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Allen Canning Co

305 E Main St
Siloam Springs, AR
Roderick L Allen
(479) 524-6431
(479) 524-3291
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Granny - 11 d 6 h ago


I have bought Allens green beans for years and love them. I opened a 6pd 9oz can of green beans and dumped them in my pan for thanksgiving and sitting on top of my beans was this thing that looked like a piece of a corncob only it was dark brown and there was also a stem of some kind with roots coming off it.I have 2 more of these cans and I'm a little afraid to open them. But I will I have been eating them for years and will continue to do so.

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Duncan - 12 d 10 h ago

I opened what I thought would be Black Eyed Peas with Jalapenos only to find pintos. I prefer the former to the latter.

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Felicia - 14 d ago


I am disappointed I bought tiny tender field peas with snaps. There were 2 snaps in the can What a rip off !!!!!

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jhadenfeldt - 15 d ago

I opened a can of "cut sweet potatoes" for Thanksgiving but they turned out to be green beans.

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Hotnspicymixedvegall - 17 d 11 h ago


I was wondering if I can still buy veg all hot n spicy mixed vegetables anywhere..I loved to eat these

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Joan Ayers - 27 d 6 h ago

I used to be able to buy sugary sams mashed sweet potatoes in my city of Conyers GA, today I went to buy some for Thanksgiving and a clerk said there was no label on the shelf so they think it has been discontinued. Can you tell me where I can buy some Sugary Sams mashed sweet potatoes? I would be happy to buy them on line.

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DD - 38 d ago

I was gonna ask question but from what it looks like this site is not affiliated with allen canning.

according to:

On February 3, 2014, the newly formed entity Sager Creek Acquisition Corp. was the high bidder at auction, bidding $160 million to buy the company. Allens was renamed Sager Creek Vegetable Company.

In March 2015, Del Monte Foods, Inc., purchased Sager Creek.

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JJ - 38 d ago

I can't access your website. I wanted to go on it and see some recipes. I've loved your canned vegetables for years now and wanted to see if you had other ideas for fixing on then I have.

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Disapointed - 66 d 11 h ago


I recently purchased a can of Princella Sweet Potatoes from Aldi Foods. Upon opening the can some of the potatoes were black pieces. It wasn't a mold but looked rotten. I tried calling the phone number on the can and all I received were offers from several companies. I never got to speak to a human person. If I want commercials I'll watch television. I plan on going to the store and letting them know because the rest of the cases are probably the same. The date to use by was 01-21-19. REALLY! The scan numbers are 0 34700 09411 3. It says if your not satisfied with the quality to call 1-800-234-ALLEN. This is a joke. I plan to report this to the proper authorities. I also doubt you will read this. Your company should be investigated.

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Lois Elders - 121 d 16 h ago


my husband and I have loved your Texas Fair field peas with snaps for years and all of a sudden poof no one carries them anymore, please help me find these or there will be no peace in this household!!! zip code 29902

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Jeff - 124 d 47 s ago


Our regular brand of turnip greens was sold out, so we tried yours tonight. Hey, here's a hint. If you wash them, customers won't get a mouthful of sand with every bite. Just thought you might want to know. A little seasoning would probably help if you figure out how to get rid of the sand. Not that I'll ever buy them again...

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Neal G - 126 d 16 h ago

You Allen Blue Lake Green Beans 14.5oz is half full. Are you aware of that? Now question about buying your products....Neal G

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Cathy - 128 d 15 h ago


Have to admit..your beans are excellent. I buy them every week. But have to tell you...Ive gotten 4 ....5 cans of the Italian Green Beans and the can was less then or half empty!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 169 d 7 h ago


Can't find Allen turnip greens where i live.Dollar General use to sell them now they don't.Kroger Public grocery, Wal-Mart family dollar don't carry them in there store.why they don't?

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Anonymous - 132 d 5 h ago

My sister who lives in Oregon opened a can of Allens turnip greens today and there was either a mouse or cockroach body part inside. I have the picture but don't have an option to add to this comment.

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Juls - 158 d 3 h ago


Same thing happened to me that the other reviewers have said....all potatoes nad no green beans......well there where two. Disappointed

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Faye - 163 d 8 h ago


Who had the bright idea to put pull top s on green beans. Old people cannot open them and today two tabs broke off so had to pitch them, the cans groove is too deep for electric can opener.

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Pam D - 171 d 14 h ago


Bought four cans of Italian cut green beans with potatos but somebody forgot to put green beans in the can. Absolute rip off! Will never buy Allen's product again.

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Becky - 189 d 40 s ago


Has your seasoned green beans been discontinued? We love them but we are unable to find anywhere.

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Marty - 182 d 9 h ago


I bought a can of Allens cut Italian Green Beans with Potatoes and there was hardly a green bean in it! Nothing but a very few slivers of beans! The no. on the can was:

0 34700 17411 2

Allens is usually so reliable. What happened??

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Sally whetsell - 228 d 11 h ago


Trying to find a store in charleston AV that sell Texas fair field peas by allen

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TamiNTn - 196 d ago

If you have access to Bush's Field Peas with Snaps , they are so good.

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Lori - 206 d ago


Have you stopped selling to Walmart? I've been to several of their stores in 3 different states and even looked at their website and they don't have any in stock. Yours are my favorites. Can you please let me know what's going on?

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TamiNTn - 196 d ago

If you have access to Bush's Peas , Bush's Beans ,etc. they are excellent .

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rosy - 212 d 29 s ago

I opened a 38 oz can of Cut Italian Green Beans that was surely second-rate. Almost all the beans had dark spots on them or stems attached.

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