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Wells Fargo & Company

420 Montgomery St.
San Francisco, CA
John Stumpf
Chairman, President and CEO
(866) 878-5865
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I'm PhiladelphiaHazel McFadden trustee Sierra McFadden I didn't come to Warsaw because she was underage she's 23 now will be up there to your office she's my trustee - 2 h 38 m ago

December 2011 Beyond Elise France McFadden. I got into a home her mother hateful they make that I discovered her me and my son supposed to pick up 75 million dollars at Common Pleas Court in Philadelphia I was in pain I got out September 2003 I have proof that the checked that you cares all the attorneys have cashed it here in Philadelphia I'm coming to the corporate office is my bond and you can do your best to gation hazeldine McFadden Sierra McFadden we will be up there June 1st they coming to your corporate office with all my food at the portrait by on this mind it's not federal or anyting it belongs to me since 1979

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Flores - 5 h 41 m ago


I just left my Wells Fargo appointment with a personal banker, to open a checking account in Shorewood, WI. First off I want to say that they ask many personal questions. Second, after they received ALL my information. I was denied an account. The manager told me that it wasn't a good fit for me. I asked why, he said that if to be linked with Zelle is my primary reason for opening the account, then it wasn't a good fit for me. He had the audacity to tell me what to do with my money! They want you to let them manage your money, to borrow from them, and to invest it in ways they see fit. They will never get that power over my money!!! They lost a good customer. If you are smart, you will stay far away from them!!!

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GERALDINE DURKIN - 1 d 5 h ago


I am a long time Wells Fargo client who is re-thinking using their bank. I have a checking acct; two Savings Acct's; and a mortgage with Wells Fargo. I have tried for more than 6 hours today to access their bill paying process to no avail; they are obviously having problems but they did not send out a notification about this. I have tried to call Customer Service but get the hold line and music; I am now currently on hold (listening to their music again) with the corporate offices; no answer. This is all indicative of a very poor customer service arm to their banking; I would never recommend Wells Fargo to anyone EVER!

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Concerned - 1 d 9 h ago


My mother is having a huge issue with Wells Fargo here in Las Vegas. 1st she had a life partner and he passed away. He had her , myself ad my brother as the executors of his estate. We are trying to close his account and withdraw the funds that are n the account.

they advised us that she would need to have his death Certificate and she had it. and she was denied

Since my brother and myself are co executors we had to sign away our rights and we did that. and she was denied

We had to bring the death certificate and his Will to the office and she did that and she was denied again

They advised her that she wold need to fill out a form requesting the closure and the funds. she did this and she was again denied.

So, after the 5th time at the branch she was again denied and STD that he did not place his birth date correctly on the acct and now she has to go to the DMV to get proof that its him?????? what is this going to prove? She has done everything that she was asked and still they are not allowing her to close and withdrawal the funds from the acct. ??? any hep would be appreciated, sounds like they are trying to keep the funds into the acct and collect the interest themselves.

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Anonymous - 4 d 7 h ago


I closed my account that had one amount. I did everything they asked. They never sent a check. I called Wells Fargo, "Where's my money?" They said Check was sent. No check. Three weeks later I called, Where's my check? Their response, "no check was sent" THEY LIED TO ME! They sent me more forms I had to fill out AGAIN! But this time I mailed making them sign for them. Check comes in part, YES IN PART!!! Are they broke? And.... it has my deceased wife's name on it, and my bank won't accept. I told Wells DO NOT PUT MY WIFES NAME ON IT! After days my bank called Wells and my bank didn't want to lose me. They sent another check I'm my deceased mother-in-laws name I can't cash. I'm at the managers level going to the executive branch. Unreal! I wouldn't open an account if they paid me. They lost first papers I faxed. No one knows what their doing and pass the buck.

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Dennis - 6 d 11 h ago


Wells Fargo knows how to send out form letters demanding increases in monthly mortgage rates. Yet when they are given info pertaining to person @ County auditors office a person who could resolve matter they NEVER call Same experience as I NO return phone calls

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Dennis - 6 d 11 h ago


Wells Fargo know how tossed out form letters demanding payment but refuse to contact Auditor of County after demanding a FAX of person who could resolve issue

Flagged for review. 
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Robert Irwin - 11 d 10 h ago


I keep getting messages from Wells Fargo to put NEW money into a savings account and get a higher interest rate. I currently have $28,000 in my emergency fund. Apparently, there is no way to put that into the savings, because they want NEW money. I feel punished for keeping my money there in the first place, I could withdraw the money, take it home, then bring it back as NEW money or I could transfer it to my bill paying account and then transfer it back as NEW money. Annoying. This kind of stupid corporate B.S. Drives me crazy. It seems Wells Fargo is more concerned with making NUMBERS than making happy customers. This kind of mentality is probably what got them in trouble last time. It seems that, according to the customer service line, that they would rather loose my business than make a way for this to work. Way to empower your people. My Rating reflects this policy, not my entire experience, However I will close my accounts

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Anonymous - 11 d 18 h ago

I reviewed a check from Alexander Clerk of courts. The check was through your bank .The check was made out to the Estate of George W Bumgarner. I have a copy of it along with the stamped endorsement from the Clerk of courts. It was through a life insurance policy my father had. The printed copy says void all over it . And I without knowing it was a voided check placed the check in an Estate account with my fathers former bank First citizens bank. I have the account number and card . I just don't understand why the Clerk of courts of Alexander county would give me a voided check. I was over my fathers Estate I also received an Estate ITIN number for my fathers Estate through first citizens bank. I think that all you guys work together with Scott Rizzo my sisters Attorney and Scott Rielly. To set me up because I have a bad check placed under my name for this voided Estate check.

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Anonymous - 11 d 18 h ago

My name Was Tina Louise Boggs Juarez

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Cathy Odell Town - 13 d 13 h ago


I had an Empire account via Wells Fargo. I had two previous home projects completed by Empire and paid off the balance. Wells Fargo sent me a letter saying they would be closing my account for lack of activity. I then scheduled an appointment with Empire to install window coverings. Due to their slow service and a huge installation date error the deadline to use my account occurred and Wells Fargo closed my account. I called and asked them to reopen it and they gave me the song and dance about the process taking fifteen days. My new window treatments are being installed today. Wells Fargo has lowered my credit score due to their action of closing my account. They could care less.

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Amb. Henry - 15 d 17 h ago

The office of the President, Wells Fargo Home mortgage Des Moines. IA 50306-3411 May 1st, 2019 Att: 319/321 Tremont Ave, East Orange, NJ 07018 Loan # (hidden) Loaner = Edith Chinwe Ekwenugo. Loaner Attorney = Chioma Atupome Total Payment amount = $146,043.02 Tel = (hidden). TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: SAVE OUR SOULS, STOP THE INJUSTICE, WE ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS TOO Dear Mr. Wells Fargo Home mortgage president. When catastrophe is about to strike, good hearted neighbors like you play a crucial role in enabling their fellow Americans to survive. It is the little things that can mean so much during a devastating time in some citizens life. I am writing you as soon as I heard it today because I know you are a person of faith, that protect justice, fairness, due diligence, equity, a distinguished gentleman of an excellent moral standing and I believe you care about making Wells Fargo Bank and America great again. Believe me, I never wanted to write this appeal if not for its urgency and matter of lives concerned because I was hoping to have a hand shake with you after receiving the humanitarian award I recently nominated you for. I head a Re-entry public charity organization named FGBMFI NJC public charity is a 501(C)3 organization that re-integrate ex-offenders by offering, but not limited to, sustainable employment and trade opportunities, thereby attending to all their welfare concerns. Our head office is part of a property whose owner was recently scammed multiple times by crooks that posed to be Wells Fargo home mortgage collection agents after owning the property for over a decade without defaulting on her mortgage. She's amongst all the other New Jersey home owners, of the much-publicized home mortgage fraud (check out; New Jersey attorney Vs MVP home solutions, and subsequently Edith C. Ekwenugo Vs Realtex) these matters are on records proving she was twice scammed of fraud. Wells Fargo letter of foreclosure brought to her notice that she was giving her hard-earned mortgage to fraudsters, she and her brother's family with their elderly parent live there and it is their only home in America. She applied for loan modification to enable her cope while seeking redress of her stolen mortgage from the court but was denied. Wells Fargo settled with her for a short sale, she and her attorney embarked on that, they got a buyer, but Wells Fargo refused to allow them close saying they do not want to deal with that buyer as well as so many other buyers. Upon closer enquiry her attorney was told that Wells Fargo has an insider who is seriously interested to take over this property by all means, that although the property owner, her realtor and her attorney complied to requirements but Wells Fargo representative refused to disclose their insider that is seating on the closing file. This same person (bank president imposter) claims to be the chosen buyer even when the property owner's attorney went to court, wells Fargo refused to disclose his identity. Can you imagine? My question, why this particular property? when there are thousands of others in the same city and state looking for buyers if not that somebody somewhere wants to disrupt the peace and tranquility of the law abiding and less privileged which I believe you abhor. That the psychological situations of the marginalized population we serve are so critical that injustices like the above or disruptions of rights like this most often force them to make heartbreaking choices without organizations like ours they can leave homeless, return to prison or commit altruistic suicide. I truly believe that rare personalities like you can provide hope to hurting and unjustly oppressed victims are currently counting on your fatherly consideration. Just imagine the excitement when the good news come that 'you halt the sale and have given a new date for closing on the property short sale' Please, respond to this SOS call as a duty you owe to God and humanity as you tamper justice with mercy and reconsider the pre-approved short sale, we need you to speak up for justice. Again, note well, that every hour as the day goes by, thousands of Innocent exoneree, ex-offenders feel alone and unforgiven even after serving time for their alleged crimes, dejected, depressed, oppressed, and deprived of the opportunity to live their American dream because somebody is wants to selfishly dispossess them of their only concerned Charity office that cares for them. Please, Can you pick up the phone and call now to stop this atrocious sheriff's auction sale and warm the hearts of the ex-offender population not only in New Jersey but all around United States waiting patiently anticipating to hear you stop the Sherriff's Auction sale to say "Please, Thank the President of Home Mortgage, Wells Fargo" Will you take a minute right now to make that call, to stop the auction sale, have time to investigate this petition and take considerate action towards the proposed property auction sale coming up tomorrow Tuesday morning at the Essex County sheriff's auction. #50 West Market Street, Newark, New Jersey? That, I am united with all those whose lives would have been affected by the God forbidden illegal eviction from the property. Sir, would you allow the victimization to take place under your watch? the proposed property to be illegally transferred through favoritism to the awaiting pre-arranged buyer? I am deeply grateful and eagerly anticipating your support, concerned personalities like you provide a sanctuary of equality, peace and justice for every citizen of this great country the United States of America. I am anticipating your favorable reconsideration, review of the above matter and re-approval to the short sale of the property be concluded. Thank you for your custom and wisdom. Yours sincerely, Amb. Henry Forsal Mbakwe Tenant. 319/321 Tremont Ave, E/O. NJ. 07018 Executive Director Fgbmfi NJC Public Charity. Tel= (hidden)

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Sean M Abke - 18 d 13 h ago


i own a company called SV5 Enterprise LLC and i wrote a check to one of my customers ,however it ended up in the wrong PO Box and was taken to Wells Fargo And they allowed it to be deposited into one of their clients accounts even though it was not wrote out to that person nor does the person it was wrote out to even bank with Wells Fargo..Going on 3 weeks now and i still have not been able to get my money back.. Absolutely Ridiculous

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Anonymous - 18 d 13 h ago

Last year I was the listing agent for 1242 Bushwick Ave. Brooklyn that was a short sale. I was told by the negotiator that a party to this transaction was a list with your bank that your bank does not want to do business with. The owner told me that he was told that I was that party. I am therefore have to withdraw this listing as I am being accused of the reason for the negotiations being stalled before the homeowner was forced to file bankruptcy. This will result in a substantial loss of money to me and frankly, as far as I am aware of I have an exemplary record first as a loan officer for 8 years and the last 9 years as a licensed NYS real estate sales agent.

Please address this issue as I am being harmed and I just want to understand why.

Thank you,

Kenneth Feldman

38 Prescott Place

Old Bethpage, NY 11804



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Anonymous - 18 d 14 h ago

I opened a checking account and received a bonus of $200 I called to get a update and none of the representatives could find it its been over 90 days and still mo update or conformation

Dallas TX

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richard l fries 11 - 19 d 15 h ago


i am deeply upset with this company, we need to close an account and get our money back for a so called card to help build credit. we put 300 from our

account, now we just want out money back, no one wants to help us!!!

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Anonymous - 20 d 13 h ago

I would like to thank God Wells Fargo and its employees for taking care of individuals like myself. I'm a disabled veteran. There have been a few times without my knowledge someone has access my account. Wells Fargo with this technology has assisted me very quickly with the remedy that situation. By contacting me immediately after a fraud attempt is made. I thank you for that. Keep up the good work. Additionally I am located in Tallahassee Florida. I don't go to your branches alive but when I do I can always expect to be served with utmost courtesy and respect. I use the branch frequently located on Paul Russell and South Monroe. 98% of the employees there or more than courteous and respectful. Considering the type of world we live in today that is an unexpected pleasure. Thank you again and have a good day.

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Anonymous - 21 d 8 h ago


My son and I were fingerprinted just to cash a third party check!!!

Both of us were there and both had 2 forms of ID!!

The first teller refused to help us and passed us on to someone else. We were treated like common criminals...

This is after 5 trips to the WF and a call to corporate.

I opened an account as I was told that if I did so they would cash the checks.

Then they refused!!!

I'm a professional and my son's employer is WF's biggest account.

All incompetent and no customer service skills whatsoever.

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Carol A. - 22 d 15 h ago


TERRIBLE. I was never late paying my mortgage for 18 years- then went in hospital and got behind. I was only 2 months behind and I got demand letters and phone calls (even to my work) threatening foreclosure. And, they opened another account in my name, which I didn't know about, until they emailed that they were closing the account due to fraud activity. Their own FRAUD!. I finally sold my house and paid off the mortgage and I get a letter from Beatriz Castillo," Customer Care" saying they reviewed my concerns and determined no error has occurred. NEVER deal with them!

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Josh - 26 d 9 h ago


Absolutely horrible. I wouldn't recommend wells fargo to anyone. I had a financial loan through them to purchase a vehicle. Was a literal POS. Not Wells Fargo's fault I do understand that but they weren't willing to work with me. I own the vehicle for two years out of that two years it was only drivable for maybe four months. Almost right away the rear end had problems then the transfer case then the transmission and then the front and went out. On top of making my vehicle payments I would also have to invest a lot of money to try and fix the vehicle for more problems to arise My payments were made by direct payment. Every month they pulled what was owed automatically. When the payment was pulled, I would received a notification informing me. Where my issue with where's Fargo begins. I receive a call from a guy named Jose from the speedway Financial Service Department. He tries telling me that I have the payment due. I inform him I had direct payment every payment had been pulled, I just got a notification 3 days prior to the call that month's bill was paid. this guy Jose tries telling me it was from months prior. If That was the case i would have been notified a lot sooner. And again I have payment records. After arguing with this guy for about half an hour on the phone, he tells me he's going to send a tow truck for it. Several months later a tow truck finally shows up to get the vehicle and can't even complete his job and leave the vehicle at my house I call Jose back let him know that his tow truck driver failed to do his job he left the vehicle in my yard and that they need to come remove it. At this point he tells me NO, we're going to leave the vehicle it's now yours. But refuse to work with me on getting the title. I tried working with these guys several times with no budge from Wells Fargo side. So now I have a busted vehicle in my yard that ive been making payments on for 2 years and had put an additional $3,000 or more into fixing the problems that occurred. And I can't get the title for it. After several failed attempts to work with Wells Fargo, to obtain the title. I had finally had enough. The vehicle they left in my yard was theirs, and would not be owned by me no matter what. Now 2 years later wells Fargo is still harassing me about the truck, and payment. So I call Jose, after he acknowledge he remembered who I was was and the situation. Conveniently all the sudden he couldn't hear me on the phone and hangs up.

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Very pissed off X customer!.. - 24 d 15 h ago

Last night I was giving my personal information and five other family members personal information, address, so numbers, driver license, birthdates. Everything was thrown in a dumpster when the office was closed and then sold. I am not sure who, but thru boxes of personal information in a dumpster. Wells Fargo sucks!!..

This information was from 1992!!

Really it should have been shredded years ago!

General profile image

Beliver - 27 d 16 h ago


Why is or They even a Bank..

They are a RIP Off Worst then the IRS. .Close them Down. Take the Banks Money let them Pay everyone That "Wellsfargo" has Scam they are Worst than Criminals Stealing.

General profile image

Believer - 27 d 16 h ago

I Found Out When I called Corporate..

They Fixed this & explained this.

Cummincation Error..not stealing. Thank You for Your Help..

So Much for me too Understand.

General profile image

Believer - 27 d 16 h ago


They Are Resolving My Issue, which I felt they was Taking my money as they stealing..but That is Not the Case..

I called Corporate Office and this was Resolved.. Thank You

Wells Fargo...I just did not Know about changes I Did Not Do. .They Fixed it. So it's Not Stealing. ...They are the Best.

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Mary DiMuccio - 62 d 7 h ago


Do NOT put your hard earned money in this bank! They allowed some one not on my parent's account to withdraw & overdraft 21,000.00. I have been in touch with every dept within this bank and still do not have an answer as to why & how this happened. I provided them with all information requested by several departments and to no avail. I will not stop until this is rectified. It's been years and I will continue for years until I, as beneficiary, receive my parent's money!!!!! Mary DiMuccio

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Deanna Bales - 43 d 6 h ago


Please if anyone can help,we are going through a claim in total about 20,000 stolen from online withdrawals. The suspect is in jail has admitted to it, yet wells Fargo in Lancaster ca keeps denying the claim. Even With proof, police reports and admissions of guilt. What else can we do?

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Straightedge46 - 41 d 11 h ago

You can now sue Wells Fargo on a individual basis call an attorney and give them the story or also go through the la times and ask for a investigative reporter also call a lawyer first expose Wells Fargo and call also the news channels

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