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2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

13900 East Harvard Avenue
Aurora, CO
(800) 432-1033
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Anonymous - 41 d 16 h ago


Customer service sucks pond water scum thru a dead ducks ass.

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Jenna - 54 d 12 h ago


Trully the shittiest of of that so called customer service, and liars @ that.

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Nicolle B - 82 d 14 h ago


Horrible customer service, horrible contractors, horrible handling of issues.

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Michelle - 103 d 13 h ago

They say that things are preexisting to keep from fixing it. The contractor they send don't even know how to fix stuff. Even simple plumbing stuff. And their contractor won't call you they want you to call them . Sad when their own contractors tell you to go with another home warrenty. Mind me of miracle on 34th street when santa send a macy shopper to another store..

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C. Fikes - 156 d 21 s ago


Dishwasher reported broken 7/18/2019. After hours on various, phone calls, two contractor assignments, excuses of parts on order, and empty promises from phone supervisors, MY DISHWASHER IS STILL BROKEN. No one has even been out to the house since August. Today's date is 10/29/2019. No returned phone calls, only empty promises each time I bother to sit on hold 20 minutes to complain every single month.

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Tre - 211 d 9 h ago


I will attempt to make this as brief as possible without leaving out important details.We live in Jacksonville, NC and have had 2-10 for as long as we have been homeowners as of 12 July 2018. We originally called 2-10 for a service call regarding our A/C unit cutting off and on by itself. The contractor (Filter Butler who by the way are new contractors under 2-10) came out and discovered our drip pan beneath the unit in the attic was full and caused the fail safe lever to turn off the unit so it would not overflow. He empties the pan, does something to the lever, we pay our service fee, he leaves. No less than a week later we started noticing a leak coming from the light fixture in the ceiling in our Master bedroom closet and stairway. We call again, they come out they drain the pan again and stated that it was clogged. They unclogged it and asked us for another payment. We told them this was covered under the first service call (according to our service agreement) in which we had to call 2-10 to have them explain to the contractor why he wasn't getting paid by us that day. He finally understood and left. a couple weeks later same issue arises and this time the contractor's manager comes out to evaluate the issue and installs a "t" pvc pipe to help the system drain better in which it started to however, after further investigation he realizes the system in the attic is not balance and is leaning the opposite direction of the drain pipe causing it to fill up with condensation and leak into the pan instead of towards the pipe. He told us they could rotate it but would have to check with 2-10 to see if it was covered. According to 2-10. it is not. After speaking to 3 different associates on 3 separate calls, 1 told us we didn't have the supreme package (which we do and was validated by a different associate), the other 2 told us it would be covered until they eventually looked more into it and came back to tell us it is not but did not provide a clear understanding of why not. The last call ended with the representative telling us we would receive a call back from their supervisor today (03 Sep 19 @ 1530) and it is now 1904 we have not received any attempt from the company. The agreement states that it covers up to $250 of improper install or modifications. However, according to the associates of 2-10, that only applies to items improperly installed AFTER you purchase the warranty. So in our case, we purchased a house built in 2013 in 2018 therefore all of the units in the home that could have been installed improperly and causing current issues are not covered by the warranty. At this point, I'm not quite sure that I am getting the most out of this warranty and I am perturbed that I renewed this warranty after having it for a year with no claims and now that I have claims it is proving to be useless. I hope this reaches the right personnel via this medium however, I intend to duplicate this message in multiple mediums until someone reaches out to us.

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R. Lowe - 190 d 14 h ago


I have had them since 2004 and have had issues with my AC that they agreed to replace and after 2 weeks without air, that part still has not been ordered! I am looking for a new company!

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MzDee - 280 d 11 h ago


I am a VERY dissatisfied customer with 2-10 HBW. I have been a customer with 2-1 for 20+ years (since building my home). On Friday evening, 6/21/19 when we got home to find a leaking hot water heater. The automated email we received from 2-10 stated "Great news! We wanted to let you know a service contractor has been assigned to handle your service request. They will schedule a time, Monday through Friday during the contractor's normal business hours, to diagnose and repair your covered service request. Under normal circumstances, our service effort will be initiated within 48 hours. If you should request non-emergency service outside of normal business hours, you will be responsible for additional fees, including overtime. Here's who will be reaching out: SERVICE CONTRACTOR: Capital City Plumbing". Given this was now 'after normal business hours', we assumed we would get a call from the contractor on Monday, June 24, 2019 - no such luck. (And, let me state here - we are out of town beginning Friday, June 28 for a week.) So, I called the contractor early Monday afternoon, and left a voice mail. I called 2-10 later that afternoon and spoke with Tristian, she tried to reach out to the contractor - could not reach him. She gave me his email and cell number. I sent an email and tried to call the cell - no response and no answer. I called back and forth between 2-10 and the contractor on Tuesday, NO help, no response from the contractor. Eventually, Zack (a supervisor) literally stated to me that the 2-10 contract states that they do not 'have' to provide timely service. WHAT???!!! Over the last two days, I have spoken with several 2-10 employees (Tristan, Samantha, Brian, Zack Adam, Russ and Barbara). 2-10 stated to me that the contractor told them he would be at my home between 10am - 2pm on Wednesday. I called 2-10 at 2:05pm and was told he was 3 minutes away. He arrived about 2:20pm and when I shook his hand and asked him why he had not returned my calls, he turned and walked away and said he didn't need 'my attitude' after HE had not bothered to make ANY contact with me regarding my claim - very UNPROFESSIONAL. I once again called 2-10, and the claim was assigned to a plumber that was 1 hour from my location because (according to Barbara) they have no contractors (other then Capital City Plumbing) in my area - Austin TX! Only ONE contractor! I then tried to call the new contractor only to find out that they are NO LONGER in business! When I look on 2-10's website, it now shows my claim as 'HOMEOWNER CANCELLED' with the name of the 2nd contractor that is no longer in business!! My contract is due to renew on 6/27/19, but I will be terminating my contract with them. And, I will be looking into how (if) I can sue them for at least this past year's contract fees!

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BeauB - 1 y ago


I have an aggravating issue from using the rebate program that I feel I was wrongly coerced in to using upon my work order submission.

Recently, I submitted a claim online to have my washing machine replaced (work order #7016043). I was immediately prompted with a popup that offered a $100 rebate if I decided to replace the washer instead of having a repair technician come out. Upon my policy renewal, I paid for the lower $75 cost of a repair person visit, but declined it for this visit since it would likely save 2-10 money and I had the freedom to purchase a replacement washer. I found the exact brand and model at Lowes (Hope Mills, NC) and purchased a replacement washer in person rather than ordering online, saving over 10% using my military discount. The total cost of the normal priced replacement washing machine of $999.99 was under $700 including my military discount. I followed the instructions and submitted the replacement form along with a scanned copy of the receipt. Today (08 Apr 2019) I received the $100 rebate check and inquired via phone as to when the remainder of the $500+ would be credited to me from the total cost of the replacement washer. Initially I was greeted by a young man who's name I didn't get but eventually spoke to a "Carol" about my problem. I continuously expressed my concern as to why someone would opt to receive a $100 rebate check on a replacement item (exact match meeting quality, value and expected ability) rather than the full replacement cost, especially to a customer who has paid $700/annual premium in LUMP SUM. It does not seem moral, logical, or even legal to coerce a customer via a popup window prompting the customer to take a $100 rebate on a $1,000 item that is fully covered under a $700 premium. Even trying to contact the company via email seemed more of a possible "man-in-the-middle" attack with multiple windows opening asking for login credentials. I have proudly kept 2-10 as my home warranty ever since I bought this home 4 year ago and have had no claims. I feel that I am being cheated on and not being dealt a fair business deal. What's disturbing is that the operator I was on the phone with expressed her concern about the rebate program - again, I used the online system rather than an operator to again save more cost to 2-10. I can only hope this complaint reaches the desk of Mark Lewis so he understands the type of service, or rather lack of, that his company is extending out to it's customers. I expect a full refund of the washing machine that I purchased. Unfortunately, I do not have the faulted machine because I donated it to a local Christian non-profit to see if they could use it to repair other machines for those less fortunate. BTW, the operator I was speaking to does not have 2-10 as a policy because she can't afford it - something immediately wrong with that coming from a manager's point of view. I work in a secure facility that does not allow cell phones and I do not work a traditional 9-5 job. I work shift work, ironically at a data center that deals with almost 1,000 customers daily. I am expecting to be reached by anyone that can help me resolve this issue - which the operator calls a misunderstanding - but let's face it, it's a moral issue. If this issue can not be resolved quickly, I will have no choice than to express my severe disappointment in the policies that this company works on to all of those I come in contact with.

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Mrs. J. Williams - 1 y 146 d ago



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Robin Williams - 1 y 119 d ago


I just brought my house 9/29/18 they said the same thing to me for my furnace replacement pre-existing problem they r full of shit I'm calling cooperate tomorrow they take money but dont want to fix anything!!!

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Deborah - 1 y ago



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Deborah - 1 y ago


Your company stinks - plain and simple. I have 2 homes with a contract on each home. My experiences with your vendors has been horrible. They don't seem to be high quality 'professionals', some take weeks to respond to your call and almost always have to come back and address the problem they were supposed to fix on their first visit. Last summer myi H-Vac system went and it was 85-90 degrees in my house. I had to go stay with my daughter for over a week until they could find someone reliable to repair it. (The first H-Vac guy never called or come to the house. While you service representatives are polite and professional, the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Two weeks ago I call because some of the pipes in my basement were leaking (in my other home). It was 35 degrees outside and about 45 degrees inside. One guy came out and told us what was wrong, demanded money, and then left. They sent out another plumber who diagnosed the problem. I got a call from 2-10 (after approximately 1 week) and was told they would replace my boiler but my out of pocket cost would be $300. I agreed and the plumber was to get in touch with me to service my boiler. I never heard from any one. I finally called 2-10 back and was given the royal run around. The last woman I spoke to informed me that they would not be able to fix my boiler because it would cost them too much so my only other alternative was to take a $1,500 buy-out (which would release them from any liability) and find my own plumber. Bottom line - instead of having a $300 out-of-pocket cost I have anywhere between $6,000 and $10,000 out-of-pocket cost. My next call - 'Better get Vaccarro, NBC News".

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Anonymous - 1 y 144 d ago

had two warranties with them

horrible experience each time.


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