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24 Hour Fitness

24 hr fitness
12647 Alcosta Blvd, Suite 500
San Ramon, CA
(925) 543-3100
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Anonymous - 2 d 17 h ago

Drug Dealers Central Santee, CA 24 Hour Fitness

If anyone is wondering where to buy drugs, well look no further, and join the 24 Hour Fitness in Santee, CA. Because apparently 24 Hour Fitness Corporate turns a blind eye to the drug dealers that frequent the Santee, CA 24 Hour Fitness. And they hire employees who either deal in drugs or allow drug dealers in for free. And if that wasn't enough, the Sheriffs station is right door. But no worries, because they deal drugs themselves. And sense no one seems to care one bit, you might as well come join the drug dealers at drug Central in Santee, CA. Also welcome, anyone collecting disability, SSI, section 8, and workers compensation under fake injuries. Because they turn a blind eye to that too.

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Depressed and miseranble - 2 d ago

Dear Anonymous: Everywhere and most businesses are druggies or dealers. Even the cops are just as bad. Look what they do to innocent citizens. They will beat or kill them. They will say to each other, "which one do you want"? This is the type of corrupted society that we live in.

This is why people are crazy. Blame it on the government. It is their fault for the actions that these citizens are the way they are.

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The Vu - 9 d 7 h ago


The 24hr fitness on Hillsdale is total CRAP!!! The managers clearly are young and stupid they have no experience in customer service and treat their employees like garbage, so far I counted 3 guys mainly doing graveyard, and on the average 1 person per shift, meanwhile their personal trainers does not contribute to the cleanliness of the gym. They just leave the equipment all over the place, while making that single person at the front to clean it all up. I have spoke with a few of the graveyard shift guys and they tell me that the manager demands them to several things on their shift. How can a single person do up keeping, security, and janitorial services at the same time? They should hire more people, and update the equipment. Fire the management, hire some that have true management experience. Help those employees out at the gym, instead of focusing on trying to sell sell sell.

I love the welcoming attitude I get from the graveyard guy, but hate the fact he has to be there all alone while getting harassed by the homeless and the non members trying to sneak in.

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anonymous - 13 d 11 h ago

Does anyone even read these comments? If so please provide all of us what will be done to correct the issue especially here in Dallas at 24 hour off royal and 75.

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anonymous - 13 d 11 h ago


The gym off of Royal and 75 is going down the drain. They need to being the owners and managers from the Plano location to clean it up. Too many pieces of equipment are broken, mens restrooms are disgusting, lockers are broken, hand dryers are broken, mildew in showers.

We pay our monthly dues and seems they don't care. Why is Plano doing so good, because the manager there cares and takes pride in their gym

Please Please come look at this facility and take pride in it.

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robynb - 13 d 19 h ago

We here in San Diego ca live next to the 24hr fitness in Kearny mesa and are tired of the homeless your business attracts. We work hard to have neighborhood watch, slow cars speeding through our neighborhood, try to prevent crime . But all the motor homes the go to your business camp in the lot for days leave trash all over our streets .Used condoms used cloths food wrappers broken chairs hot coals, baby diapers just dumped can you please do something this affects 143 homes not to mention the people. WE ARE TIRED OF THIS !!! and when I call I get the runaround of a lifetime.

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D hall - 24 d ago

The men's bathroom at McKee and Capitol, the drain into the entryway to the men shower is covered up by Matt and it's starting to smell like methane gas this been going on for the past 2 months if I pay my monthly dues what everyone else to pay their dues there should be no problem while this problem can't be handled

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D Hall - 24 d ago

Yes I visited the 24 hours for the past 2 or 3 months the men's bathroom as you enter it the sewage is stopped up or drain for water and starting to back up in to emit methane gas I'm disabled the need to be fixed and just covering up with mats while the situation is building up

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Gym Bullies - 29 d 12 h ago

This needs to be a rule: I have been harassed by several gym-goers asking me "How many sets" I have left. Guys have jingled their keys to signal that they want to use the machine I am on. I seriously hate this type of behavior and makes me feel so uncomfortable. One guy cam up to me saying he "was in a hurry" and needed to use the machine. What's wrong with these people? Do I look like a pushover to you? It's like their time is more important than mine and think because they have muscles, they can intimidate people. It's happened to me SEVERAL times and I've seen it happen to others.

Can you make this a rule or a policy? Maybe make a sign in the gym? I'm getting sick of it and almost want to cancel my membership because of this appalling behavior. This is why people go to smaller, unknown gyms because of the "meathead" vibe.

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Anonymous - 33 d 16 h ago


Santee 24 Hour Fitness

Once again reporting the employees of the Santee, CA 24 Hour Fitness. They deal in drugs while in and on the gym premises, as well as use said drugs in and on the gym premises. They allow clients to train people in and out the gym premises, which means the company is losing clients and potentially money because people are using the facilities to train potential clients. And they are allowing people into the gym for free on a daily basis, without gym memberships.

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Anonymous - 35 d ago

3 expensive items of mine stolen equalling $200

thievery is rampant :(

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Sam - 35 d ago


I would like to complain about 24 Hour Fitness, a gym. I moved to Vancouver, WA and was planning to live here less than a year. I am currently packing to move to Eastern WA where they have no 24 hour fitness gyms that I know of. I notified the gym that I wanted to cancel my membership on June 13, 2017, and they said I cannot for a year, that the agent signed me up for a year membership when I was extremely clear I only wanted month to month. They said, "too bad" we will send you to collections if you don't pay. I told them I never planned to stay in Vancouver for a whole year so there would be zero need for me to sign up for a year plus I "never" do anything except month to month obligations. They didn't care. Not only would my local gym not cancel my membership but headquarters added an annual fee (on July 8, 2017) after I had written them to cancel my membership. There is a word for this and it is called fraud.

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Ache - 37 d 17 h ago

I just want to make a few comments about the way your business is ran. I will first of all sum it up and then give a few examples.

I work out at the different facilities in the San Francisco / Oakland Bay Area, but my focus will be particularly in and around Oakland, although I have not seen much difference elsewhere unless the facility was a brand new facility that forces longtime customers to upgrade. I am not going to pay 1.75 times more per month than what I pay for the whole year. That is just not going to happen. I am a long time customer. So you can take that to the bank. The way you started was okay at first. Then I noticed that Management did not remove and replace old and beat up, falling apart equipment. What's up with that? I guess as far as management sees it, if it ain't broke, why fix it? Well I guess us paying customers see it differently. Even Stevie Wonder can see that. I was at the facility at High street in Oakland when I finished working out and wanted to sit in the hot tub, steam room, and swim in the pool. After 15 minutes, I went back in the locker room to get my googles that I forgot, and I noticed something a little strange. All the lockers along the same side as my locker were all fully opened excepted for mine. I thought that seemed a little odd, but I went and got out of my locker my googles and went back to the pool area. No problems so far with me or my belongings. Thirty minutes after my swim, I come back to my locker and all the locker doors on each locker were now closed as normal, but now I can not turn the combination on my lock. It appeared to be stuck. So, I gave it a little yank and it opened. I thought right away someone was tampering with my lock, but I did not at that time know that anything was taken, but I did mention it to the manager that day, little did I know that once I went to my car, I found out that my wallet was not there, and I knew I did have it when I left home. The 24 hour fitness center on High street was the only other place I stopped at that morning. It was safe to say then that, sometime after coming back to my locker after all those lockers were brazenly opened, did someone break into my locker and steal nothing but my wallet that was in my backpack, after I returned to the pool area. I went back to the manager to report that my wallet with all of my identification was probably taken. I went immediately to my bank and soon found out that someone had made four transactions using my ATM card within 45 minutes. I was not charged for that fraud, but did have to go through a lot of time and energy replacing all of my bank cards and other stuff I lost and could not replace.

Well, I had no motivation to go to the gym for about one month, but decided to go to the 24 hour fitness center in Oakland on Webster street, that I usually go to because it is a block from my job and is where I originally signed up. I left work at lunch time to work out but started feeling pain from my hernia that flared up on me. So after twenty five minutes, I had to stop. So, I returned to the locker room but discovered that for the second time in one month, and the very next workout opportunity, lightening strikes again, but only this time, they take everything I have in the locker leaving nothing to chance. I again make the report, but understand that now, the only thing I had on was my workout clothes, which consisted of gym shoes, socks, wife beater, and shorts. I also had to go back to work doubled over in pain. This is not an encouraging sight at work. It had to be the most humiliating day of my life. I only had now what I wore at the gym and nothing else, that means, my wallet with everything in it was taken, my expensive smart car keys, and my car was parked at a temporary parking, but would get towed if not moved before midnight, my house keys gone, no money on me, and the pain started to get worse. I had to tell them at my job to not make this a big seen at work with the paramedics coming to pick me up. I was glad that did not have to happen. I did get a co-worker to take me home, but could not get into my apartment until my manager showed up an hour later. There is more to this story. I could go on much longer, but I believe you get the picture. It was one day for me that I will never forget. I will say one last thing, house keeping for 24 hour fitness is getting to the point of being filthy and that it is hard to justify wanting to go and workout. It is getting to be hazardous to one's health. I once saw where someone had defecated in one of the shower stalls at the Webster street facility. I did report that. That shows that management does not have any cares or concerns about monitoring their locker rooms or how they operate as a business as long as they collect your money.

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EM - 38 d 8 h ago


ear 24HourFitness Member Services:

On April 30th 2017, I came into the Apollo location at 8810 Apollo Way, Downey, Ca. 90242 seeking for a free 3 day pass to inquire and know more about gym and programs 24hours fitness has to offer.

The representatives gave me and my brother a tour as we were seeking to get info only and the rep encouraged try it out for free and leave a deposit good for a week where me and my brother could make a decision to start our membership and take advantage of there current offer for a free no charge initiation fee at no cost and had 5 days to cancel. I trusted his word and provided my credit card info to deduct the $25.00 dollars just to cover for the 5 days.

Unfortunately, we decided to go with another local gym with a better price and decided to cancel before the 5 days and get a refund. I called before the 5 days were due and it is July 9th 2017 and I am still being charged every month while it was never canceled. Me or my brother have not stepped a foot into the gym as you can see in your data base while getting the run around from the Downey location. So I decided to call customer service 07/06/2017 for assistance as I explained my situation and again all the representative wanted was for me to pay. Disappointed on the service and bad experience I find it misleading, unprofessional and dishonest when we had great intentions to join and your company.

I would appreciate if you can please take the time to review my situation and cancel our membership as I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem.

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Dirty and broken down - 45 d 19 h ago


I have been coming to 24 Hour Fitness (Embarcadero San Francisco) for nearly 7 years now thinking it will get netter but it never does. The equipment is always broken, especially the bikes literally for months at a time. The poor excuse I get everytime is that there is ONLY 1 guy that maintains all of San Francisco. The men's locker room is always disgustingly dirty with wet floors and dirt everywhere, broken showers and sinks that have only cold water and lockers that I always have to wipe down before putting my things in because they are wet or have protein powder spilled in there. I have complained to management several times here but they don't seem to care. Plus my montly rate went up twice last year. I only come here because it's convenient for afterwork and lots of eyecandy. The gym and locker rooms are extremely crowded and people are literally climbing over each other to get to thier lockers and get dressed. Newbies Be Aware!

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KnightMoves808 - 51 d 44 m ago


arsholes here kept hanging up on me

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Amore - 51 d 17 s ago

A line out side of child care. They say not enough adults to watch while eight people standing around at the front desk.

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Michael - 51 d 14 h ago


Your website is a joke, does not take correct info and your Yorba Linda gym does not have enough bench press's. One must wait about 15 minutes to get one. I hate this place and bring back the old place.

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Anonymous - 51 d 15 h ago

24 Hour Fitness

Santee, CA

Monday, 26/06/17


Employees Drug Deal, Use Drugs, and Use Illegal Prescription in and on the Gym premises. They allow people into the gym for free, and allow people to train people in and out the gym premises for free. Which means that 24 Hour Fitness is losing money, and that they will be held accountable for injuries to people who are being let in for free but not signing a waiver. And then they take pictures and allow these people to take pictures, of your customers, in and on the gym premises and to upload it on to the Internet. Encouraging them to spread lies and rumors about your customers.

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Dottie - 52 d 9 h ago


I joined 24 hour fitness in Anaheim Hills California a few years ago so I could use the water aerobics class. It was fine the first two years now we're down to one teacher one class a week all the other 24 hour fitness is in this area do not seem to have trouble keeping a teacher but this is the one near my house and I'm so disappointed that I only have one class A week to go to Its ridiculous that you can't get a teacher here for more than once a week ? it must be something to do with the management The whole class is pretty disgusted by the way we are being treated. We need this class for seniors and I feel like we're being discriminated against. Yorba Linda and orange always have teachers and subs when teachers are sick.

Our gym just doesn't even bother. Last week we had no teachers the whole week. We found out the job wasn't even posted so what's going on here?

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Caroline - 55 d 16 h ago


I have been a member of 24 hour on 19th st in Newport Beach since 2007. I have seen mgmt change over the years. The y finally had an exceptional mgmt team and group of employees starting last year who fostered a family atmosphere that really cared about us as members. That all changed the last few weeks as new mgmt has taken over. They started blaring music so loud upstairs (where all the machines and people are) that you cant carry on a normal conversation or hear your own music in your headphones no matter how loud they go. Everyone is complaining to each other upstairs and is unhappy because it is just uncomfortable. Why would they change something that NO ONE was complaining about and we were all happy with. They are now taking our business for granted and we feel that its more about what the manager wants to hear than what, WE, THE PAYING CUSTOMERS WANT TO HEAR!! They no longer care and i will be taking my elderly neighbor to sign up at YMCA tomorrow rather than this 24 hour fitness. They also previously made such an effort to say hello and goodbye. Seems theyre to busy for customers now. I used to wipe down and clean the sinks and bathroom area because I was so appreciative of previous mgmt. Its top down. They obvously dont care about pleasing their long time customers. I also used to get my membership fees waved because i brought in so many people to sign up. That incentive is gone. No more helping them do their job by putting all the weights away that lazy people leave out of place. now i just cant wait to get out of there because the music hurts my ears

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Anonymous - 57 d 14 h ago

Hi, Last Fathers day I was working out at 24hr Magic Johnson in Lemon Grove CA. I have been going to this gym for last 5 months 4-5 days a week. As I am working out on fathers day from 4pm-5pm I noticed an injury on my arm. I had a smaller similar injury which was an external cut weeks before and figured I brushed my arm against a machine. Since the same cut appeared on my arm on the same day; Sunday, doing the same routine, I figured it had to be one of your machines. I found that the cross cable machine was taring off from the cable. The cables protective plastic casing is torn and the wire strands that make the cable is coming apart and the sharp wire is what is cut into my arm; causing the cut which is attached in the picture. I promptly told 2 trainers who where working out together(did not get their names. they are the only 2 white males who work at that location during the day. one is bald with a beard, the other one is clean shaved with hair.) In all honesty it seemed like they completely dismissed what I told them about their defective machine so after my workout as I was leaving I approached the clean cut white guy with hair and showed him the fresh cut and told him specifically which machine and the problem. I went to the gym yesterday 6/19/17 and checked the machine and nothing has been done. What if someone already cut themselves and God forbid they have a disease that is transferable by blood. Very poor service. It is the cable cross machine. There are 3 of the same machines parallel to each other, facing the dance studio. The defect is in the right hand of the cabling as if you are doing a chest workout. I have been with you guys for over 10 Years. I have worked out at the following locations Grossmont La Mesa Escondido - Your main location last year while I was a Sales Analyst Huntington Beach - While I was at University Anaheim Magic Johnson - 7 years ago and now for the last 5 months Balboa Mission George In all honesty your Lemon Grove and Mission George locations have the worst service of all locations. The Red Head white female who is the receptionist at Lemon Grove Magic Johnson is rude. She purposely says goodbye to members but when I am leaving she magically is busy talking to the security guard. It happens at least 3-4 times a week, and you will be lucky to get a goodbye. I have never in my life over 10 years going to 24hr have I had a problem with 24hr or customer service issues, however this last year and 2 locations have been embarrassing to your brand. The same red head girl did these 2 things in the last month. 1 - she was super nice last week, I believe Tuesday when you had someone from corporate there at Lemon Grove, she was nice and extra bubbly and she even gave me a couple free passes to give to friends. As I thought to myself she is just doing this because her boss is around, the very next day we where right back down to SHITY service. You might get a hi when you enter however EVERYTIME you leave you get skipped on the goodbye, oh but the person before and after gets a goodbye; now how would that make you feel? 2 - she was training a new hire; an African American girl with glasses a few weeks ago. As I enter I smile and say hi, they both respond back and as I am smiling at the black girl the red head white girl turns her back to me and starts talking bad about me; only 2-3 feet away? Are your employees so cocky and arrogant and rude that they turn there backs and take down about people. Go through your video and talk to the GM their on what day that was. The video will clearly show the change in body language and facial expression once she turns her back. The reason I am referring to these people by there race and hair color is because I dont know any of them, hence my utter surprise by the lack of service. I have Material Witnesses to defective machine. I may picture evidence as well. I have witnesses and may have footage of this girl saying hi and bi to everyone except me. It looks real bad and is really rude when she is extra nice to the person before and after me and I get no service. (please dont bs me with I cant take any video footage or pics because I have proof of your customers shooting selfies and taking videos of them working out with their gym partner, and no one in our staff ever says anything) You should realize that I am educated, my sister is an Attorney, and I speak at universities and in front of business professionals. I will share this story if it does not get remedied. I am also very humble. This is why I am giving you the benefit of taking care of all this. before I do the following Take proper action for my scar, and negligence of your staff. FTC Complaint - read complaint below for Mission George Location Charging a membership but no letting me use it. Not completing my training sessions. SD County Health Dept. - I have cut on my arm because of your equipment. Your Lemon Grove facility is unsafe. Mission George 24hr I started to work out at this location as of last November after a 5 month hiatus from the gym. It had been so long I forgot my log in phone number. The first time I went I explained to a nice young African American receptionist and he let me in based off what info I gave him. The next week I try to get in and a white girl told me no. I could not recall my log in so I pulled up my BANK ACCOUNT and the legder showed 24hr Fitness $19. And she still said no. I am going to need a refund for 5 months at $19 a month or FTC is going to here about this. You guys already spoke to me from corporate and agreed she should of let me in with the info I gave her. Couple weeks later a young trainer approached me and asked if I wanted to work out. After a short workout he made a follow up where he sold me 10 sessions for $750 with 1 free session extra. The payments where broken down over a 6 week period lining up with our training period and when it came to the 3rd payment I was told I had to re-schedule 1 week of sessions to wait for the payment to clear? So I skip a week because of poor payments scheduled on your guys behalf. Once all the money was collected I still had 2 sessions left. My trainer text me the day of a session, says he has an emergency cant make it, and so we re-schedule. Since I am a busy manager and business owner and I have little time to waist, I decided to work out anyways. And there was my trainer, giving someone else a training session. So convenient you guys are friendly when you want money, but when the money is taken you dont even render your services. So since I was lied to I stop going to that location and blocked that trainers phone number from my cell. I was never going to report it but these 2 locations have passed rude and now you know. I need money back for those 2 sessions lost. Your trainer made an appointment; canceled on me because it was an emergency, and obviously got caught in his lie. Where are your GM's and managers at these locations? I was too embarrassed to report the situation with the trainer, but now with your other location being negligent has turned everything around, and yes when staff is rude it sure doesn't help. - 5 months at $19 a month owed - 2 trainging sessions owed - fire the rude girl or give her less hours. Dont ask me or her coworkers; watch the videos. I come everyday mon-thru 7pm-9pm Now here is who gets to here me story Globe Autowerks Facebook Page - I have 10k loyal and local customers Globe Auto Tech - My fathers business I manage, has been in San Diego for over 30 years! - all his customers My Sisters - 1 is an Attorney and she is also contracted by the federal govt. The other sister owns a hair salon in Hillcrest. - her customers FTC - Where is my refund for the months my services where not rendered? You may say, yeah but you never showed up. I say, yes I did and when I did I was rejected services for which I payed. I showed her my bank statement and she would no let me in - it said 24 hr $19 on the ledger sames day every month? I want a refund for the 2 sessions, and no you cant make it up because your staff is rude and lying. You got to remember over 10 years with you guys, over 7 locations I frequented. Do something ASAP about these 2 locations and the people I am mentioning. If anyone is sick or gets sick because of your negligence on your equipment and lack of doing anything I will be sure to provide my testimony. Thank you!

Flagged for review. 
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disgusted - 57 d 18 h ago


Filthy club. No AIR CONDITIONING!! No service!!!

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Anonymous - 58 d 12 h ago


I signed up for a personal trainer ..........A personal trainer fee is paid up front $325

The refund policy is 5 days !

I never had a personal trainer before ! My first session he had me on the treadmill, another machine, and we did 3 sets of squats and 3 sets of push ups on the bar.

Haven't been in the gym for a long time ... the next day I could not walk , nor pick up a pen! Is this HOW u TREAT your members! I couldn't go to work !

I wasn't happy with this first session! 24 hour is a big company and should accommodate and change your refund policy ! In 5 days a member cant tell you if this training is for her/or him. Are u about caring for our HEALTH ! or greedy for MONEY

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Nico - 60 d 19 h ago


I have been going to 24 hour fitness for about 9 years. I go to the Hillsboro Oregon location. This place is disgusting, the basketball court is filthy. It's covered in a layer of dust and grime so thick you can slide around. The cleaning crew just slides all the dust into a corner and that's it. We had a guy slip and brake his foot, no one touched him he just slipped on the court. I have complained to the local management and they just give me the run around. I can provide pictures if necessary. It's disgusting and laughable how gross this place has become in the past few years. I have no faith in this issue getting resolved because none of the employees seem to care. There are so many things wrong with this location that it's a law suit waiting to happen.

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