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4931 North 300
Provo, UT
(800) 832-8575
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Tara Russo - 78 d ago


I am currently sueing them. We signed on thinking it was the best thing on earth! The cameras DO not move like we were told, and they are NOT wireless. As we were told that as well. Our equipment was installed... well half of it. They never came back to install the rest and it's been hell trying to get someone out to install it. The equipment we do have NEVER works and is always offline or just plain doesn't work. I've called so many times and always speak to someone different and no one can ever help me. Someone will always call me back and we never receive that phone call... then we were supposed to get a refund.. nope! Now I'm so fed up I said come and get the equipment... because it's not even all installed. They said no you have to pay it all in full! Now our credit is getting dinged and we are livid! What a SCAM!!! This has been such a Nightmare!!!

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Janice - 71 d 20 h ago


Tara, what lawyer office are you using? I also want to file suit.

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mnjennifer - 40 d 2 h ago


me too in Minnesota!!

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Janice - 71 d 20 h ago


What state are you located, should have asked that first, I just assumed you were local, sorry.

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Brenda - 36 d 7 h ago

I just found out after being forced into to paying 699.00 to get them out of our lives that they have continued to charge my credit card going back probably a year! Vivint is nothing but a Scam!!! They are thieves and liars, and because my card company can only go back 5 months, I am having to seek legal council to get the rest back!!!!! I haven't even had the service since July of 2015!!!! I live in Montana, and yet it looks like they're crooked from state to state!!!

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Aminata koita - 7 d 16 s ago


I will like to file a law suit as well, please Tara what law office are you using?

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mrkindman277 - 11 d 16 h ago


Vivint SmartHome security system [vs, herein] compromised security by allowing LaPd 'PEDOPHILE COPS' take the cameras offline so burglaries, thefts, and other theft crimes to take place. This is the second time vs has done this. In addition, vs refused to return more than $500 of overpayment to Mr. Charles Johnston, customer [cust, herein] As a result of negligence of vs, cust cameras were stolen. Cust has not finished the review of his assets whereby he will update to provide an accounting.

Police reports have been made. Vs has been notified of the reports and refuses to replace the two (2) outdoor cameras. The invoices indicated the cameras were about: $499 each.

Cust insists overpayment be returned to cust; replace and install at expense of vs; stop the corruption.

Data input operator: mt, [unedited]

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JUames Madej - 12 d 5 h ago


false representation claimed he was sent by the office to inspect our router system. I was in the middle of a family crisis and this jerk continued his sales pitch I am totally disappointed in the lack of professionalism by showing up without an appointment and disrupting my privacy. How dare you!

I will never use your security system.

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Anonymous - 20 d ago


I live in Redford, Mi and I had a Vivint home security representative come to my home and try to talk to me about there product and when I said I wasn't interested and didn't want to waste his time. He was rude and made an inappropriate commet that we probably wouldn't qualify anyway. So I hope in the future that you can find better reps . Because that was completely un called for and disrespectful. I wish I could of gotten his name but he didn't offer it.

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Ruth Meyer - 23 d 4 h ago

This company is a scam, they charged my credit card after I paid them off in full with confirmation #'s for every thing. When I contacted them all I got was the run-a- round.Would never have any dealings with this company Definitely elder abuse! Run from this company.

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Terry Nicholson - 30 d ago


I had Vivint in Atlanta with no problems at all. Now I have it here in Corpus Christi and I get false signals all the time one time well we was on the toad heading to our vacation site the alarm goes off and tells me the overhead garage door is open Vivint calls me to tell me this as well but won't call the police because I failed to register it with the police. You guys never told me this st all so I drove an hour and a half to come back to make sure my house is oke just to find out it was a false alarm I've called several times for Vivint to come and pickup there equipment but they say sorry your contract doesn't expire until 2023 who wants to pay for a system that doesn't work right at all and then they will charge you 49.99 to have a tech come out to look at it this system isn't even over a year old

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Brenda Bills - 31 d 4 h ago


After 10 years of service, we received very poor customer service and our issue was not resolved in a timely manner. We are having to wait an additional 7-10 days for the part(s) and we have to do it ourselves. They won't get a tech back out to fix our problem which is unsatisfactory.

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mnjennifer - 40 d ago


worst service ever. Worst customer service ever. Pass on this over priced place when the competition is cheaper and better quality,.

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Janvier Casas - 44 d 19 h ago


I used to work for VivintSmartHome in the monitoring department. I was fired because I disagree with all the dishonest practices happening on the floor. It is prohibited to use phones or to delay emergency calls. Employees are not supposed to use cell phone inside the monitoring central station because. We had access to all the customers information including passwords, addresses, system passwords, and contracts to mention just a few. I felt horrible seeing that employees were delaying emergency calls because they were texting, watching Netflix, or just hanging out. After reporting the issue I was suddenly fired. The supervisor entered on my file that I was a bully, and hostile. HR did not contact me to verify information. The night person in charge started grooming other representatives, putting them against me. I had been working at that company for several years. My performance evaluations in the last 2 years have been excellent and I had a record of perfect attendance. Leadership in the monitoring department will brave employees to keep them on their side.

My experience with this company was the worst. Again, I am glad my interaction with this company is over.

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Dorene - 50 d 30 s ago


When they came to my door in 2014 they said they were working with BGE because BGE HAD to convert a larger portion of their energy to solar. I didn't think to call BGE to ask if it was true. I've had cause to call them recently and they said they've never heard of it. I called them in April to remove my panels and store them while I had a new roof put on. It took them 3 weeks or more to finally get a crew here and they were from Western Massachusetts while I live in Northern Maryland. Now my roof has been on since the middle to end of May and I have to wait until July 30th to get the panels back on because they STILL don't have a crew here. Yet they want me to pay an estimated bill EVERY month they're off-line instead of turning the monitor to my home off, along with my present electric company bill. The two together are close to $200 a month -- and that's the price before I started using our a/c! Now they want me to use their so-called security system. No thank you!

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J - 53 d 19 h ago


I worked for vivint for over a year an the stuff they make us keep in our cars is very expensive needles to say my car was broken into twice over vivint equipment I reported it to the local authorities an got fired an I'm under investigation over this stolen equipment which is crazy I don't understand that i had my car broken into three times over this company an they are quick to fire someone over something that was not my fault, that's ok I got something for them I will expose how they sell accounts to ppl an charge them for take overs that they don't even have I will expose how they lie about everything an I will expose them on how they tell there sales reps to lie to customers about everything the company is a fraud all they do is lie an cheat people out of there hard earned money. You will here more from me yet!!!!

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Fred Sanders (better business) - 53 d ago


You should go on the news an let your story be heard

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BTalton - 214 d 10 h ago


I closed my account with this company years ago and DID NOT renew my contract with their company due to false security claims stating that they are affiliated with ADT and that they are a security company. Vivint IS NOT affiliated with ADT and they DID NOT secure my home, they only monitored my home because VIVINT IS NOT A SECURITY COMPANY! I have since received CONSTANT harassing calls from a very aggressive collection company asking me to pay $1k dollars for vivint services that I CANCELED AT THE END OF MY CONTRACT WITH VIVINT AS WELL AS CLOSING MY ACCOUNT WITH VIVINT! I'm very interested in pursuing a class action lawsuit against this company

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Evelyn - 197 d 4 h ago

I was lied to too! Same allegations that they changed to ADT now I owe $1000. I live in NY I NEED HELP AS WELL!

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Disabled and concerned - 163 d 19 h ago


I would love to see class action suit against Vivint. Not only are they trying to charge me for the equipment, that do not work half the time ( over $2,000). But the tech that signed me up stole someone's identity to have me as a customer. It has been a living hell for me.

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Sharon Elliott vs Robert Elliott - 71 d ago


They have screwed me over bad. They billed my husband 900.00 thru credit card. Wasn't even his account. He had nothing to do with it. Then they took 750.00 out of my checking account.

Sharon Elliott

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Tammy Gomez - 134 d 33 m ago

i here ya. you should start a class action. my husband is already contacting morgan and morgan.

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Pissed in Nebraska - 133 d ago


We would LOVE to join a class action lawsuit against these fools! We feel into the trap and went for the so called trial of 30 days! They installed the equipment that does not do what they said. It hardly ever records like it is suppose to. They charged me more than they told me was going to be the fee. So we decided well within 30 days that we did not want this service. When I called to cancel I was told by the rep that it was only 3 days and that the only way to cancel at this point was if the salesman left us the cancellation form with some type of a code on it. We were left nothing but the Vivint brochure and a card with the cell number of the salesman. So, I called him he informed me that he would be by to bring the form that he said he "forgot" leave, but would drop it off. Needless to say he was a no show. I called him several more times and he then sends me a text and tells me he is in Canada and will be by on this past Sunday and again was a no show. Long story short, I have talked with four different people at corporate and nothing has been rectified. I can tell you that they are trying to push it as far as they can to the 30 days so they can keep us hostage in this contract! They are horrible and it is a scam on a huge level! WE WILL GLADLY JOIN A CLASS ACTION! If one is not started we are going after them on our own! However, there is strength in numbers!!

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Angry in Nebraska - time for Class Action - 71 d ago


We have just be scammed by these unethical con artists with non functioning equipment and they said nothing they can do about it. We sent it back and the whole experience has been terrible

We are so angry and upset by this disgusting company and would gladly join a Class Action suit

Power in numbers !!

Ratings don't lie !!


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da_other_man - 88 d 39 s ago


B Talton I to have experienced this company's poor customer service, and lies after lies when it comes to getting

equipment serviced, If there is a class action lawsuit... I would like to join in,

I can be contacted at (hidden) , thanks

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CSW - 81 d ago


Please let me know if you do, I have had a couple of your complaints and more happen to me recently. Just cancelled my account with them as well.

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Not Happy - 53 d 3 h ago


Did you get out of the contract?

They are telling me its impossible to get out unless I buy out the remaining balance--which is for the equipment!

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