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Ace Hardware

29891 State Highway 59
Loxley, AL
Ron Mc Clinton
(251) 964-8500
Annual Sales Est
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Cathy M - 2 d 7 h ago

Thought it was bad business when one Ace hardware store won't price match another Ace hardware store. Makes me wan't to take my business elsewhere.

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Tracey J - 7 d 29 m ago


I recently purchased a patio set at Tri-County Ace in Powdersville, SC and I wanted to let you know what excellent, friendly, professional service I received. It was truly a pleasure and I plan to shop there more often. Unfortunately in these times employees think they are doing the customer a favor by waiting on them this was such a nice change.

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Anonymous - 12 d 8 m ago


I would like too say i go too one if your stores and would like too know why is there so many women in the store.. Working instead of men.. No discrimination on women but you get better help from a man than a woman..

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Anonymous - 12 d ago

I am complaining bout several of your employees that are always outside smoking. Where is the manager. I dont think that is fair too the other employees.

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Gary Haney - 12 d 14 h ago


As a Master Craftsman, with over thirty five years of experience, I have built some of the biggest and most beautiful homes in Colorado. I have also worked extensively in numerous other states. I have lived, the past twenty years, in Gunnison, CO. As a Craftsman, I demand the best of myself, my employees and my vendors. A critical element to my success is having the best tools and products available on the market. This can be difficult to achieve in a small mountain town such as Gunnison. Fortunately I have access to the best hardware store I have encountered anywhere, Fullmer's Ace Hardware! How the owner, J.R. Fullmer, is able to continually staff the store with knowledgeable and courteous personnel is beyond me, but he does. No matter which department you choose, you will find former professional tradesmen, or bright young personnel. I recently had a conversation with a client, from Texas, who echoed these same sentiment. They, the associates at Ace, make my job, not just possible, but easier. I have wanted to send this letter for years, and hope they can be recognized for their service and professionalism. I will put them up against any others. Thank you for your support of them. I am equally impressed with the expedient service from Corporate and the "warehouse".


Gary Haney

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Anonymous - 21 d 14 h ago

My husband and I will no longer shop at your stores since you support CNN by advertising at this Fake News site.

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Jason Vickers - 21 d 17 h ago

Will not support a company that advertises with CNN, who tries to quell peoples first amendment rights.

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Tina Baker - 34 d ago



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Ron w former shopper/buyer. - 55 d 12 h ago


I will not be shopping in my local Ace hardwarewhile you advertise on "left leaning" tv shows which don't respect Trump or even the presidency. I will not shop with you. Now if you'll advertise on highly rated right leaning tv shows I'll shop again.

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dissapointed shopper debating filing suit - 56 d 8 h ago


Ace Hardware store (Trillings) in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

These racist bastards up here will target certain shoppers as shoplifters. Numerous times I have been in here I have law enforcement walk out the door when I do, having watched to see whether I was stealing though I am not here to steal, only to shop. The manager decides when to call the local cops because he thinks someone is a thief? No evidence of this will get you sued! I keep all my receipts. Has anyone else experienced this crap? They are way overstaffed, the help has a lot of time to stand around and jabber. Could that be the problem? When as the last tie someone mopped the floors there?

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Linda banner - 56 d 19 h ago


If you keep on advertising on the manic show maddow I will stop shopping at your stores.

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Pissed off - 57 d ago

I just had a driver who was leaving the 162 store nearly run down my child on 162nd and Stark turning right against a red light out of the middle left turn lane. Luckily I was there to pull her out before the back trailer wheel crushed her.



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We would like to commend your store in Salinas,Ca.

Each and every time we shop at the Ace Hardware store we are received with a smile and helpful employees.

Just this last time we want to recognize one of your employees,Victor for his excellence with helping us with our purchases.

Thank you,

Most sincerely,

Bill and Joyce Ensley

Salinas, Ca. 93906

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Tetonmoon - 69 d 13 h ago


My husband just went by your Belfair shop to return and item we purchased at ACE in Spokane for our RV we did not need. He inquired about returning to Belfair when he purchased and of course was told "just keep your receipt"

He goes to return with the purchase receipt and your so called manager who walks like she just got out of bed and we where interupting her nap, told us she would only refund $24 and no taxes and that you where not an ACE Hardware but a Scott McClendeans LOL

So we have lived in a lot of places, mostly rural or semi rural and all have had Ace Hardware owned by local owners but all have to abide by the rules of franchise and also returns from store to store..

So now we have a product we paid almost $5 plus tax for more at an Ace because we where out of town, never opened or used and with receipt and yet your tired, slow manager with a snooty attitude won't refund?

That doesn't fly and will be contacting and filing a complaint with corporate.

Time and gas for miles let alone getting just another bad customer service in Belfair we are done. I am sure there are other box stores that would love our money and we are done making excuses for bad service at small owned business. W e have always tried to support local business but this town has zero respect for the people who do so and act as if entitled.. Well Lowes isn't even 12 miles away people and we can spend our hard earned cash there if you rather..

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T. Shattuck - 72 d 18 h ago

I urge Ace to stop carrying neonicotinoid pesticide products and to stop end selling plants grown with these pesticides, to protect bees and the environment. There is scientific evidence that links the decline of bees to neonicotinoids. Walmart and TrueValue have already made a commitment to take these products off of their shelves. If Ace does not do the same, I will make a point to shop at those stores and not Ace Hardware.

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MHB - 73 d ago



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Reverend - 84 d ago


Why is ACE HARDWARE still selling pest-killing chemicals that kill bees? Both WALMART and TRUE VALUE have agreed to stop selling neonics, the chemicals which are responsible for endangering bees.

Connect the dots: no bees equals no pollination equals no fruit, vegetables, flowers, honey equals gap in food chain equals human suffering in the form of hunger, employment losses, productivity and diminished quality of life.

PLEASE ACE HARDWARE, stop poisoning our environment. Help us thrive, not dive.

General profile image - 98 d 13 h ago

I will NEVER shop at another ACE hardware store. I live in Gresham or and visited a store located at 161 and Division street. I was with my 83 year old mom. I was told to stop bitching by cashier when I asked question regarding false advertizement (claiming to have product for sale but out of product). Ad mailed to my home had NO sale product available and NO substitute product. What a scam. The assistant manager and cashier were scary. I asked them to call police to protect my mom and me. Frightening and traumatized. Cashier refused to sell furnace filters to my mom. She was in shock over employee treatment. Then after second refusal to sell filters to my mom, cashier would not accept $5 off coupon for $20 purchase. A nightmare business! PS. I own a construction company. I WILL NEVER patrinize another ACE store. NEVER EVER NEVER

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Orio - 120 d ago


I live in Massachusetts and have been frequenting the ACE Hardware store in Canton MA for several years. The store manager, Stephen, is such a big asset to your company. Any time I come into the store with a question or request he has been so helpful, and it's not just with me, it's with all the customers. He has a professional, caring and warm demeanor. He makes the store in Canton MA a FIVE STAR store.

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ANGEL ROSADO - 124 d 21 h ago


Was putting through an order on disappointed to find out that I couldn't use my Ace Rewards Coupon for $5 off the order. I have to go to the store....and customer service told me that there would not be an adjustment made for the $5 at the store level do to it being an online order......YOUR SYSTEM IS TO MUCH BOTHER......BACK TO AMAZON

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Emily J. White - 128 d 17 h ago


Recently, the Ace Hardware closed in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. This is a real loss to our town. Is there anyway another franchise could open a store here?

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Christine Zelmer - 164 d 16 h ago


this is a big atta boy to.the Ace.Hardware in Winamac,Imdiana.

These folks,namely,Sam and Michaela went over and above helping me on 2/11/17.!!

Went in looking for a riser step to help my sis get into bed easier after hip surgery..No such thing existed but once I described what I wanted they offered to make it."I can make that and come back in a few to get cool is that?

Very rarely in our world today have I received such wonderful customer service!!

and the step was PERFECT! We need more stores like this!! thank you Ace Hardware Winamac!

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Mary FAllecker - 168 d 19 h ago

Ace Hardware on Ninth street in Tucson is a joke. Managers sleeping with very cashier, purchasing alcohol and weed for her as well. Doesn't even try to tone it down in front of customers. The young lady looked very young and this "Manager" was very short with grey hair. Very creepy and horrifying that people like this are around young girls.

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Danny - 170 d 13 h ago


The Richmond ky store don't follow store hours. I've been by there several times during the week and they are always closed at 630 pm. When they suppose to close at 8pm. This problem needs to be addressed

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Michelle Adkins - 174 d 13 h ago

Just wanted to voice a complaint about an employee at the Florence, SC store. The gentleman made a joke calling someone a faggot and was neither corrected nor punished for using such a slur. In fact, every employee within earshot laughed as well. I wasn't aware that such unprofessional behaviors were accepted in your stores.

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