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1501 Yamato Road
Boca Raton, FL
(646) 891-4349
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Anonymous - 2 d ago


I have had nothing but problems since I contacted ADT in September, I just spent 46 minutes trying to get help. They are very rude Sonya. The technician is saying one thing and customer service something else. I would never advise anyone to deal with them. I am contacting the CEO Tim Whall and the next CEO as well. Not that they will do anything about it.

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Anonymous - 8 d ago


Defender has the worst customer service. They do not understand the importance for having customers for all of them having their jobs. I do work customer service and I do know how to value customers. Defenders a third party company with ADT should not be contacted or contracted with. ADT should break the contract with Defenders and bring justice to the customers who have ADT installed. I suggest everyone to do not go with ADT Defenders even by mistake.

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Anonymous - 18 d 19 h ago


I just wanted to update my post. I literally just got out of the Dentist Office have a molar teeth pulled and bone scrapping; when the ADT Corporate representative called me wanting to discuss further our previous conversation regarding my complaint. I respectfully stated the following: "I just had my tooth pulled and can not talk right now on this matter." Do you believe that she continued on trying to circular reason conversation, damage controlled conversation. I hung up on the representative. I advise everyone whom resides in a 1 party audio recording state statute law, that you record your conversations. Why, because I have learned working within the Judicial System for years, cover your own buttocks, because every one else will, despite the trust you may have in that person. Yes, I recorded the conversations, but what the representative just did was completely Inhumane Period.

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M - 22 d 16 h ago


Very poor customer service. Make promises that won't be kept. Customer service very rude. Lie after lie. . an associate came to my house to install service. Said there would not be a bill until this month. His name was is Walter Johnson. A manager named tiffany promise me cameras that I never got. Said there would be no charge. None of the promises were kept except to be harassed by the instaler. Walter Johnson. Many many complaints were put in and yet I'm the one being harassed. I've asked over and over again for it to be undone. Feel free to contact me. Very disappointed. Adt is horriable.

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Valerie Hemmings - 24 d 13 h ago


I bought ADT service for the first time in March 2011 when my husband and I removed to a new home. My husband died 6 months later and I have been a loyal ADT member all this time even while I was struggling financially. One early morning around 4:30 am my Alarm went off and the Police came to my house checked around while I cower in fear and not once did I get a call from ADT. The Police asked me if they called and I answered no, they told me to check with them to see if the alarm was functioning correctly. I did when I came home from work and as they thought, they got no alert. The system was not working properly, so although I was paying all these months, I was not really safe in my home alone. The representative that I spioke with told me they would go ahead and replace the system, since it was their fault. A new system was installed and I continued to pay. However, in April of this year, I had to get out of the home, because of continued hardship. I called ADT and informed them that I am no longer at the home and now they are billing me for $564.00 which include cost for the system they installed.They said if I move to another home they would not charge me for it, but now they are still billing me and the reason why the new system was installed was not my fault in the first place. They did not do a test on their side and I was not informed how to do it so the old system was not working properly and connecting to their system.

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Adina Ungureanu - 24 d 15 h ago


I would like to say that the customer service is SLOW and INEFFICIENT! Totally!

I mean how can a customer pass ONE HOUR AND A HALF at phone and repeat ALL THE TIME the same info OVER AND OVER AGAIN?

HOW can you have such a slooooow system and such incompetent employees.

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William - 24 d 16 h ago


Customer for 25 years. ADT failed to send me a bill now they are harassing me daily!!!! I was promised the harassing calls would stop. Not!!!

What a joke for a company.

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ADT RIP OFF - 26 d 15 h ago


ADT management are thieves, determined to steal unearned funds from clients. I cancelled my contract prior to renewal but ADT Billing Dept did not connect with headquarters one month had passed. As a result, despite several telephone calls with nitwit clerks, they couldn't understand that I did not want their service any more. They have harassed me with bills every month and threatened to contact collection agency. The fee they are after is 20% of annual fee, despite only ONE month of cancellation passing. Rip OFF.

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Unhappy customer - 38 d 4 s ago


ADT Is horrible can't seem to get an answer from my sales rep or customer service. We have multiple businesses covered by ADT and they can't seem to keep their billing straight. We get one bill with all three locations but continue to receive multiple bills will all three locations and different prices. When cancelling out a location we were told that we just have to send a letter in stating that we were cancelling services at one location and that was all that needed to be done and nothing would be owed from that point on. Then received a bill a few weeks later saying we owed on that location. We have been spending hours on the phone, talked too many reps, we have had our sales rep come in nobody can give us answers on why we receive multiple bills with different prices, nobody can give us answers on why our systems aren't working correctly. We are having many problems and nobody can seem to help us. Our sales rep is horrible, customer service is horrible, they don't know how to do business or train their employees.

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Kanya V - 46 d ago

I wished I would have read all the complaints, I wouldn't have signed up! They are the worst, they suck!! Unprofessional Audon employee#181394 hung up the phone. I called back got Breadon, he was able to resolved the problem that bonehead Audon "supervisor" couldn't do or willing to fine someone who could help. ADT you really look into lack of customer service you give.

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Peter V - 51 d 35 m ago



I made that mistake, I have a system that does not work and I have spent over 100 hours between technicians and phone calls. BAD COMPANY

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Seven - 56 d 14 h ago


XIII It is extremely difficult for anyone to view his image objectively. Some young men have whores for mothers, and criminals for fathers, and only a few of these men have the courage to admit that to themselves. On a national scale, very few are willing to admit the atrocities Americans perpetrated upon prostrate peoples and prefer to believe, out of inner protection for their useless egos, the Hollywood version - and pulpit version - that Americans are all angels sent to spread good fortune over the earth. Thus, we are at a point of insane national hypocrisy, perhaps unknown in modern times. This intellectual failure is what makes us jews in spirit. We are another variety of "God's Chosen," leading symbiotic lives with those bloody hands of the "French" and "Russian" revolutions.

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L Davis - 56 d 20 h ago


Very bad experience,with person you sent to my house to take out system, and install , looks like a court matter, to be settled .system was cancelled in the 3day time, taken out,and I 'm being harassed by Defenders for a contract, plus the gentleman tried to force him self back into my house,to put it back in. I think you should be part liable for damages done

In his removal of the CPI system and defenders equipment. (hidden)

Rocky mount,nc

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Disgusted customer - 67 d 18 h ago

Can we say Class Action!!!

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DEE - 79 d 16 h ago



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Daisy E Alvarez - 73 d ago


Daisy Alvarez adt does not call when an alarm goes off...the dummies send emails...what if i had gotten robbed!!! No one called it happen twice...they are a scam!!! Im trying to call the CEO of this going to talk to my lawyer as phone records prove no calls from adt!!!

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Anonymous - 73 d ago

Im Daisy Al

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Patricia Lawrence - 81 d ago


I am so BEYOND upset that a so called professional company is a RIP OFF, I had my system installed 6 weeks ago and have not been able to use it once. I have called and called and have been transferred to this one to that one, I got a "Supervisor" Jasmine who cussed me, I have been trying to get someone to cancel MY service and trying to get a hold of the branch manager "William" but no one can tell or even "HELP ME" as they claim. One of their techs came out 2 days ago and suggested that I leave my garage door open a crack so the sensor can reach the system which they put in the middle of my house, and my garage is a detached garage. REALLY!!! TELL A CUSTOMER TO LEAVE A DOOR OPEN SO THE SYSTEM CAN MONITOR, BUT I CAN NOT EVEN SET THE SECURITY ALARM BECAUSE THE DOOR IS OPEN, SO HOW IS THIS HELPING ME. THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS A JOKE AND SO IS THE ADT NAME AND THE DEFENDER SECURITY NAME. WILL NOT LET ME TALK TO THE BRANCH MANAGER, SAID THAT THEY CAN EMAIL HIM BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN HE WOULD CALL ME, ITS AT HIS DISCRETION, ASKED NICHOLAS TO READ ME THE EMAIL HE SENT OF MY PROBLEM AND HE JUST PUT IN THE BARE STUFF JUST ENOUGH TO COVER HIS BUTT, AND SO THAT THE SO CALLED " MR. WILLIAMS TO NOT TO CALL ME. MAN MY BLOOD PRESSURE RISES TALKING TO THESE PEOPLE. SO ADT AND DEFENDER ALL WHO WILL LISTEN WILL KNOW THAT YOUR COMPANY IS A JOKE AND YOU SHOULD BE EMBARRASSED TO CALL YOURSELF A PROFESSIONAL #1 IN ALARM SYSTEMS.

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Antoine - 80 d 20 h ago


I swear my system is a nightmare if they don't get somebody out here asap to redo this whole system or to figure out the problem with it I'm done with them I swear this is horrible, the same system we installed to keep intruders out is also causing us to have to break in completely over it been problem since its been first installed..

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Vittoria - 83 d 21 h ago


As a ADT customer my deepest concern is for my safety, and the safety of my family. I am a victim of involuntary human microchip. It goes by the name psychotronic (mind control) weapon, ganag stalking electronic harassment, psychotronic warfare, direct energy weapon, spy chip.

This device is a spyware and its able to manipulate and interefere with your security system this device is patent and can be sold to the public. Purchased by the wrong person they can use this device to create fraud, indentity theft including crimes. Burglars and con artist are always tring to come up with the next savvy way to take advantage of the greatest invention where they can commit a crime that will go unnoticed and unseen making it easier for them to rob homes.

Some of the names this device goes under are Veri chip which emits a 123khz, Rfid 125khz, Nano 134.2khz these are the radio frequencies that are able to cripple or jam you security system. The electromagnetic intereference (electrostatic intereference) also, known as SIGNAL INTEREFERENCE and its causing interrupations.

To combat the effects of signal interefernce you will need to properly shield the box which is vital to distort the signals that are crippling the security system.

I am demanding that Headquarters immediately take ACTION I have spoken to President team manager Melissa explaining my situation she was oblivios, and had no knowledge on a how microchip operatesor, what it's capable of doing to your security system.

They are able to manipulate anything that operates on wireless electromagnetic frequency.

Thank you

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Sunday - 89 d 19 h ago


Worst customer service. We have been loyal customers ever since they took charge over our Westec/Edison alarm monitoring and equipment (20 years+). We received a letter that they could no longer support our equipment so we asked for a rep to give us an upgrade. Nice fellow came out, reviewed the equipment, and said he would try to get us a loyalty upgrade for around $500. He didn't get back to us for 10 days and when he finally did, he apologized and said they would do it for $1700 but he managed to get them down to $1100 so we have switched to Bay Alarm (recommend if you are in CA). My husband called ADT to let them know we would be switching out the equipment today, and ended up being transferred and speaking with Loreal out of their Jacksonville, FL office. She was rude, impertinent, and threatened to alert our home owner's insurance that would result in a increase in our home insurance (untrue--our carrier said they never allow any 3rd party input). Loreal also said that if we had only called her office first (instead of our local ADT that had sent us the letter in the first place) that "they would have done the loyalty upgrade FOR FREE. When my husband asked if our local office was a franchise, she would not respond. EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL.

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Anonymous - 94 d 20 h ago



We have been a customer of ADT for almost 10years. Sadly, our recent experiences with ADT has been both unprofessional and inadequate. We have had several problems with our system. I'm again needing to take PTO to accommodate ADT for hopefully fixing their defective system. (I'm a Director in Tech). Hope you work on training and customer satisfaction. Sincerely, Mrs. Smith

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Anonymous - 101 d ago



I have been a loyal customer of ADT for 12 years. A year and a half ago we upgraded our system to ADT pulse so that we could have a doorbell camera and a camera inside the house. We also wanted to be able to access the alarm from our phones. At that time we signed a new contract. In November of last year we decided to sale that house that we were in. At that time I called ADT to ask what the procedure was for moving a service. I told the person I believe his name was Mike that we purchased a new home and it was being built. He told me that we could transfer our service over just let ADT know a month I advance to transfer the service. I told him my other house would not be built for five months after I move and he told me that was still not problem because they would be able to schedule a service for a few months out. I told my husband this and he called to make sure. He was told that was not the case that we would have to pay the remainder of the contract and then be refunded the money when we sign back up. I then called back and asked to speak with Mike. I was told he was not available so I spoke with the agent and explained what I was told. I can not remember the name of the person I spoke with. They did tell me that we had to pay and there was nothing they could do. I asked them to listen to the tape of the conversation I had because when you call they say right then that the call is recorded, I also asked about any notes that may be on my account and I was told there were none. At that time I told the agent that we would be moving the end of December so they could cut the service. My husband called back and spoke with an agent and was told that our balance would be around seven hundred dollars. We even offered to pay our monthly bill so that the money would not come out of our account. At this time I had spoken to another person and was still told another story. I then said I would never go back to ADT. My husband wanted his money back so he called ADT when we moved into our new house. When he spoke with the salesman Mike to set up our house he told him that our house was prewired and that we still had our camera and our Ring doorbell. Mike never told my husband that he had to have special equipment to have ADT pulse he just set an appointment. My husband was only concerned about getting his refund so he did not ask about pulse. The service man came out and said what an easy job he did not do anything because our house was done. The alarm went off and we had to talk to ADT so I asked why our house did not have the right equipment and then I told them that we could not log in to ADT pulse. The person Debbie was very nice and said that we did not have the service so she would get me in touch with sales. The person I spoke with told me that I would have to pay 100 for a technician to come out and install the right equipment if I wanted to change. I was not okay with that and she told me that the salesman Mike was busy so he would call me back. I then called the corporate number and left a message for customer service. I received a call back from Faith. She was very nice and listened to my story and asked me to give her 24-48 hours to investigate. She did not call me back until 3 days later. When she did she told me that she listened to the tape of my husband's sales call and because he did not ask for ADT pulse that they would have to charge us a service call. I did say even though my husband told him he had the camera and the doorbell. I did not think at the time to ask if the salesman ever explained that we needed pulse to use our equipment. I would like to hear the recording to see if my husband said no to Pulse. I know he did not because the salesman never explained the difference and how we would not be able to use our phones or our camera. I am sorry to say that this is not the customer service I expect after 12 years. The worst thing is he also had to sign a 3 year contract which is not what we were told when the process began. We were told we had to finish out our contract. I live in a brand new community and I have several friends that are also buying new homes and I would never recommend your company again. Thank you for your time.

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Mary/Lucy Lentz - 128 d ago


Good morning,

Your customer service/cancellation department is not very helpful. We had originally signed up for ADT and they came out and installed the system on 5/30/19. On 6/1/19 we called to cancel, and mailed a letter to you on same day, 6/1/19, (which is within the 3 business days to cancel). As of today 6/14/19, my 84 year old mother has been transferred 8 times and eventually ended up in Indiana, and they still has not received the letter. This company falsely advertised a monthly rate which did not include the extra charges to make the system work. I will be announcing the bad service that this company provides.

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Bonnie - 101 d 17 h ago

I am currently having the same problem with ADT did you ever get anything settled?

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