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24 Hour Fitness

24 hr fitness
12647 Alcosta Blvd, Suite 500
San Ramon, CA
(925) 543-3100
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Dave Zumba - 4 d 15 h ago


I am disappointed with the Milpitas facility. The men's locker room has two televisions, but neither work. There is always dust in the lockers. They just don't bother to clean them well because its effort. There are four hand/hair dryers in the washroom and they all blow out cold air. I talked with manager David Monarrez about this two months ago, but nothing has changed.

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MT - 7 d 16 h ago


The Irvine Spectrum location always has equipment that is not working and the stair master has been out for 2 months and i was told they are waiting on Corporate to approve parts and labor. This location is always packed so, you should have funds to fix this and the bikes in the cycle class. Maybe, we should just become members of another gym or take cycling classes at Bike to the Beat and cancel our 24 hr membership. No-one at the Corporate office ever returns my letters to them regarding my yearly increase which i am fine with if the equipment can be repaired and we can always get clean towels.. Please clean up the gym and take care of repairs for the members.

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bad treatment given to members - 4 d 20 h ago


Triangle square supersport ALWAYS HAS EQUIP, SHOWERS, ETC NOT WORKING for many months! No one is ever concerned with fixing but the focus is to disrespect members and mistreat members after one has joined by telling members they can not lie down there, they can not be in classroom without the lights fully on altho most of us are floor mat yoga types who don't wish to have lights blaring. A previous GM agreed with us but last 2-3 GM's are unfriendly, bullies not giving a damn about members wants.

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Customer - 14 d 19 h ago

I got stalked and harassed in the 24 hour fitness by a new employee by the name of Carl. I feel this way every time I see this nincompoop. Why is he stalking me and being rudely verbal outside in the parking lot after midnight? He should not be in the parking lot harrassing me more than once. I feel like I have to go to another gym way out of my way to avoid this kind of disrespect. I have paid for years now. It took some real disrespect and worse to prompt me to type this. My mind does not work against others unless I catch this kind of disrespect. Good luck on keeping good members at the 24 hour fitness Larkspur Landing in California.

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molly - 6 d 7 h ago

get some mace and threaten to spray them....

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disgusted - 4 d 20 h ago


I had two awful front desk employees harass me named who work nightshift at triangle square supersport club. Not only were they completely unprofessional, called me names, followed me, reported to security to remove me from club as said I was too long in the private bathroom when under 30 minutes to shower and dress when I've waited over an hr for many men to leave said bathroom. Barbara, who was the fitness mgr then or operational mgr, didn't even apologize ro me for this or have the staff apologize to me. I feel as do many members that the club is becoming a nazi center with no respect or regard for members. There are many, many other problems as staff support anyone who complains first and never listen to the other side of story. It's not only bad training, bad attitudes, wanting to boss members rather than make certain we enjoy the club. Barbara told me members are taking advantage of the club by recharging their cells or laptops and that is jot appropriate. All of us at this club are outraged at this pea brain mentality.

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Pat - 7 d 12 h ago


I have had a membership at the 24 Hr. Club in Lake Worth, TX. for 6 years now. This property is going downhill and I'm not sure the management is concerned about the members. There are 4 water coolers/fountains here and none have had chilled water for over 6 months. The swim suit spinner in the men's locker room has been out of service for about 5 weeks. When asked about those outages, the response is that Corporate is taking care of them. I could go to Grainger in the area and replace those items in about a day. My membership fee is going up and the club services are going down.

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WOO - 10 d 13 h ago


I am really upset that you discontinued putting the instructors names, with the classes they teach, in the on line class schedules. Now I don't know if she's there or is it a substitute. I travel 20 miles each way to go to my classes. There are some classes I avoid because I'm not crazy about the instructors. Some yell and scream into their mics. Some talk to the class like they are talking to small children. Some get in your face. What is this? The Marines??? Please put the names back up.

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Gasmask - 11 d 14 h ago


I love my gym. I like the people who work there, it's clean and the machines are always well maintained. However, I am deeply and constantly offended by Fox News playing on every TV in the Men's locker room. If I wanted to be bombarded with racist and partisan opinions, I'd go join the KKK. The gym is no place for this. I have no idea why, with all the choices out there, MY GYM is doing this? Ever heard of ESPN? It seems sports at a gym might be a bit more appropriate!

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Workout chick - 13 d 14 h ago

The 24 hour location on Jones Rd and Tomball parkway in Houston is a total disaster. It is poorly run,and never clean. The young guys who work on the weekends do nothing but sit around texting or playing games on their phones. If you have a complaint about how the weights are all over the floor they tell you to call corporate. Guess this location is going to lose more people.

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Anonymous - 14 d 13 h ago


I just called to cancel my membership at this gym. I escalatedon't to a supervisor let me tell you that this company is horrible. I missed the cancellation period by one day and cause it's one day over know I have to pay $400 to cancel. I was told by the supervisor that they were going to be calling me everyday to collect the money.

Shame on you 24 hrs you guys are a bunch of crooks.

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Customer of 24 hr fitness - 14 d 20 h ago


I went to the Larkspur 24 hour fitness. I got stalked and harassed by a new employee named Carl. This has happened on several ocassions. Why does he stalk the parking lot after midnight. His attitude inside is running me away. I have been a member for years and feel I need to go way out of my way to aviod this nicompoop disrespecting me.

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Victoria N - 16 d 21 h ago


I'm a member of 24 24hours on Capital express way (formerly Bally's)

the micro &System rarely work and mic all way out and instructor or sub have hard time .

Last night we have a sub for BP (our instructor on Vacation for a month)lucky him.

and she said if the mic still out I won't be back!!! I understand her point of view, BUT we are a paying member we don't want to heard that and that not my problems it THE GYM need to step up and get the equipment to work!!!

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Anonymous - 17 d 5 h ago

This complaint is about the gym in Las Vegas, NV on Silverado Ranch and Maryland Pkwy. There is an employee that works the graveyard shift named Cassie Lopez. Everything she works she is working out with different guys while on the job, flirting and causing drama, walking around in skimpy clothes, is never in the front, does not wear her work shirt, and has been caught doing inappropriate things with members. Me and several other members that have been coming to this gym for several years are tired of her using the gym as a place to hook up with guys. She is supposed to be married. This has been going on for several months and needs to stop.

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Mark - 33 d 14 h ago


On Oct.29, at 7:00AM at the League City Texas 24 Hour Fitness Sport on I-45 near 646 I told a woman employeer with red hair and glasses that the stomach crunch machine had loose nuts and bolts and it was dangerous and she RUDELY REPLIED "YOU CAN'T JUST GO TO HOME DEPOT AND GET REPLACEMENTS!

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carolyn - 35 d ago


I went to Indio ca I cancelled my membership in august 2016. you are still taking money from my account. that is stealing.

cancel my account today I will be contacting the fixer abc news to file a complaint.

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Jane doe - 36 d 14 h ago


If you call a refresh at Hayward Amadothen you need to say it's lipstick on a pig

The floors in restrooms are still disgusting

You just painted and raised our memberships

At least give me a towel so I can use the john

It was flooded yet again

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Anonymous - 40 d 18 h ago


I am a member of the 24Hour Fitness center in Manteca, CA. I have been using the pool and shower area for over a month. I have a person who assist me in the pool due to my disability. The pool area is disgusting. We try very hard not to get sick or expose ourselves to the scum and mold we see. This is difficult since I am in need of the water therapy. The pool NEVER has clear or clean water. There is scum on the tile within the pool as well as the whirlpool. The whirlpool sometimes works and many members have complained about it. Surrounding the pool area is dirty and with mold. We see band aides in the water, we see globs of hair and scum in the whirlpool. Members have managed to inscribe "Clean this tile". That's just one of them. The shower area is filthy. Again, gobs of hair, lots of mold on the grates and floor. If you drop your towel in the shower area above the grates, it will come up black. We have seen mold fly if there is such a thing. There are tiny little flies attached to the mold in crevises and corners of the shower dressing area.

I am a disabled person that needs assistance in the water. There is no other pool my this area affordable for me accept 24hr. Fitness. The center needs to be shut down for a day and allow a cleanup grew to come in and really clean and disinfect the area I am complaining about.

I believe it would be good for someone to come into this fitness center and really take a look at the dirt and grime. Others have complained but are not taking any action.

I would like to continue my membership. Please clean up this pool and shower area at the Manteca 24 Hour Fitness Center, Ca.

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John Doe - 41 d 16 h ago



October 22, 2016


La Mesa

Grossmont Center 24 Hour Fitness

Employees seen using and selling narcotics at the front desk, letting associates into the gym for free, employees not scheduled to work were in uniform training clients off the clock (a huge liability if someone were to get injured), and were spreading lies and rumors about clientele on their personal social media accounts while on the clock or in uniform (another huge liability if I can prove that they were spreading lies while in a 24 Hour Fitness Uniform, that I expect 24 Hour Fitness to pay for considering they are responsible for hiring employees of a bully / territories culture.)

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Ripped off Customer - 44 d 22 h ago


Do not join this gym! They only cater to private lessons. If you get in their way, the staff will threaten you. You have to adjust your workout schedule around their private lessons. It's a rip off.

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Adam, Personal Trainer - 54 d 17 h ago


I' am a member at the 24 Hour Fitness in Lakewoo, CA. I want to tell you of my experience there. When I started with my personal trainer I was in excruciating pain and could barely walk. I have 2 herniated disc, spinal stenos and sciatica. Mark was my first trainer. He left the company so I got a new trainer, Adam. Thanks to his training I can now walk without my cane. And I have lost 13 lbs! I called customer service and told them how pleased I was to have Adam as my trainer and what he has done for me, but felt that I had to tell someone in the corprate office about Adam. Everyone else at the gym are pleasant and ask how I'm doing. I feel that it is genuine caring they show me. I' am so very lucky I decided to join 24 Hour Fitness!!!

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alma gonzalez - 56 d 15 h ago


Estado reclamando la mercanca que me trajeron Ya llevo un mes y medio ms bien 2 meses y no me han resuelto nada el 3 de noviembre tengo que liquidar la cantidad de 1500 y no pienso pagar la por el motivo de que ustedes no me han respondido tengo mensajes grabaciones llamadas videos he hablado con los encargados con servicio a cliente y no me han resuelto nada

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Berta - 56 d 15 h ago

Managers in 24rs Daly city is been ashole they should fire him he like to hook-up with janitor Claudia she used to work as janitor naw company fire her naw she works for 24rs haw posible is that do they always allow to hook-up with coworkers wow bad service no good I am planning to cancel 6 member of my family lol

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Trish - 57 d 13 h ago


Your club offers Silver Sneakers and Silver and Fit for seniors. As an active senior participating in the aqua aerobics classes four times a week, Monday and Wednesday evenings 6-7pm the pool water feels like ICE water. Seniors have thinner skin and therefor get colder easily. Because of this we have begun to wear fitness tops over our bathing suit in an attempt to hold in some heat. The air conditioner in turned on at around 6:30pm and it becomes so cold some leave the class and head for the jacuzzi. This is not conducive to seniors. According to research ideal water temperture for seniors is 84 degrees. Tuesday and Thursday 9am classes the water is slightly warmer. We have spoken with staff on numerous times to no avail. Next step is to contact Silver Sneakers and Fit and Silver, plus notify the HMO,s who pays for these memberships. File complaints with licensing, and notify the media. Your prompt response to these issues are required. Moreno Valley CA location.

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Bad Finger - 58 d 11 h ago


Corporate Office has been trying to fix my account for the last 3 months , some how i got deleted from the database and though i still have a personnel trainer that I train with on Wednesday's my fingerprint logon in hasn't worked since 3 months ago, I have asked everytime I try to logon in to have it fixed, neither Mangers have succeeded in doing this for me, they say Corporate is working on it,,,,,,,,,,that's a lame excuse for not giving a damn. I have spent close to two thousand dollars in training and Im about to leave this facility. As they say there many other GYMS that compete each day for new business. If you care to look at my records my ID is PG21494 and the club is 00355. Have a pleasant day in California.

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