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Allstate Insurance

2775 Sanders Rd.
Northbrook, IL
(847) 402-5000
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Anonymous - 1 d 9 h ago


Hello Allstate Corporate,

First of all, thank you for giving the people a great service.

However, your current commercials: Mr. Meyham who is running into mailboxes and running over other vehicles is a very bad example for young impressionable kids to see is very irresponsible of you to keep showing on Television is in very bad taste.

Also, you have an agent sitting in the middle of an intersection while other cars do wheelies and almost running him over is not good for our communities. Young minds should not be subjected to this irresponsible commercials should be removed asap.



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cindy turner - 173 d 6 h ago


i have been with this company for about 10 years---i have always paid my bill on time. i need a new roof now and the amount that we pay each year could and should have been covered to put a new roof on---no they want to give you an amount that it will cost--then they want to send you what they think will pay this---not close--i shouldnt have to come out of my pocket but i have too----doesnt make sense to me but it does to them

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Tammy - 155 d 15 h ago


I am going through the same thing. Need a new roof after wind storm. Denying claim said not enough damage. My ceiling now has water damage. Will do whatever I can to fight this then getting new insurance!!

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Carl - 155 d 36 m ago


Same here. I was denied wind and hail limbs.agent instructed to patch to best ability until their arrival.have written policy and recording them saying I'm covered.but denied because I had it patched as per policy and agent. Stated I must.Allstate even changed my policy coverage in copy they sent to dept of insurance. They then deleted claim. Stating claim filed.fortunatly I have all copies , original and deleted it's now covered in mold and I've now COPD,liver pancreas and vission issues.all of I never had before the mold. Anyone interested in class me. (hidden)

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Vicky - 73 d 8 h ago


I can't find your info that is hidden. My husband Ned and I would like to join, please call him at (hidden). Thanks.

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Carl - 154 d 9 h ago


Interested in starting a class action against Allstate ? Can't get attorneys to take mine on individually. However,was told if can get 25 or more.that would be sufficient for a class. Allstate knows one on one most can't afford to fight.even have audio recording of adjuster saying that and bragging as to how wealthy Allstate is and how many attorneys they have

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Reyez - 147 d 11 h ago

Im in email me at (hidden)

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GEORGE - 114 d 10 h ago

Carl i am willing to join a class A lawsuit against them so count me in.

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Shar - 100 d 13 h ago


I'm willing to join the class action suit. They won't repair my roof either from the windstorm.

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Samuel .J. /Vllie A Lyons - 76 d 4 h ago


Lyons' willing to join class action suit

Error with address

Correct address

5295 Louis XIV Lane

College Park, GA. 30349

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SJ./V.A. Lyons - 76 d 3 h ago



Same with us they won't repair our roof damage FROM wind, rain and hail. customer of 42 years.

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Anonymous - 76 d 4 h ago


Lyons are also willing to join in case

5294 Louis XV Lane

College Park

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lupita cruz - 106 d 9 h ago

count me in Carl here is my email (hidden)

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Anonymous - 100 d 16 h ago

I am in..

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Luke Meier - 88 d 10 h ago


I have a case against them going to the Federal U.S. Supreme Court right now. They are frauds and even though I won they conspire with Judges to dismiss illegally. I won and they lost but they are criminals who conspire.I am also looking for others for a class action. They are out if control. I am a certified legal assistant and will file it.

E-mail me (hidden)

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Sissy - 73 d 13 h ago


I'm in> (hidden)

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Vicky Kope - 73 d 8 h ago


Ned and Vicky Kope 7240 Hadley Road, Litchfield Mi 39252 (hidden). We're in.

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Vicky - 73 d 8 h ago


How do you get to what's hidden to contact you guy's. Please help I am very interested in joining.

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Martha - 31 d 14 h ago

I am interested in joining. (hidden)

Flagged for review. 
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doesntmateer - 2 d ago

please email me for info on class action lawsuit. (hidden)

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DF - 88 d 8 h ago


Demla Fields include me. At (hidden)

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Theresa - 81 d 3 h ago


Yes, interested in class action. (hidden). We must fight back.


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theresa - 80 d 18 h ago


carl i am willing to join how do i get info to you

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Sissy - 73 d 13 h ago


yes!!! I'm in as well! ill do a class A Yess!!! (hidden)... hook me up on your list@!

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Amber - 54 d 6 h ago


I'm interested, I was in a car wreck in Norfolk Va. All state client ran into me causing a chain reaction car wreck. My suv is totaled out, been without a car for 3months but Allstate has my car.

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Anonymous - 46 d ago

I am interested. How do I join.

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Martha - 45 d 4 h ago


I am interested in the class action law suit. Please let me know how I can join. My email is (hidden)

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Martha - 32 d 8 h ago

Carl are you still going about the class action lawsuit. I am very interested and want to know what I need to do to join the process.

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JAMES G. RUMSEY - 31 d 17 h ago


count me in as well

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Nina - 23 d 19 h ago

Yes, please include my daughter.. She's going through it with All State rip off artist.. what just happened to her must be exposed.

Please count us in on the class action.

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