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Abercrombie & Fitch

6301 Fitch Path
New Albany, OH
Michael Jeffries
(614) 283-6500
(614) 283-6710
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Jennifer C. - 23 d 20 s ago


The #41 Men's cologne being discontinued has been a heavy hitter for many, there's nothing else like it. Since they stopped selling it we have not shopped there. They really would gain more business from millions of they just out it back out there.

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Amaris - 27 d 12 h ago


Honestly, I am very disappointed and will never buy clothes and support Abercrombie and fitch. You guys have recently been supporting the LGBTQ community and started fundraisers for them. I don't see why this community. First of all you guys have gays, lesbians, and transgender all up on the walls and I will

Never ever let my kid go in those stores. This company should have really thought to hold fundraisers for kids who don't have a home and no food and don't hold fundraisers for people who are you confused and want all the attention I'm society (which are the LGBTQ community)

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Anonymous - 42 d ago

I need a 2015 W-2. Weston R. Starling employee #02727170. How can I obtain one? I would appreciate a reply. The college is requesting one.

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Kim R - 49 d 19 h ago


I was at your South Coast Plaza store in Costa Mesa, California on Friday, June 16th. My daughter wanted two pair of shorts to take advantage of the buy one pair and get the second pair for $10. This location only had 1 of the 2 sizes in the color shorts she wanted. A clerk checked online and stated that size is not online either so she would call another store. She called your store at Main Place Mall in Santa Ana and told me they HAVE and will hold BOTH pair of shorts so I can purchase at the same time to get the 2nd pair for $10. I drive literally through grid-locked traffic to get to Main Place. Once I arrive I am told by the male employee working that he informed the South Coast store that he did NOT have both pair. I became furious needless to say. Why would the South Coast clerk send me to Main Place for no reason? Is she that ignorant that she misunderstood what the employee at Main Place told her? I bought from Main Place just the 1 pair of shorts. I called the South Coast store back and talked to the store manager, Darin. She did help me and called another location in Cerritos, CA. They also did NOT have the color in the size my daughter wanted, but did have a similar color. She had the Cerritos location HOLD them for me for a week. On Monday, June 26th I arrived at the Cerritos location. The shorts were not being held under my name, but for "South Coast Plaza" store. At least they held them. Kudos to Darin the Store Manager at South Coast...she was very professional and apologized for all my time used up calling her and waiting and all my time and aggravation driving around. My main issue is that you make your customers drive all over to get a specific size that YOU didn't have in the first place! Online free shipping orders are only available for what is in stock online. Fine. Why don't you ship for FREE from a store that DOES have the needed size directly to the customer's home? Why am I punished and forced to drive to multiple locations? VERY BAD WAY OF DOING BUSINESS. This is a higher end and pricey store and your customers should NOT be sent all over creation...especially unnecessarily! I had to visit THREE of your locations, many miles apart, to take advantage of this sale. Not only did I spend money on your clothing, I spent money on gas driving all over the California traffic! Very disappointing to say the least. I will not be shopping at this store again. You need to fix your process for when YOU don't have an item in stock. That is not the customer's fault or problem! You should be going out of your way to make a sale and keep a customer. You have now lost a customer for life.

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Kim R - 49 d 18 h ago


CORRECTION TO MY FEEDBACK. I was shopping on Friday, June 23rd NOT Friday, June 16th.

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Mark B - 57 d 2 s ago


I had the most Amazing Customer Service ever at your store 10913 by a employee named Danny, he went over and beyond what he had to do and blew me away. I filled out a survey also and if u want to call me to hear more of what he did to go over and beyond you can call me at 714 470 1430 my name is Mark Buttrey, i spend about a $1000 dollars a year at your store not a big amount but im a faithful customer and will continue to be.

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Mimi - 96 d 21 h ago



On 12/26/2016. I went into Livermore outlet to returned two items. That store have Terrible customer service. Not only that, both of my gift cards are not working. I can't used it to purchase on both Hollister or A& F. I called that store 3 times and manager there told me nothing they can do for me. I have to contact Corp office myself to fixed this mess. Can somebody please help me fix this mess. Is around 150.00 gift card that I can't use.

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Anonymous - 99 d 19 s ago





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Former AM - 122 d 12 h ago


I worked at Hollister as an Assistant Manager for nearly a year. It was quite possibly the worst job I have ever had in my life. The amount of gossip and crap talking that went on between the other MANAGERS, the bullying tactics used illegally by other MANAGERS, the inability to allow raises for employees, the minimum wage they maintain no matter how long an associate has been there, the rude and biased attitudes of the cliquish MANAGERS, etc. There was so much that happened there, honestly causing me to sleep maybe 2 hours a night from stress. I was falsely accused of sexual harassment by another manager, which turns out she did this to EVERYONE SHE DIDN'T LIKE, including our store manager. Problems between employees and managers were never handled responsibly and the store seemed to breed liars and gossipers. I ended up filing a case with HR and they did absolutely nothing. Even after I was threatened by another MANAGER, made fun of in front of employees, called names, harassed, and intimidated daily for weeks. I never played their game and never tried to be part of their clique and because of this, they tried to get me fired every day. My employees/associates were always my number one concern and I continuously helped them in every way I could but the hypocrisy and idiocy that this place bred was endless and insurmountable when it came to the task of doing my job and going home. All of these problems were brought up with the store manager and even the district manager, and nothing was ever done. NEVER work for this company. It is ran by morons and there is a reason Hollister is going under. Worst place to work for associates and/or managers, not to mention the company also made errors on my W2 causing me further problems. It's just nonstop with the godawful company.

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steven T - 121 d ago

no one gives a fuck, stop bitching

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Anonymous - 124 d 3 m ago


Sir I m very much upset my size are not up to the mark I had more than 350$ shopping but whole lot is of no use

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Elizabeth - 151 d 23 h ago


hi I hate to be a problem, but well I'm gonna be one anyway I guess...

My name is Elizabeth. I got an ADP card that is given to employees .. IT SUCKS IN A MAJOR WAY! I connected it to my iCloud and bought like 9$ worth of stuff I bought a book from books a million that was 12$ I bought food and used the card for Netflix which I don't have to pay the first month so it's not like Netflix took money.... and now I have to update some apps and download a couple apps for my other job, that causes way less issues than this one, and I can't because my card keeps getting declined. My app shows I have 6.90 left and so does calling. My only questions are why isn't the card working? Why does this company cause issues? Why does ADP NEVER have a live person to speak to when their poorly ran company has a customer issue? And why do you employ so many rude people...? If I can't get this card fixed soon I'll be quitting this job because it's WAY TOO MUCH hassle for such little pay....

Sent from my iPhone

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Marlee George - 177 d 24 h ago


I am looking for resolution that is not being handled by your customer service staff. I have spoken with customer service several times and I am absolutely outraged! On February 9 I called prior to sending in my return and spoke with a customer service rep named Felicia. She assured me that there would be no problems issuing me a return via egift card. She let me know she would place notes on my account. In addition I put a note in with my return package reminding them with my phone # and email address. This entire process had made me realize that you disregard your employees instructions and make promises to customers you can not keep. I no longer have the credit gift cards used for the original purchase nor do I even know what they were, Visa, master card, American express. I have no idea! This is not my mistake therefore I should not be responsible for tracking down the 19$ dollars. This is not about the 19$ as much as this is about principle. I have called several times and been treated extremely poorly by your customer service staff. They refuse to give me the name of a manager nor let me speak to one! I would like an immediate gift card for the original amount! If not I will be filing a fraud report with consumer affairs for services not rendered! This is outrageous!

Marlee George


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Dissatisfied customer - 187 d 16 h ago

No quality control, costumer service problem solving are terrible. I ordered online and my jacket came damage then they send the new one but wrong size. Next thing I know they told me to go to post office filling some form to return it. I ordered ONLINE simply because I don't want to go for all this trouble. Now what? Losing costomer or people spreading the words. If there are no improvement eventually everyone will know how terrible this company.

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Trading standards U.K. Slough - 189 d 2 h ago

You have a ebay seller with I'd getrends2016 selling counterfeit fake products with your tags

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Ann - 208 d 19 h ago


I am not please with this company. I worked under the contracted company called Sykes for Abercrombie for over a year and because I had a customer to curse me out I was literally suppose to take the abuse from this customer. I did not I told the customer how I felt and then I was terminated because of expressing my concerns. How can a company of this size that suppose to be well known and outstanding let their employees get treated that way. Believe me I am no way perfect and I make mistakes too. But to terminate an employee for expressing their opinion about something is not right. I have turned this over to my attorney not wanting job back but wanting justice. Please do not order anything from this company. Packages never get shipped out. Gift cards are claimed to be lost or stolen, They tell customers that they can't contact the distribution center about return and exchanges. They lie about over night delivery and its not over night. Takes forever to refund back for items. When someone calls to change address on their order they can't change it which cause the package to be return back to the distribution center then customer is refunded about 10 days after receiving it back. Back ordered items when order does not tell the customer that the item is out of stock. Not only that management sucks. Learn how to treat your employees and customers if they deserve it give them a Shout Out!!!

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Anonymous - 215 d 17 h ago

I buy the shirts at Arden mall store in Sacramento California on 23Rd December 2016. Two of the shirts wasn't take out the cencer. I went to the store to take out the cencer today but the maanger refused me for not having the receipt. The receipt has been lost. She said she can't do anything without the receipt.

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Anonymous - 214 d ago

That's going to be all stores otherwise how do they know you didn't steal it

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Chrissheba - 219 d 45 m ago


So Ambercrombie and Fitch is not a good company at all. After much research and similar complaints. Found that if charge one time as a mistake the accuse you of fraud. The then cancel you're orders and will not to business with you anymore. This not a good business practice and in today's modern technology and economy this company will not last.Ralph Lauren had similar problem they apologizes fixed it and gave 25 dollar gift card. Consumer beware if the make a mistake and you complain the blame you. Look up consumer affairs and several other costumers have similar our same complaints. Best advice I could give go to Gap,Banana Republic,Old Navy,Ralph Lauren.Jcrew,Ann Taylor and Sixth Fith Avenue. Stay away from Ambercrombie and Fitch!! Buyer beware!!!

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Kh - 222 d ago


Why is it OK for you to terminate someone without letting them know until they try to clock in no reason. Really what type of business is this. HR I think you have violated everyone's rights under the Fair Labor Law. Smh the ACLU needs to get involved with your company. Everyone at HR needs to be fired no reason.

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Helmut - 224 d 17 h ago


When it comes to basic customer safety, the Oak Park Mall, Overland Park, KS Hollister store is an absolute disaster. And, when asking for a call from the manager of the person in charge at the time of our visit the information is taken down, but no call has been received. As far as I am concerned, this company should be closing all stores, if this is how management handles issues - by basically trying to play the ignore and put your head in the sand game. Well, there are plenty of online resources for customers who have a real concern that the company could have addressed without us having to go that route. I will have plenty of time to take care of that on Friday. Facebook, Twitter, mySpace as well as other social media and review websites be ready!

It seems that there is always, and I truly mean it in the exact sense of the word always, an issue when purchasing from Hollister/Abercrombie&Fitch. 3 years of issues with every single order.

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De'Juan - 225 d 12 h ago


I'M a former Employee for abercrombie & fitch in buffalo ny ive worked for that company for 4 years and i loved it right after i graduated from high school and 1 semester of college i worked for A&F. i was very heart broken when they decided to start closing store down my home store was 1 of them and when they got rit of the front model greeting that was very upsetting and disappointing the company has changed as a whole and it really affected alot of people and former co workers such as myself some people really enjoyed there jobs.

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Jak - 1 y ago


The store in Lexington Ky Fayetteville mall, has the rudest most uneducated employees I've ever seen and they don't honor their sales as advertised . Someone needs to teach them what customer service means!!

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Jak - 230 d 15 h ago

Did you ever stop to think that the employees are not the ones who make the sales, and that it's the company?? And that most of the employees are young adults just starting to learn about a job. Guess you never made a mistake at work, right?

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Kim L. - 247 d 13 h ago


I'm am highly upset with the design function of the zipper for the parka coats! I bought my coat with my friend around the same time and we both had the exact same problem with the zippers and how it would get stuck on nothing but somehow the teeth of the zipper would not zip all the way down. I had this problem for awhile and would have to jump in and out of my coat. Truly embarrassing when out in public! My friend was able to exchange her coat perfectly because she had the original receipt & for me unfortunately was unable because I didn't have mines. Now I'm stuck with an expensive coat that I bought for a couple months, that I can no longer wear. Very very disappointing and pissed. Money gone to waste! It's ashame because I love everything in the store but will have to reconsider when buying a new coat.

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Ginger - 230 d 15 h ago

You do know that no one from the company actually reads or looks at these comments, right?

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