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24 Hour Fitness

24 hr fitness
12647 Alcosta Blvd, Suite 500
San Ramon, CA
(925) 543-3100
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fitfun - 7 h 21 m ago


I go to 2 local gyms in Milpitas. My biggest complain is their showers... they are truly dirty, which is not surprising since I believe the janitor only cleans once a day. The older gym has 5 showers in the lady's locker room. Of the 5, only 2 are functional, even the handicap shower doesn't work. All the women have complained for YEARS but clearly they don't want to spend the money to fix it. The newer gym only opened a year ago but have had nothing but problems with supposedly their 'boiler.' They only have lukewarm water on a good day and no hot water on other days. They've blamed their boiler as the problem but it's been a year and I am sick of complaining about it. They make it impossible to get escalate to anyone outside the local gym other than fax or mail a letter to a po box. Really hate this company and the company culture.

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Anonymous - 1 d 9 h ago

Upland 24 hours gym is nasty the shower his is broken water pressure is low they don't put the soap inside the unit in there no hot water have a plan for a week and I'm falling on deaf ears and I want to get out when I get my money back and I'm not going to go to gym anymore I'm sick and tired of being in not hurt and I'm paying money for a cold shower I spoke with two people one in the morning and one at night about 4 o'clock and they said they're going to write it up and have it have it fixed they said they supposed to have it fixed by Monday was a holiday and it's like the lack of room is dirty the floor is nasty the sauna floor is nasty can you see it and I don't know what made this is doing so I'm just let you know was going on with the Upland 24 hour gym is not very good and I read the reviews and it's just getting worse and worse

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Anonymous - 5 d 13 h ago


Our gym locker room smells like sewage for weeks Southlake Texas. Reported it to front 4 times now. Nothing being done

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Ethical Customer - 36 d 18 m ago

Deceptive advertising ~


Why are some 24 Hour Fitness locations




Because 24 Hour Fitness is mislead people to make more money. Sounds illegal. Now it has made national TV news. It's time to keep all of your locations open 24 hours, or change your company name.

Ethical Customer

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Lemonicus - 35 d 18 h ago


totally agreed. They closed ours from midnight to 4 am and this is the second time the employee hasn't shown up to open the gym. We get up at 3:40 am to get this done so we can go to work and handle our day. It's truly ridiculous.

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Very unhappy customer - 17 d 5 h ago

I am so glad I got on here to see what is being said about this!!! I paid A LOT of money down on a lifetime membership and now pay a yearly fee as well. I was in a car wreck and had to learn how to walk again. I got this membership so I can go at 3am to work out when there's not a lot of people around to wAtch me. There are so many other places popping up everywhere that are open all night or you have access to it on your own, if not. What a waist of my money and an absolute scam!! Talk about fraud. I want my money refunded and to take it else where you get what you agree upon and pay for!!

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Anonymous - 21 d 11 h ago

I am very upset I spent 45 mins on the telephone with one of your customer service rep David Oper Z3992 that is Jamica.

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Bryan - 51 d 15 h ago

Good Afternoon Management and Corporate facilitators for 24 hour fitness,

My girlfriend and I were working out in the San Juan Facility when we were stopped during our workout by a female who identified herself as a manager (Later Identified as Tiffiany Carinchi) at the the 24Hour facility. As she interrupted our workout, she stated, "It's apparent you guys are personal training here and you have to stop or leave the gym." I was upset at her delivery and of this comment in general and told her we are both paying members and we are workout partners and live together as well as on the same contract together. She continued to to tell us that we were wrong in how we were working out because I was correcting her form. Again, I advised Tiffany that we are workout partners and we would continue to spot each other and correct each others form. She refused to back down and asked for both of our names. We did so and became even more upset. We told her we will continue our workout and discuss this later. We racked our weights and became so upset that she interrupted our workout and would not apologize the moment she was advised that situation was not as she had thought, that we stopped working out and decided to speak with her.

We walked down the stairs and we advised her that we understood her perception , however she was wrong. Again, she refused to apologize, stating that it was company policy that we do not "Train" at the facility because of liability and competition. I asked her to elaborate on what the policy violation was that would get our membership revoked. She stated, " The counting of repetitions, the instruction, correction of form, and the motivation."

At this time I asked to see the policy. She printed it up and we reviewed it together. Upon reading the policy, nowhere does it state that I could not, "Motivate, count or correct" my workout partners form. I told her that not only do you keep safe and make better gains with correct form, you also stay safe and reduce injury." She told me that I'm not allowed to correct form because of "Liability." Again understanding liability in our society, I informed her that it is less of a liability if I show her ( my workout partner) proper form. Again, she refused to back down, and stated that 24 Hour Fitness will not allow this. I decided to then confirm her statement so she does not say that there was a misunderstanding and that all parties were clear on the policy of the company.

I rephrased the comments and gave her understanding that she was doing her job and just looking out for the company and that maybe she misinterpreted our actions and her comments and that we could agree that we are just workout partners (not trainers) and that I was "correcting form, motivating her and counting out loud." Tiffany responded, "Yes, that is against company policy." I showed her that policy again and asked if she could find anything close to that in the policy. She said she could not. Again, believing that she was letting her pride get in the way of an apology to two patrons doing what we pay to do(workout), I gave her an opportunity to speak to another 24-hour Fitness employee and ask for his opinion regarding, "correcting form, motivating her and counting out loud."

At that time, I asked for her card and she handed me the card of General Manager Ryan Keefer with her name written at the top.

I then contacted the Manager at the facility located in Irvine and asked him the same questions regarding the policy or even general workout etiquette. He apologized and said how unfortunate this occurred. His words were that he does the same workout with his girlfriend and that is a way to generate sales is to provide a safe and fun workout atmosphere for the whole family to enjoy. They encourage families to workout together and motivate each other for the overall best success of the patrons and encourage other patrons to do so. He added we should have been commended on working out together not asked to leave the gym. We also noticed several "Location Check- Ins" on social media to assist with the encouragement and motivation for others to come to the gym or join a gym.

As the fact that we are both Police Officers and first responders who are required to stay fit in the course of our duty to prevent injury or death to fellow citizens and well as our own safety we are deeply troubled by the unprofessional manner in which we were treated today. We will be in contact with our fellow first responders and well as the public regarding the policy that Tiffany claims that 24 hour represents.

Again, let me state she advised that 24hour fitness does not allow, "correcting form, motivating her and counting out loud."

If this is not the policy and she has misspoken based on lack of knowledge of the policy, please contact me as to what corrective action has been taken to remediate this highly unprofessional attitude. She needs to understand customer service, company policy, and general understanding of fitness and the benefits it brings both physically and mentally;especially for professionals, or patrons in high stress jobs such as first responders.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with you regarding your solution to this highly unprofessional by a manager at your company.

Bryan Hand and Carmen Mandujano


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Anonymous - 22 d 13 h ago

What's the managers email?

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scam alert - 35 d 13 h ago


!!! ***SCAM ALERT!*** This entire website is a SCAM! They will want you to go to a Walmart store and purchase a gift card, and then give them the number of that card, only to then steal all of the money from that card, leaving you with nothing. It's a horrible scam that a surprising number of people actually fall for. STAY AWAY!

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Anonymous - 37 d 10 h ago

Please remind your employees that the personal information regarding a member should not be made public.

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Kate vaughn-Hervey - 43 d ago


To the higher ups, I want to compliment the night crew Charles M. At The Streets at Southglenn 24hour fitness in Centennial, Colorado we we're having a rough day at both of our jobs and informed him of this. He put on a big smile and made us feel better. We went to the hot tub to relax. He made our day a whole lot better by his nice words and smile. Employees like him are far and few between.

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Judy Fahmy - 49 d 8 h ago


24 Hour Fitness,

I have just come home from working out at 24 at Alemany in San Francisco. I have been going there ever since it became 24 after Bally's. The reason I am sending a comment/complaint is because I'm so tired of this one man in particular thinking he can go into the spa and shave his face and head without any hesitation. If a women did that they would be on her like fly paper anyway I told management and the worker's comment was I never heard that before and I told him this was not his first time that I complained about him. The manager was also there and I said why you don't have workers downstairs so I didn't have to go upstairs to tell them what's going on at their gym and in a snarky remark she said I wish I had more help to do that and I said you have to have your workers downstairs to protect us from people like that uncivilized Neanderthal like him. Why do I have to be monitoring clients on their behavior this is managements job. I had to interrupt my workout because your crew upstairs at Fitness was not overseeing the inappropriate behavior downstairs.

Please help us, your clients feel safe and secure while at the gym

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Daisy - 49 d 9 h ago


Hi I have been a member for 24 fitness for several years mainly for the convince of every location being open 24 hour and now it seems like cooperate is changing the hours of operation at many of the locations through out Ca. First I'm appalled at this seeing that the fitness centers are called 24 hour fitness not 20 hour or 18 hour fitness it's in the name it's not 24 hour lifestyle and loyal customers are paying full price to use the gym whenever they need to not for locations that now are apparent closing at 12 pm with no explanation of why they are cutting hours and in this case they will actually have to change their name I'm filing a complaint with BBB and talking to cooperate. The gyms should be open 24 hours, first they cut giving members towels at super sport clubs which I pay more for and even kid clubs at most of the locations.

What's the point of having a super sport membership these days ?

And what is 24 Hour Fitness trying to do with these cheap cut backs ?

Lose loyal members?

Most of the gyms I go to are ok they aren't even that nice anymore theses broken equipment and poor management. They suck

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Dale Pratte - 51 d 13 h ago

I've been a member since 1989 I enjoy going to your gym until recently, the facility at the Laguna Niguel gym is breaking down with frequency for example several of the machines are broken and have not been repaired in a while the TV monitors on the machines not working correctly no tap water no Direct Television for 4 days these are things that I have seen I'm sure there are more..

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Leticia Ramos - 57 d 11 h ago


My name is Leticia Ramos. I am a member of the 24hrs at 120 and Crenshaw. I am not very happy with the mistake that 24hrs did of canceling my membership. My membership was canceled by mistake by a Steven Rice. After speaking with several people at the gym (Veronica Suarez, manager) customer service and corporate office my problem is not resolved. I went to the gym yesterday and the guy at the front desk would not let me into the gym, stating the my membership was canceled. Please reach out to me asap, I would like this problem resolved before I take other measures..

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Jennifer - 54 d 10 h ago


Same thing happened to me. I'm waiting for member services to answer

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anonymous - 57 d 11 h ago



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Brandon L. - 62 d 14 h ago


Please advise your branches in Torrance CA to tone down the (lame) music. EVERYONE in the place has earbuds/headphones and the overhead speaker volume has literally rendered the equipment around it unusable/intolerable. No one wants to hear rappers barking at them when trying to focus on set completion; that kind of frustration pushed me to a trial run at LA Fitness, which is clean and quiet(er). Exercise is about focus and body therapy and your branches near me are ruining that. I'll be reconsidering LA Fitness in March of 2020 if an effort isn't made to create a more relaxing workout space. Thanks in advance, 24 hr team.

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Irate Member - 66 d 14 h ago


I have been coming to 24 hours in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn and I'm not sure why I'm paying full price for a pool that has never ever opened, I honestly think all members need a retro check from corporate that go to this location because its complete bullshit that this pool area is STILL NOT OPEN.... What will it take for this area to finally open . I will encourage all members to ask for a retro payment check of their membership for the last year and maybe you guys will wake the hell up and figure out there are members want to use the damn pool area. If your management doesn't give a shit about it why should we give a shit about paying full price. I'm very concerned and I hope this doesn't go as far as the BBB, because this is a waste of my damn money now.

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Juventino Reynoso - 69 d 4 h ago

5858 Warner Huntington Beach is the worse condition Gym I've ever been in .. I've been a member for so many years and this gym has it all . Broken machines. Leaking roof, free weights missing, saunas glass door broken, very old out dated machines. Rusty machines. Paint peering off. They even painted one machine and left paint all over the ground. The area is expensive and I feel like I walked into a disaster. HELP, HELP THUS GYM..

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Anonymous - 70 d 16 h ago

San Mateo supposed to open at ,4 am. Waiting outside at 4 am . Place is dark inside they don't open at all. Got pissed off and left. These places are bad news. False advertisement

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Diaz - 71 d 5 h ago


The 24 hour super sport location in Downey CA has unprofessional management. The general manager Brian constantly sexually hit on the service associates and female members.

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Manny - 74 d 13 h ago

Washington 24 hour fitness it's really bad

The showers always smell they supposed to be clean every night but they smell really bad

Shower curtain even have mold

I have complained to the front desk but they don't do anything about it

They don't care

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Mia - 75 d 12 h ago

Worst gym ever! I put my account on freeze & they had it reactivated with no notice and start charging my card on file, stealing from me for the last few months! I'm trying to get a refund on those months but the attendant was so rude saying that it's non-refundable. I asked for my membership to be cancelled and her & her manager can't do it over the phone, yet they can charge my card with no authorization!

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