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Albertson's LLC

250 Parkcenter Blvd.
Boise, ID
Richard Navarro
(208) 395-6200
(208) 395-6349
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Mr. Man - 15 h 37 m ago


I went to shop store #4112 in Longview, Texas and while shopping there had the pleasure of meeting and talking to an associate named Tania. She was most helpful and made me feel completely at ease as an older person. I appreciated her efforts.

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S. D. Acre - 19 h ago


The store on 128th in Everett never has enough cashiers.

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Danita R Center - 1 d 11 h ago


I don't know who the scanning coordinator is for the Albertsons stores but I shop there in and out probably 5 days a week they have these sale ad things sticking up all over the store for certain products that are on special I get home I look at my receipt and every single trip that I make to Albertsons they have overcharged me the sale item does not ring up I go back there every single trip and show them the new mistake can somebody please tell me why a corporation as big as them can't get this right I'm done shopping there

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LUCY SAUCEDO - 2 d 8 h ago


So upset...i had my service dog and my 7year with me and i was ask to leave unless he has his service vest on him his which i forgot i just went in to get lettuce and a bag of carrots. i asked my dog to wait by the door and my son to stay with him a old lady came over and shooed my son out the door and lock the automated sliding door in his face leaving my son unnattended. He was super scared. Im sure you cannot be asked to leave if its a service dog even though it does not have a vest. I will not be return due to the nature and customer service of the worker. Her name was susan and she was locking one of the front doors at 8:45 pm

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Bryan Hill - 2 d 12 h ago


I have shopped at Albertsons for over 40 years and have never encounter the rude, poor products, brown to black meat to expired items until I moved to NV. On a recent trip to Albertsons on the corner of Stephanie and Horizon Ridge I bought a few items but one of those items was a pound and a half of 93% ground beef. ok I live 2.1 miles away from said store so the heat wasnt a factor in this because as soon as I got home I put the meat in the freezer to use today, well I pulled it out this morning put it in the frig to thaw and when I got home late this afternoon I took it out and when I looked inside the bag it was brown and light black and the odor was really bad. I called albertsons and they said Quote" I must have left it in the sun" What a dumb response but oh well then she said we cant do anything about it so I put a call into the health department and they told me to hold onto the product so they could inspect it. So I said ok and they said the would open an investigation because they have had other reports from other stores like vons and albertsons for the same problem. So Albertsons I suggest you all get your shit together before you start facing lawsuits and fines from different states

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A - 3 d ago


Harlem Albertsons is a decent store. Tanner Drabbles, Hellen Schroeder, and Hollie Modic all harass and bulky their co-workers. They often make racist remarks about the costumers and treat the other Albertsons employees under them unfairly. They are often seen on their phones in the office and on the sales floor.

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Anonymous - 3 d 17 h ago

I was making job applications with different location in El Paso,tx, I accidently said I was a former employee, I wanted 2 go back & correct it, but it doesn't let me, Sorry, From.Virginia Navarrette, I have 21+ years as an Overnight Stocker, & Backup Cashier. Sorry 4 the Inconvience.

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Anonymous - 5 d 19 h ago

Sorry!! I should have said Signature brand not essentials in my email!!


Cathy from Billings Montana

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Cathy Ruegamer - 5 d 19 h ago


I'm writing in regards to the product brand "Essentials " that is slowly replacing products we have purchased for years. Why is Albertsons replacing the name brands that are good and forcing customers to buy the Essentials inferior product!? I have shopped at Albertsons for 18 years and really don't want to switch, but it seems that every time I go in another product has been wiped off the shelf and replaced with the Essentials product. Please explain why Albertsons is going this route!? I really don't want to shop at Walmart.

Thank you

Cathy from Billings, Montana

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Upset Customer of Malta Montana - 7 d 15 h ago


I've bitten my tongue for far too long about the Albertsons in Malta, Montana. I never wanted to say anything or contact any higher order of power because of the respect I once had for the Store Director there. But that's out of the window now after the Store Director and Asissant Store Director refused to speak to me about an issue I had encountered there, and then blaintently lied to my Face. My family, amount many other people in the Phillips County Area have bitten into undercooked chicken several times, we constantly see them disrespect their dress code. There are two females and one male who's tear ends are constantly hanging out of the pants on a daily basis, one of the females usually closes it seems, the other female is the Grocery manager, and the male is the Meat Manager. The one thing that utterly Disgusts me is the fact of how unsanitary the deli is, myself and others have witnessed some pretty gross events take place in that area. Although, the main thing that had me want to write a complaint was that about 3-4 weeks ago I went to the store to buy some cube steaks to cook for dinner, and after I got home and opened the package, I found a chunk of metal in the middle of one of the pieces of meat, I pulled it out and threw it away, I continued to go through the steaks that I had purchased and came to the conclusion that I had went through them good enough, I ended up cooking the steaks to see my wife take a bite and have a piece of metal hook her bottom gums. When I went to the store to tell them about it, they called me a liar. That honestly angered me. When I asked for their higher ups numbers so I could address them on the situation, the rudely refused to give me the number, so I was forced to look it up online. I just couldn't believe the ignorance of the two heads of that store. If there were anyway to do a surprise visit, I can guarantee you could find many things incorrect and unsatisfactory with that store. Nevertheless the non OSHA approved tactics they pull from time to time. I know of a few vendors that work there who are constantly complaining about having to move things from the staircase in the back room so they don't trip over them when trying to work their products to shelf. And I know that one of them has had enough of it. Lots of things on my mind today about the disrespect I was shown by the SD and ASD. The double standards that some employees have mentioned in passing are quite ridiculous as well. Just some things that I think should be looked into at the Local Albertsons in MALTA, MONTANA.

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Jasmine Ronga - 7 d 20 h ago



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Belinda Harden - 8 d 14 h ago


Why can't the Albertson's on Josey and Keller Springs in Carrollton, Texas keep Sugar free Popsicles in stock. I have had to stop at WinCo because there have been none in stock for 4 weeks. It's so bad the I order them by the case (4 cases). Can someone help with this issue or do I have to take my business to WinCo or Walmart. They always have SUGAR FREE POPSICLES in stock and for $2.00 dollars less a box.

I have bee told for a year that they are having issue with the warehouse, REALLY a YEAR.

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Anonymous - 10 d 6 h ago

Hi one of the consultant from USA has been suggested me a job in the Albertsons and asked me to send my CV on the Albertsons company email Id with the following Email id as (hidden).. so it's ur company Genuine If or its fake i want to know it. They also gave the contact number as +1(hidden).. Is the Right email id and the contact number which they have provided me. I also got the mail from the same email id as to fill up my mandatory personal details with my I'D proofs with the following 15 online Interview questions.. so let me know it that is it the same u have received my Mail or its Fraud bcoz I want to go ahead if it Genuine and I am from India. Help me out and reply me ASAP or contact me on my number +(hidden)43 n my email id (hidden)....

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John spear - 10 d 15 h ago


Joey D's Foods has been in Albertsons and Vons and Safeway stores for the last 30 years. Our Co Packer Triple H Foods was not getting paid by Kehe on timely basis basis from Florida accounts payable division. We ended up trying to solve with Kehe in Illinois but they unilaterally decided to stop distributing our fine products. We had also just increased our wholesale price to all our distributors. All agreed except Kehe.

Later we found out that Kehe had cancelled some 15000 small products they carried.

We are concerned our products are not going to be available to your customers.

I was going to call top lady in Fountain Valley Albertsons headquarters office to see if we could sell direct to Albertsons

My wife and I shop at Albertsons andvlove all the discounts and new private label products. Especially the ice cream and pizza. Our store in Temecula has the best meat Dept and I'm in store basically every day.

Could you please have someone contact me. Joey D's Original and Creamy have been top sellers in Vons and Albertsons and a little in Safeways for 28 plus years. We did many demos in stores to crest demand for our products. If you check with your store managers at Vons Pavillions theyball know and use our products. We would like to continue to provide our products to your customers. Thank you John and Connie Spear

Joey D's Foods (hidden).

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Lee - 11 d 25 s ago

You people are stupid idiots and you ruined my wedding

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Anonymous - 37 d 11 h ago


Why does store management at 4231 want to use my vacation to cut his labor. This is an unethical way for a billion dollar company to shaft employees out of vacation. The company is great to work for, but this store director is not.... Could you please post a response on this site.

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Richard Navarro - 22 d 7 h ago

Here's a response: This site is not owned, operated, monitored or even read by Albertsons. This complaint will never get seen by any person in Albertsons corporate office. Why are you posting on here? If you couldn't figure that out, maybe you weren't a very good employee.

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Mike Parker - 15 d 18 h ago


So you are here to deflect customer complaints from corporate ? , this explains a great deal , Albertsons will never see another cent of my money , I got a phone call pushing back on my complaints dismissing them as frivolous , pushing a narrative that customer service is job 1 , all fairy tales and Unicorns deflection via delusion , it is clear to me Albertsons will soon go the way of so many other grocery chains , the hand writing is on the wall , it will have died from neglect and mismanagement from the top down . Glad I am not a stock holder .

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Henry Kemick - 12 d 15 h ago

You are absolutely correct Mike. The big corporate grocery stores no longer care about the customers. The stores where I live in Southern California NEVER have sale items in stock, and when asked why, they say that the corporate office/warehouse limits the amount that they receive. Mr CFO, can you say "chapter 11 reorganization" to your shareholders with a smile on your face?

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Henry Kemick - 12 d 15 h ago


The store in Fountain Valley California NEVER has any of the weekly advertised items in stock. I have long considered this as FALSE ADVERTISING, and I hope that sooner or later the state regulatory commission slaps them with a hefty fine. If not, they are certain to go bankrupt due to their high prices, lousy customer service and over paid union employees.

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Lizzi - 12 d 16 h ago


The issue in Gresham store/ I think cashier should be rewarded. Most people work work and struggle. To many use the system, free food and phones ect. In our town they use their free cards for lobster/ steak/ prawns and 1 even bought real fresh shrimp for fish bait and bragged to cashier= because he could. If lady had $10 credit as shows and had another $12 on top= can she not read??

Tired of whiners all want free.

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Jocelyn - 12 d 15 h ago


Lizzi, my goodness. One o-o-o-n-g whine. And bad manners, as well. Oh, dear.

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Patriciaclaire Anderson - 15 d 6 h ago


Your store located at 128th St SW Everett is sorely understaffed. Every occasion I have been there the wait line is 30 deep or more. That was the case this evening at 10:00 pm. I ended leaving and driving 2 miles to Safeway as it was faster. I'm feed up with this store, but it's the one in my neighborhood . If your going to have the corner market than it should be accessible and staffed.

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Darcy Catlett - 15 d 12 h ago


It is with much frustration that I write this. There seems to be an ongoing problem at the Estrella Pkwy Goodyear Store where on day 1 as well as through the entire week of any given sale, that they are out of multitudes of sale products. In the last month, I have made at least 5 trips to the store per ad week for easily 4 weeks, (as I started seeing a pattern) to get the same advertised sale items. Yes, I know I can ask for a raincheck, however, on 2 occasions, I needed 6 and 9!!!!!! I have 15 -20 items on my list (I shop every few days for freshness) and you are out of almost half??? The cashier was understandably frustrated so I passed with respect to the customers behind me. I, like many, make a list, plan my meals and at Safeway, especially as of late, shop and shop and shop, and replan and waste valuable time and gas. I was totally over it and went to Walmart for 2 weeks and they had everything on my list each time. Out of convenience I thought I'd try again and tried Safeway yesterday, day 1 of their weekly sale. They were out of 7 things on my list of 18 at about 4pm, which included items for dinner and the next days breakfast. So, I regroup and made a decision on the fly of what to prepare only to find, I was missing something when I got home. A total waste of time and energy has been spent on shopping at this store. I cook almost all of my families meals and shop sales. It is beginning to feel like you are advertising and do not have the merchandise or so little it is gone in hours (per my frequent return visits at varying times). Isn't there a consumer law against this practice? BTW most of the employees are great and some are equally frustrated with all the complaints as I have expressed my frustration, nicely, and on several occasions, have had customers in line chime in, so, it is obviously an ongoing problem. I would love to get some feedback as to what is going on. Respectfully

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Don - 16 d 15 h ago


Hey Richard Navarro why don't you get off your ass and address these maters??? Don in Lewiston mt.

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