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American Association of Retired Persons
601 E St. Nw
Washington, DC
A. Barry Rand
(202) 434-7700
(202) 434-7710
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G. Cole - 6 d ago


Your system of renewing memberships is extremely complicated. After I just spent a half hour talking to a representative, I finally understand the system but it's irrational beyond belief. The worst part of it is that nowhere on the MULTIPLE REMEWAL forms you send out, there's no explanation of how to interpret what they mean.

I interpreted the expiration date meant when my membership ended not when the bonus promotion ended.

I assumed that my renewal date would always be the same even if I paid late. Not so, if you do not renew in the month your membership began and pay late, a whole new renewal date starts. I joined in January 1946 so i assumed my renewal date would always be January. But some years I couldn't pay in January so I paid later in February or March. My new renewal date would be the month I paid. But I was still shown as a member since January 1946. I get 2 or 3 renewal notices so I assumed the expiration date on them was when my membership ended but it was for the expiration of the promotion.

You're dealing with Seniors who have lost some of their capacity to deal with such a complicated system. May I make a suggestion. Send one and only one notice, saying that your membership expires on such and such a date. If you still want to make specials offers (reduced membership fees, special gifts) througho,ut the year, make it very clear when the person's membership ends and the notice is only an offer of some promotion for RENEWING EARLY.

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Sam - 15 d 16 h ago

AARP heavy on political ad's, don't represent views of a large percentage of your membership, need to be member focused not political viewpoint focused.

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Heather Davies - 15 d 20 h ago






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Dan Miller - 19 d 15 h ago


I have never been a member and probably never will be. My name is Dan Miller and my mother and father were active members up until over 2 years ago they DIED. We still receive correspondence from you even though I have returned them with the explanation that both Clyde and Linda Miller are DECEASED. Why do you insist on doing this. I realize that 99 per cent of this is computer generated but come on 2 years later you can not get it thru that they are both DEAD. My father and I were very close and I am still Having a real hard time with the fact that they are both GONE so you can imagine my delight every so often when we receive more of your crap reminding that they are gone. Please find someone there that can go into the computer and take ClydeMiller, Linda R. Miller, 4490 Box Canyon Road, Billings, Mt. 59101. Thank you if indeed anyone there is smart enough to take care of this problem.

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Anonymous - 35 d ago

ATTENTION ATTENTION FYI FYI FYI FYI FYI ATTENTION ATTENTION THEY ARE GIVING AARP A BAD NAME AND REPRESENTAITON The company listed below called me and offered me a job at AARP located at 601 E ST NW Washington DC.. I have been looking to work so I thought this was a really job offer until I called AARP just to double check with Human Resources and the operator was RUDE. She did not transfer me to Human Resources and told me to go to (hidden). The person who answered the phone said she would ask her supervisor about my concerns and told me to refer to the web site. If you are hiring in the Accounting Department I am interested, if not you might want to investigate the COMPANY LISTED BELOW. They called me as I mentioned above and offered me a job APR Consulting, Inc Jaris Dumag| Recruiter Office: (hidden) x 704 Email: (hidden) The Right People. The Right Service. Est. 1980 | NMSDC & WBENC Certified MWBE

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Jaris Dumag - 29 d 18 h ago


I am Jaris. You might want to google our company's name. APR Consulting Inc and let me know we can help you further.

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hartford - 34 d ago

I am a thirteen year plus member of aarp, my husband and I total have been provided insurance coverage through the Hartford over thirty plus years. He passed 2006 and I continued to carry on coverage paying in full on time. Things where good, had couple tows, fence damage nothing extremely costly until June 2015 when a pipe burst in the concrete. I woke to a flood, only two rooms spared. Our items damaged or destroyed. My teak floor ruined, thirty thousand dollar Persian rug soaked, pictures were down for painter to be scheduled prior. The claims adjuster came ran through home gone in twenty, recommended contractor. Being out of my league hiring a contractor I relied on the claims adjuster recommendation. That was the huge mistake lesson learned, if claims adjuster recommends run. The contractor looked over my place twenty minutes, accessed damage and forward to claims adjuster. . The crew unskilled laborers packing onions , painting over plugs, destroying blinds and drinking not acceptable. Finally the over charge for boxes exceeding fifty plus and breaking of collectables final insult. These and more issues were brought to the attention of my claims adjuster and customer service went downhill and continued to decline. My pictures my collectibles, furniture, paid adjuster referred by Hartford to my claim items as junk. So many issues with the Hartford landed me a trip to our local hospital the stress. It was the little things small print items in policy that pop up and correspondence,. It was then I decided the Hartford did not need my business. I just stopped correspondence with and soon as I could signed up with USAA insurance and for less money same or additional coverage I feel more empowered joining a company founded in 1922 , by former service men who returned from war. Being a disabled vet and the former wife of a disabled vet I only wish I would have looked into this insurance thirteen years ago.

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Bob R - 41 d 20 m ago


I trusted aarp to choose good venders. But when I had a problem with delta dental insurance they weren't helpful. The special rep that was supposed to help has not returned my calls for 4 days and the issue continues. I called again and the member services rep said he couldn't figure out how to help me. My membership will come to an end.

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Terry - 41 d 15 h ago


i renewed my membership i may 2017 for 5 years for 63 .00 paid with a personal check but, AARP taken additional unauthorized 37.00 dollars from my checking account . This is a CRIME UN-AUTHORIZED taken of funds from a member bank account. I wonder if i am the only person AARP have done this too

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Pat - 58 d 24 h ago


I didnt ask for their mailing nor do i want their membership ads coming to my home . I have called for over a year to stop the letters but they wont stop !! This company likes to harass people into joining them and i dont like that.

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RANDY L GLASS - 44 d ago

Waste of money I have same problem,

Sending membership apps expensive

Propaganda! Stop please I,have your life insurance and that's all I care for


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AARP is Killing My Business - 47 d 21 h ago


AARP took it upon themselves to list my business under their '' link. Now when people search for my business and click on my link, it takes them to AARP. My business is high school senior photography, not senior citizen photography (although I have nothing against that). My business inquiries have dropped because people think I photograph senior citizens, not high school seniors. PLEASE REMOVE MY BUSINESS FROM YOUR LOCAL LISTING!!! I have tried contacting AARP by email and by phone which have both been horrible experiences with no resolution.

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Peter B. in Hallandale Beach, FL - 48 d 19 h ago


Hello! I recently tried to learn about two employment positions with AARP, and I had an awful experience. I emailed AARP's Human Resources Department to find out if it was still okay (i.e., not too late) to apply for one or both positions, and a HR representative from AARP emailed me with a response that he "had not seen my employment applications". Clearly, he did not either read or understand the nature of my email, or he was being evasive on purpose. Regardless, I wrote back with a simpler and more clear request, and the HR representative did not respond to my second email request. Terrible customer service!

After reading all the AARP members' bad experiences and concerns below, I do not want to work for this organization. I thought AARP was suppose to be an advocacy group dedicated to the well-being and rights of retirees and elderly persons in the United States. Now, I see that I was wrong.

AARP's leadership seems to have forgotten that their lobbying clout and political influence is based on their membership numbers and ability to galvanize its members' active participation. However, I now see that AARP does NOT effectively advocate or care about its memberships' best interests. Very sad!

When I retire in 10 years, I will make sure to tear up and throw away any literature, mailings, or brochures I receive from AARP. Persons in their 50s are being discriminated against in employment by public, non-profit, and private sector employers throughout the United States, and AARP is silent and not doing anything about it. We need a NEW national organization to serve, represent, and advocate the rights, benefits, and interests of 55+ persons in the United States.

Let's speak out and make our voices heard!

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Frederick James Pirtle - 56 d 6 h ago


sometimes I cant sleep thinking about my bills and what not but this problem really bothers me AARP keeps sending me a notice for membership renewal fees past due they finally suspended my membership last month the problem is I paid my membership fee back in March 2017 I had to do a lot of legwork with my bank to get the proof I paid said bill mailed the proof to Jo Ann Jenkins mailing address to no avail no response why does a multibillion dollar company operate like this maybe that's why they are a multi-billion dollar company by double charging seniors who don't remember if they paid the bill or not AARP you need to check yourself sounds like class action to me

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EarlS - 57 d 20 h ago


My vehicle had to be towed at the beginning of April 2017 after contacting AARP Roadside Assistance, in the process the right side was damaged by the Towing Service, after reaching out to AARP Roadside Assistance with all the information. The case is still open, now at the end of August 2017, without a resolution. Continually reaching out to both AARP/Allstate, have been getting the run around. If it was possible I would give a negative 10 stars. One of the WORST experience there has been!!!!

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ELD - 71 d ago


Terrible!!!! They put my name and address on third party maiuling list without letting me know! I receive 4-5 pieces of junk mail every day! The nerve of them. And it's all coming from Washington DC, area code 202.Shouldn't they let the customer know that addresses are being bought and sold! You go to every company and take my address off their mailing list ASAP!!!!

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Victoria - 80 d 24 h ago


I recently purchased The Hartford auto insurance thru the AARP. I think it is extremely deceptive that anybody should be able to purchase an insurance policy upfront and then be later informed that their policy is being cancelled because they do not have an active AARP membership. So essentially, I received a letter stating my policy was being cancelled because I did not have an AARP membership! It isnt the cost as it was only $'s the idea that I was allowed to purchase this policy without one! And nobody said a word.

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JP - 83 d ago


, I've been a member for nine years and I've been getting bills saying pay your membership now it is not due till March 2018. I been calling AARP over and over for the past two years to stop wasting money and time sending me a bill till it is due.This pass month I got two bills saying last chance to pay. I've ask over and over to please stop the bills I will pay when it is due and not any time sooner. They keep telling me it takes a month to go thru now today they tell me there is no way in the past that they could of done this but now they have a way of doing it.Save the money and trees and STOP THE BILLS.....not a happy customer at all.....

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JoAnn - 90 d 43 s ago


Dear Sir,

I don't know how AARP can be associated with UnitedHealthcare. Yesterday I received a letter from them saying that they had taken my premium payment out twice. Also, It said that they could apply it to my next bill or get a refund. The letter gave me a phone number to call between 8am & 8pm local time. I called & the recording said they closed at 6:30! I called this morning at 8am. I wass told that they could issue me a check. I said I wanted the money put back in my account. I was told it would take 7 to 10 days! I told her that it only took three days to take it out & asked why it would take 7 to 10 days. If they send a check it would take less time! Why should I have to get in my car & go to my bank? Why should I be inconvenienced when this is THEIR FAULT?Because they have to do it manually. So what? This is a huge company who doesn't even HAVE a billing department! I talked to a supervisor (?) and she said she would call me in 30 minutes. I called her. Then she said she had to talk to someone & she would get back to me in TWO TO THREE HOURS!!!! Again, Why is AARP associated with them? Hasn't anyone from AARP looked at the UnitedHerlthcare reviews online? Obviously not. AARP is supposed to be concerned with the senior population, but apparently not our healthcare. Shame on you.

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Virginia Wilson - 92 d 7 m ago

Mr. Rand,

Writing this comment to you about the Medicare (Self Administered Drug Benefit). As a Senior, I am very upset with Medicare's none payment for Self Administered Drugs while in the hospital under the care of a Physician, regardless if you are an OUT PATIENT, or UNDER OBSERVATION. This could be for a day or even four days. Medicare only pays for medicine that are not self administered and Self Administered Drugs only if you are admitted into the hospital. This information is not widely known and many Seniors are being billed for medication prescribed to them by their Physician. They are being victimized because, if they refused the medications, then they are not following their Doctor's orders and it is unsafe to bring medication into the hospital. Medicare is not FREE! This needs to be investigated, and advocated on behalf of ALL Seniors.

Thank you,

Virginia Wilson

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Norman tursky - 93 d ago


Thank you for making it clear that we senior citizens are a very large viable voting block. I have sent this to all of my representatives. If you will ask your membership to do the same maybe we will get them to remember that they work for us.

July , 2017

Dear (Senator or Representative)

New York Representative Sean Patrick Malony is introducing three bills that will make sure representatives in Congress have the same healthcare plan as their constituents.

I agree that our elected representatives should not have special privileges. They should not only have the same healthcare plan as the people they represent, I believe that all of the laws passed for the people of the United States should apply to all of their elected representatives.

I am writing to ask that you join with Rep. Malony in requiring that all elected congressional representatives, regardless of party, vote to insure that the HEALTHCARE law and any other law that you approve for the American people will also apply to you.

If you don't believe this is the way our elected representatives should represent us, I will do my best to make sure that in the next election, we, your constituents, replace you with someone that does.


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Char - 2 y 259 d ago


i would like to reach A. Barry Rand. CEO.

What people are you trying to help With your RX Drug insurance? Surely not the biggest population of Retired People.

Some of the insurance drug plans, people can't afford the tiers on some of the plans.


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Greekgoddess - 2 y ago


Mr. Rands increase in the drug co-pays is so he can get a raise. His $575,000 annual salary apparently is not enough!

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Anonymous - 1 y 176 d ago

It seems like Mr. Rand should run for President of the United States. With his $575,000 a year, he needs a pay cut. And now JoAnn Jenkins is now the person in charge of AARP. When you call aarp, all the representatives are from different states. Why can't you call Mrs. Jenkins instead of a 800 number. She to afraird to give out her Washington, DC number

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Christina - 1 y ago


When I called AARP and ask to please leave a message for Ms Jo Ann Jenkins , I was told by Leo, a supervisor that she does not talk to members. I was so shocked I was speechless!!!

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kb - 1 y ago


We must be the peasants that she lives off of

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Semi Educated - 217 d ago


AARP is a money making political agenda machine. What do you expect? I'll bet this doesn't stay up long!

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Kingdomchild - 257 d 19 h ago


Hi Christina:

There may be a situation of hierarchy involved in reaching her for unresolved issues. I may be able to get you to that level of reaching her if your demands are not met. Feel free to contact me at (hidden).

Flagged for review. 
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Dannita Coleman - 94 d 18 h ago

I would like to contact Mrs. Jenkins on an urged matter via letter by mail. How do I write to her?

What is her office mailing address?

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