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24 Hour Fitness

24 hr fitness
12647 Alcosta Blvd, Suite 500
San Ramon, CA
(925) 543-3100
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Anonymous - 27 m ago

24 Hour Fitness

Santee, CA

Monday, 26/06/17


Employees Drug Deal, Use Drugs, and Use Illegal Prescription in and on the Gym premises. They allow people into the gym for free, and allow people to train people in and out the gym premises for free. Which means that 24 Hour Fitness is losing money, and that they will be held accountable for injuries to people who are being let in for free but not signing a waiver. And then they take pictures and allow these people to take pictures, of your customers, in and on the gym premises and to upload it on to the Internet. Encouraging them to spread lies and rumors about your customers.

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Dottie - 17 h 44 m ago


I joined 24 hour fitness in Anaheim Hills California a few years ago so I could use the water aerobics class. It was fine the first two years now we're down to one teacher one class a week all the other 24 hour fitness is in this area do not seem to have trouble keeping a teacher but this is the one near my house and I'm so disappointed that I only have one class A week to go to Its ridiculous that you can't get a teacher here for more than once a week ? it must be something to do with the management The whole class is pretty disgusted by the way we are being treated. We need this class for seniors and I feel like we're being discriminated against. Yorba Linda and orange always have teachers and subs when teachers are sick.

Our gym just doesn't even bother. Last week we had no teachers the whole week. We found out the job wasn't even posted so what's going on here?

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Caroline - 4 d ago


I have been a member of 24 hour on 19th st in Newport Beach since 2007. I have seen mgmt change over the years. The y finally had an exceptional mgmt team and group of employees starting last year who fostered a family atmosphere that really cared about us as members. That all changed the last few weeks as new mgmt has taken over. They started blaring music so loud upstairs (where all the machines and people are) that you cant carry on a normal conversation or hear your own music in your headphones no matter how loud they go. Everyone is complaining to each other upstairs and is unhappy because it is just uncomfortable. Why would they change something that NO ONE was complaining about and we were all happy with. They are now taking our business for granted and we feel that its more about what the manager wants to hear than what, WE, THE PAYING CUSTOMERS WANT TO HEAR!! They no longer care and i will be taking my elderly neighbor to sign up at YMCA tomorrow rather than this 24 hour fitness. They also previously made such an effort to say hello and goodbye. Seems theyre to busy for customers now. I used to wipe down and clean the sinks and bathroom area because I was so appreciative of previous mgmt. Its top down. They obvously dont care about pleasing their long time customers. I also used to get my membership fees waved because i brought in so many people to sign up. That incentive is gone. No more helping them do their job by putting all the weights away that lazy people leave out of place. now i just cant wait to get out of there because the music hurts my ears

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Anonymous - 6 d ago

Hi, Last Fathers day I was working out at 24hr Magic Johnson in Lemon Grove CA. I have been going to this gym for last 5 months 4-5 days a week. As I am working out on fathers day from 4pm-5pm I noticed an injury on my arm. I had a smaller similar injury which was an external cut weeks before and figured I brushed my arm against a machine. Since the same cut appeared on my arm on the same day; Sunday, doing the same routine, I figured it had to be one of your machines. I found that the cross cable machine was taring off from the cable. The cables protective plastic casing is torn and the wire strands that make the cable is coming apart and the sharp wire is what is cut into my arm; causing the cut which is attached in the picture. I promptly told 2 trainers who where working out together(did not get their names. they are the only 2 white males who work at that location during the day. one is bald with a beard, the other one is clean shaved with hair.) In all honesty it seemed like they completely dismissed what I told them about their defective machine so after my workout as I was leaving I approached the clean cut white guy with hair and showed him the fresh cut and told him specifically which machine and the problem. I went to the gym yesterday 6/19/17 and checked the machine and nothing has been done. What if someone already cut themselves and God forbid they have a disease that is transferable by blood. Very poor service. It is the cable cross machine. There are 3 of the same machines parallel to each other, facing the dance studio. The defect is in the right hand of the cabling as if you are doing a chest workout. I have been with you guys for over 10 Years. I have worked out at the following locations Grossmont La Mesa Escondido - Your main location last year while I was a Sales Analyst Huntington Beach - While I was at University Anaheim Magic Johnson - 7 years ago and now for the last 5 months Balboa Mission George In all honesty your Lemon Grove and Mission George locations have the worst service of all locations. The Red Head white female who is the receptionist at Lemon Grove Magic Johnson is rude. She purposely says goodbye to members but when I am leaving she magically is busy talking to the security guard. It happens at least 3-4 times a week, and you will be lucky to get a goodbye. I have never in my life over 10 years going to 24hr have I had a problem with 24hr or customer service issues, however this last year and 2 locations have been embarrassing to your brand. The same red head girl did these 2 things in the last month. 1 - she was super nice last week, I believe Tuesday when you had someone from corporate there at Lemon Grove, she was nice and extra bubbly and she even gave me a couple free passes to give to friends. As I thought to myself she is just doing this because her boss is around, the very next day we where right back down to SHITY service. You might get a hi when you enter however EVERYTIME you leave you get skipped on the goodbye, oh but the person before and after gets a goodbye; now how would that make you feel? 2 - she was training a new hire; an African American girl with glasses a few weeks ago. As I enter I smile and say hi, they both respond back and as I am smiling at the black girl the red head white girl turns her back to me and starts talking bad about me; only 2-3 feet away? Are your employees so cocky and arrogant and rude that they turn there backs and take down about people. Go through your video and talk to the GM their on what day that was. The video will clearly show the change in body language and facial expression once she turns her back. The reason I am referring to these people by there race and hair color is because I dont know any of them, hence my utter surprise by the lack of service. I have Material Witnesses to defective machine. I may picture evidence as well. I have witnesses and may have footage of this girl saying hi and bi to everyone except me. It looks real bad and is really rude when she is extra nice to the person before and after me and I get no service. (please dont bs me with I cant take any video footage or pics because I have proof of your customers shooting selfies and taking videos of them working out with their gym partner, and no one in our staff ever says anything) You should realize that I am educated, my sister is an Attorney, and I speak at universities and in front of business professionals. I will share this story if it does not get remedied. I am also very humble. This is why I am giving you the benefit of taking care of all this. before I do the following Take proper action for my scar, and negligence of your staff. FTC Complaint - read complaint below for Mission George Location Charging a membership but no letting me use it. Not completing my training sessions. SD County Health Dept. - I have cut on my arm because of your equipment. Your Lemon Grove facility is unsafe. Mission George 24hr I started to work out at this location as of last November after a 5 month hiatus from the gym. It had been so long I forgot my log in phone number. The first time I went I explained to a nice young African American receptionist and he let me in based off what info I gave him. The next week I try to get in and a white girl told me no. I could not recall my log in so I pulled up my BANK ACCOUNT and the legder showed 24hr Fitness $19. And she still said no. I am going to need a refund for 5 months at $19 a month or FTC is going to here about this. You guys already spoke to me from corporate and agreed she should of let me in with the info I gave her. Couple weeks later a young trainer approached me and asked if I wanted to work out. After a short workout he made a follow up where he sold me 10 sessions for $750 with 1 free session extra. The payments where broken down over a 6 week period lining up with our training period and when it came to the 3rd payment I was told I had to re-schedule 1 week of sessions to wait for the payment to clear? So I skip a week because of poor payments scheduled on your guys behalf. Once all the money was collected I still had 2 sessions left. My trainer text me the day of a session, says he has an emergency cant make it, and so we re-schedule. Since I am a busy manager and business owner and I have little time to waist, I decided to work out anyways. And there was my trainer, giving someone else a training session. So convenient you guys are friendly when you want money, but when the money is taken you dont even render your services. So since I was lied to I stop going to that location and blocked that trainers phone number from my cell. I was never going to report it but these 2 locations have passed rude and now you know. I need money back for those 2 sessions lost. Your trainer made an appointment; canceled on me because it was an emergency, and obviously got caught in his lie. Where are your GM's and managers at these locations? I was too embarrassed to report the situation with the trainer, but now with your other location being negligent has turned everything around, and yes when staff is rude it sure doesn't help. - 5 months at $19 a month owed - 2 trainging sessions owed - fire the rude girl or give her less hours. Dont ask me or her coworkers; watch the videos. I come everyday mon-thru 7pm-9pm Now here is who gets to here me story Globe Autowerks Facebook Page - I have 10k loyal and local customers Globe Auto Tech - My fathers business I manage, has been in San Diego for over 30 years! - all his customers My Sisters - 1 is an Attorney and she is also contracted by the federal govt. The other sister owns a hair salon in Hillcrest. - her customers FTC - Where is my refund for the months my services where not rendered? You may say, yeah but you never showed up. I say, yes I did and when I did I was rejected services for which I payed. I showed her my bank statement and she would no let me in - it said 24 hr $19 on the ledger sames day every month? I want a refund for the 2 sessions, and no you cant make it up because your staff is rude and lying. You got to remember over 10 years with you guys, over 7 locations I frequented. Do something ASAP about these 2 locations and the people I am mentioning. If anyone is sick or gets sick because of your negligence on your equipment and lack of doing anything I will be sure to provide my testimony. Thank you!

Flagged for review. 
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disgusted - 6 d 3 h ago


Filthy club. No AIR CONDITIONING!! No service!!!

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Anonymous - 7 d ago


I signed up for a personal trainer ..........A personal trainer fee is paid up front $325

The refund policy is 5 days !

I never had a personal trainer before ! My first session he had me on the treadmill, another machine, and we did 3 sets of squats and 3 sets of push ups on the bar.

Haven't been in the gym for a long time ... the next day I could not walk , nor pick up a pen! Is this HOW u TREAT your members! I couldn't go to work !

I wasn't happy with this first session! 24 hour is a big company and should accommodate and change your refund policy ! In 5 days a member cant tell you if this training is for her/or him. Are u about caring for our HEALTH ! or greedy for MONEY

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Nico - 9 d 4 h ago


I have been going to 24 hour fitness for about 9 years. I go to the Hillsboro Oregon location. This place is disgusting, the basketball court is filthy. It's covered in a layer of dust and grime so thick you can slide around. The cleaning crew just slides all the dust into a corner and that's it. We had a guy slip and brake his foot, no one touched him he just slipped on the court. I have complained to the local management and they just give me the run around. I can provide pictures if necessary. It's disgusting and laughable how gross this place has become in the past few years. I have no faith in this issue getting resolved because none of the employees seem to care. There are so many things wrong with this location that it's a law suit waiting to happen.

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Jimmy - 13 d ago


I added my sister and my mother on a month to month basis with the NO FEES adding members to your account, or at least that's how it was described to me and was then charged $99.98 Annual Fee for a month to month membership!!! This should be illegal! Do yourself a favor, if you want join or want to add a member to your account - DON'T DO IT!!!! Buy a pre-paid membership at Costco or something else that is truly month to month!!! WHAT A SHAM!!!!

And to add to the insult, you call the 800 number which is "Corporate", they can't help you with anything at all. What an absolute SCAM!!!

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Lisa Bacon - 14 d 5 s ago


I had to cancel my membership due to leaving the area where there are 24 hr fitness. I canceled and got a refund for be partial month a few days later. I was also charged the annual fee the same day as the refund. When I called I was told that the policy is if you cancel 2 days before the annual fee came out that it would be waved, howeverI was ONE day too late. I was even willing to go half of the fee, being I was only there half this year. Nope. Nothing they can do. I want to know exactly how I would even know what date.l the annual fee comes out...never was I given a reminder or a date in a contract. Moreover, my months fee came out a different date each month so I couldn't even keep track of that. I was told well, I can take your card off file so it won't be charged again...umm that should have been done the day I canceled. I will never use a 24 hour fitness again. The fact they think this is acceptable, to treat loyal, paying customers like this. And to just take my money and make me pay dues when I'm no longer a member.

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Dave - 16 d ago


At the Summerlin location, by Trails park, there are two people who stay at the club for extended periods of time. The majority time they are sleeping in the same clothes from the previous days. The police say to report suspicious activity, so that is the reason for this message. One man is an elderly caucausian and the other is an Afro-american. they sleep on benches in the pool area, on the ground in the bathroom stalls or on benches in the locker room

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carolyn Boyle - 19 d 20 h ago


I use the 24 hour fitness at Alta/Rainbow in Las Vegas. The place is filthy constantly. Cleaning crew? What a joke. No supervision.

Air conditioning on the workout floor? Only in one small spot over two rowing machines. Get some damned air conditioning or if you are too cheap at least buy several standing fans. It is miserable trying to work out in that heat. I've spoken with managers but nothing happens. CLEAN UP THIS DUMP!

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T.M - 25 d 20 h ago



Someone (I don't know their name) accused of a fighting at the gym on a Wednesday. I received a call from the Operation Manager last Friday. After we ended our conversation she said she was not going to suspended my membership. I go into the gym today and the Club Manager tells me my membership is suspended till the investigation is complete. Can someone in upper management give me a call or send me an email please.

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A.S. - 33 d ago


I attempted to send a direct email through the local website (Reno, NV located in the NW) and keep getting an error message. So here it is...

To whom it may concern,

I recently joined your gym due to the location and conveniences for my needs. I joined the gym just yesterday, however I was taken back by how run down the facilities , equipment, and the lack of professional staff members.

To give you some insight; one front desk greeter appeared to be high and the other lacked interest in setting up a new account. The bathroom stall lock does't work. Equipment outdated, and floor bubbles throughout the main room. That's just a few of the things I noticed on day one.

My email to you is not to ask for anything directly in return for the disparity of quality offered, but for you to know that your gym has great potential. Your staff needs your guidance and investment in your product to be what it once was. I can only hope that you revisit your vision, company strategy, and improve the over all quality to your clients.

I realize this email may be coming across strongly and you are correct. I don't make it my business to impose my opinion on businesses operations, however as your customer and the current condition of your facilities I felt compelled to make you aware.

I wish you nothing but the best thorough your journey building and maintaining your business.

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K.G. - 35 d 7 h ago


Unable to contact 24 hour fitness via the CONTACT US tab on your website.

I joined about a month ago; I attend both the Chino Hills facility as well as the Corona Club. I signed up at the Chino Hills facility, but mostly use the Corona facility.

When I signed up I was told by the manager, Sara, that the pool rules are 2 persons per lane. I did not find this rule outlined in your membership policies and club rules ( Services-_-Membership Policies).

I have no problem with this rule and have observed it. However, not all members are aware of this policy. On Saturday, at the Corona facility, I encountered all 3 pool lanes occupied, each by one single swimmer. I decided to join the female swimmer in the center lane. I approached, made eye-contact and told her I would share her lane. She looked at me as if I was crazy. Her husband, in the next lane, spoke to me and said: I know she wants her own lane, but I will be done in a few minutes and you can use mine.

I entered his lane and he seemed taken aback. I did not realize why. I began to swim. Another person entered his wife's lane and he stopped in his tracks ready to confront the person. At this point I realized that this couple either does not know the 2-person lane rule or that they expect special privileges. I told him, It's 2 people per lane.

He didn't even respond but began to talk with his wife in the next lane, in an obviously irritated and agitated way. This went on for about 10 minutes, at which time they decided to leave.

This experience made my pool use very uncomfortable. I have qualms returning. I could not find the 2 person lane rule in your membership policy.

Can you clarify what your rules for the pool use are? The rules need to be posted at the pool to avoid confrontations between members.

Furthermore, after reviewing your membership policies I found that other rules are frequently disregarded and I believe this is due to the lack of posted signs in the club about the rules. I understand that members should read the membership policies, but since the stated rules (what I was told by manager Sara about 2 person lane use, and the lack of this rule in your policies) diverge from the written rules, and few people bother to read these rules, to avoid conflicts between members the basic rules should be posted.

Basic rules in my opinion, as stated in the membership policies are: no street clothes or street shoes (I have seen this rule violated repeatedly, as well as seen someone barefoot using the gym). Weights are usually not restacked, despite the gentle reminders from overhead speakers that are not heard by most people wearing ear-buds. This is not the entirety of rules that go unobserved, but they are the most basic and frequently broken rules. I have brought this to the attention of your staff at the Corona club already on two occasions. The first time over one week ago, but your attendant just nodded and smiled.

The second time last Saturday, but the attendant just told me that there is no manager and to write down my name/phone number and someone would get back to me. No one has.

Please get back to me regarding my complaints and clarify the pool rules to me, I do not enjoy conflict with other members while trying to work out. Please post the basic rules that are ignored on a regular basis.

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Lori Neeley - 59 d 8 h ago


Abysmal customer service. I filed a complaint that has been mishandled twice. Beginning to think that it is on purpose. I have been treated very poorly by your customer support staff, even being hung up on. Why is it so difficult to get management to call me back?

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skyster - 60 d ago

Why don't all your clubs have WIFI? You even have an app that can't even be used in your clubs because NO WIFI. A lot of music apps require internet. In this day and age it seems that 24 Hour Fitness is behind the times and behind there competitors.

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Marie - 64 d 4 h ago


This is my recent complaint letter to 24hr Fitness on Market st, Castro, SF - i'm cancelling my membership as the lack of empathy and robotic manner.

Dear Kaylena Guinto:

This letter is to complain about a gross lack of communication and unprofessional customer service I recently received from your staff at the 24 Hour Fitness Castro location on April 20th this year.

I joined 24 Hour Fitness at this location on March 29, 2017, and despite having repeatedly advised the staff member who processed me up that I was primarily interested in taking classes - it was never explained that a token is required for class participation nor that these tokens cost a nominal fee. I have included a copy of the schedule and gym policy statement that I was given during sign-up which clearly does not mention this requirement. It also is worth mentioning that the very first cycle class I participated in did not enforce the token policy

Let me be clear - that such a policy exists does not bother me. What was really disappointing however was the manner in which I was ejected from what was the second class I attempted to join. Despite having explained my genuine surprise to your staff and yourself when first approached for a token, and being visibly upset after being told I had to leave, no courtesy was extended to allow me to participate in that instance. Let me remind you that rote enforcement of policy without compassion can and will create significant negative customer perceptions - I refer you to the recent United Airlines fiasco as an example.

I expected a much higher level of service from your company, and I am quite disappointed. Because of this experience I will not be renewing my membership, and will not be recommending 24 Hour Fitness to my family, friends or Sephora co-workers as I would prefer to spare them this sort of experience.

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TMorte - 69 d 8 h ago


Couple things to write, because I haven't had time to get to this till now. First I belong to the Woodland Hills Village 24 hour Fitness. I love the club, but it's starting to slack in the niceness I signed up for.

#1 The FIRE DOORS by the stairways have had to be closed for weeks now, due to them not having the correct magnets for fire-code. These doors get gross when people have to open them constantly and they are ACCIDENT prone being that they are opened fast and in your face. They need to be cleaned #1 if they are going to be closed, they are sticky with sweaty hand's gross!

#2 The FOAM ROLLERS are down to a half broken roller. Not sure why people steal these and are not getting caught. They are huge and hard to get out of the facility. People don't seem to steal the weight balls. We really need more of them please. When the gym opened there was a rack filled with 15 of them or so. Please please please replace these, obviously many people use these.

#3 WE NEED BETTER YOGA CLASSES & MORE OFTEN. I try to go between 2 gyms, the West Hills and Woodland Hills. The classes are packed, obviously you need more.....and more consistency with teachers possibly? Can't be that hard to find good teachers. 8:30/9am classes would be good to get the day started, 10:30 is too late. David and Brandon are the best teachers I have taken so far.

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Rick Clauder - 73 d 7 h ago


I belong to the Mission Commons 24 Hour Fitness in Westminster Colorado. This location had been a Bally's gym that I belonged to for many years. 24 Hours took over this club with the promise of new equipment and a better functioning center.

For about two years now there's have been so many problems with the club. Some of these problems are a steam room that's maybe worked 1/5 of the time, showers that don't have hardly any pressure, showers that too many times had only cold water, showers that scald you when someone flushes a toilet (because 24 has never fixed the anti-scald valve), a whirlpool that only functions sporadically and filthy toiler steam room and changing area to name a few of the problems.

I tried to help the local management to figure out how to fix the problem and I've pointed the problems out many times to both the club managers and the 24 Hour corporate headquarters. Usually the corporate offices never bother to respond to my question and the local management (whom did respond always dealt with me well and offered apologies for things not working and promised they would be resolved soon.

Finally I messaged management that I was threw paying years for services that weren't provided and management instead of answering directly sent my request to my club's manager.

The local manager apologized, understood my complaint and promised to refund a half year of membership dues.

After waiting for the refund about 2 months I wrote the manager e mail again and this time I got a message back from headquarters denying my request and sighting the terms I signed up for.

Of course the only problem is the services included with the membership almost were never provided.

I can't imagine anyone being satisfied with 24 Hour Fitness

Rick Clauder

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Smelly jacuzzi - 74 d 16 h ago


Trash is stationed right by the jacuzzi for tthe umpteent time at north fontana club 4/13 12:50 AM. They should take trash from the lockers directly to the dumpster. This might even be a health violation.

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Me against the world - 83 d 15 m ago


I just had the worst experience at the gym. I use the gym to work out, shower and if I need to charge my phone. On this visit I showered and plugged my phone up (mind you I'm not the only one who does this)and I left and forgot my phone. So when I realized i didn't have it. I retraced my steps and it was at the gym. It was behind the counter and the worker told me I couldn't plug my phone up anymore and that other clubs said the same thing (other clubs, sounds like y'all are gossiping about me, I thought)He then directs me to another worker who didn't even know where I actually plugged my phone up (he thought I left it plugged in up front where u enter)then he told me I couldn't plug my phone in and tried to sell it by saying it might get stolen. I KNOW THAT, I thought cause there are signs all over the locker room about that. Abvoiusly I'll take the chance my phone needs the juice. I pay for a sports membership for me and 2 of my children whom don't live with me and I'm paid up. Why did I get that treatment from these workers at this relatively new location? And why can others take the risk of their phone being stolen and charge their phone and not me. I pay to use the services as I see fit and I never bother anybody. I want a answer on why I had to feel like this today and I love 24hr fitness. PLEASE REPLY BACK

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The healthy people of 24th Fitness Club - 88 d ago


Mr Mark Smith, Owner/CEO, does 24th Fitness Club have a License as a health care? Reason being, 24th branch on Alemany, San Francisco is putting a lift chair for the handicap man. Majority of us who are using the Water Jacucy. A good number of people who are in good health are against this PLAN. What would happen when a handicap person feels he/she needs to urinate? Who take this person to the bathroom? I can almost guarantee you, that person will go on PEE in the Water Jacucy. Another thing too who would wash their Genitals before going to the water Jacuzzi. The it is now just talking inside the Sauna, most of them are thinking of leaving' the Club. People the the Club says that a lot of the clubs have this Lift. I have yet to find one. The size of water Jacuzzi in all the club I've been to are just about 5x5 feet square. With backlash coming from people, I would not be surprise some of these people will put this on Facebook and other medias. This would be a very bad news for your Club as a whole. Mr unanimous .

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Brad Craig - 90 d 6 h ago


The Gyms are 5 star but the customer relations (especially from corporate) are a 1.

I would challenge 24's new CEO Frank Napolitano to use Listen 360 to get real customer feedback. It will be painful at first but he could really take 24 Hour Fitness' customer relations to a 5 star to match their facilities.

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Anonymous - 96 d 43 s ago

Santee 24 Hour Fitness

1400 to 1500

The manager was giving access to anyone off the street without a membership and without signing a form against injury or consent. And allowed people such as David "Faggot" Williams to sell his narcotics and prescription drugs on the gym floor. As well as, people selling and using steroids in the men's locker room and on the gym floor.

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Shay - 96 d 4 h ago


The Cypress, CA 24hr gym, was remodeled to making it a Super Sport. 7 New Speakers were placed in the GX Room; well for the last 2 months, only 1 of the 7 new Speakers work. The 1 speaker that does work, it keeps cracking and fading in and out. With all the money members are paying why can't something be done about this. We have tried to make our concerns heard at the Gym, but there is never a manager site Tues or Thurs evenings. The ladies facilities needs a little more attention, it seems to be out of toilet paper a lot.

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America's Car-Mart Inc
Lisa Smith Very racial man they car Mgr. Wess in Woodstock Carmarts. I ... 

Chrysler Group LLC
Danny West Reguarding 1956 New Yorker # N56*1008 I have a 1956 New Yorker vin#N65*1008 . I would like to obt ... 

Lg Electronics Alabama Inc
Laurie W Dear Unsatisfied LG Customers: Please file a complaint with ... 

Food Network
Christina Garrett I just want to say I Love Jason from Food Network Star. I t ... 

T-Mobile USA, Inc.
Holly I would love to...its been a very bad experience.

Upset customer If you travel a lot do not use usaa even with travel notifi ... 

7-Eleven, Inc.
mohammad 7-Eleven suggests prices to franchisees not force ti imply. ... 

Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

Avis Rent A Car
Kerri Rented a12 passenger van for a family vacation paid 4 month ... 

American Express Company
Anonymous Have had money money frozen on a prepaid card for a fraudul ... 

Best Western International
Sylvie My husband and I recently stayed 4 nights at your  ... 

Google Inc.
Need your help to delete the above post delete this post google .l was assisted by the above websit ... 

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