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1501 Yamato Road
Boca Raton, FL
(646) 891-4349
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Anonymous - 1 d ago

What are you doing to protect the employees? No protective supplies have been provided to them with the exception of a very small bottle of sanitizer. Now you have an employee that has text book symptoms of this virus. What and when does ADT plan on implementing on protecting its employees? Seems that you are putting them in danger by continuing to request them to enter these peoples homes.

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Malcolm - 3 d ago


This is the worst company ever. I cant believe they are doing their clients like this. I recently lost my job due to COVID-19 and I called to cancel my service because I'm no longer working. They gave me 3 options. 1: I could ask someone to take over my account until I find another job. 2: I could cancel and and I would be charged $1200 cancelation fee. 3: they gave me a 2 month credit and after that lowered my bill. If I lost my job I can't afford to even make lower payments. This just goes to show you how greedy ADT is. No compassion for the people. I'm going to write every outlet and social media platform to let people know how ADT treat their customers

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Deidra Hepp - 8 d ago


I am 62 years old, getting a divorce and I'm not working right now because of COVID19. I am moving in with my son who already has his own security system so I can't transfer service. The rep told me unless I'm moving into assisted living, I will still owe $600 early termination fee. Seriously? An unemployed 62 year old getting divorced and they REFUSE to help! Folks are out of work because of this virus and THEY REFUSE TO HELP OR NEGOTIATE A LOWER RATE! This is despicable behavior on their part especially because the $70 per month I was paying is much more expensive than any other company. I will be sure to spread the word on every social media site I can

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Baffled - 15 d 22 h ago


ADT in Wichita KS fired a woman because she had it out on first day of class. The woman was reprimanded and politely apologized and put her phone up. It was never a problem again. A co worker was friends with this woman in our class. Well, sexual harassment got thrown around. Co worker liked the woman and she didn't reciprocate. Long story short she accused woman of harassment. HR had no proof so the lady in HR fired the woman for the cell phone incident which happened 3 weeks or so prior. Is this even legal?

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P. Asher - 36 d 1 h ago


The absolute worst company. Even if you have a HUGE problem one can rectify, still you can't even speak to anyone but customer service reps, who can't fix it.

No one call back, no one wants to help!!!!!! THE ABSOLUTE WORST....but they sure can sell and bill!

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Geneva - 37 d 47 m ago

Do not do refer a friend for the 100 dollar Visa card because you will not get it. I did it, and did everything right and they gave me the run around. False advertisement

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Anonymous - 37 d 4 h ago

Good morning ADT representative. I am writing you this email because we are very disappointed in ADT at the moment . We called on the 6th of February to unfortunately cancel service due to my job transfer. While talking with ADT on the 6th of February we where quoted 183.00 to cancel service . Approximately a week later we where billed for are monthly premium. The following week/ two days ago I received are final bill in the mail. We were shock to see a different amount then quoted on the phone by over 200 dollars. I then spent over an hour on the phone trying to contact ADT and get this resolved , and we where very disappointed in the outcome we would appreciate it if someone would contact us regarding this matter.


Please contact us back



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Anonymous - 37 d 15 h ago

I purchased a doorbell camera last week, I found out the next day that was wasn't able to hear the ring chime when I was in the lower level of my home. I called ADT they told me I needed to purchase another chime, when the installer came out to install it he learned for the first time the system only allow1 chime, so if u have a 2 or 3 story or split level home you won't be able to here the chime ring if you aren't on the level where it's located. I called the office after being on hold for over 1 hour ever person I spoke with confirmed the devise will only allow 1 chime, what a great product to build as well to ppl not knowing additional chimes will not be able to install

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Anonymous - 43 d 17 h ago

2 week customer and I'm not happy so far. Camera is sending countless emails when it rains. Super pain in the rear. Nobody seems to be able to help.

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Eric - 57 d ago


I've been having the same problems with their service in riverbank, ca. I had canceled my service since June of 2019 and to find out that my account was still active and they were charging me still. There is no accountability on their end what so ever. They kept transferring me over to different staff that doesn't know what their doing, I'm so disappointed with the service. As a property owner I will not go back to them because of what they put me through.

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Holly - 52 d 22 h ago

I had the same experience! After 8 years with them we moved around the corner and put their system in our new home only to find out they use sub contractors. Apparently we used a different one from our last house so although we informed them of the move we were still being charged for our old house. Now I got a bill for $800+ for breaking my contract!! This has become a job trying to deal with them!! Also the $100 Visa card promised if we stayed with them was completely fake!! Just horrible!!

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Eddie - 51 d ago

Anyone has the corporate office number I've been charged a hole year and was not covered. Sucks Veteran MAD if you do email me the number please (hidden). thanks

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V ADT - 44 d ago

That's what ADT has been doing for years firing or forcing out there long term service and installation team, well experienced as I may say. I'm a former 34-year employee that has been pushed out for the use of contractors or lower-paid inexperienced techs. the downhill of employee and customer care has been awful, all of the old-time service techs had relationships with our customers we were all fingerprinted and our driving reviewed every year and any past criminal records checked, NOW YOU WILL NOT KNOW WHO IS COMING INTO YOUR HOME (SCARY) Pleas all call and find out who will be doing your install or service before they enter your home or make sure you have an ADT sales rep to your home don't fall for any over the phone sales or anyting from a penny saver that says authorised ADT DEALER...

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Anonymous - 47 d ago


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Vinny S - 44 d ago

As a past Adt tech, you can have two reasons you could be losing your camera at night you may have little to no lighting to support your IR for the camera, any changes in the supporting light that's out there? or the power supply to the camera may not have enough power to support the camera that is there. I've seen improper transformers used on some devices as my many years as a service tech, which will also blow the IR over time. ask the tech on his next visit to check the transformer output

voltage and what the camera requires!

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Clair - 47 d ago


I am a adt customer.since I have had the camera system the left side of the house where the camera is located it goes blurred at dust and you cannot see on the left side of the fence has been vandalized and I payed a lot of money to get it fixed.I have had adt technician to come out and installed a new camera and that new camera blurred out at fit.I contacted Anya a customer service representative and all they do is schedule another loser to come out to fix the problem.I am angry and disappointed with adt.I just got a appointment cancelled due to Gail winds of which the wind was not that high.Hunter the last technician is afraid of ladders and heights.The initial technician Jamie installed the cameras and did not want to do it that day because he had the wrong ladder size. I did say my home was a ,2 story home.That technician complained about how much driving time he had to do to get the ladder.It took all day for this installation .I am struggling with adt and I feel it it is part discrimination against me.I am going to start gily complaints with BBB,Attorney General Office and whoever else I can get help from.

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Ina Barrett - 49 d 16 h ago


ADT never worked properly.As a promotion I was told I would receive a gift card by sending in the front page that was attached to the contract. The installer left no contract. I called for months finally getting a copy of the contract. No offer of a gift card was with it.Looking at it each place that I was supposed to sign has been printed in (not by me) my initials have also been printed in. Again not by me. It was installed by (what I was told this past December) by a Sub Contractor. The name listed by the Dealer Name is Safe Streets. Since it has never worked properly and finally (just this past December) ADT finally sent a Representative out after I told them I had removed the battery because it had started screaming and wouldn't stop.The young man was great and he got it to working properly after 3 hours work. 2 wks later, same thing. I called in and was told I would be charged for the service call. I refused and they voided the charge. The man on the phone told me to go to the system and WE could repair in without sending our a tech. I refused. I'm 83 yrs old. I don't work for ADT. I did raise my voice and he hung up on me. The email address for them doesn't go through. I 'm sending them a letter asking when the contract is up. I pay every month for a box on the wall that does nothing. I have had it.

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ADT - 51 d 20 h ago



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Anonymous - 54 d 47 s ago

I called ADT today to cancel 30 days prior to my contract being renewed. They offered me every incentive offer they could but in the end another 3 year contract wasn't worth it to me. Approximately two hours after that conversation they called me back and basically tried to strong arm me into staying. She told me that me and my family would in danger and the most vulnerable without the services. I even told her I was trying not to be mean and seemed unethical for her to be saying those things to me. She finally let me hang up. Now I am back on hold with ADT because I don't trust that they turned my system off.

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Jason - 59 d 14 h ago


Our system does not work and this has been a nightmare to try and get this resolved.

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Cheryl Perry - 71 d 9 h ago


The customer service is awful. Basic service options that I was told I would get are not truly available and is compromising my system security. I will cancel my contract as soon as the time is up and recommend that no one uses this service. No one is assisting me with a resolution on how to manage the access codes. The ADT website provides instructions but customer service rep and supervisor were incompetent and unable to explain why I cant manipulate my system per the instructions on their site. I was lied to about the services that I would receive.

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Jill Clark - 79 d 18 h ago


Terrible customer service. I am the CFO of our business and tried to update our account with new credit card info. Could not do it online and had to call to speak to customer service. Absolutely the rudest person I have ever dealt with as I was simply trying to provide updated credit card information for our account. If I could change today to another security provider without interruption of service I would.


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Bernie ceaser - 93 d 4 m ago


Having issues with my ADT phone app through the HIKVISION camera system. They tried to fix this over the phone, but after 30 minutes, we didnt get it resolved. Just called to have a tech cone out, and said I may be charged for this? Been a customer for 1 year, and the first time I have an issue, it's not being fixed.

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Unknown - 98 d 11 h ago


They are sorry . They lie need to read the reviews all bad nothing good to hear about the company I give them a zero sorry customer service. No help trying to up grade sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!t

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Mike - 95 d ago


Schedule my appt for transfer and I'm 6 days away from settlement and they tell me I was never scheduled for new install which I was scheduled. It would be at least jan 8 the best they could do

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