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Wells Fargo & Company

420 Montgomery St.
San Francisco, CA
John Stumpf
Chairman, President and CEO
(866) 878-5865
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N/A - 18 h 43 m ago


I had interview on July 24,2017 at 11:00AM and I had incident slip and fall; I still attend to the interview for the Teller position then I received this email; I'm giving thanks for the opportunity. (hidden) 5:34 PM (22 hours ago) to me Thank you for your interest in the 5343104 - Teller with Wells Fargo. We appreciate the time you've taken to share your background and experience with us. At the present time, there are other candidates whose qualifications more closely match the requirements for this position and we will be moving forward with them in the recruiting process. We encourage you to explore other opportunities with Wells Fargo by visiting our careers site at The online profile you created has been stored. We welcome you back anytime to search for jobs of interest to you. If you elected to have your profile status "Searchable", we may contact you if your background fits our ever-changing needs. So, please keep your information current. We appreciate your interest in Wells Fargo and wish you success with your career pursuits. Sincerely, Wells Fargo Recruitment Relevant military experience is considered for veterans and transitioning service men and women Wells Fargo is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer, Minority/Female/Disabled/Veteran/Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: When receiving emails, you should be aware that your email service provider may add hyperlinks to the content of the email. Please note that any hyperlinks sponsored by Wells Fargo in connection with its employment application process will include a address in the link. Any hyperlinks that do not specifically include a address are not sponsored by Wells Fargo, and Wells Fargo makes no representation regarding the validity or security of such hyperlinks. Also, please note that Wells Fargo does not require candidates to pay fees in connection with its employment application process.

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D.Kelly - 1 d 4 h ago


I deposit a money order into the atm and it was a western union money order. My question is where did the money order go and why didn't they contact me. And what branch did they send the MO to. Send me the info i need to find my MO

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pravin patel - 1 d 19 h ago


I am with this bank since last 15 years and now I needed a home equity renew and they started giving me hard time finally said no. I went to another bank and got approved in 3 days, so I called them for payoff amount and still giving me hard time sending me letter, so now I got screwed, can not get loan from other bank without letter, This is I got after 15 years of loyalty. Be careful before you got in!!

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Ramon Noches - 8 d 19 h ago


I have been a Wells Fargo customer since 2006. For years I have save coins, collected them, and used the convenience of your bank's counting machine to quickly provide be cash. Now that service is suddenly closed without noticed. While those of you in your thousand dollar arm chairs may not tink such decisions as important, those of us down here in the financial trenches think otherwise. It is opne more example of how thoughtless some folks can be who are out of touch with those of us who represent the common majority of Americans. Now as a disabled Military Veteran, which many of your peers may not even phantom, now I have to spend hours rolling my own to turn them in to the nearest Wells Fargo Bank thanks to your insensitive and myopic decision. Think of the many one armed folks who want to to the same think without paying the many hustlers out there who charge so much extra for he same sevice you once offered for your customers free of charge.

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Anonymous - 4 d 12 h ago

please help

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Sandra - 9 d 13 h ago


My husband and I own a small business, so we know every customer matters.We do our best to be courteous and respectful in a professional matter to ALL our customers. I myself have had personal accounts with Wells Fargo for several decades and I had never ran into any issues, until now.

I called customer service to see if I could have a deposit release earlier than scheduled.The rep that answered was a nice but not fully trained. First, I could hardly understand him (Heavy Accent) and second he could not answer my question. I gave him a chance to explain and answer my question but when he couldn't do so, I asked to speak to a supervisor and he said there was no one above him. I asked a 2nd time and all of a sudden, he had a supervisor.

I finally get a supervisor on the line. She explains all that I needed to hear. BUT what really got to me was her UN PROFESSIONALISM. To quote her very own words: " There are some circumstances that checks are not put on hold, so for good customers, we release the funds right away"

So because I'm trying to deposit a large check that I am bringing to Wells Fargo, from which I left another bank to do business with at Wells Fargo, I AM TOLD I AM NOT A GOOD CUSTOMER because I don't have enough money in my account!!!! That's very shameful on the supervisors behalf. Should I blame Wells Fargo for not training their employees correctly??? Or is that how Wells Fargo trains employees- if you have a certain amount of money you are a good customer. If I would have known this, I would have stayed at my previous bank.

I'm not the type of person to be complaining and asking anyone to go out of their way to help me out AND MOST DEFINITELY A BUSINESS. There are circumstances that could have been avoided and this was one of them.

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Dr. Roy - 14 d 17 h ago


I had a pressing business matter. I attempted to get the Wells Fargo Marina del Rey office (Washington Blvd.) to resolve it professionally and within a reasonable time frame.

Arthur Babakhan, the branch manager, was completely ineffective in managing this situation. I needed assistance resolving an important business matter. This was the second time in a month that I attempted to get this issue resolved. The first time, in May, I requested that the business banker respond to a credit card processor. He provided the letter but never followed through to make sure the issue was resolved. Instead, I had to call yet again today to ask again for Wells Fargo to resolve this matter.

I was put on hold for over 30 minutes waiting for the "business banker." I called back and was informed the business banker was now "out to lunch." Worse,I was told there was no "business banker" and that this person was " in the back." I wasalso told the manager, Arthur, was too busy to talk to me and it would be at least another 15 minutes.

This was unacceptable and unprofessional. Someone needed to resolve my issue immediately, not keep me on hold for 30 minutes and then go to lunch. The manager needed to take my issue seriously and return my call immediately, not 15 or 20 minutes later. Angelica, who was fielding the calls, did not seem to grasp the idea that this was not an issue that I could wait until "tomorrow" for Arthur to resolve it.

This level of service was horrendous.

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RONALD A WILLIS - 17 d ago


My name is Ronald A. Willis and i'm working with a loan consultant by the name of Michael Lett his loan office is located in virgina area. I'm trying to buy an investment property located at 6210 Birchwood ave Baltimore MD 21214. I have been working with this loan officer for 2 months on this loan if i had not called him as i am on a plan vacation he would not have called me. He assured me that all the information about this loan was turned into him and the loan processing manager team before i left on my vacation on july 9th 2017. I feel that this team has had all the information about all my finiacial status and they have drop the ball on this loan. They are continuing to ask for the same information over and over again. Michael Lett has personal access to my Bank Of America account and my wellsfargo account including information on my eleven houses.I have excellent credit and should not have this problem with your senior official. I've place a cleared check of 10,000.00 down and have enough money in my business account with bank of American for the 15% down payment and closing cost for this investment house. Therefore i can't understand the constant delay for this loan. Mr. Lett also know that i have a contractual agreement with a new tenant for this house. The owners of this house is also extremelly conserned about how this loan is handled. Mr. Lett said that the settlement date will be june 29th then he said july 7th and now its july 17th 2017.And now i'm not sure what the official settlement date will be because he is still ask for documentation question. I'm on vacation and can not be reach because i'm outside of the united states.My telephone number is (hidden). Mr. Lett personal telephone number is (hidden). His email is (hidden). The owner of 6210 Birchwood ave are serious threating to pull resell this house as of july 10th 2017. I've also already paid the 675.00 apprasial fee that i will lose if this loan is drop.I'M presently vacatioing on the Carnival Pride Ship. And will not return to Baltimore until July 16th at 11:00am. My social security number is (hidden).I already have a loan with wells fargo for 6211 Birchwood ave. I'm a througtly disappointed customer.I hope something can be expedtied well before i can get back from vacation and i'm tempted to with draw my loan from my home with wells fargo .I strongly feel that if you want to help me with this matter you would contact me by way of carnival cruise ship pride.I'm in room 1189 folio#6998. The fax number to carnival pride is 1-(hidden) and telephone number is 1-800-carnival.please contact me ASAP. I know that i'm losing money on this deal because of the delay of michael lett and his supervisers.

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JBR - 15 d 36 s ago


Don='t waste your time, 9 weeks and then a denial after they screwed it all up. 25 years with the bank and they suck. They kept asking for the same things over and over and they just don't want to lend money.

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Victoria .... - 23 d 15 h ago


Im a disabled senior citizen who opened up an acct with wells fargo years ago. I was told when i went there by an officer that because my social security is direct deposit and over 500 that i would not have monthly fees. For the first few months there were no monthly fees and then suddenly they started charging me 12.00. I called and was transferred over and over again to numerous agents and i was told a supervisor would get back to me. Never got a call back. When I called the branch BELLEVIEW & FEDERAL 5050 S FEDERAL BLVD

ENGLEWOOD, CO, 80110 I was told all branch officers were busy and some one would call me back. Again no one called back. EVERY month I have been calling and not getting any response or explanation. Today I finally managed to get a supervisor through the 800 number and she informed me that the acct that the officer opened my acct with had placed a waiver of fees on the acct and that fee waiver was removed as it was no longer allowed. excuse me? And that the employee that did this is no longer with the bank. She did provide me with 6 months of fees refunded but stated in order to get the others back clear to when they first started I would have to go through the bank branch. I called and spoke to a officer who would not identify herself and I asked to speak to the branch manager. His name is Jeremy Lambert (so he said). He stated that I cant get the fees refunded back that far without coming to the branch. I informed him I am home bound and can not get to the branch. He stated "then I guess there isnt anything i can do for you." I informed him that i can send in my spouse who has power of attorney and he said "how would that matter?" For a branch manager he isnt aware what a power attorney does or is for? I have YET to come across any one that works for wells fargo that is anything but rude arrogant and don't have any business working with the public sector. I informed him i would be contacting the corporate office and his response was.."am i suppose to be concerned about that? lady, do what you think you must do but they arent going to do a thing. No one is above me as I am the branch manager here." I have already contacted chase and they have already said they will not charge me a monthly fee so long as I am disabled and using direct deposit. This is typical of wells fargo and they wonder why they have been sued over and over again???

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Micky - 20 d 6 m ago

GOOD FOR YOU!!! I am disabled as well & have been with Wells Fargo 6 years & their rues just keep on changing. Not only that. People on the phone tell you one thing you get to the branch & I find out I needed my moms death certificate to take her name off my account when I'm the one who notified them of her passing in the first place!! So they refused to even tell me the price of checks or allow me to order them.

Then my debit card got sucked back into the ATM Cuz I forgot it .k an EXTREMELY RUDE NASTY MISERABLE supervisor tells me I am not ALLOWED To get the same debit card number I've had for years which I KNOW is a Lie!!! They r horrible & keep getting ruder & DO NOT SEEM TO CARE IF THEY LOSE CUSTOMERS.

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KEN & EVA ABBOTT - joint acct - 29 d 7 h ago


Recent rude/arrogant treatment by Claims Investigator, ANNETTE F. MINES, in the Charlotte location.

My wife and I are out of the country, traveling in Europe, and this employee stated that she wasn't permitted to discuss any claim matters via email. I had to call the bank.

She wasn't at all professional or understanding that I was unable to call, being out of the country and insisted that a phone call was the only way that my identity could be validated.

I contacted Wells Fargo thru emails and this issue was handled, NOT BY A PHONE CALL but thru numerous emails. A total unnecessary lack of professionalism on the part of this employee and a disregard of a customer's complaint.

It remains to be seen if CORPOATE pays any attention to legitimate complaints or just ignores them!

I've been a customer since 1993 and looking to find another solution for my banking needs.

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Mr. worley - 29 d 13 h ago


Hi I'm Wilfred Worley I have a mortgage with wells Fargo and I been have trouble with them since 2010 every year they come up with they did not get my mortgage payment so I send them copy of money order front and back and went I do that it be all right until the next year no now they start send my money back so I just put it a side so I ask for a modification and every document wellsfargo ask for I gave it to them now they are saying I can not get a modification and I ask why and wellsfargo won't tell me I'm not going to let this scandalous bank take my home I'm all most finish paying for my home I no to mim people that wellsfargo took there home went they be all most finish paying for there home something need to be done to wellsfargo bank I'm 88 year old two of my friends lost they home to these bank the same way

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-Docpotter - 35 d ago


I have been a Wells customer since 1972 and I have substantial cash holdings in my accounts. I HAD 3 equity lines of credit - 2 on properties I own free and clear. I never asked for these lines - it was part of the Wells monkeying with my account - then they increased the lines without my asking. Now they have expired and Wells took an application to renew one - on e property 3 blocks form UCB I own free and clear. They did not BOTHER to tell me that they would never renew because I own more than 5 investment properties.

The Wells employee who just called here was offensive and demeaning and disrespectful. Wells is driving me out of the bank. AVOID WELLS- they are a horrible bank = with horrible personnel and they have contempt for their customers. Rotten rotten Wells FArgo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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laura - 36 d 19 h ago


this is not a wells fargo number beware of giving ANY info

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Jhon stumpf - 38 d ago

I was treated really bad by this so called banker hes i.d is NMLSR ID 1378164 HE WAS RUDE , he made discriminatory remarks about me trying to cash a check he should be in custumer service at all. My name is Sergio Soto 619 723 0762 i ask him for his last name and he didn't want to give it to. Hes name is Rodrigo Ponce...

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Captainjack - 47 d ago

Wells Fargo is the devil incarnate.

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FOAD - 133 d 11 m ago


Don't do business with WF Dealer Services. They do everything in their power to thwart you from paying down your principle. Terrible company, awful customer service. They even admitted they make it hard to pay on principle so they can make more money. Yes, admitted it to me over the phone! And yet somehow after all the controversy the company has generated in the public domain, they still go unrepentant and unpunished.

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Anonymous - 135 d 18 h ago

Shut these criminals down. Somebody Rob them fast.. before they rob us again.

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feedupwithwellsfargo - 175 d 12 h ago

This is absolutely a horrible bank and the customer service people who answer the telephones especially a supervisor named, Michonn employee number 45879 was rude and arrogant.

We had over 50.000 in an account and our card was declined for less that 300.00 at dinner this evening. All he had to say as an excuse was that that even through they have issued a bank card we can't guarantee as someone who has funds in their bank that the card would go through.

I even asked him as living in a small town how embarrassing this was, for him to take a moment and call the restaurant to let them know that the card had plenty of money and he refused to do so.

horrible bank- Mr. Stumpf you should get out of your ivory tower and come to Lexington, Virginia directly apologize to me for your company's lack of professionalism.

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B^tch Better Have My $ - 220 d 13 h ago


The WORST banking experience, I ever had and will have, is with WELLS FARGO. They keep taking out dollars here and there, totaling over $200. Even if it was $2, it was my money and not theirs. If I ever get a chance to prove that they have been stealing from me..their kids will not be able to get a paycheck. I have to cross my fingers that my account hasn't been overdrawn or money taken out. I feel sorry 4 the person(s) that are stealing, bc they will reap what they sow. I tell everyone not to use Wells Fargo. And guess what? They listen, bc it's always someone else who had the same experience. I see your stock is going down and you have had a drop in accounts. NO ONE wants to let a thief be responsible for their money(s). And u are already reaping what you sow. I think you should give up being hood and ghetto and be normal. Too bad you don't see it the same way.

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LJ - 194 d 4 h ago


Love Love your name b better have my $ . This bank's customer service is a joke. and dont get me started on the card benefit services they offer you if you have a credit card with them. They say they cover charges the retailer isn't willing to accept your returns they will. THAT WAS A LIE.

My banking advisor told me to drop my cell phone insurance with Verizon because if I pay my monthly bill with credit card they cover your cell phone if it brakes, lost or stolen up to $650 so I dropped my insurance my cell phone screen cracks they are suppose to cover that, but it just so happened I paid my cellphone bill late it went on next months statement and they denied my claim. You have to pay monthly I paid for 2 month in the same month . Whoopy they know they could of honored this claim but didn't. So that cost me

Than filing dispute for charges using ATM they dont follow through when you do file a claim . I didn't hear back from them I had to call them months later.

But, Boo this is what you have to do , is go into the branch and get someone who cares who works there and they will reverse the charges meaning that $35 they charged you get someone cool and they will remove those charges I never have to pay them when they try to charge me. and any customer service rep can take off up to 4 charges like that for you to be honest. I use to be hit with $35 fees and all you have to do is ask and they will remove up to 4 of them per year for free.


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TAMUISS - 5 y ago

Thank you to our sponsors for ISC @CampusViewTX @ChaseSupport @WellsFargo @traditioattamu @Citibank @aipstudentins #tamuISC #GigEmWeek

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Cocosilk73 - 5 y ago

@WellsFargo can you provide a direct link to send an email to you regarding an experience at a location branch?

Personalized image

JoshuaToenyes - 5 y ago

@WellsFargo has a fee for everything I just paid $3 to xfer a few bucks to my new account with @Simplify. One more reason to switch banks!

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