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Allstate Insurance

2775 Sanders Rd.
Northbrook, IL
(847) 402-5000
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Moe - 5 d ago


Heaven forbid to file a claim with Allstate. My in-laws are old and Allstate got the best of them. Allstate hires cheap labor, ignorant, crooks and unqualified as well as their third or fourth party inspectors that hardly educated.

The claim was roof wind damage that was very obvious and in multiple places. From the get-go, no call back, inspector was late, adjuster so stupid claiming that all can be repaired and okay for the shingles to be mis-matched and should be acceptable. Since very minor repair has taken place in the past and had nothing to do with the claim, it should be acceptable to replace over 100 sheets in multiple places and will be mis-matched which the cost will fall within the deductible and therefore will not pay.

Unbelievable to say that they have nothing else to say and all roof contractors are not qualified to assess such, yet their own adjuster who has not visited the location, claims that he is the expert.

They are a bunch of ass-holes and that is the least. My in-laws have been with them for 30+ years and their first claim. Allstate are thieves, stupid, bunch of greedy mf's and don't even talk to them for a quote. I as well will be contacting an attorney in this matter, shameful that you have no problem taking the elderly's money yet if they have an issue you are no where to be found ...

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Anonymous - 5 d 14 h ago

They hire felons. They hire people convicted of criminally negligent homicide, I wouldn't trust them.

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Anonymous - 23 d 13 h ago

Allstate is a fraud and they trying to keep my money and it's been two full weeks and I haven't received my money back from them yet it's a shame that I have to get a lawyer involved in this just to get my money back from they fraudulent selfs

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Anonymous - 5 d 17 h ago

two weeks its good we waiting over 5 months

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Allstate Insurance - 14 d 7 h ago


*****"To a jew, there is only one thing of value: money.

How he gets it.... makes no difference."

- The Eternal Jew, 1940*** etat

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Norman - 15 d 20 m ago

I am joking the crowd of those that are disgusted with Allstate ads. I am not resigning with Allstate.

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Lawrence Bloom - 26 d ago

My wife in my care for 20 years was dying from Parkinson's dementia and hallucinations. The friendly agents persuaded her to surrender a life policy we had since 1985. We were paying $160 month. Allstate would charge $6,000 a month for the same coverage.

Allstate preys on elderly women with dementia. Cruelty for profit should be their motto

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Alex and Estrella Gonzalez - 34 d 19 h ago


I echo the sentiments of those that have expressed the negative impacts of your commercials that send out nothing but negative examples to any young people viewing these degrading acts. How can anyone with an ounce of common sense approve of them to be viewed by millions. It's rude, disgusting and a disgrace to your company.

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Michael Heintz - 35 d ago


Yuor TV ads are disgusting. Why would you have your repesentative cause accidents? REALLY That is really stupid. I have been a customer for over 40 years. I will cancel my policy if these ads don't stop.

you can reach me at (hidden)

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Renee - 36 d ago


Your television and internet advertisement showing this imbecile are disgusting, crude, idiotic and makes me want to cancel my Allstate polciies.

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SANDY GLOVER - 48 d 4 h ago




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fan - 46 d 3 h ago

Give me a break! He probably wasn't even touching her skin. And besides, he is a Saint Bernard

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Edward Andrus - 51 d ago

I think you have the most disgusting irritating degrading commercials for homeowners insurance. As a retired CEO I can't understand what possesses you to run those commercials.


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Doug - 54 d 22 h ago


Your commercials are incredibly stupid. Wisconsin Viewer...

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Anonymous - 61 d 6 h ago


I have 2 cars insurance at All State, security blvd. Baltimore MD. I didn't receive new insurance card I go office 4 days before ms sara she didn't help me she says me you may be receive email tomorrow. I didn't received

Just I call again she says me now email you but I didn't receive email I call office nobody pick up my phone

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Madelon Rosen-Solomon - 73 d ago


we had a great Allstate agent for over 15 years. he was so good that we now have several different policies w/Allstate. however, he retired & sold the agency to what apparently is an 'insurance factory' whose agents are ignorant and who do not return phone calls, including the illusive owner Kevin Franchino who is above returning calls to client peons like us! i want to stay w/Allstate but i don't want to have anything to do w/this crappy agency. Can i transfer my accounts to another Allstate agent w/him getting $$ for our accounts? my friend says that if i go to another agent, these shysters/goniffs Franchino will still get any $$ even though they r doing no work! wassup w/that?! i tried to post this on FB but whoever runs it (maybe this agency?!) would not post it!

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Concerned Citizen - 96 d ago


Adjusters and Claims department representatives are a bunch of slimeballs. It's one thing if a customer doesn't read and understand their policy. It's another thing to sit on the other side of a telephone and make smug remarks to someone you cannot even look in the eyes and make such said remarks. Social media now days won't keep you guys making $38.6 billion dollars a year as you so gracefully boast about on your home page. Scumbags. I'd give you 0 stars, but at least my agent is a well mannered and helpful fellow.

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Anonymous - 75 d 21 h ago


I truly agree they want us to pay on time but the agent,the claims won't respond and when you put your auto into one of their recommended shops with a contact person but they can not get them to approve the repairs or total the auto a total loss

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Maria - 86 d ago

I am highly offended by that commercial that you have with the cat in the Mayhem and the guy spitting out food and water breaking through the ceiling I think it's time to get that off of TV now it offends me to no end

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Susan - 81 d 17 h ago

I completely agree. That is the most offensive, dark, mean-spirited commercial I can ever remember. Shame on Allstate for allowing this ridiculous atrocity to be aired, shame on whomever thought up this mess and shame on "actor" Dean Winters for agreeing to participate. I think Allstate President/CEO Thomas J. Wilson should be ashamed and fire the advertising staff responsible. Disgusting and below an old, iconic company. Would never consider doing business with this hateful company.

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Kay - 90 d 20 s ago



You need a new commercial. Omg do the world a favor get rid of that awful commercial.

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cindy turner - 1 y ago


i have been with this company for about 10 years---i have always paid my bill on time. i need a new roof now and the amount that we pay each year could and should have been covered to put a new roof on---no they want to give you an amount that it will cost--then they want to send you what they think will pay this---not close--i shouldnt have to come out of my pocket but i have too----doesnt make sense to me but it does to them

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Tammy - 1 y ago


I am going through the same thing. Need a new roof after wind storm. Denying claim said not enough damage. My ceiling now has water damage. Will do whatever I can to fight this then getting new insurance!!

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Carl - 309 d 15 h ago


Same here. I was denied wind and hail limbs.agent instructed to patch to best ability until their arrival.have written policy and recording them saying I'm covered.but denied because I had it patched as per policy and agent. Stated I must.Allstate even changed my policy coverage in copy they sent to dept of insurance. They then deleted claim. Stating claim filed.fortunatly I have all copies , original and deleted it's now covered in mold and I've now COPD,liver pancreas and vission issues.all of I never had before the mold. Anyone interested in class me. (hidden)

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Vicky - 228 d ago


I can't find your info that is hidden. My husband Ned and I would like to join, please call him at (hidden). Thanks.

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Anonymous - 132 d ago

You all need to read your policies. It's shouldn't, but always surprises me how little people know about how little their insurance is going to cover. Doesn't matter how long you have been with a company. If you roof is 10 years old, they are going to pay almost nothing to help you cover it because you probably don't have the right coverage. Depending on the state you are in, they can choose to cover less because you are more prone to wind and hail, and they can give you the "value" of your current roof, not replacement cost, which would be your new roof. They can also charge you a deductible that would cost you almost as much as the new roof would cost. You are better off not making a claim because companies like statefarm and allstate are notorious for dropping you the year after you make a claim even if you've been with them 20 years. Thats why i stopped working in insurance. I couldnt explain the same things over and over, and watch these companies screw people over like that day after day. Even when you tell people something wont be covered, they wont get it, even when they need it. Or some places require flood insurance even tho it's extremely expensive and covers very little. It's just a joke. If you think your policy should be covering something, you need to pull copies of your paperwork because that is the only way to make them cover something. Read off your the coverage you have; but be careful, you may not have what you thought you did. Most of the time, further damage bc something didnt get fixed right away (and you didnt climb up there and tarp it) wont get included in repairs bc you knew there was an issue. They love their loopholes. If you know you have coverage, and they arent working with you, lawyers and the only people they listen too. Class action takes too long; you want it fixed, just call someone.

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