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Allen Canning Co

305 E Main St
Siloam Springs, AR
Roderick L Allen
(479) 524-6431
(479) 524-3291
Annual Sales Est
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Maria Roberts - 13 d ago


I bought 2 clans of princella cut sweet potatoes and went to make them and found a fly or bee in the can dead...I have pictures of the cans as well as the lid and the dead insect. I had to throw them both out

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Rachel - 25 d 24 h ago

I just bought a can of your turnip greens. I HAD TO THROW them away because they tasted like grit or sand was in them. They had a good flavor but that grit ruined it...and it ruined my dinner. I was craving turnip greens.

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Brenda - 30 d ago

Hello Allen's

I opened up one of your can of Italian green beans and potato. And it only had 3 green beans and a load of potatoes. I love these green beans and potatoes and thought I would share. This never happened before and I got a kick out of it.... I will continue to buy.#nogreenbeans

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Von - 35 d ago


Looks like I'm not the only one I got the Allen Italian green beans and potatoes and the cans were full of potatoes and no green beans. I will never buy from this company again. 3 cans equal 1 spoon of green beans. Yall should be ashamed.

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grandthea - 40 d ago


For years our family has eaten and loved the Allens Green Beans. To change things up I had gotten a can of the Cut Italian Green Beans with Potatoes in them and just got around to finding them in the back of the pantry. The number on the bottom of the can is blurry but appears to be 11BP2 31981 08:20 RB 07 17 16. I was expecting a half and half mixture of the two vegetables but there was only three small chunks of potatoes that easily fit into a tablespoon. Is this normal for such a can? I won't be buying these again.

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Jason - 47 d 13 s ago


Just opened a can of small peas with onions and had no onions in it! I payed more so I could have the onions!!!!

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Mark - 47 d ago


Bought a can of Freshlike select peas with pearl onions and it had no onions. Paid almost twice the amount of regular peas and got just peas. Probably wont buy anymore hopefully all buyers will beware.

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Mark Sabin - 47 d ago


I have been purchasing Freshlike canned vegatables specifically peas with pearl onions for a long time. A couple of weeks ago I purchased a can and when I opened it the were no pearl onions. You pay extra for fresh;like selects and now they are just a a can of peas. They ask for the lot number it was PNO619112 but as I have tried to email then and the website is not available . It makes me believe they could care less so

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Anonymous - 51 d ago


Opened my can and had a huge piece of plastic!

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I WAS a huge fan of Allens Seasoned Green Beans....UNTIL TODAY. I discovered a FINGERNAIL in my portion of greens while eating dinner. D.I.S.G.U.S.T.I.N.G.

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Chuck - 65 d 1 h ago


I tried the Allen's seasoned cut green beans, just heating them up in their own juice, great tasting beans. Well done, Allen!!!

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Anonymous - 80 d 4 h ago


I love Trappey's Black Eye Peas distributed for you by Sager Creek Vegetable Company in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

Using both an electric can opener and a new manual can opener, these cans are very hard to open and had to use a

large knife to complete the can openings. This is subject to

someone have a major hand laceration. Would appreciate this being checked out and a reply that you have received

my message of concern. I originally messaged B & G who sent me a reply that I needed to contact you.

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mac - 97 d 30 m ago


Purchased a can of tiny tender sliced carrots code 15042 5140202:59. When I opened them, found many carrots with green tops on them,slices with bad spots, etc. Have purchased Allen green beans before with out any problem. What is wrong with these carrots.? Looks like there have benen many complaints about your products from what I have seen on your contact page. Also the website listed on your can doesn't workk.

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Pissed - 101 d 9 h ago


I bought a can of your Tiny peas with tiny pearl onions, but guess what??? The can had nothing but peas in it! Tried contacting the website on the can but what do you know???? Doesn't exist.This is absolutely ridiculous. From reading the other reviews I see Im not the only one this has happened to. Close your useless company down!!!!

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Anonymous - 103 d ago


Never again will I buy your product. On 2 separate occasions months apart I purchased your Italian cut green beans. Each time when I went to heat them in the microwave they sparked small flames. The first time i tried spooning out different servings and reheated them on plastic plates and Styrofoam and each time yielded the same result. The second time around the same thing happened. I only tried a 2nd time to be sure it wasn't metal shavings from opening the can that caused the sparks but after I opened a can of Libbys sweet peas with no flames I knew it was an Allens issue. Your product could have blown my house up or at the least set my kitchen on fire. This is insane and you need to recall all of the italian cut green beans NOW before someone gets seriously hurt!

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acollier - 104 d 5 h ago

The mustards are far more delicious than the Glory brand of greens

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Granny - 116 d 4 h ago


I have bought Allens green beans for years and love them. I opened a 6pd 9oz can of green beans and dumped them in my pan for thanksgiving and sitting on top of my beans was this thing that looked like a piece of a corncob only it was dark brown and there was also a stem of some kind with roots coming off it.I have 2 more of these cans and I'm a little afraid to open them. But I will I have been eating them for years and will continue to do so.

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Duncan - 117 d 7 h ago

I opened what I thought would be Black Eyed Peas with Jalapenos only to find pintos. I prefer the former to the latter.

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Felicia - 119 d 28 s ago


I am disappointed I bought tiny tender field peas with snaps. There were 2 snaps in the can What a rip off !!!!!

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jhadenfeldt - 120 d ago

I opened a can of "cut sweet potatoes" for Thanksgiving but they turned out to be green beans.

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Hotnspicymixedvegall - 122 d 8 h ago


I was wondering if I can still buy veg all hot n spicy mixed vegetables anywhere..I loved to eat these

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Joan Ayers - 132 d ago

I used to be able to buy sugary sams mashed sweet potatoes in my city of Conyers GA, today I went to buy some for Thanksgiving and a clerk said there was no label on the shelf so they think it has been discontinued. Can you tell me where I can buy some Sugary Sams mashed sweet potatoes? I would be happy to buy them on line.

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DD - 143 d ago

I was gonna ask question but from what it looks like this site is not affiliated with allen canning.

according to:

On February 3, 2014, the newly formed entity Sager Creek Acquisition Corp. was the high bidder at auction, bidding $160 million to buy the company. Allens was renamed Sager Creek Vegetable Company.

In March 2015, Del Monte Foods, Inc., purchased Sager Creek.

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JJ - 143 d ago

I can't access your website. I wanted to go on it and see some recipes. I've loved your canned vegetables for years now and wanted to see if you had other ideas for fixing on then I have.

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Disapointed - 171 d 8 h ago


I recently purchased a can of Princella Sweet Potatoes from Aldi Foods. Upon opening the can some of the potatoes were black pieces. It wasn't a mold but looked rotten. I tried calling the phone number on the can and all I received were offers from several companies. I never got to speak to a human person. If I want commercials I'll watch television. I plan on going to the store and letting them know because the rest of the cases are probably the same. The date to use by was 01-21-19. REALLY! The scan numbers are 0 34700 09411 3. It says if your not satisfied with the quality to call 1-800-234-ALLEN. This is a joke. I plan to report this to the proper authorities. I also doubt you will read this. Your company should be investigated.

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