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8035 N 19th Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Steve Brown
(602) 678-0895
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Anonymous - 46 d 12 h ago

Went to albertsons on Miliken in Rancho Cucamonga a few weeks ago when the tropicana orange juice was .99 and the water was .99 for a 24 pack limit 2. When I went thru the line I asked so it's a limit of 2 the manager replied yes . But at the customer service an employee was buying 6 waters. Anyways I purchased 5 orange juices and 2 waters .. there was no sign of limit for the juice not even in the ad. I got a raincheck they put 15 so I went in today to get them and they asked the customer service employee that wrote it out asked the manager if they could honor it and he crossed it out and put 5. So while I was shopping I asked a lady that was stocking the eggs if the yogurt was 10 for $4 because that's what the ad said but her sign said 10 for $7. Her reply was it's probably a misprint so i checked the vons ad it was 10 for $4. The customer service is terrible.

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Unhappy with The Service in Rancho - 43 d ago


Recently visited the Milliken store in Rancho where I had an issue with them honoring the Raincheck from another Albertson's. They said they don't do that. In all my years of shopping I've never heard of anything like that. So I spoke with the night manager, Harrison, who confirmed that they don't. Told me that the store shouldn't have run out of the item and they have to be more responsible for their inventory. Like it was MY fault. So I contacted Customer Service as soon as I got home--after midnight--and they emailed me back on Sunday saying that wasn't true--they should have honored. it They would have the store manager contact me. After days of nothing, I contacted Mike Wheeler, the manager, who said little, had not seen an e-mail from them, and said he would send me a giftcard for my poor treatment. He has not. And that was over 2 weeks ago. Perhaps that's the culture at that store---just lie about it.

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Anonymous - 16 d 18 h ago

How did you manage to contact the manager? Directly through one of the stores or ?

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Sam g - 21 d ago


On February 1sts I wen to the Albertson locates on the 4126 S Carrier Pkwy

Grand Prairie, TX 75052 to buy a can of coconut milk. When I got home to use the coconut milk and I opened the can I noticed that it was hard like cream cheese type so I thought I had gotten the wrong kind, well I looked at the expiration date on the Can and it's dated back to 05/27/2017!! So I went to back to the store and I tell the cashier that I need to exchange the milk. When I got to the shelves to get the coconut milk I see that ALL of the cans of Goya coconut milk on the shelves are expired. I looked I've to the canned Goya beans and they're also expired. Some of the expiration's dates on the cans of product dates back to may of 2016. I don't speak with no manager but the cashier guy came and immediately took the spoiled/ expired product off the shelves. In pass times I've also baught meat from the deli and the meat has been spoiled and gone bad. That store needs to have and unexpected audit done to see what's going on.

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MT - 21 d 16 h ago

Just got back from albertsons on Jupiter & buckingham in Richardson, tx. Today is first day of sale on diet cokes. There was not a one on shelf. After asking was told maybe some in back but no one bothered to go look. This was 1 pm on first day of sale. NOT HAPPY. Every time I go there is some problem.

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Anonymous - 23 d 14 h ago

I live in Las Vegas, and I go to both Albertsons and Vons stores. On my phone, under just for you, was Krusteaz cookie mix for $1.89. I went to both stores and not one box of cookie mix found. Why advertise if it is not in stock?

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robin - 141 d 13 h ago

I just received a phone call to market flu shots to me at my Safeway pharmacy! I am angry that my confidential information was used to try to sell me something! I will no longer be a customer either in the pharmacy or the market.

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Susan - 43 d 6 h ago


But then try to get what they are selling and see how far that gets!

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Anonymous - 113 d 12 h ago

I would appreciate a call back I will not give you my name Allah your employees know me it's really sad that you just treat your employees like that I am so disappointed in your store I gave you my number and I appreciate a call back

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Susan - 43 d 6 h ago


Good Luck! I have been waiting 3 months! I was told that the only way that works is if it is escalated to the call center supervisor. Yet, I did that, and even talked personally with her, was promised a call but the District Manager, and it still has not happened!

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Susan - 43 d 6 h ago


1-877 # is a bigger joke than your Albertsons/ Safeway stores. I am still waiting for the same District manager that was supposed to call me 3 months ago, and the service is only getting worse with the Pueblo, Colorado management. I am going back to Kings Soopers.

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Worst customer service ever. - 111 d 4 h ago

Took my 85 year old mother to the Bonney Lake Washington Safeway store on 12/3/17. I was picking up her prescription at the pharmacy and noticed four employees working on filling prescriptions and one cadhier. I was in a line of six people and asked the people behind the counter for another cashier to help as the line was getting longer. In response they sent one very young and unprofessional girl on her lunch break and continued to ignore the growing line of customers as one cashier did her best with no help from the others. I understand they felt they were busy with assigned tasks but I believe the customer standing in front of you should be your first priority. Sorry mom. I will not go back to that store again. Poor selection of goods and rude employees.

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Susan - 43 d 6 h ago


Trust me, I am from Colorado, and the Pharmacy is even worse here! I have tried to get a District Manager to call me since November and it is the middle of January now. I don't think the company cares!

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Gary & Lisa Cherms - 44 d 11 h ago


January 09, 2018 Albertsons Corporate Office Steve Brown 8035 North 19th Avenue Phoenix, AZ. 85021-5159 Dear Mr. Brown I have hope that this letter meets with your review, not a subordinate. If this letter was for a complaint I would have worked my way up the management chain. This letter is in fact a letter of appreciation and acknowledgement of excellence of the manager of the Mesa, Arizona, location at Power Road and Broadway. While living in Southern California, Albertson obtained 40% of my family's grocery budget. For more years than I would like to remember, we were happy with the service of the staff of your Redlands location. We recently we forced to move to desert for help reasons. When arriving in Mesa, we went to the closest Albertsons. During my wife's and my shopping, we were confronted with a situation of very poor service from a floor staff member. This situation caused us to want to change store location. On the way out, I noticed a manager talking to two other staffers. While passing, the manager stopped talking to acknowledge us leaving and said to return. That attitude caused me to stop and inform him of my shopping experience. After listening to him and his promise of redirecting and reeducation for that staffer. He added to please give the store another chance to meet our expectations. After a couple weeks we did exactly that. I walked into the store and Dennis spotted and welcomed me again. With that step into the store, we are still walking up and down the isles two years later and Albertson now receives nearly 80% of our grocery budget. Because of the relationship that has grown between my family and Albertsons, we now carpool with four other families to shop at Albertsons on Senior Day. Our neighbors are now as pleased with the due diligence of Dennis Spurlock and his staff makes Albertson our first stop. Again, thank you for your time reviewing the letter. Take to heart, that because of the experience and knowledge your manager has, we will always be an Albertson shopper. Much success in 2018 Gary Cherms

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Rob tired of feeling scared for my daughter what kind of guy do - 80 d 19 h ago


Not sure how this works I live in Tehachapi supposedly the Albertsons store has a female manager there that has been stabbing my daughters tires not once but twice within 6 months. They also broke her house window she has A3 month old baby put us all on edge. If she's crazy enough to do this what else was she do why would Albertsons employee such a person

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no name - 94 d 10 h ago


Why grocery stores not close on thanksgiving &Christmas so employees can be with family. Seems like company forgot about family vaule all about making money. Person in corporate office not working

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Bonnie Hickling - 103 d 13 h ago


Albertsons always had a policy that if you ask for an item, they will get it in for you. LIE! They've gotten rid of three different items and refuse to get them in for me. MUNCHOS, FREEDENT GUM and COWTAILS candy. I have to go to Frys and Walgreens for these items. Rediculous!

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Tracy - 111 d 15 h ago


To whom it may concern

I am a costumer of your store in Roswell NM. Your employers in that store are judgemental and they are playing favorites to their employees. And they give everyone less hours just so one cashier can have more hours on her pay check. So you need to get something done about that store. She in complains to the costumers about another employee. Saying she hates her and the other employee doesn't even comunicate with her. And your store is playing favorites. And it's not right.

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Sharon - 115 d 18 h ago


Bakery in Store 2985 at Cave Creek and Union Hills Jeri and staff are wonderful, I needed to order a special Halloween cake last minute and they made it very special. Thanks to Jeri in bakery at 2985

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issak and Shirley - 133 d 19 h ago


I have been going to the 128th Albertsons in Everett wa for 26 years in the last year it has been going DOWN hill. I had my breaking point over rotten fruit, customer service, Dirty store, and handicap scooter not working ECT. I finally spoke up. and Issak and Shirley were very understanding and professional. But if things don't improve soon I will drive out of my way to shop elsewhere...................The reason I give 2 stars in the Company NOT manangment.

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Karla - 202 d 14 h ago


I wanted to send this message to you about a cashier at Albertson's in Arizona where i shop often the store is in Chandler store # 997 cashier Chris #261 phone number to the store is (hidden) He is such a fabulous guy he has always been so kind every time i am in there and has helped me out in so many different ways each time i am there! We totally need more amazing people at the stores like this guy!

Sincerely one very happy customer!

Karla Lockwood

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Anonymous - 212 d 20 h ago


I live in Williams, az 86046 and I can rarely find regular half and half. There is an abundance of Fat Free. I have spoken to the manager and the dairy manager and they tell

me that they order the regular and still get mostly Fat Free. This was never a problem until Albertsons took over. What is the problem?????

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Anonymous - 216 d 19 h ago


My wife and I were shopping at the Albertsons at 91st Ave and Bell RD in Peoria AZ. They had an ad on Gatorade and had pallet in the front of the store so we went to the pallet and began putting Gatorade in our cart. As we were doing that, I don't know if he was a manager or an employee but he basically barged in front of us and began throwing Gatorade in a cart like he was pissed off at the world even missing the cart several times. He was a Spanish guy and did not get his name but he was out of control and bad for your business

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Anonymous - 217 d 6 h ago


Recently I purchased a package of frozen Halibut at the Safeway store in Sedona. I have purchased this product many times and found it to be just fine as flash frozen seafood products go. In June of this year I bought a package of the Halibut and had the opposite experience. The fillets had been cut to expose an array of vertebra bones on each serving. In cutting away the bone there was less than 4 oz. of fish in what was suppose to be 12 oz. When I took the packaging along with my receipt to the local Safeway store the customer service representative as well as the on-site manager informed me that they were not responsible for any products that were not originally processes by Safeway. There was a 100% money back guarantee label on the package if not satisfied with the product. The Safeway representatives said to write my complaint to the company, in this case Lucerne Foods. I did and just received a letter with no signing to the effect that the responsibility for the guarantee was the retail store where I purchased it.

Had the individual read my letter carefully it was clearly stated that the retail store refused to take responsibility since they were not the original processor of this product.

I only take the time to clarify this to send a message to someone in corporate headquarters that there is no clear channel of responsibility between your policies and the retail vendor who sells your product. In this case no one is responsible except to send a letter stating a policy that Safeway will or cannot honor.

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Anonymous - 227 d 19 h ago


The Albertsons In Gallup NM has a rude store manager Geoff. He doesnt like the natives

Americans that shop there or the ones working there. I see him constantly mistreating the meat department employees with criticism and not giving them enough time to finish their work good. He uses alot of the overtime that should be given to his employees on his own time which he is always on leave or on vacation. I'd like to see changes maybe hire a Native as a manager or hire more people that he doesnt assoicate with like buddies hes familiar with or sides with everytime. Alot of them employees are hungover and still report to work.

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