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Albertson's LLC

250 Parkcenter Blvd.
Boise, ID
Richard Navarro
(208) 395-6200
(208) 395-6349
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Pat - 1 d 18 h ago

I HATE this Just For You program. It is time consuming to have to go thru all the items and click what you want to buy. Grocery shopping takes enough time without having to go thru all this baloney. Also everyone doesn't have an iPhone or a computer. Why can't you just mark stuff that is on sale, so you can purchase it when you are shopping. We don't NEED another password to grocery shop. Get rid of this program. It is NOT helpful!! It is annoying!!!

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Everyday guy - 2 d 21 h ago


Your mountain home store is bullshit!!!! They are selling expired products and not honoring the return policy. I get that you may not be able to return alcohol but when it's 4 months past its date it is expired the beer has altered and when the manager comes out and basically calls you an idiot saying beer don't expire he's a moron I am not shopping at Albertson's again as much as I hate to I guess Walmart is going to get all my money poor poor customer service.

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Laguna Niguel, CA Resident - 2 d 3 h ago


Dear management, I've been buying Thompson grapes for a while now and in the last month, I buy the seedless grapes but find seeds in them. Can you please contact your supplier and tell them they are miss labeling the bags? I spoke with the local produce manager, he said its best to notify the corporate office. Laguna Niguel, CA resident.

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Dee - 10 d 10 m ago


Speaking for majority of seniors, after being shoppers for years, now I will try not to shop here anymore. You have managed to leave us out because we don't text, have not that option on our phones, have no way of pulling digitally info on items we usually were able to purchase with a coupon. this is the way you deal with good customers? Thanks, as for me, I will NOT shop here anymore. I have all these other excellent stores around my area, that I would not shop at because I would shop at Albertson, NO MORE

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Jeffery Bowen - 10 d 8 h ago


It is very sad that yall don't respect the truck drivers that bring yall freight. 3:30 am appointment to deliver 1 pallet , now its 7:30am and still waiting. Now I am going to be late for my other drops. Thanks for screwing up my day.

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Beaten - 11 d 21 h ago


Nothing but gossiping employees at Alhambra Commonwealth you should secretly investigate these employees with devil horns on their heads

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Grumpy granny - 11 d ago


I was at my local Albertsons store yesterday and when I went to customer service to ask for rain checks on two products I was told no. I couldn't get a rain check UNLESS they were in an advertised sale. One was my $11.00+ bacon that was on sale for $6.++! WHAT? So ONLY people who are standing in the store at JUST the right time when the seven packages of bacon are stocked, are eligible? Seriously? According to, a rain check ( noun) is #1 ) A ticket for future use to spectator sport event or game cancelled, interrupted by rain...#2) An offered or requested postponement of invitation until a more convenient time or #3)."A ticket, coupon or the like entitling the customer to purchase , at a later date,and for the same amount, a SALE ITEM, that is TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK." NOT that is out of stock AND in the sale flyer!!!! OR will somebody CALL me? Maybe I should just go there every single day in case? My store is at 39140 Winchester Rd., Murrieta, Ca 92563 and had wonderful employees and I have shopped there since I came here in 2009. HOWEVER, the staff at Trader Joe's, Baron's, WinCo, Sprout's and Roots are ALSO lovely. Know what else they have in common? Distance. They are ALL within FOUR miles of my house, so I do not NEED to continue my allegiance with Albertsons. I have gotten rain checks from T.J.'s and Sprout's and maybe I'll have to make those my main store. Joe Albertson would be very disappointed.

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Upset momma - 15 d 42 m ago


We just left albertsons here in yuma Az and we noticed when we got to the car some eggs were broken and holes poked in some meat. Took them back in the manager said we need all the meat. She took the meat all back even the ones that didnt have holes. So i gave them all the meat back im not a happy mom.

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Leslie - 15 d ago


I don't understand why this company is so hard to shop at. They put all these items on sale that you put into their app. I follow all the instructions each time I go into the store get different information. S thy I'll can not get their prices they advertise. Guess it is time to file false advertising with the state attorney 's office.

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Mary Imlay - 16 d ago


I recently purchased meat from your store here in Pahrump. It seemed like a good deal pay for one package and get three free. Brought them home put in a vaccumed sealed bags, pulled one package out for dinner and the meat is black, in fact all of them are. Rotton when I bought them, I am very angry. I live on a budget that was my dinner for a month. I will never do that again. I paid for the highest one myself, $35.82. Never again!

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LUCY SAUCEDO - 122 d 17 h ago


So upset...i had my service dog and my 7year with me and i was ask to leave unless he has his service vest on him his which i forgot i just went in to get lettuce and a bag of carrots. i asked my dog to wait by the door and my son to stay with him a old lady came over and shooed my son out the door and lock the automated sliding door in his face leaving my son unnattended. He was super scared. Im sure you cannot be asked to leave if its a service dog even though it does not have a vest. I will not be return due to the nature and customer service of the worker. Her name was susan and she was locking one of the front doors at 8:45 pm

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John Purdue - 102 d 5 h ago


Lucy, I've seen your scam many times before. You know it and I know it, your dog is not a service dog. You bought the vest that you conveniently left off at Amazon. Shame on you!

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Anonymous - 81 d 1 s ago

Good for her dogs don't belong in food establishment

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Anonymous - 74 d 20 h ago


I feel for you. Some clown usually a old person who had a bad month took it out on you. I also blame the manager. He is a clown too. See I just expierence a problem with same subject.

Instead of confronting you or I, he should of helped us. Now I feel pist off and will take my businees to Frys. .. F them- the mansger should be replaced. I figured we spend on a average 250 per week. That 12000 a year of loss Abertson. What will the big bosses think of that? Too bad so sad. They could of help us to make us feel better and work with them. No communication. From the managers.

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Lynne - 67 d 4 h ago

SHAME on you Lucy! You can't blame someone else for your bad choices..... starting with your poser "service" animal. And WHAT kind of mother leaves her 7 year old outside a store with a pet?

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Anonymous - 41 d 24 h ago

Fuck your dog you CUNT !!! You must be 300lbs you fucking PIG !!!!

Flagged for review. 
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Az Guy - 17 d ago


Vulgar and immature. You kiss your Mom with that mouth?

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Picture Harry Bromley-Davenport. Motion Picture Director living in Los Angeles area. - 16 d 17 h ago

Hey - Mr. Anonymous with your silly obscenities and you, Lynne, and Mr Purdue.

You have no way of knowing whether this woman has a legitimate service dog or not. FYI there is no legal requirement for a service dog to wear a vest (at least in California). It is also illegal in CA for a store (like a restaurant or a food store) to refuse entry or even challenge the authenticity of a purported service dog. It rtuly is the law. Here in LA a restaurant staff member attempted to eject a friend of mine's dog. This friend has cancer, emphesima (sp?) and osteoporosis. I witnessed a third party customer call the police about this - and within minutes a police car and a fire truck with paramedics arrived and set the restaurant owner straight. The restaurant was prosecuted and fined.

I reckon you angered people are tempting fate to give this dog owner a bad time on this site. Perhaps when you have a serious physical or psychiatric illness you will understand that these animals serve a purpose. I suggest that you watch out and remain alert ... just in case you are wrong and, one fine day, you fall victim to, say, osteoporosis or a debilitating cancer.

Otherwise, I agree with all criticism of these thugs who run Savon (owned, I believe, by Albertson's). Here in the Alhambra area of Los Angeles there is a pharmacy within the Albertsons at 2400 Commonwealth where heavily accented asian bullies rule their roost with disgusting rudeness to one and all customers including me, which was a mistake on their part. In fact I actually took the trouble to get the Executive Assistant to the CFO of the California head office of Albertson's on the phone (it's a trick my father taught me how to do) and explained how repulsive their staff were being - especially in bullying old folks. This educated and well spoken executive assistant listened carefully and acted immediately - solving my problem. One might easily think that these captains of industry don't give a damn about customer complaints - but you would be dead wrong. It is most effective to write a polite letter to the Chief Executive officer of the company - and it should be a letter, not an email - which is more difficult to ignore and delete.

If you are reasonable and polite, you will find that these top people don't like it at all when a letter of complaint lands on their desk. (These people don't actually read your letter, but they do receive a precis). Yup, they don't like it at all. I know this. My father was CEO of a massive global corporation). I am, with this post, passing on to you this advice he gave to me.


Harry Bromley-Davenport. (This is my real name - I am not hiding behind a childish pseudonym)

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Fireball - 38 d 50 m ago

That certainly shouldn't have happened to your son. But if you have a service dog, you know, you are never suppose to take off the vest. There are a lot of people out there that claim to have a service dog, so they can take them everywhere, but as you know the health dept. can shut a business down if there are animals in stores, restaurants, even Salons. I'm sure next time you won't forget!

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Justin - 29 d 19 h ago

Contact a legal advisor about suing

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Khel - 16 d 18 h ago

For two years I have been unable to use and Albertsons or vons on my mobile app I try making a new account with different emal and phone numbers and Im locked out. I call the 1877 number am left on hold at least 20 minuets each time then am told my stuff is reset and I can log in but I cant. Also at the store they wont let me enter my rewards card number. I am being black balled and discriminated against.

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Albuquerque gal - 17 d 3 h ago


Albuquerque NM here. Your few stores here are above and beyond its competitor, "Smiths", (Krogers). It is a blight on our community.

Folks at Albertsons are helpful, polite, stores are well lit and well stocked here. We actually want more stores. Sorry other places are having issues. Come to Albuquerque folks, Albertson's here is great.

General profile image - 17 d 12 h ago


I am a avid customer at you store and I.went in last night and your cashier Veronica was extremely rude and nasty at the store located on Maryland and Flamingo.,. Las Vegas and I am thinking of not coming back , You truly need to speak to this cashier .I have been a loyal customer of yours for over two years and that's not the way I want to be treated !

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Anonymous - 17 d 11 h ago

I would like to add I will share this with my Five Thousand Friends and Two Thousand plus Followers and inform them.of your response!

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Jackie - 21 d ago


Will be calling main office regarding the pharmacy in Roswell NM south main. The people that work there are rude. One day I had a prescription called in at 9:00am Friday. Went back Saturday noon still not filled. Unacceptable. Mine I had 3 called in 1 was ready the other 2 had problems. Waited in line 20 minutes. Nobody call me or the Dr office. I mentioned if they could not do their job I would go some where else. One employee and the manager Joseph both said go ahead.

I believe that is bad customer service. Live out in the country 20 minute drive. Can't be running back and fourth. I may even quit shopping there altogether.

I was a customer at Kmart for almost 30 years. The main pharmacist retired and everything went down hill. Thought Albertsons would be better, it's not.

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