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24 Hour Fitness

24 hr fitness
12647 Alcosta Blvd, Suite 500
San Ramon, CA
(925) 543-3100
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Anonymous - 1 d 5 h ago

San Mateo supposed to open at ,4 am. Waiting outside at 4 am . Place is dark inside they don't open at all. Got pissed off and left. These places are bad news. False advertisement

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Diaz - 1 d 18 h ago


The 24 hour super sport location in Downey CA has unprofessional management. The general manager Brian constantly sexually hit on the service associates and female members.

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Manny - 5 d 3 h ago

Washington 24 hour fitness it's really bad

The showers always smell they supposed to be clean every night but they smell really bad

Shower curtain even have mold

I have complained to the front desk but they don't do anything about it

They don't care

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Mia - 6 d 2 h ago

Worst gym ever! I put my account on freeze & they had it reactivated with no notice and start charging my card on file, stealing from me for the last few months! I'm trying to get a refund on those months but the attendant was so rude saying that it's non-refundable. I asked for my membership to be cancelled and her & her manager can't do it over the phone, yet they can charge my card with no authorization!

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Sue - 8 d 16 h ago


I'm a member in New Jersey and slowly but surely all of the kids club are closing after I upgraded my membership to have access to all of the clubs no to mention the main reason I joined 24 hour fitness is because they offer child care . This is a huge inconvenient for me a single mom now I have to find a new gym change my entire routine bring my child to a different environment because you guys decided to close the kids club everywhere around my area . My home club is located in saddle brook New Jersey in which they have the best care taker ever for the kids her name is Hilda my son and all of the kids love her and the kids club is in rarely high demand it's always busy and full of kids . I would like for someone to call me and explain to me what is the strategy . Are you guys trying lose members or you feel you don't need member anymore beggar May remind you the LA fitness is a huge competitor and they offer kids care in Their facilities . I'm so disappointed at how inconsiderate you guys are towards your member by making this decision all of the sudden of closing the kids clubs . You guys may want to rethink this decision if us members have to pay a bit more I hope Someone calls me to give an explanation I can make sense of

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Justine - 39 d 6 h ago

I can't believe the kids club is closing in San Francisco. Just to give you context I think I've spent close to $3000. on personal training this year while I had my child in kid's club. Sadly the day you close the club is the day I move over to the SF YMCA that has childcare and take my personal training dollars over there. I won't be able to use my membership without kids club. I'm so disappointed to leave kid's club, my amazing personal trainer, my routine, my happy place. Instead of closing the club you should have marketed the service. Every mom I speak to didn't know the option existed to even do this. You went the wrong direction. Want to increase membership besides actually advertising the service, you could have adjusted the hours to meet the busiest parent times. I know the hours you have it in SF were barely workable for me, but I made it work. I was just up for renewal there and I'm out and very willing to pay triple at any gym that has childcare. I can't believe this was the loss leader for the company...really??? Now it will be a loss leader when women leave and take their money elsewhere.

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Anonymous - 9 d ago

The Kids Club is also closed in Milpitas. It's very sad, we are going to miss the attendants. Now we have to drive 30 minutes away to the closest 24 hour with child care. We will not be renewing our membership when it ends.

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Gary - 12 d 3 h ago


I've tried to get the managers attention regarding the receivers on the cardio machines not working. This store and the history of managers that have worked here is a joke.

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Rajid - 21 d 20 s ago

is there a corporate ownership connection between 24 hr fitness and the newer gyms called Bfit?

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Nina_mo - 26 d 21 h ago

I got my membership in 25th July 2019 and I had to freeze my account for 6 month in 15th August due to my trip to abroad. These guys charged me for September and when I called them they said it was a mistaken charge and we will refund you, I have not received any refund yet (today November 16th).

Another ridiculous part is they charged me $59.90 annual in September too even though it is less than a month that I used their gym.

I called couple of 24h gyms in Bay Area nobody can solve this problem.

I want my money back.

I think these guys jus stealing money from people's packed and pretending to have a business.

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Brittani - 35 d ago


Called and cancelled my membership. Told there would NO more charges after the day I cancelled. All the sudden I get charged for the next month and a few days after that I have a new membership charge on top of that. This put us close to $0 becuase we werent expecting the extra $60+ to come out that day. I called back in and was told I would be getting a refund in 5-7 days. It is day 7 and I still don't have my refund. Now I am being told I have to wait another 2 weeks before anyone can even look at it and process it and sounds like I may not even get a refund. Calling membership services with long waits and being told you cant talk to a supervisor, being kept on hold, and having empty promises made is begginging to get super frustrating. I am dissapointed this is how hard it has to be to cancel a membership. I was thinking of returning but after this why would I. Obviously you don't care about your clients in any way shape or form. This is a horrible way to run a business and treat clients!!

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Melanie - 41 d 7 h ago

I am just wondering why the kids club will be closing? I think it's neat that you post mostly women on your website, but I'm sure they have used your kids club at some point, including the group x instructors. So if you close the kids club I propose you take down all the photos of every woman who has ever used the kids club. Do you think it's fair to market those pictures to moms who cannot utilize your facility? I hope you reconsider. As a mom of 4, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the hard working staff who have looked after my kids for an hour when otherwise I wouldn't been able to. I have had my membership for 15 years and this is sad that I won't be able to workout because I have a young child

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Anonymous - 43 d 22 m ago

I am incredibly disappointed to hear the news about the kid's club closing. After joining 24 almost a year ago, I have been highly satisfied with our gym in Euless, Tx. and the kids club. This seems like a terrible idea and I can't believe corporate would decide this is the best decision for the gym. I know that people with kids is a small percentage of your memberships but that is what makes 24 so appealing to those with young children. My kids will be terribly disappointed as will I after finally finding a gym "home" that has worked so well to fit my families needs. After hearing the news I immediately cancelled my membership as well as my husbands and our two children as not having the option for childcare simply will not work for our family. Our hearts are broken that this decision has been made and I feel like the employees whom I have talked to so far have just been waiting for this ball to drop and have little to no sympathy at all when questions arise as to what made this decision happen. I would love to hear that this decision will be changed but if not, we will cut our ties with the gym after the club closes.

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Jamie - 43 d 23 m ago


I attend the Euless, Tx location in Glade Parks. I am extremely saddened by the recent news that kids club will be closing on December 2nd. I purposely joined the club while pregnant with my third child because I felt the gym was very family friendly and the Kids Club was clean and convenient. This decision seems to only take in to account the money in your pocket while discriminating against young families. We pay good money for our kids to come there. They love it there as do we. I am saddened that my family of five will have to take our business elsewhere and when I cancelled, the staff acted happy about it. Such a shame. I hope you reconsider.

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PLEASE Don't get rid of KIDS CLUB! - 43 d 16 h ago

I have been a HIGHLY satisfied club member for the last 15 years. I am a busy mom of 4 who lives in SoCal and loves to workout to the amazing Group X classes. I have been attending the Huntington Beach location on Warner and Springdale 2-3 times a week consistently for the last 6 years. I have raved about the Kids Club at that location. The people who work there have become family to my children as they have been caring for my now 7 and 4 year old boys ever since they were 6 months old and able to attend with me. The kids club at our location is ALWAYS busy and my kids LOVE going to the gym with me. I am BROKEN-HEARTED at the news that Corporate has decided to close the kids clubs effective December 1st. I attend Group X classes 2 to 3 times a week and it is like my personal group therapy time when I get to enjoy a good workout and camaraderie and work out the stress and anxiety of life. This decision feels very much like discrimination against members who have children and want to work out. It is not just moms either, I see MANY dads and even grandparents bring in their kids and grandkids. I am DEVASTATED that without the offer of kids club I will have to cancel my membership because I will not be able to attend. I am quite certain that I am NOT the only member in this situation. PLEASE PLEASE reconsider this terrible idea that I'm guessing was an effort to save money. Many members and money will be lost for 24 hour fitness because of this.



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Dad - 47 d ago

Why are 24 hr fitness center closing kids club I just found out are they trying to push out all the families bad move I'm quitting the gym ASAP

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(Howie the Kid) - 48 d ago



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Anonymous - 49 d 20 h ago


Why is it that the damn jacuzzi is always out of service at the Green Acres 24 hr fitness. I'm sick of it. And then the FPO strolls in at 9:30 -10am like he's Gods Gift. Come on ........//

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LaJeana Davis - 56 d 6 h ago


I went back to 24 hours Fitness for a couple of reasons, the hours that are available, the cost is reasonable (please don't go up) and because 24 hrs Fitness made towels available. Not a very close drive which I wish y'all would build one next to Texas Motor Speedway where they are doing a lot of building in that area along in the The Champion or Tango mini Mall area as well. But my complaint here is no more towels. They get heavy for me when wet in my handicap stage of life to have to always carry my stuff back and forth as is. Please bring back towels, or at least provide lockers for us that are in need to leave some of our stuff there to make our load lighter and as a sign up thing provide us two towels (hand/face & body) with your logo as part of the signup package.

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Anonymous - 56 d 19 h ago

I Love the 24hr gym but the gym should have towels for the gym just like lifetime fitness I went to 24hr because at one time they did have towels what happen ? . Lifetime fitness has towels shampoo make the members feel like home I hope it changes to have members feel more at home

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Lauren - 62 d ago

Never have been so disrespected . That customer service line blamed me for a mistake I didn't make. Was completely rude and told me he can just cancel my membership rather then work on solving my then 30 mins later I called a store and BAM resolved.....I have had issues in the past but this one was the worst. When my money is messed with then I'm given excuses, its unacceptable

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Eric - 63 d ago


The 24 hour fitness that I go to is in Altadena,Ca. Just recently I filled my 32 oz water bottle right before leaving the gym. When I got home, I drank a sip of water from my water bottle with a slight burning in my throat. When I smelled my water bottle, it had a smell of bleach. I woke up my wife and made her smell my water bottle, and she confirmed that it did smell like bleach. I called the gym and spoke to an assistant manager by the name of Brian, he then said he would inform his general manager when she arrives with a return phone call from her. It has now been 3 days and no phone call from them. Which is telling me that they really don't care about their customers at ALL !

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Anonymous - 90 d ago


I had a situation that occurred at the their location in Huntington Beach, CA. The club manager there, tried to sweep it under the rug. When I called the 24hr Fitness 1-800 number, they told me the District Manager would call me back and resolve this issue. They never called me back, they had the same club manager call me and offer free personal training even though I've been a member for 12 years and have had their personal training. I called this number, the corporate number and the District manager called me back next day for a better resolution offer. I give their corporate response 5 stars, the district and local club management is worthless in my opinion.

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Concerned Member - 68 d ago


Ive been a member for years and starting to see the clubs decline. Towel service is now gone.

The Orange Ca Premium Club A/C ducts are Filthy. It just circulates Germs all over the club. I don't understand how corporate can raise rates when nothing changes to upscale your clubs.

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Concerned 12 Member - 78 d 22 h ago


I've been a loyal member since 2008. I bought and paid more money into being a member of a 24 Hour Super Sport facility based upon the premise that the services would include a towel service. This was being sold to those future members as one of the perks of the Super Sport. At the beginning of this year that towel service was stripped away from its members. Nothing in the interim has replaced what was lost to us members. Actually, the facilities have taken a dive by not fixing broken equipment for months, shower facilities are run down or all out have broken shower head; doors; no water pressure, broken water fountains that have not been correctly fixed in years, broken dryers, broken toilets, TV monitors that haven't worked in month w/in the men's locker room and in the gym. I believe the new CEO Tony Ueber who succeeds Chris Roussos as of Jan. 2019 has done nothing to keep its loyal members happy and is only concerned with his stockholders profit margin. Fax your complaints to (hidden) or call (hidden). HQ address is 12647 Alcosta Blvd., Suite 500 San Ramon, CA 94582

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