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Ace Hardware

29891 State Highway 59
Loxley, AL
Ron Mc Clinton
(251) 964-8500
Annual Sales Est
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Cece Beesly - 1 d 15 h ago


Leticia Morales, otherwise know as Letty, is a (to put it nicely) A HORRIBLE employee. She is rude, lazy, and worst of all, she sexually harasses those she works with. She is sexually explicit, flirtatious, inappropriate, and tries to get out of doing her work by offering sexual favors to coworkers. It is appalling that she has worked there as long as she has without this being brought to the attention of management.

She does multiple drugs on the work site, she cheats on her work, she hits on anyone and everything that can benefit her, and she has been doing this since the day she started.

She is an outright embarrassment of the company and should be fired immediately.

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Cece Beesly - 1 d 16 h ago


Leticia Morales, otherwise know as Letty, is a (to put it nicely) A HORRIBLE employee. She is rude, lazy, and worst of all, she sexually harasses those she works with. She is sexually explicit, flirtatious, inappropriate, and tries to get out of doing her work by offering sexual favors to coworkers. It is appalling that she has worked there as long as she has without this being brought to the attention of management.

She does multiple drugs on the work site, she cheats on her work, she hits on anyone and everything that can benefit her, and she has been doing this since the day she started.

She is an outright embarrassment of the company and should be fired immediately. She is employed by the Moxee RDC in WA.

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Anonymous - 9 d 1 h ago

I would like to tell you that I will no longer shop at your stores due to your false rewards card system. I have shopped at your stores for over 40 years and you used your mailer to lure me in and then refused to honor my discount after I came back 2 days in order to comply with the date on my rewards card. I know my no longer shopping at your stores will not matter to you success or failure but I refuse to shop at a company that LIES in its ads. FU!!!!!!

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Shirley - 9 d 9 h ago


today I was in Ace Hardware store in Champlain ny and they did not have anything the size I needed therefore I had to buy more than I needed and it cost me more money than I planed on paying. I printed out of my computer what I wanted and it was suppose to be in stock and nothing was there. I used my coupon and that is another complaint cannot use on sale items and if you are .10 short they will not accept the card. I have had it with the ACE stores. THANK YOU

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Danielle - 12 d 7 h ago


I deal with the Ace Hardware in Tyrone, PA. Spent a lot of money there ....

One of the employees was kind enough to light up a cigarette while I'm 33 weeks pregnant while he "loaded" my husbands truck full of concrete mix. We spent $130 just in concrete mix & nobody could load it for him?! And on top of that, if we finished off the skid, we HAD to bring the skid back because supposedly they get charged $20 for a skid?! Lowe's & Home Depot would give you the skid AND help you load it. Next time I'll take the extra time to drive a few miles further & go to the bigger guys.

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Anonymous - 11 d 21 h ago

And it wouldn't surprise me at all if you OVER PAID for the concrete there.

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Joe - 13 d 5 h ago


Happy Birthday to me member# (hidden)3. I deal with ACE hardware in River Edge NJ. On 5/8 I called this place to fine out if they had 10 ft length of 1" PVC pipe witch they said they had. I went to the store and bought the stuff I needed for this job, coupling tees glue and other material spent under $40. I went for the pipe and they said they there was no stock, I spoke to John and it was't very happy. I asked him to honer the Birthday rewards cards for my troubles, but he said next time. You know what you can do with your rewards.There are too many hardware stores close to me. I will not be going to no more and don't send me no more cards

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Joann - 17 d 8 h ago


I was in your store at 361 N Locust st in Manteno Il, 60950 I have to say the store is like a maze it is so cluttered. It looks like a boutique when you walk in a very expensive boutique not a hardware store. the aisles are so tight because they obviously have way to much The area behind the key desk is a huge cluster you know what. What happened to being a hardware store.

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Gina and Nancy - 19 d 5 h ago


Hello Ace Hardware!

Just yesterday I was at your store on the south side of La Crosse, Wisconsin on "Mormon Coulee Road". I only needed sunflower hearts for my critters (birds and squirrels) at home. It was just shortly after 5:00 and I thought I would take my two smaller dogs along, since there would probably be shade for me to park in. I realized I was wrong when I arrived. I couldn't leave them out in the sun, so I hoped that I could bring them in with me. I was met at the door by Gina and she held it open for me, and assured me that we were problem! Gina offered to hold them (one on a leash) for me while I picked up my sunflower seed. It sure made it easy for me! She asked if she could show them to a co-worker, Nancy. Long story still long, they cared for the dogs so I could buy almost $150.00 worth of seed, 6 big bags.

All along they continually asked if they could lift the bags for me, open the door for me and even agreed to help me out to my car. Gina was the "ringleader" of kindness, continually offering help to me: open the trunk, load the bags, hold my keys so I wouldn't drop them (again) and even load up the dogs. These two were almost like family in their kindness. As a matter of fact, they are always kind at this store. One young man helped me more than once with seed, even pulling bags off a palate for me because I wanted several bags. He had a pleasantness about him and a good sense of humor, both that day and every time I've seen him since. I just think you should know how wonderful your store is here. They definitely keep me coming back, and I spend tons on seed every time I stop! Kudos to them and how wonderfully they represent Ace Hardware. In my opinion, I think they deserve a big fat raise! Please pass this note on to their local manager for me. I don't think I can write all of this twice! I would really appreciate it, because he needs to hear about their wonderful customer service. They were great and made my potentially stressful trip as enjoyable as a piece of cake!

God Bless!

Jeanette Hutschenreuter

of La Crosse, Wisconsin

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nancy figueroa - 20 d 5 h ago


Today is May 5, 2018 the sale started on May 1st. MY husband (who loves Ace Hardware) went to your store in Sauk Centre, Mn #14859. Advertised on your flyer that came in the US Mail were many wonderful sale items. On this trip I wanted to buy the 10" Garden Gnome for $4.99 on sale. Granted this time it was not as big a purchase that I have shopped for in this store. I was told that the item did not come in on the last truck and they would not be in until next Friday May 11th. The sale is over on May 14th.

I understand when these things happen as I was a head cashier for 15 years at Target. So I just asked for a rain check. We will not be in town on that week. The store is also 15 miles from our home. I was told I had to pay for the item right then. My question is what kind of a rain check system is that?

A rain check is a piece of paper that states that when a store gets the product. They customer can come back at their convenience and get the product for the sale price. In a reasonable time frame.

Since there were none to look at on the shelf--how was I to know if the product was worth the money or did I like it enough to purchase.

This system seems totally unfavorable to me wanting to come back to this store again. The woman behind the counter was rude.

So I just walked out. Sale and future sales lost.

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Larry w hamilton - 36 d 15 h ago

You are losing me as a customer. I will not do business with a company that advertises on Fox News. Too many lies and hateful mean commentary that divides our country. Maybe Ace Hardware should do business in Russia. Please change your ways

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Anonymous - 21 d 20 h ago


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Concerned American - 21 d 9 h ago


As Jack Nicholson said: "You can't handle the truth!" And what a joke...hateful, mean, commentary??? Are you drinking the Russia collusion Kool-Aid? What a waste of time and money. Time to move on and try to make things better. Hope we can find some common ground, like easing tensions in N. Korea, etc, etc, etc. FOX News is not perfect, but at they are by far the closest thing we have to real journalism in this country and at least they make some effort to show differing viewpoints.

God bless the United States of America.

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Wise Vet - 21 d 5 h ago


Worse than CNN and MSNBC is dividing this country with their liberal communist jibjab, I seriously doubt that. I'm very happy that a company such as Ace has the nuts to stand up for what they believe in and to go against the liberal, same sex, dope smoking fags on the far left. So in a nutshell, fuck you!

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Roland Mckenzie - 30 d ago

I am retiree and a long time patron of ACE Hardware, I want to let you know that you have lost my future business due to your decision to return to advertising on the Laura Ingram show. Msg Igram is a despicable cowardly individual when she has to stoop so low as to criticise young adults speaking up for their beliefs after being victimized. She is not a news journalist just a talking head trying to use current events to garner ratings. But there is a limit to how low I am willing to accept. She should be removed for lack of content. Since you are supporting her program I am removing my support of ACE Hardware.

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Mac - 30 d 7 h ago

Very disappointed in Ace Hardware leaving the Laura Ingraham show in support of David Hogg....a juvenile. Ace Hardware needs to

read the Declaration of Independence; and the Bill of Rights. We have shopped at Ace for years and years but I am done. No more.

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Gripnrip9 - 30 d 6 h ago

The Declaration of Independence was written to assure Americans had freedoms to choose. Go get your bump stock and semi auto rifle and hunt for you dinner. And eat it while watching her shoe

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gfreeman - 30 d 12 h ago


The Ace Hardware in Coachella Valley advertised, "Buy one get one free !" But, when I got tot the store, I was informed it was on only selected items. Is this false advertising ? I always preferred Ace to the Big Box stores.

Disappointed in the brand new store in Cathedral City.

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wb miller - 31 d ago

I am very proud of your decision to advertise during the Laura Ingram show again. Our first ammendment right to free speech is very important. Laura did nothing wrong. This kid seems to think it's OK for his right to free speech, but I guess no one else has that right. He is also a bully, just gloating from all the attention he is getting. My husband and I are long time customers and will be proud to shop at Ace Hardware again. Don't give in to the bullying.

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Roger Ales - 33 d 12 h ago

This site isn't officially an Ace Hardware site. This is an independent site that that puts up comment pages for many corporations.

Useful for finding information, but Ace, like most corporations, hides behind barriers that don't allow simple online comments to affect their policy. That requires snail mail or phone calls to hard to find numbers.

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Sarah - 34 d ago


I see all the comments about rejoining the Laura Ingrams show. It doesn't shock me because we experienced first hand yesterday of them making fun of people with disabilities. When I ask the store for corporates phone number she wrote down a local number. We have PICTURES of our experience with Ace Hardware and will use social media to show what kind of company this is.

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Carolyn - 36 d 5 h ago


I'm am so dissapointed that Ace chose to rejoin Laura Ingrahams show. As long as you continue to advertise with her disgusting show, my family won't step foot in your store.

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Marie - 36 d 7 h ago


I have not and will NEVER EVER be a customer in any of your stores were going to pull your ads away from Laura Ingraham show on fox and then backtracked....u WERE going to do the right thing...and now you have chosen to be a company who sides and feels the same as Laura Ingraham...attacking a young adult at a PERSONAL was not even political....disgusting....ur company likes attacking young adults ..your company should take example of as many as 20+ advertisers pulling ads for good reason...there are many other places to put it ads that don't attack young people..take an example that standing for what is right always wins more respect...greed and complicity will get u no where as a company...people don't one ever should be attacked personally on TV for entertainment...its appalling...stand up as a company against this....take a moral and values stand..don't be a company associated with meanness and nastiness...look she only apologized bc she was losing money...otherwise she would have continued attacks....think about that for a second....what If that was your child getting personally attacked by a person who was on TV for the world to hear????....think about how Hogg felt being attacked...not right...unexeptable...I know many who I know will not step foot in your store....there are soooo many other places to buy the things you as a company sell....its called not so easy to walk and buy somewhere else not your stores...u still have a chance to do the right thing...remember...

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Brody Johnson - 36 d 7 h ago


I am a long time customer but have decided not to return due to the decision by Ace to support hate speech by advertising on Laura Ingraham. I will be informing everyone I know about the decision by Ace to support hate speech and encourage them to join my in boycotting any business that supports those attacking the children who survived the massacre in their high school.

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Anonymous - 36 d 12 h ago


We patronized Ace Hardware, and were customers for a very long time when you pulled your advertising from Laura Ingraham's show on Fox News and wanted to continue to support Ace for their decision.. Ace has returned to the show, and we will not enter your store again until that changes. This is a time when we all need to support reasoned and respectful discussion, and this show is the antithesis of these values. Laura Ingraham attacked a teenager who is a survivor of a horrible mass shooting. Laura Ingraham's act is disgusting and despicable!

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