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Wells Fargo & Company

420 Montgomery St.
San Francisco, CA
John Stumpf
Chairman, President and CEO
(866) 878-5865
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Teresa Crews - 7 m 3 s ago


I am very upset with Wells Fargo Bank, on 1/09/18 you allowed a $99.00 transaction to be paid, even though there wasn't enough money in the acct and I have no courtesy pay nor overdraft protection and now my account is in the negative, and you expect me to pay this, when you did it.

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Dinsdale Piranha - 3 d ago


I am a big fan of Wells Fargo Bank! I have been a customer for many years, using two different branches, and throughout all of that time I have virtually always received outstanding service: from the tellers, the bankers, and I have even had extensive dealings with two general managers of one of the branches at which I have dealt with the bank. They were extremely helpful on many occasions.

There call center system is outstanding. I am retired now, but I was with the top telecommunications consulting firm in the country, so I have an informed opinion in this area.

There computer system is one of the best that I have ever dealt with. I also have a degree in computer science, worked for Inter Corporation, and was a computer consultant. I believe that this makes my observations re their computer system(s) more informed than most people's.

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Calling You Out - 15 h ago


Which branch do you work for?

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KSBoston - 15 h ago


My bank card was declined without readon on Monday when I attempted to pay for dinner with clients. When I called to resolve the matter, I was told that if I travel, mind you the restaurant is less than 2 miles from my home, I need to notify Wells Fargo or they will deny me access to my gunds and shut down my debit card without notifying me.

The woman on the phone called me many versions of my name after U specifically requested that she address me by using my first name without Mr or Miss, as she kept going between the 2, and the last thing I am or sound like is a man. I had no choice but to listen to her snap her gum and speak inproper English while atguing that I don't know how to report travel outside of my home and that I want to not have to report withon a reasonable distance, say 50 miles from home at any time, until she finally hung up on me after she talked herself into a corner.

I still don't know how to ask to use my debit card or when it is necessary. So frustrating!

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LeavingWF - 1 d 15 h ago


Terrible. Spent my entire lunch hour on hold before I had to hang up and return to work. I am currently trying to call again but am/have been on hold for over an hour now. Furious.

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Fran - 1 d 17 h ago


WF is going to change it's online banking services AGAIN -- it did that not very long ago. I am tired of WF changing their online web pages every time it wants to. I just get used to one change and then another change comes up. If you don't stop changing your web site, WF, I'm going to another bank! SOON!

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Amy - 5 d 20 h ago


I was so heart broken for what WF did to my child ...We had several accounts with them and credit protection on the credit card account WF took out a judgement against me by Harris Beach in NY and never served it because I do not lived in NY and swipe his student account clean .I wasn't a co on that account as stated ..I had to hired a lawyer to get info who that judgement was sent to ...they fake it that it was served to a middle eastern woman ....age 45-50 ...5'8"' which is false...I am from the Caribbean and was older plus I am only 5'2"none of that description fit me..WF legal team even curse me out telling me to go back where I come from...I took them to court in NY Harris Beach never show up and all of a sudden the case was thrown out ....they bribe the system.It been four years and will never give up I sent letters to every dept. and they ignored me WHY!!!!!!! nothing served to me ..I am not that person.They hired ABC legal services when contacted they denied it...WF left my family with nothing many days we went without food my child was in school depress and got sick justice WELLS FARGO high and mighty but" GOD IS GREAT"I beg and beg just to return his money ....So help me GOD....because of your name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nornan - 6 d 10 s ago


I'm going to start by saying I understand the whole safety thing when I comes to the doors of the bank. However I literally was told to get out of the parking lot by an employee while I was waiting for the bank to open. I was no were close to the building (Was in the last spot furthest away from it). Nor was I close to the employee parking area.

This is a shitty way to treat customers. This pretty much ensured I won't be getting an account, I occasionally cash a payroll check and the 7.50 I can live with over shitty customer service.

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Philip - 6 d 16 h ago


My teen daughter was verbally abused by 2 WF employees at the branch in Sherman Oaks CA ( Vesper St and Ventura Blvd).

She went in to get a temporary debit card after losing the original. It was 5 minutes before closing and the manager told her they didn't have any. My daughter refused to believe her. At this point another employee interjected and said that they were locked in the vault. My daughter politely asked if they could get one for her. The answer was we are closed,,,,come back tomorrow and then the verbal abuse started. It was clear that their only priority was to get my daughter out of there so they could leave for the day.

My daughter called me in tears.

Here are the names of the 2 Bulldogs that assaulted my daughter verbally in the branch

Naira Arabatlian

Karine Karapetyan

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A.P. Cruz - 8 d ago

To whom it may concern" I have no account with Wells Fargo, nor wood I ever open one, I whent in La mess Calif at Vons market to cash a check , that I received from a customer, your teller was unfriendly and in the process she brought up a old account that had been closed, in 07 ,she was trying to make me look bad by bring this Old account up. My wife has a account at this branch she is closing it today, If I could give you a zero for a review I wood,.

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Disgusted - Kansas City, KS. - 8 d ago


Having viewed many of the posted reviews I am somewhat surprised by the lack of response from Wells Fargo on so many!! I too have recently ended my relationship with a bank that has no interest in customer satisfaction. I have joined a credit union that is SUPERB - wish I had done it sooner!

The facts are as follows: Caution: watch your mobile, on-line and monthly bank statements with Wells Fargo! I recently could not get an answer from a branch manager regarding failure to reconcile my 3 statements with bank (internal records) - WHY?? Should be the same right?

I asked the branch manager to evaluate recent (90 days) of NSF charges to identify any he felt were inappropriate...his findings were 14 charges of $35 each inappropriate and he refunded same!! I then asked him to explain why the bank removes funds from your account when approval is given to a merchant, even if informed the authorization was unauthorized! The funds should remain in your account until an actual transaction occurs - that is when money is moved. That is how my new bank does it. Why is Wells Fargo different? You draw your own conclusions, I have mine!

It has been over a month and I still await confirmation that my old Wells Fargo account is CLOSED! Why so long? I left less than $1.00 in it and requested closure by the Branch Manager!

The "watchdog" for the banking industry is the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency - Department of the Treasury (US Government). They are understaffed but do provide relief if you get all your facts in order. Caution: The Customer Correspondence activity - Wells Fargo - Charlotte, NC is an absolute joke! D. Williams' signature is attached to all correspondence I have received - on many different subjects and many different dates. This person also responds to OCC. No assigned supervisor or special activity for a Department of Treasury inquiry, curious?

Best move for me was to close, or attempt to close, account and move to a credit union with a GREAT Reputation and focus on Customer Satisfaction.

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Anonymous - 8 d 16 h ago

The customer service at the Paso Robles, CA branch sucks!! No surprise there...looks like reading these reviews from branches all over the US, it is unanimous!!!! Being that Wells Fargo has less than a stellar reputation (up-sell customers etc.) shame on you Chairman, President & CEO of this debacle of a so-called would think customer service would be high on your list - but apparently not! I will be writing a letter to corporate to name names at this branch who should not just have their hand slapped, but terminated. Such mediocre and bad attitudes.!!!!!

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Shresths - 11 d 16 h ago


Wells Fargo Bank branch located at 3001 Capital Ave Sacramento CA. staff has attitude problem and very rude to customer like me. I went recently move to Sacramento California. I am the one of the loyal customer since 1997. I got urgent and need to notorized one page document. Staff of that branch told me that I need to make an appointment to see bankers for notorized. I never heard about this rule from another five states where I live five states no one has that rules besides capital Ave branch even less than miles branch R St market branch has no rules like that. I went to 3001 Capital Ave Sacramento CA. Indeedthe bank is is no busy nor literally empty. they refused to do it and stating that need to make an appointment inorder to get notorized. I used to this bank and I never go except well Fargo since 1997. Then I went to Another branch located at S St R St Market to see I will get notorized my documents. Indeed R St market Wellsfargo is very busy and big line. Although a busy line, due to shortage of staff, she called to 3001 Capital St Wellsfargo Bank to get notorized. As respond from capital St branch told to staff of S St branch she will do it. No problem. She told me that they will do it. They play like game to customers. It was very painful. My eyes are getting watered. The same lady who refused to do it when I went to another branch she respond her she will do it. I did not want to step in that branch located at 3001 capital Ave Sacramento CA and no longer. I gave hats up and Salute to R St Market Wells Fargo Branch. Job well done R St Wells Fargo Staff. Terrible and horrible customer service at 3001 Capital Ave. It is not corporate rules it is staff rules.

I went to the UPS store located at RSt Market to take care my notorized my one page documents. This is my first time notorized at different place beside Wells Fargo.

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Janey Overacre -Mabe - 12 d 20 m ago

Customer service really needs improvement !!

I asked if i can call a soecific person who knows whats going on with my account and Im told" No " ??

Just because you write a note on the computer saying what we discussed every time i call i have to explain what im needing all over again !!! Now im in fear of my car getting repoed and i feel im just not being heard !!

All i needed was your W9 address to match the billing address on my statement so payments can be made !!

Why is that so difficult for you people ?

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Sandra Miller - 20 d ago


Paid off my vehicle on 11/17/17 called your 800 number for dealership services to find out why we have not received the title release Per Jerry on phone it was sent out on 11/18/17 from the Wells Fargo Irving office here in Texas. Have not received it to date. Jerry requested and 2nd one sent out 12/29/17 should take 7 days to process. Can't register vehicle without the document. I have called the dealership number only to be told yo call the same number I called from and was hung up on 3 different times This is the worst customer service I have ever received. Wells Fargo is the worst back next to Bank of America. Very poor service I would not recommend this bank to any one

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Fields - 13 d 14 h ago


I agree the worst custormer service ever.

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Anonymous - 12 d 16 h ago


Yes customer service and the claims department is even worse.

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Anonymous - 12 d 16 h ago

Made a Wellsfargo transfer to another Wellsfargo account through online Zelle and the transaction did not go through and my money disappeared. Claims department said I had to wait ten days for the claim to go through and get my money. Here it is now 10 days and no one can explain where the money is.

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Bennie mull - 12 d 19 h ago


I recent attempt to add my wife to my checking account at the Vanceboro nc branch. I was given a terrible attitude by the branch manager taren Collins. You was not willing to work with me after I told him my wife lived 6hours away. How ever he was more than willing to help me close my account. So you not only lost my business but the business of my wife and her money as well. If this is acceptable than I am glad I stopped doing business with Wells Fargo

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High Noon - 22 d 2 h ago

Wells Fargo Visa Card has their fraud dept in Manila, Phillipines. I had a nightmare of a time on the phone with these overseas folks. Taking up the issue with the media as the public needs to be aware.

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Anonymous - 13 d 14 h ago


Wellsfargo does nothing for you Iam so frustrated with there tactics.

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Miami!Unfair!Unprofessional!Need to train correct the staff - 20 d ago

Miami. Is a shame that to buy a house or apt. You have to pass for so much and none of the process agente department are on the same page...each one ask for the same thing. Donot do the correct research and not only that. Ppls please dont believe in a preaproval letter. All is a scam!!! Your savings you have to deposit to show amd then they want the tract down. You can not as a fiance give money to purchase a property cuz its also a crime. I shame that there are on top raices. LORD WHERE IS THE PPLS they are so much good ppl but the bad unprofessional ones kill that vibe

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Anonymous - 20 d 12 h ago


Wells Fargo bank in Des Moines iowa Army post road are theives and the managers cover up for them! Erica Plaza a banker is involved with something fraudulent against my Dad and this stupid lady needs to realize I'm going to make everyone involved pay! The Managers one named Jamie Storm and the other named Heather Guyer both looked at the screen and said oh no! This is a loan?? Yet no one would speak after this?? This stupid bank seriously tried to get my Dad for Fraud but I got involved and it failed! We had people calling from Numbers that aren't associated with Wells Fargo babbling about the lies they all tried to do but it all backfired! My Dad sold his mobile home to a woman who banks at Wells Fargo and this stupid crooked bank and it's employees tried to set him up for fraud?? You all are going to go down and I promise you this! This happened a year ago and I'm back on it again and I will get the answers i have coming and I also filed a complaint with the federal commission!! So who ever is the big shot here needs to give me a call and explain why this happened? I'm waiting and I will keep harassing you everyday until you respond

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John Carlo - 26 d ago


Late last night Wells Fargo emptied my joint account to retrieve overdraft from my wifes personal checking account...three days from Christmas...great job Wells Fargo...there will be no Christmas in my groceries either...have notified media in Orlando Fl...will be following up with all major media sources in Florida...I will see that Wells Fargo customers hear how coldhearted this bank can be

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jeff - 30 d 15 h ago


I have been dealing with nonsense for the last 7 years. I have gone through all the hoops and still have a home that I don't want to keep and they keep changing updates, and making me redo paperwork because they change my point of contact, or are now enforcing an older evaluation that hasn't been chased in the last year. As a military member, my life has only gotten harder with the games they keep playing with me. When will this truly stop?

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