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Abercrombie & Fitch

6301 Fitch Path
New Albany, OH
Michael Jeffries
(614) 283-6500
(614) 283-6710
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Ann - 1 d 14 h ago


I am not please with this company. I worked under the contracted company called Sykes for Abercrombie for over a year and because I had a customer to curse me out I was literally suppose to take the abuse from this customer. I did not I told the customer how I felt and then I was terminated because of expressing my concerns. How can a company of this size that suppose to be well known and outstanding let their employees get treated that way. Believe me I am no way perfect and I make mistakes too. But to terminate an employee for expressing their opinion about something is not right. I have turned this over to my attorney not wanting job back but wanting justice. Please do not order anything from this company. Packages never get shipped out. Gift cards are claimed to be lost or stolen, They tell customers that they can't contact the distribution center about return and exchanges. They lie about over night delivery and its not over night. Takes forever to refund back for items. When someone calls to change address on their order they can't change it which cause the package to be return back to the distribution center then customer is refunded about 10 days after receiving it back. Back ordered items when order does not tell the customer that the item is out of stock. Not only that management sucks. Learn how to treat your employees and customers if they deserve it give them a Shout Out!!!

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Anonymous - 8 d 12 h ago

I buy the shirts at Arden mall store in Sacramento California on 23Rd December 2016. Two of the shirts wasn't take out the cencer. I went to the store to take out the cencer today but the maanger refused me for not having the receipt. The receipt has been lost. She said she can't do anything without the receipt.

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Anonymous - 6 d 20 h ago

That's going to be all stores otherwise how do they know you didn't steal it

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Chrissheba - 11 d 19 h ago


So Ambercrombie and Fitch is not a good company at all. After much research and similar complaints. Found that if charge one time as a mistake the accuse you of fraud. The then cancel you're orders and will not to business with you anymore. This not a good business practice and in today's modern technology and economy this company will not last.Ralph Lauren had similar problem they apologizes fixed it and gave 25 dollar gift card. Consumer beware if the make a mistake and you complain the blame you. Look up consumer affairs and several other costumers have similar our same complaints. Best advice I could give go to Gap,Banana Republic,Old Navy,Ralph Lauren.Jcrew,Ann Taylor and Sixth Fith Avenue. Stay away from Ambercrombie and Fitch!! Buyer beware!!!

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Kh - 14 d 17 h ago


Why is it OK for you to terminate someone without letting them know until they try to clock in no reason. Really what type of business is this. HR I think you have violated everyone's rights under the Fair Labor Law. Smh the ACLU needs to get involved with your company. Everyone at HR needs to be fired no reason.

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Helmut - 17 d 12 h ago


When it comes to basic customer safety, the Oak Park Mall, Overland Park, KS Hollister store is an absolute disaster. And, when asking for a call from the manager of the person in charge at the time of our visit the information is taken down, but no call has been received. As far as I am concerned, this company should be closing all stores, if this is how management handles issues - by basically trying to play the ignore and put your head in the sand game. Well, there are plenty of online resources for customers who have a real concern that the company could have addressed without us having to go that route. I will have plenty of time to take care of that on Friday. Facebook, Twitter, mySpace as well as other social media and review websites be ready!

It seems that there is always, and I truly mean it in the exact sense of the word always, an issue when purchasing from Hollister/Abercrombie&Fitch. 3 years of issues with every single order.

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De'Juan - 18 d 7 h ago


I'M a former Employee for abercrombie & fitch in buffalo ny ive worked for that company for 4 years and i loved it right after i graduated from high school and 1 semester of college i worked for A&F. i was very heart broken when they decided to start closing store down my home store was 1 of them and when they got rit of the front model greeting that was very upsetting and disappointing the company has changed as a whole and it really affected alot of people and former co workers such as myself some people really enjoyed there jobs.

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Jak - 138 d 14 h ago


The store in Lexington Ky Fayetteville mall, has the rudest most uneducated employees I've ever seen and they don't honor their sales as advertised . Someone needs to teach them what customer service means!!

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Jak - 23 d 10 h ago

Did you ever stop to think that the employees are not the ones who make the sales, and that it's the company?? And that most of the employees are young adults just starting to learn about a job. Guess you never made a mistake at work, right?

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Kim L. - 40 d 7 h ago


I'm am highly upset with the design function of the zipper for the parka coats! I bought my coat with my friend around the same time and we both had the exact same problem with the zippers and how it would get stuck on nothing but somehow the teeth of the zipper would not zip all the way down. I had this problem for awhile and would have to jump in and out of my coat. Truly embarrassing when out in public! My friend was able to exchange her coat perfectly because she had the original receipt & for me unfortunately was unable because I didn't have mines. Now I'm stuck with an expensive coat that I bought for a couple months, that I can no longer wear. Very very disappointing and pissed. Money gone to waste! It's ashame because I love everything in the store but will have to reconsider when buying a new coat.

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Ginger - 23 d 10 h ago

You do know that no one from the company actually reads or looks at these comments, right?

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Kayla - 39 d 14 h ago


I have bought lots of your clothes and been happy up until now. Today I received 2 online orders and the quality of the items is awful!! I have never seen this type of poor quality from Abercrombie. I am sending all of the items back but because I live in Canada and am not close to a store (closest store is 12-15 hour drive) I have to pay the return shipping for the items which is over $20. I will never be ordering online again to have to go through this. I talked to customer service and they tell me there is no manager I can speak to. $20 is a lot of money to spend to ship back poor quality items! Very disappointed in this service!!

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Anonymous - 38 d 14 h ago

The customer service is HORRIBLE

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Lucy - 23 d 10 h ago

Someone didn't read the fine print when purchasing online things... I guess that's the company's fault that you can't read return policies?

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MAD - 103 d 19 h ago



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Amy - 49 d 9 h ago

I agree...they treat new kids going into the workforce terribly and give them a bad first work experience not to mention they break child labor laws by asking them to work graveyard shift on Black Friday

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Larry - 23 d 10 h ago

Stop crying Amy...

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Pissed off parent - 49 d 6 h ago


they treat new kids going into the workforce terribly and give them a bad first work experience not to mention they break child labor laws by asking them to work graveyard shift on Black Friday. Then they wouldn't schedule her any more hours because she turned down the 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM shift that was illegal for her to work in the first me labor lawsuit coming your way Abercrombie!

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Nelly - 23 d 10 h ago

Most labor laws get excused during holidays that your child is not in school... maybe you should look in to your labor laws in your state....just saying.

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Gigi - 55 d 12 h ago


Very disappointed in your policy at Sioux Falls SD about allowing only one person in a dressing room when I visited your store with my daughter.

I wasn't allowed to be in the dressing room with her.

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Heln - 45 d 16 h ago

Sometimes you just have to break the damn rules! I had an injury in the store and the assistant manager screamed across the store that I could not go in the bathroom.

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Jan - 23 d 10 h ago

It's because you're obviously not allowed to go back there....

General profile image - 25 d 13 h ago



My phone # connected to this order is (hidden)

I placed an on line order for two 100.00 gift cards at Kids@ Abercrombie, this for my 10 year old twin granddaughters. I received ONE of them. I called (hidden) and was assured by Tiffany at customer service that I would received it the next day 12/23. I never received it....I called, but the office 1224 it was closed for Christmas. I called today, and received no help. I was told to go on the website by Jose!

Now, I want a response from this store immediately.

Carole Meicke

37 Ivy Ridge Close

Freehold, NJ 07728


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Teresa - 25 d 15 h ago


So I placed an online order through Hollister and paid extra for expedited shipping guaranteed by Christmas. Well of course that did not happen so I then contacted Hollister and spoke with someone about my order and she agreed that they had screwed up and that I should receive the package the Monday after Christmas. Well it is now the Tuesday after Christmas and I still have not received the items that I ordered for my kids. I called Hollister back and luck of the draw got a very rude person named Gary, I guess it really is a good thing for my sake that this was done over the phone and not in person Anyway, as I said earlier he was very rude and when I asked to speak to his supervisor he stated that they may give me A different answer ( this says a lot about their company) and he had been there a whole 14 months!! Wow a whole 14 months... let's just say when I finally do get the crap I will be returning it to the store and I will never shop there again!!! Thank God my kids do not ask for Hollister so there is no love lost never shopping at the store again, I just happen to see an ad while Christmas shopping and thought OK I can order the stuff online and knock a few items off the list... in my opinion, Hollister sucks and Gary really needs to find a new profession that does not involve customer service!

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Mike - 26 d 17 h ago


I shopped on Friday, i was in a store which was out of stock for the item I needed. The associate there was very helpful and offered NEXT day shipping which I gladly paid $20 for. Today is now 3 days later and the item STILL has NOT shipped and to top it off customer dis-service can not cancel my order? I advise anyone looking to shop at Abercrombie, if you can't get you hand on it don't bother having it shipped. When it doesn't come you will be lost going around in circles with no help to be gotten. I will never shop with this company or any of their affiliates. I give a rating of -0- stars.

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