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Allstate Insurance

2775 Sanders Rd.
Northbrook, IL
(847) 402-5000
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beesbite - 9 h 47 m ago


I took my time to set up auto with draw from my bank so I did not have to be concerned about mailing a payment, o0r getting lost in the mail.

I do not understand how or why your agent canceled my direct payment from my bank? I changed over to Allstate because they did give me a better rate than my other insurance could or would give me.

I received a phone call from one of the offices telling me if I did not pay my insurance would be canceled? I am on a very limit budget and for me to pay out such a large sum in one day is imposable/ plus they were wanting me to pay the bill that is not due until 15 days from now ( paying ahead of time )

I have had insurance for over 30 years and never had my insurance cancelled my home owners insurance has been with Allstate well over 40 years. and for someone to change my options with out my consent is just mind blowing.

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Tonya - 10 h 46 s ago



I'm a former employee. In my search for employment, I've found that my work history with your company can not be verified. My previous supervisor is no longer with the company, so there is no name or phone number for verification. I've searched the internet for days looking for the information for Human Resources. Address, phone number, contact person, email address. I called the (847) 402-5000 phone number listed on this page between 3:35-4:50 pm CT. The first time I called someone answered the phone and I told her what I needed. She transferred me to the claims department. I called back a second time and it was the same person. I told her that she was the same person that I had spoken to seconds ago and that I do not need to file a claim, nor did I tell her that. I need the Human Resources phone number. She just transferred me over like I was bothering her or something and did not give me the number. It was an automated message that I could not use because I am no longer an employee and I don't need any of the services that the message stated. This person is representing your organization and she's doing a pitiful job. Had she told me her name, I would have gladly added it to this message. Nothing has changed since I was employed with Allstate. The same treatment was given while working in the claims department by the managers and supervisors.

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Pat Jackson - 13 h 50 m ago


My purpose in contacting Corporate is to reveal several concerns I have with my agent as, it relates to inability to handle matters in a specified time. I chose this agency because of closeness, and a need to have my home and car insured. However, in the years, that I have been with Kevin Howard. I stayed because I wanted to help , the agent. (I was told by previous workers, he was a cancer patient;. Then, I finally met him. It was about two years, or more since being covered. that I met him.) The next time was as follows:

Kevin Howard was seen for the first time by me on the day of my last claim to my home.(2016). I always spoke with the support person in the office. They handled my needs. The turnover of employees in the office has been too great. There were times, I texted or called and no one answered. Even, when I visited, they were always out to lunch. This last incident (06-26-17) was what prompted me to write . I have had to file a claim for my homeowners coverage, after a recent storm. The shingles were blown off the home, and the adjuster Mr. Stanton came by to view the damage. And he took photos, tried reaching Mr. Howard bur to no avail. Mr. Stanton has contacted me by text and phone, to inquire about my agent (Howard). He and I wanted to get work done on the claim from the last storm. However, I could not get any reply from the office. Mr. Stanton, emailed me to see if I had gotten any results. But I text to say , I did not. It has been almost three weeks to four weeks since the storm. I decided to go by the office on Monday. However, I was met by a new clerical worker and in a rude way. I had call at (:9:30 am) to tell Mr. Howard that I needed to talk with him about my claim (storm); but I found out that, my policy had been cancelled.. I wanted to discuss the matter, with the new clerk but she stated to come back in an hour. In addition, she asked me if I knew that I hand be cancelled. I replied that ,I did not know because all mail had been forward to my new address. (This address is in California). To make matters worse, She revealed this info in the presences of another client, in an unprofessional matter. I then, returned to the office three hours later only to find out, (by the note on the door) the representative was still out to lunch.

I am very disappointed in the service given me. I fell I was targeted for cancellation due to my claims. An Allstate has caused me to be targeted by other insurance agencies for coverage. Contact me .

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Anonymous - 7 d 15 h ago

We had our boat insured with Allstate and sold the boat in January 2017 so on the 21st of January 2017 we cancelled our boat insurance. I checked with our Agent about getting a refund for the remaining 7 months on our Boat insurance policy but they had no answer. I finally contacted The Allstate Corporate Office and they told me that if you have the policy for 5 MONTHS, and then cancel there is no REFUND Why didn't the agent know this and why is that not stated in the policy? We are no longer with Allstate.

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Anonymous - 1 d 5 h ago


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Drop Fox Network Now - 34 d 9 h ago

As an All state customer I am not happy to learn that Allstate is spending money advertising on the Fox network. I am joining in on the call that Allstate drop support of the Fox network. We all have choices in life and my decisions are based on what others choose to do with money I spend with them.

Flagged for review. 
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Steveareno - 34 d 8 h ago

When you libs going to wake up & smell the coffee? FOX is the only channel that consistently has guests on fro the right & left. Last week CNN had 94 left winger guests & 5 conservative guests so how do you think you are getting a balanced news report? Investigating Trump now for 11 months & have not found a thing, nada, zip, nothing! How come all the negative reports on Trump are always from anonymous sources? In other words FAKE NEWS! There agenda is not to bring you the news but bring Trump down!

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Anonymous - 1 d 5 h ago


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redrocket - 6 d 12 h ago

your a moron...thats most of the problem in this country.....go back in your hole , hide and make believe everything is ok

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Very Disappointed Customer - 1 d 8 h ago

I purchased Allstate insurance, and I used this product/service for years because they basically delivered as far as insurance goes. In my times of need, they were there for me. My problem is a personnel issues: How the customer is treated at different establishments, Allstate establishments. Eric Miler, he was alright, and his receptionist was foul and anal in her treatment of customers (me specifically). So, eventually, I went to JermyYancey in Merrillville. I did business with Jeremy for many years. Our relationship, it seemed to sour when I would not purchase the other services/products that he wanted me to. Also, I made it clear that when I retire that I would switch to my union's insurance, and right now, I would support his establishment.

From then on, he started dealing with me underhandedly. For example, he stopped withdrawing my insurance fees out of my account monthly, so he could renegotiate my insurance terms, making it look like I had no insurance or I was not paying it regularly. When I would inquire why my insurance money was still in my account, he would blame my bank. I asked why I was not notify then he would lie. I received records from my bank as far back as six months. And, he withdrew for my apartment insurance, and he did not make a withdrawal for my car insurance. Then, he used my information to request more insurance from Allstate; it was denied. This information goes on my credit report. I had to go to my bank to to get a new checking account and put a stop on my Visa. So, this very anal person would not withdraw from my account. This not how you treat a good customer!

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Sylvia Harmon - 7 d 10 h ago


I rec'd a letter in the mail telling me I have a teenager named Jennifer living in my house and driving my car. I do not.I wrote a letter to my agent and he said it would be taken care of. Then I get my bill and Jennifer Flyak is added to my insurance. Then ten days later I get a bill and my insurance has gone up $200 from the last bill. I can get no satisfaction from my agent. I want to cancel but having a hard time finding reasonable rates. May have to sell my car. I believe Allstate is playing the same card Wells Fargo played and if they are I hope they get sued big time.

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sarah - 8 d 9 h ago

I have had insurance with Allstate in the past. I am writing about your current TV ad about a husband wife and child.

"Its ok that everyone ignores me when I drive" (mother probably wife sitting beside him and a little girl in back seat with head phones on. "Its fine its fine because I get a safe driving bonus check every six months I'm accident free.because I don't use my cell phone when I am driving even though my family does leaving me all alone here's something else I don't share it with mom I don't right mom???? I have a bran new putter you don't even know about It's awesome. Sometimes I leave the seat up on purpose laughing" This number one is degrading men to say they aren't important to the family and it also is saying the man is being left out by his family with no respect

Stupid add degrading the head of the household and not looking like a very good Christian man setting good examples for his family. He is whinning he is being ignored.

Take this ad off the TV it aweful. Fire the person who dreamt it up.

Also false advertising in this email as you say the second half is optional. it won't go through unless I click something so know I do not want insurance quote or anything. So if I don't respond this email went through please just contact me on the TV Ad nothing else. thank you sarah Bakefelt

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Anonymous - 8 d 16 h ago


My complaint is about the Allstate agency in Republic, MO. Mark McCully ( All state agent) did nothing to help with the accident that happen on 6/2/2017, my vehicle was rear ended. The other driver had Safeco insurance I had to call customer service twice, because Mr.McCully was never in his office, and when I had questions, they're did not get answer.His son has a office in the same office space, and he's a Safeco agent and I have to give him my papers to get them faxed to Safeco, and questions, which he didn't care about me. I have move my account to a different Allstate agency in Springfield, Mo. I hope someone in the corporate level can remove Mr. McCully from office the Republic, MO. I had Allstate insurance over 25 years, the reason for staying is because the agencies always help with accidents and took care of my needs. Mr. McCully doesn't care a damn about the customer. Not going into detail about my accident, but I have to learn very quickly about car insurance. I feel Safeco did what they want to, because I have no one from Allstate representing me, or helping with questions concerning my car accident.


Carolyn Cannaday


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Customer - 14 d 12 h ago


I had a customer purchasing a vehicle from my dealership, when the customer asked for us to call his insurance company to have them fax us the declaration page, it became a VERY UGLY phone call! When we got on the phone with the agent (AGENT ID: a057039, AGENCY: Ron Anderson), we explained that we needed a declaration page showing coverage on the vehicle the customer was purchasing. This agent started making threats over the phone stating that he was going to beat our a**, stated that he owns a house in AZ and when he comes to that house that he's going to come kick our f*****g a**, stated that we were going against the law asking for proof of insurance required by the customer's lender and that we were pieces of s**t..He used every swear word known to man, was very hateful, and in our 30 years in business have never seen someone act in such an unprofessional manner. Allstate should be ashamed of themselves having an agent like Ron Anderson. It's very unprofessional, very embarrassing, and I highly recommend not to let them earn any customers business.

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Nakeisha - 15 d 10 h ago


Allstate is a company that doesn't care about their consumers. I was the victim in an accident and they were the liable insurance and i basically was treated like I was the guilty party. No good customer service skills, no caring for the victims. The claim adjuster - Lauren Arnold states I was fishing for disgraceful is that comment? I will never want to be in any business with Allstate, even if there are the only insurance out there. These insurance collect a lot of money for coverage and increase the guilty party after an accident, yet they don't want to pay out and take care of their victims, even when they are the liable insurance. Even the Supervisor, Sandra Timberlake wasn't nice and din't even try to fix the situation. Very bad service, they really need to be out of business!

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Curt - 16 d 7 h ago


I had roofe damage done to my house from the wind and my dedactible was high witch i did not realize but wgen arone came out to my house she said that i had a high dedactable and she would do ger best toestemate it but i know that my dedactable was never going to be meet and i think. My eastemat from my roofe is low i had another contracter come out and eastamated it at 4000 almost and have not got any were about tgis but i still have a hile in my attic can anybody help me please

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Peter W. - 17 d 13 h ago


On Saturday we received this letter from Allstate Insurance (see attached letter) indicating that our home owner's insurance was going to be terminated as of the 29th of July. The reason: ALLSTATE INSURANCE COMPANY 75 EXECUTIVE PARKWAY HUDSON OH 44237-0001 Policy Description: Policy Number: R1600910 NOTICE OF NON-RENEWAL June 07,2017 HOMEOWNERS - PREFERRED (hidden)76636 Non-renewal Date and Time: July 29, 2017 at 12:01AM Standard Time At the location of the property involvedLocation of Property: 2210 SENECA DRIVE RENO NV 89506-9128 We are writing to inform you that we will be unable to renew the Allstate policy identified above. Your policy will terminate as of the non-renewal date and time shown above due to the following reason(s): Allstate offers different types of property policies, each providing coverage within certain Town Classifications. These classifications rank the availability or proximity of fire department service and - if service is poor or unavailable - the potential for significant losses. According to recent information about your residence, it should now be classified in our Town Class 10 category, meaning you either have no primary responding fire department or the existing fire department service is inadequate. Your current Deluxe Plus property policy does not provide coverage for Town Class 10 residences. Suddenly after 39 years with Allstate we no longer have coverage. What has happened to our fire protection? Is your coverage of our house now inadequate? And for what reason? The housing density in our neighborhood has not changed in at least a decade or more. And the nearby fire stations are the same. And the response time is the same. What is going on? Can you clarify what has happened? We are organizing in the neighborhood to looking into suing Allstate insurance company if necessary. This has come out of left field with only six days to respond. That is what is called customer loyalty after 39 years!!!!

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California Shade - 39 d 19 h ago


Why the very angry reviews about the Allstate service? Seems that so many people don't find it helpful to talk to your "customer service" teams. You realize that the "good hands" slogan only works until someone has to deal with your organization and your process for resolving claims. A fender bender by your Allstate policy holder takes 3 months and counting to conclude, and not done yet? Easy to see how you grind with your bait and switch office return call tactics, passive aggressive claims adjusters not interested in honesty or transparency. Wake up Allstate, look at your approval ratings and not just your stock price. The poor guy who hit me ( your policy holder) has no idea that you are going to jack up his rates to pay for your very time consuming process of "reviewing claims

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Margaret - 18 d 12 h ago


May I recommend State Farm. My agent whose officers are in Arlington, Texas is the best three is. He has been my agent for 45 years.

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Susan Cox - 35 d 14 h ago


Allstate is listed as an advertiser for Hannity.

Hannity has been falsely spewing a hateful disrespectful conspiracy

about murder victim, Seth Rich, for Hannity's own political agenda at the expense of the pain and suffering he is causing the deceased family. They had to resort to

getting a cease and desist order to stop that fool at FOX.

Enough. I have Allstate auto and will pull it if this keeps up.

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Lois Dye - 35 d 14 h ago

Allstate is mentioned in an effort by certain far left outlets to limit their advertising to programming in agreement with their self proclaimed ideas of right & wrong, true or false...Thanks to Allstate for not allowing the free market to become a political weapon against themselves and others.

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FreespeechAmerican - 35 d 9 h ago

And we will boycott Allstate if they pull from him because of your fascist pressure against free speech.. Two way street sweety...

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Margaret - 18 d 12 h ago


May I recommend State Farm?

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chris - 33 d 11 h ago


If you took the time and look at the facts of the Seth Rich's case you will see there are many puzzling gaps in this case, rather then getting your information from MSNBC you should research the facts of the case like I have. Had this been your son, you probably would have a different take.

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Dorothy - 26 d 9 h ago


Allstate insurance is the biggest scam artist ever to open an insurance company. When you have never had an accident in over 60 years and the one you have is a minor fender bender. They add on what they call a SURCHARGE. No one has ever heard of such a thing and then raise the rates, take away your discounts, and have the guts to say allstate claims satisfaction guarantee. They want to charge $67.34 a month for three years and said that was only $400.00. according to my calculator. if you take $67.34 x36 =2424.24. they say oh that will go down over time. Allstate paid $1810.00 for the accident what happen to the rest. Needless to say I have cancelled my policy. Hope other will do the same. Can't get corporates number.

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Margaret - 18 d 12 h ago


Smart..may I recommend State Farm I have been with my State Farm Agent for 42 years. Both auto and renter's insurance. Best service there is.

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