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24 Hour Fitness

24 hr fitness
12647 Alcosta Blvd, Suite 500
San Ramon, CA
(925) 543-3100
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Injured - 4 d ago


Your gym in Newtown CT is a disgrace. Your trainers have no idea what they are doing. I was and stil am suffering injuries sustained during training sessions in your gym with your trainer! Obviously these people have no training what so ever in fitness. After haing to pay almost $300 to get out of my training contract as well as paying each week for 2 months for training that i could not participate in because of injuries. I am STILL being billed by your gym. I as a paying customer in great standing for several years. To threaten a customer that you are going to take them to collections is not a way to run a business. This place is awful.

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Renato - 13 d 3 h ago


your official web site is not working, I must to do a complain

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Truth - 14 d 2 h ago

Just wondering if you've viewed your comments about the brand new gym you just opened in Carlsbad?? Most of them are based on management issues.. You hire them to be the head of the body not the ass!!

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Anonymous - 16 d 15 h ago


Moraga 24 hrs safety problems,place is amess,machines in critical condition,many not working.its disgraceful. Help us.

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Jennilee - 17 d 18 h ago


I'm very upset at the kids club hours! For moms with small children, that are very much dictated by nap schedules, the hours are not friendly. By the time one might make it out the door with an infant in tote, there might be 30 minutes left to even work out and for how tedious this might be, most of the time I think to myself, "it's too much of a gamble!" When my older kids used to come to the gym with me, my attendance was much greater. Now with my baby, getting the kids to school, naps and working, there is no time to get there! 5 pm is also a terrible time to go considering most people get off of work around them and the crowds can be a bit smothering. I'm sure I'm not the only one to complain and I won't be The last. I've been a member for 15 years and I'm hesitant to give up my membership, but if your facilities cannot be accommodating, I will have to take my services elsewhere.

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Maria B. - 18 d 10 h ago


My club is located at 870 Amena Court, Chula Vista, Ca 91910.

There are broken equipments needed to be repaired. My favorite the "hip abductor " machine is broken for about 2 months. Right behind there is another equipment that is broken for 3 months. It is bad for the business, I'm with your club for about 17 years but thinking about to try the L.A. Fitness.

When I asked the manager about the repair, I've been told that they don't get the permission to get the machines fixed.

I'm not the only one who is upset about this.

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Aqua Fanatics - 20 d 17 h ago


Aqua Aerobics,I am contacting you because as attendance warrants we are lacking enough instructors to go around in the aquatics aerobic classes in Santee,Calif. attendance of these classes warants for your attention,seeming that there is clearly lack of support from the management towards the abuse of instructors,please help us in paying attention and get us the help we need,helping us get coverage for permanent instructors no substutes available as we are told.

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Eric F. - 21 d 10 m ago


I have been a member of your gym system since 2003. I must say after having my gym rates double, which was against the contract I signed. I paid the increase as did many of your other clients. Your facilities in Escondido, CA are horribly managed and maintained. From the drug dealers at the North County Fair Mall location; to the extreme filth at your site on La Terraza Blvd and broken equipment for over a month. Your corporation has increased dues, however you have done little to increase or even provide safety or cleanliness at your gyms. This is extremely poor business practice. As well the staff at the La Terraza are very rude. In closing theses actions or non-actions are what law suites are born from.

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RAY - 23 d 17 h ago


This review pertains to the North County Mall location in Escondido, California location. This is a brand new facility that opened just couple months ago. A very nice facility that is quickly turning to a headquarter for DRUG DEALERS, HOME BURGULARS & BUNCH OF HOODLUMS THAT HAVE MADE THE MEN'S LOCKER ROOMS AS THEIR PERSONAL AND PRIVATE OFFICE. These people have taken over the locker rooms by occupying the benches and setting up their office there to conduct their business of drug dealing. These hoodlums sit there most of the day with earphones watching the TV and conducting business all day. They do not allow the rest of your customers to use the facility and share the locker room. The 24 hour management expects other customers to confront these hoods and drug dealers and are not willing to even willing to post a sign advising all that locker room facility is for benefit of all customers and are not for setting up office, watching TV and conducting illegal business! DO YOU PEOPLE EXPECT US TO ARM OURSELVES WHEN WE USE THE FACILITY IN ORDER TO CONFRONT THESE HOODS & DRUG DEALERS? ARE YOU ACCEPTING THE CONSEQUENCES?

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Cheryll L. - 24 d ago


I am a college student and have been a member with 24 hour fitness since 2010. Recently they have increased my membership payment to 3%. I never had an issue with this before when I called in to bring it back to my rate. I was told I can call in to make changes to fix this issue since I wasn't able to afford this.I called in the 1888 number that I usually call and a representative named Douglas was on the phone and told me I wasn't able to change my rate back. He was very rude and just wanted to blow me off and was quick to say no. I was simply trying to let him know they were able to change my rate for me last time and he still was not trying to hear me out. I decided to just cancel my 24 hour fitness plane after I been a member 2010. They should have better customer service and lost a member because the selfish greediness of money

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James Price - 28 d ago


24 hour fitness Boynton Beach , Florida - You have a women cleaning the men's locker room while men are naked. If a man was in the women's locker room while women were naked you would have all sorts of problems! She has walked in on me twice and I reported it to one of the managers. She has done NOTHING! This is NOT a strip club! You need to hire a male to clean the locker room ASAP! The next time this occurs ,I will call the newspaper and report this situation! I hope you take care of this situation and not get bad publicity!

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Miriam - 29 d 10 h ago


This review pertains to the Woodland Hills location. It's a newer facility but it's run down due to lack of maintenance. The facility is dirty. The women locker room and bathroom are always filthy, papers on the floor, stains, hair. It doesn't look like it's being cleaned. The operations manager is always absent when I'm there so I can't talk to her about the condition of the facility. The room where the classes are held is dirty as well. The floors and mirrors are Stained. Unfortunately, this is the nearest gym to my home but I'm not motivated to attend and workout due to the problems with cleanliness.

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Angelo J. Vilardi - 29 d 18 h ago


Boynton Beach, Florida Club 630 - Corporate should hire people that have a fitness background and proper management skills. The Boynton Beach facility has gum on equipment and floor; mold growing on A/C ducts; broken urinals; automatic toilets that don't flush; sinks with poor water flow; dust on and around equipment; holes in walls and floor; improper maintenance of equipment, and a most disgusting individual threw-up in the sink (the week of 12-11-2016) that remains as of 12-24-2016. Calling the Health Department and planning on cancelling membership.

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rick - 32 d 9 h ago

There is a serial car break in criminal at 24hr fitness supersport in san jose on 1610 crane ct. He only shows up at 8pm until 3am every night. He sits in black bmw 330i license plate BHL2229 every night watching movies on tablet. He waits for females to leave car and then he beak windows to steal purses. Girls do not bring purse into club but instead hide purse in car under seat or clothes. Car thieves know this so the criminals only target female cars. He sits in car near Zanker entrance because 4 lamp posts have broken bulbs so at night it gets dark. The club needs to replace flourescent light bulbs with LED so they are shake proof. The thieve breaks flourescent light bulb by kicking lamp posts. I have seen the culprit break into car window last year and have seen him 4 times looking into car windows. He has been breaking into car windows for 10 years without getting caught because he stays in car after breaking in and hides inside car. Then he runs over a hill so nobody sees him in the parking lot. I believe he has broken over 1000 cars in 10 years, about 96 cars per year, 8 cars per month and 2 cars per week. He needs to be arrested or be told not to stay inside car watching videos. Anyone that has their car broken into should get together and file a complaint to the corporate office.

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Anonymous - 33 d 17 h ago

24 Hour Fitness Employees

La Mesa, CA

Employees are selling and using drugs on gym property. They harrass customers by stalking them and spreading lies and rumors about them. And they do this by posting these lies and rumors on the their social media accounts, while on the job. So 24 Hour Fitness may be held responsible for their employees harmful behavior. And they allow their friends free access to the gym.

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Gerry Greeman - 35 d 22 m ago


1660 Broadway, Chula Vista; 2nd day in a row not open

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mike - 35 d 9 h ago


24hr fitness on 1610 crane ct. has a serious car breakin problem. There has been a rash of car breakins for past 5 years and I believe the culprit targets this club because there are 4 lamposts that are broken. The lamp posts are all on one area by entrance from zanker rd to club. I believe the culprit purposely breaks lamp posts by kicking the post. The flourescent lightbulbs are easily broken by kicking lamp post. There should be flood lights so the culprit has harder time breaking into cars. I believe there have been over 1000 cars been broken in 10 years by the same person. 100 cars per year. 10 cars per month. 2 cars per week. I have seen the culprit break into a car last year and seen him look into windows many times. The culprit stays in his car in the parking lot where the lamp posts are broken all night waiting for females to get out of a car. I believe he targets only female's car because he knows females leave their purse in the car. I have called san jose police multiple times to report car break in but police says they need video evidence of the culprit actually breaking into cars. The culprit is a serial criminal and I believe he will never stop breaking into cars since the area is so dark at night. Please fix the lamp posts or have floodlights so the culprit can't break light bulbs by kicking the post. The criminal is smart because he hires lookout that tells him when to break into cars. I have seen the lookout many times. I also believe the culprit uses drivers licence and credit cards to create fake cards and commits identity theft. He may even sell credit cards or apply for new credit cards using drivers licence he gets from purses he steals. I overheard him talk and says he only live once and he doesn't care if he gets caught because he will keep doing it. His licence plate is bmw BHL22229. his other car is toyota sienna 4CSM451. I believe his name is Binh Tran.

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rich - 46 d 14 h ago


the glendoa 24 hr gym is falling into disrepair and nobody seems to care.also you cannot see the TVs do to the fact they refuse to lower blinds , I have complaid numarus times and staff has no answer. I have been a member for many years and am very disapointed, I understand gym has changed manegment but this no excuse. I would like a reply at (hidden) all lower case.

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Jhayrome - 47 d ago




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Bree - 48 d ago

To Corp. Office. I go to the west palmdale ca gym. I signed up for the kids club. They charge 2 months worth upfront. Disappointed in that, but dealt with it. However, They started taking out monthly charges automatically. I was never once informed of this. When I called to get reimbursed for it they told me to bad. I know that you have the power to reimburse .me. Its a scam and its wrong. I never would have signed up for the kids club if I knew that ahead of time. Iam very upset and disappointed with 24 hour fitness. This is how you guys conduct your business. There are so many gyms everywhere and you guys are willing to lose business over this.

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Bree - 48 d ago


To Corp. Office. I signed up for the kids club. They charge 2 months worth upfront. Disappointed in that, but dealt with it. However, They started taking out monthly charges automatically. I was never once informed of this. When I called to get reimbursed for it they told me to bad. I know that you have the power to reimburse .me. Its a scam and its wrong. I never would have signed up for the kids club if I knew that ahead of time. Iam very upset and disappointed with 24 hour fitness. This is how you guys conduct your business. There are so many gyms everywhere and you guys are willing to lose business over this.

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Anonymous - 51 d ago

To CORP. Office, Please Please see / look into YELP APP, see for your selfs what we the people are commenting and putting up pictures and videos. More improvements or loose hundreds of us. I live in Granada Hills Ca and a member of the Northridge. Hire real JANITORS from a professional Co. That know how to keep this place Germ free. You have young adults (college students) with no real experience on keeping and maintaining a clean environment. Soon you will to sued for different kinds of Infections. Thanks,

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Dave Zumba - 55 d 18 h ago


I am disappointed with the Milpitas facility. The men's locker room has two televisions, but neither work. There is always dust in the lockers. They just don't bother to clean them well because its effort. There are four hand/hair dryers in the washroom and they all blow out cold air. I talked with manager David Monarrez about this two months ago, but nothing has changed.

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MT - 58 d 19 h ago


The Irvine Spectrum location always has equipment that is not working and the stair master has been out for 2 months and i was told they are waiting on Corporate to approve parts and labor. This location is always packed so, you should have funds to fix this and the bikes in the cycle class. Maybe, we should just become members of another gym or take cycling classes at Bike to the Beat and cancel our 24 hr membership. No-one at the Corporate office ever returns my letters to them regarding my yearly increase which i am fine with if the equipment can be repaired and we can always get clean towels.. Please clean up the gym and take care of repairs for the members.

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bad treatment given to members - 56 d ago


Triangle square supersport ALWAYS HAS EQUIP, SHOWERS, ETC NOT WORKING for many months! No one is ever concerned with fixing but the focus is to disrespect members and mistreat members after one has joined by telling members they can not lie down there, they can not be in classroom without the lights fully on altho most of us are floor mat yoga types who don't wish to have lights blaring. A previous GM agreed with us but last 2-3 GM's are unfriendly, bullies not giving a damn about members wants.

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