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ADT Security Services, Inc

1 Town Center Rd.
Boca Raton, FL
(561) 988-3600
(561) 988-3601
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Unsecure Social Security Number in Portland - 13 d ago


I was online and decided to fill out a free quote for ADT Service. Before I could even finish filling out the form I get a call from ADT. I go through an entire phone call and I am told that the Smoke and Fire service would be added for no extra charge by their agent, Daniel ID#101738. We get to the end of the call and she is telling me that she needs to do a credit check and ask for my SSN. I ask her what she needs my SSN for and proceed to tell her that I do not feel comfortable giving this to her over the phone. Daniel ID#101738, tells me it's a check to make sure that I have never had ADT before so that they know I have no outstanding debts with them. That it would be the same as doing a credit check for a cell phone company. She goes on to explain that it is just an Equifax credit check and won't effect my credit and so on. I explain to her that I do not want my Credit Run that if what she really means is that she would like to run my Credit for the equipment that I will just pay for the equipment outright. Daniel ID#101738, then goes on to explain that she is going to go ahead and put her manager on the phone so that her manager can go ahead and upgrade my services so that I have the Free Fire and Smoke protection. Her manager, Heather ID#6899, Then then gets on the phone to explain that she needs my SSN in order to see if I am eligible to upgrade my Services to the Fire and Smoke protection for free and since I do not want to use my SSN that she can do it with my name and address. Heather ID#6899, then gets on the phone and is asking me if I have a family number who's name I can put the service in, that I am eligible for the $99 Installation price, but that I am unable to upgrade to the Fire and Smoke protection for Free. That I would either have to put it in someone else's name or pay $249.00 for and that I would have to pay the technician myself when he/she came out to do the install. I than became lost in translation and asked Heather ID#6899,to explain everything once again to me. She explained it again. I proceeded to ask her how a service that Daniel ID#101738, said she was adding on for free at the beginning of the call, turned into me needing to get my credit checked and then a $249.00 service. I also proceeded to tell Heather ID#6899, that Daniel ID#101738, explained that she needed my SSN in order to check my credit to make sure that I didn't have any outstanding debt with ADT. Heather ID#6899, had already been talking over me since the point of telling me I needed to find someone to co-sign, which was absolutely not happening. I do not have much credit because I pay for my stuff in cash. That is why I offered to pay for the equipment up front if need be! I made it clear I would be contacting the corporate office and that I would not be going with ADT because any company who goes after my SSN under false pretenses is not a company I am going to work with, give my TIME, MONEY OR TRUST to! ESPECIALLY A SECURITY COMPANY! Heather ID#6899, proceeded to tell me that Daniel ID#101738, was new and blah blah blah. In other words, Heather ID#6899, did not care and was upset that I was calling them out for this and I could tell by her change of attitude and tone of voice! SEE I'M NOT STUPID! HERE'S THE REAL DEAL: THE $249.00 THAT WAS SUPPOSEDLY FOR THE FIRE AND SMOKE UPGRADE THAT I HAD TO PAY THE TECHNICIAN MYSELF DURING INSTALLATION, IS REALLY PART OF THAT TECHNICIANS INSTALLATION FEE! BECAUSE ADT USES 3RD PARTY COMPANIES FOR ALL THEIR INSTALLATIONS! WHICH MAKES NO SENSE TO ME! HOW SAFE IS YOUR SECURITY IF THE PEOPLE INSTALLING YOUR SYSTEMS ARENT ON YOUR PAYROLL????? ALL I HAVE LEFT TO SAY, IS THAT I AM REALLY THANKFUL THAT I CAME HERE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE REPRESENTATIVE TRYING TO GET MY SSN UNDER FALSE PRETENSES AND I WAS ABLE TO READ ALL OF THE CRAPPY REVIEWS BEFORE I BLEW MY MONEY ON AN ADT SYSTEM!

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Constance Harrell - 4 d 5 h ago


I feel ADT broke their contract with me because when I moved they said not only do I need to pay another install fee but I can't get the cameras I had before and I have to start another contract unfair and I am not paying it

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Concerned person wanting an email for corporate - 19 h 41 m ago


Good evening,

I was reading your review and it really spoke out to me cause my roommate and I are currently having a very similar issue with the ADT representative that came to our house, which came here cause he said the only way to give a quote was he had to come to the house. He never mentioned that he had to run a credit check. Later that evening, his supervisor contacted my roommate asking for her full social. Then the representative that had came called me saying to tell my roommate to call cause they needed her full social that the last 4 wasn't enough. They claim it was because she had no credit. We knew there was no way that was correct. That was on Thursday. The representative then kept texting my roommate yesterday trying to get her to give them her full social cause it was saying she had no credit. Then today he texted her saying, that it was saying she had no credit cause she "was deceased".

Anywho, have you been able to find an email address to contact corporate by any chance? Also, how were you able to get their ID#'s? Our representative nor his supervisor have given us theirs.

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Cherry - 1 d 7 h ago


My worst nightmare . Terrible service from top to bottom. Too much to write and too frustrated to proceed. Crying

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GE - 11 d ago


The worst company. Unresponsive

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New Home Owner 2020 - 13 d 46 s ago


I wished I had visit this site before the nightmare....... A new home owner, I inquired before closing; gave me equipment and other incentives. I was not aware, that ADT have third party contractor's working from them; "DEFENDERS (1(hidden))", THE ABSOLUTE WORST AND UNPROFESSIONAL, RUDE, DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE; LEAVE YOU ON HOLD, LET THE PHONE CONSTANTLY RING!! I can go on and on; if this what security company has come to; DO NOT USE!!! BEWARE OF THE ####)#)##! The nightmare... install was on Saturday, 12-28-19, paid them $300 plus; all the senors was not placed on windows, the camera or door bell not installed. The guy irritated me so bad! He left, not even two hours passed; we attempted to open door leading into garage; and the senor falls completing off! I called ADT and was told, I had to call DEFENDERS (hidden)). I carefully explain I was new service, less than two hours; and I was told I could not get anyone to come out! I had to wait three days! Then two guys showed up to do a sensor??? About a hour passed, a second guy showed. I called ADT again, they did not have any record of the second person. To add salt, the job is not complete and was told I had to wait TO THE 14TH OF JANUARY 2020!!!!!!!!!! I called to complain and want to no longer be a customer of ADT! If this is what you are offering "DEFENDERS" and I told them, to come and get the equipment, the person I did get to speak with briefly, was so rude and stated you had so many days. I immediately explained to that person; you installed faulty equipment on the same day; took three days to send someone; I paid $300 plus already; and provided a incomplete job!!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK AND TO COME GET THE FAULTY SENSOR, AND THE CAMERAS THEY LEFT THERE. ADT I WILL NEVER EVER RECOMMEND YOU TO ANYONE! YOU ARE FALSE, CROOKS AND NOT BE APART AT ALL.. To added, I had to call ADT numerous times and was referred to DEFENDERS!!! So f#CKin SAD!! i WANT RESOLVE; DOWN TIME CREDIT FOR NOT COMPLETING IN A TIMELY MANNER! Today is JANUARY 06, 2020, NO RESOLVE AND UNFINISHED WORK!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone help please!!!!

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Brazilian Angry - 16 d 10 h ago


Saturday for Sunday my architecture office in So Paulo Brazil was broken into. Luckily they took nothing. But the alarm system contracted with ADT proved inefficient. This company has not fulfilled its commitment to notify us at the time of the invasion. When we complained they tried to transfer the liability to third parties. The worst thing is to stand up to the plausible justifications by a poorly educated TMKT attendant.

Your brazilian branch provides a terrible service compromising the reliability that is the core business of a security company. Failing to fulfill contracts and trying to transfer your own responsibilities is the route of corporate disaster.

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Anonymous - 29 d 7 h ago


Awful, incompetent service. We have had nothing but problems with our service since installation seven months ago. Each technician tells us what the previous technician did wrong. We are under a contract with ADT for us to pay money and for them to provide a service. We have yet to receive the service for which we contracted. I would like a appreciate a refund if my money and cancellation of the contract.

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Bert Peters - 31 d 4 h ago


ADT is trying to bill us for service we never received. Our house is under construction. No monitoring has been hooked up for over a year. We've been calling them for months trying to cancel our service. Now, they've got a collection agency after us. They're like a playground bully shaking kids down for their money.

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Flustered with ADT - 32 d ago


My partner sold her home and relocated to another state. ADT is charging her a contract break fee and refuses to try and implement discretion to waive the fee. She has been a loyal customer with them for years, and I remain as an active customer with them for years yet I'm considering getting out of my contract and going to another security service since they don't know what customer appreciation and retention is.

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ADT Security Services, Inc. - 39 d 11 h ago


*****"To a Jew, there is only one thing of value: money.

How he gets it.... makes no difference."

- The Eternal Jew, 1940...m4

Flagged for review. 
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Stacey - 39 d 17 h ago


I have had the doorbell for 4 weeks now and its not worked the entire time. Despite 3 service techs out to fix it. Im completely frustrated and to add on more frustration, the District Manager, Joe in San Diego does not respond and has allowed this issue to continue. I would like a call from the customer complaint department to file a formal complaint and I would like an executive with the executive office to contact me to rectify what has gone wrong as this is a string of errors since I signed up and placed a large $2k residential order! Please help.

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Anonymous - 40 d ago

I was told by ADT agent that I would get charged prorated amount for November and full amount for December, and that my first bill would be in January. I got charged December 9th! I called ADT and I was told that they charge one month in advance! This is unheard of!!! I contacted the agent they came to my house and he told me that was also unheard of??!!!

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LCD - 42 d 7 h ago


ADT: a pattern of disloyal employees hacking my security system yellow triangle appearing on key pad in 32207. It happened last Monday.. December 2 2019. System went off no police arrived consider contacting FBI to investigate.

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DLS - Unhappy Customer - 45 d 7 h ago


It's too much to write regarding my situation but I've been with ADT for over 10 years and what I just experienced is the worst I could even imagine with a security company. The customer service is horrible no matter the state. ADT is VERY insensitive to the needs of their customers. I swore by ADT until recently.


An UNHAPPY Customer

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LCD - 47 d 5 h ago


Corporate: My ADT was on test mode 12/2/2019. This time of the year thieves working with disloyal adt employees thrive on this... So take my alarm system off TEST in 32207 in Jacksonville Florida.

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PORTLYN HIGHTOWER - 47 d 17 h ago


I just contacted adt sales about another outdoor camera and a doorbell camera..I was on hold for 19 minutes before anyone picked up. A representative answered and I explained what I was calling for and she was VERY VERY RUDE. I then asked for a supervisor and she told me that a supervisor couldn't speak to me. I asked her name and she gave me a name but I'm sure it wasn't hers then put me back on hold after being rude for 5 minutes without saying she was putting me on hold..then intentionally leaving me on hold for another 22 minutes and said her supervisor name is Tim and he busy and can't talk to me..I asked her when can a representative speak for a supervisor and put me on hold again and finally a supervisor came on the phone only to say his name was Thomas and he would look into it as if I'm lying..SO please someone from Corporate call me because after being a customer for 10 years I have NEVER FELT DISRESPECTFUL

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Bhamini Kothary - 48 d ago


My husband passed away so had to cancel services. He was not under any contract. However the agent took advantage of my situation and offered me a good discount. I had specifically told her I don't want to be on contract.

I tried canceling the service but was told to call on monday as agents were not available. I call on monday to be told you are late and have to pay $800.

I have not signed any contract or have had any disclosures or terms and conditions presented to me yet i am told i have a 3 year contract.

This is a scam.

Hope to get a response.

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MAGA - put ADT out of business - 51 d 6 h ago


Worst customer service

Sociopathic customer experience protocols

Disconnected Silos (which suggests if someone streamlined service they could offer a more equitable rate for svcs but hey - their inefficiencies are on them)

Fraudulent orders being created

Event this website isn't secure - how about that?

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CAS - 59 d ago


Worst security I could ever imagine. My security was not getting a signal for over a week and I was NEVER contacted. Total waste of my money. It never kept my thug neighbors from breaking into my home and torturing my pets and destroying my home plus stealing my clothes. Wish I would have sued this horrible fake security!!!!

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UpsetinSC - 87 d 9 h ago


On September 27th our ADT Security system stopped working. We were leaving on vacation on September 29th and needed our system up and running before we left.

When I called support I was told they had already done the schedule for that week and would not be able to get a tech out until the following Friday. I was told we probably needed to add a wifi device to the system and that's the reason it wasn't working and if so then a different kind of tech would be needed.. Until then it had been working fine. So, what they ultimately were saying was that their system now required an additional device for it to work and they would not send anyone out for a week and then would more than likely have to send a 2nd tech out to fix at a later date.

We needed our alarm system to work while we were out of town. Isn't that the main reason people have security systems, so that their property would be protected while they were away?

So, on September 27th I told them to cancel our service. Of course they did not and then I was billed for the month of October even though we had no service during that month. I again called customer service and was told we had to give 30 days notice to cancel service!

I would not recommend ADT to anyone! Get a company local to you that can be there for you when you need them!

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IHATEADT - 59 d 31 s ago


They can't find their butt in a bath tub.

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Donna - 75 d 9 h ago


I contacted ADT last month in Oct. I still have not received a contract or anything in writing other than a paper bill and email notification of an upcoming bill for 53.99. I contacted the ADT customer service 6 times within the last because of the promotion that was also sold to me included a refund for installation. Each representative promises to send an email with instructions for the installation rebate yet I still haven't received any email checked daily spam folder as well. Eventually I receive an email notification for my upcoming bill which I really appreciated the notification but it's not the correct monthly agreement the representative sold me during my installation call. I contacted the ADT to inform them of the error. They said it's out of the 30 days to downgrade but I say it not a downgrade it's in my contract I agreed to on the phone. However again, I've never received a written contract or confirmation. I asked that the recorded conversation be investigated so it can be honored as it was sold. I was never informed of any change to my agreement until I received the bill notification. I have been mislead other incidents in this short month by ADT as well. In my frustration I decided to cancel this contract completely. I was told I had 30 days, on 10/25 I called to cancel they said I had 3 days to cancel. At this point I still hadn't received the bill notification so I didn't know about the error. Then 11/1 I noticed the error and along with all the other incident over the past month with ADT and it authorized "Dealers" which they keep transferring my call to, I'm the victim on a scam. They have locked me into a contract by giving me incorrect deadlines dates, non existent promotions, and almost doubled my monthly bill amount for 24 months without my consent. I previously had Vivint for 6 years 49.99 a month, no issues better more modern equipment user friendly and efficient, however I was attracted to ADT lower bill promoted 36.99 and due to no longer in contract with Vivint, I went for the bait and got scammed. The ADT touch screen alarm panel looks outdated compared to Vivints, including Vivints speaker phone option on the alarm panel if emergency can hear and speak to representative from monitoring center from a good distance in my home. My ADT experience is a nightmare, I'll be returning to Vivint and spreading the word about how terrible America's best alarm company is. I can't even believe they can say this in there ads as horrible as everything has been. I am now realizing the other reviews people have written and it's all similar. ADT is not a good company to get serviced from.

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Dcdavis - 74 d ago


We feel your pain!

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Anonymous - 65 d 5 h ago



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IHATEADT - 59 d ago


Ya I dealt with her. She is a liar.

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