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1501 Yamato Road
Boca Raton, FL
(646) 891-4349
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Mary/Lucy Lentz - 2 d 17 h ago


Good morning,

Your customer service/cancellation department is not very helpful. We had originally signed up for ADT and they came out and installed the system on 5/30/19. On 6/1/19 we called to cancel, and mailed a letter to you on same day, 6/1/19, (which is within the 3 business days to cancel). As of today 6/14/19, my 84 year old mother has been transferred 8 times and eventually ended up in Indiana, and they still has not received the letter. This company falsely advertised a monthly rate which did not include the extra charges to make the system work. I will be announcing the bad service that this company provides.

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Emma's nightmare. - 3 d 15 h ago


ADT doesn't even deserve the rating I see above of 1/2. I wish I had check review before I used ADT. I sold my house in December 2018 and moved to a new home. I called them to cancel my service on December 19, 2018. I moved from Sugar Land, Tx to Granbury, Tx. Today June 13, 2019 they are still billing me from the old house. Calls, messages etc have been sent to them but they continue billing. Please don't use ADT so you will not get called everyday and I mean every day for money to an account that was cancelled 6 months ago.

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Anonymous - 4 d 19 h ago


The corporate people here at ADT needs to be fired.... This company is a fraudulent company it deduct funds from my account picked up a system didn't give me a receipt,the company needs to be banned from doing business.

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Anonymous - 5 d 11 h ago


ADT has the WORST customer service ever,

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Disgruntled - 6 d 13 h ago


This is the absolute WORST company I have EVER dealt with!

For one year I have worked with them on a breach of my system and now they will not let me out of the contract even though they can't protect me from a predator that is COMING INTO MY HOME TURNING OFF THE ALARM AND MADE IT TO MY BEDROOM DOOR! All I want is to end the contract and not be charged since they cannot protect me.

Their girls on the line for emergencies are sweet and helpful, but management is the WORST! They don't know when to call it quits and allow an unhappy customer to go. I have had 3 police reports in less than six months due to breaches of a predator--NOT A THIEF. A PREDATOR!!!!!!!


Their supervisor/manager Quinn is an imbecile. He is like a broken record and stupid as a brick.

I give ZERO STARS but it won't let me. One star for the helpful girls in the office who read the problems I have had and feel sorry for me. I am elderly and this is ELDER abuse which is a felony.

I am not done yet.....

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Unsecured! - 15 d 14 h ago


This company sent repes into my home and one of them intentionally scratched a brand new refrigerator,antique furniture and a brand new storm door. I can only assume it was out of jealousy! One of the techs used my bathroom and left spit on the toilet and when I told the company they did absolutely NOTHING to address the problem. My damages are over some $3,000.00. They also sent a contract copy that was signed not by me but the technician? Isn't that FRAUD?

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JMapp - 16 d 12 h ago


I am completely disgusted by this company. The fact that you have the nerve to charge people a termination fee for selling their home is ridiculous. This will not be the only place this post goes.

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Anonymous - 17 d 18 h ago


The worst customer services, i am trying to cancel my service and they make it impossible for me to do so. No mailing address to send writing cancelation either.

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Frustrating Company - 17 d 19 h ago


I have been a customer for over 30 years, and for many if the same reasons listed here, I am probably going to abandon ADT. I was under the false impression that one of my properties was being "protected" and monitored by ADT for the past two years. From my end everything seemed to be working as it should. Found out that no signal has been detected for more than a year. Sad.

Due to crappy CS, I predict ADT will soon go the way of K-Mart, Kodak, Sears, etc.

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Raenatta E Floyd - 21 d 11 h ago

I was with ADT for 19 and a half years before I decided to cancel. I am so disappointed with your company. I wanted to upgrade my equipment but was told that there is only 1 installer in my area and he does not work evenings or weekends. That's unacceptable from a company as big as ADT. And to also have no one in your customer service department work with a 19 plus customer, is also unacceptable. ADT does not seem to care about the working people. Your window of opportunity to wait for a installer/service person is also unacceptable. A 4-5 hour wait?! One would have to take off work to get YOUR service that WE ARE PAYING FOR!! I hated to leave, but you left me no choice. I used to think that loyalty mattered.

A once loyal customer,

Raenatta Floyd


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Wind Walker lewiston Ca. 530-784-3042 - 45 d 11 h ago


My GOD what a screwed up company. I had ADT Years ago and had wonderful service ./ So I call them to secure my home and buness. But a sub contractor called the definders came out to install security. But when the installer showed up he had no cameras as i ordered . So after that i called to cancel . After one week someone from the sub contractors office called and promiced me 600. and i could buy my own cameras and so i agrreed. that was over a moth ago and still have not recieved a gift card .. So i called a week ago to find out if the card was sent and they said it was. A week later i call again and they tel me I have to contact another agencie tomget my refund.. what a run around and hasel . I was on the phone for over an hour today ... and still no gift card.

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Headache - 33 d 12 h ago


Yes.... this is happening to us now! The sub contractor sent an installer and screwed everything up..... one big headache

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Susan Buckman - 92 d 19 h ago


After doing my research and talking with different security companies, I chose ADT because their products would meet my needs per information given to me by ADT representatives. After installation and signing a contract, I found that the outdoor security camera I had been told would record 24/7 did not do that at all. The camera only records when motion has been detected, and the motion range is approximately 15 feet. That makes the camera worthless for the purpose for which I had it installed. When I called on March 11, 2019, to inform the company and see what they were going to do to remediate the problem, I was transferred from one department to another, finally being told that someone would call me later that same day. No one has called. I have emailed corporate customer relations and am waiting to see if the company responds. In addition to the misinformation I was given about the camera recording 24/7 during the 1 hour I was on the phone and got nowhere, an ADT representative told me that the motion sensor on the Ring Doorbell camera could be adjusted to pick up motion at 30 feet. I had just spoken with Ring the day before, so I knew that was incorrect. Representatives have lied about their products. When I told some of the people with whom I spoke on March 11 about the incorrect information I had been given, I was told that they were "sorry" and that the problem would be addressed with those employees. How does that help me? I am stuck with a camera that does not meet my needs for the 3 years of my contract. If I don't pay them, that is breach of contract. If they deliver products that do not perform as the customer has been promised, that is not breach of contract???

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Jo - 51 d 14 h ago


Worst company I have ever worked with. I want to know how I can get out of this contract. They had to send 3 different techs out to make it right. And they pulled the stucco off where they placed it in two different places. They are no help when you call just last night the co went off called adt and the women said replace the battery. The system was put in August 2018. Why would the battery be bad. I replaced the battery this morning and still beeping. Bad bad service and lousy company. They have lied about everything. The ceo Jim devries needs to make this right.

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Anonymous - 46 d 20 h ago


How much did they charge to redo their mess up ?

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grumpy - 47 d 8 h ago


sir / madam, i am writing you to resolve an issue with adt, defender, partner in denver ,colorado, my thoughts are rather than litigate with them, i would be willing to honor the contract, with another reputable agent/ partner of adt, in colorado, i am a fully licensed F.C.C technician with radar endorsments, ect, their are over 1700-1800 complaint,s against defeder adt systems in denver, co.

i was also a shop steward, organizer , and contract negotiations for the teamsters union, i am suggesting this to save them and me money, time, and litigation. please advise, tom warner sr. 1402 carson ave , la junta, co. 81050 phone (hidden) thank you for your time and consideration in this matter, ie: their service and customer relations is a bit unresonable, and un acceptable to demean ADT.again please advise, before i file a civil suit., they are also under investigation by a local tv station.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 52 d ago


I call on 4/22 to inquire about promotions, I was interested in 4 outdoor camera, 1 indoor camera, doorbell camera, window and door sensors... on the sales call I got everything in a package, so great .... setup the appointment, schedule to install 4/23 from 8-9 AM.. NO ONE SHOWED!!!! Called customer service 4/23 at 8:30AM... advising no one has arrived for my installation.... they apologized... stating there was a mix up at their home office. So, rescheduled for 4/24 3-6PM. The installers arrive at 6PM, their work order only shows, window and door sensors, and doorbell camera. The installers advises they are ADT Defenders and their Dept receives cameras on May 7, so no where in their work order they were installing outdoor cameras, which was told to me on the phone... ok, we get over the camera .... at this point they installed the doorbell camera and keypad .... than they we need to collect some information from you, ok cool. He hits me with, how will you like to make your $2000 payment? In installs on $400.... WHATTTTTT ???? What installment payments? I thought this is a monthly subscription..... oh no you upgrade, to what? As their walking counting your windows their upgrading to more expensive window sensors each sensor is about $169, I have 17 windows... this was again not discussed when i spoke with sales over the phone.... They called all their managers and tried to get me a good deal ... just didn't work out .... they still wanted me to come out of pocket $300 at the moment. So I advised them to remove and there equipment and have a great evening, I have VIVINT coming on Sunday, I received an order summary via email from VIVINT so I know what to expect, unlike ADT.... never received any order summary ..... wouldn't waste my time with this half ass company!!!

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mjk - 52 d 15 h ago


this guy mike mess is a real lier in out community. promises referrals of $200 send guys out to hook up that wantto charge the client cash money

an installation took 2 months

they dont know what they are doing

my clied bought way more then the ad said i wish she would told me i weill never recommend mike mess again

ADT Home Security



Apr 3 at 11:46 AM

sonya, Congratulations on your new home located at, 15479 kearny. Mary Jo Kirsch asked me to reach out to you and assist you in setting up your Home Security. Please let me know when you have a few minutes to hop on a quick call, so we can discuss your options, and get your installation scheduled. We can typically get an installer out at your house within 24 hours, and we install every day except Sunday. To Schedule a call with me simply visit this link, and pick a time that works best to jump on a quick call. Since Mary Jo Kirsch introduced us I am able to make sure you get the best possible deal on your package. All Equipment and Installation Fees are waived! Please don't make the mistake of pushing this off, or getting setup with security without speaking to myself or my staff. We have a limited amount of time to make sure everything is waived, it will only take about 10 minutes to knock this out! Congratulations Again, please reply with when you can speak or give me a call directly at (hidden). You can also call me toll free at (hidden) Ext. 101. Mike Mess

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Toni - 56 d 15 h ago


Last night our Alarm starting going off while we were sleeping and it was 1 AM, so of course we thought someone had broken in and its me and my husband and we have a 6 month old daughter. My husband had me grab our daughter and hide in the closet while he want to see if someone had broken it. At this time the alarm had been going off for about 5-6 minutes. After my husband had gone downstairs to check what was going on he realized that the door had blown open from the garage and finally got the alarm turned off. At this time the alarm had been going off for about 6 minutes. ADT only reached out via text and never called or sent anyone out to the house to check on us. When we purchase the system the reason why we purchase it was the sales agent said after 3-5 minutes of the alarm going off that they would send out a armed security guard to verify we are okay, but that never happen. My whole family was so scared and while I was hiding in the closet with my 6 month old baby all I could think about is if something happen to my husband while he went to check on the house. When we reached out to ADT in the morning the agent was very rude and tried to say they tried calling both myself and my husband but neither us of has any missed calls and also said they don't send out anyone to check on the house which was not what was told when we purchase the system. We pay over 60$ a month for a service just to have a alarm go off and send us a text. Also the agent had said a rude remark when we advised we felt unsafe which was he would "pray" for us. We wanted to cancel our service but they tried saying we have the service until 2021 but we have a 3 year contract which was purchase in 2016. The customer service and response is ADT is ridiculous and there agent has so sympathy and are very rude, basically acting like they don't care. The system and protocol they pitch is completly untrue and the price they charge is not worth the protection they provide.

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Dee Williams - 56 d 16 h ago


As a Veteran i think some consideration for my disability. I am not able to replace the sensor on the windows and doors (i just replaced with new windows and doors) To get someone to come out and help me put new sticky tape on the back these sensors i must pay $164 and buy my own tape. Now what kind security is this oh i didnt pay the extra $7.00 a month for troubleshooting.I did not break or damage equipment. I will not suggest this security company, ADT, T

to anyone. Look for a different company!

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H shergill - 74 d 12 h ago


I got Adt service a few months ago.They promised 2 outdoor cameras and one indoor. There(defenders) installer came ripped my old system and put his system.He left a few things unfinished.He promised to come back next day but that day never came.i have to call Adt repeatedly it took them for weeks to correct. He left three indoor cameras on first day and told me they are out of outdoor cameras.In a few weeks cameras are going to arrive he will swap two indoor cameras for outdoor once. Guess what happened. He never came back almost 6months now and I am stuck with 3 indoor cameras.

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Nj Diva - 57 d 17 h ago

You can file an FTC complaint for violation of the contract.

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Anonymous - 57 d 17 h ago

I am dealing with the same issue Defender and I did not get my promotion that I called into and address with the sales person. I am thinking of starting a security system, because there legal scam is providing them is filling up a lot of there bags.

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NjDiva - 57 d 17 h ago


I had ADT in my last residence at Vineland, Nj. I now have a new residence in North Carolina. I called on April 18, 2019 to get my Security System installed, but found out that I have to deal with a third party installer; due to the fact that ADT Coporate can not install in this area. My previous contract was with Corporate. Now, I am unable to reinstall the same system in my new home. Therefore, the previous contract is not being honored. REALLY!!!! Out of Pocket!!!!

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Anonymous - 60 d 14 h ago

PLEASE use ANY other security company!! We get the hell out of Wisconsin in the winter. The other occupant of our house is an 84 year old man who was always worried about someone breaking in while we are gone. I 'upgraded" a camera a few months ago in the living room.We woke up to find that the A.D.T. sign in the front yard was smashed. This happened a couple times and it scared the 84 year old man who lives here.SO I called our local A.D.T office and spoke to a very understanding supervisor.I told her that he couldn't sleep and was NOW worried someone is vandeliizing the house. I asked the super. if we could have a camera that was JUST focused on the ADT sign. ( The owner of the house is on a fixed income) and she said of course that she understood and we will not only get new signs ADT would install a free camera outside on the ADT sign. She said she would contact the sales department and get him a camera.When the sign AND the camera did not appear, I called ADT and was told (get this) that since it had not been 6 months since our UPGRADE was ordered .We were not candidates for a camera to be pointed at ADT sign. I CAN'T SPELL AND IM NO BRAIN SURGON but that sign is an advert. for ADT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After speaking with a lawyer I have decided (we live on a very popular street that leads to a park on lake Winabago.I am goint to put up a banner that reads ADT LIED TO ME and a few comments that the lawyer said I should not say.. To conclude a long boring story DO NOT GET SUCKED INTO SINGING A CONTRACT WITH ADT.. IF MY CREDIT WOULDN'T BE EFFECTED i WOULD JUST STOP PAYING! ADT is ( I got one in the mail) very cheap services now, because in my opinion "RING" is taking good costumors from Adt. Thats what we are getting as SOON AS THE CONTRACT IS UP.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the very LEAST DO NOT GET SUCKED INTO A CONTRACT WITH ADT THEY FLAT OUT lied TO MY PROMISING A CAMERA POINTED AT thier sign!!!! iN MY OPINION THEY EITHER DON'T CARE ABOUT COSTOMER SERVICE AND PROMISES OR THEY ARE JUST STUPID

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