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Albertson's LLC

250 Parkcenter Blvd.
Boise, ID
Richard Navarro
(208) 395-6200
(208) 395-6349
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Cheryl from Las Vegas - 10 h 24 m ago


I was in the store located @ 4065 S,Durango Dr. Las Vegas NV 89147 Store # 4004 I purchased a whole bone in rib eye roast and they were on sale for $6.77lb and had the meat cutter cut 10- 1" steaks out of it. . After checking out and putting my groceries in the car, I noticed I was charged $7.77 lb. the label said 12.06lb sale price $7.77lb. I was furious since this cost me $93.71. I brought it back in and told the male cashier that the price was wrong on my steaks. He told me to take it back to the meat cutter to have him reprice it. Then the label says 10.48lb sale price $6.77lb. I looked at the 2 labels and said to the cashier that the meat cutter is putting his thumb on the scale. It was a difference of 1.58 lbs I was being over charged for. My refund was $22.76. No telling how many customers get ripped off there every day. No way to run the store if you are going to tip the scales.Will never shop there ever again.

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Donna kirk - 1 d ago


I specifically called Albertsons on 132nd in mill creek and asked how late the deli was open. I was told 8 pm.i was there at 7:45 and was told the deli was closed and the blades for meat cutting had already been cleaned for the night! I was very upset givin the fact I had called ahead of time! Would have waited till the morning had I known I would experience this! Very upset!

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Anonymous - 1 d 11 s ago


In the Ontario oregon store I've observed over and over the hostility of a specific associate toward another associate. Today going so far as to following a cutomer to check the accuracy of the sales receipt. I'll wait I a line just to avoid this hostile checker.

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Odessa disgruntled "former" customer - 2 d ago


Albertson's store # 676 in Odessa, Texas are thieves. I purchased an item for $21.62 that turned out to be defective. Not only would they not refund my money, but they wouldn't even exchange the product that I had purchased the day prior. To me... that's theft. Rest assured, my concerns will be heard.

Odessa disgruntled "former" customer.

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Stuart Wyman-Cahall - 3 d 4 h ago


For awhile things were looking better. But over the last few months the lines at this particular location have been not serviced well. 430 pm and there are only 4 of the lanes open for business with some lines as long a 8 deep. I appreciate that you're busy. But 5 lanes closed? Seriously?!

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Brian - 4 d 4 h ago


The store#45 located 1760 e Charleston blvd

Las Vegas nv should be avoided at all cost. The cashiers have no sense of customer service or even pay attention to their tasks. It does not take a genius to figure of that if the bill is $5.40 and I give you two five dollar bills that you owe me back $4.60 back but this cashier gave me zero back until I noticed that I was due change back he tried to argue with me but since the people behind me were witnesses and the cashier got snotty and finally I got my change back. The issue is the cashier at the end of the day would be over which is a violation of policy. Also not going his job. Where is the manager Jim Corbett doing about training and having the cashiers doing their job and paying attention while working. The cashiers do not seem to give a damn about their jobs or the customers they serve. Brian


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Daniel Webster - 4 d 10 h ago


Albertson's caters to only the elite. The ones who can afford the smart phones and get their sales. I guess they don't want the less fortunate ones frequenting their stores. Emailed, hand wrote complaint on their new Just for U and never got a response.

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Shelby - 5 d 25 m ago


I guess no one checks these reviews. Looks like I'm stuck!

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Shelby - 5 d 5 h ago


I bought a blood pressure wrist monitor through Walmart, only to find out that the monitor was supplied to them by Albertson's. The monitor does not work. Inaccurate readings and Walmart won't take it back and I can't find out an address to send it back to Albertson's. Am I stuck with this inaccurate BP monitor or can I get my money back?

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Nancy in Montana - 25 d ago



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Silver - 23 d 14 h ago

Yep, same here. I can shop in other stores that care about their customers. Gary is correct about the pricing as well.

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Neighborhood spokesperson - 6 d 5 h ago

After merging with Safeway, the Auburn, WA Albertson's lost me as a 9 year customer. The employees that did not leave after the merger no longer seem to enjoy working there as they used to; they do not engage with customers, as it appears they have been told to just move people through, and they do not have enough cashiers at any given time of the day when there is typically higher volume, which is stressful for them. Additionally, our neighborhood is a mix of low and lower-middle income, which I believe has driven the changes to poorer service and long wait times since the merger. The analysts looked at the demographic data and the decision was that "our kind" of demographic doesn't warrant efficient and friendly service any more. I believe in supporting the stores that are in the neighborhood as that helps the local community, but Albertson's does not support my neighborhood.

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a frustrated shopper - 8 d 8 h ago

Albertson's store on Tropicana and Jones blvd in Las Vegas: The back rear end of the store is wide open with several waste bins and leftover merchandise , which attracts a large crowd of homeless and drug addicts who , since easy access, roam through the garbage and sleep in the back corners. Recently a customer was attacked in the parking lot of Albertson's , when hustled for money . Today a delivery Truck driving into the back area, supposedly " HIT " a lying down drug user and there will be a lawsuit for sure . This Albertsosn is located right next to a large apartment building and a gated condominium community . All residents in there could walk to Albertson's but choose not to, because they have to pass by the large homeless crowd . They drive across the street and shop at Smith . Albertsons has done nothing to combat the bad environment they create with their open back area. They recently have hired a young security guard for th entrance of the store who stands there and is very concerned with the appearance of his hairdo which is obviously the only incident he is interested in . The store manager is unhappy about this as well since police has been called many times and is refusing to come anymore clean up their private back area.

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Anonymous - 10 d 6 h ago


Alamogordo, NM Albertsons has an employee named Nina working there. She was VERY flirtatious with the man in line in front of me. Making VERY inappropriate comments back and forth. Then when I got up to check out, she was VERY rude. Cussing under her breath in frustration at something.

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Joe Mauk - 10 d 11 h ago


The Von;s delivery service is fine until you need to communicate with customer service. They say send them an email, they never respond. I called and was on hold for an hour twice. No one ever picked up the phone. Home delivery is supposed to be convenient. No with this.

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harry newman - 11 d 5 h ago


please!!!! build a real store in tucumcari nm. Then watch the town realy take off.

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Lisa - 12 d 10 h ago

I ordered a cupcake cake for my daughters birthday. The design came out really cute. I went to eat one of the cupcakes and it was so dry and stale couldn't even finish the 1 bite. I called to complain to let them know they should test their product before they serve it and was told by the store manager "those come frozen to us, we do not bake them here." if I would have known that I would have NEVER ordered thru them. It was really embarrassing serving stale cupcakes to people at her party. I will NEVER order from here again. Highly unsatisfied!

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Anonymous - 13 d 3 h ago

1650 N Buffalo Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89128

Had rotten meat from here will never shop at this location again

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cynthia estrada - 14 d 7 h ago


went into store 2141 wanted to try a hard apple cider, couldn't find a 6 pack but at the end of one of the aisles there were several individual bottles of different ales and micro brews so I picked out one bottle of cider and went to the checkout. The cashier instructed me that I couldn't buy just one bottle. I explained there were no six packs only individual bottles and she told me it was a pick 6, even though there weren't six ciders, & I would have to buy 6 even if I didn't want what they had to select from. I felt kind of embarrassed and she promptly called a box girl over and instructed her to return the single bottle back to the display because I wasn't allowed to buy just one bottle. I called the store manager Gary Hansen who wasn't in but did speak to a guy named Manny who told me there was no upc number so they couldn't sell me just one bottle. I use to work as a retail clerk and told him that the cashier could have done the math and just put the dollar amount in and charged it to liquor. He told me yes that could have been done but because I didn't call over a manager and make a big stink, I guess, they just don't do that. Are you kidding me Albertsons? The display looked like a bunch of left over bottles of different brands that the liquor dept was trying to get rid of and Albertson employees rather turn business away then do the math because of plain old laziness. Time to start shopping at Stater Brothers.

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Clint Westwood - 14 d 11 h ago


I want to thank Albertson's in Lake Grove, Or. 97035 for continuing to take plastic bags. Somehow it is getting more difficult for us to recycle plastic bags - largely because China is not accepting what we send any more.

Local recyclers have stopped accepting bags and 1-7 plastics.

Several local people that I know have become more loyal to Albertson's for this convenience that they offer.

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GDominguez - 15 d 7 h ago


What is Happening, the website to purchase gift cards is under construction and the alternative # to call to order a gift card as Frustrated in EL Paso wrote is correct. I am not ordering bulk gift cards, Just 1 but it's for my granddaughter and her husband that is stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso for the Albertson's precooked Thanksgiving dinners that they offer. I have purchased this for them each year since they have been stationed in El Paso, since the entire family is here in Chicago. It's the least a Grandma can do for her Grandchildren but I have not been able to get through on the alternative phone number the wait is crazy and NO ONE EVER ANSWERS!! I have called at least 4 times waiting longer then 20, 30mins and longer and nothing so I just Sent a Fax to Richard Navarro CFO in the Corporate office to see if anything MOVES at this Point or if Albertson really is a LOST CAUSE!!! Worried Grandma!!

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Lori - 16 d 50 m ago


I have a question regarding the Signature brand boneless chicken breasts and thighs. I understand why chicken is often injected with a salt solution, but why is this fact not listed on the label? The label states that the chicken is injected with water and is "all natural." I asked the butcher if salt is also added and he confirmed that it is. There are many people who must control their sodium intake. Would it be possible to add salt to the ingredient list and also list the sodium content as is the case with almost every other food product? Thank you!

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T Cooper - 16 d 5 h ago


I visit the albertsons on Dyer in El Paso , TX. I. Asked the lady in the fresh seafood dept about the meat market and she dont understand English.. I thought we were in America. How does your. Company hire non English speaking clerks? Are they even legal to work?

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Billy - 16 d 9 h ago

Your Ice vender for your Montana south west stores are ripping you off by over billing you on every delivery they make too all of your stores in there market distric by 50 or more bags in both sizes an there blocks as well,an that happens every time they ( the ice house ) makes a delivery to all of there stores , was told to do that by the owner him self or get fired for not doing what I was told .

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Frustrated El Paso - 16 d 9 h ago


For the past 3 days I have called to order BULK gift cards (800) and all your representatives are busy! REALLY??? Have been on hold for 45 minutes! I guess you all do not want our business over $20,000 in gift cards.

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