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Albertson's LLC

250 Parkcenter Blvd.
Boise, ID
Richard Navarro
(208) 395-6200
(208) 395-6349
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Kathleen - 2 d 9 h ago


I went to the Albertsons store on Central in Chino Ca. , to buy the Corona 12 pack that's on sale. At the checkout stand the store employee asked me to remove my sun glasses, I asked why, and she said she had to make sure I wasn't high. I just had an eye procedure this week and was told not to remove my sunglasses. I told her that seemed beyond her job description, and how would she know if I was high or not. She's not a police officer, or a doctor. This is very disturbing and wrong. As a result of having to remove my sun glasses in a very bright store , my vision has been compromised. I don't believe this is a policy of your store, I believe I was being harassed.

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Smiths/Frys is better - 8 d 9 h ago


Bought a 10lb bag of ice. Freezer was empty. Went to their CS desk and told an employee. He looked bewildered and asked a "manager" if they were out. The manager (Cedro) checks the same freezer that I just said was empty and says "yep its empty". Doesnt check in the back or call someone to check. He walks away and opens a register. I had to ask 3 times while im just standing there how I can get the ice. Finally a girl goes to the back and checks comes back ,without ice and confirms, yes, they have ice in the Back. So I go to the back with her to get the ice. Insane that a manager is that dismissive. Over a 10lb bag of ice.

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Anonymous - 9 d 16 h ago


I'm an employee at one of the stores. the store director and assistant suck! no one likes them because they are extremely unfair to their employees. one of my coworkers was told that their closers in a department was able to leave a mess because "he's in love with his girlfriend". and to the day that other employee still leaves a mess and doesn't do his job. but management don't care. a coworker being harassed by another coworker was told that the harasser was helping out. so what? put up with it? nothing was addressed right away. scheduling is out of wack with some fellow employees. nobody does their work and those ones get away with it but the ones that bust themselves for this company get treated poorly. people aren't given they're correct titles/ pays. after years of working there, i still don't make more than a dollar more then when i started. what is that? everyone looks out for themselves and their own backs and they don't care if they screw others badly along the way. every single employee there has a complaint about it and no one does anything!!! someone of us are stuck there because we can't risk losing our jobs (bills to pay, families to feed, benefits, etc.) no one cares to look out for others. someone needs to do something about this. beyond ridiculous! btw.... all that was just the tip of the iceberg.

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Tim - 13 d 8 h ago


Sue and Michelle, customer service helpers at silverdale Safeway robbed me of 1080 dollars and harassment to me every time I go in there. They tried to permantaly have me removed after stealing my money from guy on dad. The regional lady manager said she had to protect her employee first. You the costumer can fuck off was her exact words. Now I go to social media to get justice and putting signs all over Silverdale..safeway thieves sue and Michelle robbed and harassed me when I ask for money they stole. Jistvask for lie detector test and get truth. I will never stop till justice is served and they are fired to steal and harass anyone again

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Anonymous - 13 d 8 h ago

I work in one the stores won't say a name but they let people do whatever they want. Employees on there phones, just walking around doing nothing (including managers) calling in sick even when they are not and using sick pay,not being appreciated for doing a good job,some employees working more than other while being paid more than the employees that work harder

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Betty Bean - 14 d 9 h ago


I shop at Albertsons on Riggs Road in Chandler AZ where they have a recently ( within the past couple of years) added a liquor department separate from the main store. It has its' own entrance and cashier, SOMETIMES!!!!!!!!

They have recently added a pink sheet of paper showing the hours this entrance and cashier are available. I was there today within the open hours posted and the doors were locked, sign asking me to use other entrance, which is not close by. If this had been the first, second or even the third time I have encountered this I would not be writing this complaint. As I was leaving the parking lot I observed 3 other customers experiencing the same frustrating occurrence. Last week, at this same store, my daughter and I were buying chicken that had a digital coupon. The coupon was not available to her for some unknown reason. We asked the cashier to assist and her response was, " the coupons are available based on your past purchases" If that were the case there would not have been an issue as my daughter buys chicken in bulk when it is on sale. We have had similar issues with the bakery department. It seems this store doesn't value their customers very much. We actually have 4 other grocery stores within a 2 mile radius and I think we will be shopping in one or more of them from now on.

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Roger Bernhardt - 17 d 14 h ago


For a long time I was a loyal shopper of albertsons. Recently, the cookware program ended and I was eligible to receive a one qt open Saucepan free however, nobody in town seems to have one. I'm in Billings Montana. Corporate office just basically told me tough luck. Apparently there's no remedy for the outages for loyal shoppers. Roger Burkhardt and I live in Billings Montana and hopefully somebody higher up the food chain will see this and contact me.

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Siraz - 19 d 9 h ago


Today at 5:30 pm we are in Albertsons store ( 17th street IdahoFalls) pick some food, water and coffee and going to pay our bill; cashier finish all what he need, but when we try to pay wit my debit card, he told us, we can accept any debit and credit card, our system is down. We don't see any attention in store about that and was surprised about that, specially when supervisors coming and told us, " you can keep your purchases but need to go on ATM mashing and take cash ( atm use 2% on any transaction) no any " we are sorry or another excuse?!

Usually we are understanding some computer problems, but today, when everyone on business have alternative or back up devices in, cannot do that to costumers, specially if buying food for finding family present day.

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Randi Bush - 20 d 16 h ago


The Albertsons on Crenshaw in Los Angeles, CA provides poor customer service, because they do not have enough lines open (cashiers) during peak hours to service customers properly. This has always been the case.

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Anonymous - 22 d 13 h ago


Managers & employees, at the Albertsons in Baton Rouge,La both college Dr & Essen locations, treat those with disabilities like, dirt.

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Frustrated - 23 d 11 h ago


Im done shopping at Albertsons in payette id, and also Ontario Oregon. So disappointed, disgusted. Totally done with this franchise.

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Anonymous my 82 year old mother came in shopping - 24 d 9 h ago


My mother 82 years old came into the Albertsons on Montana she got a full cart of groceries a lady asked for a carry out the kid walked right past my mom my mom waited a minute and she walked out and put her on groceries in the car I am appalled that young kid should be fired making an old lady carry her own groceries out after he was asked by one of the cashiers to help her I know nothing probably will be done about this and we will not be shopping there again my mother deserves more than that the kid was about 16 17 years old my mom said

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Daughter of a customer - 24 d 8 h ago


This WAS in Helena mt on montana Ave The kid was a boy

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Teresa Nep[per - 24 d 10 h ago


I visited the Albertsons store in Lakewood WA today on Steilacoom Blvd. Although I have shopped at Safeway and Albertsons for almost 30 when I left my debit card at home, they couldn't deal with it. It says "checks" accepted on their website. My check kept coming up as 48.96 when cashiers entered it, the amount was 45.08. After several tries, I was then taken with my groceries over to the CUSTOMER SERVICE DESK and another person attempted to assist me. At which point I had offered my drivers license at least 2-3 times, they didn't want it. Said the "CODE" coming up said check was over my limit. I just wrote a check at Safeway on Tuesday from the same account for $48.96. Strange that amount coming up again....I ended up paying cash (and now have to go back to the bank because that cash was for a specific payment). After being DECLINED and being told so in front of several customers I was so embarrassed that I just left the store with my groceries. After thinking twice about it I should have walked out and left them there. I cannot remember being so embarrassed in a really long time. Sorry really doesn't cut it. I have never had a single issue with payment on debit or when I used to write checks more often. I guess this is telling me that my cash is ok (debit same as cash) BUT when I had a need ALBERTSONS in LAKEWOOD couldn't cut it. Too bad, I'll try and start doing a lot more of my shopping at Fred Meyer.

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Anonymous - 25 d 5 h ago

Left my wallet at the check stand. Called back promptly and they had it, however, the cash totaling 200+ was gone. Then I tried to take the survey and it had expired 2 hours later? Your company stinks and I will never enter another one of your corrupt stores again . Good luck in bankruptcy

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Lavonn - 26 d 15 h ago


The manger at store# 1413 bothell wa Ron Shaw yells at children

Horrible customer service

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Cherie - 27 d 11 h ago


Oh my goodness! Albertson's in Wenatchee has an employee who is horrible...every one know it. People complain all the time. But, I was told because he is a trans she, they are afraid to fire him. I spend 200 bucks a week in this store, but if the service is bad, I have to go somewhere else. The other day, he was put in the bakery to work and had a meltdown and went into the fetal position on the FLOOR, in the bakery, in your store, in Wenatchee. This is insane. I'm out if this isn't fixed. Thank you.

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Jenell - 31 d 14 h ago


Went to Albertsons, paid for my items with a credit card, the card was accepted then for some reason Albertsons returned the money to my account. I was told that I needed to return to the store to reprocess the sale, that's an hour drive to the store and an hour drive home from the store, that's 2 hours for ME to clean up ALBERTSONS mistake. So I call Albertsons Corporate Office, I listened to 7 menus, I spoke with 7 people, where I was informed that that's just how it is. Well Albertsons, in my course of the day, I shall pass on my experience, along with Albertsons inability and unwillingness to figure out a process that didn't involve me driving for 2 hours, that's 2 hours of my time and my gas, that's a whole entire day I've spent on Albertsons.

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Terry Nelson - 32 d 9 h ago

I am really unhappy with the Just For You option now that Albersons has taken over safeway. each time I log in it asks me for which store is my store and once I have added my products I want to add I am not able to print it out like I was able to do so before. NOw it would print out about 15 pages when it was on 2 or 3 duh why change all that I have considered going to Fry's instead

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Anonymous - 32 d 14 h ago


At the Albertson's on the corner of Perkins and Essen, there is a horrible stench coming from the butcher and seafood departments. An employee in the seafood department told a customer that was trying to get four bags of live crawfish that the crawfish weren't moving because they were hibernating. They told the customer that if they poured hot water on the crawfish it would wake them up. It was clear that the crawfish were dead and should have been discarded and not sold. Why would any employees lie to the customer?

There are also large rodents running around the store especially In areas where there is bread. They are large enough to slide the loaves slightly forward when they are running along the shelves behind them.

This store used to have standards. I am not sure what has happened over the past two years. It may be due to a change in management and the standards of management.

My next course of action is to contact the Louisiana board of health and have them come and inspect the store should changes not happen quickly. I will also put in a call our local news stations so that they can get to the bottom of what is going on.

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Anonymous - 33 d 18 h ago


Albertsons Baton Rouge (Airline and Old Hammond) has terrible customer service. Went into store to purchase a lottery ticket, and Ms Pat, the customer service rep, closed it early and refused to sell me a lottery ticket. She was adamant that she would not reopen her register to sell me a ticket, even though she closed out the station early, which is against the ethics of the lottery board....will be filing a formal complaint.

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Anonymous - 34 d 10 h ago


I am very unhappy with the Albertsons store in Buellton, CA. I went into the store on 5/13/2019 to buy some items and pick up the free items from the recent Monopoly promotion. I had exchanged some of the tokens for a $15 gift card which states that you should go to the customer service desk to receive. I had also won a $5 gift card through the game itself. After going through the check-out line, I headed to the customer service desk. A gentleman, who I see later is bagging at one of the checkout stands, sees me and lets me know that someone would be by in a few minutes to assist me. While waiting for someone to arrive, I review my receipt and notice that all the items that I had scanned and were free were actually charged at full or sale price. I was becoming annoyed and after waiting for 15-20 minutes a young lady arrives and asked if I needed help. I stated "yes". When I told her about the pricing errors on the free items, she said she didn't know how to handle the Monopoly prizes and would text her supervisor and in the meantime would refund me for the incorrect pricing. As she is manually adding items up, she came up with an incorrect price compared to what I manually added to. After another maybe 5-7 minutes her supervisor appears. Supervisor asks me to fill out paperwork for the $5 gift card that I won so while I;m completing the paperwork I ask about the $15 gift card. She said I needed to pay for that at the cash registers. I said that the information on the website states to go to customer service. By this time I am really offended by the lackluster customer service and ask for the manager. When he finally appears I recognize him from another meeting I had for a separate issue. He overrides and tells the supervisor to enter code 10325 to process the $15 gift card. He then pushes the pricing mistake onto their tech department and tells me they have no control over it. After a while he states " You are making me feel like I'm not doing my job". I tell him that since it is close to 40 minutes since I stopped at the customer service desk, he is correct. He asks to see my receipt and verifies that I had been there since 11:24 am and notices that it was now 12:00 pm. I told him that I am disappointed with the service of this particular store and would be taking my business elsewhere. He continues to whine about how it isn't his fault or the fault of that particular store. I beg to differ. When a general manager of a store is unable to right a wrong and passes the buck to someone else, he is unfit as a general manager. This is the second time he has passed the buck to someone else. I will no longer shop at this store and will take my business elsewhere. I suggest that the corporate office train their general managers on better customer service (and please let them know that when they whine like a child, they appear like a child to the customer). Mistake in pricing added to $13.14. Supervisor paid me $15 cash rather than the giftcard, which works out as I plan to no longer shop at this store.

Manager: Armando Pulido

Main store #: (805) 6693-1069

Store #: 3324

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Anonymous - 39 d 13 h ago


The store in Everett Washington on 128th street...needs MORE shopping CARTS!!!! I think they MAY have 10!?!?!? It is atrocious!!! I watch the Customer Service people RUNNING to gather the carts IF ANY from wherever they can find them!!! I HATE to be shopping during Mother's Day OR ANY other holiday!!! There are NO CARTS!!!!!!!!!

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Dianna Garza - 56 d 11 h ago


I live in Denison Texas and I was looking for a job with Albertsons and I had the interview and was told that I had the job that the manager had to talk with the deli manager and figure out when to start and how many hours but never got called back, well come to find out he never had intended on hiring me but the deli manager did. The reason behind him not hiring me was because of my teeth. I was upfront and honest about them and told him it was not because if drugs but because I had had cancer and I did chemotherapy and radiation and it messed up my teeth. I was very sad and disappointed because I have 2 years of experience in working in a deli.

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Ms deli - 55 d 14 h ago

Ms Denison Texas i am from BATON ROUGE LOUISIANA and i also work 4 Albertsons. My Deli manager mouth looks so bad that when she opens it up .it looks like and smells like the inside of a dumpster ,Get u a discriminate case really.

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Anonymous - 39 d 15 h ago

I would file a EEOC Complaint for Discrimination.

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