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ADT Security Services, Inc

1 Town Center Rd.
Boca Raton, FL
(561) 988-3600
(561) 988-3601
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Gloria - 1 d ago


would like to end my contract , ADT attached my ex's new account to mine. Did not verify password or code. But proceed to charge my account or installation of his services. changed my billing address. I have spoke to 5 different representatives. got a refund on the installation, a credit for 2 months and guaranteed that the accounts have been separated.

So why when i call today 12/5 about another withdrawal on my account on 11/21, and another withdrawal from the credit for 2 months, The rep show no notes on my account. Gave me another guarantee,that no payments will be taken from my account for Dec & Jan,

I still received invoice 11/30 with his name and address and his systems still shows up on my

I would like to cancel my contract at no charge, You are a security company and I don't feel secure.

They have given access to my personal account and want to charge me $1000 to get out for the contract

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I hate ADT - 4 d ago


Don't give your credit card number by phone to their agents. Just used a brand new credit card to pay and within 24 hours thousands of dollars had been spent online for .... wait... Rap Concert Tickets!!!!! And of course ADT won't help with any of the dispute. I got ADT to avoid being robbed, then they robbed me. No answer at the legal department either. Surprise!

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Anithra - 7 d 20 h ago


I had a horrible experience with an ADT sales rep, Brandon Law. First of all, he was a pest and rang my doorbell at least 5 separate times every week regarding signing up with ADT. At the time he told me there was no money down if I signed up and after I finally signed up, I found out that I was charged on 11/21/16, the day of the installation. Plus I found out I will be charged on December 1 for January. The services are very dishonest obviously because he wanted his commission. Once my contract is over, I'll never use ADT again. So disgusted.

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Anonymous - 8 d 15 h ago


I am very dissatisfied with their services and customer service; they are a horrible company. I had a business and home security accounts with them. I recently had to close down the business and decided to move out of state. I called in and requested my accounts to be cancelled. They asked me for the verbal password for the business. I didn't remember and asked if I could reset it. Based on my sale representative, the call center agents could do it, but they didn't want to.

The representatives told me that I had to fax in a letter and stated when I would like the accounts to be canceled. I faxed in the letter.

I also asked them to cancel my home security. This time I remember the verbal password. The agent processed it and I wold be charge 75% of the two year contract.

The agents didn't show any sympathy . So They basically will charge 2000 for breaking the contract. I didn't expect the business to fail and had to sell the house to pay off debts.

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mccart - 11 d 22 h ago


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James Hughes - 13 d 17 h ago


I purchased a wireless ADT security system in November 2008, and spent a small fortune on equipment. The terms of the contract included life-time battery replacement. I called for service today and was told they will no longer offer free battery replacement for contracts signed in the past. The "supervisor" more-or-less told me to take my business elsewhere, and I will!

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steve - 14 d 26 s ago


I have had more than one call from ADT even though I am on the do not call list. usually, I just hang up or press 2, but it has not gotten to the point where I will wait for a representative to come on the line just so I can waste as much of their time as they waste of mine. Today the representative called from (hidden), which I'm sure is a masked number. When I asked why the person who identified herself to me was not on the line he said "How fuc&^%g lonely are you?" and hung up on me. I don't care that he hung up, but I am offended that he used the "F" word. Dear ADT, this is who you selected to represent your company, and this is why I will NEVER be a customer.

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DontdobusinesswithADT - 16 d 3 h ago


I bought a system for our LaPine OR home April 2015. The Central Oregon area is serviced by "an authorized dealer." The representatives sent to my home for the sale and installation came from nearby Bend, OR.

The system included an outdoor mounted camera with what I was told a lifetime warranty. Recently the camera failed. Per the agreement after one year ADT corporate takes contractual and maintenance responsibility.

The camera failed Nov 4th. After hours of trying to solve the issue remotely, an ADT corporate technician came to the home to assess the problem on Nov 9th. The tech simply told me the camera was not designed for the conditions of Central Oregon she would forward the information to her regional superiors. I contacted her superiors and now they are just ignoring the issue. I would not recommend buying anything from ADT (especially authorized dealers) if you are basing the decision on warranty. Simply put ADT does not stand behind their commitment - now I have to invest in time and money to go legal on them!

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Timothy Love - 17 d 19 h ago

Our home flooded in Baton Rouge Louisiana on August 13.2016. It is unloveable right now. We had close to 5 feet of water. There is no insides left in the house. We have called 5 or 6 times trying to get the alarm cancelled. We cannot lock the doors. They are still billing us. They deny having any records of our calls. We have contacted our attorney, the attorney generals office and the better business. I would not recommend this company to anyone. It will be 6 mos to a year before we get back into our home. Timothy Love Baton Rouge Louisiana

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HOSTAGE2EVIL - 17 d 6 h ago



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Heather S. - 18 d 4 h ago


Contracted with ADT to install a badge-in system (with camera/intercom) for my small school in 2014. Within the month, ADT technicians had made 10 visits to repair issues with the system i.e. employee's badges didn't even though the panel recognized the badgets, the back-end system had to constantly be rebooted because it would stop working, the door buzzer isn't responsive to the door panel. ADT had me pay to "reframe" my front entry door. (since then, the door doesn't work when it's too hot or too cold). After the 10th visit, ADT stop responding to my phone calls and emails. I contacted managers, the original sales team, everyone. Everyone stopped responding. Six months later, I contacted my credit card company and disputed the charges. I had to pay 2 independent companies that did similar work as ADT to evaluate the current system and provide their professional opinion. They all said the system was faulty. I then had to reach out to ADT again, still no response. The credit card company reimbursed me about $6K. Fast forward to 2016, receiving collection calls from ADT for cancelling my contract early ....

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boaz135 - 20 d ago


ADT Has A Bunch Of Morons Working There And I Personally Think They Are Running A Ponzi Scheme

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dario - 21 d 3 h ago


Are you really bothering people with random robo calls? Please act like you have a little class.

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Haven't had ADT Security Services in almost 2 years. Kept with the contract until it was fulfilled.. And I'm still being charged and harrassed with multiple phone calls threw the day/night.. sent in 3 letters with signature asking to stop! ADT continues.. I would never recommend ADT Services to anyone.... - 21 d 13 h ago


ADT is not recommended and are not the best Security provider..

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Bonnie - 22 d 24 h ago

We have had ADT security since 2004 with much satisfaction until April of this year.. We have had system failure regularly on one of our five doors secured. This has been going on for approximately six months. An ADT service person has come to our house several times to address the problem and we still felt calls saying door 5/10 has a system failure. We travel often and always rely on and feel comfort when not home if the system is functioning properly. I called about 10 days ago to cancel our service. A representative told me they valued our business and would do the following: replace the keypad at no charge, offer reimbursement of 4 months, and offer a two-year contract at $44.00/month. My husband was out of town and I wanted to discuss this with him to determine if we would accept these terms or cancel our service. Today when I called to accept the offer, the terms were changed: 1 month reimbursement and a three-year contract at $44.00/month. Replacement of the keypad was offered as before. Needless to say, I was not pleased with the change so we have decided to cancel our ADT service and will look into a new security company. I am saddened to end our business with ADT on such a negative note.

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Keshion - 24 d ago


I have been trying to cancel ADT since August and I'm still being charged for service I no longer use! I call they say it's cancel but this bill shows something different! I'm going to file an complaint with BBB! What's so hard to cancel service. Then a representative going to tell me to disregard the bill, REALLY!! This is going on my credit as past due!! COMPLAINT WILL BE FILED FOR THIS!

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Australia Prince - 25 d 12 h ago


My system is severely malfunctioning, due to system updates, misinformed information fm various representatives, poor installation fm technicians; the installation tech need to comply with a check list on every service call; to ensure all existing problems are resolved professionally and expeditiously to avoid rescheduled visits; causing ADT to ensure additional manhours of employees; ADT guarantee, and has been notably putting bandade fixes on my home security equipment. There is no default alerts, when the security panel code is chgd; thats a security compromise, do like Google, customers shld get a text alerts any time the security panel code is changed; pls inform your network mgrs of my recommendations; also a customer why cant I mng my devices, I am very computer literate; implement defaults for routine input errors, by the customers; this is 2016; be proactive not reactive and meet customers needs to insure security is provided to the utmost.

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Marion - 26 d ago


I called ADT to discuss putting in an alarm for my college student in her apartment. I spoke with a person named Jim Cross, after discussing the situation

with him AFTER HE GOT MY DEBIT CARD NUMBER AND TOOK THE MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT he proceeded to putting on a two minute audio recording

for me to listen to. Mr. Cross came back on the phone and asked if I had any questions? I said yes! I then tried to explain to him that I did not need an alarm for

36 months as my daughter would only be in the apartment for 6 to 8 months. He basically said too bad and that I could move the system. I ended up after a long

hateful conversation with him switched to a Lakeesha. She was beyond rude! I only wanted my $108.54 back that JIm Cross had just taken out of my bank.

Lakeesha then transferred me to a person named JIm Kouns who claimed he was a supervisor. I explained once again that I did not want the system because there

was a 36 month min. He then told me "You don't have the luxury of just canceling when you want. He stated after being beyond rude and unprofessional that he would

credit my account. It has been 4 days!!! I would never us this security company and I will tell everyone I know what they did.

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Michael - 29 d ago

Got divorced last year, ex wife is responsible for bills for house as of March 1, 2016, I have been trying for 8 months to cancel or change billing to her name, have faxed signed form, mailed forms, spoken to reps on 4 separate occasions, when they tried to change service address to my office-which already has a separate account my secretary talked to Shamkha on 9/7/2016 and Brenda on 9/13/2016 and was told info had been corrected and billing had been changed to the ex wife. That makes 9 contacts over the past 8 months and now they send me a past due notice and threatening to send me to a collection agency and they even misspelled my name 2 different ways on the same bill. I have done everything they asked and they still screw it up. The fax number they gave me recently doesn't work, would not use this company again

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Scotty G - 29 d ago

Why is it so hard to get a LIVE person.

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Jess - 29 d 5 h ago

I am 93 years old and have been with ADT since February1986 (30 years). It seems that I have overcharged for basic service. Is the cost of basic service $91 a month. I have been paying $273.99 every three months . Basic service is all I ever had. I am retired and need to upgrade for my safety and I need someone to review the billing and determine what happen. After making a recent phone call, it seems that now ADT will charge me $91.00 every three months or a $30.00 a month service. The difference is approximately $61.00 a month for at least 18 months or $1,098. What would be the calculation for 28 years?. The billing charge of $273.99 a month implies that I had an alarm system with all the bells and whistles. No, it is the basic service. During my investigation, I was told that I could have renegotiated the terms after 2 years that I am no longer under contract since 1988!?? As I retired educator on a fixed income and my safety is important to me and my children. What ADT account management allowed this situation to continue without intervention? How can you make this right? While the system has some merit, customer service on this issue is poor. I have contacted billing and other resources to address this issue. I am still waiting. Please provide guidance.

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Bob - 30 d 24 h ago


Attention T Whall Corporate Customer Resolution staff OQZ --- customer service ! I recently purchased two video cameras.. the installer did a good job installing . for payment gave him a check ! He used bank routing ... account number and entered electronically. .... about a week or so latte got an invoice for installation paid for by check given ...called was told check entered incorrectly .. asked for conformation .. called transferred to "Corporate " escalation .. was told my Bank had rejected my check ,,,told him what I was just told .. told me my bank had rejected check ...I did not have sufficient funds has not record of check being presented .... subsequently got a collection type letter .. wonder if others have had this issue !

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Dave - 31 d ago


I had my first ADT security system installed in my home Margate FL. in 1983 or 84, When I moved to Tucson I had a system installed there, then I moved to PA and had my third ADT system installed and finally when I obtained a home in Winter Haven FL I had another system installed. Over the years I recommend ADT to a number of friends and they took my advice. When I purchased my current home there was a security system in place and the monthly fee was less than ADT's so I stayed with it. But when the monthly rate for that system went up and I received an email and mailing from ADT advertising a lower rate I decided it was time to switch back. Boy did I make a mistake!! The installers showed up on time at 8:30 am, by 2:00pm they did not have the system totally installed. They told me that i could set it as there was a wireless connection to the monitoring station. It could not be set. I called the customer help line and they tried some things but nothing worked. I was told no one could come to fix it for about 2 weeks. I was not happy with that. In the morning I started calling again and the local tech supervisor came out and after 5 hours got it installed.

I thought things were set, but I was wrong. I got my first bill for $36.99 not the agreed upon price of $ 27.99. Again I called the number on the bill for billing questions, they could not help me and transferred my call to another office. That person could not help me. She stated the offices are closed on Saturday. Bottom line ADT has awful customer service and some poorly trained techs. I should have cancelled everything the day after the first technician failed to get it installed and no one could answer my questions. I really doubt that they can provide the monitoring they claim.

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jack - 45 d 6 h ago


I need someone from the Corporate office to email or call me on 703 777 3203. I've been a customer with ADT when it was Brinks, Broadview etc many years...Got a new system installed this summer, technican left hole in wall where old unit was and after multiple calls to customer service and insurance claim, we still have a hole in the wall. Would like new system taken out or wall fixed.

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Ron - 33 d 18 h ago


I have almost the same problem. A tech put in 17 security devices in my home without telling the cost of the service. We didn't sign anything the tech signed our name. Put a hole in my wall for the moniter. After complaining, another tech showed up and took out all the devices that didn't come with the basic package. Tech took pictures of the hole in the wall and said ADT would take care of it. Wrong, I am still trying to get this settled. Customer service want talk to you just give you a run around. The federal government needs to step in and make sure the customer is treated fairly.

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