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7-Eleven, Inc.

1722 Routh St., Ste. 1000, 1 Arts Plz
Dallas, TX
Joseph DePinto
President CEO and Director
(972) 828-7011
(972) 828-7848
Twitter IDs
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Alicia Marie - 1 d ago


I dont know who to contact but im trying to make a report for sexual harassment from ab employee an my manager has done nothing about it an i still have to work with the person please contact me back asap

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Jbaby - 3 d 7 h ago


Can someone contact me about a complaint. I have video of incident that happened in your Florida store. I will release this video if no one response...(hidden) jenny

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Disgusted - 3 d 13 h ago


The 7-11 in Fredericksburg, VA on U.S. 1 next to McDonald's and Pizza Hut. The daytime employee has a horrible,nasty, attitude. I'll be taking my $3k a year to WaWa. There are two employees that are ok. The Night employee Brian is fantastic. The daily employee Mindi is terrible, horrible attitude. I'm not starting my day with 7-11 anymore as long as she's on the morning/ day shift. Giving 1 star only because 2 of the employees are very nice. Otherwise, zero stars.

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Joey - 6 d ago


I was at the 7-11 in Provo, on center street. My 16 year old daughter was making her purchase in front of me, I waited behind her so I could also make my purchase. The cashier finished with my daughter, she stepped aside, I then asked for a pack of cigarettes. The cashier asked me and my daughter for our id's. I asked why she would ask for her id when it was MY purchase! I told her she couldn't do that, the cashier started yelling at me, saying i could be buying them for her! Of course the whole store heard what was going on and a couple stepped in, in my defense. She stated to the cashier that as a adult and a parent, we can take our children into the liquor store to purchase alcohol, but that my request to purchase cigarettes with my daughter in the store wouldn't be allowed? I realize Utah had some of the strictest laws when it comes to these items, but when the HELL did 7-11 give their employees the power to totally embarrass me and my daughter, making us look like we were trying to do something illegal? Oh, and to the couple that came to my aid, the staff screamed at them, threw them outta the store and told them never to return! Just sick display! I sincerely hope you stop that power that the cashiers think they have! Embarrassing customers? Creating a huge scene! Very disturbing and wrong!

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Irvin chadha - 7 d ago


Hello ,

I am from india and i visited thialand 7 eleven store having good reputation in thialand .As you know india is country having 2nd largest population and having big growth rate and purchasing power so you have to invest in india and i will help you in every field about indian business.


Irvin chadha



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Not free on 07/11 - 9 d ago


7-11 store in Pasco, Wa 99301 charging $1.69 for the free slurpee cup. 07/11/2017

Nothing is free on "free slurpee day". What a joke

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Colleen in Garland - 9 d 7 h ago


Your store at Abrams & Forest is not in compliance with other stores they are charging for what is supposed to be free slurpee. May be a reason for one star! Good with all other stores I've gone to, this one is Terrible!

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Anonymous - 9 d 12 h ago


7-Eleven is a total joke as an employer. It's the good 'ol boy network and if you went to West Point you are golden. If not, well...all bets are off. There is discrimination abound within the company and the corporate HR is a joke. They run on a "servant leadership" style but it can't be farther from the truth. They are a bunch of entitled elitist assholes. Chris Tanko seems to be somewhat grounded and actually care about people, but the rest of can forget about it. Jesus Delgado is a power grubbing asshole who is a complete dick and doesn't have any clue what is going on in the field. Actually, not many of them do. Their consultants have zero support and are worked like slaves and held accountable for a system that gives control to it's franchisees. Hard to move the needle when the franchisees bitch about corporate and the consultants are the face of the company. I could certainly go on an on about how this company works because I'm from the inside...but I'll let it rest here. 7-Eleven is a week company and should really consider getting back to what made the brand successful and that's service and convenience. But the way they treat its employees and franchisees wonder I see all the comments as I do on here.

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Wildeonla - 13 d 11 h ago


I just saw the Undercover Boss and was APPALLED at the cheap-ass behavior that fat asshole, DePinto, his fat kids and wife, displayed on the show. This fat slob comes out of a 4,000+ sq ft house and has the gaul to not give a single dollar to any of his employees on that show! As a result of this airing, I am send hate mail to all of my 225,237 friends on Facebook and telling them to NOT SHOP at 7-11 again. I'm putting clips of that stupid fat ass on FB so others can see just what a damn cheap ass he really is. He would have done better to have NOT been on the show at all. At least the world wouldn't know what a cheap bastard he truly is. Joe, if you DARE to read this--you won't because you're a coward--get those fat idiot kids of yours to lose weight and your wife as well.

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Anonymous - 13 d 12 h ago


11 sea street weymouth ma should have a new boss consider the one they have does nothing but disrespect employees favors this one girl. Terrible for business I will never go back there. Where is Chris he did awsome.

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Jay - 14 d ago

How come the restroom for this 7 eleven has been out of service for the past 5 months.

I buy at Least 2 -3 cups of coffee and water a day from here because I work in the neighborhood but sometime I really have to go why should I run across the street if I am a customer here.

Oh and if you look at this review of this store on google it's pretty bad.

547 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218

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Anonymous - 14 d 5 h ago

I love my 7 eleven coffee and have been going to the 7 eleven store in Bel Air (Hickory) in Maryland for about 20 some years and very upset with it. That was a wonderful store before Raj gave it up. The customer service was really great and enjoyed going in there. It was really nice going into the store and get greeted and have fresh coffee and any kind of food that we wanted was done. They had a great team work and they worked together. It is awesome when they know what you always get and have it ready for you when you get to the counter and never had to wait in line. Then corporate took over and it REALLY went down. No fresh coffee, no food in the morning, very rude employee and even the manager just very different. The only two employee that was still there was Teresa and Donald and they are great. I did not now what happen but they took Teresa off in the morning and Donald got really nasty. Was never no fresh coffee or any coffee and no food on for us to get. I used to get two breakfast bites every morning around 6:15 a.m. I come in at least two times a day and sometime three times. There was so many new people and very rude. They did not care about the customers at all. I stop going in there and I know several people did too because I saw them at WAWA that is across the street unless we saw that blue truck then that is when we all now there is fresh coffee and food is on. Corporate just hire anybody that came in the door and very rude. I have never had to wait in line for a long time like i did then, They only had one person working when they just started not even two week ago that I have left and went across the street. They did not care about there customers. I got to the point that I would only go in there if Teresa, Donald or Jeff was working. I was told there was new owner so come back and give them a try. It is a little bit better. Well at least in the morning because they put Teresa back. So with Raj and Teresa everything is great. Fresh coffee and always have food in the grill and do not have to wait. I am starting to see some of the old customers is coming back because they see that blue truck there but know they have problems in the evening. I was so glad that they let that women go because she was so slow and did not know anything and they let her work by herself. I walked out again because of her being so slow. I waited in line for ten minutes and left.She act like that but I know she did now everything because who trained her. I do not now what happen with Donald but he is so rude and nasty that I do not want to come back in the afternoon. Using unkind language that is not great around the kids that comes in the store, heard him get nasty to the customers and complaining like crazy. There is one thing I am very upset with and something needs to be done. He does not need to tell us the customer everything about what happen when they let one of the employee go. He should not do that and that employee was very liked and very great to the customers. Young kids are hanging out there when he is there. There is a lot more going on that the new owner needs to keep a eye out on or they are going to loose the customer again.

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Anonymous - 14 d 10 h ago


All your stores in Brooklyn should offer plant base milk many people can not handle milk

Jacqueline Battle

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Sandra Anneman - 15 d 17 h ago

The store in La Canada raises prices weekly on items that Chevron sells for $2 less and Compton 7 eleven bills $7 less. We are being RIPPED OFF due to our AREA. WE NO LONGER WILL SHOP THERE AND TELL OTHERS ALSO TO STOP BUYING TOO. GAS ALSO

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Kelly - 18 d ago

Hi I am an Irish citizen currently on vacation near Fort Myres beach. I purchased gas yesterday at the Fort Myres beach depot I prepaid by debit card via the attendant who swiped it I then proceeded to the pump which failed to work. I returned to the attendant who said I had only 3.minutes to get to the pump. He claimed the first payment did not hit my account so I allowed him to swjpe again

It has now hit my account twice. This 3 minute time thing is a joke and the attendant should be ashamed of himself ripping off tourists. Other American Folk are not surprised. I know to avoid like hell 7 eleven garages.

Colin Kelly



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Anonymous - 19 d 4 h ago

Just visited 711 in Arcadia, 1003 S. Baldwin.

I'm a female alone, using a cain to walk. Couldn't reach something on the top shelf & asked if they had a certain flavor of ice cream.

He was standing right by me but refused my request to reach & get the flavor i needed. Just grufly said,"this is what i have" & turned away. Refused to help me. Lousy customer service. RUDE. I told him he didnt even look & I'll go somewher else where they help. Went to Ralph's & gave them my money.

Posted on social media NOT to use this store.

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China - 20 d 15 h ago

If you are a Black or African American Citizen and reside in the Chicago Area


They have condoned the belittling and degradation that comes along with employing racist cashiers who racially profile OUR YOUTH unwarranted! !!

They claimed to have removed a employee (who was found out later to still be employed by 7-11 just transferred to another store location) after ejecting two BLACK children from a store downtown under the guise of "suspicious behavior" also known simply as BEING BLACK!

It's time to show them that we are different colors in city but all the currency is GREEN!


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Johnny - 21 d 8 h ago

I would love to see a return of the spicey mini tacos. I loved them

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MOE - 28 d 11 h ago

Why is your store #13898 on 13919 Hubbard st, Sylmar,ca.91342 charges customers Coffee Refill. $1:45 while every 7/11 charges $1:29 everywhere? That's gauging. Please investigate. My is MOE. (hidden)

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mohammad - 24 d 16 h ago

7-Eleven suggests prices to franchisees not force ti imply. Franchisee can charge you different price other then rest of stores.

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canadian - 21 d 9 h ago


here in Canada it is 1.05 for a refill of coffee

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Nobody cares - 22 d 22 h ago

I went to seven eleven near my house and asked the salesman to give vuse vibe kit he give i handover the coupon which he rufused to sell me those he told me that his Manager told him not to do it in night he abused me told me to get out from there and come near me speaking loudly it was soo offensive and disrespected he don't know how to deal with customers such a rude behaviour he has

I was standing over there doing nothing and he keeps on speaking loudly harsh words to me

Its such a shameful and disrespect to me

I told him ill complaint about that He said in his language go ahead i don't care do whatever u want u can do it

He argues with me until i went

It all happened with a night guy

His name is cheema

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Amir Maddox - 24 d ago


I went to the debary 7-11 in Florida tonight. Saw kittens and small momma cat. I rescue animals. I attempted to give the kittens water. The piece of trash who works there was smoking outside at 11pm not even in the store when there were people in the store shopping and mind you she was the only one there. Came at me yelling, You can't feed the F'n cats. You want to feed them you can,take them." I told her I rescue animals and I will come get them. Then she just kept on with her ignorant comments and I told her you know what hold on ill call the debary cops and let them come out and lets see what they say. She came over and physically put her hands on me.I told her to never put her hands on me again. Unfortunately I did not have my cell phone on me at the time and had to go home to call police. I will have everyone ban that store and get animal lovers everywhere to protest until Debbie store clerk is fired and and your store policy of your store attendants and no feeding animals policy is changed.

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Lurch554 - 24 d 12 h ago


711 totally sucks. Joseph DePinto should go kill himself. Just another American piece of shit. Cruising around in his G5. I hope he dies cruising in all of his luxury. A flat spin would suffice. I sure hope he suffers to the max. He is a total piece of shit. Money grubbing Motherfucker.

Flagged for review. 
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bobby hedges - 25 d 7 h ago


Grap creek tx 711 has no bathroom and the management is bad thay are rude got dip it stinks hot beer and lack of stuff to but in stock""""""Sending

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