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Yvonne - 13 d 18 h ago


I returned my order for a refund, I have tracked it and know it was delivered to you but I can not get a hold of anybody to find out the status of my refund. I have called, tried live chat and also emailed and can not get a response.

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Amy Rooks - 15 d 17 h ago


I received my order today, after waiting forever,.and I am very unhappy. The shirts did not fit true to size. A large fits more like a small. It's ridiculous! Before the order came I tried 4 different ways to get in touch with customer service,.and they were.unreachable on all ways. I called.the customer service number twice and as soon as I got thru after waiting 25 minutes,.someone picked up the phone and then hung up on me both times. I emailed and.never got a response. This is no way to run a business if you want repeat customers. I am very unhappy. The problem is I like the merchandise, but everything else was a problem. My email address is (hidden) if anybody wants to respond.

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Amy Rooks - 19 d 16 h ago


I want someone to contact me regarding my order. I can't get any help.from your sorry customer service department. They are the worst I have ever dealt with. My order number is (hidden)6. My name is Amy Rooks. I either want someone to find my product or refund my money.

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Angela - 15 d 19 h ago

Same here! On hold for hours. No reply to email. Nobody available on live chat. They have my money but nothing shipped. And they are posting on fb. Shame.

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Amy Rooks - 19 d 16 h ago


I am very angry! I placed an order on 5/20/2020 and it took a long time before it was shipped, but I gave the company the benefit of the doubt because of Covid-19. It was supposed to be delivered Saturday, but was not. NOBODY can tell me where this I tried customer service three times, and they hung up on me everytime before I could even speak.with anyone. I tried the customer service chat and it would not ever connect me with an operator. I just want to talk to somebody, but this company makes that impossible! I either.want my stuff I ordered or I.want a refund. You should never have to go thru this much to get answers. My order number is (hidden)6. My name is Amy Rooks. I hope that someone will see this and please DO SOMETHING. I would hate to have this as my last experience with your company, but if this is not rectified it definitely will be.

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Refund needed NOW - 21 d 17 m ago


I waited over a month for my package to be delivered. Once I received it everything was wayyy too small after sizing up due to reviews. So I sent the whole order back, no big deal. It has been 15 DAYS and I still have NO refund. I've called aero almost everyday and get the same answer with an immense amount of attitude, "we're backed up." To even get ahold of a customer service rep I have waited up to an hour on hold!!! You guys have to have the WORST customer service in the world. If I don't get my refund today I will be taking further action against aero. You will absolutely NEVER get mine or my family's business again.

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Milagros - 23 d 14 h ago


I been waiting for my package to be deliver almost a month I call customer service twice and all they had done is giving me attitude just because I requested my refund and put me on hold for more than 35 minutes is a disgrace doing business with this company the customer service is horrible and they ppl they has working to the lady's name is Katherine is a shame to have a "supervisor" that do nothing to help to keep a customer in my behalf I will not be a customer of this company anymore and I will share my experience with family and friends so they don't have to go thru the same bad experience. The order #16319773 in case you want to investigate the matter ... Think that I will dout.

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Patrick Mulrane - 91 d ago


I worked for your company last year and wanted to know how do I get my W2 forms? I was living temporarily in Maryland for school and worked at your company. I am afraid that the address it was sent to was my temporary school address. I have not gotten my W2's and want to know how I can get a copy or see where the original was sent. Thank you

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Anonymous - 87 d 27 s ago

We are having the exact same problem- and have called the corporate and when you do- you push 4 for W2 and it just keeps ringing and ringing and then finally goes a a voice message that says we are exepriencing technical difficulties, please call back later- this has been like this for the last 4 days we have tried. Did you figure out how to get your W2 ?

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Concerned mom - 95 d 18 h ago


My son works for your company. He informed me that you are putting all employees on furlough without pay until the Governor opens all business. You should be ashamed of yourself not helping your employees out in their time of need. The least you could do is give them 2 weeks paid until their unemployment kicks in. After all your employees are the ones that keep you in business. HELP THEM OUT!!!

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Anonymous - 108 d 12 h ago

I'm an employee at Mercedes outlets and I don't think it's far to cut our shifts because of the COVID-19. I need the shift because I don't have anyone to help me pay for my stuff.

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Anonymous - 105 d 15 h ago

You could file for unemployment. Aero is letting all part time employees file. I know this because I also work for the company. Just an FYI

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Anonymous - 108 d 1 m ago

Why is your NYC offices still making staff come into work.

Get with the program!!!

Make them work from home!

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Anonymous - 110 d 18 h ago


I purchased one shirt from Aeropostale at Camarillo premium outlet, the salesperson asked me if I want to add my email address for future promotion so I did, I got back to hotel in L A and was surprised to get e receipt from the same store with different salesperson number for 3 items that I didn't purchase, I called the store trying to inquire but the person I spoke with kept telling me that my voice is breaking up and he can't hear me, I believe salespeople at that store are dishonest and they do the same with other tourists and someone from the headquarter must investigate because this gives a bad reputation about the brand.

My email address is (hidden)

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 122 d ago


iam a garments manufacturer and exporter in Tirupur India.

you have any order place for me?

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Store manager Angie very very suck piece shiet - 125 d 16 h ago

Tha store manager Angie store #565 North Star mall in San Antonio that's sucks with tha customers trans 034345 date 2/27/20

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Store #565 store manager suck - 125 d 16 h ago


That store 565 manager to rude white tha customers suck store in San Antonio tax

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Jessica - 137 d 13 h ago


Please please please bring back the Bayla Perfume.

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Kelvin - 178 d 13 h ago



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Amanda - 187 d 15 h ago


i really need to speak to corporate

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Jennifer - 222 d 21 h ago


Just a legit question. How can I keep the elasticity in my sweat pants? Like I've bought a couple pairs and no matter how I wash them or dry then the elasticity runs out within 3-4 months. Any help or tips?

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Ol girl - 221 d 5 h ago

Two possible solutions if you can get to Walmart buy you a package of elastic approximately same size as what you got stretch around your waist to comfort they make fabric glue or you can baste it in their on top of the elastic that's already there if that is not an option you can make an inside drawstring through the elastic to help it out and make your sweatpants last a little longer if nothing seems to work out for you just keep telling yourself wow look at all the way I'm losing how refreshing to talk about elastic instead of whiners

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Tori - 256 d 13 h ago


It's horrible I gave them my gift card the lady dropped it down a slot and said she couldn't do anything

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Lori Adams - 1 y ago



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Tony - 1 y ago

Her name is Angie Metcalf

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Anonymous - 1 y ago


She's a terrible manager!!!!

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