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Anonymous - 1 y ago

Good Afternoon. Just read all of the great experiences that people have had giving feed back without any resolution. It's dishearting to know that customer service is not at the top of core values. Since having two very bad experiences in two different Albertson with in the last couple of months I will no longer give my money to this company. Both of my experiences have to do with expired food. So not only have a call the health board on you but also going to local news. I can bet that will get some attention. First experience was at 4055 S Durango Las Vegas 89147 where yorgut was expired. Have to be thankful that the cashier pointed it out. As I went back to get replacement for the expired notice that out of all the ones there(yorgut) three where only 3 not expired. There where like 20 on the shelf. Second experience was last night (4/13/18) picked up a bag of halo oranges and the whole bag is bad. Just a side note stood in line an extra 25 mins with no one telling us anything about the system resetting. Then the young lady calls over the intercom the quote "three or more". The manager had some friends there so he opens takes his friends then closes his register.

So here are the issues that need to be addressing. 1) Managers need to follow up on training for freshness. (It the law). 2)Managers need to train on core values of customer services. Just having your cashier stand at the register and not speak to customer is bad business. Also they should have help with the lane to make it go much faster.

You might want to fix this before the news and health board gets to your stores. I have reach out to local news Investigations and the health board.

You are welcome for the warning. There will not be one next time.

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Novaray - 5 d 15 h ago

Where are u at with the Health Board.Im so sick of their nasty meat. I was told my a former employee that Albertsons is notorious for leaving their meat out.

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Novaray - 5 d 15 h ago


Seems as though I'm an not alone with my recent transactions at Albertsons. I normally shop at the Albertson on Valvista and University as it is the most convenient . I have been shopping there for years . lately the quality of service I have been receiving is less than par.

It's not only customer services but the products themselves . Although the store Managers will do everything in their power to help you . It's all the cashiers that seem to have issues. I've been told more than once , when I've asked if they didn't mind calling someone to grab an item,that I had forgotten ,this is the response I've received" I have other people in line and the bagger wouldn't even know where to look ". To being over priced for Items because of being misplaced on shelves or being mis- labeled. The facial expressions and tone at the customer service desk is absoultley appauling. I have had to take my receipts back,numerous times bc of over priced items . Holy cow heaven,forbid my,just for U doesn't work. It's like they cant honor it or know how to give you back your money. The clearance shelves are stocked with non- clearance items that are not labeled or marked. It's almost like they just ran out of Shelf space. I will no longer buy fresh chicken , beef etc... Bc you have to cook,it that night or its no good. The cashiers are extremely rude when it comes to using coupons , granted most are from the Monopoly game but it's seems as though it's just too much work for the cashiers to scan,in,and check them. Also ,I have been told that they do not honor any Albertson Ads found online/ just for you coupons either unless it's directly from the Albertson App. I have found many sites with the weekly ad no area code specified nothing in,the fine print about location. Yet, they don't care. So no using any,app like Flipp. I've only been putting up with these issues bc I am playing monopoly but after the promotion ends. I think my journey with this company will too. I hope this is taken seriously bc with grocery stores going out of business I would like to think that this will not have to be added to the list as well.

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A non-person according to Albertson's activity - 10 d 23 s ago


Date: April 13, 2019

Time: Near 11:30 p.m.!!!!

Location: Eugene, Oregon near the rear exit of the Albertson's store on Division Ave

Offending party: Albertson's cab pulling a Safeway Trailer (too dark to see identifying numbers)

Environmentally-friendly and neighborhood-friendly path next to the shopping center provides a quick and undisturbing exit out to Division Ave. as trucks leave the rear of the shopping center/ Albertson's store: angled path near the exit to Division Ave. takes seconds and limits noise and air pollution.

Instead of taking the short angled path out, this truck makes a sharp turn and comes roaring toward homes, getting louder and louder until it stops abruptly at a curb 3 feet from residences [and next to a fence that has recently been replaced in an area suffering from a variety of trespassing activity for years, residents making efforts to restore respect very much needed for safety, health, and protection of property], the still night air amplifying a sound like a gun is being fired (setting brakes?), the truck continuing to idle, both intrusions of sound in this enclosed area disturbing, seconds away from the rear of Albertson's (what is the truck doing next to homes at night that it could not do at the delivery site?). A third sound pierces the night air - the sound of the truck door slamming shut - what was the driver doing out of the cab here? stopped vehicular activity at this time of night here suspect and disturbing, the lot usually and respectfully empty this time of night except for trespassing activity if a vehicle is stopped.

Finally, after several disturbing minutes, the truck proceeds around another sharp turn, a scraping sound heard as the truck attempts to negotiate this sharp turn having added distance, time, and pollution to an otherwise quicker, quieter, and less toxic route that does not compromise residents in a residential area composed of families with children, senior citizens, and persons with medical conditions - adequate rest, avoidance of toxins, and low stress the responsibility of caregivers to provide- all impacted by this driver's avoidable and very compromising activity.

Sadly: Persons-in-charge at Albertson's have been contacted at local, regional, and national levels beginning in 2015 regarding health and safety impacts of this activity. As in 2 neighboring towns, Albertson's has lent a deaf ear to neighborhood concerns, one town needing to take action at the city level, a law suit being files in the other.


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Jaime Talbot - 34 d 16 h ago



The Salt Content in your Fried Chicken .. is deplorable.. I bought 24 pieces ....for my Sons team outting plus salads....My son Christopher & 3 other boys out of 10 said; it was good...BUT IT WAS WAY to SALTY and there mouths hurt ( Overly Salty ) reduce Salt on your Fried Chicken please .... Salt can always be added as you know....when this is a sign 25% less salt and see if your sells should increase....straight from 11-12 year old boys...playing baseball...Thank you, Team Mom the (Star is for there Fried Chicken)

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L.A. Lavin - 35 d ago


I was so happy to see that my local Albertson's started using cardboard containers for their Salad Bar, and Soup Bar. However, you are still using plastic for the smaller salad containers. Not to mention the 1000's of plastic bags at the check out counters that get used every day. If you insist on using plastic, I know for a fact they make the bags in BIODEGRATABLE products. I would not mind spending a few cents more at the grocery to be help out with the environment. It's a start. Please consider changing your bags to all paper or use biodegradable plastic bags, And since you've been able to replace the large cotainers at the salad bar with cardboard ones, let's try switching over the smaller plastic cotainers to cardboards one's also. Be the leader please.

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john lee - 64 d ago


Nobody likes digital coupons so please quit using them' Why can't you just run them on sale like you used to' A lot of older people don't have computers or smart phones.

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Not 4 Me - 100 d ago


Shame on Albertson's for soliciting their customers at check out! Begging for the Catholic Church as the Pennsylvania archdiocese have 71 or more with sexual misconduct. It's time to have the church be registered as sex offenders!!!

Protect your children!!! See the movie "spotlight"!

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Sonia Barry - 128 d 1 h ago


Who do I talk to about the Safeway pharmacy in Bisbee Arizona? They hav'nt answered the phone in over 2 weeks, when I asked why I was told it was because they're short staffed. I live 25 miles away as it is the nearest store to me and am disabled. Just trying to get info on my meds without making a 50 mile trip

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Anonymous - 168 d 24 h ago


Albert sons needs to have no added sugar pies, ice cream/any brand. Tang sugar free or no sugar added. I am a Diebetic and Albert sons is the closest market for me. I have no transportation. And please add diet orange in the refrigerator show case by check stand. Too much dark colored drinks are not good for diabetes.

Thank you.

Mimi Paramo.

General profile image - 194 d 4 s ago

I am a customer of Albertsons in Bakersfield 1520 Brundage Lane. I also use the pharmacy located inside. I live close enough to the store if it was a football game the kicker could kick a field goal from my house to the store. I use credit cards bank debit card I also have the Albertsons app on my phone. With all this in mind why would I choose to be a shoplifter there is nothing in that store worth me going to jail for! Now this all started one day I left the pharmacy on my way out of the store the employees was having a problem with someone a physical altercation this person turned and shove me I didn't know what to do I froze what's going on?When I realized what was going on I made it out the door on my way home the store manager call me and ask me to come back I did. He told me wait here which was outside in front of the store I did. A police officer arrived and went in I waited. The officer came out and approached me. His words to me were"THERE IS NO REASON FOR YOU TO BE HERE YOU NEED TO LEAVE"I said the manager told me to wait here. Then he put his hand on his gun and sad."YOU CAN LEAVE OR YOU CAN BE ARRESTED".every since that day I have been followed around the store like a criminal.I don't know why did the manager call me back to the store and what did he tell the officer about me and what why am I treated as a criminal. I am 72 years old I don't have transportation to go to another store so I have to put up with this treatment to eat. Why would I steal from a store that has all of my personal information.? I AM NOT STUPID AND I AM NOT A CRIMINAL.WHY WAS I CALL BACK TO THE STORE AND WHAT WAS THE OFFICER TOLD ABOUT ME?

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Kathy - 202 d ago


I went into Albertson Store in Rancho Mirage, CA. on 9/14/2018 ~ as good faith I paid $150 in cash for a Gift Card (App Store & iTunes), came back the same day a let them know that is card was used before I sent it? It stated

""Your order is rejected! The rejected message is Your iTune card were used before you sent to our website. If you have any doubt, please contact Apple support to ask the exact time when your cards were used." The store mgr didn't help whatever to give back my funds and didn't know what do? The employees were more helpful in trying to help me out, we contact the no# that was on the slip 1 (hidden), spoke to Deana, advise me to contact Itunes, which I went through 7 representatives, passing me to every different dept. I contact Gordon Senior Adviser. He mentions I would have to file a Police report, then opens an iTunes account so he could put the funds into, then closed it out as fraud, then they will issue me a refund check that will take 4-6 weeks to receive coming from the east coast? But he said to try to contact the Corporate office of Albertson, which I called I was advised to send copy front and back of gift card receipts. Which I did, and it cost me $7.00 + to copy and faxed out? Which was 9/14/2018 the same day of the incident! I called back spoke to Deana 9/18 to see if they received it, they did but now they wanted a letter from the other party showing they are unable to help me, so Albertson would have bragging rights that they stepped up to help this customer? She wanted me to email to (hidden) which I forward the email from the other vendor to them. I called on 10/1 spoke Beth, and advise me that Deana was on another line? She read the notes and told me they needed that email as a PDF? So I turned around and did that, then I called back on 10/4 to confirm it they received it they received it, Now beth is saying they are not going to help me because the other Vendor said they will help me on the letter. The letter stated try to contact the Corporate office first, if they can't help you, then come back to us? The customer service at the Corporate office is POOR SERVICE - All I'm asking is to get my money back, just passing the buck around, that is not good service whatsoever? I ask for the person above Deana, they only give me the name Tama? it's on the 20th day, since 9/14/2018 when they took my funds??????? They keep on saying App Itunes has there money already, just give me back my funds and yet they work with the Vendor that gives them the gift cards to sell. (((Why should a Customer go through this))) I would not recommend anyone to get gift cards through Grocery stores, just go through your bank, they have gift cards for you to purchase, at least your not getting the hassles I'm going through. I'm back in the Same City of the incent and this Store should just contact me and I could go get my funds and end this Case!!! I hope the Executives of this Company is READING THIS!

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Donna Minet - 223 d 19 h ago


My friend and I are from Pueblo Colorado. Monday September 11th, we went to the Albertsons store which had a good sale because they did remodeling at that store. We seen that you had to get 12 items, and we could mix and match the items so we mixed several items to get 12, like, soup, oatmeal and canned vegetables, then when we get up to the cash register, the clerk said that we were supposed to get 12 of only one particular item, like 12 different kinds of soups that we couldn't mix and match soup, oatmeal or canned goods. The information that said that was in fine print underneath the words mix and match in red letters. We believe it's not fair for them to do that because we have been able to mix and match different other items all together before, as long as they equalled up to 12 or 10. I am 72 and my friend was 59. We do not think it was fair that we cannot mix and match different items or next time they have a sale ad put it in a little bit larger print that it has to only be a mix of one particular item. So we doubt that we will go back there and Shop anymore because things like this happened pretty often.

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Allie Jaramillo - 252 d 11 h ago


Store policy clearly statees that no employee will physically touch a suspected shoplifter because if violated termination is immediate no matter if suspect did it or not(which i did not) but this is public info how employees of 30 years get fired on the spot for this but in odessa texas at the w count road albertsons on october 16 2016 this was violated and no punishement was handed down. Have video showing this plus confessions of the employees in the police report but no punishement. My question is why do these employees in odessa texas get the privalege of violating store policy and get no punishement and how are they special or is it a case of discrimination amongst thier employees that the ones that have violated in the past and terminated was just ones albertsons wanted to get rid of and the ones in odessa are special. Maybe these former employees shoild look into this and ask same question

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Xxxx - 237 d 14 h ago

Great at pushing things under rug.

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Athens - 238 d 10 h ago


I have been very disappointed in the Vons on 19th and carnelian. Your manager and assistant manager took me in the back office behind counter to tell me my daughter had snorted cocaine off a man's ass Now there is no reason I would ever dream of making this up. I would take a lie detector test to prove this. The two have said that was never said. Shame on them, for they do know the truth. I can't explain the hurt I felt as a mother listening to that plus the embarrassment, but I truly feel it was i unprofessional and embarrassment to your company. Yet it doesn't get better I get a call from Michelle and Tim the dristrict manager and both where rude. Tim had the nerve to tell me people could lose their job. REALLY? I really don't care! Kyra was transferred to upland and Tim said it was best we got her out of this situation. So the one that is treating cruel and bullied is disciplined? Not the two that lied on your customer. Yes I'm the one you broke $80 of Starbucks cups and within 5 minutes paid for them so you would not take a loss. I have never been so disappointed in a organization. After alot of soul searching I have decided I want Johanna and Oscar moved. I have no problem going in because that is my store, I have gone there 19 years. I sent my son the other day, he said he would never go back people act mean and follow him. I will leave you with this, after all is said and done all we really have is our name. Johanna took a rumor and attacked me, to hurt me. If she was truly concerned she would have spoke privately, but even then that is against the law. What she did was take a rumor and defamation of my daughter's character. Please feel free to contact me. I would appreciate it if it was someone of a higher status then Michelle and Tim. Thank you.

. . Mrs. Athena Faris

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Wesley - 256 d ago

I am a customer of the La Canada store in Tucson, Az' The store is very clean, the employees are knowledgeable and helpful. I have nothing bad to say about them at all. I would especially like to give a big hand to to your meat dept. The really know how to present the products professionally. Your over-the- operation is extremely well-run as is the back-end. I am a retired journeyman meat cutter, with 40 years of experience so I know what I am talking about.

I am sick and tired of your advertising of meat products. I just bought yesterday a value-pack of N.Y. steaks, bone-in for $4.77 lb. .Nice price. But I happened to notice the single bone-in N.Y.,s were $6.77 lb.Isn't $ 2.00lb. gouging? You bet it is!! I was forced to buy the value-pack, to get the price break, when I really only wanted 1 steak. I get the message!!

It makes me feel like my business is not wanted. And by the way. if a N.Y. has a bone in it it's called a K.C. steak. In your value -packs, you load them up, so even @ sale price the cost is hight. If your leader cost is low your % loss doesn't make sense.I can see paying a $1.00 lb. tops more per lb.for a single steak, but$2.00 more per lb. is gouging. And by the way, there is no such thing as a petite sirloin stk.It is a sirloin tip. It is a piece of meat that comes off the round. The tip refers to the fact the piece of round just comes in g as a bone-in rib-eye, unless you with the sirloin. You are implying that it is a loin cut and it is not. Also, there is no such thing as bone-in rib -eye stk. unless you remove all the meat below the eye. A true rib-eye is the roll out of the rib only. This is not the last time i will be contacting. I am a squeaky wheel and am sick and tired being the goat. Have A Nice Day!!!

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Lynne - 258 d 19 h ago


Soo disappointing to find out that my digital deal coupons don't apply the discount at checkout. Again.

Sick of either having to beg to get the discount, or just eating the dollar or two or three and going home with my overpaid food.

Walmart grocery dept is looking better and better.

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lori lakosky - 275 d 24 h ago


I thought I'd like those just for you coupons it just seems like now every time I go home and check my receipt three out of five of them have not given me the discount and I have to go back to the store it just doesn't seem like it should be this hard to shop

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Anonymous - 283 d ago

Hello I shop at Albertsons on a regular basis probably 2 or 3 times a week yesterday I made a purchase of $19 worth of food and drink product and the cashier was very rude and the bakery price today at and made me feel ill I've been sick for 24 hours after the persons the cashier is a small framed brunette the name I'm not sure of in Palm Desert deep Canyon store something needs to be done about this cashier something needs to be done about the employees at the Albertson's in Palm Desert are very rude

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Carol - 285 d ago


I have been a customer at the Hilltop Albertson's for 20+ years, I know them and they know me. While sometimes it is frustrating when you have lines extremely long and not enough cashier's usually everything else is fine. It used to be my neighborhood grocery store but, I moved so it is not but, I still shop there. The reason I am writing thie review is because I wanna give JAMES in the liquor department a HUGE shout out, he is the nicest person ever and takes such great care of his customers. Always a smile on his face and even a joke here and there that brightens my days. Yesterday I was in there and I started sneezing uncontrollably, I look up and there is James handing me a kleenex! That is great customer service, please give this young man the recognition he deserves because he is a huge asset to your company!

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Denise M - 310 d ago


We have been shopping at Albertson's store #197 for many years. We understand that Albertson's has made a corporate decision to no longer carry Dietz and Watson deli meats/cheeses. This is a big mistake and today when shopping I heard many other customers have the same type of comments as myself. Additionally, since the new Just 4 U coupons, I have to micromanage the charging of all items I purchase. Over the past month, I would have lost out on over $20 in coupons, but between the cashier and myself, we are able to find them and apply them manually. Today's purchase was because the computer system lost my number after beginning to ring up my purchase. I'm extremely disappointed with these changes. I really would appreciate a response. Thank you.

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Anonymous - 1 y ago


Has to be the worst grocery store I've ever been in...they close at 12:00 a.m. Yet all the areas were closed our closing the deli, cold deli, soups, wings were closed at 7:00 p.m. Head to stand at the deli counter for 5 minutes while the counter person was in a ordinal call behind the wall....I was starving 12 hour work day...I asked about roasted chicken ""(oh that's dry been there done was note 8:00 p.m....I asked about the wings on the back counter oh those are cold been sitting there since 7:00 p.m..' I got a please say old salad and 6 cold wings then went to check out. ....only lane open 7 people in line finally another man said I'll leave this cat full of groceries unless we get someone out here night manager finally owned another line...absolute joke worst customer's 3 blocks from my house I'd rather drive the Mile to Fry's sad...a boss taught me places can beat down the business until it's what they can handle....yep that's Albertsons....and before anyone says everybody has a bad day....B.S....I'm in the service industry as well....No excuse

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Sandy great customer service - 1 y ago


I wish to give a shoutout to a lady named Sandy who works at Albertsons Buena Park California on Valley Veiw and Lincoln street. Sandy goes over and above to help me and all other customers and is pleasant, kind polite courteous and thorough with us and our orders. My family shop there too and we just love it when sandy is our operator. She deserves to be promoted and Albertsons is very lucky to have such a great person hired there. We love her and recommend her for a managers position is she is not already! such a wonderful experience and other customers have said so too.Thank you for reading this!

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Anonymous - 1 y 106 d ago

Went to albertsons on Miliken in Rancho Cucamonga a few weeks ago when the tropicana orange juice was .99 and the water was .99 for a 24 pack limit 2. When I went thru the line I asked so it's a limit of 2 the manager replied yes . But at the customer service an employee was buying 6 waters. Anyways I purchased 5 orange juices and 2 waters .. there was no sign of limit for the juice not even in the ad. I got a raincheck they put 15 so I went in today to get them and they asked the customer service employee that wrote it out asked the manager if they could honor it and he crossed it out and put 5. So while I was shopping I asked a lady that was stocking the eggs if the yogurt was 10 for $4 because that's what the ad said but her sign said 10 for $7. Her reply was it's probably a misprint so i checked the vons ad it was 10 for $4. The customer service is terrible.

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Unhappy with The Service in Rancho - 1 y 103 d ago


Recently visited the Milliken store in Rancho where I had an issue with them honoring the Raincheck from another Albertson's. They said they don't do that. In all my years of shopping I've never heard of anything like that. So I spoke with the night manager, Harrison, who confirmed that they don't. Told me that the store shouldn't have run out of the item and they have to be more responsible for their inventory. Like it was MY fault. So I contacted Customer Service as soon as I got home--after midnight--and they emailed me back on Sunday saying that wasn't true--they should have honored. it They would have the store manager contact me. After days of nothing, I contacted Mike Wheeler, the manager, who said little, had not seen an e-mail from them, and said he would send me a giftcard for my poor treatment. He has not. And that was over 2 weeks ago. Perhaps that's the culture at that store---just lie about it.

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Anonymous - 1 y 77 d ago

How did you manage to contact the manager? Directly through one of the stores or ?

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