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7-Eleven, Inc.

1722 Routh St., Ste. 1000, 1 Arts Plz
Dallas, TX
Joseph DePinto
President CEO and Director
(972) 828-7011
(972) 828-7848
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Anonymous - 1 d 16 h ago


The seven eleven in Elkhart Indiana has the worst bathroom ever. We are over the road truckdrivers and have been in bad bathrooms but this was horrible. No toilet paper no paper towels big black sticky stuff on floor and the smell was awful. There was to young ladies there taking away. By the way they put a sign on one bathroom door (for employees only). I will not stop at a seven eleven again so many other choices out there Just gross I would never buy food there the dirt was sickening I am posting on fb

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Jose - 3 d 10 h ago

Check #34558 and 21336 have working Employment Of Illegal Immigrants, Victimize Immigrant Employees, And Steal Identities different person identity. You can cheek camera and payroll person I'd.

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debra miller - 5 d 25 m ago


I a m writing in regards to my sister, she quit her job of 4 years couple of months ago, and still cries because she loved her job so much, and to me I think 4 years should count for something there was a family member hired and the conditions got so bad she really had no choice.she was training for asst manager, that changed first then different shifts. there were drug goings on also that I will not get into but should probably get checked out also.I as a resident of Davidson county love this sstore as we only have one in Lexington,nc we hate the way the store is operating with bad management and bad choices.we think corporate is the only way to handle this.she is a good employee and would like some feedback..her name is Jeanie kellam grau. the store is tn Lexington,nc cotton grove rd.thank you debra miller

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James Johnson - 6 d 2 h ago


The 7- Eleven located @ 4859 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago IL 60630. Everytime I go into this usually between 1am-2am the clerk doesn't know the meaning of customer service. He's usually restocking or rechecking for experation dates. He is aware of a customer (s) are at the register to buy something. The clerk rudely has them wait on him to decide to return to the register for the customer. He definitely needs retraining in customer service.

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Ms.Jones - 8 d ago


Hello every time i go to a 711 store of any areas in the Prince Georges County Md area i always want the fruit that states fresh to go which consist of the pineapple,mango,grape cup. Everytime i purchase this product the results remain the same sour fruit ...expiration date is always good and the fruit is never fresh and i have tried numerous of 711 with the results always the same. By the time i eat the fruit im already at work and i cant take it back so it gets trash. This morning i am fed up with this product being sold and never fresh. Please remove this product from the store before someone ends up very ill

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ZIA is Great - 12 d 14 h ago


I want to compliment the employees of 7-11 at 900 SW 10th Street in Deerfield Beach, F, 33441. I stop there after picking up my grandson from school on most weekdays. I have the found employees very kind and helpful. I have one special employee, Zia, who was especially helpful. I lost my car keys and thought it might be in the store. He helped my grandson and I look. Then my daughter and her son drove back there to look. NO keys. Then a month later I noticed a hidden place in my pocket book and there were the keys. My next visit to 7-11 Zia asked me if I had found my keys, such a nice man to remember my problem. I told him I had and he was happy for me. I had also stopped in a couple of weeks earlier and two girls in the store checked all the drawers to see if keys had been turned in. Zia was kind when I first started visiting and I spilled a cup, not knowing how to put the top on carefully. He said, "no problem" and had another man clean it up. Zia is bright and a great employee. I hope you will acknowledge to him that he is a asset to 7-11.

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Anonymus - 14 d 9 h ago


I tried to redeem my free coffee earned with my 711 app which It clearly stated that I was due. When it failed to scan, I was sent through 2 lines and then denied it. There were numerous customers behind me and it was quite embarrassing. The coffee would only have to be thrown away. Why create a dissatisfied customer and also enrage all of the other customers in line as well? I called the Store Support center. claim (hidden)5829 4 TIMES!!! and have not received a call back, despite being promised a call from the field consultant within 24-48 hours. I asked for a call from the Market Manager as well. NO RESPONSE!!! WAWA now will get my business. It is slightly less convenient, but I will gladly go out of my way, and knowingly pay higher prices if it means better service.

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Anonymous - 14 d 9 h ago


Went to the one of your 711 stores in ft worth in white settlement off Clifford Rd. I'll have to say by far that is the worst experience I've ever had. Could barley get to the atm bexcuse of all the soda products stored all around it. The store was in total chaos!! I've been to quite a few 711 stores in the past. I'm surprised the store was filthy. I went to go grab something sweet to just find out on the package it was way out of date. I will not go back and I'll make sure to tell all my friends as well. I just can't belive the condition of that store. Not good business!!!

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Terry - 14 d 13 h ago


My son went to the Seven Eleven on Mound and 19 Mile Road on February 4th at 5:0PM to purchase eggs and orange juice. When he went to pay he was asked if he wanted to have it bagged. He said he did and was told there is a 99cent charge for the bag. My son told him he will not pay for a bag and that no other store charges for bags. This is the second encounter my son has had with the employee. The time before, my son purchased a small orange juice instead of a large one, when told by me that a small one is not what we need, he went back in one minute to return it, he was not refunded the money for the small one, and charged for the large one. This employee is taking advantage of customers.

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Anonymous - 15 d 9 h ago


I was in store 2220. Located on pleasure House Road in Virginia Beach Virginia. I experienced a problem and called the customer support center. I was promised a call from the field consultant within 24 to 48 hours. I did not receive one. I called back for days later asked for to be escalated, I never heard back on that call either. I just called for the third time and asked to speak to the market manager. My case number is (hidden)5829. This is going in circles and when I asked who would be calling me the representative stated that she did not know. They are too many choices now A days. I feel sorry for the franchisee that paid many thousands of dollars for this franchisee that receives no support from his field consultant or his market manager at this point. The system is broken.

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Anonymous - 21 d 41 s ago

0n sunday )1/29 /2017 i was in store # 33383 the addres is 20630 ashburn rd in ashburn at 8.57 am the employee was doing something but her daugther who was 12 years old was selling lottery to one guy and selling the newport cigarettes to the lady as law the person who is under age can not touch those things where is the law they can catch them


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Anonymous - 17 d 14 h ago

Actually I work go another 711 and where as her 12 year old should not be behind counter you can sell that stuff under 21 as long as someone 21 is in the store I have worked with this stuff since 16 years of age and that has always been the law

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Barbara - 30 d 16 h ago


My niece worked at 711 on Brace Road in Cherry Hill, NJ and was wrongfully fired, due to the manager stealing and blaming employees. She has to go to Social Services and have been trying to get a termination letter and she is getting the run-around. Does anybody know how to get this letter please let me know.

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Anonymous - 18 d 14 h ago

I was just wrongfully fired as well call human resources and corperate asap ..

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Tim Janowsky - 19 d 8 h ago

Can not find the home office to send this to.

Looking to sell or Lease Vacant property: I have 10 Acres in Jasper Co. on I-65 & Rt 10. Property is on East side of I-65 a corner Zones B-2, already zoned for a Truck stop or Gas station. Property is aprox: 330' on Rt 10 & aprox: 800' on 1100 West. No wet land, Flat, small trees.

Some talk that there is a express way from Ill threw Indiana, in the near future.

Towns close buy is Rose lawn Indiana West of I-65 & Demotte Indiana East of I-65.

South East of Chicago Ill aprox 50 Miles

Thank you

Tim Janowsky



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Anonymous - 19 d 11 h ago

Yesterday we took our grandkids to get slurpees at 7-11 in West Seattle at the store on Erskine Way and need to report a huge graffitti on, the east side of the building on California Ave. Additionally, when I walk past this store, there is always litter. Thanks for your quick attention to these important matters. If we don't tend to garbage and graffiti in a timely manner our neighborhoods will become dumps!

Jackie of West Seattle

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Anonymous - 20 d 19 h ago

Hi ...Joseph depinto

I would like to rich out.I was former employer with 7 Eleven with franchisee store...I would like to discuss about franchisee hiring employee for there store...please contact me for more information .all franchisee hiring illegally people need pay under table...but I will not keep quite about this matter bcuz I'm legally n they don't want to hire me n I will call federal government n labor department n make your chain stores look bad chain store..please do right step with your franchisee n give them warning about hire legal employees with green cards or citizen...I will call news media too ..if it's nuttin happen about this soon asap.thanx

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Concerned Consumer - 26 d 7 h ago

So now they allow drug addicts to manage their stores? This guy is totally inappropriate with some of the high school girls that come in. Looks stoned. Has the stuff falling out of his nose! Appearance is questionable. Do they background check their employees? Drug tests?

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Anonymous - 28 d 15 h ago

Hello my name william pegues really having problems with coustomer ser. With a issue thats been draging for a week if you find any time would you grant me a call certainly would appreciate that (hidden)

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L.F. - 29 d 19 h ago


This is in regards to the 7 eleven on Hypoluxo and Lawrence in Boynton Beach, Florida. What your manager did to me was an embarrassment. Reality is that a computer program designed for your pumps can glitch. Your manager saying that he would bet a million dollars that it did not happen. In front of a line of customers. I have been in computers for thirty years. At one point I was a programmer. I did not push the wrong button. I feel the pump glitched or it was set to do that. I was ready to accept the glitch and walk away but he had to open his mouth non stop while I was walking away. I will be taking this to the department of consumer affairs. Maybe there is something wrong with your pump or something deceitful going on at that station. Thank your manager for all this. It could have been averted. Your area person emailed me, the email address he gave did not work as far as a response. Not even a call. Very shady operation.

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tom conner - 30 d 12 h ago

worst 7 /11 I ever went to in park ridge, il thank god I 'm white

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Bill Dooley - 31 d 5 h ago


I was in the 7-11 store at 6701 S Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73139. We went in and purchased some items. This was Jan. 14th at around 1:00 A.M. As I was checking out the clerk said "What about the lighter in your pocket?" I looked at him and said "What lighter?" "I know you picked one up and put it in your pocket." he replied. To show him how wrong he was, I emptied all of my pockets on the counter, and pulled my pockets inside out. I asked him if he wanted "to pat me down". He said "I don't want to touch you". He treated me like a homeless person. I walked to 7-11 as I had a room at the Comfort Suites and taken an Uber there. This employee should apologize to me personally. I felt very insulted and humiliated by this employee. Something should be done about this incident. Feel free to contact me by e-mail. (hidden) I am looking forward to receiving a PERSONAL APOLOGY from this employee.

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Bill Dooley - 31 d 5 h ago


I was in the 7-11 store at 6701 S Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73139. We went in and purchased some items. This was Jan. 14th at around 1:00 A.M. As I was checking out the clerk said "What about the lighter in your pocket?" I looked at him and said "What lighter?" "I know you picked one up and put it in your pocket." he replied. To show him how wrong he was, I emptied all of my pockets on the counter, and pulled my pockets inside out. I asked him if he wanted "to pat me down". He said "I don't want to touch you". He treated me like a homeless person. I walked to 7-11 as I had a room at the Comfort Suites and taken an Uber there. This employee should apologize to me personally. I felt very insulted and humiliated by this employee. Something should be done about this incident. Feel free to contact me by e-mail. (hidden) I am looking forward to receiving a PERSONAL APOLOGY from this employee.

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Anonymous - 32 d 9 h ago

I was riooed off of $69 3 months ago at the 711 in bellmore ny. I bought an expensive remote helicopter that is advertised as being unbreakable. It broke within 10 minz. The 711 in bellmore nybon merrick rd refused a refund. I called the headquarters everyday for 3 months and get the runaround. I will call every minute everday and Harrass you until im refunded

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Robert Crocker - 33 d ago


Purchased several boxes of 7-eleven regular exclusive k-cups while traveling in VA. Opened second box this morning to discover only 6 cups in the box vs 8 cups as labeled. Attempted resolution via (hidden) only to be connected to a Customer Service center located outside the United States. W/o a dated receipt and the store address I was to.d there was no resolution to this issue. The individual store has no control over the packaging of a product so why should that matter? I spent my hard earned money and am very dissatisfied with your failure to assure my satisfaction with your product. Never again...nothing and rest assured everyone I deal with will feel the same. I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the appropriate state agency

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