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Victoria's Secret Stores, Inc.

Victoria Secret
3 Limited Pkwy.
Columbus, OH
(614) 577-7000
(614) 577-7844
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Anonymous - 1 h 37 m ago

Whose bright idea was it to alter the Amber Romance formula? Please have them tarred and feathered. Is this scent being dropped entirely? I sincerely hope not. It has been my daily go-to for well over a decade. It being kept on the market would be much appreciated. The formula being returned to its original would be fantastic!

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Bring sexy back - 4 d 11 h ago


It is almost impossible to find bra and panty sets that match in color and lace print in your store. I prefer the v-string and can usually only find in black and nude. I would like something with color that is sexy enough for a date. I asked for assistance and the rep brought 3 black sets 2 of which were racer backs. You can't wear black under everything. Racer backs also don't work with a lot of necklines. Pink has cute bras but no v-strings. Please bring sexy back!

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Pretty De22 - 7 d 8 h ago


Awful customer service by managers and sales associates bad attitude, went there to purchase a 50.00 gift card and the girl swipped my card twice I got charged twice it showed on my banking statements and they refused to give me my refund back the supervisor and my bank both spoke to each other and was still refusing to give me my refund of the 50.00 they charged on my card the supervisor hung up on me and the head teller at the bank awful a million dollar corporation like this and this is how your treat your customers!!! What a disgrace!!!!

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Lindsey - 7 d 19 h ago


I think it's bullshit that you guys don't sell plus size ... why should we be left out because we are bigger ??! Completely bullshit !!!!! And disgusting

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Survived a Victoria's Secret Nightmare - 8 d 9 h ago


I just had a horrible experience at your store at the Woodbury Plaza, Plainview NY. All I wanted was a simple non underwire bra. The sales girl kept pushing bras on me that I did not want. Finally I told her I was a breast cancer survey and was not able to wear underwire and her response: "ours are comfortable". Then she gives me a fully padded non underwire bra and pushes that on me after I repeatedly said I didn't want padding. I told her I had a double mastectomy and she stared at me like a deer in the headlights. Then, the manager (?) came over and tole me I'm rude and horrible. I called corporate and have not gotten response from them.

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Anonymous - 9 d 5 h ago


Fuck victoria secret and their corprate assholes

Flagged for review. 
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Sandy - 11 d 9 s ago


my sister was in your town east mall today. thought she would stop in quickly for a new bra. she was not necessarily all gussied up and a young, thin, pretty girl. but she is a human being and had been working hard to get some donated goods to some well-deserving people.

she was ignored and not asked by any of your associates if she needed assistance.

she left your store.

consider this my intent to send an email to your corporate offices and will spread the word of the snobbery at VS town east.

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Anonymous Too - 14 d 30 s ago


I am writing to let you know that I'm an employee at one of your stores in the DMV. First, on four occasions, when I arrived at work, I was told by a manager that I was not on the schedule, but I was. Please have your managers make sure that when they schedule an associate to work a specific date/time, make sure it's complete and accurate. A manager should let an employee know that she had been taken off the schedule (lack of communication). It is very unprofessional. It is very costly and time consuming (traveling) to get there and told you're not scheduled to work. I always check and print out my schedule as to when I am to work. Secondly, I was hired as a part-time associate and was told that I was put down as a seasonal employee. I have proof that I was hired as a part-time associate. I wanted to address this issue so that others do not go through what I've went through.

General profile image - 16 d 19 h ago

I am BEGGING you to.bring back the scent Golden Dreams. I have three pictures. I would buy like 6 bottles at a time. My whole family was addicted. Can you PLEASE do it?

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Anonymous - 64 d 7 h ago

I just wanted to reach out to you all to let you know that I went on an interview today at Victoria's Secret in Tyson's Corner located in McLean Virginia. I was being interviewed for a Store Manager position for your Pentagon City location. I heard the District Manager tell another manager that some interviewees didn't have "the look". I was appalled that she even suggested that a person wouldn't be considered for a job because she didn't look a certain way. You may want to coach and train your managers and District managers on EEOC, ADA and all other discriminatory laws. If I heard her say it, I can only imagine how many others heard her vile and rude comments. I will also be doing a formal complaint and reaching out to media outlets regarding my experience and how her remarks made me feel.

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M. Ward - 63 d 5 h ago


They only hire trannies.

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Anonymous - 39 d 10 h ago

lmfao im dead

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Shhhhhhhh - 16 d 20 h ago


Unfortunately, they're very egotistical and they don't hire people unless they don't have "the look" This was brought up to me when I first got the job. A co-worker came up to me saying that I got hired due to having the "pink look" And Im just like okkkk?

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Brittany - 21 d 3 h ago


I was at the partridge creek location in Michigan, As I walked into the store a worker of yours started spraying perfume saying my mother and I stank. They also gossiped about it while I was in the store witch is very disrespectful.

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abomb - 16 d 20 h ago


As a former employee, I quickly realized that the workers do this QUITE OFTEN. Honestly, go back to the store pretend that you are buying something, get the persons name and call it in to corporate. This is a company that promotes sexiness and all these snotty workers diminish that.

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Edible Angels waterartcolrs florls - 19 d 3 h ago


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Beats of Music - 19 d 3 h ago


if the show isin asia willit ahve asian music or beats andor groups fromthere

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MODEL eyer - 19 d 3 h ago

SO Iseen Iassuem eth 28 models to waskl this years Imnot s happy or thrilled w some choices heere adnther notenuff asainmodels notimpressedw ones chosedn alsonotimpressed w manyofthe gals w short nappy curly hairs and suome ohr e gals w whatver ok WELL whre like MS ISaynka or did she retire ?idk then

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Anonymous - 20 d 6 h ago


So I went in there last night and bought panties and there was a hole in one. Well I can't find the recipet or the tags. Because they've been thrown away. I called turkey creek Knoxville TN and they wouldn't even let me exchange it. I work in retail and I know how it is you can exchange them without a tag or a receipt. I'm very disappointed in you guys and I highly doubt I will even go back.

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D. Palermo - 22 d ago


Victoria's Secret - Illuminati Tranny Exposed!

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Donna Church - 74 d 44 m ago

Using children to model lingerie in China is promoting pedophilia. Disgusting. Shame on Victoria Secret. I will no longer be a customer of Victoria Secret or their subsidiaries.

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Anonymous - 55 d ago

Hi.I love you VS.

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Catherine - 24 d 6 h ago


I agree with you Donna. Too much sick pedophilia, too much exploitation, too much rape culture, too much pornography, too much inequality in the world. VS- you are contributing to this war on women! I am no longer a customer.

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Pissed off - 24 d 6 h ago


I randomly received a VS postcard/advertisement which depicts young school age girls in bra and panties. We have a rape culture in this country, especially at college campuses. These portraits of ladies in dorms wearing nothing but underwear only exploits this problem further. Stop demeaning women VS!!!

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Taylor Bolton - 30 d ago


I have been a customer here for several years at the Tyler Tx Victoria Secret location. Never had a problem until today. Their supervisor "Kathleen" is the absolute worst and rudest one I have ever met. I had one simple question after spending over $100 in there today, asking about their credit card, and she popped off "that's not my job" and walked off and left me standing there. Guess if you have a pulse they will hire you as a supervisor. Won't ever be back.

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