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24 Hour Fitness

24 hr fitness
12647 Alcosta Blvd, Suite 500
San Ramon, CA
(925) 543-3100
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Anonymous - 1 d 9 h ago

Lake creek gym in Austin Texas. 2 machines down in the circut I use regularly. One has been out for over 3 months! I keep getting told the "part is on order" then 2 weeks ago was told the part is in just needs to be installed. Still nothing. Now another machine is down after two weeks nothing. No one I ask has any information and I need these machines for my rehab. I am extremely dissapointed in their attitude, and slow to no progress. 3 months to get a part? If A regional manager got involved it would be fixed in one day. Seems like no management exists at this gym. How do I or anyone else get any reasonable action?

Anyone out there have any contact info for higher ups? I am searching now. I will be sending a complaint to California to Frank Napolitano CEO and see if anyone responds. Just a big dissapointment. So unprofessional. I intend to keep pushing until I find the right people who will actually do something. this is also on yelp and I am spending a good part of today doing research. I have finally been aggrevated to the point where I find it necessary to be the squeeky wheel.

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Anonymous - 4 d ago

Hi there I wanted to give kudos to our recent sub for core, cardio and more on Tuesday and Thursday mornings in Santee: Taj Rockitt. I have been a member of 24 hour fitness for over 20 years and he is among the top instructors I've ever had.

He pushed us very hard and was very motivating. He is very energetic and up-to-date with all the latest trends and technology. I believe he would be a great asset to 24 hour fitness.

Thank you,

Leah Reber

(hidden) (checkin #)

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LAURA LEE STONE - 9 d 8 h ago












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Anonymous - 11 d 5 h ago


The Spa in Walnut Super-Sport Location 18730 Amar Road , CA. 91789

Is completely useless, the piping is completely wrong, all the water jets are shooting water pressure at your bottom end none of the jets are shooting any water pressure at your neck, shoulder and waist area. I suggest have your contractor to re-do the mistake.

When your contractor build the pool and spa more or less they are not the pool contractors the piping is way too low for the jets to work property. There is a little adjustment but is still the jets are located too low.

Another thing is the shower valve in the pool area the handle is so confusing, there is no instant hot water plus people does not know how to use that confusing valve they just don't take a quick shower before they jump in to the pool, spa, and sauna. You can smell their older. This is extremely un-sanitizing.

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Anonymous - 11 d 13 h ago


The 24 hour fitness in aurora colorado on abliene st are rude and in my opinion, racists. They dont greet you at the door and rush you so I can get out of their sight. I've been a member since 2008 and recently moved to colorado. The east coast 24 hour fitness do not treat me in a rude manner. This 24 hour is a joke. They don't work and all they do is talk by the juice bar. I'm cancelling my membership and going to planet fitness. Worst experience ever

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Loyal Member - 19 d ago

I would like to bring to attention the lack of respect and appreciation towards loyal members

at the West Hollywood, CA location. Today, I was mistreated by the gym's manager at the front desk.

I was trying to have my mother's best friend over, as a guest, because of her back pain, to enjoy the jacuzzi for a few hours. When I've mentioned that I had forgotten the guest-pass, she immediately wanted to charge my friend $25.00, without advising us the three- guest pass on-line courtesy, that I've learned after calling the well-educated customer service associate over the phone. The manager was very rude, ironic, and didn't want to accommodate a long- time client. When I've told her that I got the guest-pass on-line, she decided with her assistant to deny the entrance, because of my friend's passport ID. She claimed the only ID acceptable at the West Hollywood location, is a CA -ID. The assistant told me to call again the customer service, to obtain a written note, allowing my friend entrance in order for her to get in. So, I did call again, and a lovely representative told me that the Twenty Four Hour Fitness Center appreciates my 9 years membership (not counting previous 6 years membership) and she was going to write a note. Long story short, after 45 minutes went by, between phone calls to customer service, the assistant decided to not honor her promise towards my senior international friend entrance. I am very unpleased with the new front desk reception and management.

Here what she was supposed to do:

Is your family's friend from Brasil? How are you, mam? Nice to meet you, I am glad you are visiting our West Hollywood location.

Don't worry if you forgot the guest- pass, just do it an easy registration online; with your name, email and phone number. Your friend is a long time client, and we do appreciate her very much. About your ID, once you are an international guest, I'll go ahead and accept your passport. Enjoy, and have a relaxing day in our gym.

Thank you and visit us again in Los Angeles in the near future.

I would like to get apologies for the inconvenience caused by the manager's unprofessionalism.

Thanks and best Regards.

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Francis - 19 d 5 h ago


The equipment at Balboa 24 hr San Diego is in need of repair or upgrade! Half the Tvs on the treadmills

do not work and the sound does not work on any of them.The cruise ships keep their gym equipment in good

order why not 24 hr

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Gym Bullies - 90 d ago

This needs to be a rule: I have been harassed by several gym-goers asking me "How many sets" I have left. Guys have jingled their keys to signal that they want to use the machine I am on. I seriously hate this type of behavior and makes me feel so uncomfortable. One guy cam up to me saying he "was in a hurry" and needed to use the machine. What's wrong with these people? Do I look like a pushover to you? It's like their time is more important than mine and think because they have muscles, they can intimidate people. It's happened to me SEVERAL times and I've seen it happen to others.

Can you make this a rule or a policy? Maybe make a sign in the gym? I'm getting sick of it and almost want to cancel my membership because of this appalling behavior. This is why people go to smaller, unknown gyms because of the "meathead" vibe.

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dr - 56 d 5 h ago


I imagine you are on your cell phone texting or resting unreasonable amounts of time. Ever thought of letting others work in, alternating with you on the machine?

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Jessica - 35 d 12 s ago

It's really wrong for you to assume that people are just playing on their phone between sets. And if they are what is it to you? Go use a different machine or do free weights.

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Your conscience in Horne unit Ft. Worth - 23 d 12 h ago



We don't care whether you text or not, just don't take up anyone's time. You could allow other members to alternate using the equipment while you text. Just be considerate.

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Richard - 19 d 6 h ago


The electronic devices should not be allowed on the machines! The people serious about

working don,t play on their phones.

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Lorenzo - 23 d 12 h ago

I am probably the one you are talking about, Bozo! You sit on any exercise machine, you text endlessly. You have no regards for people who want to really use the equipment. You over socialize while not using the equipment and hoarding it. This is a gym not in social hours. Get your exercise, and allow someone else to use it, Bozo!

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Lorenzo Torrres - 23 d 12 h ago


The steam room has two heads that put out steam. Management has ignored the fact that only one head has been working for several months. It is very uncomfortable having to wait 10 to 15 minutes for the steam room to get to a mediocre level of heat. This complaint has been brought to the Manger's attention, TO NO AVAIL!. Can something be done to bring this steam room back to full functionality? That's the main reason I, and many of my friends, including members of my family, joined the club. You see, there's is a LA Fitness three blocks from my house, but it doesn't have a steam room. So we prefer 24hr fitness. HELP US HERE.

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anonymous - 27 d 10 h ago

I have been a member of the 24 hr spa at 80th and Sheridan blvd in arvada colo and Monday the 11th of sept A fight broke out and police were called in.They removed the person who did the assault but the person who they removed is not the problem.The problem is a person by the name of Kenny who is obnoxious,loud and disruptive to everyone.He also has no respect for everyone including women. he makes animal noises and has scared women away from going to spa.I called management after incident and told them about this but he's still their doing the same.There will be more icidents mark my words.Cause of his actions he has endangered everyones safety Thank you for your concern

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Anonymous - 31 d 11 h ago


I am very upset how I was treated at a local gym. I went in to use my 3 day pass and was discrimated and turned away.

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Anonymous - 33 d ago


The 24 hr fitness gym in carrollton texas is most disgusting gym i have ever been to. All of the good employee's at that location resigned and sought employment elsewhere. Roseanna, the operations manager will not make any attempt to resolve the maintenance or cleanliness issues. The first time i brought these issues to roseanna, she ignored me. I waited 20 seconds and spoke to her again. She responded by saying i heard you the first time and continued to ignore me. Now this is normal rude behaviour in texas which i have come to expect, but will no longer tolerate. Poor customer service i also expect here. But again, i will no longer tolerate it. I have been training for 30 + years and have never seen this kind of unprofessional behaviour. But long as the sheep pay their dues without insisting on getting what they pay for, the wolves will just keep eating up without conscious. So i took photo's of the issues in question and told two 24 hour fitness emplyees of my inent to contact corprate headquaters with my information. The next day i found out my membership was revoked for making threats. Again not unexpected. But this will fuel my resolve to make sure all customers get real information based on facts to choose customer service friendly gyms. This means maintenance, cleanliness, friendliness, air, heat, hot and cold water etc.. I will take this as far as i can with as many resources as possible. With social media the cosumer is no longer helpless.

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pbparlor - 32 d 8 h ago


the 24 hour fitness SUPER CENTER @ 450 Brand Glendale CA is the most disgusting.....!

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pbparlor - 32 d 8 h ago


9/14/2017 Just tried to CONTACT 24 hour fitness on their "contact" web site it doesn't work, incomplete" but NOTHING HIGHLIGHTED, & doesn't recognize my member ID or pass word or e-mail ???? called 24 hour fitness member services (hidden) from that web site... got Manny...TRIED ! to explain to Manny the "problem" he told me he has never been to 24 hour fitness gym and that he is in Jalesco Mexico.....then I TRIED to print my complaint to mail in to's garbled/stamped 24 hour fitness all over i/can't read t ???? what is going on here????

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You just lost a loyal client - 33 d 12 h ago


As a 12-year member at the Hillsdale, San Jose, site, I can no longer tolerate the new manager's behavior. Nicole Lavreano, the manager, has singled me out by restricting me, an elderly woman of color, from using an area which she now designates as ADA. My problem is not that, but that she allowed everyone else to use the same area. When I asked her to put up a sign, she rebuffed me by saying she was not allowed to put up signs. Now that's contradictory. She never listened to my concerns but kept talking. She is the worse manager I have encountered. It is a shame because 24-hour fitness has lost a loyal client.

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JENN - 37 d 13 h ago

New member in Apple valley ca wth 4th time driving from Hesperia mind u everyday to be told day care is full one baby takes 3 slots a mom with with 3 kids takes up all the openings it's a huge gym u need more daycare help or don't keep signing up more people ! I'm paying for my membership and day care this seriously SUCKS being mom just to get my baby ready is hard enough lol I'm trying to loose weight only to be turned away HELLO GYM I'm doing my part $$$$

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Jessica - 35 d ago

Try beachbody on demand they have a lot of fitness programs like insanity/yoga/muscle building. That truly work!

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pbparlor - 42 d 4 h ago


FILTHY GYM ....@ 450 Brand Blvd. Glendale California "Super Center" RUDE customer Service, web sites don't work/can't e-mail....???

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Anonymous - 43 d 15 h ago

At 23:10 09/02/2017 , Millbare super sport ,we get kick out of the club which supposed to be open 24 hours with no reason , did your management authoriz the duty staff ( there is only one person on duty ) to kick all members out as " grab your stuffs and go now" Why ?

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pbparlor - 47 d 11 h ago


8/30/2017 "FILTHY DIRTY" gym....on Brand Blde. Glendale CA....NO resolve through (hidden) member services, only auto choice: membership, billing, cancell !!!....JC #Z3265 hung up on me no connecetion to supervisor made...Jake/resolution mgr.? in Washington State said he was corporate office? grilled me for security info which was already given 5X on auto message & to person (security??? ABUSE this is MEMBER SERVICE #) ) ...NO internet CONTACT access available, "submit" doesn't work on purpose...big disconnect between MEMBERS & EXECUTIVES.....the GYM is FILTHY!, soggy wet stinking rubber mat in elevator to spa area which has been a construction mess for over 3 months, building supplies, right next to the tub... jets in tub don't work, water tepid, no thermometer "STAFF" infection, water NOT HOT! steam & sauna people go in fully dressed w/ gym shoes. headphones & enter hot tub without showering because the locker room/showers are closed off w/black plastic... nobody cleans! the gym floor, has to be wiped down before Yoga class, dust balls, sweat, standing water the fans are black & fuzzy...the place is disgustingly dirty! I have complained to Sied, he passes me off to "operations mgr" & says it's CORPORATE CUT BACK /3rd party maintenance ???? CLEAN your FILTHY GYM!

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