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Albertson's LLC

250 Parkcenter Blvd.
Boise, ID
Richard Navarro
(208) 395-6200
(208) 395-6349
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Dianna Garza - 3 d 21 h ago


I live in Denison Texas and I was looking for a job with Albertsons and I had the interview and was told that I had the job that the manager had to talk with the deli manager and figure out when to start and how many hours but never got called back, well come to find out he never had intended on hiring me but the deli manager did. The reason behind him not hiring me was because of my teeth. I was upfront and honest about them and told him it was not because if drugs but because I had had cancer and I did chemotherapy and radiation and it messed up my teeth. I was very sad and disappointed because I have 2 years of experience in working in a deli.

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Ms deli - 2 d ago

Ms Denison Texas i am from BATON ROUGE LOUISIANA and i also work 4 Albertsons. My Deli manager mouth looks so bad that when she opens it up .it looks like and smells like the inside of a dumpster ,Get u a discriminate case really.

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R.A Cervantes - 2 d 3 h ago


I went to pick up a few things with my friend and we were just happy to see Albertsons (store#2952 on 19th Ave Phoenix AZ) was even open on Easter Sunday. We were just about finished getting what we needed so my friend started looking through the cosmetic Dept I left her with the cart and went to the produce section to get a couple lemons and some asparagus I went back dropped off the items with her then wanted to get some ice cream as I was walking passed the seasonal aisle I must've caught the eye of the manager because he was talking to a couple employees and in mid sentence he raises his voice and says to me in a rather stern and scolding manner "So did you put your packages away? Or what huh?" Embarrassed (as there were employees and other patrons present) and

Offended I replied "no I put them in my basket, would you like me to show you?" He proceeds to follow me around the corner to where my friend is perusing he says "oh ok" I knew immediately that he saw a young looking latino punk with tattered shorts and a band shirt and suspected I was stealing I commented to him "I know what you were thinking" he then says "well we've had problems with people leaving things wherever" (which bares the question "do you talk to all your customers this way?". I replied "I get what you thought I know what you were implying and that's fine! whatever." he then confrontationally says "excuse me what?" With a tone as if to challenge me I repeated my statement and turned away he then walked back to the seasonal aisle where he had been talking to the couple of employees, he did not apologize for the approach he took with me or for profiling me and as a long time patron of not only Albertsons but as far back as when it used to be Luckys I was appalled that a manager could treat a customer this way and needless to say I will never shop there again. This bothered me so much because I already suffer from social anxiety as it is and for someone in a managerial position to treat me or anyone for that matter that way is just unacceptable the other employees were very polite and courteous when I checked out I asked the cashier Jordan "is the gentleman with the blue dress shirt,he has salt and pepper hair with olive tone skin, is that your manager?" the cashier appeared slightly confused and said "I think so but I'm new" I asked "could you get his name" they asked the next cashier over and gave me the name "Chris". I went home and mulled over it and decided to call the store to verify the name and a young lady answered I stated in short I had a slight run in with the manager provided the same description as before and asked them for his name and they replied "he's gone for the day" I asked again "may I have his name" they stated they could not give me his name and suggested I come back in the morning I then asked "you cannot give me that managers name? The reason I'm asking is I am writing your corporate office and I would really appreciate it?". They said his name is "Lucian" and spelled it for me I thanked them and wished them a Happy Easter I am posting this on Yelp, Google reviews, Albertsons corporate message board and anywhere else until this matter is addressed anyone who is in a position of power like this should not be allowed to treat people this way just because of the way they are dressed or the way they look!! whether it was my age, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation I do not know but this was a clear case of profiling I am a 37 year old Hispanic gay man and very proud of it and will not stand by and let this person "Lucian" continue to get away with any type of profiling it's just not right...

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Stacy wayne - 2 d 16 h ago


I shop at albertson in payette id. Im very upset about this monopoly game. Im trying to submit the codes that i have recieved from playing the website just keeps flashing

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Anonymous - 2 d 18 h ago


I had the best experience at your Diamond Bar store today, normally when it's a holiday stores are busy and stores are short staffed and employees are not very helpful.

Today Tracy in your Deli department although it was so busy, was very helpful and because I'm disabled she went the extra mile in assisting me. Please tell Tracy her assisting me today was VERY appreciated and she displayed true customer service spirit!

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Anonymous - 3 d 19 h ago

We are from Boise Idaho, I want to thank Albertsons! They went over and beyond today! As we were waiting for payday it was to late to send our daughter a Easter Basket. Easter is her favorite holiday. She is attending MSU. We called Albertsons in Bozeman MT. And they were very happy to help. Thank you!!!!

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Albert - 6 d 18 m ago


How can you employee rude managers who talk about other emplyees and customers . im a regular customer and i hear the same managet gossiping . her name is wendi albertsons in santa fe nm zepherano store its lime a. Bad taste in your mouth

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Phil - 6 d 3 h ago


First off, let me start by saying that I have been a loyal Albertsons customer for many years. I spend over $900 every month. Would you please stop with this stupid Monopoly game. I have been handed game tickets constantly by other customers that just wants to get rid of them..It's not the fact that ,I don't win anything but knowing that the top winners in our store won only $5. Where are top tickets going? Maybe the rich communities..I really enjoyed it when you can win pan or dish ware. If this is ever offered again , I will just trash them.

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Anonymous - 8 d ago

86 year old: The Albertsons store in Clarkston, WA needs new cash registers,or need to be serviced. You cannot read the total amount on receipt. I have complained over a year now, even talked to one of the managers and still nothing happens! Some of the clerks have complaints of things in their station and they receive no ACTION! I decided to see what corporate can do! Please help!

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No name - 10 d 24 h ago

I feel like the store director at Albertsons in Auburn wa doesn't give a crap about are able their Bill's by cutting hours and someone I know son was I'll and in the hospital and could have died but refused to pay their sick time now they are going to lose their house because not going to pay their rent and are going to be out on the street and their is on dialysis . She does not care about anything about stupid bonus. She is a bitch hope she happy with herself

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A non-person based on Albertson's activity - 10 d 24 s ago


Date: April 13, 2019

Time: Near 11:30 p.m.!!!!

Location: Eugene, Oregon near the rear exit of the Albertson's store on Division Ave

Offending party: Albertson's cab pulling a Safeway Trailer (too dark to see identifying numbers)

Environmentally-friendly and neighborhood-friendly path next to the shopping center provides a quick and undisturbing exit out to Division Ave. as trucks leave the rear of the shopping center/ Albertson's store: angled path near the exit to Division Ave. takes seconds and limits noise and air pollution.

Instead of taking the short angled path out, this truck makes a sharp turn and comes roaring toward homes, getting louder and louder until it stops abruptly at a curb 3 feet from residences [and next to a fence that has recently been replaced in an area suffering from a variety of trespassing activity for years, residents making efforts to restore respect very much needed for safety, health, and protection of property], the still night air amplifying a sound like a gun is being fired (setting brakes?), the truck continuing to idle, both intrusions of sound in this enclosed area disturbing, seconds away from the rear of Albertson's (what is the truck doing next to homes at night that it could not do at the delivery site?). A third sound pierces the night air - the sound of the truck door slamming shut - what was the driver doing out of the cab here? stopped vehicular activity at this time of night here suspect and disturbing, the lot usually and respectfully empty this time of night except for trespassing activity if a vehicle is stopped.

Finally, after several disturbing minutes, the truck proceeds around another sharp turn, a scraping sound heard as the truck attempts to negotiate this sharp turn having added distance, time, and pollution to an otherwise quicker, quieter, and less toxic route that does not compromise residents in a residential area composed of families with children, senior citizens, and persons with medical conditions - adequate rest, avoidance of toxins, and low stress the responsibility of caregivers to provide- all impacted by this driver's avoidable and very compromising activity.

Sadly: Persons-in-charge at Albertson's have been contacted at local, regional, and national levels beginning in 2015 regarding health and safety impacts of this activity. As in 2 neighboring towns, Albertson's has lent a deaf ear to neighborhood concerns, one town needing to take action at the city level, a law suit being files in the other. IT'S TIME ALBERTSON'S SHOWS IT CARES ABOUT THE NEIGHBORHOODS IN WHICH IT OPERATES.

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Edward - 13 d 51 m ago


Safeway store #35-1847.

I think that the pharmacy at this store has some of the most

Unprofessional people I have ever had to deal with.

Today (04-11-2019) I spent about 45 minutes trying to get my

Under filled proscription straighten out, I might add it was processed thru Medicare as the full amount . So when I got home

I called Medicare and reported. All this to Medicare, I should also add , your company still owes me for copays totaling $228.78 I had to pay and my insurance also paid at beginning of the year,still waiting for refund. You want more details call me at (hidden). Edward O'Connell

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It's not the name that counts, it's PEOPLE - 16 d 4 h ago


It's not the name that counts; it's PEOPLE - The review just written has no location to identify where this activity is occurring - location is at the Division Ave. store in Eugene, Or

Trucks diverting to exit past homes taking 2 90 degree turns, adding distance and time (air and noise pollution damaging to health) instead of using the direct exit out past the commercial building in which Albertson's is located, taking seconds and eliminating noise and air pollution to residents - someone who cares about people at Albertson's should be able to correct this in short order - easier for drivers to exit a short 45 degree angle out taking seconds rather than to negotiate 2 90 degree turns - significantly longer - disturbing and damaging to health of residents. (see previous report)

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Today, 5:45 a.m.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

, what was reported to the Albertson's Phoenix office on 3/8 after years of local and regional efforts occurred Albertson's truck with a Safeway Trailer 18010F turned a sharp 90 degree turn to drive past homes (could be heard a distance away as it accelerated past the corner), fumes noticeable and toxic to persons here who can enjoy outdoors only at times fumes are low (nights; weekends).....polluting the neighborhood with unnecessary toxins and noise - instead of taking the quick exit out that follows the commercial building in which Albertson's is located - takes seconds and does not deposit toxic fumes at a curb 3 feet away from residences nor disturb sleep with the loud sound of its engine as it accelerates and traverses such a great distance unnecessarily 3 feet from residential properties and homes with senior citizens, families with children, persons with severe air quality issues. WHY GO TO SUCH AN EXTENT TO DO DAMAGE? WHY NOT SHOW RESPECT FOR NEIGHBORHOODS? Three towns together in a 10 mile radius have had to deal with Albertson's insensitivity to neighborhoods.....on town taking an action at the city level, a law suit filed in another, and years of health impacts with this activity - sleep disturbed; air polluted with toxins due to unnecessary activity at residences; stressful - all 3 conditions aggravating symptoms and prescribed by doctors as critical to avoid for recovery/health. WHEN WILL ALBERTSON'S SHOW IT CARES ABOUT THE NEIGHBORHOODS IN WHICH IT OPERATES?

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Karen Glass - 60 d 24 h ago


i went to Albertsons on Fri 2/22/19 @ 20;12 checkout time..i purchased two items ..One of the items was supposed to be a sale item for $4.99 it was rung up at regular price which pointed out..entered my phone # which in a rewards club customer..the cashier was a young man named Andrew said the transaction was already completed so he could NOT make price adjustments OR GIVE ME PRICE DIFFERENCE IN CASH BACK and service counter was closed so NOTHING HE COULD DO ABOUT IT...really??? i nearly left the items on the counter and walked away so he would have to void the entire order..I told this rude young man who wanted to argue with me i would write corporate as he said no one there who could help me...i still want the money owed me ..i have the receipt to submit.

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Anonymous - 36 d ago

IF the product was an added item from the just 4 u app the cashier cant tell it you actually should get the discount , another flaw of the just 4 u. if the shelf price was wrong he should have gone or called someone for a price check. if it was different then he could call the front end manager and have it corrected for you., . Another possibility is if the cashier hits total before you get your rewards number in, it auoimatically doesnt allow the rewards program, Another HUGE flaw in the just 4 U. If that was the case he should have voided your order, stared over and allowd you to get your number in therefor the discount to work.

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Been there! - 19 d ago


He needed a lesson on how to figure it out! It can be done and has been done by the checkers I know, including myself!! I do it all the time! The problem is most checking problems are run into as the new person works. A lot of these issue are not taught at first, one of the flaws at a job and a lot of business have then! Sometimes hard to get a complete training on all issues!

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Anonymous2 - 17 d 16 h ago


Inexperience gets you coming and going. I think that they should do their job correctly instead of screwing the customer.

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Will Ginyard - 85 d 10 h ago


520 128th St SW, Everett, WA 98204

I came to this location at 11:56pm on a Monday night. I was met at the door by an employee. The doors were closed and locked. He unlocked one of the doors and opened it approximately 4 inches and looked at me. He didn't say a word...just looked at me. I asked him if they were open and he said the register is closing. I looked past him and noticed about 3 people in line at one of the registers. I pointed that out to him but he told me it was to late. I was absolutely blown away by this!!!! All I wanted was some oranges that were displayed about 6 feet from the entrance.

This is beyond deplorable customer service. I don't know what this was. He was gaurding the door?!?! Refusing service?!? Because I am African American??? I am more than upset about this situation. My family has ALWAYS shopped at Albertsons. Even when we were stationed on military facilities across the United States my parents would still frequent Albertsons to get specific items.

Is this what Albertsons has become?? A pathetic retailer who employs people that profile their customers. What a shame. I will be following up on this and I won't be shopping at Albertsons again until this matter is handled appropriately. If that's even possible.

Will Ginyard

Flagged for review. 
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Shirley Ujest - 76 d 6 h ago

This cracks me up!! Gotta try and play the race card. Shame on you Will!! It's very obvious that the store was CLOSED and they were trying to check out the customers who had already been inside the store PRIOR to them closing. Why should those employees have to work late because of your poor time management? It's time to grow up and lose your sense of entitlement!!

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Dan - 76 d 5 h ago

Great response.

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Anonymous - 36 d 20 m ago

I understand the simple request, but grocery stores have to close too. They way they overwork the courtesy clerks and overburden these employees with the jobs that they should hire a janitorial service for is shameful. The young man was just doing one of his fifty chores before getting to go home himself.

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Angela - 33 d ago

The store was closed, I get that but we weren't there. For you obliquely stating the race card was played without corroboration is short sided at best. You'll disagree and that's alright however if the man felt it was partially about color, who are you to state the race card is being played. Black people recognize racism in certain people's behavior because they face it almost everyday, year in, year put. I'm sure you've heard the old adage of first walk in someone else's shoes.

Thank you.

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Jack mehoff - 68 d ago

No you were a dick that showed up 4 minutes before closing time and expected to have the red carpet rolled out for you. The people have lives too and they get in trouble if they have overtime.

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WoW - 33 d 4 h ago

Will, Get a life.

Anything to make it racial. Never seeing good in anyone, while praising yourself.

It sucks when you have to admit that you are not the most important person on the planet. I figured it out when I was 10.

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Messed Up In-Title Brats you Whiners are!! - 19 d ago


You called the race card not him! If an employee keeps letting people in then we would never get home to our families! Always a last minute shopper, you must be! Get you ass off the couch earlier, not the last minute!!

It was bad enough that the employees were already going to get off work late because of the few customers that were in line, you were going to add to their lateness and to get wrote up for the overtime that was added to their hours because of the LAST MINUTE SHOPPERS!!

So get off your soapbox and shop earlier and quit bring race into the picture! Must be that 'Everytime' you screw up..'oh', it racism!! Instead of you screwed up! Own up to your mistakes! Don't blame everything you do wrong on everyone else!! This Country would be better off, everyone fixed their own actions and accountability!!

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