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7-Eleven, Inc.

1722 Routh St., Ste. 1000, 1 Arts Plz
Dallas, TX
Joseph DePinto
President CEO and Director
(972) 828-7011
(972) 828-7848
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William Reid - 3 h 60 m ago

I reside in Vancouver , BRITISH COLUMBIA , Canada . The local 7 / 11 stores are charging five cents for a small plastic bag . 7 / 11 Canada emailed me stating they do so to save the waste .In reality it looks more like CORPORATE GREED .The claim was made , that most stores charge . Not true . Safeway , Walmart , Best Buy , Save on Foods , and many more do not charge . I , and my friends will endevor to not purchase from 7 / 11 from now on . Note there are two to three million potential 7 / 11 customers in Vancouver Canada , would be a shame if they all stopped shopping @ 7 / 11 . YOUR MOVE

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Erika - 3 h ago

The 7 eleven on 20th east and Palmdale in Palmdale California always breech there policies on the sales they advertice..example any size iced coffee for 99 they only put small cups why advertise in the window if you are not going to serve the customers what they need

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brent herling - 1 d 7 h ago


I'm writing about safety concerns at the store in Dallas at Forest lane and Marsh lane. The sidewalk by the street is in terrible condition and employees park on this area illegally. I have an elderly family member who has almost fallen several times trying to walk on the side walk to get to the crosswalk. This safety concern demands immediate remediation.

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K - 4 d 3 h ago

Dear Joseph De Pinto,

I purchased a product at your store in Portland Oregon on Killingsworth and Greeley Store. I thought I was buying a snack cracker. When I opened the package it was a glob it did not even look like the product. I put it aside and later that day I looked at the package. I was almost sick the expiration date was 12/30/2017. The date is today os 8-14-2018. I made 2 calls to your company first one I talk to Central America.

Second call was to your Corporate office. Jt was awhile before I even got a call. I was told I would receive a gift certificate for 7-11. I want my cash.

First of all never received gift card nor do I want to shop your chain ever again.

I do want my cash back for this horrendous expierence.

If I dont get a refund in cash or check.

I will seek further assistance.

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Blindsided - 5 d ago


I worked for a cooperate Store located on long island NY, i worked there since it opened for a year and a half and was recently fired. Their way of firing me though was not to tell me anything but to have me come in for my shift to find out iv been dropped from the schedule . I tried to contact my manger to find out what happened to to see if there was any way i could fix anything or at least hear from her that ive been fired but no she dodged my calls and texts repeatedly . So now i have been stuck with trying to find a way to send a formal complaint that might actually mean something but every where i turn its customer only complaints. Which is another thing the company needs to work on is finding a way employees can have a voice too.

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RhonSUe - 10 d 8 h ago


in a attempt to get to the bottom of how a & Eleven staff or customer was able to use my chip off my credit card after I pumped gas, I was on hold for a very long time. however, the answering machine tells me, "there are 2 people in line ahead of you, est wait is one minute". after 10 minutes of hearing that... I disconnected my call.

I will let the fraud department at my bank deal with 7 Eleven. I will NEVER purchase gas or any other item at 7 Eleven and will tell my family and friends about this experience.

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R.B - 15 d 11 h ago


I live in Phila.and I work at 1080 N Delaware Ave across from the Sugar House Casino.there is a 7 11 at the end of our building went they first came here about three year ago they was on the ball foreigners and for the last year it was chance over to all Black and it's a 24hr store went I come in to work at 8:00 am they don't have a pretzel or a sausage biscuit are nothing ready this is the worse 7 11 store in Phila. and it's the only store around here I can't stand this store I just got Fed up

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Anonymous - 57 d 29 m ago


Horrible place to work for. I was fired for putting in my two week notice. Was told to TRAIN a manager, finish my shift and no long had a job. This is very unprofessional. After being used for things that were NOT my job. I will never recommend anyone to ever work for this company.

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Thomad - 53 d ago


I was fired from my 7 11 store too. Had doctor excuse not to work for two days . I was in the emergency room and doctor. Gave me a excuse. Taken pain medication and all

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Anonymous - 51 d ago

Sue them,in Worker's Compensation court.

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adsd - 15 d 13 h ago


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Melanie - 19 d 1 h ago

I live here in Escondido, Ca. I am writing to you to PRAISE ,not complain of one of your store locations. The owners and their employees are the most hardworking, honest and friendliest people i have ever come across. Cleanliness, efficiency, you name it. For the 7-11 birthday, it was decorated and tables set up for the slurpees. Put it this way, more people need to be like Deep and Gil, the owners. I have been to many 7-11's throughout the country, these people by far surpass them all! Thank you for your time. Oh, the location is 1860 W. El Norte , Escondido, Ca. My receipt says store #21803

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Joey Rod rig yes - 24 d ago


Dear 7 Eleven boss bring two sugarless iced the stores

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You know - 26 d 17 h ago

The late night workers are charging ,say, 17.25$ when it's actually 12.25$! I am now kicked out because I have confirmed that the amount they are stealing behind camera cleverly is criminal! Because it's the only spot to get hot food @ night, they (Brian!) Takes advantage of the tired and hungry. Especially the ones who are not aware of looking at the prices. If you're interested in keeping customers, Bust the thief! (Brian) @ Florence station. Do it soon before he's in prison and your company gets the Bad rap! Thank You!

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Lisa walker - 29 d 17 h ago


Smh about to make my video of what happen to me go viral i hate the 7eleven on ross everybody not no dope head that steps in there and they are so racist rude as hell see that place 5000 ross ave dallas tx run

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Watermen - 31 d 9 h ago


A real poquoson resident. Bred and raised

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Anonymous - 32 d 11 h ago


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Anonymous - 34 d ago


I Worked at one of the corporate stores in NY. I lasted 3 weeks there. They Give you A lot of work too do for a peanut salary. They hire nothing but kids that don't want too work. They change your schedule without contacting you. I was on schedule when I left work 2 Days prior only to go in find out it was changed. They want female employees to work the over night alone but they not providing you proper security. They don't appreciate Good employees. It is a slave driving job. Mopping floors, taking out trash, & had the Nerve to want you too wash windows& sweep parking lot. No breaks on your feet constantly & when it's time for you to end your shift you can't leave on time cause these kids come in when they feel like it. If they learn to Pay people a reasonable salary they might could get good employees and keep them.

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Mel Wheeler - 36 d 37 s ago


I and several of my motorcycle riding friends are getting angry with the 7/11 on Koa in Poinciana FL. Over the last year their pumps have consistently NOT printed receipts. We initially were happy to use store# 37213 because it was new and convenient in our neighborhood. We have repeatedly informed employees and management of this problem. If we have to go in to get a receipt, there is often a line of 6 or more people waiting. Now, we have to wait to get proof of a purchase we have already made. The last time this happened I was told "It isn't our fault" and they claimed customers were doing something to cause the problem. It may not be their "fault", but It is THEIR PROBLEM and it should be resolved. There are new refueling options opening up in the area, and if this store can't get it's act together, we will be spending our money anywhere else even if it is less convienent

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Anonymous - 37 d 18 h ago

When entering the 7-11 on Chapman in Fullerton Ca my children asked if they could get their free slurpie due to it being July 11 2018. The employee stated that " nothing is free at this store you better have cash or get out". I am very appalled at the manner this person spoke to my children. I asked if this was a corporate or franchise location and he refused to tell me and refused to give his name as well.

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Cathy Butts - 38 d ago


The 7 Eleven in Hedgesville WV was refusing to give free slurpees 6:45 today. They said that they had already given to many away.

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Cynthia Cone - 38 d ago


I want to let you know about the superior location at 3324 Northland Drive, Austin, TX (Store# 36274) and the fabulous manager named, Ryan. I am a 66 year old woman who purchases 16 Diet Sunkist every week. I don't drink coffee and the Diet Sunkist is my source of caffine in the morning. Ryan noticed that I buy a lot of Sunkist. So, he gave me a milk crate to carry them and when I arrive at the store, he takes the crate and fills it for me and carries is to my car. Because Ryan offers the best service of any convience store I have ever been, I now go to that 7/11 to buy all of my gasoline and Diet Sunkist. And, my daughter only buys her gasoline there, to. Ryan is truely a great 7/11 asset!!!

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Anonymous - 38 d 3 h ago


I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about the excellent customer service we received from Eric and Derek at your 7-11 location at 14110 A, El Cajon, Ca.

Both of these managers went above and beyond in their service to the young mission workers in my group.

We truly appreciate how Derek allowed us to get our free small slurpees before 11:00 as we went to help at the park on a very hot day, and Derek allowing them a second free slurpy after their hard work at the park


Scott Friedrich and the youth from Good Shepherd Church in Vancouver, Wa.

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Anonymous - 39 d 4 h ago


Ever since 7-Eleven bought Tedeschi Food Shops you guys have done nothing but ruin what used to be a good thing. Every time you turn around you're closing another 1. TFS stores were so clean you could eat off the floor but ever since 7-Eleven took over they are filthy dirty and disgusting. Why did you buy TFS, remodel and then close them? I think you people don't have a clue of what you're doing. Another thing you guys do is you leave the TFS sign up on the store and throw a cheap plastic 7-Eleven sign over it so at night when the light on the sign comes on the TFS sign shines through! Who's brilliant idea was that??? You guys have no class.

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leslie - 45 d ago


i'm contacting you in regards to my local 7-eleven. I don't know the store # but it is on atlantic shores blvd in Hallandale florida 33009. this store continues to go downhill. I have been coming to this store for almost 10 years and tonight was the worst. therevwere a few customers in the store and a couple of us waiting on line just to have the store clerk tell us she closed the register down for 1 hour. there are no notices anywhere ststing this is store policy. I have seen this store change hands numerous times and this is the worst yet. the store has been filthy on numerous occasions and most of the time they only have 1 cashier working. I have to walk with 2 bad knees when I go to this store, which is usually on a daily basis and to be told, very rudely, I might add that the register is closed is unproffesional. I doubt anyone will get in touch with me but here is my phone # (hidden)

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