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Albertson's LLC

250 Parkcenter Blvd.
Boise, ID
Richard Navarro
(208) 395-6200
(208) 395-6349
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T. Boim - 1 h ago

Why is Albertson's charging 15 cents for a plastic bag. All the other markets charge a dime, Ridiculous! Store on Beach, Huntington Beach, Ca.That is overcharging.

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vanessa rivera - 3 h 57 m ago


Bought a bag of fish fry that they were selling.. the next day woke up sick as dog. Checked the fish fry bag and it said it expired in 2015! Thinking about taking this to court, this is ridiculous!

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mark M - 1 d 22 h ago


store #6336 2/25/2017 9:25pm cashier brian k. I am a vetran of 8 years. marines,army, and army national guard. I was in line paying for my stuff, and a family was next with a small child. so the cashier then pulled out some stickers to give to the kid, and jokingly I said where is mine... And he said oh yeah youre right it is california. I felt so humiliated by him the next customer and the courtesy clerk that was there, What was he trying to insinuate and why, I just paid for my stuff and left. I tried to cal the the store mnager but it just rang and rang and then finally hung up on me. next step as they say in the service. go up the chain of command!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 2 d 9 h ago


What on earth is going on with your Rainbow/Charleston location in Las Vegas? The store is ALWAYS PACKED WITH JUST 3 CHECKERS????

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C Ryals - 3 d ago


I am very disappointed that the self checkout has been removed from our neighborhood Albertsons in Eastvale, Calif.

The lines are horrendous now. I only shopped there due to the convenience of self checkout. In and out quickly. I am told the reason they were removed was because "corporate" wants a more friendly and one on one with customers. Guess what, I do not. My time is more valuable then to stand there and watch everyone chat it up. Sorry, but I will be moving my business to a new Staters that opened up. Good luck!

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Arthur - 3 d 4 h ago


Desr Sir:

I purchaded your fryed chicken for lunch and pulled out a long hair with my chicken. That shut down my appetite and didnt eat the chicken.

Store 941

0941 51 0061 600

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Arthur - 3 d 4 h ago

Dear sir

At albertsons 941

2/23/17 13:31 0941 51 0061. 600.


I was eating my lunch when i got a long hair out of the bag with my fryed chicken. Im 69 and my hair is very short. Maybe they need to ware hair nets thats a very discusting thing to happen. I threw the rest away.

Plus i didnt get a game card either.

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Amanda - 3 d 11 h ago


I am a couponer from time to time I don't go out daily or weekly only when there is a good deal. I went to Albertson in las vegas at 201 s Stephanie street and had the pleasure to deal with manager Helen and she really had no knowledge how couponing works. I don't cheat or steal and I get exactly what the coupon says and I get how ever many the coupon allows which is usually 4 alike coupons per product per transaction. SO the deal this week was spend $15 in garnier products it auto deducts $5 and you then give 5 coupons for the 5 items I got 4 shampoos and 1 hair styler so I did everything by the book and when it rang up the $5 came off just fine then scanned all my coupons got the the 5th one and it wouldn't scan. my 5th one was different coupon from the 1st 4. the Manager Helen didn't want to listen to me or even read the coupon and said if it don't scan then we don't take it which shouldn't be the case because the item matches the coupon. The cashier was just s clueless and she was as if they had never taken coupons before. These experiences make it hard for people who coupon and don't go coupon crazy or cheat the system. I was very disappointed as this was a good deal.

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Middleton - 5 d 6 h ago


My husband has worked for your company for over 25 years! He has sweat blood for this company! He has moved multiple times for the company! He is not a slabe and is required to work up to 100 hours a week for 160,000 a year! I thought slavery was abolished years ago! Enough is enough! Being on salary does not mean you own that person! Contacting the labor board!

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Stephanie - 5 d 8 h ago


Albertson's Lake Elsinore, Ca. I have been shopping at this store for years. I appreciate the well lit parking lot, the clean store appearance and the staff is generally very knowledgeable and eager to help if I have any questions. There have been the occassional situations where an employee didn't do a great job or a product that I could not locate and the manager always goes above and beyond expectations to make things right. In general they have a good selection and reasonable prices. I recommend this store regularly.

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Anonymous - 6 d 2 s ago

Worst customer service on produce rude persons bad words and bad attitude the manager of produce on n mesa his mane Luis

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Antonia Huntington Beach - 6 d 6 h ago

Today 2/20/2017. I phoned your headquarters to complain about the relocation of my butcher Cruz..somehow I was disconnected..I phoned back and patiently waited on hold for over 5 minutes...the women hung up on me...

As I was saying to " customer service". southern CA ( Orange County) is loaded with specialty shops ..Albertsons can only compete with customer service. I for one took a very long time walking into your store on Yorktown and Main after you took over Luckys...we were spoliled by customer service....

My point is ...Please bring back our butcher. Cruz.

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Judy - 8 d 7 h ago


My son purchased us (his parents) a gift card for IHop....we went to use it and were told it had a 0 balance...My son was charged $25 for it...he had purchased another card also for Texas Roadhouse and lo and behold it said it was 0 balance after he spent $25 for that one too.....when I called him to tell him he felt so bad....he went into Albertson's in Texas by Arlington and was told they could do nothing about rip him off $50 and can't do a thing about it....they were never activated to begin with....I think that is just horrible that Albertson's doesn't stand behind their mistakes...I told him not to go back to replace go someplace he did....he mailed them to us and we have had no problem....he was a good customer but wont be shopping at Albertson's again....I guess they don't care if they lose customers and get a negative reputation....Ticked Off Mom....

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Brandie - 8 d 12 h ago


Albertsons. On Broadway in Idaho Falls Idaho store manger Doug is a very IGNORANT old man. Today February 18th 2017.. Went to purchase donuts at about 845 a.m. when walking in to the store the crosswalk from the parking lot and entrance of the store was pretty slick. Mind you it's 44 degrees outside... I made my purchases exited the store to once again slip and fall... My donuts hit the ground as well as the coffee creamer. I picked myself up re-entered the store to let them know... The clerk was very nice and called the manager. "Doug" said there was nothing he could do. At the register there was another lady who was talking about almost falling. Doug had no compassion took a pic of my shoes and stated there is nothing I can do. I asked for the name of who I could contact and file an incident report. He refused and said I was being ignorant. They then refunded my coffee creamer. WTF what about the donuts I paid for... I didn't leave with them. Monday morning I will be contacting an attorney...

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Angry Dissatisfied - 9 d ago

My girlfriend has been working at a store in Idaho for night freight and I must say one thing. There is no support from upper management. They leave petty notes to tell them what to do. They get no recognition even though they keep the store looking nice and shelves stocked. She was very mistreated and quit once because of that. The managers are very rude and disrespectful. She works harder than the "men" she works with and still they look down upon her. This store clearly doesn't care about those who truly work hard for them. They invite every worker except for the night freight to all company parties and what not. I myself have been there and done that and I believe this store is one of the worst at treating all employees equally.

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Cristin - 9 d ago


The mamanags at ramona ca store #6725 named Jina and Ty are extremely hurtful an unprofessional. Jina was very rude I asked where can I make a complaint she told me "I can call whoever I want" . I asked for her manager an she told me it was her store. Ty came up behind her I tried asking him he said it was his store. I told him my complaint he got irate starred me down an approached me as though he was going to hit me. They both walked away when I said this wasnt right. They do not respect there customers an it is hurtful.

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Sandra Mackey - 10 d 4 h ago

I have been an Albertsons customer for years but am thinking of taking my business elsewhere due to the display of gossip magazines you display at your stores. Further, I am going to lobby others to boycott your stores until the offensive magazines are removed. Albertsons and smiths are the only stores that display this trash at checkout in our area and you should know that there are alternative stores to take my business to.

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Rhonda - 10 d ago


You should take your business elsewhere anyway they are way way overpriced! And rude!

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zztwp - 9 d 11 h ago


I 100 % agree BOYCOTT THEM ALL

; the one here in sherman tx , is full of bullies and lie about every thing !

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armlopes - 12 d 11 h ago


Not only one time had been disappointed but in several occasions.

More than once was overcharged. The first time was for cereals, they had an offer that if you buy three boxes you would get them for 9$ but they charged me 15$ instead. There was another time that bought VIT C and lysine tablets that were suppose be on clearance instead got charged full price. I got the cash back the first time 6$ second 20$, because went there the day after to complaint about the overcharges.

Today I was trying to do shopping online as I saw two coupons "SURVEY" and "TENOFF" before complete my purchase tried to apply those but kept saying error. My experience had been awful in store and online. I'm planning step in an Albertson ever again

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Bugsy - 10 d 4 h ago


They trap you on those.. buy 6, buy 9, buy 4 sales, meaning if you by that many, you will get them at the lowest sale prices,, the reduction on meat is because it is going bad, the buy one get 2 free meat sales are the same way, bad meat, and if you buy one the 2 free are not free, most of the time you are paying so much for the one, that it compensates for the two free. That app, is really a scam too, try using a manufactures coupon, when you item is on sale, it will calculate the coupon from the original price not the sale and you don't recieve the coupon discount... As far as monopoly,, you don't get anything worth the over prices you pay,, the sale items, or items that have the game pieces attached are because they either need to get rid of that product because of the date, or they have the product marked up so much, knowing people will get it for the tickets,, Those guys are not honest AT ALL!!

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Upset Veterans wife - 20 d 6 h ago


Regarding your monopoly game: 02/4/17, store 6041

I purchased more expensive products and additional products because they were tagged with the monopoly game stickers on the shelf, and because they were tagged I bought the items specifically to get the monopoly tickets. When I got to the check out counter, the cashier informed me that the game has not started that they were just putting stickers out ahead of time because there were so many stickers for them to put on the shelf. In my opinion, you took advantage of the veteran, and civilian and this is borderline false advertisement. I spent a total of $515.64. Being married to a veteran, I feel taken advantage of and very upset. IF I would have known that you were not starting the game, then i would of cut back. The only reason we goto this store is because you supported veterans . Not only did this store not display a time and start date, but it was manipulating and wrong. My husband fought for this country and we loved the fact that during this miserable past few years, you still represented something that veterans stand for. We are very upset and this might be our last time ever walking into an albertsons again!

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Okay girl - 10 d 12 h ago

Girl, just because your husband is a veteran don't mean anything. You just HAD TO add he was a veteran for what? Sympathy?

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Quinton - 10 d 4 h ago


Albertsons does not support veterans! Their cheap asses only give senior discount once a month, instead of weekly like most stores, AND! You need to ask, or they won't.. They are a sorry representation of once was, Albertsons! High, High! Prices, and you can never go into the store without them trying to get you to donate or fill out some stupid survey

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tjw0516 - 14 d ago


Extremely disappointed with your Liberty Lake location. I was treated very rudely when making my purchases-as I was leaving I heard the associate mutter under his breath to his courtesy clerk 'gay' followed by laughing. This individual often comes to the Subway where my friend works and has made good conversation with me- so I asked him to coffee as friends. I am absolutely appalled that someone's ego and masculinity would be hurt so bad- by simply assuming who I am as a person. I feel absolutely disrespected and will be calling management to further my complaint tomorrow.

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Marmaduke - 10 d 4 h ago


Just an FYI, Albertsons does not care about the customer! They are trained not to tell you about sales in the store at all, so if you purchase something that is linked to a coupon, they won't let you know, Fred Meyer is so good at helping in this area! Don't pay the extra money at a store that doesn't appreciate your business!

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