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Sonic Corp.

300 Johnny Bench Dr.
Oklahoma City, OK
J. Clifford Hudson
Chairman and CEO
(405) 225-5000
(405) 280-7696
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T. Young - 3 h 11 m ago

I worked for Sonic years ago. Actually I have worked for Sonic three different times. Years ago they would train you how to cook the burger patties. Sonic's burger patties are designed to be cooked in one way to make them juicy and not dry. But it seems now a days, everywhere I go and eat at a Sonic it's always a dry hamburger patty. I truly think it would be a benefit to the company if managers retrained their kicks on how to cook a good Sonic burger that is Juicy but done.

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Anonymous - 1 d 1 h ago



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Gina Hockett - 5 d ago


False advertising with your feedback surveys does not bode well for Sonic. The surveys are only handed out to a certain amount of customers daily. It states to go to to provide feedback and you get a validation code for a free drink. I visit Sonic 5-6 times a day, and get about 3 surveys per week. Now, I can only use one per week, which makes 2/3 of my codes invalid, "so that others may provide feedback". They expire after 14 days. The only people who can provide feedback are the ones with receipts that have a code. Guess Sonic no longer wants or desires feedback. Why give out codes if you can't use them? I guess my business is no longer worth a free drink when do get a code, so I will take my business elsewhere and pay less for my drinks.

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Anonymous - 5 d 38 s ago

5-6 times a day, wow they will miss you.

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Jaymilli - 5 d 16 h ago


Upset, with algood Tn sonic. I came in today, to get 2 shakes and a chicken dinner. When the order was brought to me. The service was great, but the food on the other hand was nice and hot. I had a problem when I open the box to find a whole 2 chicken tinder's and 8 tater tots with barely any cheese not counting my toast was burnt.

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Rob Kellakis - 6 d ago

My wife and I drove to the highway 58 Chattanooga location to purchase your corn chip chili hearty bowls and other food. There was a large banner in front of the restaurant with two pictures of the hearty chili bowls. When the order was being placed the guy told me that they don't have that and it was a different company and they don't carry it anymore??? I didn't understand what he kept reiterating it's a different company and they don't carry that items anymore, I told him about the banner in front and his response was I know????? We left disappointed

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Anonymous - 5 d 19 h ago

I looked it up and I can't find that Sonic sells corn chip chili bowls. I think you were told the truth.

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Angry Customer - 6 d ago


Well today was the last time i will ever visit a SONIC!!!! My experience today cemented the fact that this sub-par establishment which employees rude, argumentative and disrespectful people. I placed and order in Melbourne Fl ( Babcock St) and it was screwed up! I did not get what i wanted and when i questioned it was told whatever we can just give the tots. So i made a comment to the girl and my friends who were with my that i would not be coming back and the server "nene" mumbled under her breath and basically dismissed me as a customer so i asked for the manager who was no better. she just looked at me like a deer in headlights. The appropriate response would have been to say she was sorry for the mix-up, refund my money and discipline her rude employee. As a result, i will never go back there or to any other SONIC because i would rather spend my money where it is valued!!!!

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Anonymous - 6 d 41 m ago

Let me guess? You're white and the server was black. Please let me know if I called it correctly. I am working on a project.

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Anonymous - 6 d 5 h ago

Im trying to contact the general manager over the ellisville ms store.asap

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Musicbox Man - 10 d 1 h ago


March 7, 2019 I visited SONIC in BULLARD, TEXAS at roughly 5 p.m. on my way to college classes. The "voice" at the other end of the "squawk box" blew me away with her professionalism, dedication, friendliness, and WONDERFUL attitude as she took down my order. ABSOLUTE PROFESSIONALISM! I've personally work with ALL the elite singer-song writers in the concert industry for the past twenty years, so I have become a stickler for CUSTOMER SERVICE! It is TRULY a rare thing to encounter an employee, as the one I encountered at SONIC, who ACTUALLY cares about their customer base. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend that SONIC CORPORATE MANAGEMENT seek out this employee and consider using her talent and PROFESSIONALISM in a training video on PROPER, PROFESSIONAL, and ENTHUSIASTIC customer service. Thank you for making this forum available for comments and suggestions.

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Anonymous - 6 d 19 h ago

So did you get her digits? It sounds like love.

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CP - 9 d 17 h ago


I went to your Sonic in Frederick MD on March 9th around 8:30. I traveled 35 minutes from my home in Rockville md. We ordered food for my family and after we were done I ordered a ice cream cone. To my surprise after 15 minutes waiting for it I called the girl and asked were it was she said they were short staffed? I said it's one cone?? So I waited another 10 minutes and just decided to leave. Never got the cone. Just really disappointed in that service. Looking forward to enjoying a soft ice cream from sonic. Very very poor service. Will never go back

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Anonymous - 6 d 19 h ago

Never? Forgiveness isn't your strong suit.

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Cwhitt - 6 d 20 h ago


Went to 2 different Sonic drive thru's on Sunday. Both were out of ice cream at 8:30 pm. How could that be?

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Anonymous - 6 d 19 h ago

They just weren't selling it to white people.

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Jan Settles - 13 d ago


We travel often between Arkansas and central Illinois. Sonic is always our first choice to stop for a quick meal. Service is always quick and the people are very nice and we know we will always get a good meal for a decent price. My complaint is that, we always order two meals and two drinks and in the last year, we have only gotten 1 mint. Why don't you give a mint for each meal like you used to?. Just a little thing, I realize, but it was always a nice touch and appreciated.

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Scott - 15 d ago


What you did to force the employees at Circleville Ohio is awful. It wasn't a communication issue, own up to it!. I will never visit your company again.

Lost customer,


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William D - 15 d 16 h ago


Saw that Sonic has cut wages to a Waiter + tips pay system at a few locations. Bye Bye Sonic. I am telling everyone I know at work, at church, at the school, at the government offices I visit, my online contacts, social media and any place else I can find white board to let people know just how greedy you are. In an age where prices keep going up and wages are stagnate, you LOWER pay? Say hello to Atari and the Toys R Us folks. Sonics is done.

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Casey H. - 19 d ago


The Sonic on Sparkman Dr. in Huntsville AL is terrible.! Not only does the customer service suck, but so does the food. I went there and ordered a crispy tender sandwich, that's all! It wasn't crispy nor tender, but more like cold and old and this isn't the first time it has happened. I WAITED 30 MINUTES for terrible service and a nasty sandwich and to make matters worse I attempted to call, but I couldn't get an answer.

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Disrespectful, Rude, An Nasty.. Cold Burgers!! Cold Food - 20 d 22 h ago


Monroeville, Al.. They're Management Is Poor ... The area Gm, Is Rude, Disrepectful, An Nasty!! Will not be back.. to any of your locations.. I will not support this kind of behavior!! An Sonic Shouldn't either!! Call the Area Supv. to see could she handle the issue.. She did alright.. She told me one thing an told her Gm another.. The Gm came out to my car 3 times with the same nasty, disrespectful, an Rude Attitude!! Even (2) one threaten to call the police on me.. An asking me to leave the property! As she was getting nasty. The area manager act like she misunderstood me.. (2) after I ask her please don't send that manager to my car again.. She did it anyway.. For I could get disrespected an receive the same mistreatment again an again.. all over ten dollar meal.. Nawl, you'll can have that.. it's not worth my time.. Instead, of the area Manager doing her best to help me.. She did her best to be misleading.. An the problem got bigger.. She call the store while I'm there.. 1st it was to remake the food.. an went from that To I will give you a refund.. They're so pitty.. They wanted the bag back.. which is nasty.. burgees was cold cheese not melted.. I lost this time!! I wasn't happy Especially With You'll GM.. She is a true trip.. Are the area manager because she could've made this turn into a ok but she wanted a intoxic Situation keeping up mess listening to her Gm an allowing that to be a finally say.. Give Her to much power!! The black Gm just Incase they're 2.. Even after I was leaving she was still being pitty .. Walking around the store talking loud enough I could hear her.., other then trying to make sure I come back.. childish behavior.. she is older then me an acting like that.. smh.. What is the world coming too.. I don't cuss them out!! Nor did I get Rude are disrespectful to them.. the area manager stop answering her phone.. an it's been hours now.. 12:02 an now it's 4.. (hidden) store (hidden) area manager.. still no call back.. are text.. Wow, If you go I hope you order be right!! If not that's a hold problem. This isn't the 1st this have happened.. This is the last time I will allow it to happen to me..

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melissa - 27 d 29 s ago


I called today just a little bit ago to complain! I live over an hr. away from any Sonic now,the one by me has been closed down,I only love going through for their ice! I bought 8 bags from Clayton Ohio,and began tasting a fine sandy gritty substance in my mouth! all 8 bags have huge chunks of this white fine sandy substance,i am not talking a little i am talking big giant chunks all through the ice bags! disgusting,3 days later have noticed this! the man i had to complain too,ask me do you still have the receipt for the 8 bags! sure I still have a restaurant receipt! NOTTTTTTTT! but i do have 8 bags of their ice with sonic name on every bag! what more do you need! I told them if my bags have this large abundance of white fine sandy stuff in it,then they served and are still serving customers this mess! said someone would get back with me but i highly doubt it,but i will continue to contact them until they make this rite with me!

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1angryscot - 27 d 10 h ago

This is regards to an employee of yours in Socorro, New Mexico on California Ave. Melissa Pino. She was my caregiver as I am disabled with serious issues, and am a shut-in. She was very unreliable, and would miss work whenever she decided to. Leaving unable to eat and do other things. This past Monday she abruptly quit her job with me, and left me with no help. I am crippled up. The worst thing is that she has the key to my front door and won't return my key! It has been two days since she just decided to drop me. I have been very good to her. She is unreliable, as well as other negative tendencies. I do not like the idea of my house key in her hands. That is my property. I am informing you of this because if she did this to me, a disabled senior citizen, who is very vulnerable, who knows what she will do as an employee at Sonic. I left a message on her phone to return my key, but she ignored my phone call and even blocked me. If need be I will have the law go to Sonic and retrieve my house key. She is a bad employee to have done such a cruel thing to me. I was very good to her and she did extremely wrong by me. Thank you. Sincerely, Vivian McAlexander

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Teresa Arnold - 27 d 19 h ago


We went to the Sonic at 15th and Post in MWC last week around 6 to 6:30 PM and I ordered a Rt 44 Coke Zero and my husband asked for an ice cream cone and was informed by the young lady that they didn't have ice cream cones but she could put it in a cup.. On another occasion we went to get half priced shakes at 8:15 PM and were informed that they were cleaning the ice cream machine and couldn't make any.. I called and spoke with a Manager today and he just brushed it off as a miss communication.. Said that they have no set time for cleaning the machine and can do it whenever they want.. Did not offer any apologies or can we make it up to you.. I think it's time that we find another Sonic to visit in MWC.. This one is a joke lol

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