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Ace Hardware

29891 State Highway 59
Loxley, AL
Ron Mc Clinton
(251) 964-8500
Annual Sales Est
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Nicole Shelley - 4 d 16 h ago

I just tried to return an unused closed packet of batteries and they refused. The also referred to it as a hurricane item. So I'm guessing we only use batteries during the hurricane correct? Crooks. 100% never heard of such a thing in America. I return batteries to Costco with no problem. It took me five seconds. Boycott ace. Notice I wrote it in small letters.

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CS - 4 d 18 h ago


Please read the following, not very professional is it. How embarrassing! And this was in response to something much more embarrassing, losing an over ten year customer, and apparently not caring enough to do anything about it. Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ----- Forwarded Message ----- From: Christopher Schaefer To: Ace Care Center Sent: Sunday, September 17, 2017 9:31 AM Subject: Re: Order Inquiries <<#6(hidden)9882#>> Hello, Thank you for your message. Who is the owner of this store in particular and what is his email address please. Thank you, Christopher Schaefer 386 689 5233 Ps. Your mistakes in this letter. 1)You used store in the singular form but you typed "all Ace stores" it should be plural 2);the word excepting is not the right one it should be accept 3)you used DO instead of DUE it should be "due to this" Only 3 big mistakes in one letter for someone representing a national chain of stores in the United States!!! Nice Job!!! From: Ace Care Center To: (hidden) Sent: Sunday, September 17, 2017 7:05 AM Subject: Re: Order Inquiries <<#6(hidden)9882#>> Good day Christopher, Thank you for contacting the Ace Care Center. I do apologize for the frustration. All of our stores are independently owned and operated so we operate somewhat differently than a national chain of stores. Because of this, each Ace store sets its own return policy. Moreover, all Ace store in the hurricane impacted areas implemented a 'No Return Policy' on items deemed as hurricane disaster relief items because the vendors are not excepting returns. Do to this, it is the store's sole discretion to decide if they want to except the return. So, the information provided to you by the manager was correct. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns. Incident # 3042613 Best Regards, Marcus J. | Ace Care Center (888) 827-4223 Helpful is our Business - Caring is our Commitment Original Message: From: (hidden) Sent: Saturday, September 16, 2017 6:25:53 AM To: (hidden) Subject: Order Inquiries <<#6(hidden)9882#>> --- Original Message --- From: Received: 9/8/17 12:02:35 PM PDT To: Subject: Order Inquiries To: (hidden) From: (hidden) Subject: Order Inquiries Order Number: (hidden) Name: christopher Schaefer Phone Number: (hidden) Wrote: To whom it may concern, Today at about 9 AM I purchased 3 1x4 boards at the Ace Hardware located in Daytona Beach Shores Florida on South Atlantic Avenue. 3 hours later after determining that I would not be able to use the boards I attempted to return them. I was told that I could not because they were purchased during a time when an a hurricane was forecast to be in our area, like in 3 days!!! Or maybe it would not even come???? I did not agree and was told by the manager on duty that that is just the way it is and that as I raised my voice a bit when speaking with him that he did not need my business any longer. Really, you implement a backward policy like that, and when your clientele gets upset about it you don't want or need them any longer. You don't need a customer who has spent thousands of dollars in that store, and has been shopping there for over 13 years? I have been shopping there for so long that I have seen several groups of employees and management come and go. I had been shopping there for at least 10 years before this manager even started working there with his dominant attitude and his method of dealing with customers. He is probably the most unwelcoming worker that I have ever dealt with. Definitely not someone who should be dealing face to face with customers. I have returned other merchandise when the same manager was present and it was like pulling teeth to do so, and took so long I was almost sorry I had come in. All the while I encountered the same attitude, as if someone were cheating him or something. All I want is to SPEND MY MONEY in the store and when I have a problem that I am helped. I demand that the merchandise be taken back and that I receive an apology for what happened today. At that point and only then will I decide whether I will give YOU MY business again. By the way I called HOME DEPOT out of curiosity to inquire about their return policy, and they have no problem with a customer returning merchandise, ever!!!!! Sincerely, Christopher Schaefer 386 689 5233 ------ Please do not remove your unique tracking number! ------ <<#6(hidden)9882#>> Try the new Yahoo Mail

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Anonymous - 5 d 6 h ago

Hi I live in Brentwood California I wish I can say something good about Ace my husband buy some a garden equipment about 2 months ago warranty is for one year when he noticed some problems wind equipment he go back so they can fix it he talk to the employees two different occasions with no results descendants two different store in go back and forth back and forth until I ask for the manager I talked to Aaron Omar Ryan she told us they're can get the money back because I need to buy hi special gas for the appointment they sell in the Ace store the thing is when I buy the Acumen nobody told us other the special gas for the a equipment I hope you see this message and they can help us I hope someone knows that I can do something about it thank you

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Trudi - 7 d 13 h ago


ACE HARDWARE LARGO FL TAKING ADVANTAGE OF HURRICANE IRMA VICTIMS. I attempted to return an unused cooler today. Cooler remains unused, brand new, plastic fully in tact, tags secured, etc. The Manager will not honor their normal return policy stating that this item is now considered "hurricane related" and is non-returnable. I was never made aware of this or I would not have purchased. The Manager recognizes the item is in brand new, unused condition. The Manager confirmed that if I had purchased this item one month ago, I would be able to return it, but because I purchased last week, I cannot return. This item is too heavy for us to lift and will not be able to be used by us. ACE HARDWARE was very quick to take our money as we were running around desperately preparing for a Cat 5 Hurricane, but now refuses to honor their everyday return policy and accept unused items and refund customers.

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Eagle Employment Consulting - 22 d 11 h ago


Mr. McClinton,

You are in a position to get Ace to achieve national acclaim now. Houston desperately needs the survival supplies Ace has. A "wand" to purify water is on hand. Since Ace has them, why not work out a deal with the supplier? Or just provide them in quantity? With annual sales of about $129, 500,000, how about 500,000 "wands."

Given the motley reviews Ace has received, Ace could use the national acclaim, you may agree. If indeed Ace has advertised on the wonderful shows some mention nastily, way to go Ace. The two stores regularly visited in HI are great. Important to mention is that the several women working there are courteous, informed, super employees. Ace gets kudos for appearing to hire in its own interest, not to mention those of the public, plus all employees.

Rock on, Ace.


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Gary Haney - 71 d 6 h ago


As a Master Craftsman, with over thirty five years of experience, I have built some of the biggest and most beautiful homes in Colorado. I have also worked extensively in numerous other states. I have lived, the past twenty years, in Gunnison, CO. As a Craftsman, I demand the best of myself, my employees and my vendors. A critical element to my success is having the best tools and products available on the market. This can be difficult to achieve in a small mountain town such as Gunnison. Fortunately I have access to the best hardware store I have encountered anywhere, Fullmer's Ace Hardware! How the owner, J.R. Fullmer, is able to continually staff the store with knowledgeable and courteous personnel is beyond me, but he does. No matter which department you choose, you will find former professional tradesmen, or bright young personnel. I recently had a conversation with a client, from Texas, who echoed these same sentiment. They, the associates at Ace, make my job, not just possible, but easier. I have wanted to send this letter for years, and hope they can be recognized for their service and professionalism. I will put them up against any others. Thank you for your support of them. I am equally impressed with the expedient service from Corporate and the "warehouse".


Gary Haney

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If you can stop blowing your own horn.the loser's always brag. Your great you're the best. I'm glad you found a ACE hardware store that inflates your ego. You found a good ACE more power to you. In the real world ACE is not what it was.

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Anonymous - 80 d 6 h ago

My husband and I will no longer shop at your stores since you support CNN by advertising at this Fake News site.

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Good for you ! Make AMERICA great again

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H. Snipes - 38 d 4 h ago


H Snipes, Atlanta, Ga. (((*****((( I CAN'T REMEMEBER WHEN I WAS TREATED SO RUDELY BY AN EMPLOYEE AND THEN MANAGER )))***)))) I'm went to the store on Collier Road in Atlanta, Ga. I had been going there for a while. I am 58, and disabled. I went in and bought two 1/8 inch drill bits. I got to the casher and she rang it up. She said $$9.56 cents. I said, Wow you can get 2 in a pack at Home Depot for about $4. She sarcastically said. ""Well maybe you should go to H. Depot then. I said wow, really... I said what is your name... She told me Shelby. I said can I get a pen so I can write it down... She throws the pen down the counter to me. I wrote it down and walked out. I week or so later today I walked in and returned 1 drill bit and bought some glue from the same girl Shelby. To my left I noticed the Manager. So I stopped to speak with him. He proceeds to tell me he had heard of the incident and was told I was using the F word to her. I said that's a complete lye. I said you have security cameras that will prove she's lying.. So he now says that what she said. I said so you're OK with an employee telling off your customer to go to H Depot. He now says he would have done the same thing. I said, Ok. now it make perfect since. She leaned it from you. He throw's up his arms and starts yelling at me "Get out of my store" He then runs around the counter and past me yelling ""Get out of my store""" """If you ever come in my store again I'll have you arrested.""" Mean while customers inside and out are watching. I got so up set I left my walking cane there. He is now standing in the door way of the Ace Hardware yelling at me to get off his property as I'm trying to get the key in my door. As I'm finally pulling away a customer flags me down. She said are you ok... I'm now just shacking from head to toe. She said you need to report him to the national office. So anyway. '''''''DON'T BELEIVE THAT CRAP '''ACE IS THE PLACE WITH THE HELPFUL HARDWARE MAN''''''' Like I said.. I can't remember when I was ever threated like that and then for it to be indorsed by the manager"""""""""""

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You got that right. I don't know if they were bought out or what I mean ACE as a whole sucks NOW.

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Jessie - 25 d 7 h ago


We have just moved to Montana. We have bought a lot from ACE and today I was very upset. My husband and I bought red bricks the sign said 9"so we bought the needed amount. When we got home my husband placed them and there was one short. I had to drive 8 miles for a 59 cent brick but that's not the point. When I went back to the store I told the clerk the bricks measured 8" the clerk measured it and said yes 8" a so called manager went out to see the sign came back in and told the clerk the sign is correct sell HER another brick I was so angry I decided to shop at Home Depot where the staff are friendly. I called to speak to the manager and the person who checked the sign answered the phone a so called manager. Very unhappy customer.

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I'm with you all the way. There doing you a favor by taking your money

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You might look onto King man,AZ store. As a plumbing contractor, I work with many trades on jobs. Not a one does business there. The reason I bad mouth it,is not the prices,location, or stock, as in materials. It's the ownership ! It's like he's doing us a favor by spending our money there. I'm sure he pays his franchise Fee's. But he's not doing the ACE brand any good in Kingman,AZ. Home depot & tru value with in 3 miles guess where us tradesmen go?. I'm just saying.

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Sherry and Bob Whitely - 26 d 14 h ago


We love our Ace Hardware. Keith Ware is extremely helpful every time we are in the store. We should at Paul's Ace Hardware several times a month. Our Ace Hardware is in....Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

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Charles McELfish - 40 d 19 h ago


The Federal Hill Baltimore, md Ace Hardware store does away with the Handicap access automatic doors now it very difficult to get into the store in my wheel chair. I have to sit outside the store and wait for someone who is kind enough to hold the door open for me to enter It seems to be more important for them to have to have more room for plants than the automatic doors a wheel chair customer needs.

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Benjamin Martinez - 51 d 3 h ago


Please check the quality of the customer service in the big island parker ranch . Ace hardware store employees do not know the stroe or the meaning of customers servicesthey at the store seem to enjoy ignoring customer guestions need for assistance. I will be shopping somewhere else.

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Mark A Smith - 51 d 8 h ago


Monahans, tx

18 days prior to today, I dropped off a Stihl extended shaft hedger that needed carbureator repair. The mechanic needed to order a couple of parts. Dropped by today to check if the repairs had been completed. I was made aware that I need to be patient and quit hassling them. I replied that I had been patient 18 days and a simple recoil spring shouldn't be that hard to get?

After having the Lord's name in vain thrown at me 3 or 4 times and being told that the customer ahead of me spends more money than I do, I will take my business elsewhere.

I have only traded at the Monahans store for 19 years as a residential and commercial customer.

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Cathy M - 61 d 24 h ago

Thought it was bad business when one Ace hardware store won't price match another Ace hardware store. Makes me wan't to take my business elsewhere.

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Tracey J - 65 d 16 h ago


I recently purchased a patio set at Tri-County Ace in Powdersville, SC and I wanted to let you know what excellent, friendly, professional service I received. It was truly a pleasure and I plan to shop there more often. Unfortunately in these times employees think they are doing the customer a favor by waiting on them this was such a nice change.

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Anonymous - 70 d 15 h ago


I would like too say i go too one if your stores and would like too know why is there so many women in the store.. Working instead of men.. No discrimination on women but you get better help from a man than a woman..

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Anonymous - 70 d 15 h ago

I am complaining bout several of your employees that are always outside smoking. Where is the manager. I dont think that is fair too the other employees.

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Jason Vickers - 80 d 9 h ago

Will not support a company that advertises with CNN, who tries to quell peoples first amendment rights.

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Tina Baker - 92 d 14 h ago



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Ron w former shopper/buyer. - 114 d 4 h ago


I will not be shopping in my local Ace hardwarewhile you advertise on "left leaning" tv shows which don't respect Trump or even the presidency. I will not shop with you. Now if you'll advertise on highly rated right leaning tv shows I'll shop again.

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