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Victoria's Secret Stores, Inc.

Victoria Secret
3 Limited Pkwy.
Columbus, OH
(614) 577-7000
(614) 577-7844
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Samantha Paulus - 2 d 20 h ago


Need to bring back the fabulous bra. I miss having them on everyday of the week. Also miss the scent Dream and love is heavenly.

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Yvonne - 9 d 18 h ago


I will never purchase or refer ANYONE to Victoria Secret again. I purchased a couple of items right before Christmas, paying $105 in cash and $9.75 on my debit card. Unfortunately the items didn't fit correctly, and went to return them two days later. It was busy, so when I got to the register, I was informed that there was not enough cash in the drawer to refund me, asked me if I wanted it on a Angel card which I replied no, but wanting to help, not to hold up the line I said to just put it back on my card, which I did not know, that my debit card did not allow monies to be put on this particular card because it was a card that my employer put my wages on and the transaction should have been the same as the purchase... Hence my card was deactivated by the servicer. I cannot get ANYBODY at Victoria Secret Corporate to assist me on removing this deactivation. It has been 2 months and the servicer still will not give me my card or my monies. I don't have the money to get legal advise and all I want is the money (that is mine) returned to me. I no longer work for the Co. that issued the card. I am soo angry... Victoria Secret


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Cheri - 10 d ago

I am in an Apple Store at the Arrowhead mall in Glendale, AZ.

Across from this store filled with teenagers and children are your Valentines ads. One ad depicts a woman dressed in a teddy with most of her butt oozing out.

Clearly your corporate bottom line, pun intended, is more important than some advertising civility.

I will tell as many people as possible to boycott VS.

Shame on you!

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Anonymous - 24 d ago

After reading the posted reviews, I too agree that the quality has gone down hill. Your so called "new and improved" should be tossed out the window. Bring back quality. While I'm here..please stop the stealing!!! It ridiculous that thieves are allow to walk in your store and walk out with bags full of merchandise. Not only am i afraid to shop in any Victoria Secret stores, I also wonder how your employees feel. I'm over your product why would I wanna wear clothing that is being stolen. Its disgrace!!!! Do something right... bring the quality back and stop the stealing once and for all.

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Anonymous - 24 d 9 h ago

You know what ! I was a loyal customer all my life. My mom would get Victoria's Secret catalogs and I would fantasize about wearing the jeans or tops I saw on their pages. Honestly you did suck a good job I didn't even notice the models .... I noticed the clothing! ( haha now you only sell frumpy sweats , odd but okay ) anyway I finally was old enough to buy and fill in the clothing I dreamed of wearing as a little girl. I became a woman and the first thing I did was buy a New Years dress. I loved every article of clothing I still have some and the quality was sooo good. What happen !? Now you only tend to little girls to girls that will never know anything about your core or your roots - you died. You sold out? Let me tell you those young girls are never going to care about the brand like I did. Those girls will drop in a hot second and sadly your brand is depending on them. I care deeply and wish my little voice made a difference. When the girls your depending on get old.... they would take care of you. You will go die in a retirement home. You can't expect every new young generation to like the same thing you need change or you need Long lasting real action ships with your customers- slow and steady will always win. I am sad and upset that you can't see what I see. Times are a changing your time is fleeting. Awww but what I wouldn't give to buy just one last good piece of clothing from you. Had I known what I know now I would have bought a lifetime of clothing from you before you started selling low class crap. I feel like my loyalty was rewarded with a swift kick in the ass. But still I am always waiting for you to come to your sense.... I will never forget the love I had for your brand and how those catalogs inspire a little girl to dream big. Something about a woman in a business suit. Lol maybe that's why I work in advertising.

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C. Fry - 24 d ago


Victoria's Secret was sold to rat faces from the Middle East.

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Anonymous - 25 d 18 h ago

I need my w2-form

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K&T - 27 d 19 h ago


Mr, Mehas,

I ordered a Christmas gift on line for my girlfriend through the Victoria Secrets web site, order #726549665.

Due to the amount of my order being $86.95 there was a promotional item to choose at no additional cost. Actually I ordered more items in order to get to the amount that gave me the additional item. Anyway that item was the only item, a sports bra, that didn't show a price on the receipt and unfortunately didn't fit. So my girlfriend (Tania), as instructed by your web site, took the item to a local store to exchange for the correct size. Tania, was told she could not exchange the bra, per the store clerk and that the only thing they could do is send the bra back for a refund by mail. Well they wouldn't even tell her how much she would get for the return and that she would just have to wait to get the return in the mail. First I find this a totally unacceptable procedure. Second she told the clerk she didn't want a refund, and only wanted to exchange the bra.

Right now we both feel, unless Victoria Secrets goes above and beyond to make this right we will never shop at your store or online with Victoria Secrets in the future.

Companies today have no accountability for anything. Nordstrom is the only store I know that would not have hesitated to replace or return the item, NO BS, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!! and this is why places like Nordstrom and Amazon will most likely shut you all down. It's quit sad actually.

If no acceptable response from you soon I will return the entire order.

Kind regards,

Kevin and Tania

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Anonymous - 35 d ago


Ordered and paid for an e-gift card. However, you cant use the card until they send you the email to activate. I received several emails thanking me for the purchase but NEVER received the email with instructions on how to use it. Called and complained to their "customer Service support" but got absolutely nowhere! I was told that "the email has been sent" although it never was. After days of arguing with them, I told them to refund my money. I was told 3-5 business days and now 14 business days later, NO REFUND! Absolutely HORRIBLE Customer service. This e-gift card thing appears to be a scam and I am reporting them to the BBB and so on.

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Meghan - 90 d 13 h ago


I was mistreated in the Victoria's Secret/ Pink store at the Burlington mall. There was a 50 percent sale on all their " bling" items. As you know their store has different lines of perfumes, clothes ect.. I had my two year old daughter with me and only had an hour to shop before I got my other kids at school. I am a single mom of three kids and never buy anything for myself. This was going to be a Christmas gift from Santa! I spent most of that time looking through their 50 percent off rack which is why I went in in the first place. I finally found a few Large items that I like. Then I spent more time trying them on to make sure they fit..I waited in line for a very long time for her to tell me that it wasn't 50 percent off because it didn't have " bling" aka gems on it. Even though it was on the advertised rack along with half of the other items without " bling" on it.. She was talking down to me as if I was stupid. I proceeded to speak to the manager who told me the same as thr cashier. So I asked then why so many items are on the rack that dont have the gems on it. She said that they had a sale the day before that had half with gems and half without. This is ridiculous behavior. She clearly messed up and hadn't separated the racks from their sale the day before. It was complete false advertisement which is against the law in Massachusetts anyway. If you screw up and put the incorrect price on something you still have to sell it for that price..I was so mad at the way they treated me that I called the corporate office. They offered me a $25 dollar giftcard when I had more than $ 50 in savings that I was going to buy. Not to mention you can't get much in their store for that amount of money. She did not care about me as a customer, but cared that I go back to the store and spend more money because my gift card won't get me very far there. I am so dissapointed in the way all the employees handled everything.

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Anonymous - 89 d 9 h ago

I use to work for VS and they where suppose to honor you the 50% off since they messed up.

What number did you call for corporate?

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Shaunna - 88 d 9 h ago


I would love the phone , I was shopping online tonight for the pre Black Friday sale I was checking out debit info total, taxes and all and all the sudden an item was taken out my cart I called them and they said items are fair game while in cart till you pay for them and that's exactly what I was doing paying for them !!! I then told her I guess it's ok if I'm checking out at the store and a customer comes up and takes my items while I'm paying well of course she said oh no that's a different story hmmm is it really

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Anonymous - 64 d 13 h ago

Do u have number to there corporate office ?

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Anonymous - 37 d 9 h ago

Victoria's Secret

4 Limited Parkway East

Reynoldsburg, OH 43068


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BringbackmyMoney! - 37 d 9 h ago

Purchased $50 gift card for my mom as Christmas gift and the card never been used and she went to store at Sherman Oaks Riverside Mall CA and they said it was $0 balance. Unfortunately I don't have the receipt anymore. Called customers service and they said the gift card was purchased and used at the same day.

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Someone - 38 d 11 m ago


I worked for VS seasonal .in kokomo. The manager there is very rude. I did not know where different perfumes etc. Were located was filling shelves when the head manager walked in and yelled at me about getting that damn perfume on the floor. First off i was working on it and she just walked in started yelling about getting this and that out on the damn floor. I was trying to find it.

I was working beauty that day and we had the highest sales of the day.

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Aixa - 38 d 19 m ago


The girls at Victoria secret in the rockaway N.J. mall are very rude. Not only do they come off snobby, but very annoying this woman named Maria would follow me then go threw the clothes I had in my hand talking like they were so nice it was almost like she was checking if I was gonna take anything which made me feel uncomfortable and I didn't even want to go in the dressing room after she was acting like an LP I bought the stuff I knew would fit put back the others I wanted to try on and left she just made my happy day of shopping to miserable

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Anonymous - 42 d 14 h ago


Victoria secret sucks! You only have clothes for people who are stick thin! Any and every store I go to you're always out of everything no matter how far I travel along with with online everything is out of stock! Dissatisfied to the Max. Your material is cheap and breaks and tears within months of wearing bras undies etc. not worth spending any of your money when you can go to Walmart with better material quality. Customer service is horrible, all the girls were snobby and rude. Never spending my time here again or ever recommending it to anyone

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Anonymous - 47 d 22 h ago


Customer service for this company is non existent. YThey are rude, unprofessional, and you're treated like trash . I've had a card with them for 3 years. Just cancelled it and I will never spend another PENNY with them. Get your crap together.

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Liz - 53 d 18 h ago

This company is a complete joke! I ordered an item (that was in stock) and then they give me an update saying that my order was on its way however, I waited for them to deliver on the 24th of December and then it never came. I called and they told me it was out of stock and the rewards I earned with the other purchase I made was unable to be returned to me. I am extremely disappointed and unsatisfied with this company's work ethic and lack of motivation to make up for what was not given back to me. Wouldn't recommend anyone to shop here extremely unprofessional.

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Anonymous - 54 d ago

I purchase a pajama set for $59.95 which had a promo code if purchase anything over $50.00 would get a pair of slippers, well i got a mecium wnich ran small I am a large, wne. I ask for a large wad rudely told thats all they have.

It seems to be a problem in that location ( Lynnhaven) location in the mall in V. B.

I definetly think they need to have a class in dealing with the public.

I would also like my pair of slipper

Irma Torres Minney




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Stuck with a fake - 54 d 10 h ago

To whom it may concern,

This is a FYI information that there is a bogus company by the name of whatwear selling counterfeit pink sweat suits. This website can be accessed through the website if you ever get on this website please do not order any Victoria secret pink outfits because it's a counterfeit coming from Shanghai China it's fake.

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Anonymous - 64 d 13 h ago


Today I went to the VS Store in Walnut Creek, California. I waited patiently to return two bras.

Finally after 20 minutes I reached the front of the line when a sales lady informed me that she could help me in the other store. Once there there was a very long line and the sales lady was not to be found. Went back to the other store and the people behind me let me have my spot back. Finally got to the till when the lady needed the managers help. She arrived only to ask what my problem was and then the sales lady explained her issues . Then with no warning she told me to stop wagging my fringe in her face and to leave her store. I was sooo confused by her actions and don't know why .... never going back. Amanda is her name and apparently she is the store manager .

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Anonymous - 66 d 12 h ago

This is review on the Victoria's Secret in Cumberland Mall in ga, the staff there are very rude the store is a mess. I went to buy a set that was marked wrongly I ask the cashier why was that put together and only had one price and no sign explaining that everything was supposed to be cashed separate she said well is this price and it how it is. I think that this girls that woof or this company should have more class and be trained properly to give a good customer service as everyone that goes in there to spend money deserves to be treated with respect, I will never be back in there

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TShawver - 70 d ago


This is the report out for the Mishawaka Indiana store the management there is absolutely awful disrespectful to their coworkers staff cussing putting them in unsafe situations there is tons of shoplifting going on in that store and nothing is being done about staff safety I'm very disappointed in the conduct of the managers there something absolutely needs to be done because it's damaging the Victoria's Secret name

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