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Albertson's LLC

250 Parkcenter Blvd.
Boise, ID
Richard Navarro
(208) 395-6200
(208) 395-6349
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Debbie - 3 d 17 h ago

I'm really pissed you took out the self checkout. The articles I've read about why are bullshit. I use self checkout because it's faster and I DON'T have to chat your checkers up. By the way, one of your checkers, which was really rude, said you got rid of self checkout because of people stealing from you. That would be less likely if you actually hired someone to man the register at the self checkout! I've not shopped there since they were removed. I've walked by and peeked in, no one is manning your NEW, better service, checkout stands you added instead of self checkout!?We have two grocery stores in Alpine, CA. I now use Baron's!

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Steve - 1 d 16 h ago


Self checkouts take jobs! Myself , i would be more than happy to even pay a few more cents to have a fellow american have a job !

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Lancelot - 1 d 6 h ago


I agree with this!

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Anonymous - 1 d 9 h ago

Went to Albertson's today to buy the Dr. Praegar vege burgers. Was told they didn't carry them even though the were in the weekly add. That's false advertising. A few employees told me Boise Albertsons makes the add and uses it up here in Hailey, Idaho even though they don't carry some items. Going to our other grocery store instead. At least they are honest.

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RR - 1 d 14 h ago


Very disappointed in the Kuna Albertsons, we had high hopes when they took over Pauls. Seems to be slipping now, found out this morning that they only staff their customer service during certain hours. You'd think at 9:30 a.m on a Saturday they would have someone to assist customers there. They didn't even offer to have someone come help, as there were many employees working throughout the store as we shopped. I start making the trip back into Meridian on Saturdays when I know your competition has someone at their service counters.

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Alana L. - 4 d 5 h ago


Albertsons, you have the ONLY coffee shop in Pahrump, NV with a population of 36,000! It's a instore Starbucks. You NEED to buy a new expresso machine!!! When the damn machine goes down THREE times in less than 2 months, it's time to replace it! It is used a LOT because of having year around tour buses going to Death Valley that stop in YOUR store to shop and get coffee! Buy a NEW machine already!

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Samuel hanson - 5 d ago

Being a southern Nevada resident since 1990 and have spent lots of hard earned money and take grocery shopping a personal thing more so than most other shopping .i had a atroshes and felt that albertonson staff assaulted me mentally and made me think have society come to this .i think not .i started only wanting a simple old fashion apolagee. I was looked at like a crazy man $or asking . Also called a thief proved my self inacent had the Henderson police called on me before I was accused and called a thief all of these I defended my self and was 100percent inacent by a manager then given some 1800 number for a disatafaction survey by that time I was so angry and told no apolagee was going to be given cause he needed hole story .i went back to the store 4times to speak to director and was told not in day off etc with a smirk. I was prequalified walking in and embarrassissed I would love a call from someone over 35 that's knows about good Customer service and not blinded by corporate not giving a shit Sam Hanson (hidden) please

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David Galvin - 6 d 8 h ago


Since Albertson's and Vons joined together the customer service and inventory is horrible. You took down the customer check out I waited 20 minutes for 1 package of meat from the deli.

I complained to the manager Kevin Smith and he blamed it on Corporate and he had no voice in the matter and instructed me to contact you. WRONG ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are suppose to honor the three customers in line protocol.......THEY ARE NOT. I had to go track him down and bring him to the front of the store where there were no less than 8 customers with full carts of groceries.

Ralph's has several express lanes where you have only one at the Eastvale store where I have been shopping for over 10 years not to mention being a customer of Albertson's since they took over for Lucky's.

I have talked to Kevin twice about this debacle and all he does is offer excuses and points the finger at Corporate. B.S. It is his responsibility to sweep the store to make sure every thing is going right.....this being my job for over 20 years as a GSM for an Auto Group. I know good management when I see it. HUGE FAILURE not only in store management but Corporate management.

I gave Kevin two chances to make it happen and he failed miserably.......I now shop at Ralphs.

Dave Galvin...........951 278-2221

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Anonymous - 8 d 11 h ago


Bakery manager at ustick and five mile sucks ass!!! And has the worse customer service ever!!! She cant fallow directions on a simple cake order or how to write on it!!! She did half ass job on my daughters first bday cake and didnt even apologized for the horrible job she did !!! and i was told she was 5 star cake decorator !!!!

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Anonymous - 11 d 6 h ago

Monopoly Game that is played at the Burleson, Texas Albertsons store is misleading to the customers for the fact that the employees play with different cards that has different packages than those given to customers. The people that work there actually told us that employees have different cards and they won trips and something else. Your customers come there more often to get the monopoly prices and with the hopes to win fairly. If employees have special tickets and better odds to win, that speaks volumes on the way the company in Burleson runs things.

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Anonymous - 9 d 12 h ago

I'm an employee and play daily. My best two prizes thus far are a donut and a jug of salt. I don't know anyone who has one anything of more value..

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chris masters - 9 d 12 h ago


Albertsons is the worst place ever I worked for the distribution center and a man named TODD CLARK asked me on a date and the I refused I told him I wasn't gay and they fired me the next day and todd clark and all his friends sit in the office and make illegal bets on employees

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Fred - 9 d 18 h ago


Yto many times I pop in to the store when running the kids to school. There is one cashier doing something else somewhere else in the store. When I pay your prices for things I expect to be able to pop in and out when needed. You want me to pay what you wznt, when you want to help me, no more.

I will pay more at the corner store than with you again. And I will do my grocery shopping to kroger. I know you won't miss my money but I hope enough people change stores and pharmacies as well.

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Sylaina - 11 d 5 h ago


I have never complained about anyone my whole life, but I had such a horrible experience that I cant shake it and need to let you know what kind of employee you have working for you. I go to the Albertsons off of Marron in oceanside California daily (just a huge over shopper..cant help it) I went to the meat department with my 12,9, 1yr old looking to try some sea food tonight. There was only us at the counter. I asked JON for 1lb of scallops, but then saw the lobster was cheap so quickly changed my mind. (He was putting on gloves, so he hadnt tried to get anything yet) just as he was finishing putting on his gloves my son begged for crab legs instead. Jon looked annoyed at my son, and when I immediately said "do you mind us changing it to crab legs sorry" he thru a huge fit! He went "ugh!! Are you serious!" And through down his gloves, walked behind his work area for a minute and then came back and said "which one!?". I admit it is annoying when people change their minds, I get it..but he never opened up the glass or anything and we were super quick on changing our minds. Any ways, I wanted to get other things too..but I honestly didnt want to bother him any more. Seriously such a horrible experience..infront of my kids made it all the worse. Contact me with any questions. (hidden)

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Carol B - 11 d 9 h ago


I went to your store on 57th Avenue in Spokane WA to purchase corned beef that was supposed to be $1.99/lb. To start off, I could only locate a few in the meat department. I spoke to the male butcher there and he said there was a display up in the front of the store as you come in. The meat was displayed in the side of the store by the deli. I entered the door at the opposite side of the store. To make a long story short, I was told I had to use the coupon in the paper in conjunction with the coupon from the cell phone app. I am a senior on a limited income and do not have a cell phone. I feel that being required to use the app in order to get the sale price of an item is ridiculous. Not all of us can afford a cell phone.

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Jackie M - 14 d 6 h ago

DIGITAL COUPON: I would like to know what you do or don't do for us folks that don't have one of those fancy phones that can give me a "digital coupon"? I'm a senior and can't afford those phones. I just have an old flip phone that I use ONLY for emergencies. If you are going to offer digital coupons for people w/ fancy phones then you need to make the same offer to us that don't have a fancy phone OR don't make the offer to anyone.

thank you, I hope I make a difference

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Underpaid/overworked employee - 15 d ago


Hello i am a daily customer and employee at Albertson4231 and i keep taking advantaged of as well as many other employees. The store director Robert is bias and sexist, underpays the hard working people already working there! He fires( or treats employees unfairly by giving them less hrs scheduled when they are full time employees, makeing them want to quit and some do then hires back these same people) if he is approached about pay increases just to avoid paying them fairly. He goes about hireing new people and starts them at a higher pay, and then says its because of experence when you can tell by their work abality they dont have any. If he thinks that he can go about useing you for more than your title says your duties are, he will. He then will hold against you why your duties arent done in the time he has scheduled you for. He has openly stated biased remarks towards\about regards to their personalities. He assums that he can demand more work from every employee, and more from the few loyal overworked employees, a not pay them fairly based on their demeanor. I would appreceaite if someone would enforce equal pay rights for every employee and stop overworking employees. The stores dairy department has a unprofessional kid working in it now and not the professional ,hardworking, clean cutt gentleman that was handeling the department the last 4 months or so. Thanks for your time.

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Rueann Garcia - 15 d 8 h ago


Hi im Rueann Garcia ive been with the albertsons pharmacy(that is a customer)for 25 years never had a problem till they closed down the Albertson one on southern Rio Rancho N.M. they were moved to my Albertsons Pharmacy on Ridgecrest Rio Rancho N.M.Well when I call in for my prescriptions and say when I want it they never have it ready that day and make up excuses every time I never had that problem before till these new people came in and the new pharmacy manger (Rita)also tried making up an excuse well im going to start going to Smiths for now on because it hasnt only been me but also my son and daughter has had alot of problems with them hope you can replace those idoits.

General profile image - 16 d ago

Hello: I went to your store 15970 in chino hills ca at 18:58:23 to buy chips and chicken your chips was expired on Dec 2016 when I saw the date on it I was upset bought the chicken took with me the chips to show it to the cashier after this I talked to Mr Perry I told him about this also told him that I reported this before to John the manager about salad dressing with the same story with tree months old expired salad dressing he promised to take care of the problem at that time what I like to tell you this time that you lost our trust and because of that I will be in touch with the Mayer of Chino Hills and the news paper and TV stations to tell them about this also tell them that people Kicked you out of Wichita Ks because of you higher prices on every thing you have in your store I will also try to run you out of business because of your high prices.

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Rick - 16 d 4 h ago


I went to the location on 200 E. Sepulveda Blvd in Carson , CA and Nico ( the manager) denied my WIC voucher for can fruits amd slent over $50 in groceries. None of the canned items were approved by his "standards" and told me I can only buy the fruit bowls that they packaged. I have several photos of the "wic approved sign" on there and still denied my purchase. This is the first time I was denied my right to purchase canned fruits with my voucher. I will never shop here again because I felt discriminate against. My wife and I would like someone to take action and have him discipline for his actions.

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Karen - 16 d 19 h ago


Ben at the Spokane Valley stores on attack again calling me harassing me on the phone called me a quote on quote psycho B=+%...

Very disappointed

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vanessa rivera - 28 d 5 h ago


Bought a bag of fish fry that they were selling.. the next day woke up sick as dog. Checked the fish fry bag and it said it expired in 2015! Thinking about taking this to court, this is ridiculous!

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Blanca - 17 d 6 h ago

Vanessa really!are you sure it wasn't something you had in your cubbard since 2015

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Sandra Mackey - 38 d 6 h ago

I have been an Albertsons customer for years but am thinking of taking my business elsewhere due to the display of gossip magazines you display at your stores. Further, I am going to lobby others to boycott your stores until the offensive magazines are removed. Albertsons and smiths are the only stores that display this trash at checkout in our area and you should know that there are alternative stores to take my business to.

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Rhonda - 38 d ago


You should take your business elsewhere anyway they are way way overpriced! And rude!

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Anonymous - 23 d 11 h ago


Rhonda; BINGO

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