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1501 Yamato Road
Boca Raton, FL
(646) 891-4349
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KT - 6 d 5 h ago

Worst company I have ever worked with. In our 9 months span of having the company with have dealt with 2 no shows, wrong address in the system, cameras not functioning from day 1, only having 1/3 of our house censored due to them not bringing out any equipment, being charged for items we didn't receive, and having to call daily to have our account in active status. Every time I call I am told I need to talk with the other company whether it be ADT telling me I need to talk to Defenders (Protect Your Home) or vice versa. Currently we are paid in full for a month and a half out and haven't had service for almost 3 weeks. No one can fix it. I am currently on the phone now for 3 hours 45 minutes, 2 dropped calls and no help. DO NOT USE this company, go elsewhere. They suck!!! We will be taking this to the BBB, as well as the local news station.

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Geronimo - 12 d 10 h ago


My family and I had to move out of our house due to a new job mixed with COVID 19 problems. Every other company that we had dealings with were willing to work with us and either waive our cancellation fee or some other arrangement that considered our situation. ADT is the only company that amongst the 20+ representatives I spoke with, was not willing to cancel the fee or come up with alternate arrangements. I will never recommend ADT to anyone or do business with them ever again.

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DEVA - 18 d 10 h ago

I will never use ADT again. The dupe you into buying equiprment and telling you, you have 30 days to cancel, but when you call to cancel your told you had 3 days not 30. Meanwhile I explained i no longer want the system due to a 4 minute delay with the cameras. Everyone keeps sending me to someone else. The rep was like if you read your contract you would of noticed the 3 days. I stated you also did'nt tell me in writing there was a 4 minute delay in your system. Im done.

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Nance - 25 d 9 h ago


I've been a customer for over 4 years. ADT just increased my bill, without notice, another 13%. It was increased 6 months ago also. I have had numerous rate hikes and never any notice. When installed the salesman advised rate hikes come every 3-5 years and would only be about $3.00. In 4 years my increases amount to $20.00.

I called to cancel and they wanted to give me another contract. I have not accepted the new contract and cannot get them to shut off the service for 30 days. Just another reason to charge me!

They are now charging me until 7/10/2020 because of a supposed contractual 30 day notice clause.

But my original contract is no longer in effect!!

This will also act as another notice of cancellation of all service.

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Dolores - 30 d 13 h ago

I moved and ADT did not come pick up my equipment ring camera ,patio camera came to my new home stating i would be comped for the equipment not retrieved and not only installed low quality equipment but i was also charged for this low quality equipment i need resolution.

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Sandra Wilches - 31 d ago


I am so disgusted by ADT right now. I have been a customer of theirs for almost 7 years. Recently due to Covid I lost my 2nd job and had to figure out where I could make some cuts so I ended my ADT service. I received a bill for $50 and went on the website and made the payment. I'm not sure why but the payment did not go through. I didn't know that it had happened until I got a letter. Then next thing you know I receive a letter from a collection agency. They sent me to a collection agency in the middle of this pandemic where people are losing their jobs and for $50! I have been a customer for almost 7 years! I am disgusted and will never use this heartless company ever again!

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John Karlin - 32 d 9 h ago


Have been going around with this company for over three months and over 30 telephone calls!!! We had a security system that did not work. Sent someone out to repair same. Quit working the following day. Called to cancel services that day. Told we had to continue service (that did not work) for 30 more days per the cancellation period. They did not send anyone out again to fix the issue. We are being billed for a camera that did not work and NO ONE with ADT in any department has taken care of this billing issue as promised numerous times. Found out today that our account was turned over to a collection agency a month ago during the time that we were trying to get this bill taken care of with ADT. We have tried everything within our power, telling our issue over and over again to ADT and being told they are working on it only to find out they are NOT working on it and don't give a damn about any customer.

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Anonymous - 33 d 19 h ago

Why was i not told i need an alarm permit while they were selling Adt to me? All i was told is first and second false alarm to go off is free but they did not mention "permit" anywhere.. now i have a $100 fine to pay for my first false alarm i had. Who pays my bill??

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Malcolm - 102 d 5 h ago


This is the worst company ever. I cant believe they are doing their clients like this. I recently lost my job due to COVID-19 and I called to cancel my service because I'm no longer working. They gave me 3 options. 1: I could ask someone to take over my account until I find another job. 2: I could cancel and and I would be charged $1200 cancelation fee. 3: they gave me a 2 month credit and after that lowered my bill. If I lost my job I can't afford to even make lower payments. This just goes to show you how greedy ADT is. No compassion for the people. I'm going to write every outlet and social media platform to let people know how ADT treat their customers

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FranCine - 90 d 6 h ago


Malcolm they gave me the same run around and I will write to all my local news consumer stations as well BBB and if needed begin a class action lawsuit.

During this pandemic ADT has deaf ears and a harden heart and those are poor qualities to have during a national pandemic.

I do not plan on returning to using their service once the dust settles.

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Anonymous - 47 d 6 h ago

Hi do you want to open class action lawsuit.

I have a big problem with ADT now . Contact me at (hidden)

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Chris Applegate - 45 d 6 s ago


Class action works. I would join.

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dave - 39 d 13 h ago


I had a two year contract.That was over 10 or more years ago.I cannot get anyone to accept that I am cancelling.So, I will just stop paying them, and they can go to hell.No one at this company can let you cancel, they are total assholes.I will sue them, and so should everyone else.

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Chris Applegate - 45 d 24 h ago


Have not had a functional system for 6 mos. each service tech creates new problem. Everyone is sorry but cannot make the system work. How hard is such a simple system??

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Joyce - 45 d 7 h ago


I am a 71 year old woman. I have had ADT for 23 years. My alarm went off every night at about 12.15 a.m. for a week when my husband disconnected it and I have been trying to get ADT to fix it for the last 2 months. Called many times. They say they will get someone to get back to me, well nothing so far. Very disappointing.

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Twice Burned - 81 d 9 h ago


We were happy with ADT until we moved. Twice they told us the equipment we were getting was able to be transferred to another location, and both times when we moved we were told to get new equipment for free - well, for free if we signed another 3 year monitoring agreement. Finally went with another service and when they looked at the product they literally laughed at how old the technology was. They told us it was more than 3 years old even through we had it for less than 1 year. I don't know what happened to this company over the last 3 years, but I do my best to tell everyone moving into a new house or apartment to stay way far away from ADT. I hope they don't treat their employees as poorly as they do their customers - most of whom are soon to be ex-customers.

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Disgusted with ADT - 47 d 17 h ago

Similar situation. After 10 years with them and totally happy, they totally screwed me over selling me a POS cheap DIY system that never worked. Disgusted with them is not a strong enough word.

General profile image - 90 d ago

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Flagged for review. 
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Seraphim - 54 d 5 h ago


Testimony Part#3

We Are One...

I had a dream that I was on a mountain with, Jesus. There was a huge valley below. I was in front of Him, and I was wearing shiny silver armor, on my chest and a very long and bright white robe underneath. I had a sword, that was between my legs, as if I was on guard facing, the valley below. My back was facing the Lord, and I could see the Lord, in my mind, as if I was staring at, Him. I had my hands on the hilt of the sword as it was pointing towards the ground. Across the valley below, there was a black, empty void, of evil. It was like a huge wall of evil wall of cloud. It was coming towards us and it told me in my mind, to step aside. My right arm extended and my right hand pointed at it, with no hesitation and the most powerful, deep, commanding, thunderous voice, boomed out of my mouth, "WEEEEEEE ARRRRRRRRE ONNNNNNNNNE!" I, immediately opened my eyes, because the voice was so powerful and the second, I became conscious, I heard the same powerful voice saying... "ONNNNNNNNNNE!" as I, was sitting up in my bed pointing at my wall and the walls vibrating. My wife was awakened and heard the voice coming out of me. There is no possible way for a human, to make that tone and sound. I found out in scripture.

**** that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that the world may believe that You sent Me. And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one: I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me." (John **17:21**-23)****

I never knew the word then, as I am learning now. I was awakened to see the truth and He, is the truth. I was reborn of the Spirit on November 25, 2016. It was an amazing feeling and a heavenly scent, I will never forget. I have felt the HOLY SPIRIT tingle and my hairs rise on my body before, but not like this. I felt love, a love so perfect and pure. A love so divine and beautiful that I pray I never forget. It filled my entire body, every molecule of my very being. I smelled a scent of purity, if that makes sense? Like an aroma of flowers or something so fresh. I smell it when I am in prayer and my 3 year old, has told me, it comes from me, haha. I don't know, but all that I, was before, was gone and is gone. All my pain, anger, loss, emptiness, rage and not knowing love, because my heart was sealed with a wall of stone...anything and everything that is not from God, was gone. I tried to listen to my heart as my wife explained for me to do and silence my mind. God speaks through our heart and soul and the enemy speaks through your mind. So I laid down to listen to my heart and silence my mind and I was awake, but closed my eyes...then I saw this white light, as I saw the heavens open up in my bedroom ceiling and this beautiful living light appeared in the shape of a Dove, that was wavering towards me. I quickly opened my eye's and closed them, open, closed, open, closed and it was getting closer and bigger. I then could see it was alive and as it wavered, to best describe it, how it moved, with the opening and closing of His wings. With each waver, I felt that same exact feeling of love, of mercy and grace fill me, like a heartbeat. It filled me and was renewing and rewiring me. I finally fell asleep and I woke up, completely at peace and with a tickled feeling of love and fluttering in my soul. All that was there, that was negative was gone. I got up and was speaking to my wife and I turned on the tv and there was a boxing match on and the second I saw that, I had to turn my head, I grew very nauseous and almost threw up. I then asked the, Lord what, He wanted me to read, in the bible and I was brought to (Ephesians, Colossians, 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Hebrews, James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter, 1 John, Jude then Revelations) And now I am reading the bible from beginning to end. As from the epistles and gospel of Ephesians, and every book I read, I felt as if the the Saints, were speaking, we're speaking directly to me, especially everything that myself and family have endured. My family and self are truly here, because of the God's, love, mercy and grace. We have experienced God's, miracles, His LOVE and His, MERCY and have testimonials, that I am told, are prophetic. We have seen battles in the heavens and the enemy in various ways, which are of old. I give all my love and praise to God, in the name of Jesus, for protecting us and loving us. We are only alive and here, because of God the Father's love and mercy, For the love and mercy of Jesus Christ the Son of God and God, the Holy Spirit's love and mercy. For God, is love and His, love is so beautiful. Thank you Father, in your precious son's name, Jesus. Amen.

We were told to tell the world...REPENT. KNOW THE WORD. HE "JESUS", IS COMING... SOON

*myself and family have denounced the Catholic church and all man's religion**

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Annette - 61 d 8 h ago

So sad to say the spam is unrelentless

For this reason ADT has moved to the shit list

You are hindering your future business opportunities operating in this fashion. I hate to give amy stars on teview

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Jason - 94 d 7 h ago


Its a shame that ADT will not let an customer that has been with ADT for over an decade install some wireless products themselves, in light of the pandemic, so sad.

i will find another company.

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Anonymous - 100 d 6 h ago

What are you doing to protect the employees? No protective supplies have been provided to them with the exception of a very small bottle of sanitizer. Now you have an employee that has text book symptoms of this virus. What and when does ADT plan on implementing on protecting its employees? Seems that you are putting them in danger by continuing to request them to enter these peoples homes.

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Deidra Hepp - 107 d 7 h ago


I am 62 years old, getting a divorce and I'm not working right now because of COVID19. I am moving in with my son who already has his own security system so I can't transfer service. The rep told me unless I'm moving into assisted living, I will still owe $600 early termination fee. Seriously? An unemployed 62 year old getting divorced and they REFUSE to help! Folks are out of work because of this virus and THEY REFUSE TO HELP OR NEGOTIATE A LOWER RATE! This is despicable behavior on their part especially because the $70 per month I was paying is much more expensive than any other company. I will be sure to spread the word on every social media site I can

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Baffled - 114 d 6 h ago


ADT in Wichita KS fired a woman because she had it out on first day of class. The woman was reprimanded and politely apologized and put her phone up. It was never a problem again. A co worker was friends with this woman in our class. Well, sexual harassment got thrown around. Co worker liked the woman and she didn't reciprocate. Long story short she accused woman of harassment. HR had no proof so the lady in HR fired the woman for the cell phone incident which happened 3 weeks or so prior. Is this even legal?

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P. Asher - 135 d 9 h ago


The absolute worst company. Even if you have a HUGE problem one can rectify, still you can't even speak to anyone but customer service reps, who can't fix it.

No one call back, no one wants to help!!!!!! THE ABSOLUTE WORST....but they sure can sell and bill!

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