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Allstate Insurance

2775 Sanders Rd.
Northbrook, IL
(847) 402-5000
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Patricia - 1 d 12 h ago


Will remain a customer (going on 8 years) now that they no longer advertise on programs where adults bully children with opposing views.

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Thomas - 3 d 10 h ago


I had homeowners boat and auto bundled with Allstate I left and using three different companies I am saving approximately $800 per year with better coverage than Allstate I will not recommend Allstate to anyone I also sent a letter to the head of customer service I don't know if it's will change things or not but for me it's too late

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Brad - 3 d 12 h ago


We are 3 days away from closing on our house and Allstate calls and decided our home insurance will be $300-400 more per year. We can not change since this will affect our closing and we have already started getting ready to move, switching utilities, and gave our notice to be out of our current home. I will be switching to a insurance company that doesn't screw people over ASAP! Such a joke!

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ron lee - 3 d 13 h ago

My house, cars, boat, are with Allstate. My renewal comes up July 2018.

I will not be renewing.

All State has no business in supporting an 18 year old , who wants to nullify the 2nd Amendment of USA.

Should All State reverse their position on banning the second Amendment rights and stays out of attempting to take legal rights away

from USA legal citizens, then , I would consider staying with you.

But, not likely.


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Hogg Sux - 5 d 8 h ago


I just learned about Allstate Insurance dropping Laura Ingraham's show about this David Hogg fiasco. My car insurance is Esurance that is owned by Allstate. I will switch my car insurance with someone else--preferably, an insurance that does advertise on her show now.

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Anonymous - 7 d 11 h ago


Allstate had been the worse insurance company to deal with and I the victim. They are only worried about lining their pockets with the consumers money and giving victims and customers the short end of the stick. They truly do not care about people.

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Ft Wayne IN - 7 d 12 h ago


Don't use Allstate. They do not follow through what is promised to the clients. Example took estimate in as directed and was told that deductible would be taken from check and only give 1/4 of the costs and customer service was terrible to client.

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Anonymous - 10 d 9 h ago


Hello, will NEVER do business with your company!!!!!!!! Laura Ingraham said exactly what needed to be said.

You forget those of us who have jobs and can actually pay for insurance. Little, Ileagal HOGG and his fellow

gang members never turn in the other Illeagals who are jumping kids at that school for refuseing gang involvement.

You should wise up!!! Hogg is not being honest with anyone in this nation. as for your insurance business? you deserve what your going to get!!!!

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GRITS - 9 d 16 h ago


I have dozens of family and friends who are dropping Allstate today. Allstate made a very bad decision to openly promote a kid whose agenda is to boycott individuals who don't agree with him and to deny their right to freedom of speech. We are done with your Hogg-wash, Allstate.

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Juan Aulet - 8 d 13 h ago

I applaud you Grits, I'm doing the same.

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Juan Aulet - 8 d 13 h ago

Yes, Hogg is a communist!

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K Kelly - 21 d 15 h ago

Support the children of our country and STOP advertising with companies that share this bullying mentality!

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Anonymous - 20 d 19 h ago

Get a clue !

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Colin - 20 d 6 h ago


Our Voice is Loud together.

Our Microphone is our Checkbook.

Our Checkbooks are closed to Allstate now for supporting Guns, Hate and Fear that Laura Ingram uses her microphone to spread.

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John - 8 d 13 h ago

Colin, Nobody is listening to you! Go away!!!!!

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Keep politics out of business - 20 d 13 h ago

Like what you're doing? Trying to bully a company into doing what you want because of what YOU think is politically correct? David Hogg has been doing his fair share of bullying, a minor launching nasty and personal verbal attacks on adults, senators? He doesn't mind acting like an adult when attacking grown-ups, and businesses, and using inappropriate language, calling people ugly names, but when someone calls him out, his gets to resort back to being a kid, is a victim, and calls on his troops to boycott people he sees as an enemy to what he believes in???

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Colin - 20 d 6 h ago


Allstate Funds Laura Ingram

Laura Ingram uses her Microphone to spread FEAR and HATE and lawless GUN OWNERSHIP and use.

Don't support a Lawless Society filled with Guns.

Don't support Laura Ingram.

Don't buy Allstate Insurance.

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John - 8 d 13 h ago

Liberal Colin, If Allstate continous to advertise on the Laura Ingram show I will be their biggest advertiser.

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Grandmother of 3 students - 20 d 28 m ago


Who was the adult?

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FauxFox - 16 d 10 h ago


Exactly! Laura Ingraham is one of a slew of propagandadists under an Australian fascist's corporate flag. Hannity, Ingraham, Cain, Perino, Loesch, Coulter, would bang their heads under anyone's desk that had a dollar to throw their way.

They hate minorities a hell of a lot more than they love our Country.

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Juan Aulet - 8 d 13 h ago


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jen - 14 d 10 h ago

Absolutely, 100% correct. Why throw your company under a bus just to look good to some teenager? Sounds as if the companies need to grow up, also.

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GRITS - 9 d 16 h ago

Right On! You said it perfectly. David Hogg is a wannabe, blink, I'm a kid, blink, I'm a foul-mouthed rude liberal. He will NEVER be respected due to his apoplectic attitude.

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John - 8 d 13 h ago

Keep politics out of business, Very well said!

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John - 8 d 13 h ago

N Kelly, Go away liberal!!!!!!

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