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Abercrombie & Fitch

6301 Fitch Path
New Albany, OH
Michael Jeffries
(614) 283-6500
(614) 283-6710
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Anonymous - 51 d 16 h ago


I'm a white male 58 years old most people over 30 will not wear a shirt with huge logos all over it you have great clothing lose the logo and watch yourself double or triple check it out

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Anonymous - 22 d 19 h ago

well said!!!!

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Gwen D - 1 d 5 h ago


They should also stop using spamming Instagram "influencers" with thousands of fake and impostor followers to advertise their product

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Gwen D - 1 d 5 h ago


Mr. Jeffries why does your company use annoying spamming Instagram :influencers"? They DO NOT INFLUENCE US AT ALL! All they manage do is to annoy us and make us angry! Angry because they spam our children too. They spam all of us just to get a follow... They purchase fake accounts to look popular... Using these sleazy overzealous, at any cost, unknowns is not a good way to advertise your company's products. Most of their so called "followers" are fake, impostor accounts, underage children accounts...pornography accounts etc. I guess your company is targeting these people to Number of followers means nothing, but i am sure you know this already...

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Debi Furr - 3 d 20 h ago


First of all I want to say, my first shopping trip to Abercrombie will definitely be my last. Me and my almost 12 year old granddaughter was having a very fun shopping day till we stopped there. To make a long story short, we walked out of there with no merchandise and over $100 dollars of gift cards basically stolen due to the register. Still going back and forth with customer service to get our money back.

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Robin Pitt - 15 d 16 h ago


A&F i would not recommend anyone work for this company. My granddaughter works there and she had to wait around after her shift is over to have purse and any other bags searched before she can leave. I feel like if you cant trust your employees why hite them everyones not a thief

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Susan from Columbus, Ohio - 4 d 17 h ago

Wow i never had that happen what store or building did she work at ? Yes that would upset me too ! Sorry she had too experience that where i worked you could get a clear bag to carry your stuff in. Susan

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HIGHLY IRRATED!!!!!! - 56 d 11 h ago

I received a grey hoodie as a Christmas gift, loved the quality,color,style. What I HATED was the fact that when I went to launder it, I couldn't !!! Why? Because the care labels were not in English! Three labels and not one in English This is not the first time this has happened.If the USA is good enough to sell your products, you should be considerate enough to put a care label in it that I could read. Your products are of good quality, but expensive and still we have purchased a lot over the years. I was extremely irritated , frustrated, and ANGRY!! It is not the first time this has happened, but it will be the last! we will not be purchasing any of your products again. From now on made in the USA!!! There are a lot of people that feel the same as do and I am sick of it.

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Anonymous - 14 d ago


It is listed in English. It's on the second tag at the very top. For fleece it's "machine wash cold with like colors and tumble dry low."

Abercrombie is an international company and therefore has the instructions listed in multiple languages. They are also an inclusive company and believe what language you speak does not determine the quality of a person. It's sad that you believe the opposite.

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ASHGARCIA - 21 d 12 h ago



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tatiana hernandez - 62 d 19 h ago

i worked at location 10695 in miami, fl dadeland mall and have not received my income tax form or any help regarding this situation... i worked there for over a year and am entitled my compensation. please get back to me asap i need to file my taxes before april as im sure youre aware. ive called my store, emailed suuport, called the 1 number even after its changes and no ones assisted. please help. thank you.

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Rachael - 54 d 37 s ago

Going through the same exact thing right now! It's so frustrating...

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Anonymous - 53 d 15 h ago

GOING THROUGH THE EXACT SAME THING!! I have emailed 5 times saying they legally have to provide me with my W2 and contacted people higher up with NO response. ridiculous

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JASON - 63 d 7 m ago




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Crystal Moy - 80 d 16 h ago

Even though my cousin had worked there, I don't need Abercrombie & Fitch to act like it understands Asians or their sense of apparel, especially in this case now, winter apparel. I don't need them to mix new fusion stylistic combinations because of the Winter Olympics.

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Miah W - 80 d 17 h ago


Horrible customer service...I will never shop here again. I expected the manager to be a little more mature and set an example for the kids that work there...silly me.

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anonymous - 83 d 16 h ago


I worked at the Abercrombie Kids store at Smith Haven mall since August to January.I just called in to my store to ask a question about my suddenly invalidated ID number. As the store manager, answered the phone she immediately placed me on hold, not even asking my name. I was then speaking to the other store manager, who told me that I had quit weeks ago. I would not be calling a place of employment if I had quit. I insisted that there had to be a mix up and that I never quit, both the managers laughed hysterically at me. I would have known if I had quit my own job, let alone, call them asking about my hours and ID number. Abercrombie Kids is my only source of employment and as a student struggling with the costs of education and other expenses, I would not be rapidly quitting. I had not gotten hours in six weeks and had called multiple times asking for more, yet the managers still gave all the shifts to the same 4 employees, whilst continuing to hire more workers who wouldn't get shifts anyway. The unprofessionalism of this store is unbelievable. There had to be a mix up of paperwork which would be expected from the unorganized, idle managers. The manager did not even let me speak, he immediately shot down the idea that there was a mixup and basically implied that I was a ignorant halfwit with his presumptuous, cocky tone. As an employee of your company, I do not deserve to be treated with such a lack of respect, to be laughed at and treated like an imbecile when I am speaking to the managers of your stores, about my lost job that I did not even quit. I ask that you look into my store and train the employees to have decency when speaking to a fellow employee. I also ask that you give them a lesson about organization, so that this mysterious unemployment does not happen to other hard working dedicated employees.

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Anonymous - 92 d 21 h ago


I am an employee of abercombie & fitch at galleria mall i haven't work for 3 weeks the manager don't put me on schedule that's really sucks i don't know what kind of manager she is. She put me on schedule january 1 & 2 thats it .

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September - 93 d 18 h ago

I am not familiar with this 3rd-party site, and/or how it is updated.... but I will let "you" know (not even knowing what sort of contact may receive these messages), that this generic information listed about A&F Co, is out a few years out of date.

I'm sure that you are not even accountable for incorrect information, as in not a reliable site for actual research; however, I am also certain that you probably would like your variously corporate company'S into to be up to date.

I suppose that thing message may have come across rude, but I assure you- that is not my intent. However I will tell you that I picked your site on Google first, and I was very disappointed. Had I looked up many other different companies, I wouldn't have known any different.

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Anonymous - 97 d 8 h ago


They are not a good employer they hire you but won't allow you to work. I have been employed at Abercrombie kids in the water tower in Downtown Chicago and in my 6 mounts of being employed there i have only worked 2 Times. And i was only allowed to work this two times because other employees failed to show up, Pryor to me working the mangers told me that if i was not on the schedule then i should call and request to be on it once. So i would call as instructed and i was informed by my fellow coworker that they weren't giving me hours because I call and bother them to much. Working for them has been such a horrible experience the managers are not friendly and it is not a pleasant working environment I hope others that work there have a better experience than I had .

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Kannan - 108 d 18 h ago

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Money Watcher Services for Online Shopping - 109 d 16 h ago


They do not refund your money or do not refund it in a timely manner. Absolutely do not order from them! Customer service is laughable. One of the worst place to shop.

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Ashley Hartupee - 111 d 11 h ago

I ordered clothes online and they cancelled my order on me for no reason. Took my money and never refunded it. I had my husband call to see what was going on and they was rude and clearly didn't want to give me back my money!! I'm still waiting for my refund 1 week later!!! Extremely poor service and I'll never order from them again!!!

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Erica Neal - 114 d 17 h ago


My son and I went to the store in the Wolfchase Mall in Memphis TN on 12/22 to shop for Christmas. I knew exactly what I wanted which was cologne, that display was located directly in front of the register. I was very pleased with my initial interaction, the rep even helped me enroll in the AAF club. Once my son and I head out of the store the alarm goes off, I stand there and wait for someone to come to the front. A gentleman came retrieved my bag and took it to the register to ensure it had been deactivated. It took him a minute so my son and I go back to the register where I hear the same rep the rang me up say that we probably had something in our pockets, I then asked her to repeat what she said, she went on to say yea because I know I deactivated them when in fact she had not. But I was hurt I was with my teenage son and even he knew that comment was made because we are African American. I work everyday for a living, I buy what I want. I love the clothes I really love how the cologne smells so I buy it frequently. Sad to say that was my final visit to that store. I refuse to spend my money and be racially profiled.

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JenPhil - 130 d 8 h ago


Absolutely horrendous customer service!!!! I have NEVER been treated so poorly and talked to in such a way by a "customer service representative" and I use that term VERY loosely. I placed an order and when it arrived it was the complete wrong order! Not one item was what I ordered. I called customer service and they said they would they did and this time I only received ONE of my items. Called customer service again and this time was told that my remaining items were pending and that would be reshipped. Over a week later and nothing. So I call again, clearly annoyed and heated at this point, and this is when I encountered the absolute worst representative ever. He told me that if I didn't stop yelling that he would hang up on me.....and this is when I was not even yelling! He said my remaining items were voided and that I was issued a refund because the items weren't available. Um, ok then why was I on the website and it says that those items ARE available in the sizes that I need?? No good answer was given. And as for the supposed refund? Never got it!! So I asked the joke of a customer service representative, Delvonte (if he even gave me his real name) if they would offer me free shipping or a coupon so I can reorder the items that I never received........this guy says "I could do that but based on the way that you talked to me I don't feel comfortable helping you out like that". I literally couldn't believe my ears!!! First of all I NEVER spoke out of turn with him besides trying to convey my frustrations and secondly, what kind of customer service representative says something like that?!?! He wouldn't let me doesn't to a manager and basically mocked me. I am appalled.

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