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Albertson's LLC

250 Parkcenter Blvd.
Boise, ID
Richard Navarro
(208) 395-6200
(208) 395-6349
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Katrina Mann - 7 h 37 m ago


I went into Albertsons a couple months ago, and there was an irate man being very rude, interupting a senior lady shopper like myself while she sought help in locating an item from the store by a young man who was extremely gifted in diffusing the situation with the agitated man that had obvious mental disorders. I actually was afraid at first but this store worker at the customer service made me feel safe as he calmly helped the elder woman while gently talking to this rude loud mad person into waiting his turn to be helped, i think his name was Frederique or something beginning with an A, like Augustine, he was of smaller stature and quite eloquent in nature as he expertly handled a rude mentally challenged customer. I want very much to have someone note his file that he went above and beyond in a manner that brings me back to your store almost every day, you are fortunate to have an employee of his calibur. He represents the very best in quality service for your store, what a fine store ro have this young man as an employee, it speaks volumes about how you do business in how he treats people, more than a job to this fine young man for sure, again, please note his file with exemplory honor or mention what i have said, i hope you will and it would be lovely to hear back from your company about this, thank you Albertsons, you are my store and anyone who knows me also shops there because i tell them of your fine service and that fine young employee you have working for you. I would love to hear back from you. Sincerely, Mrs. Katrina Mann

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Ruth Hummel - 2 d ago


Is it true you are re-opening the Albertsons in San Pedro Ca? I sure hope so!! Address: 28090 S. Western Ave. San Pedro Ca 90732

We all miss your store so much - the construction workers said you would be back!! Thank You for your time!

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Gary - 4 d 24 h ago


It seems like every time I shop at the store near me I am asked out loud for a contribution of some kind. This pressure approach is wrong.Put a collection container on the check stand and if one wants to give they can.I shop in your store a lot and I give most of the time but when I don't give,it makes me look and fell cheap when leaving the store.I know this is not your intent and these causes are for good,but please reevaluate your contribution policies.Some people like myself are on fixed income and however much they would like to give it is not always possible.Don;t made your customers look and feel small.

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none - 5 d ago


The Albertson's where I normally shop has recently gone down hill. One would think that when an ad is released, the store would have sufficient inventory to meet the needs of the customers. This is not the case. Since the merger with Safeway, the Abertson's has been stocking its products with the Safeway select brand, which are not at the same level of quality as the brand previously stocked (Albertson's private labeled product).

I have a Safeway store near me, much closer than the Albertson's store. I choose to shop Albertson's because of its products and people. Safeway has refused to honor its own coupons in the past, and its employees are unconcerned with the customers.

Bring back the Albertson's branded products (ice cream) which are superior than the Safeway products. Leave Albertsons as it was. Why do you think it was Albertson's that purchased Safeway and not the other way around. Albertson's is being brought down to the level of Safeway, and when it achieves that level, I will have to find another store to shop at.

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Anonymous - 6 d 20 h ago

I'm a regular shopper at Jewel Osco. Today (Friday December 2nd) as I was checking out I was very distraught when I glanced at the cover of the National Enquirer. I know this is a junk tabloid that sells lies (I don't really care is Suri is abducted by aliens). Today, however, the cover was downright offensive declaring that the CIA is 'infested' with 55 Muslims. This is HATE SPEECH not free speech. I cannot imagine how upsetting this would be for any Muslim to read. I can tell you that as an American living in this divided time, I shouldn't have to read or expose my children to hate speech at the grocery store. We are a community and the supermarket is at the heart of it where we spend our time and funds many times a week. I appreciate our first right amendment of free speech but I wonder if Albertson's can protest this type of hate speech by returning this edition of National Enquirer to their head quarters, declaring that the company has high standards for its clientele.

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Anonymous - 7 d 23 h ago


I went into Albertson's in Broussard, La. I was going to pick up some Dory dvds for kids gift. I had picked up 3 then found a Christmas movie to watch that evening. While doing my grocery shopping I got a text that the Disney movie club had buy one get one half off. Well that's a deal so I had taken the DVDs out of my cart and continued shopping. Then the idea came up to go see a 3D movie at the theater instead of dvd at home tonight. So I had taken that out my cart and left it. Finished shopping went to check out. I clearly opened my purse to get my wallet out in front of the cashier she rang up my food, I had 5 one hundred dollar bills and some other money in my hand, the lady made me go to d the movies I had taken out my cart and put on the shelves in the store. For someone to even make this accusation is quite appalling. I have shopped there for a very long time. Ive spent a lot of money in this particular store for years. I left the groceries after I bought the movies to her and I will not return. I went to Wal-Mart and did my shopping. I will never return to Albertsons again.

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Sara - 7 d 20 h ago


The Albertson's in Calle real and the one in Hollister have both very rude staff the older man in his 40's with with long blonde hair all round to ear level at the hollister one and all the managers and the dairy person at the Calle real one are very rude please speak to them about this.

Thank you.

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Michael Holloway - 7 d 20 h ago


I always like to give credit to the people working in the stores. It is they, and not the products that bring me back.

I picked up a survey sheet to give credit to the cashier, who went an extra bit to help me. The form has as the web page.

I would ask each VP and the President of the corporation to go to that site and complete the survey. You will see that the form asks much too many questions, some of which are a bit nosy, and most of which can be answered by checking the stats of the cashier's inventory report. There has to be one generated minute to minute as each item is scanned. The VP in charge of inventory can explain it to the rest of you.

I was at 27% when I realized that my reason for wanting to give credit would be - might be - at the end of what would have been a too-long survey.

OK, #1 objective follows. Store 963, Cashier# 111, Jamie D. earns 10 for courtesy, efficiency, a great smile and helpfulness.

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Jan - 8 d ago


I have shopped exclusively at the Azle, TX store and spend approx $600/mo on groceries for about 15 years, even with a Walmart right next door and a Brookshires a block away. You guys could do a training video on how to ruin a good store since the changes after buying Tom thumb and switching to their warehouses. Produce is either expired or almost expired EVERY time I go in. Lunch meat is usually a week or two from expiration, cans either close to expiration or occassionally expired already, and many so dented botulism is a risk. I volunteer at a large food bank and we wouldn't even be able to send out some of the items you guys are selling. And it can't be the store's fault... the same store manager has been there for 15 years. It was always a great store. Today I couldn't even find acceptable items to make what I planned for dinner and had to go to Walmart after. I won't be back to the store. From the way it went from a busy store to one that generally only needs 1 or 2 checkout lanes, I'm guessing I'm not the only one that feels this way. Get it together Albertson's.

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Natalie - 8 d 12 h ago


My albertsons in Apple valley ca has some of the worst customer service, I've been a loyal customer at this store for the past 3yrs since moving to this area, I shop here because it's super convenient for my husband & I to stop in after work on our way home. Today I went shopping twice there, once in the morning & the second time at night, well this morning I waited almost 10mins in line waiting on one customer... no one bothered to ask me if I would like to be helped at another register while they helped another women with wic coupons, I was looking at the other free register but the lady working it was too busy talking to another employee. I waited patiently untill the women was done. Then at night when I was going to use my coupons for cereal one of the managers Susan treated me absolutely horrible, she was super loud and rude when telling me she would not except my coupon for not scanning, I felt as if she was trying to humiliate me in front of other customers. I didn't argue I simply said okay no worries & left my cereal behind, when sat in my car I thought to myself wow this women was super rude she didn't even give me a second chance to scan it perhaps at a different register. So I went back in patiently wait in line again & asked if it would be okay if she could try to scan it off my phone. But then she said I can't because it's probably a fraud coupon... very loud & rude again. This time everyone in line stared at me & I felt as if she was accusing me of trying to do something fraudulent when I simply asked a yes or no question. I'm super bummed this happened because I love this store for their fresh products but their customer service is horrible & makes me want to shop elsewhere.

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Anonymous - 8 d 20 h ago

The VON'S store on woodruff/Carson in Lakewood ca needs some serious help.. to many people not working and management ignores all the problems.. not a good way to run a store.

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misterxxx - 9 d 8 s ago


my problem with Albertsons is this every time there is a job opening and I apply online I wait 24hrs to check on my app they usley they give the job to somebody else. And who do for this but there hr. Person. you know all I want is a job at Albertsons that's all.

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Nancy - 9 d ago


No Self Check at the Pavillons in Seal Beach Ca. Here you have a college/beach town, and we all should come and stand in line to buy our one or two items. Did you add more express? NO. Did you add more checkers? NO. Do you want to keep my business? NO. I will drive up the street to Ralph's where they obviously put their customer's time ahead of their own agenda. You just didn't want to upgrade the self check outs to accommodate the chip readers.

You have lost my business.

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Sue - 9 d ago


The removal of self checkout lines is ridiculous! The Albertsons in Tustin, CA has taken out the self check out and replaced it with "express lane." What a joke! 15 items is NOT an express lane. Every time I go to that store people in line are complaining about no self check out. I am switching to Ralphs where there is a self check out!!!!!

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Barbara - 10 d 21 h ago


I have shopped at the Albertson's location on Vista Avenue in Boise, for several years. So many of the products are either expired, or near expiration. I have to shop at a store further away, just to buy good produce and other items that are not ready to expire. I told a store employee that a lot of the crackers and cream cheese had expired, he responded that the person who stocks Nabisco and General Mills, is responsible. That store needs quality control.

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Christian - 11 d 3 h ago


We live in Vista CA and have shopped at our local Albertsons for more than two years. I should also mention that I own a Vending business and have bought all my Soda products in this store at the volume of 100 cases a week.

My wife and I had our first poor experience with a Rotisserie Chicken that upon opening at home we discovered was half eaten on one side and completely dry and.... on the other. We returned the chicken with little sympathy from the store manager. His only request was that we did not contact cooperate due to the fact it would deeply impact his Job, so of course we did not. Refund received and we moved about our day.

Second issue, I stooped by to pick up 20 cases of Soda for the business and decided to grab some Granola made by Albertsons. On the way home without looking at the container I started eating the Granola, noticing it was a bit chewy but not paying much attention. Upon my arrival home my wife looked at the expiration date at noticed it was 3 weeks past! Thats rite, 3 weeks expired at the time of purchase. Again talked to the store manger, we were asked once again not to contact cooperate, refund received.

The most recent incident, my wife bought 2 LBs of ground beef packaged by Albertsons the previous day. when I proceeded to open the meat that night I found the center to be rotten, green and brown! Thats rite, not on the outside but in the middle. I sold food for years and have a clear understanding of what fresh and rotten meat looks like. Once again we contacted the store manger and received the same response. This is obviously a store wide issue and I will be sending my pictures and complaints on to the USDA and consumer affairs.

Please beware of the food you purchase,eat and cook from this store. See pic below.

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KJ - 10 d 13 h ago


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concerned dad - 11 d 19 h ago

my daughter just started working at albertsons in Albuquerque nm lomas,juantabo store a week ago she says there is a lot of bullieing going on with fellow coworkers and harasment is this the policy do they read a employee hand book is there one?

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Anonymous - 12 d 7 h ago


I live next to a Vons, which is now owned by Albertsons. I refuse to shop there anymore because they run a loud leaf blower begins their store from 130 to 230 every night. Their complete disregard for their neighbors is a strong indication of how the company feels about average people. I wonder if Richard Navaroo, ceo, would enjoy being kept up at night by a leaf blower.

General profile image - 12 d 14 h ago


I was in Albertsons in Miles City Montana went to the meat department the ad read 799 per pound for the rib eye steaks the stakes read 1099 per pound called The Butcher out and he said the ad was off and pulled the tags right in front of me and my husband I figure if the ad was still showing we should have got the price of 799 per pound for the rib eyes he did Apologize but in our eyes we think we should have got the price for the 799 a pound and then he was pulling all the other tags off that he said should have been pulled off a week ago thank you for your concern

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Thomas Morris - 12 d 19 h ago

I bought ten butterfingers at the Emmett locations and three of them where expired

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Jack - 14 d ago


Love the way all the old Safeway stroes are being cleaned up!!! Awesome job!!

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Tyler - 15 d ago


I have never had a ruder experience in a grocery store than I did today at the alberstons. Some teen girl with brighr blue hair refused to check me out without a second for of ID even though I am adult who looks like and adult and have never in my life been told my drivers license is insufficient to purchase alcohol. To be clear she did not check my ID she told me she would not ceck me out until I had two forms of id. When I protested she told me to call someone and then reached over my cart and started checking someone else out. My weekly grocery bI'll is easily higher than her weekly wage. This is the single worst customer experience in my life, they have lost my business and that of my family.

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Jack Reacher - 14 d ago


Tyler all the check-out procedures for alcohol are not only state ordered, but the business has a right to add additional requirements. I worked for a grocery chain in WA and checkers were required to card any one 35 and younger. If a group of people were at the check stand , all in the group were to be carded.

I'm sure you look younger than you think you do, and this young lady was following guidelines.

I'm also sure you tried to intimidate and embarass her because she was a girl. If a male checker had asked for two forms of ID, I'm guessing you'd of acted differently....been poloite, and asked if this was a new procedure, etc, ect. If I'd of been her, I would of probably paged security to remove you from the store. As for the blue hair...soooo what.

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Briceida santiago - 14 d 8 h ago


Why is so hard to contact by phone?

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