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Allstate Insurance

2775 Sanders Rd.
Northbrook, IL
(847) 402-5000
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BETTY Campbell - 1 d 11 m ago


Allstate has really disapointed me.they refuse to except bake statement and kept trying to take money for payments on insurance i had canceled'I have O.D. protection but still charged with return fees i had to close that account .All state turn me over to collections.It is like they cant except rejections and still try to collect.And the only good hands i am in is my own,All state dont care. === I realize this is sort of a complaings room and Allstate is the target BUT with all i have been reading does any one know if allstae even sees this in any way? And has anybody got any possitive input about their outcomes?If so who should we contact?VERY DISSAPOINTED WITH ALLSTATE AND I TELL AND SHOW ANY ONE I CAN I HAVE MY PAPERS IN ORDER .THEY ARE REJECTS AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED AND CARE MORE FOR PAYMENTS THEN THE PEOPLE TRYING TO GET SATISFICATION FROM THEIR WRONG DOING.

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Screwed over by allstate - 5 d 19 h ago


Allstate is trash

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BETTY Campbell - 1 d ago


me also

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Kathleen - 3 d 21 h ago


You have dishonest people working for your company who will not return any of my correspondence . I stopped my insurance with allstate immediately (after recieving my policy ) August 24, 2017and went back with my original company. They continue to withdraw from my bank for my renters insurance. Your company sure went downhill.

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BETTY Campbell - 1 d ago


they are still trying to take money from my account .i had to close that one out and reopen it again now they turned me over to the collections .akll state is crooked and i will tell anyone who will hear me .they still owe me money for overdrafting my account after i stopped my ins,then changed my you have any ideal who i can contact?i filed a grievance but it was denied

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Cgbanks - 1 d 6 h ago


I am having a difficult time understanding why a company such as Allstate allows some of it's Represenatives to bully and mislead some of it's most loyal customers. Two no fault accident claims and my policy has increased over one hundred dollars. You pay premiums faithfully but when you have a need to rely on their faithfulness you are treated as though you have committed a crime.

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!@#$%%&** unhappy customer - 37 d ago


Allstate phone agents are the worse overseas & in the USA... uncaring, can not understand them- making a bad situation worse. They transfer you around, tell you they can't understand you... it's take 3 days of calling to even get the forms emailed to me to begin the will take 5-6 weeks to resolve my son not getting his settlement check again

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J. Edwards - 9 d 2 h ago

Have you resolved this, or acquired a corporate contact #? Because I am going thru this exact situation at the moment myself!

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Anonymous - 11 d 5 h ago

T i # 5278 34 33b surveillance is funded how?

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Khris - 11 d 17 h ago


Allstate is the worse insurance company I have been with allstate over 10 years first time I was involved in an accident never return phone calls email etc. This insurance company will never stand by your side the absolute worse.i never went through so much frustration dealing with the u professional investigator like I did with allstate. The absolute worse. Never will I recommend or ever use allstate again for insurance.

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Feebs - 23 d 5 h ago


This company does not stand up to it's advertising, in fact, it is disgusting! I have never dealt with such unprofessional, poorly trained individuals in my life! It's worse than a federal entity! If that's even possible! Does Allstate train their people to be combative, ignore insured's, ignore other insurance agents, knowingly be complicit in the fraud of their insureds, do not respond to phone calls, messages, or emails? Neither my insurance company or I have been able to get a response from Allstate representatives, even the one assigned to the accident my son was involved in with Allstate's insured. I now have to get an attorney involved and there are not any injuries! I just want the car fixed! Everybody in California and Oregon--leave this rotten company and call Wawanesa Insurance based in San Diego--I have been with them for over 20 years--I cannot recommend them highly enough! Thank God I'm not with Allstate. Wendy Wineinger of Allstate, based in or near Modesto, CA, please call me back and provide the documents I have requested!!

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Lost in Loss - 24 d 22 h ago

Returning to home not repaired with house fire with attic insulation throughout home. Caustic fumes remain. No where else too go after returning from Illinois after father's stroke & then recent death. No help from Allstate.

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Carol W - 28 d 3 h ago


trying to get a full copy of my homeowners insurance policy is painful. Even worse than going through hurricane

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Frustrated Frank - 25 d 9 h ago


I have had the same experience. We were told that a portion of our claim was denied because it was not covered. The declaration page said it was covered. Allstate adjustor said that the policy said it wasn't covered. After several phone calls to at least 3 persons at Allstate and after waiting almost 3 weeks, the policy was finally received. And guess what, the policy did cover the damage. What a horrible company to deal with.

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James and Jennifer Roberts - 30 d 4 h ago


I have had nothing but stress and frustration in dealing with my recent car accident and AllState. I was not at fault and a client of AllState hit me from behind. Allstate contacted me, the speed at which the contact occurred was great. Upon discussion with Stephanie Bekos,the claim rep, the accident and the next steps were reviewed and she agreed to upgrade me to a slightly smaller SUV compared to the SUV I drive that was damaged. I moved on and started the process of getting my car fixed. My fault for not getting anything in writing from Stephanie at the time...found out about it 10+ days later when the rental company contacted me to tell me that allstate was only paying for a smaller that would not fit a family of 5. Upon contacting Stephanie, she backtracked on the car rental and was not helpful and would only allow the car rental for 11 days because she believed that the service center "sat" on the car for days and did not work on it. I was in the rental car for 22 days. Part of the issue was trying to get approval from allstate for the replacement of my muffler. Allstate kept telling me it was the service centers fault and the service center was saying that they have never had any issue with their service times and allstate in the past. At this point, I am responsible for 5 days of a car rental and the difference in cost for the rental car that allstate said I was approved for and the actual rental vehicle I had. My family had to take 2 cars whenever we went anywhere together because of vehicle size. We have had multiple discussions with Stephanie Bekos and her supervisor Mike Diamond and neither have been very helpful. The conversations they had with us and with the service center were at opposites. The day we picked up my car the service center informed us that Allstate said we would be bringing a check that they had sent us. We have received no communication via mail from allstate. We contacted allstate today to determine that they have the wrong address for us and because Stephanie is no longer taking our calls another person checked and told us that we had already cashed the check...we made her go back to check again...she did and came back that we did not cash the check. At this point we asked again to speak with a manager. We were told that the manager, Mike Diamond was in meetings all day and we left a message. We tried contacting different numbers within AllState to get to someone that we could discuss the situation with and correct our address. We were put on hold numerous times and eventually sent back to Stephanie, she told us that Mike Diamond was in meetings all day today and tomorrow and off on Friday and would probably not be calling us back. We then asked her for Mike's managers name and number. Stephanie put us on hold and came back about 10 minutes later to say that she could not find out who that person would be and that someone would have to call us back. We have heard this many times in our conversations with Stephanie/Mike and have not received any calls back...from Stephanie Bekos...or Mike Diamond...or anyone willing to help. During this conversation, Stephanie blamed us for the error in the address...the difference of 1915 versus 1950...easy enough mistake to make and I can guarantee I did not provide the wrong address...but that was Stephanie's comment. We are not even sure if she actually changed the address to the correct address and she cut the conversation short. The frustration comes from that fact that we were not a fault...allstates client was a fault and freely admitted that. We were not asking for outrageous accommodations to get our vehicle fixed and only wanted what was fair. We were the victim two times...once in the accident and once in dealing with Allstate and their lack of actual customer service and response.

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Honest & True - 25 d 17 h ago


I was employed by Sears before I was married and my husband was as well in a different state. We both had Allstate and kept it after we married. At the time we lived in Palm Beach County and the Allstate agent that I dealt with was Bill McCranie and one could not have asked for better service. Allstate is the only insurance that I have dealt with for home and vehicle insurance and, as an aside, a current friend is having problems getting Allstate to deduct her payments from her checking account. PS: She is getting better coverage for less than she was at Geico. Be persistent and if they do not have your issues resolved within 4 days after you contact them again, call the HOME office in Illinois. Go to the top person (President) and INSIST on speaking to him. The Jews that lived in south Florida taught me that when they would pound their fist on the counter in Customer Service. That got them results.

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Kenneth Burrell - 30 d 7 h ago



My name is Kenneth Burrell, I just had a bad experience with an adjuster that was sent out to my home. I call in to speak with a representative and again had another bad experience with the second representative. The adjuster that came out to inspect my home spend 1 hour there, viewed all the damages. After his review of the roof leaking, the drywall caving in, the vents in the attic leaking the shingles as well as the nails raised and the carpet mildewed. His estimate for damages was, quote 1,087.08 dollars. I told the adjuster I already had two different companies to come out and access the damages with both estimates were 10.000 with one of estimate 10.200. I stated to the adjuster, if that what he believe it will cost to repair my home, I was ok with that, provide the contractor that will follow his estimate. He was unable to do so. I called in to the claims the department with my concerns September 20, 2017 between the hours on 10.00 am and 10.20 am central time.Spoke with a lady representative that was very concerned and she took all the information. She transferred me to another department for further review.I spoke with another lady representative in the next department that was very rude and unwilling to properly handle my concerns. I asked for a supervisor, she refused to transfer me to a supervisor.This representative got angry with me and disconnect the lines of communication. I am asking for a complaint supervisor to contact me on this matter.

thank you in advance

Kenneth Burrell



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Disgruntled Allstate customer - 65 d 5 h ago


I've done business for several years with the Bell Street Allstate agency in the very small town of Sequim, WA. The agency used to be run by Bill Bailey and his staff, and they were a pleasure to deal with. Bill retired, and Chris Curtiss took over. From my first dealings with Chris, he was unfriendly, unhelpful, difficult, and seemed not to know much about his products, Over time, all of Bill's staff has left (no wonder), including one of his assistants who had been there for over 20 years. She did not retire, but took another job. At present, his staff consists of two people (down from more than five when Bill was running the agency): one person answers the phone and the other supposedly helps customers with their insurance needs, but she is as impatient and difficult as Chris is, and insulting to boot. I have come to dread having to call these people when I have questions. My attempts to report these problems to Allstate's corporate office have been unsuccessful; they transfer me to phone extensions with recordings that they are no longer in service, and when I have managed to leave voicemail messages, no one calls me back. I am in the process of transferring all my insurance policies -- which include personal policies as well as those in the name of a family trust of which I am trustee -- to another carrier with a reputation for excellent customer service. I have heard from numerous sources in my very small town that many people dislike Chris Curtiss and have taken their business elsewhere. Bill Bailey, we miss you!!

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Karen Taylor - 34 d ago

Do you have a corporate number? I did at one time, but some numbers didn't transfer when my phone crashed I have an email to a Karen Henrich, but I seriously don't want to talk to someone who says she has 0 authority to reverse the decision that an adjuster made

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Karen Taylor - 34 d ago


I've never talked to people more unprofessional in my life....

Here is a few to name...

Karen Henrich -corporate

Kelley Smith-adjuster

Sharol St.Cin

Kevin Smith

Kimberly Bynum

Kevin Woods

And during all this they hired a Wehrman Engineering, with one Review on fb from his daughter.

I've never seen a company try so hard to get out of a claim. And on top of things the insured here is my son who is currently on his third deployment now no special treatment there but do I seriously have to hire a lawyer on top of this I mean come on quit trying to be a f-n crook ...

I gave one star on because I couldn't give you a -5

I have to ask, has anyone reached out to anyone on here that has complained?

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Jason cotton enterprises - 36 d 7 h ago


Fail to inform you that if you get insurance for a vehicle a few days before renewal they charge you a full month, for one day, and cant refund or adjust the money amounts, cause of some system crap, now i cant afford my new 400.00 dollar payment when i am only saposed to pay 154.00 a month, ver sorry system i am three thr tallman company also, majority of the people are pretty rude, and done help make a plan to adjust for a mistake, cuase there sorry ass system wont let them please i am reporting this to the head office today, wow

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Anonymous - 37 d ago


I work for Kelly Services as a CAT TEAM rep. A allstate employee treated me and others on the team with disrespect and extremely rude comments to myself and also relayed her rude comments to other employees. Many CAT team employees are very frustrated with this treatment by her. She has an extremely bad attitude. The Allstate employees did not properly train the team nor took the time to show the team hiw to work phones or take calls before getting on the phones with customers. Customers have called frustrated and angry with the disaster that they are facing at the moment. And many of the employees are contributing to the frustration by placing customers on hold to ask for help that was never explained or taught to employees in a proper manner. The employee that I am referring to is Kia Bullock. I overheard her say to employees that she has the ability to make sure employees do not return to their jobs the next day. Then she furthered stated that she understands people need rheir job so she wont do it. This is because people have attitudes. Employees are frustrated with the treatment they are receiving by her because people have not been properly trained on the phones or the system.

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Disappointed in Allstate reps in Florida - 37 d 4 h ago


We've had Allstate for years, about 16 years. We lived in IL and loved our rep there Zlatko Habibovic, would go above and beyond, he would call to see if any changes need to be made or when they first introduced the accident forgiveness plan. We've had car Ins, life Ins and renters Ins all from Allstate. We moved to FL and our Car Ins has Doubled, we've called around for Car ins and Renters Ins and it's less, by half for the same thing. So sad to leave Allstate but the FL agents are thieves!!!

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Angela in Texas - 41 d 13 h ago


Wow all the negative comments about Allstate is pure evidence of the nightmare im currently going through in Texas!!

An 83 yr old Allstate insurer missed the 90 degree curve on my street around 11pm on Aug. 16 ran up my curb & smashed my 2001 Eclipse (totaling it) & my Eclipse was pushed into my boyfriends 2001 Ford Explorer. So 2 perfectly good vehicles are now wrecked and as I mentioned my 2001 Eclipse is totaled. Ive had that car since 2012 & i have taken such good care of that car & it has never failed me. Now ive been insulted by Allstates "totaled out"price . and might I say also that " MY PERFECTLY FINE ECLIPSE WAS NOT FOR SALE TO ALLSTATE OR ANYONE ELSE IN THIS WORLD ON AUGUST 16th". I was told by Mark Matthews (Mgr.) that i would have to "get what i can get" on anothet vehicle for the ridiculous amount they have offered me , which i have rejected & called hem idiots on the phone. I work 11pm - 7am shift @ a hotel 35 miles from my house & had a baby in January. I missed 3 days of work when this happened & then made them give me a rental car which i still have & will continue to have til im satisfied w an offer & Allstate will pay for it. If I miss 2 more days of work in a 1 month period I will lose my job. And according to Mr Matthews the adjuster, Terry Carouthers, who was @ my house for 2 hours on Aug.19th , did nothing but lie & mislead me on everything he told me. So i think Mr. Carouthers should be sued by me for maliciously misleading & lying to me in such a difficult time in my life that IHAD NOTHING TO DO WITH BUT AM BEING TREATED AS I WAS AT FAULT.

btw, i think Mr. Matthews is the snake in the grass not Mr. Carouthers the adjuster!!! But someone will be held responsible. I dont think the employees have read the "Company handbook" or had any training. I was told by Mr. Matthews to turn the rental car in & pretty much that i can walk w my baby to go look for another car , walk 35 miles to work , walk to grocery store or if my baby gets sick walk to hospital or doctor. I was so mad i was crying angry tears & Mr. Matthews just sat there & i would hear "dead air" & him walking out to his car leaving the office. They have NO REGARDS FOR ANYONES SITUATION ESPECIALLY WHEN THEIR INSURER WAS AT FAULT. MY CASE COULDNT BE ANY CLEARER THAT IT WASNT MY FAULT & THEYVE DONE NOTHING BUT INSULT ME W A FUCKING RIDICULOUS OFFER & ARE RUDE & IDIOTS. I WILL NOT LET ALLSTATE GET OVER ON ME & WILL FIGHT THEM TO THE BITTER END. THEY WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL RENTAL CAR CHARGES & FOR SOMETHING THAT THEIR INSURER IS 150% AT FAULT NO DOUBT EVER ....


There has to be some agency that should be investigating the business practices of this company. Im in awe of all the negative comments like my situation in some way or another& the hatefulness of Allstate employees & the way they run the business. The CEO , CFO, PRESIDENT , VICE PRESIDENT OF THIS COMPANY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THE COMPANY. BUT IM SURE AS MUCH AS ALLSTATE SCREWS PEOPLE OVER IT JUST PADS THEIR POCKETS.


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Kate - 42 d 43 m ago


I am throughly disgusted with Allstate! YOU ARE NOT IN GOOD HANDS WITH ALLSTATE!!! Go to any other company but Allstate. Worst claims experience of my life! And it was just a small fender bender and I was hit by another Allstate insured and cannot get my claim paid or my car fixed! Imagine if you had a major claim how they would handle it. I turned my claim in on 8/3 and its 9/8 and I still cannot get the idiot adjuster named Justin to settle my claim. There is no transparency and no honesty with Allstate. I agree with all of the other reviews that Allstate should go out of business. Allstate does not care about you or your car or your home or anything but collecting your insurance premium and then doing nothing to help you. I am filing a formal complaint with the Insurance Commissioner.

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