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Albertson's LLC

250 Parkcenter Blvd.
Boise, ID
Richard Navarro
(208) 395-6200
(208) 395-6349
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Anonymous - 1 h 39 m ago

There goes Whole Foods if Albertson's take it over~

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Laurie D. - 2 h 41 m ago


I have a C.O.P.D. I can't and have a hard time getting groceries. I have lived in Henderson, Nevada for many years now. I'm 2 minutes away.We complain but nothing is done. I loved the store and the Produce dept. it was always fresh. You carried everything that your customers wanted. Closed and went to Haggen's that was terrible. Now it back to Albertson's the neighborhood was thrilled to know you came back. WELL!!!! the store don't carry half the times anymore and when we ask they say we never carried it. I look at them and say I only shop here. We have put up with the attitudes from employee's they know we shop there all the time. everything use to be fresh for example we bought bread is stale, fruit no good mold on it. or spoils the next. then to top it off we go buy the stuff we like and now you you carry it any more. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT. We spend 300.00-400.00 a month in that grocery store.Well we have changed stores and some of the neighbor's we chat they even have told us they have gone another store. Sorry !!! Prices are very high on things.

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JD Isbable - 2 h 47 m ago


I have made a request at Albertson, Los Lucas, nm for Pepsi in the 2 litre bottle made with real sugar which they usually have but won't stock it now! What is the problem?

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Jackie Mangum - 1 d 22 h ago


I have a complaint: 4/22/17 around 5:30 in the afternoon I purchased a case of water, various other items, 4 chicken wings, mashed potatoes and gravy. The chicken was horrible. The crust was so hard I ended up peeling it off because I couldn't chew it w/o it hurting my gums and what little meat there is on wings was so tough and dried out, it was awful. I don't think you should serve food that has been setting around that long. Obviously it had been there since lunch time. The potatoes and gravy were awesome so thankfully I had that to eat for dinner and through out the chicken. What a waste. Thank you for your time,

Jackie Mangum

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HALEY - 1 d 5 h ago


I just left store number 6249 where the store manager kept following me around in a very strange manner. I wasn't acting suspicious and had no intentions of engaging in any suspicious behavior. I felt his behaviors suggested I was a possible their and that I was going to shoplift. However you can look back on the cameras and see that I was acting normal. To be honest I'm very offended, so much so I stopped shopping and walked out. I WON'T BE BACK TO THIS LOCATION.

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Anonymous - 2 d 20 h ago


albertsons store located on el poseo rd las cruces nm is the worst albertsons i have ever seen , the manager is lazy ! 3 is a crowd as posted on the signs in the store , " 3 is a crowd if there are more then 3 people in line we will open another line , during the late afternoon rush about 5:30 pm only 3 lines open and the manager is at one with several people waiting closes the line instead of opening another line as the sign says , i dropped what i had and walked out , THAT STORE NEEDS A NEW MANAGER!!!! Mary Kay is the womans name and she is worthless and lazy!!!! i will never ever visit that store again , they are a disgrace to the albertsons company!!!!

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exjewel shopper - 6 d 6 h ago


I am so disappointed in the customer service from the district manager in Illinois. I have had an issue with the wrong price at the checkout register and the next day they still had not corrected it. It means people are paying more. I called customer service on April 6 and said I wanted to district manager to call me. His name is Kenneth Dion. Well wouldn't you know a week later no call back. I called again on April 12 and now it is April 19. Still no call. The best part is customer service says they can't go above the district managers head. I find thsi incredible since this guy can't give his customers a call to discuss my issue of having the wrong price and the store is aware of it and the next day they still did not correct the price. I called the corporate number listed and it gets me back to the same phone number. Jewel knows what they are done MF. They don't need us as a customer. They have too many others to worry about me. I would love to have a number to call or an email to go over thsi district managers head. The least he could do is call back and say he is too busy right now. VERY DISAPPOINTED IN JEWELS RESPONSE FROM THE DISTRICT MANAGER KENNETH DION.

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Kelly b - 9 d ago


Walked into the Albertsons on baseline and Ellsworth rd in Mesa Arizona, on Saturday 4-15-17 approximately 1315 went right to the deli where a couple was being waited on by the deli manager, another customer was being taken care of by the only other clerk. I waited for my turn and the deli manager was finishing up with the couple,a young girl with a tank top on and chest hanging out walked up to the counter, the deli manager immediately stepped back from the counter went all the way down to the young lady and waited on her. I advised him I was next which he already knew because he had seen me standing their, but he continued to help the young lady with her order, when I asked to speak to the manger neither the deli manager or the clerk would speak to me I had to go and find an assistant manager on the store side to speak to. I was assured that he was going to speak to the deli manager about this.

I was unaware of the fact that I needed to be 20 years old with my chest hanging out to get service at this counter, Albertsons has lost my business maybe one day they will figure out they need to hire a mature individual or maybe they could have their current deli manager neutered.

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Sharon - 10 d 5 h ago


Just returned from my 2nd visit to our local Albertson's in north Grand Prairie, TX. They are really trying in that store. It is looking cleaner and more professional. The Wednesday ad has a special for FAB 4 "mix or match." I did that.... it is hard to tell what we are being charged on the cash register while you are in line as the price does not ring up the sale price.... WELL the lower price of FAB 4 did not ring up. I did not notice it until I got home. I went back. The cashier was not busy so I showed it to her. She said go to customer service. No one was there. After waiting I went around the corner to the offices and was told they were having a meeting in the deli so no one was available for customer service!! Finally someone came and returned the overcharge of $5,00!! The exact amount.... never mind my time and gas for having to come back. The manager, Robert, is very nice but felt you should know about this. I have this to happen before. At that time when I went back in a couple of days, the computers had not been fixed to reflect the ad price. THIS time, I feel your store has been cheating people for over 2 days as today is Friday and the ad started Wed. I want to like this store in my neighborhood as it sells seeds and white chocolate jello!!

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Walt Hansen - 19 d 17 h ago


I live in North Tacoma , Washington and have shopped at the Westgate Safeway for 25 + years

I must say that when Albertsons bought the Safeway.stores that the quality of management , personnel , service and pricing leave much to be desired.I tried to enter the Westgate Store this morning at 5 am to get some pastry and coffee for only to be told that it takes from 11 pm to 5:30 am for 6 days starting today to wax floors which used to be done under former ownership and management in a single shift.I would hope you ca do better than that! What you need is some real competition in Westgate.That 11/2 star rating Albertsons LLC has is well deseved.

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Nunya - 11 d 12 h ago

So what exactly are you complaining about? The store having the floors done?

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Anonymous - 11 d 19 h ago


Albertsons in Carson on Sepulveda, gal that works on Wednesday night is the worst. I asked her if she could put some carnel on the snicker cake and she told me flat out no, she was to busy. Sure your busy but customers come first. I have never been to a grocery chain and been told straight put no.

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Brenda - 12 d ago


Albertsons in Los Lunas NM , there was 8 ppl on line 1 checker. Customer service said they would check us out. First the screen didn't show pricce and then I was charged too much for flavored water .79 and soft drinks. 4@ 10. When I said it sounded like I was charged to much she said that I had to have $25 to get cokes. The ad said no where that. I know previous ads have said that. I said I wanted to return everything she said she would credit my acct the difference. She didn't, only $7 .87, not correct amount. Wasnt friendly. I probably wont be back ever. I have been over charged on stuff before not good.

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Janice - 13 d 4 h ago


I have a problem with the Richland wa store. Manager refuses to give me the district managers phone number. He said its a policy not to have customers call another manager other than the manager at the store. What???

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Nasty old bag @ Customer Service - 14 d ago

Nasty old Bag at Customer service in Lewistown, MT. Her name is Theresa. I won five dollars from Monopoly. I came in with the four stamps. I was told by Theresa they needed to be on a game board. Then I asked for a board. She said they needed to be on my original game board. She said I needed to give them the original board. I asked about the 90 other pieces I had on my original board. She told me that was the rules. I said OK. Crazy as it sounded. I returned only to be to be told by a nice younger lady I would have to remove the pieces from my board, initial them, tape them on a new board. and print my name and address on the board.. Then I pointed to Theresa and told her what she had told me. Then Theresa got bitchy with the nice lady, and told her she was just following the rules. She was kind of nuts. and mean.

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D Thomas - 14 d 20 h ago


I saw two dogs in car on a 90 degree plus day. I immediately went into the Carlsbad, NM store to notify the manager and request that he make an announcement. They refused to make an announcement stating it 'wasn't store policy". Luckily there was a police car parked out front, however the dogs were sitting in a very hot car for at least 20 minutes before the owner came out.

I will call corporate HQ tomorrow to file a complaint.

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Sam - 15 d ago


Don't ask the cashier for a look up on rewards points in roswell nm without additude. Then expect to be called a lair trying to see if a could claim some cereal. The cashiers Did not try to found out information on helping or explaining how there rewards are used. Then called the manager to the counter acting like I'm the fucked up one. Pretty much made a sence for people to see and most likely nothing will happen cause it seems customer services isn't a high priority.

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Robert Cook - 15 d 16 h ago


The store in Los Lunas, NM use to carry Pillsbury Grand Whole Wheat Biscuits for many years. Now they do not carry them at all. Can you get them back in the stores again.

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The best Albertsons or grocery store ever- Lake Havasu, AZ . Unbelievable!!! Labels all facing out, every item shelved to the edge!!! - 15 d 19 h ago



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Chris - 16 d 19 m ago

Maybe you need to print out a give a copy of the title vii civil rights act of 1964 to your store managers so they stop refusing requests for time off. I know of one I'm dealing with that flat out refused a request and then gave them time off without giving them reasonable time before to travel for the religious event. She dictated to the employee what days she would give him as if this was local, even after it was explained that it's a 12 hour travel in both directions and that flights to and from are not provided after the hours that were scheduled. So in the end, the employee was given the days off for worship but no time off to accomodate for travel.

From my understanding, vacation and time off request are given in writing and there is no decision of yes or no to be made. They're only told that a NO would be given no later than a week before the time requested. Who does this? There is not one professional business in this country that does that with time off requests. If any of this is true, your corporation will be caught up in a whirlwind of bad publicity. I for one, after witnessing this happen to the individual, will no longer be patronizing any Albertson's location. You are a country that discriminates against those who worship anything other than Christianity and you should be ashamed.

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claire - 17 d 24 m ago

am looking for gnocchii potatoes fresh or frozen & would like to know if the albertsons in yuma, az can get them

General profile image - 17 d ago


I have gone to Albertson on two different time of the year (December), (April), for Jewish food items which they had in their AD but when you get their, they don't have it or plan to get it.

How can you tell the public you have something and not really

have it or know you won't be able to get it in time for a holiday.

That's false advertising. So unhappy with that store.

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SharonHenderson - 17 d 29 s ago

I would like to suggest that in all you Albertsons stores that you change your magazine racks so that the gun and rifle magazines are at the top of the racks. With all the crime and killings in our country and also in other countries our young people do not need to see or read these magazines. If they are at the top of the racks the adults can read and reach them. The sport magazines could be put in their place. I am sure the bottom line is sales for you but I do not believe that these magazines do not contribute that much in sales.

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Johebgood - 17 d 6 h ago


Albertsons still pays substandard wages poverty level wages. It's nothing but corporate greed.

People need a living wage in Albertsons pays substandard wages it's a sin

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Carlos meraz - 25 d 1 h ago


Hello Richard Navarro. I'm currently waiting for a Gmail confirmation on where to submit or take my drug screen! I have no idea if the problem is my phone or something else? I've already submitted and answered all the other background and tax questions? The position is for produce clerk 59312 in El Paso TX. Store is located on George Dieter and Montwood in Elpaso. My Gmail is (hidden). If you could help me I would appreciate it. Thank you. Sincerely Carlos Meraz.

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NancyAlice - 17 d 14 h ago


Carlos, if the store is doing a bad job hiring you they are going to do a bad job employing you. Treat yourself better. Work for one of their competitors, worthy of the talents and motivation you have to offer.

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