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7-Eleven, Inc.

1722 Routh St., Ste. 1000, 1 Arts Plz
Dallas, TX
Joseph DePinto
President CEO and Director
(972) 828-7011
(972) 828-7848
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Anonymous - 1 d 20 h ago


I brought a greyhound ticket online and I come to 7 11 to pay it. I pay it and there printer is fucking down I pay 352$ at the 7 eleven Charlotte NC freedom Dr this is some bullshit. I can't get on my bus without the ticket day suppose to print. I WANT MY MONEY BACK

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Sherry Robinson - 2 d 10 h ago


There is a serious problem at the 7-Eleven located in Fort Worth, Texas on the corner of McCart and Sycamore School Road. Homeless men have set up residence outside the back part of the store near the entrance to the drive-thru car wash. The men have chairs and blankets. They seem to be living outside the back of the 7-Eleven. When someone parks, the men run to your car, begging for money. It is very scary! Someone from the corporate office needs to be made aware of this issue, so action can be taken immediately.

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geema - 3 d 8 h ago



Cigarettes- 8.22

LOTTERY - 11.00

PRETZEL - 1.00



Why did she charge me 24.00? I questioned that and she said the total was correct. Her attitude sucked. I told her I wanted 5950 and she said is that pick 3. The last time I was in school that was 4 numbers. I told her pick 4 and she still got it wrong. I showed her and she said that's why I asked you. She over charged me and would not give me my change and the manager just looked on stupid.

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Rainnette Henson-Wiggins - 4 d 16 h ago


Your new app doesn't work I purchased a large soda and what I thought was and additional large free soda. When I questioned it the sales manager owner said no maybe your next drink is free but not this one I will pour it out I showed her my app which shows a new start. She stated no maybe your next one is free I asked her name she replied Nat this is my store.

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LISA HART - 5 d ago


After reading these reviews I am simply going straight to the health dept.

Disgusted beyond words and WILL get someone's attention!

Much more than a complaint about filthy public restroom folks, I'M talking feces smeared on walls, trash can etc, wreaks of raw sewage, when I told the employee he said yeah, and in another language told the other employee what I said and they laughed.

repulsive and nauseating......



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anonymous - 12 d 17 h ago

A Miami Store located at 735 NW 12th Avenue is selling bottled WATER for $27.00! This makes me sick! How disgusting to allow this when this deadly hurricane Irma is on it's heels and people are scrambling to protect themselves and homes and trying to evacuate and THIS IS ALLOWED!!! Shame on you!

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Anonymous - 5 d 7 h ago

Check your State law first and report them.

An important note regarding pricing: State of Texas law prohibits businesses from charging exorbitant prices for necessities during times of disasters. Violators could face penalties of $20,000 per incident. If victims are age 65 and older, the penalty is more than 10 times higher - up to $250,000.

The Texas Attorney General office is working to ensure consumers are protected from businesses looking to take advantage of the Harvey disaster.

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Done with 7eleven - 7 d ago


7eleven doesnt care about their customers or anything you write on this board. I called over a week ago and was supposed to get a call back in 24 hours and did not recieve one. Case# (hidden)94013

Called Spoke with juan 9/5 at 10:40p.m.

Called Spoke with Ermalita 9/8 at 1:40p.m.

Called left a message for president of complaints dept 9/8 2:00p.m.

Employee dropped the top off of their fruit containers onto the filthy floor, picked it up, closed it and put it back on the shelf. I told the manager and brought him the container, and he took it and put it back. After getting no response my next call will be to the health dept.

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Anonymous - 11 d 19 h ago .. This is Miami..

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Anonymous - 12 d 5 h ago

You should be a shame charging $27 dollars. Price gouging on water .7 Eleven price gouging

735 NW 12th Ave

Miami, FL 33136

United States

Report any price gouging 866-9-NO-SCAM

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Anonymous - 12 d 9 h ago


To the BOTTOM DWELLING SCUM SUCKER, who decided to Screw The people of Florida, may the karma come back to you and 7/11 ten times over. As a first responder in Texas , I can only say just how Hen House can a company be ? When it's all over people will remember. Mike Grant San Antonio, Texas

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Ashley - 14 d ago


So I live in Miami near a store you guys have located on sw 127 Ave near Eureka we're getting prepared for the storm and this particular 7/11 was lying to people telling them they are not getting any gas until the weekend I drive around for about an hour go back by this particular Gas station and it's a whole line and a Gas truck fueling the station I was livid and the manager was very nasty to me Because I simply could've avoided the lines if they'd been truthful and I found out I'm not the only person they told that to

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Ashley - 14 d ago



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LaTonya - 14 d 9 h ago


Well since I have relocated to around in the Lewisville Texas area, I have noticed that all seven eleven stores are now using PLENTI. I Love savings and using my card to earn points. This is my situation with the seven eleven in my area, they keep telling me that I can not use my plenti card inside the store for any merchandise because that is stealing . I have used my plenti at many of stores and I have never had this problem until. Maybe you guys need to teach them how to use their cash registers a lot better and actually study the new product before they say it doesn't work. I have been told no and turned down for using my card.

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Anonymous - 20 d 16 h ago

The 7-Eleven store on Blanco Road and West Avenue corner cross the street from Chase Bank the restrooms are the dirtiest ones I have ever seen for 7-Eleven the employees do not listen and they don't care the lazy the store is still needs to be clean this is due to lack of emplo during job San Antonio Texas San Antonio Texas

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Anonymous - 20 d 16 h ago

The 7-Eleven store on Blanco Road and West Avenue corner cross the street from Chase Bank the restrooms are the dirtiest ones I have ever seen for 7-Eleven the employees do not listen and they don't care the lazy the store is still needs to be clean this is due to lack of emplo during job San Antonio Texas San Antonio Texas

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Gregory - 21 d 10 h ago


The 7 - eleven at 5827 Bellflower Blvd., Lakewood, CA was price gouging customers for their solar eclipse glasses during the week prior to the August 21st solar eclipse. They were selling their stock of solar glasses for $25.00 each. The glasses were regularly priced at other 7 - elevens at $2.75 a package. I will never shop at a business that has such a low sense of ethical behavior towards the community that it serves. What happens if their is a major disaster such as a major earthquake....gouge the customers even more?

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Michael D Ball - 22 d 16 h ago

Your 7/11at 8002 56st in Tampa is over charging customers for items that the surrounding 7/11 have lower prices

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The man - 23 d 15 h ago


Hello I'm from Brooklyn new York I went to one of your stores out here to reload my Green dot card and the person that help me took the money and now I'm trying to get help no one wants to help .that's how housework by ripping people off.I want my money back

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Tammy - 25 d 10 h ago


I stoped at 7-11 at 5241 w 72nd ave Westminster Colorado. The manager their is very rud and not helpful at all. Went to get gas they charged my card. The pump wasn't working and the guy working if that's what were going to call it since he just sat out side smoking did bother to put a bag on that pump when he knew the pump wasn't working so they said they had to charge my card again. This is the second time in the last 3 months my card has been charged twice. The first time the female manager told me I had to wait for it to show back on my card. Three months latter I'm still waiting for the 20.00 to show up. I'm sick of getting ripped off by THE 7-11 CORPORATIONS. If you don't want to help people you should close the stores down not put bad managers in them. I will be leaving my number on the corporate office phone ,would love a call about this at the very least if you people care about the 7-11 reputation at all thank you

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Anonymous - 26 d 16 h ago


Why are you charging for ice. I spend 4000 a month for drinks.I can't have ice in my own cup.I Have to spend. 50 for ice. In Venice Florida

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JB - 26 d 17 h ago

What's going on with your powdered non-dairy creamer, about six months ago the flavor changed. It went from a neutral plain taste to a nasty almond or vanilla taste.

Has there a change in the ingredients that you guys now use.

I love the 7-11 coffee however this change in your non- dairy creamer has forced me to stop drinking your coffee.

Please help .

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Displeased - 27 d 19 h ago


I visit 7 Eleven on Forest Ave in Portland Maine every day . The cashier Sue is always bitter. She treats her customers like an inconvenience. I spend about 6000 dollars,a year in that store. If things dont change im gonna take my business elsewhere

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Joseph B - 32 d 11 h ago


Val at the 21 mile Rd store in Macomb, Michigan was rude and wasn't following protocol. There was a lottery sign posted by the Store Manager and when I pointed at the sign and explained how she wasn't following protocol she said she doesn't have too because she is "fast". I also pointed out that the rules are in place to keep the customer satisfied and you are holding the line up. She went on to say how there is no manager and nothing will happen when I complain.

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Joe Getalife - 29 d 14 h ago


good job Joe! maybe you got Val Fired..... Loser

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