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Victoria's Secret Stores, Inc.

Victoria Secret
3 Limited Pkwy.
Columbus, OH
(614) 577-7000
(614) 577-7844
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Hunter - 1 d 17 h ago


"@zendaya Deserves A Spot In This Years @victoriassecret Show, Shes The Hottest Girl In The World. Now Its Time To Debut @zendaya To The World." -Hunter


-Fashion Show!

-In Store Signing!

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Mick - 10 h ago


@ Hunter,

Open your eyes. She's a tranny.

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Tracey - 18 h ago

I have purchased many Victoria secret bras and panties over the years. It saddens me to see that you are catering only to a younger generation and forgetting about your clientele whom you based your business on for many years. There are four styles to the very sexy collection, four!

Try to remember that it is mostly middle aged women who can afford $60 bras

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Hope - 3 d 15 h ago


In EL Paso Texas , on an internet application called "Letgo" There's a TON of Bras from Victoria Secret being sold at very cheap prices. They sell 4 to 5 Bras for $35.00 by a lady named "Carmen C" I believe this is stolen merchandise from one of the local El Paso Stores. I hope you all catch this thief, it might be one of your own store managers trying to make her own business on the side using Victoria Secret merchandise. As a lover of Victoria Secret store and loyal customer I would like to make Victoria Secret Inc. aware of this thief in hopes that you investigate and catch her.

General profile image - 4 d 9 h ago


I want to inform you to be very extra watchful with this person Mhemie White and his two sons Clifford and Drake - (hidden). Mhemie told us that she is so hot in the mall so she need to call down for summer break but she still had 2 weeks to plan for stealing in your store and the neighboring store. Please watch her very carefully because she is small and quick and she can hide anywhere and that is what she keeps bragging to all of us. I hope you caught Mhemie and her 2 sons in this 2 weeks. Please be very careful, be alert and be watchful because Mhemie was been stealing in your store many, many times so I hope you got her this time. Thank you

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Pam Shiffler - 15 d ago


I have been a customer of Victorias Secret for many years, but I have to say after visiting the Greenville, SC store, Andrea has got to be the best person I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. She is friendly, helpful, attractive and went above and beyond to help me to gather my purchases. She was wonderful and every store needs an Andrea!!

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Fred - 5 d 2 h ago

@ Pam Shiffler,

Every man needs an Andrea.

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Real Woman - 6 d ago


Victoria Secret cotton panties are laughable. The crotch size fits a 5 year old, not a grown woman. Getting back to basics may help this company which I hear is struggling financially. Bring back your cotton brief panties of 10 years ago or so. I bet you have a customer base that has abandoned you because of your small crotch size panties. Good grief!!!

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George Paunescu - 9 d 9 h ago


It is possible to open a store in Europe, Romania?

What we have to do for that.

It is possible to resale your products there?

Can we buy a large quantities of products from you?

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Deborah - 11 d ago

No review.. just want to know why a large is as big a size that you carry? Is this a form of discrimination? I'm a small girl and love shopping in VS and was appalled to find out that some of my friends cant shop there because they are bigger than a large. My thick girl friends deserve the right to shop in your store too

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Cheri - 13 d 8 h ago

Hello, I love shopping at the Grand Island Store, Grand Island Ne. everyone is very nice I was wondering if you could bring back the perfume Body and Dark Angel I really loved those. That would be great. Thank you.

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Lyndsey Kramer - 14 d 5 h ago


I love shopping at Victoria secret very much... But I would like to say I most likely will not be going back to the one in Buckhorn Pennsylvania, I have went there twice now and the girls that work in that store treated my mother-in-law like we were scum and didn't deserve to shop there! That's completely uncalled for. They must think their something their not because they work at a VS!

General profile image - 19 d 8 h ago


Please be very watchful and notify also the other stores to be very careful with this person Mhemie White (hidden). She was bragging to us during the party that she plan a new tactic on how to steal in your store and the neighboring stores. She said she is small but very quick and can blend and hide easily. She also bragging that she can also act like a child and when she look like a child nobody cares much. She was bragging also that she is lying low in Mt Pleasant the whole week but she is going back in your mall this week with the new tactic of stealing so please be very watchful on her and I hope you can catch her very soon. She was stealing hardcore at Deckies store with tennis shoes with her thieves sons. Please watch her very carefully for she is quick and good in hiding all her stolen goods. Arly

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Patrice Johnson - 21 d 20 h ago


I was in the Cheyenne, Wy. Forntier Mall store this week. My daughters idea to buy me a new bra. Treated and greeted by a wonderful women who gave us her time and help in finding some thing for me. After locating the right bra for me and helping my daughter I asked her if she was full time or part time sales. She replied that she was the store manager.

After being in retail for 41 year myself I do know that people like Donna need to be given a good word from a shopper who really appreciates great salesman ship.

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POINTMAN - 21 d 14 h ago

On the one.

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Patricia Pelham - 22 d ago


The last 3 times that I have been to the City Place store in West Palm Beach Florida I have had to deal with rude, insulting and hostile staff who work in the store. One walked up to me asked if I needed help when I told her what I was looking for she started to see if she could find it. When she couldn't she just said "I can't be bother with this" and walked away to go help another customer. I then found myself what I was looking for and went to pay for it only to be told by the girl behind "can't you see I'm talking on the phone". I would like to see the whole store staff fired. Today was not the first time this has happened. I am a single mother of an autistic I don't have time to go out if my way to a store 15-20 miles away just to buy one bra. Please do something about this store. I was not the only person who walked out because of their bad behavior.

General profile image - 23 d 45 m ago


I would like to thank victoria secret for making a vsx bra.. I was seriously injured on feb.2017, they had to cut everything off, but my zip in the front vsx.. thank you vs, for making an amazing bra...

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General A. White - 23 d 4 h ago


To whom it may concern I'm writing a formal complaint against the manager Emily of the White Marsh location. The manager assured me and made sure that I was aware that she was the manager. I came in with a return and attempted to explain my return, but to no avail, she never was allowed to get a word in.

She was rude and unprofessional. I really wanted my purchase and was attempting to return for sizing only to be attacked by her. Then she went on to say unless I gave back the gift card I could not return my items or keep the gift. I never in my life heard of such. She was loud and it was embarrassing.

I returned the items and handed her the gift card as well and was attempted to cancel my angel card as well. I will not be treated like this.

I hope something will be done do that other customers will not get this type of treatment. I wanted only to make an exchange. Her attitude helped me decide on just return the merchandise and leave.

Dissatisfied Customer

General A. White

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Anonymous - 27 d 7 h ago

Why did you stop carring Rapture?? I've worn it for years, and love it. I've tried to buy it on line and every store I visit. It's an extremely good product. I hope Victoria Secrets brings it back. I am willing to purchase straight from the home office if you have any.

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Andreina - 31 d 16 m ago


As a customer and investor it is really sad to see how Victoria's Secret provides more ways to close your credit card than convenient payment options. I have never had an issue with any of my store cards, Neiman Marcus, Banana Republic, Macy's, Nordstrom, Saks. This is the only one that I've had issues with and when I have called customer service to resolve an issue I have been almost offered twice to close my account instead of been offered a solution. Not a very smart thing to do when retailers are begging for business. I hope someone look at the policies in time and learn to value more and retain clients.

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Anonymous - 31 d 1 h ago

Hello my name is Sandy Ford I have custom chevy Tahoe done in Victoria's secret and I have many people stopping me to buy and catalogs sales if I can be any use in sales please feel free to call for photo's. I can be reached at (hidden) thanks Sandy Ford

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Pissed off - 34 d ago


Got hooked on the bralette now they pull them so you order online with a $8.00 shipping fee this is my last order.

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Margie - 38 d ago


I was late paying my $31 dollar credit card bill by a few days. You charged me another $28 dollar for being late. When I called and asked that the $28 dollars be removed, I was told that the policy was to only forgive a late payment once and I had used up my one time! There was no understanding from this woman that the amount of the late fee was almost as much as much as the total bill. I told her that VS will never see me near a Victoria Secret Store again. And she said okay. That is a shame. I can see that the product is finally getting fun again. (Glad that Les is back in town - his influence has made the line so exciting. Too bad he isn't teaching customer service to his staff!!!!) If the customer service on the card answering system is not friendly and does not respond in a positive manner, why should I shop there?

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Alice - 37 d 5 h ago

It makes sense to be charged a late fee when you were in fact late in paying your bill. That's what happens. An employee can't remove it just because you ask them to, they could lose their job. It's a bit silly to complain when you admitted yourself you were late in paying your bill.

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Anonymous - 36 d ago


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