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Abercrombie & Fitch

6301 Fitch Path
New Albany, OH
Michael Jeffries
(614) 283-6500
(614) 283-6710
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corporate bullies - 103 d ago


Don't shop Abercrombie and Fitch At miromar outlets estero Florida. Bought gift cards and within ten minutes of purchase I realized I bought them for the wrong store its a Christmas present. Was told there is no return policy for these. Yet on purchase of this nothing was said to indicate that and the receipt I got clearly says time limit of returns and needing original reciept. DOESNT SAY NO GIFT CARD RETURN. Shame on a company that excepts a customer who walked in store to know a return policy that although is displayed on wall smaller then what you would be required to read for an eye appointment. Impossible to read I still have no idea if those small policies even say anything to confirm there claim. Calling costumer service was a waste of time the person who I spoke with his name is Ryan said "I agree with you that you should get your money back, there's nothing I can do to help you". Any other numbers fir contact resulted in no answer. Shame on a company that has improperly trained personnel working and managing there store that don't tell the customer up front the policy on gift card returns.

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A pissed off EX CUSTOMER - 108 d 16 h ago


I placed an online order for a hoodie and sweatpants 11/28/19 and paid $15.00 extra for 2 day shipping. It was a birthday gift (his bday was 12/7/19)The package came on time but it was not my order. I was sent a wool coat size large. I called customer service and reordered and was told I was given overnight shipping for the inconvenience. Well guess what it's not 8:32 pm 12/10/19 and I still don't have my order. I will never order from this piece of shit company again. You didn't have a problem taking my money but you have a problem sending me my order

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Liz - 118 d 19 h ago


I experience to worst customer service today at the Altamonte Springs Store in Florida. The absolute worst most disrespectful behavior. Customers should not be subjected to this.

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Kristina Holodna - 1 y 298 d ago


Abercrombie and Fitch had always been my number one favorite store, I love the style and quality of the clothing. I am a very (healthy) skinny girl, never complained about the way my body looks but the only difficult part about being skinny is that I could never find clothing stores that fit my pettiness. I started shopping at Abercrombie kids and transitioned to Abercrombie and fitch after I finally grew out of abercrombie kids end of middle school/ beginning of high school. I absolutely loved and appreciated how Abercrombie and Fitch had 000 sizes, all the dresses, jeans, shorts, skirts that I owned were exclusively from Abercrombie. Everyone knew me as the Abercrombie girl since thats the only store I fit in and was obsessed with (still am). Now though, I see that there are no more 000 sized jeans, shorts or skirts and its so sad to me. It would be the best thing in the world and would mean so much to me if you guys brought back 000 sizes for us petite girls, please. Would like to say a big thank you for having XXS sizes for tops and others! I've been buying loads of tops, jackets, sweats and more. Thank you so much, hope my message is read.

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Ambs - 154 d ago

Maybe you should eat a hamburger and gain some weight. You are size 00 and older than 21? When I was 21 I at least wore a size medium in women's and size 28 in jeans for men. Damn you sound anorexic ... a triple 0 size you are wanting us WAY beyond normal....

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NoahFXAU - 180 d 17 h ago


Healthcare insurances take very little out of your paycheck and are actually top notch. We're well taken care of, even Keyholders

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Anonymous - 1 y ago


Former employee y'all assistant managers is rude and very disrespectful

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tatiana hernandez - 2 y ago

i worked at location 10695 in miami, fl dadeland mall and have not received my income tax form or any help regarding this situation... i worked there for over a year and am entitled my compensation. please get back to me asap i need to file my taxes before april as im sure youre aware. ive called my store, emailed suuport, called the 1 number even after its changes and no ones assisted. please help. thank you.

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Rachael - 2 y ago

Going through the same exact thing right now! It's so frustrating...

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Anonymous - 2 y ago

GOING THROUGH THE EXACT SAME THING!! I have emailed 5 times saying they legally have to provide me with my W2 and contacted people higher up with NO response. ridiculous

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Anonymous - 1 y 105 d ago


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Kailee Williams - 1 y ago


I am going through the same thing it is extremely unprofessional and irritating.

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Sammi - 1 y ago

This is the real link for A&F head quarters

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Sammi - 1 y ago

Lol this website isn't real you guys there's no Abercrombie people checking it or any thing

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Alamin - 1 y 122 d ago


Hi Michael Jeffries,

would you pls share your e-mail address ?

I want to talk you over there.

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Anonymous - 1 y 234 d ago


I am confused as to why your customer service department cannot provide any customer service. I called last night when I placed my order to have the shipped address correct, however, I was told your system was under maintenance. When I called today, although the shipment is still in process, your customer service states they can't fix the issue. They even agreed the shipment will not go to the correct address. The customer service rep refused to transfer me to management. I have reached out to you in private messenger and am now told you can't make outbound calls.

Is there anyone that can be proactive and correct the error?

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BC - 1 y 250 d ago


Worst customer service and well,you guys spoiled that gift I had to send out internationally.Had to speak to 7 customer service agents and still could not resolve it.Cancelled my entire order and never ever recommend this product to anyone.Boycotted A&F!!!

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Anonymous - 2 y ago


I'm a white male 58 years old most people over 30 will not wear a shirt with huge logos all over it you have great clothing lose the logo and watch yourself double or triple check it out

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Anonymous - 2 y ago

well said!!!!

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Gwen D - 2 y ago


They should also stop using spamming Instagram "influencers" with thousands of fake and impostor followers to advertise their product

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Bal - 1 y 302 d ago

Aybe you need to shop at the appropriate store just saying

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Anonymous - 1 y 261 d ago


This company is bad news

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Charley - 1 y 255 d ago

You said it man!

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Heather(aka never shop here) - 1 y 290 d ago

Absolute the WORST company. I will no LONGER spend a penny of my hard working money on this crap of a "company" if they don't feel like helping all they do is hang up. So it must be "policy" that if you don't feel like doing your job that you u can just no give a f*** and hang up and then ignore your calls. Three different "reps" hung up on me just by explaining what happened.. no cussing no threatening just plain and simple had an online issue and nothing. "Policy states we can't have you talk to a "supervisor" all we can do is email your info and they will "email" you with their response.. so I cannot speak to a human? " no mam it's policy" wow.. this is the WORST customer service I have ever experienced.. I was a customer rep for a bank for 5 yrs and never ever could I just hang up to hang up in the middle of a call and never would I tell someone it's policy you can't talk to an actual person to get this resolved or an explaination !! Don't give your hard earned money to a crap shoot of a "company" that this place calls themselves. That why when you google them they have ONE whole star out of 5 .. !!

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Anonymous - 1 y 261 d ago


Absolutely agree with you.

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