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American Association of Retired Persons
601 E St. Nw
Washington, DC
A. Barry Rand
(202) 434-7700
(202) 434-7710
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ELD - 9 d 7 h ago


Terrible!!!! They put my name and address on third party maiuling list without letting me know! I receive 4-5 pieces of junk mail every day! The nerve of them. And it's all coming from Washington DC, area code 202.Shouldn't they let the customer know that addresses are being bought and sold! You go to every company and take my address off their mailing list ASAP!!!!

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Victoria - 18 d 11 h ago


I recently purchased The Hartford auto insurance thru the AARP. I think it is extremely deceptive that anybody should be able to purchase an insurance policy upfront and then be later informed that their policy is being cancelled because they do not have an active AARP membership. So essentially, I received a letter stating my policy was being cancelled because I did not have an AARP membership! It isnt the cost as it was only $'s the idea that I was allowed to purchase this policy without one! And nobody said a word.

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JP - 21 d 10 h ago


, I've been a member for nine years and I've been getting bills saying pay your membership now it is not due till March 2018. I been calling AARP over and over for the past two years to stop wasting money and time sending me a bill till it is due.This pass month I got two bills saying last chance to pay. I've ask over and over to please stop the bills I will pay when it is due and not any time sooner. They keep telling me it takes a month to go thru now today they tell me there is no way in the past that they could of done this but now they have a way of doing it.Save the money and trees and STOP THE BILLS.....not a happy customer at all.....

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JoAnn - 28 d 10 h ago


Dear Sir,

I don't know how AARP can be associated with UnitedHealthcare. Yesterday I received a letter from them saying that they had taken my premium payment out twice. Also, It said that they could apply it to my next bill or get a refund. The letter gave me a phone number to call between 8am & 8pm local time. I called & the recording said they closed at 6:30! I called this morning at 8am. I wass told that they could issue me a check. I said I wanted the money put back in my account. I was told it would take 7 to 10 days! I told her that it only took three days to take it out & asked why it would take 7 to 10 days. If they send a check it would take less time! Why should I have to get in my car & go to my bank? Why should I be inconvenienced when this is THEIR FAULT?Because they have to do it manually. So what? This is a huge company who doesn't even HAVE a billing department! I talked to a supervisor (?) and she said she would call me in 30 minutes. I called her. Then she said she had to talk to someone & she would get back to me in TWO TO THREE HOURS!!!! Again, Why is AARP associated with them? Hasn't anyone from AARP looked at the UnitedHerlthcare reviews online? Obviously not. AARP is supposed to be concerned with the senior population, but apparently not our healthcare. Shame on you.

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Virginia Wilson - 30 d 9 h ago

Mr. Rand,

Writing this comment to you about the Medicare (Self Administered Drug Benefit). As a Senior, I am very upset with Medicare's none payment for Self Administered Drugs while in the hospital under the care of a Physician, regardless if you are an OUT PATIENT, or UNDER OBSERVATION. This could be for a day or even four days. Medicare only pays for medicine that are not self administered and Self Administered Drugs only if you are admitted into the hospital. This information is not widely known and many Seniors are being billed for medication prescribed to them by their Physician. They are being victimized because, if they refused the medications, then they are not following their Doctor's orders and it is unsafe to bring medication into the hospital. Medicare is not FREE! This needs to be investigated, and advocated on behalf of ALL Seniors.

Thank you,

Virginia Wilson

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Norman tursky - 31 d 10 h ago


Thank you for making it clear that we senior citizens are a very large viable voting block. I have sent this to all of my representatives. If you will ask your membership to do the same maybe we will get them to remember that they work for us.

July , 2017

Dear (Senator or Representative)

New York Representative Sean Patrick Malony is introducing three bills that will make sure representatives in Congress have the same healthcare plan as their constituents.

I agree that our elected representatives should not have special privileges. They should not only have the same healthcare plan as the people they represent, I believe that all of the laws passed for the people of the United States should apply to all of their elected representatives.

I am writing to ask that you join with Rep. Malony in requiring that all elected congressional representatives, regardless of party, vote to insure that the HEALTHCARE law and any other law that you approve for the American people will also apply to you.

If you don't believe this is the way our elected representatives should represent us, I will do my best to make sure that in the next election, we, your constituents, replace you with someone that does.


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Char - 2 y 198 d ago


i would like to reach A. Barry Rand. CEO.

What people are you trying to help With your RX Drug insurance? Surely not the biggest population of Retired People.

Some of the insurance drug plans, people can't afford the tiers on some of the plans.


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Greekgoddess - 2 y ago


Mr. Rands increase in the drug co-pays is so he can get a raise. His $575,000 annual salary apparently is not enough!

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Anonymous - 1 y 115 d ago

It seems like Mr. Rand should run for President of the United States. With his $575,000 a year, he needs a pay cut. And now JoAnn Jenkins is now the person in charge of AARP. When you call aarp, all the representatives are from different states. Why can't you call Mrs. Jenkins instead of a 800 number. She to afraird to give out her Washington, DC number

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Christina - 1 y ago


When I called AARP and ask to please leave a message for Ms Jo Ann Jenkins , I was told by Leo, a supervisor that she does not talk to members. I was so shocked I was speechless!!!

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kb - 1 y ago


We must be the peasants that she lives off of

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Semi Educated - 155 d 10 h ago


AARP is a money making political agenda machine. What do you expect? I'll bet this doesn't stay up long!

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Kingdomchild - 196 d 6 h ago


Hi Christina:

There may be a situation of hierarchy involved in reaching her for unresolved issues. I may be able to get you to that level of reaching her if your demands are not met. Feel free to contact me at (hidden).

Flagged for review. 
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Dannita Coleman - 33 d 6 h ago

I would like to contact Mrs. Jenkins on an urged matter via letter by mail. How do I write to her?

What is her office mailing address?

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KB - 1 y ago


Please she is a scammer

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Phil @ Karen Supervisor VOA Shelter Valhalla - 76 d 4 h ago


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KB - 1 y ago


He supported Obamacare which cost use our coverage and our co-pays

Thanks for listening to your membership but instead going against us.

MR Rand is in the pocket of insurance companies and Obama

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J.D. - 224 d 14 h ago


Rand is a transgender FTM.

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E. Meader - 1 y 115 d ago


I have accident forgiveness with policy. I was rearended, the persons who hit me insuramce paid for damages to my car. But Hartfort held the accident against me. They raised my primium by 198.00 a year for 5 years. When l called them on it. They said it was a surcharge not a primium increase. And to think I have had AARP for over 15 years plus home owners I am now looking for hopefully more honest copany, good luck to me.

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Anonymous - 75 d 19 h ago


We too have decided to leave this liberal batshit pyscho democratic political machine. We're looking for an insurance company, not supporting political parties! We just can no longer continue to support this company or it's decisions. We are looking at USAA in case you want to check them out.


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Cooper - 1 y 110 d ago


Just sent a letter to UHC concerning the cost of insulin. I am sending a copy to Rand so he knows I want certain information about what Optum Rx is paying for these drugs. The cost for insulin is skyrocketing and the price they are paying is costing me a lot.

I am in the donut hole after 3 months. Optum Rx which is one of three negotiators for drugs made $19.7 Billion in the first quarter of 2016. Obscene . And I'm going to find out why. The easy way or the hard way, it's up to them.

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J.D. - 224 d 14 h ago


You signed a contract. Did you read it? Did you understand it??

If not......You are screwed.

NEVER sign anything until they give you the meaning of EVERY word in the contract. And then under your signature write/print "All Rights Reserved".

Get it????

Got IT????

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Anonymous - 75 d 19 h ago

I'm curious, what does the printing of ALL RIGHTS RESERVED under your signature guarantee for you in a signed contract?

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Depressed and distressed - 1 y ago



AARP KEEPS BILLING my mom and we never signed up!

Charging her for meds $175.00!

She has 3 member numbers and when I said to the agaent that this smells like a scam, the agent never denied it!!

Seniors are being harrassed, lied to and robbed all in the name of AARP!!

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Prima - 224 d 4 h ago


You're right. I've just been charged for my Plan N supplement after cancelling it last year. The runaround is Horrific & they collected 2 months fees & will only refund one. This caused serious hardship & overdraw to my checking acct., costing me add'l $38, Was told it would take 29 to 30 days to refund??? I signed up for their HMO & cancelled this back in October. + Their structure on Plan D is horrific. Still billing me for that out of my SSI & having impossible problems reaching the correct person to cancel since 2016.

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Anonymous - 75 d 18 h ago

Contact Jay Sekulow if ACLJ at These are the type of cases they can handle.

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Anonymous - 75 d 19 h ago

You need to put a FULL STOP TO ALL PAYMENTS IMMEDIATELY! Contact them and tell them if they bill you again, you will have your attorney sue the hell out of them. Contact Jay Sekulow of ACLJ at These are the type cases they handle! Good luck!

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