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7-Eleven, Inc.

1722 Routh St., Ste. 1000, 1 Arts Plz
Dallas, TX
Joseph DePinto
President CEO and Director
(972) 828-7011
(972) 828-7848
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Diana - 3 d 7 h ago


The 7/11 on 5th ave gaslamp quarter Sandiego California has a very rude disrespectful violent night time employee named John who I witnessed abusing paying customers about two am this mornining.The young lady and her friend just went in to buy some cigarettes when he for some reason called her friend a fag and told him to get out of the store and then picked up a stick held it up to the young woman and said "listing here bitch,I all ready have two domestic battery charges I don't give a fuck if I get another.This employee is a racist and a person who does not even deserve a job.Just earlier in the night I had went in to purchase a cup of coffee and on my way to the coffee counter he rudely said to me " Can I help you?A horrible experience by a racist employee who on his breaks smokes marijuana right in front of the store.

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Angry Customer - 4 d ago


The store on 4321 Southwest blvd. San Angelo Texas 76904 never has hot dogs or anything at all on the grill and the chili dispenser is always empty. And the atm has been broken for weeks.

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Stunned Customer - 8 d ago


7/11 on Cass St. in Pacific Beach has perhaps the rudest employee I've ever seen in the customer service industry. Ozzie, is an X gang member who treats customers line they are rival gang members, not paying customers.

I have approached the owner Paul numerous times, but Ozzie comtinues to treat customers like it is inconvenient for him to have to serve the paying customers.

Absolutely shocking. I will not enter the store on S, M, T & W swing shifts when he is working.

He is in the wrong line of work. He should go back to shooting gamg members, or stealing or selling drugs, something he is good at, not representing the 7/11 corporate image.

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SCOTT SALET - 10 d 19 h ago

I am writing today because i recently moved back to my home town Milpitas Ca and visited the store i grew up in # 23879 and another store on Abbott also in Milpitas and was amazed that these stores are still using old style carrafes at the coffee bar while newer stores in Milpitas are updated to current coffee thermos style pots. I managed #23879 for many years under past franchisee Sesha Reddy and worked with current Franchisee Frank Silvas to assure his success as a new Franchisee. I am no longer affiliated with 7 Eleven but it will always hold a special place for me. I feel that 7Eleven is not only doing and injustice to the Customers with outdated coffee islands but also to the franchisee and 7Eleven itself. Poor image, lower sales, higher waste and for 7Eleven itself highe cost of power bills. These factors also affect grill sales and more with a less than fresh, lesser quality product appearance. I also believe the higher shelving in stores make the store overcrowded and a corner liquor store apperance where there is no merchandising standard . With that said i do llike the endcap as you enter the store with a sports theme with sports being a big passtime for the city and close to the city's only high school Ill end with this 7Eleven has been the leader in convenience for a long time and hope it sees the value and return on investments i have written about above. Just my opinion Scott Salet lifetime customer.

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Anonymous - 13 d ago

I went into the S Clinton Ave., Rochester, NY location around 7:00PM on May the 15th. Wanted a half gallon of milk, and although I have purchased milk on several occasions, I ended up talking with the cashier one day when checking out to notify someone that on more than one occasion the milk went bad within a few days. To make a long story short, there were at least four half gallons with an expired sell by date (May 13th). I put those on the floor next to the door after grabbing one with a date of May 27. When I got to the cash register I told Dave about the situation and that the milk was where I placed it. I cashed out, went to a nearby store and didn't find what I was looking for there, so came back to your store. Something told me to check to see if the milk I had pulled from the case was back in and, sure enough, all four containers were back in the case. I went up to the cashier, who was now Elise, the person I had reported have problems with spoiled milk on the earlier occasion. She told me the store was trying to rectify the problem and that the cashier was not the person who put the expired milk back in the case, Dave was not at either cash register at that point. Elise got loud on me at the redister as the conversation progressed and ended up calling me "honey" while I tried to speak in a civil tone to her. That was the end of the conversation. A training store at that.

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Anonymous - 14 d 18 h ago


The 7-11 store # 36311 on 1920 Collins St. Arlington TX. has the worse service i have every had, the attendant was rude and had No customer service skills she was more concern about getting off the clock then the customers in the store she was Loud Rude and using Profanity all because she over charge me and her co-worker ( Ben) didn't want to give her name or corporate number This happen on Sunday May 14, 2017 Mother 6:45 pm I will never go back to that store again. Buyer Beware.....

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Jhardin864 - 15 d 14 h ago


HI my name is Jonathan Harding. I live in South Carolina. I am deeply saddened because your company used to sell their own store brand chips and no longer sell them. I particularly enjoyed the steak lovers potato chips. Those were the best potato chips that i had ever tasted. I would do anything for one more bag. But alas I cannot find any anywhere in the upstate. What was the reason behind the pulling of all the store brand chips off the shelves off 7 eleven? Do you plan to bring them back? I need to know.

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unhappy customer - 19 d 32 m ago


Do not go into the store on 4800 south state in Murry Utah. The store is a mess,the they have a clerk on her phone, the other working her fanny off, long lines at 5 pm at night, food trays look like been there all day and have not been cleaned. They need more people there and all the one there need to be working . I will be telling all my friends not to stop in these place on my way home at night

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Cpl Cross 1 DERR - 18 d 4 h ago


In the UK. Fanny means Vagina. So I'm going to watch that woman work her fanny off.

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Jonathan - 23 d 17 h ago


I was at the 711 in Newport news across from Todd Stadium and Vincent would not sell me items for the displayed price and he said he can not do it because it is a franchise.

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Alexander Chavez - 24 d ago


Hello joseph Depinto , my name is alexander chavez I was just writing to you regarding an employee in one of your locations in (Fremont 190 Washington Blvd(510) 657-0672) the younger guy there 5/5/2017 He was very rude ,he never greeted anybody while I was there , when I came to the register he didn't say anything either I felt like I was ordering from a vending machine which felt like as an employee he was no help at all and while I was the last customer in the store about to leave I told him thank you , have a great day he ignored me. which extremely made me want to get my money back from buying a hot dog and a drink. but then again I thought about it hard and I choose not to visit any more 7 eleven any time soon which was a big help for me since this store was the closes from anymore around my work.. thank you for listening to me.

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Felix B Beatty - 28 d 8 s ago


The 7-11 franchise at 3410 eastern ave baltimore maryland suck rarely open at 7am always dirty customer service in that store is a joke went to go make a purchace on may 1st at 4 pm store closed again due to immigrants day lost of people mad will never shop in this store again

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Anonymous - 29 d ago

The man at 711 on Pico west of la brea, went in the store at approximately 8-9 asked to use the bathroom, that man work in there was very rude, won't go back to that 711. Though I do experience quite allot of the stores in the WLA area, rudely won't let people use the bathrooms

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James Robitaille - 32 d 5 h ago


My name is James Robitaille yesterday (4/26/17) at approximately 7:27 pm CST I went into a 7-11 located at 1702 S. 8th St. in Colorado Springs, Co. I grab two super big gulps and a pack of L&M 100's. Upon check out i was told be the clerk (whom is NEVER in uniform or wearing a name tag) that he would not honor my two free drink via my app by stating, "I can not give you those, I told you that last time."

Which he true he (the exact same employee) refused to honor my free drink via my app about a month and a half ago. At which time I contact customer relations and filed a complaint. Approximately two days later I received a call from a 7-11 rep with whom I scheduled a meeting with both him and the owner of the store (Steve and Jaz respectively) for 3-14-17 at 9am CST.

Upon meeting with both Steve (field consultant) and Jaz (franchisee) I explained that I run a construction company and buy large amount for the crew at one time which is why i also have bulk free drinks.

Steve was under the impression that my app was corrupted somehow at which time he then used his own app to purchase a large bulk amount which i informed him I had done. At which time he and Jaz both apologized once seeing on his own app that he now also had bulk free drinks. They also assured me that I would have no further issues redeeming my free drinks at that location.

As there has been large amount of construction on the road in front of the store since then I have not been back to that store. As of yesterday (4-26-17) the construction has finally moved past the store and I stopped in only to be appalled that the exact same employee was again refusing to honor free drinks via my app. I would sincerely appreciate a long term resolution to this issue with this employee especially since both the franchisee and 7-11 field consultant assured me I would have no other issue.

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Liz - 33 d 4 h ago


I was on a 7/11 today 04/26/17 (wed) 20:08:32 in front of De La Salle University-Dasmarias, store#0152 with my classmates. One of my classmate got a snack but suddenly I already open it and eat however I wasn't aware that it's not yet paid. I went to the counter and approach the cashier staff name JERICK as per name plate. But on the receipt staff name was indicated under the name of JEFFREY AVILA then I apologize for the inconvenience but instead of being nice to me JERICK was told me that I should pay it first rather than eating it first in front of a lot of customers. I feel so harassed on how the guy treated me that way. The worst is on the another counter cashier named MANILYN as per name plate but base on the receipt staff name associated by MANILYN MENDEZ ask me if my classmate already paid some snacks he carry on. I told to the girl that my classmate will pay it. I feel so ashamed on that staff also because they cannot prioritized my dignity in front of other customers on asking me that way. My point is weather we ate those snacks we are responsible to pay it. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. What's going to their employee? Are they trained it very well on how to be great on their customers and learn how to respect our feelings for accusing which are not our INTENTION.

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ALLAN FROM THE MTA - 35 d 13 h ago


I work for the MTA in Maryland went to the 7-11 on beaver dam rd and ask the guy on his phone if I could get a large pizza and he told me that first they don't make them that late at 1am by the way there open 24 hours and I work night shift and then told me that the equipment needed to be cleaned so don't ever go to that store I will be telling the other workers for the MTA THAT I WORK WITH that stands for Maryland transit administration to not get anything from that store there are too many in that area to worry about the beaver dam rd store I will be going to WAWA from now on

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Tamara - 72 d 14 h ago


I was a half hour early to pick up my daughter from a field trip at 11:30 at night so, I stopped in at the 7-Eleven right down the street. I told the clerk that I was going to look at prepaid Visa cards and prepaid phone cards,just so he didn't wonder what I was doing. I had a half hour to kill so I was just gonna take my time. About 20 minutes later...what I gathered from his broken, horrible English was this..... I was told that I needed to hurry up, asked what was I doing. Told we don't have what you want and then when leaving I was asked if I was going to buy anything? All this from a man who couldn't understand a word of what I was saying back to him. He was completely rude and ignorant.

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Sandra - 72 d ago

This is what happens when companies hire people who can't communicate with the American public. They probably pay them cheap wages and make them feel grateful they even have a job. If we stopped frequenting these businesses, I bet things would change. It's like companies that outsource customer service to foreign countries and you can't understand half of the conversation, like Verizon or Sprint. Consumers need to take a stand and stop paying for goods and services.

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MELISSA - 37 d 16 h ago



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One for the Books - 40 d 7 h ago


Store #11002 has been the best it has been since I moved into this area in 1994. People in charge are kind and considerate starting with the owners to every employee on board. Please advise, as I am confused regarding the policy of the two pack cigarette discount. Is this a policy generated from corporate or based on individual franchise owner as follows: I have a manufacturer coupon for $1.00 off each pack purchased. The normal policy is a store discount of forty cents (keep in mind use to be sixty cents) for two pack purchase. Store owner refuses to give the forty cent discount due to having the manufacturer discount coupons for this transaction. My argument is these coupons are direct from manufacturer and should not be the basis to: "Not to be granted the forty cents discount". Based on the facts: We are referring to two separate entities regarding this transaction, as a whole. Same case.scenerio would be if the cigarette pack itself says one dollar off ...They refuse to include the forty cents discount the store offers for the two pack discount. Only reason I come into this store to purchase my other items is due to this discount of two packs. *Basically the end result is not to go into this store when I do have a manufacturer coupon?? Please reply to: (hidden) Thank you for taking time to review my posting.

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melissa - 37 d 16 h ago


I have worked at 7-11 in Baltimore Maryland for years, when you have a manufactures coupon they are suppose to 1st push the 2 pack discount on the register, then they're suppose to scan your manufacture coupon !! Therefor your getting money off from both!! So next time tell them there wrong.& if they STILL wont give to you tell him/her that you want the name and number of there "BOSS" {even though there the owner,theres someone through corperate who comes and checks on them and the store} to make sure policies are being followed and store is kept up ect...scence its a franchize they can get in ALOT OF TROUBLEcause it makes the 7-11 name look bad

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Anonymous - 43 d 13 h ago

I am not too happy with ur store at baldwin st in Waterbury ct. One of their employeelocks the door and won't let anyone in when it is supposed to be open twenty four hours. Ty for ur time hope u can correct this.

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Anonymous - 45 d 18 s ago

My Name Is Michael Montes My Cell Number Is (hidden). Now I Wanna Say That I Live In Buffalo NY And That In Haveing A Problem With 7 11 Store Number 114074. On April 9th 2017 I Had Bottles I Wanted To Return And Without Knowing How Much I Have So I Figured That The Store Only Takes 12 Dollars A Day. And That The Rest I Have In Receipts I Would Bring In The Next Day. So I Did And That I Talked To The Maneger And He Said He Can't Help Me. The Receipts Show That I Was There There The Previous Day. That Store Has My Recyclables And Won't Give Me My Money They Owe Me.

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Maplewood store does a No No - 46 d 11 m ago


I am a loyal 7-11 customer, have been for years, but what I cannot take is the discrimination that the employees of this store are inflicting on people of color. They do not allow people of color to stay in their store for more than five minutes. I stopped going to that locations about 1.5 years ago because of how I witnessed the employees treating other customers. But when I go on Facebook and I see a very good friend "who is 56 years old" make the same comment, then we have a problem. If this store has a problem with people of color, to a point were they call the Maplewood Police" then they may as well shut the location. This community and the surrounding communities are very diverse, and while I'm not a lawyer, I do see this as a form of discrimination. I feel that the corporate offices need to visit this store and view for themselves the actions being taken by these employees, who are respresenting 7-11 in a very negative manner. There is enough discrimination in this country with out certain foreigners coming and adding to an already existing problem. Guess I'll be going to Krauser's until 7-11 can get this right....

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Pt 2 to Maplewood - No No comment - 46 d 4 s ago


That is Maplewood, New Jersey

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Anonymous - 46 d 23 h ago


I will not be shopping at the Maplewood, NJ location either. The worker's behavior is unprofessional, rude and disrespectful. He needs to be removed from the store!

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