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24 Hour Fitness

24 hr fitness
12647 Alcosta Blvd, Suite 500
San Ramon, CA
(925) 543-3100
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TJ - 3 h 57 m ago


To whom it may concern;

Members would love a little attention at the Via Princessa Santa Clarita California fitness facility.

Basics like soap, toilet tissue, etc. seem to be non-existent and the thought of getting out of my car at night just to work out terrifies me since I was approached by several vagrants living around this facility.

You must please do better.

Sincere member since 2010

Sent from TI

Sent from TI

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Stelle Guzman Foundation - 1 d 12 m ago


Stelle Guzman Foundation...please contribute to my Foundation at the following account number #(hidden)...adress 228 E. Maitland St. Ontario, CA 91761 cellular # (hidden) email: (hidden) for to hear from you soon...

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Kid's Club- club 356- AWESOME!! - 3 d 5 h ago


There are so many different gyms out there, but I renewed my 24 Hour membership again because of the Kid's Club staff, managed by Farzana Khan at the Houston, Texas location, club 356. She has been taking care of all the children there for the past 16 years or so. She is wonderful!! Always trust that she will take great care of my little girl, keep her safe and provide her with lots of fun activities to do. My little girl loves the Kid's Club!!!

Thanks, Michelle Peters

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Anonymous - 4 d 29 m ago


Your company policy reharding payments by phone is ridiculous. My daughter has a membership with you and i live in a different city. They will not except payment over phone. You lost a member. I also have a complaint regardi g the local phone # provided on line. When i call it, it goes to a automated system with 7 options. None of tbem list a human to speak with. The location is Beaverton,Or. on Watson Ave. I do business 1/2 around the world yet i can not spend a follar with your company because of your stupid policys. Ykur not the fitness center around. Fuck you a d your policys.

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Anonymous - 5 d 8 h ago


I have had an all location membership for 20 years. I frequently attend the 24 Super Sports clubs all of which have towel service. I was excited that we were getting a Super Sport Club in Antioch but was disappointed to learn that, unlike all the other Super Sport Clubs, there is no towel service. Why not???????

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Anonymous - 5 d 8 h ago


New super 24hr fitness in Antioch Ca has no towel service which is unacceptable considering it's supposed to be a Super Sport facility.

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Unhappy Customer - 5 d 9 h ago


The 24 hour gym located at 1960, Humble Texas has to be the worst gym I have ever joined. I was living in the Woodlands, Texas and moved to Lake Houston this past year. the only two gyms I have in the area are 24 Hour and Lifetime Fitness. Lifetime was nice, with the pools inside and out, towels, etc.. But I didn't need to pay extra just to use weights. I was member of Fitness Connection and paid (tax included) $10.97. Fitness Connections was a clean, large (plenty of updated machines) gym. I now pay (tax included) $68.00 for me and girlfriend for 24 Hour Fitness. I would mind paying that if I was getting what I paid for but here it goes. You walk into the gym and see it is very small, the area looks like a throw back to the 80' gym with updated and un-serviced machines. More than have don't have the Lbs labeled on the weight stacks. The machines are old and dirty, the water fountains are terrible (dirty, old, not working properly). The pool area is filthy and I have no desire to get in the water. I'm not here to bash the gym but just wish I was getting what I paid for. I called this morning and asked for the Manager, the female that answered the phone said he would be in by 10am. I asked for his name and she only knew his first (Jesus), I asked for his last name and she said he was new and didn't know it. I will try to contact him this afternoon. To the Coporate Office, please contact this gym and get these issues addressed. Thank you!

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Aqua Fanatics - 6 d ago


Aqua fanatics,we are still waiting for instructors.please check on status,maybe apologizing to our 1 instructor,and offering him the mgmt support that he did not get when an incident happened with a few members,please get this instructor back for he was one of the best this is per a lot of the members.Plus maybe offering him better pay! He remains in the system going to other gyms other than SANTEES incident happened here. Please look into this. Thank You.

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Anonymous - 12 d ago

The Sugar Land Sport gym Precor AMT is not setup to connect to new TV since Re-open on Dec 3, 2016.

I told the operation manager many times but nothing has happened.

The New Precor AMT with ear bud does not generated sound from the new TV.

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mary labridis - 12 d 7 h ago


hello Im writing again in regads to this photo that's been posted on the wall of the pool area in my gym, ijust spoke to yet another agent with your company this time around I was told there will be call from a local club manager I mentioned the first review I posted rated this business with four stars please understand Ive enjoyed the club for two decades and continue to do so I wish to resolve this what has become an important issue being that the manager who said call your corporate headquarters also said the other swimmer in the photo was offered a buyout, I consider it only fair that there should be payment for my photo appearing on the wall as an attraction quite a consideration wouldn't you say so, I await your response in appreciation for all efforts thank you Mary Labridis

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MamaBearLifter - 16 d 2 m ago


Horrible customer service. I asked if my elderly mother could sit on a bike while I finished my workout and was told she'd have to pay $25 to sit and pedal a bike for about 30-45 minutes.. I've been a member of 24 for many years, am a nationally and internationally ranked masters olympic weightlifter and have often times touted my general workout place, 24 Hour, saying how great the people are. Never again.

Then - my son received a gift certificate for two years at the super sport where I work out. He lost it and, the person that gave it to him did so such a long time ago, the receipt was long gone.. I asked the front counter if I, a single mom on a huge budget, could get some help, somehow, with replacing that. The person at the counter declined to even speak to or go get the manager and told me I was out of luck. Yeah...I won't be sharing a good opinion of 24 Hour at the upcoming National Masters in Savannah. Quite the opposite.

Some of the people there are GREAT and I appreciate their encouragement and help, but when I needed a little help...... :-(

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rjl1130 - 14 d ago

Get a better job, dont bring mom to workout and stop losing stuff...

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Sean - 17 d 23 h ago


I tried emailing your customer service department but your site is not working either. So, here is my issue. To whom it may concern, I just wanted to express my latest and last issue I just recently encountered. Approximately 6 months ago I had called to put my mothers account, my wife's account and my own account on a freeze because we knew we would not be using the club. Just yesterday (2/8/17) I went into the Andresen club to un-freeze my mothers account only to find out that my account was not actually frozen, neither was my mothers or wife's. The front desk clerk informed me that I owed just over 180 for all 3 accounts and the money was owed because the money could not be pulled from my account although nothing billing wise had actually changed. I then asked the manager how many times they tried to contact me, he responded with, "well, we don't do that." I said, you have my phone number, email and home address but decided to let my dues build up instead of reaching out to me to inform me of the issue? I was given a "I'm sorry." All in all, I paid my dues and cancelled my membership. As a former employee I was disappointed in the lack of care or concern. It would be great to receive my money back considering the account was not frozen like I had asked and ended up spending money I didn't have. I would appreciate the issue being looked into and actions taken so it does not happen to others... 180 dollars may not to be a lot of money to a large corporation but to a singular person such as myself it is. I do not like owing money and I am an honest hard working individual, I paid my dues and wiped my hands clean. I am now leaving the ball in your court to make this issue right. Best regards, Sean.

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Andres - 21 d 2 h ago


This is about the 24 hours fitness location in Murray, Utah. The Entire facility is discasting, they don't have a cleaning crew and there is dust everywhere, the garbage cans are never clean, the bathrooms are descasting and the Sauna have this very bad small, the wood inside the Sauna is falling a part and stinks. I pay a lot for my membership and every year they raise the price, please do something and maintain all the facilities please.

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Adan - 21 d 19 h ago

Trying to send an email from your webpage and get an error message about highlighted information, but no information is highlighted and the information is complete.

I went to check in at the club and was told my membership was terminated.

I updated my auto payment last month and my account was current as of 1/9/2017.

Please provide an explanation for my account termination and financial reconciliation.

I would like my account reinstated at the same rate and grandfather status of super sport.

24HOUR payments verified with the bank

7/26/2016 - Auto Payment $27.03 (shortly there after bankcard was compromised)

10/5/2016 - Phone payment 54.06 (account current)

12/2/2016 - Phone payment 54.06 (account current)

1/09/2017 - Phone payment and card information updated 27.03 (account current)

2/4/2017 - informed the account was terminated status

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Danny - 23 d 2 m ago


This is about the garden grove club, one of the trainers (Mike) approached me in the parking lot trying to sell me cocaine, I told him to fuck off I went into the club and asked for the manager (Andy) I told him what happened and he told me to not worry about it and mind my own business, what happened out side the club he doesn't care, this is bullshit, next time I will call the cops if he approaches me again, both guys need to be fired, I can't believe people like this work at the club and is run this way, the club manager must be getting a part of the deal to act the way he did.

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mary labridis - 32 d ago


Ive been a member for close to over 20 yrs now, I work out in the weight room staff & trainers are all quite courteous as well as the members. I started @ 24 HR Fitness when it was Ballys Jack La Lanne swimming in the pool and enjoying the relaxation of the hot tub ,sauna, showers oh yes I have on occasion purchased a protein shake or recovery amino acid beverage, rarel do I buy those power bars being that I prefer fresh fruits veggies and yes protein which I prepare for myself in my home,now my reason for contacting your corporate offices besides a lets 4 1/2 star review on a five star scale is this. there is a poster on the wall in the pool area I look at that each time Iam the girl in that huge whats close to billboard size swimming in the pool, I have been trying to reach whoever is responsible for such advertisement for paymnt Iam continuing my membership and yes there are others who are now asking themselves "like wow" did she get big bucks for that!!!!!again like I said before each time I call I have been getting different wording and stories no more stories ok? please reply I await your response which would be greatly appreciated.M

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Nancy - 34 d 5 h ago


I have been a member of 24 Hours Fitness in Solana Beach for more than ten years.

I do have serious concern regarding the over-crowded some of Group-X sessions in Solana Beach location, In particular the Sunday 9:00am-10:00am Yoga session.

The Maximum capacity for the Exercise/Yoga room is about 25 to 27 person. On average there are 33 to 34 people show (on Sunday 01/22/2017 there were 32 people attend the Yoga session). This jeopardize Safety and other regulation such ad Fire at risk.

Front Desk did stop giving the Passes for several month. A simple way to fix this issue is by starting giving The Pass.

The instructor also can help by collecting Passes before each session and monitor/count number of attendees.

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Injured - 38 d 9 h ago


Your gym in Newtown CT is a disgrace. Your trainers have no idea what they are doing. I was and stil am suffering injuries sustained during training sessions in your gym with your trainer! Obviously these people have no training what so ever in fitness. After haing to pay almost $300 to get out of my training contract as well as paying each week for 2 months for training that i could not participate in because of injuries. I am STILL being billed by your gym. I as a paying customer in great standing for several years. To threaten a customer that you are going to take them to collections is not a way to run a business. This place is awful.

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Renato - 47 d 11 h ago


your official web site is not working, I must to do a complain

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Truth - 48 d 9 h ago

Just wondering if you've viewed your comments about the brand new gym you just opened in Carlsbad?? Most of them are based on management issues.. You hire them to be the head of the body not the ass!!

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Anonymous - 51 d ago


Moraga 24 hrs safety problems,place is amess,machines in critical condition,many not working.its disgraceful. Help us.

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Jennilee - 52 d ago


I'm very upset at the kids club hours! For moms with small children, that are very much dictated by nap schedules, the hours are not friendly. By the time one might make it out the door with an infant in tote, there might be 30 minutes left to even work out and for how tedious this might be, most of the time I think to myself, "it's too much of a gamble!" When my older kids used to come to the gym with me, my attendance was much greater. Now with my baby, getting the kids to school, naps and working, there is no time to get there! 5 pm is also a terrible time to go considering most people get off of work around them and the crowds can be a bit smothering. I'm sure I'm not the only one to complain and I won't be The last. I've been a member for 15 years and I'm hesitant to give up my membership, but if your facilities cannot be accommodating, I will have to take my services elsewhere.

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Maria B. - 52 d 17 h ago


My club is located at 870 Amena Court, Chula Vista, Ca 91910.

There are broken equipments needed to be repaired. My favorite the "hip abductor " machine is broken for about 2 months. Right behind there is another equipment that is broken for 3 months. It is bad for the business, I'm with your club for about 17 years but thinking about to try the L.A. Fitness.

When I asked the manager about the repair, I've been told that they don't get the permission to get the machines fixed.

I'm not the only one who is upset about this.

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Aqua Fanatics - 55 d 46 s ago


Aqua Aerobics,I am contacting you because as attendance warrants we are lacking enough instructors to go around in the aquatics aerobic classes in Santee,Calif. attendance of these classes warants for your attention,seeming that there is clearly lack of support from the management towards the abuse of instructors,please help us in paying attention and get us the help we need,helping us get coverage for permanent instructors no substutes available as we are told.

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