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24 Hour Fitness

24 hr fitness
12647 Alcosta Blvd, Suite 500
San Ramon, CA
(925) 543-3100
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Anonymous - 19 h ago






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American - 1 d 12 h ago

I'm tired of CNN being on every TV in the gym. I am offended by CNN. This is discrimination!

Fox News should be on half of the TV's

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"ENFORCER" - 4 d 10 h ago


The Falls Church, VA 24 Hr Club has "NO" rules for safety, cleanliness or orderliness. On numerous occasions most recently being Thursday 2/15/2018 between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm there was one guy with his ball cap on backwards and wearing "pink" gym shoes attempting to impress his girlfriend. He had all his gym bag equipment, protein food, liquid beverages and white chalk scattered all over the floor and was struggling to power jerk 315 lbs over his head and dropping the weight from shoulder height. The barbell crashing was booming throughout the entire building and bouncing all over the floor. He could have killed himself or somebody. Not one of the employee staff, who were right there said or did anything to stop this dangerous behavior. They left all the food wrappers, cans and white chalk all over the floor, mat, barbell collar and weight plates. None of the weights used were returned. I asked the mgr about this and got a sorry ass answer that "we had signs up about bags. etc on the floor, not dropping weights and putting weight plates back when done." Really? Does it take a sign to resolve a possible lawsuit from happening. I think you need some employees with the "balls" to stop this or throw the guy(s) out. I didn't want to create a scene, so I addressed this situation with this guy outside. He won't be coming back. You really don't want me cleaning up your dirty work. For me the bigger they are, the harder they fall. It's my thing. Enforce your own rules and regulations before you have a real problem.

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Anonymous - 12 d ago


This gym itself is ok. There is a lot of outdated equipment, it's always dusty, the people at the desk always sitting on top of the counters, and only a handful of them like there job enough to even speak! However, my issue is the RUDE General Manager, Trina (however you spell her name) who is to busy trying to look cute instead of trying to keep the upkeep of the gym in good standing and value her members. I have been a member with them since 2015 and today I go in with my bf (who went online and filled out the guest pass) only to be told that he still couldn't get in because there was no management there. Keep in mind it's after 9am, if you are going to be a 24hr gym you should have management there 24 hrs, especially at 9 o'clock in the morning!!!!!! Especially if you need a manager to get in with a guest pass!!!! Anywho, after that whole incident and I calmed down; I called member services. I then decided that I had had enough and just wanted to cancel my membership. So I go to the desk to cancel my membership and Ms. Thang, aka Trina, the general manager, comes up and I say, " I want to cancel my membership" this no manager, classless, don't care about her members, heifer, gives me a smirk and says "Ok!" in one of those high pitched, sarcastic tones. So I then say, you don't want to know why? "Oh I spoke to Tray already," was her rebuttal. Um, what does that have to do with me. As a long time member you should want to know why I'm unhappy and wanting to leave and keep me as a member since it's money! Even if you don't care, it's part of your job to act like you do care, seeing as though you don't own the place. It's okay though, ever dog has there day and that lady has hers coming. I'll gladly take my money to one of their competitors.

The sad thing is, 24hr Fitness as a whole is ran poorly. No one seems to care, and their turn around to deal with member issues is horrible. (3-5 business days, smh) You would think after having so many bad reviews on yelp, Facebook, and who knows where else upper management...district, etc. would hop in. I doubt things will change, I've spoken my peace and I'm moving on. Good luck to anyone who try's to give them a chance over at the 24 Hour Fitness cedar hill location. The place and management are lousy! :)

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Antonio Banderas - 11 d ago


I laughed

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Anonymous - 18 d ago



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MadHatter - 19 d 12 h ago

This place is raggedy as fuck! No showers for the women for at least a month now. The fat ass bitches that work the front desk don't take advantage of the gym but they take advantage of the members by debiting our account And diminishing what's available in that raggedy-ass gym. Upper management it sucks! Your front decks people are pretty nice But those fat ass bitches that don't do shit need to get off their asses and fix that damn gym. There's a chunk of shelf that has been missing from the bathroom for years! I am not kidding you at least 2 years this chunk of counter has been missing. And now we have waited almost close to a month if not that for the showers in the women's bathroom to be fixed. And you know what they told me? don't know when it's going to be fixed. What the fuck kind of answer is that?

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An American - 64 d ago

By advertising on Fox, you are supporting a Network that is undermining our FBI and are pushing a coup theory that could get another FBI building blown up. Stop supporting Murdock and his ant-American conspiracy theories or you are looking at a boycott of your own.

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Trump Supporter - 19 d 15 h ago

By advertising on CNN, you are supporting a Network that is undermining our FBI and are pushing a coup theory that could get another FBI building blown up. Stop supporting Murdock and his ant-American conspiracy theories or you are looking at a boycott of your own

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Dulce Garcia - 49 d ago

Very bad experience with 24 hour fitness my contract ended last month I haven't been using the gym due to high risk pregnancy but I decided to keep paying it to comply with my contract. And today i see a charge and when i called it turns out my membership automatically went to month to month I'm obviously not going to use the gym so I asked for a refund and they just kept telling me that they couldn't its only a $30.00 charge but I find it unfair that I have to pay another month on top of my contract that wasn't even explained well to me. The customer service is awful. I would never recommend this gym to anyone.

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Anna Rios - 38 d 18 h ago


Bad experience with 24 fitness Capitol/McKee, San Jose, I had 2 pairs of Prescriped Sunglasses stolen from the ladies Handicap Restroom. 2 separate occurrences. I am a ex Security Guard and a disabled Senior Citizen and have been 2 years with this gym. I reported to the staff and was told theft consistently happens at these clubs and nothing can be done about it. I have lost $300 from loss of these eyeglasses and now cannot afford more since I live on limited income. I don't understand why members would keep something that is of no use to them. I feel I should have been compensated for my loss someway. I had now without my much needed eyewear. Beware use locks always and try not to forget your personal items when you leave.

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brian - 19 d 15 h ago

they have a 6 month freeze at no payments, especially medical. get your money back, because any intelligent assistant should have thought of that

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Anonymous - 27 d ago


Bayfair mall location has roaches in the lockers, it stinks when you walk through the doors, people don't wipe down equipment or return weights, equipment is always broken, the jacuzzi is filled with a race/nationality that thinks it's their vacation spot, people have sex in the back, and the locker rooms are filthy as well as the dust build up on the ceiling

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brian - 19 d 15 h ago

please elaborate on "the jacuzzi is filled with a race/nationality that thinks it's their vacation spot"

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Carl Ramos - 25 d 16 h ago


After driving 35 minutes from the other side of D.C.I am absolutely livid as I sit here at 10:10 PM in the parking lot of your Fall Church Virginia 24Hr Fitness Super Sport Facility. I accepted the offer for the 3 day pass that was emailed to me. However, when I got here at 9:45PM I was told that the person who issues the passes had gone home at 9PM and nobody else at the facility was able to do so. No where in the email does it say that this 24hr facility actually can't function efficiently/affectively for the entire 24hrs in a day! Both the young lady and young gentleman were as helpful as deaf,dumb and blind mutes! Someone with authority needs to step in and fix this place. Either have trained personnel skilled enough on all shifts to accommodate their potential future members. Or make sure that the folks in charge of sending out promotional advertisements to potential new members know the limitations of their own Health Clubs. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS A LOST COMODITY AND IT SURE ISN'T PART OF THE 24 Hr FITNESS MONTRA!

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brian - 19 d 15 h ago


hi Carl, i know you are mad, but the 3 day pass, is a sales pitch at first...You know they have to sell the sales team goes home. Without them , you cant redeem or activate your pass. YOU MUST take a tour, and endure, 15 minutes of sales pitches...when you fight that off, ONLY THEN, can you continue with your 3 day pass. hence , you can visit ONLY during sales hours.

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dissapointed long time customer - 20 d ago


Las Vegas NV, 601 S Rainbow has not had any soap in the locker room for the last 3 days.

I tried to report this to your customer service dept yesterday 1 (hidden) and they could not even find that location in their system? I just left voice message at (hidden) with my phone number. Interested to see if corporate will return my call.

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Anonymous - 27 d 44 s ago

San Lorenzo staff is young in age and they act young when they speak to customers they think they no everything when their life of having a job just began they are rude and they constantly try to over talk you another thing they do is set up accounts for you with out your knowledge when you think your only getting information about the club and they won't cancel the contract they set up

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Steven Smith - 27 d 18 h ago


Watch Out for 24 Hour Fitness.

We signed up under our son last October. In signing up I did not have my reading glasses.

We were told that the cost would be $29.99 per month with no additional costs.

First month I get charged double. This is for first and last month. We were not advised that this would happen.

Then come January we get charged $49.99 each (2 of us) for an annual fee. Again we were not told about this. When we signed up we were told it would be $29.99 and no more.

Called the customer service line for 24 hour fitness and was advised, in effect, tough luck. It is a contract and we have you. There is nothing you can do.

I advised them they have options. They can refund the amount or I can

1. post this on face book

2. file in small claims court.

They just do not seem to care and they said to go ahead

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Joe - 36 d 13 h ago


Pay up you crooks. I just received in the mail of you having to pay up in the class action lawsuit. You thought you were going to get away with 'screwing' your clients. Those clients that paid large amounts up front and a small yearly fee. And don't try recompense your money by not paying janitorial services to clean your filthy bathrooms and locker-rooms on a regular basis. We can continue to report you to the 'Health Department'. They just love to visit your clubs and cite you in violation of the health code each and every time.

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SC - 41 d ago


west hills, ca, 24 hr trying to charge a $100 annual fee on top of your monthly membership fee, which is too high to begin with!! Very upset on how they do business. Very SNEAKY!

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Judie - 43 d ago


Lancaster California...Really bad location. the management just seems to not care either. I have made numerous calls to member services since the beginning of November and received ZERO response...first the manager was supposed to call, then a area manager , then a customer service calls at all.

Since we rejoined in September the Pool and Spa have been down " for repairs" about 70% of the time. In November the whole wet are was down for 10 days before Thanksgiving for " yearly maintenance".When it wa reopened it was obvious that nothing had been done. 3 days later , the wet area was closed again, supposedly due to plumbing issues, and 2 weeks later the heaters for the pool and spa went out ( Dec.7) and have yet to be repaired.

I rely on the pool and spa for physical therapy. I now have to drive 50+ miles to the nearest location with a pool and spa.

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Emily - 45 d ago


I am writing to express my extreme frustration with the Parker and Arapahoe 24 Hour Fitness. This gym has continued to decline in service and quality, and today, finally was my breaking point. If things do not improve, I will drop the SuperSport membership. This is absolutely no point to paying extra for this Super Sport, which is lower quality than the Sport gyms around the area.

I got to the gym an hour prior to the 9:30 Cycle class. I signed up and went upstairs to run on the treadmill prior to Cycle. When filling up my water bottle, the bottom of the fountain had a giant spit ball. Gross and not sanitary. I realize that the gym cannot be responsible for everyone's poor behavior, but it appeared to not have been cleaned for quite some time. Then, I got on a treadmill, which was showing flat incline, but was obviously stuck at an incline. I changed treadmills and finished my run. I went downstairs, entered the spin room. I chose a bike, but the monitor on the bike was broken. The teacher for this class relies on the monitor to teach her class. I changed bikes and discovered that one didn't work either as the seat would not lock in and I'm not willing to risk my safety to ride on a seat that could collapse at any time. I went to find another bike in the room, but they had all been filled. So, I was left with no choice , but to leave. I pay for the membership, I get there an hour early to sign up, I enter the room on time and I still cannot workout. This is pathetic service. There is a corner of the room filled with bikes and the front desk staff tells me that the maintenance staff wasn't aware that any were broken. When I challenged her on whether she'd looked in the room to see the pile in the corner, her response was, "unfortunately, these bikes get a lot of use". Really? There are plenty of gyms that offer Cycle classes and don't consistently have 4-6 of their bikes in the corner of the room waiting for maintenance. Allowing members to ride these bikes when they are known to have technical problems is an accident waiting to happen, regardless of whether these people mind riding a broken bike or not. I will not put myself at that risk.

Since Terry moved to the new Castle Rock gym, the maintenance at Parker/Arapahoe is not adequate. In addition to the issues above, I have stopped swimming in this gym altogether now based on the disgusting film that sits at the bottom of the pool on a constant basis.

What is the plan to fix the quality of service in this gym? If nothing is planned, I do not see any reason to pay a premium to use this gym and will cancel the Supersport portion of my membership.

Get it together!

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Mirela Andronesi - 53 d 8 m ago


The club on Main Street, Santa Ana , inside the main streer mall plays only rap songs with profanities and obscene language at a very high volume every time I go there and ask them to change it they blame the corporate office!

Is this a black rap club???

I see 99 percent white people working out who are trying to cover the rap blasting music with tgeir head phones, bur it doesn't work.

I have been trying that for few months!

No one here seems to care!

This is sick, to feed rap down our ears!!!

I need to know where can I address this issues, hopefully someone cares!!!!

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Anonymous - 65 d 20 h ago


You guys suck!! I've been trying to get ahold of someone now for the past few weeks! I've been charged 600 dollars from October 28,2017 till now December 16,2017 I want my money back!!!

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