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Allstate Insurance

2775 Sanders Rd.
Northbrook, IL
(847) 402-5000
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Q101 - 7 d 3 h ago


An Allstate insured driver hit my car in Jan 13, 2020. He was found at fault by the police and several who witnessed the collision.

Allstate has turned around, refusing to speak with me and not wanting any information about the collision from me. They are stating that they have determined I am 100% at fault!!!

I only carried liability on the car ..which was totaled. So MY insurance with Hartford told me they would do nothing and where I had no major medical from it, no lawyers want to touch it. So I am stuck trying to care for an ailing parent, facing the medical and property damages from the I can care for my parent.

It is such a shame that insurance has become such a crooked group.

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Dumb Schmuck - 17 d 9 h ago


I am so tired of watching that "jack ass" lick the female drivers fact - I immediately hit the mute button AND will never ever do business with ALLSTATE !

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Allstate Insurance - 18 d 8 h ago



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Anonymous - 18 d 12 h ago

Your commercial with that jerk licking the drivers face is the most disgusting I have ever seen on tv. We have 2 yr old twins licking faces and imitating the jerk. It is beyond disgusting and we turn the channel when it comes on. I am not alone, everyone is disgusted with its vulgar script. Get rid of it.

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Anonymous - 55 d 49 s ago

Allstate is a fraud and they trying to keep my money and it's been two full weeks and I haven't received my money back from them yet it's a shame that I have to get a lawyer involved in this just to get my money back from they fraudulent selfs

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Anonymous - 37 d 40 s ago

two weeks its good we waiting over 5 months

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Anonymous - 19 d 11 h ago

Well if you get a lawyer their should be enough complaints to back you up

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Anonymous - 19 d 11 h ago


I suggest you never buy from the company in Broken Arrow Okla they are the most incompetent agency I've ever dealt with I called them on the 15th and ask them to cancel my insurance effect the 20th the due date and to also cancel my bank draft well they didn't and my account ever drafted and it has taken me a week to get the money back in my account and they were suppose to send me a gift card to cover the overdraft and they mailed it to an address I haven't had in 4 urs or longer and they had my current address l have it on my phone on my policy so you're not in good hands with Allstate you're in incompetent hands

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Anonymous - 25 d 10 h ago

Please stop with your stupid distracted driving commercials. Thank you

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Joy Zz - 25 d 14 h ago

The worst experience of my life Tree fell on my car 11/1/2019 took allstate 9 days to come out 6 weeks to total it now im paying out of pocket for rental they only cover 30 days its 1/25/20 still mo payoff i cant even buy a new car ive spoken To all corners of the world especially India they just keep switch me from one department to another I don't think they ever paying my car off it was only a year and a half old I cannot buy another car till they paid me the worst insurance leave home without it and you're not in good hands you're an evil cla to all corners of the world especially India they just keep switch me from one department to another I don't think they're ever paying my car off it was only a year and a half old I cannot buy another car till they pay me the worst insurance leave home without it and you're not in good hands you're an evil claws

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Anonymous - 28 d 10 h ago

Hello my name is frederick Mcneil in not happy with the way Allstate handling my my cliam I need to talk to someone higher then the uninsured total cliam department about this so can I talk to someone at Allstate headquarters or the president of Allstate please I can be reach at (hidden)

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Moe - 36 d 8 h ago


Heaven forbid to file a claim with Allstate. My in-laws are old and Allstate got the best of them. Allstate hires cheap labor, ignorant, crooks and unqualified as well as their third or fourth party inspectors that hardly educated.

The claim was roof wind damage that was very obvious and in multiple places. From the get-go, no call back, inspector was late, adjuster so stupid claiming that all can be repaired and okay for the shingles to be mis-matched and should be acceptable. Since very minor repair has taken place in the past and had nothing to do with the claim, it should be acceptable to replace over 100 sheets in multiple places and will be mis-matched which the cost will fall within the deductible and therefore will not pay.

Unbelievable to say that they have nothing else to say and all roof contractors are not qualified to assess such, yet their own adjuster who has not visited the location, claims that he is the expert.

They are a bunch of ass-holes and that is the least. My in-laws have been with them for 30+ years and their first claim. Allstate are thieves, stupid, bunch of greedy mf's and don't even talk to them for a quote. I as well will be contacting an attorney in this matter, shameful that you have no problem taking the elderly's money yet if they have an issue you are no where to be found ...

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Anonymous - 37 d ago

They hire felons. They hire people convicted of criminally negligent homicide, I wouldn't trust them.

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Norman - 46 d 13 h ago

I am joking the crowd of those that are disgusted with Allstate ads. I am not resigning with Allstate.

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Lawrence Bloom - 57 d 10 h ago

My wife in my care for 20 years was dying from Parkinson's dementia and hallucinations. The friendly agents persuaded her to surrender a life policy we had since 1985. We were paying $160 month. Allstate would charge $6,000 a month for the same coverage.

Allstate preys on elderly women with dementia. Cruelty for profit should be their motto

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Alex and Estrella Gonzalez - 66 d 5 h ago


I echo the sentiments of those that have expressed the negative impacts of your commercials that send out nothing but negative examples to any young people viewing these degrading acts. How can anyone with an ounce of common sense approve of them to be viewed by millions. It's rude, disgusting and a disgrace to your company.

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Michael Heintz - 66 d 11 h ago


Yuor TV ads are disgusting. Why would you have your repesentative cause accidents? REALLY That is really stupid. I have been a customer for over 40 years. I will cancel my policy if these ads don't stop.

you can reach me at (hidden)

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Renee - 67 d 11 h ago


Your television and internet advertisement showing this imbecile are disgusting, crude, idiotic and makes me want to cancel my Allstate polciies.

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SANDY GLOVER - 79 d 14 h ago




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fan - 77 d 13 h ago

Give me a break! He probably wasn't even touching her skin. And besides, he is a Saint Bernard

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Edward Andrus - 82 d 9 h ago

I think you have the most disgusting irritating degrading commercials for homeowners insurance. As a retired CEO I can't understand what possesses you to run those commercials.


General profile image - 85 d ago

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Doug - 85 d 8 h ago


Your commercials are incredibly stupid. Wisconsin Viewer...

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Anonymous - 92 d 16 h ago


I have 2 cars insurance at All State, security blvd. Baltimore MD. I didn't receive new insurance card I go office 4 days before ms sara she didn't help me she says me you may be receive email tomorrow. I didn't received

Just I call again she says me now email you but I didn't receive email I call office nobody pick up my phone

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Madelon Rosen-Solomon - 104 d 9 h ago


we had a great Allstate agent for over 15 years. he was so good that we now have several different policies w/Allstate. however, he retired & sold the agency to what apparently is an 'insurance factory' whose agents are ignorant and who do not return phone calls, including the illusive owner Kevin Franchino who is above returning calls to client peons like us! i want to stay w/Allstate but i don't want to have anything to do w/this crappy agency. Can i transfer my accounts to another Allstate agent w/him getting $$ for our accounts? my friend says that if i go to another agent, these shysters/goniffs Franchino will still get any $$ even though they r doing no work! wassup w/that?! i tried to post this on FB but whoever runs it (maybe this agency?!) would not post it!

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