 minutes just to get a drink. The good employees he has he is pushing them out the door. The food is not always hot nor taste good.

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Anonymous - 10 d 5 h ago

I got food poisoning at the one on gladiolus and Winkler I've been sick so far for three days

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Beth scowley - 11 d 6 h ago

The chicken strips my daughter patty got in a meal I got pop corn chicken, we get home and we ate patty. Started to eat and she chip her tooth from the hard chicken I too the popcorn chicken tore my mouth and cut it all up the chicken was so dry and hard.someone needs to do something about this they were not busy it happened at 3:30 on Jan 11/2019

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Shhotstraight - 11 d 7 h ago


Ordered breakfast for tomorrow 1 sausage and 1 ham burrito. I asked them to mark them so we could tell them apart. They didn't. They're impossible to pull apart after spending the night in the fridge.

I also ordered a #2 double sonic burger with NO pickles, lite catsup and mayo, NO mustard, extra onions. What did I get? A "2 double sonic, WITH 4 pickles, AND MUSTARD.


To make matters worse I hand the cashier my credit card, she runs it, set it aside, and prepares other orders. Meanwhile I'm sitting with my wallet in my hand waiting for my card so I can put it all away and not have to deal with getting a card, getting a drink, and getting two bags of food all at once. So, I rapped on the window and ask her for the card and she has the audacity to tell me while she waits to the end! Whose agenda are these people on theirs or ours as customers? Who wants to sit there with their wallet or purse out waiting to return their card so they don't lose it and then get their card and their food and everything all at once? Nobody that I know of!

Last but not least oh, I was not going to say anything about the burger and just chalk it up to fast food in competence but when I opened the burritos this morning and they were not marked and I had to cut one of them open to determine what type of burrito it was I thought maybe I better call. So I went to the stack receipts from yesterday and guess what my argumentative cashier didn't give me a receipt at all! Enough is enough!

I called the restaurant could not hear the person on the other end asked them to speak up twice and they hung up on me. By now I don't trust these people as far as I can throw them so I called the customer service number and they wanted my name number shoe size color of my underwear and everything else I was not willing to provide it so they were not going to submit feedback!

Sonic is definitely broken and needs to be fixed

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ex-customer - 13 d 9 h ago


On New Year's Eve, at about 5-6 PM, we went to Sonic just North of 67th Ave and Thunderbird in Phoenix, AZ. (our ex-favorite fast food joint) We waited at least 20 -30 minutes for our drive thru order. In that time we were brought the wrong order twice and the final time I asked why the long and confusing wait? We were given the normal story: Somebody else caused it! We will NEVER go to a Sonic again. Now that our new house of Representatives member has opened the door for profanity as the norm, it was total BS! I know that you can't get kids to work today, but that's not my problem, you run the business. I think you get the point: run the business, or get somebody that can! I would start by reviewing the staff, and if you do decide to look into this, please ask the manager where he was at that time on that day because how many customers did you lose that night; no one will ever know? I go to JACK IN THE BOX now, and if you want to get great service and a warm burger (and on time) I would advise you to go there too!

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Anonymous - 20 d 6 h ago


Well I think it is worng that the employee in shtack get to smoke pot why hey are at work I think the place should be shut down and everything .

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Eva - 27 d 8 h ago

I visited this 4250 Blue Parkway KCMO location this afternoon on my spouse's lunch. We have had Sonic maybe 5 of our 49 years of life an all in Dallas.

I advised the drive-thru order taker once we got to the window that I could barely hear her( well that was my attempt and she slammed the window in my face

When she returned to pass drinks I asked did she want to know if I want tator/fries. she said what you want and slammed the door again.

I stepped to the window so she wouldn't slam it again, and again about the volume, she said "It's not my headset, it the speaker, so I said well can you let mgr( and she slams it again). This time I stood and asked for the manager, and advised him of my issue with the employee, speaker, slamming the window while I was speaking. He allowed her to call me out my name, (I returned the gesture). I advised him I thought I was doing right to let you all know that the speaker is malfunctioning and can't hear. She apparently wasn't thrilled with my speaking to mgr, told me she gets off at 2 pm in a threatening manner in front of this manager, then she left drive-thru told me to meet her at the side or she just went to the side door, foul language. Not saying I am innocent, I returned the favor. I asked the mgr why would he allow his employee to come out of the store etc. He immediately said look at me. I was defending myself from her actions, tone, and threats. He never told her to go inside or anything. There are no contact numbers they are a franchise and the number on the receipt is corporate and I was told no info on this owner etc. There is no way to get help at this store besides calling the number, the receipt said to ask for the manager, but how can you do that when they protect the employees.

I have celiac and asked for no cheese, I am allergic but my sandwich had cheese, I don't know if that was on purpose since I asked for none, or what.

There should be a video of the whole ordeal at 1112 am-1119am. I conveniently pulled over called the store back, thinking I would get someone else or mgr, a female answered and I kinda recognized the voice, tone but continue nicely and asked for the manager's name, and I was the customer that just left. She (was Id) as the employee said verbatim. Please excuse my language. " You ain't getting sh**, F..k you and corporate and hung up. It is now 103pm and I have yet to find a complaint number, owner etc. I was finally told by corporate that it is a franchise. No means am I saying I am innocent, just defending myself against these young folks disrespect today. I and my mom were called all sorts of names, etc. All this happened in front of a manager who never had control over this employee and all he said to me wasn't my apologies, I'll speak to her etc. He just said look at you (me). In reality, I was defending myself.

I will continue until I get this rectified if not directed to correct party and sent to store directly.


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Anonymous - 27 d 10 h ago


I do not go to the Sonic in Rector, AR because since the general manager they now have was hired it has gone down hill they need to get someone to run it that does not do drugs and party with the kids working there the store is nasty and you get drinks with ants in them, you have to wait forever to get your order. Until they get a different general manager a lot of people I have spoke to will not do any business with that sonic.

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BRITTANY GARDNER - 32 d 6 h ago


In regards to your call center. Ive been in touch with your customer service call center 3 times and only talked to 1 guy named Chance that seems to be the only person answering calls after sitting on hold for at least 5 minutes. Im wandering if he is the only employee you have in the call center besides the supervisor Chris who I also spoke with who informed me that she did not have a supervisor, I find this hard to believe considering I work in a customer service call center myself and all the information that I asked both of these employees for they couldn't give me because they don't have that information which I also find hard to believe considering that I do customer service also and have more than one way to escalate a complaint especially about upper managment and know that regardless of the system if you contact through email then I would also be able to contact through email. I would like to also be contacted by someone with some knowledge of the company and that will not be condescending to me over the phone just because they are in queue or don't like what I have to say.

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Anonymous - 32 d 8 h ago


I'm a frequent customer of Valle center sonic I have on multiple occasions witnessed rude behavior from the daytime manager towards his employees they are wonderful gifts and deserve more respect

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Rashell Hammons - 33 d 15 h ago


I am back again trying to get a refund or gift cards for a purchase I never received. I'm May, I went to the Sonic on M.L. King Blvd. in OKC. I ordered 10 $5 gift cards. They said the system froze as they swiped my card. The next day I noticed the money was taken off. I went back up and they remembered and admitted that after I drove off, payment went through. The person to give the refund was not there so I still did not receive my refund, nor did I get the cards.

I called and made many attempts days afterward to get my money back. As we approach teacher gift giving again, I am reminded, I still don't have my money from Sonic. Can I get some help, please?

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Anonymous - 36 d ago


I have called the complaint number posted on the sonic I'm complaining about and no one will call me back. I have also called the main number provided when you google the sonic number and they said they would pass the message along and still nothing. It's rwally bad business to not return calls, especially when it's a complaint.

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Anonymous - 36 d 1 m ago

This is regarding the Saginaw, TX location.

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