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Wells Fargo & Company

420 Montgomery St.
San Francisco, CA
John Stumpf
Chairman, President and CEO
(866) 878-5865
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FOAD - 74 d ago


Don't do business with WF Dealer Services. They do everything in their power to thwart you from paying down your principle. Terrible company, awful customer service. They even admitted they make it hard to pay on principle so they can make more money. Yes, admitted it to me over the phone! And yet somehow after all the controversy the company has generated in the public domain, they still go unrepentant and unpunished.

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Anonymous - 77 d ago

Shut these criminals down. Somebody Rob them fast.. before they rob us again.

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feedupwithwellsfargo - 116 d 15 h ago

This is absolutely a horrible bank and the customer service people who answer the telephones especially a supervisor named, Michonn employee number 45879 was rude and arrogant.

We had over 50.000 in an account and our card was declined for less that 300.00 at dinner this evening. All he had to say as an excuse was that that even through they have issued a bank card we can't guarantee as someone who has funds in their bank that the card would go through.

I even asked him as living in a small town how embarrassing this was, for him to take a moment and call the restaurant to let them know that the card had plenty of money and he refused to do so.

horrible bank- Mr. Stumpf you should get out of your ivory tower and come to Lexington, Virginia directly apologize to me for your company's lack of professionalism.

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B^tch Better Have My $ - 161 d 15 h ago


The WORST banking experience, I ever had and will have, is with WELLS FARGO. They keep taking out dollars here and there, totaling over $200. Even if it was $2, it was my money and not theirs. If I ever get a chance to prove that they have been stealing from me..their kids will not be able to get a paycheck. I have to cross my fingers that my account hasn't been overdrawn or money taken out. I feel sorry 4 the person(s) that are stealing, bc they will reap what they sow. I tell everyone not to use Wells Fargo. And guess what? They listen, bc it's always someone else who had the same experience. I see your stock is going down and you have had a drop in accounts. NO ONE wants to let a thief be responsible for their money(s). And u are already reaping what you sow. I think you should give up being hood and ghetto and be normal. Too bad you don't see it the same way.

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LJ - 135 d 7 h ago


Love Love your name b better have my $ . This bank's customer service is a joke. and dont get me started on the card benefit services they offer you if you have a credit card with them. They say they cover charges the retailer isn't willing to accept your returns they will. THAT WAS A LIE.

My banking advisor told me to drop my cell phone insurance with Verizon because if I pay my monthly bill with credit card they cover your cell phone if it brakes, lost or stolen up to $650 so I dropped my insurance my cell phone screen cracks they are suppose to cover that, but it just so happened I paid my cellphone bill late it went on next months statement and they denied my claim. You have to pay monthly I paid for 2 month in the same month . Whoopy they know they could of honored this claim but didn't. So that cost me

Than filing dispute for charges using ATM they dont follow through when you do file a claim . I didn't hear back from them I had to call them months later.

But, Boo this is what you have to do , is go into the branch and get someone who cares who works there and they will reverse the charges meaning that $35 they charged you get someone cool and they will remove those charges I never have to pay them when they try to charge me. and any customer service rep can take off up to 4 charges like that for you to be honest. I use to be hit with $35 fees and all you have to do is ask and they will remove up to 4 of them per year for free.


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TAMUISS - 4 y 281 d ago

Thank you to our sponsors for ISC @CampusViewTX @ChaseSupport @WellsFargo @traditioattamu @Citibank @aipstudentins #tamuISC #GigEmWeek

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Cocosilk73 - 4 y 281 d ago

@WellsFargo can you provide a direct link to send an email to you regarding an experience at a location branch?

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JoshuaToenyes - 4 y 281 d ago

@WellsFargo has a fee for everything I just paid $3 to xfer a few bucks to my new account with @Simplify. One more reason to switch banks!

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JessicaCarrillo - 4 y 281 d ago

@joekutchera @Telemundo52 @WellsFargo @PeterBlacker @borja @TelemundoCOO thank you Joe, it was great to meet you! Saludos a todos

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joekutchera - 4 y 281 d ago

Thanks @JessicaCarrillo + the team @Telemundo52 for having me in the studio today with @WellsFargo fyi @PeterBlacker @borja @TelemundoCOO

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Rell_Nicole - 4 y 281 d ago

RT @shelby_AK47: I hate @wellsfargo #dailytweet

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michael_j_cash - 4 y 281 d ago

@WellsFargo I had to upgrade my cell plan because of the minutes spent trying to start banking here (student loan and PMA). Still not done.

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KevinAndDon - 4 y 281 d ago

@Aadcantage @WellsFargo thanks for the 1000 per $10000 home loan refinancing Air Miles Love Being Aadvantage Gold going to ULURU with miles

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shelby_AK47 - 4 y 281 d ago

I hate @wellsfargo #dailytweet

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