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Victoria's Secret Stores, Inc.

Victoria Secret
3 Limited Pkwy.
Columbus, OH
(614) 577-7000
(614) 577-7844
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Loll - 2 d 8 h ago

This store has ruined my credit . They are a fraud. Account Assure is a fraud. I have a lawyer regarding this.

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Fraudulent Activity by a store - 76 d 8 h ago

This store ruined my credit score. They made a mistake double charging me cash and also with the credit card. I paid a balance of about 2 dlls. They ruined my credit score by 117 points. I File a dispute and my score was fixed last week; Now it went down again 117 points when I owe 0 dlls. If they do not fix my score again I have decided to file a lawsuit. The consequences were the following : I did not get to move to a different property due to the low credit score I had for just 2 dlls which I don't even owe anymore.


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Anonymous - 44 d 10 h ago

Don't get retail cards at all. If you don't have the cash, don't buy it. You want good credit for when you want to buy something real, get rid of all those credit cards.

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Anonymous - 9 d 8 h ago


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Anonymous - 28 d 4 h ago

I was completely disgusted today after visiting our local VS store, I was shopping with my 15 year old daughter for some fragrance mists in the back of the store when another mom approached me letting me know there was a strange man behind her watching & following my daughter as he had already done to this woman's daughter whose also a minor, when I saw exactly what he was doing I was horrified! He was in his late 50s tall & overweight standing there in a button down shirt & slouchy pants spraying himself with women's perfume rubbing it all over himself staring at all the young girls & women around him!! I thanked the mother for being observant as we didn't see him at first, & long story short the manger of the store was notified & our concerns were blew off like it was nothing! Basically we were told "Oh he comes in here every day & does that" WTF?! It's creepy & his behavior is crossing the line especially after following my daughter around?! I barely had time to say anything to him before he left abruptly, I asked the check out girls if they had saw what he was doing & I was told the same thing & they acted like it was noooo big deal! Matter of fact the one sale girl said "he's here everyday to spray himself but never buys anything or bothers anyone" I yelled at her & said when he's rubbing all over himself & following girls around the store there's a problem! Being as I've read the comments about VS hiring a transgender model I see why they think it's ok this malevolent man is ok to be in their store behaving like that! IIll be cutting up my credit card with them & this was the last time we will shop there! I wish I would've videotaped him gah ! They will lose business slowly!

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Anonymous - 28 d 3 h ago

Damn! That's creepy!

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SuperStar - 24 d 8 h ago


It makes you wonder about if any of these creeps could be sex traffickers targeting women at these stores...

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SuperStar - 24 d 9 h ago


I went to Victoria's Secret twice last week to uses my 10 dollars off coupon and both times the cashiers rejected the coupon.I've read the coupon and met the requirements of it yet the greedy cashiers that work on commission at Macomb Mall Roseville MI wouldn't not except it. Both cashiers at the two times I went had different excuses and I couldn't understand why at the time.I spent 60 dollars on a bra which was the correct brand /price yet she lied and said it wasn't the right bra name it clearly was when I doubled checked..The second time I bought fragrance which happen to be on sale yet met the requirement price I had to spend to get my 10 off she said I couldn't use it, another lie.There was no clearance items bought at all.VS needs to stop having coupons sent out if they are not honored at their stores or stop the cashiers from undercutting the customers to get a higher commission.I hope someone high up reads this because I know VS stores at malls are struggling.This right here is what turns off people shopping at malls especially me.I rather go to a different store that honors THEIR own coupons with honest cashiers than to shop at your store again.

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Doug Scott - 48 d 1 h ago


A complete shock and poor marketing strategy for the VS Management Team on the first Transgender Model. An iconic blend of Gorgeous Women throughout the years whom coined the term Victoria Secrets; will now be be considered Victoria Worsts Blunder. Men are interested in viewing their girl friend, wife or lover in intimate apperal by a seductive VS Model. Unfortunately, the model does not fit the model criteria. In other words, as VS stores are closing it's doors, this catalyst will speed up the process and the remains will resemble Granny Clampett and Jane Hathaway!!

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Anonymous - 44 d 10 h ago

While men's underwear commercials are dudes wearing fruit commercials. Everyone bitching about the transgender model should be ashamed. You are shaming that woman for being who she is. That's no different then shaming homosexual people. More and more hate all the time. Leave her alone. You are pissed because now you have to look a little closer because before you have a wet dream about the models, get over yourself. She is living her best life and it's not for you or anyone else to judge her. You don't want to shop there, than don't. They aren't gonna lose any sleep over people like you all bitching about hiring a transgender model. More companies will probably do it. Sephora has done it as well. Better go start complaining to them now. Buy your make-up somewhere else....bullies, all of you.

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A real woman! - 46 d ago

I've been a Victoria secret customer for many years, but I will be cutting up my card and will never enter one of your stores again! I may only represent a small percentage of the average conservative lingerie purchaser, but when you hired a transgender model, that was the last straw. What normal man or women wants to think of the undies they purchase for themselves or their lady, being modeled by a male, who wants or thinks they're a female? This country is getting too liberal, businesses are too liberal, I'll take my money and shop elsewhere. NOT A FAN ANYMORE !!!!

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M.Hammer - 45 d 17 h ago


They are going to change the name to "Victorio's" Secret Stores, Inc.

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Anonymous - 45 d 5 h ago

You must be really ugly to feel so threatened.

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Anonymous - 45 d ago


@ anonymoose,

You must be really stupid.

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Must be a guy dressed in his mums clothing - 45 d ago

Laughing my ass threatened????? You must be a self-diagnosed lol girl lol. How big are your hands, feet, face? Laughing.

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Anonymous - 45 d ago

You're just mad to find out you may be jacking off to a man's picture.

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Anonymous - 44 d 10 h ago

Why can't people just let other people be? Had you not found out that model was transgender, you would never have cared. You probably thought she was beautiful before you figured it out. Who cares. That is the way our society is now. Stop judging every one else and live your own life. If she has the body for it, go for it. You don't, clearly, or you would be up there with her. Companies all over are starting to advertise and be less judgmental to try and stop the hate that is taking over this world. Maybe you should try it. It feels good to not judge everyone. It doesn't matter what color, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion....or any other thing you have decided to judge people on. Just live your own life.

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Your fired Victoria Secret - 45 d 43 s ago


Done!!!! Cutting up my credit card. I WILL NEVER ENTER YOUR STORE AGAIN. A man dressed up in Victoria Secret. Really? A man is a man is a man. I AM LIVID!!!!!!

lol, let your Transvasdykes buy your new MENS clothing. I hope you go bankrupt!!!!!!

You are no longer a WOMEN clothing store!! I wonder who's D*** HE is S**** at Corporate?






Goodbye and bad riddens!!!!!

It's not about hating trans people. It's about staying in your own F******** lane.

A Man will never be a woman!!!! Grrrrr lets see, stop taking your hormones and see how very female he is. Lol, men now think they are better than a woman. Tell me this, why is it that MEN who dress up as women EXPLOITE everything that our culture does? Get a clue men who dress up as women nails, makeup, wigs, high heels, and Victoria Angel costumes do not define a woman. DAAAAAA

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JRC - 46 d 8 h ago


Why not hire post menopausal women with a few extra pounds instead of wallowing in the politically correct quagmire and kowtowing to the confused and liberal radicals...what you did was alienate more women (and men) than you will ever get by trying to placate a minority of individuals.

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C.Kirk - 46 d 8 h ago


@ JRC,

Welcome to the jew New World Ordure.

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Kristal Deacon - 46 d 9 h ago


Haven't received 3 of my packages, they have been lost in transit, paid for the last package using an E-card for them loosing the second package and now this 3rd package is lost too. I'm highly disappointing with the customer service i have received and on top of this the person who took my phone call laughed in my ear when i asked if their was any info she needed from me to reprocess my purchase.

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Michael - 46 d 19 h ago

As a long term customer I am very disappointed. Probably will never shop with you again.

Hiring a man as a model is absolutely ridiculous. Just to shut up a few critics.

Good luck staying in business.

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Cyd - 47 d 12 h ago

Not a review, just a comment about the latest news story. VS claims they are being all-inclusive by hiring a transgender model. If so, then where are your over-the-age of 50 models? And where are your over 200lb models? VS is not being all-inclusive, they are just trying to be socially PC. Maybe they would not be failing financially as a company right now if they tried to target a more inclusive audience and possibly create some product that that audience could buy. Large sized women like pretty things too. Granted women over 50 make up only a small percentage of the population, but 40% of the women in the world are considered plus-sized. If you just break it down by the U.S., 25% are over 50, and 65% of women overall are overweight to obese.

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Knicole - 55 d 11 h ago


I am extremely dissatisfied with Victoria's Secret corporate office customer service response, I know the free giveaways are "while supplies last" the problem is they never have enough of these giveaways in stores and it's the Loyal customers that spend a lot of money there Even when they're aren't free giveaways, that get screwed over. I'm the highest level Angel Card member there is, you get there by spending more money, more money more points you move up a level very simple. I called customer service because as a so called more valued member I was upset because after spending over $200 at Victoria's secret yesterday (before my gift card of $30) I did not receive my free blanket. Naturally I was upset because to get this blanket you have to spend over $150 and I spend more than that about Every visit I go (giveaway or not) and this is the THIRD time in a row they didn't have the giveaway item in I called corporate office and explained this to them and asked if they had them in stock anywhere else so I could get the free giveaway I naturally felt owed. They're response is "we don't have anymore at the corporate office for these situations and they can't take from other stores." Umm WHAT?! Don't my profits no matter which Victoria's Secret store I purchase my items at go in some parts to the corporate office?! And shouldn't making a long time, obviously valuable because of my "Angel Card status", customer happy worth more than a $68 blanket?! Obviously they can't do the math...they just lost a customer who spends probably over a $1000 A YEAR OVER ONE $68 BLANKET AND HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE

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Traci - 58 d 43 s ago

Received a $75 reward card that I cannot use bc it doesnt work. Been on the phone with 5 different cust svc numbers with no help given. Cant take advantage of the free tote & blanket promo bc the $75 reward card will not work in store or online. Jus got it in the mail. Very Bad Business Practice & I will be cancelling my acct with this company.

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