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ADT Security Services, Inc

1 Town Center Rd.
Boca Raton, FL
(561) 988-3600
(561) 988-3601
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Chun W - 2 d 6 h ago


My family used ADT for 21 years, when the time we need them the most they have let us down and placed my family in danger. We had a break-in during October 2018, the police came late to my home due to the incorrect address ADT provided. Some officers told me that ADT gave them the incorrect address. The police took my keypads as evidence and when I contacted ADT for replacement keypads, they told me it wouldn't cost me anything and they would send someone the following day to install the keypads. I've made sure that ADT will inform all parties involved in replacing the key pads to know they are going to install them for no charge. At this point I was escalated to the Loyalty Department, they told me that they will replace the key pad at no cost and any equipment to make the security system work will not be charged as well. The ADT personnel I spoked on the phone is Brenda Merritt.

When the technician came, he wanted to charge $1,200 for the keypads we told him it was not supposed to be charged. That's when the technician, Rex Mohr, lost him temper and acted like a psychotic in my home before storming off. I called ADT back immediately and informed them of Rex Mohr's unprofessional behavior in my home and to get someone to replace the key pads. I've also told ADT they gave the police the incorrect address for my home which ADT denied that it could occur and tried to push the blame on the police.

At this point I was escalated to the Management team. In that time, I've ordered the 911 recording form my local police department and heard ADT operators give the police the incorrect address 2 times. The management team tells me it's not possible to give the wrong address to the police. I tell the management team that I've have the recording and the operators did give the police the wrong address and which they still denied the fact. Then ADT says my security system is older and would need new equipment for everything and it would cost them $1,200 but would only charge me $200 plus a 3-year contract due to their technician's behavior which I also requested for ADT to terminate the technician, Rex Mohr. When they came to install the key pads and other equipment, they only replaced the keypads and nothing else. I called ADT back and told them that this was not acceptable to mislead people and that they have dealt in bad faith and that the 3-year contract should be nulled. Multiple emails between ADT and I went on for days. Natasha Rodriguez was slow and not prompt to replying to my emails, so I've called ADT and requested to get her supervisors extension from one of her coworkers, Dolores Davis, and that's when they decided to be more prompt in responding back.

Due to the lack of customer service provided I called ADT to obtain a different person that would try to help me out I got, Julius Paden. His customer service was not any better but worse. He refused to help and when I told him that ADT told the police the wrong address, he investigated the computer system and stated that the address was entered incorrectly in the computer system they have. Then he stats it was my fault, I told him it's ADT employees that would enter my information into their computer system and how could it be my fault am I supposed to walk into ADT offices and check their computers. At the end he only provided 6 months credit and nulled the contract.

I've used those 6 months to find a better company to provide home security and canceled ADT in May of 2019. ADT kept sending me bills, the first one was for $200, then more came in at $300, $500 and $900. Each time I called them back telling them I've canceled and which ADT stats that those charges are for my second home. I only have one home. It is appalling that they are willing to stoop so low to rip people off. I will never recommend anyone to use ADT and if you're a current customer I recommend to cancel them and use someone else.

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Keri B - 2 d 16 h ago


This company is the WORST company that I have ever had dealings with! Things were ok until I sold my home and no longer needed their service! When I called them to tell them I needed to cancel my services, I was told that I signed a lifetime contract with them, and they would not be refunded my my money that was prepaid due to that, and since I was under contract with them for life I would have to transfer my service elsewhere or just continue to pay for it! I told them they were crazy and that I would love to see this contract I signed (I had my expired contract in my hand at the time), they refused to supply me with it and I then spoke with a supervisor who advised me of the same thing! I finally reached someone else who told me that I would be getting my refund, I explained to them that I no longer was doing business with the credit card company that I had used to pay the bill with, I was told not a problem, a check would be mailed to me! This all happened on April 29th, 2019, I have to this day seen no money from them! After filing a complaint with the BBB, I was told that they refunded my money back to my credit card (that I no longer have), I asked for proof of this since since I don't understand how they can refund something to a closed account but I was denied, of course! This company has decided that since I no longer need them that they can just keep my money that was prepaid on my account, to me that is theft! But nobody cares, apparently that is ok for them to do that! The BBB has closed my complaint and has said there is nothing more they can do, so they are just getting away with stealing my money!

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Michelle - 10 d 13 h ago


Absolutely the most pathetic and sorry excuse of a security company. They claim your safety and security are a priority yet only sales are what matter. Never sign a contract! I have a system partially installed and the other part is not working. I have to get an electrician to fix their mistake! And we are not safe or secure since the system doesn't work but ADT is still collecting! Way to go ADT!

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Anonymous - 11 d 6 h ago


Never Never allow ADT to handle your contract completion. I sold my home in January 2018 and because the new owner of my home did not take on ADT I had to pay the balance of the entire contract for 2018. I didn't mind coleteling the contract but now I am being billed for another year - 2019. I contact the office and advised the sale of the home. I kept receiving charges to my credit card thru Sept 2018. Now I am in collections for 2019. RIDICULOUS! Unprofessional!

Sending letter to the CEO.

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Miss Bradford - 15 d 7 h ago


I only have the patience for bullets . On 7-31-2019 Shawn/tech came over. Shawn validated that my system was not working properly. He advised that Earl -Area manager would call me. Friday 8/2/19. No call from anyone at you company. I-me the customer had to call back No empathy or apologies . I'm told . Take off of you job on Mon. Tues. or Wedn. of next week for a 4 hour window and well send another tech out. or you can pay from emergency service fee. My camera only have 2 clips today -what a joke. I was on the phone with Debbie the area admin who advised that there are no service techs . Debbie-area admin reports to Jason Gregory- area general manager who doesn't have a cell phone. I'm vulnerable and left nwith out a peace of mind . no one cares or will resolve my issue.

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Brittany - 17 d 4 h ago


ADT has been a nightmare with the billing. I have a written contract and the 6 month satisfaction guarantee is a total ripe off. They are trying not to honor it, even though I'm dissatisfied with the billing services. I will be writing headquarters tomorrow and attaching the 6 month guarantee certificate as it doesn't say it is only on equipment! Absolutely wouldn't recommended them to anyone unless you want to spend several evenings arguing with them over your bill. They told me they don't even off 2 month billing, yet that is what I was being charged. I've been dealing with this for several months now. I simply want out of the contract since I'm not satisfied. I guess writing a letting to the headquarters is my only option at this point.

Not to mention that they gave me a RING door bell when I bought my package, that only had a trial period. I found out the other day when the trail period ended that if I wanted the doorbell to record anything I would have to set up an account with RING and pay an additional amount on top of the amount I'm already paying ADT to provide it's crappy service. Oh I was sold a motion sensor (even though I have a 60-70lb dog) and was told my dog would not set the alarm off. I called ADT to ask if I should set my alarm to home away or home stay when I was leaving and my dog was home and was quickly advised it should be home stay with a dog inside. My motion sensor is absolutely pointless as if someone broke in it wouldn't even go off since my home is always in home stay mode!!

Please don't waste your time with this company!!

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senator - 18 d 7 h ago


ADT is simply a ripoff. If you do decide to go with them, first get a written quote on how much instillation will cost, what all is installed and how much a moth it will cost per month for the entire service contract. Remember, IN WRITING before the ADT installer steps foot on your property. Make sure the quote is signed and dated by ADT and do NOT sign any contract or other papers from ADT unless you read them very carefully. ADT is an expert at the :We get rich while you get poor" bait and switch. Remember now, everything in writing to make sure you can get legal revenge if they screw with you as they like to do.

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Sherry J. - 18 d 8 h ago


On July 30, 2019 at 10:11 a.m. I received a telephone call from ADT Security informing me that my alarm was going off in my home from my front door. The rep asked me did I want the police to be called, of course, I said yes. The rep then asked me if I was going to go to my home, of course, I said yes. The rep then asked for the year/model of my vehicle so that he could relay it to the police so that they are aware it was me upon my arrival.

I left work at 10:15 a.m. and arrived to my home at 10:45 a.m. The police was not at my home. I opened my front door and saw that my sensor from over my front door was laying on the floor. I called ADT and spoke with a rep. She had me to try and reattach the sensor back on the door and after several attempts I still could not reset alarm then she had me to remove another sensor over the door, remove the batteries, put the batteries back and then try to reset the alarm again. While going back/forth doing this I asked her did the police come to my home and she said no there was nothing stating that the police had come. Wow, thank God there was no burglar there when I arrived!!

After about 30 minutes trying to attach the sensor and reset the alarm the rep said she would setup an appointment to have a serviceman come to my house if I was available between 12pm-5pm on today, of course, I'm already there I said yes. She then placed me on hold because she could not setup the appointment. When she returned she had someone else on the line to inform me that there was no availability until Friday! Not only did the police not come to my house I have to wait until Friday for my alarm to be reactivated with no security at my house!! I am past furious with ADT!! I have been with ADT over 10 years now. Needless to say I am searching for another alarm company!! The nerve and audacity of ADT to not ensure that the police came to my house, had me trying to reset the alarm, and I do not get an appointment until 3 days later!! I am not happy with ADT services and I will begin my search for another alarm company.

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Ralph Johnson - 19 d 6 h ago


This is the worst Company I have ever done Business with. The FREE Security system ended up costing me $3700.00 dollars and after 2.5 years they still charged me $584.00 to get out of the contract. During the 2.5 years I had there services there was no customer service what so ever.

At the end of my service with ADT I had 2 Customer service Reps tell me I owed nothing more and then i still get that bill. This company is awful and could care less about there customers!!

There rating reflects how they treat people!!!

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Carol - 22 d 14 h ago

I have had ADT for 1 week and right at the moment I would not recommend them to anyone.

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SB - 19 d 13 h ago


ADT is the worst! I have had horrible experience with billing. The customer service department is disorganized and does not know how to resolve an issue. I have been told that my credit card was canceled, (which it wasn't), overcharged for months that were paid. What a huge mistake on my part for choosing ADT. Don't make the same mistake. Looking forward for my contract to end and be done with ADT. I would not recommend!

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Anonymous - 23 d 1 h ago


I've been a customer for 17 years..

They made 4 appointments to change out equipment and the never showed up for any appointments

Customer service was rude!!

Very disappointed!!

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Troy in Oregon - 23 d ago


ADT customer service is the worst I have ever experienced, and it's not close. I get transferred to several people in different departments each phone call, and not one representative is empowered to handle the issue. None of them. I was overbilled for 7 months. I moved in Aug of 2018 and was billed for my old house and my new house for 7 months. ADT finally acknowledged the oversight after a 1 hour 10 minute phone call where I talked to 4 different representatives. The worst part? I still don't have the refund for my overpayments and they are ont able to assist me. So badly need an Attorney or the BBB to help.

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Brianna - 24 d 13 h ago


Do yourself a favor a choose a different Security Service. I am furious at this place. First off, I called and received a quote and asked multiple times what I will be paying up front when the technician comes and installs everything. They told me 150$ up front over the phone and that was IT! I was also told I could get as many cameras as my internet service will allow. The technician got there and they told me only 2 cameras. I was fine with that. He gets to installing everything, then tells me I have to pay 400$ now! I asked what for and they told me it would be 262$ for the doorbell camera and the rest for the quarterly payment. I basically paid $428 up front for ONE CAMERA and an ALARM SYSTEM. I was told something COMPLETELY different over the phone. Absolute rip off. The next day I called and cancelled my contract within the 3 days and was told I will get my money back within 2/3 business days after my 24 hr period of picking up my equipment. Called them today and they told me 30 more days until I receive my refund. I will never recommend this security system. They lied about literally everything they told me. I ended up going with Vivint. Vivint told me everything up front and received better quality service.

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Day from Hell, Lowell, Ma - 25 d ago


Worst business dealing EVER!!!!! Last week, when speaking to " Yes...we will meet all your needs...Yes! Yes! yes!!!!!" "We will do all we can to meet Your needs tomorrow ". ~ But we cannot . First appt. is Tuesday. After telling of my situation to two separate people... " I only need out door surveillance" " I do not need or want indoor protection"

" I do not have a smart phone...I just have an I-Pad" ~ "Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!! ....We will meet your needs!!!!" Tues. between 2-4p.m.

The phone call Requested prior to arrival never came. When the tech showed up at 4:30.I was told we will discuss how we will meet all your needs..I got quite the speel about needing indoor protection ,fire,carbon that was the first line of protection... I already had an indoor system....which I no longer used....that beeped incessantly. ~ And how nice the tech volunteered to silence this. I felt as though I was coerced ...gently...but coerced to go along with the placement of the indoor system., As he dismantled the system already in place. Here is the bombshell....No,....he could not do the outside security...." We are out of the outdoor cameras...."..." But....but.....You could buy other cameras at Walmart...or Bed Bath and Beyond....and.....I shouldn't do this....but I will install them for you". Can you imagine how I felt at this point???????????!

I really needed the outdoor surveilance, so I caved and went to Walmart and bought cameras...the tech would have the indoor system by the time I got back!.Oh,and he did...I now had a sm. White plastic box of sorts affixed to my living room wallpaper!

I had bought the brand of out door cameras he suggested...wireless by the way...he had told me if he didn't put them up it would cost hundreds to deal with the electrical wiring.

Frosting on the I_-Pad was not compatible with the cameras.

The tech was insistent that I sign for the that frustrated I said I was not going to sign anything today,to which he said this must be resolved today. I spoke to his supervisor...who would barely let me get in a word...I said I will contact the CEO as this whole experience was unbelievable....the two conversed and the tech removed the system...leaving exposed wires where my previous system was!

Absolute day and experience from Hell!

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Anonymous - 25 d 7 h ago


Dealing with ADT right now and it is a horrible experience. I scheduled to upgrade my system with a sales person two weeks ago. They threw in the whole kitchen sink with the charge of $350 for installation. I was never sent a new contract. When the tech came on 7/20 to set everything up, there was no price breakdown for the individual upgrades, just the total. When I spoke with the tech to let him know what I wanted, he said he could help, but needed to ask his manager if I would have to pay the $350 still (I was asking for less upgrades). The manager said that I still had to pay the full amount since there was no individual prices listed. The tech advised that I call sales the following week to renegotiate the upgrades. One of the upgrades was to put a doorknob that could be locked remotely, however, the sales person never arranged for a locksmith.

Fast forward to calling ADT to reschedule the upgrades. I explained the situation to the customer service associate who put me on hold, 20 minutes later, I was sent to a new associate, who kept asking me how she could help me, when I expressed my frustration that I was now speaking to a new person and had to explain everything all over again, she said, how can I help you!!!!! I asked if she was understanding what I was saying. She said I was transferred because the other person couldn't help me, and I said who knows, since she never got back on the phone to tell me. I then asked for a manager and she said she was a manager!!! I was flabbergasted.

So then we worked out what I needed and in the end I didn't change anything because she wanted to lock me into a long term contract and increase my monthly payment! Time to switch service. I'm shocked because I've been a loyal customer with ADT. Also, the other salesman was lowering my monthly payment, so seems like some shadiness.

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Knoxville Customer - 28 d 9 h ago


When I had ADT install my system it cost over $1000.00 it did not include the 1080p HD mini dome cameras on the out side. They were over $300.00 a piece and the were 3 of them and I owed them.

ADT Tech's without contacting me removed all 3 1080p cameras and replaced them with the 720p mini dome cameras. The way I see it ADT criminal trespass, grand theft and the protection of me there customer means very little to the Knoxville branch of ADT.

I have reached out to ADT Corp headquarters in Florida we shall see how that goes. I am in fact totally outraged by this and have very little to no hope for a satisfactory resolution. I have failed a Police report and have contacted Knox. Bar Association for further help, but after reading the posts on this forum I think ADT will get away with this.

There is something very Dark and Underhanded going on with ADT Knoxville tn. IMHO and I am just another one of they're Victims I am not alone and that is very sad indeed.

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Jatinder Dhillon - 30 d 6 h ago


No one could help me with the gift card which I was suppose to get from ADT Called and was put on long hold and even hung up on me today. The worse customer service experience ever ever ever.ever.

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Selina - 32 d 8 h ago


wouldn't recommend ADT to anyone! Customer service is so bad! They tell you one thing , & come out with something different! They don't even want to help you out at all! They want to be screaming over the phone & catching a attitude! Smh BAD!!!

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Anonymous - 39 d 1 h ago


I went for a job interview for a sales representative position, at the Punta Gorda Office in FL.

I was treated very unfairly from the start. I have a strong background in sales and very strong experience in sales of home securitiy systems. I am also bilingual (Spanish)

I could tell (due to my life and work experience) that they've already made their mind the minute i walked in, i was'nt the "cute candidate" they wanted in their team, and I was dressing very professional and look good.

They did not ask questions about my experience, instead theyve kept on mentioning from the beginning, the long hours and the commute to the office everyday.

I could tell they didnt want to spend any time with me anymore, and Ive realized right away the lack of interest and the disrespect, when one of the interviewrs left the room quickly (within 5 min from the beginning of the interview!!) In the middle of me stating without them asking, the question of why i wanted to be a security sales agent , and my past experience as a sales person before.

The person left the room without apologizing or excusing himself, and never coming back. The other person (Jeff) sat there without asking any was the strangeest interview ive ever had in my whole life. I am 55 years old, and look like im in my 40's.

Felt disciminated in many many ways, I couldnt believe that these people represent it ADT.

I am going to call HR tomorrow (today is a Holiday), because these people cannot and must not conduct any interviews, they are NOT qualified.

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CRL. - 40 d 10 h ago


Well I hope this makes Upstairs to the tech, Dept. I think, I know about the level of system that Mr. Eddie Murphy at 10 of his location and the blank millions for it I did not OK the plans for this system to anyone else but myself and the people I care about. Sure would like to hear From You sincerely, Curt Landgraff (hidden) (hidden) This system did more than detect thermal and the those where not just flood lights indoors

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Anonymous - 43 d ago

You need to get rid of john Thomas the operations manager at s&p data llc.

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vee Compton - 44 d 4 h ago


I'm trying to be collect Visa credit cards that were promised to me for signing up for Adt ...someone from your corporate office please give me an email (hidden) .I do know that those promises I've called fraud in the corporate world

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Richard Strauss - 46 d 12 h ago


I had my old ADT system upgraded last week. The upgrade included three wireless security cameras. The picture quality of these cameras is horrid. Pixelation, unfocused, and the inability to clearly see faces. One service tech said it was due to a poor wireless signal. This is simply not true as I own a wireless Nest camera which uses the same wireless system and the Nest provides a crystal clear picture. The lead tech for my area told me to just return the cameras if I wasn't happy with the quality. I called up ADT customer service today to see what they could do. The representative was totally dismissive. Again I was told that my only option was to have the cameras removed. ADT outright refused to lower my monitoring cost for the inferior cameras. They also refused to provide me with a better camera when one comes out unless I paid for the new cameras. My wireless is fine, the ADT cameras are pitiful. After being an ADT customer for almost thirty years I am seriously considering having the entire system removed and going to a different security company. Nothing but rudeness, dismissiveness, and a run around from the technical, sales and customer support departments. This is unacceptable for a company with over 140 years in the business.

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Anonymous - 47 d 3 h ago

I'm in the process of suing you over my mother estate 0f 2012 handled by Olsen and Olsen of Torrance,ca...the alarm system is part of that estate...cease and desist immediately.


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