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Allen Canning Co

305 E Main St
Siloam Springs, AR
Roderick L Allen
(479) 524-6431
(479) 524-3291
Annual Sales Est
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Anonymous - 6 d ago

Hi y'all I am looking for your Poke Salet greens .. I can not find them anywhere.. please let me know where I can get them I will buy them by the case.. I grew up on them and now I live in OKC I need to find them.. please advise (hidden)

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Debra - 7 d 7 h ago

Hi. I am inquiring about Trappeys navy beans with jalapeos and why it is not in St. Louis Mo anymore? My dad swears by them.

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Malinda - 10 d 17 h ago


I love your Sweet Peas & Tiny Onions I but several cans a week, ....but when I opened my can tonight there were no onions , it's happened before I hope you have coupons that you could send out to make up for the missing onions

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John from Ohio - 270 d 8 h ago


Same complaint already reported below.

Opened FRESHLIKE SELECT sweet peas & Tiny Onions. NOT ONE onion in the 15 oz sized can.

Best by 07 09 19 PNO 619112 8 03;57 printed on bottom of can

Tried calling (hidden) to report the above except the recording for customer has you call an 800 number to make a report. What a run around.

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Where's the onions - 15 d 17 m ago


Just open the same can and I also found NO ONIONS! This has happened before. No more buying them for me.

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Anonymous - 55 d ago


I love the Italian cut green beans. Purchase them often. Twice now, a few years apart thankfully, but making me rethink my next purchase... I've opened a large can only to discover mostly water, some seasoning and a few green beans. First time, it was less than 1/4 cup of green beans, tonight was maybe 1/2 can of green beans, compared to the usual canful. I love the product but I think quality control needs some adjustment.

**tonight's can had a Best buy date of 05 26 20. S14. 714783 2 16:48**

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Church cook- 40 years - 105 d 40 s ago


I have been buying and enjoying all the brands made by Allen Canning for many decades. The sudden and almost certainly fictional complaints that have caused so much damage to the many families that depend on Allen's are shameful. I stand as witness to thousands of products bought from Allen's, Texas Fair and the other names from this firm by me for my family, the churches I have cooked for, and the hundreds of people I have served in my own home. These "trolling" creeps are lying.

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Sarah Rodriguez - 181 d ago

I bought a can of Allen's Seasoned turnip greens, I love turnip greens.. but the first bite thete was sand.. maybe dirt grinding in between my teeth... horrible experience. Threw it out such a waste..

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Kat - 184 d ago


Tonight I pulled a cricket out of my mouth from a can of Popeyes Spinach. I'm so completely disgusted. I'm Vegan to top it all off. Something needs to be done.

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Green (greens) not beans... - 198 d 11 h ago


Bought a can of Italian Green Beans for the 4th. Much to my surprise, when I opened them, the can was full of greens! They were good, but a surprise none the less. I think someone missed the change over on the production line...LOL

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Nancy Rudolph - 203 d ago


Me and mom absolutely love your beans. They taste just like beans we would grow in Erie, Pennsylvania. Taste so very good here in Florida. We find them at WalMart. Wish we could find them at our Winn Dixie on Bichara Boulevard in Lady Lake, Florida.

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Jack C Odom - 220 d 23 h ago


I just finished a can of your cut italian green beans, they are rreally good. Like the low sodium and sugars. They are good even at room temperature. You now have one satisfied customer. This can has been in my cubbord for over a year, had no problems opening it. Keep up the good work!!

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L.Box - 222 d 6 h ago

I opened a can of Allen's cue okra this afternoon, inside was only water and some small-looking stems. I have pictures and will take them to HEB in College Station to show them what they are selling.

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Chera - 255 d ago


I opened a can of Popeye Spinach tonight and found a cockroach in the can. I was so grossed out that I couldn't eat the dinner that I was preparing. My stomach is still churning. I took a picture for evidence.

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Vickie from Indiana - 269 d 15 s ago


I bought a can of Freshlike Selects Sweet Peas & Onions not one onion in the can. Peas tasted terrible! I bought them at Wal-Mart. I would not recommend them. We threw ours away. $1.33 a can. No more buying these from me!

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Amanda from Alabama - 279 d ago


I was eating Allens Popeye Spinach and found a worm in the greens. I am trying to eat healthier but this kind of put a damper on me eating spinach.

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Carmen - 286 d 8 h ago


I was surprised to find kidney beans in my can of Allen's large butter beans ! Has this happened to anyone else ?

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Jason - 1 y ago


Just opened a can of small peas with onions and had no onions in it! I payed more so I could have the onions!!!!

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one pissed of customer - 296 d 4 h ago

same thing here

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one pissed off customer - 296 d 4 h ago

I opened a can of Freshlike Selects Sweet Peas & Tiny Onions but all I got was the Sweet Peas, this has happened 4 times in 3 months. If I want Sweet Peas Im gonna start buying WalMart brand or Green giant on pour in my own damn tiny onions. I pay good money for this product but y'all aint producing it. I wont ever buy your products again.

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Therisa Hall - 297 d 37 m ago


I was at my local grocery store, Fiesta when I purchased a can of Allen Italian cut green beans. I opened them about a month later to discovery Lima beans in my can entitled, ITALIAN GREEN BEANS. What a shock! I have never had this happen before and I was so disappointed and looking forward to enjoying Italian green beans for dinner. There must have been a problem with production and lots of disappointments too.

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Maria Roberts - 1 y ago


I bought 2 clans of princella cut sweet potatoes and went to make them and found a fly or bee in the can dead...I have pictures of the cans as well as the lid and the dead insect. I had to throw them both out

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Rachel - 1 y ago

I just bought a can of your turnip greens. I HAD TO THROW them away because they tasted like grit or sand was in them. They had a good flavor but that grit ruined it...and it ruined my dinner. I was craving turnip greens.

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Brenda - 1 y ago

Hello Allen's

I opened up one of your can of Italian green beans and potato. And it only had 3 green beans and a load of potatoes. I love these green beans and potatoes and thought I would share. This never happened before and I got a kick out of it.... I will continue to buy.#nogreenbeans

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Von - 1 y ago


Looks like I'm not the only one I got the Allen Italian green beans and potatoes and the cans were full of potatoes and no green beans. I will never buy from this company again. 3 cans equal 1 spoon of green beans. Yall should be ashamed.

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