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ADT Security Services, Inc

1 Town Center Rd.
Boca Raton, FL
(561) 988-3600
(561) 988-3601
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Legal Document Assistant - 13 h 26 m ago


My service has not fully functioned since Dec 14th. Last time the tech appeared he made the service worse. Now my remote control and online pulse do not work. Since then I have been blown off over and over with no tech available Last two weeks in a row I waited around for the tech to arrive and at the last minute the dispatch called to cancel.

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Cecille Taylor - 1 d 13 h ago


We have ADT for both home and office. Our office was burglarized on Valentine's Day Feb 14, 2019 and over $10,000 worth of merchandise was stolen with ADT security system in place. The intruder managed to skirt the motion detectors because they were installed improperly and still set on pet mode. The intruder literally crawled around them.

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Keith - 1 d 15 h ago


We have a 20 year old ADT system and in the past 5 months, have had two technical challenges which were both handled with professional ability by helpful and friendly ADT guys, the most recent being this morning ( 19th Feb 2019 ), during which the technician could not have been more helpful. The system itself has given almost no problems. So overall, we have been very happy with ADT and its technical help.

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Reynolds Family - 4 d 18 h ago


Bait And Switch!! Crooks!! Dishonest!! We had a free alarm system put in by ADT for our 80 year old parents. They promised the world and then charged them $2000.00. WOW they did not allow my parents to call anyone to verify until they signed the $2000.00 contact. Left my parents home and didn't leave any contact information phone numbers just a name and contact. These people are a scammer and crooks. Tried to resolve this and they just laughed and made a joke of the whole thing. Need some good legal advice for my elderly parents.

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Michael c - 6 d 13 h ago


I have had adt for 4 year. I have 3 cameras outside of my house. One of them is pointing at my driveway at my 3 vehicles. Last night someone had time to break into all 3 of them and my cameras didnt catch any of it. I am very mad. What did I spend all this money for? The one time I need it, it failed. They had time to break into all 3 cars! Now they want me to buy more equipment. That is just perfect. Let me spend more money because of your garbage product you already sold me.

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Very dissatisfied and violated customer - 6 d 17 h ago


I received a quote from an ADT rep by the name of Frederick Sullivan. He came out and gave us a quote. I did not give my social security number but now have a hard hit on my credit. I called him and his manager Patricia Lurato twice (left a message) and sent both of them an email. I waited a few weeks and called Fred on his cell phone. He answered the phone. I explained my situation and during our chat he hung up on me. I called back and he didn't answer. I sent him a text saying thank you for hanging up on me - I will contact the Boca Raton corporate office. He replied and said the only reason he answered was he thought it was for his mom who is ill. Great customer service I see! I called the corporate office and spoke to a representative and then the corporate office manager who told me that Fred no longer works with ADT and there is nothing they can do. I asked for a letter from ADT I could send to Equifax showing that I did not give permission to check my credit. The office manager got very dismissive and said they don't give out letters and there is nothing she can do. She did mention that once you go through sales they can check your credit (with just your name btw) but legally they have to have your permission- which they did not. I asked to speak to her manager and she said if you want me to transfer you to someone who will tell you the same thing I can. I thanked her for her time and said goodbye. Don't waste your time with these people. Very poor customer service. I will never use their services or recommend them to anyone.

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Gabriela Kerekes - 8 d 16 h ago


I am an ADT customer for 6 years and I can say I'm happy for the service, but I am terribly disappointed by the bureaucracy and by the IT department that they are not doing their diligent job for what they are paid.

Since 6 years ago when I singed up with ADT,I always been on paper less with auto pay and I always been able to print out my invoices logging into my account. NEVER this one been an issues since last year. Last summer I logged into my account to print out some of the invoices and file them. The invoices was not available ,I called in and ask what happened and ADT customer service couldn't give me any explanation but they say it will look into this matter. I gave them a month and login again...nothing change .Called again ADT and again same story that they will look into...this look into took 8 month and ADT still can't generate/provide statements/invoices for the year 2018.

I need those invoices for TAX PURPOSE (registreated business) and its my legal right to request them and have them and its ADT legal obligation to provide them BEFORE charging the credit card on file.

Getting close to tax season the past month I been calling agesivly ADT to get those invoices and it sims to be imposible to get them.I even spoke to the Accounting Manager,Billing Manager ,I even requested higher manager above this 2 departments,ofcours I coudnt get them,they dont transfer the call,always excusing they are in mitting but after the metting someone will call and no surprise to me ,NO ONE called back.I even not sure if those 2 ladies that said they are the managers was real the managers for accountin and billing departments.

I even place a formal compaint to BBB and today after calling again ADT with no results I called IRS for the fist time.I spoke to an agent specialize in business tax and he asked me to send formal letter to ADT headquarter to registrate the letter and send the IRS a copy of the leeter and copy of the mailing out.I will do this today after righting this complaint.

I am paying ADT about $1000/year and if are other customers like me because for sure im not the only one and ADT refuse to provide invoices ,the question is ADT declare to taxes all this income? Well this will be IRS problem to see...I been working so hard and spend weeks on the phone in the past 8 months trying to solve this problem quitely with no third party involve ,but ADT give me no option.

Not sure even now after this complaint,if someone from ADT will contact me . I will be surprise if they do...

Thank you,

Gabriela Kerekes


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Rachel Rochford, Angry Former Customer - 10 d 8 h ago


This is the most dishonest company it's been my misfortune to ever do business with. I was a customer many years ago and cancelled service with them due to high prices and worst customer service. My husband and I sold the property where we had their 'monitoring service' to a property developer and the house was torn down for development. We moved to the United Kingdom 4 years ago but every time we vacation in the United States their ADT Premier Providers circulate my email address trying to bug me into signing up with them. I have called the Corp Office, I have daily blocked the latest email address to no avail, I have called every state in the USA asking them to cease these unwanted emails. They have NOT! I have contacted the US Federal government for their assistance. I will return to London, England in a few weeks and will file a report with the

British Government to force this horrid company to cease all communication with my family. So warning to anyone who decides to leave this company they are so desperate for a buck they will harass you trying to force you and your family to come back! Thus sharp business practice is a CRIME in the United Kingdom and should be in the United States of America.

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Anonymous - 13 d 17 h ago


Just called to cancel services, was transferred 3 times, had to explain why 4 times and was kept on the line for 5 minutes while "Dorothy" "processed" my acct closing request. Ridiculous!

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Debbie - 15 d 15 h ago


We cancelled our service in August 2018. ADT continued to withdraw payment from our bank account thru January 2019, causing overdraft changes. We closed our account because of this. In total we have spoken to someone at ADT 4 times, still no reimbursement even though we were told it's in the works. Yeah, right. With each conversation, we asked us to come back. Who in their right mind would want to return to a company that treats their customers so poorly? We have spread the word to friends and family about ADT; today I reported them to the BBB in Florida where their corporate HQ is located.

We do expect a reimbursement for the money they stole from us w/o our permission. The impact to our credit should also be painful to them.

Who in their right mind would EVER return for their service?

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Jennifer - 15 d 17 h ago


ADT stays true to their colors of treat customers poorly.

I have posted regarding the issues I have had with ADT. Upon canceling my service, of course, I had to give a 30-day notice and was told that the increase to the service of $3.79 would be waved. So, ADT charged me for their new price with the increase and when I called to inquire about that I was told " because I call when I did that would only apply to the next month's bill, (Customers only know about increases when you send them the information, there was no way I could have called beforehand). Really ADT!

I also was contacted by ADT regarding my last post with the " I can Help you" When I gave the information to this ADT staff memeber I was yet given another explanation then I have been told by ADT already and the only thing that this person could do to help me is to give me a small "credit, not a refund". So once again ADT you have proven to me that you really can careless about your customers, you will make up anything instead of helping your customers.

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Teresa - 26 d 15 h ago



This company not only does not honor their stated price of $27.99 @ month, but they prey on elderly people as well. My mom, who is 84 years old, had them to come out when they were offering $27.99 @ month, no cost for parts and activation, $99 installation fee that you would get back on a Visa card for $100, 15 free door/ window sensors, and free wireless remote.

The guy comes out to install it and instead of asking my mom where she wants the 15 free sensors, he proceeds to put sensors on every window, door, storage buildings that have nothing of value in them and then informs my mom that she owes $1200 for the equipment. When she complained, they gave her my cousins discount who works there and got it down to $600. When my brother arrived and realized what happened my mom stopped payment on the $600 check and called them and requested that they come and take out all of the extra equipment the guy installed. They sent someone out as n he removed some equipment. Then they started calling her almost on a daily basis harassing her about the $600, they said she still had too much equipment. Another guy came out and assured her the extra equipment was gone, but she continues to get phone calls. At this point she has requested twice that they come and remove all of the equipment and cancel the service but they have yet to do that.

Not only that, but she paid $168.04 instead of $99 for the installation and they continue to bill her for $53.99 instead of the $27.99 they advertise. Our next step is to seek legal advice.

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RRBee - 17 d 18 h ago


You are absolutely correct! I had been a loyal ADT customer for 15 years. I recently sold my home and notified ADT well in advance of the sale and was told by a representative that I could not cancel the services, but transfer them to another location. I requested the transfer and heard nothing back from them. In the interim, I get a collections letter stating that I owed for the " equipment". When speaking to the collection several times, I am told that the collection is for the equipment, and another time, I am told from ADT that they do not want to equipment, that the collection letter is for services! I am left totally confused after being told one thing and then another. ADT is only interested in collecting monies from customers. Prior to now, I have never missed a payment! They are indeed "thieves" who are allowed to continue to steal from customers whether you are loyal or not!

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Unsatisfied potential customer - 18 d 8 h ago


During the purchase of our new home I called to set up a consultation on what ADT had to offer. During this process the lady told me there would be a 105.00 charge for the installation of the equipment. I told her it already had a security system in place and I would only need to reactivate it but I only wanted to find out about the system and not committ until we had more information. She told me that my account would not be charged until a contract was signed. Two hours later my account had been charged. I called back to cancel the appointment and told her the reason for canceling was because my account had been charge and I was told it would not be. STRIKE ONE for this company. She transferred me to her manager. He ended up talking me into keeping the appointment and told me my account would be credited the money if we decided not to get the service. The man came for the appointment and started explaining how good this Company was and that he would need to change out the key pad. We proceeded to tell him before he changed any equipment he needed to talk to us about pricing. He proceeded taking the original key pad down and installing the new key pad all the while telling us there was no charge for what he was doing. We finally got so fed up we asked him to leave. He refused and said he could not just leave in a pissed off loud tone. He said he couldn't leave the premises and had to make a call to his boss. He got his boss on the phone and he said he wanted to talk to us so we did. His boss still tried to talk us into signing by giving us more money on equipment. We told him no. He then called his manager and he also wanted to talk to me. He tried to convince me into signing. I told him no also. While I was on the phone with him the technician took the new equipment that he installed out and put my original equipment back on the wall. Mind you I had a fully energized equipment which controlled my carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. He did not put the power back to my system. Once he left I walked into the room that the box was in and looked in it and he had disconnected wires and had also disconnected the power plug and left the cover off of the receptacle. So now I do not have power to my carbon monoxide or smoke detectors. He left my house in an unsafe condition. I do not recommend even talking to this company. I will be talking to the better business bureau about this matter.

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Teena - 23 d ago

Yesterday I spoke to a Rep she stated the she was going to quote me a price but needed some information. Well as she proceeded to ask to my personal information I stopped her when she stated that she needed my last four of my social. I replied to her that if she needed to run my credit I wanted to stop speaking with her at that time because I did not wanna run my credit because I was I the process of buying a home and did not wanna have an inquiry showing nor did I want to have my credit pulled until I finished the process with my home. The lady said please hold I came get a manger who can maybe bypass that part so I don't have to have my credit pulled. She gets a manager he tells me he understands he will not pull my credit I felt better. The of course started offering me even better deals on the video monitoring deals and said they wouldn't pull my credit he could throw in two free cameras and a visa. But I told him I wanted to wait and call back because even through the deals sounded good the information he provided started changing and he started to just sound like a fast talker who just wanted to make a sale. So I start to feel uncomfortable and said I would call back. He became very aggressive saler didn't want to let me off the phone. I told him I had to go because I was at work and by this time my break had ended. But what really pissed me off about this call is that the company pulled my credit after me making it very clear I did not want my credit pulled. I did not agree, and I will be filing a complaint in the morning. Thank God for credit monitoring services that alert you and help you stay on top of things like this. This really has turn me off with this company.

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Gene - 23 d 10 h ago


STAY AWAY!!! Stay away, heavy handed and harrassing sales tactics. Try to tell and scare you into thinking you live in a high crime area. Continually return harrassing after being told no and don't come back. Finally had to slam door in his face.

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maribel guati rojo - 23 d 13 h ago


Worst customer service ever!

Yes, stay away from them. will try to take advantage of customers in any possible way.

And then you will spend countless hours on hold trying to get connected to the right representative to fix your issue... all of them are rude and have poor customer service skills.

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Gene - 23 d 10 h ago


Amen to that. Just spent half hour on the phone with the rudest and mindless representatives ever.

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Mark - 26 d 18 h ago


even worse than Verizon. Professional liars

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Mike - 27 d 16 h ago



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GJS - 28 d 15 h ago


Years ago ADT used to be a really good and reliable security company. It is no longer in fact they are horrible. Can't get anyone on the phone unless one willing to wait for a long time for somebody to answer. Unfortunately if one get lucky enough to have an ADT agent pick up the phone the joy last only a few second before realizing that the representative is clueless. And because of even the simplest question is exceeding their knowledge the call gets transferred to another incompetent person with even less knowledge than the first one. After my call was transferred to the third totally clueless individual, I came to the realization that all I'm doing is wasting my time trying to get through to these people. As a result nothing has gotten resolved.

I have seen nothing but bad reviews (see bellow) so I'm reasonably sure that nothing is going to change.

I don't know what uncaring and unprofessional people are running this company, but it based upon the poor service everyone is getting they don't give a rats ass about the costumer. I can hardly wait to get my three years contract over with ADT so I can take my business to another more reliable company whom actually care about their costumers.

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Cezon - 30 d 8 h ago


I wouldn't ever recommend this company for any services. Customer Service representative are horrible and untrained especially Texas office manager Tony. I sold my vacation home in November 2018 and notified ADT office in December of the home sale and to terminate my account. It has taken four calls speaking with four different representatives who all assured me that the account was terminated. However, ADT continue to try and submit an automated payment for monthly services. Attention all customers whatever you do don't sign up for automated withdrawal.... thumbs down for this company.

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Jennifer Squyres - 33 d 7 h ago


I have been a customer of ADT for years; suddenly I was getting calls for local law enforcement informing me that they checked my residence and all was secure. I called ADT because I did not receive a call from them that anything was wrong at my home. The person I was speaking to insisted that they did contact me and had a recording of the calls. When I asked to hear the recordings I was told I could not hear them. The problem continued. On a few occasions, I was sitting at home with my alarm not even on when the police showed up because ADT called them stating there was an alarm at my house. I called ADT everytime this happened, and no one had an answer or would help. Finally one night I was in my front yard watering, and three police showed up due to a call from ADT. I called once again and this time would not hang up until the person set up an appointment for someone to come out and fix this system. ( all of this happened in a time frame just a little more than a month) The technician came out looked at the system and told me that whoever set it up hooked the backup battery as if it was a zone in the house and because the battery was low it was triggering as if there was an alarm. He fixed it, and I have not had any other issues. The problem is, the city charges for false alarm calls, so I now have a bill for over $800.00 due to ADT sending the police to my house for no reason. I contacted ADT; they gave me an email address to send a request for payment to. I sent a detailed email of dates, times and explanation of what happened requesting that ADT pay the fees to the city as it was not anything that I was doing to occur these charges. The response from ADT. You are required to test your system every 30 days, ( this all happened within 30 days) and ADT responded as you requested ( ADT did not even call me as I had requested) so they will not pay the charges they caused with the city. When I called to dispute this, I was told " if corporate said no there is nothing we can do" when I asked for a phone number so that I could contact corporate I was told, " Corporate does not take phone calls." I requested my service to be discontinued as of the end of the month. ADT has a 30-day cancelation policy, and they will charge me for 30 days from the time I called. I have never known of any company who cared so little about their customers. And this is supposed to be a company that will keep you safe. Well, I will say, buyer beware ADT can care less about their customers.

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Anonymous - 34 d 18 h ago


I purchased ADT over a year ago and was told by the technician that I would need to call at a later date to set up my USAA member discount. In my phone call today with Iesha I was informed that to qualify for a discount I would have needed to set up at the time that I called to have services installed. I informed her that I was never asked by the representative if I was a USAA member and she informed me it was like going to a restaurant. I informed her that I have never met someone who goes into a place of business and asks if they have a USAA discount. She informed me that it is the consumer fault not ADT. I explained that the installation technician informed me to wait in which Iesha (customer service rep) said the technician would not have told me that. I find it funny that they advertise for $29.99 a month but after they arrive for installation it is $59 a month and they are ok with the installation technician changing this rate but not informing the consumer of a discount they are entitled to. I asked for the concern to be escalated in which she gave me a reference number and hung up on me. Customer service representatives need to be replaced.

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Pissed off in Texas - 35 d 17 h ago


My experience with ADT has been a nightmare. They used a contract company called Defenders to install a DSC Impassa system. It is a battery powered wireless system that the installer said the batteries would last 5 years. Within 30 days, the battery problem started. Their excuse is that they got a bad batch of batteries, so they came out and replaced all of them. Within 2 months, the problems started again. While we were off on vacation, the batteries caused a false alarm that caused the police to come to the house. This happened again shortly after. These trips causes us to incur charges that had to be paid ($180). The batteries have continued to fail with regularity, to the point I now want the system replaced. ADT has pointed the finger at Defenders, and Defenders has pointed the finger at ADT. Every time I call about my issues, I have to speak to someone different and go over the history of problems again.My phone calls have also been conveniently disconnected whenever it appears I am gaining some headway in my conversation with the two companies. Of course if I call back, I get someone different and have to start all over again. I paid about $10,000 for my system, and it is junk. I wish there was some better way to warn people not to do business with ADT. They suck.

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