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Ace Hardware

29891 State Highway 59
Loxley, AL
Ron Mc Clinton
(251) 964-8500
Annual Sales Est
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Lisa J - 2 d 22 h ago


I am an Ace Hardware member and I am a bit disgusted with your coupons. I like to shop local and even will pay a little more for items to do so. However, when your coupons are only for a certain weekend (this last coupon good for 3/16 and 3/17/2018 only) and are good only until noon each day, that is ridiculous. Is it any wonder that people shop Big Box stores?? If you have to make your coupons only good on a certain weekend, at least make them good to use all day. Ridiculous!!

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Person - 2 d ago


Terribly inept and duplicitous customer service related to online gift card purchase.

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Teresa Hicks - 3 d 20 h ago

Just letting you know VALSPAR is the absolute worst paint in the world. I bought beigh paint to cover a white room and it would not cover with two coats. Had to paint 4 coats to cover white paint. Will never buy again. It was mixed properly but was so thin. Must have been pure water.



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Basopani - 5 d 11 h ago



Whats your ZCE HARDWARE CONTACT Number in Zimbabwe.

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Anonymous - 5 d 3 h ago

+263 77 225 3246

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joann satz - 12 d 3 h ago

Hello, Yesterday 3/6/19 I went into my helpful store which has always been the best place to shop. Sorry to say that I went in and asked a young man by the name of Dave for some help. After he told me he didn't know he walked away as I repeatedly kept calling, Sis, Sir of which he never came back to me. Really! I told Bengi and the cashiers and they said he was new there. You only get one shot at a first impression. If this is the change happening to this store, I will not be coming back.

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DCDenton3 - 15 d 8 h ago


To all those against herbicides and pesticides. I do feel sorry to the population accumulated any health issues. These products are a requirement to put food on all homes. As we all look to the future let's try to be more aware of responsibility to use such a product. We must all protect ourselves as well each other. Proper direction of use and protection is a must. All can be safe when being aware of hazardous to all. I have used these products personally since the age of 7 and now 44. My future may or may not be impacted from prior use. I was full aware that i was using a product to kill. With that being I washed all garden produce to enjoy. The farmers of the world know they are at risk and do it for us without being lawyer happy. Positive note stay safe with Safety please.

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Barb Baitz - 15 d 18 h ago


I was walking into my ace hardware in Naples Florida 1 mile from the beach and saw they made a special purchase of Round Up weed , aquatic ,people and animal killer on display.I was disgusted to see this. You know very well what Florida is dealing with in part because of this Cancer causing Red Tide feeding dog killing pesticide. I cannot believe you are selling it 1 mile from the beach. Why don't you take an example at from Cosco and ban it from your stores?Wouldn't it be nice if you would hold workshops on how to kill weeds organically. It would be great for your image. You know there are so many lawsuits out there because of the harm glyphosate causes and you made a special purchase anyway.Shame on you and I hope you rectify the problem because it is being spread all over social media that you favor profit over the health of Our water and our health. I really hope that you take the lead after Costco in banning this product. Thank you, Barb Baitz

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Mike MacDonald - 21 d 5 h ago


Ace Hardware in Key Largo FL known as KLI will only take back a Ace Hardware item for 30 days even if it is defective. Ace's package says we want you satisfied and bring it back to the store it was purchased from. Clearly KLI isn't interested in customer servive

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Roger Gross - 26 d ago


Regarding your store located at 11921 N. First Ave, Oro Valley, Az. I am a part time visitor to the Oro Valley area and have very little contact with Ace stores in Ohio where I live. But, I want to compliment your Oro Valley store regarding your personnel. I have never gone into your store without getting an immediate greeting and assistance in locating what I needed. All of them including your cashier are extremely helpful, cooperative and knowledgeable in all fields. My last visit was to locate something to remove a water mark line in my toilet. A representative located a sand screen. Then he directed me to the cashier who told me in detail how to use the product. Upon using the product, I was amazed at the way it worked. Again, outstanding store: outstanding personnel.

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Donna - 33 d ago


Great Ace Customer Service. Archer Austin Chicago

My mom has been going to this store for over 20 + years and we really appreciate the service. Dave and the other guys are extremely knowledgeable and are always helpful. They go out of their way to help the customers. Love that my mom, who is a senior, can count on their advice when needed. Thank you for the years of helping your customers and being trustworthy.

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Michelle - 44 d 1 m ago

I am so disgusted with Ace hardware ordering on the internet and paying for it to pick up st my Sce Hardwsre in Zcalustoga.

I MEVER areeived am email telling me it was ready even though the item was in stick. I should have just gone there today without using the online site.

Calistoga didn't Jane any record of me ordering it because the lazy people online failed to it to them. Calistoga Ace found one in dtick but they couldn't give it to me because they needed to sign something so I had to go all the way home. I need the item for my garbage disposal NOW. I am printing my paid receipt from PayPal and heading back. I certainly won't buy the stuff I found when in the store and I'm done with Ace Hardwear. I am a senior citizen and disabled and don't like to drive much-especially in this rain. I'm heading back to the store in Calistoga and sure hope they will accept the receipt showing I paid. If not this ole lady might just go off I

On them.


So headed back to Calistoga

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Pissed Off Customer - 39 d 20 h ago


I ordered offline to be picked up at my local store the next day.

When I called to confirm that it was there they said it wouldn't be there till the following week!

After I explained to them that I ordered it for next day in store pick up they told me that "" is not a national online source but just a store in Kansas that does all the shipping foe "Ace"

What kind of balogna is that?I got a phone number form them and called and cancelled my order.

Never shop with them again!!!

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Marcus Jones - 45 d 3 h ago


Ace Hardware racist Owner Justin Crowder who is currently being investigated by racist owner .He owns True Value Hardware currently trying to be a franchise to be Ace Hardware.

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Customer - 46 d 18 h ago


Ace hardware lies to customers,I was told they would send me a gift card for bad service and they never did! Also Harleysville store cuts all the sales coupons out before customers could get one. What's going on?

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bethia brehmer - 50 d 18 h ago

I wish you would discontinue selling chemicals like Roundup that are destroying bees and the world. I think it's a disgrace

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Harmony Walters - 53 d 19 h ago


Janice at the Veneta, OR 97487 location is absolutely amazing! As a long time business owner, she is the dream what I'd hope for in a dedicated employee. She is attentive well balancing company demands with the needs of her customers.

She is completely engaged, remembers each customer by name and personalizes their experience .

She is knowledgeable, always willing to look up a possible answer to problem solve, all while balancing the phones, other customer service and responsibilities on the sales floor. She remains pleasant, does not show frustration or anxiety and is an absolute pleasure to experience . She is an asset to the company and the community. I would absolutely be thrilled to have her on my team.

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Pamela Sousa - 78 d ago


Gold Country Ace Hardware Cameron Park California Eldorado County...Back in August of 2018 I went in to purchase a new lock for my storage because I had lost the key to it..I also was looking for help to have the lock sawed off..A employee by the name of Rick came over to help me..I was very very emotional because my mother has dementia & had been accusing me of many of which was not inviting her to my wedding some 50 yrs back..thats why I needed to get into my wedding album was there & I needed to bring it to her to assure her she was there..I couldnt even remember where in the storage the album was it had been so long..This is very hard to explain..Not only did Rick help me pick out a new lock but he told me he would meet me at my storage after his lunch & remove it..When I went to the counter to pay the woman who was helping(sorry I never got her name) saw the tears running down my face as I tried to hide them..she very gently handed me a tissue & ask me if I was going to be alright..(very discretely)she was a gem of a person..Rick showed up at my storage & was able to remove the old lock..After he left I just stood there looking at all the stuff & thought I'm not going to find this & I just can't do this crying..all of a sudden there it was..the box that had not only my album but pictures..lots of childhood pictures & more all within digging!..YAY!..I can not say enough about those two employees that showed such kindness..I was in a very emotional place & really was having a hard time keeping it together..This two wonderful people (employees) went beyond anything u experience now a days in a customer service..They were special guardians who with kindness & gentleness help me achieve a very difficult tasks..retrieving some memories for someone who lost them..

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DOUGLAS - 88 d 19 h ago


I purchased a facet airator ,was a female fitting ,I needed a male fitting ,original was purchased with a credit card, the exchange was a .66 cent difference ,I didn't have my card with me ,so the manager said she would give me 66 cent store credit ,and yes I had original receipt,or put the 66 cents on the bank card. Ok. So I went home got bank card and at this point I requested a refund for the product ,and now will not ever do any business with Ace hardware again ,you put customer through this much hassle,over 66 cents. Kiss my ----- ,now I will be glad to pay twice the money, to not be treated in this manner ever again.

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In dismay? - 91 d 5 h ago

Why am I paying a delivery charge from local Ace store for a 949.00 grill? When commercials say free delivery over 399.00

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Elizabeth - 96 d 24 h ago


This is just a comment on the Christmas commercials, I ve never had a problem with any of your stores. And the one in decatur TN where I used to live had my bird seed on sale all the time. I'm bored. I have time to kill so this is just a thought. When I see your commercial for how you can help someone pick out the perfect gift I expect it to be something awesome, but a travel mug? If someone s on a budget I guess it's nice to know you have inexpensive gifts but I'm not going to think great gift ideas at ace , they ve got mugs. Maybe show me an awesome grill or a huge set of tools. Anyway I just think your advertising people dropped the ball. I'm Not upset , this is not an angry email. It's just a thought. I wish a HAPPY HOLIDAY season to everybody,

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Tom - 95 d 19 h ago


(hidden) Tis the season to rob the Goy, Fa la la la la, la la la la la la

Fa la la la la, fa la la la

Fa la la la la, la la la la la la

Fa la la la la, fa la la la

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Unimportant Customer - 96 d 35 m ago


When people buy a lot of anything at your store please understand that we enjoy shopping at your store. when cashiers question or make comments about how many of anything you buy, that is disrespectful and unprofessional. I understand that what I'm about to say is trivial and unimportant. I purchased three packs of a certain candy in a local ACE Hardware store as i handed the cashier's my purchase there was three ladies behind the register who stared laughing and saying the name of the items that I purchased I did not know what the joke was until i opened the bag and looked at the items and saw the names on the items that I purchased. I went back into the store and informed the cashier that I understood what they were talking about. It may be trivial but this happen a lot stores. three of the same items may not look like a lot to you but it looked like a lot to these ACE Hardware workers. I'm returning two of these items back to the store they can keep the money.

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Richard glatzer and paul mitchell - 100 d ago


My friend and I walked into a Ace Hardware in Provo,Utah to get some razor blades for my Dewalt razor knife. As soon as we walked in it was apparent that we where going to be escorted through our entire visit not to be helpful but for obvious reasons to make sure we did not steal anything it was making paul upset so I turned around to an employee that was our escort and handed her my purchases and said well if we are going to have an escort here and started handing her our purchases it was very unnerving and uncomfortable we thought we looked ok or presentable I was currently working for the property management company that owns the building they are in so i can assure you we looked respectable i get it its the holidays but they took it way too far by profiling us in a category that is not so savory.

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Richard - 101 d 22 m ago


On my visit today (12/8/18), I over heard that ACE Hardware stores recognize and

give discount(s) to VETERANS. I must say, "I never knew ACE Hardware gave

discounts to VETERANS" because the cashiers and/or stores never asked or publicize

that they have and give discounts to VETERANS.

If this VETERNS discount by ACE Hardware stores is valid locally and

nationwide, each ACE Hardware store needs to advertise that they do

by announcing it at the cashier registers and at store entrances..

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