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Wells Fargo & Company

420 Montgomery St.
San Francisco, CA
John Stumpf
Chairman, President and CEO
(866) 878-5865
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J. T. Harris - 6 d 11 h ago


I am so disappointed with how Wells Fargo has handled my account. Before I continue this conversation/complaint, I am a 70 year old disabled senior citizen with a voice that reaches over 1.9 million weekly listeners and supporters on my national terrestrial radio broadcast on the FM ban out of Washington, D. C. I'm not compensated for my services, I am a volunteer.

My broadcast has aired for 17 years consecutively. It is the only nationally broadcast Native American based talk show on FM radio east of the Mississippi. I attempted to resolve the overdraft matter yesterday when we visited your Oxon Hill, MD location. I signed in a took a seat. I sat there for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Check the cameras. The lobby was full with over 15-20 customers in line and only 2 tellers. I waited for a bank officer during that time and discovered after waiting so long that there were only 2 people on duty to handle patrons issues. As a result of this, I was charged an additional overdraft fee.

Two hours???? Only in minority predominately Black and Latino communities. I called a broadcast colleague and asked him to walk on block to a Washington, D. C. location to let me know what he saw. No line in the lobby and customers being taken care of courteously.

Maybe Wells Fargo should take a closer look at how operations are being handled at the Oxon Hill branch. If Wells Fargo even care at all. From time to time I interview Congressional members, local and federal government officials and representatives. Actually Il will be interviewing Ben Jealous, candidate for Maryland governor and former president of the NAACP, Dr. E. Faye Williams, National President of the National Congress of Black Women and Ms. Aisha Braveboy, candidate for State's Attorney - Prince George County where Oxon Hill is located.

Looking to hear from you soon.

My personal cell phone number is (hidden).

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College Loan Blues - 5 h 15 m ago


You appear to be well connected with great influence. The issue I am having with Wells Fargo is so unacceptable. I have a 729 Fico and I'm being given an extremely high interest rate for college consolidation loan....with no explanation. I was told my credit score is "average" and there are 25 criterias used to determine the interest rate. I was never given my specific reason for such a high interest rate. What do you suggest? I am writing corporate. Please advise if able (hidden). Thank you in advance for your time regardless.

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Nikkia Tolbert - 5 h 41 m ago


I am double charged everytime I use my debit card. They just took $599 off my card and they're telling me that they can't give it back. I am sick of this foolishness.

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Anonymous - 10 h 20 m ago


Sorry to finish my comment below, I went to open and pay off my old account I actually took 19 thousand dollars in, they were so rude and didn't care abouto my previous situation going through hard times, so after 3 times of talking to them and each time giving me another excuse of waiting for days to get my check from the Government deposited, I said I'm done!!! Went across the street to Bank of West!! They excepted me with open arms was so gracious helped me do everything even get onto my new account online, they wanted my money! I think wells Fargo is stupid!!!

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Anonymous - 10 h 28 m ago


Horrible Service! I do not know how this Company is still in Business!!! I had an account with Wells Fargo for years, I ran into hard times and over drew my account, but won my SSDI, I actually wen

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Mr. & Mrs. A. Andrade - 4 d 23 h ago


The personnel of the NORTH ALHAMBRA, CA. MAC E2812 - 011 is a GREAT group of people.

THANK YOU, for all this wonderful people.

On Wednesday February 28, 2018 I was notified by someone at Wells Fargo via phone, of an act of fraud using my checking account. MR. BRIAN VELASQUEZ the Assistant Branch Manager, proceeded to explained the problem, and my options as to fix everything. MR. JOSE RODRIGUEZ assisted me making the changes needed, in a very professional and efficient manner. MR. CHASE KITTLESON also assisted me with this problem in the same efficient manner.

ROSIO PATINO is an EXCELLENT Personal Banker., on many of my regular visits to the bank Miss Patino has help me, and she is always skillful and friendly.

Thank you.


Alfredo Andrade & Angelica Valenzuela

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Anonymous - 5 d ago



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Anonymous - 5 d ago


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Anonymous - 5 d 6 m ago



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Terisa - 6 d 5 h ago


I am so done with the idiocy of this bank the double standards and the fact that no one after may 1st will be allowed to make a cash deposit for me ... really? fuck off ... after the problems i had yesterday with trying to have my daughter make a cash deposit for me ( they refused to make a cash deposit from my daughter into my account) ... I'm closing my account and will tell everyone I know about how horrible this is and in fact im going to talk to a couple of attorneys ... there has to be something that can be done to protect disabled people like myself .... Fuck off Assholes !!!!

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Mary Mikalayunas - 6 d 8 h ago


I have been trying to liquidate my brokerage account with Wells Fargo and am getting nowhere. This has been going on for over a month. I submitted all the required paperwork and when I call they tell me they dont have and then they tell me they do have . I am talking to a call center that seems to have untrained people in the field of brokerage. At one point I was told that i cannot close my account because it was a federal law and that I would have to open another account!!!! This is crazy. I call on a monday then they tell me to call back on Wednesday to see when my account would be liquidated and when I do they now tell me that the paperwork is old! WTF!!! I feel that my funds are being held hostage! This is the most incompetent Brokerage firm I have ever encountered. As it stands after being put on hold for 20 minutes I am now told that the Supervisor will have to call me back. You would think this was a million dollar account but it is not and should not be that difficult. A client should not be talking to a call center when clearly they do not have the expertise and all they do is read off a monitor. I will be filing a complaint with the FTC .

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Debra Chalhoub - 6 d 10 h ago

I have had many business and personal accounts with Wells Fargo but due to mismanagement at the local office in Lake Worth, FL I closed all the accounts and transferred everything to Suntrust. However one account (business residential line of credit) that was closed with a zero balance and a request for a release of lien in 2014 never happened. Now Wells Fargo shows a zero account for me but won't provide a letter to that effect. They won't provide a satisfaction of mortgage either, affecting my closing on my house. I have went round and round with Wells Fargo to no effect. Frankly I spent hours with the personal banker yesterday and the outcome was a big zero. What kind of bank are you?

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Larry Sosebee - 6 d 10 h ago


I need a call from who ever is willing to keep

This from the media, action 9, lawyers or who ever it takes to get someone's attention Larry (hidden)

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Anonymous - 7 d ago


My branch *lost* a deposit. I could not contact my branch. I was not in my home town. They have no way to send in a photo of a receipt. I was told there was a *glitch* at my branch. After much stress and frustration, it was found and credited. BUT I have to fight any fees I am charged due to WF mistake. AND the deposit made YESTERDAY not credited until today. Worst. Bank. Ever. Thrives, and inept. Very poor customer service.

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Anonymous - 11 d 5 h ago

I will be canceling my account with y'all because you people stay taking our money then act stupid

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Anonymous - 11 d 6 h ago

I recently bought a CD with your bank, but seeing that you cater to the National Rifle Association, I will be leaving you as a customer as soon as possible.

Dave B.

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Mad Mom - 11 d 8 h ago

As long as Wells Fargo is propping up the National Rifle Association, you won't be getting my money. Think about the blood on your hands.

This Mom Demands ACTION!

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Peter - 14 d ago


People get smart you need to stopped doing business with this crooked bank "Wells Fargo" they are robbing there customers blind you take a car loan out with them without you knowing it they sneak car insurance onto your loan now you are paying car insurance twice they are Professional Thieves New York Has Already Stopped doing business with them so has Mr. Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway has already stopped doing business with this Disgraceful Bank They Are Professional Crooks they make up phony accounts get rid of them my friends before they take your life saving from you Please I am asking you like a friend

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Jbruffett - 14 d 6 h ago


Wells Fargo Bank are a bunch of frauds. Let allow anyone into your account and take money from you that is not authorized and they don't even notify you that this is happening. Almost $500 was taken from my account without my permission or knowledge and when I called them they laughed and denied putting the money back. After 25 years with them my whole family is leaving them and I will fight for my money back that they stoled.

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MALEEK JAMES - 15 d ago

Mr. John Stumpf.

I have been a customer sine 2009, my back account funds were illegally taken from me by Child Support.

I did not owe child support, and prior to my wrongful conviction i was receiving SSI direct deposit.

Within days of my incarceration the fund were illegally taken and my bank charged me legal fees every time child support dug into my account. over $10 thousand dollars was taken with in a 14 month period.

The funds were misappropriated.

Wells Fargo did not protect the consumer(ME).

I signed a contract that stated that all monies would be protected and this did not happen.

Wells Fargo told me to sue them and that they would not help me retrieve the funds that were stolen from me and my family.

I am under a very financial hardship at the moment trying to acclimate back into society after 7 years of federal prison.

I was targeted because i was a disabled African american male incarcerated. Says a Magistrate Judge.

Wells Fargo legal department agreed to give me $100 back as a complementary settlement for my troubles.

but as i have explained they took over $1000 in legal fees out of my account.

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Juan Carlos Chaul sr - 17 d 16 s ago


Mr John Stumpf

How is a customer of yours supposed to improve his financial status if not given the opportunity to prove himself.

I was denied a $3,000 loan although I showed more than enough means to pay back.

What ever happened to the human side of giving a customer a chance of improving his/hers quality of life.

I hope you get this message and would like to know your point of view. Thanks

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David Parsons Sr. - 19 d 5 h ago


With the reputation that Wells Fargo received when it was creating false bank accounts to make more money for there firm you would think that they would try and clean up there act but it seems that they want to every chance they can get nickel and dime you. On 2/16/2017 I computer fraud by a company calling itself Yahoo. I had issues with Yahoo and I allowed them to log into my computer to repair my account. They charged me $228.99 for lifetime support to create a internet firewall to repair my email account. If I didn't pay they would not repair my account so I gave them my information and after it was all said and done well I still had the same issues. The person from Yahoo name was Patrick Sanders. Well I tried calling this person back after my computer finished scanning they wouldn't answer the phone. By the way if you do an internet search for scams perpetrated by Patrick Sanders you will see a complete list of items. I reported Sanders to the Federal Trade Commission and I was given a case number. Well that same night about an hour after I felt that this was a scam I called the number on the back of my debit card 1(hidden) and finally someone answered the phone at Wells Fargo and I explained to him that I had been scammed so I asked him to look into my account to see it this Patrick Sanders from Yahoo which said that they were Google which owns Yahoo told me that they haven't charged my account so the guy at Wells Fargo said that I could cancel the debit card and that I would get a new card se nd to me in about 5 to 7 workings days. The Wells Fargo representative told me that I caught it i time so he couldn't get the money well Monday was a holiday and the bank was closed but when Tuesday came the company that stole money from my account is now called "Coin Bit". To say the least now I am pissed because the clown that I spoke with on 2/16/2018 assured me that they would not be able to charge my account because I closed that debit card account. Well I filled a claim and I am being told that since I made this transaction It was nothing that they could do but they did tell me that they would try and wave the $30.00 fee. Gee mighty nice of you now 6 days later this Patrick Sanders of Yahoo, Google AKA Coin Bit hit my bank account again. I did get this money back. On 2/26/2018 I called the corporate office again in San Francisco and spoke to a person by the name of Shantee Gloover 1(hidden) and of course Wells Fargo is famous for apologizeing to the cows come home but they really don't want to help you well I have had enough of Wells Fargo BS so this person said that he would have someone call me the next day and that never happened. Me & my wife are going to leave Wells Fargo because all they think of is themselves and not the customer.I hope this information helps other people as well.

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David Parsons Sr - 19 d ago


To follow up from what I wrote above Wells Fargo defense is since I allowed this corrupt company Patrick Sanders of "Coin Bit" AKA Yahoo AKA Google access to my computer and I paid for it on my debit card this is my fault and I am not entitled to my money back. Well if I knew that the company was a fraud then quite naturally I would not of purchased this product. If I would have used a credit card I would have been able to get my money back. Bottom line is that (1 to 1.5) hours after I found out that Patrick Saunders was a fraud then I right away the same day one hour to 1.5 hours later called Wells Fargo and the Wells Fargo representative assured me that all would be good since it hadn't been run thru my checking account so at that time I canceled my debit card and at that time a new card would be mailed to me. I was told by the Wells Fargo representative that it would be 7 to 10 days before I would receive my new debit card and he told me that if I needed any money before the new debit card arrives at my house I could come into the bank and request what amount that I would need. Wells Fargo dropped the ball. I didn't never use any part of what Patrick Sanders was selling and since I called right away that same days within an hour or more I feel that Wells Fargo should refund back my money. As I stated this earlier I called Washington DC and spoke with the Federal Trade Commission and I was issues a case number about Patrick Sanders Coin Bit and that number is as follows 92832539. I challenge Wells Fargo since they always say that they record your conservation on the telephone for quality purposes go back to 2/16/2018 at about 6:30 PM to about 7:30 PM and you will here my message. If Wells Fargo is so hard up for money that they can't give me my money back then that is really sad. AGAIN WELLS FARGO DROPPED THE BALL & I FEEL I DID EVERYTHING IN A VERY FAIR AND TIMELY FASHION TO STOP THIS TRANSACTION FROM EVER GOING THRU. Wells Fargo needs to have at a minimum better qualified representatives that answer there phones.

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David Parsons Sr. - 19 d ago


Another person I spoke with at Wells Fargo Bank was Leo Uribe. Conservations that I was having with him because it was like he was sorry for what happened but there was nothing that he could do about this and I asked to speak to a Supervisor and I was told no one was around and I asked him to have either him or somebody call me back the next day which was 2/28/2018 and he said that he would and guess what NO ONE EVER CALLED ME BACK SO IS THIS ANYWAY FOR A BANK TO TREAT one of there CUSTOMER? I have been with Wells Fargo for many years thanks for all of your concerns!!!!!

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David W. Parsons Sr. - 18 d 8 h ago


Correction the Fraud Company is called COINBASE not COINBIT my bad please beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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