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Allstate Insurance

2775 Sanders Rd.
Northbrook, IL
(847) 402-5000
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.. - 7 h 36 m ago

Get your stuff straighten out, there's an agent that is very oblivious to his work. His name is Bao Nguyen in SLC, UTAH.

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Anonymous - 1 d 8 h ago

We would be better with the Nazis than Allstate

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Javae Williams - 5 d ago

I have had a lot of bad experience with the customer service and also agents of all state. This one particular event led me to have to communicate Micheal Hill. I have never met anyone that works with Allstate that was able to deal with my strong personality. Either they give me negetive attitude or says that do not make any since just to get me off the phone. Mr. Hill was an perfect example of excellent customer service. After wanted to look for another insurance co I stayed because I believe they have more people like him somewhere on All state team. Just hope I get them when i have an issue.

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Dale bowermaster - 82 d ago


I Have been an Allstate customer for 25 years without a claim earlier this year someone rear ended me and I had to do what seemed to me as the work for Allstate they don't do a damn thing anymore but take your money. Since then I have had a wet finished basement and they tell me they won't cover it . Piss on Allstate I will be looking for a new carrier for my insurance.

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Smarz - 79 d ago


Write a complaint or notify your State's insurance commissioner I have ran into the same issues with Allstate what a bunch of crooks. .. sorry for your loss I know the feeling you're in good hands with Allstate until you need them

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KaCee - 72 d ago


The State Insurance commissioner is what I may need to write. Thank you for that piece of information. I knew that there should be someplace higher than Corporate Allstate to file a complaint with.

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Payback.. - 38 d 17 h ago

I had renters insurance through AllState some one stole a brand new moped from me,called my insurance agent this bitch had some one from Ohio a claim adjuster to contact me and denied my claim because they don't cover anything with a moter,well the story the stupid Bitch was saying sound so stupid she had young teenagers laughing at her..The whole point is i payed for insurance to cover personal property so what good hands was i protected in.?? AllState is nothing but a rip off when it comes to doing the right thing..

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Anonymoous - 5 d 1 h ago


You had renters insurance to cover your personal property, you should have had motorcycle insurance on the moped with stated value. Think about it, if your motorcycle was inside your home and It got stolen, you expect your renters insurance to cover it?? You didn't have the proper insurance on your personal property or you weren't advised properly. You have to understand that its not the decision of a certain person or agent to cover the loss of your moped under renters insurance, there are rules and guidelines which are clearly listed in your renters policy which states what is covered and up to how much.

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Donush - 75 d ago


Look in to Geico, Reasonable Rates!!

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Gran - 56 d ago

Geico is under Allstate

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Gran - 56 d 50 s ago

Not Geico-- Esurance is under Allstate

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Adam baxley - 36 d ago


I've been without my vehicle for 4 months I'm still having to make the car note and there's been $29,000 worth of damages to it that's repaired and Allstate don't want to give me no diminished value they say I'm not entitled to that but my vehicle is going to depreciate significantly I have a 2015 Nissan Titan that is worth 33000 before the incident yes they did give me a rent a car but I have been without my vehicle for four and a half months and I think Allstate should make my truck note or they should pay me diminished value, but all the Allstate in the adjuster's they just tell me that I'm not entitled to that so how is that right to me as the consumer when I get my truck back is going to be worth half to the 33,000 I still have another 5 years on the note so I'm not going to be able to resell it

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Lori - 35 d 18 h ago


If there is that much damage to your vehicle why wasn't it totaled!?

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M J - 7 d ago

If it was worth 33 K and it costs 29 K to fix it, then it should have been totaled for the full value of the vehicle. If they don't total they have to pay depreciation. Get a lawyer..

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Anonymous - 7 d 24 h ago

We feel that it is very unfair that Allstate charges 87.00 more for our home owners policy just because

we feel uncomfortable about using the auto deduction from our credit card. Neither will they make an

exception when we have been with them since 1955, pay in full each year, have all our policies

with them, and are in our 80's.

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Ahmed - 8 d ago



I called Allstate and talked 3 people . All of them very rude by nature. I have been customer for 6 years . The way they treat their clients its totally unacceptable. I noticed even though client provide in advance cancellation notice still they debited a large amount of money from account. They have a corporate plan to punish client when they like to leave .


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R. Leung 913 313 165 - 16 d ago


I called Allstate's on 11/21/2016 about 2:00pm eastern time on 1 800 255 7828. I spoke to a female representative, who asked for my name, date of birth, phone #, and email address which I did not remember. She would not help me any further without my email address. She would not even let me speak to a supevisor. I wanted to find out the balance of my car insurance and pay it off. I find this lack of courtesy, help and professionalism will cost Allstate business. You need to train your phone representatives better and you need to talk to and retrain the one who refused to help me .

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guest - 8 d 32 s ago


Why didn't you call your agent?

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R Nc - 14 d 17 h ago

i took my jeep in the body shop to get the rear bumper replaced a 2 hr job but need to hold so someone from allstate can come look at so they can improved the repairs and maybe he might make by to look at if not i could just pay the whole amount and hope Allstate pays me back or keep paying for a renter car ,never heard of this before

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Anonymous - 18 d 17 h ago

do not trust them the r thift.

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Anonymous - 19 d ago


I have just recently became an Allstate customer. I set payment arrangements which I cancelled days before the payment was suppose to be taken out. I was sent a confirmation email as well. We to check my bank account online and noticed that a large payment including an overdraft fee was charged to my account. Even though I cancelled by payment arrangements ahead of time, they still tried to take it out of my account for the day that it originally was scheduled for (once again I cancelled the payment ahead of time) and they took a payment out today which I did not schedule for them to do so. I was told after I gave the representative perfect customer service ratings that I would have 7 business days after the original due date to make a payment. I spoke with a local agent and she basically told me that I will have to wait a few BUSINESS days to have my money refunded back to me and that there's nothing else that she/they can do. She sounded like she did not care about me or considerate about the situation that I am NOW in. The only good thing that I can say is that the csr that I previously spoke with had great customer service.

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Anonymous - 19 d 12 h ago


I had been a customer since 1988 house and car insurance for my whole family. WE split up in 2002 but we all still stayed with Allstate out of loyalty. Spent the past 16 years at Russ George Office in Phoenix Az 85048. I had issues this summer and was traveling. Did not send the full amount due, was canceled when I got back. So I went shopping and found insurance at MET Life for $643 PER year over half the price of Allstate with more benefits. So I spoke with the office and told them in September when I realized my insurance was canceled that I will not be coming back. I asked for them to send me a letter to prove I had coverage up till that point. So I open the mail that was mailed to me just recently and it was not the letter I wanted but a letter stating "were sorry were not able to provide you with insurance you requested" I DID NOT REQUEST ANY INSURANCE AND YOU DENIED ME BASED ON A RISK SOLUTIONS- which is another way of saying my credit wasn't worthy of your insurance!!!!!!!.I HOW DARE YOUR COMPANY TREAT ME THIS WAY AFTER ALL THOSE YEARS I BACKED YOU AND SUPPORTED YOU AND PROMOTED YOU! I will be filing a compliant against Allstate cause you did not have my permission to even look at my credit on OCT 24 2016.

Sarah Murphy

2238 E Bowker St

Phoenix AZ 85040.

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Amber - 21 d ago


Would never ever ever recommend Allstate to even my worst enemy!!!!! Horrible horrible customer service I am going on 4wks of waiting for a refund from this company that has not come! Every time I talk to someone it's a different story or they tell me something completely contradicting to whatever they stated 5 min prior! If this is not resolved and my money returned to me within the next 72hrs I will be filing a fraud charge with my bank for the money taken as well as reporting them to the insurance commission and BBB. Even the Allstate agents working at the 800 number could not reach or get a response from my assigned local agent after about 15 phone calls back and forth.....seriously who are you employing when someone can not even get a return call back as promised! Hands down worst insurance company ever have never ever been treated so poorly by any company let alone an insurance company in 20 yrs of having insurance. Despicable Allstate you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!!!!!! Purchaser beware do not buy insurance of any kind from this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rashid Aquil - 21 d 33 s ago

My Agent,Snober Rashid, in carrollton Texas, took a life insurance on me without my consent and approval. I have complained to Allstate legal dept and I have no faith in them as to assist me in this matter.

That Agent now has terminated the life insurance due to non-payment but the bill nor authorization never came to me by mail nor email.

This agent is also my wife was planning to use the life insurance incase I dont know what can happen to me or planned against me.

I am planning to sue this Allstate now

My name is Rashid Aquil and my policy number is 06T1083269

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Anonymous - 27 d ago

I been with all state at least 12 years house and 4 vehicles. Never made a claim with any vehicles. Now that one of my vehicles involved u in accident with another all state customer as well. They trying to low ball me. Don t want a pay in other words. Gonna give me " their quote and and pretty much say that's it. I said I don't agree and they decides not to pay you anything. Better yet this insurance company is a big time rip offf. And I'm gonna take all my vehicles and home somewhere else. ....

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