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Ace Hardware

29891 State Highway 59
Loxley, AL
Ron Mc Clinton
(251) 964-8500
Annual Sales Est
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Unhappy Customer - 5 d 7 h ago


I was treated very rudely as I entered my local Ace Hardware by two older men with red vests at the Port Hueneme, Ca. location. I politely asked where an item was in the garden dept. One of them pointed to a side wall and, said I could "find it over there". I asked why they were closed so early, 5pm on a Sunday, we live in a vacation, weekend beach area. One man said, "because we want to go home"! As I walked toward the side wall I was directed to, one of the men said, "you should come in earlier". He said this to my back as I was going to look for my item by myself! I turned and, replied I was at work. One immediately replied that they wanted to go home after work too! These elderly men should NOT be representing Ace Hardware! I won't be going back to this store.

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Happy Ace customer - 7 d 9 h ago


I live in Nh. I go to ace hardware in Concord. The people in that store are great. They know the products WHERE THEY ARE. NEVER SAY DOWN ON RIGHT... they take you to product and explain choices. They repair screens they come out perfect. I have purchased cordless trimmer/ rototiller for my self and one for family member. Leaf blower, chain saws. My family gets gifts from ACE Hardware. They love it. I tell everyone go to ACE. They know the products everyone at the Concord store is great. Having gone there for years I am amazed how great it keeps surprising me with every one in the store is so helpful and they know there products.

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Anonymous - 11 d 6 h ago

Im a reward member my name Helena.I go to the one in hilliard i love this store specially everytime i go their one employee her name Lizzy super friendly knows where all the stuff i need.She makes me feel so welcome and super excited to start my project thanks to her help.

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Anonymous - 12 d 17 h ago

Chris ice at store 75 in okc she is a Thief and will hit you and call you bad names. And no one would do anything about it and just let her do it and this is why I quit working there all run me off Chris ice is a thief

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Djones - 14 d ago


Yesterday my husband and I were shopping in the Centerville location. I asked a store employee ( James ) ; I think his name badge might have said assistant manager on it, to help us with a few things. He was polite enough and said sure. But after the third question he became aggitated. I'm not the smartest person in the world so some times things have to be repeated for me. But as my husband and I walked away I heard this employee said " stupid ni**ers ". This really upset me in 65 yrs I've never been called any thing like that. I wasn't going to complain as it probably won't change anything but my children earged me to. I hope the correct action will be taken in this matter. As of right now Ace is the closest store to me but I will start traveling to purchase my desired items.

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LR - 16 d 15 h ago


1. Went to the Santa Paula 93060 ACE Hardware Store on Saturday June 30th at approximately 1:00 pm. 2. Went to specifically to purchase a Weber BBQ 3. There were over 15 employees milling around the store standing in groups talking among themselves. 4. After waiting for 10 minutes one employee acknowledged out presence. 5. None of the Propane BBQ on display had prices marked. 6. Employee #1 went to scan a tag for the price of the BBQ, he then asked employee #2 who did not know the prices. They then asked employee #3 who said they were unsure if the BBQ's were available. 7. Then 15 minutes later employee #1 returned with the price of $499.00 . I was told this was the full price and that he was unaware of the sale or discount that was going on and listed all over the store from 6/27/2018 to 7/9/2018 8. We chose the Weber Genesis II E210 and saw the warming rack was broken on the floor unit. They tried to say that is this is the way it was and we would have to take it as is and it was clearly broken. 9. We asked them to check stock on the unit for a new out of the box that was not damaged. Employee #1 and #2 and #3 all went away to check stock. 10. We again asked about the sale discount and we were told that there was no sale and that the best they could offer us was 8% off the regular list price. 11. They returned with the answer that there was the unit we requested in stock. 12. A manager was called and another 25 minutes to request a delivery date, which she could not specify. we were told maybe Tuesday 7/3 or Friday 7/6. 13. We needed the BBQ by the 4th of July. we live in Santa Paula less than one mile from the store. 14. The local Home depot had the same unit for $399 with free delivery, but we try to support the local merchants. 15. The sale discount was not posted, we did not receive a sale price just the 8% discount. The sale was not honored, the delivery schedule was not organized and was not able to specify a delivery date or time. The employees were not attentive to the customers and in the end the manager had to call a 4th employee to ring up the sale. Horrible customer service, False advertising on the "Sale" that did not really exist and less than knowledgeable in fact incompetent staff. Any we wonder why the retail businesses are hurting for customers.

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Traeger purcheser - 17 d 16 h ago

Circleville, Ohio Ace

On June 11th we purchased a Traeger grill and picked it up the following Saturday. The grill never has worked properly. We spoke with Sean, owner of this store,

today, June 30th, and he refuses our return and refund. I am disabled and recently had a stroke as well which I made him aware of... When I told him I would be filing complaints he said he didn't care what I did and hung up on me. Poor customer service.

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Neil Meharg - 19 d 9 h ago

Ace Hardwares position on employees use of Cannabis as a medicine es no bueno. I wanted to work at the store here in New Mexico. I just moved from Washington where cannabis is legal. I have had 4 bouts with melanoma, and ingest cannabis oil nightly as a prophylactic to keep the disease away from my body. I was honest with the manager when I handed in my appliction and I intend to get a green card here in New Mexico to be legal. I was told I could not be hired even with a green card that makes my cannabis use for medicinal reasons legal. It's 2018 and these corporate policies are ridiculous. I won't be buying anything from Ace until this policy changes. They have every right to have a policy like this but I find it ridiculous and I have a right not support a business who would deny me employment because of a medicine I choose to treat a disease.

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Jon bastian - 20 d ago

Jingle change

Ace is the place

With the helpful hardware


(Replacing "man")

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glb - 20 d 6 h ago

hello..when I signed up as an Ace Rewards member I was told I'd be sent some coupons. Also told it would take a while to get them.

Today when I was at Ace I mentioned I had yet to receive my coupons. They told me to contact corporate which I'm doing via this email.

Whats up??? when will I be receiving them??

virginia brown. number (hidden)

Please advise.

Thanks glb

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Etoile Ritter - 21 d 9 h ago


I went to ace hardware in gladwin mi to buy thing for a plumbing project and a old man named don was the one that was suppose to be in that department and I tell you what very piss poor customer service and didn't even ask if I needed more help and just walked away never will I shop in that damn location again

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Jack Mitchell - 22 d 8 h ago

I replied below but didn't add that I would also avoid shopping at Ace Hardware until it pulls ads from Laura Ingraham. I agree with others: I don't understand why a good company would wish to identify itself with Laura Ingraham's routine callousness.

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Klaus Schulze - 24 d ago

I'm writing to ask that you pull your advertising from Laura Ingraham's show. She clearly has no sense of decency, and given your reputation as a family-oriented store, I'm disgusted by your continuing to associate with her. If advocating separating children from their parents is acceptable to you, I'm terrified of where the line is. I will not shop at any of your stores until you pull your advertising.

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Marie - 26 d 10 h ago


I am writing to say I still no longer continue buying from any of your stores....first it started with Laura Ingraham fox news attacking PERSONALLY a Stoneman Douglas survivor student....and you did nothing about it...continued business as usual....being complicit to the entire situation....and what I cant understand is over 20 businesses pulled their ads from her show and you do nothing.....sad....makes you as a company look like you agree with this behavior and you don't care.....I am proud of the companies that took a firm stand in pulling out their ads.....that was a decent moral thing to do....just so you know people remember who does or doesnt do the right thing as a company and will always choose the company that does the right you risk losing more than gaining.....your competitors will take your customers....

NOT AT ALL SURPRISED.....but once again Fox and crew.....make false and insensitive comments on the border crisis....the children.....these are can anyone say the things being said by Fox and it sickens me to hear what they say about children and infants...shame on this horrible company for NEVER stepping up for what is right and moral and sensitive.....again not surprised...sad times when companies like you don't have feel a need to say enough is enough.....

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Sick of Virtue Signaling Fake News Watchers - 26 d 8 h ago


Not another virtue-signalling Trump Derangement Syndrome SJW!

Where was your outrage during the Obama administration UNDER THE SAME LAWS with separation occurring? Many of the photos you see of children in caged off areas were FROM 2014 and similar time periods you buy-whatever-the-fake-news-MSM-is-selling nitwit. Meanwhile during the Obama administration where no SJWs were squawking, criminal elements like MS-13 were using children and claiming them as family. Previous administration policies have created a situation where 80% of women and children crossing the border are raped by their handlers. So much for the caring of the children or women for that matter.

The Stoneman Douglas school ordeal has shamelessly been used in an attempt to step up oppressive gun control. And yes certain students who get funding from George Soros organizations are shamelessly promoting agendas. All the laws needed to stop it from happening already existed. Simply execute the current laws on the books. Period. You will never get the firearms, period. Stop trying it's just pissing everyone off.

Where is your outrage on what many of us have known for months? - that stay-behind elements of Obama's administration first attempted to derail the Trump campaign then have engaged in numerous unlawful activities to attempt to unseat a lawfully elected President. The same government officials claimed to have investigate Hillary for her high crimes but actually did not. We are talking of corruption and scandal 10 times worse than Watergate - where is the outrage. Just listen to the long laundry list Trey Gowdy has to say on the matter so far. And if you are listening to fake news slant and downplay every fact that comes out, then please use SOME COMMON SENSE and explain why Mueller can't manage to come up with a shred of anything after a full year.

And yes, the majority of Americans will vote with their pocketbooks. We are shutting down our Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, not going to Starbucks, etc. Oh and unless the DNC can come up with another 7 million or so fake votes in November (Harvard study - hardly the bastion of conservatism), don't count on a blue wave happening this year.

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Al Johnson - 26 d 7 h ago

That's GREAT work! But don't expect any of these people to engage with you here. They're all just parroting a script that was written for them by a 17-year old boy of dubious intellect.

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Jack Mitchell - 24 d 14 h ago

No one doubts that serious problems exist with illegal border crossings. But with the new "zero tolerance" policy by the Trump administration---and Jeff Sessions' admission that separating children from parents is a "deterrent"---the public has become outraged at the cruelty and harm to the children. This is understandable. We get it that children in general aren't normally allowed to go to jail with parents. Yet they are not yanked out of their mothers' arms after a thousand-mile journey to find safety, nor are mothers routinely sent to jail for misdemeanors (which is what the border crossings are, although holding illegals at the border makes sense). This is a crisis that isn't easy to solve, and Trump can only think in simple ways (mostly based on bullying others). As to your other comments, I can see you've swallowed Fox News propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

General profile image

Al Johnson - 24 d 16 h ago

If you Hoggophiles can't find a way to liven-up your robotically formulaic comments here, I shall be forced to rip myself away from reading them! I hope that Ace Hardware executives will at least double their advertisements on Laura Ingraham's show, just to punish you for your boringly insipid comments.

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Blaine Ackley - 25 d 40 s ago


I urge you to stop advertising on the Fox News Laura Ingraham show. Her demeaning characterizations of people and events are not fitting for the ACE Hardware helpful hardware family image. I will boycott ACE until you stop the support for hate broadcasting.

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Anonymous - 25 d 5 h ago

I will no longer buy anything from your stores as long as you continue to advertise on Fox News!

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Michael K. Wood - 25 d 12 h ago


This email is to inform Ace that we are still boycotting Ace and will continue to do so until Ace drops Laura Ingraham as a sponsor. Her attacks of David Hogg and the students at Douglas high are unacceptable as are her crude comments about immigrant children. We have shopped all the stores on Kauai and have spent hundreds of dollars. We have other hardware options and will not be shopping at Ace again as long as you support this out of touch, vile, racist and gun toting whack. Please do the right thing as you did initially and drop her permanently.

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Karen Hausmann - 25 d 12 h ago

I am encouraging Ace Hardware to stop advertising on Fox News. Fox News does not give viewers news. It is a propaganda filled entertainment show which I believe is damaging our democratic principles and moral values. I do not object to a conservative viewpoint, but it needs to be based on truth, not alternative facts. Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham are misleading many Americans who rely on Fox for all their information.

I am no longer happy voting each election. I have decided to vote with my purchasing power. I have been a happy Ace Hardware customer because of its smaller more personal feel, but I will end my relationship with your company if you continue to advertise on Fox News. As Americans we all need to work to preserve our great democracy.

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Bob - 26 d 3 h ago


Say good-bye to Laura or I'll say good-bye to you. I've shopped at Ace Hardware in Ocean Shores, WA. Aberdeen, Home Depot here I come.


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Rhonda B. - 26 d 12 h ago

I enjoy shopping at Ace Hardware because the store employees do not make me feel stupid for doing projects that men traditionally complete. I'm just super disappointed that your store continues to support FOX news. FOX news only pushes anger and divides us all. My next trip to the hardware store will be the big box store where the "kids" are not as helpful.

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Diane B. - 26 d 13 h ago

One of the wonderful things about my neighborhood (in N. Seattle) is that there's an Ace Hardware nearby with the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff imaginable, making my trips there a pleasure. So it's with real regret that I am compelled to take my business elsewhere until the upper management of Ace pulls its advertising from the Laura Ingraham program. When you do, I'll be back.

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