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American Association of Retired Persons
601 E St. Nw
Washington, DC
A. Barry Rand
(202) 434-7700
(202) 434-7710
Twitter IDs
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Michael Pottorff - 8 d 8 s ago


I see the D.C. address above, but I rec'd a renewal notice giving a Calif address. What's the story?

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Stephanie - 73 d 11 h ago


I would like to comment on your recent article covering Madonna, along with her comments on sexuality. We are ASTOUNDED that AARP would publish ANY ARTICLE covering a woman who OFFERED ORAL SEX TO MALES IF THEY VOTED FOR HILLARY CLINTON! She has also stated SHE GAVE CONSIDERABLE THOUGHT TO BLOWING UP THE WHIITE HOUSE. Many subscribers have contacted AARP with their complaints by telephone, so I know I am not alone. We have been members for years, and have been very impressed with the information and storylines printed, but this situation is totally offensive AND insensitive at the same time. This is the time for the Board of Directors to become more involved, apologize to their subscribers, and guarantee that AARP magazine will be monitored much more closely. As well; the AARP needs to ensure stories are evaluated as acceptable to the magazine's readers, before they are printed. WHOEVER made the decision to include the story covering such an poor human example of decency, is beyond me.

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Anonymous - 50 d 9 h ago

Hey hold on.. how come i never heard that Madonna would give oral sex to anyone voting for Hilary. Although i voted for Trump, my nasty old hag of a wife has not given me the old nod-bob in ages. Jeez, I woulda switched my vote in a Mira lago minute!

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I Am Not Stupid Man - 45 d 13 h ago


I don't believe this and you supply no source (let alone a reliable one) for this info. Yeah Madonna's strange and not conservative, but really? I consider this gross misinformation and it amazes me that it is on the top of the comment list (monitor these somebody). It is a black eye for AARP. GET A LIFE!

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Karen Smith - 8 d 16 h ago


What do you expect from Aarp? They have a liberal agenda, which is to corrupt everyone.

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Langdon Florg - 8 d 15 m ago


As opposed to the Dump/Ryan agenda to kill off medicare and social security in favor of vouchers? Are you kidding? Why in the world would you be so hard headed as to vote against your own self interests? Geez... you're SUPPOSED to get smarter as you age. And please, don't come back with 'emails' 'Benghazi'. Don't be a dim bulb of a broken record. Educate yourself. Sleep when you're dead.

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Anonymous - 13 d 5 h ago

My donation, along with ballots to the 3 California congressman, was returned to me in the mail.

Addressed to Jo Ann C. Jenkins

AARP P.O. Box 93129

Long Beach, Ca. 90809-3129

This was sent in your own self addressed envelope.

What to do to get it to the proper person?


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Mike H. - 13 d 8 h ago


I would like to know why AARP has sent me 5 notices to pay a $62.00 bill when I've never signed up for AARP.. You people have been hounding me for over 10 years to join you. I get at least 1 piece of mail every month from you, (which goes directly to the garbage). I figure you have about 1 more time to try to tell me I owe you money and I'm going to the State Atty's Office and filing a formal complaint against you. Your company has nothing I want, so stop sending me mail.

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Char - 2 y 88 d ago


i would like to reach A. Barry Rand. CEO.

What people are you trying to help With your RX Drug insurance? Surely not the biggest population of Retired People.

Some of the insurance drug plans, people can't afford the tiers on some of the plans.


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Greekgoddess - 1 y 234 d ago


Mr. Rands increase in the drug co-pays is so he can get a raise. His $575,000 annual salary apparently is not enough!

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

It seems like Mr. Rand should run for President of the United States. With his $575,000 a year, he needs a pay cut. And now JoAnn Jenkins is now the person in charge of AARP. When you call aarp, all the representatives are from different states. Why can't you call Mrs. Jenkins instead of a 800 number. She to afraird to give out her Washington, DC number

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Christina - 220 d 8 h ago


When I called AARP and ask to please leave a message for Ms Jo Ann Jenkins , I was told by Leo, a supervisor that she does not talk to members. I was so shocked I was speechless!!!

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kb - 207 d 9 h ago


We must be the peasants that she lives off of

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Semi Educated - 45 d 13 h ago


AARP is a money making political agenda machine. What do you expect? I'll bet this doesn't stay up long!

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Kingdomchild - 86 d 8 h ago


Hi Christina:

There may be a situation of hierarchy involved in reaching her for unresolved issues. I may be able to get you to that level of reaching her if your demands are not met. Feel free to contact me at (hidden).

Flagged for review. 
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KB - 207 d 9 h ago


Please she is a scammer

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KB - 207 d 9 h ago


He supported Obamacare which cost use our coverage and our co-pays

Thanks for listening to your membership but instead going against us.

MR Rand is in the pocket of insurance companies and Obama

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J.D. - 114 d 16 h ago


Rand is a transgender FTM.

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E. Meader - 1 y ago


I have accident forgiveness with policy. I was rearended, the persons who hit me insuramce paid for damages to my car. But Hartfort held the accident against me. They raised my primium by 198.00 a year for 5 years. When l called them on it. They said it was a surcharge not a primium increase. And to think I have had AARP for over 15 years plus home owners I am now looking for hopefully more honest copany, good luck to me.

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Cooper - 1 y ago


Just sent a letter to UHC concerning the cost of insulin. I am sending a copy to Rand so he knows I want certain information about what Optum Rx is paying for these drugs. The cost for insulin is skyrocketing and the price they are paying is costing me a lot.

I am in the donut hole after 3 months. Optum Rx which is one of three negotiators for drugs made $19.7 Billion in the first quarter of 2016. Obscene . And I'm going to find out why. The easy way or the hard way, it's up to them.

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J.D. - 114 d 16 h ago


You signed a contract. Did you read it? Did you understand it??

If not......You are screwed.

NEVER sign anything until they give you the meaning of EVERY word in the contract. And then under your signature write/print "All Rights Reserved".

Get it????

Got IT????

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Depressed and distressed - 288 d 8 h ago



AARP KEEPS BILLING my mom and we never signed up!

Charging her for meds $175.00!

She has 3 member numbers and when I said to the agaent that this smells like a scam, the agent never denied it!!

Seniors are being harrassed, lied to and robbed all in the name of AARP!!

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Prima - 114 d 7 h ago


You're right. I've just been charged for my Plan N supplement after cancelling it last year. The runaround is Horrific & they collected 2 months fees & will only refund one. This caused serious hardship & overdraw to my checking acct., costing me add'l $38, Was told it would take 29 to 30 days to refund??? I signed up for their HMO & cancelled this back in October. + Their structure on Plan D is horrific. Still billing me for that out of my SSI & having impossible problems reaching the correct person to cancel since 2016.

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Kathy - 163 d ago


AARP has been very good to me, paying medical bills that Medicare does not cover. It is good medical insurance. Plus trying to improve the plight of seniors and advice to help stay healthy. Any other insurance is not going to be any better for the price.

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Carolina Advisors Group- Raleigh Office - 33 d 6 h ago

You couldn't be further from the truth... Medicare Supplements are standardized. But different companies charge different premiums for the SAME EXACT PLANS. AARP UHC Med Supps are not competitive in their pricing at all. I save seniors on average $50-$100 a month by switching their supplement to a company with better rates.

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Mythbuster - 135 d 8 h ago

They are helping AARP. I asked for quotes for prescription insurance and when I got the quote the premium itself was higher than I pay for the prescriptions. If you want to save money go to Health Warehouse (in Kentucky) for minor needs and for major needs they don't carry go to PharmStore is Canadian and they get the generic drugs form other countries like India. In other words from the same place where the American drug companies get them. Our government passed a law to keep people from getting drugs from outside the US. Fortunately they are not currently enforcing it but think about this...The law states that it is illegal to import any order of drugs worth LESS than $2,500.00. Now think about why LESS than 25 hundred? I submit it is so you can't import any while specifically exempting drug companies!

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