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Victoria's Secret Stores, Inc.

Victoria Secret
3 Limited Pkwy.
Columbus, OH
(614) 577-7000
(614) 577-7844
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Anonymous - 7 d 18 h ago

Why do you make masks

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Pia Prince - 3 d 17 h ago


I closed my account after 10 years being a good client of Victoria secret and because I paid a payment of 30 minutes later they charged me a fee of 40 dollars and I call to see if they take it away and they tell me that in September 2019 they took me away a charge and that now I don't even qualify to remove the charge, when at this time they are not supposed to charge for this pandemic covid 19. they lost. A customer now I will not have the card and I will buy more in their stores.

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Amberle Ross - 36 d 4 h ago


Horrible customer service. Was hung up on twice by 2 reps just for asking simple questions. I work in customer service and am disgusted with you all. I will be contacting the BBB

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Anonymous - 8 d ago

How did you make out calling they did that to em as well

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Anonymous - 20 d 18 h ago


I went to victorias secret at Mall Of America in MN and was surprisingly ridiculed for my bra size by the one of the employees working in the fitting room that stuffed me into a bra that was too small. I have never been more humiliated in my life. It was highly unprofessional to hear them laugh at me for a medical condition I can not control.

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Anonymous - 8 d ago

Same thing happens to me here in Connecticut that's all they do is laugh and talk about people

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Hannah - 10 d ago


Placed an order over a week ago which got sent to the wrong address. I have been told by two representatives that it would be fixed and sent to the correct address and yet my package continues to be shipped to the wrong one. I've talked to 4 different representatives and no one has managed to send a replacement to the correct address. Instead I keep getting told to call back later for yet another person to send a replacement and no one will put me on the phone with a supervisor to get it done correctly.

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Claudia - 13 d 10 h ago


I'm so disappointed that victory stopped all body by Victoria perfume, body spray, talcum powder, and skin lotions, I have asthma and the only perfume as all its products that i would be able to use was that one I would bye large quantity to no run out, but when I when back looking for it they told me you guys canceled all its products I been looking for it on line and the sale the small bottle for 79 dlls and used please consider on re-making that perfume and all its products, I know you guys sold it a lot I know lots of women that loved it and bought it. ever since i cant use any other perfume, my asthma wont allow me to just that one.

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SANDRA - 23 d 3 h ago



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Anonymous - 23 d ago

It is a secret

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Anonymous - 171 d ago

The Victoria Secret location in Elcajon Ca is open and slammed as should be expected...only two people working the registers an two people wondering around. Why aren't more registers open wit a line of 30 people deep? I have pictures if you would care to see.

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Victoria - 136 d ago

I liked how you asked the question at the end like anyone would care lol. It's called waiting in line. Everyone does it so relax "anonymous". Fucking prick

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Victoria who - 61 d ago


Bitch it's obvious you work for them!!! I'll be elated when they shutdown your fucking stores!!!

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Dasha Wilkins - 204 d 20 h ago


Me, my sister & friend walked into Victoria's Secret at Tyson's Mall in VA on a Sunday to buy early Christmas gifts for our family. There were about 4 under cover police in the store. My friend was holding my sister's items and I held mine. Btw we are African American young adults. More than a few VS employees stopped us in the store asking if we needed help and told us about their specials. We went to the front desk to purchase my sisters items and I had the cashier hold my items until I downloaded the VS APP for the coupon. ($15 off $45) The employee told me to go outside the store in the mall for better service. I paid for my sister's items and left for the Victoria Secret's app to download. We stood outside of Victoria Secret for 15-20 mins waiting for the app to download. Once it downloaded I went into the store, straight to the front desk to get my items. The cashier told me to get another item for a better deal- I grabbed a jacket and paid for my items. I & my friend then met my sister outside of Victoria Secret and we went upstairs in the mall to figure out what we were going to eat. Out of no where, about 12 police officers approached us and immediately snatched our stuff out off ours hands, threw it on the floor and roughly arrested us without reason. They dragged us through the mall very abusive without telling us why we were hand cuffed. Once in the back a officer comes out and yells " why the hell are they still out here", another officer says "we didn't mirandize them yet", and he response " I don't give a fuck, put them into rooms". They locked us in separate rooms, hand cuffed us to chairs and blasted hard rock music. A man then came in and interrogated us, yet we were never told our rights and why we were arrested. The officer asked for my name, number, and address- said if I don't give it to him I will go to jail. The officer told me I couldn't call my lawyer nor parent until I gave them my information. After about a hr later they let us out the room and said "we didn't find anything, employees from VS said we were stealing." As African Americans we were racially profiled, wrongly arrested, had our rights violated because Victoria Secret assumes we were stealing. Even after the fact we bought all of our items and had receipts. I will never return and spend my money there.

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Boo - 204 d 11 h ago

You should definitely put the whole damn mess on blast. Social media, your local news, hell write Oprah. Go back get the name and information of the people the detained you call a laywer and sue each and everyone of their ignorant asses. Your rights were denied you and you were treated unjustly no question about it. Im white and tired of the racially profiled tag. I have never treated anyone differently because of race but I live with daily since where I live is close to 90% Hispanic. They generally don't like white girls but I just roll with it. You, your sister and friend should really not let that go...that was definitely a valuation of your human rights period. I'd like to see you tear them a new ass. Good luck.

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ire- as in angered - 179 d 14 h ago



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Elizabeth - 177 d 19 h ago


Wow, I just experienced "racial profiling" with my boyfriend yesterday at the Victoria Secret store in Los Angeles. We are African american, 19 years old. They assumed I was stealing a bra, lol, quite disgusting, It seems this is common for their stores. Long story short I did open a claim with their corporate office and will certainly take legal action.

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Victoria - 136 d 9 m ago

Good luck lol. They have the best lawyers. You're wasting your time.

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Anonymous - 118 d 18 h ago

No you're not wasting your time I had an issue at 1 of the victoriasecret stores and I won

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VSisVile - 67 d 1 s ago


L Brand had the best lawyers, but they sold VS to Sycamore. I won a case against VS. They need to shut them down!

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Theresa Stauss - 105 d 10 h ago



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FukEve - 67 d ago


Eve Hartman works in there mitigation department and you won't hear back from her until you contact a supervisor with customer service and tell them company procedure, she has 72 hours to call you back. When she does call prepare for a bad attitude and being accused of theft. Also she has placed a hold on your account so good luck trying to make another purchase with VS. You can't talk to anyone above her, nope not even her supervisor. Best thing to do is document everything and submit a written dispute. Otherwise, she will just lie and say she never received your message. You may also want to file a complaint with the BBB and Federal Trade Commission for their unlawful business practices. Google her name, she actually called a customer's family and got on her Facebook page and called the customer and told her she doesn't look like she can afford their merchandise.

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Anonymous - 77 d ago

How do I get a refund on gift card

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JESSIE A MORROW - 79 d 17 m ago


I shopped at PINK store in August 2019 and opened my pink card. I was told if I go to the Victoria Secret store the same day I could get a gift card for the same amount I spent up to a maximum of $200. I went to Victoria Secret and spent $61.92 at Pink and another $65.07 at Victoria Secret. I never received my gift card for the second purchase. I wrote twice to comentiy bank and they said they were unable to help. I feel that this was false advertising,

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