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Victoria's Secret Stores, Inc.

Victoria Secret
3 Limited Pkwy.
Columbus, OH
(614) 577-7000
(614) 577-7844
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Marisa - 1 d 13 h ago

Will be discontinuing my account, I've had my account open with them for the longest time and just recently the last few months have I been getting very horrible customer service rude people rude management I don't know if people aren't being trained well enough or if they just don't want to do their job but very disappointing at the least because you're dealing with people's money and people time I will not be recommending getting a Victoria's Secret card to anybody nor will I be shopping there anymore because of this s***** service I have been getting please work on your management skills it's over the phone guys get your s*** together.

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Judy Ellis -yorba Linda ca - 17 h ago

I was w above anonymous - that complained about online and customer service I totally agree with everything you stated Marisa I don't know why has happened to this company we also are at cutting way back if not completely cancelling and. Shopping somewhere else for merchandise

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Anonymous - 17 h 25 s ago

Horable online and customer service as of the last 6 months and we have been customers for years that spend ALOT of Money

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GET IT TOGETHER!! - 2 d ago



I love the merchandise your store sells and I've gone to different locations even in a different state, but here is a recurring problem in EVERY store. It takes FOREVER to check out. There are NEVER enough cashiers. When someone applies for an Angel card, forget it, you're really gonna be standing in line FOREVER!! With all the savvy technology that is available and all the freakin money ya'll make something has got to change with your check out process and procedures!! I continue to shop here because this is the only place I can go directly to a get decent bras that fits my size 36DDD's along with the high prices!!!

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Anonymous - 5 d 6 h ago

I was in the orange blossom trail pink store and Wanda the manager was so rude to me she was not helpful at all very rude shouldn't be in management

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Cheryl - 22 d 17 h ago


I think it's sad out of all the applications you get the store in Branson Missouri hired Latasha Stuart. She made it to the 8th grade in high school and that is it. Ridiculous that someone like that can work for your company over individuals that at least have a high school diploma or even a ged. This girl has nothing!

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Anonymous - 7 d 17 h ago

I am repling to the Cheryl post on Latasha Stuart, you are a horrible person to post what you did on Latasha. You don't know what's going on in her personnel life and to have the audacity to post it maybe she should post something about you, You are a nobody!!!!

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Tai - 7 d 17 h ago

The customer service at the Lynhaven mall in Virginia Beach are horrible, so rude! On several occasion I had to ask for help locating an item. The CS people would just point to what table, on a occasion the manager was arguing with me because my card didn't go thru and the day before I had no problem with it, I'm not wanted in the store I'm sure when they tell you to stay in your car and they exchanged.......really????

I called corp center because of all the problems and they sent a card that in plastic they

Put 66.00 gift its on a cardboard so I call today and they can't even find me hmmmm I think that card is a hoax.

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Anonymous - 13 d 8 h ago


I'm a very loyal customer to Victoria secret however I order these pink flip flop slip ins they took a long time to ship then I ordered a large so it's so uppose to fit 9-10 it's really a 7-8 not to mention the shoes are cheap of quality I gave them 2 my daughter whom wears a 7 in women they a ripping on the sides already I'm very dissatisfied.....

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Silvia Marquez - 18 d 8 h ago


Long time waiting on line finally my turn and the cashier was in a conversation with an other cashier that she wasn't putting attention in my transaction i didn't get the right coupon also i wanted to make paymenti told her 28.29 give her 40 she close the register and said thanks

I ask for my receive and change she make 40 del payment long time waiting to fixe and they couldn't

Store 51280


Cashier 3104952

Trans 7399. 7400.

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Leslie Monique... LoyalToRapture - 19 d ago

I am truly a disgruntled customer. We had absolutely no warning that Rapture was being discontinued. It is an absolute atrocity that the 1.7 once is being sold online for as much as $99 online and the largest size is going for as much as $200. What exactly did we do to you that now we are being victimized by these thieving price gougers???? I am so very disappointed. Rapture has been my signature scent since for most of my daughter's life..... she is now 25 years old. I am so sad!!!

Are you planning on bringing it back for the Holidays of Mother's Day??? Please consider that for us.

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Wonder Woman Knows Didally! - 20 d 7 h ago


I am extremely disappointment in the lower quality of the Lotions & Creams from VS. They have gotten so much thinner and runny. It used to be the thickest Creams you could get with long lasting effects. Now I have to go on-line or to Bath & Body Works to get a good quality Cream. I will not buy from Victoria's Secret ever again. I'm tired of Companies that have drastically reduced the Quality of their Products all to make more Money by using less in the Products they sell. Take that cream to a Mass Spectrometer and see exactly what the true makeup is on these Creams. It is such a Shame for such a Big Name to reduce their quality and think for 1 second that we do not notice.

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Annie - 20 d 8 h ago


Just called the VS store in CR and asked if they could hold a specific item, because it was on sale they said no, I asked if I could pay for it over the phone and have it shipped and I would be willing to pay the shipping, again they said no. As someone who has there own business I find this ridiculous! What has happened to customer service? I will no longer be shopping at VS.

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Beth - 20 d 11 h ago


Today -6-7-2017 we were at the Enfield, CT Victoria Secret and witness someone who shoplift a lot of items and got away with it. No associates did anything just stood there and let him get a way. Great to know that you can get away with stealing. Of course no cops were called and they stated that they could not do anything about it. (Really). That is bullcrap. It was twenty minutes before a mall cop came. But it was to late. He was already gone. Guess if was me I be in handcuffs.......Won't be going back..

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kathy - 22 d 8 h ago


i went to the store in fort lauderdale. honestly the manager, i think her name was andrea was rude. i will not be returning

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Bewildered - 26 d 12 h ago

This isn't so much of a review but as a comment of an employee of Victoria's Secret for 6 years. it saddens me that in the day of age that the company is floundering so badly I don't see them embracing the women that they need to, instead of embracing women in their 40s to 50s who are professionals, recently divorced, their children are gone, and they're dating again. They have decided to focus on millennials, and in the recent months I have noticed a lack of sizing for fuller figured women and also more risque panty options. As a woman of 50, I remember being in my early 20's going in for things like sexy stockings and a really lovely lingerie piece, nowadays I just can't even find anything that doesn't remind me of Fredrick's of Hollywood.

Perhaps it's time for advertising with realistic models so women like myself feel welcome again at VS.

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Jessica J. - 26 d 15 h ago


I went to VS in located inside of lakeside mall in Metairie Louisiana this morning. The employees were amazing!!! They even helped my little 7 year old son pick out a cologne to use!

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Rose - 29 d 11 h ago


Had a terrible experience in your Brea store. Manager came out and moved us out of line to another line. People raced over and got serviced before us. Very rude customer service in your Brea store. They do not care about their customers at all.

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bloop - 30 d 5 h ago

whats the postal code

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RC - 34 d 9 h ago


I placed an order over the phone with a rep last Monday with the free sports bra offer code I made a purchase with 7 underwear and got my free sports bra. I additionally told the lady I wanted to order another sports bra on a whole different order she charged me for the most expensive bra and gave me the less expensive one for free. You should not have senior citizens taking people's order they can barely hear and keep screwing everything up! So annoyed with Victoria Secret I will not be making any future purchases.

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jp - 35 d 6 h ago


Made online order. Order was canceled for some reason then when I got email 7 days later it said it would be canceled if no contact on 7th day well I contacted them the 7th day and they said they would have to re do order which some items were no longer available and that I wouldn't get my offers or discounts that were originally applied!

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Disappointed - 37 d 6 h ago


Just visited the store in Puente Hills shopping mall, California. And it is such a disappointment how much this company has gone downhill over the years. I always regarded this store as a high end store with affordable prices for the quality of all of their products. I especially love the way you can buy all that you need in one shop, especially when there was a great sale. This store had so many empty racks and the bra and panty drawers were either empty or the items were misplaced in the wrong size drawer. Their size drawers were labeled with broken labels or it was missing. Found a huge mountain of bras and panties all shoved inside drawers at the back of their store. No one would notice it was there unless you walked all the way to the back of the store. I'm sure by shoving these items in a drawer damaged them. What ever happened to employees putting away things, cleaning up and making the store look presentable and inviting for their customers? The store was not busy at all and was sufficiently staffed, it was a shock to see this and what a huge disappointment. I will not return to this store or recommend anyone to go there if they don't have to.

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Eve - 37 d 11 h ago


The Victoria Secret in Edgewater Mall in Biloxi, Mississippi was very rude. Im a plus sized woman looking for perfume and the employees there were saying im too large for the clothes there. Very rude. I will be posting publicly on social media websites advising not to go there.

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Disgruntled & unhappy VS/Pink customer - 38 d 8 h ago


People..... I think it is pointless that we are airing our views on this page. Honestly, I feel nobody at VS Corporate are listening to us. Hence, they do not care about our opinions. Anybody feels otherwise?

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Mary - 38 d 9 h ago


I am writing because my 12 year old was on a scavenger hunt at your Lakeline Mall location in Austin, Texas. I found out it is store policy not to participate in these. I understand how you may receive countless requests for items for scavenger hunts at all your locations around the world, but I'm truly disappointed a store devoted to women is unwilling to participate in a young lady's birthday game. I think it says a lot about how you really view women as a commodity to gain their business but are unwilling to support youth. I have brought all my daughters into the store to get quality merchandise previously but in the future I will be rethinking my commitment to your company. I can't in good conscience spend money at a store unwilling to donate a small item for a scavenger hunt. I will NOT be back!

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