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Doneita - 3 d 6 h ago


I made an online purchase on 06/12 the address I placed on the initial order is incorrect, right now the package is in transit at ups and aeropostale fail to help redirect the package, I've call all the contact numbers on their website, nothing so far, online live chat agent said I should call the receiver for help, when I contact ups they said only the shipper can redirect, so this is just a lost, I'm disappoint in aero

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Maria perales - 5 d ago


Raul from aeropostale in mall of el centro didn't respect the price where i get my shirts and i told him to check the camaras that i get it fom the place it says 5.95 he told me a differnt price he didn't respect the price and even laught about my self with another employe.

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Unknown - 7 d ago


Horrible company placed a order took a week to ship out as soon I emailed them to cancel my order they immediately sent it out which would have make it to me past their shipping gulidlines I've sent several emails that is being ignored if that's not awakening enough when calling their hanging up on me all I want is to return my package & not pay for shipping

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Just Horrific - 9 d ago


I placed an order on 11/29/17 @ 11:49am and to date the order still hasn't been fulfilled. In the interim I have called into the customer service line. I spoke with Trey and he was initially nice until I had issues with my order. He immediately became on the defense as though my issue was with him directly. Tre stated that my order form read the tracking date I was to receive the order. I had to state to him several times and the last time very nastily that I was not illiterate and that my order form did not have a estimated delivery date. He basically dismissed me and asked was that all he could do for me. I asked for a supervisor.

Now the supervisor Albert gets on the line. He says that it takes 1-2 business days for an order to be fulfilled. It has been a little over 2 business days no fulfillment. So, Albert says that he is going to put in a request to have the order expedited for fulfillment and shipping. When he sees that I'm not agreeing or buying into what he is saying to me, he dismisses me. He states "that is all I can do is there anything else." I angrily hang up the phone with no real resolution to my issue.

On Sunday after returning from the mall replacing the gift that I ordered Aeropostale I check my account to see the status of the order. It still shows not fulfilled. I for got to mention this was a birthday gift not Christmas gift.

I call into the customer line and I get Renee. She immediately began to state incorrect information. She says I placed the order on Friday and it was being processed. I corrected her stating that I called in on Friday but the order was placed on Wednesday, November 29th. She says oh okay what can I do for you? I told her I wanted to cancel the order. She said because where the order is that she could not cancel the order. Where is the order it's not fulfilled or processed, so why can't it be cancelled? I ask for a supervisor.

Guess who gets on the line? Albert. After reviewing his notes he says "the request has been put in for this order to be cancelled." I said you were suppose to sending a request for the order to be expedited with processing and shipping. He says, oh the request for cancelling the order was put in today." I asked what happened to what he was suppose to do? He says the request team does not work on the weekend and would see it first thing Monday morning. This is not good.

At this point I will be cancelling this order with my credit card company as well as never doing business with this company again. There's no way you can maintain a profitable company with inconsistent, horrific, and unprofessional customer service.

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Anonymous - 9 d ago


Awful company. They have no intention on being helpful in anyway. This is why most reviews are negative for this company. I suggest staying far away for this company entirely.

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Jen - 11 d ago


I had the worst experience in your freehold nj location the girl at the register named francesca I believe was so rude when I asked her about the price of the jeans which the sign said girls 13.97 okay so that excluded the pair I picked apparently whatever so then she proceeded to give me an attitude the rest of my check out and then like she did to the to customers ahead of my threw my bag and receipt on the counter never saying thank you or have a good day or anything.. I will not be bringing any of my business to Aeropostale ever again.. this is not the first bad incident I have had there and I doubt it would be the last.

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Scott - 18 d ago


I had the worst experience I had to do a return and they didn't have my size and the store associate told me she would give cash back and then the manger refused and said they could only do store credit I didn't have the card I used on me and she refused to give me cash back and was so rude and told me she was not doing cash back and told me I can drive a hour home and bring back the debit card. Wow the way they spoke with me was horrible and one of the other managers states she had a job to do and there was other customers. Wow this place is awful I will never shop there again and I will recommend no one does

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MOCHA - 14 d 19 h ago



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Anonymous - 12 d ago

It is store policy if you do not have the card you purchased with at the time the only thing the store can do is return the money in store credit. Since you did not pay I'm cash you cannot get a refund in cash. I'm sorry for your rude experience though.

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Maria - 14 d 6 h ago

Just been into the store in Cairo Egypt- Cairo Festival City Mall. What a rip off. I bet you business is bad there due to the so called sale they have on at the moment. Buy 2 girls or 2 guys items for 999LE which is around 50 GBP. When I was looking at all the items , except accessories, there was no piece of clothing under 500 le, So whats the sale deal?

Most Egyptians will never afford or buy from there, I will be surprised if your doing much business there.

Also 2 months ago I bought 2 t-shirts from there for 250LE each, now 500LE each... You need to check your business model....

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Mocha - 14 d 19 h ago



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Heather - 14 d 19 h ago


Wow just terrible !!! Would rather pay more than be treated that way ever !!! It's my money I'll

Go somewhere else !!! No wonder sales are so bad hire people with customer service please!!

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Mocha - 14 d 19 h ago



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n/a - 20 d 4 h ago


Brent from Jefferson Mall is the rudest manager i've ever met. Terrible customer service and just all around an awful person. sits in the back his entire shift, makes his employees stay on the floor alone doing cashier, fitting rooms and size checks (just ONE employee) all by themselves during christmas time!!! then he accuses them of stealing his credit card. very bad manager, was better when the other ones were there! fire him immediately

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Annabella - 21 d ago

Does anyone read this review? I had a HORRIBLE experience with the manager in the Coral Square Mall, Coral Springs on Tuesday, November 21 around 10:30 am.

My daughter tried a lot of jeans in the fitting room, and we were ready to pay, the "lady" in the cashier asked us where is the rest of the jeans, my daughter told her in the fitting room, so she left the cashier area, ran to the fitting room and brought all the jeans. I asked, why she did that after we pay, she said you know people do things in the fitting room and according to the policies of the company, she has to do that because she was suspicious that something could be done in the fitting room!!!!!!!!!!!! She is the "manager" of the store with a lot of customer service skills????? Calling a customer a thief???

After the reading of all this customer reviews, this is the last time I'm expending time and money in this store. I also have the video with all the arguments with this lady. I can believe this company doesn't care about all this reviews. I will post this and the video in every media I can have acces!


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Annabella - 21 d 24 h ago


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Anonymous - 22 d ago


Don't get me wrong clothing is awesome affordable prices and different types of sizes. But the employees in Boston Cambridge Galleria are just rude abd don't even pay attention to anyone besides a hand full. It's mostly the mangers there. My daughter used to work with them and they just cut your hours down out of no where. Give you 6-10 hours a week managers are doing 40+ weekly then they complain that everyone leaves. They just doesn't respect anyone. They didn't give me daughter a brake and then their excuse was that she didn't ask for a brake. Then the days she couldn't work they scheduled her. The one time she didn't go they get mad and don't give her any hours for a whole week, other employees can do it and then when a good employee does it they get mad. It's not far how they treat them. Then make them go get them food for them and not pay them back. Horrible. Need new management in the Aeropostale in Cambridge side galleria, boston ma.

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Anonymous - 28 d ago

Samantha the manager at the store in fayettville north Carolina at cross creek mall was the rudest person I have ever encountered. As I was waiting to check out she walks up (me thinking she was going to attend to her front line customer) she picks up the phone in front of me dials a number and asks person in the other end of the phone if they want the job position.! I then say excise me and she rudly said in on the phone. Sorry but your front line customer comes first and an interview question can wait two minutes

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Sooo apparently these stores can have many BAD reviews and nothing is done to correct the problems. Instead I will go to the media and better business and report this company. Awful, I will never shop hear again and will discourage everyone I know not to shop here! - 34 d 23 h ago



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Sherry - 43 d 3 h ago


I have had the absolute worst customer service with your online ordering! I originally placed an order on 10/12/17 it is now 10/30/17 and I still have yet to receive my shipment. I have contacted customer service 4 times and as of today all I was told was that a ticket has been created for the shipping but that is all she could see. It has been 18 days which is beyond ridiculous I will NEVER order from your company again!

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unsatified consumer - 50 d 20 h ago


manager in Nashua Nh is the rudest woman i have ever encountered!! She would not even give me her name! Told me she did not have to give out the info.... will not be returning..

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mystery shoppers - 52 d 19 h ago


My husband and myself visited an Aero store at the Philadelphia Premium Mall Outlet in Limerick, PA

about one week and a half ago. We had a bad experience with a manager by name of Karen. We could not believe how we were treated from the time we entered this store until the end of our purchase. We have contacted corporate and we hope for the sake of other customers after us that her bad attitude is checked and rechecked!

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Grace - 198 d 10 h ago


We got VERY BAD customer service experience at your Kenosha Pleasant Prairie Outlet store. The sales person (her name is Kari or Kerry (sale person 824590); we asked her name so we could specifically report her) was very rude. I had two outlet coupons (one that I was holding and another one that was my husband's) so I was going to use these two coupons in two separate transactions. Kari or Kerry loudly and rudely insisted one coupon per customer. I said my husband's coming; he's just in another store so I had my son rush out to get him. Kari continued to insist that she could not process my two transactions. While she rang up my first transaction, she was humming and being extremely catty. Then once my husband came to prove that the other coupon was indeed his and I was holding it for him, Kari just left !!! She had us waiting in line because she refused to process the 2nd transaction. We waited a good 10 mins. Nobody else came to the register to help out. There was another cashier and she said ours is another transaction so we have to go back in line!! Aeropostale has the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE people working. You better get these people trained to be nicer to the customers; we spent well over $120 and you treated us like shit. If you don't treat your customers with dignity and respect, no one will come to your store and guess what, your business will suffer and by the way, KARI or KERRY, you will be out of a job! AEROPOSTALE, get your act together and TRAIN your people. And Kari or Kerry (salesperson 824590), you better watch it.

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Ana - 56 d 13 h ago

I used to work for aero...and guess what! She's still gonna have a job..idk why people think just because they call corporate on employees. That the employee will lose their job...calm down you don't hold any real power over anyone's job lol

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Aurora Farms Outlet, Aurora Ohio - 64 d 7 h ago


Saturday Evening October 7, 2017 we were shopping in Aeropostale. We purchased some shirts, and one was as you enter the front door stating they were 60% off. At the register there was a blonde who was fairly friendly and attempted small talk with us, as she rang the item that should of been 60%off it came up 50% off. I mentioned there was a sign stating 60% off. The key holder and sales lead manager Jennifer Cobb, not so kindly snapped at her to go check, she did s she was told and came back and said yes they are marked at 60% off. She adjusted the price to 60% off and it rang up 10.35, this was a 34.50 shirt, when the cashier said the amount outloud, Jennifer again rolled her eyes and somewhat snapped at her telling her it was incorrect, she voided it and redid the transaction and got the same result. Jennifer then snapped at her once again and said as she was ringing her customer to switch with her. It took Jennifer several attempts as she complained about corporate stating she already called them to tell them they calculations were wrong and continued on how they had no clue what they do in corporate and complained about how her coworkers mismark things. Obviously irritated, Jennifer then grabbed a calculator and manually did the 60% off calculations and says It should only 50% off but I'll give it to you for the 60% which is 13.80, we said that's fine, however I joked to my fianc that 10.35 was ok with me as well. She concluded our transaction and we headed out the door. My daughter was by the door waiting and I said to her what just happened in general conversation, we were all ok with the length of time it took etc, and having a good evening together as my fianc just got home fro another long work trip hours before. As we get closer to the door Jennifer Cobb screams "THEN DONT EVER COME BACK" We automatically turn around to see what the commotion was all about, and I realize we are the only ones heading out the door. My instant response is to say "Excuse me, who are you speaking to" Jennifer ducks to a part of the counter the hides her view, and I walk back to her asking her whom she was speaking to ? She starts with an attitude saying we "MUMBLED SOMETHING UNDER OUR BREATHE AND SHE DID US A FAVOR" I at this point am less than p,ease she assumed we were being negative or speaking badly about her, which we were NOT. My daughter then upset on how her parents were just spoke to pipes up and says 'YOU ARE IN CUSTOMER SERVICE ... at that point Jennifer got louder and much more rude, and thus a terrible argument took place. I asked for her name, she said it was Jennifer, refusing me any last name, and I just did this is ridiculous we will just call corporate, as Jennifer days, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. I said to her, "its apparent you have had a bad day but you do not take it out on your customers" on the drive home my daughter called the office of AURORA FARMS and left a message. We also attempted corpirate, which I will do after this post. Also on the way home my daughter scanned Facebook,with Jennifer and Aeropostale and BAM their she is. JENNIFER COBB a college senior at Kent State with many many jobs, a post about how an employer firing her illegally for a medical condition. She claims to have anxiety issues, and if so that's fine, but her work history clearly states she is not a people person, and should in no way represent any business dealing with the public. She also picked the wrong people to scream across a store, when she clearly did not hear ny negativity from us, she assumed that because of her state of irritability and the amount of time it took to ring such a small order. I hope you take this seriously, if she did this when NOTHING was said, how will she ever handle a true conflict in the store. Thank you Jennifer Cobb of Kent Ohio for ruining our evening. Shop this store with caution!

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Aurora Farms Outlet - 64 d 7 h ago

I apologize for the typo. I did this review in a hurry, and was upset just rethinking the incident through again. It is so upsetting how many people are just plain mean anymore!

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