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ADT Security Services, Inc

1 Town Center Rd.
Boca Raton, FL
(561) 988-3600
(561) 988-3601
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Frank - 32 m 50 s ago


The follow up ervice is nonexistent.ur system is out of date, and overpriced

I hav had this system for years and pay over 50 bucks a month. New customers get a heckuva deal, long gone customers get a better deal. I called today to ask about that and got a big runaround. I am disabled And expect more concerned onthe company's part

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Dmv - 18 h 14 m ago


Beyond terrible customer service!!!! Never return phone calls !!! Floor gen mgr would never come to phone or return calls. Human resources was extremely bad at return phone calls.!!!!! I had a extremely serious incident happen!!!! The CEO really needs to start looking into matters

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Mad - 1 d 27 s ago


God i've had ADT for the past close to eight years now always paid on time they automatically takes payment from my account but the employee customer service is awful I cannot tell U how rude and so mean guy was that I spoke to So unprofessional the guy was, worst part is I asked for the manager to complain he puts me on hold & I can hear them chitchatting then the phone was put on hold then she comes over the phone tells me she'll call me in 10 minutes she cannot talk now calls me back four hours later now i'm trying to talk to the headquarter I don't know how to reach this people if anyone that is above those so-called assistant manager or managers who really play over the phone please contact I am planning on changing my service I don't need to put up with what they did today I cannot write everything that happened but it's so unprofessional and I'm glad I have them on the tape (hidden) pls contact me!!!!

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Dmv - 18 h 23 m ago


Oh yes customer service is beyond rated poor!!!! They never talk to you or return calls!!!!! I had a beyond extreme horrible incident happen to me.

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Brian - 19 h 19 m ago


I am going to take them to small claims court for contract fraud. If nothing else, it's just $50 and some paperwork at the court house around the corner.

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Anonymous - 3 d 19 h ago


I was schedule for installation on 3/25/2017 and then received a phone call of cancellation because I didn't answer my damn phone and at the last minute the cancelled installation they said because they and I do mean they forgot to ask me for proof of ownership of a house I just bought 2 days prior so now my house does not have a alarm system because of them and I want a answer to what can be done so I can get service

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Karma - 8 d 8 h ago


Fake reviews from other alarm systems company u guys are sad

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John - 20 d 1 h ago


I would Like to be included in this class action lawsuit against Defenders. I just reported them to the BBB the other day. They presented themselves as ADT and did a horrible job. Damaged my drywall, left it, and refuse to compensate us for the damage. Alarm never worked, I cancelled within 72 hours. ADT completely washed their hands of everything and said I should of used an ADT representative. I thought we were!!!!!

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shelby - 13 d ago


they are horrendous! do not respond to emails or phone calls! we have had a non working system for 2 months and they will not return phone calls or emails when I call to cancel!

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Disgusted in NJ - 13 d ago


It's amazing to me this company is still in business. Horrible customer service with ADT & Defenders the installation company. The installer was good but dealing with both companies is horrible. Everyone apologizes, but nothing is done. Service tech is scheduled for tomorrow but my 3 day cancellation option ends at midnight tonight. I think I may exercise that option!

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Disgusted customer - 15 d ago


I am not please with the service i am getting from ADT pulse. On 3/14/17. 7:16 pm. I was having trouble with arming and unarming my alarm from my phone. I placed a call earlier, spoke with someone. They explained to me there was problem that i would need to be at home to take care of it. I asked did it interfer with my alarm. I was told no!!. When i got home i call to deal with the problem. They then tells me the communication is down. They are not able to see if my alarm go's off. If i would had not call my alarm still wouldn't had been working. The person i spoke to was so rude and nasty. I dont think it fair i pay every month and does not have the service i pay for. What if someone came in on me and they cant see no indication. I guess i would had been on my own. The only thing the lady was worried about is if they come out it would be a charge. My life is more important to me. I work, now i have to leave my job when they are available. I am highly upset and not please with the service. It make me feel like my payment mean more then life. What a way to handle a vaulable customer. The staff on this shift including the supervisor was very disrespectful. Never have i heard of a company doing this to a customer.

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Disappointed Customer in CA - 16 d ago


Clearly a Bate and Switch Company. Be Careful. You will be introduced to more advanced product than what you ordered when the installer arrives. Unless you get the actual name of the type of system that you ordered you might end up with a more expensive installation and a higher monthly fee. Be sue you cancel within the three day period, but, if you agree for them to reschedule an appointment to make the change, they don't extend the 3 day cancellation period. They came and they left without changing out the system. The system was only turned on for a total of 8 days because of the extension of time required for ADT to come back was on the 8th day after the original installation date. The installers left without making the change saying they were going outside to make a phone call, but got instead, they got into their car and left. The phone call to the company immediately after they left resulted in ADT requiring me to pay out the entire contract and a refusal to remove the system or reduce the price to the original advertised monthly fee or providing me with a way to return the system. My only recourse was to cancel the credit card. They have several business addresses and phone number around the county I don't know which one to contact. I will be contacting the California Secretary of State to see who is named for process of service in this state and notifying the Santa Cruz County District Attorney's Fraud Department.. If this is ADT's regular way of doing business, BE CAREFUL.

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Ilene - 17 d ago


I am also disillusioned with ADT.. The other day my husband received a phone call from a collection agency saying we owe them $412 due to the fact we broke the contract. So I called ADT to see if this in fact was true . When canceling this account due to the sale of our vacation home I was not told that I would have to finish paying for the 14 months not used on the contract nor was I told that I could move the service back to our residents or that I might try to get the buyers to continue the service. How do I known I might've moved the service back to my home. At this point I would not recommend ADT to anyone as their customer service needs improvement to say the least I paid my bill as to not have my Credit degraded . I would have to agree with everyone else ADT is one big joke. Also they waited a year to have a collection agency contact us. They could have at least called us or sent a letter so this could have been taking care of. No customer service, too bad.

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" I would be interested in being part of a class action lawsuit against ADT" Please put me on the list too. I keep on paying the city for false alarms. Total reaching now $1,000.00 during seven months period. ADT Technicians come to my place almost every week, the problem still exists. I ask to cancel the contract and they are putting a charge of almost $600.00 on top of all.

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3129725426 - 33 d ago


Where to begin so ADT there subcontractor told me I had 30 days to cancel instead of 3 days and now few days letter they won't let me cancel pure robbery. Forced to pay 36 months for something their third party contractor defenders security wasn't aurthorized to do, I cannot wait excitement finally. Looking forward to forming a class action lawsuit dealing with Ag from IL currently and my attorney Pfieffer will be in touch, defenders bird party subcontractor which adt setup my appointment for this only they'll be held responsible.

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Cindy L Thompson - 33 d 3 h ago


I would love to join that class action lawsuit. Everything they say and promise is not the truth. I was told it would be a monthly payment. I too was forced into a 3 year contract which I knew nothing about. I have been paying 54.00 for 2 1/2 years for services that have NEVER been provided.

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Kristy - 26 d ago


Id Like to be included in this class action lawsuit against Defenders.

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T. Carter - 23 d ago


I would join a class action law suit against Defenders and ADT for the purely unadulterated horrible customer service and service we have received. This has been one of the most miserable experiences of my life, dealing with people who have no clue about customer service.

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PTV - 20 d 3 h ago


I would be interested in being part of a class action lawsuit against ADT. Their practices are deceitful and an entrapment. I upgraded my IL service in 2014, moved out of IL in 2015 and was advised I would have to pay 75% on my contract if I didn't "continue" service with them at my new Florida address. I reluctantly continued my service, but now am told that I started a "new" contract when I had service installed in June 2015 in Florida; extending my existing contract date by 6 more months. It is a never ending bad dream.

General profile image - 21 d 19 h ago


Just needing a tech for 20 minutes to get a new key pad and they cancelled because they have no help on Saturday mornings!!!! WTF??? They are not Surgeons here, they are blue collar workers like every other trade industry that works 6 days a week!!! And they just called me at 8:30 at night to say they "MIGHT" have someone available late this Saturday afternoon??? WTF is "THAT" for service!!!!!! If I could get the damn key pad myself, I'd wire it in 10 minutes!!!! Awful company!!!!

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Elizabeth - 21 d 20 h ago


ADT has definitely gone downhill. I no longer have faith in this Company. I am being charged double what my contract states ($39.95 instead of $19.99). I have called the reps a million times. I was told that it was being investigated. This has been going on since 2015. This is now 2017. I am getting an attorney.

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Anonymous - 22 d ago

they suck

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Dan - 22 d 5 h ago


Just cancelled my service after 13 years with ADT. the customer service is in a free fall to new lows.

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Ewy - 22 d 18 h ago

Your TV commercial pitch man is often heard on Arby's commercials.

Can't take your company seriously when your main man is pitching unhealthy fast food.

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Anonymous - 24 d 24 h ago


I wanted to add the video doorbell they advertised.

The service tech clearly was not familiar with the product and how to wire if to work with ADT Pulse

nor did he know anything about or tell us that the Ring doorbell was a completely separate product and company from ADT.

He also sold me an ADT Tablet assuring that I could download the Ring app to it (Not true)/

Sent a letter to the Corporate Headquarters in Boca Raton which came back as not deliverable.

We had it installed in August of 2016 and removed in February 2017 after it worked a total of two months.

Even with this sour taste in our mouths we inquired about doorway video camera survailance, and were told that it would be major wotk externally and internally with electricians to make it happen ???

If can say anything to the general public : Stick to the basics, that's all they know.

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