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Allstate Insurance

2775 Sanders Rd.
Northbrook, IL
(847) 402-5000
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Anonymous - 4 m ago


This is one of the worst customer insurance experiences of my life.

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Anonymous - 2 d 12 h ago

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Lucy Olwell - 7 d 17 h ago



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M Peters - 8 d 13 h ago

Hope you don't plan to air that commercial with the whining man in the white robe much longer. It is truly repulsive. I'm getting tired of changing channels when that comes on

Thank you

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Anonymous - 9 d ago


They have horrible customer service and don't pay claims out...

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Mozita Prince - 35 d ago


I has a question. I bought renters insurance on 09/07/2016 and my homw. Was broken into that exact same day during me moving into the home. I have a proof of purchase policy that they sent to me in a PDF file that says my coverage was effective 09/07/2016 - 09/07/2017. The insurance company denied my claim because they said they gave me an effective effective date in error and that it went into effect09/08/2016. My thang is I feel like a computer error is not my fault if proof of coverage was sent to me with and effective date I should be covered because that was there mistake. I need help understanding this

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Donush - 32 d ago


They don't want to pay out!!

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RM - 27 d 13 h ago

This is by far, the most useful comment on this site.

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Kacee - 29 d ago

As another person posted, write and file a complaint to the State Insurance Commissioner. Like in Walmart if you posted the wrong price, I get it for the price posted. Too bad so sad for your error, but I have it in writing when it took effect and it should be honored. It is bad enough that we pay so much for insurance and can go without using them for decades and the first tim eyou use them there is an issue or denial. I will not have it. Fight for what is right. Don't let it slide.

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Wanda - 11 d 30 m ago


AMEN AMEN AMEN. BEEN WITH THEM THIRTY PLUS YRS MADE ERROR IN MOINES ISSUED FR CLAIM $5000. I was told i would be reimburse $700 -$500 for tv $200 for personal items. I bought new tv (smaller than the 1 damaged and cpl new shoes dont take much spend that an i lost ovet 30prs. They sent ck for 1100 also for bathrm to be fixed. I cl them after i went home depot price parts needed more than amt left. Been battling the partial pymt left mortgage co stil hv bcuz to release it bathrm hv to be complete. We jus start onit ejt our own monie with the 400 left fr prior still had it put a side. Ran into More problems takung up floor on cement slab. Old house 1st time any major work done. Thats a Blessingl

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Lin - 11 d ago


Worst company I every dealt with. Customer service is awful if you can even get a hold of someone. Had 2 life insurance policies, one paid for 20 years on another 17 years and the claim has been going on for months and haven't seen a penny. The people handling the case are either out of town which seems like 5 days a week, or out of the office or will not return my calls. Stay clear of them for anything.

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Anonymous - 11 d ago


Ridiculous customer service by unqualified people, who waste money for Allstate while trying to save pennies, while wasting client's time.

If you have a claim with Allstate you're definitely in wrong hands.

A. B from Atlanta

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M. Colosimo - 11 d 4 h ago

Dear Madam, Sir,

My request is straight forward. Either you stop sponsoring NBC or I will take my 40 years of Home and Auto Insurance and seek business elsewhere. Do you not know your Brand is aligned with a commerce (NBC) that distorts truth and information for it's own political greed. You must know NBC is in violation of collusion and tampering to alter a political election and by association so are you.

sincerely, M. Colosimo

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Aaron Connolly - 12 d 47 s ago


Clearly not in good hands with Allstate. I have had the worst customer service I have ever experienced over the last 3 weeks trying to deal with this company. Their insured driver sideswiped my vehicle in a parking lot while it was parked. After accepting full liability for the accident they refuse to provide me with reasonable transportation while my vehicle is repaired. I have had the misfortune of speaking with a dozen different Allstate employees now, only one of which was genuine. Be warned steer clear of this company if you are able.

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Dale bowermaster - 39 d 18 m ago


I Have been an Allstate customer for 25 years without a claim earlier this year someone rear ended me and I had to do what seemed to me as the work for Allstate they don't do a damn thing anymore but take your money. Since then I have had a wet finished basement and they tell me they won't cover it . Piss on Allstate I will be looking for a new carrier for my insurance.

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Smarz - 36 d ago


Write a complaint or notify your State's insurance commissioner I have ran into the same issues with Allstate what a bunch of crooks. .. sorry for your loss I know the feeling you're in good hands with Allstate until you need them

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KaCee - 29 d ago


The State Insurance commissioner is what I may need to write. Thank you for that piece of information. I knew that there should be someplace higher than Corporate Allstate to file a complaint with.

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Donush - 32 d 40 m ago


Look in to Geico, Reasonable Rates!!

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Gran - 13 d 4 h ago

Geico is under Allstate

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Gran - 13 d 4 h ago

Not Geico-- Esurance is under Allstate

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A - 19 d 16 h ago

Very bad and Very unprofessional and incompetent agents.

I have a very good credit and they send a letter, you has bad credit that is why we reject you, lol I am the one didn't agree the way they treated me

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Jo - 20 d ago


After being hit by an insured motorist holding Allstate insurance it has been misery trying to follow each process through. I am having to babysit each way because I never receive phone calls back as to when they state someone will be contacting me. I am always to one trying to follow up because they have not been in any hurry to help with the total loss of my vehicle. It has been over 19 days that I have been without a vehicle, and cannot purchase another vehicle until they provide the settled amount for me to use as a down payment. I was told they would quickly handle and send me the check. I was anticipating the check for days now, and I just called yesterday and they have NOT even mailed it. LACK of communication and poor customer service are the 2 ways I can easily describe my experience.

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mike foor - 22 d ago


After years w allstate i purchased the roadside asst plan. I was told by agent in kingsville tx there were 3 plans. One for 50 miles 100 mile and 200 mile all one way tow distances plans. I wasnt sure whether it was 200 miles round trip (or only 100 half distance away) and he assured me it was 200 miles one way. He said i could add my daughter to the plan for no additional cost so i purchased the maximum miles plan. Ive had this plan for about 5 years now. Last night my daughter broke down in austin tx and allstate failed to acquire a tow truck claiming contacted 9 truck who refused to tow for the price allstate would pay. I believe south by southwest is going on and tow truck companies are salivating over how much more they can charge and apparently theres no law to stop them. Gouging is against the law isnt it. Nevertheless it was allstates responsibility to get a tow and they failed at that. Car stayed in location all night where it could be vandalized. Allstate failed. I call my agent and he lied through his teeth claiming he didnt tell me the plan was by mileage, that somehow i was misinformed. HE was the agent who sold this failed plan to me. I dont tolerate liers well who deny deny deny.

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... - 22 d 15 h ago

Very unprofessional and incompetent agents.

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Edwin Dannen - 23 d 17 h ago


From :Edwin Dannen 043 007 845

I was sent a threatening statement that if I don't pay my arrears my policy will lapse, I will lose my insurance. I sent the arrears upon receipt. If you had advised me of my oversight in a civil manner without the threat as any other company would there would be no problem. I have been a policy holder for over 50 years and never missed a payment. Allot you know or care. I will phone my agent to advise him of this shabby treatment. Next time I receive an unwarranted threat, I will transfer to another company that treats its customers with more dignity.

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