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Very very angry not anymore customer - 267 d ago


I got a email Thursday morning and went onto the site and purchased a whole bunch of clothes. My payment went Thu and everything was confirmed.. later that night I got email saying it was cancelled. In my words that's false advertising and so does my lawyer of a husband. I have spent thousands of dollars in this store.. with having 5 kids we but lots of clothes. You will never have my business nor any of my families. That is a shame of what you did.. btw you did need to train your customer reps on how to talk to people.. I need my money back in my account like lastnight.. you cancelled my order you should of returned my money right away..

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Disappointed beyond repair!! - 224 d 24 h ago


I'm in your same boat. Im going to be getting my newspaper or local news to do an article about this andvtheir practices, would encourage everyone to do the same!!!

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Jim - 45 d 17 m ago

Judging by the way you talk, I Highly doubt you are married to a lawyer.

You type like you talk

Didn't anyone ever teach you sentence structure ?

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FCK THIS GUY - 11 h ago



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Heather H - 1 d 17 h ago

I am terribly disappointed with their online customer service. I placed an order August the 4th for my son's school uniforms, and I am not please with my experience. I called in to make adjustments to my original order on August 7th before it was shipped and was assured it was not too late to make adjustments. On August 12th, l get the order and it's completely wrong. It was a mix of my original order items, which I no longer needed, and some of the items from the adjustments that were made on the 7th. I called in and notified them about the mix up and l had to replace the order once more. The next day, I received an email stating I couldn't exchange no more than 5 items and since my original order was 16 items total my only option was to wait for my 5 exchanged items and the refund. I called to check on the status of my order for the items exchanged and was advised that I have no existing orders. NEEDLESS TO SAY I'M LIVID AND MY SON STILL DOESN'T HAVE UNIFORMS AND IT'S AUGUSTA 17TH...spoke to a customer service manager and he said he didn't have a corporate office numbers nor did he have a direct supervisor. I suggest go spend your money elsewhere if you can afford it.

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Johnny Smith - 2 d 16 h ago


They have terrible customer service I was going to purchase some items online but after talking to over the phone make me don't even want to shop with them I rather go to somewhere else

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Anonymous - 34 d ago


The customer service of this establishment (Poughkeepsie) is appalling. The line for a Saturday afternoon was nearly 20 minutes long, with only one young lady being put under the pressure of multiple families having to check out and having places to go. When we brought this to the managers' attention saying that it is utterly ridiculous, not only did she get defensive she laughed in my mothers face. My mother knows how to manage a store and not only has been a manager but runs a business that along with good quality, prides itself on the importance customer service- something that this establishment seems to lack. The saying the "customer is always right", has no meaning here. I would never recommend this place.

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Store Employee - 44 d ago


I have tried to contact human resources for days now and can still not get in touch with them, what's the issue ?

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Daphne G - 50 d 22 h ago


I have never been so disappointed in customer service as I am right now. You filled an order and then two days later indicated that 3 of the 6 items were no longer available and this particular email went to my son's spam. I did not know this until we received the order half filled. Because we paid with a gift card (high school grad gift) and there was no longer any funds on the card we disposed of the card. We are now out of the t-shirts and the funds. In my initial conversation with Aero I was instructed to contact Master Card and that if I could not get the information to call Aero back. I did to no avail because I now only have the last 4 digits so I called Aero back and they they told me they would escalate the ticket and call me back in 2-3 days. Well it has now been 6 days so I call Aero back and they tell me there was an email sent to my son. It had gone to spam as well. Not only do I have a concern with the order being cancelled after the items were indicated to be available but it is horrible customer service that I never received a return call. And Daniel (supervisor) tells me that it will be the same answer regardless of who I talk to. Wrong answer you should at least give me the satisfaction and make me thik you are trying to help me. I didnt ask for the funds I just wanted 3 t-shirts. I will most definitely be posting this on the corporate office comments and sharing my experience. In the future, please remember to do what you say you will do.

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Gm Enterprises - 56 d ago



I Contact you for that Reason that I already worked Denim Men's and Women Fashion and Work Wear and Best Quality in Home Textile for (Sears and Wall Mart ) You have Order for Garments So Please Let me know, I am Ready to work and Deal with you..

Now days I am looking for new buyer to increase my business volume. That's why I am knocking you.. And Pls. You Don't worry I am Not Fake Person My Family is also living in Chicago Bolingbrook, Illinois...

GM Enterprises

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Anonymous - 130 d 5 h ago


So i worked for Aeropostale for 10 months in king of Prussia Pa. I decided to quit, for one because I wasn't being treated fairly like I was when I first started working there. The STORE manager was being insanely rude to me yesterday when I called out, and couldn't find someone to come in and cover my shift. Only 5 employees out of 14 answered me. Everyone is either not motivated to come in, don't appreciate me (which I have taken people's shift in the past) and yet no one will cover my shift. One person told me "no I don't feel like it". Another reason is I have another job, that pays me more and gives me more hours. If Aeropostale gave either raises after every 6 months, I would've stayed, more hours, would've stayed, less high school kids to come in and cover other people's shift, would've stayed. NICER STAFF, would've stayed. The Berkshire store manager, Sheirly is also the rudest person I had the pleasure to work with too. So I quit over text last night, which isn't professional at all. But it was pointless going in at 9:30 am just to quit. Wasn't going to give my two weeks in, I can't stand working there anymore. I used to love working there, not so much anymore. If I was corporate I'd highly look into this.

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Anonymous mom - 73 d 23 m ago

My daughter put in her 2 weeks blast week. She is a shift manager but hasn't been given the pay raise she was promised 6 months ago. Dist. Manager won't reply to her emails asking why she hasn't had pay raise. When my daughter does finally have a day off she is called in anyway. She is only supposed to work part time but works at least 35 hours a week but Aeropostale won't give her health insurance or other benefits. Then when she put in her 2 weeks notice the dist manager wanted to know why! Not a good company to work for at all!!!

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Usman - 74 d 9 h ago


R u going to open your office in karachi pakistan?

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Suzee - 81 d 19 h ago


My daughter and I went in to Aero in the Loop in Kissimmee Fl. Was standing in line, only 1 other in frount of us and they were the only other patrions besides us. They were ringing up but was not finishing because her daughter kept shoping and bringing items to her mom to purchase. There were two associates were not really doing anything but wandering around. The pregnate young lady kept coming behind the counter but only to act like she was working but rally was delaying the girl at the register by monopolizing her in conversation. So instead we stood in line for 10 minutes when one of the other two could have actully done some work and help their patrons!

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Grace - 83 d 8 h ago


We got VERY BAD customer service experience at your Kenosha Pleasant Prairie Outlet store. The sales person (her name is Kari or Kerry (sale person 824590); we asked her name so we could specifically report her) was very rude. I had two outlet coupons (one that I was holding and another one that was my husband's) so I was going to use these two coupons in two separate transactions. Kari or Kerry loudly and rudely insisted one coupon per customer. I said my husband's coming; he's just in another store so I had my son rush out to get him. Kari continued to insist that she could not process my two transactions. While she rang up my first transaction, she was humming and being extremely catty. Then once my husband came to prove that the other coupon was indeed his and I was holding it for him, Kari just left !!! She had us waiting in line because she refused to process the 2nd transaction. We waited a good 10 mins. Nobody else came to the register to help out. There was another cashier and she said ours is another transaction so we have to go back in line!! Aeropostale has the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE people working. You better get these people trained to be nicer to the customers; we spent well over $120 and you treated us like shit. If you don't treat your customers with dignity and respect, no one will come to your store and guess what, your business will suffer and by the way, KARI or KERRY, you will be out of a job! AEROPOSTALE, get your act together and TRAIN your people. And Kari or Kerry (salesperson 824590), you better watch it.

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Allahra Sheppard - 116 d 19 h ago


Since Aeropostale is my favorite place to shop, I thought I would come to you and ask for some of your financial support.

I've recently been selected as a state finalist in NAM (National American Miss) Beauty Pageant. If you would be so kind as to sponsor me, I would be more than happy to advertise your company.

If you will sponsor me 110 dollars your business card will go into NAM's yearbook. FURTHERMORE, If you would sponsor me 500 dollars, I will enter the Photoshoot contest and MODEL (advertise) an outfit from your company, of YOUR choice (age appropriate- I'm 16years old). Please consider it.

Allahra Sheppard- (904) 229-1398 OR (904) 4224-724 OR (hidden)

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single mom ripped off - 124 d 22 h ago


Hi heres a review for your online company and how they treat singl moms on limited income that when they can finaly shop for there teenager daughter and buy her clothes she loves what that mom gets in return.

back in febuary I placed a order for clothes for my daughter over 100. well we still never got any but I paid with the money I saved. when contacting ups who said they delivered the package which i never signed for or got they said contact you . so after the 10-20 different times i finaly got back from your very rude representitives that i put my addrress down wrong because that was there final way of getting out of rplaceing or refunding my order when I responded with my order confirmation from your company proveing that final attempt to be invalid they kindly stopped responding to me so here i am trying to reach your corporate office to see if this is how your company works and treats its customers

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Hannah - 125 d 18 h ago


I was in your Niagria Falls store today and I was absolutely discussed by a teenager who walked in with his entire boxers hanging out and his pants down in the front too, to the point where he is just covering his crotch.

For a clothing store you should look at who you let in the store because there are young children in that store and it is not a sight that anyone needs to look at! You should be discussing with your staff for allowing him into the store!

I really hope that you change this!

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Twin mom - 126 d 43 s ago


Very hard to find a corporate person to talk to. I went to a store far from home and forgot my coupon at home. They told me that I could bring it back with the coupon. I went to my local store 2 days later with all the clothes and coupon. The cashier went to ask the manager if that could be done. The manager sent her back to tell me I had to go back to the store I bought. I never heard of that but in addition to everything she couldn't come to talk to me? Not really good customer service.

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Eddie Wells - 131 d ago

Hello my name is Edward Wells i was told to email corporate about my pay check that i haven't received on Mar.31 of this year im currently employed in Eau Claire WI , they said my address was wrong so here is my mailing address 464 ferry st. Eau Claire Wi 54703 thanks again....

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Derrick Dinkins - 190 d 19 h ago


Hello I am a former employee for your retail store in Midland,Texas 79707 and I am trying to get my W-2 but nothing so far has worked I now live in Augusta, Georgia for my full address contact my email (hidden))

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Nicole Zimmer - 177 d 1 h ago

Have you heard anything back from them on your W2? i am doing the same thing and not able to reach anyone.

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Charles - 165 d ago


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Kamri - 179 d 14 h ago


I just went into Aeropostale at fashion place, and the workers there will awful. I came later on in the evening and I understand after working 2 separate retail jobs that it is tiring and around 8 PM you are ready to leave. But the two young ladies closing at fashion place on 2/20/17 were rude to me, and several other customers in the store. I was planning on purchasing 4-5 shirts but after being treated awful by the employees I quickly set my stuff down and left. I watched 4 or 5 other customers do the exact same thing. Because of these two employees your company lost out on quite a few sales. The younger girl told my boyfriend "I can't check your gift card balance unless you buy things from us" which was a flat out lie. I then called her out on it and she got us a balance soon after. The other girl seems to be the manager, she told everyone in the store that they were closing in 3 minutes and didn't think they had time to try on their clothes so they should put them back. Customer service is the key to having a successful retail business. I have never left a review before good or bad, but I have never experienced employees this rude in a company before. I have shopped at aero for 9+ years for most of my wardrobe but I probably won't be going back after tonight.

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Mohamed ihab refaat - 199 d 9 h ago


Good Morning..

As we thought we were lucky to have Aeropostal brand in our countries, but by the very first visit we knew we were wrong.

On January the 30th we paid a visit to Aeropostal shop Cairo Festival City branch -.Cairo, Egypt, and we bought 4 round neck short sleeves men t-shirts, and according to the exchange and refund policy which is stated on the receipt next day January 31st we returned back to the outlet for exchange due to a small round cut found in one of the T-shirt.

But we were shocked by the seller attitude who refused to exhchanged it until he got and approval form his manager, which I found it completely unacceptable. I think you first owe me an apology to sell such a thing. Secondly, he is getting an approval for giving me my right.!!!!!!

Moreover, I don't have such a time to spend multi visit to your outlet, until I got my right.

And when I try to call the customer service the phone number given to me by the seller was out of service.

Waiting for your feedback, as we are really offended.

Thanks .

Mohamed ihab

Phone no. 002 (hidden)8

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