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Albertson's LLC

250 Parkcenter Blvd.
Boise, ID
Richard Navarro
(208) 395-6200
(208) 395-6349
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Sheryl Evangelista - 15 h 12 m ago


Why is the fried chicken put in a brown paper bag? This doesn't appear to be sanitary

there should be at least a plastic liner.

I bought the chicken at your Banning, Ca location

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LUCY SAUCEDO - 58 d 10 h ago


So upset...i had my service dog and my 7year with me and i was ask to leave unless he has his service vest on him his which i forgot i just went in to get lettuce and a bag of carrots. i asked my dog to wait by the door and my son to stay with him a old lady came over and shooed my son out the door and lock the automated sliding door in his face leaving my son unnattended. He was super scared. Im sure you cannot be asked to leave if its a service dog even though it does not have a vest. I will not be return due to the nature and customer service of the worker. Her name was susan and she was locking one of the front doors at 8:45 pm

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John Purdue - 38 d 22 h ago


Lucy, I've seen your scam many times before. You know it and I know it, your dog is not a service dog. You bought the vest that you conveniently left off at Amazon. Shame on you!

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Anonymous - 16 d 14 h ago

Good for her dogs don't belong in food establishment

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Anonymous - 10 d 13 h ago


I feel for you. Some clown usually a old person who had a bad month took it out on you. I also blame the manager. He is a clown too. See I just expierence a problem with same subject.

Instead of confronting you or I, he should of helped us. Now I feel pist off and will take my businees to Frys. .. F them- the mansger should be replaced. I figured we spend on a average 250 per week. That 12000 a year of loss Abertson. What will the big bosses think of that? Too bad so sad. They could of help us to make us feel better and work with them. No communication. From the managers.

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Lynne - 3 d ago

SHAME on you Lucy! You can't blame someone else for your bad choices..... starting with your poser "service" animal. And WHAT kind of mother leaves her 7 year old outside a store with a pet?

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Lynne - 3 d 20 s ago


I'm sure I'm not the only one who's sick and tired of counting on the personalized digital coupons to keep within a food budget......... and have to hold up the line trying to explain to the cashier why you were overcharged when you didn't get the "personalized" sale price.

Time and time again - it's getting old.

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Dee - 4 d ago


The Albertsons on Vista, has a new salad bar, YEA ...2 suggestions, biodegradable boxes for salad and, SMALL CONTAINERS FOR DRESSING for those of us who get them in the morning!!! Good grief

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Deanna - 5 d 22 h ago


Over the past two to three years I have seen a decline in our local Albertson's Store on Olney in Port Orchard, WA. It seems related to the merger of Safeway and Albertson's. The quality of food is poor, rotten fruit, moldy bread. No, I do not want "Signature" brand items.I know you make more money on them but I don't want your bread that is moldy in a couple of days. They have discontinued many items that I have bought for years and now I see they are discontinuing American Beauty pasta products. Their prices are some of the highest in the area. The constant shuffle of employees and baggers who appear to lack common sense-should you really put the eggs on the bottom and start stacking on top of them or make the grocery bag so heavy that the clerk can hardly lift it and then expect my 86 year old mother to unload it? And the dogs...I really don't want to put my groceries in the cart that the pit bull was sitting in. Yes, they did get bigger signs-only service animals, but they lack the tack to confront those who abuse this and mostly fawn over the "cute" dog in the cart-btw, service animals do not sit in carts-they walk next to their owner. So after frequently Albertson's in Port Orchard for over 30 years, I am throwing in the towel. I'm done-Fred Meyer and yes even Wal-Mart here I come

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noneofyourbusiness - 7 d ago

You closed Safeway that had best customer service - best ambiance & are trying to get us to go to Albertsons with horrendous customer service. I tried again the other day but of course I couldn't get the digital deals to load. So most stores know when they are having problems and help/let you have the deal but this "Cassandra" did her routine & asked did I find everything I need & I told her no - I wanted the advertised deals but couldn't load them on my "just for you." She just looked at me with curdled vomit face. No advisement, no referral. At least Albertsons had the advertised deals in stock but I still couldn't get them. This is what Albertsons is known for. Even once my husband treated me to a Starbucks coffee from there but it was just a cup of creamer - no coffee - so I went back to get coffee but the employee would not correct her error. So now you have harvested my email from Safeway. Too bad. Lived here 25 years and my local Albertsons sucks. Safeway was great. You should have closed the Albertsons & kept the Safeway. Dumb dumb dumb.

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Darriell Slayton - 8 d 8 h ago


I just wanted to thank the Alberston in Corona California located on Foothill blvd. This store is always showtime ready am and pm. I wanted to thank the bakery department. Olivia was a exceptional employee with excellent customer service. I went in there today on August 9, 18 around 8:00 am. I went to the produce area and picked up fruit and Ran into Olivia who works in the bakery department. I was looking for the 4 pack of brownies, they where not quite ready but Olivia and another employee made them while I waited. I work for Costco and all of the employees from ,Yadi , Marion, Olivia are exceptional employees that always go the extra mile for and customers that they come in contact with.

The Store Manger set the expectations and this location has accountability for what is expected from all employees. Outstanding Service. Please thank all of your employees


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R Pinney - 9 d ago


I like cherries. Recently I went to purchase some and standing at the freezer door I found, after a few weeks of no cherries at all available, that the "signature" brand frozen cherries had new packaging. None of the other "signature" brand frozen fruit had changed packaging. This new packaging had only 12 oz of fruit as opposed to 18 ounces with the old packaging. THE PRICE HADN'T CHANGED. So I am now paying 1/3rd more for the fruit. 33%! THE NEW PACKAGING ISN'T WORTH IT. Dump the zip top and hea vier plastic or reduce the price by 33%. The 12 oz package makes only 2 smoothies. It used to make 3. So now each smoothie costs me 33% more because the packaging holds 33% less. This is a huge price increase. I'll be buying my frozen cherries elsewhere from now on unless or until the original the price drops or the original pacaging is returned and has the same 18 ounce is in it At the same price!

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Lancelot - 10 d 14 h ago

Outstanding employee in Las Vegas, I may say her name wrong, Sephslana from Serbia in your Aberson on Craig and Tonaya. We go to Albertsons and not near by Smith because of her.. ( Also the fruit manager). She treats each buyer with respect and attention. She has a club of people. We wait in a longer line to see her.


Lancelot Davis (Lorelle Nelson)

4125 N Tomsik St

Las Vegas,NV 89129

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Anonymous - 11 d 16 h ago


Can't get to the website - Unsecure connection!!!

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Lisa - 14 d 16 h ago

Came to shop but no carts available. So I have to g ok up the street to WalMart

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Debbie Sheffield - 21 d 15 h ago


Very frustrated today. Albertsons on Rufe Snow, Watauga, Texas is our main grocery store, as well as carries all of our medication prescriptions. Today, however, I ran into a "situation" that has left me, let's say very discontent, to say the least.

I was running by Albertsons for a few things when I saw a small sign by the door, held down by a terra cotta pot that read "All clay pots 75% off". About 5 feet from this sign were the big clay pots that always sit out front. There also a few chimineas (sp) in this grouping. I was thrilled! I've been waiting a couple of years for these pots to go on sale. There was another woman there, just as excited as myself, getting her teenage daughter to load 2 of the large clay pots into a basket for her. I went in to get assistance, after having dragged the two I wanted to the side while I went in to pay and to get a price for one of them, as there was no tag. I was told by the clerk that the tag for the pot was scanning full price. She called for a "manager". He came and said, "Those weren't on sale, it's only the "clay" pots." I took him outside to show him that these were indeed "clay" pots and that there were NO other pots near their sale sign. He indicated it was only the one "terra cotta" pot that was 75% off. I laughingly pointed out that the sign very clearly says "All clay pots". He called a manager named Brenda, who told him that the big pots were not on sale.

To say the least, this is not acceptable in business. If you are going to put out a sign that says "All clay pots on sale 75% off", then that's what it means. It does not indicate only the one pot right here by this sign (actually it was holding the sign in place). and not the big ones right here beside the sign.

I then attempted to contact your office by phone (about 3:35 pm CST). I was on hold thru the phone loop for more than 20 minutes. I called back, reached an operator and was told that you (Customer Service) was in your offices 24/7, so she then put me back in the phone loop where I waited another 10 minutes before disconnecting. I called back, reached a different operator who said she was going to find me a human, but instead I reached a message that told me to call back during business hours. But wait, I was just told you're there 24/7. I called back, was give a phone loop that asked me to leave a message. I did that. Hopefully, I will receive a call. I do have pictures of the signs and the pots from today. I would love the opportunity to share those with you.

Thank you for your time. Have a blessed weekend.

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Poor Management at Store #27 - 21 d 16 h ago


Please check on management at the following location:

Albertsons Store Details

7127 Hollister Ave #27

Goleta, CA 93199

Phone: (hidden)

The management is extremely unorganized. I asked for a price on a floral arrange and was rudely told by a cashier Jonelle to go find the Floral Dept rep to ask her if I needed a price. I was concerned asking, "Do you mean when I need a price I have to go find a clerk?" That didn't sound correct. So I asked "Jonelle for a manager. She stated she is the manager. So I questioned her if I need to know how much something costs I need to go find a clerk? There's no pricing anywhere. She got on the loud speaker and called for the floral clerk over the intercom. I ask Jonelle..."Wait you are a manager and you don't know the process?" She said, " That's why I'm finding out." I said, "Please don't reprimand your employee in front of me...that's not right. As a manager you should know what is happening in your store." She proceeded to do just that....repremend the floral clerk right in front of me. A general manager needs to go to that's really unorganized with management.

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Linda - 25 d 12 h ago


I love Tucson Az store at 5085 N La Canada. I summer in an area where our only choices are Wal-Mart and two Safeways. Could one store be changed to Albertson? The personel in Pinetop Az store are superior to Show Low Az store

If it were possible I would just transport Tucson store back & forth with me. Great store!!

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S.B, - 26 d 21 h ago


I shopped at the store 4355 N Sheridan Chicago Illinois 6o613 for years. I complained for years about the state of the store: parking lot full of pot holes. store dirty, produce fifth rate. Yesterday July 22nd I was at the deli department. A rat the size of a small cat jumped out of the bread rack. I am done with this store. I have contacted the City of Chicago to issue citations. I have contacted the 46th ward alderman office. I tried to call the emergency service number listed on the E mail response ( waited ten minutes) hung up. The prices of the Jewel at Addison ( same item) are lower than the " ghetto" Jewel at Montrose. Why your management company refuses to maintain this Jewel I have no idea. The manager tells me its the landlord? Anyway your Trump model of business is really appalling. A new Treasure Island will open a block away next month. I will never set foot in the Jewel again and I am sure many of my neighbors feel the same way.

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Janlee - 26 d 7 h ago


I used to shop at the store in Sherman Texas until they started having latex balloons all over the front of the store. Putting people's lives in danger for what. I think that every place should ban latex like doctors,hospitals and dental offices . Just breathing in the protein from a latex balloon can cause an allergic reaction.

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Pamela Myers - 26 d 10 h ago


they do not have enough cashiers and the two they had tonight were moving as slow as possible. There were at least 30 people in line and I will not waste my time standing in line anymore at store 575. I will take my business somewhere else. Even if I have to drive further its better than being treated like that when I asked why.

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Viswa bhaskar - 30 d 11 h ago


Hi sir iam received a offer letter from albertsons as a data entry clerk job but I dont weather is genuine or not how to conform that is genuir or not place help me sir

Thank you Bhaskar

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Fuck you guys - 39 d 10 h ago


I went to a store closing today and the manager assaulted me with a shopping cart because I wanted to check an item I just bought 7 Min before closing!

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Jerry Sniderman - 38 d 21 h ago


No fuck you.

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Mary F, - 33 d 40 s ago


That's professional.

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