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Alfa Corp

2108 E South Blvd
Montgomery, AL
Jerry A Newby
(334) 288-3900
(334) 288-0905
Annual Sales Est
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ASP - 10 d ago


NO ALFA anymore for ME!!!! Madison, AL HORRIBLE customer service. They do not know their customers. Watch out! If you fill out documents requesting an automatic draft payment to be made on a certain day, this was not followed in MY case! 2 payments were taken out of my checking account (no notice of this was given to me) and it was taken out TWO weeks before it was authorized to be!! BEWARE. I switched to ALLSTATE!

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Anonymous - 18 d ago

Alfa has not paid my husbands life insurance policy. He passed away in February 2007. I have been in contact with them since 2007. ALFA HAS NOT DONE THE RIGHT THING !!! REQUEST ALFA CONTACT ME FOR RESOLUTION. I AM STILL HERE AND WILL CONTINUE TO FIGHT FOR HIM TO COLLECT THIS INSURANCE POLICY. I have sent letters to the corporate office, emails......and will continue...ALFA DO THE RIGHT THING. ALSO YOU ARE NEVER NEVER IN GOOD HANDS WITH ALFA!!!!

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Bradley - 129 d 19 h ago


Worst experience of my life. I had a total loss house fire and have been given the runaround at every turn. I had a judge order for the adjuster to disburse content money to me and they refused.

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Ellis Lewis - 142 d 18 h ago

Scam alert the policy they added to everyone's homeowners ins "HOME WARRANTY " is worthless. Will not pay any claims. I've filed 3 that they denied

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Disappointed Customer - 306 d 5 h ago


Shawn Keener (insurance agent) in Poplarville, MS AND Tim Rodney (insurance adjuster) from Hattiesburg, MS has provided the worst customer service and/or support that I have experienced in my life. I filed an insurance claim immediately after identifying water damage and mold in my home. The insurance adjuster offered me a QUICK check without coming to my home to inspect the damage. I rejected the check and questioned how could a check be offered without surveying the damage which is ultimately a violation according to:

Pursuant to Chapter 58, the insurer may not "Fail[]to adopt and implement

reasonable standards for the prompt investigation of claims arising under insurance

policies" and "Refus[e] to pay claims without conducting a reasonable investigation

based upon all available information." See G.S. 58-63-15(11)(c), (d).

Since visiting my home and still not conducting a full investigation, the insurance adjuster refuses to communicate with me and the insurance agent informed me the situation is out of his hands.

I am now forced to take legal actions!!

Alfa insurance is the worst !!!!

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Anonymous - 1 y 265 d ago

To: Jerry A.Newby

My name is Annie Robinson, owner of Flinthill Childcare in Bessemer Alabama. The address, 560 Flint Hill road. My daycare suffered a second fire November 2017, the first one was three years ago in 2014. I have talked to any and everyone at multiple local offices that would listen but have had no results. Todd Dillashaw was the property Loss Specialist and good at his job. The daycare had a mortgage payoff of $45,000. The insurance policy was for $160 thousand. Mr Dillashaw got building inspectors, engineers, etc. to come in and said the structure was still good and could be degutt down to the 2x4's. I got city building inspectors, contractors, etc.that said the building need to be demolished and also said they didn't care about what the specialist said. Mr. Dillashaw and I went back and forth and I even talked to his supervisor. Mr. Dillashaw said it could be done for $122 thousand and after the $45 thousand dollar mortgage, I had $77 thousand dollars to work with. I was told to get a loan to complete the building but unfortunately that didn't happen.The demolition was $10 thousand. I have called contractors and Mexican, but not enough money. PLEASE don't deny me the other $38 thousand to get a building up and operating. My local office told me I would have to keep paying the policy $129.00 dollars a month for a empty lot and that is being paid from the money also. I tried to tell Steven at the McCalla office that no activity will happen at the site until the good Lord bless me with more money. PLEASE

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Ellen - 1 y 137 d ago

Get a lawyer enter suit for lost wages too File complaint with The Insurance Commissioner in your state

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Justin - 1 y ago

My name is Justin James I can build from blueprint up if you still need help please give me a call (hidden)

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

A gentleman hit me in the car in October and he was one of your client I've been dealing with your company since October no I'm in the process I'm losing my house my kids everything because y'all do not want to pay me for your client hitting me I've been trying to deal with y'all this is my last week before I lose everything say y'all think it's a game

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Kenneth Smith - 1 y ago


Here I am with out a ride because alpha doesn't care about the people that are doing without because of one of their drivers. I've been walking since December adjusted just came by today and offered 2000 dollars for the damage done to my 2000 BMW with only 122000 miles on was in perfect condition. And rain water has been getting in the carpet. Causing mildew. Who can I call for help. They are trying to RIP me off. Help me as I am a disabled person whom doesn't know what to I just moved to Decatur 4 months ago. Lost my job because of not having a car and not knowing anyone

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Anonymous - 1 y ago


It is sad to read all these reviews and none of them are positive. I have a relative that works at Alfa and is sent on a vacation every year, fully paid for for her and her family. But now that my daughter needs to make a claim for each incident, she made mention that her policy may be cancelled? What is up with that. Alfa can dish out the vacations but not to take care of their customers. POOR customer service!!! Oh well, I am calling the General

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No longer a customer becuase of sarah. - 1 y 64 d ago


I used Alfa for 15 years and Neil flowers from Alabama was the best and nicest man, was always a pleasure to talk to on phone. My whole family used this insurance. When I moved to Mississippi and bought a new car I had to get a new local agent. Needless to say, She ruined it. I was a loyal customer until I had to deal with Sarah from the Wiggins office. I switched to Geico the day I got tired of her horrible snarky attitude, not sure why she is in customer service. She made it as if I were an inconvenience to call about anything. Always was rude and had an attitude anytime I called. Finally just gave my money to a different company who has no problems when I call. If there was a Neil flowers in every local office the company would be much better.

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Ron Relph - 1 y 74 d ago


We have home insurance with ALFA in Waynesboro MS. I always pay my premium on time and never missed a payment. I have called ALFA agent Mark Gordon and asked for help on a claim that we filed on our damaged roof. We received a check made out to us and our old mortgage company. We took the check back and asked Mark to make it out to us and our current mortgage company after providing him with their information. Mark continues to refer me to the ALFA claim rep named Gary Prach. Well we had the roof repaired two months ago and still do not have the check from ALFA. Mark and Gary do not do what they say they will do - often. These two people do not seem to be the type of people that ALFA would like to represent their company. They are not trustworthy and that is not a good trait.

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Vestavia Hills, AL - 1 y 87 d ago


My mother passed away last year and am in the process of selling her home. She had homeowners and auto insurance with Alfa for over 30 years and they are cancelling the homeowners insurance on the house after a claim was filed on the house for hail damage. Her agent was Ben Franklin in Vestavia Hills, AL. The closing date on the house is set for November 30 but the homeowners insurance is due to cancel on November 5. I emailed a copy of the contract showing the closing date and have made several phone calls to him for a 30 day extension but have never received a call back or confirmation on my email. My sister who has auto insurance with him has also attempted to contact him about the situation but has never heard back from him. I have also attempted to go by the office a couple of time and have left messages with the receptionist for a return call back as he is never in the office. I would not recommend this agent at all.

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bradlee clay - 1 y 166 d ago



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BP - 1 y 198 d ago


I've been with Alfa insurance for 28 wife has been with them for 35 years. We had 5 cars and a primary house coverage. My agent, Marc Sekowski, retired. The only way I found out was I called his office phone and it was disconnected. It has now been 5 weeks since his retirement and NO ONE from Alfa has called or emailed or sent a letter to tell me of his retirement...or even to say "Hey, I'm your new insurance agent." What a crappy way to leave the business and leave your customer. So, we've left them for someone else.

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Anonymous - 1 y 307 d ago


I have been a customer for 28 years and Alfa just refused to complete the repairs on my vehicle for an accident. The adjuster admitted himself he is not a mechanic but has made a decision based on his opinion. I absolutely hate this company. So sad that a company will take long term relationships and throw them out the window. I will be looking for another insurance company.

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George Cannon - 2 y ago


I am not satisfied with Alfa at this time. I have been drop as a client by using the insurance that I have paid for over approximately 15 or more years. I don't know why you claim Hail Damage that is cause by Mother Nature as a Fault, then an at Fault while some unknown person hit the bumper of my vehicle in Walmart Parking Lot causing damage. Please explain how these are my Fault. I understand you use LexisNexis Consumer Reporting Agency provided the information. I been told its the money it cost Alfa to repair my vehicle, so I guess this is telling me that I have to have insurance on the vehicle , but cant use it when needed. That is why I paid Alfa every year to have my vehicle coverage. I can understand when things are my fault, but not when its Mother Nature( Hail Storm ) or when you are inside a store and someone hit you and leave. Can you answer this. My Policy Number: (hidden)1! All I know it is going to cost an arm and a leg each month to replace my Insurance. If this is the way Alfa works I will find another insurance agency for my Home and never recommend anyone to this company.

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feed up - 2 y ago


I am a lien holder and your agents is not trained and they are ghetto and unprofessional. people like Tim Jones. who don't know jack? also, why would the lien holder to a vehicle have to pay for storage taken out of the payoff amount? 1- the accident happened on 1/1/18 I never knew it was an accident until the tow company contacted my office. i called alfa and was giving the name Darrell steven as the adjuster called him since the 8th of Jan when tow company contacted us. never heard back after leaving 25 voicemails .. then Mr. Jones call me back and gave another name Natasha Scott and never received a call from her. contact corp office was giving the name Wendy and never heard anything from her ... smh, this is sad ... today is the 22nd and still no letter of grantee was sent .... they outsource their paperwork really sad big company sending an agent on vacation don't do paperwork the ceo really needs to look into all these issues.

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Anonymous - 2 y 133 d ago

You are horrible !!! Employee training must be pathetic and your turnover rate must be honorific. Can't get a straight answer from Rep get a different answer every time. With an aw shucks mentality.

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Shirley D. Nichols - 2 y 61 d ago

You would think your home owners insurance could be paid every month or quarterly. Widows on a fixed income cannot always come up with a large sum of money at the drop of a hat. I was informed by the office of

Ronald McKinnon

453 Huffman Rd.

Birmingham, AL 35215

That the only choice is 6 mos. Or full year payment. Some companies will allow monthly. So here I go, will have to hunt another company, although I have had ALFA fo 30 + years. Apparently poor folks can't have ALFA INS.

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Anonymous - 2 y 231 d ago


This message is about Alfa sending agents on these vacations and cruises. I have Alfa on everything I own, had it for years. I pay out the ying-yang on my premiums! I do not appreciate Alfa using our premiums to pay for vacations and post it all over social media such as facebook! If Alfa corp. can afford to send the employees on these expensive vacations, then You need to lower our premiums! After all, we, are the ones making that affordable to your employees! It would be bad if everyone decided to change insurance companies!

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Lynn - 2 y 259 d ago


Alfa , My car got crushed by a big tree, Christmas Morning. Today is May.5th and between Alfa and the gap insurance, my loan is still not paid off and now my credit has dropped into the low 500s and I can't get a new loan to buy another car. Also they cancelled my policy. Alfa sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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