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Allstate Insurance

2775 Sanders Rd.
Northbrook, IL
(847) 402-5000
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Inman34. Dillon sc - 6 d ago


My car was hit by a guy who is insured with Allstate on 5/7/17 and I just some answers today! The adjuster told me the trooper was wrong for putting his client at fault and thinks I should pay have of damages that someone else caused! Every one please pass this on so good people don't get did wrong by allstate.

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Pissed off - 5 d 43 m ago


I have the same issue my 2016 vehicle was parked and hit they refused to change the bumper and stuck me with the rental charges. If anyone is interested in a lawsuit let me know, we as consumers have rights!

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tlb72 - 3 d 29 s ago

When I first went with Allstate no one said every 6 myths without tickets or accident tht my insurance would go up then I was told give them 6 more mths n I could get a discount NOT my insurance went up again . I canceled my insurance they went n and debtmy bank account then told me we will send ur money back n 7 to 10 business days . My thing is my account should have never been toutouched

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ripped off - 3 d ago


ripped off by mbpi a part of allstate's rip off insurance family do not by their extended protection for your vars or trucks they don't care who sells their insurance for they will never pay for anything attorney said warranty is worthless.

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Anonymous - 23 d ago


Allstate is the most inconsiderate and totally fraudulent corporation I have EVER dealt with. My agent, if you can call her that, lied regarding communications to me, -and then the Corporate Offices backed her up. Cancelled my policy without ANY notice, had horrible customer service, were generally incompetent , ineffective, and sloppy. Will NEVER use them again and would not recommend them to anyone!!! A bunch of liars and frauds!

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anonym - 5 d ago

Funny, I just used the same word "Incompetent" to my EX Allstate Insurance Agent and his representatives, today. Lied to, no return phone calls;

"good hands" are in my pocket book taking money due to Incompetent people! In my line of work, the customer is always right, we find 'root causes' of the problem then issue 'corrective actions' to fix them... Not Allstate - take the money and run. Well, the BBB just got a complaint today.....

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Dave P. Buffalo.NY - 6 d 19 h ago


Had them for years until they kept raising my rates. Finally went to Geico and paid $ 200.00 less for a 6 month policy with the same coverage. Stay away from these thieves.

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Denice - 16 d 24 h ago

My mother took her car in for repairs to the passenger door. After allstate had given her a check of the repair. At rhe repair shop they found more damage and contacted the allstate agent how then decide the repairs were more than the car was worth. They refused to put the door back on the car, and return the car to my mother. The car is an old model car so they decided to just offer her 2500 for the car. My mother is retired and on a fixed income so she doesn't have the income to purchase a new or used car. When they could just put the door back on the car, and let her have it back because it is still okay to drive. I think the statement you are in good hands with allstate is false advertising.

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Terry - 16 d ago


Anybody thinking or has Allstate insurance should not use them or drop them. This company refuses to listen, handle any complaint when there Adjusters have out and out lied, out and out left things off a claim either intentionally or they are incompetent. I had Two Adjusters out and out lied and there boss lie to us. The company they sent to check for water damaged tore out my ceiling which had nothing to do with the leak and as far as I am concerned and everyone who has seen this Fraud. Now the insurance company refuses to contact us above the claims department who caused all this trouble.

I could go into depth but the end result is this company is out to rip you off and not properly settle a claim and excepts incompant work and makes you do it for them then denie a claim when it's there fault.

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Furious - 20 d ago


I'm furious at how long it's taken Allstate to file my mom's claim. My mom drove her Camry into a parked car which forced that car through the garage door and into the garage. Both cars were loss in the accident. My brother made a claim and sent them dozens of pictures of the garage doors, both cars and other miscellaneous items that were also damaged. I called and got quotes for a new garage door and quotes to replace part of a gate and fence that was taken down by the car. Till this day, the garage has no door. Every time we call, the claim person, Renita Smith, gives us a different excuse or ask for something new to be submitted. We're done with Allstate, it's obvious we were never in "Good Hands

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Crystal - 24 d 3 h ago


Allstate is kengarf west valley is the worst to deal with they lied to me about my policy so I could get it in January and are charging me extra until March plus took a payment telling me it was resolved and it wasn't they are liars!!!

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Digna Guzman - 25 d 4 h ago


I will never recommend allstate as a insurance company. I never had such a hard time with any other insurance company before. Poor customers service after they been getting my money every month. They just trow me on the side without any help.

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Chuck - 32 d 5 h ago


Have had Allstate (auto and homeowners) for many years. Had a great agent in Minnesota and moved in 2016 to Montana where I also have a great agent. The best. HOWEVER: I recently received an e-mail from some Allstate regional director. We'll call him Richard Poduska. He was recruiting new agents for his area. Subject of his e-mail "Allstate Looking for New Agency Owners". First of all, e-mails that I receive that I cannot identify, usually get deleted. However I checked with my agent to see if this was a legitimate e-mail and it was. I have a problem with someone improperly using my e-mail address that he received from an insurance policy I purchased from a company he is employed with. Apparently Allstate has no respectable privacy policy. It might also be known that there are already several great Allstate agency owners in my area. This is nothing but a cheap shot on local Allstate agencies. Perhaps an attempt to put a feather in his hat. Bad move Mr. Poduska. Immediately remove my name from your e-mail list. If I need to talk to you, I will go through my agent who respects my privacy.

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ticked off - 33 d 4 h ago


Allstate has got to be the worst insurance. They don't care about us peons that pay their wages. My agent has been wonderful in trying to help me, but Allstate won't budge. I got in an accident in April, then the driver of the other vehicle unfortunately had 2 that year. I have been with Allstate for 6 years and have one bad year with them, that they had to pay out a few bucks........they won't renew my policy. Bottom line, you're fine until you have to file any sort of claim with them.......God forbid that their CEO's don't get their raises. Companies and people like this make me sick.

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Anonymous - 34 d 8 h ago

Allstate insurance stinks lately with premium keep going up on there excellent driveing customers.

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Laura - 49 d 7 h ago


This has to be the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with!!! The customer service SUCK!! Leslie an Lori have to be the worst representatives I have ever spoken to! They changed my due dates n some who they said it's my fault! They refuse to put a supervisor on the phone and that LORI refuse to listen!! They put the blame everywhere but where it needs to be ON THEM!! Save yourself the trouble an d don't do busy with ALLSTATE !!! In good hands my ass!!

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Anonymous - 45 d 4 h ago


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J Alexander - 46 d 6 h ago


King agency Jenmintown Pa

Poor agent service by manager assistant

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Anonymous - 51 d 18 h ago


ALL STATE AUTO INSURACE> Will not let you cancel It was also canceled by my agent three days before the renewal date. They have refused to cancel. the policy There agency in South Florida received a faxed cancelation notice from my agent and my self. Never use this company. I will be canceling my Home insurance also.I have a bill for 99.00 for a service that were not provided. . Is there any agency that you can file a complaint too.

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insurance helper - 50 d 19 h ago

Your state insurance commission

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Coleman family - 51 d 14 h ago


Absolutely horrible company !!!!! Would not send a dog to them.

It's a fraud, my

Dad held a policy there since 1997. Home was totally demolished. He went away for thirty days, Allstate told him his claim was denied because he abanded his home plain stupid. They want a reason not to pay this claim. The would not put him in a place to stay. He is currently staying with me, which I don't have the room, but what am I going to do its my dad. He is 71 years old, memory lost, lost my mom 2009 after being married 45 years. He have what u call a deluxe package where is in that package if your home is not suitable to live in they will place you up somewhere. Allstate wouldn't even do that. Barbara B. Came out to the house made us seem like she was on our side lied over and over, told us to start fixing up the house we would be reimbursed which we didn't have. When we contacted the news she said she was going to resubmit the claim and never called us back. When we finally got in touch with her she turned the claim to someone elese. Totally disrespectful in a way you wouldn't believe. We haven't heard back from anybody this have been since October 5th.

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Anonymous - 53 d 8 h ago


Ran out of gas right off the freeway and called roadside assistance and waited 2 hours in the cold. They claimed they had taken down the wrong address when I clearly and correctly had stated my exact location and address twice.

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Cyndi Rudell - 57 d 7 h ago


Allstate Representative,

I am forwarding this explanation of benefits to your research team in a effort to get you to review the way it was paid. It was paid as out patient surgery. I was admitted to the hospital for this surgery on 2/25/2015 and you paid the admission correctly and the additional days I was confined to the St. Mary's Hospital. I have attempted to get the examiner to look and the supervisor that I spoke with said that they escalated the claim. The problem I have with the entire process is that instead of the claim going directly to the chief examiner to review it went back into the pile. It should have gone straight to the top of the heap and not back into Queue for the examiner.

I had already waited once behind the excessive number of claims that your company has said they have received. Now I must wait behind the list again.

I have been in customer service for over 25 years but have never seen a company that has less respect for their customers than what has been exhibited by your failure to first process the claim correctly the first time and then by having no apparent process to speed up the process once a mistake has been made.

If you continue to treat your clients in the manner that you have treated my claim, you will go by the wayside as your parent company is now going.

I will be forwarding this email to your CEO in an effort to bring to light the problems with the antiquated way you process your claims. In this high paced connected world their should never be a delay of this magnitude.

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Anonymous - 62 d 22 h ago

I sent a complaint email to your Northern California regional HQ. Your response was prompt and professional, but the only problem is, you escalated the complaint to the exact same office and person I was complaining about. A prompt and professional response is no good, when it doesn't mean anything. FYI: The email from Julie was very nice, but doesn't help my complaint.: Dear Mr. Ellis: Thank you for your request via Your concerns are important to us and I appreciate the opportunity to address them. I received and forwarded your concern to our Claims Department. Our Claims partner will contact you and make sure your concerns are addressed. I will monitor your concern until I have confirmed you have been contacted. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. Please feel free to reply to this e-mail or contact me via telephone with any questions or concerns. I can be reached between the hours of 9:30 am and 6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Julie Customer Resolution Specialist Associate III Allstate's Customer Escalation Team Allstate Brand Operations-Customer Service Allstate Insurance Company Phone 1-(hidden) Ext. 1120565 Fax 1-(hidden) (hidden) Please advise. Thanks Leroy Ellis/UA Security Supervisor Claim#(hidden) (hidden)

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Pualani - 64 d ago


Pualani Kaohe

Beginning of January 2017 a 16 year old female hit the back left side quarter panel of my car. Damage to back light, bumper and quarter panel, able to drive the car home (19 miles). All state appraiser came to appraise the car. He started by looking at the damage, then the engine, gaged 4 tires and looked at the radio. Go figure! The damage is at the back of the car. I had to remind him to look in the trunk. By observing all of this I figured his intention was to TOTAL the car. What does the engine, tires and radio have to do with the damages to the body of the car. Two days later, I was right! Adjuster called staying just as I thought. I will be switching my Auto and home insurance on Monday.

I have been with All state for 30 years, 25 years accident free, paid over $40K in premiums. ALL STATE does not live up to their motto anymore. Insurance Agents are looking out for themselves. Every dog will have their day. I'm patient.

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