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ADT Security Services, Inc

1 Town Center Rd.
Boca Raton, FL
(561) 988-3600
(561) 988-3601
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Upset for Vetrans - 2 d 47 m ago


After seeing your commercial depicting veterans I'm ashamed of ADT for using veterans to their benefit and will never use your service because of it

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Angela Waller - 5 d 19 h ago


Im writing you because i moved a year ago transfered my services from my old address to my new address i was on a two year contract which i had at 2017n Hanley Rd and a year at 3583 monsols I canceld 09/16/2017 and was told i may have a balance left over which im arguing because i never renewed another contract just a transfer please remove that off my account Thank You Mrs Waller

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thx1138 - 28 d 16 h ago


I contacted ADT on their 800 national and after a sales discussion decided to invest in one of their systems. The technician came on time and took time to understand our needs and made a recommendation of what he would do and why. The installation went smoothly and everything worked. We were satisfied and paid in full. I'm not mentioning their name in this complaint because they did and excellent, clean job. However, the next day, after digesting all we had been told, and there was a lot, I recalled that ADT advertised at their website, under the "home security" tab that there were 3 Amazon echo dots included with new "Pulse" systems, which we had gotten. I figured this was an oversight, no harm no foul, and I called ADT. After two transfers and then a bunch of fluff and flutter they told me, first, that this offer was for business accounts (remember, it was a home installation page and feature, and second that I had dealt with an independent installer and I should call them. After more fluff I got a manager on the phone who told me the same news. But here's the thing: ADT said they'd send the installer who I'd never spoken to until they got here. My relationship was with ADT and not a third party that ADT had chosen to represent them. So this is almost text-book bait and switch as regards the offer for 3 echo dots.

The problem for me is that this was the very first occasion to contact ADT after the sale and what I got was smoke and mirrors and bait and switch. A bad sign. In my own business we treat all such interactions as a failure on our part to communicate properly. And we make the customer whole and happy. Here, the out of pocket for the three Alexa dot's would be maybe $100. Since we paid about $2000 for the whole installation it would seem incidental for them to just fix it and thank me for letting ADT know to educate their sales people better (I had not been alerted to this "third party installer" nonsense by my sales person) and clarify their website about this detail. But instead I sensed no inclination on their part to pursue those issues. At length, since the conversation was going nowhere, I ended by saying that I would tear them up and down on the web, and this is my first stop.

Seriously, it would have cost ADT $100 to fix the problem with lesson learned. Instead, I've wasted a couple of hours or more I could have spent fishing. So I'll spend a couple more hours so side with others around the US about this [street expression] company.

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Get Real - 27 d 16 h ago


You sound like a spoiled little brat. Seriously.

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Shill? - 9 d 20 h ago


You sound like a shill. I take your feedback in that context.

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Anonymous - 14 d 2 s ago

Everyone who works at adt must be on drugs or drunk. I notified them 3 times that I was moving to another state in two weeks. Never got a response. I cancelled the debit pmt to them from my checking acct the day before I moved. Still no word back from them acknowleldging my move notice. two months later, my wife gets a call from a woman bitching like a mainiac that I owe 193 bucks, later it was 144, then down to 89. My wife was in tears over that. They crossed the line that time.Then I get a call from a collection agency that I owe adt. I tell them I cancelled the program so she says ok. In the next call a few days laterr, some woman says OK, we'll send you a letter acknowledging that you cancelled. Three more calls bitching at me so I quit answering them. No letter yet. I wrote them a letter that I just got back today saying wrong address.l Dumb people in the post office or they don't want to read my letter and face the truth.

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LARRY HESSICK - 16 d ago


ADT is absolutely the worst organization that I have ever been involved with. Every person that I have dealt with there has been deceitful and lies about every aspect of their doing business. When I originally inquired about getting a system installed, I explained that I was only interested if their system could be connected to all of the monitors on my doors and windows which I had on my previous system from another company. The ADT representative told me that would be no problem at all so I agreed to having the system installed. However, when the installer came out to install the system he told me that there would be an extra charge to connect to my windows and other monitors. At this point, I told him what had been promised and that I wished to cancel everything. He said that they had been having tons of problems with the particular ADT agent that had been giving such false promises and that he would either cancel the system or see what could be done to get it connected to my current monitors and that he would get back to me. Since I heard nothing back from him after a few days, I called ADT and told them to cancel the system, which I assumed had been done. After a few more days, the system seemed to be still on, so I called again and asked why the system was still on and told them of the earlier technicians promise, so they sent another guy out and he want through everything and as the first one had done, promised to get everything cancelled because again this fellow confirmed that the ADT agent I had dealt with was as he put it a bunch on "Con Artists".

I have never used the system since it was installed and assumed that everything had been taken care of as I had repeatedly been promised. However, I recently received a notice in the mail that my payment was overdue. Unfortunately, I had put the payments to be deducted on my old PayPal credit card which I hadn't used recently at all and ADT had completely drained that account over the period of time which I had thought had been cancelled. When I called ADT and gave at least dozen or more people that called asking that I pay the past due account the story of how I had been conned, none of them did anything about resolving the issue, even though several of them said that they would get everything taken care of right away. I believe that this is the most unscrupulous, deceitful and unprofessional organization that is in existence. They now keep sending me bills for early termination even though I have NEVER used the system and terminated the bill within days of the falsely done installation. I suggest that anyone considering using this BOGUS company re-think that decision and go with a reputable security system provider. THEY HAVE THE AUDACITY TO SEND ME BILLS WHEN IN ESSENCE, THEY ACTUALLY OWE ME MONEY FOR ALL THOSE MONTHS THEY DRAINED MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT AFTER I HAD REPEATEDLY CANCELLED THE ACCOUNT.Since they have chosen to continue their harassment of me with these unwarranted bills, I plan to have a nice large sign placed in my yard at my home which is on the street leading into a subdivision of hundreds of homes that says: BEWARE - OF THE ADT SCAM - BOGUS COMPANY INQUIRE WITHIN.

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BJR - 18 d ago


In late August called the 1-800 number to request an estimate on a new security system for my home. Told the person on the phone that all I wanted was an estimate as I'm discussing with a number of companies. He requested a credit card number for the estimate which I thought was odd but I provided. I reiterated that it was only an estimate. An appt was scheduled for Aug 25 at 8am in Peachtree City GA. The gentleman arrived with all his tools for an install. I told him that I was only interested in an estimate which he acted surprised. We walked around the house and I pointed out that my house is hardwired with all doors and windows. He then said he would need to see if his alarm panel will work with the system before he could quote a fee. At which point he proceeded to disconnect my panel and place his up. He then indicated it would work. He provided a quote and then said if I went with him today he could discount it. I told him I only wanted quote and he said that would have to come from corporate and that I was taking money out of his pocket. I had to get on the phone with his manager stating once again that I only wanted a quote and that I expected the charge to be reversed on my card as was promised by the person I spoke with when I set up the appointment. He assured me that it would. The technician then put the panel back up and after he left I noticed he did not hook it back up. I immediately called and was told that they can't because it was not their equipment. I protested because he said he had to disconnect it to see if his would work. After about 1 hour on the phone they said he would come back and re-install it. They acted like this was an extraordinary step which makes no sense because I never asked for my system to be taken offline to "see if ADT would work". They promised that he would be back on Monday Auguste 28 which he never showed up and I never heard from you all again. In addition, I noted that the charge on my credit card was never reversed and I've filed a dispute on a fraudulent charge. Also because through your actions you've taken my security system down on advice of legal representation this complaint serves as notice for negligence which may be pursued in the event of loss of property or persons due to an inactive security system.

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CD HV - 30 d 23 m ago


I am a new customer and experience has been awful. After falling for the "deal" on the phone and no explanation of additional charges imagine my surprise when $1,000 later and a double monthly bill. Be more up front with people on the phone. When I called billing I got some rude woman who couldn't wait to get me off the phone. Is this the company I wanted protecting my family? Guess I should be happy there is a 3 day cancel policy by law.

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Glass Half Full - 27 d 15 h ago


Did you read what you signed? Sounds like you should learn to read what your are agreeing to. I wouldn't want to talk to someone with buyers remorse after you just had someone put in a $1,000 security system either? Did you honestly think it was free? How could they stay in business? Nothing is free. They only advertise for like a basic system free, like an apartment with a couple doors...Either way, sounds like you spent a lot to protect your family, you should feel good about that, you didn't cheap out on them, bet that feels good when you think about it. Besides, if you got a mean dog, it may bite your kids or even worse a complete stranger; think of the lawsuits, vet bills, food and poop. Sounds like a grand you got off easy!

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Peacock - 21 d ago

I am a new customer also. They gave me the line of garbage. When I first called in to ask about it, she gave a good line. All I would have to pay was the 99.00 activation fee. She did NOT tell me that she was taking the money then, because I told her I was on a limited income and can afford much. Told her just received this flyer in mail about it, the equipment was free and all that crap. Wrong answer. ALL FALSE ADVERSTMENT.. What you see in flyers, t.v. Ad's ,and on Facebook is false ADVERSTMENT. That is to get you to call them. The tech. Installed everything then gave me another price first very large one, I told I could not pay that, he called manager got down lower and I agreed too. Then he had left. Looked at the banked the next morning, and WOW 3 charges. Called asked about them gave me some kind of crazy answer I told her to cancel this crap and get this crap out of my house and give me my money back. She transfer to another lady, I told her I did not about this money coming out of my account and to cancel. She told me if she refunded me the 186. & 105. Would I stay, I told yes. That was. Beginning of August 3. Today is Sept. 1. I have several times concerning my refund you responds, first it 22 days, then 14, last it was 30 days. Yesterday 8-31-2017 I called again my refund is still pending. Asking to speak to manager, they refused to speak to me. Rep. Are very rude with attitudes that need adjusting and the managers are cowards. They don't want to talk to cutomers to try solve the problem instead they create one by talking to us.

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John Luna - 22 d ago


You are dishonest and complicite in police crimes against ADT service customers VIA unlawful invasions of homes without legal due process search warrants. But the dirty cops enter with your assistance and deface, damage, destroy and steal personal proper for their own use. This has been going on for ten plus years. Monitronics gracefully bowed out once discovered. But ADT keeps raising monthly fees in exploitation.

Terminate my service now you bastards and stop charging me for hypocrisy.

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Bobby B - 22 d 17 h ago


I have been a loyal customers for years and I moved and had my system upgraded in my new home, only problem is I paid for an outdoor camera that wasn't installed and the interior motion sensor was defective so installer just left on my kitchen counter and never returned, I have made several phone calls and have left several emails with no resolution, it like they just hope I will go away. The installer also tried to talk me into a different companies system which I thought was unprofessional, So basically I paid for a 258.00 dollar camera that I never received and my system wasn't completely installed by the contract.

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Anonymous - 23 d 18 h ago


Harry young have problems refund from my bank for credit 57:63@

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SPRING HILL FL. - 25 d ago



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Cynthia Furlong - 28 d 3 h ago


Horrible customer service. For years I have had 3 accounts with ADT at three locations. When I downsized and sold a home, and tried to cancel, they have made it nearly impossible. Their own people do not understand basic contract language, and keep insisting that I cannot submit my cancellation notice until 30 days before my contract anniversary date. This is WRONG. I asked them to send me a copy of the agreement, and as I suspected, it reads that I need only call and submit notice of cancellation 'at least 30 days' before renewal date. This is a very simple contractual structure. I have the contractual right to submit my cancellation notice today - as it is 'at least 30 days' before my current contract term ends next spring. The apparent fact that they do not have the system capability to record my cancellation notice now and put into effect at term end if their issue, not mine.

THen they tried to negotiate with me, saying after many long times spend on hold, that 'the best they could offer' was a 60-day cancellation period. They failed to understand that this is not a negotiation -- I am not trying to change the agreement; I am only asking that they honor the contract which THEY wrote!

I also was hung up upon when I asked to speak with a manager. The rep actually said that since the answer I would get would be the same, she would not transfer me. Unreal.

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Customer Loyalty - 27 d 15 h ago


You sound like you actually have a real grievance, hopefully they can set the record straight. Try the "customer loyalty" department, they helped me in the past.

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so tired of ADT - 27 d 16 h ago

I would very much like to file a complaint with the better business bureau. How do I do that, please help! ADT has once again let me down.

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Weight a minute. - 27 d 15 h ago


Go to your local scuba shop, ask for a weight belt with as many lbs of weights they have, walk down your local pier, strap it all on tight and jump off; a better life is "weighting" for you at the bottom.

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Yvette Vu - 29 d 18 h ago


As a business owner, I was appalled when I called in to talk to one of ADT's Customer Service representatives. Her name was Ruth, rudely spelled out to me clearly, "My name is R-U-T-H!". I had called in to inquire about my recent request for a service person to come out and check the sensors on my alarm system. He came, allegedly fixed it, and left. The issue still remained. When I called back, they said that if they sent out another person, they would have to charge additional service fee. Now, correct me if I'm wrong but why should a customer have to pay additional service fees for the same unresolved issue? If you value your customers' time and investment, this should not be the case. On top of all that the customer service representative, RUTH, was unsympathetic and downright rude. She seemed unfazed by the customer's issues or complaints. There is no wonder why on The Consumerist Report that 1 out of every 7 ADT customers are leaving their services behind every year. Yes, you may be a giant in the alarm industry, but with customer service representatives like that it's no wonder why you can't keep your customers or continue to build your base. I am going to tell all my associates and friends not to use ADT for their security needs. You need to have more sensitive, more caring people at your frontline. Speaking of which, perhaps that's where I will turn instead, FRONTLINE.


A Very Dissatisfied Customer

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Bad Karrma - 27 d 16 h ago


I will tell you what, "Mr. A Very Dissatisfied Customer", a.k.a. "Yvette Vu" - - it is very typical of someone that does not understand anything about real life that people are just people. I bet you are one of "those" people that takes their care to a mechanic because "it is making noise," to which the mechanic says "you need new brakes." You huf and hum over the $800 bill because it is inconvenient, but you pay it because you know he is probably right and don't know the first thing about mechanics (although you probably act like you do even though you have never actually fixed anything in your life)...Anyways, 2 days go by and you start hearing a squeak again, even though much different than before; you angrily scurry back to the poor bastard that just fixed your neglected brakes and attempt to tell him about how bad he sucks even though the problem is new and completely unrelated. When I look at your comments this is what I think of. But to answer your direct whiny complaint, the guy that came to your house obviously fixed it because the system is monitored for break ins. If it wasn't fixed, the monitoring center wouldn't have showed all systems go you dolt.

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C. Barkett - 31 d ago

After being a ADT customer for 3 years I called to cancel my contract so it didn't auto-renew. I was offered a special deal for "loyal customers" at that time that I took advantage of. $14.99 per month for 6 months then $19.99 for the next 6 months. That was in May 2017. The new rate promised never appeared on my Discover statement, instead, I was over charged by $100. When I called I was told that the second 6 month "special" rate was wrong and would go to $49.99 but that I could cancel at any time without a 30 day notice. I was also told that the billing error would be corrected within 72 business hours. That didn't happen. Instead, ADT processed a refund of $27. When I called today, I was then told that the effective date (I was promised it began 6/5) was actually beginning 7/15 which is why I didn't receive the $89+ refund I was supposed to get. Lies, lies and just more lies. I called today 8/23 to cancel this account effective immediately. Well, more lies.....the effective date of cancellation wont be until 9/21 and my security system that I had before I contracted with ADT would be unusable. I really don't care at this point. I just can't do business with a corporate entity that lies to its customers. Its just that simple.

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JC, Virginia - 31 d 17 h ago


I allege and believe a third party, who is an authorized ADT company, got my personal information from internal and confidential ADT records. I called ADT Corporate customer Service, i.e., Robin, 5 times before I got the courtesy of a return call. Robin tells me there is no way ADT records were compromised or hacked! LoL! What century is she living in?

I intend to take this further and have hired an attorney. Give serious thought before you contract with ADT. My experience is customer service stinks. When I have called due to faulty equipment and the alarm going off for no reason, someone can come to my home ...but not for 7-10 days! So, in the meantime, deal with it! Customer service stinks. I WILL NOT renew once my contract is up and will never contract with ADT again. Buyer all reviews before you decide to contract with any company.

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S. Wilson, San Bernardino - 32 d ago


I decided to cancel my land line and asked about using my cell phone for ADT service. I was told I would have to pay a new equipment fee of $124.00 and also start again with a year contract, and my monthly rate would increase. Since I have been an ADT customer since 2002 I felt this was unnecessary fees and declined. The assistant said okay. I called the following day to make sure the cancellation was made and talked to another assistant who tried to talk me into the same thing. I told her I didn't want the additional costs and she said they would waive the $124.00 but my rate would still increase. At first I was open to that option until she said I would be on a year contract. Again, I declined. But low and behold, a charge was made to my account (auto deduct) for the NEW rate even though I had declined. Then I called to address this charge and they transferred me to the Account(ing) Dept?? I talked with a women identified as "Duffy"?? (she would not give me her last name). She kept me on the phone for at least 10-15 min. trying to convince me to stay with ADT. I declined at least 5 times and bluntly asked her if I would be refunded my money. Out of frustration, I told her I was going to file a complaint against her because she wouldn't shut the #@%* up. She then stated that I would be receiving a refund. Three weeks later - no refund. It's easy to provide a service that merely involves monitoring and making phone calls if needed. The REAL test of a company is when there is a problem and how it is handled. This company clearly demonstrates "customer no-service." Clearly ADT is losing their customers to other alarm companies/self-monitoring options and pressuring ALL employees to do everything to keep who they have ("Duffy" assured me she doesn't work in Sales). Well, good luck with that.

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Anonymous - 32 d ago


Worst company ever, do not do business with this company. Made promises they couldn't keep, charged my account for months even though we were never connected to service and no equipment was installed, after cancellation they continued to charge my account, after receiving my refunds I continued to receive multiple bills in the mail. Took 5 months to get everything squared away. Would not recommend ADT to anyone. Horrible horrible horrible company.

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