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Albertson's LLC

250 Parkcenter Blvd.
Boise, ID
Richard Navarro
(208) 395-6200
(208) 395-6349
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Pat - 23 d ago


I am concerned that corporate does not care about the quality of their grocery store...I think they are trying to cover up greed and poor business choices...prices are so high that food sits and gets old, stale and moldy. I am tired of buying old food that I have to take back. If they would lower their prices that would help food move off the shelf but they are so high food sits and gets old and then I get stuck with it ....thinking its fresh and I was trusting the store to only sell quality food....NOT. I don't trust their quality control.....So then I have to go out of my way to return food. I see Albertson's employees shopping at Winco grocery store down the street because of cheaper prices and fresh produce and fresh bread....I am doin the same. Winco has a lot of folks there shopping all the time... Albertsons has only average of 8-12 customers its seems empty a lot.....

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PAT - 23 d ago


The Albertsons I am talking about with old moldy food and high prices is on Edison Street Kennewick WA....The Employee are very nice absolutely great....they deserve much better......Lower your prices get food moving off the shelf faster.... start being more competitive..... Checking your produce and bread to make sure they are not moldy hard and stale helps but you just need to LOWER prices and that would help eliminate this that you actually care about people and not greed.

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Catherine - 29 d 4 h ago


The Albertsons in Azle Texas, although a nice store, is always frigid all seasons. By the time I get half way through the store my nose is frozen, my sinuses acting up and my hands cold. At that point, I head for check out and leave, even though I had more shopping to do (I will continue my shopping at Walmart.) I have talked to the cashiers and they say tell management (they are also freezing but their concerns fall on deaf ears.) I will probably take my business to the Lake Worth store - they keep the store at a comfortable temperature.

General profile image - 30 d ago


The Albertsons in Boulder City Nevada is a joke. Prices ridiculous! Selection of items sparse. Grab a couple of canned items and no back up stock behind. Went for sale items Wednesday morning meat department almost empty. Had to ask seafood gal setting ice for fish and she started making excuses before she even knew what I wanted. They are putting lipstick on a pig by a $$$remodel that can not correct the REAL problems with the store. The store size needs to be doubled and the parking situation is sparse, prices outrageous! This store is over 20 years old and was built when there were 3 grocery stores in Boulder City. They are holding hostage people who cannot get out of town to shop. We have a large elder population on fixed incomes. Albertsons Corp is greedy, priciest are almost double on items we can get over the hill. On check out they asked if you " found everything alright" Um NO. Clerks will give a form to request items they have run out of. Have done this several times. I NEVER received a call that my request item/items arrived. To add insult to this I have seen items I have requested shelved, how do I know? I requested 2 cases of a particular Adkins Bar for a client I was giving private care to. The item I requested was shelved, how do I know? Particular item took up the whole shelf. I could go on and on. Employee morale is down, they don't help or care. In fact they hide when they see a customer approaching them. I have actually had to follow them back into their hovels to find them. The store sucks big. I only purchase sale items that I know are $ leaders and by the rest of my groceries over the hill. I know management won't care about my opinion but I'm very vocal and have networked with other residents of BC. We watch you prices, alert each other when something is a decent quality and price as well as reporting ripoffs to each other. Produce is over priced and often better at the 99 cent store, in fact most Albertsons produce is over ripe and that's the crap that's marked down advertised on sale. Your pretty, remolded store is further proof that corporate does not know the needs or concerns of the community. Totally out of touch. As long as you sell overpriced beer, liquor snacks and such to tourists you'll never care what locals think. So sad that you continue to conduct business as usual because you have a captive audience. Don't be surprised if you soon see news crews and those of us that are sick of your monopoly protesting in front of your monopolistic lipsticked pig.

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Debra Fowler - 33 d ago


I have shopped at Albertsons in Klamath Falls for years. Since the merger with Safeway the Albertsons has gotten worse by the week. I'm a brand shopper and would never under any circumstances by Safeway brand products, even in the days when they were produced in the United States. Brands have been changing constantly and today was my last shopping day at your store. I continued to shop for so long because your store was the only one to carry the milk we liked. Today you had no Wesson oil. Wesson is a soy oil. All you had was Canola oil which I am allergic to. This caused me to have to buy the "Signature" brand. I have spoken to your local manager and I am of the opinion you will be closing this and other stores as your far out business practices continue to lose customers. Never again will I walk into an Albertsons or Safeway.

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Rosie - 35 d 47 s ago


I'm an employee of Safeway in Bend Oregon. I'm a cashier. What I dont understand is we are suppose to provide fast curious and friendly service right? Then why is Seniority so important when it comes to front end? Shouldn't your fastest cashiers work the busiest time of the day? Instead of very slow cashiers? This store is not really all that busy we should very rarely have to call 3 is a crowd. We do though because of really slow seniority cashiers, which takes managers and pic away from the duties they are suppose to be doing. Also if you need closing cashiers then say hiring closing cashiers period. I'm looking for another job.

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Rachel Williams - 36 d 18 h ago


This is a ridiculous place. I sent a western union and since it closed at 8, the people on broadway in Missoula wouldn't give my receiver his money at 7:55. Stupid s@&**. She was so glib when I called her also. I work in customer service. I'm a supervisor in it actually. And I would NEVER let one of my employees treat anyone with this disrespect. I hope she gets fired and learns a lesson about customer care. This was absolutely asinine. She works at the Missoula Broadway location. It was November 1st. She should NEVER have turned him away.

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Nancy Manning - 57 d 37 s ago


Since taking over Thrifty Ice Cream, which I have 5 locations In Las Vegas, we are being told that the distribution of flavors is being dwindled and no longer available. As a small business I feel I am being put out of business by corporate or distributors of Thrifty Ice Cream. Since your takeover we have heard nothing of your intentions with this product.

Seeking info

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Andria - 40 d 4 h ago


I hope you get to keep your ice cream flavors. This is a consumer vote right here! :) Keep up the good work.

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Windy - 43 d ago


When Albertson's (which was my goto store for since 1971) merged with Safeway, I was unhappy because many of the products available in the store were changed and I happen to be a brand loyal customer who got angry each time I went to get a particular product and it was no longer on your shelves. But I kept going because your deli fried chicken, coleslaw, and potato salad plus your bakery's french bread and donuts (all made in store and the donuts were baked rather than fried) were better than all the other stores nearby and the store was exactly 3 miles from my home; so, after CostCutter (which was also 3 miles away) closed, Albertson's was the only store that close. So, when you closed the local Albertson's and bought out all the Haggen stores (and closed most of them leaving their flagship store and a couple more here in Bellingham/Ferndale WA) a promise was made that there would be no change in the products the Haggen store would carry and I started shopping there more than previously, my mother had been shopping at that store since 1954 until my parents moved back to Seattle, so I thought, if it was good enough for my mother, it was good enough for me, even though it was a mile further to drive. Unfortunately, that promise didn't last long. It was less than a year before I began to notice certain products disappearing from the shelves and their replacements were Safeway's label products (which I consider to be extremely substandard and refuse to ever buy again). I was again angry, as I was when the same happened to Albertson's. STOP RUINING MY grocery stores! Restore ALL the products you have ordered removed from Haggen, and get your damn substandard Lucerne and Signature products OUT of EVERY Haggen store left standing! I know the Birchwood neighborhood protested for a long time that you made sale of the former Albertson's building contingent on the fact that no other grocery store could buy it, leaving the neighborhood without a grocery store, they were calling it a food desert and they were correct, that was a REALLY shitty move, on your part! I'm surprised they didn't choose to sue your corporation, if I were part of that neighborhood I would have lobbied for a lawsuit. Now there is a Big Lots in its place, it moved from the building at the east end of that strip mall so no improvement of the neighborhood there. You (all of you at corporate who had a hand in these decisions) should be ashamed of what you've done to the people of the northern side of Bellingham with your decisions. Far as I'm concerned all of you who made those decisions are straight up @$$holes!

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Anonymous - 52 d 6 h ago

I have been trying to reach someone to help me in HR. A courtesy clerk job is listed at our local Albertsons, my very high functioning adult special needs sons representative from Rehabilitation Center entered his resume (with work experience at several places including Boston Scientific) then went personally to store to meet Hiring Mgr.

only to be told - "we are good for now."

This is puzzling and concerning

This would be a god send to my son as he could walk to work, he's comfortable at this store and would be an excellent employee.

He's never late and doesn't call in sick.

We raised him with Midwest standards!

Many HB residence will recommend him.

Hope someone will see this and help us.

Theresa Oslund



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Rosie M. - Milwaukie, OR - 59 d 20 h ago


This concerns Portland/Milwaukie Safeway stores, but I was told by the Milwaukie Safeway manager that the policy on this is made at "Regional", and he can't do anything about it. This may seem trivial, but please bear with me, as it's a bigger deal than it seems. When Milwaukie passed a ban on plastic bags (3/1/19), both of the Safeways started using only paper bags for bagging the groceries, unless the shoppers brought their cloth bags.

THE PROBLEM is that those bags do NOT have handles, which is a serious issue for some shoppers such as myself, who have mobility issues, use a cane, and depend on the handles to safely carry groceries from the car - and in my case, up some stairs.

When I asked the manager about ordering bags with handles, explaining my reasons, he said, "It's not up to me, but I'll pass your suggestion up to Corporate." Next time I was in, I asked about it, and he said, "They just want you to bring your cloth bags," to which I replied, "I understand that, but not everyone has them, and we may forget to bring them." He shrugged.

I can't believe that paper bags with handles cost much more than without, especially at the millions of them your company must buy every year! I also don't believe you'd deliberately ignore the needs of some of your customers, just to force them to behave a certain way.

A small matter? Perhaps. But I had been shopping at the Milwaukie Safeway for over 15 years, and now, I went to your competitor, which is further away from my home. PLEASE, change your paper bags to the ones with handles, as can be found at your competitors'. Thank you.

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Robert Pizzuto - 61 d 17 h ago


Hi my name is Robert Pizzuto, from the Lompoc albertsons my id is 5735152. One of the assistant store managers and the health person of the store Joey and Alma tonight reprimanded me in front of customers because we didnt have enough chicken ready, and I explained to him that we were doing what we could and that we just brought a fresh batch out and it sold and that we were going to cook more and he got mad and embarrassed me in front of customers then told me to leave the store and that i must speak to dale tomorrow. It was already my time to clock out so i did but told him i would have my union rep needed present for him talking down to me and repremanding me in front of customers really really embarased me and i wasnt comfortable in that circumstance. I did everything i could to assist all needs of the customers and didnt need to be yelled at in front of customers instead of aside somewhere privately. Another thing is they dont follow senority and for weeks newer people than I have been getting more hours then me. I didnt know who to turn to about this unfair issue so i decided to contact here. Thank you..

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Anonymous - 61 d 18 h ago


The Albertson's on Winter Gardens in Lakeside has a person gathering signatures to recall the Governor. The petition gatherer also has about a half dozen MAGA hats on the table, either to sell them or give them away. This persons table is set up a few feet from the Albertson's entrance, and a few feet to the side of the entrance.

Albertson's , as a business establishment, should be politically neutral. The MAGA hats are undeniably 2020 election campaign materials. Albertson's has the authority to prohibit political campaigning on the premises where this person located himself. I asked one of the store's managers why they were allowing political campaigning near their entrance. She said the area manager said they had to allow it. This is not true.

First, areas of a shopping center that are common areas set aside for people to sit, talk and exchange ideas are locations where people can exercise free speech rights. This particular shopping center does not have an area set aside for the exercise of free speech rights.

Second, in a true common are reserved for expressive purposes exists in the shopping center, that area must be away from the area next to and in front of the store entrance. This person is being allowed to station himself in an area that is not set aside for speech.

Third, assuming the person is set up in a true area set aside for speech, petition gathering is permitted. Political campaigning for an election is not permitted. This person is campaigning for trump. Albertson's, as a business who has customers from different political viewpoints should not allow this person to campaign for trump near its entrance.

(Ralph's Grocery Company v. United Food and Commercial Workers etc. (2012) 55 Cal.4th 1083)

Albertson's will lose my business, and those who believe as I do, anytime this person is on the premises.

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Stacey native lv - 63 d ago


I would like to know why your not doing the football Jersey to get 10 percent off. I stopped going to Smith's to get this discount and now u stopped it. Guess I'm going back to Smith's

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John M Shontz - 109 d 30 s ago

We have been buying Albertson's chicken for years at the Albertson's Store deli on Fee Street in Helena, Montana. No more! Bought some yesterday and it was like eating a pure salt bar! What is it with all the salt in your deli chicken? Salt free chicken would be great but gosh, that salt load was just awful.

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Tired of their bs - 68 d 4 h ago

Come to Cali where they only cater to the hispanic. You will get the old crusty pieces while they save the best for their kind.

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Caroline Cartwright - 95 d ago


I live in Mesa AZ and they just closed our very local busy Safeway store to keep the Albertsons open only half a mile away, but no one likes it no one goes there it is a smelly dirty store, the fish stinks throughout the store and the meat department is also smelly. The store clerks are now like Home Depot associates they will not make eye contact in case you ask a question and go out of there way to ignore you. You stand forever at the customer service desk. Plus they are not the cleanest associates with dirty Albertsons clothing. Online everyone in our area hates it and also complain about it, why did you not close this disgusting store instead of the very clean and very friendly Safeway up the road? The associates were so friendly and helpful and it never had any odour of fish or meat. I tried to contact someone at the head office in Arizona and that was a fiasco no one wanted to help or listen, so is the way Albertsons is going to be?

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Tired of their bs - 68 d 4 h ago

Of course

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Rick - 122 d 17 s ago


We were informed at church that Alberson's/ Safeway no longer support Catholic Charities. We have done the tootsie roll drive and baby bottle drive for many years and you have now cut us off. We are the largest religion in the area and yet I see you still let the boy scouts, cub scouts and girl scouts which are Mormon based to still raise money at you front doors. As news travels across the valley of your decision I hope that Catholics will find other stores to shop. I will.

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a believer in good works - 112 d ago

So you really think you are entitled to support??? Where does that come from, I might ask. This appears to be a challenge of religions. Girl and Boy and Cub Scouts support children, isn't that is what is important. The store changed their mind, make a new plan. They are not required to support people outside their stores. It is a courtesy and sometimes annoying to the shoppers, maybe they had complaints. Please remember , any donations to help children is a joy. Just so you know, I am neither Catholic nor Mormon. Maybe I'm wrong but I thought both of these religions were Christian.

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Tired of their bs - 68 d 4 h ago

Yes I remember when they had the begging from mexiland. It made me cringe.

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Anonymous - 81 d ago


Girl Scouts has absolutely zero affiliation with the Mormon church. Get your facts straight before you post in a public forum.

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Kathleen - 177 d ago


I went to the Albertsons store on Central in Chino Ca. , to buy the Corona 12 pack that's on sale. At the checkout stand the store employee asked me to remove my sun glasses, I asked why, and she said she had to make sure I wasn't high. I just had an eye procedure this week and was told not to remove my sunglasses. I told her that seemed beyond her job description, and how would she know if I was high or not. She's not a police officer, or a doctor. This is very disturbing and wrong. As a result of having to remove my sun glasses in a very bright store , my vision has been compromised. I don't believe this is a policy of your store, I believe I was being harassed.

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No name - 132 d ago

Sue them you dumbass!!

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caution on the side of safety - 112 d 28 m ago

If you are high or drunk then get in an accident she could be charge for selling to someone under the influence . The store could also loose their license to sell liquor . She was only doing her job. You should be thankful they are protecting themselves and the public. think abut it

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non of your business - 89 d ago

that is none of their business. It is a law to ask for ID. There are a lot of people who could be high as a kite and no one would know by looking at them. That is a violation of her privacy and she should notify someone.

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Anonymous - 76 d 4 h ago

That's ridiculous, it is only up to the employee to know if the customer is of age or perhaps noticeably impaired. Wearing sunglasses does not suggest covering red eyes which isn't a determination of whether someone is high. I wear them in stores with bright lighting all the time. I remove them when picking up prescriptions or at a bank.

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