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Wells Fargo & Company

420 Montgomery St.
San Francisco, CA
John Stumpf
Chairman, President and CEO
(866) 878-5865
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Anonymous - 9 d 9 h ago

I hate Wells Fargo they are nothing but liars and crooks. They won't help me get my money from the dumb hackers. I'm going to sue

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Harmed Customer - 7 d 22 m ago


My account was compromised for 33k. They would not return my monies and avoiding me constantly. They are blatant crooks and liars alright.

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Anonymous - 9 d 15 h ago

I want to know why my account close

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DR - 11 d 10 h ago

Hi H ow does some one walk into a Wells Fargo branch open an installment loan,then 6mos. later wants to pay it off and nobody can verify the loan or that it even exists.This is what is holding me up.I would like to know where those payments are going and why the bank can't verify it.

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Leslie Bilotta - 10 d 12 h ago


I'm going thry the same thing trying to get the title to my car! Where is my info? I can sell my car w/o my title!

Flagged for review. 
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Kristi barnes - 12 d 13 h ago


Y'all are sorry for closing one of the best branches y'all have in Texarkana , ark. On 82 hwy. and kept the sorriest one opened. Start listening to your customers instead of the money you in your pockets.

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Michael M. - 13 d 15 h ago


I just read that Wells Fargo has just dropped support for President Trump. If this is true, I need to seriously consider using you for a bank. Along with other members of my family. Why do you, as a bank with questionable business ethics at best, choose to enter the political arena and risk further alienation from the American public? I have never understood why it's good business sense to mix politics with work. It's a guarantee to cause division within your company and with your customers. Especially in today's highly divided political arena. I ask you to seriously consider your stance on politics. Your future is already on shaky ground. Your support should be for America, no matter who is President.

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AJ - 16 d 17 h ago

Received a call Tuesday September 5, 2017 from someone saying they were a Wells Fargo Representative collecting an outstanding Wells Fargo credit card debt of $7,000, the individual then proceeded to asked me for my birthday. The problem is I have never had a Wells Fargo credit card. I told the fake Wells Fargo Representive I've never had a Wells Fargo credit and didn't provide any of my personal information when asked to verify my identity, told the person to never call me again. Wanted someone at Wells Fargo to know thieves are calling individuals using Wells Fargo's name for commenting identity theft.

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Long Island - 17 d ago

Why does Wells Fargo have a helicopter and a jet registered under Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee? IThe choppers fly to and from NYC to the Hampton's and back.,

N211HS and N570SZ. Is Wells Fargo sending VIPs to the Hampton's every weekend ? Or is Wells Fargo now in the aircraft leasing business?

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Lucy - 18 d 10 h ago


Hi my name is Lucy and I have an account with Wells Fargo with my parents if you look at my parents account they have numerous withdraws since the month of June July and August over $700 every month close to a thousand my parents have Alzheimers and dementia and I have explained this to the bank. Today I received a call from Valerie at Poinciana branch that my parents wanted to withdraw money I told him $40 they gave him $200 I'm not sure if she doesn't know the difference between 40 and 200 but something needs to be done. And Valerie was just a little too loud and a little to I'm pleasant . My father had over $200 last month in his pocket and he got lost ended up in Orlando Florida the police and K-9 units went out looking for him. My father was gone for more than 12 hours I am trying to avoid a tragedy with them having money.

. I pay all their bills online and they do not need all this money in their pocket. I do transfers to Bank of America where they could take money out but with this happening they go to two branches and take out all this money I need your cooperation in dealing with this matter I do have a power of attorney on file with Wellsfargo I am in charge of all their finances their health Etc please contact poinciana branch !

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Almost homeless - 22 d 14 h ago

My home is in foreclosure. I have someone interested in buying it. He needs to speak with someone at Wells Fargo about it, but I can't get anyone to return my calls. My court date is in 6 days. I think they just want to take my house without giving me the option to sell.

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AKL - 31 d 18 h ago


As requested, I submitted an on-line review of my experience obtaining a home equity line of credit from Wells Fargo. That was days ago and no follow up. My experience was awful. WF lost paperwork that had important personal information on it. WF never was clear about what documentation it needed and when it decided what else was required I was told I had 24 hours to obtain it. This for a loan on a house owned free and clear and work 12X what the loan request was. The process dribbled on and on. Sloppy, unprofessional, and (sigh) incompetent.

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Richard - 44 d 11 h ago


Wells Fargo Bank.... Not people friendly and they will not serve you unless you are a member or become a member. Let me explain. I was at a Com Cast Cable Office in Douglasville, Georgia located in the shopping center behind the Wells Fargo bank on Chapel Hill road trying to pay the bill at the kiosk. The kiosk only take exact change. The bill was 252.00 and I did not have anything smaller than a twenty dollar bill and did not want to give Com Cast the additional eighteen, which I did not owe. So I asked a female at the counter about getting change. She told me they had no cash money on the property and I could get change at the Wells Fargo on Chapel Hill Road. I leave the Com Cast office and go to the Wells Fargo bank. I stand in line for about ten minutes waiting while other customers are being taken care of. The bank teller calls to the counter and asks what she can do to assist me. I hand her a twenty dollar bill and told he I needed to have it broken down in to smaller bills. The teller then ask me for my bank card. (I don't have a bank card for Wells Fargo, I don't bank at Wells Fargo) I tell the teller I don't have a bank card. The teller ask me if I have a Wells Fargo account. I tell her no I don't, I just need some change to pay a com cast bill at a kiosk that only excepts exact dollar amounts. The teller tell me Wells Fargo does not make change if you are not a Wells Fargo customer and asks me if I want to open a account so I can get the twenty dollar bill changed. I told her no, I just wanted change. Again I was told they don't make change for non customers. The teller then tells me I can speak to the bank manager and points at the bank manager, who was standing in the lobby listening to the conversation. When I turned and looked at the person the teller was point to, this person walked in to a glass enclosed office and closed the door. I left the bank (with no change) I have never heard of a bank having a policy of no excepting or making change of U.S. government currency unless you have a account with them. I called the corporate office in California to get a understanding as to why one of their banks would not make change. I was told it may just be that particular bank that has that policy (the person I was speaking with was unsure, but said as far as they knew, Wells Fargo has no corporate policy against making change for non bank customers) It was suggested I go back inside then bank and speak with the bank manager even after I explained the bank manager walked in to a office and closed the door after I was told by the teller I could speak with the bank manager. The person I was speaking with at the corporate office pretty much had nothing else to say other than she would let someone in the corporate office know. She obtained my contact information and said thanks for calling have a nice day. Have never heard anything else from anyone associated with Wells Fargo. Guess I'm glad I don't bank with them. Oh I got the change from a local Quik Trip store that accepts U.S. government currency.

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djs stape - 32 d 6 h ago


dear madam. you are the wrong nationality. Here in tucson arizona the wells fargo bank allows the illegal mexican nationals to cash their pay checks. Now I understand that the illegal mexican nationals can start an account. Perhaps next time you will change the name to a more spanish sounding name? BTW: I have my own sad sad story with this bank. After bringing my 99 yr old mother into a local wells fargo bank and have her sign that I can do her banking and give a copy of the legal document as required to the bank. Now when I try to call up their "award winning" service seems now that after jumping thru all their hoops mom is needed on the phone to affirm that I can receive her information. Seems her card would not work in the atm located in the wells fargo bank. Not the 24 hour atm, but the atm inside the bank. I will be happy when I complete my car loan and drive away from wells fargo.

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Jaime & Brian Maziarz - 36 d 24 h ago


I would love to make it very known that my husband & I had a very extraordinary experience at the wells Fargo branch in clearlake,ca today...we got to the window to withdraw some money from our acct. My husband had a stroke in may he was having balance issues & on top of that his blood sugar was getting low.. I told Jo anne Garrity, the teller, that we needed to hurry due to his low blood sugar ( hypoglycemia),, not only did she quickly get the transaction taken care of. But she also gave my husband a candy bar out of her bag.. I have never had such compassion .. I feel she needs a raise & special attention for her caring ways.. Thank you Jo Anne Garrity!!!

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pissed - 36 d 12 h ago

I've tried repeatedly to have a false report deleted from my credit report and for the last year no one

from this bank has contacted me. I have never owed any outstanding balance on my credit card and

yet its on my credit report as being 200 days late this is stopping me from getting financing for car/home


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Kevin Bonnor - 46 d 13 h ago


Wells Fargo Headquarters Mr. John Stumpf, President and CEO 420 Montgomery Street San Francisco, CA 94104 Dear Mr. Stumpf, To say that I am upset is an understatement. I am livid. I am really really upset with Wells Fargo Bank and its shady banking practices. The only reason that my wife and I switched to Wells Fargo from Bank of America was because it was closer to our home and now I regret switching. I have been duped, tricked and lied to by Wells Fargo Bank. I am sending this letter out to the president and all of the bank managers of Wells Fargo Bank in my area to let you know how upset I am with your bank and its unethical banking practices. Today, I was embarrassed when I went to the store and my card was denied for insufficient funds. This had to be a mistake. I check my account on my mobile phone each day to see transactions. The problem is that Wells Fargo uses a system that is designed to give you FALSE information regarding your transactions and balances. This is one of several transaction examples. On August 3, 2017, I paid my Verizon cell phone bill in the amount of $623.74. Instantly, Verizon notifies me that my transaction was successful. My Verizon account shows "Paid in Full" on 8/3/17. When I look at my Wells Fargo mobile app, it ALSO shows that $623.74, was taken from my account, leaving me "X" amount as a balance. Now, today August 8, 2017, after my card was denied, a Wells Fargo Rep informs me that NO, the money didn't come out of your account on the 3rd as Verizon AND Wells Fargo statements said it did. It along with several other transactions came out of my account ALL on the same day, August 7th. During this time, Wells Fargo's mobile app has been giving me false balances. The result is that their system then is able to charge you a $35 overdraft fee. This is OUTRAGEOUS!!! When I explained how deceiving this practice was, the representative was quick to credit the $35. The problem was that since I was given wrong balances showing higher balances, I was overdrawn by $300. No amount of "I apologize for the inconvenience", did any good. That gesture did little to help me. I informed him that the Wells Fargo app cannot be trusted as your system gives out misleading balances. And at the end of the conversation, the representative couldn't even with a clear conscience say, "Have I satisfied your concerns? or "We value you as a loyal customer." I TRUSTED your bank and mobile app to tell me the truth. I was lied to by your bank executives who encouraged me to track my account with this app. They KNEW full well that the Wells Fargo banking system gives deceptive information. I am mortified that I put my trust in your bank. Your other customers need to be made aware of these practices. It is my hope that this exposure brings an end to this dishonest practice. Extremely Upset, Kevin J. Bonnor (hidden) (hidden) CC: President and CEO of Wells Fargo Bank All Wells Fargo Bank Managers in this area The Morning Call Newspaper The Town and Country Newspaper The New York Times Newspaper Grim, Beihn and Thatcher Law Offices The Better Business Bureau File

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Carla Haupt - 36 d 16 h ago


I've been closely tracking my account for about a year because I couldn't (and still can't) balance my account with Wells Fargo. They continuously debit/credit your account so you can't keep track of a real time balance - IMO, their way of dinging you for a $35.00 overdraft fee. They tried it once with me and I threw such a fit that I was able to get a reimbursement. I won't even mention the mistakes they have made. However, I'm more upset with myself for not keeping better track of my money and I can only imagine how much it's truly cost me over the years. You my think they are competent and trustworthy, think again. My final straw was when I tried to deposit a rather large cashier's check into my savings account and was unable to do so because my driver's license had expired 2 days prior to my effort to make that deposit. Although I had established accounts and was at the bank where I had opened my accounts and had been in there numerous times I was informed that I could not make a deposit without proper identification. LOL! I ran home grabbed my Passport and went to a community bank across the street from Wells Fargo. I live in a small town where everyone knows one another and they were more than happy to open up an account for me with my rather large cashier's check. They even took my expired driver's license LOL! I have since renewed my driver's license and am in the process of removing all of my funds from this terrible institution to a more reliable and community friendly bank that provides excellent customer service and REAL TIME balance information. smh!

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Anonymous - 44 d 16 h ago

Can some body tell me how I can send a email to the corporate office in California?

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Disgusted - 53 d 10 h ago


Wells Fargo is the worst bank ever, they steal your money and then won't listen to anything you have to say

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Rickey davis - 54 d 12 h ago


It's funny how a big corporation takes your money but when you try and get it back from them they make every excuse about paperwork not being right that they wrote up or is it the flunkies that work for them tat hasn't been trained correctly either way it sucks. Never doing business with them again.

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N/A - 59 d 10 h ago


I had interview on July 24,2017 at 11:00AM and I had incident slip and fall; I still attend to the interview for the Teller position then I received this email; I'm giving thanks for the opportunity. (hidden) 5:34 PM (22 hours ago) to me Thank you for your interest in the 5343104 - Teller with Wells Fargo. We appreciate the time you've taken to share your background and experience with us. At the present time, there are other candidates whose qualifications more closely match the requirements for this position and we will be moving forward with them in the recruiting process. We encourage you to explore other opportunities with Wells Fargo by visiting our careers site at The online profile you created has been stored. We welcome you back anytime to search for jobs of interest to you. If you elected to have your profile status "Searchable", we may contact you if your background fits our ever-changing needs. So, please keep your information current. We appreciate your interest in Wells Fargo and wish you success with your career pursuits. Sincerely, Wells Fargo Recruitment Relevant military experience is considered for veterans and transitioning service men and women Wells Fargo is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer, Minority/Female/Disabled/Veteran/Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: When receiving emails, you should be aware that your email service provider may add hyperlinks to the content of the email. Please note that any hyperlinks sponsored by Wells Fargo in connection with its employment application process will include a address in the link. Any hyperlinks that do not specifically include a address are not sponsored by Wells Fargo, and Wells Fargo makes no representation regarding the validity or security of such hyperlinks. Also, please note that Wells Fargo does not require candidates to pay fees in connection with its employment application process.

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D.Kelly - 60 d 44 s ago


I deposit a money order into the atm and it was a western union money order. My question is where did the money order go and why didn't they contact me. And what branch did they send the MO to. Send me the info i need to find my MO

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pravin patel - 60 d 11 h ago


I am with this bank since last 15 years and now I needed a home equity renew and they started giving me hard time finally said no. I went to another bank and got approved in 3 days, so I called them for payoff amount and still giving me hard time sending me letter, so now I got screwed, can not get loan from other bank without letter, This is I got after 15 years of loyalty. Be careful before you got in!!

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Ramon Noches - 67 d 11 h ago


I have been a Wells Fargo customer since 2006. For years I have save coins, collected them, and used the convenience of your bank's counting machine to quickly provide be cash. Now that service is suddenly closed without noticed. While those of you in your thousand dollar arm chairs may not tink such decisions as important, those of us down here in the financial trenches think otherwise. It is opne more example of how thoughtless some folks can be who are out of touch with those of us who represent the common majority of Americans. Now as a disabled Military Veteran, which many of your peers may not even phantom, now I have to spend hours rolling my own to turn them in to the nearest Wells Fargo Bank thanks to your insensitive and myopic decision. Think of the many one armed folks who want to to the same think without paying the many hustlers out there who charge so much extra for he same sevice you once offered for your customers free of charge.

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Anonymous - 63 d 4 h ago

please help

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