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Derrick Dinkins - 43 d 10 h ago


Hello I am a former employee for your retail store in Midland,Texas 79707 and I am trying to get my W-2 but nothing so far has worked I now live in Augusta, Georgia for my full address contact my email (hidden))

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Nicole Zimmer - 29 d 15 h ago

Have you heard anything back from them on your W2? i am doing the same thing and not able to reach anyone.

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Charles - 17 d 13 h ago


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Kamri - 32 d 5 h ago


I just went into Aeropostale at fashion place, and the workers there will awful. I came later on in the evening and I understand after working 2 separate retail jobs that it is tiring and around 8 PM you are ready to leave. But the two young ladies closing at fashion place on 2/20/17 were rude to me, and several other customers in the store. I was planning on purchasing 4-5 shirts but after being treated awful by the employees I quickly set my stuff down and left. I watched 4 or 5 other customers do the exact same thing. Because of these two employees your company lost out on quite a few sales. The younger girl told my boyfriend "I can't check your gift card balance unless you buy things from us" which was a flat out lie. I then called her out on it and she got us a balance soon after. The other girl seems to be the manager, she told everyone in the store that they were closing in 3 minutes and didn't think they had time to try on their clothes so they should put them back. Customer service is the key to having a successful retail business. I have never left a review before good or bad, but I have never experienced employees this rude in a company before. I have shopped at aero for 9+ years for most of my wardrobe but I probably won't be going back after tonight.

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Mohamed ihab refaat - 52 d 24 h ago


Good Morning..

As we thought we were lucky to have Aeropostal brand in our countries, but by the very first visit we knew we were wrong.

On January the 30th we paid a visit to Aeropostal shop Cairo Festival City branch -.Cairo, Egypt, and we bought 4 round neck short sleeves men t-shirts, and according to the exchange and refund policy which is stated on the receipt next day January 31st we returned back to the outlet for exchange due to a small round cut found in one of the T-shirt.

But we were shocked by the seller attitude who refused to exhchanged it until he got and approval form his manager, which I found it completely unacceptable. I think you first owe me an apology to sell such a thing. Secondly, he is getting an approval for giving me my right.!!!!!!

Moreover, I don't have such a time to spend multi visit to your outlet, until I got my right.

And when I try to call the customer service the phone number given to me by the seller was out of service.

Waiting for your feedback, as we are really offended.

Thanks .

Mohamed ihab

Phone no. 002 (hidden)8

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Anonymous - 53 d 13 h ago


I been shopping at Aeropastle a lot!! That's the first store I go to when I come to the mall. One day I seen that they were hiring and I applied as FULL TIME I been almost 2 month and I still haven't worked there a day!! I been trying to get in touch with someone but no one has yet answered me. I went by the store and asked what's going on!! They were mean and hateful basically told " we are too busy right now to deal with you" so I trying to be understanding I called the manager and asked her personaly she told me I may work and I may not work at all I asked why in the did you even hired me if I'm not even going to work!! Especially when I applied for full time job!!!

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Sorely disappointed in Cali - 63 d 12 h ago


12/25/2016 -I ordered e-gift cards for our grandson in Texas, in good faith on your website. NOWHERE, on your site did it say you all were closing multiple stores due to bankruptcy! When our grandson went to the store in San Antonio Texas - Surprise! giant going out of business sale with little to nothing left in the store for young men! He was told to "hold on" to the e-card because a new store would be coming that would 'honor' his e-card. No Such. I contacted your company to notify and request an cancellation since it couldn't be utilized! Response: in a nut-shell - Sorry. Really! What a ruse! what a sham! Knowingly selling a product when you know your going out of business - that's like renting a house to some unsuspecting soul when you know you're losing the house to foreclosure! I have lost $150 of hard earned money and I will be making a formal complaint to the BBB and warning all my friends not to shop here! P.S. you customer service rep argued with me regarding the closing of the San Antonio store or any others stating "we aren't closing any stores, we haven't filed bankruptcy" obviously someones pulling the wool over their employees eyes as well!


Sorely disappointed in Cali

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TN - 69 d 18 h ago

You guys suck ass!!! Customer Service Reps suck ass, disrespectful idiots of the year. You guys should be taken to court for all the money you have taken from your customers. You scam people online and you hire intentionally rude people in your stores. You don't deserve one rating


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Usman Tariq - 73 d 18 h ago


We are searching for importer who import my products in our country can you help me?

I want to export my products like as knit denim woven home textile and all kind of kids garments or ladies garments.

Please contact me as soon as possible.

(hidden) please contact me as soon

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Usman Tariq - 74 d 16 h ago


We are searching for importer who import my products in our country can you help me?

I want to export my products like as knit denim woven home textile and all kind of kids garments or ladies garments.

Please contact me as soon as possible.


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Very very angry not anymore customer - 119 d 12 h ago


I got a email Thursday morning and went onto the site and purchased a whole bunch of clothes. My payment went Thu and everything was confirmed.. later that night I got email saying it was cancelled. In my words that's false advertising and so does my lawyer of a husband. I have spent thousands of dollars in this store.. with having 5 kids we but lots of clothes. You will never have my business nor any of my families. That is a shame of what you did.. btw you did need to train your customer reps on how to talk to people.. I need my money back in my account like lastnight.. you cancelled my order you should of returned my money right away..

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Disappointed beyond repair!! - 76 d 15 h ago


I'm in your same boat. Im going to be getting my newspaper or local news to do an article about this andvtheir practices, would encourage everyone to do the same!!!

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Very discriminated customer! - 119 d 4 h ago


Very disappointed in my experience today, my 3 yr old was sleeping in his stroller, the store manager said I could not come in with my son in his stroller, it was a small stroller, not a large one. I really wanted to take advantage of the sale. I had no one to babysit him, he was asleep in the stroller. I feel so discriminated !!! Please help rectify this! That store manager did not have any feelings! I'm disgusted.

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Aero sucks. - 76 d 15 h ago


Call your local newspaper!!

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Angry Grandma in Culpeper, Va. - 117 d 15 h ago


I ordered on line when the sale was "Everything buy 1 get 2 free. I only received 2 free items. When trying to ask questions about my free items, the people in customer service as well as the supervisor(Mike) got smart, rude and two people who didn't even know the situation yet, hung up on me. I will never recommend anyone to order on line from this company. Bad, bad, bad experience.

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Riverchase Galleria Birmingham Alabama - 117 d ago


I went into Aeropostale Thursday on Thanksgiving day with my granddaughter for Black Friday .... however I was humiliated in front of my 12 year old granddaughter and the entire store of people... they banged on my dressing room door and insisted that I had 5 minutes to come out or that he would ask me to leave the dressing room.... when I came out the entire store was looking at us as if we had stolen something... and security was coming through the crowd so I know this rude salesperson called them... I got in line purchase 4 pair of slacks that we had taken our time to try on or at least tried to take our time is my granddaughter was pleading grandma please don't say anything please please please just don't say anything let's go. I am a working law-abiding citizen and I will not be treated in this manner.... I was too mad to even ask for a name because I knew if I had said one word I would have exploded... but what I really wanted to say while I was at the register was who in Hell knocked at our dressing door and screamed in at me in that manner. .. I just didn't want to go to jail in front of my grandchild... Aeropostale in Birmingham Alabama at the Riverchase Galleria... they are not professional and I wouldn't advise anyone to shop there.. this report is not my last stop I'm taking it to the top until I get some type of justice for the way I was treated in front of my 12 year old granddaughter, and the tire store of customers

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Hater of Aero- - 76 d 15 h ago


All of these stores Suck, not just Alabama. Easy to see why they went out of business.

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Littletaztaz - 81 d 12 h ago


So my husband ourchased 3 tops at Aeropostale on Staten Island while holiday shopping knowing I frequent that store. Unfortunately they did not fit so I tirelessly waited on a 30 customer deep line with the shirts and receipt in hand ... only to be turned away because they are liquidating ( mind u there where two employees stocking more items for sale) and although they will be reopening they wouldn't be honoring any previous sales ... I then asked if maybe they could give me credit so I can use it upon their reopening ...They outright refused to accommodate me! ... when I questioned my husband why he would purchase items durning liquidation he informed me that the signs posted where misleading they clearly stated " WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE" and no signs that stated "FINAL SALE" ... I agree that is misleading and unfair that I'm now stuck with these tops and out $44.00 ... I intend to contact corporate regarding this matter !

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DJ - 77 d 9 h ago


As a former seasonal employee at Aero, cashier's are supposed to tell you "All sales are final, there are no returns or exchanges". Maybe you forgot them saying that or they forgot...

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Shannon - 110 d 18 h ago


I ordered 10 items for my daughter for Christmas. 3 pairs of pants, a necklace, hoodie, 2 t-shirts, 1 sweater, pajama top, and pajama bottoms. When I ordered the items everything was in stock and was charged $105.22. My confirmation email stated I would recieve my items either 11-30 or 12-1. The evening of 12-1 I emailed customer service (a week has gone by mind you) asking where my items were?

The next morning they sent me an email that 6 of my items have been canceled that I was only getting 4 of my items. I was now getting a Pajama top NO pajama bottoms, wasn't getting any of the pants I ordered just 1 t-shirt, the hoodie, and the sweater!!!! 1 week later!!!!

I called customer service they were very rude to me when I said cancel my now 4 items I will take my business somewhere else. They said they couldn't now cancel because the 4 items had already shipped. Amazing right?

It gets better...... So initially I was charged the $105.22 for the 10 items, then they charged me an additional $ 41.27 that came out of my account for now 4 items which was included for my original order. I call customer service again to let them know they owe me $63.95, the lady said it wasn't there problem that it's up to my bank when I get my refund! I will never do business with Aero ever again! This was my first time ordering from them online, we normally do out shopping in the store and I often wondered WHY so many of their stores were closing and now I understand! Horrible customer service! The worst!

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Customer A - 109 d 8 h ago



That is so funny because I had a very similar issue. I found out that they are being bought out and feel that they can scam people and get away with these types of things. They have the ABSOLUTE worse customer service both in store and online.

I purchased some clothing that ended up being sent to me in the wrong size. Last time I checked, I did not order those sizes for my purhcase. Aeropostale is denying this. They advised me to go to a store to exchange them and when I did, I was told by an associate they never carried those size in store. They also shared with me that online customer service is well aware of what sized they carry and don't carry in store. I was also told that online customer service is prone to making these types of errors by an employee from the store. After being humiliated from a different store and from an online rep, I've realized that that they just don't care anymore- probably because they are going to be bought out anyways so they refuse to take any returns/exchanges= a loss for them. I need to make others aware of the horrible treatment and faulty mission Aeropostale is now offering. Its the new Aero- or whatever. Def. be aware!!!


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Racquel Cunningham - 82 d 10 h ago


Yep i went through the same thing they are very rude i ordered 2pair of and they sent me 2 different sizes!!!! Then when i returned one pair they never gave me my money back!!!! I called and get the same reply 2 to5 days its been over a month now

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Annoyed Customer - 85 d 15 h ago


Today (Dec. 29th 2016) I went into the Eastview Mall store in Victor, NY to exchange a pair of jeans that I had gotten my daughter for Christmas. She needed the next size up. When we walked in the store was a complete disaster, therefore, I couldn't find the exact same jeans to simply exchange for the right size. When I got up to the register I explained that I simply just wanted to get a size bigger in the exact same jeans. The lady at the register told me that I couldn't exchange or return them that all sales were final. I replied and said that the lady who rang the jeans up told me that I could bring them back and exchange them as long as they were the exact style. The manager then came over and had a very nasty attitude and told me that there was nothing they could do all sales were final. She argued with me and told me that if I didn't like store policy then she could call security and escort me out of the store. I told her I would be happy to just get the next size up if they could find where in the store the jeans were. She replied "I don't know, it is a mess in here." I replied I know it is that is why I brought the jeans up to you and asked you to find where they are. She then told me that they had nothing bigger in that style of jeans without even bothering to walk around the store to look. Poor Customer Service and very poor attitude by the manager in charge! I called the toll free number and am hoping to hear back from someone in authority that can do something about this manager's attitude and poor customer service.

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Anonymous - 88 d 12 h ago

Was in the aeropostale store in Gulfport ms. On Dec 26th. My four year old nrice claimed up on one of the many empty tables and as her mother was getting her down the so called Manager begins to go off m on the childs morher. And was extremely rude to the mother. The said mother called the store to speak to manager and she was the one who went off on the mother. Real great customer service. We when in to get her name and she said we didn't need it. She lost the all ready going out of business customers. I will be posting this experience on social media.

Sincerely, lost custimers

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Concerned consumer - 96 d 19 h ago


I was at a store today that is closing Dec 24th. All sales are final. The cashier told me all the stores are closing and the company is rebranding. I went to Giant Eagle for groceries an low and behold they had stacks of Aeropostale gift certificates. So I went online and saw that online sales can only be returned for 60 days to Kentucky. So what is the scoop on the giftcards? How long will they be good for? Can unsuspecting consumers who buy them only purchase online? Is this going to be one of those holiday gift catd horror stories? I really don't want to see people taken advantage of. I tried yo call customer service but they had no information.

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