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Victoria's Secret Stores, Inc.

Victoria Secret
3 Limited Pkwy.
Columbus, OH
(614) 577-7000
(614) 577-7844
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Anonymous - 13 h 48 m ago

Hello to whom it may concern: corporate, head office, CEO, and founder. I live in North Carolina close to Rocky Mount NC and shop at the local mall (Golden East Crossing). You have a Victory Secret there but the store carries very little Pink items. I have frequently asked the associates would that store eventually be a Pink section like the other malls I've seen. The associate said probably not because that store don't make enough money or revenue. Me personally, I feel that if your company update an add a Pink section to Victory Secret like all the other malls it would make money! I love the Pink section and frequent more than Victory Secret. Whenrever I do go to my local Victory Secret store to ser what Few Pink items they have, I hear women young and older say they wish the Rocky Mount store would get a Pink stroe as the other malls. Myself and lots of other women as well in this area have to Drive a hour or more away just to shop at Pink because our local store don't really carry all or basically nothing in Pink at the Golden East Crossing store. We would love be able to drive locally to shop all your products, instead having to Drive a hour hour and a half away! I truly believe it would beneficial to your Rocky Mount store to Add a Pink section to Victory Secret. That store lose money in that area because we have to go somewhere else to shop your Pink products. I think I can speak for the countless other women in my area when I say it needs a Pink store added it would bring in more business. The store is Always full but most are looking for Pink and end up leaving out without buying anything, so that's money not made. I hope the email reaches the right person or marketing department.

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Mary Wenke - 2 d 7 h ago


Corporate Headquarters of Victoria's Secret

To whom it may concern,

I am not sure who is responsible for your advertising, but you have false advertisement out on the internet. You had a special offer of 7 pairs of underwear for $25. If you bought $50 worth you would get free shipping. That was not the case. I purchased 14 pairs of underwear for my granddaughter which equals $50. When I went to place my order it would not give me free shipping until I purchased the 15th pair. I am not sure where you went to school, but 25 + 25 equals 50. False advertisement as far as I know is against the law. When I mentioned this to a sales representative in Erie PA (Millcreek Mall) they basically blew me off. The one gentleman that was working there said he was going to look into my complaint. I'm sure the moment I walked out the door it was long forgotten. I just recently signed up for your Pink Card, but when I get my first bill I will pay what I owe and then I will call and cancel my card. I will not deal with companies that have false advertisement and I will not purchase your products ever again. I am even thinking about turning all this information in to The Federal Trade Commission.

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Jackienicolas - 30 d 4 h ago


Live Chat Status: Connected Kira: Thank you for choosing Victoria's Secret! Kira has seen your question and will be with you shortly. Kira: Hi Jacqueline, how can i help you? Jacqueline: I would like to let you guys know that the last sport outfit I bought from you guys was terrible. The letters are coming off of the tank top after 2 hours of use and I was severely embarrassed at the gym when I took my sweater off and the bulk fleece from inside the sweater was allover me Jacqueline: You would think for a sport outfit be designed for use at the gym Jacqueline: I have pictures if you need me to email them the letters are literally peeled off half way all the way through Kira: I am more than happy to forward on and do apologize about that. You are always welcome to return and exchange for different merchandise. Check out the Incredible Lightweight Max by Victoria sport bra all the support. None of the weight. Our best-loved maximum-support Incredible takes performance and comfort to the max with lighter, more breathable padding, an integrated wire for flexible support and sweat-wicking fabric. Jacqueline: How do I exchange something I have used at the gym? Where would they even accept a used outfit Kira: You could wash it and then use your receipt to return it. Jacqueline: Ok and how can I prove that someone told me that was ok? Jacqueline: Let me speak to a manager Kira: I have forwarded that feedback on for you as well so that they can work on quality in the future. All stores know merchandise can be returned and you can call 1(hidden) Jacqueline: I spend way too much money with you guys for this kind of careless treatment who washes something after using it to return it that's unheard of! Kira: Any merchandise that has been lightly worn can be returned with the exception of the panties. Jacqueline: After using the outfit? Would that even be an acceptable return Jacqueline: Lightly used with letters coming off? Kira: Again any lightly used and worn merchandise is able to be returned. Jacqueline: I don't think you are understanding. Let me speak to a manager Kira: again you can call 1(hidden) to speak with someone. Jacqueline: Noone is going to accept a return with the letters peeling off Jacqueline: Imagine what it would look like after a wash Jacqueline: Can I speak to a manager Kira: if you call the number i have given you twice yes. Jacqueline: Let me have your employee number since you have no interest in the quality of your customer service today Jacqueline: I'm taking this complaint to corporate so many different ways you could have handled this and you chia to brush it off Jacqueline: Chose Kira: I'm sorry I can not provide that information. You asked for a manager. I have provided the information for you. Did you know we are the corporate office again our number is 1(hidden) Jacqueline: I need a manager please and thank k you Jacqueline: Please transfer me to a manager Kira: Again. To speak with a manager you will need to call. Jacqueline: You can not give me your employee number? Jacqueline: Then let me have your first and last name and a reference number Kira: You can not have my last name. My name is Kira. Kira: We can not transfer you to anyone for a manger please call the number provided previously 3 times. Kira: manager* Jacqueline: Ok so you have no identification number and you can not provide your last name. So please explain to me how I can refer to this conversation? Kira: All chats are recorded I have forwarded your feedback and provided you with the information to contact us here in our office. Jacqueline: Ma'am do you understand that you are in customer service? You have yet to help me at all. You asked me to return something lightly used and I explained this will not be accepted as a return considering it is broken Jacqueline: Ok I appreciate that very much I will make sure I forward this to corporate office. You have been the least helpful you can possibly b

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Anonymous - 17 d 24 h ago

You're on live chat. How can they transfer you to a manager? Are you missing some brain cells? Victoria's Secret does accept damaged returns. They just throw away the items when you return them.

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Nanakins - 18 d 10 h ago


I've been a VS shopper for years, even though I'm 67. I loved the fit, style, quality and price. What I don't like is you keep changing the styles and then I have to get refit which I don't like. I don't know why a multimillion dollar company does that "if it's not broke don't fix it." Then the stores never have adequate product to service the customers. I shop at VS Oakland Mall and Somerset Collection in Troy and Partridge Creek in Serling Heights. They never have enough of each size in different style of bras and panties. Then online the bras aren't the same as stores. Victoria Secret needs to regroup, change management or store managers something needs to be done. Now I have to change where I buy my bras and panties.

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607 producer - 26 d 8 h ago


I am a music producer and would like to submit a song to your marketing department for promotional consideration.The song is exclusively referencing Victoria's secret and would be a powerful tool for promotion for years to come.I can send a link or email the song directly no problem.

General profile image - 27 d 3 h ago

Hello Victoria Secret

My name is Trisha Bauman. I would like to let you know I love your pink collection but as being a plus size woman I cannot enjoy the clothing. Just window shopping and perfumes. I would like to propose an idea. I think victoria secret should launch a plus size line with PINK style clothes but call it PURPLE FOR THE PLUS SIZE GIRLS. Us big girls would like to dress cute , comfy and stylish too! Please consider. Signed one cute fat girl

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Anonymous - 34 d 16 h ago

So I have held an account here for 3 years, and bought my all my bras here since about 18yrs old. So 20 years of being a customer. Recently I go in the store and leave without anything. The quality has changed over the years, I stopped getting my panties here bc they are just uncomfortable materials. But my issues is different.

My bill is due in the 3rd of each month. On 5/24/2018 I make a 37.00. Get the first conformation "thanks for your payment, and 2 days later I get "your payment has been processed. The next billing cycle my monthly fee has doubled for non payment! Wth is going on, so I spend half hour on the phone w VS, and they tell me when they went to collect the money it wasn't there? So I call the PayPal account I paid it from and they do an investigation only to tell me that VS let the funds expire the money bounced back to my account ( witch I never see) and immediately goes out to another automatic payment I had set up. I see none of this until 3 weeks later. I at first blamed PayPal account bc I had never experienced this with VS. So I spend another hour on the phone, where I'm told the late fee will be waived to make a payment so I do.

I get my bill for June but pay it with my Regions checking account. I pay it on the 2nd and it has yet to hit my account, so I call and they are positive this payment has been processed. I call my bank and they say NO they have 3 -5 business days to take they money and guess what they let the funds expire again. They are also going to change a 25.00 return check for this. Vs suggestion to me? Go in the store and pay cash?! Are you serious VS you are unable to process your accoubts correctly& do what EVERY OTHER MERCHANTS has to do to collect their money? Something is way off in the Accounting Department. Needless to say my account is so jacked up, bc I paid my bills on time? And you have fee after fee. I will close this account. Customer service has been good to me, but the stress they have caused and to my credit is jacked up,& this account is so off a CSA cannot even help a supervisor has to take over. I'm beyond upset, mad, and disappointed in this. Not to mention the time I have to wasted on the phone with VS, the bank, and Paypal trying to track down who didn't do what!

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Tonia B - 35 d 13 h ago


Called to get a lost store card re-issued and was told it would be mailed - your employee took it upon herself to cancel my account and mark it as "account closed as requested by grantor"! (only thing I can think of is that I denied the credit protection coverage & she didn't like that) Contacted customer service and they stated they closed the account and end of story - nothing they are willing to do to rectify the error their employee made. I have never maxed my card, nor missed a payment - my credit limit was just raised last month per VS, not my request. I am appalled at how little your customer service cares about their mistakes at the consumers expense.

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Gurmukh - 39 d 13 h ago


Good morning!

We are a business house in INDIA with a turnover of 400 million usd and interested in opening a grand store of PRADA in capital city NEW DELHI. If you are interested then we can further have detailed discussions.


Gurmukh singh

+91 (hidden)

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Bree - 41 d 20 h ago


Could you guys please bring back the bathing suits you use to sell?? It was such a disappointment when I found out you decided not to keep them. You were the only store I could go too to by my bikins that actually worked for my body figure. I know y'all have the PINK ones. But they are not the same. Please consider bringing them back please! It would be greatly appreciated

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Anonymous - 44 d 15 h ago


I hate this angel card saying, "grab a $20 bra and when I was at the register I thought I had to only pay the panty for $10.50. It sounds very deceitful. Be clear upfront so your customers do not go anywhere else

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Stacey Mixon - 45 d 9 h ago


I wanted to buy my daughter who loves Pink products a shirt with her school on the outfit. I notice that Pink has no historically black universities in their collection. My daughter has been a great customer and to know that she's not represented by the products is sad and not inclusive. My daughter is a junior at Clark Atlanta University and would love to be the first model for when we represent all colleges/ universities at Pink by including black universities in your college collections. A sad parent of a daughter who loves your products.

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Autumn - 49 d ago


I went to Victoria secret looking for panties and while rummaging through the mess of unorganized underwear, I got pricked by two needle pins that were about 2 inches long. Since I got pricked, I filled a report, and while I was filling out paper work, the manager leaves into the back and doesn't come back to fill out her section of the paper work. Confused on my part, I asked another employee where she was and if I filled out everything correctly. She told me I can leave so I leave the store. I realized I should have gotten a copy of the report so I drove back to the store and asked to get a copy of the report for my records and the manager at the Victoria secrets 1600 S Azusa Ave

Rowland Heights, CA 91748

United States, refused and explained how it's confidential and then she started to explain how she doesn't have the paper work. I refused to leave because I simply wanted a copy since now my health is at risk and I now have to go to the doctors to get tested for hiv AIDS and hepatitis due to the needle stick injury. Since I refused to leave because I wasn't gonna leave without a copy of my report, she called multiple security officers to make me leave and caused a big scene because she didn't want to handle the situation with her customers in a correct manner. She avoided me and mistreated me, her customer service was very poor and unprofessional. Hepatitis and hiv AIDS pricks are a serious situation. I have a recording of the whole situation happening and I am furious on how this sitation was much avoided by the manager. This is a serious situation that should not be turned down upon.

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Thall4707 - 49 d 10 h ago


I honestly hate this angel card. They charge me 29$ every month for the past MONTHS. I am furious.

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Amy DiSalvo - 64 d 8 h ago


Today I had a very enlightening conversation with Victoria Secret billing company, Community Bank manager named Ashley #80459. I had paid a bill in full last month on May 10th 2018 after I had been contacted by Victoria Secret. The agent on May 10th whom I spoke with was helpful at that time and waved the late fee because I have good standings with Victoria Secret. To my surprise today, I received a phone call from Victoria Secret telling me I owe $62.78. I immediately called them back and told them I had not made any purchases since my last billing cycle. This agent today, June 12th, 2018 4:48 ET, told me because the billing cycle ended May 5 and I made my payment May 10th I was charged two late fees. I asked for a manager because this did not make sense. I was told on May 12th by a Victoria Secret employee that I paid my outstanding bill in full. I was never informed that there may be another late charge. I explained to Ashley everything I told the earlier agent. Ashley told me she would remove one of the late fees but not all of it. I was so upset because when I had spoken to the agent on May 10th I was told I was paid in full. There was never a mention of a possible new late charge. To top it off, when I explained back to Ashley that I felt this was truly unjust she told me it is the way it is. Then I was bullied into paying $32.00, that I do not agree with, in order to clear my account so this doesn't happen again.

I have been in customer service management with American Airlines for 34 years. I would never had treated a customer this way. I thought a company like Victoria Secret would be respectful and not try to take advantage of someone that, in good faith, trusted the agent who told me I was paid in full. I would understand if I had bought something but I didn't. I paid my bill in full and because of your computer cycle I was charge another fee. It isn't fair. I gave Ashley the name of the family attorney we use, David Altier, Altier Law. I think it is ridiculous to contact the attorney over this. I think the right thing to do is credit the other $32.00 back.

I did request my account be closed because I do not think Ashley handled the problem correctly.

I will send a formal letter to Community Bank. I hope someone cares enough with your company to resolve this issue.

Thank you,

Amy DiSalvo

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julie - 60 d 10 h ago

Thats bs in the first minimum your payment you made would of went toward 1 of the 2 late fee's...

I would type out a letter & print & send directly to corporate. Give them the number you called, day you called , person you spoke with & where you are from. dont forget your email & return physical address. A physical letter will get noticed a zillions time faster than a cust serv rep hitting delete in her mailbox! Good Luck!

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Annoyed customer - 50 d 8 h ago


This is exactly what happened to me today! Only I returned the item and on the statement it says I owe for the purchase. The rep was nice but not helpful. I have to fax the receipt and also pay the 32$ to keep my account in good standing. They have the item but I still have to pay!!! Have you had any resolution to your problem yet? I plan to call corporate first thing in the morning. Wish me luck.

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Ms willis - 55 d 4 h ago


Hi my name is PAMELA Willis an Ian writing because while visiting your store on today I was about to purchase my items an I received a coupon from you guys saying I will receive a free pair of panties up to 10.00 dollars if I use my credit card but the store wouldn't let me because they say it can't be any clearance items but the coupon didn't say that my bill was going to be over a 100.00 dollars I wasn't please with this so I left not HAPPY an with out my items so with that being said to be a new customer with your card I don't want it so you can just cancel me that will be fine thanks in advance.

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Upset customer - 56 d 11 h ago


Victoria secret in Doral Florida (international mall) has no A/c... 1 cashier working while 10 others are folding underwear and a long line of people wanting to pay and get out. Spoke to the manager Crystal about having someone else help out the cashier and she did absolutely nothing. "Yeah give me one second" and just stood there putting lingerie away. This is absolutely ridiculous. The amount of heat inside the store due to no a/c .I buy online but had to return 1 item. Sometimes it's not worth even returning it.

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Jan - 57 d 12 h ago

Can't even think what is going on with your company when you send brochures out to a person who never frequented your stores when alive....this person passed away 71/2 years ago!!!!!!

General profile image - 59 d 4 h ago


I have tried for over a month to get my bithday rewards and any rewards offers with no response! I was told in may they would never came. I called in beginning of junem.tols same bs! Guess its time to buy elsewhere!

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Kristy - 59 d 12 h ago

I don't understand! Why don't you have a store location in Morristown, Tn or Sevierville, Tn? These are 2 prime locations!! I drive an hour to a store. I know I can shop online but every time I do I have to return something so I would rather visit the store and try it on! Please look at these locations!!!

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Julie - 60 d 10 h ago


VS what's up with the "new" flavored lip shine @$10.00 each. The quality Sucks, sorry but it does. Bought 10 the other day for I was down to my last "Candy Baby".5302A5A1.. I buy a bunch at a time. Multi colors. Everyone one has less than par consistency. Feels like baby oil ish & the color is nothing like the tube for its so watered down you may get a hint. The other line was thicker & gooey, lol. but I could wear alone or over a matte lipstick & looked great. Bought a few simular glosses in the $ store & if blindfolded I couldn't tell them apart. Super sad but one is $1. & your's are. $10. I'm a big fan & spend so much $ there sales mngr on 2 occasions made me fill out paperwork stating I wasn;t selling on line. lol.... Pls. consider for I know I'm not the only one. (hidden)

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Elizabeth Riggs - 61 d 4 h ago


I have been to two different stores today and it seems that victoria secret stores are not very friendly toward black people! No one in the store ask if they could help while they followed me all through the store!! I had to ask for help this is the Crabtree store raleigh nc. I was trying to buy some slides the young lady informs me that the slides are in the back room but there is no one available to get them!! I am very upset and disappointed that we are in 2018 and still have to deal with this type of treatment!! I am a 49 yr old black women. I have been at my job for 22 years, married for 29 yrs and I do not steal!! I would greatly appreciate if someone from your corporate office could check into this situation!!

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