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Karla - 12 d 19 h ago


I wanted to send this message to you about a cashier at Albertson's in Arizona where i shop often the store is in Chandler store # 997 cashier Chris #261 phone number to the store is (hidden) He is such a fabulous guy he has always been so kind every time i am in there and has helped me out in so many different ways each time i am there! We totally need more amazing people at the stores like this guy!

Sincerely one very happy customer!

Karla Lockwood

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Anonymous - 23 d ago


I live in Williams, az 86046 and I can rarely find regular half and half. There is an abundance of Fat Free. I have spoken to the manager and the dairy manager and they tell

me that they order the regular and still get mostly Fat Free. This was never a problem until Albertsons took over. What is the problem?????

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Anonymous - 27 d 1 h ago


My wife and I were shopping at the Albertsons at 91st Ave and Bell RD in Peoria AZ. They had an ad on Gatorade and had pallet in the front of the store so we went to the pallet and began putting Gatorade in our cart. As we were doing that, I don't know if he was a manager or an employee but he basically barged in front of us and began throwing Gatorade in a cart like he was pissed off at the world even missing the cart several times. He was a Spanish guy and did not get his name but he was out of control and bad for your business

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Anonymous - 27 d 11 h ago


Recently I purchased a package of frozen Halibut at the Safeway store in Sedona. I have purchased this product many times and found it to be just fine as flash frozen seafood products go. In June of this year I bought a package of the Halibut and had the opposite experience. The fillets had been cut to expose an array of vertebra bones on each serving. In cutting away the bone there was less than 4 oz. of fish in what was suppose to be 12 oz. When I took the packaging along with my receipt to the local Safeway store the customer service representative as well as the on-site manager informed me that they were not responsible for any products that were not originally processes by Safeway. There was a 100% money back guarantee label on the package if not satisfied with the product. The Safeway representatives said to write my complaint to the company, in this case Lucerne Foods. I did and just received a letter with no signing to the effect that the responsibility for the guarantee was the retail store where I purchased it.

Had the individual read my letter carefully it was clearly stated that the retail store refused to take responsibility since they were not the original processor of this product.

I only take the time to clarify this to send a message to someone in corporate headquarters that there is no clear channel of responsibility between your policies and the retail vendor who sells your product. In this case no one is responsible except to send a letter stating a policy that Safeway will or cannot honor.

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Anonymous - 38 d ago


The Albertsons In Gallup NM has a rude store manager Geoff. He doesnt like the natives

Americans that shop there or the ones working there. I see him constantly mistreating the meat department employees with criticism and not giving them enough time to finish their work good. He uses alot of the overtime that should be given to his employees on his own time which he is always on leave or on vacation. I'd like to see changes maybe hire a Native as a manager or hire more people that he doesnt assoicate with like buddies hes familiar with or sides with everytime. Alot of them employees are hungover and still report to work.

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Anonymous - 38 d ago


All the employees at the Gallup, NM Albertsons are always on their personal cell phones. Cannot get anyone to answer me a question right away withouth them putting away their phone. Even in the meat department, all the guys there always on their phones, isnt that a safety percustion for they deal with machines that cut and with knives laying around.

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Anonymous - 54 d 14 h ago


Today I was in Albertsons, this one security guard was following me all through the store. It was when I tried speaking to him but then he decided to follow me all through the store. The pharmacy is also really rude they need to be trained on how to be kind to there costumers. What is the world Blythe Store any blinds in the store know there's Filipina Mexicans in white to being rude to black people.

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ScammedBySafeway - 55 d 24 m ago


Major Safeway Monopoly "game" fraud out here in Northern California I've fully experienced & that they've still not remended, corrected, as they promised way back in May. And I'm a nationally syndicated terrestrial & satellite radio host, newspaper and magazine consumer affairs columnist. While Corporate Alb/SWay finally responded after numerous unanswered calls, letters, certified letters, emails to Executive Office; they then promised to get back to me. Some three(3) weeks ago. We're calling for a Safeway and Albertson's boycott, shop elsewhere until they rectify all their problems. You know, like Safeway's advertised & JustForYou prices attempting to lure shoppers in; or the prices on the shelves...then not matching what you get rung up for at their cash registers. They've been repeatedly exposed by ABC's 7OnYour Side, CBS's Consumer Watch on-air hosts for this mess. Legal disclaimer: as always, this is what I believe to be the truth and have personally experiences along with other witnesses, defendants. (hidden).

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Yikes - 1 y 249 d ago


I ordered a transformers cake for my sons 4 th birthday party. The picture was dark blue almost black and when I picked up the cake it was bright purple. Wine I said something to the cake decorator she said or its blue purple. Being it was the day of the party there was nothing I could do right then. Never get a cake from the albertsons on McClintock and Guadalupe again.

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enough - 1 y ago

Wine.I'd right ESS it good

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Tom - 60 d 12 h ago


Your right.

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B. V. - 62 d ago


Atten: Ryan Brown

6/15/17 I went to my closet Albertsons #991, as I live in Ventana Lakes to make several purchases from the ad that

was delivered to my mail box.that week. When I got up to the check out, I told the clerk the nectarines were 67 cents, not 77 and showed her the newspaper. She called produce, they had a conservation and realized that was the price for the remodeling for the Grand and Reems location, which was miles from my house. I did receive my 4 nectarines for free due to the misleading location. Why cant't all your locations honor the prices of the other stores. Is it really worth the embarrassment and aggravation of your customers, especially a 74 year old senior recovering from total knee replacement? Also, your stores have baggers, who try to pack as much in the bags as they can, not considering the age, gender and strength of the person. They should pack the bags, as they would for their grand parents, LIGHT.

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Atten: Ryan Brown update - 62 d 21 h ago


BV here again. I had a senior moment regarding the nectarines. The ad stated 77 cents a #, while the sign in produce stated 87 cents per #. I live miles and miles from Grand and Reems and how many people would drive that far to save 10 cents per #? Just honor the price at all your locations or just mail the ads to nearby neighborhoods.

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Albertsons employee - 90 d 16 h ago


a 29 year old manager of the Albertsons on Baseline and Ellsworth in Mesa AZ was engaged in a relationship with a 17 year old. The local police department went into that Albertsons a requested the address of the 29 year old so the could go pick up the 17 year old from the managers house and bing him home because he had ran away from home to be with her. After all said and done Albertson chose to cover it up and let the manager and the 17 year old to continue working there. As an employee of Albertsons I am ashamed that the company I work for has chose not to do anything about it. I have sent email' to their corporate office and and they have chose not to reply. I am now looking for a new job and will not shop at Albertson or Safeway ever again.

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Unhappy Customer - 97 d 15 h ago


I was shopping at the albertsons on dysart and Indian School, litchfield Arizona, I Will never shop at this store again, the manager Kelly is really rude, I have never been treated so poorly by someone in customer service! She should not be a manager. She is a horrible person!!!!!

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MJ - 125 d 16 h ago

Albertsons, out of the add ham Hormel Cure 81 spiral cut bone-in on the first day of the Easter add in Surprise Arizona, the meat buyers of Albertsons should be replaced, better yet tard and feathered, who orders 150 hams for one store for the add. Some who doesn't want to sell the add ham in the first place. This is so wrong, all of the stores are out in the area on the first day. Cooks ham is the substitute, they have plenty of those, cheap hams, I end up going to Safeway to buy the same ham but have to pay $1.77 lb instead $1.27 lb. Wow and get this they are both owned by the same company now. Talk about monopoly and controlling pricing and products, shame on you people, I was going to buy a whole rib roast also but since they were out of the add ham I walked out the door. I plan to post this to social media and take it to corporate and as far as I can go with this. I've got more time than money now. I was thinking maybe just bad planning but these buyers get payed big money not to make these mistakes, more like they just don't care, to bad, back to Fry's.

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Paul - 130 d 33 m ago


I enjoy Topo-Chico mineral water. I tried it at a sampling table and bought a case. They haven't had cases for weeks, but they have the single bottles (which are labeled 'Not For Individual Sale') for $.99 apiece. My next email is to the distributor.

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Paul - 130 d 38 m ago


Albertson's in Alamogordo. "Manager" went in the back to see if they had steel cut oats which was filled with rolled oats. Never came back. Two weeks later, all bulk oats bins are still empty.

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Bess - 161 d 6 h ago

The safeway store in gilbert Val Vista and elliot 1534 bakery is filthy the bakery manager is very rude I will never shop at that store again she has the worst customer service I ask about a cake an she acted like I was bothering her she needs to take the time to clean that filthy place the floors are a disgusting I'm considering calling the health department

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SHAWN RAJPAL - 161 d 20 h ago


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thiyeni - 162 d ago


I am writing about the Albertson's on the corner of Queen Creek and Power Road, Gilbert, AZ 85298. Ever since you got this manager the selection of products has deteriorated. The stocking of the shelves is very sparse and inconvenient to reach. Take for example, the Lavazza coffee which is stored on the topmost shelf and is constantly not replenished. You stop carrying a lot of the gourmet foods which this community buys. Your manager is totally oblivious to the merchandise needs of your customers and he has not interest in listening to feedback. On top of all, there are not enough cashiers and help.

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Jeff - 193 d 12 h ago


Tried to fill out Albertsons customer survey found it to be VERY CONFUSING your survey system is not helpful at all will not be doing any more surveys with your company

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grumpy :(o - 209 d ago


I have been going to write for quite some time, only to talk myself out of it. However, today I decided I must voice my disgust in the manor corporate America treats it's customers. I get the very distinct idea that the folks who attend board meetings and directors meetings have come to the conclusion that the average American is numb from the neck up, or just down right stupid.

Before I begin, I would like to say my wife and I began shopping at Albertsons, on a weekly basis, back in 1984. My complaint today centers on two products. While the powers that be will consider both rival, these are just two examples for a general problem throughout your markets. First, why has Emeril's spaghetti sauce disappeared from you shelves? Second, while corporate must have assumed no one would notice, these folks are dead wrong and I consider this issue to be Non-Trivial. Your bakery sells what I consider the best tasting chocolate cookies available. Despite how stupid the suits consider the consumer to be, many of us are keenly aware of your deceitful shenanigans. You have been not only reducing the number of cookies per package, you have also, and worse, cutting the amount of dough used per cookie. While the number of chocolate chips has also been reduced. This sirs, can be considered nothing less than deliberate deceit.

The consumer is not stupid, we notice more that you think. We are ready, willing able to spend our $$$ anywhere we choose, and understand that these days supermarkets are like flies, they're everywhere...

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Anonymous - 271 d ago

Albertsons might as well take the albertson sign down and put a safeways one up cause its like safeways bought albertsons instead of albertson buying safeway you have none of your albertsons brands in anything its like we dont even have an albertsons anymore its really disappointing i dont even like shopping at albertsons anymore because of it

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Anthony - 289 d 11 h ago

My name is Anthony..and this cashier by the name Rosa she was a bitch to me raising her voice at me..I find that really disrespectful..i think she is on drugs..Albertsons in long Beach CA.on willow

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