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Albertson's LLC

250 Parkcenter Blvd.
Boise, ID
Richard Navarro
(208) 395-6200
(208) 395-6349
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Mr . Burnett - 6 h ago


Just want to let you know, my wife stopped at one of your stores in Caldwell, I'd.on 5th and Clealvland blvd. My wife picked up some meat that had a sell date of 9/22/2017, one was a package of chicken quarters and that meat smelled my house up bad ! How can your store do that? Repack bad meat and turn around and try to sell it ? She also bought pork sausage that was also bad.....When I told my wife to take it back she drive to the store and the lady gave my wife a bad time about it ! I used to work in a meat plant a d I know what bad meat does to people. I am not happy and I will never buy meat from tour sores ever again ! ! ! I would really like to hear a response to this matter PLEASE.? Sincerely Bruce Burnett

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LT - 3 d 6 h ago


The store at Towneast and Motley in Mesquite, Tx

We purchased the pictured product and it had 1/4 inch of ice on the end so it had obviously been thawed before placing in the store freezer. This store has been in bad shape for a long time while stores in better neighborhoods are kept up.

Site will not allow a picture

Not sure if this is an Albertson site or not

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Joyce Hanna - 5 d 8 h ago

On 09/14/2017 I shopped at Albertson's in Alamogordo NM. I was told my phone number was not accepted. I have been using this number for over twenty years at Safeway, Vons, Randles and Albertsons. I last used it at Albertsons in Cody WY two weeks ago. The store said that I could order a new card for the future. Why didn't number work? I think the clerk could have helped.

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Concerned Citizen - 41 d 14 h ago

Shopped at store no 932 in el paso texas on resler and mesa streets, a woman distracted me while the cashier may have switched my food with contaminated ones or he did something to the food becsuse i got sick.

Albertsons stores in el paso texas are being runned by organized criminal gang members (mexican mafia), who are only loyal to mexico and are traitors to the united states of america. They are poisoning us americans. Do not shop at albertson stores in el paso texas until this national security issue is resolved! President Trump must be informed!

If you do not believe what i am stating, have all your employees take a polygraph test to these facts!

Flagged for review. 
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The dude - 20 d 12 h ago

I don't mean to intervene, but you sound like an idiot. The Mexican Mafia contaminated YOUR food personally? I would imagine the illegal money they make would more than satisfy whatever needs they have. Also, if you would kindly read a book, it takes about 24-48 hours to get sick from food, so likely it was something you ate days before. The president doesn't care about your problems, either. Would you like to know how i know? look at the guy. He doesn't care about anyone. and lastly, polygraph tests are a waste of taxpayer money, you know, since they are 100 year old technology.

I feel confident that I am dumber for having read your comment. Thank you for setting that bar wayyyy low.

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Bucolic - 20 d 10 h ago


Comedic Gold

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Anonymous - 6 d 16 h ago


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Mary j. - 15 d 10 h ago

First off i would like too say people who work for very hard and are treated badly by customers and some management. My store i shop is Albertsons Montebello. Store director Ana Chandler. Whom is quite new too this store. I go too your starbucks every evening. I am a regular customer. During the evening there is always one barista working and i feel terrible they work very hard. I believe the starbucks should have too baristas working. Also at night it is super busy too shop even the managers are on the registers. I cant believe no one does anything about this. So all associates who work at this Montebello store my heart goes out too you and appreciate your hard work.

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TRINA - 6 d 16 h ago


first off u sound like an ass kissing cunt.I work for Albertsons company and customers treat u as u treat them. (there are a handful u just wanna shank) and the Starbucks lackies...! I have a fellow employee that is a rude bitch! so as a customer as well...I would slap the shit out of her! I dont feel sorry for them! they have a right to defend themselves or refuse service if its that bad! have u ever thought what a police officer has to endure from ppl? or a teacher? cry me a fucking river

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Dominique - 6 d 18 h ago


I was at the Albertson's in Montebelllo California on September 1, 2017 and when I was checking out I was given the worst service ever. The young lady was bagging my groceries, when all of the sudden she said "I'm going to get carts". I was puzzled as she began to leave and asked the cashier if she was going to finish bagging my groceries. The cashier said "Well its pretty busy and we need carts" so I was bagging my groceries myself. I asked to speak to the manager and he was at a register and said "I'm sorry but we are busy that I can't talk to you right now. All of the sudden the young lady who was bagging my groceries came back into the store and was standing right next to me and accused me of THROWING my bags at her and just kept rambling on and on. I told the manager "Are you going to let her talk to to a paying customer like that?" And he just said I'm sorry but we are really busy and I let my manager know.

I was so so disappointed in the service and the manager's response about the who situation. How dare someone accuse me of THROWING bags at them. If that was true then the cashier would have been involved in the situation. I will not EVER EVER shop at that store again. This store has the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. THERE SO CALLED MANAGER DOESN'T EVEN HAVE MANAGERIAL SKILLS AND THEY CAN'T SEEM TO KEEP THEIR EMPLOYEES UNDER CONTROL. I am still really upset about this whole thing.

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ggdoc - 8 d 11 h ago


First 5 deli items I selected were past the "Best By Date".

Can't take on line surgery because of the message "it appears this is not a correct store #" and yet my receipt clearly reads store # 937.

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Gemelo - 8 d 17 h ago


Long-time customer (15+ years) at Campus Drive Albertson's store in Irvine, CA. Several months ago, this store changed the software at self-checkout stations so that it now takes nearly 3x as long to check out. Not only is the software poorly designed - senseless 'Accept Weight' and 'Are you an employee' prompts, more than a dozen popular deli/produce items missing from Item Lookup, tediously slow processing speed - but, even after admitting the numerous complaints received about the pointless changes (e.g., 1000+ customers a day now have to confirm whether or not they are employees in a store that has a staff of less the 200), there seems to be no rush to rectify the problems. As an application developer myself of some 20+ years, I cannot understand how such a poorly designed application made it into production or why it has not been pulled yet. I can only guess that either the programmers or Albertson's top management or both have never actually taken the time to use the self-checkout stations and experience it from the customer's side. In addtion, when I went to the Albertson's Contact Us page, I find that I can't even file a comment without entering personal contact information that you don't need just to field a comment. Very disappointed and now taking all of my family's business to the nearby Ralph's, which is too bad, because the Albertson's is closer and the staff is wonderful, though now forced to deal with disgruntled customers like myself for something they have no control over. What were you thinking? Were you thinking?

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Montebello Resident - 9 d ago


I was at the Albertson's in Montebello California today and the cashier (Christopher B.) not only did not greet us but he decided that it was our job to put our groceries in our own basket. I asked him if he was going to do put items in basket and he said no because he was not the bagger. As a female, I was disappointed that a male cashier refused to help with the heavy items and was unapologetic, in fact indifferent to the situation. I talked to the manager and he said that the store is understaffed and that customers simply bag their own groceries on their own accord. The manager Elmer was not apologetic at all and made excuses that cashiers are simply too busy to offer great customer service. That people are not perfect, I was shocked. I worked in this industry for 25 years and customer service is a priority in retail. Elmer had other assistants working the floor so they were not understaffed , They just prioritized their evening not to the benefit of their paying customers. I shop at Albertsons and Ralphs's every week 2-3 times. I have never received such horrible service at Ralph's. I will never shop at Albertson's again and will encourage others to do the same. I will take my business to establishments that do their jobs and not make excuses for incompetence.

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remodel - 12 d 5 h ago



RE: I visited your Missoula, MT store located on Russel St.(Tempers Center), late last night.

Not knowing there are no 24 hour grocery stores open on the south end of Missoula .(4) stores in all, not one is operated 24 hours. A remodel is in progress at this store (ongoing for at least 3 months). The store was supposed to be closed!!

Doors where open (for contractors I assume)

and no signage directed the public either (under remodel, or closed) I entered the store and after picking up a few products, I was approached by one of your employees, he notified me that if I needed more items, it would be difficult to move about the store because of the ongoing (In progress..still) remodel. That was very upsetting

1 no-one is open 24 hours..I understand.I don't have children with late night (emergencies!).

2 Why wasn't this posted!!

3 Albertsons on broadway or (GWally) on Mullan are the only 24 hour stores open on this town...

4 I'm considering not to visit any of your locations again..

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Upset in Las Vegas - 15 d 12 h ago


My elderly mom and I went to albertsons to get about 10 groceries and 5 starbucks drinks. My mother went for the groceries and told me to catch up to her when the drinks are made. The starbucks in Albertson's store #4091 is horrible. I waited at the counter, as the next person in line, while a woman was making the previous customers order and the man was casually stocking behind me (it was pretty stocked). She is struggling taking a long time to make one drink. I ask the man if they still have toffee nut for a drink I was going to order hoping he would take the hint and take my order. He answers my question but does not come take my order. The woman finally finishes the one drink and comes to take my order. I started with a decaf coffee with a triple shot of decaf espresso and I can clearly see she is new and does not know what she is doing because she grabs a cold drinks cup. I think ok no problem I will have to be more specific and let her know it is a hot drink. By this time a line forms behind me. She is trying to figure out this drink and the man decides to finally come help her but instead of helping her with my order he takes the next peoples order before mine. During helping the next customer he sees her struggling with the drink and turns to me and says we do not have any decaf right now. I ask him if he has decaf espresso because in the past at other Starbucks they would make the drink qith the espresso in place of coffee because he does not like the Americano. He says that they could do that but it would be like doing 30 shots. I ask him again if they do not have any decaf at all and he says no only what is for sale. During this time the line doubles and a couple customers behind us say something to the effect "man how complicated can a cup of coffee be." So I decide we do not absolutely need that drink because we have the decaf at home. So I proceed with the second drink and the woman again gets the wrong cup for the drink. No problem just let her know. Then the 3rd a frap. and the 4th a secret starbucks frap. that I had the ingredients for (the same I inquired from the man earlier) and ordered it. By this time he took the next customer's order and older man. The woman does not know how to ring up the frap. So she asks the man. Finally the last drink. The old man next to me has almost completed his order so I ask if my drinks were going to be made first because I had been here first waiting all that time. He did say yes. But the old man made a comment "have to serve some grouchy customers today huh." That really upset me because it was the man who did not serve me first but decided to stock full shelves and here he is getting sympathy from a customer who is assuming that I am to blame for being grouchy. I got upset and rightly so. I did speak up to that man. By this time my mother had finished her shopping and was wondering what was taking me so long assuming I would be finding her when I was done because there was no one else in line but me when she left. I am raising my voice to the customer for making a rude comment loud enough that everyone there heard it. There were more words that were said but we decided to take our business elsewhere for the starbucks and cancelled the order. We told the manager what happened and he said he would "talk" to him. But you know that did not do anything to satisfy us the first customer with five drinks.

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Mary j. - 15 d 10 h ago

Just remember when you go in the super market its busy but starbucks is even busier. And dont be upset with the barista what if it was her first day. Remember we all have those days. Hopefully it get better give them another chance. Have you ever worked for a supermarket? Or starbucks?

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Mary j. - 15 d 10 h ago

Just remember when you go in the super market its busy but starbucks is even busier. And dont be upset with the barista what if it was her first day. Remember we all have those days. Hopefully it get better give them another chance. Have you ever worked for a supermarket? Or starbucks?

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Joye Cantrell - 15 d 10 h ago


To Whom It May Concern,

I have enjoyed shopping at the Albertsons in Banning, CA since 1994. For the last two years, however, the customer service has been in decline while prices are no longer competitive with nearby stores. The service is slow, cashiers and other workers do not look happy to be working at the store, rotation of product (FIFO) is poor and customer/manager interaction is now rare. After speaking with a worker, I was informed that since the merger with VONS, new systems of management have been put into place. The worker spoke about the inequity in worker pay compared to employees at the VONS store in Redlands. Albertsons was once a bustling supermarket, it is now slow even on payday. The vibe in the store reminds me of Kmart, before it started going out of business. Management needs to change.

Concerned Shopper,

Joye Cantrell

Banning Resident

General profile image - 17 d 11 h ago


Albertson's LaMirada, CA is poorly run. I was in the checkout line with seven things. There were only three checkers on a holiday weekend. I left to find the manager. I told him they needed more checkers. He said he would take care of it I followed him over to a check stand. He took five other people without acknowledging me. I will never go there again. There are several other stores in our area with better service and friendlier people. They all seem overworked and understaffed. This is a management problem.

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Gregcorwin - 17 d 13 h ago


Closing the milton WA store again while this area is putting in thousands of homes and forcing us to Safeway with no other competition is wrong. I'm going to Amazon for my food. Im a customer of 52 years. No more. Safeway is too crowded. It will become unbearable.

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Anonymous - 19 d 6 h ago


The store on Farmington in Aloha is way understaffed. The lines are to long and it doesn't seem to bother management people at the store. If you want my business in the future, don't make me stand in line for 20 minutes.

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Laguna Niguel Albertsons - 23 d 8 h ago


The marketing campaign "3 Is A Crowd" is laughable! Our local Albertsons regularly has 6-10 people in the Express line late in the afternoon and early evenings. I have observed one of their managers organizing wine displays a few feet from those long lines and doing nothing to make the situation better. The only time they summon additional cashiers is once the lines reach unacceptable levels (e.g. 4-6 customers in the non-express lines and 8-12 customers in the express line). For the record, this was a problem well before Vons acquired Albertsons. This is not a "transition" problem, it is a "management" problem. I have spoken to three managers, including the store manager, and did not find any of them even remotely concerned about solving the problem. In fact, what I heard from those managers was that "the corporate office restricts the number of cashiers available because they do not want to pay cashiers unnecessarily when shopping volume is low". We have been regular shoppers at this store for 20 years. We have now determined to take our business to other grocery retailers in the area, including Ralph's, Trader Joe's and Sprouts.. Here's a message for Albertsons corporate management; Look out for Whole Foods! They are determined to make your company as obsolete as Netflix did to Blockbuster Video 10 years ago!

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Lori Dunns - 21 d ago

Lol watch out Albertsons!!! I totally agree!!!

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Jennifer Hicks - 21 d 3 h ago

I don't understand why you're not allowed to buy a visa gift card with a Albertsons gift card. A Albertsons gift card is a gift for you to buy what ever it is you want that they have in the store. It has the same cash value.

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Joan smith - 21 d 13 h ago


please stop throwing away old bread. There are lots of hungry people out there. Especially in light of the flooding. Please, please, please distribute it.

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