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Albertson's LLC

250 Parkcenter Blvd.
Boise, ID
Richard Navarro
(208) 395-6200
(208) 395-6349
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Cathy Day - 2 d 9 h ago


I think the Just for You is not fair to the elderly! I've gone many times and they have to put their groceries back. There has to be an exception! This really saddens me. Alot of the elders are on fixed income. Please let them get the same discount. It's totally unfair. You may think oh times have changed. Yes, for the elderly.

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Anonymous - 6 d 7 h ago

I tried to call Albertsons in Oceanside on mission Avenue several times a day for three straight days and no one ever picked up the phone. Finally I drove over this morning and talk to a supervisor who basically said so sad too bad. Apparently the telephones are answered manually rather than buy a answering machine that allows you to select the department you want to talk to. I guess I'll start shopping somewhere else.

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Anonymous - 7 d 4 h ago

This is in response to Albertsons filing a lawsuit against two companies one is a mom and pop bakery in the Boise Idaho area. Albertsons you and your employees are a bunch of LOSERS!!!! How pathic can you be to do this. Competition is the name of the game out there and you lose. Sounds to me that your bakery loses to. Just goes to show you how afraid Albertsons is of going under. After reading post after post of bad comments on your stores and how Albertsons treats there employees and customers I can see why no one wants to shop there.

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Anonymous - 36 d 7 h ago








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Anonymous - 15 d 5 h ago

Talk with the store director of whatever store your applying to. And keep at. Make sure to meet them in person as well. The more you do it the more likely you will get hired

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Anonymous - 8 d 13 h ago


Trust do NOT want to work for this deceiving shoddy company. They care less than zero about their employees. When they sue a small (Boise) bakery does that not give you an idea about their corporate greed? Worst company to work for...been there, done that.

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Mark - 9 d ago


Never been a huge fan of Albertsons due to the high prices and often end up with expired items...but been shopping with them for years...after seeing the debacle with them suing the locally owned bakery.. I will not be going back.

Nice job Richard gotta feel pretty proud about that management decision. Looks like some serious damage control is in your future.

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Rick - 9 d 9 h ago


We were informed at church that Alberson's/ Safeway no longer support Catholic Charities. We have done the tootsie roll drive and baby bottle drive for many years and you have now cut us off. We are the largest religion in the area and yet I see you still let the boy scouts, cub scouts and girl scouts which are Mormon based to still raise money at you front doors. As news travels across the valley of your decision I hope that Catholics will find other stores to shop. I will.

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Rick - 9 d 9 h ago


We were informed at church that Alberson's/ Safeway no longer support Catholic Charities. We have done the tootsie roll drive and baby bottle drive for many years and you have now cut us off. We are the largest religion in the area and yet I see you still let the boy scouts, cub scouts and girl scouts which are Mormon based to still raise money at you front doors. As news travels across the valley of your decision I hope that Catholics will find other stores to shop. I will.

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Jeffrey Wells - 9 d 19 h ago


I have been a steady customer of the West Hollywood Pavilions (Santa Monica Blvd. at Robertson Blvd.) for well over a dozen years, perhaps closer to 15 years. I can't remember exactly but quite a long while. A couple of months ago a major renovation began, and it's still happening. That's not the problem, but the sudden plunge in store temperature is.

Last night and again tonight the temperature dropped to that of a typical refrigerator. Or should I say freezer? For years and years the same cool but tolerable climate has been the norm in this store. Now and all of a sudden, the place has turned into Antarctica. It's COLD -- fall jacket and scarf weather. I'm not exaggerating.

I complained last night to a manager at the checkout counter, and she said she knew it had turned suddenly cold but couldn't do anything about it, blah blah. I complained again tonight, and the manager (a heavy-set guy in his 30s with glasses) said he had no authority andthat the colder temperature was "a corporate decision" that he had nothing to say about. "But it's FREEZING in here," I said. "And this lower temperature has only just began. I noticed it last night for the first time, and it's freezing again tonight. It's really unpleasant."

The heavy-set manager shrugged his shoulders. "THIS is your response?" I asked. "You have no say in the matter and it's a corporate decision and so you've washed your hands of the matter? Your store is suddenly no longer a pleasant environment to shop in. Do you care about this? Is this of any concern at all? Are you trying to drive people away from Pavilions and into the arms of the Gelson's market down the street?"

I'm a West Hollywood journalist and a daily columnist ( and I think this is fairly outrageous. I intend to pursue this matter tomorrow with the corporate media line - (hidden).

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Upland Colonies shopper - 10 d ago


I like our local Albertsons. I frequently get frustrated with the coupon app. Its unreliable. Why must we waste time with coupons? I just "clip" all of them before i go, i dont even care what the coupon says. so if i see something i want i dont have to start looking for the coupon. Why not just charge tge coupon price and save everyone's time

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An unhappy shopper - 13 d ago


My store does update the rewards and I loose out

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Anonymous - 10 d ago

Maybe if your store doesn't update rewards you can tighten up.

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Craig - 10 d ago

So big bad Albertsons has stooped to putting small business out of business. Of coarse Albertsons is a large corporation that can afford the Attorneys where small business cant'. So they sue small business which appears it will put them out of business. Albertsons must have been really scared of the competition of a real small business otherwise why sue. Is that what Albertsons has lowered their standards to???? If that is the case they do not need my business.

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yeeks - 11 d 10 h ago


no 2% milk

no sale tomatoes


west jordan lucky store.

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Susan - 11 d 11 h ago


Absolute worst pharmacy in Alpine, California. We live in a rural area ,fifteen miles from store. Hundreds of people depend on this pharmacy. They run out of monthly meds all the time. Preorder them when you don't need them. Make you come 2-3 days in a row because they won't get them all on same page, even when doc writes them all on same day. Always have a line. Rude employees. Take advantage of elderly with limited income or transportation to get down hill. Ignore complaints. And commit HIPPA violations by yelling at customers in open forum. Will be changing from them soon.

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Darriell - 14 d 4 h ago

Good afternoon,

I wanted upper management to answer this question. Is German chocolate cake slices a seasonal item?. I have been in the following locations in Southern California Albertsons

Corona/ Foothill & Albertsons Corona/ Ontario & Albertsons in Menifee / Scott Rd.

Is this a out of stock issue from your Distribution Center. Or is this item not being ordered.? Please have all of your store Directors communicate this to your employees that work in the bakery department. Thank you


Darriell Slayton

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Anonymous - 15 d 14 h ago


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In tuned Lori - 17 d 8 h ago


Please stop supporting Planned Parenthood through your their party policy. I quit Target and Walmart because they have satanic items that are sold on their website. I'm sad to see that you are on a list that supports PP..

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Kathleen - 64 d 4 h ago


I went to the Albertsons store on Central in Chino Ca. , to buy the Corona 12 pack that's on sale. At the checkout stand the store employee asked me to remove my sun glasses, I asked why, and she said she had to make sure I wasn't high. I just had an eye procedure this week and was told not to remove my sunglasses. I told her that seemed beyond her job description, and how would she know if I was high or not. She's not a police officer, or a doctor. This is very disturbing and wrong. As a result of having to remove my sun glasses in a very bright store , my vision has been compromised. I don't believe this is a policy of your store, I believe I was being harassed.

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No name - 19 d 5 h ago

Sue them you dumbass!!

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Teresa - 58 d ago


I just left the Albertsons-Apple Valley, Ca Store 3513. 8:57p.m.

The girl in the hot food counter who handed me my chicken was very polite and courteous.

I went into buy my brother in law some Taki chips and to pickup chicken dinner and potato salad for dinner. The Takis's rang the wrong price. The cashier Pauline asked James who was up front to check the price. He phoned the register to say they were regular price($3.29). Pauline told me to walk to the back and show him. I obliged and told her they were the same chips that the tags were in front of on the shelf. I checked twice. James was at the end of the aisle end cap facing the meat. I pointed to the shelf mid aisle, pulled both tags to show the cashier. James said they don't go there. I said but they are here with the tags. Right here. He said "Oh well". I couldn't believe the attitude. I repeated him-Oh well? He said Yahh! I asked for his name. He pulled at his badge and said-James! He said that he did not care if I reported him. I go back up to the register with tags in hand. There were 2 yellow and red sale tags for 2/$5.00 versus regular price $3.29. I am now talking to Pauline with James continuing to chime in at the register behind me. Then another off duty girl in plain clothes, chimes in and starts at me. I asked her to stay out of it because she was not on the aisle with James and I when he rudely and aggressively taunted me about their wrong price tags.

Manager Armando was at the other register taking customers out of Pauline's line. I spoke across to Armando to tell James to go in the back away from me. James continued to taunt and disrespect me. The off duty girl did as well. She walked behind Armando's register at close level yelling across at me as well. Armando never said anything. Again I asked him, now shaking and crying at the register to ask the girl to leave the store and ask James to go to the back of the store away from me.

Armando did ask James to leave the front of the store again. I explained to Pauline and Armando that I managed my own stores for over 22 years and have never been treated so rudely as a customer. I would never allow any of my employees to treat or speak to a customer the way this staff did. This store staff showed complete disrespect, disregard for customer service, disregard for my safety, non fault of wrong pricing and placement of tags-I only received an apology from Armando when I asked for the corporate number and Pauline- since they were her friends and co-workers did not apologize till I mentioned it to her. I could not even leave the store because I was crying and shaking. I was afraid to walk outside into the parking lot for fear the guy James and his co worker were going to continue to taunt me. I stood at Armando' s register for a few minutes longer till I felt okay to leave the store. I really wanted Armando to walk me out to my car. I never felt more attacked in my entire life. I have shopped at Albertsons for many years and this is my neighborhood Albertsons. I have never been treated like this at any other store or chain. I am disappointed, shaken and still in disbelief of what happened in that store tonight.

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Deni - 19 d 5 h ago

Sorry this happened to you!

I do not work at Albertsons, but I shop at the one in Richland WA. I would have stood up for you and made sure the manager had the balls to do the same!, All three should be fired!,

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Anonymous - 36 d 4 h ago


I am a customer at your store atJohn T White Rd and Loop 820 in Ft worth. 2 wks ago I visited this store and purchased $243 in groceries and supplies.

I am 84 yrs old and have an incurable disease. I can walk short distances with a walker but not enough to shop. I absolutely need a scooter to do my shopping. I have been back to this store five times in these 2 wks and there has never been a scooter available. My nephew who drove me to the store each time told me on the last failed visit a few days that there were 4 scooters sitting in the store not even plugged in to be charged.

I visited the store again today with the same results. No scooter. THIS IS MY FIFTH TRY IN 2 WKS WITHOUT A PURCHASE. I am pretty close

to writing Albertsons off. The closest other store is Krogers on Bowen road at Division.

If you are losing business from me, and you are, think how many other handicapped people are turned away.

I will never be able to use a shopping cart again so Krogers may be my best bet.

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Nj-Vin - 23 d 12 h ago


so buy a scooter, or have a family memeber help- shouldnt be the responsibity of the store-just saying

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Chris 28yr Albertson;s Associate - 20 d 4 h ago


How big of a heartless jerk can you be!!!You should be grateful for your blessings that you don't suffer from what this gentleman does. I pray for insensitive individuals as yourself. The store Director really should've addressed this issue already. Sir, it is apparent to me that the Store Director is to blame for this issue not being corrected. Please contact Shane Dorcheous, our Southwest Division topdog. God bless you Sir, if you shopped my store #25, in Phx, Az I would personnaly see that there was a cart for your every visit.

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