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Albertson's LLC

250 Parkcenter Blvd.
Boise, ID
Richard Navarro
(208) 395-6200
(208) 395-6349
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Shelly - 12 h 10 m ago


This evening at around 5:10 pm I went into the Alberston's on Scottsdale Road and Thomas to purchase a newspaper and a small container of pasta salad at the Deli counter. I am in town helping a friend who has been in and out of the hospital so I needed a brief break to eat and read the paper in my car. The young woman behind the Deli Counter was extremely rude and indifferent. It was not busy. No one else was before or after me! I told her I was just trying to buy something to eat in my car. I had waited patiently while she walked away. She came back and acted like she was doing me a big favor. Why do you have her as an employee if she hates her job and is rude to customers. I was NOT rude to her, but patiently polite. I did tell your Manager, Jerry, that she had an attitude problem. I left your store after purchasing the newspaper then went to a nearby Frys grocery to purchase a small container of their pasta salad. They were busy, but very polite. You need to get someone better working at your Deli counter. Thank you.

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Un happy customer - 1 d 14 h ago


From Northglenn colorado..... i loved shopping at Albertsons, they say it's just a name change but I've never liked safeway. the prices are now higher the store layout is awful i can't find the bands or products I've always bought. I will purchase my groceries elsewhere!

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Cheryl - 2 d 15 h ago

We live in Lubbock Texas. Albertsons bought out United/Marketstreet a few years ago. We were assured everything would stay the same, maybe even better. It seems over time the good brands we all enjoyed and purchased have slowly disappeared, being replaced with Signature brands....UGH. I was looking over the frozen vegetables and two women were doing the same. We started talking, all of us were upset we couldn't find what we wanted. I started buying detergents and other things from Amazon because my store stopped stocking them. Lucky me, by chance I discovered Food King a few miles away. That store has everything!!!! We had several Albertsons here years ago, they all went under! We are spoiled, should say were spoiled United shoppers, now we just complain to each other. Neighbors, friends and relatives all agree....We want our stores back!!! The quality of off brands is so bad...wouldn't buy your products under any circumstance. We are all in for Brand names, no matter what price!

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David - 4 d 8 s ago


I want to correct something from my previous comments. The date of the first ad for Progresso Soups was October 12, 2016. The ad for the Progresso Light soups appears in the October 18th ad.

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David - 4 d ago


Why does Albertson's/Safeway discriminate against people who want to eat healthy products? Last week, you advertised Progresso traditional soups on sale for $1 per can. That price did not apply to the Light soups which were at the regular price of $2.29 per can! Why aren't all Progresso soups on sale for the same price? This week, you are advertising Progress Light soups on sale 2 cans for $3. Why are you charging more for the Light soups than you did for the traditional soups last week? Do you have something against people who are trying to eat healthy?

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Anonymous - 5 d ago

I'm really disappointed whit this store they are advertising fake deals or sales , I went 4 days in a row to 4 different store near me , Torrance California looking for the gain dish washer that is on special and they don't have it in stock ! I'm just wondering if they know the fake advertising is illegal !!! They only make some histories about a lady take them all at 6:00 am but guess what I was there every single day at 6:00 am and there was none. Stop lying to customers

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Anonymous - 8 d 8 h ago


My sister slipped and fell today at the albertsons in Bakersfield California on mt Vernon and the night manager was horrible

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Joshua - 8 d 13 h ago


My lady has been a faithful employee over ten years. They have messed her over many times from not giving her breaks too now missing over 30 hours off overtime. HR does nothing about this and now she barely gets 4 hours a week if that. Can someone higher up please call us at (hidden) before we are homeless with our 3 year old daughter

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Anonymous - 8 d 13 h ago

Sorry I meant over 30 hours a vacation.

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Danielle - 9 d 14 h ago


The Albertsons on Lake Hazel and 5 mile REFUSED to hang a missing persons poster for the local Boise student who was abducted. It's bad enough that they took over Pauls and raised our grocery prices to almost double, even worse that they bring Starsucks in - which put the little indie coffee trailer out of business by the way!, but now they refuse to support the community when a child has been abducted.

Alberson's USED to be an important part of our community and could always be counted on as a supporter. Now they are just another greedy corporation out to rape the community they settle in.


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joni - 8 d 14 h ago

I am furious myself! What possibly could be their reason? I am very surprised and VERY disappointed in them. Amazing...

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16th & State in Boise - 8 d 15 h ago


Albertson's at 16th & State in Boise, ID always has trash on their property, in parking lot and around sidewalks surrounding store. Today is Oct 13 and I saw two store receipts dated Oct 4 and Oct 6 laying around their grounds. Also empty pop cans, empty mini liquor bottles from nearby state liquor store, various other trash. I don't understand why they can't keep their property clean. It makes me not want to shop here, and it brings down our North End neighborhood. The inside of the store is always clean and nice. Can't one employee walk around the building once a day and pick up the trash?

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pissed off - 10 d 13 h ago


Today Oct 11 I was in the central point Albertson store. I find it disgusting you let people put their dog in the same cart i use to put my food in. I am sure it's a health code violation. I will be contacting the health inspectors on this.

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Narvelle - 11 d 16 h ago


I had a great experience in the North Las Vegas store today...It makes a difference when the staff listens and are willing to assist you to the point where you get what you want...I wanted to purchase a yogurt parfait, however they only had the mixture of bluberries and strawberries shelved...I happened to notice a representative from the store; Kathleen. I asked her about requesting parfait with strawberries and she offered to and then made it for me...I bought two in stead of one...I was very impressed and left the store happy...Thanks Kathleen

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Meisha - 11 d 20 h ago


The Albertson grocery store in Weatherford, Texas needs some cleaning. I was in on Sunday, October 9, 2016 and the store is not clean especially around the entrance where the basket are stored. The ladies restroom was in need of cleaning, I did report that to the customer service desk. There is an HEB store going in and if Albertson does not clean up the store it may have to close.

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Anoynymous - 12 d 11 h ago

Remember, as an owner of 2 businesses I know that when a customers happy they will tell one or two persons. When the are unhappy..about 20. Keep it in mind and pay attention to those who take the time to write comments.

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Anoynymous - 12 d 12 h ago

Three is a crowd is now ten is a crowd on Sunday football day at 3:00. CSI is a joke and not a true indicator of customer service. Store directors are pressured to get these and they are not legitimate and conducive to bettering customer service, What is Alb LLC/Safeway thinking? I have been in this business 38 years, 20 at this store and we are losing customers due to the labor crunch. They will shop where they can get in and get out quickly . Please pay attention to these posts as they are accurate and indicative of what customers need, Let us make Albertsons good again

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Tamara wascovich - 12 d 15 h ago


Shopped at cedar hill location today at halftime ,Cowboys game.

Wore my #21 Elliot shirt. Cashmere Refused my 10% discount because casher said wrong kind of selves and fabric. She actually gave me attitude when I question it. Read rules on line.....must have official shirt with player #and name, had both.

Not happy! Terrible customer service. Everyone one in line heard her too!

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Anonymous - 13 d ago


Albertson repurched the Jewel stores and changed the distributor of there pharmacy and most of there drugs are coming form China and the middle east and the ingredents are coming form country's like vietnan korea and such and they are not quality products my blood pressure med does not take control my blood pressure as it did. I got an anaflatic reaction to amoxy this is a drug I have taken for years with out a problem. and need to take it before any surgery due to a heart valve replacement. I also get B12 shots now it has Alcohol in it (not suppose to have this) my new med are not doing the job they are suppose to and am considering looking for other that have had problems and seen if a class action law suit can be filed agains this co.

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jay - 13 d 13 h ago


How much does it cost to acquire a new customer? How much is a long term customer worth? I went to my store in Belgrade, Mt because that is my store. Has been for years. But fir the last time. I needed milk on the way home but left my wallet at work. Tris to write a check for $2.49 and cashier won't take it. Never wrote a bad check a day in my life. There's another grocery store across the street that will take it though. Guess where I'm going from now on.

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Dawn - 14 d 15 h ago

I enjoyed shopping sales at Albertson's; however, please discontinue the stupid small print on your coupon. $10 off purchase of $100. Yay! I shopped carefully to make sure I had $100 worth (because your prices are very high compared to other stores in my area) only to find the coupon not accepted because of dairy...what?! I literally had to stop, get my reading glasses out of my purse, verify the small print, and make a decision whether or not to leave my entire cart right there and storm out of the store. Very bad decision, whoever-is-in-charge!

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Angie m. - 15 d ago

Does Albertsons have any plans to return to San Pedro California

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Anonymous - 15 d 12 h ago

My name is Donna Rae. I was Donna Richardson when I worked at the Battle Ground locate. I started as a cashier which I loved the job. I soon after learning all the codes for Produce and got fast at the register I was moved to the deli against my will. I was told there wasn't enough hours. I then was put on all night shifts frying chicken. Kind of dangerous and a really slippery floor. Then more cashiers were hired. I quit because it seemed I was destined to batter and fry chicken for my time there on only night shifts and weekends. I found green rotten chicken and was told to batter it. The sink was deep and I am 5 ft 2 inches and frankly it hurt my back. So I quit. I applied for a job with a school here and I believe I was given a back reference from Albertsons. I feel cheated and will not be using your company a reference again . I would appreciate it if you would stop sending me vanguard retirement papers.


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Dennis - 16 d 12 h ago


So I brought back a new pavkage of apple juice that was clearly fermented for a while.. Got my money back no worries there. But the manager was rude, I felt and he was very un concerned with my childs safety. I didnt feel that he cared about my family which was there and felt customer service was at an all time low. He stated that the apple juice witch I had brought back smelled just fine, so I had another customer smell it and they about threw up... If a manager of a grocery store cant smell rotton food than the whole store is doomed.

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sswenty - 16 d 17 h ago


What a joke. An incredible poor, to sat the least, candidate experience...awful customer service.


Talked to Yen on the phone this morning at 10:00AM

We agreed to meet at a specific time - 12:00 noon.

I wait...she then tells me that she has time tomorrow - not today as we agreed... RUDE. Unprofessional.

I will never shop at Albertsons or Safeway again and I have told my friends about this situation and to go to another grocery store.

The candidate and customer experience should be paramount - Yen FAILED 100%.

Steve Swenty

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