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Sonic Corp.

300 Johnny Bench Dr.
Oklahoma City, OK
J. Clifford Hudson
Chairman and CEO
(405) 225-5000
(405) 280-7696
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Anonymous - 2 d 7 h ago


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JACKIE WILSON - 9 d 15 h ago

Hello Mr. Hudson:

I am a cery dissatisfied customer. My name is Jackie Wilson and I am a faithful customer at your franchise. On today July 13th,2017 I went to the Sonic Drive In to purchace our lunch. I made it clear that I had two complete orders when the employee did not follow instructions on my ordering. When the carhop came out to bring the order and she had both orders on the same ticket, I asked her what was the price for each order and she stated that she could not do anything about and I stated you can divide the price of the ticket by two. I called back in after about ten minutes of receiving part of my order and the carhop had not taken my money to pay for my order. I asked was someone going to come get the money for my order. Then she got very smart mouth about the situation that is when I asked to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor bega talking unprofessional words to me as well as threats and stated to me your moma while the parking lot was full of customers. Then I stated that I was going to report her and she stated that she was going to call me and I asked her how because she does not have my number and she said that the report will have my number on it. I felt threatened and humiliated by SONIC'S supervisor and as she turned to walked away she stated to me your moma. I would like this situation to be addressed and the proper actions taken. THANKS IN ADVANCE, Jackie Wilson. 254 275 9944

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Humiliated - 10 d 14 h ago


I was told by family members not to eat at Sonic because an unsanitary family member had gotten a part time job but did not know which location so before I order any food, I asked if she worked at this Sonic on 6th street Lawrence Ks. After I was told YES I quote said "No thanks, I will not eat here because of unsanitary health reasons, I will go somewhere else. The manager Jimmy came running out to ask me WHY I refused to eat there? This was on 07/06/17, I told him about the unsanitary health concerns and about the drug use.

We all have family that we are ashamed of. The employee is the girlfriend of my nephew who is a convicted felon and both are squatter's living in a shed in my brothers back yard. They live like hoarders with cat piss and feces all over the floor of the shed where they sleep, they don't bathe, brush their teeth and they dig holes in the ground as a toilet in my brothers back yard. She has nasty particles and fleas falling and jumping off of her when preparing food for your unknowing customers. She tested positive for drugs by the children's protective courts in the past 2 weeks, that's how I know.

I followed up with the manager Jimmy on the 07/07/17 and showed him pictures of the unsanitary conditions to prove that I was telling the truth and he agreed that was the employee he had hired.

On 07/11/17 I went to get some food, I asked if she was still working here? I was told YES she is still working in the kitchen and serving food. Once again I said "No thanks I will go elsewhere to get my food. I left Sonic and went to Wendy's. Since I was getting nowhere with the manager Jimmy I went back to Sonic stepped inside and asked to get the information on where to file a complaint by phone or maybe a website.

I was blindsided and shocked on the way the manager Jimmy handled the request. He came out me with anger and hate in his eyes and yelled at me "I can't keep doing this". I said "I know and that's why I wanted the information so I could file a complaint. He treated me like I was the unsanitary drug using criminal that he hired.

He threw me out of the store and called the police. I told him that I would find the information on the internet and I will file a complaint and it will include his behavior. I LEFT. I never threaten him or caused a seen, but he did. He never did give me the complaint information. OMG! The police came to my home. I asked the officer What did I do? The officer said he watched the video and that I did nothing wrong but at the managers request, I am not allowed back at that store or I will be charged with criminal trespass. REALLY!!! If this manager can not handle his job, I think he needs re-evaluated. What are the drug and health polices at Sonic? I know that Sonic is hard up for help but you have polices in place that are not being enforced.

I was humiliated by this manager Jimmy and I have discussed this with my lawyer it will be a civil matter.

The manager Jimmy is the one who approached me first in the parking lot.

My family already will not eat there. I will make sure that I get this information out on social media, friends and over a 1000 coworkers will know how I was treated and not to eat at this sonic location due to unsanitary conditions. I contacted the local newspaper, they want me to write a letter to the editor. I can not knowingly let the public eat at this location. assigned #1073021.

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Anonymous - 11 d 16 h ago


My wife and I stopped at your location at 1498 Route 38 East Hainesport, NJ 08036 late this morning and ordered 2 #9 meals that consisted of grilled chicken sandwiches. I'd like to preface this complaint in that I very rarely write a letter regarding food but the chicken sandwiches were the absolute worst I've ever purchased. The meat seemed very grisly and very tough. I've never had a tough piece of chicken but for $15 for 2 meals this was about as bad as it gets. Please, don't send me any coupons to revisit because we won't be returning.

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Richard - 12 d 8 h ago


Visited for the first time at Sonic at the Michigan City location july 10 at 7:50 to 8:15 pm ordered 2 milkshakes and small tator tot

after 15 minutes a car pulled up in next stall ordered 2 drinks and large tator tot 5 min. later they got there order

waited 5 more min. never got order so pushed call button told them to cancel the order

first time is the last time ill be at any sonic steak & shake from now on

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Christopher - 22 d 30 s ago


It is bad when the assistant manager is checking you out and gives you the wrong ticket back for your food especially when you have used a debit card. Also when you have to keep asking for your ticket when you purchase your food. A lot of the time my food is cold, over salted, not fixed right, has soda all over the cup, fixed sloppy. The carhop is rude at the window and I don't have time to stay to eat so I have to use the window but the service is terrible. If we had other stores in our small town I am certain they would be out of business. Please do something to improve this store with Sonic's name!

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Nancy - 22 d 7 s ago


The store in Melbourne, Arkansas is still having major problems. The carhop: Patricia at the drive thru window just can't seem to get things right along with the one named Haley. Very rude and unsatisfied service and treatment to customers.

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SBanks - 24 d 18 h ago


In Memphis TN on Perkins Rd, 7 pm ordered two combos one #1 and #2 got charged for both but received 2 #1 combos's call in to explain that I was charged for #2 and received #1, person on the phone asked me to bring the order back and let them replace it, I replied could not come back right now, She replied well just bring the order back with the receipt when ever i come back. How stupid is this, what do i do for my child's dinner now, and how was I to keep it for two days. that would have been another hour or more,of my time for their mistake. Had to give both to my growing teenage son, just out of track practice. #notgoodcustomerservice.

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Donna - 32 d 19 h ago

I stopped at the Sonic in Vinita, Oklahoma around 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 17, 2017. The lady who asked for my order was the rudest person I've encountered at a Sonic. She did not say her name so therefore, I don't know who it was. She never said thank you for anything. If that wasn't enough, I was the only one there and waited 10 minutes on my drink. Yes, ONE DRINK!!! I was traveling and did not have the time to wait so I left. I live in Joplin, Missouri and all I can say is the Vinita, Oklahoma store needs to take some advice from the Joplin, Missouri Sonics on how to address a customer. I posted on FB about how rude and slow this Sonic was and hopefully you will do something about this.

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Bet they don't care - 45 d ago


I went to Sonics and witnessed the unprofessional behavior of the GM! I wrote the owner of the Sonics only to be told she was doing a great job even though, I was next to an employer at Sonics who said he is allowed to get away with anything at Sonics! I've been told by Sonics employees that they regularly go to her house. This is fraternization and should never be allowed! When I complained about the GM, she in turned fired a family member of mine because I wrote a complaint against her.

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Anonymous - 50 d 12 h ago


I just went to Sonic's on Lucas and hunt in Missouri and I was just in non-belief!! I really wanted Sonics, every car that pulled in was told that they were no longer taking orders so I pulled into the drive-thru and was told the same thing. So the employees weren't taking orders because they claim that they were backed up!! Now I work at a fast food restaurant m and I have never heard that before EVER!! I JUST WANT YOU GUYS TO KNOW THAT I AM VERY, VERY DISAPPOINTED!!

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Ai Compoly - 62 d ago


I went to Sonic in Bartonsville PA for 3 days in a row in the morning between 5 & 5:30 in the morning. There is a sign on the speaker that says you have to yell "HELLO" because the sensor is broken. The first two mornings I was told that they were cleaning the grill, this morning no one even bothered to answer the speaker, I tried for 5 minutes yelling Hello, I decided to leave but as I drove buy the pickup window I heard music blasting from inside. There were two cars at Sonic which were employee cars. I went to Dunkin Donuts across the stree and was instantly served at the drive up.

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Anonymous - 75 d 14 h ago

I'm writing to let you know that the workers in your Sonic store DO NOT wear gloves when prepping food and I'm pretty sure that is not aloud. I won't be eating there ever cause you don't know where there hands have been. This isn't the only time that this place has had trouble with food, workers have took finger and licked off hot fudge from cups and others things too.

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Anonymous - 76 d 8 h ago


I went to sonic in Owensboro Ky and waited 25 min only because my kids were happy about Sunday drink treats, anyway after 25 min and three cars push button after me got helped I watched, I finally get answered nbwhen I asked what happened she just said sorry have a nice night n was boop? Gone? N never took out order so my kids had to leave bed time nbschool night n all thanks for nothing not nice sonic not nice! Cj farrell

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Tom - 84 d 17 h ago


Please bring back the sonic chillers. They were the best summer drink. Hazelnut caramel was my favorite!!!

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Angela Johnon-AKA Pissed off woman! - 95 d 16 h ago


Im extremely livid with your orange park fl location. i went to get my lunch(mind you i only get 30 minutes) got my order got back to work which is literally less than a 1/4 mile away, to find out that there was no cream cheese sauce in my bag. so i go back they tell me that their out of the sauce. which no one informed me of other wise i would not have bought the cinna snacks. so then they told me they could give me a refund. i had to wait for 4 other people to get their order before they did my refund.( not to mention they completely skippied over me and kept giving other people behind me their order before even doing my refund. needless to say i spent more than my lunch (30 mins) period there dealing with this situation. I DIDNT EVEN GET TIME TO EAT MY FOOD CAUSE I WAS TO BUSY DEALING WITH YOUR ORANGE PARK LOCATION.

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Micesqui - 97 d 9 h ago


I went to the Sonic Drive In in Haskell, Texas today and was really disappointed with the service. I called in an order at 6:39PM and was told it would be 5 or you minutes. I drive up to pick up my order and I wait for 25 minutes to get my call in and then the order is wrong. I ordered a Grilled Chicken sandwich with bacon and didn't get the bacon on the sandwich and they did not put an onion ring in a chicken basket I ordered. They never do. The bun on my chicken sandwich was burned. I am really disappointed. I worked for Sonic years ago and it is could not believe the disorganization going on inside. Terrible management on duty.

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1234578 - 97 d 15 h ago


Today me and my family went the drive thru at Sonic off of zero ordered drinks went to pay for them and my sis asked the person running the window to wipe the cup off and he slammed. the window and started cussing her then the so called manager came to window and we asked for a refund and was laughing about it the nerve of people

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Keona Gray - 100 d 7 h ago


Today me and my family waited for an hour and 43 mins. The service is terrible and they need to do better bizness. I asked to speak to a manager and got no one. This is the sonic on 47 th and blue prkwy in kcmo. Very disappointed.

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George - 100 d 13 h ago


Today I my daughter and i went to have lunch in Thornton co. We waited onot service for 35 minutes and nobody helped us in want to the door and asked how long the wait was gonna be and the lady was rude and said they will help us when they get to us and said if I don't like it to go somewhere else. So I left it was horrible service. please contact me at (hidden) my name is George.

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tere0509 - 5 y ago

Enjoying my free Houston Texans slush from @sonicdrive_in #teamhoustontexans

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MikeBoneMusic - 5 y ago

Its Tuesday! Half price Cheese Burger at @sonicdrive_in 5PM-Close #mealsONaBUDGET

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AmandaTomlinUSA - 5 y ago

@Sonicdrive_in U gotta love the old school roller skates!

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PhillipTate2 - 5 y ago

Went to @sonicdrive_in to grab some grub. Got a FREE Route 44 vanilla coke. BAM!

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iWarka - 5 y ago

RT @WXJD: I think @sonicdrive_in slushes taste better when they're FREE. Thank you @HoustonTexans again this week.

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