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Ace Hardware

29891 State Highway 59
Loxley, AL
Ron Mc Clinton
(251) 964-8500
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Walt - 4 d 12 h ago


I had item

Item no: 7461924 | (hidden)05 shipped to the Prinevill,Oregon store. ACE said it would take 1 to 7 days. I was snowed in and had to have a neighbor to the ACE store. This was 5 days after ordering. I couldn't get the store on the phone. The Item had not arrived, well it hadn't been 7 days. I arrived back home and had an e-mail from ACE that my order was canceled. I was @#$*&^ and this item was still on line to be ordered. Communication or lack of ,is what will lose you long time customers. ACE is not the only retailer providing this same service.

Walt Wagner

(hidden) (hidden)

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Southern life - 13 d 4 h ago

I would like to make a complaint on a Ace Hardware store in Bushnell, Fl. 33513. They are failing the customers, they barely have anything on the shelves. They are not ordering stock. And they would be better off to close the doors. They are worrried about True Value but already he's store is stocked,and now we have Tractor Supply opening. Someone needs to check into it, it's giving Ace a bad name.

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Julie H. - 16 d 4 s ago


i would like to file a formal complaint against the ace store in zebulon ,ga.

i called to inquire if they were hiring and a person claiming to be the manager

of the store said his name was "Cory". he was extremely rude said that they

were not hiring and not to call back anymore. i will never go back to that ace

or any ace store and i will tell all my friends not to go to any aces. there was no

need for him to get so nasty. i merely was calling to ask a simple question.

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Juanita - 46 d 14 h ago

You should be addressing this memo from Camilia. If you are truly not selling to Standing Rock, you are a disgrace, and I will not continue to shop at Westlake Ace Hardware in Springfield, MO anymore. There is a treaty between our govt and the Native Indians. It should be held to the word. I know that's not something any govt anywhere wants to do, but it damn straight needs to be held to the wording in the Treaty. I am appalled at our government not stopping this before now.

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Debra Valenzuela - 46 d 17 h ago

This letter is to express my EXTREME displeasure with ACE Hardware for their unconscionable decision to refuse to sell merchandize to people in North Dakota simply because the Sheriff In the area said not to sell products. I refuse to EVER purchase ANYTHING from you company EVER AGAIN.

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Wendy Wilson - 48 d ago

Shame on you. Racists. Refusing to

Sell to Native Americans.

It's unthinkable that you could be so

Ignorant and unAmerican.

I refuse to shop at your stores--

Until you change your policy.

I certainly hope they Sue you-unfair business practices!

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Johnny Draco - 47 d 5 h ago


Yes the jews are Racists but they have no shame. Tell every one.

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Ace Hardware stores in the vicinity of recent pipeline protests in North Dakota have been requested by law enforcement officials to refrain from selling materials that could be used as incendiary devices. Ace's number one priority is to protect the safety of its employees, customers and the communities each store serves; Ace will continue to cooperate with law enforcement officials. Ace's compliance is not a reflection of any corporate viewpoint on the pipeline project.

If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us and refer to incident 2529138.

Have a great day!


Camillia H. | Ace Care Center

(888) 827-4223

Helpful is our Business - Caring is our Commitment"

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Ken Little - 47 d 5 h ago

Like cooking fuel and fuel for heat?

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Ken Little - 47 d 5 h ago

Say no to Ace. Say yes to Standing Rock!

No more shopping at Ace Hardware for me.

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Andy do cahill - 48 d 49 s ago

I am writing to let you know I will no longer be spending my money at any of your stores. I am

Standing with those at standing rock

Thank you

Andy D Cahill

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Cheryl Bechtle - 48 d ago

I am contacting you regarding the matter of the refusal to do business with those in Standing Rock. I am furious over this. So instead of jumping to the boycott concept I have come to encourage you as Corporate to DONATE all their needed supplies until the GREED DIES AND LEAVES the land and water protected in the hands of the Peaceful Water and Land Protectors!

Doesn't this sound much better than having every Corporate and franchised Ace Hardware boycotted for refusing to do business with the real American First Citizens who have always lived peacefully with nature and not spoiled it ever! White man needr and start living in peace with nature and quit the abusive behaviors.

Show goodwill and provide the Protectors at Standing Rock what they need to do what is BEST for every citizen! We humans can't drink OIL! We can ill afford to allow GREED to destroy our water and soil!

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Dee - 48 d 11 h ago


I am writing you to voice my opinion regarding your treatment of the protestors in North Dakota. Those people are protecting your water and the water of thousands of people. Your actions have outraged several individuals, including myself. We will impact your earnings in a very negative way. No more shopping at Ace.

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coast2016md - 48 d 11 h ago


Your company should be deeply ashamed of itself for the treatment of customers who come to your stores from Standing Rock in North Dakota. Your company is discriminating against customers based on the inaccurate information provided by those with monied interests in DAPL! The fact that you just go with the flow proves to me I should NEVER SHOP AT YOUR STORES EVER AGAIN! This inhumane treatment of customers needs is inexcusable. Your stores in Maryland or DC will never see another penny of my money. I will shop at Lowes from now on.

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Roland B - 48 d 12 h ago


Hello Ace Hardware Corporate Headquarters: I just want to put my 2 cents in and complain about your treatment of the protesters at Standing Rock. Those people are freezing and all they want is to buy supplies to keep warm. If your intention is to freeze them out so that they'll go home, it shows you for being lackies for whatever entity is influencing this "decision" of yours. If you people refuse to help them out, you will never see me in one of your stores again and I use your store quite often.

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AMERICAN CITIZEN - 48 d 13 h ago

Referring to "incident 2529138" refusing to sell propane to protesters: How exactly are your local managers in Standing Rock going to tell protesters from any other American Indian? The police "asked" you not to sell propane, they didn't demand it because there is no legal ground for them to do so. Are you going to freeze to death both the young and old who must remain at home on the rez? How, EXACTLY will your local manager tell them apart? If you do not rescind this 'compliance' against ALL Native Americans immediately, I, for one, will never spend another dime at my local Ace Hardware. Ever. This is your chance to stand on the side of AMERICANS peacefully using their 1st Amendment rights against violent police brutality. Don't be a part of that brutality if you want to remain a viable corporation is my advice.

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Water protector. - 48 d 14 h ago

What kind of heartless corporate thugs are you guys anyway? Why won't you sell supplies to the Standing Rock Sioux and the people trying to support them to try and stop that pipeline from being laid. Like we really need another one of those polluting the environment. Go ahead commit corporate suicide. Idiots!

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Dan Promen - 48 d 20 h ago

Well I'm sure not going to buy from Ace Hardware considering their attitude toward the Pipeline protestors.

You should be ashamed.

True Value and Home Depot will be getting my business beginning today.

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Patricia in Oregon - 48 d 18 h ago

I agree. ACE are independently owned but buy from corporate Ace. I called my local store manager and explained why we couldn't do business with them as long as the Standing Rock area stores refused Water Protectors.

I'm finding it very hard to find an email or phone number for Ace corporate offices.

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Jonica - 49 d ago


Please honor your "Ace is the place" even in Bismark, ND

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Joseph DeLappe - 49 d ago


I've been going to ACE Hardware for years here in Reno. I will not set foot in your store until the ban on sales to the Water Protectors is lifted.

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Anonymous - 49 d 17 m ago


I tried to warn and inform Ace corporate about the Ace Hardware boycott for the refusal to sell vital survival supplies to people of color at the Bismark, ND store; all I got was, "We have put out a press release on this issue that says we provide service to ALL of our customers." I replied that no press release is going to reverse the growing boycott of Ace Hardware until the Bismark store ceases its discrimination and reverse this boycott, impacting all of it's 4700 US and international stores. I asked politely and repeatedly, but was not provided with the contacts for the regional manager, nor anyone at corporate HQ to whom I could speak about this issue. ACE HARDWARE IS ON BLAST FOR BOYCOTT BY ALL WHO SUPPORT THE WATER PROTECTORS AT STANDING ROCK. Ace Hardware is unwilling to intervene and put their ND store(s) in line with federal law forbidding service refusal based on skin color. Watch your sales and your stock value drop!

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Anonymous - 49 d ago


I have been an avid shopper at Ace Hardware for years. I've been trapped in many situations when only a good hardware store could rescue me and Ace has been there more times than I can count. Today I learned that Ace Hardware will not be selling supplies to the Water Protectors in SD. It saddens me to see a company that I've used most of my life decide they are going to side with the destruction of sacred land and the eventual destruction of drinking water anywhere in the country.

The fact that money is being denied from coming into one of your stores for any reason seems counterproductive and this particular decision is going to have a long and lasting effect on those corporate dollars all over the country. Personally, I will no longer be shopping at your stores and I will make sure to let everyone I know that Ace Hardware found corporate oil to be more fundamental to their businesses than human lives.

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Former customer - 49 d ago

I used to respect your company for it's small town appeal and good service however, until you can provide life saving equipment to Standing Rock residents and supporters, I will no longer be purchasing anything from your company. When did it become policy to no longer support your customers at the advice from law enforcement? If you had any idea of what is happening there at Standing Rock you would not agree with this decision to withhold your assistance. These people are unarmed and stand in prayer and peace as protectors of their water supply and I think it is also your water supply. Please research the issue and don't rely on what little reporting the main media outlets have provided. Investigate it yourself. Get the truth and then follow your hearts. Until then you can consider me a former customer. Migwech.

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Wilma - 49 d 22 h ago

SHAME ON YOU. If your store in Bismark N.D. will not sell to the water protectors who are trying to keep our water and land from oil pollution, then we will not be buying anything from our local, or any, Ace Hardware store. A 'request' from law-breaking police is no excuse for your company to deny selling needed supplies to people who need them to stay alive to protect our water and land from pollution by another greedy company. I will be encouraging my family and friends to shop at your competitors stores. IF, IF your company changes it's policy, I might suggest that they shop at Ace again, but I personally will never set foot in any of your stores ever again or buy anything from Ace Hardware. SHAME ON YOU.

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