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ADT Security Services, Inc

1 Town Center Rd.
Boca Raton, FL
(561) 988-3600
(561) 988-3601
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Toni - 3 d 2 h ago


Last night our Alarm starting going off while we were sleeping and it was 1 AM, so of course we thought someone had broken in and its me and my husband and we have a 6 month old daughter. My husband had me grab our daughter and hide in the closet while he want to see if someone had broken it. At this time the alarm had been going off for about 5-6 minutes. After my husband had gone downstairs to check what was going on he realized that the door had blown open from the garage and finally got the alarm turned off. At this time the alarm had been going off for about 6 minutes. ADT only reached out via text and never called or sent anyone out to the house to check on us. When we purchase the system the reason why we purchase it was the sales agent said after 3-5 minutes of the alarm going off that they would send out a armed security guard to verify we are okay, but that never happen. My whole family was so scared and while I was hiding in the closet with my 6 month old baby all I could think about is if something happen to my husband while he went to check on the house. When we reached out to ADT in the morning the agent was very rude and tried to say they tried calling both myself and my husband but neither us of has any missed calls and also said they don't send out anyone to check on the house which was not what was told when we purchase the system. We pay over 60$ a month for a service just to have a alarm go off and send us a text. Also the agent had said a rude remark when we advised we felt unsafe which was he would "pray" for us. We wanted to cancel our service but they tried saying we have the service until 2021 but we have a 3 year contract which was purchase in 2016. The customer service and response is ADT is ridiculous and there agent has so sympathy and are very rude, basically acting like they don't care. The system and protocol they pitch is complely untrue and the price they charge is not worth the protection they provide.

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Scott - 4 d 5 h ago


We have had ADT Security services for going on our third year. The first two years were good. However, after recently moving we relied on ADT and their independent contractor to deactivate the old service and activate the new service. This was a huge mistake. They continued to bill us for the old service then hit us with a cancelation fee and explained that this was our fault. After speaking with multiple CSR's and managers the situation has yet to be resolved. Once they have your money they really don't care! If you are considering ADT I suggest you run away ASAP.

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Francisco Ramey - 6 d 11 h ago


Good early morning 3:46 am EST to be exact. Can anyone tell me. Who in their right mind would be up at this time of the morning attempting to contact an ADT representative about their alarm funtioning properly, Rodney ID # 11823. (Which is what he stated) Rodney stated the orange/yellow triangle is a normal function when you arm your system. Second rep identified it was faulty wiring. ADT, it is evident based on your reviews that you have a high volume of untrained staff which requires addressing immediately.

There is nothing more frustrating than communicating with an incompetent individual.

Solution: quality control of ALL phone calls, identify these unprofessional representatives of your organization and give them the proper training required. I understand you may encounter some rude consumers which is unacceptable but please don't convey to me there is no one more experienced I can speak to unless I call back.

Do better and it will get better ADT.


Retired service member

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RAELA TRICHE - 8 d 4 h ago


To whom it may concern,

I hope you are well. I am a VERY unhappy and upset NEW member. I have attached all phone call recordings and text messages of each conversation I have had with your company. On 4/4/19 I called (hidden) to get new services, I was a rep would come out to check the old equipment from the previous owners. On 4/5/19 sales rep, Tonya Wilder spent over an hour going over what your company offer and what I needed. I signed the agreement for $99 install paid that day for one outdoor camera, one indoor camera, and the sky bell. Tonya was aware that I have the ring doorbell on my front door, she assured me that the shy doorbell would go on the back door, it was made very clear that there are no wires on the back door she told me that would not be a problem. I received a call on 4/8/19 that a tech could come that day versus 4/13/19. I also received a call from Tonya that she would meet the tech at my home by 11:00 am to make sure the install was done correctly. Once they rude tech arrived he advised he could not install the sky bell on the back door, because the door is not wired, he also was upset because he had to put the outside camera showing the driveway and he had to drill into the siding. I called Tonya @ (hidden) in regards to the tech not installing the doorbell, she didn't answer I sent her a text she didn't answer( text attached). On 4/8/19 I called customer service @ 1(hidden)946 and talked to Angie, I explained I was charged and promised one thing and when the tech comes it's something different. She tells me about the ring doorbell that is plug-in or battery ran and I can still use it as the shy bell, she told me she set a date for another tech to come out on Thursday to complete the install with the other doorbell. Your company still required payment of ruffly $160.00 that day, even though everything was not installed. So I have paid a total of ruffly $260 and the main service I wanted and paid for I didn't receive.

On 4/10/19 I called (hidden) and spoke with Irene because the equipment on the back door was falling off the wall and the door, I was unable to use the ADT alarm every time I turned it on the alarm would go off, simply because the tech didn't install it correctly. Irene then ask me did I have some type, so I can type the falling equipment to my home!!! I am not sure about you, but I find it very rude that I just paid $260 to have the service installed only received have of what I requested and the have that was installed is falling off. NOT to mention, the large hole the tech drilled in my garage is now allowing bees and other bugs to enter my home. I told her just that I also asked her if the tech coming out Thursday could fix both issues, she tells me nothing in regards to the call I made on 4/8, but she will have a tech come out to fix the falling equipment. I then spoke with the manager Kennyetta Amstrong, I sent her the call recording to (hidden) ( same as I did above) who told me she spoke with Ronda in the local office and she was going to call the install tech area manager to have them come out to correct issues and would give me a call back within the next few hours. that call was made at 10:25 am I NEVER RECEIVED A CALL!!!!

On 4/10 over 9 hours from the time I was told I would receive a call in a few hours. I called (hidden) to check the status and was told again I would get a callback. I then called the corp number (hidden) and left a voicemail.

On 4/11/19 I called (hidden) and spoke with Crystal Jones I explained the story, again she did get a very nice tech to come out, but he only fixed the falling equipment and did NOT install the missing equipment.

On 4/12/19 I called again for the status update and I was told again I would get a callback.

I am beyond upset at the lack of response from customer service, manager and corp. It is unfair as a customer to be placed in this situation when all I wanted is what I was promised. I paid all I was asked to pay even though I was not happy with the install or the tech, yet I don't have the service outlined in the contract.

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J.P. - 14 d 6 s ago

Unsubscribing from the company that does your emailing does not work. Plus I would never do business with anyone that condones harassing people by flooding their email all day everyday thank god you have competitors.

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Anonymous - 8 d 20 h ago

You are right, I just got off the phone with them and the guy I talk to wanted my whole life history. All I ask was to stop sending this bull shit to my email, I don't own a home, he got real Shiite with me I'm calling fox 4 news.

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Former defenders employee - 8 d 20 h ago


I have worked for defenders Inc for almost 3 years. I can say I have never had an issue I couldn't resolve. We offer better protection than what the free equipment provides. Thorough protection is a choice the customer can make. The problem is people expect free equipment but they have a house that needs 3k worth. At no point have I ever reached into a customer pocket and taken that money from them they chose to purchase it. I am a consumer as well and if I choose something it's because I wanted it. I have since been fired because a customer chose better equipment and then figured lie to my company and say they didn't and that I was calling harassing them. I have heard bait and switch rip off and all that. I hate insult anyone's intelligence but wow people aren't stupid just scammers themselves. ADT is the best monortoring hands down. I have had experience with other systems and I would never have any other for my home and family. Even though I was fired because a customer lied and I believe most of them try to get whatever they can without giving up any protection. I still would never sell or install any other brands of security for a living or my home. Plain and simple don't think everyone is stupid it makes you look stupid

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Anonymous - 10 d 16 h ago


I got ADT about a month ago. Was promised free equipment and free installation. They charged my card over 200 dollars and told me it would be refunded as soon as possible. When I reached Out about a week after it was supposed to be refunded I was told it takes 7-10 business days. Now it's been a month & still have not been refunded. This is BS. Bad service. Really research what you're getting yourself into before you do it. They swarm new homeowners as much as possible so they don't know any better they just want their house protected. Sad sad sad.

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KH - 13 d ago



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Home Owner - 14 d ago


Absolutely atrocious! Please do NOT use ADT for your home security needs. Once they have you as a customer and locked into a contract, ADT no longer cares about you. They don't educate first time home buyers on the consequences of not registering your system with the local police department (I found this out the hard way when I received a $135 fine from the city for operating a home alarm system without the proper permit), won't reimburse you for the fine, will treat you like you are stupid for not knowing this and customer service will be been exceedingly rude every time you call. Not only this, but if you sign a contract and want to get out early due to their poor service, they charge you 75% of the remaining balance. And you can forget about them giving you a heads up as to when they are going to charge you for servicesit will just very pleasantly and unexpectedly show up on your account. So, if you want poor quality from a company, go with ADT! Otherwise, I highly suggest you find a more reputable home alarm system company.

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Anonymous - 16 d 5 h ago


ADT service is horrific. The one thing they are very good at is cashing your check every month for their service. When you call for a customer support God help you. If you try to talk to someone to straighten out rude and obnoxious technicians or a customer support people, God help you. Want to have some real fun? Try to get a hold of the president Jim DeVries. That is an adventure of the worst kind.

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Andy - 53 d ago


Horrific service. Have made multiple appointments with adt. They don't show up or call. They pass you from one rep to the other without telling the rep they transfer you to anything. You end up saying the same thing over and over. Use to be a great company. I've been with them 30 years. This is my last. Want to be with a company that's reliable, va.ues your business, appreciates that your time has value, and knows their own systems.

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meisha - 19 d 4 h ago

I agree with Andy. Last week the yellow indicated came on the security pad I check the code and there was no communication to ADT to call if there was a problem. I called them and they had no idea what was wrong. they told me there was no communication from the security system. I had to wait 5 days before someone came out and it was the main battery had to be replaced. So we had no security protection during that time. When the tech arrived he argued with us on everything we said. I am calling corporate headquarters this is not acceptable.

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Linda - 18 d 1 h ago


I've been having this problem since I got the system in October they have replaced the radio TWO TIMES still having the problem now I've been sitting here waiting for two hours only for them to tell me the tech was at my house WHERE cause I'm sitting in my house and he's NOT HERE! I'm calling the better business bureau and ADT Corp I want their equipment out of my house NOW!

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Disgrunted and ripped off - 23 d 26 m ago


It might be time for all the people who have been deceived to sign up with a lawyer who will take a class action suite against these people who will not fix the problems. Maybe they have a lousy product, or maybe they just don't have the skill to fix the service. But that doesn't help me or you either.

Our only option is for a lawyer to file a class action lawsuit. They will keep selling their broken system until someone makes it not profitable for them to do so. If you're as disgusted as I am with their services as I am, I urge you to go with the class action suit.

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Sandy Foster in Houston Texas - 26 d 20 h ago


I Have to say DON'T , absolutely DO NOT buy an ADTsysrem. I have had major problems with this system sin I had it installed almost theee months ago. ADT gave the installation to a sub contractor (Generational) and I have had over 39 false alarms. Techeniana from the subcontractor and ADT have been out too many times to count and say it's fixed only to have a alarm go off again and again. A product to protect your home that you can not trust AT ALL. do not waste your money on this system. I am trying to get my money refunded ($2,600.00) so I can get something that works and I can trust. I am absolutely disgusted with what I have had to put up with and they keep sending out people who can't fix it. Sandy

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Anonymous - 28 d ago


Bad company and bad attitude of people working there no respict

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Ashley - 28 d ago


This company is a freaking joke. I had them come out back in February of 2018 to install a new system and from the first day on for about 2 weeks it would only work on and off. I contacted people and they told me it was my internet which was not the case because i couldnt get any faster. So I called and cancelled my services and they took back all of the equipment and now a year later they are still charging me 61.73 a month for service i cancelled a year ago and they wont refund any of my money en tho every one i spoke to could see where i did cancelle and have not used the system in over a year. The Manager i spoke with whos name is Teka kept telling me she was going to call me back and call me back and she never did and ive talked to now 7 different people. ive jumped through every hoop that they asked me but yet still wont do anything.

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Lucien Campo - 30 d ago


Everything went fine until I went to use the system, the booklet I got says one thing and the unit does not do what I want it to do, like the book says. I want to disable the chime and just have the voice but this system does not allow it even though on page 19 #5 says it will, was told that was extra to do that. Isn't that called bait and switch!! Don't give me a booklet on how to use the system then tell me is don't do what the book says. When you install or upgrade you should be up front with the customer and you weren't.

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Gaye Phillips - 34 d ago


I cancelled my service with ADT last month....February 27th to be exact. I called to cancel the automatic draft and was advised that it was taken care of. In the meantime, I received a paper bill for $39.35. I made a phone call advising that the service had been cancelled. The rep told me that there was no indication that this had been cancelled. I refused to pay the $39.35 for a service I no longer used. ADT then took the money from my bank account without authorization. I complained and received a refund. However, I received another bill today for $37.35. Once again I called and was told that the cancellation had never been done on their end. What is going on with these people? Really don't know but am so disgusted and glad I no longer have their service. What a rip off!!!

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Pete - 34 d ago

I'm the guy who had a problem a couple of weeks ago. My first complaint is below. So, a manager called the day after I complained and said they would have the problem solved as soon as they got the two new card readers and I-cards from the parts store. Well today I had an appointment at 9am to meeta technician to install the readers and receive new cards. The guy showed up at 8am with one cerd reader instead of two and couldn't do the job. The sales person said a manager would call me to reschedule another appointment.. this is how they operate. Make promises that you can't keep. Tune in tomorrow. If they don't fix the problem by then, it's going to hit the fan.

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Linda Andrews- - 34 d 15 h ago


I went to put my alarm on tonight and my system was off line. I received a letter that they were raising the price..they could come out on Monday. What about Friday or Saturday to take care of this recurring issue.

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Pete - 42 d ago


I signed on with ADT 2 weeks ago. They told me my access cards to my business door would be top of the line "I-Class"cards and could not be duplicated. Five minutes after they had the check in their hands, I had a duplicate key made. They are scam artists. They lied to me and took my money and now say I am on the hook for the three year contract I signed up for. I can't cancel without paying off the contract. I haven't had this product for two weeks yet!

I was told by my salesperson that a manager would contact me on Tuesday, no luck, no call. She called me today at 8am and apologized for the non call and said the manager would call today. No call, no luck. I tried calling her and her cell phone went to messages and her box was full. I'm pissed off now and am wondering whether I have been taken advantage of. I will get my money back. Every dime of it. One way or another. Bad news travels a lot faster than good news. Why does doing business with large companies have to be so difficult. Call Apollo Global Management and let them know how bad ADT really is.

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Emmanuel Jackson - 43 d 2 h ago


This is Emmanuel Jackson I have service with ATT I moved from my house into my wife's house and they supposed to switch my service but they haven't switch my service they try to make my wife sign another contract and they every time they call me that hangs up in my face and I think that is so rude if I'm trying to pay my bill but I'm not going to pay it until they get this straight about me moving in a puzzle switch my contract I just think they're customer service think because they need to stop hanging up in my face and get this problem solved I don't mind paying my bill but you're not going to do me no kind of way

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Anonymous - 44 d 30 m ago


I made a payment to my adt account Friday morning and Saturday Morning I have an unauthorized charge on my account from another merchant. I contacted that merchant to find out more information and I was told that the person information who used my credit card information was the same person who took my information with ADT. I contacted ADT for the last 2 hours to close my account and I have been hung up on, transferred a dozen times and put on hold and still can't get anyone to handle my account. If you can't trust your security company then who can you trust?

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