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Ace Hardware

29891 State Highway 59
Loxley, AL
Ron Mc Clinton
(251) 964-8500
Annual Sales Est
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Katie L. - 1 d 16 h ago


I went in on 9-22-18 at around 3:20 pm to get some blank mail keys cut. The manager told me she can't guarantee they would work. Fine, I get that - if they were done right. They keys were not cut properly and did not match the original. They refused to do anything about it when I called so that's $20 down the drain with incompetence hidden behind a no guarantee excuse. Again, I understand there isn't a guarantee they'd work but the least they could do is hire someone who has a basic understanding of how to properly cut keys. This is a terrible excuse of a store and absolutely horrible customer service. I now have four mail keys that will not work in my box and staff (manager and key cutter who seemed to have trouble holding steady) who were VERY rude and simply made excuses. I want to file a complaint against the manager and the guy who cut the keys. I suspect this may be a common issue that the manager is aware of which is why she felt she had to make that statement. When I called, the man was very rude and told me that the manager said they couldn't make a guarantee. I told him I understood that but the point was that the keys were cut incorrectly. He refused to even try to remedy the situation because his manager said there were no guarantees.

10050 W Bell Rd #26a, Sun City, AZ 85351

^ The store in question.

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Robert A - 13 d ago



I normally do not write reviews because it just does not do any good & is a waste of time. But, I just wanted the general public to be aware of the potential service one encounters while shopping at Ace Hardware. My wife and I brought a Weber Grill from Ace Hardware and it was just delivered to my home. We paid by credit card on the day we first walked into the Stockton, California store. We were contacted a couple of days later and were told we still needed to pay $50 dollars more. That was not a problem for us but it made us think that we were dealing with a business that was not professional. On the day of delivery our grill had all kinds of fingerprints and was dirty from assembly. The store had not bothered to clean it after assembly. Then one of the shelves was not put on properly. Finally, the person who delivered the grill had no bill of sale for me, or was not going to require a signature from me that the grill had been delivered. I expect much more from an icon such as Ace Hardware. It is a shame that one store that is probably a franchise can do so much to ruin the reputation of a store I used to love. I will no longer do business with Ace Hardware because their standards no longer meet my expectations!

Robert A

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MR - 15 d 10 h ago


Just wrote to this address after diligent search running through a house of mirrors. (hidden)

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Brittany - 17 d 12 h ago


Let me just start by introducing myself. I am a 28 year old black female and I drive trucks (18 wheelers). It's bad enough the trucking industry is a "man's world" and women either get commended for being behind the wheel of a big rig or either frowned upon from those who feel like we are stealing their territory. ANYWAY, I went into this Ace Hardware store in Dillon, South Carolina on today, September 6th, 2018, to purchase two keys for my Volvo Semi truck. There was an older white gentleman in front of me and the white lady behind the desk was just all smiles and engaging in conversation with him whilst finishing up his transaction. I grabbed a keychain off the rack behind me and when I turned around, this lady and I made eye contact and I smiled at her as to say, "hello". She just looked me up and down in utter disgust and looked away. I just said, "wow", to myself and tried to brush it off as to her having a rough day (I know because I've worked customer service jobs before). So, after the gentleman in front of me left, I approached the counter and she didn't even greet me. She just looked at me so I said, "Hello, ma'am. May I please have two keys made for my Volvo truck." She rolls her eyes and says, "I come in and the first thing I gotta do is make some keys." She then storms off and grabs a binder and puts it on the counter with "attitude" and shakes her head and says, "You gotta tell me the model of it. There's all kinds of different models of a Volvo truck." Yes, she was correct and I didn't argue with that. The fact of the matter is that she gave me such disrespect before I was even at the counter. So I said, "You know what, I'll just come back. Give me my key back." She placed the key in my hand and I walked out leaving that keychain I had picked up on the counter. I wasn't about to give her my money. I cursed amongst myself because I was really infuriated and I heard the woman say, "Ma'am", as to call me back to ring up that keychain. I went to my car and was about to leave but I just felt the need to go back and confront her. I didn't want to do it while there were other guest behind me, but at that point, I didn't care. I went back in there and this time there was a black gentleman in front of me. She finished the transaction with him and when she saw the fury on my face, she forced a smile on her face and told him, "Have a nice day". So, he left, and I came to the counter and I said, "Look, I greeted you with a smile and asked you kindly to make two keys for me and you roll your eyes at me, shake your head, look at me with disgust and THEN you have a problem with making the keys??? That's what you're SUPPOSED TO DO!!! THAT'S YOUR JOB!!! It doesn't even take long to make a key!!!! I gave you respect and you should have returned it!! That's not proper customer service. I don't care who wronged you and what color they were, but that doesn't have anything to do with me. That's not fair to me and I see the way you treat people of color and you are a RACIST!!!" She says, "Wait, will you just let me explain?" I said, "No, there's no justification for the way your treated me. I didn't do anything to you but be nice, but that's okay, I should've known you people were racist the last time I came in." Yes, I was there about 6 weeks ago to get some other keys made and got the same "cold shoulder" treatment from her and another young white lady, but it wasn't as bad and direct. Like I said, I just brushed it off as them being busy and I know the stresses of customer service. But, this time it really hit the fan and I would never recommend their services. After I accused her of being a racist, she said "Oh, whatever", but she was more shocked that I confronted her about it. She didn't even deny it. She thought I was coming back inside to give her the information about my truck. NOPE, I came in to call her out on her discrimination and others were in there to witness. She may have not been racist but at the very least, she did discriminate against me- I know that much!!! I don't know her name because she did not have on a name tag, but I do know that store as whole needs a serious improvement on customer service and respect. My thing is, you can be racist all you want but you shouldn't show it while you're dealing with all sorts of different customers daily!!! It's bound to get noticed and she just happened to mistreat a person who noticed and doesn't take that lightly. I hope she gets what she deserves.

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N/A - 17 d 24 m ago

Good for you! This is from a white male in Florida.

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To Brittany from a white man in Tennessee - 17 d ago

Your intelligent, fair, and articulately written piece about the racism you experienced at Ace has touched my heart. You should put it on maybe Facebook or someplace else where it will for sure go viral. I know that driving big rigs is one of the toughest most stressful jobs there is. In case you don't love it, try something else. I think you are bright enough to do anything. May God be your copilot.

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Corinne Rider - 18 d 17 h ago


Dear Sir or Madam,

I used to sing the jingle, Ace is the place... I always enjoyed going in Ace because they had interesting items that were not at other stores as well as the necessary items. I am one of those silly women that has to inspect everything and leave with more than I anticipated but what has happened to Ace Hardware?

I went to Ace today to return an electric Toro weed eater. I had to re-thread the line, which kept breaking, about eight times; consequently, I was not getting anything done with the yard. The cashier said she would have to call the manager. I told the manager I needed to return the weed eater. The manager, Shane McDonald, began by asking me; what did I think he was going to do with it? Did I think he would resell it? Is he supposed to eat it? I was very put off by his nasty, argumentative attitude. I told him I didn't come to argue about it. Are you going to take it back or not? He said it works, nothing wrong with it. I said okay and left Ace stuck with a tool that will not work for me. Apparently there is now a 'no return' policy at the Ormond Beach. FL, Ace Hardware. I hope he doesn't treat his employees as badly as he treated me. Needless to say I will no longer be a customer at Ace Hardware in Ormond Beach, FL. The manager has rabies. I will be looking for a response and thank you.


Corinne Rider

44 Oak Avenue

Ormond Beach, FL 32174


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Lara Rose - 18 d 19 h ago

Please replace your Strosniders, Wayne Ave Silver Spring manager. He is rude and driving away business.

Thank you

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Michael - 19 d ago


Bought interior house paint $168.00 for 5 gal paint with primer , Does not cover with one coat as told believe this product to be garbage , Could of saved $ and bought Walmart cheap paint with same results,

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LD - 20 d 40 s ago


I think it is awful, that advertised flyers came out and offered Spend $25 between 8/29 & 9/3 and you will receive FIVE ACE BUCKS, and then the cashier tells you that they have no more coupons and THERE'S NO REBATES - why bother lying to the customer

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Joe S - 22 d 13 h ago


Hi ace hardware on Newbridge rd in bellmore ny sold a bold cutter to a minor who I caught trying to cut the chain to steal my motocycle I confronted the boy who was not even 17 an confiscated the bolt cutters.I then went into ace and and asked any were sold within the last few days and one was .I know ace won't sell spray paint to minors.I think the same should be done for burglary tools

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BRidget Townsend - 33 d 8 h ago


Not cool.

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Pete - 34 d 13 h ago


I also had a bad experience today in the West Village, NYC Brickman's Store. Customer service just doesn't exist anymore. It's a shame. I have shopped at this store for years for all of the items needed for my store in emergency and other times. I will now go to another local hardware store a little further away and have ordered my employee's to never shop there again if we need something. I find it amazing that employee's no longer value hard work and taking pride in your job. When you hear of box stores taking a living from the mom and pop stores, it's easy to understand why.

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Long years customer - 35 d ago


Very disappointed in this manager rude manner. Just talked with him about information upon ace hardware rewards program and his response was he don't know about any ace store having rewards program or anything asked for corporate number and he gave 2 wrong numbers. Do not call this number for any help from this manager

( Ron Mc Clinton)





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David Parker - 37 d 18 m ago


Hunts Ace Hardware in Livonia overcharge me today for both ACE brand mulch and Scotts brand mulch. When staff in the back loaded my truck he pointed out the prices and descriptions so I went back up to the front door and photograph the product and the display prives. The cashier (Kaden) was of no help and didn't offer to call management. I informed him that I wasn't wasting anymore time and would take it to Michigan Small Claims Court for the minimum $200 award for inventory computer pricing errors. When originally ringing up the sale, the kid couldn't find the product that I described entirely accurate and by the correct name. A fat insipid old man who ALWAYS wastes my time which ridiculous questions about my projects insisted that I was wrong so we went outside and he got the product number to give to the kid at the cash register. I have purchase mulch at this location for years and the cash register monitored used to displayed photos of the mulch bags to make it easier for the cashiers. The know it all, know nothing punk (Kaden) refuted that when I told him about pictures on the display earlier this year and in past years. I'll get the old mans name when I take Hunts to court. He is all done wasting my time with his useless questions about why I need this or that and how I am going to use it. That is not customer service.

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AMY L ELLIS - 39 d ago


Went to the local Ace Hardware in Ashland, VA looking for paint. They had this beautiful gray Clark and Kensington called After the Rain. I wanted it in a Semi-gloss, Clark and Kensington. The gentleman mixed up my paint showed me the dot on the paint can, never dried it so of course its going to look different when wet. I purchase the paint with it wet hoping it will dry the correct color before I get home. So I get all the way home and its dried this ugly light purple-gray color not the color in the pamplet 10/16 CKHUE-GRY. So I make the 20 minute drive back and go to ShermanWilliam to get this color. Then return to Ace and they can not return it, but clearly they can see that the paint is not what I asked for their excuse is this is what the computer generates and will not let me return it. If that is what the computer generates then the machine is not calibrated correctly. So as an royally piss off costumer with $73.69 of paint I will not use, this will be my first and last experience with Ace Hardware.

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Anonymous - 40 d 13 h ago


I truly enjoy shopping at my local small town ACE Hardware in central Florida ! They usually have whatever I need saving me a trip to the Big City Box stores.

My only complaint...

Some crazy "Bean Counter" decided the ACE jingle needed to change ...

It is, and always will be... The Place with the Helpful Hardware Man !!!!! Not Folks!!!!!

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Traeger purcheser - 85 d ago

Circleville, Ohio Ace

On June 11th we purchased a Traeger grill and picked it up the following Saturday. The grill never has worked properly. We spoke with Sean, owner of this store,

today, June 30th, and he refuses our return and refund. I am disabled and recently had a stroke as well which I made him aware of... When I told him I would be filing complaints he said he didn't care what I did and hung up on me. Poor customer service.

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BBQRENU - 42 d 19 h ago

Please share your problem with me. I own a bbq biz and I can probably tell you how to fix it. (hidden)

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Anonymous - 45 d ago


Worst store ever. I have never been to a store that all employees ignore you and felt so much racist. Hate it!!! Will never go again!!! Odessa TX.

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Midtown Maniac - 45 d 16 h ago


I've always liked Ace stores but avoid them since Ace sponsors Laura Ingrahn

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Missouri Mule - 45 d 14 h ago


To Midtown Maniac: Do you mean Laura Ingraham? Laura's The Angle program has millions of viewers. It would be silly for a company to refuse to sponsor her program because YOU don't like her.

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Grace - 54 d 19 h ago

At the Rochester, MN store I went to return a Jaws trap that I bought yesterday because it was defective. Nick told me he would not take it back because he could not resell it!!!! Basically I have been screwed by Ace Hardware! He was so rude. I called Corp office customer care and the said each store sets their own rules! What kind of outfit is this? I will now call attorney general & NEVER set foot in Ace again.

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Midtown Maniac - 45 d 16 h ago

Ace has also said that they can't stop sponsoring Laura Ingram because they use a company that places their ads!?!?!?

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Anonymous - 45 d 17 h ago


Why is it I can spend thousands of dollars over the years an I want to return something an u say no we don't carry it this unbelievable. Cindy Norberg.

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