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24 Hour Fitness

24 hr fitness
12647 Alcosta Blvd, Suite 500
San Ramon, CA
(925) 543-3100
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Makhammad aliyev - 9 d 18 h ago


Just walked out of 25 hour super sport fitness main st El Cajon.. I go to this gym every single day and I've been a member with 24 since 2007. I asked to use one if the rooms and one of the employees, I believe it is the service manager. (Taylor) told me I couldn't.. and then without further communication I asked for the corporate number, she refused to give it to me and tried to kick me out of the gym!!! Can you believe this?? Yelled at me in front of hundreds of people! Used a language she wasn't supposed to use at a workplace or not use in general!

Extremely rude.

This happened on June 14th at 6:30 pm.

I writing this review so that the corparate can do something about this.. my email is (hidden)

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Mom25 - 10 d 15 h ago


Today 6/13/18 I visited 24hr fitness in las vegas NV the location on Rainbow Road. The Location I normally go to summerlin location was under repair for their kids club. I have two kids enrolled monthly . Anyway when I finished my work out i went to pick up my kids from kids club. I walked in as i was witnessing my son being backed into a corner and being scolded by the employee and lecturing my son who is 4yrs old while huboring over him and in his personal space , and forcing him to clean up. Singling him out and bullying. This is an employee abusing of there roll in the kids club. I called for my son . He was terrified. He couldn't even talk. The lady came over and said to me . "It's important that he cleaned after himself." I'm outraged. Unacceptable 24hr fitness. I've been a member since 1998.

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Erika - 11 d ago


To whom may concern, I recently visited the 24 hours fitness on Edinger and Bristol Santa Ana. My experience there was awful I wanted to use the 3 day pass. I walk in and sign in then they kept my driver license at the end I tour with the sales guy name Raul wish he was extremely pushy spend an hour with him. I told him several times that I needed to leave. This guy gave me an anxiety. After yesterday I had a flare up. He said to give him my bank account at this point I just left. Don't know the procedures but never experience this before.

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Masood - 13 d ago

I have been a member of this gym since it was called family fitness, but it got to its dirtiest situation these days. I usually go to 3 different location in Orange County and Hesperia and Apple Valley. I can't say which one is the worst but they are all dirty. Mismanagement and poor maintenance is so obvious. members and employees go right in to the jacuzzi with their sweaty shirts and shoes, restrooms and shower rooms usually out of stock, shower heads are broken. employees and trainer are rude and the music is so load. Ohh,, the music is so load especially in the locations that they have very low ceilings, In about 1100 S/F there are 48 big speakers. its funny when the speakers announce that it is time to cleaning, but there is only one person by the front desk.. and this announcement is playing every 10 minutes..

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Concerned Member - 13 d 13 h ago

An incident happened at the Woodland hills, CA gym. Friday, June 8th, at 4a - 430a, A member was running as he does every morning, and this janitor guy named Chris who was vacuuming, flips his vacuum cord on the members tredmill, while he was running. The member trips on the cord and catches himself, to prevent from falling, and yells to Chris the janitor, hey watch what you are doing, you are going to cause a serious accident, the Janitor Chris nonchalantly shruggs his shoulders and keeps vacuuming. Then the next day, same time saturday morning june 9th, the member comes in to run again, and this janitor guy named Chris, suddenly comes around again by the member running, and flips his vacuum cord again on the tredmill while the member was running, the member trips on the cord again catching himself with the side rails, but this time he jumped off the tredmill and the member and this janitor chris had a seriously yelling match and the guy at the front desk had to come and break them up. Two days in a row this careless Janitor Chris almost caused a serious slip fall incident that could have resulted in a serious negligence lawsuit against 24 hour fitness. Something needs to done about this. Members shouldnt have to pay monthly and worry about there safety because of a neglegent janitor with no etiquette or concern for others safety. This Janitor Chris should not be allowed around members, he is a risk and will cause a serious accident one day from his carelessness. The first day was an accident, second day was deliberate, this is an employee who does not care about his job or other people. I never seen such disregard for safety in my 15 years at 24hr fitness gyms, People like this janitor Chris should be allowed to continue working. To whom it may concern, please take action. This is not the first incident involving this janitor, also misconduct regarding female members as well, following them around the gym pretending to vacuum. Ive seen female members physically have to get up leave there station, walk to the other side of the gym, get was from Chris the janitor, hes not discrete at all. Every member that works out in the morning knows about this janitor, and tries hard to avoid him. Again Im writting to say please 24, this janitor Chris is bad for business, and for some of us, this is the only time we can workout. Please rid us of this terrible staff member. Thank You.

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Bijan - 22 d 20 h ago


We have been going to North Hollywood club since 10 days the cleanliness and maintenance of the wet area is disgusting the shower at saunas and Jacuzzis has been broken ever since people go to the pool all swety

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Anonymous - 23 d ago

They asked for $25.00 because the location was "sport" it's only $29.00 per month. The mamager was rude as well.

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Happy Now - 29 d 5 h ago


I had written a epistle to the CEO Certified Mail at San Ramon CA, and they refused it for some reason. Three incident took place at that gym. First, the personal trainer try to sale me marijuana. Second, the regional manger hit my truck, and he moved his vehicle to another parking spot to avoid responsibilities for any damages to my vehicle. Third, A member hit me with a curling bar on my hip, and he did not apologies to me for that incident which to me was intentionally. This gym sucks big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The letter will get there; I will see to that.

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happy - 30 d 8 m ago


24 hour fitness center 12300Price Club Plaza Fairfax, VA 22033 is not a go place to workout because the a Personal Trainer try to sale me marijuana, the regional manger hit my truck and did not report it. That is a hit run accident, and the Fairfax police aren't doing noting about it.. This gym suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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RON - 34 d ago


Yeah this gym sucks I mean it has equipment that's great but so does any other gym. I've been a member for years and forgot my bike lock one day I ride my bike straight from work to the go to the gym and I asked if I can just one time keep my bike near the front because I forgot the lock so I couldn't keep it outside. Well instead of being understanding of the situation it was an Abrupt "no" with a snide "it's a liability" I cancelled my membership on the spot.. I can't stand people who do the bare minimum to get by and that's just what 24hr is with their customer service. That's fine jeep this business model up and keep wondering why people leave 1 or 2 star reviews. I will be taking my business down the street to club sport.

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Owen at Ocean Ranch and San Juan Capistrano - 34 d ago


I have been a member of 24 hr. fitness for a long time. Most recently, I have had two negative experiences with 24 hr. fitness: one with an instructor and another with long standing problem in the men's bathroom. A kickbox instructor was 7 to 8 minutes over her time. As she was leaving the gym floor I pointed to an electronic clock and showed her the time. Her response was a hip-flip and hands up in the air, as to say "don't bother me." Since then, when I enter the gym to check in, she either turns her head or her back or she give me a face of discontent ... all because someone told her at she was late. What's the maturity level for 24hr. Fitness instructors? The other issue I have is the men's bathroom on a second floor. The plumbing (urine and more) has leaked for years and flowed through the ceiling and onto the gym floor when classes are in session. Everyone can see the stains on the ceiling from the urinal and toilet water. Every time a leak happens, I leave the gym because of health issues (bacteria cause diseases). I'm surprised that this problem has continued for over 20 years. I suggest you pass out gloves and gas masks to all the participants.

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Jon - 38 d 17 h ago


@4 Hr Fitness Glendora, CA. If I could leave ZERO stars I would.... as mentioned in many other reviews this place is FILTHY! The fact that you pay monthly dues to a company that annually increase those dues for a place as dirty as this location is crazy....

MOLD is growing throughout the men's locker room/shower area. There's never any soap, sinks are gross and the shower drains are always clogged.

Not to mention the weights or equipment but that's a whole other review in itself.....

They are always fully staffed and at least 3-5 employees standing at the front register doing absolutely nothing. Can someone pickup a mop or rag & clean???? Anyone ??

I've let multiple associates know about the health hazards in the locker rooms and STILL NOTHING has been done about it.

I will be posting photos for everyone else to see and will be sending them straight to corporate as well.

Management needs to hold their staff accountable for how disgusting & un-maintained this facility is.

Your fortunate enough to be employed at least take pride in your work place!!!

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Mike - 35 d ago

Must be the standard , 16th and pottreo in san francisco, is disgusting , green pool water, toilets and urinals filthy

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Philippe - 41 d 28 s ago


I'm a member of the 24hr fitness sport club at the Firethorn location in Katy. Very very unhappy and disappointed about the level of service they provide here at the club. For 2 months now, only 1 towel per members. But they have so much dirty towels everywhere uncleaned. They say there's a shortage but they have so many dirty towels lying around everywhere.

Someone needs to come sort this problem out.

I pay for a sport package price and I get a low level old 24hr service.

Will start looking else where for another gym.

No body cares.

Shame really.

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Not happy in North HOLLYWOOD. - 44 d 7 h ago


24 hour fitness sport in north HOLLYWOOD is a criminal waste of money. There are not enough free weights for the number of members they have. Also since they don't require their staff to keep the gym in working order for their members there are weights scattered around the 2 floor building. The bathrooms are a stinky mess and the staff don't even seem to take pride in their workspace.

I am going to research alternatives and will post options for other members to defect. Complaining to management and staff does nothing.

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Sandra Steen - 46 d ago


24 Hour Fitness North Irving Is not enforcing the No Shoes Policy in their Sauna and Steam Rooms. They have No Perminent "No Shoes " Signs Posted in the Pool Area or Near Steam snd Sauna Doors. The Employees are not making compliance Checks and in fact modt are unaware of the No Shoes Policy. This is an Important Health Risk.

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Donna - 48 d 9 h ago


I have been member for over 10 years, having visited numerous 24 hour fitness locations throughout th US while traveling for business a while on vacation. I am living in Vienna VA and have been going to Cornerside Blvd location in Tyson's corner. The staff, facilities, and overall experience has been great with one exception. In recent months, the gym elected to move away from a top 40 type music to a often times hard core country an rock and roll section. I appreciate all music types but the change feels intetionally excluionary in an environment (northern VA) that is one of the mot diverse in the nation. As a Caucasian person, if I notice it I know others do as well. This is a high incomr area, so the diverse people that come to this gym are not a threat to anyone. They are decent. Subtle messages are powerful. For the first time I am contemplating searching for a new gym. 24 hour fitness should perhaps take a page out of the book of Starbucks and do some regional training.

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Juan - 48 d 19 h ago

The gym Temecula it needs those big fans that Corp has in Carlsbad.its also warm .and especially during summer time,

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Steve lopez - 48 d 19 h ago


I'm a member in the Temecula 24 hr 'we're getting homeless guys in the gym that are members,we our getting tired when they are sleeping over night and taking up the benchs by the pool sleeping.when I get ther at3:30 in the morning,and on the Matt's. Where the work out Matt's are ,its been going on to long,they even take up many locks 24/7 .the manager needs to cut the locks every night so that they can't live in this place, I've been a member in West Covina,beach areas this is the only place that's a mess,I had a friend. Visit this gym and she said it's dirty that she isn't going to even thing about joining la fitness and other will be leaving cause all these problems you guys have.i m thinking of put this on yelp

taking up many locks 24/7,it's getting worse and the management won't do nothing,

Flagged for review. 
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Horrible experience at 24 hours - 58 d 18 h ago


Lester Rodriguez I printed out a 3-day pass and I took it 24-Hour Fitness cuz I work off at Lake Mary Boulevard and the people that work there in the front desk we're very rude and will not honor the past that I printed out online I felt embarrassed they won't even let me see the judge inside of the gym unless I pay $25 I was planning to switch from LA Fitness at 24 hours but I guess 24 hours to not care about my money cuz it was a horrible experience the people in the front desk did not care but my business Lake Mary

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Erika - 60 d 15 h ago

My boyfriend & I wanted to join so we did but We joined together so my boyfriend was primary account & I wasn't I was a add on & we did no contract ! We told the guy he had told us we would have to pay a fee for no contract ! We said okay that's fine ! He asked us who would becoming more to the gym I told him me so just because I said me he went behind our backs not letting us know & added me to a contract when I should have been just a add on & he added me to primary account when that's not what we wanted ! I didn't find out I was on contract till this week I went to get my sister to join & the guy who was helping her told me I was on contract! I was very upset I no longer want to go to this place ! Very dirty planet fitness is way cleaner for only $20 a month & no one does you dirty there ! I should have stick to that & instead of wasting all my money ! I don't not recommend of anyone joining & my sister also did not join

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David Perry - 61 d 5 h ago

SF Rant 1 Today Major Fail: AC has been off for 4 days or more at 24 Hours SF Market Street. Surly front desk says "parts are on order, there's nothing we can do." It will be another TWO WERKS Well, YES, there is: you can open windows and turn on fans AND you can apologize for the inconvenience and give us all a membership credit. Customer service is NOT (in general) a "Millennial" trait.

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Anonymous - 65 d 17 h ago


My name is Hemani Agarwal. I was a member of 24 hour fitness till today. I had signed for the 3 month membership @$29.9 at the Jackson Street Hayward CA club on 19th Jan. When I went to join the club, the manager ( Alex) and I discussed the various offers available for short term membership. He offered me the $29.9 membership per month for 3 months and told me that if I come and inform him about cancelling my membership at least one month in advance before 3 month ending date, I won't be charged the annual fees.

Clearly remembering these terms I went to the club on the 5th march and the same manager( Alex) was present at the the desk. I asked him when my 3 months get over because I wasn't sure of the exact joining date and told him to cancel my membership from next month onwards. He said that I have misunderstood and I don't need to inform him now and can inform him till 19th April to cancel my membership. This reply I got was contradicting to what he said on joining. Given he is the manager, I trusted what he said. I went back to the club last week and asked to cancel my membership, They said I have till next to cancel and I can come by 19th April in person and cancel my membership. So I went today to cancel it. On checking in I was told by the person at the desk that I was charged annual membership (approx $49) and will be charged more money for remaining 9 months if I cancel. I called of the manager and he denied that he had signed me for the 3 month, denied I asked him to cancel my member last month and said that I had crossed 3 months membership and insisted that that he was correct in his argument.

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Mike Gower - 68 d 8 h ago


Don't join, these gyms are disguising and so out dated. They charge way too much $44.00 a month, their customer service is disgraceful, the fitness equipments is out dated, and the facilities are un kept.

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Carmen hull - 76 d ago


PLz call me back Ben trying to call no answer what is the matter been on the line to long i have a complaint. (hidden)

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