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Allstate Insurance

2775 Sanders Rd.
Northbrook, IL
(847) 402-5000
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Cynthia - 1 d 17 h ago

I just want to comment on one of your ads. It's a great ad up until the point that the guy mentions" leaving the toilet seat up". Do you really want people to have that last visual in their imagination???

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Undisclosed - 2 d 4 h ago

Is there such a thing as a human resources team for emplyees? im having major issues at my office the owner is ok for the most part but the office manager has the owner in her back pocket so i cant even go to the owner on a professional level to ask how to handle it because i dont know how to handle it. Im working quite a bit of unpaid hours trying to do a good job but still have issues can anyone help me?

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Anonymous - 4 d ago


Bad service and they discriminate me. They didn't help me and they say they want to help me but they didn't. Location is Houston ... Airline and Parker. Rene the agent and joe the employee...

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Kitty - 9 d 10 h ago


Did you think I didn't notice in your TV ad how you ignored the Father (male) role? The Mother disciplined the son, ("four weeks without the car") which looked ridiculous!! Trying to delete the MALE role?? I will never use Allstate now!!!

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Anonymous - 4 d 8 h ago

You must be a fake liberal.

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Anonymous - 4 d 14 h ago

Such a sad state of your advertising. I am going to assume you don't use focus groups or polls or surveys or just Mrs. Joe Blow off the street. Maybe you think the 50 percent of the population labeled female do not buy auto insurance...or you are so rich that you don"t need us.

In my marriage we SHARE everything. Yes, cell phone, the Allstate checks, what we buy with the checks, and no gentleman, man or human being thinks it is FUNNY to leave a porcelain toilet seat up so their wife can fall and get badly hurt. Shame on Allstate. Not funny.

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Disgruntled Allstate customer - 4 d 18 h ago


I've done business for several years with the Bell Street Allstate agency in the very small town of Sequim, WA. The agency used to be run by Bill Bailey and his staff, and they were a pleasure to deal with. Bill retired, and Chris Curtiss took over. From my first dealings with Chris, he was unfriendly, unhelpful, difficult, and seemed not to know much about his products, Over time, all of Bill's staff has left (no wonder), including one of his assistants who had been there for over 20 years. She did not retire, but took another job. At present, his staff consists of two people (down from more than five when Bill was running the agency): one person answers the phone and the other supposedly helps customers with their insurance needs, but she is as impatient and difficult as Chris is, and insulting to boot. I have come to dread having to call these people when I have questions. My attempts to report these problems to Allstate's corporate office have been unsuccessful; they transfer me to phone extensions with recordings that they are no longer in service, and when I have managed to leave voicemail messages, no one calls me back. I am in the process of transferring all my insurance policies -- which include personal policies as well as those in the name of a family trust of which I am trustee -- to another carrier with a reputation for excellent customer service. I have heard from numerous sources in my very small town that many people dislike Chris Curtiss and have taken their business elsewhere. Bill Bailey, we miss you!!

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Anonymous - 5 d 19 h ago


I opened rental insurance with Allstate from Sept 2016 when we moved to New Jersey. However, in April 2017 we moved to Pittsburgh and I asked for shifting of my rental insurance. Though the policy was transferred however I did not receive any bill. Now the insurance company has sent a bill again asking to pay the additional amount. When I asked for detailed break up from the agent Lawrence Ross, instead of explaining with all the patience, he was shouting at me that I need to pay the amount.

I do not mind paying the amount but all I need is someone explain to me as to how they arrived at the amount of $91.68. I was trying to tell him that though the previous insurance was for 1 year we stayed there for 6 to 7 months only so the company owes us a portion of the amount from my previous policy. This amount should be applied to the new policy. Now all I wanted to know is the amount which company owes to me from previous policy and did they deduct the amount from the new policy.

The agent Lawrence Ross instead of listening to concern and helping me resolving it, he was shouting and was very rude. all he says he Ii need to pay. When I explain to him what is going on, he threatens me that I can not call anyone else except him, I asked him to send me the entire billing. He hangs the call instead of patiently answering the concern.

ALLSTATE got a pathetic customer service. Never go with allstate insurance.

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Anonymous - 6 d ago


I have spent the better part of my morning trying to get an accurate amendment declaration to my policy [which was changed on July 31st.] It is now Aug 15. I do not have a correct declaration statement and I cannot get a copy of my bill to pay. Instead you want me to pay more money in September and August because there is no way to send me a correct bill in August nor a correct declaration. How is this being in "Good Hands" I have spoken to numerour agents and supervisors and no seem competent enough to do this simple task.

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Patti B - 18 d 13 h ago


Allstate sucks! Won't pay for a rental when their client hits you from behind!

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an insurance Professional that works at a University - 9 d 17 h ago


Patti, ALL insurance operates this way: if YOU have car rental insurance on YOUR auto, Your company will pay for the rental vehicle because you chose that insurance. When in an accident, the responsible party's insurance pays for the DAMAGE of your auto. It helps to understand the industry.

Peace and Blessings

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Anonymous - 10 d 15 h ago


I have been an Allstate insured for over 20 yrs. The one time that I have to use them on a homeowner damage claim, has taken almost a month since 7/19/17 and I am still waiting. I can never get with my claim advisor our his backup. My home is a chamble and all i get is tje run around. Is there anyone at Allstate INSURANCE Claim office our company that cares.Claim #(hidden). Discousted Mr Donald N Brown

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Anonymous - 16 d 14 h ago

This company is a total joke switched to them in march well since than had to get roof replaced did that we had a flood in July my jeep flooded still have no word if home owners is up to par since new roof on still one mother after flood dont have any word on vehicle we are drop them as soon as we can they are a joke they dont care about there policy holders this ins comp is a serious joke

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Tracy Ditton - 12 d ago


They are a joke! They say "you are in good hands with Allstate" wrong !!!!!! Our truck was stolen in December. Have had nothing but problems getting tools paid for that were in the truck. They have told us case closed we don't get paid for them. We have been with them for 30 years.

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Tracy ditton - 12 d 50 m ago


Also they treated us like we were the criminals not the victim! We've paid our premiums for almost 30 years. It's a shame they wouldn't be loyal to us like we are to them. Time to go to the board of insunsurance in az

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Jo - 24 d 17 h ago


I have complaint with Allstate office located 17230 Bulverde Rd San Antonio, Texas 78247. I got loan for vehicle and within two days went to my insurance company to put my vehicle on my existing insurance policy with full coverage as required. I paid for insurance via automatic draft two months then yesterday received letter from my lender I had no proof of insurance on record and they would be their insurance at expensive rate plus interest!!! I have bought several cars in past and never had this, happen. Allstate is not doing their job and costing me!!! They failed to send my loan company proof of insurance. They showed no concern and took no responsibility of not doing their job! This location should be reprimanded. I do plan on looking for a different insurance company and will let people about poor service. You

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Andi59 - 17 d ago


I had a horrid experience from Jennifer and Chuck Matto in Sonoma, California! This is my final month. Allstate reads this and does nothing. These managers know it, treat us dishonestly, and get away with it. I'm taking my multiple policies to State Farm! Get away from this company. Imagine if something happens how they will react!!!

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Muhammad Raheel - 23 d 17 h ago


Worst insurance company on Planet Earth. Disrespectful and rude claims handling people who are deliberately placed and trained to give hard time to customers when it comes to claims. We are "NOT" in good hands!

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Andi59 - 17 d ago


Exactly my experience! This is my last month. I have multiple policies and taking them to State Farm! IVE HAD IT ALLSTATE. IM PHONIMG CORPORATE ON MONDAY!

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Anonymous - 49 d 12 h ago


Being on Disability and low income, Allstate Denied my Homeowner's Claim on a Lightning Strike that killed our AC and Heating System. We used the AC Repairman that Sears in South Boston VA recommended we use, They submitted a report saying lighting strike was the Culprit for our AC and Heating System to quit working. Being on Disability and very low income not able to afford an attorney, Allstate hired a out of state Engineer to lie for them and say it wasn't a Lightning Strike that caused the problem. After my mother and myself keeping the homeowners insurance in place for over twenty years by her and myself at her passing since 2009 never missing a payment for my Homeowners Insurance, I could not and still not understand the behavior from Allstate insurance Company. All these years I've paid Allstate for our homeowners insurance to keep me, My family and Home "Safe", Just to find out when needed, All they did was take our money like a common thief would and leave me and my family out in the cold and now hot weather. I still pay the homeowners insurance in hopes that someone or anyone with Allstate will reach out and do what's right, Do me for the protection I pay for every month. I can only hope because I cannot afford to pay it out of my income, That's the reason I hired Allstate to protect us. That's what I thought my Homeowners Insurance was for. " Protection " But, In fact Truthfully. I was just robbed and taken by Allstate. We still don't have any AC or Heat in our home. It's a Shame that Allstate Insurance Company has treated me this way. They got my money for a Promised Service that they never fullfilled. What is the difference between them and a Thief ?

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Alstate stands for a55holes - 23 d 21 h ago


Call your own reconstruction company they will give you a free estimate for repairs, and so will any AC company then when they give you a written letter as to what the cause, send Allstate a certified letter and a copy of the company's letter. You keep the original letters, also let them know you wish a good faith check as well so you can live to expedite this matter as it is hard to live without AC in mid summer and there is no reason you should have to suffer. If they do not respond then look up Probono Lawyers they have them that work for FREE many Lawyers do a certain amount of ProBono hours a year. If you are a Veteran, the VA has a FREE LAW OFFICE. Good luck.

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Andi59 - 17 d ago


I'm also disabled and was treated unfairly. I told the managers of the office I felt they were treated me poorly because I'm disabled. Though the fools don't understand my mother in law worked for The Supreme Court of California, I've worked on several campaigns. I'm phoning my Senator and Representative to explain my experience to them. I suggest you do the same. File a complaint with The Department of Consumer Affairs as The Better Business Beurau is on the side of Corporations. File a complaint on Discrimination! I had the exact same thing. I'm going to show your post , through a screenshot, when I write Congress.

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Drop Fox Network Now - 87 d 14 h ago

As an All state customer I am not happy to learn that Allstate is spending money advertising on the Fox network. I am joining in on the call that Allstate drop support of the Fox network. We all have choices in life and my decisions are based on what others choose to do with money I spend with them.

Flagged for review. 
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Steveareno - 87 d 13 h ago

When you libs going to wake up & smell the coffee? FOX is the only channel that consistently has guests on fro the right & left. Last week CNN had 94 left winger guests & 5 conservative guests so how do you think you are getting a balanced news report? Investigating Trump now for 11 months & have not found a thing, nada, zip, nothing! How come all the negative reports on Trump are always from anonymous sources? In other words FAKE NEWS! There agenda is not to bring you the news but bring Trump down!

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Anonymous - 54 d 11 h ago


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redrocket - 59 d 17 h ago

your a moron...thats most of the problem in this country.....go back in your hole , hide and make believe everything is ok

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