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Allstate Insurance

2775 Sanders Rd.
Northbrook, IL
(847) 402-5000
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Anonymous - 3 d 8 h ago

Your automobile add runing these days are very violent make no sense and send a wrong message to all.

Allstate can do better than this.

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Anonymous - 7 h 40 m ago

Your insurance policy is one of the worst every 3 months you go up on the price bad bad!...!! Don't get Allstatet car insurance. Mr Brown.

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D. Nelson - 3 d ago

Unless you want to see your client base decline as was done for the supporters of the NRA, you should reconsider your support of Laura Ingraham on Fox News. We're watching.

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M Acevedo - 3 d 17 m ago


i went to Allstate on Southross Mr. Aguirre office due to my husband has insurance with his office on Bandera road. When i went i spoke to a Black lady who was rude to me then a another lady came forward her name was Linda and she cursed at me and yelled at me. i will never do business with them anylonger.. i even have my other homes with his wife insurance company that they refered me too.

i want to make complain due t6o that was rude and not professional at all.

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Elena PM - 3 d 7 h ago


One simple question: Do you agree with Trump's policies? Specially the ones related to Immigration?

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R L Weiss - 4 d ago


I a m pleased that I see your adds on Fox News which I watch regularly. The only problem I have is why is it always the woman that has the wisdom, controls the family or tells the man what he can do or not do as if he were a child. Are more woman going to buy your insurance than men? This is one that won't as long as you play the game of putting down the male especially the white husband.

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Dee Oderinde - 4 d 6 h ago


Over the last 3 years (Claim # (hidden) in 2016, Claim # (hidden) in 2017 and a new claim I filed in May 2018 Claim # (hidden)) I filed a claim for roof damage due to windstorm and hail damage. My home was built with Atlas Chalet Shingles in 2006. Normally, a well-constructed roof will last 30+ years. However, Atlas Chalet Shingles are defective and are deteriorating after 10 years, especially if a major hail or wind storm occurs/occurred and we have had a major hail and wind storm last year and earlier this year which has caused more damage to shingles and the roof is not fit for purpose and another major one in June 2018. I had to pay $395 for a roof specialist to conduct a comprehensive review of my roof and he found over 47 wind damaged shingles and the roof does not pass the brittle test. In addition, I have listed the house for $430,000 to sell and prospective buyers who are putting in offers are saying no insurance company will issue the roof with Atlas Shingles. I have reported this matter to GA Commission of Insurance who is currently investigating All State's decision to deny my claim. I plan to sue All State for diminished value of my house and also to compel All State to replace the roof. I have never filed a claimed with All State since 2007 when I obtained the insurance and over the last 3 years, my roof has been slowly deteriorating and now leaking because of the defective shingles and loss value in an otherwise hot real estate market.

I plan to report this matter to the President of the United States of America, go to the media outlet and also report this matter to credit agencies and business bureaus on how All State does not pay out after years of collecting home owner's insurance payment.

Over 47 shingles cannot be replaced with "like kind" as per my HOA ordinance and bylaws and I have to replace the entire shingles on the roof.

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NA - 5 d ago

Dear Advertisers,

I have been an Allstate customer for over 36 years. I am a loyal and patriotic American and, as such, I am making the informed decision not to support companies that advertise on The Laura Ingraham Show. I feel that you have the right to know why you may be losing my business.

The programming on Fox News is notoriously partisan and biased and Laura Ingraham's recent comments, equating refugee children living in tent cities with being akin to going to summer camp, are particularly offensive and prejudicial. There is nothing fair and balanced about this rhetoric, there is nothing fun or recreational about being taken away from your parents and safety net and being interred in a detention camp. Laura Ingraham and Fox News are helping to further the political and economical divide amongst the citizens of the United States.

Until your company discontinues your relationship with Laura Ingraham, I will not purchase your products. I rely on Advil for pain relief on a regular basis, however, I feel strongly enough about this issue to find another way to manage my pain.

Please consider severing your ties with Fox News and or its individual programs and spending your advertising budget in areas that will help build a better America. It is never acceptable for a company to support the intentional distribution of misinformation and bias and the separation of children from their parents.

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Nea - 5 d ago

I am grossly disappointed to see Allstate as a sponsor for FOX and Laura Ingraham.

The programming on Fox News is known for being biased and often times discriminatory. The words of Laura Ingraham regarding the separation of families at our border, comparing the forcing of young children into literal tents and cages as "summer camp" is disgusting and nothing short of hateful.

Until you decide to cut ties with Fox and Laura Ingraham, you will not have my support or business.

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Diane Michaels - 5 d ago


Allstate is presently advertising on a racist program on the fox propaganda station- specifically the Laura Ingraham show. Laura Ingraham has stated that trumps concentration camps for immigrant children are just like summer camp. So do you recommend to your own children and your employees' children that they go spend there summer vacation at a concentration camp? By advertising on her program you are actively promoting what she is saying- she is a known racist and Allstate is supporting her? Obviously it is fair warning to other people to boycott Allstate until and unless they stop promoting racism through Laura Ingraham.

General profile image - 13 d ago


Currently AllState is running a TV commercial that has a wife FAT SHAME her husband in front of a refrigerator while he is looking for something o eat!

Would you run the same ad if the man was FAT SHAMING HIS WIFE?

As a man ! find it offensive!

All men and women boycott the FAT SHAMERS! ALLSTATE = FAT SHAMERS!!!!

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Pam - 10 d 43 m ago


I agree that Allstate severely dropped the ball when they did that fat shaming commercial I personally think it's disgusting and has no place on television please remove that commercial and I certainly won't use a company like that

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Anonymous - 5 d 4 h ago

I just had the very same thought when I saw that ad this morning.

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Laura - 5 d 4 h ago

As an Allstate customer, I DEMAND that you cease your sponsorship of Laura Ingraham's TV show. Her comments about the children at the border are absolutely reprehensible. Unless you, Allstate, think those children are "in good hands," like she seems to. I will strongly consider changing to another insurance company if you continue to sponsor the kind of things she spews.

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Teena - 5 d 8 h ago


Your in good hands ya right. Allstate has downsized so much taking away benefits left and right from employees. Firing and letting go hundreds and hundred of employees. They have the worst insurance coverage for their employees. Micro managing, creating stress. Its a sad day. I remember when they put people first before the money! Now I have to fight for my husband to get hip surgery because the insurance company Allstate choose to cover denied his surgery less then 24 hours before his surgery. He gets up everyday and shows up to work with an altered gait and pain. 17 year my husband has stood with Allstate. It makes my heart break! Now I get to spend hours and hours of my time fighting with Aetna and writing letters to anyone who will listen!

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floyd - 6 d 20 h ago


floyd let me tell you about my experience with your co. im driving in my lt. lane, your insured is in the rt. lane which ends. he must stop he didnt and pulls 0ver into me, hits my vehicle. your co people say its 20% my fault. my fault??, well let me tell you. i have a piece of property insured by all state insurance, its going to be canceled,and its going to be 100% my fault. this probably means nothing to all state after reading all the bad reviews on here... it doesnt make any difference how many cute commercials you put on tv, on the street you are a lousy insurance co, i would never recommend` your co

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char - 9 d 23 s ago


I will never ever have Allstate insurance, One of there cusotmer hit my car and my car was in the shop for a week, and Allstate only paid for 2 days. of the rental car. WTH... I had to pay for my own car rental. pretty sad when I had to pay for their customer mistake..and when I call ed to talk to them I ask Otis . if I could speak to his supervisor he told me HELL NO and hung up on me. WOw that great business ..

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Lisa Gentiesco - 9 d 4 h ago


I will NEVER use Allstate insurance again. The owner of the Allstate I used name is Daniel Walsh. He is located in Bayshore, NY. I recently changed coverage and the response I received from the owner of the company was extremely rude!! I will make sure I tell everyone to not to use Allstate and will post it on all social media whereever I can. This was so disheartening to be treated in such a manner when you are supposed to be dealing with professionals.

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Naomie - 9 d 7 h ago


If you try to talk to a supervisor after calling (hidden), which is supposedly corporate office, you're told that supervisors don't handle customer phone calls. I was billed for something that I was NOT responsible for and it is not being taken care of at all. It's now on my credit. I leave messages that don't get returned and representatives are rude. I ask for a phone number or email for someone higher in corporate office and am told they don't have one. I will not just let this go away, this is not right

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Anonymous - 10 d ago

I personally think that your commercials with the angry banged up idiot are extremely hostile, negative and promote violence. There is nothing in the commercial that makes a point to buy Allstate. In fact, the opposite is true

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Melissa - 10 d 8 h ago


I made a payment arrangement to avoid being overdrawn in my account and the simple fact I'm a student paying tuition and situations come up. I was told the payment would be suspended and be taken out on the 1st after I got paid. (3 days after the payment was really due) So today I receive a letter that I'm two months behind and they never processed the payment I arranged when I CALLED to have it taken out! The woman I spoke with made nasty comments towards me, and I told her I'd appreciate it if she didn't take that tone with me. PLUS my bank statement shows the withdraw on the 1st so I don't know HOW I'm past due AND I'm on autopay! The staff aren't even agents their just little half ass people who can't get a real job. Sorry Allstate the people you hire are incompetent and RUDE to customers! The customer is always right!!

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Allstate Hater - 11 d 12 h ago


Allstate has no morals. They seem to want to play good cop bad cop while they drag their feet trying to resolve a claim. Thank God I am not in allstate insured it was an allstate insured that hit me and now they don't want to pay pain and suffering - I ended up just signing the Release Form without having had reached an actual agreed settlement amount. I only signed this Release Form because Allstate purposely uses delay and stall tactics then low balls the settlement offer and I'm tired of going back and forth with people that obviously need their contingency checks and bonuses.

I wasn't out to get rich or commit any sort of fraud I only requested enough funds to re-coupe all my medical expenses and missed wages which totaled $4,896 (not including any pain and suffering) and you only offer $4,400. Then you state you're not going to pay me my gross wage amount because I wouldn't have received that to begin with. First of all that's because the government takes out there Hefty taxes you are not the government you shouldn't be taking out anything. Allstate should not assume how much I'm taxed on my payroll and hold 20% across the board for everyone. Allstate should not be paying only a percentage of lost wages its not as if you are actually going to send the remainder of the wage amount to the IRS on my behalf, so why do you get to keep it? Have you checked with the IRS to see if this practice is legal? The amount of pain, anguish, inconvenience, and unreturned messages and phone calls should have at least warranted a minimum amount of $1,000 on pain and suffering and especially dealing with the attitude of Mr. Reyes.

The amounts I requested were owed to me it wasn't just a figure I felt would compensate the claim. A more accurate settlement amount would have been in the ball park of $5,896 and we could have negotiated from there. Allstate doesn't seem to be settling their claims appropriately instead it seems that they would rather deal with people that take advantage of the system. Allstate's claims practices, policies and procedures are going to end up costing them more in the long run with the costs of attorneys fees and court costs, etc. because they choose not to operate properly, honestly and fairly. handled fairly. Stop treating honesty terribly and stop shafting the honest people with small claims. You can't treat every claim exactly the same when the circumstances differ so much. Allstate's claim handling process seems to entice the crooks to continue to file fraudulent claims and injuries so they can settle for large lump sums of money.

From the looks of this blog a class action lawsuit should be filed against Allstate. Filing a complaint with your state will do nothing because the complaint is going to go right back to the office that is handling your claim and they are going to just laugh at it.

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Liberty34 - 12 d ago

Their ads on TV are enough to eliminate Allstate Insurance as my provider!

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Anonymous - 12 d 4 h ago

2 really bad experiences. Stay away from this insurance. Completely rude and unprofessional people. Shame on your commercial WITH ALLSTATE YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS. Please don't believe that is a nightmare have this insurance.

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Lucia medaglia - 13 d 7 h ago

So tell me as i sat in front of allstate insurance company as my old boss anthony frascone rented offices from john.devine in pelham they talked it was always john devine..ha ha hows thornwood ny allstate..doing!..

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