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Victoria's Secret Stores, Inc.

Victoria Secret
3 Limited Pkwy.
Columbus, OH
(614) 577-7000
(614) 577-7844
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Anonymous - 10 d 4 h ago

personalmente no he tenido ninguna experiencia pero mi hija si que pal caso es como si yo la hubiera tenido y lo que puedo decir de Victoria secret es que son uno descarados no profesionales tranposos y todo lo que usted se pudiera himaginar le hicieron algo a mi hija bien feo y la van a pagar

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Make an actual change to your staff - 17 d 2 h ago


Showed up for an interview that the manager set at 2:30, I get there and another manager notified me that shes on break, to wait till she gets back. Why make the interview at a certain time if you know you have break. Very unprofessional.

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Disappointed Concerned Citizen - 36 d ago


I will not be visiting any Victoria Secret retail store or website because ofCEO Lex Wexner's comment about the President of the United States of America. We need people to respect the elected officials. WE definitely needed change from the Obama administration! Our country has gone downhill since Obama became President. And there is the question about Mrs. Obama. Is she a woman or a man? Thank Our Awesome GOD they're out of office!

Flagged for review. 
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Donald J. Trump - 18 d 5 h ago

You are an Asshole

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Terra - 19 d ago


Been a customer of Victoria Secret for over 20 years. I introduced my daughters to your company. I would like you to know The bank you choose to back your credit card is alienating your long standing, loyal customers. I had a perfect payment history and recently, I just paid off my credit card and as a reward, comenity bank dropped my credit limit to $100!!!! I WILL NEVER SHOP WITH THAT CARD OR AT YOUR STORE AGAIN!

General profile image - 23 d 20 h ago


Horrible experience- on the phone too long. Girl was very unprofessional. Rather go to the store. Complete idiot. Kept laughing.

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Nicolette - 25 d 6 h ago

Please I'm desperately asking for you guys to bring back the Dream Angels Desire perfume. That's the best perfume that you ever had in your stores. I'm not really a big fan of you clothing and that perfume was the only thing that dragged me into your store. After it was discontinued in store, I kept purchasing it online, then that was discontinued as well. The only place I was able to find it was on Amazon after that. Which was fine for a while. But now because it's being sold by third parties, the prices are ridikerlously overpriced. Please if there is someone you guys can convince to put this item back in the your stores and on your shelves, please try. Thanks, from a loyal customer

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Working Girl - 32 d 6 h ago


To Whom It May Concern,

I am an older professional female and need underwear that is feminine, comfortable and doesn't protrude through or out of my clothes. Although your designs are currently creative and exciting, I often must change my clothes after putting on my underwear because straps may show, the texture of a bra cup protrudes or an ornament on the under wear is uncomfortable under my suit. I feel, at times, that I am wearing an additional set of clothes or costume under my professional dress. Also, after a day in the office, I would like for my undergarments to transition from day to night.

I believe there is a large enough demographic of older, professional females (having shopped your stores for 30 years now) that would justify your company having a line of attractive, sexy underwear for professional females that isn't bulky, keeps ornament to minimum and is designed to compliment not compete with my professional dress. Thank you.

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Joy Breese - 32 d 18 h ago


Victoria's Secret ... please do an Ad Campaign that say's Purple is the New Pink. Support Alzheimer's.

And if you would call a shirt the "Mollie" shirt in honor of my mom

Thank you, Joy Breese

Mother - Mollie Ehrie

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Disgusted!! - 36 d 5 h ago

Your products are being sold for $4.99 at Flea Markets in San Antonio... probably the ones that are being stolen at your outlet store in San Marcos, Texas.... people like him pay your employees under the table to give them even deeper discounts....

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Ms.Goddess - 38 d ago


These panties are expensive why are they ripping and snagging after one wash? Is this the reason for sales on your panties and bras? After washing the bras you have to try and reshape it.

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Anonymous - 39 d 8 h ago

Your store is the best store ive ever been too. Your workers are very nice.

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Anita - 42 d ago


I believe it's been a year at least. Went in for a fitting. I had never bought a VE bra before. I have large breasts and always have issues with bras, so I thought I'd step it up and buy more expensive/better quality. I was fitted and told I'm a DD but that the sister size is DDD and that was what they had/biggest size they carry. I felt maybe my boobs were a little too big still, but they girl assured me and I know these girls are trained professionals (so I thought). I purchased a bra and a sports bra. Not too long after I started to have issues with the bra. Boob spillage, bruising on my shoulders etc from the bra just digging at me. I didn't think I could do anything about it and just took it. Plus my life is so hectic right now. I've been in school and graduated yesterday (finally), but I'm still doing my internship until next month. I'm pulling 14/15 or more hour days. I'm out the house by 630am and not home until 8/9pm. I have 3 small children, husband etc. Finally I started to talk to people about my situation. I started hearing all kinds of things. One night I was out with some friends and was looked at etc and told I'm bigger than a DDD and started getting told no stories about how VS has lied to others and were sold smaller sizes etc. I was also told that they'd fix the issue if I called. I called the store where I got it from (Moreno Valley Mall) in Moreno Valley, CA. A girl answered. I explained my situation. She tells me that can't do anything for me because it's been over 90 days, but to hold on to see what could be done. She put me on hold for awhile. Then someone else picked up. She didn't know what I was wanting, which disappointed me. They other girl didn't tell her anything. I had to repeat myself. Very irritating. Apparently this was a manager I was speaking to. Michael or something (female). She's telling me they can't do anything and that it's been over 90 days etc. She was rude you ask me. I intended to complain that day after the call but never did because I didn't want to extra stress myself out. But I ended up today because the conversation continues with me and other ladies about bras and today the conversation just has me upset and sad. VS took advantage of me as a customer instead of telling me that I'm too big for their sizes. They sold me two bread bras that don't need fit. Oh yeah and me other complaint was that the under wire in the bra was coming out. I got stabbed by it. I need don't wash my bras in the washer either. Also the strap on the sports bra is coming loose, like if I explained that right. So both bras are malfunctioning. I told the store manager about it. She didn't care. Why are people paying insane amounts for their bras and they're not even worth it? I can buy cheaper and get the same quality.

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Buddy7 - 60 d 8 h ago


I bought my daughter a pink back pack at the Branson Landing in Branson Mo. They were out of stock in stores but was able to order it and it was sent to our house. After waiting a week my daughter received it. The first day of school the back pack ripped at the seam. We took it back to the pink store and they told me there was no way to replace it since the item was discontinued. They did offer a couple other styles but my daughter did not like any of them. Now we are stuck with a brand new "ripped" pink campus back pack that was quite costly. Obviously these back packs are made poorly and I would not recommend them to anyone.

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Lopez - 49 d 26 m ago


What's with kids and back packs?

Are they being brainwashed to believe they are pack mule?

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Vicki - 49 d 3 h ago


Store 50011 in the Woodfield mall. .I went in to victoria secret today for a fitting. . I. Was greeted with the nicest smile and. a warm Hello may I help you. . she treated me like I was her family. She went above and beyond helping me. . I have never been treated so kindly in a store before. I found out she is the store manager her name is Geavani. .she listened to my concerns and made me feel like I was somebody Famous. The woman who did the measurements in fitting room her name is Audrey. I was nervous being my first time being fitted she made me feel comfortable . she also was very nice to me also the cashier she also was extremely nice to me. To be honest with you when I left that store I felt like I just left my family they all were that nice to me. I would highly recommend the victoria secret Woodfield mall store . I will definitely continue shopping there.. .

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Anonymous - 62 d 20 m ago


Hello, I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE this store and everything and everyone in it. It's the perfect place to get all of the nice lingerie from. The only thing that Victoria Secret is missing, is selling stockings and pantyhose. If you all include this, you'll be the #1 Perfect store to shop at for lingerie.

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Cali - 51 d 7 h ago

Yes and you probably work there too. Victoria's Secret is a Kmart lingerie department store compared to the initial idea. It has low quality materials and nooooo customer service. I'm not aurprised their online clothing is not sold anymore. The stores will end up going out of business because of poor quality, lack of management and proper people skills.

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Tired of rotten employees - 52 d 42 m ago

Midland Michigan Victoria secret has the rudest employees especially a female employee called Sam I work and take care of a family member 24/7 my husband and me so that's why I do a lot of online shopping I don't know how something is going to fit or if I like something unless I actually touch well anyways I get attitude alllll the time by that female how does she keep the job? You would think it was coming out of her pocket she needs to remember she is replaceable and she is just an employee nothing more a customer keeps business going I could go on about other employees but point being that place is the worst!

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Anonymous - 58 d 15 h ago

Be where of these people

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Anonymous - 52 d 7 h ago

Anonymous: b e w a r e is how you spell beware

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Peggy Guenther - 53 d ago


My review is not about your products it is all about your inappropriate television advertising.

So my comments are for the Advertising Department.

You need to STOP putting young girls in sexual positions on television, I don't know any women that this

would persuade to go purchase your products, instead the outcome can be much more grave for young girls,

the very young girls that end up molested by the men that watch these commercials , yes the commercials you all

have decided are appropriate that say " You want it " and you can bet , these men go and get it !

When you sit in your advertising meetings do you consider the effects of what you are promoting and the

damaging results? Do you all in your meetings know the statistics on how many young girls are raped/ molested? Your advertising is contributing to these statistics.

My husband and I are in agreement on this, we both have seen these commercials and are disgusted by your advertising.

We have been looking at the real estate market and almost can not find a home without a registered sex offender within a mile of any home we have looked at, it is at epidemic proportions.

I/we urge your advertising to consider these factors in your advertising and protect the lives of these young

girls, instead of jepordizing their safety by your distasteful advertising.

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disgusted - 62 d ago


It has been several years since Rapture has been discontinued. I do not understand why VS does not address all of the knock offs being sold with THE VICTORIA'S SECRET boxes. They are all over eBay and Amazon. The bottles are not the same and people are complaining the fragrance is not the same. Obviously it has been poorly duplicated. Why would VS allow this to continue?

Unless.............unless..............they are selling the boxes to the black market manufacturers. Really low blow for a company who makes more than adequate money selling products that often darken an already dark world. Of course it's all about money, we knew that! But at least have some business ethics if you can't have moral ones.

I know it is unlikely that anyone will do anything about this since it doesn't positively affect the bottom line, right? The day is coming............we will all answer for deeds. Good Luck to the corporate staff. I'm sure Roy Raymond has already regretted the outcome of his judgment day for 25 years.......well 6 days shy of 25 years.

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Anonymous - 63 d 5 h ago

What is Victoria Secrets policy on one the their Rockaway, NJ employee's (Julia Petrunyak) assaulting another person off work hours and off the premises of Victoria Secret locations?

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Bessie Rollins - 64 d ago


I have a complaint with one of your stores here in Chattanooga Tn Hamilton place mall. I was there this afternoon to make a purchase and the services was awful. They let they didn't want to help me include the management. Even though I still made a purchase because my grandson I getting married. But to my surprise the rudeness of these people I will not shop at this store ever again.Thank you and have a bless day. Sincerely MRS.ROLLINS.

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