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ADT Security Services, Inc

1 Town Center Rd.
Boca Raton, FL
(561) 988-3600
(561) 988-3601
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M. Torres - 3 h 35 m ago

I moved from Louisiana to Florida mid December 2016; I agreed to signing a new contract, paid 100.00 in advance for the new installation and explained that I wanted the services for sure but I was going to stay at my sister's until I could find the right Apartment. They said no problem. I called with progress reports and finally in february I found an apartment and called you to set up an installation date (3/7/17). All good. Then this past Friday I was told by the apt manager that they do not use ADT in the community and if I need alarm I have to use the company that is allowed. I called you to report this and was told I would be charged a penalty for breaking the contract! What? How is it my fault that I was not informed ahead of time of your rules? How can I be at fault for your decisions? This is VERY disappointing. And it looks like the solution will not be on my favor from what I have read here from other customers.

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Alisha A. - 2 d 18 h ago


On approximately Jan. 3, 2017, I called to do a change of address. I was advised by the rep. that the service would be installed at the new address on Feb. 2, 2017. During this call I was never information this change would result in a new contract nor an increase of $20 a month. I have unsuccessfully made numerous attempts to clarify and resolve this situation. I'm still awaiting a return call from management from Feb. 4, 2017. I've been a customer for over 6 years. This is disheartening and unprofessional. Why do I have to sign another 36 month contract because I move? That seems illegal!!! On Friday, Feb. 17, 2017, I spoke to a rep. name Isa (107018) in corporate and she was extremely rude and ineffective.

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Jamie - 2 d 16 h ago



The EXACT same thing just happened to me!

What is your next plan of action?

If you will please respond to this and may be we can contact corporate together.

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anon - 2 d 24 h ago


ADT is like "the lost hole" when you call, the staff cannot answer the question? ADT does not stand by their promise. To secure and protect your property. To ensure safety and security. This is not a security complaint.

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Anonymous - 3 d ago


ADT has cheated me and tricked me into signing a long term contract. I tried to cancel, but I was not giving the proper information. When I try to resolve the matter, I am told to contact safe Street an authorized representative. I trusted the ADT name. I hope some executive can help me. Senior in misleading contract.

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Terry Mayers(803)917-5477or 803-935-5730 - 5 d ago


I just found out that ADT has not been monitoring my home security, but has been drafting my acct each month. I found out when I hired a new company. I had not heard from ADT in over a year, so I assumed all was good. Come to find out, they have not had comm. with my home for over a year. Seems like ADT would have corresponded with me if they were not comm. with my home system. I feel like I was taken advantage of and that I am owed a refund for the months that were not monitored.

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Robert Ingham - 5 d 4 h ago


January 2016 Indio California bought a contract and paid one year in advance for service,over the last eleven months corporate office with the (hidden) has been harassing me now for 11 months for payments.Palm Desert says that they have made payments.Just this year adt calls me twice a day some times five days a week destroying me with over 69 calls this year's.The Negro women on the end make me feel like a pig and with tone of voice that I'm a liar.These are the worse satin people ever,never been so discouraged by any company in my life.Never give theses disgusting people money up front,better yet do not use ADT ever!These people have destroyed me and they admit nothing wrong.2/15/2017

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Anonymous - 6 d ago


this is the worst company of all time. Do not believe that you are being serviced by ADT - they farm out to a third party who does NOT know what they are doing. THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DISAPPOINTING AND UNACCEPTABLE.

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Valerie - 10 d 22 h ago


they are the worst !!!!!!! My system never properly worked and now they charge me $1,500 to get read of it !!! they are thugs!!!!

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Nick - 10 d ago


DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO WITH ANOTHER COMPANY. ADT IS THE WORST.......I sold my house and moved into a new house i still had 1 year left on my contract and was more than willing to transfer service to my new home. they would not let me do that without signing a new 3 year contract. My new house even already had all the equipment installed in it. I didn't need anything from them accept for the monitoring. This is a criminal organization they do not care about you or safety.

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Worst costumer servic ever - 10 d 19 h ago


Worst wotrf

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ADT's Worst Nightmare - 13 d 7 m ago


I'm receiving collection calls for a fraudulent contract initiated by an ADT authorized dealer call Defenders, Inc. dba Protect Your Home. A complaint was filed with the Ohio Attorney General's office. Defenders Inc. has responded to the Ohio Attorney General with additional false claims.

I rather like these kinds of battles because I'm not your average person. I have many tools in my skill set and I cannot wait to unleash the dogs of war.

I just hung up after leaving a voicemail message in ADT's legal department. It will be interesting to see if they call back as I've asked for the procedure for an internal investigation against their authorized dealer.

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Bill L. - 13 d ago


I had a billing problem and after 25 minutes and no resolution I was transferred to a 3rd person....a corporate advocate who was of no help. I called the corporate phone number she gave me which is also the number on this site and there was no answer and the call was disconnected. Having been a customer for 15 years we no longer are and will not be in the future. ADT is all about sales not service

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S. Williams Durham NC - 13 d 1 s ago


So has anyone had this issue? I bought an ADT system through Defender (not knowing it was being bought through a sub-contractor). They installed my system, I signed the docs and we are on our way. That is until about a couple months later I start getting emails saying my docs were "damaged" and that I needed to re-sign them. They sent me 13 pages of disclosures and exclusions for their services. I signed 3 pages the day of the install. Nothing like the old bait and switch. I refused to sign the new docs. This went on for about 6 months of them emailing and sending hard copies of these docs. I still refused to sign. I called ADT because I could not log into my PULSE account and no one called when I set off my alarm as a test. ADT said they only handled the monitoring and that it had been shut off 2 weeks ago and that I would have to contact Defender to get it turned on again. Called Defender..what a joy these folks are. Spoke to customer service for 5-8 min only to be told I have to speak to a supervisor. They put me on hold for another 10 min and no one ever came to the line. I have emailed them multiple times with no reply.They had the audacity to deduct 2 payments from my account the day they cancelled it and then another 3 weeks later. I would advise any and everyone to stay away from ADT.

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S Taitel - 17 d 4 h ago


It appears that ADT uses uninsured contractors. We are in New Jersey and our condominium requires proof of insurance from any vendor to work in our building. This is a reasonable request. ADT inconvenienced us with two appointments over a span of two weeks and was still not able to provide proof of insurance. DO NOT USE ADT. YOU ARE AT RISK THAT THEY DO NOT DEPLOY INSURED SUBCONTRACTORS!!! Their customer service is useless. We spoke to two customer service supervisors who were ineffective at providing any resolution to the problem. You are putting your home and your condominium complex at risk if you use ADT.

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Michael simons - 18 d 22 h ago


Wrote letter regarding increase on monthly billing To ADT's area office and received no response. My bill was increased without notice 9 months after starting there servicd and can not get area nor corporate offices to respond. Will drop service and file complaint with better business bureau and Lee county courts this week

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Anonymous - 19 d 20 h ago


ADT has a serious problem with their information systems. When one updates contact information online at MyADT, it does not upload to the call centers where the alarms are monitored. My alarm went off today and I did not receive a call and the police were sent to my home. I contacted ADT's technical support and asked them to verify my contact information on my online portal. They confirmed that the error is on their end because their main computer system was not updated with the online account information which comes from a sub-system. Consumers beware that if you change or update your information online at,your updated information may not be conveyed to those who monitor the alarms.

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Anonymous - 34 d ago

Horrible people to deal with and they are idiots. Cancelled my service 12-6-16, they debited my account for a payment on 1-3-17, called numerous times and have not gotten anywhere. I get different answers all the time. It's over 6 weeks and still not refunded the money owed to me. I would not recommend this company.

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Anonymous - 24 d 5 h ago

Maybe we should start a class action

lawsuit, they tried to take money from

my account without permission when they had already been paid by my bank

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Denise, Williamsburg, Va. - 24 d ago


I understand your dilemma. My husband had adt for his mom. She passed away on Nov. 30, 2016. He cancelled the service in Dec. around about the 9th. He made payment arrangements with them to pay $100 a month until it was paid. The bill was $500. It has not been two months since the acct was closed and he had paid $400 thus far. This morning we received a call from RFM which is a collection agency. ADT turned his acct over to them for $100. WTF !!!!! Are these people crazy or what. Why ??? My husband was really upset. That foolishness is going to ruin his credit. I took control myself and called the corporate of for ADT in Florida. I gave them the "what for". I told them that we would be sending that last $100 to them and not the collection agency, because they should not have done that. I also told them that if this ruins his credit, we will be filing a suit. What they did was not called for.

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Anonymous - 24 d 26 s ago

if you sent death certificate, you would not have had to pay the remainder of the bill.

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Anonymous - 24 d ago

the cancellation is 30 days in advance.

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Keishana - 28 d 13 h ago


So I have a ADT Alarm System in my house that was already here when I moved in and recently today the power randomly went out and came back on which I guess rebooted the system. I decided to step outside to see if everything was okay and when I opened my door the alarm went off and was extremely loud.. I held my hand over the speaker to kill most of the sound and decided to call ADT because I didn't know what to do I never had this happen to me before. When I called ADT the guy told me someone can come out tomorrow to take a look at it and stop it from making noise but I had to pay $100. This is so unfair because I don't have that kind of money and now I'm stuck in my own home because the system is armed and if I open my door again I'm pretty sure it's going to do it again. Why do I have to pay a fee for someone to disarm this system for me to be able to leave my home when I please. This is very said that I'm hostage in my own home! What am I to do??

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Anonymous - 24 d 39 s ago

unplug the system; they don't tell you that over the phone in hopes to have you sign up

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Roddrick Avery - 41 d ago


Got system activated in December of 2016 and was promised wireless remotes, free $100 gift card and digital camera if I upgrade to ADT pulse!

Well, practically had to beg for remotes and til this day, no visa gift card or camera! Will never refer ADT to anyone and will end services in March! This company is more so interested in getting the consumer to sign up with them and will feed you a bunch of lies and promises!

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Carol - 33 d ago


Watch out, because they don't just give you a gift card, you have to "apply" for it and then PAY for it! We were given a similar offer when they installed at our house a couple of years ago. You have to go to Mpell Solutions and download a certificate giving name, address, phone and email and pay $4.95 for S&H and you can't just write a personal check for that amount, it has be a cashiers check or money order. What a CROCK!

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Anonymous - 28 d ago


These are dealers. You will be better off dealing with ADT directly. It's not your fault though, dealers introduce themselves as ADT which they are not supposed to but this is the only for them to gain your trust.

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Anonymous - 24 d 6 h ago

Joe Montano

And how do you get a hold of ADT and not to dealers, some of the dealers are con artists and rip-offs I like to take advantage of female veterans and that brings and females that have been through domestic violence along with some of our local and City police departments some Police Department love to interrogate the person that's being violated

And disrespect them, what I've experienced in my family is it crimes are now civil matters.

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