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24 Hour Fitness

24 hr fitness
12647 Alcosta Blvd, Suite 500
San Ramon, CA
(925) 543-3100
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Pool & Spa Repair - 5 d 10 h ago


It is with great displeasure I must contact you regarding the pool and spa area at the Carlsbad/La Costa unit. I have been a 24 hr Fitness member since 1993 and 3 years ago you built a unit only minutes from my home and with considerable disappointment you would not give me access to the unit without a considerable increase in price from $20 to $49.00. No accounting for the 20 some years of being a member. At the time I was so excited to get back and begin my fitness regimen which consist of 80% Swimming & Spa use so I signed up for the increase.

Through the past 2 years there has been major issues with the pool & spa, both have gone through many repairs causing the units to be out for weeks at a time. This past year the pool had a major structural issue and the city forced it to closed for at least 3 months. Now we are having issues with the spa, it has been out for additional 3 months with the staff not giving us any idea of when it will be back up and running.

Ultimately, I'm very disappointed with the fact I have been charge considerably more then my previous charges and have not receive much benefit except for the convenience of location. I first implore to you to get the spa back up and running and second please consider better communication to the members on timeframes of repairs. As a business owner I can't understand how or why it take so long to get these items back up and running. The way I understand the luxury heath club business is to provide a high level of service, quality equipment and to keep the equipment well maintained, I have not seen or received this level of service. As a for charging a 20-year member full price to upgrade and then still not receive the service they expect, I consider this to be very poor business practices. Your immediate attention to this issue is requested.

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Unappy 24 hours long time member - PS - 8 d 7 h ago


I am a member of the Laguna Niguel, CA. Super Sport on La Paz. On numerous occasions I have informed the staff there is NO SOAP or the soap dispenser is broken. It disgusts me that people are going to the bathroom and cannot properly clean their hands then use the equipment or the employees make smoothies....I addition, on numerous occasions including yesterday I went to the bathroom and used the handicap stall and there was NO TOILET PAPER OR TOILET SEAT COVERS....Unacceptable... I have called the 800 # and spoken to the manager and staff and THEY DO NOT CARE. Today when I went there was toilet paper on the handicap bar, not installed in the proper place (NO TOILET SEAT COVERS). The cleaning lady was there but was TOO LAZY to install the tp properly???? The floors are disgusting and dirty. One of the sinks is always broken. Coincidentally received a letter yesterday from 24 hr fitness that my RATES ARE GOING UP and I quote: "TO ENSURE WE CAN MAINTAIN OUR HIGH STANDARDS OF SERVICE" What a joke and an untrue statement. I am ready to take my complaints to the Better Business Bureau and the Health Depatment since rates continue to go up yet service continues to decline. Shame on your company and lack of caring of your facilities.

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Reyna - 9 d 8 h ago


Why is there no refunds on bullshit that you buy there and no receipts poor management and I'm not happy buying equipment and not being happy bullshit

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Julia Fort - 14 d 6 h ago

Hi im a member at your pembroke pines fla location 8333 pines blvd im with silver sneakers program few months ago incident occur there mental man came trash front desk pour water over front desk & all over me i hear people say run im legally blindblind have nerve damage i walk with cane try run hide fell down thought was ok but wasnt had talk police rescue came took me hospital all my vitals high the assit mamager took statement from me she told me she saw on film when i fell she call once see how i was doing but never call again the manager never call did nothing i dint sue i like gym & program but im upset your company could have at least compensated me in some way they did nothing im a black if i was white would have been treated better. So im asking you to speak to your mange dept find out why they did nothing & i want compensation from them im ms Julia Fort i still go there in silver sneaker classes respond please

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Julia Fort - 14 d 6 h ago

Hi im a member at your pembroke pines fla location 8333 pines blvd im with silver sneakers program few months ago incident occur there mental man came trash front desk pour water over front desk & all over me i hear people say run im legally blindblind have nerve damage i walk with cane try run hide fell down thought was ok but wasnt had talk police rescue came took me hospital all my vitals high the assit mamager took statement from me she told me she saw on film when i fell she call once see how i was doing but never call again the manager never call did nothing i dint sue i like gym & program but im upset your company could have at least compensated me in some way they did nothing im a black if i was white would have been treated better. So im asking you to speak to your mange dept find out why they did nothing & i want compensation from them im ms Julia Fort i still go there in silver sneaker classes respond please

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Cheryl S. - 15 d 12 h ago

I have been a member of 24hourfitness in New York since it took over Bally's (about 3 years now). The Little Neck/Douglaston location has been where I've been taking cardio/strength training classes with the excellent instructor, Linda for many years. As a senior citizen it is important that I maintain physical and strength exercises. So when I was informed that many classes were cancelled during this 2018 Thanksgiving week, I was appalled. In New York, we a re a community that remains close to home during the holidays and the cancellation of multiple classes was seriously regrettable to many members especially since special classes are scheduled during the holidays. We look forward to exercise classes right before and after Thanksgiving and Christmas. I take 2 or 3 classes on 1 day and to cancel 2 of the 3 classes on a particular day is outrageous since we are left with no classes and the gym remains empty.

My hope is that this will not happen this Christmas this year and this unfortunate cancellations will not happen in the future at our New York gyms. I appreciate your attention to thismatter

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ctuna - 21 d 5 h ago


Santa Cruz 24 hour fitness on Soquel ave.

Machines go up repaired for months approaching a year now on some of them.

Sub titles on TV's have been outputing garbage for months now.

Staff seems unable to address most problems in anything

close to a timely manner.

This place took a turn for the worse when there on stall maintenance guy left.

Repeated requests of the staff to fix seem to go in the trash,

Looking at these other reviews makes me think the hole chain is going down.

Been going there about 20 years now.

rating poor in the last year.

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14 yrs of membership and I can't renew! No Cust Svc!!! - 26 d 4 h ago


Where is the CUSTOMER SERVICE? I tried paying my invoice online because it was originally delivered to the wrong address. I was a few days late. After several tries with 20+ minute holds, and one that lasted an hour, I gave up.

Because I have a lifelong sweet deal of annual renewal fees, I think 24 hour is purposely trying to weed people like me out. I paid a high upfront 3 year contract with an annual $49/year after that. I've been a member for nearly 15 years now. It seems they make it hard for me to renew now. And I can't CALL them about it!!!

I'm sending a letter to their President, CEO, and Board about their customer service and the lack of upkeep in their clubs. 24 hour is a stock to short if they keep this up. Not even Costco come-on deals will get people to join a club not maintained.

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Xdc - 27 d 3 m ago


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Ladyfire - 49 d 6 h ago

This gym is in a dilapidated state.The bathrooms are never clean,equipment are 75 % broken or malfunctioning. Kids Corner service times are inconsistent..Broken TV's are not repaired nor replaced.IT'S A SHAME.

I am getting ready to call CAL OSHA as this 24 Hour Fitness presents a clear and present danger to their customers.Presenting with major safety issues.Cycling Bikes pedals are brokenas well as the straps..Older customers are asking me for rubber bands to use on the pedals of the rowing machines.Is it a disaster.

Located in: Rolling Hills Plaza

Address: 2685 Pacific Coast Hwy, Torrance, CA 90505


Open 24 hours

Phone: (hidden)

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bravestrong - 28 d ago


ladyfire, same issues with the Rancho Cucamonga facility.....filthy everywhere. Hair in all 5 shower stalls. Cleaning crew comes only once -- and at midnight -- on Saturdays AND Sundays. No toilet paper often in stalls. Mildew/mold on pool shower walls. Sand ALWAYS in the pool bottom. Group-ex equipment (body pump, spin) is sticky and stinky; on-site managers refuse to disclose frequency of cleaning. Many, many people join then quit. My advice to everyone is 1) visit on a weekend AND the days/hours you'll likely be work out; 2) CLOSELY examine the toilet and shower stalls; 3) never ever commit financially for more than 1-2 months and re-assess at that time.

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Vio - 29 d 23 h ago


By far my worst experience trying to solve an issue that I didn't sign up for! I've made several attempts to speak to someone who will shine some kind of light.... but no. Even when I called to place a hold on my account until my issue was resolved, they still didn't get it done!

I've had my account since 2016 to come find out out that I'm being billed for two accounts because someone misteriosly opened an account under name. I'be been getting billed for 2 accounts now (I get it, I didn't catch it and yes my mistake for not wat hung my bank account), but SERIOUSLY?!!!!! How in the world is one person going to sign up and use two accounts? It makes NO sense! No, finally they placed my account on hold for 3 months while they try to figure out what happened and they still want to bill me for $12/ three month hold fee?!!! This is truly insane ! 24 Hour fitness you have poor customer service and it is extremely wrong that you can't have a solution to this problem!

The right things is for you to refund me in full for all the funds pulled from my account for this second account I never authorized in 2017!!!

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Anonymous - 29 d 4 h ago

I have now payed the premium to access the new super sport off of Navajo Rd San Diego CA not 2 or 3 blocks from my house, and your employees are still allowing people into this gym for free. I haven't said anything because I figured they were being allowed in on a free three day pass but how many of these passes are your employees going to give to the same people? This is fucking insane, I joined your super sport to get away from this gang element and these drug dealing drug addicts you call employees. But they just revert to the same gang behavior they had when they attended and worked at the La Mesa and Santee gym. I don't come to the gym to be a part of a gang or to socialize, I am not here to win a popularity contest run by your shit talking employees, I am here to lift and stay in health and shape. So, why don't you do your job and remind your employees that their shit talking can be considered hate crimes. But I am just a straight white male so you don't give a shit, but if I was a minority or a woman I could see you for some of the shit your employees and patrons are calling me.

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Anonymous - 71 d 20 h ago

This house is a house strictly used to sell narcotics, hence the owner of the house, Terry Toby 8477 Tommy Dr. San Diego, CA 92119, was arrested for the distribution of narcotics and now has to sell the house. He has most of the neighborhood selling narcotics for him but namely his next door neighbors Thomas C. Jones 8469 Tommy Dr. San Diego, CA 92119. He works in collaboration with Robert Bowers, 6605 Renkrib Ave. San Diego, CA, to deal narcotics for the Hell's Angels who operate out of the California and Metals Recycling Center. They also work with Richard Teems, 6653 Maury Dr. San Diego, CA, Lisa Mast, 8517 Tommy Dr. San Diego, CA 92119, and David Williams, 2061 Flying Hills Ln. El Cajon, CA and 8449 Tommy Dr. San Diego, CA 92119, to sell narcotics and are all responsible for the murder of Brent Adler, 8525 Tommy Dr. San Diego, CA 92119. They have now incorporated a house, 8399 Tommy Dr. San Diego, CA 92119, to hold weekly party's where they sell narcotics and provide alcohol to minors every Friday and Saturday night, you might be familiar with the house because it was robbed and the occupants were to weak willed to defend themselves against the robbers even though they outnumbered them two to one. Other drug dealers live on the street such as 8478 Tommy Dr., 8470 Tommy Dr. 8460 Tommy Dr., 8402 Tommy Dr., 8401 Tommy Dr., 8411 Tommy Dr., and 8437 Tommy Dr. where Elizabeth Munoz lives and where she sell narcotics from her place of work at Grossmont College and Cuyamaca College for the Mexican Cartel. All of these individuals sell narcotics as a part of a gang and stalk my family and me because we do not sell narcotics, nor do we want to join their gang.

You can also look at the La Mesa 24 Hour Fitness where these alcoholics, drug addicts, and drug dealers stalk me to spread lies and rumors about such as CA license Plate N165HO who works their and sells narcotics there. Your employees allow these people into the gym for free and allow them to sell narcotics because they are using the narcotics themselves, these people don't belong in a gym they belong in a bar or on their couch playing Fornite like they do with the other 23 hours of the day living their alcoholic / drug addict life styles.

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Tommy ft - 29 d 4 h ago

Where did you get these addresses and names from? Better yet who did you get this wrong info from because you just sound straight up stupid

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Anonymous - 41 d 6 h ago

I don't know what kind of establishment you are running but I didn't know 24 Hour Fitness La Mesa was a place to go to, to stalk people. I didn't know it was an establishment where employees and patrons could come and bring their alcohol and drugs to, to run a bar if you will, I thought this was a gym. Because either your employees are stalking me or your alcoholic, drug addict, homeless patrons are stalking me. Because no matter what time I attend your La Mesa or Santee facilities, I see the same patrons, and we are talking about a 2, 3, 4 Hour difference in time frame and I have the same loser patrons following me around the gym. Now if I were a woman, your company wouldn't stand for that behavior, but because I am a straight white man, I am expected to just deal with it and just shut up and take itI don't pay a monthly fee to be stalked and your employees are allowing this type of behavior because they are letting these people in for free and informing these people when certain patrons are coming and going. I didn't join your gym to win a popularity contest or to be part of a gang, and you are allowing this behavior to continue under your noses, no wonder why you are losing patrons to other gyms.

Flagged for review. 
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Ihadda lottapenis - 37 d 3 h ago

Well sir than you didn't get the memo not our problem you weren't present the day we told everyone that's what this gym is for... dumb fuc

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Tommy dr - 29 d 12 h ago

Dude u must be twisted I have lived here since 2000 and u are very miss informed

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Anonymous - 30 d ago


To Chris

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Doug Van Pelt - 34 d 6 h ago


I have belonged to the club in Santa Barbara since they opened. Its been a total shit hole for many years...filthy. But...I have to admit its cleaner now then a year ago. The program that comes over the speakers about "TEAM CLEAN"....its such thing in Santa Barbara. There will be 5 employees chatting away at the front desk and the TEAM CLEAN thing comes over the one moves!! lol

Speaking of the over head speakers. I generally work out between 3 and 6pm. The noise they have going is atrocious. Its NOT MUSIC!! I've been to hundreds of concerts in the 70's 80's etc. so I'm pretty up on good rock music. This crap is just bad intrusive noise, makes me not go to the club and it hardly encourages one to work out well. I ask the managment about it and they respond "WE HATE IT TOO, NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT", its talked about in the sauna...everyone HATES IT. CHANGE THE DAMN MUSIC PLEASE!!!

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Anonymous - 36 d 8 h ago

Santa Cruz 24 hour is the worst super sport I've ever been to was super excited that they had one once I moved here now I'm canceling my membership broken machines all over the place mens locker room is foul felt like I would get a disease if I touched anything time for a complete overhaul of this place is completely done will not renew my membership until that place is rebuilt or remodeled I'm moving to toadal Fitness now

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Christina - 90 d 8 h ago


I am an Apostolic Christian and my friend and I have a membership at 24 hour fitness. I don't watch television because of the trash that is on there, but if I'm going to have a television screen in front of my face while on the treadmill I would like to see something more wholesome and not "The View" which has guests on their show like the President of Planned Parenthood. I would like to hear music that appeals to others and not rap music videos showing half naked women. I would like to see something different on the monitors and not Satanic rituals and people who don't consider everyone else's opinion instead of just their own. I'm disgusted by this gym and I'll be looking for another place to spend my money. I've asked to have the channels changed, but instead we were discriminated against.

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GoEata Vajina - 37 d ago

Just get your phat azz back on the treadmill, and keep your doting Mexican mouth shut nobody likes a complaining fatty. That's the response you get

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Anonymous - 71 d 6 h ago

I am getting sick and fucking tired of your employees taking advantage of your gyms. For instance, the La Mesa CA 24 hour fitness is a drug riddled gym where the fucking employees allow anyone into your gym for free. They act in such a manner that they think this is their gym, and not you corporately owned gym. They allow other employees into your gym and behind the counter and allow them to use your computer systems and look up customer information, a fraction against HIPPA, all the while not on the clock. They also use your facilities as a location to drink alcohol and use drugs themselves, but not surprisingly one of your managers sells narcotics himself, drives a lifted Toyota Truck CA license plate N165HO obviously from Louisiana.

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Eatz biggodick - 37 d 3 h ago

Quit griping diaper sniffing Cry-Baby. We will do what we want here and you can't do anything about it.

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