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ADT Security Svc

291 Cahaba Valley Pkwy # C
Pelham, AL
Bill Conner
(205) 403-3140
(205) 322-3511
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Anonymous - 1 y 119 d ago


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Tammy - 1 y 120 d ago


I was having difficulty with my Pulse app opening with my thumb print. I happened to be at the Phoenix Home and Garden Show in March 2018 and came across your ADT booth. Andre Bilyk - Custom Home Services was present and he immediately took my phone and fixed my problem. I don't know if this is the correct platform that anyone in management looks at, but I wanted to let them know how much I appreciated Andre's help.

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Bob S - 1 y 153 d ago


I have been a loyal customer for over 40 years in Illinois, Montana and now Texas. I moved from Montana to Texas in March, 2017 and have received a statement with a credit of $25.99 from my Montana address. Numerous calls and emails later, no refund or a credit to my current address. Your email personnel tell me there is no credit but when I receive the statement, via email, it has been there over 15 months! What a poor excuse for professionalism at a large corporations.

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Michael H - 1 y 187 d ago


Michael Pearson a Manager and spokman for ADT , Well this man contradicted himself twelve time this morning trying to tell me that I'm wrong. When I have been trying to correct this since December but he Insisted on telling me that ADT doesn't do this when I'm living proof. I had adt at a previous address I called adt because I was moving and wanted to transfer my equipment and services .. since I purchase the wireless sensors and smoke detectors I was told to take the cameras, siren ,motion detectors and sensors with me but leave the monitor mounted on the wall. Once moved my inside camera didn't work, the technician which is very knowledgeable about the equipment was very handle and helpful. He stated that that camera from the other house needed to be deleted from the cloud . Michael said he was wrong and he does it all the time and you have to be wrong, The technician well he had tried everything at this point.. Since that day ADT was suppose to come fix it when it clear itself and old account was deleted.

Today June11th 2018 Mr Michael Pearson told me it couldn't work at the new house and that I needed to purchase a new one, why when all you have to do is clear this one. The technician also said it has been six months maybe it will work now. Mr Michael no way we can discuss maybe a discount on a new one. I said why when this one work if you just clear. Mr Michael Adt just don't do it that way read your contract. This man and I went on for forty minutes we talked so long that my boiled eggs exploded because we had talked that long. Mr Michael was very unprofessional rude selfish and Definitely does not care about the customer service. The bottom line is I'm a liar and it's his way period

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Amanda Hawes - 2 y ago


I have cancelled my account in early august by calling, emailing, wrote a letter that they sent me to cancel, yet they keep billing me monthly, i called again, i finally called visa customer service to block ADT monthly debit from my account. Daily ADT call to harass me, tonight again to tell me i owe money, how can i get rid of these people, how do i cancel this service. Please tell how do i stop ADT. I dont want your bloody service.

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Danny Glass - 1 y 224 d ago


Let me know also there a bunch of crooks

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Karin Feuerstein Hurt - 1 y 213 d ago

Same happened to me, I wanted them to take the security things off the windows which were being replaced, they wanted $139. to take them down and put them back up. They kept billing me, I paid a couple of times, next thing i know I get a bill for $99.00, I decided not to pay, they turned me over to a collection agency saying I had to buy out the contract. I HAD NO SIGNED CONTRACT. The next bill from the collection agency was $!,400. and something. I wrote a letter to the CEO and was told someone else was in charge. I received threatening phone calls, wrote to the CEO again and the letter was returned. They claimed they had called me and I was not cooperating. The second letter to the CEO on 1 Town Ctr. Road, Boca Raton was returned "not deliverable to the as addressed." I'm afraid the bastards are ruining my credit rating which has been stellar.

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Anonymous - 1 y 232 d ago

I called in to disconnect my services. Cara (Kara) was very rude and she refused to put me on the line with a supervisor. I stayed on the phone line for several minutes waiting for anyone to even pick up the phone. Once this company get's the sale, forget customer service.

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J.F - 1 y 234 d ago


A Complete SCAM / with all the police Department ( M.park,,JOLIET, tell.Park Most of WESTERN and Southern Suburbs

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Lori Dominguez - 1 y 266 d ago


I am writing because after even 10+ events trying to cancel my service and have the equipment picked up since January I continue to be ignored and nothing is being done about this. I called on January 11 to cancel service and was left on hold for nearly an hour of which I got upset and hung up. I am very busy and don't have time to be holding. Then called back January 13 where again I was put on hold and conveniently my call was dropped. Proceeded to call again January 20th and was put on hold to get a manager and noone came back on the line.

I feel as though they kept purposely procrastinating with me to try to make sure I went beyond the cancellation date. I however knew this and documented and kept notes on everything. My next phonecall was on February 10, same thing nothing was handled and put on hold. Next phonecall was March 10th and again was put on hold. Then called March 22 5 times after being put on hold each call and asked to speak to a maanger. They transferred to a manager named John and I left a message about this entire ordeal. Still noone has contacted me nor responded to my requests to cancel my service. I am apalled at this customer service and filing a dsiputewith my credit card company I paid with. I had plenty of time to cancel and should have been accomodated within the 3 days time frame when I called and not made to prolong the situation on purpose. If this is not handled appropriately and all my monies refunded and the equipment picked up I will also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I have already filed a dispute with my credit card company and explained the situation.

I would like to hear back from you regarding this manner as soon as possible.

Thank you, Very unsatisfied customer,

Lori Dominguez

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Sheila - 1 y 273 d ago


People....if you are shopping around for a security system, please heed my advise and RUN, not walk, but RUN away from ADT. They are incompetent, unprofessional and basically scam artists.

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Anonymous - 1 y 277 d ago


Sucks they just plain suck they are lazy asses

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Kenneth Franklin - 1 y 304 d ago


To the ADT President.

I would like to say that i am very disturbed by a particular employee manager Amber 17867 in the customer care department. I was speaking with this lady about moving my system to a new apartment in the same location and i explained to her that when i set up the system a selling feature was that if i moved, my system would be moved for me at no cost to me. She told me that there was not such a think and that i would have to pay 99 dollars to have it re-installed with a new panel, which mine is only 5 months old, plus my contract would start over, but she would give me a 100 dollar visa card. I then explained that those "third pary visa cards" charge you a fee and so in reality im not getting it reimbursed. I then explained that when i originally set up the account i was issued visa cards straight from the company so i did not have to pay the fees, otherwise i was going to cancel. So i asked the manager so what your saying is that i signed a three year contract and since im moving and dont have money to pay the fee im F'd (excuse my language but by this time i was getting frusterated)and her response was and i quote "yes thats correct. Now what kinda of manager agrees with a customer and says that. A real manager would have said "im not saying that but out policies are... A real manager would have said i can look into that for you, but no i got hit with attitude and disrespect. If this is the quality of management you have running your centers it can only reflect worse on you Mr President. I record all my conversations and your company will be hearing from my lawyer if i cant get some resolution out of this. I have never been treated as bad as i did from that manager.

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extremely upset in Colorado - 2 y ago


I signed up with the service with a sales rep that came to my home named Brady Dayton. He begged me to sign up that I was the last sale he needed to get a bonus, etc. In August my doorbell camera stopped working and it was finally resolved 2 months later and the bills refunded to my account. I told Mr Dayton at that time I no longer wanted the service and he begged me to keep it until february so he would get his bonus which I agreed to do. Today I get an email from him telling me I need to pay my bill today, its not even due until the 17th, or he is going to have to pay $800 to his boss. I told him I would not be paying it today, he went on a tirade, over email, about how I am the epitome of an irresponsible person, berating and harrassing me even after i told him to stop contacting me, then he threatened to send my account, which is current, to collections and affect my credit score. I have all these emails from him and have NEVER been so harassed and berated by a sales or customer service rep in my life over an account which is current. I am extremely appalled. I have made a complaint to ADT, I will post reviews on any and every social media and internet site I can, I will also be sending a letter along with print outs of his emails to ADT corporate. BEWARE A SALES REP NAMED BRADY DAYTON!!! He is extremely unstable.

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Melisa Lawrence - 2 y ago



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KATHY WEBER - 4 y 116 d ago


I am very disappointed with you service in regard to repair.I have been with adt for over 20 yrs and my systems hasn't been working right for about a year.I called a number of times and was told to see if it was plugged in..I don't even know where to look.I finally got an appointment for between 8 -12. The repair guy never showed up. I finally got a call from the office saying that he had a big job and would be late (don't know how long)I had to pick up my great grandkids from school so I asked if they could come first thing in the morning and got an appointment for 8-9, I called at 830 to make sure he was still coming and was told I was on the list(no show) I called and talked to a supervisor who said there was a scheduling problem well I had to leave and was very very mad about this and when I got home there was a note saying sorry we missed you 1015 -1040. First of all if the tech know he was going to be late why didn't he call me(FIRST DAY) and let m know earlier and why didn't they keep my appointment for 8-9 oclock. I guess you don't care about your customers just to get paid MY PHONE # IS (hidden) AND MY SYSTTEM IS STILL DOWN KATHY WEBER

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Anonymous - 2 y 57 d ago


The indianapilis office is a mess.filed bbb complaint re tax exempt in july.Sent copies to Florida And colorada. STILL NO ANSWER.keep telling me to call fax numbet,They have no record of my account but they charge my visa bill everu month What a mess. Still fightING with them,going to the indianapolis news next.Tim Long

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